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This house is a library of the lyrics to every song of every language. There is also a desk for anyone who wants to write their own lyrics.

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The Fatalis Trio, Unholy Heralds of Ominous Latin Chants (Miraboreasu, Crimson Fatalis, White/Old Fatalis, The Legend of Schrade, Crimson Disaster, The King of Disaster)
Black Flame Fatalis 
Crimson Fatalis 
Crimson Demon Fatalis 
White/Old Fatalis 
Emperor Fatalis 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild Icon
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A Vicious and Hate-Driven Beast, Despises EVERYTHING that isn't Itself, The Most Feared Monster in its World, Heralds Itself with Dark Latin Music, Dark Purple in Appearance, Comes in two Different Subspecies (Crimson Fatalis and White Fatalis), Compensating Speed for Extremely Powerful Offense and Sturdy Defense compared to other Monsters but Is Still rather Fast for their Size, Scary Names, Defeating Hunters with Single Blows, Having a More Lanky Build compared to most Elder Dragons, Dark Reprise, Evoking a Demonic and Divine Motif, Can Erase Hunters from Existence as Emperor Fatalis.
  • Domains: Dragons, Eschatology, Misanthropy, Hatred, Destruction, Bosses, Latin Chants
  • Allies note : Tiamut, Grima, Deathwing, King Ghidorah, Darkseid, Melkor, Archaon, Malekith, Nekron, Indominus Rex, Rau Le Creuset, Acnologia, Sephiroth, Kefka Palazzo, Aspheera.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Zamasu, Alduin
  • Enemies: The Monster Hunters, The Dovahkiin, Miraak, Io, Bahamut, Rathalos, Rathian, Bowser, Daenerys Targeryan, Ignitus, Eliza Thornberry, The Gang of Seven, Godzilla, Mothra, Mario, Yoshi, Lucina, Deviljho, Glavenus, Rajang, Teostra and Lunastra, Nergigante
  • Opposes: Any and All Humanoids in the Pantheon and Any other Creature that isn't a Fatalis Itself
  • Opposed By: House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Pitied By: Fluttershy
  • Feared by: All Other Monsters from its world.
  • While Elder Dragons are legendary creatures with environment-threatening powers and feared reputations, they are ultimately animals trying to live out their lives like any other creature would and trying to adapt to what Mother Nature establishes. Even creatures as ferocious as Nergigante, Teostra and Lunastra simply try to survive and are usually no different from a usual animal. The sole exception to this rule is a creature known as the Fatalis. A creature feared even by Elder Dragons, Fatalis is spoken about as a sign of bringing down civilizations and ending the world. The creature truly lives up to its reputation for the stories that it has inspired; Fatalis is an unnaturally malevolent creature who deliberately causes destruction because it is driven by a massive degree of hatred towards all of mankind. And it doesn't just stop there; nearly every living creature would desert their homes and environments the moment Fatalis makes its presence.
    • The Legend of Schrade is a poem that details the prosperous kingdom of Schrade and how one day, it was suddenly attacked and destroyed by a Fatalis out of vengeance for humanity leading a slaughter towards Elder Dragons. This mass-killing is stated to have been the reason why Fatalis has a deep hatred for humanity.
  • There was a notice from the Court of the Gods that there was a massive deserted field in the Pantheon, after which it was investigated. There was no sign of natural destruction or attack. Lush, beautiful fields and trees remained intact and the climate seemed fine. However, this was actually the home of a bountiful amount of animals; this raised a red flag in what was going on that resulted in such a habitable terrain to become a sudden ghost town. That is when a gigantic, purple dragon revealed itself, snarling and roaring furiously at the land's intruders. The Monster Hunters were aware of the creature and confronted it. After a fierce battle that resulted in the dragon flying away, the Monster Hunters approached the Court to discuss about what had happened. A Fatalis has finally made its appearance in the Pantheon, and it was immediately stated that this was an Elder Dragon that is unlike any other in its behavior and demeanour. Taking this into account, measures have been made to fend off and defend any potential lands and settlements that the Fatalis would attempt to plunder.
  • General consensus to the Fatalis is rather skewed. Most beings want absolutely nothing to do with it, given the dragon's destructive and misanthropic nature. Others, including Fluttershy pity it, given the reason why the Fatalis has such a hateful nature is because of the mass-hunting and slaughter of Elder Dragons. It is clear however that nobody should every try to approach it, given the first instinct the Fatalis would want to do is to kill anything that stumbles in its sights.
  • Zamasu was curious about Fatalis and upon learning about the Legend of Schrade, immediately began to respect the misanthropic Elder Dragon, praising it for attacking humans and destroying Schrade. The fallen Kai has since cited Fatalis as one of the few non-immortal beings he can at least give credit for and thinks of it as a great example as to why Humans Are Bastards. The feeling, however, is not mutual under Fatalis's end. To him, Zamasu is an annoying blabbermouth. That said, Fatalis has indirectly had Zamasu's help and the two are under a rather harsh partnership. Fatalis doesn't care, though he'd try chomping and swatting Zamasu every once in a while.
  • Fatalis is permanently banned from the House of Beast given its misanthropic nature and general hatred for all life. However, this isn't going to stop the Elder Dragon from trying to invade it every now and then, plus even if it does, its always going to end in an incredibly tough battle. Even Rexxar isn't able to reach out and tame it; all results came with Fatalis simply trying to claw the orc to death. Similarly, it attacked the Great Valley and the Gang of Seven for no reason other than malice and to claim their homeland as its own territory.
    • Even the mighty Nergigante will not even bother trying to fight the monstrous beast beyond self-defense if cornered, unlike other Elder Dragons it won't even stick around its territory and instead will leave any area Fatalis is in as far away as it can. At times Nergigante was thought to be a rival to Fatalis, but that was proven incorrect when the one who ascended into the Pantheon was seen fleeing for dear life when it received a one-sided beatdown from the Black Dragon when it tried to challenge it to a fight.
  • It has caught the attention of Melkor, who fancied the Fatalis as a special creature and one whose malevolence surpasses those of the dragons of Middle-earth. Unfortunately for him, Darkseid is also interested, as was Alduin. While Fatalis isn't exactly fond of Alduin mainly due to the Nordic God of Destruction being a prick, it'll allow him to raze and sunder as many people as it could. Alduin on the other hand wants Fatalis to submit to him. He's been refusing time and again, plus its not like something this driven by hate is going to buy in the idea of tyranny and evil actions.
    • Darkseid and Melkor have been using several different methods to try getting Fatalis to at least be of benefit for them. They've used their minions as live-bait to lure Fatalis into attacking heroes and each other's forces. While Fatalis is a destructive asset that is at least more manageable than Deathwing, its lack of interest for the Gods of Evil and Tyranny still renders it a large Wild Card.
  • Fatalis can at least work with other malevolent beings via proxy and seeing whether it would benefit for its causes. Outside of it, it has no true allies of its own as its very nature has made it one of the most oppressed and alerted threats in the entire Pantheon.
  • According to a tale, a Fatalis is sometimes born from a hunter. This comes from stories that should one wear Fatalis-crafted armor long enough, the wearer begins to suffer hunts if unconscious or being possessed. This all culminates when the hunter suddenly disappears without a trace. Its been made clear that every hunter should only consider wearing Fatalis-crafted armor as a last-resort and be taken off immediately after its use.
  • There is the presence of two subspecies; the Crimson Fatalis and the White/Old Fatalis. And even worse, both of them are said to be even more stronger than the base species, much to the terror and panic of the Pantheonic residents. This however was seen as humour by Zamasu, who immediately liked the idea of a White Fatalis and a possible alliance of convenience, given the Fatalis's misanthropic nature. The origin of the Crimson Fatalis has confirmed the Fatalis as being malevolent since its birth and a frighteningly fast growth rate.
  • Despite its reputation, there are a few beasts that aren't fearful of Fatalis, such as Godzilla and Mothra whom have battled against Fatalis and even come out on top. Despite this,
  • Thanks to its feared reputation, there's rumours of Fatalis having a metal song about the Elder Dragon. Its very nature would be something a Death Metal band would be interested in, but then again, Fatalis and the world it comes from would be something that'd fit into Power Metal.
    • Speaking of music, the Fatalis and its subspecies;'s always tend to be accompanied by scary Latin chants, a signal that whatever hunters are going up against is unlike anything they've ever hunted before, which makes sense given Fatalis's sheer power and malevolence.
  • As Fatalis is the most powerful monster of its world only slightly rivaled by other mighty Black Dragons such as Dire Miralis, Alatreon, Disufiroa and Merphistophelein as well as rare powerful creatures such as Shantien and Duremudira; every other creature in it fears Fatalis and almost always will flee for dear life if the presence of a Fatalis is detected. Even the mighty wanderers, Rajang, Deviljho, Bazelgeuse and Nerigante known for challenging anything in front of them will turn tail and run if a Fatalis gets close to their territories abandoning them so as to survive. At times the creatures have tried to fight back only to end up as victims of Fatalis' wrath without being able to do much against the mighty Elder Dragon. Generally, most creatures will only fight back as a last resort, but even then few creatures ever come out alive of these ferocious fights. Usually speaking, a Fatalis on the move will cause a massive panic among all monsters, with Houses being thrown into unrest as the many creatures seek out safe places to get away from Fatalis.
  • Unusually powerful variants of all three Fatalis have been observed from time to time in both the Pantheon and the mortal world in the Mezeporta Region, though they haven't been given official distinctive names some have taken to calling them Black Flame Fatalis, Crimson Demon Fatalis and Emperor Fatalis (Black, Crimson and White respectively) who all wield special elements that only they have control over. The most dangerous of the three is the Emperor Fatalis, whose lightning is powerful enough to erase opponents form existence with one strike and can wipe out entire ecosystems merely by existing, sightings of the beast prompt an all-out attack from the Pantheon's forces to prevent it from wrecking too much havok or gaining power. Some have even suspected that Emperor Fatalis is the original true ancestor of dragons and the one responsible for the destruction of the Ancient Civilization and the Kingdom of Schrade and thus is considered the most dangerous of all monsters and one to be killed on sight.

