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Life, Age, Survival, Creation and Vitality

This House is one half of the eventual split of Life and Death, with this one choosing to represent vitality and life in general, a representation of the fact that the Pantheon is, at the end of the day, populated with several different figures, mortals or ascended beings, who have a right to lead and determine their own existence and choices.

This House is structured in a way similar to Death and Postmortem, though with some notable differences. It primarily composes of gorgeous scenery, though there are residences established for the elderly, as this House is designated as an ideal spot for that age group. There are also temples that shine a light beacon towards the sky to signify the preciousness of life and in the hopes of attracting deities with an association to vitality. The stories of Creation is cited very much often here and details regarding the Origins of the Pantheon is stated to have been kept here, though no one's found it. Most of the Grand United Alliance Leaders make it a goal to not attack the place; Cosmos, Gaea and Lucifer do it out of respect for what everyone wants to live for whereas Melkor, The Machine Council and YHVH are playing things pragmatically in case a good asset of theirs is killed off abruptly.

Despite the split, the House of Life and Vitality is still intrinsically tethered to its sister House, Death and Postmortem. The two of them are considered one of the most necessary and important Houses in the Pantheon, largely due to how Life and Death are a primordial concept and theme that plays an influential part in everyone's lives. There is also the fact that the partnered union of the two Houses allows the souls of the deceased to be given guidance and assurance to be led to the afterlife where they can be judged. They also serve a primary reason for why deities are resurrected after they die, though their time of revival depends on how damaged the deceased's body and soul is, which means it can take around a week or two if the deceased died from natural causes or from a non-graphical, but lethal blow, whereas the obliteration of both the body and soul could take years for someone to be revived.

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The Virus of Life

    Kane (Command and Conquer
Kane, God of Contractual Immortality (The Prophet, Cain, The Granddaddy Of Them All)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Flag of Nod: chamfered triangle enclosing a curved, left-facing scorpion tail; main color elements, red and black.
  • Alignment: Ambiguous Evil
  • Portofolio: Big Bad of the entire series, Ascension, Bald of Evil, Beard of Evil, Contractual Immortality, Dark Messiah, Magnificent Bastards, interrupting broadcasts, "second close" to God, A mix of both anti-hero and villain, Thinks he's Cain, Never dies, Visionary Villain, Loved by his forces
  • Domains: Cults, Tiberium, Charisma, Immortality
  • Heralds: The Brotherhood of Nod
  • Allies: Yuri, Revolver Ocelot, Nikita Dragovich, Colonel Mael Radec, Raul Menendez
  • Rivals: Red Skull
  • Enemies: Tanya, HAL 9000, The God Emperor of Mankind, Captain America, Good-aligned members of the House of Leadership
  • Opposed by: Martian Manhunter, Dhuum
  • There are many questions regarding this enigmatic leader of Nod: who is he and what is his objective.
    • Some speculate that Kane is literally The Cain, given the seemingly intended nod to the Bible like the Brotherhood itself and several codenames of weapons and operations. There was also Nick "Havoc" Parker discovering what seems to be the tomb of Abel covered in Tiberium.
    • It is believed that Kane is immortal as apparently, he was seen in the Soviet Union aiding Stalin in the invasion of Europe before disappearing when the Allies claim victory. From the visual between the two from then and today, they still look alike.
    • It seems that his true objective was luring the Scrin to create the Threshold so that he could accomplish "Ascension."
  • There has been many times that Kane was supposedly killed, but it seems as though that Kane is immortal. First, he survived the Ion Cannon blast in the Temple of Nod, then get shot and stabbed by Michael McNeil, and survived not only the Ion Cannon again, but also an Liquid Tiberium Bomb explosion in Temple Prime in Sarejevo, yet he still lives.
    "Of course, Troper. You can't kill the Messiah"
    • Due to this feat of Joker Immunity, Dhuum has gotten immense hatred towards him, and is planning at some point to strike him down, permanently.
  • He and Yuri manage to form an alliance despite being in a different timeline and different motives. Though it was believed that Yuri used to be one of his disciples but there hasn't been any confirmation.
  • Due to one of his AI, CABAL, betraying him while he was gone, he found the AI to be disappointing in the end. So even he cannot stand AI who would betray their human masters. Though he created a new AI, Legion, which showed more efficiency and obedience than the last, though he will be a bit wary of rogue AI if they go against his goals.
    • This is why he hates HAL 9000 with no remorse, seeing him as worse as CABAL. The only thing not letting him engaging HAL is because of the AI's full control of the Pantheon's systems. Kane has yet to find an antithesis for this.
  • Despite being powerful, evil forces, Red Skull refuses to outright ally with him, due to huge suspicions about HYDRA being aborbed by Nod into a mere asset. Due to this, he holds no simple regard for him. Even worse due to having new telepathic powers, something that might be rivaled with.
    • Captain America on the other hand hates him, due to being destructive as HYDRA. Not to mention, the number of victories Kane has reaped for each war he has even been in.
  • The God of Telepathy himself, The Martian Manhunter, doesn't take his feats lightly, and sees him no better than the villains he stood up against. His telepathic powers he acquired during "Ascension" only made things worse.
  • Being one of the most respected (evil) leaders of video game history, this has given him a great advantage to most villainous gods, as his presence can strike down even the most heroic gods into full submission to the Brotherhood of Nod. The GUAE has used this to his advantage, bringing in a new age of evil tactics that can rival the GUAG's own strategists.
    • Another feat he has that most villains don't have is his charisma, using his wits to convince many to ally with him for as long as he wants. Thanks to this, he had recruited a lot of villains with him.
    • For instance, his charisma attracted the likes of Revolver Ocelot, another known Manipulative Bastard in Pantheon proper. He took notice of Revolver Ocelot's gambits and found him to be "second close" to him in terms of Magnificent Bastard. However, he decided to relinquish the title to him. Thanks to the knowledge with the likes of Big Boss, Skull Face and Solid Snake, this has given him an upper hand, except for the fact that Ocelot is actually using Kane as a sufficient way of finding Nod's assets.
    • He also found another ally named Dragovich, due to his previous Soviet connection. With a brute like him, he found a reliable ally to do his dirty work, in fact, he might consider reserving a spot for the Black Hand.
    • Has found impressive assistance in the form of Colonel Radec, who sees him as a substitute for Scholar Visari.
    • Amongst all the people who allied with him, Raul Menendez seems to be his most advocate ally. As someone who not only has a charismatic personality, he gained a formidable army and almost suceeded with it. This, along with his intelligent endeavour, allowed him and Raul to form an alliance with Cordis Die and The Brotherhood of Nod. BE VERY AFRAID
  • Even G-man respects Kane, for his tactics are devious and incredible. Both have agreed not to tangle with each-others plans for fear of a multiverse-breaking Gambit Pileup. However, G-man still hasn't let Kane forget getting blasted by GDI's Ion Cannon.
  • Tanya heard rumors about the mysterious adviser of Josef Stalin during World War II. If he is that adviser, then she would certainly make him pay for his involvement in the war as well as another timeline's war.
  • His involvement as one of the masterminds of "The Pantheonic Rebellion" is a combination of Even Evil Has Standards and respect for what Madoka represents despite his opposistion. He has ordered the Brotherhood of Nod to deploy to the "Fog of War" campaign front.
  • Thanks to having a text-to-speech device, The God-Emperor of Mankind has only one thing to say:
    God-Emperor: Fucking rodents. You call yourselves gods? It's like some mortals decided to take arms, say alleluia, go on a rampage, and say that "we are gods". What kind of sick fuck would make such stupidity. Oh and by the way, you and your rodent community remind me of the FUCKING Inquisition.
  • Is not to be confused with the wrestler known as Kane or the hideous clown known as Needles Kane either.

Yapool, Immortal God of Monster Creators (The Yapool People, The Strange Old Man, Giant Yapool, Alternate Dimension Man, Yapool Woman, Alien Simon, Vakishim, Doragory, Ace Killer, Reconstructed Yapool, Man in Black, Mebius Killer, Ultra-Killersaurus, Ultra-Killersaurus Neo, Victory Killer)
As the Yapool people
As Ace/Mebius/Victory Killer
As U-Killer Saurus
As U-Killer Saurus Neo
  • Greater God. Borderline Overdeity (as U-Killersaurus). Overdeity (as U-Killersaurus Neo)
  • Symbol: His face with his dimension as background.
