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Greater Gods

    Bruno Sammartino 
Bruno Leopaldo Francesco Sammartino, God of Living Legends (The Living Legend, The Italian Superman)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The WWWF World Heavyweight Championship Belt
  • Theme Song: His WWE 2k14 theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: developing character due to a harsh past, incredible feats of skill, heroes who were incredibly humble, those believing in the ways of the past, those who always won his matches and loved by fans because of it, kicking ass to get to the top, Face for practically his entire wrestling career, Being the first "Superman wrestler".
  • Domains: Legends, Good, Strength, Invincibility, Wrestling, Determination, Humility
  • Allies: Captain America, John Cena, King II, Zangief, CM Punk...pretty much every single wrestling God has idolizes him for good reason.
  • Rivals: Ric Flair (Friendly, though)
  • Enemies: Red Skull and every single Nazi in the Pantheon
  • After having a rocky relationship with Vince McMahon due to the drastic changes made to the sport, he finally ascended to the Pantheon by making it to the WWE Hall of Fame as an inductee of 2013, personally inducted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. There, he humbly announced that he made his success due to luck and the support of his fans.
    • Despite having a bit of bad blood with Ric Flair, the two have buried the hatchet. They were last seen having an amazing match, with Bruce even doing the signature "WOOO!" with Ric.
  • Utterly despises Red Skull, as he is a reminder of his Dark and Troubled Past growing up in World War II Italy along with every single Nazi in the Pantheon.
  • Spends his days training with all the other wrestling gods who made it into the Pantheon. Also opened up a wing in the Academy for those who want to know about wrestling. It has become very popular.
  • Has an utter disdain for wrestlers who use drugs and steroids. Gets along with CM Punk due to Punk's straight edge lifestyle, and also found a spirited competitor in Billy Kane for his stance against smoking.
  • Many await the day Bruno Sammartino fights Dante of Sparda, waiting for how The Living Legend fights off the Showy Invincible Hero in an all-out brawl.
  • Amazed most gods when they learned that he was a World Champion for more than 4000 days. This personal record was placed in the House of Knowledge for all to see. The wrestling gods agreed that none of them would ever break that prestigious record — the sheer idea of Bruno losing his championship to someone else can draw the crowd into a Stunned Silence that one could think that they turned deaf. He has also sold out the prestigious Pantheon Square Garden arena 187 times.
    • While AJ Styles is the wrestling god of Popularity Power, Styles agrees that not even he can draw in the masses like Bruno can.
  • While many gods were already amazed at the famous Andre the Giant/Hulk Hogan match of Wrestlemania 3, they learned that in one alternate timeline, Andre would've had to fight Bruno. Whoever the winner of that match was, no one could say. At the very least Bruno admitted that it wouldn't have worked out as he and Andre were good friends in real life.
  • Shed his mortal form on April 18, 2018. Many wrestling gods, good and evil and from all parts of the globe, spent a moment of silence in his honor.

Onaga, God of Iconic Logos (The Dragon King, The True Emperor of Outworld)

    Shawn Michaels 

"Oh, oh, SHAWN!"

