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Greater Gods

    Zeus (Disney
Zeus (Disney Version), The Sanitized God
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His medallion, a cloud with lightning coming out of it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Heroism, Everybody Loves Zeus, Having His Baby Son Kidnapped, Abel To Hades' Cain, Big Good,, Not Without His Dickish Moments, Good Marriages, Disneyfication And Christian Hijacking, Bolt of Divine Retribution, Large Ham
  • Domains: Thunder, Parents, Goodness, Sanitizing
  • Superior: Walt Disney
  • Allies: Hercules, Pegasus, Triton, Pikachu, Athena, God (God, The Devil And Bob), Ra, Highfather, Mufasa, Aladdin, Thor, Diana of Themiscyra
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The other Zeus
  • Enemies: Both Hades, Scar, Maleficent, YHVH, Jafar, Alex Mercer, Kratos (Just not as much as with the other Zeus)
  • Opposes: Hera, Ares
  • Pities: Medusa, Cassandra
  • When the world was young, mankind was under the mercy of the Titans. Life was brutal and short. This all changed, however, when Zeus came along. With his powerful thunderbolts he successfully imprisoned them, and founded the Olympian Pantheon. Now he rules Mt Olympus, however his son Hercules would be kidnapped and de-powered, forcing him to guide him from afar to earn his godhood back.
  • Though they share the Top God role, this Zeus is a very different one in temperament to the original version. He's not a womanizer, a good husband and in general a nice, if very hammy and somewhat prideful guy. In other words, an incredibly sanitized version. The original Zeus doesn't take kindly to his image being changed, and has disowned him. He considers his mythological counterpart a jerk. That being said, when they actually need to do their job they work together, especially when taking out Kratos.
  • While Zeus tolerates him, the movie he originated from is almost-universally hated by historians and mythology buffs, especially Greek ones, and for a time was even banned from Greece itself. Granted he's not the only god in the pantheon to go through this like Thor and the ancients were already toying with sanitizing their gods like Helios.
  • Despite being under Adaptational Heroism, he still has his moments. Like in the myth he chained Prometheus to a mountain and had an eagle peck at his liver and he's smited peoples and cities. Not as bad as the other Zeus, but still. His kids have their own issues as well, like his version of Ares being in a petulant rivalry with Athena (though that's unchanged from the myth).
  • Doesn't get along with either Hades, mainly the Disney version. Hades has always been resentful of him and his position, not helped by making jokes at his expense. He didn't seem to think that he'd try to usurp his place and become the Top God, but then again neither did the Greeks. This has only increased their feud, as they represent rivaling tropes; White-washing a Top God while demonizing a death god because of modern sensibilities.
  • Glad to see that none of the Titans he's dealt with managed to escape. He believes that Kaldr is the Titan Lythos, and Lissandra is his ally. Evidence suggests his own father Cronus was as bad as the mythology suggests, and may be the reason why his Hades is evil.
  • Because of his bad relationship towards Hades, he's doesn't like Scar. Hades tried to overthrow him and kill his son, while Scar successfully murdered his brother and framed his nephew. He recognizes a lot of similarities to Hades in Jafar as well, especially when the two became allies. Thankfully so did Hercules and Aladdin. Suspects Maleficent to be a potential threat as well.
  • Unlike him, Hercules remains a Composite Character of his different iterations. As a result, both him and his mythological counterpart could be considered his father, though that's not all that unusual for Greek mythology. Who has custody on the time being depends on whether Herc is in a Lighter and Softer or Darker and Edgier mood.
  • Has decided to form a partnership with other god figures. He seems to get along the best with God from God, The Devil and Bob. Most find this unsurprising since he seems to take more from the Christian God than his source. Also works with Highfather like said source, and gets along with fellow Top God Ra. Both Zeus oppose the oppressive Control Freak nature of YHVH, who sees them as any deity as a threat to His power.
  • Felt he should partner with other Disney patriarchs as well, becoming a friend in need to Triton and Mufasa. With the former, they may be related. Zeus remembered his Triton as a total dork who admired his athletic cousin, instead of being an Expy of Posiedon. They've managed to work a similar dynamic.
  • He's rather sympathetic to Medusa, even if she won't let him near her. He doesn't think that what was done to her was fair at all. Seems to be upset towards Cassandra as well. As for Hera? He opposes her cruel treatment of her husbands' bastards. Sure, he gets why she's mad but the kids don't bear the sins of their father. Hera is quick to point out that the last time she tried to get back at Zeus it ended really badly, but he doesn't think that's a good enough excuse. Hera's divided about what to think of this version of her husband.
  • The Men in Black have once visited his shrine, thinking he sounded like their boss. On the other hand, his voice also brought many Disney and Transformers deities mistaking him for someone else.
  • Refuses to shave. You can see why.

Intermediate Gods

    Miku Hatsune 
Hatsune Miku, Goddess of Virtual Celebrities

Lesser Gods

    Coco Bandicoot 
Coco Bandicoot, Goddess of Iconic Sequel Characters

Marth, God of Warrior Princes and International Cameo Debuts (Prince Marth of Altea, Prince of Light, Star and Savior, Star Lord, Lodestar, The Hero-King, Mars, Emblem of Beginnings)

    Nena Trinity 
Nena Trinity, Goddess of Double Standards (The Last Survivor of Team Trinity)


    The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang 
The Hundred-Acre Wood Gangmembers, Patron Saints of Works Appealing Beyond Their Intended Demographic (Tigger: Surprising Storybook Scout)
Left to Right: Owl, Christopher Robin, Kanga & Roo, Tigger, Eeyore, Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A "hunny" pot
  • Theme Music: Winnie the Pooh; He’s Pooh Bear (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Theme Song); The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers (applies to Tigger only); Little Mr. Roo (applies to Roo only)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall
  • Portfolio: Ensemble Cast, True Companions
  • Domains: Life, Adventure, Innocence, Childhood
  • Herald: Gopher
  • Allies: Sora, Mole, Rat, Badger, & Toad, Polar Bear Cafe, Calvin & Hobbes, Mei & Satsuki Kusakabe, Totoro, Horton, Dumbo
  • Recurring Problems for them: Napoleon, Grand Duke of Owls, The Toon Patrol, Nack the Weasel, The Lepus
  • Deep in the Hundred-Acre Wood, where Christopher Robin'll find in the enchanted neighborhood, of Christopher's childhood days. More to the point, the Hundred-Acre Wood is where Christopher Robin has his many adventures with his stuffed animal friends consisting of Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga, and Roo. Although the original books were intended to appeal to a very young audience, the characters have managed to secure a following well older than their intended audience. It helps that they have received a bevy of animated adventures, beginning with some short films produced by Walt Disney, and having additional stories well after that.
