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Intermediate Gods

    Amadeus Cho 
Amadeus Cho, God of Asian Nerds (Mastermind Excello, Prince of Power, Freelancer of All Things Science, The Tenth Smartest Person on the Planet, Iron Spider, Hulk)
  • Intermediate God (with the potential of becoming a Greater God due to his hypermind)
  • Symbols: His Vespa scooter and his Adamantine Mace
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Can Perform Extremely Complex Calculations In His Head But Needs a Lot of Sugar For It to Work, The Brains to Hercules' Brawn, The Chosen One According to Athena, The Hero's Journey, Insufferable Genius, Science Hero
  • Domains: Intellect, Korean-Americans, Fugitive
  • High Priest: Grant Imahara
  • Not To Be Confused With: Lie Ren
  • Allies: Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Jennifer Waters/She-Hulk, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Shikamaru Nara, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Miles Morales.
  • Opposed By: The Deified Members Of S.H.I.E.L.D., primarily (Tony Stark / Iron Man, Thor, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Reed and Susan Richards
  • Not On Good Terms With: Laura Kinney/X-23 (after she gave him a hard boot-to-da-junk)
  • Scouted By: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Sonya Blade, Ken Masters, Robert Garcia, M. Bison, Albert Wesker, Talia Al Ghul (albeit unwillingly for these three), Big Boss, Wiz and Boomstick
  • Enemies: Kratos, Taskmaster
  • Worthy Opponents (intelligence-wise): Bane, T'Challa/Black Panther, Asuka Langley Soryu, Lex Luthor, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, Light Yagami
  • For the ascended members of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, mainly Tony Stark, Reed and Susan Richards, the news passed to then from the Main House had left them not amused in the slightest bit. Amadeus Cho has ascended, meaning that while he was pursued by S.H.I.E.L.D. as a mortal (with Susan actually being successful in capturing him), they can't actively pursue him in the Pantheon. Of course, that doesn't mean that they can monitor the guy just to make sure that he doesn't do anything funny.
  • Amadeus isn't a mutant. To say that he's a genius is an understatement. He has a "natural ability to identify the variables and quantum possibilities in any situation." In other words, he's a supergenius. Reed Richards states that he was the seventh-smartest person on the planet. Hank Pym disagreed, saying that he was the eighth. In truth, according to Bruce Banner, Amadeus ranks at No.10. The downside of having a super-brain is that he needs a lot of sugar for it to work, otherwise his thoughts become muddled.
  • Amadeus was originally be a Lesser God, but after explaining to the Main House the reason why he should be a rank higher via his aforementioned super-brain, they granted him Intermediate God status. When Cosmos asked why he didn't go higher, he replied "There's a difference between ambition and limitation."
  • The reason why Amadeus is on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s shit-list? He found out that the Illluminati (save for Namor, Professor X and Black Panther) had shot Hulk out into space, and became a fugitive when he supported Hulk after he returned to Earth. Oh, and he deflected a rocket fired from a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter by using his scooter's mirror to deflect the laser targeting system. Granted that the rocked ended up landing on Bruce Banner, but still, impressive.
  • Hercules once recalled a past incident with Medusa, which led to Herc's now-legendary meme: "Cool story, bro!"
  • Just how smart is Amadeus? His Calvin Klein suit has an A.I. built in that enables flight, super-strength, and the ability to generate forcefields. Oh, and that old-school Nintendo Gameboy you see him carry around? That's actually an extremely advanced computer of his own design.
  • While Amadeus is not on good terms with S.H.I.E.L.D., that does not mean that he's being scouted by some of the Pantheon's many entities due to his extremely high intelligence. Aside from employment, they're offering immunity from prosecution from S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course, now S.H.I.E.L.D. is offering Amadeus a place within their organization...if only to keep a closer eye on Amadeus.
  • There was that one time that he did join up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Punisher to stop terrorist organization Leviathan (no relation to Talia Al Ghul) from selling stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. tech on the black market.
  • Amadeus is friends with Illyasviel von Einzbern. This came about due to their past exploits, the former during her time during the 5th Holy Grail War and the latter during his time on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. It also helps that they both have connection with Hurc.
  • He doesn't like Laura Kinney very much. Granted that his scheme in trying to get X-23, Thunderstrike, Power Man (Victor Alvarez) and Spider-Girl to form a new team of superheroes didn't go as planned, the kick to the groin by Laura was uncalled for.
  • Due to Amadeus being Herc's sidekick, the other Greek deities thought Amadeus was gay. That was proven false, given Amadeus's past relationship with Delphyne Gorgon. However, due to her being named the Queen of the Amazons, their relationship was put on hold.
  • Delphyne has heard of Amadeus's ascension to the Pantheon and is very happy for him. Of course, Amadeus had to make sure to tell the other gods who are known for hunting the supernatural that Delphyne can't turn people into atone, as she is not descended from Medusa's bloodline. Hera is considering allowing Delphyne to resume her relationship with Amadeus, as it will allow her own influence to increase.
  • Like his buddies at S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor is not happy upon hearing of Amadeus's ascension. First off, Amadeus has access to energy reflectors, of which he used against Thor. Second, that damned Adamantine Mace hurt like bloody blazes when Amadeus smacked him on the head with it several times.
    Thor: I hate you.
  • Found an intellectual rival in the form of Lex Luthor. The fact that Amadeus doesn't think too highly of Tony Stark is an added bonus. It's also through Lex that Amadeus meets Bane. You know you done something right when you earn praise from The Man Who Broke The Bat, who is impressed with how Amadeus managed to elude S.H.I.E.L.D. for so long.
  • As he needs sweets to keep his super-brain sharp, Amadeus is a frequent visitor to the House of Food. He admits that while Hanzo Hasashi is known for chopping and tenderizing various meats, he can make a pretty mean cake.
    Amadeus: No. I know what you are. But let's talk about the hypercomputer...capable of performing simultaneous infinite calculations...taking into account not just the binary of 0 and 1, dead/alive, black/white, German/Japanese...but the whole panoply of probabilities in any given situation, every possible quantum state...and through that act of measurement, that act of observing...he can determine the state, however unlikely, most favorable to him! ... You're not just trying to prevent me from finding this "hypercomputer," Pythagoras. You're trying to prevent me from realizing...that that's what I naturally am.

