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The Fictional Expies Hall was constructed from the building material the now defunct Character Expies. Out of all the Derivates Hall, it has perhaps the widest variety of temperaments and personalities. How similar they are to their original can vary; some border on rip-offs, while others are drastically different. How close they are to the character they inspired can also vary; Professor Paradox and The Doctor get along swimmingly, while Dr. Stein and Victor Frankenstein don't get along nearly so well.

The center of the Fictional Expies Hall is a massive fountain. It used to be even bigger, but there was complaints of flooding. While some in this Hall are based on very specific individuals, others are based on more general characterization.

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    Robert Reynolds/The Sentry 
Robert Reynolds, Great Herald of The Man of Steel (The Sentry, The Ancient Mariner, Blue Buffoon, The Bullet, Golden Boy, Golden Guardian, Golden Guardian of Good, Golden Man, Golden One, Groovy Guardian of Good, Insect Man, John 'Johnny' Victor Williams, Shadow Man, Silver Sentry (Robert), Angel of Death, The Chosen One, The Many-Angled One, Shadow Man, Worldbreaker (The Void))
The Sentry
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Greater Gods

Dagomon, Deep God of Cthulhu Expies (Dragomon, Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A lighthouse emitting a ray of darkness
  • Alignment: Probably Blue-and-Orange Morality, comes across as some form of Evil
  • Gender: Non-Binary
  • Portfolio: Expy of Cthulhu and also Father Dagon, rules over the Dark Ocean, causes Ocean Madness, wields a trident and its tentacles, scrapped plotlines, cosmic horrors in optimistic settings, Ambiguously Evil
  • Domains: Mons, the Internet, Viruses, Abominations, Darkness, the Sea
  • Heralds: Its Divermon (Hangyomon) servants, equivalent to the Deep Ones
  • Followers: Innsmouth, the Dweller-In-Darkness
  • Allies: Many Elder Gods, especially Dagon and Ghatanothoa, The Kraeken, The Lunatic Cultist
  • Enemies: All the DigiDestined and good Digimon (and possibly even some bad ones), D-Reaper, GUAG White Hats, Captain Nemo, Captain Ahab, The ABZU Diver, The Hunter
  • Interested parties: Eric Cartman
  • Dagomon is an evil god Digimon thought to have originated as a virus in the electronic instruments aboard ships, confusing their direction and throwing them off course. Dagomon exists in a bleak dimension separate from the Digital World, making its home at the bottom of a sea known as the Dark Ocean, which seems to attract troubled people and is capable of corrupting them into evil. With that said, it's not at all clear what Dagomon's goals are, or if it even has them.
  • The Pantheon's first run-in with Dagomon occurred as Captain Nemo was traveling the oceans in his submarine Nautilus. As he moved onto an uncharted area that he couldn't help but remark on the dreariness of, he noticed the instruments in his ship going berserk. When he decided to emerge and opened the hatchet to see his surroundings, he saw a beach and a distant lighthouse that seemed to give off darkness instead of light. It was a sight out of a horror story, in his opinion, and he felt somewhat ill. Then the Nautilus was suddenly surrounded by shadowy creatures shaped like Fish People and the Captain, in a haste to just get out of there, only saw another massive shadow with red eyes seemingly fading into view in the distance before he got back in and did his best to get away from it all. But Captain Nemo's brief presence was enough for Dagomon to extend its influence to the Pantheon, somehow even snatching a divine title to cement it. Nemo was dismayed and felt guilty that the ghastly creature was here to stay when the White Hats made the news public.
  • Is most famous for having a hand in Ken Ichijouji's corruption and nearly doing something similar to Hikari. Presumably; while the two Digidestined did have disturbing encounters with the Dark Ocean, it's unclear how involved Dagomon was in this, as it never left the background to make its intentions known. It is clear, at any rate, that the Dark Ocean poses a danger. All the DigiDestined keep a close eye on it and have gotten some of the Royal Knights posted at the entrance to its temple to ensure nobody accidentally enters it. Ken is especially concerned about the possiblity of the Dark Ocean creating other villains like him when he was the Kaiser.
  • Dagomon's temple is more like a portal to the Dark Ocean dimension where it still resides. Only other eldritch deities can walk in that place without consequence; there have been plenty of incidents of depressed deities getting pulled in and nearly losing themselves, despite the DigiDestined's best efforts. This may because there isn't only one entrance to the place; alternate portals to the Dark Ocean exist in the areas of the Pantheon (especially below sea level) where no one lives and which are rarely traveled.
  • The deletion program D-Reaper feeds on despair to gather more power, so the Dark Ocean's influence on people is rather interesting as a study subject. It seems likely that the D-Reaper would like to take over the Dark Ocean so as to take all the negative energy it produces for itself. That would mean defeating Dagomon, of course. However, it seems as if the D-Reaper malfunctions very badly whenever it tries to make an incursion there, owing to the strange nature of the place, so those plans would have to be put on hold as the D-Reaper researches some way to enter the Dark Ocean safely.
    • Dagomon's Lovecraftian nature means it is also warmly welcomed by such pleasant characters as the Lunatic Cultist, a worshipper of Cthulhu who devoted himself to carrying out the Elder One's will, only to summon it with his dying breath. The Cultist seems just as willing to carry out the will of Dagomon, whatever it may be. Conversely, Dagomon has to watch out for The Hunter as a significant threat, as he is well-known for killing many eldritch creatures.
  • Dagomon is the Digital World's equivalent to the eldritch beings invented by H.P. Lovecraft. Specifically, its tentacle-profuse appearance is modeled after Cthulhu, while its name and role as an ocean-dwelling god is taken from Father Dagon. It's probably on good terms with the original eldritch creatures, whatever "good terms" means for them. Its namesake Dagon in particular seems to have a special appreciation for its work with the Dark Ocean and seems willing to help stop those pesky DigiDestined from interfering. Much the same can be said of the Kraeken, who can occasionally be found on random places of the Dark Ocean to make things difficult for any wayward deities, as well as Ghatanothoa.
  • Eric Cartman remembers that time he got to control Cthulhu to do whatever he wanted well. So when he heard about Dagomon, who he still insists is a Chinpokomon despite many corrections, he thought it was just perfect since they are meant to be partnered with. To this day he keeps devising ways to get into the Dark Ocean to convince Dagomon to partner with him. However, it would seem that Dagomon cannot be convinced with the same tactics that worked on Cthulhu. Instead, Cartman seems to get constantly kicked out of the Dark Ocean when he does manage to get in. Nobody blames Dagomon for this, given what a little shit Cartman is known to be (and Cartman's angry tirades when he gets kicked out are pretty funny).
  • Just like what happened to Captain Nemo, other sea travelers are bound to run into Dagomon or the Dark Ocean either by the strength of their negative emotions or through sheer bad luck. Some might do it more intentionally than others, out of thirst for adventure. It was only a matter of time until the notoriously obsessive Captain Ahab found himself there. Rather than do the sensible thing and sail back towards where he came from, he decided it was as good an opportunity as any to try to hunt Dagomon, who had become the subject of so many sailors' nightmares. Last he was seen he had disappeared into the fog and it certainly didn't end well because he awoke in the House of Life and Death. Ahab doesn't seem that fazed by what happened and seems resolved to try again and again (in-between hunting that accursed Moby-Dick, anyway).
    • Jack Sparrow has also ventured into the Dark Ocean in one of his many adventures. In his case he was eager to see whether the place had any treasure or not; considering most people who went there only wanted to get out as soon as possible or succumbed to despair, any potential riches would be ripe for the taking, according to his theory. He fought off quite a few of Dagomon's servants and was smart enough not to stay well away from where the mon itself manifested, but ultimately found nothing resembling treasure... so he took some random rocks back with him anyway, since everything in the Dark Ocean was so gray, there was no way of telling for sure. Lo and behold... the random rocks were just rocks. Jack Sparrow called it a tremendous waste of time. Other deities are just surprised he came out unaffected.
    • Though generally feared and reviled, Dagomon does command respect from the Greyjoys. The Greyjoys are from the Iron Islands, whose population worships a so-called Drowned God, which reputedly resembles Cthulhu and other such tentacled abominations. When an Iron Island ship chances upon the Dark Ocean, the crew's reaction is to pay respects to Dagomon and its servants. Perhaps for this reason, Dagomon refrains from attacking them. Only Theon Greyjoy doesn't really care for this worship, being more of a Stark, and disturbed by what he's heard about the Dark Ocean.
  • At least aquatic animals, such as the aforementioned Moby-Dick, instinctually know to avoid the Dark Ocean. This is a load off the ABZU Diver's mind, who cares a lot for these creatures and would hate to see them suffer in the Dark Ocean. Though, hearing about Dagomon's servants did compel her to go there once, thinking they might be tethered against their will. It was a mistake on her part, as not only were the servants hostile no matter what she did, but being a robot, Dagomon's interference eventually started getting to her, to the point that she had to send the White Hats a distress signal before she broke down completely. She was salvaged and brought back to normal, of course, but she will never try to take on the Dark Ocean by herself again.