  • As Pooh was getting ready to go about on his day, he found a door in front of a tree that he hadn't seen before. After a bit of musing to himself, he decided to see where that door would lead him to. After Pooh opened that door and walked through he, the bear managed to find himself in a place far removed from the peaceful serenity of the Hundred Acre Wood. He was very curious about what it was, and a short while later, he managed to find Christopher Robin in that place as well. Christopher Robin told Pooh that he and his friends would always find an adventure in unlikely places, including those beyond that of the Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh, Christopher Robin, and their friends have since accepted that this tree will be a gateway between the Hundred Acre Wood and the Pantheon, where others can visit them during the Pantheon's more quiet days.
  • The Hundred-Acre Wood was among the various destinations that Sora has visited during his travels. Unlike many of the places he has gone to, there hasn't been any real threats targeting the Hundred-Acre Wood, with most of the problems occurring there being minor personal problems pertaining to Pooh and his friends (and the only thing that resembled a significant event that occurred there was Pooh suffering from amnesia as a result of The Heartless attempting to attack the place and some pages getting torn in the process). Whenever he isn't busy on a major adventure, Sora sometimes visits Pooh and friends to check up on how they're doing and to simply relax.
  • Pooh ended up finding a cafe run by some animals and a human friend and became a regular customer, thanks to Polar Bear allowing Pooh to have some honey and becoming friends with him. Polar Bear noticed that Pooh’s personality is similar to that of Panda and Pooh has also taken a liking towards the other members of Polar Bear Cafe. The cafe members have also taken a liking towards The Hundred Acre Wood location that Pooh has talked to them about and are interested in seeing them come over to the cafe whenever possible, with Christopher Robin in particular curious about that cafe.
  • The Wild Wood quartet knew about Pooh when the latter got lost in that place while searching for honey and Badger found him and was able to prevent anything bad from happening to him. Mole and Rat helped Badger get Pooh back to the Hundred Acre-Wood and from there, they met Pooh’s friends and learned about the place, the news of which eventually reached Toad. Since then, both groups have had their share of adventures at the other’s respective location and they enjoy each other’s company, even if the Wild Wood is different from the Hundred Acre-Wood in a number of ways.
  • One unlikely topic that comes up in relation to the group is baseball, especially after a few claimed that the group makes the sport look more intense than normal. According to them, it’s because some of those denizens are capable of making impossible baseball pitches and Pooh bear is able to (mostly) land good hits with them. While Pooh and his friends are willing to have some baseball games from time to time, it became clear that their games are nowhere near as insane as what’s been described. There have been attempts by some at making rumors related to those baseball games, but those get refuted easily.
    • Speaking of sports, Calvin and Hobbes ended up watching one of the Hundred Acre-Wood gang’s baseball games and wanted to see if that group would be interested in the games the pair plays. After heading to the Hundred Acre-Wood, Calvin and Hobbes met Christopher Robin and Pooh and asked them if they were interested in tagging along with them. During that time, Calvin and Hobbes introduced the pair to a game involving rules made up as the game progresses, which just so happened to be Calvinball. It took time for Pooh to understand how Calvinball works, but he found the activity to be fun and he and Christopher Robin sometimes play with Calvin and Hobbes whenever the latter two are visiting. Tigger sometimes talks to Hobbes whenever he can and Rabbit believes that Calvin is too mischievous for his liking.
  • Anything that happens in the Hundred Acre-Wood tends to be low risk and nothing dangerous. One topic that they (except Christopher Robin apparently) somehow know about revolves around what to do when someone encounters another person that they don’t know and could be threatening. It’s something that’s been a source of mockery among others in the Pantheon given since they come from a more innocent setting, they’d have trouble understanding the full specifics of what “Stranger Danger” is. Being “Too Smart for Strangers” might not mean much in the long run given what goes on in the Pantheon.
  • Heffalumps and Woozles (really just a weird name for elephants and weasels) happen to be something members of the group are afraid of. There are a few elephants and weasels running around the Pantheon, though the group was lucky to encounter a handful of friendly elephants, notably Horton and Dumbo. In particular, Dumbo seems to remind the group of Lumpy, an elephant that they’re friends with and Horton’s fatherly disposition went over well with the gang. When it came to weasels on the other hand, the ones in the Pantheon were very unfriendly to put it lightly. The Toon Patrol couldn’t care less about the Hundred Acre-Wood and aren’t above terrorizing the place if they feel like it. While Nack the Weasel is a bit less psychotic than the Toon Patrol, his ties with the group still make the Hundred Acre-Wood gang more inclined to avoid him.
  • The Kusakabe siblings are among the regular visitors of the Hundred Acre-Wood given their similar experience of child-like wonder of encountering friendly creatures in a woodland setting. Christopher Robin in particular enjoys their company and the rest of the Hundred Acre-Wood gang is curious about the Kusakabe siblings’ friends, something that they eventually got to see first-hand. Despite Totoro and the Catbus’ comparatively larger sizes (which Piglet was noticeably frightened about at first), the two have come to see Pooh and the others as friends and are more than welcome to have them and Christopher Robin visit Totoro and the Kusakabes at their regular place. While they were offered to have the Catbus transport them to Totoro’s place, Christopher Robin and the others stated that they can walk over there just fine if given an invite.
