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SCP-239, Goddess of Almighty Children (The Witch Child, the Star-Eyed Child, true name: Sigurrós Stefánsdóttir)
  • Overdeity while awake, Quasideity while asleep (Object Class: Keter)
  • Symbol: An eye symbol with a star in the middle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Goo-Goo-Godlike, Whatever She Believes Becomes Real, Dr Clef's Arch-Enemy (And According To Him, God), Nice Girl yet a Person of Mass Destruction, Little Miss Almighty, Potential For Being VERY Dangerous, Treated As A Witch To Keep Control Of Her, Charm Person, Deep Sleep
  • Domains: Reality Warping, Unaware Power, Children, Magic
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: The Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Allies: The Fantastic Four (especially Franklin Richards), Whis, Aurora, Dream of the Endless, Fred Rogers, Walt Disney, The Author, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Eru Ilúvatar, Harry Potter, Madotsuki, Haruhi Suzumiya, Princess Luna
  • Enemies: Dr Clef, Maleficent, Ghetsis Harmonia, Bill Cipher, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare, Pitch Black
  • Avoids: The Hall of Mind Control, Iroque
  • SCP-239. Object class: Keter. An eight-year-old girl, Sigurrós Stefánsdóttir has the power to alter reality. Whatever she wants, it becomes reality. While a kind girl, she has trouble controlling her Reality Warper powers and has been put in a coma so she doesn't cause serious damage. Before that, she was treated as a Child Mage to make sure she has perceived limits on her power.
  • Was supposed to be kept in a coma, but someone decided to wake her up. The SCP Foundation immediately called for the termination of whoever was responsible, making it clear that while she isn't malevolent, her youth and inexperience makes her powers catastrophic. Not able to reverse it without risking her going on a meltdown next time, the Court of the Gods have made sure good-aligned overdeities watch over her because they can handle such an issue.
  • Dream of the Endless has decided to take things into his own hands and watch over her during sleep, trying to guide her so she uses her powers properly when awake. So far, it's working. Unfortunately, Freddy Krueger got the idea that attacking her through her dreams and influencing her could be used as a gateway to godhood. Pitch and Nightmare feel the same. Fortunately for Dream, Princess Luna is a fellow Dream Weaver with a soft-spot for children, so she can help pick up the slack when Dream needs a break.
  • As Madotsuki's a dream walker with access to various "effects" that change herself in various ways, and precautions were taken to keep her from waking up on the off chance that she just dreamed up the Pantheon and it'd cease to exist when she woke up, she relates to SCP-239.
  • Darkrai and Bill Cipher are forbidden to go anywhere near her, awake or asleep. Darkrai would rather not anyway, but Bill Cipher thinks her powers would allow him to bring about the ultimate Weirdmageddon. Ghetsis Harmonia has also been forbidden given his manipulation of children, and hopes that he might rule all existence through her.
  • The GUAG is very interested in SCP-239 as her powers could probe a Game-Breaker against all but the most powerful members of the Grand United Alliance of Evil. That, and they're the only alliance the SCP Foundation can trust with looking after her and it not triggering an apocalyptic scenario. Still, they have Harry Potter play with her and convince her that her powers are just magic to be safe.
  • Is the Arch-Enemy to Dr Clef, probably. It's implied he may have accidentally influenced her into thinking that he might kill her, and since she warps reality based on her beliefs.... When he threatened her after she's saw Sleeping Beauty, she turned him into a dragon. She enjoys Disney movies, and was happy to meet Aurora. Maleficent did not like this one bit.
  • Also according to Dr Clef, she's actually God. It's Dr Clef we're talking about, but given her enormous power it's not an implausible hypothesis. Both God(God, the Devil and Bob) and Eru Ilúvatar have been taken by the girl, and want to help her with controlling her powers. The latter is helped with her liking The Lord of the Rings.
  • Being a little girl, she likes Disney movies in general. Walt Disney has been entertaining her, in part to keep herself occupied and any reality-warping predictable. Mr Rogers has also been entertaining her with his show, to teach her good morals in hopes she uses her powers positively.
  • Avoids the Hall of Mind Control, because for all her powers she's still a little girl. And if someone were to mind control her, that'd be utterly catastrophic. Even Iroque isn't trusted, despite her insistence that the Indigo light of compassion could permanently keep her placid. The SCP Foundation has warned the Indigo Tribe not to, as even that could lead to something disastrous like making everyone unwillingly happy, and the Indigo Tribe can't realize the problems with that.
  • Whis, an experienced and trained Reality Warper, is trying to teach SCP-239 to use her powers properly. The Fantastic Four are helping with this, given Franklin Richards has a similar issue with his powers that she does. Haruhi is also interested in her, as they are both extremely powerful beings who happen to be girls.
  • Zonda took an interest in her ability to warp reality reminding her of the time she temporarily became Reverie Zonda. Though even still it utterly pales in comparison to the power SCP-239. When she expressed a desire to meet the girl Zonda was accused of plotting to use SCP-239 by somehow stealing her power somehow the Oracle of Eden vehemently denied such claims. After everything she and her fellow Adepts went through she would never stoop to such depravity. People retorted that never stopped her when it came to Joule and Mytyl for the Muse's power but Zonda shot back saying that they were associated with her biggest enemies and that if would of been better to do it by force if it meant utopia.

Greater Gods

    The Chosen Four 
The Chosen FourMembers, Holy Quartet of Kid Heroes (Ness: The PSI Powerhouse)
From left to right: Poo, Jeff, Ness and Paula
  • Greater Gods and Goddess together, who can take down Overdeities
    • Jeff is a Demigod
    • Paula is an Intermediate Goddess
    • Ness and Poo are Intermediate Gods with Ness being a Greater God Post-Magicant and possibly an Overdeity depending on how much you want to put into Leder's Exposition Dump
  • Symbol: The Sound Stone
  • Theme Songs: Title, Opening Credits, Smiles and Tears, The Eight Melodies
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kid Heroes, The Chosen Four, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Heroes, Children, Teams, Psychic Powers, Technology
  • Heralds: Their families, Ness's pet dog King, the children at the Polestar Preschool, the entirety of Dalaam's citizens, and Buzz Buzz
  • Allies: Mr. Saturn, Lucas, The Hawkins Party, The Z-Fighters, Beerus, Zeno, Pops Maellard, The Emperor Of Mankind, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cosmos, (Insert Name Here), Shigeo Kageyama
  • Enemies: Giygas, Porky Minch, Starman, Galeem and Dharkon, Tabuu, The ENTIRE Grand United Alliance of Destruction, but especially The Mind Flayer, The Shroobs, Sailor Chaos, Nagash The Undying, Lord English and Hajun, Lord Voldemort, Asroc, Aku, GOLB, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Fused Zamasu, Melkor, Griffith, Johan Liebert, Majin Buu, Light Yagami, Xehanort's Incarnations, Vanitas, The Shadow Queen, Dimentio, The Dark Star, Sauron, The Four Chaos Gods, Solaris, The Dark Matter Horde, Hades, Ganondorf, YHVH, Lucifer, Yuuki Terumi, Joker (Precure), Joker (DC), The Batman Who Laughs, Nekron, The Anti-Monitor, Lord Vortech, AM, The Alternates, pretty much every large-scale villain in the Pantheon
  • Opposes: The Dursleys
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Viridi (Ness), Sticks the Jungle Badger (Jeff)
  • Pities: Homura Akemi (Paula only)
  • Interests: SCP-049
  • Feared by: Lord Tirek
  • At some time in the past, a group of children had to stave off an Alien Invasion lead by Giegue, the alien eventually being stopped. Unfortunately, this was not the last the Earth had seen of Giegue. Later, Giegue, now known as Giygas, arrived to Earth once more, having gained unfathomable power. With a warning from the future, Ness sought out the other three heroes who were destined to help him stop Giygas.
  • Their ascension...was kind of forced, actually. One day, Chaos decided it would be a brilliant idea to gather members of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. This was so it and the rest of the alliance could gain intelligence on how threatening the members of the rest of the alliances are. Gathering some of the Shroobs and getting permission from Nekron to do this, Chaos attacked...and things got bad. Ness, realizing the situation, quickly fled to get his heralds. Ness eventually returned after gathering Paula, Jeff and Poo and after explaining the situation and just how bad things had gotten, they realized they absolutely needed to help. With their aid as well as some from other deities, they managed to defeat the Shroobs accompanying Chaos, before fighting the beast itself. Thanks to just how powerful Paula's prayers are, they managed to force the beast to retreat, realizing that they could actually defeat it, those attacks not being magical in nature or energy-based, therefore it couldn’t absorb and nullify them, and though it would eventually return as Sailor Chaos, it wants to do it on its own terms. Chaos fled, and they were properly ascended along with Ness under his current trope Kid Hero.
  • Applies to all of them:
    • Melkor practically shat himself when the rest of the Chosen Four arrived, knowing just how dangerous they could be. He immediately put them high on his list of threats, with anyone he has sent after them being swiftly dealt with by them, sometimes with the help of allies. He is frustrated by this, but is too cowardly to face them alone, as he knows they are perfectly capable of destroying him.
    • The four had varied opinions on Porky. Ness is saddened to see that his old friend had fallen so far and realized that with everything he has done, the boy is now Beyond Redemption. Paula can't help but pity him for his past, but like Ness, is disappointed in what he became. Jeff is sad that someone so good with technology ended up turning to evil, and Poo hates him the most out of the four for what he did to the Nowhere Islands.
      • When Ness informed them of Giygas' presence, they were very alarmed. However, upon learning of his past, they couldn't help but pity him. They soon realized that Giygas' mindless babbling might have actually been more, especially when he claims that things are "not right." The four have decided that defeating Giygas now is not only in order to save everyone and everything they care about, but it would put the poor alien out of his misery.
    • The four are indifferent on the war between Order and Chaos. The one exception is Paula, who pities Homura Akemi and hates Lucifer for what he’s done. In her eyes, Lucifer tearing apart a friendship like that is unforgivable and her friends were surprised to see her that angry. Sometimes, if you catch her at the right time, she can be seen praying for Homura’s soul.
    • Of course, she also isn’t very fond of YHVH for trying to create a World of Silence and making an attempt on Madoka’s life. She fears that Lucifer's and YHVH's battles could eventually destroy everything and leave nothing left, which has led her to be very serious concerning the threat of the two. Her friends have decided to aid her, which is a nightmare for both alliances come to life as every single one of them is a One-Man Army on their own...and together, well...
    • Chaos wants to destroy them for prematurely putting an end to its plan. While it did get some intelligence on the other alliances, it didn't get nearly as much as it wanted and has sworn to slaughter them on the spot next time they fight. Ness and his friends know of its power as they witnessed it firsthand and after hearing that it created multiple other Eldritch Abominations, realized that they would need to prepare for another assault from Chaos as they quickly came to the conclusion that it merely underestimated them.
    • Ness told them about the Mind Flayer, the incident regarding its ascension, and how dangerous it is. Paula, Jeff and Poo are helping Ness fight against this threat, putting them in good graces with the Hawkins Party. The Shadow Monster is annoyed by this as it has been spending more time sealed in the Upside-Down due to the arrival of more kids with Psychic Powers, with Jeff and some other geniuses in the Pantheon searching for ways to trap it in the Upside-Down for good.
    • Ness once encountered Joker, who sought to throw him into despair. This ended horribly for the agent of Bad End when he rubbed Porky’s Face–Heel Turn in his face, with Ness immediately using PK Rockin’ on the clown.
    • Their star pendants have made many users of fire, electricity, ice and light frustrated due to their properties, as while the fire and ice attacks still hurt them, it doesn't do nearly as much harm as they would normally, and they also make them immune to light-based and electric attacks. There’s also the large amount of weaponry that they have access to, including Poo’s Sword of Kings.
    • All four of them are wary of AM due to technically having suffered a Fate Worse than Death at one point or another through diamondization from some of Giygas’ minions, and they don’t mess around at all when going up against the mad AI.
    • Paula and Poo can use a form of Mana Drain known as PSI Magnet, where they take some of an opponent’s Psychic Powers and add it to their own when they are low on energy and having trouble using there own.
    • Lord Tirek once managed to escape from his temple and saw Ness, Paula and Poo using their PSI against Terumi after he tried to torment them like Joker attempted on Ness previously. They managed to drive Terumi away even with the power of Susano’o, which Tirek then saw as his cue to enter. Believing their Psychic Powers to be magic, he attempted to drain them...only for nothing to happen. Cue Curb Stomp.
    • Gets along with fellow heroic gaming gods like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Cosmos is also a big fan of theirs for striking fear into the heart of evil as children and even managing to defeat a villain Made of Evil, yet she also can’t help but express pity for Giygas. On the other hand, they are fierce enemies with The Shadow Queen, Dimentio and The Dark Star. Especially the latter for being an Omnicidal Maniac Made of Evil similar to what Giygas ultimately became in the end. They also don’t like Solaris due to him killing Sonic and trying to destroy all of time.
    • Light Yagami sees them as one of the biggest threats to his plans of becoming the god of the new world and wrote Jeff’s name in the Death Note at one point. It doesn’t take much thinking to tell what happened next. Light is frustrated as he cannot find out what Ness’ and Poo’s last names are.
    • SCP-049, the Plague Doctor, is rather interested in Ness and Poo due to their PSI Healing abilities, believing them to be a potential cure to "the plague." They and their friends don't know what to think of this.
  • Applies to Ness:
    • One day, while Ness was asleep in his bed, his annoying neighbour Porky knocked on his door and asked him to check out a meteor that had crashed nearby. When they visited it, a creature named Buzz Buzz tasked Ness and three other heroes with saving the universe from Giygas as well as obtaining the seven melodies from the seven "Your Sanctuaries" to gain the power to fight him.
    • Ness has a lot of power backing him up. After absorbing the power of the "Your Sanctuaries" he effectively has access to the Power of the Earth itself. As a result, he actually has the respect of Gaia and gets along well with Captain Planet. Viridi however is utterly flabbergasted on how a human of all things managed to accomplish something like this.
    • Zamasu was furious that a mere mortal child could obtain power that can surpass some of the gods and allows he and his friends to defeat others far above their own rank. He’s tried to kill Ness multiple times, only for his friends to be there with him to intercept him along with the aid of some others.
      • One of his attempts on Ness' life was also intercepted by Goku and Future Trunks, with the rest of the Z-Fighters joining in later in the fight. They conversed with them about Zamasu. More specifically, his ultimate form, Infinite Zamasu. They believe that they are fully capable of defeating Zamasu in that form given their incredible feats against the likes of Giygas and more recently, Chaos.
    • Is fully capable of using PSI as projectiles, though if things get truly dire and he gets serious, he'll use them the old fashioned way. This is a nightmare for some of the more evil and dangerous deities as when he uses his PSI like he did originally rather than using them as projectiles, the attacks become completely unavoidable.
    • Ness will sometimes speak with one of their heralds, his own mother, as he often gets homesick and unable to focus on fighting. He often goes to the House of Food to eat Steak as it is his favorite meal.
    • Once had to enter his own mind in order to fight Ness' Nightmare, his Enemy Within which looked eerily similar to the Mani Mani Statue. Nyarlathotep and Johan Liebert have both taken an interest, though the latter knows that, if Giygas is any indication, his mind abilities won’t work on Ness.
  • Applies to Paula:
    • Paula, a girl living in Twoson in the country of Eagleland, contacted Ness through his dreams using her Psychic Powers after being kidnapped and placed in a cell in Peaceful Rest Valley by Porky Minch and members of the Happy-Happy Cult. She gives the Franklin Badge to Ness so he can defeat Carpainter, which he does, and he gets the key to free her from her cage. Upon setting her free, she joins Ness' party and joins him in his journey to help stop Giygas.
    • A sweet, kind and caring girl, there are few things she actually hates. One of these things is those who harm children. Hurting children is a very, VERY good way to get on her shitlist. When she learned about Junko Enoshima...well...lets just say she went without a single Monokuma unit for weeks and leave it at that.
      • She later met with Makoto Naegi and Chisa Yukizome over the issue. The former respects her for not giving in when things were at their bleakest and even being the one to find Giygas’ weakness. The latter respects Paula for being a good role model to her students. Paula, in turn, has tried to comfort her over what she did while brainwashed by Junko and has sworn to never let that happen again.
    • Jervis Tetch immediately took an interest in her due to her blonde hair. Of course, he regretted trying to control her almost immediately when Batman appeared and she cast PSI Freeze α to incapacitate him before anyone got hurt.
    • Despite her powers being Psychic in nature rather than magical, she got along very well with members of the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood. Madoka in particular likes her for how caring she is and for staring into the face of doom in the battle against Giygas, ultimately saving the universe. The Sailor Guardians were impressed by that display as well as the one against Chaos.
    • DO NOT PISS HER OFF! On her own she may be an Intermediate Goddess, but her being a Squishy Mage is the only reason she isn't a Greater Goddess. Don't think that she's an easy target when she's alone either. Giygas' defeat was because of her prayers. Ness, Jeff and Poo had nothing to do with those prayers. So, she is effectively an Intermediate Goddess capable of taking down Overdeities, which makes things all the more dangerous for her foes when she is with her friends.
    • No. Her name is not Paula Polestar. It is Paula Jones. Polestar is the name of the preschool her parents own. Still, she doesn't mind being called Paula Polestar, partially because she just doesn't care and also because the kids at the preschool see her as a mother figure.
    • Despite how kind Paula is, there is one person in the Pantheon who she acts completely different than normal towards. Wild Hunt’s Champ. She finds him completely irredeemable even by the standards of similar villains, and she HATES HIM. He is one of the few villains she will not hesitate to go all out against, knowing full well her Psychic Powers could kill him.
    • Out of all of the Chosen Four, "Gabriel" dreads encountering Paula the most. Knowing that her prayers for safety defeated Giygas, and fearing that she will discover the Alternates' true weakness, he made sure that Paula will die before she does. In a psychic vision, "Gabriel" gave a "friendly warning" to Paula that he will kill those she loved the most first before saving her for last in an attempt to break her.
  • Applies to Jeff:
    • A boy growing up at the Snow Wood Boarding School in Winters, Foggyland, he answered the call of the girl named Paula calling for help to save Ness and her. With his assistance, he saved the two and joined their journey as one of the four Chosen Ones to save the world from the evil influence of Giygas.
    • Though he does not possess PSI abilities like the others, he makes up for it with his genius IQ and gadgetry. Such gadgets include Bottle Rockets, stun guns, Ray Guns, Bazookas, Counter-PSI Unit, Defense Shower, HP-Suckers, Neutralizers, Shield Killer, and Slime Generators.
    • He would come to assist Ness and the other Fighters as an Assist Trophy in the Smash Bros. Tournament with his trusty multi-bottle rockets to bring mayhem and massive explosions.
    • He is the son of a famous scientist, Dr. Andonuts, and takes after his genius intelligence and inventive engineering. However, they are not in a healthy relationship as Dr. Andonuts is more concerned with his work than his family as he was dropped off into a boarding school for roughly ten years.
    • Often stays up at night to work on inventions, he would take the night shift for the House of Craft to make routine fix-ups and inventing. It was this strong craftsmanship and ingenuity that caught the attention of the GUAG Engineering Division and recruited him.
      • He admires the craftiness of Gadget Hackwrench, which somewhat reminds him of Apple Kid's mouse pet, No Name Mouse, who often holds onto Apple Kid to give to Ness.
      • Nonetheless, his inventiveness is devalued by Asroc of the Seven adepts, because of his lack of psionic abilities and looks down on him. All of them are willing to throw down against Asroc if she tries to attack him.
      • Gets along with fellow boy geniuses Dexter and Jimmy Neutron. They can sometimes be seen coming up with ideas and trying to invent things together, and the three really enjoy each other’s company.
      • Good friends with Bulma Briefs for being an intelligent inventor and scientist who is no stranger to odd happenings.
    • He soon learned that he wasn't the only normal member of a team where having supernatural powers is a standard in their own universe. He got along with Connie and Sokka as they lack any powers that is exuded by their team but more than compensated with their intelligence.
    • Enemies with those who use technology for evil like Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, who are frustrated by the power of his inventions. Dr. Weil being both a Card-Carrying Villain and a Complete Monster pissed him off to no end. He also isn’t a big fan of Fawful for trying to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and attempting to take control of The Dark Star, almost causing everything to be destroyed.
    • Sticks doesn't know what to think of Jeff. On one hand, he uses technology and relies on it, and on the other, he's like Tails in the sense that he invents and fixes. She came to the conclusion that she was fine with him as like Tails, he uses his intelligence and technology for good.
    • Voldemort is out for Jeff's blood as he fears his ascension, and his expertise in technology, will encourage muggles to take up arms in order to defend themselves against magic users. He once tried to kill Jeff, and was promptly met by a PK Starstorm Ω to the face courtesy of Poo.
  • Applies to Poo:
    • The young prince of the kingdom of Dalaam, Poo soon sought out Ness and his friends after completing his Mu Training. They soon met in Summers, where Poo swore to serve Ness loyally and joined him, Paula and Jeff on their adventure to stop Giygas.
    • Syzoth greatly respects Poo for his Undying Loyalty towards Ness. The feeling is mutual, though Poo feels it is a bit unfair that Syzoth keeps getting screwed over.
    • Some Jerkass Gods and Trolls have made fun of his name. Not that he cares.
    • Shows visible pity for Cyan and what he went through. He was visibly unhappy that Cyan lost not only his entire family, but everyone in the Kingdom of Doma to Kefka's poison. This is a fate that he is going to lengths in order to avoid happening to Dalaam. He also fiercely opposes Kefka, seeing him as more vile and insane than Porky Minch.

