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Past Levels 1 and 2 are Levels 3, 4 and 5. Starting from here, the Treasury is entirely underground. These levels are considered the restricted areas due to the potential dangers these treasures can create and in Level 3, is where Miscellaneous Items is placed. This area is heavily separated for identification purposes. This underground complex is where security will almost certainly have a stronger presence and the presence of a large amount of turrets in almost every corner is mostly General Fletcher's doing. As to the contents of the Miscellaneous Items, these items are treasures that do not fit the artifacts, armory and depot specifications (think of Consumables).


Visitors to the Treasures who are under guidance of a tour will find this part of the Treasury to be the most limiting, and perhaps the farthest they can go to. The other floors are noted as "Under Construction" but in reality are meant to cover the last section and perhaps the most heavily guarded of the entire complex. Not that it is a bad thing though since there are still plenty to see here, but mind the signs, listen to the staff and do not overstay your welcome. And most importantly, do not steal anything.

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Class 4

    Berserker Powerups 
The Berserker Powerup and the Berserk Sphere
The Berserk Powerup
The Berserk Sphere
  • Appearances:
    • Classic Doom: Similar in appearance to a Medkit, save that the color is dark grey instead of white.
    • Reboot/Eternal: A glowing sphere of reddish-orange energy
  • Class Level: 4
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Museum Check: Denied
  • Domains: Power-Ups, Power Amplifiers
  • Portfolio: A Power-Up That Not Only Multiplies The Punch Times Ten, But Can Also Kill In (Mostly) A Single Blow, RIP AND TEAR!!
  • Sacred To: The Doom Slayer
  • Side Effects Include: Increase In Rage, Self-Harm, A Perpetual State Of Delirium (which is rare), And Epic Scenery Chewing
  • Most Effective On: Any deity who was brainwashed
  • No Effect Against: The Cyberdemon/Tyrants
  • So you wanna slay demons barehanded like the legendary Doom Slayer? Wanna be a man-and-a-half? Wanna be a 12 on a 10-point scale of badness? Wanna be a one-man (or woman) army while spouting off one-liners? Then you're in luck, as the Berserker Powerups are just the thing you need!
  • The Doom Slayer is by far the most infamous recipient of its power. Back when he was known as Doomguy, he gets...very animated upon using Berserk. So much so that it's advisable that unless you're the Cyberdemon, it would be in your best interest to just run if you see Doom Slayer on a Berserker bender charging full-bore towards you.
    Doom Slayer: Rip... and... TEAR!!!
  • It's not OD'ing on the Berserker Packs that can kill you. Nine times out of ten, it's chewing the scenery when you're supposed to be ripping and tearing that gets you killed. The Doom Slayer (as Doomguy) almost came close when facing a Cyberdemon, as his patented Night Train failed to injure his enemy.
    • As it turns out, the Cyberdemon is the only demon immune from the effects of the Berserker Pack. Doom Slayer knows this, and does not even try.
  • Anyone can use the Berserk Powerups. Aside from the blood and guts left in their wake, the most obvious sign of a person on a Berserker bender is them chanting "Rip and tear!" That, and laughing maniacally. But the effects are amplified if anyone using the powerup has been subjected to a form of brainwashing in the past.
    • The most prominent example would be any of the Ascended Kombatants who had been exposed to the Blood Code in the past (The Cage Family, Jacqui Briggs, Raiden, Kuai Liang, Mileena and Kotal Kahn). In one scenario, Johnny, Sonya and Cassie took on both Shao Kahn and Sindel whilst in a full-blown Berserker rage and won. Even Liu Kang and Kitana both admit that seeing the Cage family chant "Rip and tear" as they tried to show Kahn and Sindel their respective spines scary. But Sonya is the scariest of the trio, as she has a bad habit of ripping heads off bare-handed. Kano is smart enough not to screw with Sonya or her family when they're in Berserker mode.
    Johnny: Rip.
    Sonya: And.
    Cassie: TEAR.
    • If you thought they were bad, Jill Valentine is much, much worse. So much so that even the Zombies and even the Nemesis T-Type who had stalked her across Raccoon City is sent running in terror. Even Chief Irons and the Wesker siblings, Albert and Alex, were left gaping after Jill ripped the barbed tongues out of a Hunter Gamma - known for swallowing its victims whole - with her bare hands.