Intermediate Gods

    Ember McLain 
Ember McLain, Goddess of Villain Songs
  • Intermediate Goddess (rank can increase with more followers)
  • Symbol: Her electric guitar
  • Theme Song: You Will Remember My Name
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Evil Diva, Excessive Evil Eyeshadow, Weaponized Guitars, Ghostly Rock, Popularity Power, Freudian Excuse, "Remember", Gains More Power With More Chanting, Goth Girls Know Magic, Flaming Hair From Burning To Death, Ghosts, Say My Name, Totally Radical
  • Domains: Music, Popularity, Ghosts, Fire, Control
  • Allies: Harley Quinn, Kotonoha Katsura, Brynhildr, Jareth, I-No, Lord Raptor, The Dazzlings (especially Sonata Dusk), Margaret Moonlight, Desiree
  • On good terms with: Lucifer and his GUAC, Erik, Bill and Ted, Dethlok, The Guy
  • Rivals: Marceline Abadeer, Misa Amane, Axel
  • Enemies: Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley (occasionally friendly with them), Dark Danny, Jack and Maddie Fenton, The Ghostbusters, Peter Parker, Glenn Quagmire, Makoto Itou, Suite Pretty Cures, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Timmy Turner (being friends with Danny), Rachel Roth/Raven, Juliet Starling, Bubbles, The Mermaid Princesses, Itsuki Inubozaki, Miku Hatsune, Kotomi Ichinose, Merzbow
  • Opposes: YHVH and His GUAL, the House of Popularity (except Elvis Presley), authority in general
  • Opposed by: Most good-aligned members of the House of Music
  • Pities: Those who have had their heart broken
  • Respects: Nicholas St North
  • Ember McLain used to be an unpopular high-school kid who had big dreams of becoming a rock star. One day a boy asked her out to the movies, and she waited all the night when he never came. She was so exhausted she passed out and didn't notice her house was on fire, burning her to death. Now as a ghost, she is determined to be beloved and the greatest rock star of all time, with the whole world at her command.
  • Learned of the House of Music from her ghost friends Penelope Spectra and Kitty, and immediately wanted in. They decided she was best fit for Villain Song. While many a villains have their own song, she's a singer and her song perfectly demonstrates her reason for being and motivation. She uses her songs to hypnotize and mind-control others. These enthralling songs led her to get along with the Dazzlings, especially Sonata Dark through shared hairstyles, and they work to try and take over the House of Music, although their differing effects can occasionally clash and conflict.
  • Initially applied for the role of Evil Diva, however it was taken by Courtney Gears. This didn't deter her from trying to prove herself the better example, leading to a rivalry between the two. They're good friends regardless. She has a rivalry on who's the better singer with Marceline, though Marcy can't really fight her if she wanted to since ghosts trump vampires (it's a rock-paper-scissors thing), and they sympathize about their scumbag exes.
  • She is not permitted to enter the House of Popularity. This doesn't have anything to do with her personality or villainous nature, but rather her power; the more that people chant her name, the stronger she gets. Gods there were afraid of how strong she might get if she got a position there, though this has led to her becoming antagonistic to them. That being said, she respects the King of Rock and Roll way too much to bother him.
  • Her Popularity Power means that bad singing when she's on stage will weaken her, which is how Danny defeated her 'using' his friend Tucker (who was enthralled by her music) to sing on stage while she was performing. As such, she is enemies with Kotomi Ichinose due to being awful at music, and her idol Kotomi's idol, Merzbow. Because of her desire to take over using music, she butts heads with most good-aligned members of the House of Music. That being said, if they're talented she's fine inviting them to rock out with her.
  • Wields a special electric guitar, which can be used both as a normal guitar and as a means of offense. She can use love and hypnosis spells, flame attacks, skull, punch and sonic beams. In addition, she has the standard grab bag of ghost powers and enchantment skills. Sometimes she competes with other members of her house on who has the best instrument.
  • Happy to rock out with I-No and Lord Raptor, and Jareth. She has a fondness for all those that represent rock and roll.
  • It's unknown how old she is, though she usually shouts 70s phrases like "dipstick". Don't call her old though, as she has a hatred of adult authority. She found the rebellion and anarchy of Lucifer and the GUAC to be enticing, though she's not that serious about it. Can be somewhat misandrist, since she once removed all the guys in Amity Park due in part to issues with her boyfriend.
  • Generally enemies with Danny Fenton and his gang, and in the Trope Pantheon has opposed Peter Parker due to being similar to him. However, they are occasionally able to work together like when the Disasteroid was threatening Earth. As with the other ghosts in their universe she has a Christmas truce and as such respects Nicholas St North.
    • That being said, her opinion of Danny is somewhat higher than the rest of his friends. Despite her antagonism, she genuinely respects Danny for his determination and courage to go up against powerful enemies that nobody else would dare oppose, such as Pariah Dark and Dark Danny. And she does sympathize with him to a degree for the sheer amount of shit that he went through to undo the Bad Future that led to the rise of Dark Danny.
    • Hates Dark Danny with a passion due to ruining her alternate future self's vocal cords and being an absolute psychopath. She has absolutely zero issues with teaming up with Danny and his friends against him. All Danny ever did was capture her with the Fenton Thermos and inconvenience her at worst, with no lasting harm done. Dark Danny destroyed her future self's ghostly existence painfully and permanently, and she'll never forgive him for that.
  • Because of how she died, she's sympathetic to anyone who's had their heart broken and hates sleazy men who break said hearts. She despises Glenn Quagmire and Makoto Itou, and is interested in trying to help Kotonoha Katsura get over him. She pities Brynhildr due to suffering the pain that Love Hurts. Misa Amane sees her as a rival, though unlike her other rivals Ember doesn't hold much respect for her due to letting herself be used by Light Yagami.
  • She also has a fondness to Margaret Moonlight. Asides from the similar profiles, Ember understands perfectly her desire to have her song remembered. Helps they sound alike. After being mistook for the ghost, Margaret expressed interest in her and was glad to finally meet her.
  • Sometimes seen having a girl's night out with Harley Quinn, of whom she wants to help keep distant from the Joker. It helps that they sound alike. Sounding alike to Twilight Sparkle did not help their relationship, and she opposes her due to her similarity and friendship with the Dazzlings.
  • Speaking of the Dazzlings, Ember has also found herself on the bad side of Sunset Shimmer, the Mermaid Princesses (having dealt with the Dazzlings before, though only the former did pre-ascension), Miku Hatsune (for weaponizing music for her own ends), and Itsuki from the Hero Club (because she hates sound being used for evil).
  • She's not sure why someone believed that going on a killing spree in her name would lead to her reviving the killer as a female ghost. In fact, she'd rather not think too much about it.


