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    Alucard's Cape 
Alucard's Cape
  • Appearance: A kickass black cape with a glowing, red turnover.
  • Alignment: Neutral to Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Castlevania, Badass Longcoats (Well, actually, capes)
  • Domains: Craft, Magic
  • Alucard's cape bestows a hefty bonus on most stats and looks awesome to boot. When Alucard retired from looking like his father, Dracula, and took on the government agent persona Genya Arikado, he abandoned his old look. Now he only rarely comes in to the vault to pick up his old cape to play around for old times sake.

    The Bat Credit Card 
The Bat Credit Card

    Battle Field 
Battle Field
A seven hexagon sized Battle Field
  • Appearance: A series of hexagonal tables arranged to be used for Gunpla battles.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Responsible for generating Plavsky Particles, allowing any mobile suit from Gundam to be used in battle (as a Gunpla model)
  • Domains: Battlegrounds, Generators
  • To get a Gunpla battle underway, these hexagonal tables are used to start a battle. They can project various environments such as cities, outer space, and forests. The Plavsky Particles not only accomplish that, but are able to provide a few neat visual touches as well.
  • Keep in mind that while there are a few Battle Fields in the Pantheon, the one in the Treasures is only there to be on display.
  • All of the Battle Fields in use have damage levels that affect the Gunpla after the battle. The highest one (A) can actually destroy Gunpla.
  • The Toy Story gang had to be reminded to not go near these things whenever a Gunpla battle is in progress or before a Gunpla battle is underway.
  • Many scientists in the Pantheon have been studying the properties of Plavsky Particles ever since the arrival of the Battle Fields. Some are worried that the evil scientists may use the particles for their own means.
  • Not related to a different Battlefield.

    The Berserker Packs 
The Berserker Powerup and the Berserk Sphere
The Berserk Powerup
The Berserk Sphere
  • Appearance:
    • Classic Doom: Similar in appearance to a Medkit, save that the color is dark grey instead of white.
    • Reboot: A glowing sphere of energy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Power-Ups
  • Portfolio: A Power-Up That Not Only Multiplies The Punch Times Ten, But Can Also Kill In (Mostly) A Single Blow, RIP AND TEAR!!
  • Sacred To: The Doomguy
  • Side Effects Include: Increase In Rage, Self-Harm, A Perpetual State Of Delirium (which is rare), And Epic Scenery Chewing
  • So, wanna slay demons like Doomguy? Wanna be a man and a half? Wanna be a 12 on a 10-point scale of badness? Wanna be a one-man (or woman) army while sprouting off one-liners? Then the Berserker Packs are for you!
  • The Doomguy is by far the most infamous recipient of its power. Once he uses the Berserk item, the nornally-stoic Doomguy gets...very animated. So much so that it's advisable to run if you see Doomguy on a Berserker bender charging full-bore towards you.
  • It's not OD'ing on the Berserker Packs that can kill you. Nine times out of ten, it's chewing the scenery when you're supposed to be ripping and tearing that gets you killed. Doomguy almost came close when facing a Cyberdemon, as his patented Night Train failed to injure his enemy.
  • Turns out that anyone who had been brainwashed can use the Berserk items in question without consequence. Case in point:
    • The Ascended Kombatants who had been exposed to the Blood Code (The Cage Family, Jacqui Briggs, Mileena, Kotal Kahn, Sub-Zero, Skarlet, and Raiden) can use the Berserk items without any ill effects. If you thought Raiden was bad, you'll be running in terror from a pissed Jacqui and Cassie. And that's not counting what Sonya can do. She has a bad habit of ripping heads off. Kano is smart enough not to screw with Sonya or her family when they're in Berserker mode.
    • If you thought they were bad, Jill Valentine is much, much worse. So much so that even the Nemesis T-Type who had stalked her across Raccoon City is sent running in terror.
  • Brock Samson also sampled the Berserk Pack. Many a Mook died that day. Not even the female Mooks could stop him.
  • Don't let Wolverine, Gregor Clegane, Abigail, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Wayne, Regime Superman, Hinata Hyuga, Asura, Shao Kahn, The Hulk, She-Hulk, Vampire!Jubilee, Skarlet, Kratos or Guts use the Berserk Pack. Seriously. Don't.
  • Harley Quinn, of all people, can withstand the power of the Berserk Pack with no ill effects, something that not even Mistah J can't do. This coming from a girl who used to huff Scarecrow's Fear Toxin as a recreational drug. Seeing Harley doing her best Doomguy impression makes even Amanda Waller nervous, only Harley adds a bit of maniacal laughter when she rampages. Probably the only time one would see both Batman and Poison Ivy trying to calm her down.
  • Wisely, Duke Nukem stays away from the Berserk Packs, claiming that he wants to give the aliens "a fighting chance."

    The Black Coat 
Black Cloak
  • Appearance: A simple, ankle-length black coat with a hood
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Black Cloaks, No-Sell to Corrupting Darkness, In the Hood
  • Similar Artifacts: Keyblade Armor
  • The main function when wearing one of these Black Cloak is to prevent the wearer from being corrupted by darkness, though it's currently unknown if it makes one immune to darkness. At this point, it's not allowed to be worn by any Pokémon in official battles.
  • These Black Cloaks have the power to fit anyone, regardless of size, and the hood can even change shape in case of large ears. Also, no matter what you are wearing when you put a Black Cloak on, you'll always get black pants, shoes, and gloves to match with the cloak, while your normal outfit disappears until you take the cloak off.
  • The identity of the one to donate these Black Cloak is unknown, as Roxas, Xion, and Axel/Lea still wear theirs around the pantheon. Many gods speculate that Riku donated them, as he wore one before, and was known to have lent one to Ratchet.
  • Among the non-Kingdom Hearts deities who've worn the Black Cloak are Amy Rose, who wore it during "Pantheonic Rebellion" while recruiting Captain Cold, Ratchet, who wore it in "The Friendship Asylum" to protect himself from the asylum's corruption, and Ruby Rose, who wore it while in disguise as Xion.
    • Occasionally, Jessie's Mimikyu can be seen wearing one if the Pikachu costume is badly damaged in a battle to the point where its real form can be seen. When told that, Riku was startled, mentioning that when Ansem was consuming his heart, he had to blindfold himself to remain sane. Given this Mimikyu is outright evil compared to regular Mimikyu, the Keyblade Master is quite concerned that one wrong move will lead everyone to think Team Rocket is working for Xehanort.