Lesser Gods

Alakazam, God of Improbable High Intelligence (The Psi Pokémon)
Mega Alakazam 
when those same deities remember that Alakazam still can't learn more than four moves or say anything other than its name.
  • Speaking of which, it is a Berserk Button of his mention that he cannot learn more than four moves or say anything other than its name despite the high IQ.
  • Alakazam was glad to meet a kindred spirit in Histoire who also knows everything about her world due to recording its history ever since its creation.
  • The House of Food wonders if Alakazam eats with the spoons it has or by using telekinesis. It hasn't given a clear answer yet.
  • Doesn't like many ghosts in the Pantheon since they have an elemental advantage, but in particular, is in fierce opposition with Gengar, partially due to their typing.
  • Can't seem to trust Lucy for whatever reason. He does participate in discussions on if it is possible to separate her personalities from each other.
    • On the other hand, he's friendly around fellow psychics Charles Xavier, Ness, and Tate & Liza.
  • It is known as the Glass Cannon of all Pokémon. It has incredible psychic powers, but if something hits it...Alakazam would be praying for a fifth move to fight back.
  • For some reason, gets along well with Charizard and Tyranitar. The three have been working together from time-to-time.
  • Here is an attempt to prove the validity of Alakazam's IQ of 5000.

    Bentley Turtle 
Bentley Turtle, God of Crippled Geniuses (The Brains)
  • Theme Song: "Thieves in Time" (Shared with Sly and Murray)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A turtle icon with glasses
  • Alignment: Borderline Neutral Good/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: being a turtle, fighting villains while being in a wheelchair, wielding a crossbow, the brains of the group, Deuteragonist, making strategies, high-tech wheelchairs, romance with someone of a different species (formerly), Heartbroken Badass, Did Not Get the Girl, hacking, always loyal to his friends, dealing with explosives, Having his franchise canned in the middle of a major cliffhanger
  • Domains: Turtles, Genius, Hacking, Wheelchairs, Strategies, Friendship.
  • Allies: The Cooper Gang (current members ascended: Sly Cooper, Murray Hippo, Panda King, Dimitri Lousteau, The Guru), The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, half of the House of Technology, Sora, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Phoenix Wright, Crash Bandicoot, Princess Anna, Queen Elsa
  • Friendly Enemy: Carmelita Fox
  • Enemies: Penelope Mouse (ex-girlfriend and team member), Clockwerk, Neyla, Clu, Prince Hans Westergard, the Master Control Program, Sark
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • When Sly ascended to the Pantheon for more challenges, Bentley followed suit. Despite the group being called "The Cooper Gang", Bentley is the true leader of the group as it is due to his strategies that Sly has been able to make his successful heists.
    • The embarrassing truth is that he took over the spot from one of the most respected members of the pantheon, Oracle. Sadly, after The New 52, she abdicated on account of no longer being wheelchair bound. Bentley has modestly agreed to share the spot should Barbara Gordon ever get crippled again, but for now, he's it's sole occupant.
    • When Barbara returned as the Co-Goddess of Fiery Redheads, Bentley finally came to respect Babs' decision. When she then was moved to a new seat celebrating overcoming her own disability, he was actually pretty happy for her.
  • Has been in a wheelchair after the incident with Clock-La, whose powerful beak clamped onto his legs. Despite this, he has made many modifications to make him a formidable threat to all foes who don't think twice when it comes to attacking him.
  • Spends a lot of time in the House of Technology and chats with the likes of Lain, Kengo Utahoshi and sometimes Ed on occasion. He's currently made plans for a working time-machine so he and the rest of the gang can go through more and more adventures.
    • He is also the current bearer of the Thievius Raccoonus and the treasure of the Cooper Vault, making the security system so tight that no one could steal and pilfer all of the treasure inside.
  • Gets along well with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He usually is seen with Donatello discussing on adventures, machines and new inventions they're working on.
  • When Spyro the Dragon ascended into the pantheon, he spotted Bentley's name in the "Book of Gods" and mistook the turtle for a yeti of the same name.
  • He, Ed and Otacon have decided to dub themselves as the "Hacking Trio." after the three went on a humongous hacking challenge with no clear victor.
    • Shiena Kenmochi and Estonia have since joined the trio in their hacking challenges. As a result, the group is now called the Hacking Quintet. They have now been incorporated into the White Hats.
    • Their Arch-Enemy is the Master Control Program, who has a habit of zapping them into a computer and sending Sark to deal with them. During one hack, Bentley decided to teach the MCP a lesson by tricking him into zapping Murray in, who them proceeded to trash the prison with his fists. The damages left in the prison, and even on Sark, would be a reminder of the MCP to not take the quintet and their allies for granted.
  • When Bentley first met Sora, he was quite jealous towards him for managing to physically enter a computer world and befriend a program. No matter: he finally got to enter a computer (along with Ed and Otacon, and later joined by Jak and Daxter) and meet Tron.
  • While in search of a RC expert for a caper, Bentley met a young mouse named Penelope, who joined them following a Dogfight Competition in Holland. After a few adventures and following her intimal crush on Sly, the two became a couple and began to work on a time machine together. Unfortunately, Bentley found out that Penelope was mainly using him for weapon dealings, and had intents of using the money made from then to Take Over The Pantheon. She also had plans to murder all of his friends, especially Sly and Murray, to keep Bentley to herself. This leads to their nasty break-up.
  • Bentley also holds a strong hatred towards Prince Hans Westergard for the fact that his evil plan (marrying Anna and then committing regicide on her and Elsa to steal the latter's throne) reminds him about Penelope. This also causes Bentley to theorize if Penelope was Evil All Along and was only using him and the gang to get the vast wealth from Sly's ancestors before switching to weapon dealings.
    • Bentley grew to hate Hans even more after the latter became Sköll, and attacked Arendelle with the intent of eating its light.
  • Phoenix Wright offered Bentley moral support after Penelope's betrayal. He knew what Bentley was going through, and had suffered it himself at the hands of Dahlia Hawthorne. Phoenix has promised to help Bentley if he wishes to get revenge on Penelope, as well as acting as defence attorney should the Cooper Gang be falsely accused of a crime.
  • Bentley was a key player of the Friendship Asylum, and he and the rest of the Hacking Quintet (back when it was a trio) helped purify many deities who were corrupted (including Riku), and figured out the asylum's weakness.