    The First Family 
The First Familymembers , Divine Representatives of Fantastic Four Inspirations (As a whole: The Furst Family, The Fursts | Augustus: Dr. Furst, Auggie, Gus, Granddad | Julius: Julie | Nick: Nikolai, Nickie | Natalie: Natalia | Rex: Rex Zorus, Tyranos Rex, Rexie, Prince of Monstro City | Astra: Princess Astra Jeannine "A.J." Majestros-Furst, Majestros-Third of Monstro City and the Atlantic Plains, The Globe's Most Famous Grandchild, Astrid Ljinders, Crackles)
Clockwise from upper right: Natalie Furst, Augustus Furst, Nick Furst, Rex Majestros, Julius Furst, and Astra Furst
Sasha Furst 
Karl Furst 
  • Greater Deities as a team (Augustus and Julius are Lesser Gods, while Nick, Natalie, Rex, Astra, Sasha and Karl are Intermediate Deities)
  • Symbol: Orange "F" on black background
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Three Generations of Successful Superheroes, Alliterative Name, Badass Super Family Team, Celebrity Superheroes, Resemble the Fantastic Four, Have a Trophy Room
  • Domain(s): Adventure, Family, Superheroes
  • Herald: Darcy Conroy-Furst (Nick's wife and Sasha and Karl's mother)
  • Allies: Samaritan, Winged Victory, The Fantastic Four, The Incredibles
  • Enemies: Doctor Doom, Krona, The Child Abuse Supporters, Lex Luthor, Lord Recluse, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
  • Conflicting Opinion: Namor
  • The First Family is a multi-generational team of heroes, famous for their adventures and exploration of unknown mysteries. The team was originally started by the super-genius Augustus Furst and his brother, two-fisted salt-of-the-earth veteran Julius Furst, in 1950 when the brothers went to Romania on what was supposed to be a research field trip to figure out an energy loss issue that turned out to be Onggu the Omnivorous. From then on, the brothers traveled the world in search of adventure and knowledge.
    • Augustus' third wife, Nadia, whom the brothers had rescued from an alien energy field, eventually left him after two years for Kaspian, prince of the Eastern European Beast-Men and recurrent foe of the Furst Family. However, in 1961, Nadia went missing and Kaspian was incarcerated. Their newly-born twins, Nikolai and Natalia (whose names would be changed to Nick and Natalie), were placed in Augustus' care, and he adopted and raised them as his own, eventually adding them as members to the team.
    • The family was expanded further in 1979 when Natalie married Rex, the son of Madame Majestrix, one of the First Family's greatest enemies. Their daughter, Astra, was born in 1986. Some years later, Nick, in turn, married hotshot Astro City lawyer Darcy Conroy and the two eventually gave birth to twins, the zoomorphic Sasha and the stretching and bouncing Karl.
  • The First Family arrived into the Pantheon by accident, as Dr. Furst was testing out a new dimensional portal and ended up transporting himself and the entire family directly into the Court of Gods. Impressed by this achievement, the Court of Gods learned about the family's history from the family themselves and from their allies, Samaritan and Winged Victory. The First Family formally ascended shortly afterwards and had a brief reunion with Samaritan and Winged Victory before the two had to depart to continue fulfilling their duties again. The First Family's temple is modeled after their headquarters in Astro City, looking like a base on top of a towering mountain.
  • Unsurprisingly, the First Family quickly became good friends and close allies with the Fantastic Four and the Incredibles, whom they bear a strong resemblance to. Augustus found a kindred spirit in Reed Richards and the two frequently meet up to exchange scientific ideas and designs. Julius and Rex bonded with the similarly down-to-earth Ben Grimm and Bob Parr and the four of them can regularly be seen hanging out together. Natalie enjoys spending time with Sue Storm and Helen Parr, being glad to have people to talk to about being a superhero mother and the difficulties that come with it. Nick initially didn't get along with Johnny Storm, viewing him as rather immature and irresponsible, but the two eventually managed to develop a somewhat turbulent friendship once Nick recognized that there is more to Johnny than his superficial exterior would suggest. Astra, Sasha and Karl swiftly managed to get along with Franklin, Valeria, Dash and Violet. Astra related to how they similarly grew up with superhero parents while Sasha and Karl were happy to have playmates closer to their own age.
  • The First Family quickly became enemies with Doctor Doom and Krona. Doom was highly annoyed to discover that another group of superheroes similar to the Fantastic Four had ascended, and especially dislikes Augustus due to how much he reminds him of Reed Richards. On the other hand, having once defeated a time traveling scientist who, terrified of his impending death, attempted to create a reverse big bang effect designed to destroy all the universes that ever were or ever would be, the family disapprove of how Krona's desire to learn everything tends to actively endanger all of existence. Krona doesn't particularly care much about the First Family, but has displayed an interest in their inter-dimensional portal technology, as it might aid him in his search for more knowledge.
  • They strongly oppose the Child Abuse Supporters, and other evil parents in general, since they represent the worst ends of family and parenting. The Child Abuse Supporters view the First Family as a serious threat, since the family is generally well-liked in the House of Family and are quite powerful when fighting together.
  • They're also enemies with Lex Luthor, Lord Recluse, and the Green Goblin. Lex and Lord Recluse are both impressed with Augustus' inventions and have attempted to kidnap him on several occasions, which the First Family has thus far managed to prevent each time. Their dislike of the Green Goblin largely stems from him being an Abusive Parent and his habit of kidnapping the loved ones of his enemies to torment them. Norman, for his part, strongly dislikes the family due to their resemblance to the Fantastic Four and their occasional interference in his schemes has resulted in him having several clashes with them.
  • They are rather conflicted on what to think of Namor. On one hand, he strongly resembles Kaspian in both appearance and personality, which tends to result in them getting into arguments with him whenever they meet. However, on the other hand, Nick and Natalie's experiences with their biological father generally makes them capable of appealing to Namor's better qualities and make him more cooperative towards them.
  • Exclusive to Augustus:
    • Augustus grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and attended the Harold Jordan Memorial High School. According to the locals and his former schoolmates, "He was a science nerd then, and he's a science nerd now". Over the course of his superhero career, Augustus has been married four times, fought innumerable enemies, adopted a pair of super-powered children (born to his third ex-wife and an exotic enemy), gained three grandchildren, and, of course, experienced a lifetime of adventures and lasting fame as head of what the world has come to know as the First Family.
    • As one of his world's smartest people, Augustus quickly became a close associate of other well-known genius superheroes (aside from Reed Richards) such as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, T'Challa/Black Panther, Amadeus Cho, Victor Stone/Cyborg, and Qubit. Being the oldest among them, he tends to act as a fatherly figure towards them, as well as being one of the few people that Tony Stark generally doesn't manage to get a rise out of.
    • Augustus is also on friendly terms with the Doctor and Professor Paradox, as he shares their love of science and sense of adventure. They're both quite impressed by his accomplishments and inventions, and Augustus, in turn, is similarly fascinated by the advanced technology they both possess. The three have been known to occasionally travel together and team up whenever necessary.
    • When not at the family's temple, Augustus spends a lot of his time at the Houses of Science and Technology. He gets along well with all of the good-aligned inhabitants there and enjoys to exchange information and ideas there, as well as ask for feedback on his inventions.
  • Exclusive to Julius:
    • Julius is the younger brother of Augustus and is more worldly and down-to-earth compared to him. Although Augustus tends to receive more attention and overshadow him, Julius never developed any jealousy or resentment towards him. Instead, Julius admires his brother, tolerating and forgiving his embarrassing social faux pas, and always being caring and protective of him. This devotion has lead to a shared lifetime of adventuring with Augustus. Julius acts as an associate and business manager of sorts, shedding any strong personal goals he may have, and helping his brother with whatever inventive schemes are tickling his whimsical and very creative grey matter. Although he lacks any powers or his brother's inventiveness, Julius is a skilled engineer and regularly operates the sophisticated, hi-tech machinery his brother creates, and enters into battle carrying a big gun.
    • Julius managed to form a bond with fellow cigar chomper Hellboy, who also regularly faces unusual threats and protects people. Due to regularly hanging out with Rex and other unusual beings, Julius wasn't at all taken aback by Hellboy's appearance and fully treats him as a normal person, which Hellboy strongly appreciates.
    • Julius is regular visitor of the House of Alcohol, as he enjoys going to the bar for a drink with his nephew-in-law Rex. Although he's given the option to try out just about every alcoholic beverage immaginable, Julius prefers regular, common drinks rather than the "imported swill" Rex likes to drink.
  • Exclusive to Nick:
    • Nick was born with the name Nikolai to Nadia, the third ex-wife of Augustus Furst, and Kaspian, the prince of an Eastern European mutant tribe called the Beast-Men. Due to Nadia's earlier exposure to alien energy, her children are able to harness and control this energy. In 1961, after Nadia's disappearance and Kaspian's arrest, Nick and his twin sister Natalie were adopted and raised by Dr. Furst. By their pre-teens, Nick and Natalie joined their adoptive father and uncle on their adventures and discoveries, leading to the group becoming the First Family. Later on, Nick married Darcy Conroy, a lawyer, and gave her a special brooch that would allow her to contact the family whenever she was in danger. Eventually, they had two children, Sasha and Karl, who similarly became members of the First Family.
    • Nick and Natalie can both channel a special form of energy. However, Nick channels the energy externally, projecting and controlling it. This allows him to manipulate the energy's composition in such a way that he can manipulate, move, lift, hold, contain and even destroy almost any form of physical matter. Nick is on good terms with members of the Green Lantern Corps, such as Hal Jordan, Kyle Raynor and John Stewart, having originally approached them for tips on how to potentially improve his powers and become more creative in its use.
    • Nick is also friends with Symmetra, being quite impressed by her use of Hard Light to build structures as an architect. The two occasionally engage in friendly competitions in which they use their powers to build increasingly more complex structures, which also serves as good training for when they team up in battle.
  • Exclusive to Natalie:
    • Natalie was born with the name Natalia to Nadia, the third ex-wife of Augustus Furst, and Kaspian, the prince of an Eastern European mutant tribe called the Beast-Men. Due to Nadia's earlier exposure to alien energy, her children are able to harness and control this energy. In 1961, after Nadia's disappearance and Kaspian's arrest, Natalie and her twin brother Nick were adopted and raised by Dr. Furst. By their pre-teens, Nick and Natalie joined their adoptive father and uncle on their adventures and discoveries, leading to the group becoming the First Family. In 1979, Natalie married Rex, the son of Madame Majestrix, one of the family's greatest enemies, which shocked the world. In 1986, they had a daughter, Astra, who would become a member of the First Family as well.
    • Natalie and Nick can both channel a special form of energy. However, Natalie channels the energy internally through her body, allowing her to build it up to increase her mass, growing in size, reaching even giant dimensions if she chooses. Alternately, she can tamp down the energy, decreasing her mass. While she does not decrease in size, she can lower her density this way so as to become intangible. Her energy sometimes discharges from her eyes, a telltale sign of the forces coursing through her body. Natalie befriended both Hank Pym and Kitty Pryde due to how she basically has both of their powers, and she sometimes asks them for advice on how to her powers as effectively as possible.
    • Natalie is also on friendly terms with Belle and Snow White, as they're similarly in relationships with beastly men and can thus easily relate to each other.
  • Exclusive to Rex:
    • Rex was born in the late 1950s to Madame Majestrix, the queen of Monstro City and one of the greatest enemies of the First Family. In 1973, at around 14 years of age, Rex led an army of monsters in an attack on Astro City. However, Rex became fascinated with the surface world and had a change of heart. As a result, he helped the First Family stop the invasion and they, in turn, sheltered and protected him from the U.S. government, who demanded that Rex be turned over to their custody for "appropriate proceedings". In response to this demand, the First Family severed ties with Astro City and the United States and relocated to their orbital base, Outpost F. However, Madame Majestrix launched an attack on Astro City shortly afterwards, angry at North America for supposedly turning Rex against her. Fortunately, a time-traveling Silver Agent suddenly appeared to broker talks between Majestrix, Rex, and the First Family. Rex explained to his mother that he meant no disrespect to her or their nation, but also that he refused to be ordered by another. Ultimately, Madame Majestrix ended the invasion and returned to Monstro City. Afterwards, Rex started spending his time with the Fursts and eventually joined them. In time, they returned to the city. In 1979, Rex married Natalie Furst, which shocked the world, and the two had a daughter, Astra, in 1986, who would become a member of the First Family as well.
    • Rex is on good terms with the Beast and Bigby Wolf, both of whom are also beastly men who are married to human women. He relates to Beast in how they're both princes and are both protective of their respective wives, Rex also frequently encourages him to lighten up and be nicer to people. Rex also liked hearing about how Bigby wishes to atone for his past mistakes, which reminds Rex of his own defection from Monstro City, the two can regularly be seen hanging out together.
    • When people heard of how Rex had once rampaged his way through three super-villain armies while looking for his then-missing daughter, he came to be held in high regard by all good-aligned members of the House of Family, particularly by The Heroic Protectors of Family, Harry Mason, Ethan Mars, Bryan Mills and Sophitia Alexandra. All of them strongly respect him and are willing to lend him their aid should he ever need it.
    • When Rex is not hanging out with his uncle-in-law Julius in the House of Alcohol, he can be found hanging out in the House of Royalty with fellow combat-capable royals such as Marth, whom he respects for his strength and desire to help people.
  • Exclusive to Astra:
    • Astra was born in 1986 to Natalie Furst and Rex Majestros. As the first grandchild of Augustus Furst, Astra received a tailored, intensive regimen for her education, health and training. For instance she was given special food that helped her develop her energy powers. Her tutor was a dedicated artificial intelligence with a gigantic database, called Mr. Smartie. However, at age 10, while she excelled at being a superhero, she had difficulty relating to other children. On a journey home from a television interview, she spotted a group of schoolchildren playing hopscotch and became fascinated with both the game and what it meant to be a "normal" kid. Astra subsequently hacked the systems of an Astro City elementary school to create a fake ID and spent several days practicing her hopscotch skills until she could beat the best player in school. After this incident, Astra was grounded for a month, as she had left home without telling anyone and the family had spent several days looking for her. However, Natalie and Julius convinced the rest of the family to let Astra join a normal school and have a less sheltered life. In her continuing desire for a semblance of a balanced, "normal" life, Astra attended Tarleton College as just another high achieving student. She also started dating a student in graphic design called Matt Zimmer. However, he felt out of his depth. Furthermore, a misunderstanding led him to believe that Astra would dump him because of this. On graduation day, expecting a break-up soon, Matt made a deal with the Inside Scoop and was equipped with a spycam in order to obtain racy footage. However, Astra sensed the recording devices and subsequently broke-up with him. As a young adult, Astra would lead a busy life. She remained an active member of the First Family, balancing team adventures with her private life and personal goals. She was also a member of the Seattle based super-hero team, the Reflex 6, but spent the bulk of her time working with specialists from all over the galaxy in the continuous efforts to untangle the maze of star systems tangled in the cosmically amazing area called the Gordian Knot. As a side bonus, the various alien cultures living there allowed her to blend in and feel normal, something she had craved for years.
    • Astra quickly became friends with Starfire, as the two managed to bond over how they're both princesses and superheroines who, although they like what they do, also desire to be viewed as normal people and have friends. The two have since regularly teamed up.
  • Exclusive to Sasha:
    • Sasha is the daughter of Nick Furst and Darcy Conroy. Through her descent from Kaspian, Sasha developed shape-shifting abilities that allow her to assume the forms of earthly animals.
    • Sasha is on good terms with other animal-themed superheroes such as Beast Boy, Vixen, and Animal Man. Although her brother likes to tease her about her having a crush on Beast Boy, Sasha insists that it's not the case. On the other hand, she views Vixen as something of a cool older sister and, although she was initially scared of him, also came to respect Animal Man after she came to know him.
  • Exclusive to Karl:
    • Karl is the son of Nick Furst and Darcy Conroy. Similar to his aunt, Karl can use a special form of energy to manipulate his body. In his case, Karl can stretch and mold his body into various shapes.
    • Karl is on friendly terms with Monkey D. Luffy, not only bonding with him over their similar stretchy powers but also because Karl simply thinks that Luffy being a pirate is cool.