    Brain Bleach 
Brain Bleach
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Easy Amnesia, Laser-Guided Amnesia, Memory-Wiping Crew
  • Domain: Memory, Cleaning
  • Develop for the sole purpose of helping those forget the more nastier moments that they wish they never saw.
  • Please remember, do not drink the bleach. You instead pour it over your head. The chemicals will seep into your brain, erasing those nasty memories.
  • Was once use by Mary Jane Watson to forget that an alternate version of herself died from radioactive sperm.
  • Ryuko and Senketsu had to bath in a tub fill with Brain Bleach when they caught Deadpool Cosplaying as them.
  • Was use by Reed Richards, Susan Storm, and Johnny Storm to forget a certain movie from ever existing.
  • The brain bleach has also been use by deities who were unfortunately enough to catch one of Slaanash "acts of pleasures".
    • Osmosis Jones and Ray Palmer also took a dip in the bleach after they accidently ended up in Nurgle's insides.
  • Oh Primus, why?
  • Yes, Brain Bleach is just as good in cleaning your laundry as wiping your memories.

    Casting Assistant Device 
Casting Assistant Devices (CAD, Device, Assistant, Magic Operator)
Various types of CAD
  • Alignment: Depends on the user
  • Portfolio: Magical Accessory, Post Modern Magick, Magitek
  • Domains: Magic, Technology, Spells
  • Similar Artifacts: Device
  • These devices are more or less the result of combining magic with technology. They store an activation sequence of a certain spell and are meant to replace traditional methods of spellcasting in the future.
  • They come different forms, such as a bracelet or as various types of guns (such as rifles). They even come in a form similar to that of smartphones. The type that users have is really a matter of personal preference.
  • CADs are divided into two groups: general purpose and specialized. The general purpose ones can store 99 different activation sequences and while the specialized ones can only store nine different sequences, they are faster at executing them than the general purpose ones.
  • For all of its advanced capabilities, they require to be tuned every so often. If not, then problems ranging from headaches to hallucinations can occur to the user.
  • To be clear, these devices don't just give any deity who isn't capable of magic spells those powers all of a sudden. The CADs simply serve as a medium or an amplifier for magicians to use whatever spells they have.
  • Although it has a similar name and general functions (storing spells and necessary tuning), it's not related to the Devices that Nanoha and her friends have been used to. That said, many aren't sure what could happen if she or her friends gets their hands on individual CADs specifically meant for them.
  • Many traditional spellcasters such as Harry Potter are quite surprised at these items and how they're meant to be a futuristic form of magic. One ongoing project by different researchers is how to translate pre-existing traditional magic spells into the CADs.
  • Both Dexter and Dr. Doom are very interested in these items and see them as a major step forward in their respective attempts to hybridize science and magic. While it's clear that Dexter has more or less good intentions with that goal, it's very difficult to pinpoint what Doom wants with them for the time being.
  • Ryoma Sengoku, being the dedicated researcher that he is, has spent some of time looking into their properties and what can be accomplished with them. Given his reputation, it's easy to assume that nothing good will come out of this side-project.

    Chemical X 
A vial of Chemical X
  • Appearance: A beaker with a black liquid in it
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Applied Phlebotinum, "X" Makes Anything Cool, Super Empowering
  • Domains: Superpowers, Science, Uplifting
  • In his lab Professor Utonium was hoping to create the perfect little girls, using sugar, spice and everything nice. However his assistant Jojo messed things up and caused him to spill a vial of Chemical X into the mixture. The result were the Powerpuff Girls, and by extension Jojo's transformation into Mojo Jojo; perhaps the best accident to happen to Townsville.
  • Was initially patented as "Whoopass Stew", but because of broadcasting standards that name wouldn't work. An antidote known as Antidote-X has been developed, and there may be a mutated variant called Chemical Z. Its effects are unknown.
  • Capable of giving people superpowers, of varying degrees of success. However it's temporary, and most aren't allowed to touch the stuff. This doesn't stop SHOCKER from desiring it.
  • Doesn't just give superpowers, but also increases the intellect of primates. It does have the unwarranted side-effect of green skin and a distended brain, but that can be remedied with a helmet. Caeser is curious on what the effects would be to him due to already being uplifted, but would rather not try and most don't want this chemical being messed around with.
  • It's not quite clear what Chemical X is. Given its a black, Super Empowering liquid people speculated that it originates from Aku, though since the Powerpuff Girls are Made of Good compared to him most believe it's unlikely (though who knows). No confirmed relationship with black blood has been established either.
  • Professor Utonium has barred the stuff from being sold in the House of Commerce. After what Dick Hardly did with it, he doesn't want any Corrupt Corporate Executive to use it, especially the likes of Sundowner.

    Companion Cube 
The Weigted Companion Cube

    Cursed Videotapes 
Cursed Videotapes
  • Appearance: A collection of unmarked, ordinary-looking video cassettes.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, Haunted Technology, Schmuck Bait, Your Days Are Numbered, Brown Note, Ominous Visual Glitch.
  • Created by Sadako Yamamura and her parallel counterparts Samara Morgan and Park Eun-Suh to spread their wrath against the world.
  • Each tape is a little bit different, but would kill whoever watched it seven days later unless they copied it. The original tape created by Sadako containted a virus that would kill someone via a heart attack/tumour, but would also cause a Mystical Pregnancy that would lead to Sadako's resurrection as an Enfant Terrible and then age rapidly to an adult. And this happens every time two people who watch the tape make love.
  • Bannned from the House of Technology for obvious reasons.
  • All copies of Sadako's tapes were recorded over with episodes of The Clangers.
  • Also banned from being posted or shared onto YouTube.

    Delicious Fruit 
Delicious Fruit

    The Dimension Mirror 
The Dimension Mirror (The Amazing Mirror)
The Mirror in Kirby: Triple Deluxe
  • Alignment: True Neutral, though might be Chaotic Neutral now.
  • Portfolio: Mirror Universe, MacGuffin, Creation of Mirror Self
  • Domains: Dimensions, Artefacts
  • Originally a gateway to Dream Land's own Mirror World, the Dimension Mirror is the main gateway what Pantheon has to a Mirror Universe.
    • However, the said Mirror Universe is not quite polar opposite as you may think; Yuno Gasai is still the goddess of Yanderes, but employs it in different fashion. Shinji Ikari is still as unstable as ever, but instead of his "Series" persona, he has different iteration as his base persona. Homura never sited with Lucifer thanks to Madoka being the Goddess of Hope in a different way. Though where there are some radical changes (Meta Knight is not his chivalrous self, but still owns a Faceship), the basic construct is the same.
    • Some gods have tried to use it as a way to access other mirror universes, though this is considered really dangerous.
  • The Dimension Mirror was found somewhere after Queen Sectoria ascended. Some gods suggest that not only did she have it in her possession after the defeat of Dark Mind, but it was the reason why she became corrupt.
  • The Dimension Mirror is locked away in both sides of the mirror. If something would start happening with it, breaking the mirror into shards is the most common way to prevent anything bad from happening and the mirror would be put together once the worse is over.