    Dr. XXX 
Dr. XXX, God of Evil Geniuses (The Mad Doctor, Doc)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face against a red background
  • Theme Song: his monologue/"song", most of his songs from Epic Mickey 2
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: really fond of laughing and singing, the evil genius with the master plan and the skills to pull it off, a madman and he knows it, a mastery in manipulation that allows him to get behind everybody repeatedly, somehow a doctor (with an Eastern-European accent to boot), an expert in machines who transformed himself into a robot but hopes to become a Toon again, originally just a dream but his infamy allowed him to come back, Unfortunate Names
  • Domains: Madness, Craft, Robots, Evil Plans, Manipulation
  • High Priest: Kalrow (former holder)
  • Followers: Dr. Sivana, The Evil Geniuses, Dr. No
  • Allies: Pete, Maleficent, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Crow, The Professor, Dr. Octopus, Doctor Doom, Dr. Frankenstein, The Medic, Dr. Viktor, Judge Doom, Cruella De Vil
  • Enemies: Sora, Sonic, E-123 Omega, Mega Man, Dr. Weil, Superman, Spider-Man, Optimus Prime, Mario, Cuphead and Mugman, Ember McLain, The Spy, most of the House of Beast
  • Opposed by: most heroic Disney deities, Balthier
  • Opposes: Mickey, Oswald, Bugs Bunny
  • Conflicting Opinion: with Heinz Doofenshmirtz, the Grand United Alliance of Machines (specially Dr. Nefarious)
  • Dr. XXX first appeared in a 1933 Mickey Mouse short where he kidnapped Pluto to use him as part of a rather unorthodox experiment, until it all turned out to be just Mickey's nightmare. Unfortunately, the short itself turned out to be so dark and chilling that it was widely shunned and even banned by many, so it wasn't long until the doctor became forgotten and expelled to Wasteland.
  • Since this Mad Doctor never underwent the change of heart he could have performed otherwise, he still holds a strong grudge against both Mickey and Oswald for foiling his plans twice. While the half-brothers believe he can be still reformed just like his "Good Ending" counterpart, the doctor hasn't expressed any desire to do so. However, the alarmingly high amount of heroic Disney deities residing in the Pantheon means that the Mad Doctor has no chance of getting revenge on Mickey and Oswald anytime soon, which has forced him to ignore them for now. Sora, in particular, has the Mad Doctor in his sights, and he's ready to act the moment the doctor tries anything funny.
    • On a similar note, the Mad Doctor's past interactions with Wasteland's counterpart of Pete and their shared distaste of Mickey means they have formed a rather convenient alliance. Maleficent has also approached the Mad Doctor, recognizing him as a rather competent Disney Villain and hoping to maybe employ his help in the future.
    • He has been approached multiple times by fellow (ex-)evil scientist Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who is reminded of himself by the doctor and agrees with Mickey and Oswald in believing he can be redeemed, as he argues that being good isn't actually that bad. Dr. XXX just laughs off Doofenshmirtz's arguments, claiming he has no need for redemption, but he's in relatively good terms with Heinz otherwise.
  • Nowadays he resides in his temple, designed after his original castle from the 1933 short. It's highly advised to all deities to never set foot inside the castle, as it is known to be filled with all sorts of death traps, living skeletons and unorthodox passages, just like Mickey remembers. The doctor himself spends his days designing and building more Beetleworx, as well as performing horrific experiments on whatever poor sap happened to wander into his domain.
    • Interestingly, he can frequently be seen visiting The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World, since it reminds him of the Lonesome Manor he used to reside in while living in Wasteland. What was most surprising was the authorities running the park noticed this and approached the Mad Doctor to tell him he could be allowed to reside in the Mansion if he managed to make the attraction even scarier. The doctor delivered, and now he calls the Haunted Mansion a 'second home'.
  • Although his original name is Dr. XXX, he's rarely called that anymore, due to certain connotations. This actually caused some small ruckus when he first ascended since nobody was sure how to call him until it was decided by the Court of the Gods that everybody should just refer to him as 'The Mad Doctor' and that's it. He prefers to be called The Mad Doctor anyway, just don't call him Doc.
    • Of course, this hasn't stopped Bugs Bunny from messing with him by calling him Doc at every chance. Bugs being on good terms with Mickey while also being a rabbit just like Oswald has only increased the doctor's animosity towards him.
  • Has a tendency to sing almost everything he says, which many deities tend to find either confusing and/or annoying. Nobody is quite sure why he does so, but it's clear the doctor is is having fun while doing it. He even keeps a prerecorded diary where he sings his thoughts. The Mad Doctor himself even said one time that he should take the mantle of the God of Villain Songs as well, a suggestion that Ember McLain didn't take too kindly. The doctor hasn't gone through with the idea yet, but it's pretty clear he would need to deal with her first if he ever attempts to do so.
  • As the god of Evil Geniuses, he's in good terms with fellow evil masterminds and mad scientists such as Dr. Octopus, Doctor Doom, Dr. Frankenstein and The Professor. He also holds a rather friendly relation with The Medic, due to their love for medically-dubious experiments and cutting up, and the two of them can usually be found together interchanging tales about past "surgeries". However, he's also at odds with Balthier, who opposes all Mad Scientists on principle, and Dr. Weil, who's too despicable even for the Mad Doctor.
    • With his alliances also came enemies, as he has attracted the attention of heroic deities such as Superman, Spider-Man, Optimus Prime and Mario, all of who have dealt with evil geniuses before and are now keeping an eye on the doctor. The Mad Doctor has preferred to avoid them for now, but he plans to deal with them one day.
    • He's also a rather talented Robot Master, which led to him becoming allies with Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily and even Crow. He frequently hangs out with at least one of them in hopes of finding ways to improve his Beetleworx. On the other hand, these alliances resulted in Sonic and Mega Man putting the doctor in their watch list, while E-123 Omega is all too ready to jump to action the moment the Mad Doctor and Eggman team up.
    • It's worth noting that Cuphead and Mugman are also quite wary of the doctor, as not only have they dealt with Mad Scientists and robots before but the doctor himself can't help but be reminded of Mickey and Oswald when looking at them.
  • Despite his many allies, most of them tend to keep a close eye on the Mad Doctor due to his propensity to betray anyone whenever necessary. While the doctor claims he's gotten over his backstabbing tendencies, most people aren't really buying it. In fact, his tendency for betraying his allies is so infamous that it caught the attention of fellow compulsive backstabber The Spy, who decided to pay the doctor a visit out of curiosity. Nobody is sure what happened between the two, but the Mad Doctor has been hostile to The Spy since then.
    • On a similar note, the doctor has heard of fellow mad scientist Dr. Viktor having a notable amount of similarities to him, including a case of conflicting loyalty and backstabbing. While the two remain allies for now out of shared interests, they both tend to keep an eye on each other just in case.
  • Due to his past treatment of Pluto and his love for experimenting with animals, the doctor has gained the animosity of the House of Beast, especially the Canines sub-house. While the Mad Doctor would love to get his hands on some of these curious creatures, he's banned from entering the house altogether. He still plots to get in the house one day, but he hasn't achieved much for the moment.
    • He was eventually approached by Cruella De Vil with the intent of striking an alliance against the House of Beasts, seeing as how they're both banned from entering. In the end, they made a deal saying that he would give her the fur of any animal he managed to capture in exchange for her help. The doctor is not exactly sure how Cruella could assist him, but he'll take any allies (and possible backstab victims) he can get.
  • Most deities were surprised to find out the Mad Doctor is actually a robot, as he had previously transformed himself into one with the intent of usurping The Blob. Despite this, the doctor yearns to become a Toon again because of his body's tendency to fall apart, but attempts to pull this off with the help of other deities (such as Ursula's dark magic used to transform Ariel into a human) have been fruitless so far.
    • This has resulted in him having a rather shaky relationship with The Grand United Alliance of Machines. While his mastery in building robots, his friendly relation with Dr. Wily and the fact he's an animatronic himself lead to the alliance offering him entry at first, they turned him back after learning of his desire to stop being a robot and his tendency to betray his allies constantly. The doctor still expresses interest in joining, but only time will tell if that will go anywhere.
    • He similarly has a rather conflicting opinion with Dr. Nefarious. Despite their similarities, Nefarious was forcibly transformed into a robot but ended up embracing it while the Mad Doctor transformed himself into an animatronic but hopes to become a Toon again one day. In the end, they're not on very good terms with each other.
  • His past experiences with Thinner and The Blot, alongside the fact he's technically not a Toon, has lead to him being approached by Judge Doom, who hopes to use the doctor's knowledge about Thinner in order to improve his Dip to bypass the Pantheon's Death Is Cheap situation as well as dealing with those pesky CGI deities his Dip can't touch. The doctor has agreed to help, much to the Pantheon's dismay, but thankfully nothing has come out of it. And even then, most deities expect the Mad Doctor to eventually attempt to betray Doom anyway.
  • He's also the host of his own TV show called "The Mad Doctor's Wonderful World of Evil", where he relates his past actions as well as his dastardly evil plans to the audience. Originally aired from Wasteland in an effort to make himself remembered once again, the doctor has managed to get it aired across the Pantheon with the help of some members of the House of Technology. His show is particularly popular in the House of Villains and among members of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, but it has gathered a considerable following in the Houses of Science and Technology as well. His audience has grown so much the doctor has expanded the show to include special guests, usually fellow villains willing to share their evil past deeds with the audience.
  • Has a seat on Villainous Roles as well.
  • "Who's the maddest Mad Doctor of all? Wonderfully evil me!"