  • Although Pooh and co. aren't really the types of deities to make any lasting enemies, there have been a few that have harbored a strong hatred towards the group. Among them include Napoleon, a tyrannical pig that firmly believes in animal superiority and is more than willing to eliminate those that oppose him. The thought of a place where animals and humans can coexist without much conflict such as the Hundred-Acre Wood was something that disgusted Napoleon and he wanted that place and its residents gone entirely. On a potential darker note, Napoleon has even considered taking over the place once he’s driven its residents out as a means to increase his political power further. None of the Hundred-Acre Wood denizens have anything positive to say about Napoleon, with Piglet and Rabbit specifically having a more pronounced dislike of Napoleon compared to the others.
  • Winnie the Pooh, or Pooh for short, is a bear of very little brain and more or less the central figure of the Hundred Acre-Wood. He really likes honey and has pots of them at his home. While he is very much naive for the most part, he does have moments of brilliance every so often.
    • After learning about a few other bears that exist outside the Hundred Acre-Wood, Pooh was hopeful that a couple of them would visit the place at some point. A couple of bears did visit the place in their spare time on separate occasions. Teddie stumbled onto the Hundred Acre-Wood while the rest of The Investigation Team was taking a break from their work and came across Pooh. The two hit it off pretty well and Pooh bear didn’t mind Teddie’s puns all that much. Naughty Bear’s visit to the Hundred Acre-Wood happened much later and after seeing another stuffed bear, Naughty Bear went up to him just before Pooh started talking to him. Pooh gave Naughty Bear a tour of the Hundred Acre-Wood and even invited him over for some fun. Naughty Bear was pleasantly surprised with his time there and considers it to be a nonviolent option to partake in whenever he isn’t in a good mood.
    • Pooh really likes honey (or “hunny”) and sometimes can’t think of anything other than that. He has made attempts to climb up honey trees in the Pantheon to get some hunny, though some didn’t end well as a result of encountering bees. One of his climbs resulted in him meeting Barry B. Benson, someone who is friendly for a bee. While Barry attempted to sue the human race for stealing honey, he realized the error of that once the consequences of such became apparent. Barry was also far more friendly (and different overall) compared to the other bees that Pooh has encountered. While Barry’s misguided crusade resulted in a Pooh Bear lookalike getting a tranquilizer dart to his body, the real Pooh hasn’t made a big deal out of that and Barry is willing to have civil conversations with Pooh whenever possible.
    • Pooh apparently is a great example of Taoism due to his simple-mindedness.
  • Christopher Robin is very much the only human within the Hundred-Acre Wood that Pooh and co. hang out with... and also the only human within that setting in general. He’s a generally chipper child and helps out Pooh and the others with whatever they need, effectively making him a leader of sorts for the group.
    • One youngster who Christopher Robin gets along with very well is The Human Child, who has had their share of adventures in a fantastical world alongside plenty of unusual friends. Christopher Robin learned about the many entities that Frisk encountered and finds them to be interesting. While it’s unclear if Frisk’s friends are going to enter the Hundred Acre-Wood, Frisk has visited the place in their spare time and enjoys hanging out with Christopher Robin and his friends during those moments.
    • He is more than aware of the fact that he’ll eventually grow up, something that actually did happen at some point. During that time, he met the Pooh and his Hundred Acre-Wood friends once more and not only reconnected with them, but it helped him get out of a tight spot in his job and reconnect with his own family as well. Even if he’s seen as a child in the Pantheon most of the time, Christopher Robin tends to be regarded well by deities who have gone through their own growing pains and know what it’s like to lose child-like innocence for some time.
  • Piglet happens to be Pooh's best friend and is very timid, especially when it comes to things that he perceives to be dangerous. By default, his timidness makes it easy for him to get coerced into doing something the rest of the Hundred-Acre Wood gang wants, but he’s able to put up a brave act if pushed far enough.
    • Given how vast the Pantheon is and the kinds of danger that lie there, it was something that deeply frightened Piglet for some time before coming to terms with it. One part of that involved learning about a few other deities that had a similar personality as he did. The Cowardly Lion was one deity who Piglet gets along with given the former’s personality and how he was able to complete a journey with his friends, something that Piglet can relate to. Of course, there are plenty of other cowards who are much more despicable and Piglet would rather not want any association with them. Wirt and Greg in the House of Plants also are good friends too, especially Wirt since he himself had learned to face the unknown to save his brother.
    • While Piglet shares his friends’ dislike of Napoleon, he (and the others to an extent) is willing to befriend other pigs that may reside in the Pantheon. Babe, a friendly farm animal, was someone whom Piglet was interested in talking to and given how Babe was able to have a successful adventure in a city in addition to doing well in a farm, Piglet quickly became friends with him and both have talked to each other about anything interesting that has happened to them lately.
  • It's not much of a stretch to say that Tigger is easily the most hyperactive member of the Hundred-Acre Wood ensemble. Tigger has a springy tail and greets others by pouncing on them and spelling his name as T-I-Double-Guh-Er.
    • Tigger easily made friends with other similarly energetic deities that reside in the Pantheon, Pinkie Pie being a more notable example among them. Her love of parties endeared to Tigger given how some of them were held in the Hundred Acre-Wood and he took part in them if given the chance. Donkey was another upbeat deity that Tigger got along with and given how the former happened to be the same species as that of Eeyore, Tigger was more than eager to have Donkey meet up with Eeyore, something that Eeyore doesn’t seem to mind all that much.