Diplomacy (Dip, The Hobby, The Friendship Breaker)

    Divine Celestial Weapon "Ragnarok" 
Divine Celestial Weapon, "Ragnarok" (Divine Elemental Weapon, Grand Artificial Celestial Entity)
  • Theme Music: "Divine Elemental Weapon", "Ragnarok"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Humongous Mecha, Bullet and Beam Hell, Attack Drones, Norse Mythology, Eight-Legged Centaurs, Time-Limit Boss, Utter Bullcrap To Fight, Artificial Arcana
  • Domains: Mechas, Bullets, Spears, Bosses
  • A trump card for GUAE (though not exclusively for Mecha Cohort), the Divine Celestial Weapon "Ragnarok" is a eight-legged centaur robot (actually it is an artificial Arcana like Gottfried and Baldur what is too large to be used by any Maiden) created by the Drexler Institute, possessing enough power to wipe away Japan with a single blow from "Gungnir" (a magically charged spear warhead), with only source of power being five Celestial Stones (crystals charged with ether) and 60 seconds of charging. It also runs with an AI program, so it can be fired and forgotten.
  • Where not impossible to destroy with a single individual on foot, it doesn't mean it isn't easy. Its defence mechanisms makes it fire bullets like crazy, has Attack Drones what can harass you easily, and where the cores are visible (stomach, left chest, right eye and both of its wings), destroying just some of the cores isn't enough to deactivate it. Just one active core is enough.
  • Ragnarok is kept in high security in the Vault, with the main security using Mana Drain technology to prevent any kind of ether surging into it. It cannot be even fought against like with Take-Mikazuchi.
    • However, the one in the Vault is actually a replica of Ragnarok. The remains of the real one reside beneath Scharlachrot's temple. Where the one under Scharlachrot's possession is still broken and cannot be used of now, there are many scientists working on making the Ragnarok stronger than it was ever before.
      • It was eventually rebuilt, but before it could do anything, it was stopped and thrown into the Vault to replace the replica.

    The Duel Disk 
The Duel Disk
The KC mass production Duel Disk
  • Appearance: An arm blade with 5 slots for the Monster Cards at the front, 5 hidden slots for Spells/Traps, 2 slots for Pendulum monsters, a deck holder to place cards and other slots for the other card zones. Otherwise varies.
  • Alignment: Varies between each user.
  • Portfolio: Summoning the Dueling Monsters with Solid Vision, Real Summons (at times), Not-So-Harmless Card Games, Improbable Weapons (As Arm Blades and Laser Blades (on Arc-V), Merchandise-Driven, Augmented Reality (on ZEXAL)
  • Domains: Technology, Holograms, Duels, Cyberspace, Mons, Magic (as much the original creator would complain about it), Weapons
  • Creator: Seto Kaiba
  • Notable Users: All Yu-Gi-Oh! deities
  • Potential Users: Anyone interested in the game (So far Kazuma Kenzaki and Gracia)
  • The Duel Disk is a piece of Dueling equipment attached to the left (or right, for the rare left-handed duelist) forearm. They were first manufactured by KaibaCorp as a portable form of Dueling Arena. They use a portable hologram generator to display the Duel Monsters cards. They have become a fundamental necessity among Duelists and for this reason, Kaiba has decided to place his creation in the Treasures.
  • They are based on the "DiaDhank", a golden device that was worn similarly to the Duel Disk that used the user's Ba (Life Force) to summon Ka (spirit monsters) from their stone tablets and control them. Summoning monsters drained life force, and losing Duelists fainted or died.
  • The duel disks can be customized and in fact, you will rarely find two similar Duel Disks, unless it's the KC Mass Production Disk (pictured). There are many models in existence but the most notable ones are:
    • The ones from the DM-era, which went through a number of prototypes until they settled on the KC Mass Production Disks.
    • The Academia Disks, a streamlined version of the above Duel Disk. This is the standard Duel Disk issued to students of the various Duel Academies established by Seto Kaiba. They are simply an updated version of the Mass Production Disk with a more aesthetically pleasing design.
    • The Duel Runners, which are the famous "CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES". They are used for Turbo Duels and run on Ener-D and Momentum. They are also compatible with the KC Mass Production Duel Disks.
    • The D-Pads, which function similarly to Duel Disks, taking the form of wrist-mounted devices, with major design differences, the most notable of which is its multifunctional capabilities, size, and lack of holographic projection technology, which necessitates that the device be linked to the Duel Gazer system for visual effects.
    • The models from the Arc-V-verse/multiverse. They use the new Solid Vision with Mass that creates, well, solid holograms. It also has multipurpose features (comparable to a tablet) and the models from the Xyz and Fusion Dimension can use Card Sealing and teleportation.
    • The models from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. This model is far ahead of its time, combining all the best aspects of the previous duel disks, from the portability of the D-pads to the ability to project a virtual blade and unfold into a physical one, allowing for use of virtual or physical cards, while innovating with the most streamlined design to date (I.e. before VRAINS) and using bleeding edge technology and neural links to create its solid vision holograms by tapping directly into the user's imagination.
  • It can also be modified to be a viable weapon. So far models with an arm blade, a card gun and laser blades have been seen.
  • It's not necessary to play Dueling Monsters (you can use a Dueling Arena or a table and/or a doormat) but it does make it more interesting. Though many coming from the Gaim-verse are a bit wary of them for very good reasons.
  • There have been plans to mass produce the latest models, given that there is only one in existence inside the Pantheon and Kaiba is not behind it, but nothing concrete now.
    • In addition to the mass-production plan, there have also been plans of recreating cutom models for other card games, like Magic: The Gathering (so that Planeswalkers aren't the only ones who can play), Cardfight!! Vanguard, and so on. One interesting candidate for Duel Disk adaptation is the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, since it doesn't involve defeating the opponent through combat, and because…ponies.
  • Has been used as a frisbee once.

  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Healing Potion, Mana Potion, Being Too Awesome to Use
  • Domain: Energy, Heal, Mana, Item, Magic
  • A very powerful potion that that can fully restore both health and mana. Alternatively, it can restore magic reserves for magic users.
  • The Elixir is very coveted by many warriors from both the League of Legends and DOTA 2 universe as it could be a game changer in late games. Unfortunately, elixirs are very hard to find and are rarely distributed among the pantheons.
  • Was once use by Tifa during her fight with some of the DOA girls, it left her a bit tipsy after drinking it.
  • Many have claim they have seen plenty elixirs in the real world. Though, they lack the health and magic restoration of the true thing.
  • There's anther version of the elixir call a Mega-Elixir which fully restore an entire group. Nobody knows how that would work with just one bottle
  • Many in the House of Magic and Technology have been trying and failing to duplicate the elixir process. There has been rumors that the reason why they all fail is because they are missing one key ingredient, SOULS. So far, nobody has tried, or maybe don't know, to put souls in.
  • After the introduction of the elixir, there has been reports of little blue aliens flying around in a UFO. Nobody knows if the elixir and the aliens have any connection.