  • Theme Song: Yapool's Suite
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil most of the time. Is actually Chaotic Evil deep down.
  • Portfolio: Maker of Monsters, Complete Immortality, Dimension Lord, Mad Scientist, Big Bad of Ultraman Ace, Demoted to Dragon, Necromancer, Breakout Villain, Demonic Possession, Eldritch Abomination, Energy Being, Evil Is Hammy, The Power of Hate, Resurrective Immortality, Humanoid Abomination, I Am Legion, Ungrateful Bastard
  • Domains: Monsters, Creation, Immortality, Demons
  • High Priest: Hector and Isaac
  • Followers: All unascended monster creators from Tokusatsu Shows (But mostly those from Super Sentai and Power Rangers), Dr. Genus
  • Heralds: The Alien Union (Temperor, Zarab, Guts and Nackle), The Choju
  • Allies: Ascended Toku Villains (Especially Shocker, and Tenjuro Banno), Evil-Aligned Deities of the House of Hatred and Rancor, The Evilutionitsts of Mad Science, Evil-Aligned Kaiju (Especially King Ghidorah, Gigan and SpaceGodzilla), Shubb-Nigorath, Ghetsis, Vaatu, ManBearPig, Don Thousand, Turles, Melkor, Griffith, Johan Liebert, Aku, Black Shadow, The Trix, The Horned King, Chaos, King Cold, Oogie Boogie, Chernabog, Eris, Harbringer, Junko Enoshima, Grogar, Dio Brando, Zarkon, Dark Matter Horde, Dracula, The Aparoids, Barbatos, The Mind Flayer, Nicol Bolas, Gargos, Ungoliant, Freddy Krueger, Spooky, Pitch Black, Ganondorf, Zorc Necrophades
  • Superior: Alien Empera
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ultraman Belial
  • Enemies: The GUAG Toku Division (Especially the Ascended Ultras and their allies), and above all Ultraman Ace, The Ascended Steven Universe Deities, The Good-Aligned Equestrian Deities, All Deities of the House of Friendship and Camaraderie (Especially Gentaro Kisaragi), All Good-Aligned Kaiju (Mainly Mothra, Mothra Leo and Gamera), The God Emperor of Mankind, The Iron Giant, Aragorn, Zelda, Link, Raleigh and Mako, Team Voltron Francoeur, Sully and Mike, Hoss Delgado, Pit, Palutena, K.O, The Wonderful 101, Kirby, The Doctor, The Creation Trio, Rosalina, Rick and Morty, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug and Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir
  • Interest in: The Gyaos
  • Admired by: The Antagonist
  • Opposed by: The Good-Aligned Jurassic Park Deities
  • Long ago the evil Alien Empera waged a war against the Ultra Warriors from the Land of Light, he was defeated by their leader, Father of Ultra and driven back but his forces kept the fight going for him while he recovered for thousands of years. One of them, and his second-in-command, was Yapool; an immortal, strange and malevolent Hive Mind-like entity who arrived on Earth in 1972, he was opposed by Ultraman Ace, the adopted son of Father of Ultra. The two fought fiercely but eventually Ace won and drove Yapool back, but Yapool managed to get the last laugh as he revealed Ace's human identity to the world and forced him to leave Earth. Yapool would keep returning despite this loss, and continued haunting the Ultras for over 50 years.
  • Yapool's ascension went unnoticed by most, his Temple practically appeared without prior warning and he was not found in it. Ultimately, it was the Ultras who notified most of the Pantheon about Yapool's ascension, by stating that Yapool was hiding in his dimension and scouting out the Pantheon's various Gods for their threat level to him, as well as to find any possible sources of power, it took little time for him to begin allying with evil-aligned deities left and right and started to pave the way to make sure that his name will be remembered for ages in the Pantheon.
    • Yapool rarely, if ever, leaves his Temple when he's not hiding out in his dimension, he prefers to remain safe and sound from danger as well as keeping others from knowing of his schemes and plans, for the express purpose of gathering data about Deities he sends his heralds, The Alien Union, to do the job from afar by challenging those Yapool thinks are dangerous enough from a first glance and then using said experiences to create a concrete counter plan, so far they've successfully been able to make out plans to counter Ultraman, Zero, Orb and Geed while looking for ways to make King vulnerable like Belial did.
    • In response to the mass suffering and destruction he wrought in both his home universe and the Pantheon, the forces of good sought to counter his evil by ascending his perennial archnemesis, Ultraman Ace. With the Ultra taking a stand as the Pantheon's greatest counter to the Choju master, Yapool's hatred for all life exploded to unforeseen levels as he swore death upon Ace and his allies.
  • He's made himself a good amount of enemies in the Pantheon thanks to his cruelty, monster creation and hatred of all Ultras and their allies. There are a bunch of particular stand outs:
    • For his repeated creation of monsters to attack humanity he's earned the wrath of Pit and Palutena, who view Yapool as being no different from their nemesis, Hades. Pit even thought that Yapool was just an alias of Hades that the latter took to confuse them until Palutena clarified it to him.
    • Being no different to people like Zarkon in their creation of monsters, has made him allies with him and other fellow Mad Scientist villains. Yapool has let them borrow his interdimensional powers and Minus Energy for the creation of stronger bioweapons that can break the laws of reality or feed off the negative emotions of the Pantheon, where such feelings will eventually come in abundance and thus benefit Yapool's goals.
    • His eternal feeling of hatred has also made him enemies in Captain Planet and the Planeteers, mainly because of Captain's weakness to strong feelings of hatred and Yapool's desire to conquer Earth with his artificial monsters. That Yapool's Choju are predisposed to attack and destroy Earth's ecosystem and that it's interdimensional energy offsets wildlife doesn't helps matters.
    • The Gaea's Avengers hates Yapool for his creation of Choju, who they view as aberrations against nature and mockery of the lifeforms that Gaea created on Earth as well as those made by other Gods. Doesn't helps that his goals will involve destroying Earth for what it's worth and that his creations offset the natural balance and can devastate entire planets if left unchecked.
    • Link and Zelda have also made enemies with Yapool, given that his nature as an immortal evil dedicated to unleashing evil monsters makes him no different from Ganondorf, who himself is a firm ally of Yapool's. Yapool has thought up methods to obtain the power of the Tri-Force or replicate it for his own purposes and to strengthen his immortality to the next level.
  • He does not consider Ultraman Belial an ally at all, not only due to Belial being an Ultra, evil or not it does not matter to Yapool, but also because of Belial's goals clashing with Yapool's own. The two are bitter enemies and will not team up with each other unless forced to. That two of Belial's heralds (Iaron and Darkgone) were formerly servants of Yapool before defecting for Belial's Galactic Empire has only soured Yapool's opinions of Belial.
    • That said, Yapool has grown interested in the "Devil Splinters", fragments of Belial's body imbued with his evil essence and even after Belial's death are capable of affecting monsters by driving them berserk, reviving all kind of beings, even AIs, can be reforged into powerful artifacts, etc. Yapool's made sure the Alien Union look out for these "Splinters" if they find any in the Pantheon and bring them to his lair for his own uses.
  • In an alternate universe Yapool is not an evil demoniac entity hellbent on destroying the Ultras. But rather a caring, good-natured alien who acts as an ally to the heroes of that world. DO NOT bring that up with him, no matter what, as he has declared that he disowned that version of himself, viewing it as an "aberration" he refuses to acknowledge as being related to him in any way, and will violently silence anyone that tries to bring up his alternate self.
  • His ascension has caused major fear in the Ultras, as they suspect that Yapool is arranging things so that his master, Alien Empera, can ascend, thus returning the evil emperor back to life. Of course, with his cryptic attitude and being a master of laying low, no one has been able to confront Yapool on that and see if it's an unfounded rumor.