Intermediate Gods

    Bloody Marie (Skullgirls
Marie Korbel, Goddess of Undead Children (Bloody Marie, The Skullgirl, Maid For Revenge, Marie 300%)

Etna, Goddess of Prepubescent Badassery (Demon Lord Etna, Beauty Queen Etna)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her skull earrings
  • Theme Songs: "Etna Rock" and "Etna Boogie"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cute Bruisers, Demons, Having a Complete Lack of Boobage, Being Immortally Prepubescent, Tsunderes, Killer Rabbits, Wearing Leather, Struggling to Contain Her Power
  • Domains: Chaos, Trickery, Darkness, Usurpers, Destruction, Youth
  • Allies: Laharl, Flonne, Toph Beifong, River Tam, Rachel Alucard, Lilith Aensland, Shion Sonozaki, Prinnies
  • Enemies: Adell (To a certain degree), Warboss Ghazghkull, Mikuru, Power Girl, Selena Recital, Morrigan Aensland (though they have been able to set aside their differences during important times), pretty much any Goddess who has bra size C and above (except Shion and Ryoubi, in a sense), Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, Yoko Littner, Gul'dan
  • Is very, very, sensitive over her lack of "maturity," and any mention of such within earshot is met with Horrible, Painful Death(TM). A good deal of the other Gods like it, mind you, but she won't hear any of it.
  • Hacked the Pantheon for the purposes of changing her ranking. Haruhi's been trying to change it back for some time, to no avail.
  • Is one of the few deities that has defeated Adell in fair combat. Though some suggest that it would not have happened if Rozalin (His girlfriend) didn't insult her chest size, thus pressing her biggest Berserk Button.
  • Her treatment of the Prinnies is strongly frowned upon by many members in the House of Beasts and Fauna. Not that this makes any difference on her treatment of her beaked slaves, mind you...
  • Under normal circumstances (i.e. being an enemy of anyone with bra size C and above) she would be Shion's enemy. However, Shion's mischievous nature won her over. That and a certain prank Shion played on Laharl that she couldn't stop laughing at for days.
  • After ending a crisis in the Netherworld, Laharl and Flonne returned to the pantheon without Etna for reasons they refuse to explain. She was in a coma for weeks after a nearly fatal exposure to "The Artifact of Absolute Death". Etna eventually returned with a power boost, but has been seen struggling with it.
  • Ever since she managed to bring in the Prinnies into the Pantheon, she has begun to question this choice. Even though she gets to enjoy the luxury of having hundreds of servants at her disposal, she still has to deal with the constant attacks from Warboss Ghazghkull since he is always in need of a new batch of Prinnies along the need of a brutal battle. Though she has about as many victories as she has losses against him, she still has to sacrifice many Prinnies in the process due to the destruction that the fights cause.
  • When she heard about the formation of 'League of Flat Chest', Etna wasted no time to propose for leadership, hilariously threatening everyone that she can grind her levels to over nine thousand and make everyone still submit to her anyway. Even the proposer, Noel Vermillion, had to accept that proposal, despite her title. Etna was pleased.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar have declared her their sworn enemy, condemning her treatment of the Prinnies due to being "penguins" no matter how many times others try to tell them differently. Etna personally considers them a nuisance, though due to them actually getting the better of her on several occasions, even she has some level of respect for them.
    • "Some" meaning she puts them slightly above "annoying".

    Sousuke Sagara 
Sousuke Sagara, God of Child Soldiers (Kashim, Isegar Sousuke, Sousky Seagal, Bonta-kun)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Mithril emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with neutral tendencies
  • Domains: War, Good, Chaos, Children, Community, Metal
  • Portfolio: Drill Sergeant Nasty, Improbable Age, Bad Liar, Convieniently arrives to save the day, Clueless Chick-Magnet, The Comically Serious, Crazy-Prepared, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Mad Bomber, Not So Stoic, Perpetual Frowner, Person of Mass Destruction, The Quiet One, Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training,
  • Heralds: Kaname Chidori and Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa
  • Allies: Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Heero Yuy, Setsuna F. Seiei, Amuro Ray
  • Enemies: Gauron, Char Aznable
  • Opposes: Sundowner, Skull Face, Junko Enoshima
  • Headbutting Heroes: Malcolm Reynolds, River Tam, Laura Kinney/X-23
  • Annoyed by: Gilgamesh
  • Respects: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
  • There are many child soldiers in the Pantheon. Few of them have started from the age of 2 or 3 years. Sousuke Sagara has been one of the most effective followers under Reiner Braun's wing. That came to an end when Eren and Mikasa exposed him for being a titan. The outrage was enough to bench him for now. Sousuke took over in his place, promising to restore the good name of the profession.
    • The two that helped expose the previous holder get along with the teen much better. Still, Eren sees more of Levi than he would like.
  • For Gauron, Sousuke's arrival was a long-awaited return to form for him. Killing mere mortals was a chore for him. Now that his archenemy has made himself home, he finally has a purpose: to murder Sousuke and his friends as well as bring Mithril to its knees. Sousuke himself was shocked that Gauron was back from the dead. He now wants to make sure it happens a second time.
  • Few people know how to make an entrance like Sousuke. The GUAG was pleased to have someone who can reliably save the day. Oddly enough he doesn't have the favor of the patron saint of such rescues. Mal may see him as a slight improvement over the previous holder, but he still disapproves of the use of children for combat. The space pirate has been scarred by war in his world and doesn't believe that children should be involved in it.
    • When Mal wasn't cooperative, he tried to strike a partnership with River Tam. Many of her followers are Child Soldiers and he hoped the two can work together. The psychic immediately declined, stating she only wants her followers to use their abilities in self-defense or to help friends.
    • The sentiment is shared with X-23. After being bred to be the ultimate weapon, she has abandoned that goal. She wants to be something different based on her own choice. While she sees Sousuke to be more benevolent than the last holder of the trope, she is still against the concept of a patron saint for those like her.
  • Using children as soldiers is controversial as it is, but Sousuke proved that some of them can have a positive impact. With that said, he is opposed to those who use them for profit. One of his first acts was to temporarily shut down Sundowner's shields. A lot of less powerful gods got a shot at the war profiteer that day, with Sousuke sitting back to watch the carnage. He promised further retaliations if he ever takes any of his followers.
    • His disdain of Skull Face is arguably worse. At least Sundowner wouldn't force children to have sex. Sousuke has taken measures to improve the lives of his followers and make sure more malevolent forces don't take advantage of them.
  • Various deities from the Gundam worlds congratulated the kid on his ascension. While many of their ranks could have qualified for the role, they settled for someone outside their sphere of influence. Of special note are Heero and Setsuna, whom many see a bit of a resemblance. Heero's welcome was naturally one of quiet admiration.
    • Char can add one more pilot on his list of enemies. Not that he is worried in the slightest. He and the Mecha Cohort will adjust accordingly.
  • Don't let his young age fool you. His vocal insults can make grown man cry. With that said, even he admits his training doesn't hold a candle to Hartman. He won't comment on the drill sergeant any further than that.
  • The House of Love and Affection was absolutely baffled that it took so long for him to realize Kaname had feelings for him throughout the war. In his defense he was never really good at reading people. He hopes to make up for it in due time, taking her there on dates.
  • Has made sure to weed out Sociopathic Soldiers such as Vile and his followers. He knows that such warriors are a liability at best for Mithril. He does feel sorry for the children that fall out in favor of the robot.
  • Would rather that Gilgamesh stop bragging that they have the same voice actor. Just because that is true doesn't automatically make them friends.
  • Once wore an amusement park costume to protect Kaname while in disguise. Half the Pantheon burst out in laughter while the other half gave out a huge Squee over how cute he was. The only other reactions came from the animatronics from Five Night's at Freddy's. The incident only reminded them of bad memories.
  • Put Junko on his shitlist after he found out what he did to Mukuro Ikusaba, her own sister and one of his followers. It doesn't help that sending despairing children over the edge is her specialty.