Shawn Michaels, God of Popularity After Breakup (Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, HBK/The Heartbreak Kid, Mr. WrestleMania, The Showstopper, The Kid Who Breaks Hearts [called that by Broken Matt Hardy])
  • Theme Song: "Sexy Boy".
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The DX Logo or a Sword piercing through a Heart.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as Face, Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral during his DX phase and Neutral Evil as a Heel.
  • Portfolio: Popularity After a Breakup, Selling, Lightning Bruisers, Sweet Chin Music, Singing His Own Theme Song, Religious Bruisers, Cool Old Guys.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Popularity, Mischief (back in his DX days).
  • Followers: Zack Ryder, Booker T, John Morrison
  • Former Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Allies: Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Paul London and Brian Kendrick (his students), AJ Styles
  • Rivals: The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Kane, Randy Orton
  • He accended to Godhood after his second attempt to defeat the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Even though he didn't beat him, he got closer than any mortal or deity that has ever tried, shocking everyone at the last moments of the match where he slapped the Undertaker with all of his remaining strength until Undertaker had to Tombstone him to end his suffering.
    • As Mr. WrestleMania, ANY match with Shawn is said to be epic. If he's fighting a match at WrestleMania, expect it to be amazing, no exceptions.
      • Upon learning of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns' victories over the Deadman, he quietly went toward Undertaker and raised his hand in absolute respect. The two now talk about their pasts and how they are making new lives now that they are both retired from wrestling.
  • Even though his regular kicks are nowhere near as powerful as those of the Goddess of Kicking, Chun-Li, he still has the most devastating kick-attack in the Pantheon: The Sweet Chin Music Superkick, an ability that can come out of nowhere and knock down almost any opponent that it is used against. The reason for its name is the fact that it makes a very loud and recognizable sound that can be heard throughout all the Pantheon every time it connects. Ever since his rice to Godhood, only the likes of Asura, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Mr. Rogers have been able to dodge it. Chun-Li even shivers at the idea of her Spinning Bird Kick or Hyakuretsukyaku clashing with Sweet Chin Music, moreso on being on the receiving end of one. Just ask John Cena, or The Undertaker, or Triple H, or most of the female deities in the House of Love.
  • Tends to spend a lot of time in the House of Love. He is known as the HeartBreak Kid for a reason, you know.
  • What makes him so different from the other wrestlers who ascended? "I sing my own theme song!" (although ironically, he can't sing at all).
  • If he's out on business, he has an answering machine for the other Gods. This is the message he leaves.
    • He also speaks jive. Although his attempts with speaking with Dimitri were less than stellar.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT bring up those photos from his Playgirl days. As he stated, "I was blind! I was stupid! You [Triple H] told me GIRLS bought that magazine."
    • Also do not assume that he doesn't know anything about controversy. Aside from being the one who put Bret Hart in the Sharpshooter, he'll also go into a mad kicking frenzy, starting with finding someone named Stan, giving them Sweet Chin Music, screaming, "I JUST KICKED STAN!" and then continue his Sweet Chin Music spree while ranting. As one god once noted:
    "I don't know if that's controversial, but it sure as hell is funny."
  • Due to being a born-again Christian, he HATES YHVH. HATES HIM. He wants nothing to do with this pompous braggart who believes himself above all others. Thankfully, he found the real God and has now gone to pray to him.
    • This makes him friends with fellow born-again Christian Luna Vachon. The two go to the House of Faith to pray every now and then. Gangrel sometimes joins, and sometimes the Cutie Mark Crusaders join him (if nothing more than to help Shawn find a new direction in life)