  • He's gotten some interest in Deities with a Superpowered Evil Side or a connection to an evil entity. such as Steven Universe, K.O, Spike and others. He's attempted to capture them and taking their powers by force to create an even stronger U-Killersaurus for him to use as an Ultimate Weapon against the Ultras. His attempted kidnappings have earned him enemies in his would-be victims and their allies. Yapool appreciates the feelings of hatred and antagonism of his, as the more hatred on his part towards more enemies means he can and will resurrect himself, should he die, more easily. He will aso try to drain the powers of said victims to create more versions of his Evil Knockoff creation, Ace Killer, as the wide arrange of powers could be beneficial to him in the long run.
  • As a being that embraces the mentality of hatred to the point that even his own hatred of the Ultras is enough to return his soul to the living world, he's earned a good deal of respect from the Antagonist, who somewhat envies Yapool's pre-existing immortality based entirely on his own hatred. Yapool himself apreciates the efforts of the Antagonist to make the world miserable, even if he considers him nothing special beyond said goals and thus is willing to lend him a hand in causing destruction everywhere.
    • On a similar vein, Junko appreciates Yapool's desire to spread chaos and ruin among humans, viewing him as a perfect way to build up despair thanks to his schemes and the destruction that his Choju can unleash on human civilization. Likewise, he appreciates Junko building up hatred with her vileness, as it benefits him to associate with her in the long run, thus both deities are close allies. Yapool's nature as a being made out of Minus Energy, a dark substance that is created from the negative emotions of living beings also interested Junko, as she considers the possibilities of harvesting Minus Energy beyond the Ultra's Multiverse.
    • The Evilutionists of Mad Science appreciate another scientist that can aid them, Yapool himself has requested to join them, as he believes he's qualified for the job and might even bring mayor resources to the table for the group to use. They have been thinking about it, but are deeply concerned he might betray them or use them for his plans.
    • Likewise, his status as a unkillable demon has earned him allies in Chaos, who is all too glad to help Yapool with spreading further hatred and despair on humanity, likewise Yapool sees a lot of benefits in obtaining resources that Chaos can bring to the table for him and his Choju. It's also earned the ire of the Sailor Guardians, who won't stand for Yapool unleashing evil on humanity for his amusement.
    • On the same boat, [The Great Leader of Shocker has also become close allies with Yapool due to their shared immortality and enmity against Toku Heroes as well as a similar desire to destroy their enemies. Yapool himself has stated that he'll be sure to assist Shocker against the Riders and other enemies by providing them with his Choju as additional muscle for their armies, as well as giving their kaijin the ability to grow to giant size or fuse with his Choju to create stronger and deadlier forces.
    • It goes without saying that he also quickly rose up in the ranks of evil deities and became allies with Melkor quickly, Yapool as a whole is a valuable ally to the Grand United Alliance of Evil thanks to his knowledge, powers, and creations. Melkor has been helping Yapool recreate U-Killersaurus and make it even more powerful than before, hoping to use it as a tool to exterminate all opposition, starting with the Ultras and all who ally with them.
  • He's enemies with all Hope Bringers such as Nagito Komaeda and Kouta Kazuraba, viewing them as some of the bigger threats in his plans, as while his monsters are strong, he's at least aware that hope can create miracles which overpower even his mightiest creations, thus he's seeking ways to crush their spirits and prevent them from meddling in his plans.
  • Rick and Morty once entered his dimension to defeat him (Mostly on Rick's end), it didn't take long for Yapool to forcibly evict them and force them to run away with his Choju and powers. Ever since Yapool has tried to make sure the duo can't ever enter his dimension as he finds them annoying to deal with. Rick has ocassionally thought up of doing so again, simply to spite him and prove he's nothign specil.
  • Has also made enemies with sentai-like Deities such as the Wonderful 101, who view Yapool as being all too similar to their nemesis, Jerghinga. Yapool has thought up of using the 101 as "target practice" for his Choju and therefore returns the antagonistic sentiment with all willingness. He even plots to steal their lifeforce and create an evil knockoff of their fused form for him to use as a champion.
  • Deities that run on or benefit from fear appreciate Yapool's presence in the Pantheon, as his Choju can spread enough ruin on humanity to help empower them and Yapool is all too happy to let them loose on his enemies for his amusement. Likewise, Yapool's immortality that lasts As Long as There Is Evil has earned him allies in them. Yapool in returns finds common ground with them as his body is made out of Minus Energy and thus can't ever die for good as long as negativity in any way exists.
  • How kaiju view him depends on their alignment, outright or somewhat heroic kaiju like Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and Leo view him as a being that must be stopped at all costs due to Yapool's end goals. On the other hand, evil-aligned kaiju view Yapool as a useful ally, as Yapool can "upgrade" them and empower them with new abilities that can prove useful to defeat their foes, and even revive them should something go wrong instantly.
    • On the other hand he's become interested in controlling and employing the Gyaos race, which has also made his enmity with Belial fiercer, as both seek to utilize the artificial kaiju race for their own purposes. Yapool admires the Gyaos' lack of control and their inherent destructiveness, and hopes to utilize their DNA to create stronger and deadlier Choju to combat his opposition as well as unleash them in his home universe and others to spread further ruin and destruction and spite the Ultras or worse. Their status as heartless abominations made by humans only furthers his interest in the creatures, as he was quite impressed that humans could create such atrocities on their own).
  • Is vehemently opposed by the Jurassic Park Deities. But mainly John Hammond, who views Yapool's creations as a complete perversion of the good that genetic engineering can bring to everyone. Malcom also considers Yapool to be even worse than the scientists that worked at Jurassic Park, and has even jokingly said that his contempt for them has been mitigated to an extent as at least there's a "bigger asshole dedicated your careers out there", Alan Grant shares the same view as Malcolm does, and finds Yapool's perversion of nature to be equally disgusting.
  • He's also allied with fellow Eldritch Horrors and Hive Minds such as the Aparoids, Yapool has thought up of amplifying their strengths and helping them make a complete takeover of the Pantheon's Deities, or using their assimilation as means of creating stronger and deadlier Choju. Or to have them take out the Ultras for him.
  • Due to his creation of monsters and his nature as a being with a material form made out of Minus Energy, the culmulative negative emotions of living beings, he's also earned enemies in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Deities, as well as Ladybug and Chat Noir. In the same vein, his nature earned him allies in the likes of Zorc Necrophades, Dark Mist and Don Thousand, who all greatly enjoy the suffering and discord that Yapool's Choju bring to mankind and all other living beings
  • Can also be found in the House of Monster Types
"We were born from darkness, and taint everything with it. Ultra Brothers, this time we will surely destroy your light!"

Zanza, God of Destruction and Recreation (Bionis, Arglas, Klaus)
As Arglas
First form
Second form
Final form
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Bionis.
  • Theme Song: Memory's End; Zanza the Divine
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Extremely Spoileriffic Characters, Caring Only For His Own Existence, Dismissive of All Other Life, Dangerously Immature, Creating Life, Malevolent Creation Deities, Soul of the Bionis, Absorbing Energy from Life Forms to Survive, Thanatophobic Immortals, Gold and White Are Divine, Light Is Not Good, Foreseeing the Passage of Fate, Combat Clairvoyance, Wielding Two Monados, Orchestrating Events and Manipulating Everyone, Residing in the Bodies of Hosts, Absolute Immorality
  • Domains: Creation, Destruction, Self-Preservation, Fate, Manipulation, Possession
  • Herald: Lorithia
  • High Priest: Saint Dane
  • Followers: The Bionite Order, Sir Grodus, Praetor Amalthus*
  • Allies: Dickson, Chakravartin, Hermaeus Mora, Yuu, Cyrus, Enrico Pucci, Griffith, Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nekron, Zamasu
  • Rivals: Sauron, Teridax, Unicron, Dimentio
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Mephiles the Dark, Lord English
  • Opposed by: Eru Ilúvatar, Galactus
  • Created life as an egotistical human scientist named Klaus, who wanted to play god by first destroying our own universe, in spite of the protests of his colleague Meyneth. Lifeforms evolved on the worlds formed from the bodies of two titans, of which he and Meyneth were the gods, in a universe appearing to otherwise consist solely of endless ocean and sky. Becoming narcissistic and afraid of being opposed, Zanza now exists only to survive, destroying his creations time and time again so that he can both recycle Ether energy to sustain himself and prevent species from evolving enough to threaten him.