    Energy Lockseed 
The Energy Lockseed
The Melon Energy Lockseed
  • Appearance: A transparent-looking fruit/nut-themed device resembles that of a lock pad.
  • Alignment: Varies between each user.
  • Portfolio: Transformation Trinkets, Magitek, Eldritch Abomination, Mid-Season Upgrade.
  • Domains: Transformation Device, Locks, Fruits, Nuts.
  • Notable Users: Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Lock Dealer Sid/Kamen Rider Sigurd, Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin II.
  • Potential Users: Any members of the Pantheon.
  • The Energy Lockseed was created alongside the Genesis Driver taken from the data found in the Lockseeds used in the Sengoku Driver. This allows them to become the "New Generation Riders" through the Genesis Driver. Another feature in the Energy Lockseeds is the "Genetic Ride Wear" which is tied to the corresponding Energy Lockseeds rather than the Genesis Driver itself.
  • Unlike its predecessor, the Energy Lockseeds is only armed with the Sonic Arrows as their main weapon of choice. However the only exception of this rule are the Matsubokkuri and Marron Energy Lockseeds which arms them with the Kagematsu Shin or the Marron Bombers instead.
  • All of the Energy Lockseed are graded as a S-Class Lockseed due to the fact the it was design to surpass every Sengoku Driver users in terms of strength, however it can be outclass by the Kachidoki and Kiwami Lockseed users or other experience fighters.
  • Ryoma also creates the Dragon Fruit Energy Lockseed after he was resurrected by Megahex as a cyborg which allows him to transform into the Dragon Energy Arms, a more powerful version of his rider form. The overall appearance of this Energy Lockseed has the color red unlike its previous model.
    • Prior to that, Ryoma creates a prototype version of this Energy Lockseed with a slightly different armor part when it's used, however like the Forbidden Ringo Lockseed before, this prototype version of the Dragon Fruit Energy Lockseed mutates the users into a Over Lord Inves if they use it for too long.

    Genesis Driver 
The Genesis Driver
The Genesis Driver equipped with the Melon Energy Lockseed
  • Appearance: A belt buckle-like Energy Lockseed-compatible transformation device resembles that of a juice mixer.
  • Alignment: Varies between each user.
  • Portfolio: Transformation Belts, Magitek, Mid-Season Upgrade, Lightning Bruiser.
  • Domains: Belts, Transformation Device
  • Creator: Ryoma Sengoku.
  • Notable Users: Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Lock Dealer Sid/Kamen Rider Sigurd, Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin II.
  • Potential Users: Any members of the Pantheon.
  • This device was created as a result taken from the data found in the Sengoku Driver prototypes and it was used by the higher ups of the Yggdrasill Corp., the user transform in conjunction with the Energy Lockseeds to become a more powerful versions of the Armored Riders called the "New Generation Riders".
  • Another feature on this belt is the Genesis Core which can be remove from the driver and to attach into the Sengoku Driver unit in order to combine the powers of the Lockseed and the Energy Lockseed to initiate the transformation into the Jimber Arms.
  • Unlike its predecessor, the Genesis Driver can be worn by anyone since it doesn't possess the same lock functions that was found in the prototype Sengoku Drivers and its suspected to be theft by others for their own use.
  • Most of the Genesis Driver units that Ryoma created has a built in shortage device installed on the driver just in case that the Professor is facing another Genesis Driver user, he will use his kill switch to destroy his opponent's Genesis Driver instantly.
  • The last known New Generation Rider Takatora Kureshima gives his allies the privilege to lend his Genesis Driver and his Melon Energy Lockseed to his non-fighting allies to give them the upper advantage against their respective foes.
    • Takatora would also lend his driver to good-aligned scientists like Dexter and Tony Stark in order for them to reverse engineering the driver for its benevolent use.

    Glass Joe's Headgear 
Glass Joe's Headgear
  • Appearance: A padded head harness, colored red
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sudden Competence, Immune to Fists, Patronizing Assistance
  • Domains: War, Protection.
  • When Glass Joe ascended, he placed his headgear in the vault and hung up his gloves, content in the knowledge he could never win. Wizardmon believes he managed to reroute the headgear from the vault into his own hands... but what he got was a weaker, green copy modeled after the true headgear, one of many given to those who just plain suck. He hasn't gotten the joke yet.

    GP Base 
GP Base
A GP Base that's currently in use
  • Appearance: A tablet-like device that displays information regarding the Gunpla's builder, fighter, and other miscellaneous information
  • Alignment: Depends on the user
  • Portfolio: Near-futuristic technology
  • Domains: Identification, Battles
  • Notable Users: Sei Iori & Reiji, Aila Jyrkiainen, Team TRY Fighters
  • Potential Users: Anyone willing to participate in Gunpla battles
  • When put into a Battle Field, this device lists all the information pertaining to the Gunpla and its owner.
  • A number of these devices have been mass-produced to those who are interested in getting into Gunpla battles.
  • Any custom features a Gunpla has needs to be coded into a GP Base before battling.
  • Despite appearances, they don't work as mobile phones. The only use they have is for identifying Gunpla before battles.
    • This hasn't stopped a few technologically-minded deities from thinking about making a few modifications to it so that it can do more than just Gunpla identification, however.
  • There have been some questions on whether someone else's Gunpla can override the data stored on someone else's GP Base. It's something only few (cheaters specifically) want to find out.

    The Green Lantern Ring 
The Green Lantern Ring and Central Power Battery
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Good tendencies)
  • Appearance: A green ring
  • Portfolio: Flexibility of Abilities, Stringent Rules, The Inverse Law of Utility and Lethality
  • Similar Artifacts: The Death Note, Various super-powers, the other six emotion/color Rings
  • Serves as the antithesis to both the One Ring and Kryptonite, due to its benevolent nature and its lack of randomness, respectively. The Green Lantern Ring is kept in an emergency box next to the vault holding the One Ring in case somebody is foolish enough to wear it.
  • It can only be used by someone with great willpower who can overcome great fear. This is just as well, as on the hand of a user it is only limited by his or her imagination.

    The Kong Banana Hoard 
The Kong Banana Hoard
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Appearance: A giant pile of bananas
  • Portfolio: McGuffin, Trademark Favorite Food, Gotta Collect Them All
  • Domains: Food, hoarding, theft.
  • Donkey Kong's personal stockpile of bananas. For a long time, he has asked to move his hoard into the safety of the vault. After the latest theft led to a Death Battle between him and Knuckles, the Pantheon finally permitted it.
  • Only the Kongs have personal ID cards to let them access the bananas for a snack. DK keeps his clipped behind his tie. While that makes it easier to steal, it's also harder given that it's DK the would-be-thief is trying to steal from.
  • Buried inside the giant pile of bananas lie the pile of golden bananas, DK's most prized possessions. Since he still eats from and adds to the regular bananas, he's yet to find out Cranky's… deal with Scrooge McDuck.
  • Theories abound as to what is the secret behind the bananas in the Hoard that so many want to steal it.