Lesser Gods

    Ashley (WarioWare
Ashley, Goddess of Bragging Theme Tunes (The Girl Next Door Living in the Haunted Mansion, the Cruelest/Coolest Girl You'll Ever Meet)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her golden skull brooch
  • Theme Song: "You better learn my name, because it's ASH-LEY~!"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Death Glare, longing for friendship and not being kind to those who reject her friendship, Cute Witch who is also Little Miss Badass, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Power Dyes Your Hair, being nicer in Japanese, being alone without any parents, Bragging Theme Tune that doubles as Background Music Override, becoming one of the most popular WarioWare characters
  • Domains: Songs, Microgames, Witches, Magic
  • Herald: Red
  • Allies: Mona, 9-volt and 18-volt, Erma Williams, Tomoko Kuroki, Kirby, Luigi, Waluigi, Elzam Von Branstein, Beetlejuice, Professor Elvin Gadd
  • Rivals: Mandy, Gertrude (the latter being a Friendly Rivalry)
  • Enemies: Mello, Stocking Anarchy, The King Of All Cosmos, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Nerima Daikon Brothers, Ridley, King K Rool
  • Interested in: The House Of Ghosts
  • Employed by: Wario
  • Who's the girl living next door living in the haunted mansion? You better know her name, because she's Ashley! Ashley is a witch in training from Diamond City, training to become the most powerful witch in the world. If her gothic attire didn't sell it, her theme song stating she can rule the world and still finish her homework should, as her imp assistant, Red, can attest to. 9-volt and 18-volt were actually rooting for her ascension and were even encouraging her in her home world to come up. Ashley only agreed to come up just so she could observe more powerful deities and learn even greater spells. Due to how many in the Pantheon fell in love with her Bragging Theme Tune, it was decided she would ascend with that title. Ashely didn't mind that, even smiling a bit at how much they seemingly respected her if her song was that loved.
  • Ashley is rather interesting due to that she is much more nice and happy to make friends with others in her Japanese speaking voice, with her just wanted to not be bored and make friends as opposed to her English version boasting about her power and making it no secret that she can be dark. While few people get the privilege of hearing her speak like that, she did become friends with Kirby due to how hardcore their American personas are. It’s speculated that she only speaks that way with those she truly value as friends.
  • She has become a regular assist fighter during the Super Smash Bros fights, and has made it no secret how she was mad that she wasn't going to be an actual fighter. King K Rool and Ridley make daily visits to her temple to mock her about this misfortune, with King K Rool even forcing her into an assist trophy case to parade her around alongside his partner in crime. Surprisingly, Waluigi of all people stepped up to try and put an end to it, already knowing the pain of not being an actual fighter in Smash, assaulting the reptiles with his tennis racket. It still ended poorly in his favor, but they left them alone after beating Waluigi. Since then, Ashley and Waluigi have become good friends, lamenting over being overshadowed by others.
    • Despite this, 9-volt actually mentioned that he feels kind of jealous for Ashley having such a cool position, and that he is happy to be friends with such a powerful person with such an important role. While Ashley tries to brush this off as him trying to make her feel better, she still greatly appreciates his effort. Not that she is interested in telling him that face to face.
  • She HATES sweets, and finds the idea of a level composed entirely out of sweets to be utterly repulsive. Naturally, this has led to her headbutting against several lovers of candy, including Mello, Stocking and The King Of All Cosmos.
    • However, she reserves most of her hatred towards Vanellope Von Schweetz, who has her entire temple being one giant Level Ate as well as Vanellope and the racers representing various sweets. The glitch is interested in forming a candy-loving committee to protect their favorite foods.
      • The only person who supports Ashley on this crusade is Gertrude, who also escaped from her own Fairytale land nightmare, and views Ashley getting trapped in a food-themed world and escaping it not that different from her managing to escape Fairyland. The two are on decent enough terms with each other, but still like to challenge the other into proving that they are the better Creepy Child for fun.
  • Due to how her Bragging Theme Tune doubles as Background Music Override, the Nerima Daikon Brothers branded her as a potential threat to their performances like how Elzam Von Branstein once ruined a concert. The two of them are figuring out a way with how to deal with them.
  • Given her interest in the supernatural, she has become interested in the house of Ghosts. It also helps how it is also a mansion like her own. The various spirits there don't mind her too much and generally just follow a live and let live philosophy with her, although Beetlejuice (who still hangs around the graveyards despite being in a different house), loves showing off for her, as he is reminded of Lydia from her gothic personality. Ashley, for her part, has been generally impressed by him and even offered to help him become even scarier or to even summon him should she feel like he can help with something. The Ghost with the Most cackled happily at the idea that he has another partner in crime.
    • When hearing about how Luigi dealt with ghosts and mansions through 9-volt retelling Luigi's Mansion and its sequel, Ashley has approached the green plumber and inquired if she could go with him to study the ghosts. On his end, while he is unnerved by how casual and even scary Ashley can be, Luigi is still willing to call himself friends with her...if only because he didn't do so he was toast, but still. On her end, the now tamed ghosts seemed to be greatly amazed by her and are more than welcoming of her visits, much to her delight. He does find it a bit odd that her purpose in Smash is to essentially act as a smaller version of his original final smash dance attack.
      • From Luigi, she has heard of the eccentric professor he was working under called Professor E Gadd. Given how Ashley gets along swimmingly with the ghosts and how she wishes to learn more about them, the professor is more than happy to let her do her own thing and even exchange notes with her.
  • As a Creepy Child, she has branded herself as a rival to Mandy, stating that they both are planning on taking over the world before the other, with Ashley adding in the boast of her being able to do so before finishing her homework for the night. The majority of the Pantheon are more concerned with more powerful deities that want to take over the world, but are still interested where this contest leads. Doesn't help Ashley that her spells have a 40% success rate...
    • She has become better friends with Erma Williams, who is a ghost girl with a talent for scaring and playing harmless pranks of people as well. Ashley is more than intrigued by the Blairwood ghoul, especially after hearing about how her grandfather could be trouble. Even odder, Ashley willingly threw her hat into the wing, promising to try and protect her should he attempt to do anything to her and her family. Red is praying and begging Ashley for this to not happen, fearing that he may be too much for her.
      • On a completely innocent note, Ashley has become fast friends with Tomoko, given their penchant for feeling lonely and wishing to have more friends. However, Ashley has picked up that in Tomoko's own homeworld, she has been gaining a steady amount of friends, and confessed to feeling a bit jealous of her. Tomoko went silent for the majority of the day, unable to comprehend the fact that someone was actually envious of her.
  • No, she has NOT granted kids to Hell. Trying to claim that this is true is one of the quickest ways to make you wish she granted you to Hell.
  • One final thing to remember if you see her on the street...
    Ashley: "I'm the cruelest girl you'll ever meet..."note 