  • Given how eccentric this group of characters are, Rabbit would be the one that's sane in comparison and even then, he's prone to acting just as strangely as the others. While he makes the effort to present himself as a stern figure, misfortune befalls him on a regular basis, and even if he’s a grouch, he still cares about the others even if their antics come off as annoying to him.
    • Rabbit has a fondness for gardening and farming and tends to his crops whenever he’s by himself. Much to his annoyance, crows tend to go after his crops and the same holds true in the Pantheon. The Murkrow flock sometimes go after Rabbit’s garden and Rabbit considers them to be much more annoying to deal with compared to the crows back in the Hundred Acre-Wood. George and Lennie came across Rabbit’s garden at one point (with George having to tell Lennie not to hug Rabbit) and George talked to Rabbit about taking care of a farm and making the most out of supporting close companions, even if they provide some problems here and there.
    • The aptly-named Rabbit does end up having some visits from others of his kind, with mixed results. One very bad meeting involving Rabbit and rabbits was when the Lepus somehow got into the Hundred Acre-Wood and began terrorizing the landscape. While everyone in that place was in a safe location at that time, Rabbit’s garden got destroyed by the Lepus and Rabbit was upset that his hard work was destroyed by some overly hungry pests. It became clear that he and the rest of the Hundred Acre-Wood are hoping they don’t have to meet the Lepus again.
  • Eeyore is very glum and doesn't really look on the bright side all that much. Besides his perpetual pessimism, he also has a detachable tail that's sometimes prone to going missing.
    • Shrek’s friend Donkey has been looking for another member of his kind to hang out with for a while and Eeyore seemed to be someone that Donkey can hang out with whenever possible. Of course, Donkey is much more energetic compared to the downbeat Eeyore, though Eeyore has less issues with being around Donkey than some originally thought. It’s likely because Donkey’s personality is similar to that of Tigger and Eeyore is used to hanging around with characters like him (that and Tigger is already good friends with Donkey).
  • Owl plays the role as the elder within the Hundred-Acre Wood group and he fancies himself as someone with quite a bit of knowledge on whatever is happening to the group. While the Pooh and his friends look up to him as a beacon of knowledge, it's clear that he's not as smart as he claims to be, with some of his words resulting in the rest of the group getting into what amounts to a wild goose chase.
    • Within the Pantheon, there aren’t many deities who are willing to listen to Owl’s long-winded tangents with the Warner Siblings among them, though they consider him to be at least more tolerable compared to Pip Pumphandle, if only because Owl doesn’t follow them around. That said, there are a few other deities with a similar talkative mindset that Owl has befriended and hangs out with whenever his regular friends are out doing their own thing. He’s among those who has his full attention whenever Abe Simpson is going on with his rambling, but it’s Kaepora Gaebora that Owl is willing to listen to by virtue of being an owl just like Owl. If it’s any consolation for anyone else, at the very least Owl doesn’t ask others if he wants to repeat what he just said unlike Kaepora.
    • Besides Kaepora, there were a few other owls not within Owl’s family tree that got his attention. While Decidueye has a serious demeanor and isn’t exactly the kind of bird who’d be engaged with long talks, the Pokemon does visit the Hundred Acre-Wood every so often and Owl enjoys its company. However, he (and the rest of his friends by extension) would rather not have anything to do with the Grand Duke of Owls. The idea of an endless night is something they don’t want to deal with (and Piglet in particular was terrified of the mere idea of such), though the Grand Duke really doesn’t care about them so long as this endless night occurs to his liking.
  • Kanga and little Roo are a mother and son duo who are usually seen together, though Roo has been known to go on a few adventures of his own. Kanga has a motherly role not just to Roo, but to the other Hundred-Acre Wood folks. Roo is an energetic child that hangs out with Tigger quite a bit and looks up to him.
    • Even if she has her moments of being as odd as the rest of her friends, Kanga is more level-headed and very much has the role of mother to the rest of the group. It didn’t come as much of a surprise that she would get along with others who have a similar role to their group. In particular, Kanga is very friendly towards Toriel, who took on the role of being a surrogate mother to a human child living in an unusual world. It helps that Frisk, the child Toriel is talking about, already struck up a friendship with Christopher Robin.
    • Roo and his admiration for the bouncy Tigger led him to find other deities and he was surprised to find a number that are not only capable of jumping high, but can possibly go higher than even what Tigger’s Whoop-de-Dooper-Loop-de-Looper-Alley-Ooper Bounce can do. On a different note, he gets along smoothly with other young animals such as Cream the Rabbit, with Roo being amazed with Cream’s ability to fly far distances with just her ears.
  • A more... intense version of these characters has yet to manifest in the Pantheon. Many good-aligned deities have done their best to keep it that way, and to keep the gang from ever finding out about this.

    Kaban and Serval 
Kaban and Serval, Co-Goddesses of Sleeper Hits (Kaban: Bag)
  • Demigoddesses Serval becomes a Lesser Goddess with Wild Release
  • Symbol: A Japari bun next to a hat with two feathers
  • Theme song: Welcome to Japari Park
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-CGI Cartoon, Sleeper Hit, Iyashikei, Reincarnation
  • Domains: Animals, Friendship, Nature
  • Herald: Lucky the Lucky Beast, Kyururu and Caracal
  • Allies: The House of Beasts and Fauna, Fluttershy, Ricotta Elmar, Millhiore, Leonmitchelli and Couvert, Alan Grant, Isuzu Sento, the Elementario Fairies, 2B, 9S, The Inklings, The Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Steve Irwin, Cherna Mouse and Tepsekemei, James' Bug Friends, Makoto Nanaya, Blake Belladonna, Raphtalia, Caesar, μ's, 765 Pro, SoLaMi Smile, Miku Izayoi, Rion Kugayama, Isola of the Falcons, the Penguins of Madagascar, Cerberus the Triple Demon, Otis
  • Enemies: Koba
  • Opposes: Rexie, Spinosaurus, The Raptor Pack, Indomitus Rex and Indoraptor, Scar
  • Studied by: Doctor Zaius
  • Pities: Isomer Black (Kaban)
  • Once upon a time, there was an archipelago consisting of nine islands. When humans discovered the islands, they began to construct a massive zoo called Japari Park, where people can go see the untouched wildlife of the islands. However, they discovered a very bizarre phenomenon; the animals of the island took on the forms of human girls with animal attributes. Nonetheless, the construction of the park continued, when it opened to welcome everyone over the world, the biggest attraction would end up being the newly dubbed Friends, and the park ended up becoming a smashing success, with the Friends living amongst their handlers and enjoying human culture while research of these mysterious girls occured behind the scenes. However, these peaceful days were not meant to last...