Lesser Gods

    Cassandra Cain-Wayne/Batgirl III/Orphan II and Damian Wayne/Robin V 
Cassandra Cain-Wayne and Damian Wayne, Divine Protectors of Troubled Children (Cassandra: Cass, Batgirl, Black Bat, Orphan II | Damian: Ibn Al Xu'ffasch [birth name], Damian Wayne-al Ghul, Son of Batman, Redbird, Robin V, Regime Nightwing)
Cassandra Cain-Wayne
Damian Wayne
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbols: The Batgirl and Robin insignias; alternatively, a photo of the Batfamily
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (most of the time)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroes, Children of Bad Mothers, Gotham City
  • Herald: Bat-Cow (Damian's pet cow)
  • Additional Relationships:
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: on Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Worthy Opponents: Cassie Cage (not because her and Cassandra share the same first name and nickname, mind you), Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke, Ryu Hayabusa, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
  • Enemies:
  • In General:
    • Talia al Ghul and Lady Shiva were not surprised to hear that their respective child's ascension had just been cleared. They had suspected that it had been Talia's 'Beloved' that was responsible for their ascension. Surprisingly, Bruce was innocent, as the news shocked even him. Not even Ra's himself knew of the pair's ascension until Talia had told him. The culprits behind Damian and Cassandra's ascension were the other deified members of the Batfamily, with both Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson leading the effort.
    • Ra's al Ghul was surprised to find out that his grandson has come to the Pantheon. He is also privy to David Cain's attempts to mold Cassandra into the perfect assassin/bodyguard. While Ra's knows that David did it for the League, even he found his methods to be extreme.
    • Both Liu Kang and Kitana have past dealings with Bruce Wayne and were not impressed with the Batfamily's newest additions to the Pantheon. Damian and Cassandra then challenged the older couple to kombat. In the ensuing two-on-two fight, the deified Emperor and Empress of the Netherrealm got their asses handed to them. Cassie Cage, her parents, Jacqui Briggs, her dad, and the rest of Team S-F watched the match in schadenfreud-tastic hilarity that Liu and Kitana lost to a pair of teenagers.
    • Aside from Liu and Kitana, Havik and Hotaru have both taken an interest in Damian and Cassandra, due to their dark pasts and their shared ties with the League of Assassins. Havik wants to bring the pair back into the ways of Chaos, while Hotaru believes that such talent is wasted under Bruce Wayne. The feuding representatives of Order and Chaos are actively trying to recruit both Damian and Cassandra to their ranks...and are still trying to kill each other.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. has also shown interest in Cassandra and Damian. But seeing as how their loyalties are with Bruce Wayne, recruiting them to S.H.I.E.L.D. is considered to be a futile gesture.
    • When your dad/parental figure happens to be the goddamn Batman and your mothers are world-class assassins, you're earned those bragging rights...not counting the times Mommy has tried to kill you in the past. In Damian's case, Talia succeeded. Thankfully, he wasn't dead for very long.
    • They really, really hate those who use child soldiers, given their pasts. For Cassandra and Damian, the exception to the 'no kill' rule is any deity who profits from using child soldiers.
  • Exclusive to Cassandra:
    • You thought Lady Shiva being her mom is bad, her father was much, much worse. David Cain had groomed Cass from birth to become the ultimate assassin and bodyguard for Ra's al Ghul, which meant that Cass had underwent Training from Hell that would make even Leonidas ill. David Cain taught her to watch the other person's movements and body language in order to predict, with uncanny accuracy, their next move. If she disobeyed, then she would be shot in non-vital areas as punishment, with the threat of being shot again should she cry out from the pain.
    • The deified members of the Pantheon were horrified when Cass told her story about the training she had been forced to go under. A standing agreement was made by most of the deities, good and bad. Should David Cain ever ascend to the Pantheon, he's gonna pay.
    • Cassandra has made friends with Laura Kinney. Both girls connected over their shared pasts, learning how to become trained killers, but instead chose to use their skills for good.
    • The last time Cass had been in the same room with her mother, it had ended with Shiva KO'ed by her little girl. Barbara has told her that Sandra is in the Pantheon, but Cass is still apprehensive about having a meeting with her mother.
      • Fortunately for Cassandra, Sandra had sought her out, arriving at her and Damian's temple. It's unknown what was said between mother and daughter, but Sandra left the meeting with a (barely visible) smile on her face, while Cass herself had a grin on her face. Mother and daughter have a long way to go in regards to their reconciliation, but at least they're talking.
    • One past story arc had Cass finding religion after saving a priest. However, that angle did not stick, but Cass has shown an interest in religion, and was seen talking to Sophitia Alexandra. She does, however, keep her distance from the more religious nutbars in the Pantheon.
    • While Cassandra is often thought of as the second Batgirl, she’s actually the third. That’s because Barbara wasn’t the first Batgirl. In fact, Barbara is the second Batgirl. A very long time ago, there was a young woman who wore the cowl and fought crime before Barabara and Cass did. That woman’s name was Bette Kane and she was the Silver Age Batgirl. Bette isn’t in the pantheon but she and Cass met once as member of Young Justice, Bette is very proud of her cousin Cass. As the original Batgirl, Bette considers Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie to be worthy successors to the Batgirl mantle (although she's peeved about the loss of the hyphen)...and even better Batgirls than she ever was. Still, the three successive Batgirls do gather from time to time to pay their respects to Bette for what she had started all those years ago as Batwoman’s sidekick.
  • Exclusive to Damian:
    • Like Cassandra, Damian is not on very good terms with his mother. Being killed by your very own clone designed by Mommy can put a serious dent in that relationship. However, Damian has a good relationship with Grandpa Ra's, despite that Damian decided to stick with Papa Wayne instead of leading the League when the time came.
      • Bruce and Ra's are putting pressure on Talia to go and make amends for her past crimes against Damian. While Talia longs to have a relationship with her son once again, she also knows that Damian can hold a grudge, like her.
    • In another timeline, Damian had joined forces with High Councillor Kal-El after accidentally killing Dick Grayson. Suffice to say, Damian does not like this future version of himself. Talia, on the other hand, approves, as Regime Superman managed to get her son over Batman's 'no-kill' policy. "Why couldn't my son be more like that?" Talia had lamented.
    • In another universe, Damian's mother is not Talia al Ghul, but rather Selina Kyle. At first, Damian refuses to follow his parents into the crimefighting business, but he becomes Robin when Joker Jr. causes the building his parents were in to collapse, killing them both. Speaking of Selina, he does have some form of respect for her.
    • Damian has a thing for blondes. And The Pantheon has plenty of blond deities. If said blonde has the blue eyes to match, then you got his interest. "May the Gods help us all once Master Damian reaches puberty, Master Wayne," Alfred once said to Bruce, who agreed with his butler's words. As it turns out, Supergirl, Cassie Cage, Emma Frost, and Cammy White top the list of blondes Damian has his eyes on.
    • While Damian has been growing out of his mindset as an assassin thanks to the Batfamily's influence (as well as some others that Bruce has looking out for him and Cass, such as Blade and Power Girl), there are some buttons you should not press. Harm innocent children? Be somewhere else. Threaten his family, especially his dad and Dick? Start praying.

Dexter, God of Boy Geniuses (Dorkster, Dex-Star Boy of Wonder)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Glasses
  • Theme Songs: Dexter's Laboratory Theme and Outro
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with some moments of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Smart and Badass, Smart In Science But Not In Everyday Stuff, Expressive Eyewear, Science Hero, Unknown Accent, Short Smarty, Everything In The Name Of SCIENCE!, Science Ace
  • Domains: Science, Technology, Genetics
  • Allies: The Ghost Planet Staff, Twilight Sparkle, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Victor Stone/Cyborg, KND, Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, Krim Steinbelt, Blossom, ICEY
  • Rivals: Mandark, Tabane Shinonono
  • Enemies: FUSE, Brainiac, GLaDOS, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Ultron, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Hero Worship: Superman, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson
  • Annoyed With: Pinkie Pie, Taokaka
  • Family: Dee Dee
  • Even though nearly everybody knows about his "secret lab", he still remodeled his temple after his old room with hidden passages that leads to his underground lab.
  • Many in the House of Machinery and Technology are astonished that someone as young as Dexter could build so many robots, machines, and other experiments. Both Tony Stark and Reed Richards have been thinking of making him their protégée.
  • Has begun construction on his own power armored suit after witnessing the amazement of Tony's own Mark suit. He was amazed he was able to build his Mark I with nothing but scraps.
  • Has been disturbed at the number of evil robots and machines like Brainiac, Ultron, and GLaDOS running around the Pantheon. Interesting enough, the last one has even cause his own Computer to express the unknown emotion of hate
  • Has started a rivalry with eccentric IS builder Tabane Shinonono. His reason for the rivalry is because someone that flaky can't be a genius builder. Amusing enough, any matches between the two are just comical in nature. Like when the two played chess, with robots, IN SPACE.
  • When he first encountered the Mane Six, he thought they were the same crazy ponies that attacked her sister. The misunderstanding was quickly cleared up and Dexter has even befriended Twilight Sparkle because of her scientific approach to magic. He has even try incorporating magic energy as an alternate fuel for his machines.
  • Even though he has no hostility towards Mane Six, he still finds Pinkie Pie annoying with her high-energy personality. Though, he does find her homemade cupcakes delicious.
    • He also finds Taokaka just as annoying. With her constantly finding ways to enter his laboratory and asking his questions on what he is doing. Thankfully for his lab, she doesn't destroy everything on sight like Dee Dee.
  • Had a "fan-gasm" when he first met Dungeon & Dragons creators Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. The same goes for many of the superheroes like Superman, Captain America, The Hulk, and Thor who resemble The Justice Friends.
  • Dexter is unfortunately in Santa's permanent Naughty List after he attacked Santa Claus and beat up his reindeer.
  • Of all of the people that ascended, it was his sister Dee Dee and the first thing she did was enter his laboratory without his permission. Dee Dee is glad to be with her baby brother but Dexter is not very amused about it. Despite that, he shows some relief that Dee Dee is finally here.
  • He often hangs out with Blossom, bonding over their interests in superheroes and academics. Needless to say, many deities think they're absolutely adorable together. These comments always make the two of them blush.
  • Nearly had a mental breakdown when he found an alternate universe in which his sister Dee Dee was killed in a crossfire between Mandark and himself. It got worst when he saw ANOTHER universe in which he himself has turned evil with the implication he killed Dee Dee.
  • Also present in the House of Science.

    Li Li Stormstout 
Li Li Stormstout, The Goddess who Tagged Along (The Wild Dog, World Wanderer)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Staff
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, The Protagonist of "Pearl of Pandaria", Adorably badass, Deadpan Snarker for a little girl, Her mom died after a fishing accident, Mouthy Kid
  • Domains: Children, Adventure, Exploring, Healing
  • Allies: Chen Stormstout (Her Uncle), Po, Litchi Faye-Ling, Ling Xiaoyu, The Nephalems (Especially Kharazim), Aang, Jackie Chan, Jade Chan, Steven Universe, Rom, The Kids Next Door, The Great A'Tuin, Most of the Good gods in Health and Diseases
  • Enemies: The Old Gods (Specially Y'Shaarj), Garrosh Hellscream, Lord Shen, Evil insects in general
  • Banned from: The Hall of Calmness
  • Li Li Stormstout is a young, adventurous Pandaren girl that LOVES exploring and as a result, is frequently seen traveling with her Uncle Chen. When she wasn't able to track her Uncle, she somehow managed to find the pantheon on her own, a surprising feat for such a youngster. While Chen has for the most part, already settled down, Li Li on the other hand has that spirit of adventure that he used to have and as a result, she was given a position in the Pantheon for her love for Adventure
  • Li Li is rarely seen in her temple, instead of spending her time exploring the vast amount of houses in the Pantheon, which has kept her entertained. Many are very worried about how her uncle lets her do this all on her own but Chen has told them that Li Li is capable enough of taking care of herself, to the point that she arrived at the Nexus even before Chen got there.
  • Met Po after following his uncle to one of his sparring matches, where Li Li confused him for a fellow Pandaren. Po treats the little girl as a sister and as such, has taken it upon himself to train her in the ways of the Dragon. Though it has been pretty difficult so far, since Li Li isn't exactly the most easy person to deal with.
    • She was surprised to learn that there was another student of Po, which would be Lao Jiu, a Panda so tiny that he can be carried as a Hairpin.
  • Curious to know who was Lao Jiu owner, Li Li ended up meeting Litchi. They both became friends instantly, as Litchi was enamored with Li Li's overall cute demeanor and appearance. She also acts as a Cool Big Sis of some sort for Li Li, after hearing that her own mother passed away after an fishing accident.
  • She was surprised to find fellow monk Kharazim ascended as well. While having a rivalry with her uncle, Kharazim can't help but to warm up to Li Li. He also acts as her healing master when Chen is not around, which Li Li finds fascinating most of the time. Time will tell if Li Li will be able to learn the arts of Kicking and Punching.
  • She gets along with other children who also happen to be healers. She hit it off instantly with Steven Universe given their love for adventuring and also hangs around Rom, due to being a Combat Medic just like her.
  • Has a very close relationship with The Great A'Tuin, since it reminds her of Shen-zin Su, the island where she was born
  • She also likes to hang around Jade Chan, another adventurous girl who also deeply admires her uncle. Li Li is excited to take Jade on a journey throughout the world of Azeroth, but her uncle Jackie is not easy to convince about it.
  • Patience is not one of the Virtues of Li Li, and because how reckless she can be sometimes, she was banned from the Hall of Calmness, given that she makes too much noise.
  • Similar to her comrade Murky, Li Li is also usually wanted to be "Taken Home" by various deities especially Rena Ryuugu. Much to the dismay of them, Li Li is actually very hard to catch, given that she can run faster in case someone is chasing her. Of course, Li Li doesn't minds these and consider this a game.
  • She hates bugs and insects, because she thinks they are disgusting. That why she avoids the Hall of Insects whenever she can.
  • Became an honorary member of the Sector-V after helping them on a mission. She was also almost hugged to death by Numbuh 3, given how cute the Pandaren girl was to her. That, and because they sounds incredibly similar.
  • Likes to hang around the House of Health and Diseases, helping those who needs help with her Healing Brew. However, many of her "Patients" are actually very good friends of her uncle Chen, and she knows why the seek her out for.
  • "Ready for Adventure!"

    Lieselotte Achenbach 
Lieselotte Achenbach, Goddess of Creepy Children (The Crimson Eyed Puppeteer, The red eyed puppeteer who wanders in darkness, Liese-poo, Kidnapper, Puppeteer Lady, Liesy)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Lieselotte's doll in front of her Arcana, Gier
  • Theme Music: Moonlight Nocturne
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Creepy Child, Casting a Shadow, Self-Made Orphan, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Difficult, but Awesome Puppet Fighter, Evil Orphan, Briefcase of Hurt, Child Assassins
  • Domains: Darkness, Children, Death
  • Followers: The cast of Gunslinger Girl
  • Allies: Heart Aino, Zenia Valov, Carl Clover, Elize Lutus, Zato-1, Mirai
  • Enemies: Hansel and Gretel, Relius Clover
  • Running into Lieselotte in a dark alley is a bad idea because of her really creepy demeanour and also, despite being ten, she's a skilled assassin.
  • Lieselotte is allies with Carl Clover and Elize Lutus because their dolls also have a souls in them. Lieselotte was very surprised to find that the soul in her doll was not her sisters soul. Though that raises the question of who's soul is in that doll. Where the fact it can move can be allured to Lieselotte's own powers, the fact it can talk just raises further questions. She seems to have no idea, but she seems to feel bit bad whatever the case is.
    • Lieselotte hates Relius Clover because he did this twice For Science!.
  • She is friends with Mirai, who also has a similar fashion sense, and was an assassin of sort in the past. Though Lieselotte seems to throw couple of snarky remarks at Mirai without her really noticing them.
  • Zato-1 is interested in her, for the fact that she is a Puppet Fighter with two aspects (her doll and her Arcana), and both being assassins. She doesn't mind him, though she does avoid him when he gets bit ludicrous.
  • Seems to be after Jedah Dohma for his blood. When asked why, all what she says is that doesn't everyone want bit of demon blood?
  • They say that if you stare into her eyes long enough, you'll get dizzy. She once had a staring contest with Reisen Undongein Inaba. Both of them felt little sick after that.

Mandy, Goddess of Tiny Tyrannical Girls
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The flower insignia on her dress
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Lawful Evil at her worst)
  • Portfolio: Expressive Hair, Enfantes Terribles, Manipulative Bastards, Perpetual Frowners, Heroic Comedic Sociopath
  • Domains: Corruption, Death, Madness, Suffering
  • Allies: Except for Billy and Grim, Mandy has no allies; only subordinates. She does seem to respect Jin Kazama, to some extent.
  • Enemies: Jack O'Lantern, Eric Cartman, Pinhead, Cthulhu
  • Fears: The Kankers, Damien Thorne
  • Interests: Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • The other gods make it a point to stay on Mandy's bad side as much as possible. Every time she smiles, an alternate universe is wiped out of existence.
  • Was once in a three way tie for this position against Stewie Griffin and to a lesser extent Eric Cartman. However, since Cartman was deemed not evil enough and Stewie became her High Priest before ascending into the House of Science, it all kind of settled over.
  • Formerly believed to be a manifestation of Azula in child form. However, since Azula's downfall (and subsequent release to the mortal realm), Mandy vehemently denies any connection between them: "I'm supposed to do something important. She didn't. She didn't at ALL."
    • And after the latter reascended they tend to avoid each other like the plague.
  • Mandy's success at dominating one incarnation of the Grim Reaper has earned her the enmity of Death of the Endless.
  • Even she doesn't get on Asura's bad side, on the other hand. She may be evil, but she isn't stupid. She's smart enough to know when she's outmatched.
  • Really hates evil vampires after the mess with her universe's Santa Claus, and has stated she would form a temporary alliance with hunters to wipe out Dracula and his allies. Friendly vampires get off a bit better, only earning the ire she has reserved for everything else.
    • Gangrel's case was a bit different. He was neither evil nor good, and while he allied with the good-aligned vampires, he wasn't really keen on their schemes, not to mention that he and Luna threatened to pour blood on her if she tried anything funny. Mandy, begrudgingly agreed, but is planning on bringing in some extra help just in case.
  • She holds onto one standard: she doesn't like cheating.
  • When she heard of how The Scooby Doo Gang defeated the Nibiru Entity—especially in the case of Daphne Blake due to having similar voices—she went up to them and (honestly) applauded. Yes, they defeated the entity with friendship but considering the fact that they still beat it let Mandy give them her utmost respect.
  • She would like to tell a certain artist named Bleedman to STOP making perverted artwork of her and state she not only married Grim (which actually disgusted her for obvious reasons not limited to age), but also caused 9/11. Many of the other good deities would agree.