    • Wanna know what scares both Superman and his Injustice counterpart? Supergirl on a Berserker bender chanting "Rip and tear" in Kryptonian. Not even the red Kryptonite could calm her down. Word has it that they're still repairing the damages to the Pantheon from Kara's Heat Vison. General Zod was actually impressed.
    • Upon taking the Berserker Pack, Ash Williams said only one word ("Groovy") before going to town on a horde of Deadites. Without his trusty boomstick. He was, however, cackling like a madman as he tore through the Deadites, eerily similar as to how he originally lost his mind.
  • Brock Samson also sampled the Berserker powerup. Many a Mook died that day. Not even the female Mooks could stop him., as that only added to the body count.
  • Don't let Wolverine, Gregor Clegane, Abigail, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Wayne, Regime Superman, Hinata Hyuga, Asura, The Hulk, She-Hulk, Vampire!Jubilee, Skarlet, Kratos or Guts use the Berserk Pack. Seriously. Don't. You WILL regret it. For about 3 seconds.
  • Harley Quinn, of all people, can withstand the power of the Berserk Pack with no ill effects, something that not even Mistah J can't do. This coming from a girl who used to huff Scarecrow's Fear Toxin as a recreational drug. Seeing Harley doing her best Doomguy impression makes even Amanda Waller nervous, only Harley adds a bit of her own personal flair when she rampages. Probably the only time one would see the Suicide Squad, Batman and Poison Ivy working together in trying to calm her down.
  • Wisely, Duke Nukem stays away from the Berserk Packs, claiming that he wants to give the aliens "a fighting chance." But when he finds out that the Berserker could be used as a sexual enhancement drug, he is reconsidering his stance on not using it.

    Communication Players 
Communication Players (COMPs)
  • Appearance: The same as a Nintendo DS or 3DS
  • Class Level: 4
  • Alignment: Depends on its possessor
  • Museum Check: Deni
  • Portfolio: Resembling the Nintendo (3)DS, Supernatural Communication Devices, MagiTek, Magic from Technology, Harmonizer Renders Humans Resilient To Demons, Draws Power From The Internet, Devil Auction
  • Domains: Technology, Demons, Balance
  • Inventor: Naoya
  • Known User: Kazuya Minegishi
  • After years in the Pantheon, and battles to defend his property, Naoya was finally convinced by his cousin Kazuya to store away his spare Communication Players to the Treasury for safekeeping.
  • In case a refresher is required, Communication Players, otherwise known as COMPs, were initially advertised as gaming consoles which allowed for web browsing, email and international online gaming. Its commercial tag line was "Play with people around the world!" These are Naoya's modified versions.
  • Aside from the Demon Summoning Program as used by most every SMT protagonist (except the Demi-Fiend, who more like recruits them to his party), a secondary application called the "Harmonizer" tunes to the wavelengths of humans, making attacks effective against demons while lessening the damage taken from them. The Harmonizer affects all humans and demons that are within range of the COMP.
    • Of course, since it's only been programmed to protect humans, this means it doesn't cover other races/species such as elves, orcs, centaurs, half-beasts, dragons, tree-folk, actual deities, uplifted animals, robots, undead, dinosaurs, or extraterrestrials no matter how human-looking they are. However, it's works on witches and wizards (as they're still fundamentally human), Magical Girls (even Puella Magi despite them being technically liches, but not Cherna Mouse and Tepsekemei as their true forms are a hamster and tortoise), mutants (such as the X-Men), and werecreatures if they're in human form, though when the Harmonizer protection ends at what stage of the transformation (or any transformation to/from human in general) hasn't been tested.
  • Users of these COMPs came to be known as "Demon Tamers". The first time the Demon Summoning Program (complete with Cathedral of Souls for fusion) is initiated, a demon will emerge whose strength is proportionate to that of the user. A contract will not be forged until the tamer defeats said demon. Latter demons are obtained by participating in an online Demon Auction using Macca for purchase and contract enactment.
  • In addition to summoning demons, there's also the Skill Crack system, which allows the Demon Tamer to obtain certain skills from "wild" demons for their COMPs by targeting them and defeating them in combat (either by themselves or by their own summoned demons). As they continue to battle, Magnetite charges can occur, and a Demon Tamer can teach one of their cracked skills to one of their demons.