Intermediate Gods

    Dr. Franken Stein 
Dr. Franken Stein, God of Frankenstein Homages
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The screw in his head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, briefly Chaotic Evil in the anime under Medusa's control
  • Portfolio: The only 5 star meister in the DWMA and also a teacher, Creepy Good, completely lacking a tragic backstory to explain his attitude, excellent in various fighting styles, Token Evil Teammate, marries Marie and has a kid with her
  • Domains: Science, Insanity
  • Herald: Marie Mjolnir (his wife)
  • Followers: Dr. Finkelstein, Franny K. Stein, Dr. Baron von Frankenbeans
  • Allies: All of the good Soul Eater Gods, Jack Skellington, Kiritsugu Emiya & Irisviel von Einzbern, Fran Madaraki, Senku Ishigami
  • Enemies: Medusa Gorgon, Junkrat and Roadhog
  • Evil Counterparts: Lord Karl Heisenberg, Shou Tucker, Mesogog, Professor Hojo, Ryoma Sengoku, Relius Clover
  • Annoyed by: Excalibur
  • Respects: Smoker
  • Interested in: Frankenstein's Monster, the House of Otherness
  • Conflicted Opinion: the Bebop Crew
  • Feared by: Oogie Boogie, almost every sane person in the Pantheons
  • Banned from: The House of Life and Vitality
  • Shadow Archetype: Victor Frankenstein
  • Within the DWMA, there's a teacher who surpassed all other students back when he was one himself. Dr. Franken Stein saw countless opportunities to experiment on others and dissect them for his own amusement, either with their consent, or if they're evil. That said, he's still pragmatic enough to kill his opponents quickly without making them suffer. His general appearance and mindset have allowed him to ascend as a homage to Dr. Frankenstein. This has also made him into an outcast in certain parts of the Pantheons, since people who know about his Hidden Heart of Gold think that he's scary and freaky.
  • Upon entering the Pantheons, Stein was pleased to see many familiar faces from his series. Granted, he was pretty subdued about it, they could tell he was happy. Spirit in particular is willing to lend a hand should he ever need a weapon to fight with (provided that he doesn't let his obsession with dissecting get the better of him).
    Stein: "Surprisingly enough, Excalibur can match with anyone. Anyone can match Soul Wavelengths just fine, but there's no one in the world who can match personal wavelengths with Excalibur.
  • Due to having to raise a child, Stein has decided to quit smoking, believing it to not be so cool anymore. Because of this, he's had to get into an argument with the Bebop Crew since they seem to think Smoking Is Cool. Spike and Faye are reluctant to comply with this, while Jet is far more understanding in this regard, since he has been willing to bend when this subject comes up. Another God that's known for smoking is Smoker. Since he can turn into smoke, he's a more complicated matter, but even he can just keep his distance if need be. It helps that he's one of the more stable and less hypocritical Marines in his world.
  • Stein managed to get along surprisingly well with Kiritsugu and Irisviel. The latter reminds him of his partner Marie since they're both loving people (though Marie can be a bit too willing to punch someone over her passions). Kiritsugu was also able to quit smoking for a time (presumably because of his daughter) and only went back during a war between Mages. That said, Stein and Kiritsugu can still show their dark sides to their opponents, revealing just how scary they can be (though Kiritsugu is a different kind of scary).
  • Over at the House of Celebration, Jack Skellington took note of how Stein was able to revive the meister Sid as a zombie. This fascinated him so much that he wanted him to participate in preparations for Halloween. Stein agreed, since he was given a chance to dissect Oogie Boogie to learn about what makes him tick. Oogie Boogie was horrified by this, and made a futile effort to run away. When he was revealed to be a literal bag of bugs, everyone was confused, but Stein took it upon himself to collect all of the bugs to study, wanting to learn how he was animated.
  • One of his more relatable interactions was with fellow Mad Scientist Fran Madaraki. They both have a desire to experiment on others, albeit for different reasons. Stein is motivated mostly For Science! despite being a hero, while Fran does it to help people without understanding how much her patients are in pain. She's also impressed at how he managed to resurrect the Badass Teacher Sid Barett with only cosmetic differences.
  • As much as Stein loves to experiment and dissect, he's still a heroic person, through and through. The thought of someone using similar scientific skills for evil is enough to make him an enemy. Villainous scientists such Professor Hojo, Ryoma Sengoku, Relius Clover and Shou Tucker do not get along as well with him as they'd like to. Stein may be crazy, but he's utterly amoral like they are. Relius and Tucker in particular mistreated their wives and daughters beyond repair, something that even Stein is appalled by. That being said, he is interested in the fruits of their research, as a man of science. He's also not willing to ask nicely for them.
  • Another such enemy is Dr. Moreau for trying to turn animals into humans. On top of being allies with Mesogog and Shou Tucker, his creations go so far as to sometimes eat their children when they're young. This tells Stein that Moreau doesn't take care of his work well enough and went overboard with populating a whole island with them. Stein is relieved that the animals are ONLY in one island, given how they encompass some of the most dangerous aspects of the species used to create them.
  • In one house, Stein noticed someone who once dressed like a typical Mad Scientist, along with his partner who donned a costume resembling Frankstein's monster. These two are commonly known as Junkrat and Roadhog, and dressed up for a special event where they acted differently. While this was what caught Stein's attention, he ultimately came to odds with them due to wanting to dissect them. Roadhog hates how cruel Stein can be when this side of him comes out, believing people like him are why he's so full of hate. Junkrat knows after "Going Legit" that he and Roadhog are Trapped in Villainy, so they might as well give it their all to try to kill Stein. Just as a fight was beginning to break out, Spirit arrived to back up Stein, under the condition that he doesn't go too far with his insanity. Stein reluctantly complies, seeing Spirit as a more valuable asset than whatever he could get out of the two villains.
  • When it became well-known just how crazy Stein can be at his worst, he was quickly banned from entering the House of Life and Vitality. While they liked the idea of him experimenting on certain villains in that House, the higher-ups thought that would be too painful and excessive, regardless of whether or not they deserve to suffer for their crimes. This merely gave Stein the idea to go to the House of Otherness. There, he'd be less restricted since some of those people are either used to pain or are seen as more acceptable to tamper with. The variety in that House left Stein very astounded, as though he could spend untold amounts of time there.
  • After a long time, Stein came across the inspiration for his character (and many others), Dr. Victor Frankenstein. This man suffered the consequences for being obsessing with science. He came to regret creating his nameless monster due to how it came out. Stein considers himself lucky that he didn't make the same mistakes as Victor, seeing his upbringing as proof of his terrible luck. It's enough to make Stein relieved that he has others by his side that he can truly call allies, if not friends.
    • Of course, he still has an interest in Victor's creation since it's an artificially created being. While Stein has been able to reanimate Sid into a zombie, that required a human corpse to act as a base blueprint. Considering the life that Stein currently lives, he's not going to have the time to make something like this anymore. Spirit is greatly by this, since he doesn't want his friend to do something crazy like play God.
  • On a more positive note, his meeting with Senku Ishigami was quite fruitful. Senku (who may already be familiar with Stein's world) was ecstatic to see a fellow scientist, albeit one who focuses more on the power system of his world than a more grounded take on science. Regardless, Stein was able to adapt to this, and the two bonded over a common interest in science. Senku was willing to dissect small objects and dead animals to learn even more than he already knew, and Stein showed he could "get excited" and thought the whole experience was "exhilarating".

    Heather Brown/Spinnerette 
Heather Brown, Great Herald of the Web-Slinger (Spinnerette, Spinny, Black Widow)
Spinnerette, back-to-back with her girlfriend Mecha Maid
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her extra arms
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Possesses Four Extra Arms And Can Multitask With Them, Super Strength, Ambiguously Bi, Badass Bookworm, hides her extra arms under a fat suit, Ditzy Genius, Immune to Drugs of the Mind-Altering Kind, Wrong Genre Savvy, Willing To Cross The Line In Regards To Certain Dangerous Villains
  • Domain(s): Spiders, Mutants, Heroism
  • Heralds: Sahira (her roommate), Marilyn Seong/Mecha Maid (her girlfriend), "Silver Age" Spinnerette and 90's Spinnerette (her AU counterparts)
  • High Priest: Kouichi Haimawari/"The Crawler"
  • Followers: Haruyuki Arita/Silver Crow, Rick Riker/the Dragonfly, Stealth The Hedgehog, Brad Armstrong/"Arachnaman", The Brown Widow
  • Allies: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug, Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir, Tsuyu Asui/Froppy, Spider-Gwen, most other superheroes, Benjamin Franklin, Ellen Ripley
  • Enemies: Most supervillains, Roose and Ramsay Bolton, Amon, William Stryker
  • Opposes: Amanda Waller
  • Spinnerette arrived in the Pantheon as a result of a dimensional portal that appeared out of nowhere in her world. As she soon got her bearings, she decided to explore as she swung around. This quickly drew the attention of the Pantheon's residents, as there were very few who travel by swing with spider silk.
    • Spider-Man, currently on patrol with the Miraculous holders at the time, was immediately alerted and he decided he would come over as soon as he can; he had to make sure the newcomer wasn't one of his many Opposite Sex Clones (he knows his clone drama). Spidey eventually bumped into Spinnerette before long. To be exact, she collided with Cat Noir while he was making a pole vault jump with his staff. Spider-Man and Ladybug quickly went over to the rooftop they landed on and shortly identified the newcomer. As soon as she saw the Webslinger, she was immediately overwhelmed with excitement and started to fangirl over him, bombarding him with questions and shaking both of his arms with all of her hands. He eventually came to realize that his (and all of Marvel and DC Comics' deities') exploits are works of fiction in her world.
    • Their reverie was interrupted by a nearby sighting of one of Kite-Man's gliders. Spinnerette, after being told that Kite-Man was a villain, fired a web at the rider's leg, snagging it and reeling him in. It turned out not to be Kite-Man himself, but Doctor Octopus, who had a sack of stolen goods with him. Seeing he got caught, he quickly prepared to fight his arch-nemesis and the younger start-ups.
    • Unfortunately for Doc Ock, not only was he (barely) outnumbered, the newcomer seemed to have a basic idea on how to fight him and they were almost able to take him down. During the battle, he tried to escape by grabbing Car Noir's wrist, which already had Cataclysm activated, and brought it down on the floor, caving it in right as Ladybug used her Lucky Charm to summon a item for the situation. One use of that item, a surviving generator, a piece of rebar, Ock's goggles, Spidey's right web shooter, and Spinny's Bottom Lefty, the villain was taken down and tightly secured for the authorities to take him away. As they did so, one of them noted just how much like Spider-Man Spinnerette is. While the Miraculous holders left to keep their identities secret since they were about to transform back, Spidey got an idea.
    • After a meeting and appeal to (with Ladybug's help) with the Court of the Gods and an explanation on how godhood works in the Pantheon, Spinnerette accepted a spot in the Pantheon as the Spider-Man Send-Up.
  • Shoots her webs from her lower back, not her butt, as much as Boomstick insists otherwise. She's taken to knitting with it, and has some ready in case she needs to go over and have it repaired.
    • Speaking of her webs, to keep them strong and to keep herself supplied, Heather takes a lot of protein drinks. This has garnered the attention of Akihiko Sanada and he approves. He's also invited her to spar with him (as Spinnerette) one day. She took him up on that offer, and got the privilege of seeing a Persona in action.
  • Is actually a blonde; the brown hair is a wig for maintaining her Secret Identity. As for how she hid her extra arms in her world, she has a fat suit for that. Sure, it's no longer necessary given her identity is now somehow public (at least to those who care), but she's grown used to not showing her GIRL ABS.
  • Isn't unfamiliar with all jibes pertaining to her armpits and the need to keep them clean. She's heard quite a lot of them.
  • Is familiar with the idea of just living the normal life without superheroics despite having powers. Her roommate Sahira is like that.
    • Speaking of her, Heather is wary of Rogue, who not only can copy powers, she just needs a touch, and the recipient gets weakened on top of that.
  • Has difficulty trusting Stan Lee, as one multiversal villain called The Editor took on his appearance and rebooted her universe (though it thankfully did no lasting damage).
  • Having had an arch-nemesis who shared the same super name as her (preceded her, actually) who became a drider, she's well experienced in dealing with the likes of them, especially Arachne once she learned enough about her.
  • Was excited to meet Benjamin Franklin, but was shortly confused when he didn't remember her, in which she realized this was probably a different version. When she told him of her world's Ben Franklin, he couldn't help but be amused, and wished that had happened to him.
  • Doesn't like the art style of manga, though she has no issues with the deities from such series.
  • If it comes to really vile folks with regenerative powers, she will not hesitate to thoroughly burn the body, just like she (and a nearby security guard) did Colonel Glass. She's garnered the favor of Ellen Ripley for this.
  • Isn't fond of the idea that Differently Powered Individuals need to be government-controlled; she's had enough of that from General Evescroft. Bruce Banner can understand the felling, having had a similar general in Thaddaeus "Thunderbolt" Ross who had the same problem. So does Captain Atom, who has also had a similar "problem general" in Wade Eiling.
  • Having had to deal with someone who wanted to kill a doctor trying to cure a terminal illness (and therefore doom all his patients who have it), and had the gall to call it an act of mercy, Spinnerette has disdain for any such folks who have the same goals as that "Adrastea". The fact that she was running on Insane Troll Logic doesn't help.