    Krabby Patty 
A Krabby Patty
  • Appearance: A burger with unidentified patty meat
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Burger Fool, Secret Ingredient, Everyone Finds It Delicious Especially With Love, Riddle for the Ages
  • Domains: Frying, Fast Foods, Deliciousness, Mystery
  • Similar artifacts: Slurm
  • Mr Krabs and Plankton started off as poor kids, the only burger place in town to go was the unhygenic Stinky's Burgers. Inspired, after that restaurant was shut down they made a burger and had Old Man Jenkins try it out. It gave him food poisoning. A squabble left many ingredients mixing into the patty meat, creating a delicious concoction. Since then, it has made Mr Krabs money as the Krabby Patty.
  • The Krabby Patty in the Treasury is replaced with a new one at 3 am to keep it fresh. Mr Krabs would've preferred that The SCP Foundation classify it an SCP to keep it secret, but they laughed off such a waste of their resources.
  • The most compelling thing about the Krabby Patty is just what the secret formula of the meat is. Plankton has spent his entire life trying to steal it and run Mr Krabs out of business, and Mr Krabs has taken every opportunity to hide it. No money will persuade him otherwise, and has cameras and Overdeity-tier security set up so no-one tries to take it. If an Impossible Thief like Carmen Sandiego takes it, it'll self destruct. A false secret formula is in place.
  • Everyone considers it delicious. EVERYONE. Particularly those fond of burgers like Satellizer El Bridget. Even Squidward likes them, though the attempt to cover his pride blew up in his face. Naturally Mr Krabs is really secretive and only permits their consumption at his temple, leading to many in the House of Food to trouble him so that they're at a reasonable price. It hasn't gone anywhere.
  • Located in the Krusty Krab, a former retirement home. It's good to visit, but unless you're Spongebob you wouldn't want to be employed there due to how cheap the CEO is. It's what's prevented Bob Burgers from ever working there. There have been different variants on the patty, and one occasion the meat has been made into hot dogs.
  • Most believe that the secret ingredient is love, and even if it isn't it certainly helps. Spongebob's genuine passion and love for his job, and the care he puts into patties, make them delicious. In contrast when King Neptune magically created a thousand, they were no good. Spongebob believes members of the House of Love or Friendship could serve as his substitutes in case of an emergency.
  • There's some controversy in that the ingredients may actually be residents of Bikini Bottom, or worse, crab meat. It's ambiguous how illegal cannibalism is, and Robot Chicken suspects the latter. Obviously this is denied. Other speculation includes some sort of drug, or that there's no secret ingredient, but that it's a marketing ploy.

Pieces of Kryptonite of Various Colors
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Appearance: Radioactive minerals of various colors and sizes
  • Portfolio: Green Rocks, Applied Phlebotinum, Magnetic Plot Devices, Weakness Exploitation
  • Similar Artifacts: Naquada, Chemical X, Minovsky Particle, Devil Fruit, Tiberium
  • The pieces kept down here do not represent all the Kryptonite in the Pantheon, but rather all the pieces that have been found and reported by various deities.
  • Batman himself keeps a large supply of green Kryptonite in the event that Superman should ever Face–Heel Turn, as well as to keep it out of the hands of the villains. Most villains who are planning to fight Superman have attempted to steal some of the Kryptonite available outside the vault. Lex Luthor himself uses some as a power source for his Warsuit, though he claims it's because it makes a very potent power source, and that the only reason Kryptonite isn't used as an alternate form of power is because Superman (or any of his Kryptonian allies) wouldn't be able to be in any city powered by it, "and we wouldn't want that, would we?"
  • As most know, Kryptonite are radioactive pieces of Krypton, Superman's homeworld, that come in various different colors. The most common color, green, causes ill effects to Kryptonians exposed, with prolonged exposure eventually killing them. The other colors, though, have other effects...
    • Red: Unpredictable, but usually non-lethal, behavior or bizarre transformations that may last from 24 hours to 3 days.
    • Blue: Harms Bizarros in the same way that green does, and does not affect normal Kryptonians. It can also be used as an antidote to the effects of red Kryptonite.
    • Jewel: Enhances the psychic abilities of those in the Phantom Zone.
    • Gold: Removes the powers of Kryptonians temporarily.
    • White: Kills all plant life, regardless of origin.
    • Black: Debilitating mental effects on Kryptonians. May split the Kryptonian into a good half or bad half, invert their morality, or merely drive the exposed Kryptonian into a murderous rage.

    An L-Block 
An L-Block
  • Appearance: Four small squares that form the shape of the letter "L" (or "J", when flipped over)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Building Blocks, Inanimate Objects, Dark Horse Victors
  • Domains: City, Creation, Destruction
  • Is believed to have been a refugee from the old Soviet bloc (no pun intended), due to it always disappearing whenever there were improvements to be made on the Kremlin.
  • The letter "I" is its greatest enemy.
  • Is shaped like a boot to kick your ass.

The Lockseed
The Orange Lockseed
  • Appearance: A mysterious fruit/nut-themed device resembles that of a lock pad.
  • Alignment: Varies between each user.
  • Portfolio: Transformation Trinkets, Magitek, Summoning the Inves, Eldritch Abomination, Mid Season Upgrades.
  • Domains: Transformation Device, Mons, Locks, Fruits, Nuts.
  • Notable Users: Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Hideyasu Jonouchi/Kamen Rider Gridon, Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Zack/Kamen Rider Knuckle, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars.
  • Potential Users: Any members of the Pantheon.
  • These devices are the matured state of the Helheim Fruit as the result of a person who wields the Sengoku Driver on their person, rips the Helheim fruit from the tree. The Lockseeds can be use to summon the Inves by opening the lock and use it in the Inves Games, while the wielders of the Sengoku Driver uses it as a power source in order to initiate their transformation into an Armored Rider equipped with the Armor Part and a Arms Weapon depends on what Lockseed is used on the Driver.
  • The class ranks of the Lockseeds are ranged from between D and B (nut-based Lockseeds) up to A (fruit-themed Lockseeds).
  • Prior to the creation of the Energy Lockseeds, Ryoma Sengoku had once created three special Lockseeds for his research purpose, such as his very first creation the Forbidden Ringo Lockseed which possessed the power of Helheim itself and has the ability to open dimensional cracks freely, Takatora Kureshima's Watermelon Lockseed which is served as the prototype of the standard Suika Lockseed, and the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed which possessed the power of the Over Lord Inves.
    • However the Forbidden Ringo and Yomotsuheguri Lockseeds has some major drawbacks, the former has the power to turn its user into an Over Lord Inves, while the latter has the power to drain its user's life force which it can cause their own death if they use it for long time.
  • There are two special Lockseeds under the possession of Kouta Kazuraba, such as the Kachidoki Lockseed which it was created from the earth's orange that allows him to transform into Kachidoki Arms, armed with the Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju gun and it has the power to outclass the New Generation Riders, and the Kiwami Lockseed which was created from the seeds of the Forbidden Fruit that allows him to evolve his Kachidoki Arms into Kiwami Arms with the ability to summon every Arms Weapons at his disposal, however, using the Kiwami Lockseed cause him to lose his humanity and slowly turns into an Over Lord. Unlike most Lockseeds that were created by Professor Ryoma, these two special type of Lockseeds were created by DJ Sagara.
  • Other than the standard Lockseeds there are some special set of Lockseeds exists, such as the "Legend Rider Lockseeds" which the design of the device has the likeness of a Kamen Rider imbued with the representative Rider's abilities.
  • Ryoma was ordered by Melkor to create more Lockseeds. So far, he created the Kabocha note , Rasberry, and Pineberry Lockseeds, in case that he may find potential users in the pantheon.