Thumbelina, Goddess of Wonder Children (Tomme-Lise, Maya, Toots)
  • Lesser Goddess (Originally Quasideity before marrying Cornelius)
  • Symbol: A blooming tulip with fairy wings behind it
  • Themes: "Soon", "Let Me Be Your Wings" (with Cornelius)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born out of a blooming tulip, Innocent Blue Eyes, Damsel in Distress, Kidnapped While Sleeping, constantly dragged from one situation to another, Catches the eyes of unwanted admirers, Fish out of Water, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, became princess of the fairies and was renamed Maya
  • Domains: Fairies, Children, Size, Innocence, Singing
  • Heralds: Prince Cornelius (her husband), and Jacquimo
  • Allies: Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tiger, The Gang of Seven, Charlie Barkin, Anne-Marie, Chanticleer, Hubie and Rocko, Anastasia, Jiminy Cricket, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Tinker Bell, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Basil and Dawson, Amaterasu
  • Enemies: Sharptooth, Grand Duke Of Owls, Rasputin, Maleficent, Ratigan, Captain Hook, The Scorpion and The Tarantula
  • Wary around: King Gator
  • Complicated Relationship: Don Bluth, Ariel
  • Once there was a woman who wished for a small, small child. She paid a visit to a good witch, who gave her a tiny barleycorn and instructed her to plant it in a flowerpot. After following the witch's instructions, the woman's love and care yielded a beautiful tulip, and when she kissed the petals, she was greeted by a little surprise. A tiny girl, no bigger than a human thumb, emerged from the flower; perfectly formed and able to speak. The girl was then named Thumbelina, and was cared for by the kind woman... until a toad deemed her a suitable wife for her own son and proceeded to kidnap Thumbelina. Thus began a series of misadventures, with Thumbelina attracting the attention of many wannabe suitors. This includes the aforementioned toad, who abruptly left her on a lily pad, a scarab beetle, whose family found her to be ugly, and a field mouse who wanted to marry the poor girl off to her mole neighbour. Eventually, with the help of a kind swallow, Thumbelina travelled to a faraway kingdom of fairies, where she met their prince and became his princess. She was granted a pair of fairy wings and a new name: Maia. This would be, as one author once said, the whole story. But this "Happily Ever After" was only the beginning.
    • Not long after her marriage to the fairy prince, The Court of The Gods summoned Thumbelina to properly appoint her as a goddess, with her husband becoming a Herald. But when they entered the Pantheon, she quickly realized she had actually ventured there before, back when she was a normal girl. Following her encounter with the beetle, Thumbelina wandered into the House of Beasts and Fauna, still thinking she was in her homeworld. There she met the nefarious Professor Ratigan, who intended to marry her as part of his plans to take over the criminal underworld. Luckily, this plot was thwarted by Basil of Baker Street and his partner Dawson, who bested the vile rodent and safely returned Thumbelina to her world, wishing her all the best in finding her way home. That single act was remembered by the tiny girl, as she went to Basil and Dawson's temple upon ascending to properly thank them for helping her out.
  • It wasn't just Prince Cornelius who came up with Thumbelina. A few days after ascending, word spread of a flamboyant swallow flying around the House of Love, singing songs and talking about overcoming the impossible by following one's heart. Turns out the swallow, named Jacquimo, had flown into the Pantheon upon hearing Thumbelina's voice and was more than happy to reunite with the married couple. Some though have questioned why he didn't just fly his friend home when they first met, to which both admit with a shrug.
  • It's no secret Thumbelina has been compared to the Disney Princesses, who she technically is a part of now. Most of them treat her with courtesy and respect but her relationship with Ariel is perhaps the most complicated. The reason for it? Both Thumbelina and Ariel were from Hans Christian Anderson-based worlds with red hair, desiring to be something they're not, and possessing very similar singing voices. The pair have tried striking up conversations in the past but most have ended in awkward silence. Still, Ariel is open to her fellow princess, and is more than willing to give it another shot.
  • In regards to her relationship with the other Don Bluth deities, Thumbelina, well, is on good terms with the vast majority. She's found particular companionship with Mrs. Brisby, who she sees as the polar opposite to Mrs. Fieldmouse and was also the one to shelter Thumbelina while Basil and Dawson were busy with Ratigan. As well, she sympathizes with Fievel Mousekewitz, the Gang of Seven, Anne Marie, Hubie and Anastasia, all of whom have gone on dangerous journeys in order to reunite with their loved ones or find a place to belong, similar to how Thumbelina once did. She initially had trouble meeting Fievel's friend Tiger, but after learning he's a vegetarian, things became easier and she treats him as a feline version of her mother's dog, Hero.
    • That said, she wants nothing to do with The Sharptooth, The Grand Duke of Owls and Rasputin, due to all three being destructive, evil beings, not to mention the former two having tried to devour her. Luckily, she's got help from Littlefoot and Chanitcleer and wisely keeps her distance. She has been wary being around King Gator, even though Charlie Barkin and Anne-Marie have told her he's relatively harmless.
  • Her relationship with Bluth though is incredibly complicated. To Bluth, Thumbelina is a reminder of the dark period in his career, and his attempts to capitalize on Disney's success at the time, only to end in complete disaster. For her part, the tiny girl held no bad feelings towards her director, even thanking him for giving her the chance to explore new worlds and, in Jacquimo's words, do impossible things.
  • Because of her newfound wings, Thumbelina has been seen meeting and interacting with the Pantheon's local fairies. Cosmo and Wanda were quick to get themselves acquainted with her and Tinker Bell has helped Thumbelina with getting the hang of flying, even inviting her to Neverland to have adventures with the other fairies. It has put both in Captain Hook's bad books however, and have had to rely on Peter Pan to keep the inexperienced Thumbelina out of trouble while she practices flying. She was also disturbed to learn that Maleficent was a fairy as well, despite not sharing similar characteristics, and was quick to befriend Flora, Fauna and Merryweather for added protection.
  • Outside of the fairies, Thumbelina has also befriended several deities who are a little on the short side. Jiminy Cricket was kind enough to visit Thumbelina's homeworld to explore and learn more about it, even sitting down for tea with her and Cornelius, and has shared some of his own adventures with Sora. Another tiny traveller she befriended was a wandering artist named Issun, companion to the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu. She was amazed by the tiny poncle and his skills with the Celestial Brush, less so with his... tastes with women. Especially the "tall" ones. That said, Issun introduced Thumbelina to his descendant, the Inchling princess Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, who quickly became close friends with her, and introduced the fairy princess to her fellow Inchlings, all of whom were in awe of her singing voice. They've all had to keep an eye out though, as there are creatures in the Pantheon want the fairy princess as a light snack. Among them are the Scorpion and the Tarantula, who for their part, have mistaken Thumbelina for a butterfly from time to time.
  • Speaking of her voice, Thumbelina occasionally makes appearances in the House of Theatre and Spectacle to perform musical numbers, though she's not up for getting into that ridiculous insect dress again and being humiliated in front of the audience. It's also because of the beetle that she also doesn't like being called Toots, and her friends were quick to pick up on it.
  • Some in the Pantheon have noted that Thumbelina was quick to give up when things seemed almost impossible to overcome, not to mention her submissiveness whenever people took advantage of her. While she's grown out of that stage, other deities have tried to give her crap over the past. After all, impossibility and mildly inconvenient are not the same thing.
  • And no, she did not, and will not, marry the mole. No matter how many times people ask her about it, Thumbelina will refuse to go into the details, even going so far as to blow a raspberry at repeat annoyers.

    Van and Fiona 
Van Flyheight and "Fiona" Elisi Linette, God and Goddess of Grown Up Kid Heroes (Van: Bang Freiheit | Fiona: Fine Elecyne Rine)
Click here to see them in Guardian Force

    Wendy Marvell 
Wendy Marvell, Goddess of Young Mages (Sky Sorceress, Goddess)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess with Dragon Force)
  • Symbol: A cloud shaped like a Fairy Tail symbol
  • Theme Music: Amazing Blessings
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Combat Medic, using the power of the wind, Token Mini-Moe, Child Mage, enhancing others' abilities, feeling inadequate about her small chest
  • Domains: Medic, Age, Wind
  • Allies: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartphilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Cana Alberona, Juvia Lockser, Asia Argento, Ami Mizuno, Himelda Window, Mikoto Misaka, The K.N.D, Byakuren Hijiri, Mirai, Caro Ru Lushe and Silica, Koneko Toujou, Rom and Ram, Ujimatsu Chiya, Rubick, Billy Batson
  • Enemies: The House of Hatred and Rancor, YHVH, Lucifer, Ornstein and Smough
  • Odd Friendship: Eru Chitanda, Katsuragi
  • Mentor: Uther the Lightbringer
  • After making her ascension she joined her teammates and fellow guild members in which she was warmly welcomed to the pantheon.
  • She was once invited to join the Kids Next Door because of her skill despite her young age to take down the evil adults. She politely refused the invitation due to being a member of Fairy Tail but she will help them on occasions.
  • She apparently has been targeted by Ornstein because he believes that only dragon slayer should him.
  • She has befriended Houkago Tea Time, they note that she sounds very similar to Ritsu and looks like Azusa. Unfortunately for her, she gets glomped rather often by her Yui.
  • She once encountered Black*Star and Katsuragi on two different occasions because she was told that they sound alike. When she encountered the former, he thought that she was a fan of his greatness and went on a rather long boast about how he believed that his greatness attracted her towards him, while the latter went on a weird speech on how being flat-chested is totally fine in her books. As a result she makes it her business to avoid the two whenever possible.
  • She quickly made friends with Asia Argento because of the their gentle nature and healing methods.
  • Was horrified to learn that Acnologia had ascended, but has since steeled her resolve. Ever since, she has begun training alongside her fellow Dragonslayers for the inevitable clash.
  • Some of the judges feel like she is being too specific about her position. This lead to a moment where Mirai attempted to become the Goddess of Token Mini Moes, and took offence when Wendy tried to calm her down. However, her temper was because she did not want to be left behind, and agreed to patch things out with Wendy, and she managed to ascend in the end.
  • Is good friends with Koneko, due to the fact that she reminds her very much in both personality and voice as her Exceed friend Carla, who is her High Priestess.
  • Decided to joind Uther the Lightbringer's training to improve her combat and healing performance. Uther was surprised of the potential of the Young mage and that she is a dragonslayer to boot, but she still has a long way to go.
  • Is sometimes confuse by others to be part of the Marvel Family with Bill Batson and that her real name is a superhero codename. Wendy always politely corrects the people's misinformation. On the bright side, she did became friends with the young hero.
  • Gets along very well with Katsuragi for their similar powers, motifs and voices, to the point that she actually thinks of the ninja like a Cool Big Sis...though Katsuragi admits that Wendy is even stronger than her in Dragon Force; something she learned pretty quickly when she started groping others in the Dragon Slayer's eyesight.


    The Baudelaire Orphans 
If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other profile. In this profile, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle. This is because not very many happy things happened in the lives of the three Baudelaire youngsters. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire were intelligent children, and they were charming, and resourceful, and had pleasant facial features, but they were extremely unlucky, and most everything that happened to them was rife with misfortune, misery, and despair. I’m sorry to tell you this, but that is how the story goes.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, Divine family of Boy, Girl, and Baby Siblings (The Baudelaire Orphans)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A hair ribbon (Violet), A pair of glasses (Klaus), and an assortment of bitten objects or a whisk (Sunny)
  • Theme Songs: Look Away, Drive Away
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Inventions (Violet), Books (Klaus), Teeth (Sunny)
  • Herald: Kit Snicket's daughter, Beatrice
  • Follower: Alex Rider
  • Allies: Batman, Dipper and Mabel, Lucas, Mystery Incorporated, Sherlock Holmes, Charizard (Sunny only), Donatello of the Ninja Turtles (Violet only), Stewie Griffin
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, Montgomery Burns, Eugene Krabs, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Ragyo Kiryuin, Eric Cartman
  • Complicated Relation: V.F.D.
  • Avoid: The entire Hall of Toxicity, Squidward Tentacles, Glenn Quagmire
  • On a gray day at Briny Beach, these three children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, were informed that their parents had perished in a terrible fire that had destroyed their home. What followed was a maelstrom of misfortune, as the orphaned children had to contend with the villainous Count Olaf, who was determined to steal their fortune, and eventually began learning of dark secrets associated with their family, and in particular, V.F.D...
  • When V.F.D.'s presence began to spread into the Pantheon, the Baudelaires only appeared on occasion in the houses that interested them (Technology for Violet, Knowledge for Klaus, and Food for Sunny). Once Olaf ascended however, an appeal was made for the orphans to properly ascend, resulting in them being fully thrust into the strange and not-as-unfortunate place known as the Pantheon.
  • Count Olaf was pleased with their ascension, as it now means that their fortune is up for grabs. Surprisingly, however, both parties seem a tad more respectful to one another (Though that does not mean for an instant that Olaf's ruthlessness has decreased). This can be chalked up to the finale of their mortal conflict where Olaf started showing begrudging respect towards the Orphans and them dealing with the Grey-and-Grey Morality of their world. In addition, Olaf using his last moments to help Kit Snicket give birth to her daughter Beatrice seemed to have some effect on the trio, as they would occasionally visit the Count's grave, albeit they would just stand silent for a few moments.
    • Many gods believe that Olaf was the one who set fire to the Baudelaire mansion. The Orphans did pose the question to Olaf once, only for the Count to remain silent and reply that they knew nothing. To this day, it is unknown if the Baudelaires ever identified the perpetrator, though the events of [[two A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)]] interpretations indicates that they have discovered the method of arson, a powerful magnifying lens.
  • Due to their constant moving around from household to household, it was unknown what their temple would be. Eventually, it was decided that it would be the island where their recorded ordeals came to an end. However, they do not spend much time there, due to feeling that it would be wrong to isolate oneself from the rest of the world, or in this case, the rest of the Pantheon.
  • To this day, the Baudelaires' fates in the mortal world remain rather uncertain, as their young charge, Beatrice Baudelaire II, lost contact with them when she was ten years old. While it is likely that they are still alive, information on their status remains unknown.
  • As they began interacting with the other gods of the Pantheon, one of the first that they met was Batman, due to his investigation of V.F.D... He expressed his condolences for their misfortune and shared the details of his past. All three orphans have a cordial relationship with Batman, Violet being interested in his equipment.
  • Due to the mysterious nature of V.F.D., they had several encounters with deities specializing in solving mysteries, as the organization's nebulous presence has proven to be a headache for them. This is how those encounters went:
    • Dipper and Mabel were among the first that they met. All three got along with Dipper and gave him whatever scraps of information that they could, Klaus even giving Dipper another commonplace notebook. However, the orphans found themselves to at first be annoyed by Mabel's personality and were disgusted at her selfish intentions that led to her helping to bring about Weirdmaggedon. They eventually warmed up to her after seeing that she did at least have good intentions, and unlike other people in their world who shared some of her more odious traits, she at least made a severe, and successful, effort to correct her mistakes. Her creativity also impressed them, though her designs, such as those for hair ribbons (Violet found them too gaudy), are not always to their tastes.
    • Mystery Incorporated was a doozy. While the orphans found themselves on good terms with Daphne, Fred, and Velma, it took them longer to get used to Scooby and Shaggy. Much like with Mabel however, learning of the duo's more heroic exploits helped them to get along with them. Sunny in particular found them to be good taste-testers for her dishes.
    • Sherlock Holmes proved to be rather interesting, as Klaus was quite pleased to see such a prominent literary character in the Pantheon. He and the orphans tend to keep a professional relationship, though Klaus has begun to study under his tutelage.
  • One day, a small blond-haired boy approached Klaus, only to react with confusion upon meeting with him. The orphans soon learned that the boy, Lucas, had confused the middle Baudelaire orphan for his older twin. Regardless, after the initial confusion was cleared up, the four soon formed a friendship, as Lucas and the orphans can empathize with their plight. Sunny also made great friends with Lucas' Rope Snake, being reminded of the Incredibly Deadly Viper.
  • At this point in the story, I feel obliged to interrupt and give you one last warning. As I said at the very beginning, the profile that you are viewing on your device does not have a happy ending. It may appear now that Count Olaf is no longer as much of a threat and that the three Baudelaire youngsters will live happily ever after with their new friends in the pantheon, but it is not so. If you like, you may shut your device off this instant and not read the unhappy pieces of trivia that are to follow. You may spend the rest of your life believing that the Baudelaires triumphed over Count Olaf and lived perfect lives in the Hall of Offsprings, but that is not how the story goes.
  • Due to their experiences with the Medusoid Mycelium, all three Baudelaires keep far away from the Hall of Toxicity. They were horrified to learn that Olaf had managed to sneak the fungus into the Pantheon, but glad that there was a plethora of horseradish and horseradish-hybrid plants to curb the deadly organism.
  • Remembering Prufrock Preparatory School's so-called 'advanced computer system' that would keep Olaf away (Spoiler alert, it did nothing), Violet tried to gain assistance from The Machine, wanting its help in keeping Olaf at bay. Unfortunately, the schemes of Olaf and his allies have only gotten on the "irrelevant" list, much to her frustration.
  • Sunny once visited the Hall of Reptiles, hoping to find the Incredibly Deadly Viper. Much to her disappointment, however, she was unable to find Ink (As Kit Snicket called the serpent) and she instead ended up encountering creatures suck as Apophis, Sobek, and Orochi, much to her horror. She did, however, meet several good-aligned reptiles, such as the Ninja Turtles and Charizard.
    • On that note, however, while Sunny was able to get along somewhat well with Charizard, she isn't particularly close to the turtles, as is Klaus, due to once confusing them for their namesakes. Violet, however, got along fine with Donatello thanks to their technological work.
      • And continuing from that, from meeting the turtles, the orphans met April O'Neal. They were at first wary of her due to their experience with Geraldine Julienne, a reporter who was responsible for the stories that pegged the orphans as murderers in their world. However, they were relieved to discover that she wasn't anything like the star reporter of the Daily Punctilio. Regardless, they have requested that she not write any stories about them, which she has respected.
    • Overall, the Orphans have a mixed opinion on the Hall of Reptiles, on the one hand, they are willing to research the organisms that live within it as a tribute to their Uncle Monty, but on the other hand, a good number of the ascended creatures are horrifically powerful monsters well out of the orphans' physical league and could easily devour them as a snack, and so the Baudelaires have to take special care in avoiding them.
  • After their experiences with Vice-Principal Nero's six-hour violin recitals, the Baudelaires hoped that they would never hear such horrific noises ever again. Those hopes were dashed after an encounter with Squidward Tentacles and his horrid clarinet playing. His personality, while more pleasant than Nero's (Which says a LOT about the Baudelaires' world), is still quite unpleasant, and the orphans take great pains to avoid him.
    • Nero's actions have also caused the Baudelaires to take great pains to avoid the likes of Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge, since they, like him, are extremely sadistic teachers/administrators. Umbridge in particular horrifies the orphans, mainly because while Nero's violin playing could easily be substituted as a method of torture, Umbridge's usage of magic makes her a FAR worse enemy to deal with.
  • The three once investigated the House of Commerce, after hearing that someone was starting to make it big in the lumber business and was paying their employees in gum and coupons. The orphans feared that Sir had made his way into the Pantheon, only to discover that it was the work of Montgomery Burns, who was trying to implement Sir's business tactics into the House. Thankfully, Burns was forced to halt once the Baudelaires revealed the scheme. He has since sworn revenge on the orphans.
    • While investigating, the orphans ran into Eugene Krabs, and learned, that, somehow, he pays his employees even LESS than Sir! They pay him! The orphans were disgusted at Krabs' business practices, which increased when he tried to convince them to spend their entire fortune on Krabby Patties. The orphans chose instead to leave the Krusty Krab, especially since they were reminded, however briefly, of the Anxious Clown.
  • After having to deal with Esme Squalor, the Baudelaires hoped that they would never have to deal with her absurd fashion designs ever again. Those hopes were dashed after Ragyo Kiryuin heard of Esme's outfits, and proceeded to create Life Fiber replicas out of them. The Baudelaires were disgusted by this, especially after learning of Ragyo's actions, which make Esme look like a saint! Unfortunately, due to Ragyo's power level being well out of their league, Violet has had to content herself with learning about anti-Life Fiber technology and hope that it will be enough to protect her siblings from Ragyo if the Disco MILF or Nui should ever attempt an attack on them.
  • The orphans aren't on good terms with Eric Cartman. Partly because he's allied with Count Olaf, and also because he's an immature brat. They do agree that he at least has more artistic talent than Carmelita Spats though, despite his crude tastes. Cartman, curious about this fact, once located a recording of Carmelita's singing...and screamed aloud in horror.
  • One day, Sunny met Stewie Griffin, who was glad to find someone of at least comparable intelligence to himself and his age. She wasn't a fan of his desire to kill his mother though, for obvious reasons. Regardless, the two have a tenuous relationship, due to Stewie mellowing out over time and Sunny knowing that her own hands aren't clean, since she had the idea to burn down the Hotel Denouement, albeit it was to warn V.F.D volunteers that the last safe place was safe no more.
  • Upon hearing the name 'Quagmire', the Baudelaires thought that their friends, the Quagmire triplets, had made it into the Pantheon. Upon meeting the person who shared the triplets' last name, the orphans hightailed it out of there. Thankfully for her sanity, Quagmire isn't interested in Violet, though he found it amusing that two other people with his last name had the hots for her. Violet, of course, found nothing amusing in this whatsoever.
  • Against all possible odds, Beatrice was able to find a way to contact the Baudelaires, and confirmed that after all of the unfortunate events they suffered, they finally moved on and managed to have fulfilling lives.