    • Japari Park faced a completely unexpected threat in the form of the hostile Ceruleans. Initially believed to come from Sandstar touching inanimate objects the same way Friends are created from Sandstar touching animals, the Ceruleans feed on Sandstar and attack other humans and Friends. When the islands became infested with the Ceruleans, the humans, both visitors and staff, fled the islands, leaving the Friends to fend off against the hostile creatures. With the help of Park Guide Mirai and her amnesiac sidekick, the friends banded together and successfully removed the Cerulean threat from the islands. Eventually the park reopened with a new director, but it did not last for long, as a new wave of Cerulean emerges as well as a new type of Sandstar called Sandstar Rho, which allows the Ceruleans to regenerate. The humans and Friends of the islands were forced to flee from the indomitable threat, abandoning the islands entirely.
    • Many years passed ever since the evacuation, and life still goes on in the abandoned Japari Park. The new generations of Friends would up having simpler, yet satisfying lives in the wilderness and abandoned ruins of the park, with the Lucky Beasts continuing to manage certain duties like supplying the Friends with Japari Buns. One day, an amnesiac human girl woke up in the Kyoshu region being chased by a Serval Friend. When Serval inquired about what kind of Friend she was, she was unable to answer, being unable to remember anything prior to waking up in the Savanna. She was given the name Kaban, after the backpack she's carrying around. The two teamed up and set of on a journey to discover Kaban's identity and to find the remnants of humanity, meeting a lot of unique Friends and fighting the Cerulean threat along the way.
  • Applies to both:
    • Kaban and Serval initially stumbled upon the Pantheon when they were travelling to find out any remnants of humanity, and were giving the title of Goddesses of All-CGI Cartoons. They stayed in the Pantheon for a while, wandering and exploring the new land to discover something new. Eventually, the two decided to return to the mortal realms to explore the islands of Japari Park more, and relinquished their divinity before their departure. Some time has passed after their departure, when one day someone noticed a boat heading towards the shore in the House of Water and Moisture. Some more curious deities flocked to the shore awaiting the boats arrival, which turned out to ridden by Kaban and Serval. Upon their arrival on land, a couple of deities were confused, as the last time they heard of them Serval and Kaban separated and the former lost most of her memories of Kaban, but the duo said those issues got resolved sometime later. They were taken to the Court of the Gods, in which they regained their divinity, but with a new title; the Co-Goddesses of Sleeper Hits. Knowing that the Pantheon has changed much in their absence, the two resolve to continue exploring the place.
    • Ever since their ascension, the Sandstar substance was spotted in the Pantheon in multiple locations, including the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature. One volcano in the House of Fire and Heat is a goldmine of Sandstar, to the point that the substance can clearly be seen out of the crater. The Sandstar, like in their world, is able to turn both ascended and non-ascended animals into Friends. This often leads to confusion, as the animals are not used to being in a human form, while others are excited to see the animals take a humanoid form with human intelligence while retaining their animal abilities. This effect is usually reversed soon after through magic, but some animals choose to remain as Friends. Unfortunately, Ceruleans have also been spotted around the Pantheon, looking for Sandstar and attacking any deities who come near, though they are easy to defeat as long as you hit their weak spot, plus the many powerful deities usually make short work of the Ceruleans.
    • Continuing where they left off, the duo often go traveling around the Pantheon to discover new areas and landmarks. Since the Pantheon has changed much in their absence, they are often surprised to see anything new in the Pantheon, like new subhouses, landmarks, and even deities. It's not uncommon to see Kaban and Serval wandering around any kind of environment hoping to see something exciting.
    • Japari Park's existence piqued the interest of Dr. Alan Grant, who did visit a theme park with a similar premise, only with revived dinosaurs instead of humanoid animals. He decided to meet up with them, and both of them exchanged stories of the parks. Kaban and Serval were fascinated by the idea of seeing actual dinosaurs, but were disappointed and spooked when they heard of it being a failure because the dinosaurs kept trying to kill the human visitors. Grant was glad that the Friends are friendly and non-malicious, though he understands why the park was abandoned when he heard about the Cerulean threat. Kaban and Serval are hesitant on approaching the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park because of the sheer threat they possess, believing it's best not to bother. On the other hand, they befriended Isuzu Sento and the Elementario Fairies, who are responsible for managing and performing for Amagi Brilliant Park, and wish to visit the place one day. Isuzu and the Fairies are also interested in visiting Japrai Park if possible.
    • Because of a Friend's nature as an animal transformed into a humanoid form, Kaban and Serval have encountered plenty of Deities who are also animals transformed into humans or look like humans with a few animalistic traits. Of the deities they met, Cherna Mouse, Tepsekemei, and James' Bug Friends are also animals who gained a humanoid form after a magical happening transformed them into their new forms. This reminded them of the Friend from Japari Park, so they bonded quickly with them. They were surprised to hear about Little Bit Beastly deities who were born that way instead of being animals turned into humans, as is the norm in their world. After hearing about how in Millhiore, Leonmitchelli and Couvert's world, war is just a fun, nonlethal, if intense sporting competition, Serval though it would be really fun to participate in a battle, while Kaban is a bit more hesitant on being in the frontlines. They were saddened to hear that Makoto Nanaya, Blake Belladona, and Raphtalia have suffered much discrimination because of their species, noting that no one in their world really bullied Kaban for being human. They initially thought that the Helltaker's Cerebus was three like-minded girls, but are actually one mind inhabiting three bodies. Nonetheless, they do have their fun with her, even if she gets into trouble with law enforcement sometimes. Both consider these deities to be honorary Friends, and can't wait to introduce them to Japari Park.