    Bajirao Singham 
Inspector Bajirao Singham, God of Title Theme Tunes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Goa Police Emblem. Alternatively, his motorcycle
  • Theme Songs: Singham, Singham Returns
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: 100% Adoration Rating In His Hometown, A Father to His Men, Awesome Mc Cool Name, Badass Biker, Badass Bookworm, Badass Pacifist (unless provoked), Beware the Nice Ones, Friend to All Children, Mr. Fanservice, Mundane Made Awesome, Real Men Love The Gods
  • Domains: Honest Cops, Indian People, Law Enforcement
  • Herald: Durai Singam (his Tamil counterpart)
  • Allies:
  • Opposed By: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage
  • Opposes/Opposed By: The Houses of Crime and Villains
  • Yes, his last name does mean 'lion.' Pretty fitting.
  • Bajirao Singham rode into the Pantheon on his Royal Enfield motorcycle, his ascension/transfer having been cleared. The Grand United Alliance of Good had their eye on him for a while now and have endorsed his ascension alongside Ganesha. Now, the people of his hometown of Shivgarh have reason to celebrate, as Singham has ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Singham's ascension has also been noticed by the Grand United Alliance of Evil. They have heard about he had brought down both Jaikant Shikre and Satyaraj 'Babaji' Chandar. Both Shire and Babaji underestimated Singham, which had been their Fatal Flaw. The best way to keep off of Singham's radar is to simply not provoke him.
  • Singham's reputation comes from being a mediator, a trait that allows him to peacefully resolve his town's problems without having to press charges. Of course, if anyone under his jurisdiction breaks the law, then Singham "will break them." Usually that means a hard slap to the skull that makes the offending party bounce to the ground. Make him even more mad, and Singham will deliver some good old-fashioned corporal punishment with his belt. Piss him off, and he'll pretty much shoot you dead.
  • Upon discovering that Ganesha was mostly responsible for his ascension, Singham paid him a visit to his temple and humbly thanked Ganesha for the opportunity, even going as far as to asking Ganesha in blessing his police station/temple. Ganesha obliged, knowing that he has chosen wisely, as Singham is a devout Hindu and continues to worship the gods despite being one himself.
    • Ganesha directed Singham to the mystic Dhalsim. The two gods hit it off surprisingly well. As Singham is a virtuous and honest Maratha, Dhalsim wonders if the god Agni would shine his light upon Singham as it had did to him. Should that happen, a fire-breathing Singham would give the villains something else to fear.
    • Singham met Symmetra by chance. After hearing about how she had gotten to where she was despite her autism, Singham couldn't help but to respect her, despite her disability. Goes to show that not even something like autism could stop anyone if they are determined.
  • As a police inspector, Singham has made friends with the other deified officers. The other cops for the most part respect him and at times, come to Singham's temple to settle minor disputes.
    • When asked about Garrus Vakarian going rogue, Singham replied that he understood what Vakarian had went through, as he done the same thing shortly after transferring to Mumbai. Granted that his resignation was faked, but still...
  • Singham is pretty friendly to children, even going as far as to let the schoolchildren bum rides whenver he's on his bike. In a strange twist of fate, it's how he also met Kazama Kiryu. Knowing full well that Kiryu is a Yakuza, what stays Singham's hand is that Kiryu is the patron of an orphanage, and is fiercely protective of the children under his care. It's advisable not to harm women or children in either man's prescence, otherwise Kiryu will fling the poor bastard responsible into a nearby lamppost, while Singham will probably rip if off its base and beat you senseless with it. There is a mutual respect between the two men, to the point that a pact was made, promising not to step on the other's toes, so long as Kiryu remains on the right side of the law.
    • Bryan Mills and even Kenshiro cracked a small grin upon hearing how Singham helped a boy who had a cast on his leg win a race by carrying him fireman style on his shoulders and dropping him inches before the finish line. Even Singham admits that while he is a child at heart, he will go Papa Wolf on any and all who threatens children under his watch.
  • Both Adam Savage and Jaime Hyneman confirmed that Singham's stunt with the car is nigh impossible. Singham offered to reenact that scene. Both deified Mythbusters' jaws dropped to the ground as what was declared to be impossible was made possible as Singham stepped out of a moving vehicle, shot out the other car's tires, and while said car was spinning in the air, snatched the driver out just as the car crashed to the ground. Singham is Mundane Made Awesome personified.
  • Has no problems in taking down gangs of Mooks by the truckload using only his fists and feet. But when a horde of Mooks came charging in, even Singham needed some help with this one. Cue the arrival of Team Bare Knuckle and Team Final Fight to provide aid. Once the dust was settled and the bad guys were out cold, it was clear that Singham made some new friends that day.
  • Mann bhanwar uthe, tann sihar uthe Jab khabar uthe ke aave Singham (A whirlpool rises in the heart, the body shivers, When the news comes that Singham is coming.)