    Eugene Chaud 
Eugene Chaud, God of Young Corporation Leaders (Enzan Ijuuin, Afro Enzan, Disco Enzan, Chaud Blaze)
Click here to see his Cross Fusion with Proto Man.EXE
  • Demigod, Lesser God after undergoing Cross Fusion with ProtoMan.EXE
  • Symbol: ProtoMan's insignia
  • Theme Songs: Chaud's Theme; also ProtoMan.EXE's theme, until/unless ProtoMan ascends
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Young Corporate Leaders Who Are Also Leaders of a Team, Having Daddy Issues And A Missing Mom, Being The Most Important Rival, Always Being Known With The Last Name (sometimes), Total Pricks With A Gold Heart, Stoic Teen Geniuses, Wishing For A Parental Approval, Having A Worthy Opponent
  • Domains: Commerce, Leadership, Internet
  • Herald: ProtoMan.EXE (his NetNavi)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Bass.EXE, and the other Bass as well, Geo Stelar, Solo, Sirius, Byakuya Togami
  • Enemies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Prometheus, Pandora, Tron Bonne
  • Conflicting Opinion: Repliforce, Copen
  • Opposes: Wizard and Boomstick
  • Superior: Mitsuki Saiga
  • Eugene Chaud is the son of Shuuseki Ijuin, president of the Ijūin PET Company (IPC), as well as the operator of the NetNavi version of Proto Man. His mother passed away when he was still young, and becoming the vice-president of IPC contributed towards his initial cold attitude towards Lan Hikari. The two first met while Chaud was investigating a water shortage caused by WWW. He was first established as a ruthless operator who took his job seriously and would delete any NetNavi in his way, and saw Lan as a pest. But as the series progressed, Chaud grew to respect Lan and open up to others, smiling more often while never losing his serious outlook during battle, nor acting impulsively before thinking. He grows up to become the worldwide leader of International Officials (or becoming his father's successor as president of the IPC in the Japanese version).
    • ProtoMan was personally created by Chaud, who also trained him to be a fighter. Originally ProtoMan fought by himself without Chaud operating him, but once MegaMan bested him in combat and explained how his connection with Lan made him stronger, both the Chaud and ProtoMan began to reconsider the way they operate. They became one of the few teams to effectively rival Lan and MegaMan in combat while still remaining allies. While ProtoMan couldn't ascend with his operator, Chaud was able to temporarily call him into his PET when the situation called for it. Chaud is currently awaiting the day his NetNavi will ascend at his side officially.
  • Ascended after being one of the people that defeated Dr. Regal and Nebula, and also being the leader of Team ProtoMan. Chaud is also the vice-president of a famous company. As a 12 years old, no less.
  • Many people are confused by his "specific" name. Some know that Chaud is his surname, but others think that it is his first-name, not helped by the fact that one particular Alternate Universe has his surname renamed as "Blaze".
  • Heard rumors about Proto Man being one of the gods in the Pantheon, he runs to see him.. only to discover that it's not the NetNavi that he knew. On the other hand, Proto Man is not so different from his Alternate Self, being a defender of the universe in spite of being an Aloof Big Brother.
    • When Chaud meets Zero however, it was another story. At the first sight he immediately noticed Zero's similarities with ProtoMan.EXE, given that both are red-colored robots with long hair who are also swordsmen. Chaud is also disgusted by the fact that Omega is Zero... or more exactly, used Zero's original body.
    • Is also confused by the fact that both Alia and Ciel looks similar to Roll.EXE, one of the NetNavis in which ProtoMan.EXE is also an ally. Not helped as the former seems to have a crush on X.
  • Speaking of that, Chaud is not amused by the fact of having too many "Megamens" in the Pantheon. From the original one to Vent and Aile, it was very hard to find both Lan and MegaMan.EXE in the Pantheon. On the other hand he seems the original Mega Man as a powerful being, just as strong as MegaMan.EXE. Note that he doesn't have any grudge towards Mega Man, it's only because of Chaud's deals with Lan. His "descendants" are no slouch either, specially X.
    • Seems to be also interested in Geo Stelar, as his way of being "a Mega Man" is a Fusion Dance, not unlike a Cross Fusion. Then again, it's implied that Geo is a descendant of Lan. Speaking of that, he also notices that Luna Platz is similar to Yai due to both girls being rich ladies and having blond hair. Interesting, Luna still has zero interest on Chaud and still wants Mega Man (read: Geo's superhero form) to be her boyfriend.
    • Speaking of Cross Fusion, Chaud has learned that Lan's PET was upgraded to allow him to perform Cross Fusion without the need of a Dimensional Converter. Chaud has his PET upgraded similarily, and he also accepts Lan's Battle Chip Gate so they can send each other Battle Chips when they need it. While ProtoMan hasn't ascended yet, Chaud can temporarily call him onto his PET to allow him to perform Cross Fusion.
  • For the villains, one thing is certain - Chaud is just as disgusted of the villains as Lan and MegaMan.EXE, but especially Dr. Wily. Even through he's the lowest in the villainy food chain, Wily happens to be worse that the one from Chaud's universe, as the original one was the one behind the Maverick Wars. He's also disgusted by Sigma, Serpent and Dr. Weil.
  • Speaking of villains and bad guys, Chaud is not amused with villains like Team Rocket and Backdraft Group trying to provoke him to fight. He even tells that they're no different from the World Three.
  • Aside of his rivalry with Lan, he also seems to have a mean streak towards Bass.EXE. Chaud also noticed that some of his dead ringers (like the original Bass) are also in the Pantheon. Interesting, Chaud himself is sometimes forced to team-up with Prometheus and Pandora, much to his (and their) own dismay.
  • Once Chaud meets the Repliforce from the first time, he gets shocked, because not only Colonel reminds him of a NetNavi with the same name, but also because said Navi's operator is a hero turned villain. Likewise, Iris also reminded Chaud of another NetNavi with a similar name, but they're pretty much different appearance-wise. It should be noted, however that both the Reploids and the Navis have one thing in common: They were supposed to be a singular being before things goes different.
    • Chaud does eventually meet the Iris from his universe. Although Iris is concerned about his impression of her, considering she's the sister of Colonel.EXE and was made to control military weapons for Lord Wily, Chaud surprises the girl by telling her he doesn't hold Colonel or Lord Wily's actions against her. After all, Lan showed Iris how good people can be and also taught her to be brave, which contributed to her opposition of Wily. This, as well as Lan vouching for her even before he made his statement, has instead caused Chaud to praise Iris and see her as an ally, while promising to help her if anyone tries to use her as a weapon.
  • Just like Lan, he's also allies with most of the internet-related deities, like Tron, Lain Iwakura, Kevin Flynn and Beck.
    • Is also allies with Kirito and Asuna, but especially the latter as both were born in a powerful corporation. In fact, Chaud wasn't pleased into seeing Sugou again, especially considering that not only he's a maniac which did too many atrocities in both the real and the cyberworld. The fact that Sugou nearly raped Asuna pissed him off even more. Meanwhile he seems to have a good view of Sinon, as she wields two different weapons, thing that is not uncommon in a NetNavi like ProtoMan.EXE.
  • Is surprised by the fact that he sounds a lot like many different characters, especially as said characters are also rivals:
    • Ash noticed that Chaud sounds like Drew, May's rival from Hoenn. Meanwhile, Van, Fiona and Thomas also noticed that he also sounds like Raven, Van's most important rival. It doesn't help that said rivals also have a companion (Roselia and Shadow), not unlike Chaud himself which has his ProtoMan.EXE. Interesting, he's also pretty similar to Ash's rival Gary, as both started as arrogant rivals until a certain event while which somewhat softened them.
    • Outside of the rival department, Chaud also noticed that one of the Blitz Team members, Jamie Hemeros, sounds like Chaud himself, and in both japanese and english. It doesn't help that Brad, Jamie's teammate, sounds similar to ProtoMan.EXE and IceMan.EXE. As a joke, Brad has the longest hair of the Blitz Team members. The other members are no different: Leena is Sal, Bit is BurnerMan.EXE and Doc Toros is World Three member Yahoot.
    • He also sounds similar to Garnet. Doesn't hurt that Garnet herself is a Fusion Dance between two gems.
  • Somewhat yaoi fangirls in the Pantheon like to take advantage of Chaud's relationship with Lan by shipping them and writing doujinshis about them. Chaud himself is not amused. But Lan is.
  • Don't tell him about the moment that he had to wear a Funny Afro. Just. Don't.
  • Chaud had heard of a Death Match between five incarnations of Mega Man (Classic, X, Legends, Battle Network, and Star Force), and heard that MegaMan.EXE won the battle at the cost of causing collateral damage. Even though that was just a simulation, Chaud is very angry at Wiz and Boomstick for traumatizing MegaMan.EXE, intending to have some words with them for even coming up with something that unethical.
  • Chaud is conflicted about Copen, since while he doesn't like what he's done, he does see a lot of himself in Copen. Chaud admits he probably would have ended up just like him if he hadn't made any friends at all. He also admits he's willing to work alongside Copen's Alternate Self for a common goal, but with Copen still hating Adepts, Chaud will oppose him to protect the innocent.
  • Chaud generally respects Byakuya Togami, since their both Jerks with a Heart of Gold who opened up to their allies (even if it took longer and more effort for Byakuya to do so) and they're heirs to their family's business. The two are determined to be the best at their positions whenever they can and provide aid to their allies, though Chaud admits even he wouldn't have strung up someone's body like Byakuya did with Chihiro, something that gets on Byakuya's nerves.
  • Can alsoe be found in Businesses and Corporations.

    Rhoda Penmark 
Rhoda Penmark, Goddess of Evil Children
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The penmanship medal that she covets; alternatively, a pair of blood-stained tap shoes
  • Theme Song: "Au Claire de Lune"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Antagonistic Offspring, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Creepy Child, a sweet-looking eight year old girl with the dangerous mind of a psychopathic killer, Her Fatal Flaw being her obsession with the penmanship medal, Serial Killer, usually gets away with her crimes (except in the film where she gets struck by lightning)
  • Domains: Children, Evil, Murder
  • High Priestess: Cozy Glow
  • Allies: Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon), Johan Liebert, Junko Enoshima
  • Rivals: Mandy, Eric Cartman
  • Enemies: Most children in the Pantheon, particularly Matilda Wormwood and the Kids Next Door, Groundskeeper Willie, Miss Bianca and Bernard, Kyoko Kirigiri, The Bat Family, Anyone who can Detect Evil
  • Opposed by: Vicky, Monaca Towa, Father, The Delightful Children from Down the Lane, The Heroic Protectors of Family and the Child Abuse Supporters
  • Source of concern for: Rosemary Woodhouse
  • Eight-year old Rhoda Penmark may look like any other little girl. On the surface, she seems to be charming, polite and intelligent beyond her years. Beneath her lovable facade, however, she is a serial killer and a psychopath who is willing to harm and even kill anyone to get whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. One notable instance of this is when she murdered a classmate named Claude Daigle during a school picnic just because he won a penmanship medal that she had long coveted. She is also adept at manipulating those who are around her, including her mother, who was shocked at the revelation that her daughter is a murderer.
  • As expected, most children in the Pantheon would rather stay far away from Rhoda after hearing how evil she is. That’s not to say that there aren’t any that she ended up interacting with. Originally, Mandy was the original holder of Rhoda’s trope, and while Rhoda does appreciate how similar they are, she believed that the title is hers when she snatched it from her. Mandy apparently did not take it well and is plotting to get back at her. She seems to get along better with Hansel and Gretel, though even she can get totally freaked out by their homicidal behaviour at times.
    • She’s also compared to Eric Cartman as they are both sociopathic kids who pretend to be sweet and innocent around their respective parents. Neither of them like such a comparison, and their relationship seems to be a Slobs vs. Snobs kind of deal (with Cartman being the slob and Rhoda being the snob).
    • Some children are willing to stand up against her. Matilda Wormwood sees Rhoda as an intellectual enemy as the former’s telekinetic abilities would make her run circles around her. The Kids Next Door also don’t like Rhoda as they find her pretty similar to the Delightful Children from Down the Lane, but far worse. Yet even the Delightful Children themselves (and Father, for that matter) don’t like her as they felt that for an evil girl like her, she wouldn’t care for their plans.
  • While many adults in the Pantheon end up being charmed and misled by Rhoda, several others can see through her sweet and angelic facade, with Batman and his allies being the most notable example. Kyoko Kirigi is another person can EASILY see Rhoda’s true nature given her experience with psychopaths as well as her specialty in detective work is homicide cases. Rosemary Woodhouse is also particularly concerned with the girl as she reminds her of what her child could possibly become. Even Vicky, despite her reputation for bullying children that she was supposed to look after, doesn’t want to babysit Rhoda as much as other evil kids.
  • In general, she is opposed by both the Heroic Protectors of Family and the Child Abuse Supporters; the former due to her evil nature and the latter…because they have standards.
  • Like with Hansel and Gretel, Rhoda looks up to Johan Liebert as a “big brother” of sorts. Johan, upon learning this, politely reciprocates his feelings towards the girl. Junko Enoshima also allied with Rhoda because she appreciates her sweetness facade, not to mention her being another enemy of Kyoko.
  • Monaca Towa could have been someone who would ally with Rhoda. After all, she’s also a cruel, manipulative little girl who showed no remorse for her mass-murder of adults throughout a city while she and her allies hunted the survivors for sport, manipulating her own comrades, and attempted mass-murder of her brainwashed followers. However, she quickly gave up on that and opted to become a NEET instead because she got bored of the conflict altogether and didn't want to become crazy like how some people are about it.
  • There has been some debate on whether or not Rhoda’s evil is determined by the environment she lived in or by genetic disposition. Those who believed the latter have pointed out to her maternal grandmother, Bessie Denker, who also began killing at Rhoda’s age. With that said, the debate hasn’t reached a clear answer.
  • At times, Rhoda would find herself getting annoyed by Groundskeeper Willie’s insults. She finds him to be pretty similar to Leroy, another Crusty Caretaker who can see through Rhoda's perfect child act, and enjoys teasing her. She has been considering murdering Willie the same way she did to Leroy - locking him inside the incinerator and burning him.
  • Miss Bianca and Bernard once spotted Rhoda, who at that moment was pleading for help (she was actually faking the situation). Given the mice’s dedication to help rescue children, they agreed to aid her, not knowing about her malicious nature until it was too late. The mice were able to get out of trouble but were repulsed by her actions.