    Hermione Granger 
Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley, Goddess of Clever People With Brown Hair and Wiser Women (The Cleverest Witch of Her Age, 'Mione, Miss Granger, B'loody Mary Smith)

    Jade Curtiss 
Jade Curtiss, God of Celibate Eccentric Geniuses (Jade Balfour, Jade the Necromancer)

    Jimmy Neutron 
James Isaac Neutron, God of TV Geniuses and Children Who Talk Like They're Older (Jimmy Neutron)

    Manta Oyamada 
Manta Oyamada, God of Short Geniuses (Mortimer "Morty" Manta, Shorty)
Click here to see Manta as an adult 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His book, the "Mantannian Dictionary"
  • Theme Song: Manta Oyamada's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Short and Smart, Always carries a large book with him, which he can also use as an effective weapon, Muggle Best Friend (aside from being able to see ghosts), The Smart Guy, Much weaker than his friends, but is unquestioningly loyal to them and always willing to run head first into danger to help them, Eventually became a Shaman in the anime
  • Domain(s): Shortness, Intelligence, Knowledge
  • Followers: Lloyd, Jeff
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Amon, Ragyo Kiryuin, Dio Brando
  • Opposes: The Dursleys
  • Manta grew up in a cold home environment. His father was very strict and looked down on anything Manta did that wasn't academic, his mother was a very shallow and superficial person and his sister, by the time she was five years old, was put in charge of their father's company's software department when her mastery at computers was discovered. Manta's father had high expectations of him, as he wanted Manta to inherit his company. As a result, Manta became very intelligent and studious, attending cram school and constantly carrying around a large book. One day, while taking a shortcut through a cemetery on his way home, Manta ran into Yoh Asakura, who then invited him to stargaze along with him and the ghosts, which prompted Manta to panic and run away. Later on, Manta witnessed Yoh defeating "Wooden Sword" Ryu and his gang, who had earlier taken up residence at the cemetery and beaten up Manta. Afterwards, the two became friends. Although Manta is not a Shaman and prone to panicking, he's still willing to run head first into danger if there's the slightest chance he can help his friends. As an adult, he inherited his father's company and became rich. He also began investigating the benefits of mixing shamanism and business.
  • Upon his ascension, Manta was happy to be reunited with Yoh and Anna, although he was also rather nervous to discover that Faust was present within the pantheon as well. Manta and Yoh frequently spend time catching up together, usually by taking walks through the House of Nature.
  • Manta quickly befriended Krillin and Sho Marufuji, as the three of them are all short guys who are best friends with people much stronger and more capable than themselves.
  • Having grown up with a Fantasy-Forbidding Father, Manta became good friends with Harry Potter, who was similarly forced to be "normal" by his relatives while he grew up. He also strongly dislikes the Dursleys for what they put Harry through, with them returning the sentiment in kind.
  • Manta often spends time in the House of Knowledge, wishing to learn as much as he can. He also befriended Histoire during his visits, as she similarly has a large book filled with information.
  • He became good friends with Ness due to the latter's experiences with genuis type people in his world. Shortly after he and Ness met each other, Manta accepted both Lloyd and Jeff as his followers.
  • Wishing to learn more about different kinds of magic, Manta visited the House of Magic and was surprised to see Edward Elric, whom he had previously also seen in the House of Science. The two struck up a conversation about alchemy and have generally remained on good terms since. However, Manta inadvertendly angered Edward when he brought up his short height and has tried to avoid bringing it up in subsequent encounters.
  • He gets along well with Katyusha, despite her large ego. However, he nonetheless respects her skills as a commander and understands that her ego is justified. Katyusha also enjoys hanging out with Manta due to him being shorter than her.
  • Manta was surprised to learn that, in an alternate universe, he eventually became a Shaman, with Mosuke as his guardian ghost. This inspired him to properly start training to eventually become a Shaman.
  • In order to learn more about shamanism, Manta sought out Nightwolf for information and possible training. Manta was saddened to hear about what had happened to Nightwolf in his home universe, and hopes that Nightwolf will one day be freed from Quan Chi's control.
  • Manta was once approached by Amon with an offer to join the Equalists. Manta strongly refused the offer and declared that Amon's goals were wrong, stating that it would be better to co-exist with powered people rather than try to eliminate them. Similarly, Manta opposes Ragyo Kiryuin and Dio Brando due to both of them turning their backs on their humanity, with Ragyo trying to destroy all humans while Dio desires to rule over them. Neither of them regard him as any kind of threat, but he's nonetheless determined to at least support those who are capable of fighting against them as well as trying to learn about their abilities in order to help exploit any kind of weak spots.
  • Although he's become a lot more comfortable around ghosts, Manta generally still prefers to avoid places such as the House of Ghosts unless he's accompanied by Yoh.