    Professor Paradox 
Professor Paradox, God of Doctor Who Homages (Timewalker, Multiversal Willy Wonka)

Robotboy, Deified Emulator Of The Atomic Wonder Child
Robotboy's Super Activated Form

  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God in Super Activated Form
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Song: Robotboy, Activated Robotboy when in Super Activated Form
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Seeking To Be Like Other Human Boys, Robot Kid, Trying To Learn How To Live A Human Life, Pintsized Powerhouse, Speaking Broken English, Telescoping Robot, Walking Armory, Can Become Even More Powerful In His Superactivated Form, Pretty Much Being Based On Astro Boy
  • Domains: Robots, Expies, Childishness, Superpowered Forms, Weaponry
  • Heralds: Professor Moshimo (creator), Tommy Turnbull, Augustus "Gus" Turner, Lola Mbola (friends)
  • Followers: Earth-chan, B.O.Y.D., Rusty
  • Allies: Astro Boy, Jenny Wakeman, Mega Man, Proto Man, and all other good-aligned Mega Man deities, Dexter, Professor Utonium, The Powerpuff Girls, Pinocchio, Lea, Bastion, Aigis, The Vision, Ratchet and Clank, The Toys of Toy Story, Nano Shinonome
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Coop and MEGAS
  • Avoids: The South Park Boys, Bender
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Dr. Wily, Dr. Weil, Dr. Nefarious, The Cybermen, Mandark, Mojo Jojo, Metallix
  • As his name implies, he's a robotic boy and one of the most potent inventions of scientist of Professor Moshimo, who sought for him to be a compassionate robot who could live like other humans, on top of protecting humanity from threats as well. However, there were those who sought to use Robotboy for their own more selfish desires, like turning him into a war machine for conquest and taking over the planet with Robotboy's powers. To deal with all the conflict that came with villains that wanted to take Robotboy for their own nefarious purposes, Moshimo went into hiding and had Robotboy sent to a neighborhood to live with the Turnbulls, especially Tommy Turnbull, Robotboy's first human friend in his new home. When he's not saving the day from Dr. Kamikazi and his evil plots, he's trying to learn to live like his friends to be more human like them.
  • When they thought that they would never get a break from dealing with Dr. Kamikazi's attempts to take Robotboy to use him as a tool for conquest, Robotboy found himself invited to a new place like they've never seen before. While he and Tommy were suspicious about it, they decided to accept it, though expecting it to be a trap. They would eventually find themselves in a new world that called itself the Pantheon, for characters turned to deities for representing certain tropes. It turned out that Robotboy and his friends were invited by Astro Boy who found Robotboy's desires and responsibilities to be relatable enough to him, to the point where he realized he could ascend Robotboy under the trope of Astro Clone. On the condition of letting his friends be in the Pantheon as Heralds, Robotboy ascended with the trope in mind, with him and Astro Boy looking forward to trying to live with humans as robotic defenders and more importantly, as friends.
  • Along with Astro Boy, Robotboy would gradually be introduced to more and more robotic friends, the first of which was Jenny Wakeman, another robot that very coincidentally wanted to fit in with fellow humans on top of protecting them as mechanical guardians. Their similarities even stretched out to color schemes and school life, but the two hardly minded such coincidences, finding only empathy and adoration in each other. Over time, Robotboy had began to even see XJ-9 as sort of a Cool Big Sis, which Jenny took decently well, although the idea of her having to live up to that role for Robotboy sounded troublesome for her. At the very least, her and Robotboy's human pals more than willing to be there for both of them as they continued to attempt balancing a life of living among humans with that of fighting monsters and villains in the Pantheon.
  • After learning of Doctor Light and his creations, Robotboy went to visit him and Mega Man, the both of whom welcoming the friendly robot to their domain. Out of curiosity, he learned about their world and how they handled robots, living together in a way that reminded Robotboy of Astro Boy's home, on top of their long-lasting conflicts with Doctor Wily and his Robot Masters. It took a while for Robotboy to process the whole scope of Mega Man's world and his legacies, on top on all the evil geniuses and robots troubling them. Of all of them, he personally found a lot of trouble with Wily himself given how much he reminded Robotboy of his own arch-nemesis, Dr. Kamikazi, and even decided to break into one of Wily's fortresses himself. Handling Wily was surprisingly a lot to handle for him, and only ended up imperiling himself through such a reckless decision, although it ended up being resolved with his friends and Mega Man coming to help him out. Wily himself managed to escape, but feeling really sour about the sudden attack, he's plotting to make Robotboy regret trespassing on his grounds.
    • When Doctor Light told Robotboy a lot about their world, he briefly mentioned an Aloof Ally of theirs that caused Robotboy's systems to pause for a brief moment. Dr. Light told Robotboy that Proto Man wasn't someone he should be afraid of, but Light was unaware of Robotboy's rather troubled relationship with his own predecessor, the similarly named Protoboy that his own creator had built earlier back, but without the understanding of morality that Robotboy had. Every attempt Robotboy took to try and connect with his "older brother", only endangered Robotboy more and more, for Protoboy had the same abilities as he, but with far less restraint. When Robotboy ended up running into Proto Man, the former's expectations were pulled at with a similar cold exterior, but a surprisingly kind reception from the latter. Proto Man, having eavesdropped on Robotboy's conversation with Light in secret, had saw it all coming and took the opportunity to briefly introduce himself and his own relationship with Mega Man before departing rather soon. Since the encounter, he learned more about Proto Man, including how he had even hid his unstable core from everyone else, and fearing the loss of his current personality from fixing it. Robotboy would like do something along the words of "Robotboy help Protoman!", but he acknowledges that he doesn't really know how to support Proto Man with such a conflict, sadly.
  • Having a fondness for organic life, on top of wanting to live like a human boy, Robotboy befriended Pinocchio for his endeavor to be a real boy and for actually managing to succeed in that goal as his film's concerned. He's attempted to hang out with Bastion, another large robot that simply wants to live a peaceful life, although Bastion mostly cares more for nature than humans, not that it's stopped Robotboy from attempting to connect with the Omnic. As with many other machines that have grown empathic towards organic life, Robotboy has baffled the minds of those who would vouch for machine supremacy, especially the Grand United Alliance of Machines. He's also against the Cybermen's agenda of mechanizing humans since he can't comprehend why they'd want to remove the qualities of the humans he's learning from to be removed in the first place. And given Robotboy's powers, some are interested in converting Robotboy into their side, especially Ultron. Such plans wouldn't go unnoticed, with Vision, Ultron's former successor, watching over Robotboy to prevent such a scenario from occurring.
  • The speech impediments of Robotboy, while endearing in the way one could interpret a foreign student's mannerisms to be as such, has had Robotboy given the belittling treatment from time to time. His odd speech would be a spark that led to him getting along with the Evotar Lea, who has it even worse with speech being limited to very few words at all. Although, the main reason Robotboy was interested in meeting her in the first place were the "horns" on her head, to her annoyance. However, they both decided to practice on overcoming their communication issues. On top of learning to get by social situations without relying too much on a lot of speaking, it seems that Robotboy has somehow been inspired by Lea's Silent Snarker attitude, which he's mostly used to mildly annoy his friends, who hope that Robotboy eventually gets over it.
  • Dexter decided to befriend Robotboy for the purpose of learning from his robotics, which he and his friends eventually accepted since he managed to convince them of being a benevolent scientist. Thankfully, Dexter hasn't done anything to concern Robotboy with his observations and occasional experiment. What was more concerning was that Mandark began targeting Robotboy to prove his genius superiority over Dexter, which reminded him of Björn Bjornson, one of Robotboy's own enemies in his world who had similar motives. Along with Dexter, he also made friends with Professor Utonium and his daughters, the Powerpuff Girls, who found his normal design adorable. And for some reason, one of their more infamous archenemies, Mojo Jojo, reminds him of another yak with a big brain that wanted revenge on his creator, Professor Moshimo.
  • If action ends up getting too intense for Robotboy's usual armory and abilities, which are already versatile and powerful in themselves, Robotboy can get into his depicted Superactivated form, turning him into a bigger and even more unstoppable battle robot, with his abilties more amplified and awe-inspiring, to the point where some were concerned with what Moshimo was thinking behind giving Robotboy such power, especially given Robotboy's overall innocence and occasional immaturity. In such a form, it even let Robotboy go toe-to-toe with Metallix, defending others from his rampant slaughtering, and managing to ward him off, but after Metallix left, Robotboy ended up running out of battery, and forced to deactivate, turning into a much smaller doll-like state and becoming inactive. While Metallix left the scene, another robotic menace, Dr. Nefarious, had witnessed the spectacle and decided to snatch Robotboy, deactivated and helpless to do anything about his kidnapper. Plotting to rewire Robotboy to make him a powerful asset in his quests for machine supremacy, Robotboy almost got converted had it not been for several of Robotboy's friends, on top of Ratchet and Clank themselves stepping in to subdue Nefarious. Since then, his allies have been more watchful of his battery level.
  • His deactivated form, due to its resemblance to an action figure, managed to fool the toys form Toy Story into believing that Robotboy was one of them, if not another inanimate toy. They were all freaking out for a little bit when Robotboy suddenly activated in front of them, changing size and form in the process. After getting to understand each other more, Robotboy decided to help the toys out with a few problems they were dealing with finding some missing members. That said, given that Robotboy had the habit with playing with toys before, it did make their interacts a slight more awkward.
  • While it was expected for Robotboy to get along with Robot Girl Aigis who also strived to be more human, and succeeded, learning much about her brought up uncomfortable questions for Robotboy. No, not ones of the dirty minded variety, but more on the existential topic of being human. When it came to gaining humanity, Aigis began to develop a side that didn't want to retain the feelings brought onto her from having humanity, especially when it comes to dealing with the loss of loved ones or of dear friends. It even managed to manifest itself into its own being known as Metis, but Aigis managed to reconcile with it and merge back together in the process. With difficulty in understanding her situation completely, Robotboy has started to grow anxious about developing such conflicting emotions, which he hopes he can ignore for the time being.
  • Robotboy managed to get along with yet another robot student named Nano Shinonome, despite a rather poor first encounter. Let's just say one of his friends, a herald of Robotboy's, Gus, came along with Robotboy, saw Shinonome's Wind-Up Key, and attempted to cause some mischief. Unfortunately, it turned out that he can't exactly turning said wind-up key, and it didn't end too well for Gus. After getting payback on Gus, she and Robotboy learned that they both really want to enjoy a normal human life as robots, so they tried working together more often as students. However, Robotboy's curiosity combined with the various array of functions that Nano ends up discovering only brought about more and more mayhem within the Elysium Academy. They've still managed to maintain a good friendship despite the trouble they got in, fortunately.
    • Speaking of Gus, hearing about Eric Cartman and his reputation for being an even worse Jerkass than Gus has made him and his friends, Gus included, to try to minimize contact with them. Either way, they're seen as a bad role model for Robotboy, and others can hope Robotboy doesn't try to follow their example. Same goes with Bender as another robot that shouldn't be an influence to Robotboy.
  • On a break, Robotboy decided to take a tour within one of the Pantheon's cities in hopes to get used to its culture. The day proved exceedingly fun, only for the whole place to be attacked by a group of giant monsters. Fighting alongside Robotboy to fend them off was MEGAS, piloted by Coop, and eager to kick some monster heinie. In defeating the monsters, however, MEGAS would end up totalling half of the city from Collateral Damage as a result of Coop pressing the "Recklessly Destroy The Enemies" button. With much of the city in ruin, Robotboy decided to try and help with repairing all of the destruction while Coop simply ignored the damage he did through MEGAS. Dismayed by Coop's ignorant attitude towards his surroundings, Robotboy hopes to prevent MEGAS from doing unnecessary damage the next time they meet.

Tyranitar, Divine Representation of Those who Emulate Godzilla (The Armor Pokémon, Bangiras)
Mega Tyranitar 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Mega Tyranitar)
  • Symbol: The armor plate on its stomach
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Sand Stream (both when in regular and Mega-evolved forms)
  • Moveset: Crunch, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Dragon Dance
  • Portfolio: Godzilla copies, Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon, insolent behavior, being a Rock- and Dark-type, overprotective parents, creating sandstorms wherever it goes, slow strength in spite of seven type weaknesses, having a ridiculously large movepool, the ability to use a Mega Stone
  • Domains: Earth, Destruction, Power, Defense, Strength
  • Followers: Tyrannomon, Electrogor, Reptar
  • Herald: Iron Thorns (its futuristic relative)
  • Allies: Godzilla, Rodan, Tyrantrum, Groudon, White Metagross, Toph, Crixalis, Darunia, Ash Ketchum, Brock, Grimsley of the Unova Elite Four, Bowser (when in a good mood)
  • Rivals: Hydreigon, Deviljho
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Hunter J, King Ghidorah, Volcarona, the House of Combat, anything specializing in one of its weaknesses, Rayquaza, SpaceGodzilla, Ozai, Relius Clover
  • Opposed by: Geb
  • Tyranitar, the Armor Pokémon. The final form of Larvitar, it is the rare "pseudo-legendary" of Johto and one of only two pseudo-legendaries not to be a dragon. It is so powerful that it can bring down a whole mountain to make its nest. The Pokémon is typically ferocious and destructive, however it has a sweet spot for its young.
  • Heavily influenced by the King of Monsters himself, in appearance, temperament and even some of the moves it can learn like Hyper Beam. Not that it uses said move much, being physically oriented. Whenever Godzilla is busy, Tyranitar fills in for him.
  • Few can stand being around Tyranitar, as he always brings a sandstorm with him. Some wished that he had Unnerve instead. Those who can resist it often use it to their advantage. As such, it often gets into fights with Rayquaza, who can nullify the sandstorm. He has no problems with Groudon and Kyogre, however.
  • Gaara ultimately picked Tyranitar as his partner due to the Sand Stream ability benefiting his power over sand. Toph, due to her ability to Earthbend, also came to like Tyranitar, as did Crixalis. However, the House of Nature is generally wary of Tyranitar since even as a Larvitar it was able to eat a mountain, and its rampages lead to maps having to be re-arranged. Geb finds it particularly annoying that Tyranitar likes to eat and demolish his mountains.
  • It would like to remind people that it is not the same thing as Godzilla, but it's still a terrible idea to use a nuke against him. It also points out that it doesn't like to get wet and would rather avoid the Hall of Water and Moisture. Ironically it can be taught Surf, possibly referencing how Godzilla can traverse the sea.
  • Due to filling in for Godzilla, Tyranitar has had to tussle with both King Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla. While the sheer villainy of Ghidorah is something Tyranitar can't tolerate, he is on better terms with the Ghidorah-like orochi and Pokémon Hydreigon. The two enjoy a rivalry and worthy foe relationship compared to the hatred between Godzilla and Ghidorah.
  • Sometimes hangs out with Tyrantrum, though most dragons don't care much for Tyranitar since "he's not a real dragon". Tyranitar prefers a rivalry with Metagross, as it is the other non-Dragon pseudo-legendary. And they both share a weakness to each other, so its a challenge for both. He has been found competing with the Deviljho, another Godzilla copy,
  • He and Volcarona despise each other, but the latter is more bitter. Tyranitar has amazing durability, on par with Greed, but what sets him back is his weakness to a lot of things, though he can brush off everything else. For this reason, he stays FAR away from the House of Combat, as its typing makes it surprisingly weak to being punched really hard.
  • One of the few it can trust with his young is Ash, due to him finding Larvitar and nursing it back to safety. Even if it is a Dark-type, Tyranitar is a doting father. It loathes Relius Clover and Ozai for being the complete opposite, which Ozai finds rather problematic as Rock beats Fire. Due to being good parents and them being ferocious beasts, Tyranitar gets along with Bowser whenever he's not in full villain mode.