    • Some of the Houses the duo explore the most happen to be the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature. The large variety of creatures and environments the houses contain mean that the duo always end up finding something new in these houses. They manage to get on the good graces of the benevolent members of the House of Beast, as a result of bumping into the many deities residing there. One of the more notable ones is Otis, who they initially thought to be a very odd-looking Friend. They also get along with kind animal caretakers like Fluttershy and Steve Irwin, who have expressed an interest to visit Japari Park someday and meet the many Friends residing there.
    • During their adventure around the park, they kept trying to find any remnants of humanity that might be in the park, even traveling to other islands to find any evidence. This aspect of wandering a post-human landscape and searching for any remaining humans is also an experience shared by two duos; Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, and 2B and 9S. Kaban and Serval met up with the other duos to talk about their experiences. With Finn and Jake, they noted about the similarities they shared (one's a Token Human with an iconic hat and backpack, the other's their talking yellow animal friend), and Kaban and Serval listened with awe as Finn and Jake talked about the many things they saw in Ooo and other places, including the remnants of humanity. With 2B and 9S, however, they were saddened to hear about that their humanity died out and they were fooled into thinking that remnants of them remained on the moon, with them fearing that perhaps it could be the same for their humanity. Both duos reassured them to continue their quest to find their humans, and that they're always ready to listen about their world.
    • Given that Japari Park has been taken over by the Friends residing there and the current status of humanity there is still unknown, Doctor Zaius has taken an interest in the two and the world they came from, believing that in time, the Friends may replace humanity in the future as the dominant species much like the apes replaced humans in his world. He's currently studying about how Friends, Sandstar, and Ceruleans function. On Kaban and Serval's side, they're afraid of Koba, given his unrelenting hatred of humans and overwhelming paranoia, and the sight of them pisses Koba off, believing that Kaban is secretly taking advantage of Serval. They much prefer hanging out with Caesar, who's much more reasonable and patient.
      • Speaking of a new sentient species replacing humanity, they also encountered the Inklings, evolved squids who replaced humanity after their extinction due to global warming. The duo gat along rather well with the laidback Inklings, and desire to try out Turfs Wars sometime later. They also met up and befriended the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook, and attend their preformances whenever they're available.
    • The duo have experience in dealing with idol groups, as they traveled to the Waterfront area to see the all-penguin idol group P.P.P. perform. They ended up having to lift up Royal Penguin's spirits before a preformance, as she was feeling insecure about the third generation of P.P.P.'s debut. When they heard of other idol groups in the Pantheon, they decided to go check them out.Ever since, they frequently visit concerts for idols like 765pro, μ's, SoLaMi Smile, Miku Izayoi, Rion Kugayama, and Isola. Speaking of penguins they met up with the Penguins of Madagascar, who also happen to be in a zoo, but aren't an idol group. Nonetheless, both groups get along well and sometimes get into wacky hijinx together.
  • Exclusive to Kaban:
    • When Kaban woke up in the Savannah, she couldn't remember anything prior to her awakening. A large part of her quest entailed her trying to discover her true origins and species. The tactician Robin is able to relate to her situation, as they also woke up on a plain without any memories of their past, with them going on a journey with others to discover their origin. Kaban and Robin ended up bonding over this aspect, although Kaban was spooked that Robin's origins were quite twisted compared to hers. Zen, Rei, and Hikari also suffered from amnesia, with Zen and Rei's being removed by Zen himself, hiding their true nature as a god and a ghost respectively, and Hikari's amnesia was due to the massive trauma she faced growing up, with her recovering her memories as she gradually healed. Kaban feels bad that they went through much suffering before losing their memories, knowing that she herself never had any memories prior to her birth. The Doctor also suffers from amnesia as a side-effect of reincarnation. Kaban managed to get along with them due to this common factor, plus Kaban is interested in going on a journey through time with the Doctor.
    • Kaban would eventually find out the truth of her existence; she's the Friend of natural-born human Mirai, who was born when her hat containing a single hairstrand came into contact with Sandstar. Given her existence as a clone of sorts, she looked around for any other clones and artificial humans. Some artificial humans she met include Luke fon Fabre and Rei Ayanami. With Luke existing to throw the Score off track, replacing Asch in the process, and Rei being a hybrid clone of Yui Ikari and the Angel Lilith ment to be the Soul Jar for the latter made Kaban awed and worried, knowing that they were made to be pawns for some grander scheme instead of being born through chance like her. Kaban ended up becoming buddies with them for this shared aspect, as well as proving themselves as real people regardless of origins. On the other hand, Isomer Black was created as one of the many clones of a girl named Lunasiya, but was abandoned at Tallinn for being failures, upon they formed a Hive Mind and hope that a perfectcllone can come and be assimilated so they can leave the city. Kaban can only pity her for her unfortunate circumstances.
    • Kaban, aka Bag, was named after, well, the backpack she carries arounds with her. Aside from being her iconic item, she uses it to store her useful tools for any situation. This has lead to her meeting up with Dora, another young explorer with a nifty backpack. Kaban was amazed to see that not only Dora's backpack can hold much more than it should, but also talks to her. Plus, Dora has her own animal sidekick friend, a monkey named Boots, who Kaban is interested in meeting sometime. Dora sometimes accompanies Kaban and Serval on their on explorations. She also gets along with Captain Toad, another explorer wearing a backpack, and they admire eachother's ingenuity in puzzle solving, although Kaban wonders why Captain Toad keeps wearing a backpack so heavy it prevents him from jumping.