  • As electronic devices, they naturally have limited battery life, so keeping it charged is significantly more important for it than most other handheld devices. For if the COMP runs out of battery power or breaks, its user loses their demon contracts and in turn will also make them vulnerable to demon attacks due to the disengagement of the mind link to the Harmonizer (unless there's another COMP user nearby). The Demon Summoning Program can also go rampant, creating portals for demons to freely emerge from.


Class 5

    Custom Robo 
Custom Robos
Ray MK III, one example out of several Robos
  • Appearance:
  • Class Level: 5
  • Alignment: Depends on user
  • Museum Check: Granted
  • Portfolio: Character Customization, Tiny Mecha
  • Domains: Customization, Competition, Robos
  • Source of Interest for: Sei Iori & Reiji, Tatsuya Yuuki, Aila Jyrkiainen, Team TRY Fighters, The Commando Elite
  • In the future, highly advanced robots designed and controlled by various people engage in combat to prove who has the better robot. It certainly sounds like something that could happen in a war, but it’s far from that. Those Robos are actually very small and these battles take place inside a Holosseum, arenas that are built-in with the Robos or are chosen by certain Robo commanders. There is a great emphasis on customizing these Robos before engaging in battle and depending on what parts are used, a specific Robo will have access to different weapons and have their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Not long after a series of packages arrived in the Pantheon containing a lot of small parts for robots, the Custom Robo competitions started to gain traction there. These battles have served as an additional fantastical contest alongside other unorthodox competitions and it has become popular among those who admire giant robots, with a handful of mecha pilots being curious about them. Additional parts and weapons that weren’t part of the existing line of Robos (with some weapons being inspired by what’s present in the Pantheon) have been worked on by some tech-savvy robot fans to make these battles more interesting.
  • Considering how the Robos are very much toys used in a competitive sense, the Gunpla users in the Pantheon (Sei Iori, his friends, and Team TRY Fighters) quickly noticed the similarities between the Robos and the Gunpla they use in battle, though with some notable differences mainly in how mental synchronization is required to fully control the Robos. In addition to the customization involved with both Robos and Gunpla, the battles take place in a specialized arena of someone’s choosing. Seeing as how Sei is a fan of Gunpla and the Robos are similar to Gunpla, he has wondered if there is a possibility that the larger versions of the Robos (as in the size of a typical Gundam) could be possible in the Pantheon.
  • There are several different kinds of Robos overall, with the Ray series considered to be the mascot of such. There are several different variations of the Ray series, with the Ray Mk III, even showing up at one Smash tournament as a summonable Assist Trophy. Although it hasn’t shown up at these tournaments again since then, some have a feeling this particular Ray Mk III had something installed to allow it to move freely without someone’s influence after being summoned, though nothing has been said about it.
  • Generally speaking, these toys are only able to come to life via the Robo commander’s synchronizing themselves to their respective Robo, but the story of an entity named Rahu was something the Pantheon (and more precisely, any heroic character in possession of a Robo) took notice of. Rahu was capable of great destruction, but after fusing itself with a Robo, the once-invincible entity gained a weakness and measures were put in place to prevent Rahu from causing untold amounts of destruction. While the entity itself is nowhere to be found in the Pantheon, parts based on Rahu were found and many malevolent scientists and robots have been looking to replicate Rahu or create a miniature robot equal in power to it for their own plans.
  • The Commando Elite and the Gorgonites were children’s toys that were brought to life via the X1000 chips and it resulted in the former toyline becoming bloodthirsty soldiers willing to destroy the Gorgonites by any means necessary. Seeing as how the Robos are in their very nature toys that can only be brought to life via their commanders, the Commando Elite have looked at them with interest and hoping that not only will the X1000 chip will make them much more deadly than just in battle, but that they will be of help in destroying the Gorgonites provided that some of the Robos aren’t siding with the Commando Elite’s sworn enemies.
  • Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori are known for piloting Gipsy Danger, a giant robot that requires mental synchronization between them in order to pilot it, something that also applies to many other Jaeger pilots in their world. The fact that there was a line of toy robots that required mental synchronization for it to be functional was something that didn’t escape the duo, especially since these particular robos are used for recreational purposes as opposed to something much more serious for the most part. Regardless, they don’t have much of an issue with these Robos so long as there aren’t any attempts by others to do something problematic with them that negatively affects the Pantheon as a whole.