    Zechs Merquise 
Zechs Merquise, Great Herald of The Red Comet (The Lightning Count, Rent-a-Char, Zechs Marquise, Prince Milliardo Peacecraft)

Lesser Gods

Bendy, Messenger God of the House of Mouse (Little Devil, The Dancing Demon, Little Devil Darling/Darlin', Grinning Demon, The Ink Demon, Figure of Ink)
Toon Bendy
"Real World" Bendy 
The Ink Demon 
Beast Bendy 

    Dr. Screwball Jones 
Dr. Screwball Jones, Godly Herald of the Clown Prince of Crime

    King K. Rool 
King K. Rool, God of Bowser Imitators (Kaptain K. Rool, Baron K. Roolenstein, King Krusha K. Rool, The Kremling Commander, The Supreme Ruler of All Evil)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A crocodile head with bloodshot eyes and a crown
  • Theme Music: Gangplank Galleon (Brawl remix, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Remix), Crocodile Cacophony (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Remix), Big Boss Blues, Boss Boogie, K. Rool's Finest Hour
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Themed Names for Mooks, Evil Overlord, Large Ham, Punny Name, Evil Reptiles (Specifically Crocodiles), Evil Fat King, Assuming Multiple Alises And Titles, The Letter "K" To Sound Scary
  • Domains: Reptiles, Genocide, Names, Profession
  • Heralds: The Kremlings; notable members include General Klump, Krusha, Klaptrap, Kerozene, Klubba, KAOS, and dozens more (though some have defected from the Kremlings and aren't associated with them)
  • High Priest: Dragaux
  • Allies: Ridley, Lord Hater, Pete, Renekton, Yosemite Sam, Neo Cortex, Risky Boots
  • Rivals: Bowser, Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Cervantes de Leon, Gangplank
  • Enemies: Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, & Cranky Kong (and by extension other monkeys), Mario, Steve Irwin, Team Chaotix (especially Vector the Crocodile), Little Mac, King Gator, Jorgen Von Strangle, King Dedede, May (Guilty Gear).
  • Respected by: Frieza
  • The primary threat to the Kong Krew, King K. Rool leads an army of crocodiles (and some other animals, but mostly crocs) to attack the Kongs in attempts to take over their island. He is the king of the Kremlins (or Kritters as they're sometimes called) and is quite cruel as well, even to his own cronies. In other words, a cruel king. Named Rool. And his rule is cruel. And that's not cool.
  • K. Rool is constantly scheming to eradicate all primates from existence, starting with gorillas and monkeys. Obviously, eliminating the Kong Krew is his main priority and he plans on targeting the other primates after that. He spends his off-time thinking of puns to inspire new breeds of Kremlings.
  • Although he's in a somewhat steady alliance with Bowser (mostly to discuss plans on how to defeat their respective arch-enemies), there has been a few tensions between the two. Most notably, K. Rool believes that Bowser is not as evil as the Koopa King claims to be, given that Bowser has sided with Mario a few times. For his part, Bowser doesn't really care much about that. Also, the two somehow don't get along well when playing baseball together.
    • It was through the Koopa King (somehow) that K. Rool got to know about Lord Hater, another aggressive conqueror. Both Hater and K. Rool were noted to treat their mooks less than well and often have to put up with their plans constantly being foiled. The three have formed an alliance to help the GUAE get closer to taking over the Pantheon. It remains to be seen as to how K. Rool will react to the fact that Lord Hater used to be an ape.
  • Even though his primary occupation is that of a king, it's not uncommon for visitors to his seat to see him in a different outfit quite frequently as he tries changing up his plans. Among others he's been a pirate, a Mad Scientist, and a boxer. He also claims to be a pilot, but no one has seen a costume for that yet.
    • Due to his tendency to change jobs to see if it can help him defeat his primary foes, he has gotten along with Yosemite Sam and Pete, both fellow bad guys that share such a tendency. They talk about what jobs one member of that trio has done and how the others that haven't tackled that job yet can use that job as a way to be successful in defeating their primary enemies.
  • Generally speaking, K. Rool is very much cold-blooded, ruthless, and determined to achieve his goals no matter what it takes. He can get really hammy at times despite that. And sometimes on a bad day, he has to put up with the incompetency of his own mooks. Then again, K. Rool isn't exactly giving his subordinates the best treatment to begin with.
  • Having heard of Donkey Kong being able to box against Little Mac quite well, K. Rool decided to take his boxing skills against Mac. It didn't go well for the croc and he's still trying to get rematches against Mac arranged.
  • While Frieza has a level of admiration towards K. Rool over the latter's determination in eliminating primates altogether, the former believes that the croc's ways of going about it are rather small-time and thinks K. Rool should do something grander instead. K. Rool doesn't have the resources to do what Frieza is suggesting, and even then the croc would prefer if things are still around to take over once that job is done.
  • There has been a heated rivalry going on between the Kremlings and the Snowmads, often over who should be the one to defeat the Kong Krew. K. Rool is very frustrated that someone was able to take over Kong Island much quicker than he could and Fredrik simply considers the Kremlings to be a nuisance entirely. There are often battles between the two factions going on if neither are going about in planning their primary goals separately.
  • K. Rool has made a number of claims that he is a viable candidate for being another possible participant in the Smash Tournament. Although there are a few things going for him in that case, he just hasn't been able to get a proper invite, much to his infuriation. He got even more pissed off at the fact that there was a costume made in his likeness to be used by others for the tournament, though he is still determined to be a proper fighter in that tournament.
    • One day, K. Rool walked up to Donkey Kong's temple, and, after swatting away King Dedede (who had already heard the news and disguised himself as K. Rool to prank DK), engaged in a battle with DK and Diddy. After the Kongs arose from the battle victorious, K. Rool rose and revealed the reason for his sudden drop-in, by pulling out an envelope with a picture of a Smash Ball on it. K. Rool had made it to the fifth Smash Tournament. Bowser, Ridley, Ganondorf, and the other villains that made it to Smash congratulated the Kremling King, though Dedede was still a bit sore from K. Rool ruining his prank.
  • He has taken quite a liking towards Renekton's insanity and has considered making him part of his army. Although Renekton hasn't said a whole lot about the offer, he does consider K. Rool a worthy ally and the two tend to be seen quite often in causing chaos.
    • Very rarely does one see K. Rool holding a conversation with Sobek. While the interactions between them aren't hostile, Sobek does believe that K. Rool could be a little less crazy in doing whatever it is he wants to do, though K. Rool hasn't taken the advice seriously.
    • In contrast, K. Rool completely detests Vector the Crocodile for not being a real crocodile in K. Rool's opinion. K. Rool has been antagonizing Team Chaotix a number of times just to get rid of Vector.
  • One day, K. Rool decided take on his pirate persona and meet up with the other villainous pirates to see if they would help him with his goals. Whatever evil pirates K. Rool could find felt that eliminating primates was small-time and since then, K. Rool has gotten himself into fights against these pirates (though pirate Sam is willing to help K. Rool in these battles).
  • K. Rool took up his Mad Scientist gig on a different day and ended up meeting Neo Cortex by chance. Upon seeing Cortex's army of genetically modified animals, K. Rool has considered the possibility of using enhanced versions of his Kremlings to defeat the Kong Krew and has consulted Cortex for advice, but only when the croc is taking up the Baron K. Roolenstein role.
  • An artifact that lets whoever is in possession of it make a wish has been part of K. Rool's plans for a while. Even if K. Rool has been in possession of that item every so often, he's never really put it to use and loses that item anyways. Regardless of if he's going to bother using a wishing artifact or not, those who have knowledge in the field of wishes such as Jorgen Von Strangle have offered to put a stop to that plan of K. Rool's.
  • Notably, he's the only crocodile that cannot tolerate Steve Irwin at all. There is often fights going on between the two, mostly out of Steve trying to keep K. Rool in check.

    Mighty Joe Young 
Joe Young, God of Giant Ape Expies (Mighty Joe Young, Mr. Joseph Young of Africa, The Great Joe Young, Marley, Little Demon)
Joe in the 1949 film
Joe in the 1998 remake
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his and Jill's first meeting as children
  • Theme Songs: Beautiful Dreamer (for the 1949 version), Dedication and Windsong (for the 1998 version)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Being brought alive to civilization, Escaped Animal Rampage, Gentle Giant, King Kong Copy (albeit a Lighter and Softer one)
  • Domains: Primates, Giants, Kindness
  • Herald: Jill Young (his adoptive sister).
  • High Priest: A*P*E
  • Allies: King Kong, Caesar, Donkey Kong and his DK crew, Blizzard and Chaos, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Anne-Marie, Tarzan, Ray Harryhausen
  • Fire-Forged Friends with: Silica
  • Rivals: George (Rampage), Rajang
  • Enemies: Pokemon Hunter J, Koba, Gorilla Grodd, Mojo Jojo
  • Opposed by: Dr. Zaius
  • Avoids: The Hall of Hunters
  • Respected by: King II, Kazuma Kiryu
  • Joe is a giant gorilla in Africa who was found by a girl named Jill when they were both young. She raised the gorilla as if he were a surrogate sibling. Years later, they were contracted by a man named O’Hara to bring Joe into the United States (he was brought either to a nightclub or a zoo habitat, depending on the version), where he became a sensation towards the crowd. However, an incident led Joe to escape the facility he’s in and rampage throughout the city, leading authorities to condemn Joe to death. However, Jill and her friends would help rescue him and get him out of the country. After another incident where he had to rescue some kids (either from a burning orphanage or a collapsing Ferris wheel, depending on the version), the law was convinced of Joe’s nobility and innocence and allowed him to go back to his native habitat with his friends.
  • Reports of a giant gorilla on the loose have circulated among various Pantheon hunters and explorers, with several convinced that the ape is King Kong. They decided to embark on a journey to find that ape. Only when finally confronting it did they realize that the ape isn’t Kong since he is fairly smaller. The ape didn’t like the sight of the guns that they brought, which prompted him to attack the group, though some of the members brought lassos in an attempt to rope the ape. Eventually, a young girl named Jill stepped into the scene, trying to convince the expedition team that Joe doesn’t mean any harm and it’s just that he doesn’t like it when people hurt him. It took a while to decide, but they decided to try to bring him to the Main House to grant him godhood with Jill agreeing to serve as his herald.
    • One thing that somewhat held the Main House back, however, is the fact that there are two versions of the character: the one from the 1949 film and the one from the 1998 remake. They were even with some of the differences between the two Joes, such as how Joe met Jill Youngnote . An evaluation was made that the Joe that resides the Pantheon is a composite of his two different selves, with memories of his 1949 self (notably his memories of performing in the nightclub and rescuing several children from a burning orphanage) and his 1998 self (notably his encounters with Strasser). Thanks to Pantheon magic, he is also able to alternate between the two forms.
  • It didn’t take long before he would meet up with the Eight Wonder of the World himself, King Kong. Kong appreciates seeing another giant ape to be friends with. Joe, for his part, looks up to Kong as a big brother of sorts (in more ways than one). That, and Joe’s relationship with Jill reminds Kong of his relationship with Ann Darrow (though Jill and Joe’s is more sibling-like). Caesar also finds himself hanging out with Joe more often than not, if because he reminds the chimp of his gorilla allies and because he appreciates the gorilla’s kindness. He also gets along with Donkey Kong and the other members of the Kong crew.
    • Winston is pleased to see another gorilla arrive in the Pantheon. When the two apes first crossed paths, Joe was surprised to see a gorilla like Winston who is intelligent enough to use advanced technology. Not that that prevented them from being friends as both bonded over the fact that they were raised by humans who treat them as surrogate relatives.
    • It turns out that he isn’t the only Kong-inspired ape in the Pantheon. He would sometimes spar with Blizzard and Chaos of the Draconians, but otherwise is on decent terms with them. Less so with George of the Rampage Wrecking Crew given that ape’s own destructive tendencies being a contrast to Joe’s mostly Gentle Giant nature. Sometimes, Joe gets roped by Rajang, a gorilla-like beast, to challenge him to a fight, with the latter usually being the one who would initiate it.
    • However, there are several primates that he doesn’t get along with. From Caesar, Joe was made aware of Koba, who is notable for his hatred for humans and his cruelty towards other apes for his own sake. Dr. Zaius is also disappointed with Joe as he dislikes how a gorilla with a fairly incredible size like Joe could be tamed by a mere human girl. Also hates Gorilla Grodd for his desire to kill all humans out of racism or his cruelty towards other gorillas. Mojo Jojo has tried to convince him several times into working with him, but Joe makes it clear that he doesn’t want to associate himself with a villainous chimpanzee like Mojo.
  • Both Steve Irwin and Eliza Thornberry are interested in Joe and are pretty protective of him. While Steve is primarily known for being the Crocodile Hunter, he is fascinated with Joe’s size and friendly personality. And Eliza is known to speak fluent animal, so she wouldn’t have a problem getting up close with Joe and serving as his translator. That, and the fact that she previously had an encounter with gorillas when they helped her and her sister get their vehicle out of a muddy river bank. Jill, for her part, entrusts them in taking care of him whenever she isn’t around.
  • Given that he lost his mother to Strasser, he usually avoids the Hall of Hunters, but one particular resident in that Hall that he doesn't like is Pokémon Hunter J, mostly due to the fact that she is a poacher similar to Strasser. Hunter J sees potential profits in capturing the ape, but every time she threatens Joe, he would more than likely go on a rampage just to try to attack her.
  • At first, Silica is concerned with crossing paths with Joe as he reminded her of an ape-like creature that killed her mother a while back. That changed, however, when the two ended up teaming up to battle Grodd after Joe saw him trying to attack her. Since then, the two have become friends as Silica then realized that Joe isn’t an irrationally aggressive evil ape and that he too had lost his mother, something that they bonded over.
  • Given that he once saved a group of kids from a burning orphanage, he was able to gain some degree and respect from King II and Kazuma Kiryu, both who value the safety of children. Many children deities have also taken a liking for Joe, particularly Anne-Marie, whom the gorilla has a soft spot for given their shared orphan status as well as the fact that like Eliza, she is also capable of verbally communicating with him. Joe is also well-acquainted with Tarzan due to the latter being a human who is raised by apes (who are either gorillas or Mangani depending on the version).
  • Can be seen hanging out with Ray Harryhausen as the gorilla’s film (the 1949 one) was the very first film that he had contributed his special effects to. Joe is glad to see one of his “fathers” face-to-face, and Ray is glad that one of the first creatures that he helped breathe life to is now a god residing in the Pantheon.
  • "Good Bye From Joe Young"