    War the Nephilim 
War, God of Cleared Names (Horseman, The Red Rider, Rider of the Red Horse)
Click to see War's Chaos Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A stylized horse head (shared with his siblings), The mark on his forehead (personally his)
  • Theme Song: Darksiders Theme, War's Theme, Death VS War (Shared with Death)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Absolute loyalty to his siblings)
  • Portfolio: Clearing his name, Red Horseman of the Apocalypse, Disabled and deep-voiced badassery, Prosthetic arms that pack a punch, Awesome hoods, Luminescent featureless eyes, Relishing battle, Brilliant battle-strategy, Chaoseater wielded one-handed, Being the youngest but largest sibling, Being insanely tough and nigh-unstoppable, CHAOS, Honorable to a fault, Great destruction, Armaments of war, Slow but immensely strong, Blade Geysers, The Red Horse (Ruin)
  • Domains: Balance, Chaos, Combat, Destruction, Honor, Revenge, War
  • Allies: His brother Death, his other brother Strife, his sister Fury, Archer, Bahamut, The Human Child(Frisk), Papyrus, Sans, Toriel, Asgore Dreemurr, Roger Thornhill
  • Opposed by: Yuji Sakai
  • Former Enemies: The entire Imperium of Man, other deities who adore/protect humanity
  • Rivals: Dante, Nero, Gaara, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Akihiko Sanada, Illidan Stormrage, Kain Highwind, Undyne, Kratos, Ares
  • Respects: His brother Death, Asura, The Human Child
  • At Arm's Length: Luke Skywalker, Skips, The Greater Fiends
  • Its Complicated: The Nephalems, Akeno Himejima, Sicily
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lucifer, Ren Hakuryuu, Enrico Pucci, Shinji Ikari
  • Enemies: All who threaten Creation, Death (Final Destination), War the Embodiment, Tiamat, The Joker, Dhuum The Angel and Demon sub-houses - and EVERY angel and demon across the Pantheon, YHVH
  • After much time, and undertaking a quest that The Charred Council had no intention of rewarding with a pardon, one which he ultimately only succeeded in by giving his life, War was granted a place in the Pantheon as the ultimate scion of those who clear their name of wrongdoing. It should be noted that the reason he was chosen above most others is that even his older brother, Death, went to extreme lengths to prove him innocent, which ultimately culminated in the Executioner resurrecting humanity to erase the alleged crime he was punished for.
  • One of the first few deities War met upon his ascension was the enigmatic Servant who prefers to be called Archer, one who has shared his position of enforcer (though War works on a much larger scale). That they sound similar and have similar attitudes (that is, being rather serious and brooding at times) only makes things more interesting.
  • Lucifer is a rather polarizing individual, especially with regards to War's temperament. On the one hand, they both strive for chaos and allowing choice....on the other hand, however, War is just as likely to treat someone with fairness as he is to be ruthlessly brutal.
    War: "Do not be deceived by my actions, Lightbringer. I serve the balance, and the chaos and mayhem I cause is for the sake of keeping tyranny and oppression in check."
    • For that matter, a great many of the deities known to have averted or cut short Armageddon are apprehensive of him regardless of his innocence. Yuji Sakai lamented that he was not able to cancel the End War, though War has repeatedly reassured the boy that his End War was unavoidable. Shinji Ikari doesn't like him much, though he does admit knowing the feeling of being blamed for causing the end of the world and humanity (even if it IS rebooted and he's not always aware of the exact details).
  • When a certain other horseman sharing his title sought him out and attempted to manipulate him, said horseman was surprised to find that War was not susceptible to his influence. The former was then sent packing by the latter, who would have slain him if not for the interference of Death the Nephilim. War the Nephilim despises any who make use of underhanded tactics, such as what War the Embodiment employed, and has made it clear that things will not be pretty if they ever crossed paths again.
    • From then on everyone in the Pantheon has taken to calling this one "War the Nephilim", which he doesn't seem to mind much, if at all.
    • He also has an odd rivalry with Kratos, the God of War, and Ares, The Most Reviled War God, as he is also a being that represents war. War the Nephilim, however, insists that he is more of an exceptionally talented combatant than an embodiment of conflict though that doesn't stop him from taking them on.
    War: "The God of War and the Much Despised War God are very satisfying opponents. Even Chaoseater is eager to face them again and again."
  • The Sentient Cosmic Force known as Death has it out for him due to him having cheated death not once, not twice, but 'three times in his lifetime. Even being the younger sibling of one of its aspects, the God of Damage-Negating Mobility, is not enough to spare him from being on its/his list. War doesn't really care about this, instead wishing only to act in accordance with the Cosmic Balance.