  • During one of the Bionis' life cycles, the two dominant races of the Bionis and the Mechonis at that time (the Giants and the Machina, respectively) were beginning to coexist in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, Zanza decided that he couldn't allow that to happen, and so by transferring his soul into the Monado and using it to possess the Giant Arglas, he launched an attack on Mechonis' capital city and killed most of the residents. Before he could finish the job, Meyneth took control of the Mechonis and engaged in a duel with the Bionis. Another of Bionis' races, the High Entia took this opportunity to seal Arglas, and Zanza with him, away in a tower now known as Prison Island. However, because a part of his soul remained inside the Monado and because he retained his ability to foresee the future, he was able to silently configure a plan with his three disciples in order to one day reawaken and resume his cycle of destruction and recreation.
    • Millenia later, Zanza was able to be reborn from the body of Shulk, the latest wielder of the Monado. He then proceeded to begin purging the life from Bionis, as was their predestined fate. Ultimately, however, he was overthrown and slain by Shulk and his party, who had decided that they would not submit themselves to death and futility for the sake of a selfish god and his twisted definition of destiny.
  • Utilizes Telethia to launch his assault upon the world. These creatures destroy all life they find and absorb Ether from the environment when called upon.
    • Melia's hatred for Zanza began when she learned that he was the master of the Telethia that killed her bodyguards, with whom she had shared a close friendship. This hatred reached its peak when Zanza reverted all of the pure High Entia, including her half-brother Kallian, to their mindless Telethia forms. Although Melia herself was protected from this fate due to being half-Homs, she resents herself for failing to save her people.
    • Upon learning of the existence of the Endbringer, a Telethia hailing from another world, he tried to command it to kill Shulk's party. He was, needless to say, livid when the beast instead opted to attack Zanza himself.
  • Creator of the Monado, a sword that can foresee future events which usually can be prevented, manipulate energy and crush mechanized foes such as the Mechon, robotic units created by his longtime enemy Egil. Zanza can thus distort reality to a huge extent and is only slightly limited to laws of physics. When he united the two existing Monados, he cemented his position as Overdeity in the Xenoblade universe, if only for a little while.
  • Was originally God of Combat Clairvoyance until he lost that power to Shulk when the latter and his party initially defeated him. He's a little miffed over that.
  • According to Alvis and himself, he would have liked to be friends with the people of Bionis, but then grew fearful that they endangered his existence, and so he denies himself the chance for companionship by holding onto his self-obsession and condescending attitude towards the lifeforms that he creates.
  • Lorithia serves as his herald on account of being the most loyal of his three disciples who were promised immortality in exchange for servitude to him. He never gets entirely tired of hearing her preach his superiority over everything else in existence, though he often wishes she would shut up about how those who defy him will pay for their insolence.
  • Leads of the Scar Corps unit of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction due to the common awareness that Zanza desires to destroy life but, contrary to the GUAD'S ultimate goal, also intends to reabsorb said life and start anew. Zanza's allegiance to the organization is thus both insincere and temporary, and he will indubitably turn against Nekron when the right time comes.
    • The recruitment of Metal Face into the GUAD was much to their mutual annoyance. Zanza, however, decided that commanding a former henchman of Egil wouldn't be an issue as long as he let Metal Face have his fun while he himself could collect the Ether from the slain enemies afterwards.
  • As soon as he ascended to the Pantheon, he began to devise a complex plot in order to cleanse it of life, satiate himself and begin anew with lifeforms who could not oppose him. Due to a greater awareness of his intentions here than on Bionis, as well as the fact that he is at odds with other Chessmasters who will attempt to ensure that they won't be hindered by any rivals, he will need to make a great effort if he wants to succeed in his endeavour.
  • Holds nothing but contempt for other sentient worlds. He particularly hopes to take down the benevolent robot gods Mata Nui and Primus, who remind him far too much of his oldest enemy Mechonis.
  • Loathes any deity who opposes such "true" gods as himself or successfully defies fate, to the point where the event that anyone who alters destiny to work against him will often result in him suffering a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Even though Yveltal shares Zanza's ability to restore itself by absorbing the life forces of its surrounding environment, it dislikes how others have to die in order for it to stay alive. Therefore, it despises Zanza for his dismissive view of mortals and his arrogance in believing that they don't matter as long as he gets what he wants.
  • Zanza can get behind Chakravartin's views, as they both agree the world exists for them and feel they're better off working together. Both are frowned upon by more benevolent creation deities for abusing their godly powers at the expense of lesser beings.
  • Has formed an alliance with Griffith, due to their shared desire for power over all other people, the fact that they both achieved godhood by committing a selfish and destructive act, and each of them being one of the few who can tolerate the other.
    • Griffith has commended Zanza for his determination to keep his position as an unassailable god secure by continuously wiping out and reabsorbing his creations when they become too independent, although Griffith notes that if he was Zanza he would aim even higher if possible.
    • Zanza, meanwhile, is not bothered in the slightest and in fact rather amused that Griffith sacrificed his comrades to the legions of hell and that he raped and mentally tortured Casca. After all, why care what happens to an insignificant band of mortals?
  • Originally had an alliance with Zamasu, due to their similar beliefs about mortals and how only gods should be able to control the world. This was until Zamasu found out that Zanza was originally a human called Klaus that became a god due to an experiment gone wrong, they became bitter towards one another, but occasionally still work together despite this because they both want the same thing.

The Grand Perseverers of Vitality

    Peter Pan 
Peter Pan, God of Eternal Youth (The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, Proud And Insolent Youth, Little Flying Eagle, Peter Banning, The Pan, Pan the Man, Pan the Avenger, Malcolm, The Fugitive Boy, The Pied Piper, Valiant Freedom Fighter)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate as the Pied Piper)
  • Symbol: His Shadow
  • Theme Song: "You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!" (Alternatively: "You Are The Pan", "Flying", "Peter Pan")
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (borderline Chaotic Good. Can become Chaotic Evil as the Pied Piper.)
  • Portfolio: The only boy to never grow up, considers growing up to be terrible, A skilled flier, Fun Personified, The Ace, Possesses a living shadow, Kid Hero, Pure Is Not Good, The Trickster, Small Name, Big Ego, Close friends with Tinker Bell, Oblivious to Love, Doesn't understand death
  • Domains: Children, Adventure, Youth, Flight
  • Heralds: The Lost Boysnote 
  • High Priest: Rufio
  • Allies: Tinker Bell, Wendy, John and Michael Darling, Oberon, Titania and Puck, Toothiana, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kairi, Miyuki Hoshizora, Aqua, Ventus, The 100-Acre Wood Gang, Dumbo, Melody, The Good-aligned deities in the House of Birds
  • On Good Terms With: Avatar Aang, Ariel, Saria, Riku, Remilia and Flandre Scarlet
  • Friendly Rivalry: Terra
  • Enemies: Captain Hook, Risky Boots, Blackbeard, Euron Greyjoy, Jack Sparrow, Archie, King K. Rool, Vanitas, Xehanort, Maleficent, Champ of Wild Hunt, P.T. Boomer, Alessi, Pennywise, Scott Shelby, Gilles de Rais & Ryuunosuke Uryuu, The Slender Man, Springtrap
  • Opposes: Sam Flynn, Will and Elizabeth Turner, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Czeslaw Meyer, The Nostalgia Critic, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • Opposed By: Stannis Baratheon, Davos Seaworth, The Straw Hat Pirates
  • All children, except one, grow up. The sole exception to the rule is Peter Pan, and he is considered the embodiment of eternal youth. A mischievous trickster by nature, Pan resides in the faraway Neverland and has the unique ability to fly thanks to pixie dust and happy thoughts. More often than not, he's usually having fun going on different adventures, including fighting Captain Hook's pirates, warring with the native peoples, encountering mermaids and on occasion, bringing children from Earth to his home; which was exactly what happened when he met the Darling children. The eldest, Wendy, was a fan of Pan's, and the flying boy was more than eager to bring her to Neverland so that she didn't have to grow up and also tell his Lost Boys stories. Eventually, Wendy came to realize that her idol wasn't everything she had hoped for, noting his immature and, to put it bluntly, sociopathic nature. But despite this, he still remained loyal to his friends, and after defeating his pirate nemesis once and for all, Pan respected Wendy's wishes and returned her and her brothers back to London. But Pan would make visits to the Darling house, taking Wendy's children and descendants off to Neverland to have more adventures.