  • Beyond the existing line that are part of the Robos, some in the Pantheon have been thinking of creating Robo equivalents of some notable giant robots in the Pantheon, Gundam excluded due to the Gunpla battles already in effect (though both kinds of toy battles can coexist if possible). While equivalents for robots such as Gipsy Danger have been considered, there are others that are much more intricate in their own way (such as the Transformers and how they can turn into different vehicles in addition to their robot forms) that it would present challenges in making a Robo version of them that is comparable to their original version and sufficient enough that it can be used in a battle between other Robos.

    The Duel Disk 
The Duel Disk
The KC mass production Duel Disk
  • Appearance: An arm blade with 5 slots for the Monster Cards at the front, 5 hidden slots for Spells/Traps, 2 slots for Pendulum monsters, a deck holder to place cards and other slots for the other card zones. Otherwise varies.
  • Class Level: 5
  • Alignment: Varies between each user.
  • Museum Check: Granted
  • Portfolio: Summoning the Dueling Monsters with Solid Vision, Real Summons (at times), Not-So-Harmless Card Games, Improbable Weapons (As Arm Blades and Laser Blades (on Arc-V), Merchandise-Driven, Augmented Reality (on ZEXAL)
  • Domains: Technology, Holograms, Duels, Cyberspace, Mons, Magic (as much the original creator would complain about it), Weapons
  • Creator: Seto Kaiba
  • Notable Users: All Yu-Gi-Oh! deities
  • Potential Users: Anyone interested in the game (So far Kazuma Kenzaki and Gracia)
  • The Duel Disk is a piece of Dueling equipment attached to the left (or right, for the rare left-handed duelist) forearm. They were first manufactured by KaibaCorp as a portable form of Dueling Arena. They use a portable hologram generator to display the Duel Monsters cards. They have become a fundamental necessity among Duelists and for this reason, Kaiba has decided to place his creation in the Treasures. Another copy was placed in the Museum as well.
  • They are based on the "DiaDhank", a golden device that was worn similarly to the Duel Disk that used the user's Ba (Life Force) to summon Ka (spirit monsters) from their stone tablets and control them. Summoning monsters drained life force, and losing Duelists fainted or died.
  • The duel disks can be customized and in fact, you will rarely find two similar Duel Disks, unless it's the KC Mass Production Disk (pictured). There are many models in existence but the most notable ones are:
    • The ones from the DM-era, which went through a number of prototypes until they settled on the KC Mass Production Disks.
    • The Academia Disks, a streamlined version of the above Duel Disk. This is the standard Duel Disk issued to students of the various Duel Academies established by Seto Kaiba. They are simply an updated version of the Mass Production Disk with a more aesthetically pleasing design.
    • The Duel Runners, which are the famous "CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES". They are used for Turbo Duels and run on Ener-D and Momentum. They are also compatible with the KC Mass Production Duel Disks.
    • The D-Pads, which function similarly to Duel Disks, taking the form of wrist-mounted devices, with major design differences, the most notable of which is its multifunctional capabilities, size, and lack of holographic projection technology, which necessitates that the device be linked to the Duel Gazer system for visual effects.
    • The models from the Arc-V-verse/multiverse. They use the new Solid Vision with Mass that creates, well, solid holograms. It also has multipurpose features (comparable to a tablet) and the models from the Xyz and Fusion Dimension can use Card Sealing and teleportation.
    • The models from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. This model is far ahead of its time, combining all the best aspects of the previous duel disks, from the portability of the D-pads to the ability to project a virtual blade and unfold into a physical one, allowing for use of virtual or physical cards, while innovating with the most streamlined design to date (i.e. before VRAINS) and using bleeding edge technology and neural links to create its solid vision holograms by tapping directly into the user's imagination.
  • It can also be modified to be a viable weapon. So far models with an arm blade, a card gun and laser blades have been seen.
  • It's not necessary to play Dueling Monsters (you can use a Dueling Arena or a table and/or a doormat) but it does make it more interesting. Though many coming from the Gaim-verse are a bit wary of them for very good reasons.
  • There have been plans to mass produce the latest models, given that there is only one in existence inside the Pantheon and Kaiba is not behind it, but nothing concrete now.
    • In addition to the mass-production plan, there have also been plans of recreating cutom models for other card games, like Magic: The Gathering (so that Planeswalkers aren't the only ones who can play), Cardfight!! Vanguard, and so on. One interesting candidate for Duel Disk adaptation is the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, since it doesn't involve defeating the opponent through combat, and because…ponies.
  • Has been used as a frisbee once.