    Barney the Dinosaur 
Barney the Dinosaur, God of Friendship Songs

    Margaret Moonlight 
Margaret Moonlight, Goddess of "The Hero Sucks" Song (The Goddess Of Death, The Fourth Assassin)

    Timon & Pumbaa 
Timon & Pumbaa, Gods of Care-Free Songs (Both: Ren & Stimpy; Timon: Timon Leslie Berkowitz, Timmy, Tunnel Klutz, Aunt Barbra, Junior, Fuzzy Face, Uncle Timon, Pops, Sonny Boy, Ramon; Pumbaa: Pumbaa Smith, Pumba, Pig, Mr. Pig, Uncle Pumbaa, Mook)
Timon in the front, Pumbaa in the back.
The pair in the 2019 timeline.
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A sideways silhouette view of them
  • Theme Music: "Hakuna Matata." Alternatively; "Warthog Rhapsody."
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Friendship, Songs, Levity, Outcasts, Nature
  • Heralds: Timon's Ma and Uncle Max, Speedy the Snail, Bunga the Bravest
  • Allies: Simba, Mufasa, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Bambi, Pinocchio, Eliza Thornberry, Mowgli, Tarzan, Hazel, Jack and Annie, George of the Jungle, The Tanuki of Tama Hill, Batty Koda, The Genie, Ren and Kumatetsu, Hana and the Wolf-Man
  • Enemies: Scar, The Hyenas, Zira, Shere Khan, Kaa, Prince John, Sabor, Master Xehanort, Maleficent, Pete, Mr. Burns, Cruella DeVil, Hexxus, Anub'arak, Pokemon Hunter J
  • Opposed by: The Houses of Insects and Arthropods, Jiminy Cricket, San, Moro-no-Kimi
  • Complicated Relationship: Okkoto-nushi, Baloo and Bagheera, Prince Hamlet, Steve Irwin, David Attenborough
  • Pities: Ophelia
  • Timon and Pumbaa are as strange a pair as one can ever find on the African savanna. The former, a wisecracking meerkatnote  who dreamed of a better life beyond his colony's mundane existence. The latter, a lonely warthognote  with a big heart who other animals couldn't stand to be around due to his excessive flatulence. Upon meeting each other, the pair started a quest to find a place to call home; one with no predators, no rules, no responsibilities and most importantly, no worries. Or as a strange monkey once called it, Hakuna Matata. After several misadventures, Timon and Pumbaa eventually found what they had been looking for; a lush jungle oasis full of bugs to eat and fun to be had. Things were looking good for them... then one fateful day, while out bowling for buzzards, they discovered something that would change their lives forever. A young lion cub, half-dead in the sun-baked earth. They took the cub, named Simba, back to their home, and taught him the ways of Hakuna Matata, raising him into a strong male lion. But when Simba realized he had to take responsibility and return to the Pride Lands to reclaim the throne, Timon and Pumbaa were right behind him, aiding their friend/adopted son in defeating The Usurper king Scar and his hyena army and restoring balance to the Circle of Life. For their heroic efforts, they became honoured members of Simba's Pride, with Timon even being praised by his home colony for his actions, as well as bringing them to the jungle to keep them safe.
    • One day while out hunting for grubs in the jungle, Timon and Pumbaa spotted a delicious looking beetle and wandered off in pursuit, ending up in a forest full of plants and animals they had never seen before. They were then ambushed by a strange creature; a bipedal ape-like animal with a stone-tipped spear in one hand. She had been looking for a pig to eat, and the boar was just what she wanted. The meerkat would be used as a toothpick. But after giving chase and cornering them, Pumbaa let loose his "special power", easily incapacitating her and giving Simba enough time to rescue them both. The lion king explained that the two misfits had entered a realm called The Pantheon and after some negotiating, presented his old friends with a temple and position as Gods. Afterwards, they indulged in a fresh batch of grubs and lounged in the jungle, just like old times.
  • It didn't take long for Simba's father Mufasa to learn of Timon and Pumbaa's arrival, so he decided to introduce himself to them. At first, the pair were surprised to see the old king alive and back in the flesh. That surprise quickly turned to horror as the two, Timon in particular, began to apologize profusely to Mufasa for not raising Simba properly, filling his head with their "problem-free philosophy" which got in the way of him learning from the past and becoming the king he was meant to be. Instead of being angry though, Mufasa just smiled. Though he admitted their Hakuna Matata wasn't a permanent solution, and they weren't exactly perfect, Timon and Pumbaa did rescue Simba from death, raised him the best they could, and gave him what he needed most at that time. Love. For that, Mufasa couldn't have been more grateful. He still checks in on the two from time to time, and will not hesitate to protect them from potential threats. In return, Timon and Pumbaa will occasionally chat with Mufasa and Simba about, well, everything.
  • Their temple leads not only to their jungle dream home but also back to the Pride Lands. They like to go back and forth between both, mainly to visit Timon's family in the jungle. More often than not though, they've been seen in the Pride Lands helping Simba maintain his kingdom. It's also where they ended up becoming surrogate uncles to Simba's daughter Kiara and future member of the Lion Guard, Bunga the honey badger.
  • Due to its' lush, awe-inspiring views, Timon and Pumbaa's jungle home attracts deities from all around the Pantheon. Chief among them, the fruit bat Batty Koda, the wild man George of the Jungle, and the Tama Hill tanuki clan. All of them enjoy the tropical setting and have even tried out their lifestyle, with the Tanuki especially getting in on the bug-eating action.
    • On another note, the rabbit Hazel was impressed by Timon and Pumbaa's bravery in defeating not only the hyenas and later the Outlander lions, but also for the former leading his colony to a better home, something Hazel could relate to. He sometimes brings his warren to the jungle for some quality relaxation, and while they might not eat bugs like the meerkats, they're still always welcomed to join in on the fun. The same applies to Bambi, who also gets in on the fun too, and whom Timon and Pumbaa are incredibly protective of. May have something to do with the fact the fawn lost a parent just as Simba did long ago.
  • Timon and Pumbaa initially had difficulty adjusting to the Pantheon, due to all the two-legged creatures wandering about like they, as Timon put it, "owned the place." Simba explained these bipedal primates were called humans, and while some were definitely bad for the pair to be around, others they could get along with just fine. To demonstrate, Simba introduced his friends to Mowgli the Man-Cub, who was more than excited to make some new friends. Pumbaa instantly got along with the wild child, seeing him like Simba when he was a cub. Timon, on the other hand, took a little longer to get used to the boy, but eventually warmed up after learning that Mowgli not only enjoyed the care-free life - the Bare Necessities as he called it - but also defeated a tiger in his homeworld. To the little meerkat, having a tiger-slaying Man-Cub around didn't sound too bad after all. After that, the three have been spotted hanging out with each other, with Timon and Pumbaa showing Mowgli how to enjoy life to the fullest...
    • ...Something that reminded the Man-Cub of his old friend, Baloo. Mowgli introduced the pair to the old bear and the meeting couldn't have gone better. Timon and Pumbaa quickly realized the similarities between their Hakuna Matata and the Bare Necessities and the four have been seen hanging around enjoying the good life. That said, Mowgli's panther friend Bagheera considers the two African species as a bad influence for the young human, and would rather not get involved in their shenanigans.
  • While in the Pantheon, the duo couldn't help but notice a strange human with spiky hair wandering past, accompanied by an equally out of place duck and dog. Timon didn't recognize them, but Pumbaa instantly knew who they were, despite them no longer being a lion, bird and tortoise respectively. He called out to Sora, Donald and Goofy and ran over, thanking them for rescuing him and Timon from the hyenas in the past. The gesture was reciprocated, and even if they weren't African animals anymore they will occasionally step in to protect them from not only the Heartless, who were responsible for destroying their homeworld in the past, but also those who can control them; the witch Maleficent, her lackey Pete, and Master Xehanort himself.