    Stewie Griffin 
Stewart Gilligan Griffin, God of Abnormally Intelligent Infants (Stewie)

    Yue Ayase 
Yue Ayase, Goddess of Teen Geniuses (Philosophastra Illustrans, Baka Black/Leader, Student #4, The Magical Detective, Yue The All-Knowing)
  • Lesser Goddess, possible Intermediate Goddess in the future
  • Symbol: The Orbis Sensualum Pictus. Or a Juice Box
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Great Big Book of Everything, Badass Bookworm, The Philosopher, Shorter Means Smarter
  • Domains: Libraries of any shape or size.
  • Followers: Lute
  • Allies: Negi Springfield, Asuna Kagurazaka, Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki, Nodoka Miyazaki, Ku Fei, Kaede Nagase, Jack Rakan, Sayo Aisaka, Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Mana Tatsumiya, Yomiko Readman, Histoire, Daichi Muroto
  • Enemies: Tsukuyomi
  • Yue often spends time in the Library, it has plenty of books that interest her and aren't connected to her Orbis Sensualium Pictus. She often brings food to Yomiko, who often forgets to eat anything but what the Librarian brings her. Goddess or not, one cannot live on bananas alone.
  • Knows where Obi-Wan's lost planet is. Unfortunately, she isn't aware that he's looking for it, so she'll probably never get around to telling him where it is.
  • Due to recent events, She was being considered for the position of Goddess of Taking a Level In Badass, although some other members (*cough*Evangeline*cough*) are wary of giving her any more influence, as she's already in the Council of Shadows. Fortunately (or unfortunately to the other Gods), the title was given to Nodoka Miyazaki.
  • Reports of a connection to Patchouli Knowledge are currently unsubstantiated.
  • Can be found hanging out with Shikamaru (House of Nature) in the House of Philosophy... as neither of them are connected to it so she can read while he takes a nap, without anyone asking them to do much.
  • She has been offered to taste one of Kusuha Mizuha's "health drinks", but has yet to oblige. Reports say that she has stocked a sizable quantity of juice boxes in her realm.
  • She is the only Goddess who is allowed access to Histoire's tome. This is, of course, in exchange for letting the latter access her pactio artifact whenever she needs it.
  • It is theorized that if she and Gordon Freeman teamed up, they would be able to figure out the weaknesses of every god in the Pantheon. Except Fred Rogers. He has no weakness.
    • The only reason that they haven't yet done this is because Yue is too lazy to be bothered with it, preferring to hang out in the library and learn techniques from the Hosue of Magic.
  • After talking to his grandfather in the House of Love, Touta Konoe rushed to meet and congratulate her on winning the Ultimahora Tournament, which led to a lot of confusion in both parties. Touta wondered why Yue was so small and had longer hair, and Yue knew of no such thing (The Yue in the video Touta saw was from 12 years in the future of this one). After showing her the video and straightening everything out, Touta complimented her and mentioned that she looked really cool. Yue immediately turned red and ran away, confusing Touta even more.


    Abigail 'Abby' Sciuto 
Abigail Sciuto, Goddess of Scientific Analysis (Abby, Beethoven)