    • One day, while Kaban was exploring, she encountered the League of Explorers, a well known group of explorers dedicated to exploring ancient ruins and temples as well as collecting any artifacts they find. The League took interest in her, and asked if she could join their ranks. She accepted their invitation into their ranks, and accompanies them on some expeditions for treasure.
  • Exclusive to Serval:
    • Serval is, well, a serval, a wild cat native to sub-Saharan Africa. Being a Friend of a Serval, she retains features of a serval such as ears, a tail, and hunting skills. So it's no surprise that the would end up meeting other catgirls like Len, Ichigo Momomiya, Chen, and Stella Hoshii. She thought it was cool that Len, Ichigo, and Chen, have magic powers, and also display much fantastic prowess, furthering to impress Serval, plus Chen's energetic nature fits well with Serval's enthusiasm. She was a little puzzled about Stella, as her cat ears are actually implanted onto her as a result of having Nanomachine Rejection, but thought she was cool anyway.
    • Being the Friend of a wildcat, Serval would end up meeting up with other wildcats of the Pantheon, such as the lions of Pride Rock. She gets along with Simba and Mufasa just fine, although the two were initially overwhelmed with her bubbly nature at first. Simba introduced her to Timon and Pumbaa, who ended up getting along splendidly with their jovial attitudes blending well together. She tends to avoid Scar, finding him scary, not to mention despicable for taking over Pride Rock and killing Mufasa.
    • Serval is noted to be very excitable and hyperactive. She's always positive about any situation and tends to consider anything to be amazing. It's no surprise that she gets along with other hyperactive, upbeat deities like Pinkie Pie, Astolfo, Tomo Takino, and Tigger. Together, they share their boundless energy beyand the point where the average deity would be exhausted.
Kaban: No, don't eat me!

Serval: I'm not gonna eat you!

    Maho Nishizumi 
Maho Nishizumi, Goddess of In-Universe Fame (Tank Teru)


    Hyacinth Bucket 
Hyacinth Bucket, Goddess of Social Climbing (The Bucket Woman)
  • Rank: Quasideity (though she believes she is on the level of a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A fancy, overly-decorated hat
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Scaling the Ladder of Social Standards, Insistent Terminology on how to pronounce her last name, advising her husband on how to drive, A Grande Dame of the Pantheon, Hollywood Tone-Deaf, House Wife, never one to boast, finding "logical" reasons why her in-laws are so eccentric, Jerk Ass With A Heart Of Gold, inviting friends who are unable to decline her summonings, Mock Millionaire, host of her Candlelight Suppers , I Am Very British, Selective Obliviousness to the woes of others, likes to pronounce oneself through proper English, Small Name, Big Ego, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, very fond of her aging father even though he is a Dirty Old Man, doting mother to her son Sheridan.
  • Domains: Social Gatherings, Class, Pride, Family
  • Herald: Her husband Richard
  • Allies: Kitty Forman, Sophitia Alexandra, Charlotte LaBouff, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Uncle Iroh, Princess Tiana, Kotomi Ichinose, considers good deities in the House of Popularity and the House of Royalty to be her friends.
  • Enemies: Lady Tremaine, Sofia Lamb, Princess Morbucks.
  • Also privately adds to her title: “Lady Hyacinth of the House of Bucket, Goddess of Social Climbing, Keeper of Maintaining the Highest of Social Standards, and the Most Generous Hostess of Eloquent Candlelight Suppers”.
  • Considered one of the most insufferable goddesses in the Pantheon, Hyacinth Bucket (It’s “Bouquet”) is generally avoided by most gods regardless of alignment, since they find her so irritating, terrifying, or dominating. Hyacinth’s ambition in life is to ascend the social ladder, and since her ascension, she now wishes to gain a higher rank in the Pantheon. Her requests for further ascension, usually sent as letters (commonly in fancy envelopes with first class stamps) to the Main House are often misplaced deliberately.
  • Embarrassed by the presence of her lower class in-laws Onslow, Daisy, Rose, and her elderly senile father Daddy, though other deities prefer their company. She also will boast at every chance about her more well-off sister Violet, who has “a Mercedes, sauna, and room for a pony.”
  • Has a strong friendship with Pinkie Pie, though their preferences on party planning do vary. However, Hyacinth often relies on Pinkie to deliver invitations to guests since most of them get lost in the post. While Pinkie is more about fun, balloons and cake, Hyacinth prefers a more reserved, upper class way of entertaining her guests via her infamous Candlelight Suppers.
  • She is very insistent on her last named being pronounced “Bouquet”, though she is insistent with just about everything in her life in an attempt to boost her popularity or show she is from a good background or class of people. During her weekly meetings with Pinkie Pie for future parties and social gatherings, she asked Pinkie to remind everyone of how to “correctly” pronounce her last name. Pinkie does what she does best, sending repeating musical telegrams to every deity in the Pantheon to let them know of the terminology.
  • Interestingly, every deity who is forced to or agrees to attend one of Hyacinth’s Candlelight Suppers has only vague memories of them. Theorising perhaps some form of mind manipulation or drugs were involved, Poirot, Professor Layton, and Sherlock Holmes attended one of Hyacinth’s gatherings. When queried on the events, the three were reluctant to reply, but Holmes simply concluded that the parties were so dreadful that everyone simply bleached their brains of the events.
  • Once gave Chester A. Bum some change for charitable reasons. Now, he hangs around outside her temple asking for donations. Hyacinth tries to pretend he isn’t there, since he reminds her of her scruffy in-laws.
  • She considers Tiana to be a saint and kindred spirit, coming from a similar background, working hard to earn a living, and marrying someone from a high social standing.