The Replicas
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A blank figure, akin to a mannequin
  • Museum Check: Denied
  • Portfolio: Chekhov's Gun, The basis for Artificial Humans, Can be used as vessels for hearts without bodies, making them human in the process, Can also be used as vessels for time-displaced hearts to keep them anchored to the present
  • Domains: Artificial Humans, Vessels
  • Similar Artifacts: CopyBots, Protoforms, Chrono Phantasm
  • The replicas are blank mannequin-like figures created by the fourth member of Organization XIII, Vexen. These replicas were publicly created to replicate a Keyblade wielder's power by inserting a piece of their memory into a blank replica, while Xemnas secretly had them made to become vessels for the time-displaced hearts of Xehanort's other incarnations. Since Vexen was the only one capable of creating them, the replica project ceased to be when he was vanquished by Axel, but restarted once the re-completed Even becomes Vexen again and rejoins the Organization. The completed replicas were now capable of holding hearts, allowing the vessel to become completely identical to the human being. The organization would use these replicas for the time-displaced hearts to fill out their ranks (as was the case with Young Xehanort, Vanitas, Dark Riku, Xion, "Ansem", and Xemnas) as well as to create 12 replicas of Master Xehanort bearing a weapon and power of each member, while the heroes would use the replicas they managed to acquire to give bodies to Roxas, Naminé, and the present day Xion.
  • Before the project was temporarily halted, Vexen created 20 replicas. The first 12 were too unstable to become vessels, so they remained mindless puppets, allowing Xehanort to reconfigure them into puppets of himself bearing his powers. The next two specific replicas were No. i, who would go on to become Xion after forming her own individuality and heart and an unnamed replica of Riku who was used as a pawn by the Organization via forcing Naminé to rewrite his memories. The latter, once he remembers his true nature, would be destroyed in self-defense by Riku, with his heart wandering in the Realm of Darkness until Riku unknowingly saved him. The last six replicas would be used to hold the time-displaced hearts of Ansem, Xemnas, Young Xehanort, Vanitas, Riku Replica, and Xion. While the replicas anchoring Ansem, Xemnas, Young Xehanort, and Vanitas were destroyed along with the Xehanort Replicas, the present day Riku Replica would sacrifice himself to help Naminé finally gain a life of her own by forcing the heart of Dark Riku (his past self) out of his vessel and requesting Riku to use it for her sake. Xion would regain her memories and present day heart, while Vexen created one more replica to serve as Roxas' vessel.
  • One day, the replicas were delivered to the Pantheon by Riku, who hopes they can be used to one day provide bodies for those without them, such as an A.I., or a lost soul. Since Even hasn't ascended into the Pantheon, the Houses of Science, Technology, and Magic are hoping to reverse engineer the replicas so they can be used for that purpose. Unfortunately, the GUAE have caught wind of this, and they hope to steal the replicas for their own nefarious purposes.
    • Currently, the houses are trying to figure out what materials are needed to create a blank replica. The House of Technology are trying to add the means for an AI to inhabit them and take on a human body for themselves. So far, data of a heart can be used to create a copy of a person, or even memories (though as shown with Xion, this proved to be disastrous). According to Ansem the Wise, uniting the heart with its memories and providing a suitable vessel can make the heart as real as any people.
  • Dala of the Think Tank has shown a rather disturbing interest in the Replicas (as much as she denies it) due to her existing interest in the human body and it's movements.
  • Relius Clover is interested in taking the Replicas to benefit his research into creating the perfect human. Considering his unethical experiments, no one is willing to let him near one.
  • Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE have compared the Replicas to the CopyBots, both acting as a vessel for something. The latter allowing a NetNavi to interact with the human world, and the former providing a body for a heart without one. The two are interested in the Replicas becoming fully human, and consider if they could place MegaMan in one so he can experience what it's like being human.
  • M. Bison has shown great interest in the Replicas, considering how he uses spare bodies to preserve his life. He intends to use these as a backup plan in case something happened to his spare bodies.
  • Kokonoe has noted how the Replicas bears some similarities to a Chrono Phantasm, with the only difference being that a Replica directly holds a time-displaced heart while a Chrono Phantasm has a copy of a soul from the past. Chrono Phantasms also live on borrowed time, just like an incomplete Replica vessel.
  • The Autobots and Decepticons have noted the similarities the Replicas have with Protoforms and are impressed that a human managed to create something like that.