Dr. Alphys, Goddess of Expectations Gone Awry (The Royal Scientist, Alphy)
Alphys and her... "creations"
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Labcoat
  • Theme Song: Alphys. When serious, Here We Are.Non canonically... 
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Swinging both ways, Having a habit of comparing herself to garbage, Speaking incredibly fast when Anime is brought up, Accidentally creating the Amalgamates and being traumatized as a result, Trying to make up for all the wrong things she did, Also responsible for the birth of Flowey
  • Domains: Scientist, Awkwardness, Anime, Nerdiness
  • Allies:
  • Uneasy Alliance with: Toriel, Jimmy Neutron, Kosmo and Nova
  • Enemies: Flowey At least, that's what she wants others to think, Junko Enoshima And Monokuma, Yuuki Terumi, Sheldon Cooper, Dr. Eggman, Dr Wily
  • Fears: Mewtwo
  • Pitied By: Dr. Angela Ziegler
  • Dr. Alphys was once known as the Royal Scientist working under the king of the underground, Asgore Dreemurr. She gained the position after designing a robot with a SOUL (which later became Mettaton). The reason she didn't arrive here earlier was because she was too scared of the Pantheon, but was later convinced by both Frisk and Undyne to give it a try. The fact that anime characters actually are real here certainly helped sway her decision. She absolutely loved this place, but her stay here was not without reminders of her past...
    • As it turns out, Alphys was tasked with trying to study on how "Determination" works, she tried experimenting by injecting it to dying monsters to preserve their souls. The results led to the creation of the Amalgamates, monsters with unrecognizable shapes that were formed together by Determination. This left poor Alphys scarred for life and hid their existence until Frisk found them, eventually convincing Alphys of revealing the truth. Thankfully, the monsters were just happy that their fellow monster friends were alive, even if they mutated into one. As such, Alphys began to ease up a bit, though still feels regret about hiding her actions for so long along with what happened to Flowey.
      • As such, Flowey tends to stay away from her, partly due to her transforming him into who he is now, and partly due to wanting to keep up his charade of being a Foul Flower to keep his position here. Frisk was told this from Flowey, though the flower did promise that if Alphys really needed to hear Flowey forgiving her if she emotionally breaks down again, he would speak to her.
  • While she does have a soft spot for Asgore, she is more cautious and nervous around Toriel. This is due to Asgore understanding and forgiving her actions from the past, while Toriel outright fired her on the spot after she confessed. Any questions as to why this happened usually ends up back to the person who was asked the question saying something along the lines of "THAAAAAAT'S, POLITICS!"
  • The memories of the Amalgamates scar her deeply, which means she gets brief moments of discomfort at the sight of white, nigh-shapeless forms, such as seeing the Crystal Gems mid-fusion or mid-de-fusion.
    • But she gets brief moments of panic when near Mewtwo, a similar genetic creation Gone Horribly Right, even more so since she holds the opposite trope that he holds. Mewtwo actually doesn't think anything of this and is just confused as to how nervous she is whenever he's around her.
  • Has declared Junko Enoshima an enemy to her, but not just for, well, the obvious despair stuff she's known for, but also because of her insisting that humanity doesn't need any other kind of anime besides ones made to cause despair. Actually, she hates her the most due to her bullying and harming of the gay student Juzo into helping her escape punishment by threatening to tell his male crush he's gay for him. It struck too close to home for her. and has led her to declare her an enemy. Undyne has also taken an offense to it, not only for mocking anime but also for mocking her girlfriend and other homosexual couples out there.
  • She managed to help Undyne with her problem of Terumi trolling her by always visiting her place; advising her to cook for him. Not because she wants to have Terumi eat her food (after all he enjoys that kind of stuff), but rather to burn her place down, as if she doesn't have a place to stay, than that means she doesn't have to be nice to any house guests. It certainly worked, although Undyne's temple is now the home of one blazing fire that even the most powerful of water deities can't quench. On the plus side, this means that Undyne is allowed to move in with Alphys. Undyne really doesn't mind, saying she planned on burning her temple anyway the second Alphys ascended just to move in with her.
  • Upon realizing that her temple was within the house of Scientists and Geniuses, she felt waves calmer than usual, feeling more among her element here. She got a friendly relationship with Sandy Cheeks on grounds of being female scientist animals, and Sandy was actually impressed with what Alphys accomplished with the likes of Mettaton and to a lesser extent, managing to at least save her monster fellows from death even if the outcome wasn't anywhere what she expected. They can be seen teaming up for inventions within the house.
    • Like other deities, even she can't really befriend Sheldon Cooper, not just because of her not being able to stand his insufferable attitude, but also because he believes that "Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2" was the best entry in the series. She may make jokes about how she belongs with trash, but even she draws the line there.
      • She seems to find some relief in Jimmy Neutron that he seemingly makes mistakes on occasions. While they are technically on the same side of the metaphorical coin of morality, they still argue with each other about tons of things the other did wrong; namely, Alphys and Jimmy arguing if Australia is a continent or not.
  • To her surprise, Dr. Angela Ziegler has expressed sympathy for her, due to how her actions resembled how she tried to save her old teammate, The Reaper, and how she accidentally turned him into who he is today, angering him to the point of betrayal. She told Alphys to consider herself lucky and to rejoice in the fact that the monsters seemed to be okay with the Amalgamates and are just happy they are alive. This seems to work, and the two can be seen conversing about their past experiences from time to time.
  • Has been known to make trips to the house of Music to sing this. Undyne and Papyrus have also been known to sneak up on her performance to jump in as well, not that she really minds.
  • Became fast friends with Tomoko Kukori surprisingly, mainly due to the fact that Alphys approved of her anime collection, saying that she actually has good tastes. Sometimes invites her over with Undyne to marathon anime episodes. They also invite Patricia Martin from time to time, finding her to be in good taste with her own love of anime and Japanese culture.
    • Despite her insisting that "Mew Mew Kissy Cutie" was the original and "Tokyo Mew Mew" was the rip-off, she still became fast friends with Ichigo Momomiya, seeing her as a Expy of the hero of her favorite anime series. She sometimes argues with her fellow anime fan, Otacon, about which anime came first.
  • Has become enemies against the mad scientists Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman, more so the latter with his use of animal-powered robots, fearing how she or other monsters could be used to further his own goals. As such, she has since forbidden them from entering her temple. However, this just means she just has a sign out front saying "No one falling under Mad Scientist allowed", which really doesn't do much. Her new roommate/girlfriend, Undyne however...
  • Given her past, if unintended, misguided actions, Kosmo and Nova are wary of her, even if she insists she isn't a threat at all. Doesn't help that the Big Bad of their universe is also a dinosaur scientist, Dr. Eros.
  • The day after encountering the Powerpuff Girls Z, Alphys had taken some interest in their Transformation Trinkets and had a dream where Undyne was using such a thing.