    • It was another sunny day in Neverland when it all happened; when Peter Pan and the Lost Boys went out into the forest in search of pirates to fight. They found some, but they were unlike any pirates the misfits had seen before. But Pan had no time to ask questions. He and the Lost Boys attacked these "Straw Hats", only for the Boys to get completely trounced. Pan held his own against the captain, a rubbery young man named Monkey D. Luffy, eventually ending the duel in a tie. Impressed, Peter asked why Luffy's crew came to Neverland and if they were familiar with Hook. Luffy looked at the boy with confusion and explained they weren't in Neverland, but rather a place known only as "The Pantheon." Peter was admittedly confused at first but quickly realized that the Pantheon had much more to offer in terms of games and fun. So he and the Lost Boys quickly took to meeting the Higher Gods, who gave Pan a godly title and made his comrades Heralds. Now a part-time resident, the adventures of Peter Pan were about to get much more interesting, much to the dismay of the local pirates.
  • While he has a temple installed into the Pantheon, Peter rarely uses it. Instead, he goes back and forth to Neverland the same way he always has. Second star to the right and straight on till morning. He often guides other deities there provided they can fly but will resort to using the temple for anyone unable to use faith, trust and pixie dust. But Neverland is well worth the travelling. It is a lush island paradise, full of unique places to explore, mermaids and indigenous peoples to meet and pirates to fight. Pan, Tink and his Lost Boys consider the place their home and can be found in their hideout of Hangman's Tree more than in the Pantheon itself.
  • Peter Pan is neither good nor evil. He enjoys luring children away to Neverland to be his playmates and never grow up. Due to his very nature, he is an outcast; the children he takes never stay forever, ultimately he is the only child in history who never grew up. Unfortunately, it can be a lonely existence. Though Peter admits to the case, he generally shrugs it off, preferring to enjoy all the adventures life can muster.
  • When Wendy and her brothers, John and Michael, ascended, most in the Pantheon expected Peter and Wendy to share a hug, a... "thimble" or at least a friendly, tearful reunion. Well, Peter's initial reaction was wondering why Wendy was so much younger than he last saw her, as she had grown up and had children of her own. Wendy explained that she and her brothers were able to become children once more, but still retain their adult memories. Admittedly Pan was still rather confused, but he was just happy to reunite with the London trio, with all four of them, along with the Lost Boys and even Tinker Bell, pulling each other into a big group hug. Wendy will come by Hangman's Tree to tell the Lost Boys stories and sometimes John and Michael will join Peter on his adventures.
    • And to those who are wondering, no, the ship has passed for Peter and Wendy. They still have feelings for each other but Wendy came to realize that Peter would never see her as more than just a "mother", and Pan respects that. Despite his childish demeanour, he understands that Wendy has grown up and while saddened by it he still considered her his friend.
  • Peter and Captain Hook go a long way back and while most known of how Pan cut off the pirate's hand and threw it to the crocodile, many still speculate on their relationship. In some timelines, they started out as allies who were divided by circumstance. In others, they were always archenemies. Pan enjoys humiliating and defeating Hook, while the pirate captain wants nothing more than to blast the boy into oblivion. When word of Captain Hook's ascension reached Peter, his first reaction was to let out signature rooster caw with joy. With his old nemesis in the Pantheon, Pan can resume his old battles and put the old "Codfish" in his place.
  • Pan has had many different appearances across the Worlds, with different stories and adventures attracted to them. The version seen most often in the Pantheon hails from what is known as the "Disney timeline", who is more heroic than his original incarnation. On occasion, he will become more realistic and lonely though just as skilled as ever, or his green, leaf-based clothing for a more brown attire, along with becoming more cruel and selfish. Just another downside to not growing up. It did lead to Pan crossing paths with a seemingly young boy named Czeslaw Meyer, who just happened to be a two-hundred-year-old immortal who was subjected to a number of horrific experiments and despises his predicament. He and Pan have butted heads over the perks and disadvantages immortality offered to them both, with Meyer calling out Peter for his childish behaviour. Pan doesn't want anything to do with Meyer, but on very rare occasions will keep an eye on him, in case someone tries to hurt him.
    • Speaking of not ageing, there exists a timeline in which Pan did grow up. In this timeline, Peter decided to stay on Earth and grow up after meeting and falling in love with Wendy's grandaughter Moira, eventually becoming Peter Banning and starting a family with her. When Hook kidnapped their children, Jack and Maggie, the workaholic mergers and acquisitions lawyer Peter, who had no recollection of Neverland or his time as Pan, was taken back by Tinker Bell. In three days' time, he regained his memories and flying abilities and together with the Lost Boys, defeated Hook once and for all, saving his kids and restoring his child-like demeanour. Pan rarely takes on this form while in the Pantheon but when he does, he usually retains his fighting skills and flight. A good thing too. Shame people still joke about his fear of heights.
    • There's one other issue with Pan and his inability to age. Turns out if he does grow up, at least in some timelines, the very fabric of Neverland will fall apart and be destroyed. As such, he wants no association with Alessi, his neighbour in the House of Age and Youth. He has messed with Pan on several occasions, usually trying to harm Wendy in the process. Which usually doesn't end well for Alessi. It did lead to him meeting and befriending a Kokiri girl named Saria, whose species cannot age and are often accompanied by fairies, similar to Pan's friendship with Tinker Bell.
  • On one occasion, Pan and Saria were visited by the Scarlet Sisters, Remilia and Flandre, immortal but immature vampires who took an interest in Neverland for their own amusements. They caused quite the ruckus harassing the locals which Pan didn't mind... until they took things too far and nearly caused a major conflict by stealing Wendy and Tiger Lily. That was the last straw. Pan rescued his friends and confronted the sisters, ironically calling them out for their reckless immaturity. He punished the two... by convincing them to mess with Captain Hook and his pirates instead of the mermaids and Native peoples. Suffice to say, they're on better terms now.
  • If there's one thing Peter loves to do more than anything in the Worlds, it's killing pirates. He already ran the gauntlet with Captain James Hook more times than he can count and with the Pantheon, the flying boy was ecstatic to learn of all the pirates found there. It's lead to him making a few enemies among the ascended pirates. Blackbeard, Risky Boots, Kaptain K. Rool, and Team Aqua's Archie are frequently targeted, but others like Euron Greyjoy and Davy Jones are actually avoided, due to their more supernatural abilities and ruthlessness. King Stannis Baratheon of Westeros detests the boy not only for his immature nature but also for targeting and attacking the sellsword and pirate crews under his employment. Most have tried to fight back but Pan is much quicker, escaping to fight another day.
    • But Pan doesn't just go after villainous pirates. Far from it. He has no qualms about going after more heroic pirates as well. While on good terms with Luffy and his Straw Hats, Pan has been seen messing around with the Gokaiger, stealing their Ranger Keys and hiding them across Neverland for his amusement, and occasionally crossing paths with William Turner and Elizabeth Swann as well. But it is Captain Jack Sparrow who provides the biggest challenge. The two crossed paths when the Black Pearl docked in Neverland, Sparrow's crew venturing into the island's interior in search of a rare treasure. Peter believed them to be with Hook and attacked, duelling Sparrow to a draw. It was only when Hook stole the treasure for himself that the two stopped their fighting and went after him. After a quick victory, Pan and Sparrow parted ways with a new-found respect for each other... Still won't stop Peter from messing with the Black Pearl's crew from time to time.
  • Looks may be deceiving, but in his original home timeline, Peter Pan is not an ordinary human like his Lost Boys. Instead, he is more akin to the Fair Folk; a sly, selfish, conceited being who often commits cruel acts against others without thinking of the consequences, even if it's against his own allies.note  Thanks to Tinker Bell, he's found companionship with the royal fairies Oberon and Titania, who help keep Neverland's fairies safe by sending their servant Puck to mess with Hook's pirates, even turning Hook's head into that of a donkey. That said, they know better than to mess with Pan's relationship with Wendy. And they speak from experience.