  • The pair were not happy to learn that Simba's uncle Scar was alive and in the Pantheon, as well as his follower Zira and former hyena goons, all of whom want a little payback/lunch. But they aren't the only ones. The two lions were joined by the royal Bengal tiger Shere Khan, who was already an enemy to Mowgli, and the crazed leopard Sabor. Both had tried to eat Pumbaa and Timon upon their first encounter but were stopped by Mowgli and Simba. The two cats have kept their distance but still plan on munching on some warthog... provided they can get past Pumbaa's gas. Said gas did come in handy when the python Kaa once tried to eat Pumbaa. It took the giant snake two weeks to recover from the gas inhalation.
    • Not long after the Kaa incident, Timon and Pumbaa were confronted by yet another lion - a bipedal Smug Snake named Prince John, who rubbed the pair the wrong way, especially when they drew comparisons between him and Scar. Unfortunately for John, he made the mistake of calling Pumbaa a pig. One headbutt later and the three became quick enemies.
  • Mowgli was quick to introduce Timon and Pumbaa to some of his friends and mentors; a group called the Nature Preservers. Some in their ranks were humans raised in the wild, such as the Ape-Man Tarzan, who was perfectly fine with the two and was impressed by them raising a lion from cubhood. Unfortunately for the two, Mowgli's other mentor was San, the infamous Princess Mononoke and the same woman who tried to hunt them when they first arrived in the Pantheon. While she's gotten past the whole "getting farted in the face" bit, she still sees the two lower mammals as irresponsible role-models, not only for Simba but for Mowgli as well. The sentiment was echoed by San's wolf mother Moro, who felt their "problem-free philosophy" is a detriment to the boy's potential and has warned them to stay away from each other. Not that they would listen.
    • Moro's fellow god, the white boar Okkoto, shares her sentiments. While he was impressed with Pumbaa's ability to fight despite his small size, he not entirely sure if he cares for the warthog's lifestyle and friendship with Timon. Still, he has offered Pumbaa a place in his boar clan should he ever choose to aid in killing the humans. Safe to say, Pumbaa's not entirely up for it.
  • As wild animals living in a lush ecosystem unaltered by human activity, it should come as no surprise that Timon and Pumbaa oppose those individuals who either want to destroy the environment for their own gain or harm animals for, again, their own personal gains. These include the likes of Cruella DeVil, Pokémon Hunter J, Mr. Burns, and the destructive spirit Hexxus. They take it very personally. After all, they once tried to make a lakeside resort by damning the river supplying the Pride Lands with water but were convinced otherwise by Simba.
    • Their wild antics also attracted the attention of several humans who found their friendship and lifestyle to be rather fascinating. The first was Eliza Thornberry, who met the pair while her father was out shooting a documentary on meerkats. At first, they were surprised she could speak fluent animal despite not being raised in the wild, but after some conversing the three reached an understanding, with Timon even offering to show the Thornberry how meerkats go about their daily business, along with watching over her brother Donnie. They certainly like her more than Steve Irwin and Sir David Attenborough; the former having tried to wrangle Pumbaa like a crocodile and the latter disturbing their peace with his constant narration. That said, Timon and Pumbaa do have a healthy enough respect for them. After all, Irwin did rescue Pumbaa from a crocodile and Attenborough for his advocating for wildlife and environmental protection. The two can live with that... just as long as Attenborough doesn't bring up the drongo incident with anyone.
  • One time while performing a show at the House of Theatre, Timon attempted to eat Jiminy Cricket in front of a live audience. Pumbaa quickly stopped him but sadly this isn't the first time it happened. The meerkat has tried on numerous occasions to catch the cricket for his lunch, even trying to convince Pinocchio to hand him over as he doesn't need a conscious now that he's a real boy. Pinocchio wasn't fooled by this, but despite keeping his friend from being eaten, the former puppet still hangs out with the two and is learning about the Hakuna Matata lifestyle, much to the cricket's annoyance.
    • Speaking of Jiminy, the Houses of Insects and Arthropods both oppose the two insectivores, barring their gates to prevent any further casualties. Not that they would try again; most of the House's inhabitants are either too large or too dangerous to feed on. Even those invertebrates who don't live in either house despise the pair. On one occasion, Timon was flexing his tunnelling skills - being a Meerkat and all - and wound up digging right into the domain of Anub'arak. Suffice to say, Timon was lucky to escape with his life.
  • One time, Timon was accidentally transported to Agrabah as he was about to chow down with Pumbaa, and was forced to help a human named Aladdin save his love, Princess Jasmine, from a giant hourglass. Even after being transported back, Timon still stops by Aladdin's temple to check up on the newly wedded couple but lately, he and Pumbaa have been hanging out with Genie instead.
  • Despite sticking around in the Pride Lands, Timon and Pumbaa have had multiple adventures on other continents, meeting with other animals and humans along the way. These adventures also land them into plenty of extra trouble, especially since they ended up meeting Jack and Annie on one such adventure. The circumstances are vague as to what happened but the four ended up having to work together to get back to the Pantheon. After that, Timon offered to teach the kids about the Hakuna Matata lifestyle... too bad Annie was too afraid of bugs to fully get in on their lifestyle.
  • It was through Mowgli and Baloo that Timon and Pumbaa met the human swordsman Ren and his ursine "master", Kumatetsu, the latter taking a bit of a liking to their Hakuna Matata lifestyle. It also turned out both master and student were incredibly competitive, and one day decided to partake in a contest to see who can eat the most. Timon suggested they try a snail-slurping contest to up the stakes. At the end of the day, Ren, Kumatetsu, and Timon were passed out on the ground, with Simba still the reigning champion. Pumbaa warned them all it was a bad idea beforehand, but they didn't bother to listen.
    • Surprisingly, Ren and Kumatetsu's contemporaries, Hana and the Wolf-Man, came to respect Timon and Pumbaa. It had nothing to do with their Hakuna Matata, but rather it was because of them adopting and raising Simba after his father's death. Knowing all too well the feelings the young cub went through, the young couple were more than happy to see the work the two mammals went through. Pumbaa was more open with his thanks but Timon simply brushing it off, saying it was nothing.
  • Much to their surprise, Timon and Pumbaa learned they had human counterparts living in the Pantheon. Their names were Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and they once had been close friends with Prince Hamlet of Denmark. Well, before their unfortunate execution. The four comic characters, though coming from vastly different worlds and having different fates, immediately noticed the striking similarities between their stories, so much so they often swap places during performances in the House of Theatre. It was through the humans that Timon and Pumbaa encountered Prince Hamlet... and were quite uncomfortable with his descent into madness and causing more death than was necessary, with Timon realizing the prince was what Simba could've been had he and Pumbaa not found him. They've distanced themselves from the prince, and alongside Simba, occasionally stop by the temple of Hamlet's former beloved Ophelia to tidy up the place.
  • While Pumbaa is a kind soul at heart, the one thing you should never ever do around him is call him a pig. Unless you're his friend, the normally calm suid will transform into a rampaging mass of tusks and hooves that can topple even the largest of predators. Very few in the Pantheon dare to even mention that three-letter word around him, with some opting to go with "chubby". Which is also a mistake.
  • For some particular reason, every time Timon says "Stand by Me", bad and bizarre things happen - mostly to Pumbaa anyway. That being said, it has happened to other deities less often. Timon isn't even aware of it, but a few deities don't want to be near him as a result of this.
  • And yes, whenever a God needs a distraction they often call upon the pair to "dress in drag and do the hula." It's actually quite an effective strategy, even if it often leads to the two nearly getting killed on multiple occasions. That said they can't use it all the time especially when they're more realistic, but they've found a workaround for it.