    Money in the Bank 
Money in the Bank
  • Appearance: An aluminum Halliburton briefcase.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Showdown at High Noon, This Is Something He's Got to Do Himself, You Kill It, You Bought It
  • Similar Artifacts: The World Heavyweight Championship, Chekhov's Gun
  • Domains: Competition, Chaos
  • The bearer of Money in the Bank may "cash in" at any time of his or her choosing, using it to challenge any god to one-on-one combat at any time, and the God must accept, regardless of his current physical condition, lest they forfeit the battle and suffer the consequences. If the Money in the Bank-bearer is then victorious, they themself becomes God of the same level as the God that was defeated, with portfolio and powers appropriate to their own personality, and the defeated God becomes a mortal. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, Money in the Bank disappears, and cannot be found until March of the next year. Each year, the Gods attempt to find and capture Money in the Bank before a mortal can discover it, and secure it in their treasure chamber.
    • The briefcase has now split into two and usually appears in July, vanishing if not cashed in by March.

    Mystery Food Recipes 
The Mystery Food Recipes (X, Omega and Final Edition) (Mudoon Curry)
  • Appearance: A piece of paper with ingredient for the legendary Mystery Foods.
  • Alignment: Potentially Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Creations of a Lethal Chef, something no sane person would ever eat willingly.
  • A misguided attempt by Chie and Yukiko to treat Yu and Yosuke to a worthwhile meal on a camping trip. The curry turned out to be something so monstrously bad that it knocked them both out cold. After Yu ascended, MFX began circulating around the pantheon, it became a bit of a test of courage to try to down it, so far only Pac-Man and Andrew Zimmern have kept it down, mostly due to their bizarre palettes.
  • As if the first attempt wasn't bad enough, Chie's ascension unites all the girls on the investigation team at long last, and they were determined to right their past wrong by making beef stew… but forgot to include Naoto, the only person who bothers to actually take the time to learn how food is made. The resulting product, dubbed "Mystery Food Omega", began to drive the house of food into a frenzy as if the house collectively looked directly into the eyes of madness itself. Only Andrew Zimmern was able to devour MFO without being driven to near-terminally ill sickness.
  • Following the incident with MFO, it was decided for the good of the pantheon that the recipe Chie wrote down be locked away in the treasures, never to be released again. Though this doesn't stop Monokuma and Enoshima (who described it as "Eatable Despair" and claimed it to be her new favorite food) from trying to find a way to get it.
  • Due to the absolute horror that what Tsubaki Yayoi called "Mystery Dinner" can invoke on the house, extra security measures were added to instantly teleport away one Noel Vermillion should she ever get within 100 meters of the vault where this recipe is stored. However, having Noel be unable to escape from crossing fate made Tsubaki very concerned that Noel might run into Mystery Food X despite her security measures. Then, to Tsubaki's horror, Yukiko and Noel ended cooking something together in which the result ended up being where Yukiko wanted no part in eating it and ran away out of fear.
  • Before its sealing, whenever someone passed out because of consuming this item, there would be this voice that chimes in (and it's also on the label in front of the seal):
  • To the fear of many, there exists even deadlier version of The Mystery Food than Omega: "The Final Edition", which is crossbow bolts coated with cooking made with the help of Chie, Yukiko, Rise and Fuuka, which is legitimately considered lethal weaponry, being able to straight out kill anything with a single shot. Fortunately, they have forgotten how they even made that thing.
    • In sort of similar situation, the Investigation Team and the Phantom Thieves of Heart had to make bait for a dinosaur, resulting them making steak with a side of mushrooms and some kind of slimy sauce made out of herbs, dinosaur egg and liquid from a pitcher plant made by Yukiko and Chie. Somehow it actually tasted delicious though Yosuke claims that the steak made by the boys just complimented the sauce that well.
  • So far, the only mortal person who actually likes Mystery Food X is one Mai Natsume as proven in one tag tournament.
    "Not so bad!"

    The Ore 
The Ore
  • Appearance: A large rock of green, shiny ore, divided into pieces.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Deitifying Material, Green Rocks, Deities Fighting Each Other Until One Survives.
  • Domains: Combat, Immortality.
  • Similar Artifact: The +ii emiteer.
  • Be careful what you pray for, this large Ore from a spaceship that crashed lands to the Earth is the reason why the Pantheon is formed in first place. Before its formation, many individuals (humans, aliens, animals and mythical beings) found pieces of Ore which transforms them into the very Deities you know in the entire Pantheon.
  • It is rumored that the Money in the Bank contains pieces of Ore, which serves to Deitifying a winning mortal or gaining level to the existing Deity, at cost of the loser returning to the mortal world.
  • The owner of this piece of Ore is Exor, who's not yet deitified to the Pantheon.

    The Power Glove 
The Power Glove

    Protoss Pylons 
(Additional) Protoss Pylons

    The Provocative Bathing Suit 
The Provocative Bathing Suit
  • Appearance: A blue one-piece women's bathing suit, covering the shoulders, breast, hips and loins
  • Alignment: True Wrong
  • Portfolio: Fan Disservice, Bragging Rights (Dis)Reward within Voluntarily Masochistic Platform Hell, Malicious Development Teams
  • Domains: Torture, Disgust
  • The item was found on the periphery of the Pantheon, hanging from a flagpole and flapping in the wind. It was delivered to Cosmos, but she has chosen to have it locked away instead.
  • The item instills a sensation of wrongness upon whoever glimpses upon it, as if it really should not exist. For reasons inexplicable, that wrongness amplifies if a man wears it.
  • The LOL Rangers are entertaining the thought of building an obstacle course protecting this thing, one that can be described as pure, nonstop Platform Hell. The Main House is taking this line of thought into consideration, whether as genuine defense or a cruel prank for anyone who might claim it.
  • Litchi Faye-Ling, herself a notorious cosplay fetishist, refuses to dress anyone in this. That is all that needs to be said.

    Reset Bombs 
Viridi's Reset Bombs
  • Appearance: An absolutely massive, tear-drop shaped mass of bramble.
  • Alightment: Chaotic Good, as per the intentions of its creator.
  • Portfolio: Gaia's Vengeance, Colony Drop.
  • A payload of pure Gaia's Vengeance, the Reset Bombs hit the earth with enough force to wipe out armies that could number in the thousands. Upon impact, the reset bomb turns into a massive forest of vines and bramble that rapidly break down manmade structures, turning entire cultivated countrysides and cities into natural forests within the span of a mere few days. Viridi used these to initiate a campaign of genocide against humanity, but only successfully dropped one before Pit destroyed the factory that produces them.
  • Viridi kept a stockpile hidden after her factory was destroyed, just in case something so destructive occurred that using the reset bomb would be worth it; but due to her temper, "Worth it", could stem from something extremely petty, and thus when the other Gods found out about it, they forced her to put it among the treasures. The only time the gods would be willing to allow Viridi free access to the remaining stockpile would be at the very start of the final battle between good and evil, when the armies are still separated and no forces of good would be caught in the impact.