    Dr. Cossack 
Doctor Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack, God of Reluctant Mad Scientists (Dr Cossack)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A red "C"
  • Theme Song: Dr Cossack Stage 1 and Stage 2
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, True Neutral if Kalinka is threatened
  • Portfolio: Disc-One Final Boss, Papa Wolf, Only Antagonistic Because His Daughter Was Kidnapped By Wily, Russian Guy Suffers Most, Reluctant Mad Scientist, Popular Minor Character, Arctic Fortress, Badass Beard, Smart People Wear Glasses
  • Domains: Robotics, Russia, Bosses, Being Blackmailed, Fathers, Science, The Environment
  • Heralds: His daughter Kalinka Cossack, and the un-ascended Mega Man 4 Robot MastersList here 
  • Sub-ordinate: Bright Man
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Bob
  • Dr Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack is a Russain-born roboticist, often overshadowed by the more famous Dr Light. In his debut he appeared to cause trouble for Mega man to prove he was the best robot designer, however after Mega Man defeated him it turned out Dr Wily blackmailed him into acting in his name by taking his daughter hostage. When Mega Man went on to beat the real antagonist, Cossack has remained an ally of Dr Light.
  • While his appearance(or really references) to him are sparse after his appearance, he's popular with the fans for being the first human/roboticist other than Wily or Light to appear in a Mega Man game. He's had a bigger role in the Archie comics. Well him and his daughter Kalinka, who's one of the few female characters from the Mega Man (Classic) era. Giving Dr Light the powerful support unit Beat as a reward for saving his family helps.
  • Very protective of his daughter. Dr Ludvig Maxis understands how you can be forced to do bad things to keep your child safe, so the two get along. Rumor has it that Dr Cossack wants to understand how Dr Maxis uploaded his consciousness in hopes of guiding robotics into the future. Probably because he doesn't think Dr Light should have all the fun. Given how he was forced into villainy, he sympathizes with Taylor Herbert and Tychus Findlay.
  • As a loving father, he considers scientists who abuse and experiment on their children to be even more despicable than Dr Wily. As such, he hates Relius Clover for what he's done to his kids and wife, and hates Professor Hojo for experimenting on his family. He also considers Afton loathsome for being a Serial Killer who twisted animatronics to his evil ends, and has either been callously manipulative or abusive to his family, along with the fear someone like him might come after his daughter. Shou Tucker and Ragyo Kiryuin's deranged experimentation and abuse is something he despises.
  • Mega Man 4 came out shortly after the Soviet Union fell, so some believe that he has communist leanings. Given the vague year of 20XX and Cossack looking like he's in his forties, it's unclear if he was born before or after the fall of the Soviet Union. He get along with Tashkent by any rate, so even if he's not communist he has some passion for his country's history.
  • Has no love for Dragovich or Makarov for being exceedingly villainous Russians who will cause nothing by trouble. He opposes Dr Gero as well, as while he may not be as heartless as them he's guilty of forcibly kidnapping teenagers to turn into androids in his vendetta against Son Goku. He does have a tinge of sympathy for Gero, however, because he lost his son and as a father gets why that'd hurt him so much. While Dr Cossack isn't enemies with Bob, he doesn't exactly trust him given his history with Mega Man deities.
  • The creator of at least eight Robot Masters, though Dr Wily likely had a hand involved in Ring Man and Skull Man. Cossack Robot Laboratories were also behind the new Tundra Man. Many of which have environment-related or labor functions(eg: Dust Man being a sanitation worker, Toad Man helping with irrigation). Viridi was intrigued by this, and wants to encourage this side of Dr Cossack and get robots to work more on the side of nature. As does the Lorax. Dr Cossack is focusing some of his attention of getting rid of Hexxus' influence.
  • No stranger to the cold, having graduated at the Ural State Technical Anniversary and putting his fortress in Siberia. With the creation of Tundra Man, Dr Cossack is interested in Mei's freezing abilities and her scientific knowledge. Seems to get along with Professor Utonium as well. Dr Mobius gets along with him in part because he's the most benevolent of the Think Tank, having disagreed and even broken off with them at one point due to their amoral outtake on Science! while he himself grew a "con-science". Cossack helps keep an eye out on the Think Tank, so Dr Mobius keeps his eye out for Kalinka's safety.
  • According to one webcomic, Dr Wily kidnapping his daughter was a happy accident for Wily, and the whole thing was mainly trying to get back Stalin's brain. Albeit from Ran, the fan-created robot of Kalinka Cossack who can't take a hit but can always come back with back-up bodies. Cossack was mildly amused he was one of the comic's only sane men (at least when he's not plastered) and thinks Ran might be a good idea.
  • Doesn't want to be reminded of the Brazilian Mega Man comic where his daughter is trying to bring communism across the multiverse. On a less embarrassing note, he apparently has watching ballet as a hobby.

    Flint Lockwood 
Flint Lockwood, God of Bungling Inventors
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The FLDSMDFRnote 
  • Theme Song: "Introducing Flint"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bungling Inventor, Adorkable, Brilliant Yet Incompetent Scientist, Has An Ego, But Is A Good Person, Child Prodigy, I Just Want to Have Friends, Always Wearing The Labcoat From His Deceased Mother, Spiky Hair, "Well Done, Son!" Guy, Naive And Seeking Approval, Eccentric Science, Einstein Hair, Science Hero
  • Domains: Invention, Food, Spray-on Shoes, Awkwardness, Geekiness
  • Herald: His helper monkey Steve
  • Followers: Senbei Norimaki, Semaphore, Professor Frink
  • Allies: Princess Bubblegum, Felonius Gru, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Flik, Cael Cynder, Nibbler, Chase, Professor Utonium, Jimmy Neutron
  • On good terms with: Winston, Tenzin, Anthropomorphic Food in general and the House of Food, Dexter, Phineas and Ferb
  • Enemies: Mr Burns, Looten Plunder, Morris, Gluttony the Voracious, Gramma Stuffum, Archibald Snatcher, Plankton, XANA
  • Wary of: Mojo Jojo, Mr Krabs
  • Flint Lockwood is the son of the sardine shop owner Tim Lockwood, and from a young age an eager inventor. Though talented in many ways, he has proven to be a Bungling Inventor who inventions have caused more trouble than they've solved. For instance, his spray-on shoes which remain stuck on his feet to this day. However he still seeks to be better at invention, and has managed to get friends, a girlfriend and the respect of his father.
  • His most well-known and powerful invention is the FLDSMDFR, a machine meant to create food for Swallow Falls by using water molecules and food particles. However the device ended up in the cloud tops, creating food-based weather. While this was beneficial, it eventually got out hand and he managed to fix it. The device would later be found on a deserted island, creating a new ecosystem from food-based animals.
  • Considered the human version of Flik, as they are Adorkable bungling inventors who prove themselves. They get along due to their similar personality, and the food his device has created is a boon. He also gets along with Jimmy Neutron as they're well-meaning kids who's inventions often cause more trouble than they solve, and Professor Utonium since he sympathizes with his difficulty at creating good inventions on purpose instead of by accident.
  • His desire for fatherly appraisal and being appreciated in general, combined with a naive nature, is his main character flaw. Still while he can get a swell head and an ego, he is fundamentally a good person. Felonius Gru can relate, and seems to admire the boy's inventions and the FLDSMDFR. He's entered a partnership in order to help his jelly enterprise, and like Tenzin understands his "Well Done, Son!" Guy personality.
  • Has a lab assistant called Steve, a vervet monkey and his closest friend. Later on he ended up being good friends with Chester V's orangutan Barb, ending up discovering V's true personality. This relationship has led him to get along with Winston as well. He keeps his caution when it comes to the former lab assistant Mojo Jojo however.
  • His temple is located on the island where the FLDSMDFR and foodimals live. Having created a new ecosystem born of food stuff, he is usually involved in the House of Food. Princess Bubblegum was interested in this island and Flint's scientific acumen, and occasionally visits to help guide him with it. He's fascinated by the Candy Kingdom, and the idea of the candy part of the fire, ice, candy and slime elemental group.
  • Having created a weather effect of meatballs raining from the sky, Pastafarians believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster has blessed Flint and his device. The Flying Spaghetti Monster agrees with these sentiments, and is impressed by him for the invention of the FLDSMDFR. He can understand where he's coming from with messing up the food weather since he cause the great flood in a pasta-cooking accident.
  • While Anthropomorphic Food, the foodimals are an ecosystem of their own and he will not let them be ruthlessly exploited like Chester V planned to do. As such, he will not permit evil businessmen like Mr Burns, Looten Plunder and Morris get anywhere near the island. Plankton especially, who'd just love to taken the FLDSMDFR and run Mr Krabs out of business with it. The cheapskate crustacean will work with Flint for this purpose, but he will keep his eye out on him so he doesn't try to take it for himself.
  • For obvious reasons, Gluttony is not welcome as he wouldn't stop until the entire ecosystem is devoured. Gramma Stuffum was also banned from entry because she wants to weaponize her disgusting food even further with the FLDSMDFR, which many fear might cause a "stuffum-pocalypse". Archibald Snatcher isn't welcome as the last time he visited he almost drove the cheese-derived animals to endangered status and cruelly exploited others for this purpose. And he really doesn't want to know how XANA would utilize the device if it ever got its AI on it, especially given XANA has created food monsters before and as such has experience.
  • Because of his experiences with the foodimals he understands Cael Cynder and Nibbler's plight of their valuable products being exploited, like how Chester V exploited the foodimals.
  • Sounds like Fear. He isn't someone to be easily scared though.