Héctor, God of Parental Love Songs (Hector Rivera, Chorizo)
Héctor when he was alive 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His skeleton guitar
  • Theme song: Remember Me (The Lullaby version)(Spanish) (English)
  • Alighnment: Currently Neutral Good, used to be Chaotic Good out of necessity.
  • Portfolio: Con Man, Deadpan Snarker, Lovable Rogue, Sad Clown, Skeletal Musician, The Trickster, Connected All Along, Cruel and Unusual Death, Disappeared Dad, Doting Parent, Long-Lost Relative, Mysterious Parent, Parental Love Song, Secretly Dying, Trauma Conga Line, Earn Your Happy Ending
  • Domains: Music, Fatherhood, Skeletons, Death
  • Heralds: Coco (his daughter), Imelda (his wife), and the rest of his family in the afterlife.
  • High Priestess: Mrs. Jumbo
  • Allies: Miguel Rivera (his great-grandson), Marlin, Brook,Amigo, Don Diego de la Vega/El Zorro, Emily, Jack Skellington, Speedy Gonzales, Papyrus and Sans
  • Enemies: Ernesto de la Cruz, Scaramouche, Ember McLain, I-No, Courtney Gears, Balthazar Bratt, and Margaret Moonlight,
  • Pitied by: The good members of the Houses of Friendship and Family
  • Joined the pantheon when he was reunited with his daughter in the afterlife and was finally given credit to the songs he wrote, but were stolen from his then-best friend. Many deities were moved to tears by his story and his song to his daughter, and as such he became the best representative to the title.
  • The good members of the Houses of Friendship and Family have the utmost pity and sympathy for him. In while he did leave his family for a career in music, he had every intention of coming back to his family but was murdered by his best friend. His best friend then proceeded to steal the songs he wrote,(and if some more sources are to believed he left to find more inspiration for his music and it was his childhood best friend.) but never gave him credit for them . For 96 years his friend would soak up in the fame and glory of his songs, while he would spend those years hated by his family, mocked and ridiculed in the afterlife, being in danger of being forgotten by his daughter, would spend every Dia de los Muertos trying to cross the bridge to see his daughter, and never suspected/knowing his best friend of being his murderer. He's been through a lot, but he was finally able to reunite with his daughter, accepted by his family, and got credit for his songs.
  • He didn't have the highest opinion of musicians for a while (understandably), but his love for music was renewed by his great-great grandson and his relationship with music and musicians was patched.
  • Seems to get along well with Jack Skellington, another skeleton in the pantheon (even though Hector is more of a spirit). Considering the Day of the Dead falls around Halloween, this has got the attention of as it's not a holiday he knows about. It was later explained to him that the Day of the Dead is not really the Mexican equivalent for Halloween and was more a holiday about remembering family and friends who have passed away and helping them on their spiritual journey, however that didn't mean that holiday is about mourning but rather a celebration to honor the dead. This gave Jack the idea of collaborating with the good members of the houses of Death and Postmortem and Undead and Phasmata. Hector seems to like the idea so long as it's the other good aligned Mexican deities who organizes it.
  • He also seems to get along well with the other skeletons in the pantheon (even though he is more of a ghost or spirit). Especially Brook considering he is also a music loving skeleton and the two are often seen playing and writing music for the other good-aligned skeletons in the pantheon.
  • Considering his movie became the highest grossing movie in Mexico, it's no surprise that he became allies with Speedy Gonzales, even though he died before any of his cartoons were released.
  • He against all the evil musicians in the pantheon, especially those who use their music to commit their evil deeds. Margaret Moonlight, being in an assassin, really rubs him the wrong way. While he can understand Ember McLain's and Margaret's wanting to be remembered (and can even sympathize with Ember considering her backstory), he doesn't approve of her using her music to control the entire world.