Sandvich (Sandvich Edible Device)
  • Appearance: A sliced sandwich with ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and an olive on a toothpick.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Trademark Favorite Food (for the Heavy), Satiating Sandwich, Hyperactive Metabolism
  • Domain: Sandwich, Delicious, Health
  • The one food that the Heavy can (and will) eat. He can give it to his team, or his own enemies (by dying with it in hand), but he eats it all to himself.
  • Do not destroy or even eat it in front of the Heavy, or he'll beat you 'til you see Stalin riding on a tricycle.
  • The question of how to make a Sandvich is always been inconsistent. Some methods includes this, this, or even this.
    • The only person in the Pantheon who knows the proper method of making the Sandvich is Reuben, and the Heavy has stated that Reuben makes the most delicious Sandvich.
  • People swore that the other person that can eat the Sandvich other than the Heavy is Jill. She hasn't commented on that, as she doesn't want it to be literally Jill's Sandvich.

    Sari Sumdac's Key 
Sari's Key
  • Appearance: A white key that has the ability to heal Autobots
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Healing Items
  • Domains: Healing, Useful Items
  • Similar Artifacts: The Matrix, The Allspark
  • Originally Sari Sumdac's key card, the Allspark saw potential in Sari after seeing she was half-human, half-cybertronian, and placed a sliver of its power into it. The key was capable of fixing Cybertronians, and even managed to restore Optimus Prime to life (although the Allspark itself had to use its energy as well). It was also used to control machines, detect anything of Cybertronian orign (whether they're Cybertronians themselves or Megatron's body under the control of mutated space barnacles), detect the Allspark or its fragments after it was shattered, light a furnace after scratching a spark onto it, kill Cybertronians (as Megatron demonstrated with Starscream), and give Sparks to machines (like the Dinobots and Soundwave of the Animated continuity). It was last used by Sari to upgrade herself so she can be more reliable to the Autobots, but this ended up causing all of its energy to be drained into Sari's body, rendering it powerless.

    Sengoku Driver 
The Sengoku Driver
Kamen Rider Gaim's Sengoku Driver, equipped with the Orange Lockseed, a Lockseed Holder, and a Musou Saber Holster
  • Appearance: A belt buckle-like Lockseed-compatible transformation device with a Cutting Blade and a Faceplate on it.
  • Alignment: Varies between each user.
  • Portfolio: Transformation Belts, Magitek, Named after It's Creator.
  • Domains: Belts, Transformation Device
  • Creator: Ryoma Sengoku.
  • Notable Users: Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Hideyasu Jonouchi/Kamen Rider Gridon, Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Zack/Kamen Rider Knuckle, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars.
  • Potential Users: Any members of the Pantheon (Mass production only).
  • These transformation devices were invented by Ryoma Sengoku as a means of harnessing the power of the Lockseeds to transform into an armored warrior known as an "Armored Rider" with their undersuit motif, called the "Ride Wear", may vary depends on the design of the Rider Indicator faceplate.
  • There are seven prototypes were created with such restriction in which it locks to its first user, one were given to the Head of Yggdrasill Corporation's R&D Division Takatora Kureshima, while the other six were distributed to the Beat Riders of Zawame City as a means of collecting data through various battles.
  • There are some optional equipments that can be use in the Sengoku Driver, such as the Lockseed Holder which can holds up to three Lockseeds and a Holster which is use to hold the Musou Saber while not in use.
  • There are numerous variations of the Driver exists other than the prototype, both variants can be use by anyone due to a lack of restriction found in the prototype versions and both has silver strap color as opposed to the prototype's yellow strap and it has no Rider Indicator on the driver. One is a Harvesting-type driver which lacks the "cutting blade" design and is used by Yggdrasill Corp. scientist for collecting Lockseeds from the Helheim Forest, while the other is a mass production version of the belt which was commonly used by the Kurokage Troopers, and to the lesser extend, Zack/Kamen Rider Knuckle, and there is an option for the prototype users to replace it with the mass production version while keeping the Rider Indicator intact on the driver to retain its base Ride Wear undersuits.
  • Also, the Driver can be upgraded with different attachments, such as the Genesis Driver's Genesis Core by replacing the Rider Indicator faceplate then places the base Lockseed and the Energy Lockseed on the driver to initiate the transformation into the Jimber Arms, and the Senyo Joint which it magically change the faceplate instantly by activating the Kiwami Lockseed, used as a "keyhole" for the Kachidoki Lockseed, in order to initiate its transformation into Kiwami Arms. These special attachment are only used by Kouta Kazuraba.
    • Before that, it is later revealed that Kugai Kudo was the first user of the Sengoku Driver/Genesis Core combination. Unlike Kouta, he uses both normal Lockseeds, notably the Zakuro and Blood Orange Lockseeds, to transform into Kamen Rider Saver Blood Zakuro Arms, armed with the Saver Arrow and the red-colored Daidaimaru.
    • Later on, Zack also gained this upgrade as well after he uses the Genesis Core from Kaito's damaged Genesis Driver, and the newly received Marron Energy Lockseed to gain access into Jimber Marron Arms.
  • The Driver can also be use with the Himawari Lockseed as a alternate food by attaching it to the driver to sustain their energy without bringing any food.
  • Melkor was rather impress with Ryoma's inventions as he order the mad scientist to create more Sengoku Driver units, along with more and newer designs of the Lockseeds, for their research purposes.
    • However, one of the new prototype units, along with three new Lockseeds, were stolen by Iron Man and it was sent to his laboratory as he work alongside with Dexter to study the functions of this belt in order to reverse engineer it for its benevolent use.

    Silver Card 
Silver Card
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Discount Card, Game-Breaker
  • Domain: Shopping, Discount
  • A silver card that reduces half of the price on any items, including weapons, items, stats boosters, promotion items, etc.
  • A rare item that can be found at least once in every war, whoever possess this item gives them an economic advantage since they can buy twice of the item that it originally cost.
  • This card can be given to by Anna if they were given a good favor by her. Though she doesn't give it up lightly since it could ruin her own business.
  • How they were found were different for each wars starting, Marth happen to find it at some point in his journey, Roy found it in a desert, Lyn may have found it when encountering the Magic Seal for the first time, Ike had an one-time deal with the shopkeepers during the war between the Begnion Empire and the Laguz Alliance, and Chrom found it in one of the Outrealms.
  • Do not mistake this card with the Bat Credit Card, even if both of them 'Lasts Thru Forever.'