  • Several ghosts within the Pantheon are interested in inhabiting the Replicas so they can have a mortal vessel to interact with the physical world, with some of these ghosts including Casper and Sayo Aisaka. Right now, the gods are working on the means for a Replica to hold a ghost like a CopyBot, so the ghost can enjoy being in a living body, and while being able to exit it should their ghostly abilities be needed. However, some of the evil spirits also want the Replicas for their own nefarious purposes, so the gods are making sure they can't try anything funny.
  • Some of the gods are interested in how the Replicas can hold a time-displaced heart and keep it anchored to the present. Some deities are interested in using them to summon long deceased people from the past. However, it's unknown how long the vessel can hold the heart, if there is a time limit at all, and the House of Time and Space would rather not condone this unless the situation they're in is dire, in case this could mess up the time-space continuum.
  • The time travel method for a heart is convoluted to say the least:
    1. One has to leave their body behind for the heart to time travel. "Ansem", being Xehanort's Heartless, was able to time travel this way, and when he gave Young Xehanort the power to do so, the latter's heart had to leave his body until it returned to its rightful point in time. When Maleficent travelled through time, it was after "Ansem" unlocked the darkness in her heart and sicced her on Sora's party, causing her demise.
    2. There must be a version of the time traveller at the destination. "Ansem" stayed behind in the past Destiny Islands, waiting throughout the years until Sora and Riku began their first journey throughout the worlds, allowing Young Xehanort to travel to any point in the future. Maleficent managed to make it all the way back to the aftermath of the Keyblade War, most likely due to the data version of herself created through the Book of Prophecies.
    3. Once you've reached your destination, you can only move forward as per the laws of time and cannot change the events that are destined to occur.
    4. After a certain amount of time has passed, the heart (unless it's bound to a vessel or doesn't have a physical body from the time it came from) will return to its rightful point in time, losing all memories of their experience through time. But it will still be engraved in their heart. This is what motivated Xehanort to find a way off the Destiny Islands in the first place, and possibly caused him to change for the worse after his younger self's last battle with Sora, Riku, and Mickey. Maleficent seems to be the only exception, as hinted by the fact she is searching for the Master of Masters' Black Box on the advice of a figure in black.

Class 6

    The Smash Bros Invitation Envelope 
The Smash Bros Invitation Envelope
Smash Invitation Envelope
  • Appearance: An ordinary letter envelope with a wax Smash Bros logo seal stamp.
  • Class Level: 6
  • Alignment: Depending on who is invited to Smash Bros, but by itself, it's True Neutral
  • Museum Check: Denied
  • Portfolio: A normal letter envelope made to invite new fighters in Master Hand's tournaments, a paper form of Crowning Moments of Awesome for Gaming Characters, Essentially the video game equivalent of gold: insanity and tunnel vision included
  • Domain: Invitation, Gaming, Hype
  • Sacred to: Every video game character ever in general barring a select few, specifically towards Master Hand and Crazy Hand, as well as every Fighter in Super Smash Bros, past or present
  • Unholy To: Polygon Man, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Introduced back in the very first Smash For 3DS and Wii U trailer, one of these envelopes was first seen in the Villager's mailbox. Sealed with a wax stamp in the shape of the Smash Bros logo, its contents are nothing more than a letter inviting the character receiving it to partake in Master Hand's Tournament.
    • While its existence was teased with Solid Snake's inclusion in Master Hand's 3rd Tournament, it didn't make its official appearance until the fourth tournament, though it's continually used over announcing a large batch of characters in more antiquated cases.
  • Despite its fairly normal appearance of a standard letter envelope, its effect on any video game gods' status and the potential for any of them to be invited can drive them to try to nab the envelope at any cost. As such, it's locked in Miscellaneous Items, only allowed to be opened with Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus Aran, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox McCloud, Pikachu, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand's keys turned at the same time. Any unauthorized attempts to gain access to the vault these are stored in will result in the Hands taking action against the perpetrator.
  • The newest Smash fighter is usually announced at the House of Gaming after the invitee receives the envelope. Usually, the energy emitted from this announcement is saturated with awesomeness, heartwarming, and hype from countless fans and even creators from the sidelines, with the loudest screams of joy being heard from all around the Pantheon. Afterwards, the inductees are allowed to keep their envelopes. Pinkie Pie usually hosts an after-party to further congratulate the inductee, often by making pastries and sweets in the shape of the fighter's logo. Finally, a mural present at every inductee ceremony shifts characters around to make room for the inductees, a befitting fate for the ultimate Super Smash Brothers and its roster.