    Annie (Little Orphan Annie
Annie, Divine Wielder of Significant Orphan Lockets (Little Orphan Annie, Annie Warbucks)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her locket
  • Theme Song: Tomorrow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fiery Redhead yet Heartwarming Orphan to her fellow orphans, Plucky Girl, Wise Beyond Their Years, The Pollyanna, ultimately Wealthy Ever After
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Repose, Family
  • Herald: Sandy (her dog), Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks (her adopted father), and all her friend at the orphanage.
  • Allies: Dorothy Gale, Pollyanna Whittier, Madeline, Anne Shirley, Sara Crewe, Richie Rich, Josiah Bartlet, The Baudelaire Orphans, Jake the Dog
  • Enemies: Eliza and Neil Reagan, Biff, Count Olaf
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, Robot Chicken
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in an orphanage. The most prominent thing about her was one half of a locket that she owed in the hopes that her parents may come to pick her up. She may have never seen her parents, but her determination owned her a spot in the Pantheon. Oddly enough, it's not nearly as shiny as her home as a mortal, mixing it with items from her time as an orphanage.
  • Oliver Warbucks declined to stay with her full time, opting to help run both her temple and his own mansion in his world. Thus, the role of herald befell on her trusted dog Sandy. It went off to a rocky start, calling Sandy a "dumb dog" when he wouldn't stop following her. But she took a liking to the dog and kept him as her own. Jake appreciated her generosity and gave her a free ride through the land of Ooo.
  • One of the most famous Plucky Girls in the Pantheon. Dorothy welcomed her into the Pantheon. Their dogs Toto and Sandy also enjoyed the new company. Annie found the concept of Oz to be fascinating and plans to visit the place one day.
  • It appears that little girls with dogs are quite popular these days, as she found another one in the name of Madeline. The two share a spunky attitude as well as a love of living things. Both were fascinated with the others' cities and wanted to know more about them.
  • No one is as optimistic as Pollyanna, and even she was impressed with the redhead's determination. Despite never meeting her parents, she maintains hope that they may find her some day.
  • She may be a Quasideity, but don't think she frightens too easily. She once fended off a bunch of boys all by herself.
  • Starting out as a Comic Strip, she has later appeared as a play and even a few movies. While the first one was rather successful, the latest one wasn't nearly as successful. She remains positive that she will have another go at the big screen someday.
  • When she seeks out advice on how to become a more respectable young lady, she turns to Anne Shirley. It helps that Anne herself had to work hard to become the Spirited Young Lady she had become. While Nova Scotia is a completely different environment from New York City, Annie saw fellow redhead to be as relateable.
  • Has a sizable fanbase in the House of Commerce. Sara Crewe gave the orphan a beautiful dress for Annie to wear in parties. Meanwhile, Richie Rich offered a few contractions for her use. The latter had to come by later to work on the kinks when they went out of hand, but Annie enjoyed them by the same.
    • Not everyone there is willing to accept her presence. The Reagan siblings were quick to belittle Annie for her upbringing. What they didn't account for was the redhead's purchase to get her hands dirty. The two had to run for dear life when she charged up towards them.
  • Cartman saw Annie as the perfect person to fight. Ranked two positions higher than her, he thought that it would be a piece of cake for him. Instead Annie defeated him with ease, mirroring his fight with Wendy. This time, Cartman didn't care that he lost, knowing no one would think any less of him for losing.
  • It is obvious that she would not be a fan of The Child Abuse Supporters in general. While they don't have an Evil Orphanage Lady in their ranks, there are plenty of bad caretakers in that house. She's especially vindictive of Lady Tremaine and Ghetsis Harmonia for being terrible parents to their children.
  • As with many in the Pantheon, she wasn't a fan of her depiction by Robot Chicken, portraying her as a spoiled teenager.
  • To Annie, Josiah Bartlet reminds her a lot of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The fictional president was just as friendly to the girl when he visited.
  • She may not go to a school, but is no fan of bullies anyways. Biff doesn't see much of the girl either way, continuing to focus on Marty and Doc Brown.
  • Was drawn to the The Baudelaire Orphans, interested in how they became so unlucky. After hearing of their story, she firmly believes that it was Count Olaf that burnt their home. Unfortunately, there is no proof of the matter, and Annie isn't skilled in that type of work. Annie was at least willing to let them stay in her own temple whenever they want.

    Harry and his Dinosaurs 
Harry and Friends note , Septet Representatives of Kids Who Love Dinosaurs
Clockwise from the bucket via the top: Pterence, Patsy, Taury, Trike, Steggy and Sid; Right: Harry
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A bucket with a dinosaur insignia
  • Theme Song: Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Children, Imagination, Fun, Wonder
  • Heralds: Harry's Family (his Mother, Sam [his sister] and Nana [his grandmother]), Charley and her Friends (Princess, Scorch and Nancy)
  • High Priest: Dan and Trek Henderson, Dana Jain
  • Allies: The Gang of Seven, Dr Alan Grant, Speckles, Dino, Hoppy, Rampardos, Yoshi, Mario, Anne-Marie, Eliza Thornberry, John Hammond, Punky Brewster, Maisie, Peppa Pig, Rex, Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Power Rangers, Tommy Oliver, Eiji/Kamen Rider OOO, Gomora, Litranote 
  • On Good Terms With: Rexie, Grimlock (regarding Taury), The Raptor Pack, The Dinobots
  • Fan Of: Godzilla, The Carnotaurs
  • Friendly Rival: Calvin and Hobbes
  • Opposes: The Sharptooth, One Eye, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Riptor, Gwangi, Spinosaurus, Pokemon Hunter J, Mesogog, Deviljho
  • Dinosaurs and children. There's something about the former that's just incredibly enticing to people, especially for youngsters. It could be that, while real, their reputation is as mythical as, say, a dragon's. Dinosaurs looking like them and the fact that they were real animals unlike any that we had ever seen before only adds to the appeal. As like any other kid with the same interest, there's a little boy named Harry. He carries around a bucket with six dinosaur toys and usually plays with him. There is a catch, however; Harry enters an alternate world named DinoWorld which he frequents. And anytime he does, the dinosaur toys he carries around mysteriously come to life with their own mind, thoughts and traits. It is in DinoWorld where the seven of them have their fair share of fun and adventures.
  • Harry's first day in the Pantheon came about when he decided to take his dinosaur toys/friends to DinoWorld yet again. Instead of the usual, Harry ended up in a completely different world, one where actual dinosaurs roamed around as if they still ruled the land. The little boy was amazed to see the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts and still had company as his toy dinosaur friends still sprung to life. Still, it was rather perilous, especially after an encounter with Riptor had the seven frightened. Thankfully, the fact that Riptor entered Rexie's territory was a saving point as the Tyrannosaurus rex suddenly emerges and drove the engineered raptor put of her territory. She didn't pay attention to Harry who had fled off to the outskirts of the Hall and was just beginning his adventures in the Pantheon.
  • Harry is a rather very eager and playful boy, the kind of mindset that makes him easily approachable and well-liked in the Pantheon. Many have noted how he's more than willing to invite anyone to his adventures in the Pantheon, though they did warn the boy and his dinosaurs not to overestimate their range and expectations, especially given that while the Pantheon may look huge and promising (and it is), there is a lot of danger prowling around, and for someone as little as Harry, that's something a lot of protective deities take very seriously.
  • Harry's domain is situated right between the House of Childhood and Adolescence and the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, which greatly benefitted the kids in the former as that meant that they could get to see live dinosaurs a lot quicker and easier than they originally did. Of course, this also meant that safety protocols have to be administered to keep the children safe and for a rampaging dinosaur to not suddenly break its way into this house and wreak havoc. To the dismay of Darth Vader, a 501st Legion squadron was enlisted to be on the lookout of the barriers and are doing the best they can to maintain control. Of course, the majority being Stormtroopers, they aren't so confident, what with their generally (and comically) poor reception at keeping things in check. Harry personally finds these occasions rather humorous and is not above wanting to invite a Stormtrooper or two into his playtime experiences, much to their chagrin.
  • To nobody's surprise, Harry very quickly became close friends with the Gang of Seven. It also helped that Harry squeed in delight when he saw a group of actual dinosaurs with his own eyes. Introducing them to his dinosaur toys, they all take their time interacting and messing with one another. Their friendship was such that Littlefoot convinced his elders to make Harry and his Dinosaurs honorary residents of the Great Valley.
    • Regarding the dinosaurs themselves, Taury seems to be endeared by Chomper and Ruby. The two tyrannosaurs often try to talk about how menacing and scary they can try to be. Ruby insists that Taury should try to make more effort in looking after himself and the others, given he's the "King of the Dinosaurs" out of Harry's toys. Patsy easily gets along with Littlefoot for obvious reasons and the latter is willing to impart some wisdom and lessons to the former. Trike and Cera are rather vitriolic, given that Trike is a Nice Guy and Cera is temperamental and bossy albeit she can be caring and considerate.
  • Due to a mysterious and unknown cosmic force in the Pantheon, the dinosaur toys in Harry's bucket are sentient, to begin with, and virtually everyone knows about it. One thing is for certain that Harry doesn't think they're in DinoWorld as that world is a lot more fantasy-based and primordial, compared to the chaotically mish-mashed aesthetics of different cultures and genres spliced around the Pantheon. The dinosaurs personally find this cool and would like for Harry to carry them around for a grand exploration.
    • Additionally, Harry also met other dinosaurs like the Rampardos, Dino and Hoppy, all of whom didn't mind his presence and even allowed Harry to play with them for a while. Dino and Hoppy were eager to give the kid and his dinosaurs rides every now and then, though Hoppy also desires them to have a boxing match at times. Harry's dinosaurs, particularly Taury took notice on that and tried to make themselves makeshift boxing gloves. As for Rampardos itself, it will often provide some kind of fun with its headbutts, though Harry is careful to realize that it shouldn't be bothered all too much before it suddenly starts attacking.
  • Being an avid reader, Sid sometimes urges Harry to take him to the House of Knowledge after realizing how big their library must be and is eager to get his hands filled up with books. Whenever Harry does attend, the other dinosaurs, sans Sid, find the place to be pretty boring and often scurry off trying to find a different activity. Sid spends hours sitting at a desk reading whatever interests him whereas Harry would be off either in the playing department of the library or reading a book meant to be for his intellectual age.
  • If there are any dinosaurs that Harry and his pals stay clear out of, it's most definitely Sharptooth and One Eye, the former due to its near-relentless nature and savagery and the latter for being so uncharacteristically vile even other carnivorous dinosaurs don't want to be near its presence. Whenever the seven of them do spot the two, Harry wastes no time trying to hide and keep himself and his dinosaurs safe. That, and probably wishing for another dinosaur to show up to tell Sharptooth and One Eye who's boss.
  • When it comes to the larger carnivores, Harry tends to be rather nervous about them. Understandable, given that he's a child and is in no way prepared to face off against such animals. Which was made all the more surprising when Rexie would take a small liking towards Taury and even allow him to enter her territory. Ditto for Harry and the other dinosaurs, though mainly because they're Taury's friends and they don't pose a threat anyway, but Harry assures that Rexie is still a predator and must be careful. Similarly, Grimlock also likes Taury and would like to teach him on how to be badass, given that in spite of Taury's cowardice, he's willing to stand up for himself and his friends.
    • While Harry does find the Dinobots to be cool, he is somewhat let down by their overly boisterous and aggressive nature, especially Slug. Trike himself felt a bit terrified by the damage that Slug causes. The Dinobots, on the other hand, are actually pretty protective towards Harry, given that he loves dinosaurs and they're dinosaurs themselves. Woe betides to anyone who bullies the boy and his friends and family, let alone harming them, for the Dinobots do not like bullies. It sort of helps in that Grimlock is friends with Taury, Patsy and Sludge are the biggest and the "softie" of the group and that Snarl and Steggy and Swoop and Pterence, beyond being the same species find some likability to them; the Dinobots in that they're fun and cute like kids and the toy dinosaurs in that the Dinobots look badass and are willing to be friends for the moment.
  • Another boy that Harry came across was Calvin, who, like him, also had an imaginary animal (or in his case, a tiger) that came to life in his mindset, called Hobbes. The two have butted heads against one another, namely, thanks to the two's very competitive attitude, though Calvin does sometimes come off as being a jerk. Still, he did like that Harry was another kid like him, having a Companion Cube bought to life and is willing to play some sports with him should they have spare time. Still, Harry and his dinosaurs tend to be careful around Calvin and Hobbes's presence, though Harry doesn't consider them bad people.
  • Being an enthusiastic child meant that Dr Grant took a very swift liking towards Harry, especially considering that not only did he love dinosaurs, but even has miniature versions as friends and could talk, which puzzled Dr Grant. Harry had to tell Dr Grant that they're basically toys bought to life due to his imagination and jumping into DinoWorld to convince him that they're not really much when it comes to studying their paleobiology. The dinosaurs themselves, especially Sid like the palaeontologist's presence due to what they perceive him as a dinosaur expert.
  • In contrast to most of their kind, Harry's dinosaurs are actually very fond of more commercialized food, like sweets and pastry, and as a result, Harry often takes them to the House of Food whenever the dinosaurs would like to have dinner. Unfortunately, it was also there where Harry would come to learn of the infamous Deviljho. While he did see the Brute Wyvern as cool-looking, his thoughts toon changed when it suddenly attacked the boy and his dinosaurs.