  • Hyacinth was befriended by Uncle Iroh after he invited her to visit his tea house. Hyacinth was impressed with Iroh’s tea, sociability, and kindness, and referred to him as “that nice Asian man who owns a tea shop” – a first for her since her private line, white slim telephone is often misdialled by those looking for a Chinese takeaway with a similar number. When she found out Iroh was in fact a prince, Hyacinth immediately recommended the Jasmine Dragon to all of her friends and associates, and invited Iroh to one of her parties. Hyacinth’s neighbour Elizabeth, known for spilling her tea whenever around Hyacinth, managed to keep herself together in Iroh’s company.
  • After an ear-splitting performance between her and Kotomi Ichinose, the Court of the Gods ruled the two should not be allowed near each other beyond sending letters.
  • Hates Lady Tremaine and Sofia Lamb for being terrible, abusive mothers, being a doting mother to her adult son Sheridan, who is never seen but often asks for money over the phone.
  • Considers Raidou Kuzunoha as a rival when it comes to wearing hats.

    Vincent Van Gogh 
Vincent van Gogh, God of Post-mortem Popularity
A self-portrait, circa 1887
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His picture of "Starry Night", made in 1889
  • Theme Song: Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) by Don McLean. Alternatively, With Love, Vincent
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Starving Artist, Post Something Ism, Ignored In Life, Famous In Death, Cut His Ear Off, Short-Lived, Big Impact, Forgets to Eat, Artists With A Number of Disorders, Made Post-Impressionism Popular, Beard of Sorrow, Art Imitates Life, Bipolar Disorder, Alcoholism, Dogged Nice Guy, Driven to Suicide Or Was Shot Accidentally By A Kid, Vindicated by History
  • Domains: Tragedy, Art, Poverty, Obscurity and Popularity
  • Allies: The Doctor, Amy Pond, Squidward Tentacles, Elvis Presley, Yusuke Kitagawa, Futaba Sakura, Destruction of the Endless, Nero (Saber), Shinji Ikari, John Zoidberg
  • On good terms with: Chester A Bum, Spongebob Squarepants, Joshua Norton, Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Opposes: Rich assholes like the Reagan twins and Mr Krabs, The Vogons, The Dementors, any of the Outer Gods
  • Avoids: Moe Syzslack
  • Pitied by: Celebrities successful in their lifetime
  • Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch born post-impressionist artist, who moved to Paris in 1886. During his life he suffered from a bipolar disorder along with a number of psychotic episodes that made him worry about his mental health, and poverty as he was considered a bad artist and only ever sold one of his paintings. In death however he's recognized as the Genre Popularizer of post-impressionism art, and seen as one of the greatest artists out there.
  • While it's not enough to cure him of depression or his bipolar disorder, he was glad to learn that he's recognized as a good artist after his time, and his fame is just a bonus. He soon got a friendship with Elvis Presley. Sure, Elvis was famous in his heyday but began to seem like an old fogey in his later years. His death served to help his popularity along. He pities Vincent because he was never popular in his life and his overall tragic life, and being the Nice Guy he is tries to help him out.
  • He would rather not mention the time he cut off his ear in a rage, ending his friendship with Paul Gauguin (who would also be under-appreciated until after death). Understandably he doesn't want to talk much about his suicide either. Recent evidence suggested he may not have killed himself however, but was accidentally shot by a kid and wanted to spare him any criminal charges. He's not answering either way.
  • The Eleventh Doctor met him when noticing a monster in one of his paintings, and warned the Doctor of the TARDIS exploding. He, the Doctor and Amy got along fantastically, and he was overjoyed to see the two again in the Trope Pantheon. They even went so far as to show him his future success, though this didn't change his death. He became infatuated with Amy Pond as Rory Williams was erased from history at the time, though now he's back Vincent respects his wishes and isn't pursuing Amy anymore.
  • Yusuke Kitagawa considers him an idol like Leonardo Da Vinci, and was overjoyed to learn that he had ascended. It's pretty understandable given he's a Starving Artist as well. Introduced to the Phantom Thieves, and of them he also ended up liking Futaba Sakura. This comes from them suffering suicidal depression and the feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Gets along with Squidward Tentacles despite the latter's massive ego, since neither of their works of art were appreciated within their lifetimes. Granted with Squidward it's because of a mix of not being talented at all and only painting around himself, but still. Due to his poverty Zoidberg got along with him as well, given his doctorate is in art history where he's actually skilled at even to human sensibilities.
  • Sometimes bonds with Nero due to being upset at her poor art skills. She doesn't see it that way and considers herself a great artist, but does think his artwork is pretty amazing when he thinks its average at best. Destruction of the Endless is more balanced and admires the effort, though wishes he was better at being an artist. Can be seen with Shinji Ikari because of their psychosis.
  • Rarely visits the House of Food because he's so busy working that he Forgets to Eat, though when he does visit it's usually to get his blood-alcohol levels high. His friends try to keep him in check given alcohol is a depressant, and has warned him not to visit Moe's Tavern as he tends to want people to be hooked there, and would exploit his talent. At least it's better than eating paper and glue, and he shares a drink with Chester A Bum.
  • He doesn't like rich assholes in the pantheon like the Reagan twins because they would ruthlessly exploit his art while screwing him out of the credit and being cruel to him because of their elitist personality. Mr Krabs is more focused on the exploiting edge, and is trying to figure out how to keep his pictures from being ruined underwater. He has kept an eye on Spongebob because he doesn't want his talent further exploited by his boss. And regardless of his talent in life or death, Vincent agrees with everyone else that Vogon poetry is horrendous.
  • Appears to be one of the Portrait Ghosts as "Vincent Van Gore", having painted the minor ghosts Luigi encountered. He is known as the Starving Artists, and while being Dutch keeps using French. He doesn't have any hard feelings about this however.
  • Has shown a hatred towards many of the Outer Gods in the Pantheon. This is because a version of himself was being used by them as they were trying to use his artistic talents to enter the human world.