    • He's also found camaraderie with the Pantheon's ascended merfolk, with Pan offering to show the young mermaid Melody the Mermaid Lagoon and meet its residents. Her mother Ariel, though respectful of Pan, feels Melody should be wary of the flying boy and his cruel games. Melody has taken Ariel's worries with a grain of salt and is more than happy to hang out with the Lost Boys in Neverland and even help humiliate Captain Hook when given the chance.
  • While Pan can be a selfish and arrogant person as mentioned above, he is still a brave and heroic boy with an incredible amount of kindness. Whenever possible, he works with Death of the Endless, leading deceased children to the afterlife so that they won't be scared. These children are often grateful to Pan, but he only smiles as he guides them. To him, death is an awfully big adventure and they need the best start as soon as possible. He also opposes those who would dare bring harm to any child. The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Spingtrap, Scott Shelby and P.T. Boomer are high on that list, with Pan making sure none of them find their way to Neverland or hurt any more children on his watch.
    • He also doesn't quite like monstrous clowns due to them either wanting to kill or, in Pennywise's case, eat children. Champ of the Wild Hunt is a particularly NASTY example, due to his reputation of killing and raping children. It was enough to drive Peter to ditch his traditional "good form" and nearly kill the clown, only stopping when the other Wild Hunt members stepped in. Ever since, Peter has kept an eye out for Champ, making sure he doesn't enter Neverland to harm the Lost Boys. If he ever did... there will be hell to pay.
  • When Miyuki Hoshizora ascended, Pan was rained with massive Squee-ing and learned that Miyuki crushed on him before ascension, long when his tales were mere fairy tale and before his ascension. Impressed greatly, she's honoured with the position as one of his "Lost Children", which temporarily shocked Miyuki and had her saying, "I-I'm not lost or anything! Happupuuu~", then accept the offer anyway.
  • His interactions with the Nostalgia Critic, though rather limited, were rather confusing. It all started when Pan heard of how one of the Critic's collaborators - 8-Bit Mickey - had dressed up as him for a quest to find Malachite's Hand. The expedition had failed, and all Peter had to say was that they could have succeeded... had they just learned to fly. The Critic didn't take lightly to this and tried to shoot Peter down, leading to the boy keeping a healthy distance from the miser. But still close enough to taunt him.
  • Does not like Sam Flynn because of his resemblance to Captain Hook in his youth. Sam doesn't even know how to react, but just ignores this.
  • The House of Theater often does play on the time Peter Pan brought Wendy Darling and her brothers to Neverland. Due to tradition, Peter is always played by a young woman. Although Wendy has long since died of old age in their world, Peter is quite glad that her legacy will live on forever.
  • In one timeline, Peter Pan joined forces with a Keyblade wielder named Sora and his friends Donald Duck and Goofy in rescuing their friends, Kairi and Wendy, from Captain Hook and the Heartless. Together, they were able to defeat the Captain and send him scurrying away like the cowardly codfish that he is. The group have become good friends despite a rocky start, leading to Pan opposing those who controlled the Heartless and Nobodies, such as Maleficent, Pete and Master Xehanort.
    • While Pan can't always join Sora on his journeys, he decided to give the Keyblade warrior the Feather Charm, allowing him to be summoned whenever needed. When summoned, Peter and Sora are capable of performing the Neverland Limit Break when fighting together. Images from their first meeting appear on the field when the Limit Break is activated, confusing their opponents and leaving them open to attack.
    • While Peter was glad to see Ventus and Aqua, he was surprised to find Terra coming to see him in Neverland. Though Terra was once tricked by Captain Hook into fighting him, neither of them hold any ill-will towards each other and even spar occasionally, developing a friendly rivalry as a result.
  • Peter gets along well enough with Aang, the former fascinated by the Avatar's mastery over the four elements especially his Airbending. They can be seen flying about the Pantheon, sometimes having races, alongside the flying elephant Dumbo, to see who the faster flier is, with all three taking victories on multiple occasions. Aang feels that Pan does act a little too childish from time to time, one-time mocking Dumbo's enormous ears, but they still help out whenever the flying boy needs it.
  • While Peter Pan is more than happy to go back and forth between his various forms, there is one incarnation he rarely transforms into. And for good reason. This Pan, known as the Pied Piper, hails from the Enchanted Forest and is a cruel, psychotic manipulator who also happened to be the abusive father of Rumpelstiltskin, and a master of sorcery. He first donned this form by pure accident, leading to him going on a rampage through the Pantheon which took the combined efforts of Aang, Sora, Hook and a much-needed Cooldown Hug from Wendy to stop and bring him back to his senses. Ever since Pan desperately tries to avoid becoming the Pied Piper, but when he does... you'd best watch out. It's also the other reason he doesn't get along with the ascended Pied Piper of Hamelin.
  • Rumours persist that a mortal attempted to pin down Neverland's location and theorizes that it was actually somewhere in Earth. Specifically, Turneffe Atoll at the Caribbean Islands. Most in the Pantheon find this theory to be incredibly ridiculous. Though slightly amused, Peter himself has no plans on confirming it, nor does he care. He'd rather keep Neverland's location as it is. Second star to the right and straight on till morning.
"To live will be an awfully big adventure."

    Van Hohenheim 
Theophrastus Bombastus Van Hohenheim, God of Supernatural Youth (Van Hohenheim, Papa Hoho, Slave 23, Philosopher in the West, Hohenheim of Light)
  • Intermediate God (he's really a Greater God, but holds back)
  • Symbol: An alchemical flask
  • Theme Song: Rain (TV-size instrumental, full version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kind-Hearted Blonde, Mysterious Parent, Really 450 Years Old, Half a Million Souls in Harmony, Fathers Who Disappeared In Fear of Outliving His Family, Mayfly–December Romance, Regretful of His Immortality, All-Loving Hero, Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Domains: Immortality, Alchemy, Tragedy, Fathers
  • Herald: Trisha Elric (his wife).
  • Allies: Edward and Alphonse Elric (his sons), Izumi Curtis, Roy Mustang, Alex Louis Armstrong, Ling Yao, Greed the Avaricious, AZ, Mufasa, Madame Foster, Android 17 and 18, Avatar Aang, J'onn J'onnz, The Sole Survivor, Jack Harkness, King Asgore Dreemur and Toriel, Katara, Toph Beifong, Zuko, Sokka, Tenzin
  • Commonality Connection with: Ermac
  • Enemies: The Ouroboros Homunculi (except for Greed), especially Father (his homunculus/"clone"), Dante of the Deep Forest (his ex-lover in another timeline), Griffith, Nagash the Undying, Shang Tsung, Relius Clover, Lord Tirek
  • Van Hohenheim is the Mysterious Parent of the Elric brothers. A skilled alchemist, Hohenheim left the family when they were young, never sticking around to even see their mother die. However, Hohenheim wasn't simply a deadbeat father; he was an ageless, immortal being, a living Philosopher's Stone who feared both outliving his children and love. In addition, he had to deal with the machinations of the homunculi. On a side note, this also happens to be why the Elric brothers' parents weren't married.
  • Within Van Hohenheim exists the source of his alchemical powers; half a million souls dwell within his being. This makes him a living philosopher's stone, and just as strong as Father in his prime. However, the source of his immortality is a story of tragedy. He was the 23rd house slave in Xerxes, serving as an alchemist for the King of Xerxes. There, he would work with guidance from a homunculus, creating a massive transmutation circle. What he didn't know was that the ritual would kill everyone in Xerxes so the King would become immortal, and what only the homunculus knew was that he would be the one to get a strong, immortal body from all this. Being in the center, Hohenheim was given half the inhabitants of Xerxes, forced to live as the sole survivor of his land while half its inhabitants screamed in his head. In time, namely about 450 years, he made friends with all of them, and while he's in charge they nonetheless guide him. Because of this, he values the souls in him and rarely uses his power.
  • A different version of him, Hohenheim of Light, has different and more selfish motives from the main counterpart; he's a body surfer on the run from his psychotic ex-partner. The main Hohenheim was hesitant to interact with this incarnation due to stealing bodies, but felt less condemning due to his "Light"'s antonement. When said psychotic ex-partner finally made it to the Pantheon, Dante presumed that he was Light and tried to coax him back into a relationship. He promptly informed her that this wasn't the case, that he already knew from Light that their old relationship was over, and that he and his sons want absolutely nothing to do with her. This is a message the Elric family still has to occasionally remind her of whenever they meet, or more appropriately, fight her.