    War: "I serve The Balance. If Death wishes to take my life to that end then it is welcomed to try."
  • He is also at odds with Dhuum, as he has cheated death repeatedly. Though they weren't all by his own intent. The Inevitable Death respects him as he does his brother, but is still intent on making him meet his maker.
    Dhuum: "Dhuum doesn't care if brother Death saved him! The Inevitable Death comes for him!"
    War: (With a coy smirk) "Dhuum will come, and he will try."
  • Upon learning that there was a Tiamat in the Pantheon, War went to investigate. He was surprised to find not a Bat Queen but a Goddess of Evil Dragons, and promptly challenged her with the intention of slaying her. He was barely unable to defeat her, though he did earn the respect and blessing of the God of Good Dragons for this endeavor. He intends to challenge her again anyway. His brother, Death, is not amused.
  • He has become extremely wary of Luke Skywalker and Skips due to them sounding very similar to The Watcher that tormented him while he was under The Charred Council's control. The Joker, too, sounds similar but has earned War's genuine enmity for being twisted and depraved unlike the previous two.
  • Similarly to his brother, Death, War isn't on the best of terms with the various nephilim due to his part in the eradication of his own brethren. However, unlike Death, War isn't outright hated by them and he even bears most of them no ill will so long as they aren't trying to wipe out everything else in the multiverse.
    • He is actually respectful and considerate to Akeno Himejima of The Occult Research Club, despite the fact that she would rather have nothing to do with him. He is fine with this, as he has more pressing matters to attend to. Like getting back at Tiamat for his defeat at her claws.
  • Furthermore, many deities who are fond of or sworn to stand by humanity have denounced War as an enemy of mankind. The Human Child (Frisk) is an exception, as they have befriended him and have earned his respect for their utter determination. This friendship has also made him an ally of The Skeleton Brothers, the child's adoptive mother, the formerly underground monster king, and even earned him a friendly rival in the former captain of the royal guard of previously mentioned former king. The God-Emperor of Mankind has absolutely no love for him and has commanded the entire Imperium of Man to attack him on sight.
    War: (With a confident smile): "I look forward to seeing what The Third Kingdom is truly capable of."
    • After he successfully managed to prove himself innocent of wrongfully initiating the Apocalypse, however, hostilities between War and these groups have ceased. Not because of any newfound friendship, but simply because the latter have much more pressing and more evil threats to deal with. The Imperium in particular is still keeping a watchful eye on him, however.
  • Many deities who were falsely accused of wrongdoings, however, regard him with total empathy. Roger Thornhill is one such deity, though War doesn't really have an opinion of him.
  • As he is currently in prime form to take on all celestial and infernal beings, he is an enemy of EVERY angel and demon across the Pantheon.
    • Malthael, The Silent Angel, is a particularly despised adversary, as War can not abide by his crusade against free will.
    War: "The Creator did not want mindless puppets, incapable of thinking for themselves!"
    • There are a few examples that he has deemed to be tolerable, whom he would only fight if absolutely necessary. The angel Flonne he has deemed as mostly harmless if far too obsessed with the concept of love. The Occult Research Club (Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Koneko Toujou, Yuuto Kiba, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Issei Hyodo) proved themselves worthy of both his respect and consideration - the latter of which only meaning he will refrain from antagonizing them - as they genuinely wish to establish harmony/peace between the denizens of the heavens and the hells.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he does NOT have a positive opinion of The Great Will, YHVH. When questioned about why he would ever oppose The Lord, he will only say the following:
    War: "The Great Will is NOT The Creator. His only aim is for a world dominated by his law only."
    • He's not actually sure how to feel about one of YHVH's devout followers, Enrico Pucci. The priest DID cause the end of his world, though he did force it to be rebooted into one which he would prefer - there was balance in that action. His belief in YHVH, however, is a point of contention for the Nephilim. War wants to respect him, but he can't condone those whom he aids.
  • Unexpectedly, he has become sympathetic to Ren Hakuryuu, in whom he can see his own struggles with family, power, and even friendships. He was even empathetic to the young warrior's motivation, which mirrored his own reasoning during his quest to clear his name. In fact, they would be friends if not for their vastly different goals.
    War: "Sometimes duty must be cast aside to do what must be done. But I cannot allow anyone to destroy all of Creation."
  • Also has a place in the House of Philosophy