  • In fact, one of the few video game character who opposes the envelope is Polygon Man, primarily stemming from his beef against Master Hand and all the special guests he has in his tournament. If he had his way, he'd burn every last one of these accursed letters to ashes.
  • As for Galeem and Dharkon, they oppose these envelopes on the principle that it'll just bring in more enemies that can take them out, though they do often get a handful of mooks in exchange, such as Gruntilda alongside Banjo's allies and Tooty, for instance. Sephiroth's inclusion, however, has them wary. Galeem in particular, since Sephiroth made his introduction by slicing him in half.

    The Tunisian Diamond 
The Tunisian Diamond
  • Appearance: A big cloudly blue diamond.
  • Class Level: 6. Potentially higher given its ties to Henry Stickmin
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Museum Check: Granted but under certain conditions is it Denied
  • Domains: Museum, Art, Theft, Value
  • "Owner": Henry Stickmin
  • Interests: The Toppat Clan, several thieves, Knuckles the Echidna
  • The Tunisian Diamond is an important artifact that used to be held in the National Museum of History and Culture, stated to be worth $112 million US dollars. The diamond was found in the country of Tunisia, hence its namesake, and is part of a set of three giant gemstones, the other two being the Romanian Ruby and the Norwegian Emerald. The announcement and opening ceremony of the Tunisian Archeological Exhibit caught the attention of notorious thief Henry Stickmin, who set out to steal the diamond and pawn it off to get rich quickly. He was successful in retrieving it, though it's unknown how he was able to given that all accounts of the events are different.
  • The Tunisian Diamond is officially owned by Henry Stickmin, though by all means he didn't create it nor discover it, just stole it. The reason the Diamond was relocated to the Pantheon was because Henry decided to pawn it off to the Pantheon authorities, who later placed it in the Treasure Vault in order to prevent another grand theft, fearing Henry might have tricked them into paying him just for him to steal the Diamond back again. Henry (for the most part) has been enjoying the money the Pantheon has given him and has shown no interest in getting the diamond back any time soon, though many people are understandably skeptic given his kleptomaniac nature.
  • The Tunisian Diamond in its home universe was believed to have been stolen by the infamous Toppat Clan, not only because they already had the two other sister gemstones in their possession but also because the Mayor that opened the Tunisian Archeological Exhibit turned out to have ties to the Toppats. Unfortunately for them, Henry beat them to it and potentially even stole the other two gems from him, though neither Henry nor the Toppats have shown to have either of the gems under their possession.
  • Like with most events in Henry's life, there are conflicting reports on how he got the Tunisian Diamond: One says he stole it without anyone noticing him, another says he busted into the museum on his scooter and got caught in a police chase, and another one says he caused so much chaos in the museum that the Center for Chaos Containment had to intervene by sending a gigantic robot, and Henry escaped the museum with the Tunisian Diamond landing straight next to him.
  • By all means, the Tunisian Diamond's value is mostly monetary and it has no additional powers to speak of, but the reason some groups believe the Diamond should be of a higher class is because of the kind of people it attracts. According to the Center of Chaos Containment, the Tunisian Diamond did cause a particular nasty event in the Museum that forced the organization to intervene and apparently many powerful criminal organizations have tried to enter the Treasure Vault just to steal the diamond. Nevertheless, security around the Diamond is not exactly tight as most of the budget is dedicated towards Maximum Security, but some guards tend to keep an eye on the Diamond.
  • Notable thieves like Carmen Sandiego, Catwoman, Black Cat and Rouge the Bat have tried several times to reclaim the Diamond for themselves but as noted before, the Diamond always finds a way to come back to its holding place. There has been one instance where the Tunisian Diamond actually was stolen and that's because its supposed "owner", Henry Stickmin, "borrowed" it after fooling the guards that he needed it in order to return it to the government of his universe (no one has a clue why that flimsy excuse even worked in the first place, though this is Henry Stickmin we are talking about).
  • Knuckles believes the Tunisian Diamond is related to the Master Emerald and sometimes appoints himself as the personal guard of the Tunisian Diamond. Nobody has told him that the Diamond has a sister gemstone that is actually an emerald and that the Diamond is not one of the Chaos Emeralds.
  • By recommendation of the staff, Scooters are not allowed near the Diamond's location.


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