  • Despite deeply regretting his immortality, when his death came the poor sod wanted to keep on living. Death gave him a nice send-off, but there was a part of Hohenheim that still wished to see his kids. With his ascension to godhood, he now gets to be a full part of their lives and never have to watch them die. He is somewhat jealous of yet incredibly sympathetic to Asgore Dreemurr and Toriel. This is because because they are guaranteed to grow old if they have kids, yet in spite of this outlived their son anyway.
  • Due to the sheer mass of souls inside of him, Shang Tsung is just dying to get a taste of him. Hohenheim is advised to stay away from both him and Tirek, for obvious reasons. Oddly enough, some can usually see him conversing with Ermac, in hopes of learning how to give the souls inside him more autonomy.
  • As the only survivor of Xerxes, he naturally gets along with the Sole Survivor and Avatar Aang. However none of this can compare to the absolute sympathy he feels for poor J'onn J'onnz, who had to deal with the death of his entire world around him. One of Hohenheim's goals in the pantheon is to try and safely restore the Martian Manhunter's people. He absolutely despises Griffith, due to his mass sacrifice and it being incredibly similar to Father's own destruction of Xerxes. He also hates Nagash the Undying, due to his desire to kill EVERYONE so that they may serve him as the undead.
  • Often spends time with Kraft and Holo, as they have the same issue of a Mayfly–December Romance. He also hangs out with Jack Harkness for an immortal companion, and gets along with Mufasa due to the two being distant but well-meaning fathers to their protagonist sons. In addition Papa Hoho became concerned with 17 and 18's love lives, due to their slowed aging. Though happy to discover they both found significant others and started families over time, his concern has since shifted to the twins' lack of contact after that. He was pleased to see them fully united again as two of the key players for Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power, though briefly lamented when he thought that 17 had given his life in his attempt to protect Goku and Vegeta's fighting chance and cried Tears of Joy when he saw the boy had survived and went on to become the champion of the tournament. He's been cheerleading MVP chants whenever he heard them since then.
  • Once mistook Madame Foster for his good friend Pinako Rockbell. Thankfully, Foster's resemblance to Winry's grandmother turned out to be more than superficial, and the two ended up becoming good friends over a drink.
  • Was initially suspicious of AZ due to the whole "Ultimate Weapon" thing, but after meeting him sees the King of Kalos as an alright fellow whose actions were, if not justified, certainly understandable.
  • Is sometimes mistaken for Father, and people once believed they were the same. Though he's not Father, they do have a relationship; Homunculus first came to be due to Hohenheim donating his blood (in essence, making him a clone of Hohenheim), and used him as a template skin to survive outside his flask. As he was born out of Hohenheim's own being, Father exists as his shadow given life. Adding this a timeline where Father and Hohenheim were the same person, who planned to convert the people of Central into a Philosopher's Stone in order to free the world of sin. Hohenheim at first thoroughly rejected this incarnation, though, after hearing tales of corruptive beings from other universes twisting the actions of otherwise good people throughout the Pantheon, he's come to believe that it must have been the result of Father entering and sharing his actual body rather than replicating it as a container and doing the same to him over all those centuries.
  • Considers Relius Clover revolting for what he did to his wife and kids.
  • On Alphonse's insistence, his sons passed him forward an invitation to a party to celebrate the seat transfer of Korra, and he ended up coming with Ed, Al, and Winry. He got a chuckle out of watching his sons, Korra, and the party's host Asami Sato fumble through Ed's attempt to introduce Winry to Asami when it turned out they already knew each other. Meanwhile, Van got to converse with Aang again, this time meeting Aang's wife Katara along with his companions. The Gaang took to him pretty well, with Toph even stating he reminded her of Zuko's uncle Iroh, which made Zuko feel temporarily guilty for not inviting the old man. Hohenheim just asked him to promise to introduce them later.
    • Since the party, Greed has approached him on how to converse with the souls in his Philosopher's Stone. When he inquired as to why, Greed stated that when he figured out that the Avatar and the Philosopher's Stone were both soul jars in a sense, he realized that whenever he saw Hohenheim spacing out and talking to himself, that's what he was actually doing. So far it's been a work in progress.

Vilgax, God of Villains Who Won't Stay Dead (Squidface, Old Squid, Fish Face, The Most Dangerous Being in the Universe, Conqueror of 10 Worlds, Dagon, Vilgax the Conqueror, Backstabber, Squiddely, Vilgax the Benevolent, Octo Head, Dirt Bag, Vil)
His reboot design

Ambiguous Ranks


Young Troper, there are but two paths. Inherit the order of this world, or destroy it.

Aldia, Divine Achiever of Absolute Immortality (Lord Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin)
  • Leitmotif: Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin
  • Unknown Rank
  • Symbol: A charred and smoldering human skull.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral borderline Chaotic Evil alive. After reaching the truth of his immortality, pure Blue.
  • Portfolio: A being of mismatched roots and of unknowable power, Was Once a Man, Sought immortality to find the truth of the world, Wreathed in Flames, Reveals the truth about the world he leaves in, Completely away from the strands of humanity, The Soulless, Hinted and later proven the atrocities Gwyn has commited but not without flaws
  • Domains: Life, Death, Immortality, Scholars, the First Sin
  • Additional Relationships: The Bearer of the Curse
  • Respects: Team Dai-Gurren, The Ashen One, Garnet, Miles Morales
  • Opposes: The House of Royalty except Arthur Pendragon, Lucifer
  • Opposed by: The Maiden in Black, Dhuum, most scholars in general.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lady Yagokoro, The God-Emperor of Mankind, and most humans in general.
  • Commonality Connection: The Ancestor, Murky, Grenth
  • Subject of Interest to: Ragyo Kiryuin, Alex Wesker
  • Enemies: Lord Gwyn, Manus, Father of the Abyss or to be specific, Manus’ fragment, Nashandra, YHVH, Belial, Nekron, Lord English
  • The elder brother of the fabled King Vendrick, Aldia sought to find a cure to the Undead Curse through every attempt, even so far as to sacrificing hundreds of lives, both human and non-human within the Kingdom of Drangleic. This would not last however, when the king revealed what Aldia has done on most of his subjects, mainly experimenting on their souls and flesh. This outcasted him into his keep forever, but not before realizing the curse upon the world and its source. This would eventually give him knowledge on the “immortality” he seeked and he succeeded on his goal where his brother failed. By splitting his soul from the curse, this would remove him from the cycles humanity was sealed into, thus, giving him complete freedom, but with a cost: his form would be inhuman, no longer recognizable. Now, he wanders the world, with nothing more but his conscience present.
  • Aldia’s presence in the Pantheon was not forseen by many, as he was awaiting his time to appear after many events leading to him simply watching the series of conundrums caused by the various gods. Realizing that he has a chance to reveal himself, he successfully presented himself with an explosion followed by a rising temple covered in roots and fire. Those who heard the explosion thought it was nothing more as the sounds of war, but for the Bearer of the Curse, this meant one thing: Aldia has secured a position into Pantheon proper.
  • His opinion on the Pantheon is: pretty mixed. While he may find very interesting deities to study and perhaps trust with, his bitterness would increase thanks to the abundance of terrible kings, order-obssessed megalomaniacs and immortality addicts. Not to mention the status quo that is the Death Is Cheap situation in the Pantheon, which gave him memories of what he has endured in his former life.
  • Thanks to him succeeding in his objective of immortality, he has been a heavy source of interest towards most Immortality Seekers. Among those who wants to achieve it is none other than the representative of the title herself, Alex Wesker. Despite this however, Aldia has warned her of the immediate costs taking her goal to the extreme. Considering she is as mad as Albert Wesker, this warning has been ignored, and as a result, Aldia has kept quiet towards her.
    Aldia: “Humans, undead, we all seek a very important goal in life, yet this one, the depravity of this one, is of uniqueness. Unique as to possessing little to no dignity, like the monarchs of today’s age.”