    The Soccer Ball 
The Soccer Ball
  • Appearance: A seemingly normal black-and-white soccer ball
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Beautiful Game, Made of Indestructium, Anything-Goes-Sport
  • Domains: Soccer, Invincibility
  • As you can guess, trying to play a sport game with supernatural people and deities can be hard. Especially if they want to play without obeying the rules and wanting to unleash their power during the game. In case of The Beautiful Game of soccer (or football), this ball was created for the ladies of Touhou. It can survive anything to lasers, Flandre's Power of Destruction, Youmu's Roukanken, CAVED by Ex-Keine, orbital re-entering after a satellite blows next to it and much more.
  • There are multiple records on how this ball is like this. Some say it is Reimu's Yin-Yang Orb disguised as a soccer ball. Some say it is dipped in Hourai Elixir. Some say it is weaved together out of Chuck Norris' chest hair.
  • The soccer ball has one weakness: Getting hit by a heel kick. However, even if something breaks the ball in half, it will reform back almost instantly.

    Sonic Screwdriver 
The Sonic Screwdriver (A sonic probe)
The 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
  • Appearance: It varies, but it always has a glowing bit at the end
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Iconic Item, Doesn't Harm or Kill, Magic Tool, Doesn't Do Wood, Applied Phlebotinum
  • Domains: Sonic, Opening And Closing, Technical Wizardry, Time Lord Technology
  • In his adventures, there are a number of tools that the Doctor uses. One of the most utilized is his sonic screwdriver. Primarily used for projecting sound, picking locks and messing with circuitry, over the time it has gained a number of other uses and is able to be used defensively. You can always find the Doctor with one.
  • The model donated to the Treasury is a duplicate of the same sonic screwdriver the 10th Doctor uses. Through all his incarnations he's had a variety of sonic screwdrivers, albeit with the same software. A bigger selection can be seen in a cup at the 12th Doctor's office. Most of the time it is utilized by the House of Science, who find it great for things like medical diagnosis, lighting candle or actual screwdriving.
  • Considered a Deus ex Machina by some, though the writers would say otherwise as the one thing it doesn't do is "solve the plot". Given the Doctor's view on weapons, it doesn't harm or kill asides from being able to cause painful sounds. The Master has a lethal variant, occasionally joking the Doctor has "laser envy".
  • Doesn't work on wood. As such using the sonic screwdriver can get wonky in the Plants sub-house. It isn't effective on deadlock seals either, leading to some of the Doctor's enemies to start purchasing said seals. The SCP Foundation has started ordering them in case the Doctor starts snooping around.
  • Somewhat unsurprisingly, a number of gods have made innuendo-based jokes about the sonic screwdriver, including companions. Even the Doctor himself has gotten a chuckle from it.

  • Appearance: They are mysterious, purple, star-shaped fruits which imbue a permanent power boost to anyone who eats them.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Came from the sky (maybe), provides a permanent power boost to those who consume them, a powerful purple fruit, tastes different for everyone
  • According to local Stardew Valley legend, there is a star that appears in winter and is only visible from the Valley. Some claim that stardrops are connected to this star in some way. Incidentally, scientists have discovered some traces of genetic material on meteorites that closely resemble the genetic material of stardrops, but it isn't a proven match.
  • Stardrops imbue a permanent power boost to anyone who eats them. As such, Greater Gods and Overdeities are strictly forbidden from consuming them. If anyone of lower rank than Greater wishes to eat one, they must have explicit approval from the higher-ups of the Pantheon to do so. The lower one's rank, the more likely they are to receive approval.
    • With that being said, stardrops are actually one of the very few foods that are totally banned from being served in the House of Food, no exceptions.
  • The act of eating a stardrop is reportedly an experience. It tastes different for everyone, so no two people will taste the exact same thing. Those who have eaten them claim that the taste reminds them of their favorite things. With that in mind, some have theorized that there must be one person out there somewhere who would taste chicken... or feet.
  • Scientists of the House of Science seem to express a great interest in stardrops. Any deity who earns the right to consume one can expect a prompt interview from one (or several) of these scientists. "What did it taste like?" and "what did it feel like?" are common questions.
    • While not a scientist, Rosalina has expressed an interest in studying stardrops as well. She unfortunately has to rely on the words of others, though, since her rank prevents her from ever being able to eat one herself.
  • You found a stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of ___.

  • Appearance: Yellow stones shaped like five-pointed stars, radiating holy light.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Star-shaped Things People Collect For No Discernable Reason
  • Domains: Celestia, Magic.
  • Maxwell is obsessed with these stones, to the point of forgoing all other activities to hunt for them. Members of the Pantheon often promise to give them to him in reward for completing simple, pointless tasks, then take them back to hide them again. While some might see this as needlessly cruel, the Pantheon views this as an essential measure in order to keep Maxwell from realizing his true potential and utterly upheaving the nature of reality.
    • Maxwell eventually told why he searches for them: they're made from doing good deeds, and his original search was to save his sister from a petrification spell caused by their father to teach him a lesson.

    A Super Mushroom 
The Super Mushroom

    The Visualizer 
The Visualizer
  • Appearance: A pair of blue-green goggles
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Goggles That Actually Do Something, See-Thru Specs
  • Similar Artifacts: The Master Sword, The Super Mushroom, A PET
  • A pair of goggles that let their user see electromagnetic (EM) waves, currently owned by Geo Stelar, but only used when Geo and his alien friend Omega-Xis have to save their hometown of Echo Ridge. The goggles were previously owned by Aaron Boreal, and was once lent to Takuya Kanbara when he thought that he had left his goggles at home (he forgot that he had put his goggles in his pocket). The goggles apparently only work in the Mega Man universe.
    • However, the last bit only applied before Geo ascended. Now that he is here, they work just fine.

    The World Heavyweight Championship Belt 
The World Heavyweight Championship
  • Appearance: A big gold belt
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tournaments, Being the Best
  • Similar Artifacts: The MacGuffin
  • Domains: Competition, Glory, Corruption
  • Forged by Ric Flair in the fires of Parts Unknown, the World Heavyweight Championship Belt is the symbol of excellence in battle. The person who holds it, whether he won it by hook or by crook, has the right to call himself the greatest fighter in the world. However, it inspires in its owner a possessive mania, gradually crowding out other goals and ideals until continuing to hold it becomes one's only motivation. Once it has taken root in its owner's mind, its owner will stoop to any low to keep it. Only the strongest-willed (and/or most popular) can resist its siren song and remain good and upstanding while holding it.

    Ye Flask 
Ye Flask
  • Appearance: A monochrome Florence flask
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Supposedly Unobtainable Items, MacGuffins
  • Domains: Water
  • No one knows how ye flask initially appeared in yon treasure room. Attempts by all (including Thy Dungeonman) to retrieve it had proven quite difficult. Rumor has it that the reason nobody can get ye flask in the first place is because ye flask is actually a load-bearing flask, and its removal would spell the complete destruction of the temple, and can be only be grasped by thy flask getting glove, which has, unfortunately, yet to be grasped. note 


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