    Mighty the Armadillo 
Mighty the Armadillo, God of Substitute Characters (Super Mighty)

    Origami Tobiichi 
Origami Tobiichi, Great Herald of the First Child (Angel, Devil, Paper)
Click here to see "Angel" 
Click to see her Inverse Form 

    Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and Yuri Sakazaki 
Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Yuri Sakazaki, The Divine Triumvirate of Alternate Company Equivalents (As A Team: Team Art Of Fighting, Team Kyokugenryu Karate; Ryo: The Wild Karate Guy, The Invincible Dragon, Mr. Karate II, Peasant - by Robert; Robert: The Strongest Tiger, Rich Twit - by Ryo; Yuri: The Fabulous Karate Babe, The Queen of Kyokugenryu, The Kyokugenryu Bombshell, The Wild Flying Swallow)
Ryo Sakazaki
Ryo as the second Mr. Karate
Robert Garcia
Yuri Sakazaki

    Shinobu Oshino 
”Aberration killing is done like so.”
Shinobu Oshino, Divine Representative of Vampire Lolitas
Shinobu Oshino
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess as Kiss-Shot)
  • Symbol: An aviator hat; as Kiss-Shot, her katana Kokorowatari
  • Theme Song: etoile et toi
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with shades of the Evil spectrum; leaning towards Neutral Evil as Kiss-Shot
  • Portfolio: Vampire Lolita, Aberration, Tiny Terror, Old Talker, Immortality-Resenting Death Seeker, Formerly Quiet & Broken, Extreme Long-Jumper, Overly Long Real Name With a More Generic & Punny Name, 598 Year-Old Shameless Fanservice Girl, Pointy Ears, Tsundere, Shadow Manipulator/Freeloader, Does Not Like Shoes, The Nicknamer, Donut Lover
  • Domains: Vampires, Immortality
  • Herald: Koyomi Araragi
  • High Priestess: Evangeline A.K. McDowell
  • Follower: Shalltear Bloodfallen
  • Allies: Remilia & Flandre Scarlet, Arcueid Brunestud, Alucard, Sakuya Izayoi, Aoi Asahina, Homer Simpson, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania) & Mavis
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Dio Brando, Dracula (Castlevania), Albedo Piazzolla
  • Pities: Fujiwara no Mokou, Kessler
  • Pitied by: Vida Rocco (Power Rangers Mystic Force), Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sephiroth
  • Formerly known as a human named Acerola, who had a curse upon her that forced those around her to commit suicide, the vampire known as Shinobu Oshino came to be when she was turned by a purebred and became the feared vampire known as Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. As she continued her life, she would begin her own journeys and her curse would be subsequently removed as a result, but her arrival in Japan would change her greatly. After letting some vampire hunters dismember her and leave her for dead, she then changes her mind of being a Death Seeker and asks Koyomi Araragi, who initially refused, to give himself up to her so that she could live. What followed was a series of Fetch Quests for her limbs, a battle between Koyomi & Shinobu, and a dynamic formed between the duo involving bloodsucking, mortality, and a constant balance of energy. With some time and events involving more abberations & oddities, the duo would form a great team alongside Meme Oshino.
  • Many witnessed Yuuki Terumi storming past much of the Pantheon, causing a bit of Collateral Damage in his wake, but people thought it was just the usual. Turns out, it wasn't really the case- he was blitzing towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion, clearly pissed that "another shitty vampire" had ascended, and even worse, it was by Remilia Scarlet's own admission. However, Gensokyo's primary incident resolvers (Reimu, Marisa, Youmu, Reisen, & Sanae) were waiting for him at the entrance, alongside its gatekeeper, Hong Meiling, and they began scrapping. Just inside the SDM, though, Remilia held a minute tea party with Shinobu & Koyomi, with Sakuya serving her usual role as head maid; the Scarlet Devil had been impressed by what she had learned of the aforementioned duo's exploits, and has decided to arrange a direct ascension with her endorsement. Both Shinobu & Koyomi were honored to be guests at the mansion and be before the Trope Namer & Trope Codifier of what Shinobu was set to be ascended as, but they are worried about the fact that there will be plenty more nuisances to deal with in addition to what they're dealing with already & previously.
    Remilia: No fretting about that! It happens naturally- of course you can't make scrambled eggs without breaking some shells. I've got everything else set up for you both, so all you have to do is make yourselves look fancy. Capiche?
    • So how much of Remilia, nicknamed “scarlet girl”, can be really seen in Shinobu? Well, both happen to be pretty affluent (if not haughty) talkers, both are over half a millennium old, and both have taken on quite the childish look- however, Shinobu can, unlike who she is inspired by, actually absorb the blood of her aide Koyomi Araragi to alter her bodily appearance, going from a short child to being a very tall & attractive woman. Aspects of Remilia's sister, Flandre (nicknamed “crimson rainbow”), can also be found in Shinobu as well- both are extremely destructive blondes who have had been sealed away in some form. Funnily enough, however, despite her status, she usually is seen more as an assistant and aide to Araragi, who has most of her power, which is an inverse of Remilia's situation with Sakuya (nicknamed “clock maid”)- even down to their first meetings, where while Koyomi saved Shinobu, Remilia was the one who offered Sakuya haven & solace.
    • Fellow friendly vampires have taken quite a liking to Shinobu, as well. For instance, she was welcomed rather warmly into Hotel Transylvania when she and Araragi first learned of it, and soon became friends with its owner (who she was surprised but not really when she learned of who it is), but also friends with his daughter Mavis (nicknamed “doormat” for Drac & “doorbell” for Mavis) who was more than glad to give the duo a tour of the expansive establishment. Arcueid & Alucard, nicknamed “vampire prettygirl #3” & “vampire prettyboy #2” respectively, also became acquainted with Shinobu rather quickly, and arguably more so with her for Alucard than Remilia, as the Scarlet Devil's disdain towards his father did lead to some rather unfortunate happenings between him and her. Shinobu doesn't want to open that can of worms, so she prefers to keep her Alucard business & Remilia business separate.
    • Speaking of Alucard, though, Shinobu is not happy whatsoever about his father, the other Dracula (nicknamed “blood bastard”) for...well, what he did to Remilia, her endorser, alongside Dio Brando (nicknamed “time bastard”. And as stated earlier, Yuuki Terumi (nicknamed “Nadeko on crack”) was also very much unhappy to learn of Shinobu's existence, as was Dio for learning that his protege's master is in league with another deity that can easily check his powers of time by being an immortal fast-regenerating brawler, something that Terumi also takes offense to. She also takes offense to those who'd try to hit up on Araragi as well, considering her tsundere attitude.
    • Before fully deciding to embrace it after resolving their initial issues, Koyomi wanted to rid himself of his vampirism. To do that, he would have to, initially, return all of Shinobu/Kiss-Shot’s limbs and body parts that she had lost during her first hours in Japan, only to be told by Tsubasa Hanekawa that Shinobu herself had to be killed to become human again, instead, which was Shinobu’s plan all along. Vida Rocca, the Pink Ranger of the Power Rangers Mystic Force, also had a time where she temporarily became a vampire, and when she learned of Shinobu’s story and current state, she felt some worry about it given unlike her, Koyomi embraced who he became. Shinobu told Vida, “pink wind girl”, not to worry about it too much, as this was okay for the both of them.
  • Sepiroth, nicknamed by Shinbou as "white edgelord", had kept some tabs on her for a while, and more notably her real form, Kiss-Shot, as he had started to get bored of his rivalries with Vergil, Adam Taurus, & Boros. He was eager to learn more about the vampire upon hearing that her ascension was planned out by Remilia, and did show a sliver of excitement when he found out about that not only is Kiss-Shot is as strong as he had believed, but carried a rather elegant sword to match. He was anticipating her arrival when he had learned of Yuuki making his move to the SDM, an action that did annoy him, so he chose to wait it out until after that nasty fracas. Once the dust settled, he would then speak with Araragi & Shinobu about his offer to challenge the latter at her strongest form, a challenge that is still being decided on at time of this writing, as they are wary of what Sepiroth has done in the past.
  • Some time after her first encounter with Koyomi, Shinobu would begin to take interest in donuts, an interest that would evolve into obsession. Upon hearing that there was indeed a branch of her favorite donut store chain, Mister Donuts, within this House, she basically forced Araragi to haul his ass over there for her. When the duo arrived, they would find out it's business as usual, so they wound up buying their usual and leave, but on the way out, the by-then Goddess of Donuts, Aoi Asahina, who was checking the establishment out with fellow donut-lover Homer Simpson, came up and greeted the duo. The two and Shinobu got along rather smoothly thanks to their respective donut obsessions, as Shinobu had settled on a fun nickname for Aoi, "floatie girl", and for Homer, “banana-colored man”.
  • Despite living in Araragi's shadow (quite literally, I may add), Shinobu seems to have quite the liking towards him, leading to her acting more oppressively to other girls that hang out with him for too long, as well as girls she doesn't like. This kind of attitude has allowed her to be friends of some sort with the Asukas, nicknamed "ginger tsundere girls", who do represent the Tsundere trope as of this writing. In particular, however, she wasn't one to really like Nadeko Sengoku for having just as much attraction towards Araragi as Shinobu herself did. While she may hold this card close to herself, she will at least admit that Rider Medusa, nicknamed "domdresser", is in a more positive relationship with her masters, much like Shinobu is with her own.
  • In an Alternate Universe, Koyomi Araragi died, leading to Shinobu fully becoming Kiss-Shot again and deciding to vampirize the entire world out of grief. As it turns out, though, there have also been other various continuities where vampirism lead to humanity's downfall, and of those were, to nobody’s suprisie, examples in the DC Multiverse as well, such as the cases of Earth 43 & Earth 63, where both were caused also by a single person, with Batman (nicknamed "manbrooder") at 43 & Nightwing (nicknamed "Mr. libido") at 63. The Batman & Nightwing that are in the Pantheon are somewhat rattled by this, but do take pity for Shinobu’s case a bit more given how much she had suffered.
  • Before she fully settled her relationship with Araragi, Shinobu, especially back when she was Kiss-Shot, was seeking out a way to end her own life after having lived for so long- the only way for a vampire to be killed was to have their own blood be sucked out by someone else. Turns out, there's quite a few who feel the same way, as well, and Shinbou's got some words for them. She understands much of Fujiwara no Mokou (nicknamed "torch girl") & Kessler (nicknamed "bad battery") and their respective plights when it comes to trying to fully achieve death, but Shinobu is very much disapproving of Kessler's methods and ideology despite his reasoning & motivations, whereas she finds herself more amicable towards the Hourai immortal, as she's much more laid-back & friendly. As for another Death Seeker in Albedo Piazolla (nicknamed "white moth boy"), though, she's much less kind of him than Kessler, as compared to the lightning user, Albedo is much more sinister & less repentant for what he wants, and only wants, which is to just die by his brother's hand, and he's willing to put the rest of world to decimation to do it.
  • Can also be found in the Hall of Vampires.