    Mary Adler 
Mary Adler, Goddess of Innocent Prodigies
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Pi Mathematical Equation
  • Theme Song: The Wind by Cat Stevens, This is How you Walk On, Pretty Bird
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Intellectually Talented but is Still a Child and having Difficulties Associating with other Children her Age, Solving rather Nonsensical Equations, Is Raised by her Uncle, Adorably Precocious Child, Not So Above It All, Looks a lot like her Late Mother, Once Attacked a Bully by Throwing a Book at his Face, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Intelligence, Childhood, Innocence, Family, Adoption
  • Herald: Frank Adler, Roberta Taylor, Bonnie Stevenson, Evelyn Adler
  • Allies: Chiyo Mihama, The Baudelaire Siblings, Yue Ayase, Jimmy Neutron, Matilda Wormwood, Lisa Simpson, Jimmy Hopkins, Beth Harmon
  • On Good Terms With: Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Opposes: Stewie Griffin, Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, Agatha Trunchbull, Count Olaf
  • Conflicting Thoughts: Kira Daidouji
  • A mother commits suicide, forcing her brother to take under her daughter and raise her. Enter Mary Adler, who from her toddler days, appears to have inherited her mother Diane's genius intellect, being able to solve complex mathematical equations. While undoubtedly a rare talent, this worried Mary's uncle, Frank, who fears that she may not have a "normal childhood". This causes a clash against Frank and Diane's mother and Mary's grandmother, Evelyn, who believes that Mary is fit for greatness and should prepare for a life devoted to mathematics. This results in a court case where the conclusion was that Mary was to be put into foster care, a decision that she did not like. Eventually, Frank realizes the reason for Diane's suicide; she had solved the Navier–Stokes problem but had no motivation to live on after that, plus Diane wanted to keep it a secret before Evelyn's death. Frank decides to make the equation's solution public to gain back custody of Mary, allowing her to live a good and happy life with her uncle whilst also properly socializing with children her age.
  • She received an invitation to the Pantheon after her experiences regarding the trial and with the aftermath of Frank taking legal custody. Frank was initially hesitant, though decided to take the deal upon learning that the Pantheon was filled with just as many similarly gifted children as much as ordinary ones so that Mary wouldn't have to feel too left out. Even better, Frank got to be her herald, alongside neighbour Roberta, schoolteacher Bonnie and her grandmother Evelyn, so she wouldn't be too lonely when she first steps into the Pantheon.
  • While Mary is exceptionally intelligent and smart, at the end of the day, she's a kid and it clearly shows. She would get emotional over a lot of events that would make any child upset like getting hurt, missing someone or not getting something that they really wanted. As a result, she gets treated like an ordinary child in the House of Family and Relatives, where she would hang out with anyone, provided they don't treat someone else discriminately.
  • She sometimes attends the House of School, given that she's taking college-level courses. Her skills at maths are above-impressive, with some of the teachers wanting to mentor Mary and make her do more complex equations and topics. This had Frank rather wary as he told the Headmasters that he wants to see Mary live a life that isn't too specialized, which Eikichi Onozuka understood.
    • While Mary is normally seen as a notable student, mainly because of her talents, she personally doesn't like some students herself, chief among them being Biff Tannen and Gary Smith. It's bad enough that Biff is a bully, but what's worse is that he never seems to learn from his mistakes and continues to antagonize other kids for the hell of it. Gary is worse; he instigated a series of events that involved him backstabbing several students and trying to take over his school. Mary's response to Gary trying to talk to her was simple but worthwhile; throwing a dictionary at his nose.
  • She also takes visitations to the House of Knowledge after some deities recommended Frank that Mary would really get along with that place. It worked with Mary looking into many books and the libraries providing more than enough for Mary to read and develop new interests in. There, she quickly became friends with Matilda Wormwood as both of them were highly intelligent for their age, though Matilda seems to act a bit like an adult, which Mary doesn't.
  • As her interactions with Biff and Gary have showcased, she does not like bullies. Jimmy Hopkins found Mary's retaliation on Gary to be pretty funny and asked if Mary could help him out on his work. She accepted and got Gary to complete his school homework. He's been thankful for the kid and even tries for a few meetups if she's available.
  • As a Child Prodigy, Stewie Griffin tried to see if he can strike a partnership with her. Mary promptly rejected and chose to instead mind her own matters, much to Stewie's dismay. It doesn't help that Stewie's attitude came off vindictive and that Mary wasn't all too impressed by his foul behaviour. Neither was Frank, after finding out that Stewie was willing to kill his own mother so that he could live out his own scientific habits without getting interrupted.
  • Despite her usually reserved and often playful nature, Mary is only afraid and unhappy whenever she is under Agatha Trunchbull's presence. Agatha, to her, is everything a student hates about teachers and so much worse. Obviously, Mary laughed with the rest of the kids whenever Matilda would use her psychic powers to knock over or embarrass Agatha. Frank himself wants to make sure that Agatha doesn't harm Mary in any way, a sentiment that carries on to all other good-hearted teachers and parental figures, especially considering the "Chokey".
  • While Frank's desire for wanting Mary to have a normal childhood is a top priority, that doesn't mean Mary shouldn't talk to and befriend other geniuses like her. While she didn't like Stewie, that was more to do with his demeanour. Others like Jimmy Neutron, Yue Ayase and Chiyo Mihama quickly liked her for being sweet girl and Jimmy is eager to take Mary out on some scientific adventures. Yue will often bring in some books for Mary to read and she is willing to entertain her with whatever magical spells she can use. Chiyo, much like Mary, is also a child who is far more intelligent than she appears and normally is the most resourceful of a group of six girls. That said, Chiyo hasn't gone through the trouble of undergoing a custodial battle like Mary did and seemed upset about what she had to go through. Still, the two of them will find time trying to have fun in their own ways.
    • She also gets along with the Baudelaire siblings who also happen to be very resourceful and precocious children in their own right. Frank is willing to allow the siblings to attend their household as much as they can, given that the lack of a true parental figure did put a big emotional strain on them and he feels that Mary can provide some sort of comfort and social interaction with them. Count Olaf, on the other hand, is not welcome, for obvious reasons. Even for a child, Mary can pretty much look through Olaf's cheap attempts of bribery anyway.
  • Her intellect caught the attention of Tony Stark, who was genuinely impressed with Mary's ability to solve complex maths problems. Tony is willing to give her a few trips around Stark Industries and tries to make an effort to not drink alcohol and/or appear drunk in front of her. That and her precociousness reminds Tony of a daughter he had in an alternate timeline, mainly because both of them look to be highly intelligent for their age, yet are still children by their demeanour.
  • She encountered Beth Harmon playing chess one day and expressed an interest in playing with her. Although Beth seemed initially very distant with her, they soon bonded over their shared experiences with being a Child Prodigy and dealing with the legacy of their mothers, both skilled mathematicians who killed themselves when the two were young. Mary has taken to playing chess well and Beth enjoys teaching her.
  • Can also be found in Intellectual Archetypes.

    Momo Isshiki 
Momo Isshiki, Goddess of Mature Children
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Momo's apron with her wallet on top
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wise Beyond Their Years, Rose-Haired Sweetie, Nice Girl, Only Sane Man, Token Mini-Moe, Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling, Curtains Match the Windows, Girlish Pigtails
  • Domains: Children, Maturity, Age
  • Allies: The Vivid Team (Especially Akane), Miku Kohinata, Alisa Bosconovitch, Nepgear, Nazuna Inuwaka, Negi Springfield, Katara
  • Opposes: Momo Karuizawa
  • If you knew that Momo was related to Akane, you'd probably think Momo was the older sister, WELL YOU'D BE WRONG! Momo's actually the younger sister, but you probably wouldn't believe that, not only due to Akane's usual demeanour but also because Momo's been handling all of her family's finances and cooking all of their meals ever since her's and Akane's mother was hospitalised 7 years ago.
  • When Momo ascended she requested to the court of the gods that she wanted to live in the same temple as The Vivid Team because she worried that they would miss Momo's cooking and also because Momo didn't want to be away from her sister any longer.
  • Momo is good friends with Yutaka Kobayakawa and Alisa Bosconovitch as they share Momo's kindness combined with pink hair.
  • Whenever Akane or any of the Vivids needs to fight some impending threat, Momo will do one of two things, if Momo's in the vicinity of the fight Momo will watch the fight because she wants to know her friends will be all right or she will be back at the Vivid Team's temple preparing food for them as she has faith in them and expects them to be tired when the fight's over.
    • These worries about her friends safety led Momo to becoming friends with Miku Kohinata as she also worries about Hibiki's safety when she needs to fight something.
  • Momo sympathises with Nazuna and Nepgear because she understands how tiring it can be to be more responsible than their older sister.
  • Many deities such as Negi Springfield are impressed by the fact Momo was able to take care of a family of 3 despite only being a 5th grader.
    • When asked asked why she decided to take role of the family with the most responsibility, Momo replied with:
      Somebody had to provide for big sis and grandpa and since big sis had a part-time job and grandpa was busy with his research, I ended up providing meals for them.
  • Momo has become good friends with Katara as she too had to look after her family was murdered.
  • Momo would appreciate it if others would stop associating her with Momo Karuizawa as Momo doesn't like how she uses her cuteness to her advantage.

    Rynn Jacobs 
Rynn Jacobs, Goddess of Minors Living Alone
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A collection of her father's works; alternatively, a poisoned cup of tea
  • Theme Song: Piano Concerto No. 1 by Fryderyk Chopin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: A Young Teenager who Resides on her Own, Villain Protagonist, Has an Uncanny Personality of her Age, Creepy Child, Never Actually Kills Someone Intentionally, Has Lost Both of her Parents (She Poisoned her Mother Accidentally), Has a Partner and Lover named Mario who is Older than she is and their Relationship Realistically Couldn't Last, Is Threatened With Sexual Extortion by Frank Hallet, Uses Potassium Cyanide as her Choice of Poison, Is Well-Versed About the Circumstances that She is Thrown Into
  • Domains: Children, Independence, Autonomy, Poison, Rebel
  • Heralds: Gordon (her pet mouse), Mario, Officer Miglioriti
  • High Priest: Kotaro Satou
  • Allies: The Baudelaire Orphans, Salad Fingers, Shinon Asada, Kids Next Door (Sector V), Ashley, Kevin McCallister
  • Opposes: Count Olaf, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Wary Of: Madotsuki
  • Complicated Relationship: House of Family and Relatives
  • Rynn Jacobs initially appears to be an average 13 year-old-girl who has taken residence in Wells Harbor, Maine, although it is noted that she has a famous father named Lester, who happens to be a popular poet. However, this is far from the truth; Rynn actually lives in a rather large house all by herself, something that she is more than content with and whenever questioned about her father's presence, Rynn claims that he is away in a business trip or is too busy in his work whenever she gets a phone call regarding Lester. Furthering the mysterious nature of Rynn is how she doesn't attend school and having a mature and self-assuring, yet sardonic and uncompromising attitude towards her guests, which catches the attention of landlady Cora Hallet and her son, Frank, who turns out to be a lecherous pest who makes unwanted sexual advances on Rynn. One day, a visit from Cora goes awry when she ends up killing herself by accident, creating a complicated issue for Rynn. Sometime later, she came across a stage magician named Mario, whom she quickly came to appreciate and befriend and Mario even got to defend Rynn against Frank when he made a reappearance. As Rynn and Mario began to develop romantic feelings for one another, the former confides that she accidentally killed her mother whilst serving her tea and that Lester committed suicide in the sea so that his body wouldn't be discovered, though not before making arrangements for Rynn to live in a solitary household. Additionally, Rynn's mother was also abusive, and Lester didn't want his daughter to live with her, which is why he also handed Rynn a jar of potassium cyanide, claiming that it was a sedative meant to calm Rynn's mother down. However, whilst trying to bury Cora's corpse on a rainy day and as winter approaches, Mario fell ill from pneumonia and was kept in the hospital, leaving Rynn on her own to deal with the sudden appearance from Frank later in the night. Frank managed to learn that his mother was killed and decided to use circumstantial evidence to allow him to trap Rynn into becoming his Sex Slave partly out of revenge for his mother's death and for his own perverted desires. Rynn prepared some tea for him and herself, with Rynn's having had potassium cyanide added in. Before taking a sip, Frank decided to switch the cups, unknowing taking and drinking the poisoned cup.
  • What's happened next regarding Rynn so far has been left unsaid; the only thing confirmed was that Frank Hallet was poisoned to death with his last words murmuring about Rynn's facial features while she stood with a blank stare for what seemed like minutes. With the story having an abrupt end, Rynn was someone whom many were were unsure about, given that no one was really familiar with her and it's just as unlikely that Rynn would be trusting anyone either way, though Mario proved to be an odd exception. On a further note, Rynn's presence in the Pantheon has been another question for the presiding deities; how did she exactly find a way to ascend, and whether she was perfectly fine with now having a place in a wholly fantastical setting. The first sightings of Rynn were simply her taking a casual stroll around a street and coast that she was familiar with, with some speculating that a part of Wells Harbor is a part of her domain, in addition to her household. When confronted by the matter, Rynn stated that she simply received a letter that told her about the Pantheon and how that she was given the position of being the Goddess of Minors Living Alone. She initially scoffed at the meaning, that was until she saw a bunch of portals opening up and she wanted to investigate, only to back away after seeing what she could describe as a bunch of knights as if they were really coming out of the middle ages. Even after being convinced of the Pantheon's existence, Rynn chose to seclude herself, thinking that it's best she tends to her independence and her household for the time being... for now.
  • Rynn is one of the more mysterious and complicated cases of a child deity in the Pantheon. While she has proven herself to be rather polite and in control of her surroundings whenever she has to tend to visitors and guests, the fact that she lives all by herself with hardly any supervision was not lost by those who had known her for quite some time. That said, Rynn herself took to learning about the new realm in which she was a part of as quickly as she could, though she was conflicted in whether she should affirm her independence and autonomy or if she should relent to some degree and see to getting some sort of help from others, as much as she isn't too fond of that idea. She's aware that there are a huge number of malicious deities in the Pantheon who would likely see her as an easy target, which made Rynn admit that yes, she would be needing someone of company to look after her. She didn't like the notion, given that she valued her independence, but she quickly realized that she could only do so much as a child.
  • On an external level, Rynn may look innocent, if a little aloof, but many do not realize the fact that she is actually a very shrewd, manipulable, and verbally abrasive girl who doesn't take no to an answer when it comes to her wants and desires, especially if her residence and independence is concerned. Her own seclusive nature meant that not many know her all that well. That said, Rynn isn't antisocial nor does she exhibit any malicious intent, even if she comes off as pretty un-childlike. She communicates well enough with those she comes into contact with and maintains an eloquent demeanor and tone of voice which doesn't sound forced. As usual, she uses the same tactic as she did to explain why she's home alone, though a few deities have gotten a little suspicious about her.
  • Has a strong association with poisons, namely cyanide, and how she would lace them into tea, in addition to the mention of cyanide tasting like Bitter Almonds. That said, Rynn doesn't express any comfort or pride in said association and would rather put some distance from the Hall of Toxicity after giving it one visitnote , feeling that such a place was simply a bore to her and there wasn't much to explore to anyway, not to mention the Hall has a bad name in general. Of course, few actually know that she killed her mother with poisoned tea, though Rynn didn't know during that time that she served cyanide-laced tea, and the cyanide itself was planted by her father, who didn't want Rynn to be living with an Abusive Parent like her mother. She still serves tea to her guests, though without any poisoning and it's come to be a notable trait for her. As for those who are aware of her actions, Rynn doesn't have any intent on killing them, unless they become too nosy and obstructive towards her independence, as Frank Hallet can attest to. Fortunately, her guests have been hospitable and Rynn hasn't really generated any hard suspicions beyond her unusual independence, so she's feeling as if the Pantheon has been a rather quiet, if fun, experience.
  • Rynn's desire for independence is so potent that she even refuses to take part in conventional schooling, instead choosing to homeschool herself, believing that enrolling in one would hamper her ability to manage and determine her lifestyle and habits. She is, however, a very well-educated, well-read, and intuitive girl and many would be surprised by how much she knows, especially in writing and literature, as her father was a poet and she can vividly transcribe and readout works towards others, though she personally admits that she really isn't into reading works. The House of School found Rynn's seclusiveness to be very weird and jarring, partly because of her precocious age and partly because they find it difficult to realize why would an intelligent and gifted girl like Rynn not take any interest in schooling. Some efforts were taken by staff members, particularly Eikichi Onizuka, to reach out to Rynn. She surprisingly likes Onizuka for his determined nature and even allows him to enter her household either as a guest or as a private teacher, but affirms her point in not wanting to join the Elysium Academy. Onizuka decided not to press her further, even when he became one of the few to learn about Rynn's dark secrets, in which he decided that it would be best if he doesn't frustrate Rynn into becoming hostile towards him, in addition to valuing his respect towards Rynn.
  • Among those who are very adamant about their independence, Rynn, although a standout example given her own representation in the Pantheon, is surprisingly rather light in her scope and scale. While others have thought about why Rynn doesn't extend her reaches in the Pantheon to other, more expansive and wondrous places that would benefit with her own solitarity, Rynn justifies herself by stating that it's her home in which she feels best in and that as the sole occupant of itnote , she has a responsibility to look after and tend to her home, and she will live up to that objective. That said, she does have a growing list of friends, and Rynn is thinking that in case she wants to have long-distance travel, she could contact her friends and arrange a date where they could look after her home while she has her travels. Her affable demeanor has won some trust, and Rynn is confident that she's going to be needing it.
    • Rynn once stumbled across the Sector V Kids Next Door Operatives during a regular stroll in the Pantheon. The kids claimed to be fighting against growing up and evil teens and adults, in addition to claiming that they live by themselves, though it turned out that they do have families that they attend with and love, something that Rynn found somewhat emotional as she misses her father. When asked about her mother, Rynn avoids the questions with blunt answers for obvious reasons. She finds the kids humorous due to their imaginative, yet insanely childish nature, but felt that they were decent people overall. The Kids Next Door, in turn, didn't mind Rynn, despite barely being a teenager, as she didn't really pose any sense of opposition and was open to simply hanging out with them, though she's not interested in inviting them over to her house as she feels as if they would want to make battle plans there, something that she certainly wouldn't appreciate.
  • Rynn isn't the only child who lives all by herself, and she's all too aware of this fact. However, she does know that because of her position, she is the most well-known individual about this trait, though Rynn personally sees this as a cheaply sympathizing attempt to hold up in some regard in the Pantheon. That said, she doesn't mind those who were in a similar predicament as she way, as demonstrated by Shinon Asada, a renowned player for Gun Gale Online who resided in her own apartment, having to own up to her expenses, and, like Rynn herself, was a target from someone malicious. Still, Shinon thinks that Frank, as bad and lecherous as he was, pales in comparison to Death Gun, who tried to make an attempt to kill Shinon to sate his thirst of being a Serial Killer. Given her unfamiliarity with video games, Rynn was a little confused by Shinon's experience but agreed that the latter must have had a terrible experience. The two ended up getting along really well, though Rynn has not really expressed interest in meeting up with Shinon's friends and loved ones, particularly Kirito and Asuna as she doesn't want her own autonomy to be too hampered by an increasing list of people who personally know her. Shinon has since not pressed on to that matter.
    • Ashley and Kevin McCallister were two other children who resided on their own, though in Kevin's case, he actually lives with his family, but got separated from them in two occasions. That said, Ashley does desire companionship and, while usually stoic and emotionless, is rather passionate about what she desires, whereas Kevin got his chance to be alone in his household and while he did enjoy his independence, he also learned to value his family deeply as well as fend for himself against a pair of thieves known as the Wet Bandits during Christmas time. Rynn finds both of them to be of nice company, though she can find Kevin's antics to be a little annoying and sometimes a bit much given how chaotic he can get. Knowing how lonely she was since her parents' deaths, Rynn tries to be a presence for Ashley and provide her social support whenever possible, with Ashley even being an invitee to Rynn's house, whereas Kevin feels as if he can takes notes from Rynn regarding how to better talk to strangers and visitors and dissuading them from intruding further, though Rynn insists that she can't do that forever, as well as the fact that while Kevin's antics are destructive, Rynn's methods of handling her aggressors are more subtle but also sometimes lethal. She wants to make sure that Kevin doesn't notes from her on how to kill people due to the suspicions that could come out from that, due to Rynn's own experiences on that matter.
  • The House of Family and Relatives express some interest when it came to Rynn, her parents, and the circumstances that she has been living under, although it's noted that not many of them are fond or approving of this fact, considering that Rynn is a very secretive girl and prefers to rather tell others off if she ever feels as if someone is intruding on her home, life, or independence. The Heroic Protectors of Family have actually learned of the reasons why Rynn's parents aren't around and pay their condolences to her troubles, though she's not wholly buying it. That said, Rynn doesn't mind the House's benevolent residents too much, given that most of them are rather more appreciative of her life choices. She, for one, is open to keeping up on good terms with them as she got to learn of the Pantheon's fantastical nature more and more over time.
  • She's well aware of the fact that she isn't the only deity to have lost her parents nor the only one to have killed a parent, intentional or otherwise. It's how Rynn was able to fairly understand those who've undergone similar circumstances and how those events have led them to be all on their own, though unlike them, Rynn was actively entrusted by her father to take of their household and not to let anyone uproot and take it over them, something which she's held on to with a hard grip. She found some comfort in hanging out with the Baudelaire Orphans, who lost their own parents to a great housefire and had to contend having to be looked after by a malicious, uncaring caretaker who wanted to steal their fortune for himself. Violet and Klaus were initially a little hesitant about Rynn's unchildlike behavior but eventually warmed up to her as she was willing to give them company and that Sunny generally enjoyed being in Rynn's presence. The Baudelaires are some of the few people that Rynn generally likes and have proven an exception from her reclusive nature in that she is willing to be in their presence and vice-versa.
  • Oddly enough, Rynn ended up establishing ties with Madotsuki, if mainly because the two of them have a shared trait of being socially seclusive to themselves and tend to not involve themselves too much on the outside, though Madotsuki is an extreme example thanks to her being in a dream-like state. They're also very protective of a possession, with Rynn valuing her home and general independence above everything else, and Madotsuki being very protective of her dream journal. Normally, Rynn would want to get along with her, but her destructive nature and powers, if rattled, have unnerved Rynn. She does sympathize with Madotsuki and would like to socialize with her, but she's hesitant on how to handle her if they meet, as Rynn clearly doesn't want to set Madotsuki off, given how she is capable of laying waste to the dream world (and Rynn herself) if ever angered.
  • Rynn's experience with the Hallets has left a lot warier about estate holders and managers, though she is lucid enough to know that not everyone is the same as Cora and Frank, though because she doesn't have a high opinion about how others would react to the fact that Rynn's parents are actually dead, she isn't too trusting of any of them in general. One such figure that she came to oppose was Count Olaf, which came naturally after learning about him through her friendship with the Baudelaires. Rynn was lucid and alert enough to be able to see through Olaf's attempt to con and bribe her on the few times they've met, and Rynn personally sees him as an irritation, much to Olaf's dismay. The Child Abuse Supporters were a more serious case as, due to their larger infamy and their track record in abusive parenting, Rynn tends to do whatever she can to not get their attention, especially considering that her own mother wasn't any better. On another note, Rynn also steers clear of sex offenders, if her experience with Frank has taught her enough, though Rynn has plans thought out in case someone wanted to invade her privacy and independence.
    • One authority figure that caught Rynn's attention was Salad Fingers, a figure who survived a post-apocalyptic world with a twisted appearance, most notably two elongated fingers and his sanity having eroded enough for him to interpret things very differently, namely seeing real people as imaginary. Rynn found his predicament rather sad and felt that she could visit his domain a bit more than usual, in spite of its depressing nature. Her appearances have helped in giving Salad Fingers some sense of company, considering he too lived on his own and he turned out to be a decent caretaker and overall nice person in spite of his freaky appearance. That, and Rynn finds some of his antics to be a bit funny, while Salad Fingers saw Rynn in an oddly imaginary sense, though she came to not mind it all that much.

    Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe 
Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Goddesses of Childhood Innocence
Mei (left) and Satsuki (right)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their house
  • Theme Song(s): Sanpo ("Stroll" in English)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Children Are Innocent, Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are, Genki Girls, Theme Naming, Tomboy and Girly Girl respectively, Random Events Plot
  • Domains: Childhood, Siblings, Imagination
  • Allies: Totoro, Catbus, Kiki, Chihiro Ogino, Coraline Jones, Mary Lennox, Ben and Saoirse, Lilo and Stitch, Lucas, Ness, Karouko Hanasaki, Clark Kent/Superman, Yotsuba Kowai, Omegamon, Dukemon, Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria
  • Opposes: Hansel and Gretel
  • Opposed by: Calvin
  • Odd Friendship with: Satsuki Kiryuin (Satsuki)
  • Not to be confused with: Mei-Ling Zhou (Mei)
  • Satsuki and Mei are two young girls who moved into a house in the country with their father to be closer to their hospitalized mother. There, the two discovered that the nearby forest is inhabited by magical creatures called Totoros, who they made friends with, leading to several magical adventures. When Mei ran away after an argument with Satsuki, the Totoros and another spirit called Catbus heeded Sarsuki's plea for help and helped reunite the two sisters.
  • When the two found out that Totoro is now a god in the Pantheon, they rushed into his temple that’s deep in the giant tree to pay him a visit. Totoro smiled upon seeing the two girls once more as they both gave him a big hug and bounced on his tummy. The two girls were similarly happy when Catbus ascended some time after them and came to pick them up from the House of School.
    • From there, they met and befriended other Studio Ghibli deities. They like hanging out in Kiki’s bakery and enjoy her delivery service. They are also good friends with Chihiro Ogino, as they can be seen talking about their respective adventures.
  • From Chihiro, they were introduced to her friend Coraline Jones, whom they befriended due to her also being a girl who moved to a new house as well as her love for exploring. Satsuki finds it funny with how she sounds like her whenever she speaks English. For a similar reason, they get along well with Lilo and Stitch.
  • Satsuki is also on good terms with Noriko Takaya, although she also finds it weird with how she at times sound like her.
  • Karouko Hanasaki sometimes pays a visit to Satsuki and Mei’s temple and acts as a sort-of grandmother figure to them, probably because she and Mei happen to have a similar voice. Omegamon is also proctective of the two girls for that same reason, and more generally because Digimon have a special relationship with children and the noble Omegamon is not willing to let two girls so young to go through a bad time in the Pantheon. Granted, it's not all serious with Omegamon, as they are willing to play with Satsuki and Mei, even devolving into the more personable Agumon and Gabumon at times. Much the same applies to Dukemon.
  • Sometimes, they would have play-dates with Mary Lennox and help her tend her garden by growing more plants, to which Mary gladly appreciated. They also felt sorry with how Mary’s mother neglected her and how she has to deal with her ill cousin like the Kusakabe sisters did with their mother.
  • They also get along well with Ben and Saoirse due to them being siblings who also had encounters with magical beings. The Kusakabe sisters enjoy hearing about the selkies and fairies that they met in their world while Ben and Saoirse were intrigued with the soot sprites and Totoros of Satsuki and Mei’s world.
  • Satsuki is rather confused when she learned about her namesake in the Pantheon though she was also surprised with how Totoro is friendly towards her. Even funnier is how she dresses up like her at one point.
    • Likewise, Mei was surprised with how she sometimes gets confused with Mei-Ling Zhou. That said, the two are well-acquainted with her.
  • Mei enjoys playing with Yotsuba Kowai as they enjoy discovering the world and life together. Mei also appreciates her for her cheerfulness.
  • Although they don’t have much in the way of enemies in the Pantheon (few deities are interested in attacking two little girls who don't hurt a fly and have little of value to offer), Calvin doesn’t like the two girls as he finds all girls to be gross. Also freaked out upon seeing Hansel and Gretel and their creepy antics as they’re pretty much the extreme opposite of what they represent.
  • Upon encountering Clark Kent, Satsuki and Mei were given odd looks as they thought they heard their father’s voice. Clark clarified the mistake but took this in good spirit and the two girls eventually took a liking to him.
  • One of their explorations brought them to a large manor in the middle of a green park. When they entered it, they marveled at how the walls were all red and just how grand the house was, but they didn't initially get along with the first resident they met, which was Karin, who wanted them out of the house immediately, stating it was no kindergarten. Satsuki stood her ground, saying they weren't doing anything wrong. Fortunately the much nicer Agnes broke things up and was rather delighted to meet two lively girls. Maria also appeared in short order, and Satsuki and Mei eventually learned they were all sisters and that Agnes was in fact ill. It was a pretty familiar situation for the little girls who had a sick mother. Perhaps because of this and their position as the "big sisters", Satsuki felt an affinity with Karin, although their first impression of each other coupled with Satsuki's headstrong personality and Karin's bad temper meant it was a while before they really got along (plus Satsuki doesn't approve at all of Karin's past treatment of her sisters). At least Agnes encouraged them all to spend time with one another, which helped. Dukemon also served as a buffer between them (and yes, Satsuki was entirely shocked that he chose "the evil queen", as she refers to Karin sometimes, for his partner).

    Seita and Setsuko 
Seita and Setsuko Yokokawa, Guardians of Dead Children
Setsuko (left) and Seita (right)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Fireflies; Setsuko's candy tin
  • Theme Song: "Home Sweet Home"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tragic child death, the horrors of war, Foregone Conclusion, downer stories, The Woobie
  • Domains: Children, Siblings, Death, War, Tragedy, Empathy, the Afterlife
  • High Priestess: Little Maria
  • Allies: The other Studio Ghibli deities, particularly Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe and Totoro, Toriel, Charles Dickens, Charlie Barkin, Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink, Hansel and Gretel
  • Oppose: The House of Military and Warfare, Cole Phelps, America
  • Seita and Setsuko are two siblings who lost their parents in World War II. Being far too young to live by themselves, they moved in with their aunt. Since they didn't earn their keep and times were trying, she eventually drove them away. Seita and Setsuko were forced to fend for themselves in the streets, living in a cave and stealing food. This being wartime Japan, food was scarce and there was no compassion to spare for the orphans. In the end, Seita's efforts were in vain and he had to bury his little sister Setsuko after she starved to death, while he lost his will to live and followed her shortly.
  • Few things evoke a sense of tragedy quite like the sight of a child dying. Accordingly, Grave of the Fireflies is one of the most notorious Tear Jerkers of all time. In the midst of the Pantheon bawling their eyes out at a screening of the film, someone drew attention to the Death of a Child trope and how Seita and Setsuko were just the perfect representatives for it, as unlike the vast majority of examples, they aren't just disposable side characters that only exist to motivate the hero, but protagonists themselves. Besides the fact that their tale is really important and considered a classic. Thus the Main House unanimously decided that they should be ascended from their status in limbo and well cared for after their trials in the mortal realm.
  • It is said that every time a child dies, these two will be there to guide them to the afterlife, with fireflies floating around them to light the path.
  • It may seem contradictory, but Seita and Setsuko's story is not, in fact, a dissertation on how war is terrible and must be stopped. It's also not a guilt trip to get rebellious teens to obey their parents. The real aesop of the children's tale is about the need for empathy among people even at the worst of times.
    • The anti-war advocates of the Pantheon will still invoke Seita and Setsuko's story as an argument even so. The siblings don't necessarily mind; after all, war did take their parents from them and put them in that horrible situation. They know all too well now that in any war, people will suffer through things no one, including children like them, should have to.
    • Seita was very patriotic in life, but considering that didn't help him or Setsuko even a bit, and how he learned about the Axis and their atrocities at the Elysium Academy, he has more conflicted feelings now. He still can't forgive the Allies for causing his parents' deaths though. He's not interested in revenge though, he just wants to live in peace with Setsuko.
      • Seita can't bring himself to have a high opinion of deities who fought on the Allies side. He's profoundly annoyed by America's boisterousness and casting himself as "the hero"; Seita feels that America is just a bully. He was also disturbed at Cole Phelps' history of ordering the flamethrower on his squad to attack a Japanese makeshift hospital (considering his mother died in one of these), even if it was by accident (Phelps thought the cave wasn't a hospital and was full of Japanese soldiers) and Cole feels terrible about it.
  • They don't have all that much in common with their fellow Ghibli deities, considering how unfantastical and brutally realistic their home universe is. Still, they managed to make good friends with Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe who lived around the same time period, so they have an understanding, if vague on account of their age, of the harshness Seita and Setsuko had to go through. Seita thinks the sisters make better playmates for Setsuko than him. The Kusakabe sisters have tried introducing them to Totoro, however while Setsuko can see him fine (and often takes naps on top of him), Seita's innocence is so broken down from his experiences that he can barely perceive the spirit (though even without that he might be too old to see Totoro in the first place).
  • Being two of the biggest woobies in history leads to a number of deities wanting to look after them. Toriel is an obvious one, as she tends to mother all "lost" child deities. Mako of the Shinkenger is also always checking on them and wanting to comfort them. Setsuko definitely enjoys their attentions and Seita is happy for her, though Seita at fourteen is growing a bit too proud to allow himself to indulge in this, even if he dearly misses their mother. He's more drawn to Charlie Barkin for his tough, street-smart style, which Seita wishes he had when he was living alone with Setsuko (also it probably helps that like the siblings, Charlie knows what it's like to be dead).
  • As an author who's always sympathetic to the plights of children, Charles Dickens finds their tale very interesting and is seriously considering writing a tract against war in his next book. In the meantime, Seita has expressed interest in reading Oliver Twist.
  • Anyone who gets the bright idea of harming these two is sure to become a target of the wrath of the entire Pantheon (well, the good deities, anyway). But considering the two siblings don't have anything of value to offer, they don't have any real enemies in the first place.
  • The House of Food reports that they are fairly big eaters, which is understandable considering how the war forced them to ration food and they both starved to death. In their frequent excursions to the House, the siblings have become friends with residents Hansel and Gretel, themselves a brother-sister duo where the brother takes good care of the sister.
    • Incidentally, the House decided to stock on Setsuko's favorite candy tins since the siblings' ascension; Setsuko's own candy tin automatically refills through Pantheon magic.