    Ludwig von Drake 
Ludwig von Drake, Patron of Absent Minded Professors
  • Theme Music: The Wonderful World of Color
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Ditzy Genius, Absent-Minded Professor, Mr. Exposition, Being very Wordy when Talking
  • Domains: Ducks, Knowledge
  • High Priest: Dr. Hiroshi Agasa
  • Followers: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Professor Issac Sumdac, Walter Bishop, Professor Calculus
  • Superior: Walt Disney
  • Allies: Donald Duck, E. Gadd, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, Reed Richards, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, The Doctor, Tails, Twilight Sparkle, Yuuno Scrya, Professor Utonium
  • Enemies: Pete, Ryoma Sengoku, Micolash, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Wilson, Hubert J. Farnsworth
  • A kooky duck professor from Austria and presumably Donald's uncle, Ludwig von Drake claims to have plenty of knowledge on a variety of subjects. He certainly is knowledgable on different things thanks to him being something of a knowledge-seeker, but his mindset is kind of strange and isn't really the most socially competent being out there.
  • He was once asked specifically how many different things he knew. He responded by showing those who asked him his various diplomas and degrees, with some claiming that he has around 100 of them. Despite that, he was told that since the Pantheon is a much larger place than his homeworld, he didn't quite know everything that's out there. Ludwig took it upon himself to become knowledgable on these new things, though he was told there may be a few fields that aren't worth looking into.
  • In different points in time, he has been hired as a guest speaker or lecturer for students in the School, usually to cover topics that he has experience in such as music or literature. Videos of him discussing these subjects have also been recorded for use when it comes to younger students.
  • There was a moment where he was asked by the House of Commerce on how to solve any potential financial crisis should one happen. After showing off his invention that claimed to do that ("The Money Increaser"), he was told to Get Out! since what that machine basically did was create counterfeit money.
  • Ludwig gets along very well with other inventors and professors. He has even shown some of the stuff he made to them. These inventors do appreciate the effort, but they feel that Ludwig could improve on them in some capacity, despite the duck believing highly of himself and his accomplishments.
    • He ended up hearing about a few evil inventors and is quite disappointed in them for using various inventions for selfish reasons, though the villains felt that he isn't worth their time.
    • While there isn't any real hostility between him and Hubert Farnsworth, the latter being much more prone to crazy shenanigans than the duck could ever be caused Ludwig to try and keep Farnsworth in check, with varying degrees of success.
  • Ludwig decided to visit the House of Music to get some ideas for his music-related lectures and ended up meeting two famed composers directly: another Austrian by the name of Mozart and another Ludwig that was commonly referred to as Beethoven. Von Drake made it a point to mention these composers during his lectures on music following that meeting.
  • Von Drake was able to find out about Sigmund Freud, a notable figure from Austria, and decided to try out psychology for a period of time, with Freud overseeing Ludwig's progress. Given the kind of psychology Freud specializes in, Ludwig didn't do as well as he hoped during that period of time and Freud isn't really amused at von Drake's behavior during those meetings.
  • Twilight Sparkle was excited to hear about another knowledge-seeker like her and has been hanging out with him whenever possible. In turn, Ludwig has tried to learn more about the things that she is studying, though he hasn't been that successful in learning about the magic that Twilight Sparkle has learned. Him learning about how to understand others courtesy of her is going a bit better, if rather slow.
  • Ludwig hoped to find other scholars like him, though he wasn't entirely successful in that regard. The only other scholar that Ludwig could find who is good-enough friends with him is Yuuno Scrya.
    • If anything, von Drake felt that there are certain things not worth seeking out due to how dangerous the subjects can be. Case in point, he doesn't like Micolash at all due to the latter's constant talking and insane attitude. While things aren't as bad between Ludwig and Wilson, the duck had a bit of an issue with Wilson's interests.
  • At one point he claimed to have known everyone in the Pantheon (at least, every deity that originated from The Walt Disney Company). Mickey Mouse asked him to prove it and Ludwig obliged. It actually ended in failure for the duck since he forgot to count himself as one of the Disney deities.

    Sandy Cheeks 
Sandra "Sandy" Cheeks, Goddess of Texan Genius (Miss Appear, The Rodent)

    Sheldon Cooper 
Sheldon Lee Cooper, God of Insufferable Ingenuity (Shelly, Shelly Bean (only his mom and sister get to call him that), Moonpie (only his "Meemaw" gets to call him that), Sheldor The Conqueror, Smelly Pooper, Dr. Dumbass, Virgin Piña Colada, C3P-Wee Herman, Shelbot, R2-D-Bag, Einstein von Brainstorm, The Skinny Weirdo, Skippy Cavanaugh)


    Sheldon J. Plankton 
Sheldon J. Plankton, God of Brilliant Idiots (Plankton, Peter Lankton, Shelly)


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