Chacha, Goddess of Red Riding Hood Replicas (Magical Princess)
Click here to see her Magical Princess form 
  • Demigoddess, Intermediate Goddess as Magical Princess
  • Symbol: Her Princess Medallion
  • Themes: You Color My Feelings, Magical Princess, Holy Up! when transforming
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Genki Girl, Princess Protagonist, Little Red Fighting Hood, Inept Mage, comes from a land that is a Fairy Tale Free-for-All, Magical Girl Warrior, often winds up making a Hurricane of Puns
  • Domains: Fairy Tales, Princesses, Magical Girls, Puns
  • Heralds: The other Eight Holy Warriors of Love, Courage, and Hope (Riiya, Shiine, Seravy, Dorothy, Yakko, Marine, Orin)
  • Allies: The Sailor Guardians, All ascended Pretty Cures, Tiny Baltan, Ruby Rose, Red Riding Hood of the Blood Team, Akko Kagari, Ruby the Jewelpet, Harry Potter, Princess Sofia, Moro-no-Kimi, Bigby Wolf
  • Enemies: Chaos, Queen Beryl and her Dark Kingdom, Death Phantom and his Black Moon Clan, the Death Busters, the Dead Moon Circus, Sailor Galaxia and her Shadow Galaxia (the latter only when under the influence of Chaos or similarly depraved beings, Allies otherwise), B.B. Hood, Gibril of The Seven, The Beast, Sargeras, Medusa
  • Chacha was born as the heir to a brilliant kingdom, but had to be sent away when a demon known as Daimao and his army of evil invaded. Growing up under the care of Seravy, the greatest magician in the land, Chacha would find friends in Riiya, a boy who can turn into a wolf, and Shiine, the servant of Seravy's good friend Dorothy. When the three of them are together, Chacha can transform into a heroine called Magical Princess who, utilizing a bow, a sword, and a shield, was able to defeat Daimao and restore her parents, though the items needed for this were later sacrificed to prevent his army from invading again.
  • Determined to cause as much damage as possible to the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, a collaboration between the various groups who oppose the Sailor Guaridans, lead in their scheme by Chaos, saw them send every monster at their disposal to attack their headquarters. Slowly but surely, the monsters began to overwhelm the Magical Girls, and Sailor Pluto, in an act of desperation, opened up a portal to a realm untouched by the Pantheon, where she encountered Seravy.
    • After learning of her plight, Seravy brought Chacha and her friends together and they arrived at the scene of the battle. Sailor Pluto asked Cosmos for assistance, and Cosmos, using her powers, was able to perfectly recreate the three Magical Princess items, which allowed Chacha to transform, turning the tide of the battle and forcing the monsters to retreat. For this, Chacha and her friends were given legal permission to ascend, settling down in a series of temples based off their homes back in their home world.
    • Needless to say, Chaos was not very happy that a new Magical Girl Warrior had thwarted their plans, nor were the rest of the enemies of the Sailor Guardians. Thus, Chacha was quickly inducted into the Magical Girl Sisterhood to make her less of an easy target, with Riiya and Shiine acting as honorary members, as without them, Chacha is unable to transform. This still hasn’t stopped them from sending their monsters to try to kill Chacha, but though they try their hardest, once Chacha turns into Magical Princess, it's all over for them.
    • Having joined the Sisterhood, Chacha was quick to make friends with the Sailor Guardians and all the Pretty Cure who had ascended, learning several skills from them while training as Magical Princess- although some of them question why she usually goes for the finishing move straight away. Chacha responded that she felt that taking out the monster before it could do any more damage was important to her. Being a Magical Girl also made her friends with Tiny Baltan, who enjoys her like all other Magical Girls.
  • Being based of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Chacha was quick to befriend the similarly inspired Ruby Rose, viewing her as a Cool Big Sis. Ruby personally notes that, as Magical Princess, Chacha has won many battles and defeated many monsters.
    • There’s also the girl known only as "Red Riding Hood" of the Blood Team, whom Chacha found similar grounds to be friends with after learning about her. Chacha vowed to help her should she ever find herself in trouble again, especially involving the Jail.
    • However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, Chacha encountered B.B. Hood, who wasn’t nearly as interested in being friends with her and, being the psychopath she is, attempted to shoot her with her machine guns. A quick transformation and fight later, and B.B. realized she’d have to be more careful when dealing with Chacha.
    • There was also Gibril of The Seven, who attached Chacha with metal spheres when Chacha asked her if she wanted to be her friend. This also lead to Chacha transforming into Magical Princess and fighting her, and once Gibril had been taken down, she, too, was determined to make Chacha pay for defeating her.
  • While she wasn’t dealing with any of Daimao's monsters, Chacha was attending a school for those learning to cast magic, often bungling up things with her ineptness (though she managed to graduate to the next class in the end). This similarity allowed Chacha to become friends with the similarly inept school-bound mage Akko Kagari, and they often try to help each other get through classes.
    • A similar kinship was formed between Chacha and Harry Potter, as they were both orphaned as a result of evil lords attacking their parents. However, Harry notes that Chacha was far better off, as Daimao did not kill her parents but turned them to stone, and they were restored back to normal after Daimao's defeat, where as both of Harry's parents were killed with no way of bringing them back. In addition, Seravy is a much kinder caretaker than the Dursleys could ever hope to be.
  • At one point, Chacha encountered Ruby the Jewelpet, and saw her bungling up another spell, resulting in an explosion. Chacha began helping her, and they eventually managed to make a spell that actually worked. Ruby became another good friend with Chacha as a result.
  • When Chacha met Sofia, Sofia was very impressed at her skills and the fact that she was able to defeat villains on an impressive basis, and notes that while some of them were silly, they were still dangerous opponents, much more than her enemy, Cedric, could ever try to be. The two quickly vowed to help each other in times of trouble.
  • As her main enemy was a demon lord, the evil deities of the House of Demons was quick to view Chacha as a threat to them, and are currently looking at ways to ascend Daimao, if that is possible. They are lead in their efforts by the two most prominent members, the Beast and Sargeras. Sargeras also has directed members of the Burning Legion to try to attack Chacha, but this typically ends with them being killed when she transforms into Magical Princess.
  • Because her parents and many of their guards were petrified, she’s not a big fan of the gorgon Medusa and her abilities to petrify people. Chacha has often been tasked with traveling to her temple and freeing the people she has petrified by killing her, and Medusa has become quite angry at her constant defeats. Medusa has been working on ways to try to defeat Magical Princess for good, or at least petrify her.
  • As her companion Riiya can turn into a white wolf pup, she began looking for other wolves to befriend- much to the amazement of many who knew the tale she was based off of. But, she did eventually succeed when she came across Moro-no-Kimi, who was a much more gentle and and kind wolf than many others and was willing to be nice to her. She often visits him whenever she can.
    • On the same subject, she was surprised to find that the god occupying The Big Bad Wolf trope was Bigby Wolf, who was certainly not as bad as she had anticipated. Bigby was surprised by Chacha's skills and noted he didn’t need to protect her, but they still remain on good terms.

    Crystal (Crystal's Pony Tale) 
Crystal, Patron Goddess of "My Little Pony" Lampooning
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A shining horseshoe
  • Theme Song: the first half of her game's intro
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: quite obviously based on My Little Pony, customizable mane, coat, and tail color, cannot die in her game, collecting crystals to save her friends, Sugar Bowl setting
  • Domain(s): Horses, Magic, Collection
  • Heralds: her seven rainbow-colored friends
  • Followers: Other MLP knockoffs all over fiction and reality
  • Allies: All good-aligned Equestria deities, Black Beauty, Lady Amalthea, Lady Rainicorn
  • Enemies: Those who inflict a Fate Worse than Death or invoke And I Must Scream fates
  • Opposes: Zubat, bees
  • One day, in the House that would eventually house it as a temple, a quaint castle inexplicably appeared, and then from its doors, a candy-colored horse made herself known and was identified by the name Crystal. At first, witnesses assumed that this was another to-be-deity from Equestria, but a second look made them think she looked like a knockoff of them. After the Court of the Gods reviewed her profile, and decided she can stay, though the title can be a bit demeaning. Crystal saw no problem with it, not really comprehending why it's a problem.
  • While certainly more colorful than most, Crystal is otherwise an ordinary horse, albeit one that is clever enough to operate simple machines, and solve basic puzzles.
  • Her colors can change from a limited selection of colors. By default, though, Crystal has a brown coat, purple mane, and green tail.
  • Being from a game that rips off of My Little Pony, the good-aligned deities originating from there at first had mixed opinions on how to regard her. Of course, since Friendship is Magic, Crystal got along with them pretty easily, with Pinkie Pie throwing a second party to celebrate her ascension. Also, ironically speaking, it's thanks to their series that Crystal's pony tale received considrable attention at all.
  • For inexplicable reasons, Crystal has a wand that she uses to store gems she collects (for freeing her friends from the witch's spell) and whisk her friends to safety after rescuing them. No one knows exactly where it takes them, only that they're safe from the witch there since she doesn't/can't go there to kidnap Crystal's friends again.
  • Because her friends have been victims of these, Crystal dislikes those who would subject others to horrifying fates like being encased in a cave wall, stuck as a fountain statue, rendered as an outline on a carousel, or other comparable things. She also doesn't like those who screw over others for any reason, especially if they don't have any justifiable ones.
  • Given that a witch imprisoned her friends, Crystal is wary around all of such in the Pantheon, though she can warm up to the good ones over time.
  • Crystal gets annoyed whenever she's in an area with bats; she's had enough of them in her game.
    • She also doesn't like bees either—something Nicholas Cage can understand—given the times those in her world drop honey on her, making her lose horseshoes upon contact.
  • Being all but an ordinary horse, has nothing to say about Pony Island, but even she can feel something wrong from it and has no plans on approaching it, and by extension its Lucifer or the other demons within. As for the Hopeless Soul, she pities him, but knows not of a way to free him (if he even wants to), and has no experience with gaming consoles.

    Kotori Itsuka 
Kotori Itsuka, Great Herald of the Flame Haired, Hot Eyed Hunter (Efreet)
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    The Phantom of the Paradise 
Winslow Leach, God of Opera Ghost Expies (Phantom of the Paradise)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His helmet
  • Theme Song: "Faust (Winslow)"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Theatre Phantom, Anti-Hero, Cheap Costume, Rock Opera, bird motifs, used to be a Lovable Nerd
  • Domains: Music, Expies, Revenge
  • Herald: Phoenix
  • High Priest: Don Octavio
  • Allies: The Phantom of the Opera, Faust, Homura Akemi, Daft Punk
  • Enemies: The Incubators, The Great Fusilli, Griffith
  • Conflicting Opinion: Héctor, Yusuke Kitagawa
  • Winslow Leach was a composer who had aspirations to make it big in the music industry. He also had a muse, Phoenix, who he loved and thought was perfect to give voice to his music. However, his work got stolen by a powerful and unscrupulous music producer called Swan, who wanted to use it to promote his project, a concert hall called The Paradise. Winslow was framed and thrown into jail. He eventually broke out to get revenge on Swan, but a first attempt resulted in him falling into a record press, disfiguring his face. From there he started donning a black cape and a helmet shaped like a bird's head, becoming the Phantom of the Paradise. Swan pacified him by offering the chance for his music to get produced on his own terms. But really Swan tricked Winslow into signing a contract with the devil, which tethered them together. Swan himself had formed a pact to remain youthful forever. He also tricked Phoenix into giving him her voice upon her death, and thus was planning to kill her. Winslow ultimately saved Phoenix by killing Swan, sacrificing his own life in the process due to the contract.
  • As you've probably already guessed, the Phantom of the Paradise is a different take on the Phantom of the Opera, with the context of the 1970's music business and pacts with Satan added on. As it happens, Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, was debating with himself which of his imitators was worthy of taking on the relevant title, and settled on Winslow after he found that Winslow's story to be rather admirable and sympathetic, in no small part because he was willing to sacrifice himself for his love. Thus Winslow was retrieved from death and ascended into the Pantheon.
  • Winslow is therefore quite loyal to the Phantom of the Opera, being grateful for the new chance at life and being given another shot at his dream to be a famous composer, this time without the constraints of corrupt producers like Swan. Erik is as passionate about music himself, so he sponsors Winslow and hopes he can achieve great things in the Pantheon. Although, Winslow has wondered if there was no way to bring him back as his non-disfigured self. Erik explained that wasn't their decision but the higher beings', but assured him the Pantheon was more accepting of people like them than their worlds. Winslow still doesn't really like it but he has conformed himself.
    • As far as other Theatre Phantoms go, Winslow dislikes the Great Fusilli much like Erik does, given that the crocodile is a thoroughly evil sort of entertainer with no redeeming qualities who tricks his actors into becoming his literal marionettes. It's actually possible that Winslow might despise the Great Fusilli more than Erik does, given Fusilli's trickery and manipulation of people (literal and figurative) is similar in some ways to how Swan duped people like him and Phoenix into giving their lives to him for his own benefit.
  • Winslow was able to get his muse Phoenix to be his Herald, given he always dreamed of her singing his music in its unaltered state and couldn't really be convinced to consider any of the many Music deities for an alternative. Freaked out as Phoenix was at both seeing Winslow alive again and the whole concept of the Pantheon, Winslow told her to just think of it as him having become a guardian angel of music. That didn't immediately ease her fears but she's slowly warming to the idea, and accepted becoming Winslow's main songstress.
  • The myth of Faust was a big influence in his work, which should be obvious from the fact that he wrote a whole cantata about the story that he considers his masterpiece. His pacts with rather unadvisable people (which include the Devil even though it was unintentional) also reflect Faust's story in a way. For those reasons, Winslow was pleasantly surprised to find that one of his greatest inspirations actually was present in the flesh in the Pantheon, and having greater understanding of him than most other deities due to their similar ordeals, the two became rather good friends.
  • Homura Akemi is a magical girl with similar symbolic connections to Faust's myth, and used her powers to save the girl she loved, something Winslow can certainly identify with given his aforementioned sacrifice to save Phoenix. Unlike many deities, Winslow doesn't even hold Homura's rebellion against her and seems to understand her feelings on the matter. One might credit this to the fact that he's not quite sane.
  • As is to be expected, Winslow absolutely despises the Incubators. Their seemingly innocent visages hide their true intentions in tricking young girls to sign irrevocable contracts with terrible terms, which reminds Winslow way too much of Swan. Despite the fact that he is not a person of interest to the Incubators (given they target girls), Winslow tries to kill them every time he sees them, feeling inspired by Homura's actions to do so.
  • Having had his music stolen by Swan several times and screwed over by him in other ways that made him what he is now (not to mention eventually killed him), Winslow identifies and sympathizes with the undead Héctor, who similarly had his music stolen and was killed by someone he once called a friend, who went on to make himself a star built on Héctor's hard work that he never credited. While Héctor also sees how his personal history matches with Winslow's, he's not so sure he's willing to be friends with someone capable of killing.
    • For the same reasons, Winslow also has the sympathy of Phantom Thief Yusuke Kitagawa, who despite being a painter and not a musician, had his work appropriated by his mentor and father figure Madarame, something he tolerated until he learned Madarame had left his mother to die in order to claim her work. But much like Héctor, Yusuke also has reservations about being friends with Winslow because of his lack of scruples in getting his revenge, as murder is something all the Phantom Thieves frown upon.
  • On occasion he gets heat from other deities who, due to his costume, confuse him for a certain Griffith, also known as Femto, one the worst Complete Monsters in the Pantheon. As it happens, Femto's style and name were inspired by Winslow's Phantom persona. Of course, the deities who actually bother to get to know him, even Héctor and Yusuke, will quickly claim to anyone who listens that Winslow is nowhere near as despicable as Femto. Winslow himself hates Femto for obvious reasons, though he's aware he's totally out of his league and Femto just regards him with indifference.
    • His look was also the basis for some Digimon, most notably Apocalymon. However the Digidestined just regard this as an interesting piece of trivia. Given they work on vastly different areas, and Winslow isn't that bad, there's yet to be a compelling reason for them to seek out an interaction with Winslow. Though Winslow is left wondering why his look is so popular with such terrible beings.
  • Daft Punk, who watched Winslow's movie more than 20 times and took on public personas similar to his, were delighted to meet him, and always welcome Winslow to their stage, particularly for the tracks they wrote with his performer.