    Zeus (Disney
Zeus (Disney version), The Sanitized God


Intermediate Gods

    Adrian Shephard 
Adrian Shephard, God of Popular Mooks (Corporal Shephard, Corporal Dogmeat, Shepard)

    Lex Luthor 
Alexander Luthor, God of Supervillains and Villains With Good Receptions (Lex Luthor, Mockingbird, New Man of Steel, Apex Lex)
In his Warsuit 


Lesser Gods

    Coco Bandicoot 
Coco Bandicoot, Goddess of Iconic Sequel Characters

Marth, God of Warrior Princes and International Cameo Debuts (Prince Marth of Altea, Prince of Light, Star and Savior, Star Lord, Lodestar, The Hero-King, Mars)

    Nena Trinity 
Nena Trinity, Goddess of Double Standards (The Last Survivor of Team Trinity)


    Maho Nishizumi 
Maho Nishizumi, Goddess of In-Universe Fame (Tank Teru)


    Hyacinth Bucket 
Hyacinth Bucket, Goddess of Social Climbing (The Bucket Woman)
  • Rank: Quasideity (though she believes she is on the level of a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A fancy, overly-decorated hat
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Scaling the Ladder of Social Standards, Insistent Terminology on how to pronounce her last name, advising her husband on how to drive, A Grande Dame of the Pantheon, Hollywood Tone-Deaf, House Wife, never one to boast, finding "logical" reasons why her in-laws are so eccentric, Jerk Ass With A Heart Of Gold, inviting friends who are unable to decline her summonings, Mock Millionaire, host of her Candlelight Suppers , I Am Very British, Selective Obliviousness to the woes of others, likes to pronounce oneself through proper English, Small Name, Big Ego, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, very fond of her aging father even though he is a Dirty Old Man, wears some flashy hats, doting mother to her son Sheridan.
  • Domains: Social Gatherings, Class, Pride, Family
  • Herald: Her husband Richard
  • Allies: Kitty Forman, Sophitia Alexandra, Charlotte LaBouff, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Uncle Iroh, Princess Tiana, Kotomi Ichinose, considers good deities in the House of Popularity and the House of Royalty to be her friends.
  • Enemies: Lady Tremaine, Sofia Lamb, Princess Morbucks.
  • Also privately adds to her title: “Lady Hyacinth of the House of Bucket, Goddess of Social Climbing, Keeper of Maintaining the Highest of Social Standards, and the Most Generous Hostess of Eloquent Candlelight Suppers”.
  • Considered one of the most insufferable goddesses in the Pantheon, Hyacinth Bucket (It’s “Bouquet”) is generally avoided by most gods regardless of alignment, since they find her so irritating, terrifying, or dominating. Hyacinth’s ambition in life is to ascend the social ladder, and since her ascension, she now wishes to gain a higher rank in the Pantheon. Her requests for further ascension, usually sent as letters (commonly in fancy envelopes with first class stamps) to the Main House are often misplaced deliberately.
  • Embarrassed by the presence of her lower class in-laws Onslow, Daisy, Rose, and her elderly senile father Daddy, though other deities prefer their company. She also will boast at every chance about her more well-off sister Violet, who has “a Mercedes, sauna, and room for a pony.”
  • Has a strong friendship with Pinkie Pie, though their preferences on party planning do vary. However, Hyacinth often relies on Pinkie to deliver invitations to guests since most of them get lost in the post. While Pinkie is more about fun, balloons and cake, Hyacinth prefers a more reserved, upper class way of entertaining her guests via her infamous Candlelight Suppers.
  • She is very insistent on her last named being pronounced “Bouquet”, though she is insistent with just about everything in her life in an attempt to boost her popularity or show she is from a good background or class of people. During her weekly meetings with Pinkie Pie for future parties and social gatherings, she asked Pinkie to remind everyone of how to “correctly” pronounce her last name. Pinkie does what she does best, sending repeating musical telegrams to every deity in the Pantheon to let them know of the terminology.
  • Interestingly, every deity who is forced to or agrees to attend one of Hyacinth’s Candlelight Suppers has only vague memories of them. Theorising perhaps some form of mind manipulation or drugs were involved, Poirot, Professor Layton, and Sherlock Holmes attended one of Hyacinth’s gatherings. When queried on the events, the three were reluctant to reply, but Holmes simply concluded that the parties were so dreadful that everyone simply bleached their brains of the events.
  • Once gave Chester A. Bum some change for charitable reasons. Now, he hangs around outside her temple asking for donations. Hyacinth tries to pretend he isn’t there, since he reminds her of her scruffy in-laws.
  • She considers Tiana to be a saint and kindred spirit, coming from a similar background, working hard to earn a living, and marrying someone from a high social standing.
  • Hyacinth was befriended by Uncle Iroh after he invited her to visit his tea house. Hyacinth was impressed with Iroh’s tea, sociability, and kindness, and referred to him as “that nice Asian man who owns a tea shop” – a first for her since her private line, white slim telephone is often misdialled by those looking for a Chinese takeaway with a similar number. When she found out Iroh was in fact a prince, Hyacinth immediately recommended the Jasmine Dragon to all of her friends and associates, and invited Iroh to one of her parties. Hyacinth’s neighbour Elizabeth, known for spilling her tea whenever around Hyacinth, managed to keep herself together in Iroh’s company.
  • After an ear-splitting performance between her and Kotomi Ichinose, the Court of the Gods ruled the two should not be allowed near each other beyond sending letters.
  • Hates Lady Tremaine and Sofia Lamb for being terrible, abusive mothers, being a doting mother to her adult son Sheridan, who is never seen but often asks for money over the phone.
  • Considers Raidou Kuzunoha as a rival when it comes to wearing hats.