    Huckleberry Hound 
Huckleberry Hound, God of Character Signature Songs (Huck)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Music: Oh My Darling Clementine (part of it)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mellow Fellow, Iron Butt Monkey, Amazing Technicolor Wildlife, Hollywood Tone-Deaf, New Job as the Plot Demands
  • Domains: Dogs, Travel, Profession
  • Allies: Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, Mona, John Stewart, Mario, Lucky Luke
  • Enemies: Yosemite Sam, Murkrow Flock, Trollkaiger
  • This blue-colored canine has traveled around the world and various time periods taking on a variety of jobs for others. While things generally don’t work well for him at first, Huckleberry Hound is able to keep up a calm behavior for the most part. Whenever he’s minding his own business, he’ll sing Oh My Darling Clementine to himself, but since he’s tone-deaf, his rendition of the song doesn’t exactly sound all that accurate.
  • Outside of Pantheon grounds, some guards saw a dog from afar and they were able to hear him sing a song. They winced a bit after hearing his off-tune singing, but as Huckleberry Hound approached the Pantheon, the guards decided to listen to who he is and what he was looking for. After a bit of time, Huck was allowed in the Pantheon, only to be greeted by a stampede going on as a result of some escaped dinosaurs. Even if it wasn’t really a welcome he asked for, Huck took the trampling in stride and from there, decided to take part in whatever it is that the Pantheon had to offer, be it jobs he’s done in the past and new faces he hasn’t seen thus far.
  • For the most part, Huck usually ends up doing a lot of the work by himself, though if there’s a recurring group of characters he hangs out with, it would be with Yogi Bear and the latter’s ensemble. Huck tends to join Yogi and the others for competing in Olympic-type sports and traveling around the world and while Yogi has considered sharing his pilfered picnic baskets with Huck (and Quick Draw Mcgraw), the canine has prefered to get his own food if he can. Regardless, Huck has no issue with hanging out with Yogi and the others whenever he needs some time off.
  • Huck ended up finding the House of Profession, a place where people go to get their jobs reviewed and see if there’s any potential work available. While getting his resume reviewed, he found someone named Mona working there and after telling her that he’s done a variety of jobs, Mona then stated that she’s done something similar, though she’s had a more consistent job being an employee at a company. At her suggestion, Huck decided to take on the jobs that Mona had previously done, to mostly mixed results. Mona still liked Huck for who he is and keeping a good disposition despite things going wrong and the two have exchanged stories about the various jobs that they’ve tackled throughout the Pantheon.
  • One of the small handful of regular adversaries that Huck went up against was an outlaw by the name of Dinky Dalton, and one instance included a few other Daltons when Huck was appointed sheriff of a town. Yosemite Sam, in his regular outlaw getup, was out in the Pantheon causing trouble in a Western-based setting and since Bugs Bunny was already somewhere else when that was happening and Huck just so happened to be in that place at that time, Sam got into an argument with Huck and was annoyed at how calm the dog was despite what was going on. What followed was a confrontation that ended in Sam getting arrested as a result of Huck in spite of the latter hitting a few missteps along the way. It wouldn’t be the only time that Sam and Huck got into conflict with each other through different means as the former has done several other professions much like Huck.
    • On the subject of Daltons, Lucky Luke heard about another deity who went up against the Daltons like he did and wanted to meet up with them. He didn’t fully expect to encounter a talking dog and was a bit more surprised to find out that Huck was only a sheriff temporarily to get rid of those specific Daltons. Nevertheless, Lucky Luke bore no ill will towards Huck and is willing to help him out whenever the latter decides to revisit being a sheriff if the time calls for it.
  • While looking for more hapless victims to target, Trollkaiger saw Huckleberry Hound from afar and figured that he’d be a good target for a series of pranks they’ve set up. The first prank that Huck fell for didn’t really get him upset, but the second prank made him suspicious that someone was after him. He saw a few figures from a distance and decided to figure out a way to get even with them. Trollkaiger noticed Huck’s reactions and decided that the next prank will do him in before they get caught. It took being caught by the next couple of pranks from the group before Huck was able to put Trollkaiger in a trap of his own. The group is more annoyed than anything about someone who can stay calm over various mishaps in addition to having some wits of his own.
  • After seeing a patch of land in the Pantheon, Huck decided to tend to it and take on being a farmer once more. As he was making progress on the farm, he ended up seeing some crows in the distance and surmised that those crows he’s encountered somehow returned to pester him once more. It turned out that not only were these different crows, but that the Murkrow flock that harassed Huck and his farm were much more crafty than the crows Huck went up against. Things got a lot more painful for Huck when he tried to get some of his stuff back from the Murkrow flock and he had to rely on his luck to at least outsmart some of them. Huck is more than wary of them not just for their efforts to thwart any potential farm of his, but that they’ll harass him if they encounter something interesting he has (which isn’t all that often, but enough to make them a nuisance for him).
  • John Stewart and Huck have actually known each other for a while as a result of a test John took as a Green Lantern on Earth. During that time, Huck was a stand-up comic that was notable for being against The Vietnam War and John was a fan of Huck’s work. Racism and corrupt police officers were running rampant and John, with a bit of help from Huck, had to stop the officers from causing more harm where they were at. Whenever John isn’t busy stopping intergalactic and superpowered threats as a Green Lantern, he’ll sometimes hang out with Huck and talk to him and the canine himself has done some stand-up work in the Pantheon as well.
  • Having tried out a number of out-there jobs such as being a knight or an outlaw, Huck tried something a bit more down-to-earth such as being a plumber and attempting to fix up a few houses. It didn’t go too badly, but when Huck was attempting to fix the plumbing in one house, things nearly fell apart until Mario (who was taking a break from adventuring to do some actual plumbing) stepped in and got the mess resolved. Huck then learned that Mario was another person who has a varied career resume (which included sports alongside the aforementioned adventuring and plumbing) and has looked up to Mario for being skilled and varied with what he does.

Klogg, God of Songs That Insult the Villain (Klogg-Monkey)


Brentalfloss, God of Adding Lyrics to Lyric-less Music (Brent Black, Mr. Clean)

    Clarice (The Idolm@ster
Clarice, Goddess of Charity-Driving Singing
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her ruby broach
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Blind Idol Singer (...Maybe), Hollywood Nuns, Blond Western Nun, Eyes Always Shut, Only One Name, Cool Big Sis, Token Wholesome
  • Domains: Vision, Singing, Faith, Appearance
  • Allies: Koume Shirasaka, Ranko Kanzaki, 765 Pro (especially Producer), Clarice di Lanza, Felicia, Lilly Satou
  • Clarice is a nun who lives in Japan, though she might not be native to Japan. Kind and compassionate, she wishes to spread joy and happiness with her singing skills. Using her money to run charity events and helping her church financially, she tries her best to become a woman who aids others with her song.
  • When she ascended, there were few who were like "Hey, didn't a nun called Clarice already ascend"? And indeed, Clarice ended up getting familiar with di Lanza of Celestial Union. Surprisingly, she took the demon nun rather well, seeing her as a woman who does want to do some good.
  • Clarice is blind… supposedly. Her blindness is bit odd. She can walk around without any aids, not need any braille to see writing, and can dance without any problem. But at the same time, she does seem to have problems with messy places and does act people to describe things to her. So whenever or not she actually is blind is unknown note 
    • Because her blindness, she doesn't keep her eyes open much. But apparently her glare when she does open her eyes is scary enough to stun anyone who makes direct eye contact with her.
  • She has a kindred spirit with Lilly. Aside of both of them being blind, they are also foreigners and Christians (though no one is actually sure what branch of Christianity the two of them belong to).
  • She is almost always seen wearing a ruby broach on her, no matter what costume she might have. Even while doing community service she wears it. She hasn't really elaborated on why she wears it all the time.
  • Is amused to find another idol nun in form of Felicia. Albeit with Felicia, those two things are unrelated, whereas with Clarice, it is her attraction point so to speak.
  • If it isn't obvious, she likes to visit the House of Faith. She especially takes part on choirs around there, especially with the nuns and sisters of St. Katherine's Parish.
  • She is not good around men because she hasn't been around them too much. The Producer is one of only men she is comfortable around.

    Miria Akagi 
Miria Akagi, Goddess of S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G Songs
Miria's fantasy self