Sophiana, Goddess of Tiny Tim Homages

  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her cane and heart locket
  • Theme Song: Will I Ever See
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Character Based Off Of Tiny Tim, Being Forced To Travel With A Cane, And Going Through Immense Turmoil And Misfortune, Yet Consistently Keeping A Positive And Determined Attitude, Having A Heart-Shaped Locket With A Picture Of Her Deceased Parents, Heartwarming Orphan That Gets Adopted By Santa Claus And Ms. Claus, Enabled Christmas To Return After 30 Years Of Absence
  • Domains: Orphans, Adoption, Christmas, Expies, Hope
  • Heralds: Paul Rocco, Dart, Buster and Charlee
  • Allies: Ebenezer Scrooge, Gin, Hana, and Miyuki, Olive, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Buddy Hobbs, Anne-Marie, Angela Sheehan, Annie, The Baudelaire Orphans, Cinderella, Jack Skellington, The Grinch, Pollyanna Whittler, Sara Crewe, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear
  • Odd Friendship: Swiper The Fox
  • Opposes: Lady Tremaine, Count Olaf, Winterbolt, Burgermeister, Princess Morbucks, Robot Santa Claus, SCP-4666
  • Special Relationship: Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus (Adoptive parents)
  • Not all are born equal, and even then, circumstance and tragedy know nothing of fairness. Sophiana is among the greatly misfortuned, not only losing her parents in a tragic car crash, but being maimed with a leg injury that bound her to live her life with a walking cane. And yet, her orphanage was no end to the suffering at which she lived among those who bullied her for her condition and the lady of the orphanage was as cold as the winter. Despite everything, Sophiana's cheery and upbeat attitude never gave in with a lingering hope to have her Christmas wish of being in a family. Even though in her world, Christmas was already lost for thirty years, herself never even knowing Christmas firsthand. Eventually, she would venture out toward the North Pole, find new friends, and solve the root of the problem: Santa's sack have been stolen long ago by a vile being named Krad, for Santa having stopped giving Krad's coal to naughty children back then. Despite every hardship thrown at her, she returned Santa's sack back to its rightful owner, and while Santa couldn't create new parents at his workshop, he and Mrs. Claus ended up finding a way to grant her wish to thank her for returning Christmas to the world, by adopting her from the orphanage to live happily with them and the friends she made at the North Pole.
  • The Pantheon's Santa Claus, more than knowledgeable of his counterparts through many worlds, would tell stories he experienced to friends and familiar faces. One day, while meeting Ebenezer Scrooge personally, he proceeded to recall Sophiana's journey to Mr. Scrooge, which actually hit Scrooge close to home. Remembering Bob Cratchit's young son, Tiny Tim, she seemed like such an unfortunate kid just like the boy, less fortunate and yet just as sweet, kind, and selfless as Bob's son. Using his old noggin, Scrooge brought up the possibility of bring her into the Pantheon, and he remembered a peculiar little trope that suited the occasion. Soon enough, Sophiana would be granted Pantheonic godhood, with both Scrooge and Santa deeming Sophiana's efforts, willpower, and heart more than deserving of it.
  • While Sophiana expected to find plenty of Christmas-enjoying friends, she hardly imagined another human peer working alongside her at Santa's workshop. Meeting another person who ended up being adopted by Santa just like Sophiana, Buddy Hobbs came to be a surprisingly pleasant and cheerful man with much enthusiasm to give regarding the holidays. Unlike Sophiana, however, his adoption was a complete accident due to crawling into Santa's sack, and ended up being separated from his biological father until he grew up to visit him later. While having pity for how Sophiana didn't have the luxury of having her biological parents by her side, he's impressed by her having managed such a tough yet positive spirit just as his, even without having experienced Christmas before her adoption by Santa. Knowing that he's to raise his daughter, Susie, with his friends at the North Pole, he's glad that Susie will at least have a great friend to be there for her even when circumstance may bring him away.
  • The likes of Gin, Hana, and Miyuki who had to return a baby to her family, couldn't help but feel sorry for Sophiana who didn't have the same luxury of people to return to, unlike Kiyoko. Knowing the harsh life she lived at her time in the orphanage would sicken them even. While still at times wishing her family had a less unfortunate fate, she's thoroughly impressed by their determination in going all of the way to ensure that someone they knew little of wouldn't suffer a similar life. While the three homeless people would like to share some of the miraculous fortune they regularly receive on Christmas to her, Sophiana told them that she's got enough fortune with her new friends already. Regardless, Sophiana proves to be a hospitable person whenever they decide to visit.
  • Sophiana is a friendly face among Santa's reindeer, due to her saving Christmas in her own world and introducing her to them Dart, another reindeer that eventually earned his own ability to fly among the other reindeer. Along with Dart, Sophiana is a close friend with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as well. She knows too well how terrible it feels to be the subject of mockery and always checks on him whenever he feels unhappy. There was another wannabe-reindeer in the Pantheon known as Olive, who was actually a dog, though Sophiana found Olive's attempts to pass off as a reindeer wholesomely amusing. They both have mutual admiration for each other for saving Christmas, although Olive finds Sophiana's situation of Christmas not having been around for 30 years to be unnerving. That's around 200 dog years for someone like Olive to have never experienced Christmas!
  • Having been an orphan with not many happy experiences at her own orphanage at home, Sophiana is greatly inviting toward other orphans in the Pantheon. Anne-Marie, Pollyanna and Little Orphan Annie were among the first of them to befriend Sophiana, with the latter also empathizing with her due to also having a troubled life as an orphan yet keeping her bright spirit, much it due to remembering her old family through her precious locket, though she certainly feels bad for Sophiana for having to see her own parents perish firsthand. Sara Crewe, who also had lost her father, who was a military officer, so she understood Sophiana's pains more deeply, but impressed by how well she managed to handle it. While not something Sara would admit in public, for her own prosperity she feels a little bit of envy for Sophiana getting adopted by someone like Santa Claus, as silly as she knows it is. As for those who could rightfully claim to have gone through much worse than Sophiana, the Baudelaire Orphans would surprise her with how much they had to go through from losing their parents to a house fire to dealing with the schemes of the deceptive Count Olaf, and Sophiana can mainly hope for them the best of luck in whatever future awaits them.
  • Angela Sheehan's experiences felt the closest to Sophiana's, mainly to a similar Christmas wish to hers to have a great family reunion. Thankfully for Angela, it was mainly her father that left her family a few years ago that she dearly missed, but a few years later, that Christmas wish would be granted. While the nature of their families' separation is of entirely different manners and circumstances, it hasn't stopped them from being endearing friends. Knowing of the loss of Sophiana's parents gives Angela all the more reason to enjoy her best moments with her family, and Sophiana, wanting to make her Christmas celebrations all the more merry, decided to help contribute to gift-giving just to help give people like Angela some heartwarming gifts, even if that's a job typically for elves like Paul Rocco. While her talents are mainly in cooking, giving the elves and Santa himself a good feast of milk and cookies to come home to after a long night of hard work, she'll figure it out to cheer up the hearts of other unfortunate people like her.
  • On top of the bullies at her orphanage that would mistreat her and even snatch her cane just to be jerks, the orphanage's head lady, Miss Dowdy, wasn't much better. A harsh, strict lady with little empathy for her plight, she mainly perpetuated her sour and miserable mood upon everyone else. However, this was mainly due to her pessimism, something that would finally be alleviated by the return of Christmas, which even lifted her spirits. Sophiana would unfortunately learn that there were people that could make the likes of Miss Dowdy look pleasant in comparison. Lady Tremaine, while no orphanage lady, treated her step-daughter Cinderella in an even more strict and cruel manner and seemed to have nothing but subtle malice for her, which makes her happy that Cinderella is living a happy life far away from her. Having wanted to be adopted into a family for a good part of her life, it saddens her that there are people like Tremaine that would taint that kind of wish. For similar reasons, it's solidified her own friendship with Scrooge who also had a similarly cold-hearted and pessimistic attitude who learned Christmas' true meaning.
  • Sophiana finds the fact that there are deities who would try to ruin Christmas for all sorts of selfish reasons concerning but not too surprising, given that she had to steal Santa's sack from Krad who was willing to cancel Christmas for no longer having his coal being given to naughty children. She's none too delighted by Morbucks' attempt to overwrite the nice and naughty lists, and always takes some time on Christmas Eve to check the lists herself just to make sure no one does something similar. She's similarly worried about Winterbolt who deemed himself as the true lord of the North Pole, and it makes her wonder if he was even willing to share with Santa in the first place, or if as Krad was, he just was meant to be evil. Burgermeister, on the other hand, seemed to have despised the joys of Christmas if only for one small mishap regarding a toy he tripped on, leading to him ruling over his town with an iron fist in order to just ban toys. Never minding that Sophiana endured much more than Burgermeister in his childhood years, Burgermeister actually envies Sophiana for living in a time where Christmas was gone for decades, a time he'd prefer to live in until Sophiana screwed it all up, from his perspective.
    • Thankfully, not all people who've tried to cause problems for Christmas aren't necessarily bound to be evil in the first place, if not having a good heart in the first place. One of such people that Sophiana would heartwarmingly welcome is the Grinch, who used to be such a grouchy being that would steal a town's Christmas presents without hesitation, but seeing people celebrate it without said present managed to let his heart grow big enough to appreciate Christmas for himself and give them back. Sophiana's friendliness toward the Grinch is well reciprocated, Sophiana herself reminding the Grinch of the sweet-hearted Cindy Lou, one of the kids of Whoville who the Grinch attempted to steal from before his heart grew three sizes bigger. Sophiana also befriended Jack Skellington, a representative of Halloween who didn't intentionally try to ruin Christmas but attempted to replace Santa if only so he could contribute to Christmas himself. Given his good intentions, Sophiana easily forgave him for the matter, and while Sophiana is more of a Christmas person, she'd be willing to learn more and understand Halloween herself.
  • There were other more monstrous Christmas-related deities that seemed to be contributing toward the holiday spirit at first glance but were committing despicable crimes and atrocities beyond Sophiana's comprehension. Both Robot Santa Claus and SCP-4666 also claim to be some sort of substitutes to Santa Claus but couldn't be farther from him, mainly due to their excessive malice towards people they deemed naughty. And it so happened that their "standards" are just so twisted that even the generally nice kids, Sophiana included, would be on their personal naughty list. The likes of them remind them more of Krad who cared more about punishing naughty children with coal than anyone else, but somehow much worse. However, being part of Santa's Claus family, it meant that if they wanted to get to her, they'd have to go through Saint Nick himself, on top of his own allies.
  • Among Sophiana's more stranger heralds were Buster and Charlee, the former a conniving fox and the other a dim-witted polar bear. Buster in particular was a Token Evil Teammate who was similarly cold-hearted as Sophiana's orphanage bullies, and had the gall to make Sophiana give away her precious heart locket to him. Even that didn't stop Buster from betraying Sophiana and her friends to Krad for a big sum of gold. However, that moment caused him to be regretful of his betrayal, so he decided to make it all up to his allies using that same bribery to snatch Santa's sack and free the others, and on top of that, gave back Sophiana's heart locket. Not that it's stopped Charlee from having suspicions that the fox is a literal mole in disguise. Another thieving fox, Swiper, while always loving to snatch things from people, considers Sophiana an exception, on top of being another friend to her, mainly because she had little to steal aside from her locket and cane, two highly precious objects to her, and also for how Christmas thefts are where Swiper draws the line, and given that Sophiana is Santa's adopted daughter, success or failure in swiping would put Swiper in very poor standing. Additionally, due to Charlee, Sophiana managed to befriend Ice Bear and his other two bear companions, the latter group hoping that this will secure the three of them on Santa's nice list.