    Vincent Van Gogh 
Vincent van Gogh, God of Post-mortem Popularity
A self-portrait, circa 1887
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His picture of "Starry Night", made in 1889
  • Theme Song: Vincent(Starry, Starry Night) by Don McLean. Alternatively, With Love, Vincent
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Starving Artist, Post Something Ism, Ignored In Life, Famous In Death, Cut His Ear Off, Short-Lived Big Impact, Forgets to Eat, Artists With A Number of Disorders, Made Post-Impressionism Popular, Beard of Sorrow, Art Imitates Life, Bipolar Disorder, Alcoholism, Dogged Nice Guy, Driven to Suicide Or Was Shot Accidentally By A Kid, Vindicated by History
  • Domains: Tragedy, Art, Poverty, Obscurity and Popularity
  • Allies: The Doctor, Amy Pond, Squidward Tentacles, Elvis Presley, Yusuke Kitagawa, Destruction of the Endless, Nero(Saber), Futaba Sakura, Shinji Ikari, John Zoidberg
  • On good terms with: Chester A Bum, Spongebob Squarepants, Joshua Norton, Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Opposes: Rich assholes like the Reagan twins and Mr Krabs, The Vogons, The Dementors
  • Avoids: Moe Syzslack
  • Pitied by: Celebrities successful in their lifetime
  • Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch born post-impressionist artist, who moved to Paris in 1886. During his life he suffered from a bipolar disorder along with a number of psychotic episodes that made him worry about his mental health, and poverty as he was considered a bad artist and only ever sold one of his paintings. In death however he's recognized as the Genre Popularizer of post-impressionism art, and seen as one of the greatest artists out there.
  • While it's not enough to cure him of depression or his bipolar disorder, he was glad to learn that he's recognized as a good artist after his time, and his fame is just a bonus. He soon got a friendship with Elvis Presley. Sure, Elvis was famous in his heyday but began to seem like an old fogey in his later years. His death served to help his popularity along. He pities Vincent because he was never popular in his life and his overall tragic life, and being the Nice Guy he is tries to help him out.
  • He would rather not mention the time he cut off his ear in a rage, ending his friendship with Paul Gauguin(who would also be under-appreciated until after death). Understandably he doesn't want to talk much about his suicide either. Recent evidence suggested he may not have killed himself however, but was accidentally shot by a kid and wanted to spare him any criminal charges. He's not answering either way.
  • The Eleventh Doctor met him when noticing a monster in one of his paintings, and warned the Doctor of the TARDIS exploding. He, the Doctor and Amy got along fantastically, and he was overjoyed to see the two again in the Trope Pantheon. They even went so far as to show him his future success, though this didn't change his death. He became infatuated with Amy Pond as Rory Williams was erased from history at the time, though now he's back Vincent respects his wishes and isn't pursuing Amy anymore.
  • Yusuke Kitagawa considers him an idol like Leonardo Da Vinci, and was overjoyed to learn that he had ascended. It's pretty understandable given he's a Starving Artist as well. Introduced to the Phantom Thieves, and of them he also ended up liking Futaba Sakura. This comes from them suffering suicidal depression and the feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Gets along with Squidward Tentacles despite the latter's massive ego, since neither of their works of art were appreciated within their lifetimes. Granted with Squidward it's because of a mix of not being talented at all and only painting around himself, but still. Due to his poverty Zoidberg got along with him as well, given his doctorate is in art history where he's actually skilled at even to human sensibilities.
  • Sometimes bonds with Nero due to being upset at her poor art skills. She doesn't see it that way and considers herself a great artist, but does think his artwork is pretty amazing when he thinks its average at best. Destruction of the Endless is more balanced and admires the effort, though wishes he was better at being an artist. Can be seen with Shinji Ikari because of their psychosis.
  • Rarely visits the House of Food because he's so busy working that he Forgets to Eat, though when he does visit it's usually to get his blood-alcohol levels high. His friends try to keep him in check given alcohol is a depressant, and has warned him not to visit Moe's Tavern as he tends to want people to be hooked there, and would exploit his talent. At least it's better than eating paper and glue, and he shares a drink with Chester A Bum.
  • He doesn't like rich assholes in the pantheon like the Reagan twins because they would ruthlessly exploit his art while screwing him out of the credit and being cruel to him because of their elitist personality. Mr Krabs is more focused on the exploiting edge, and is trying to figure out how to keep his pictures from being ruined underwater. He has kept an eye on Spongebob because he doesn't want his talent further exploited by his boss. And regardless of his talent in life or death, Vincent agrees with everyone else that Vogon poetry is horrendous.
  • Appears to be one of the Portrait Ghosts as "Vincent Van Gore", having painted the minor ghosts Luigi encountered. He is known as the Starving Artists, and while being Dutch keeps using French. He doesn't have any hard feelings about this however.


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