  • Because of his experience of dukedom, and his rather terrible relationship with his brother who was a king no less, he has a terrible opinion on the House of Royalty. He sees the house, despite its grandeur and authority figures to be corrupt and doomed to fall. Afterall, he did see kingdoms of old rise and fall due to the Undead Curse, and he saw many kings desperately finding ways to eliminate it, only for their actions to only accelerate their downfall.
    • His biggest criticisms however roared on two specific subhouses: The Monarchs and Royalty: Other subhouse. The former has a different variety of kings which gave Aldia angry tones everytime he spoke out their flaws, which is too many to count. The latter however is where Gwyn resided, and he has a really, really angry reception towards the Lord of Cinder.
    • On the Monarchs subhouse, he criticised many of the so-called “Kings” that reigned over the house. For instance, his opinion with Tommen Baratheon is left with disappointment when heard that he was never a true King to begin with, while on the other hand, his opinions on Ramses II, Sonia and the Queen of Hearts being members of Royalty has left him in bitterment considering they are in one way tyrannical or worse, outright killers. Then there are people he considers to be too complacent to fit the role as a king, such as the likes of King Hippo and Padmé Amidala. His voice would later rise upon seeing King Allant and Artoria Pendragon, who he sees to be the most incompetent Kings he has ever seen, perhaps more than his brother Vendrick.
      • His opinion on Allant stems on the fact that he is the polar opposite of Gwyn, as in element wise and actual person-wise. This is because the Allant present was never the real King Allant to begin and is more or less a demon counterpart to him. On Artoria’s side, he has beefs towards how she is less of a king, especially compared to her male counterpart Arthur Pendragon when it comes to ruling an actual kingdom with actual people and not some plane of existance of “Servants”. This got worse when he heard of her dependance towards a human being and their “mana regeneration”, a.k.a having sex, putting a final nail to any good opinion on her. The last one stems from the fact that King Vendrick was approached by a Queen Nashandra, who is actually a fragment of Manus, Father of the Abyss, that slowly corrupted his brother, to the point that when he realised his mistakes, he would later fail on his objective to save his kingdom. He believes Shirou is no better than Nashandra, especially since he is just a human and never someone who was truly powerful to begin with.
      Aldia: “As ages come and go, the monarchs of this very house has dwindled into swindling cocoons of degeneracy and loss. One bathes himself into a realm of demonhood, another revels into the forbidden romance of two worlds. Its as if the term ‘monarch’ would be thrown, trampled into a state of loss of meaning to such a word of grandeur, such as their lies.”
  • Has massive amounts of respect towards the Dai Gurren Brigade and for good reason, they truly did fight against fate by GIGAAA DRILLL BREAAAAK-ing the Anti-Spiral into oblivion. If anything, he believes the Giga Drill Break can put a stop to the curse, though he wonders what happens if they try to Giga Drill him, considering he is completely separated from the cycles.
    • He would later however approach the Ashen One with signs of hope on what he has tried to accomplish namely: linking the flame, but with the Darksign. Creating an “Age of Humanity”. This revelation brought him with possible hope, proving that maybe, humans can find their way out of fate.
    • On the same day he met the Ashen One, Garnet would stumble upon him and would later share her experience on altering her future, which would lead to the safety of the Crystal Gems. While Aldia was intrigued and respected her courage to stand up to such, he expressed disappointment upon hearing that even non-humans are connected to fate, something that irritates him greatly.
  • Has finally found true kinship in the form of the Bearer of the Curse, mainly because he finally stood up against all odds to reach the Throne of Want. This also goes without saying that some sources indicate Aldia may or may not have influenced The Bearer of the Curse to leave the Throne or claim it, all while presenting another option (albeit, something that is impossible, maybe).
  • The Maiden in Black finds Aldia to be confusing, if not, irrepairable to her domain. When asked if Aldia can still be brought back, she could only say a Little "No", believing that whatever Aldia has done to his soul, by splitting it away from his humanity, can no longer be brought back. Hearing this, Aldia responded with sentiment on his part.
    Aldia: “So, you control the souls of the people. As if they were people in the first place. If only you knew what they have gone through. Perhaps the Darksign would appeal to you, fair maiden.”
  • Out of all people who would accept him, surprisingly, it was Eirin Yagokoro who visited him with utmost respect, stating that he accomplished something she also managed to accomplish with the Hourai Exilir (I.E splitting the soul from the body). However, upon hearing his methods of how he got his immortality, she would later question the Scholar if all he did was without a cost, and even offered him a sip of her exilir to maybe give him a better fate. The Scholar rejected her offer and said that in the end, without his efforts, he would have never unearthed and rightfully watched a kingdom of lies burn. She also doesn’t like him for attempting to use human guinea pigs, as shown in his Keep.
  • His status as being nigh-immortal has earned him respectability from Grenth and Murky due to both being able to get by death very easy. Grenth in particular likes Aldia and as such is willing to guide him throughout the Pantheon. However, that cannot be said to Dhuum, who hates him with complete malice due to opposing the laws of death. Despite this however, Dhuum has one thing to say to Aldia in regards to his immortality.
    Dhuum: Death will always find a way you whelp!
    • Lord English doesn’t like him either, but mainly on his immortality aspect. If anything, his ascension made English constantly whine about how he got true immortality first, one without flaws and completely foolproof, especially since a portion of him is now stuck in his herald, Lil Cal.
  • Hates, hates, hates liars, for attempting to keep the secrets of humanity away and using such deviances to keep the truth of the Darksign. For this he was at odds at another Lord of Lies, Lesser Evil Belial. Sure Belial may have power to kill him, if Aldia wasn’t immortal in the first place.
  • When news spread of what happened to Aldia when it came to searching for the truth, The Ancestor saw very similar remarks to their fate. The Ancestor did the very same thing Aldia tried to do and shed some truth to both of them, with Aldia realizing the link of the curse, and the Ancestor forseeing the Heart of Darkness. This made an uncanny comparison to the point of actually creeped alot out.
  • If anyone is close to Aldia’s hate towards Gwyn, YHVH would be that deity he hates. His presence gave the Scholar furious rants on his lies and his obsessive order. He believes that YHVH is the epitome of liars, those who promise a paradise for Humanity only to use them as puppets for his rule. The Absolute Lawmaker however is disgusted with the Scholar of the First Sin, considering that a human managed to attain a power that Gods are truly meant to rule, thus resulting into a clash between the two.
    YHVH: “Human beings and their pettiness. Why would you deserve a power dedicated to the true Messiah? You are no god!”
    Aldia: “The answer lies not on the person himself, as I have learned, but on what they have achieved from what I have endured upon. Kingdoms rise and fall, as if the world was a cycle, tendered by lies and deceit of hope, where no king was safe from a curse.”
    YHVH: “Mindless mortal! How dare you desecrate my rule?! My promises are kept to those who follow my orders, my men are proof of such and-”
    Aldia: “Men are props to the stage of life. And no matter how tender, how exquisite, A Lie will remain a Lie!”
    • This however indirectly placed him into the so-called Forever War that the Pantheon has seeped himself into. Thus leading him to encounter not just the Grand Leader of the GUAL, but the leaders of the GUAE, GUAG, GUAC and GUAD. Eventually he would be forced to believe that even the GUAM exists, even though he never encountered such beings of sentience. Though his opinion on the war would be a sigh of mediocrity since he believes the war is no more but a recreating of the cycles and the fact that the war may have no victor at all.
      • His encounter with Lucifer is something he would take note of when it comes to shaping humanity. While both do agree humans have the right to freedom, Aldia has been under the edge of his patience when it came to Lucifer talking about his ideals. His ideals are if anything twisted and can border worse than Gwyn or the Abyss, losing his respect in the process. Though the embodiment of Chaos would later mention that Aldia did some atrocious stuff in his keep, mainly experimenting with thousands of animals, humans, and eventually a dragon’s soul.
      • At the heart of the GUAG, Cosmos is unsure how to think of Aldia considering on a moral scale, Aldia was pretty much fighting for something truthful, but his methods are if anything, unethical and completely borderline harsh. She also sympathizes to him about his fate saying that in the end, he was just trying to escape the worst of the cycles, though he doesn’t mind.
      • Nekron however holds the heaviest grudge towards Aldia, and this is the same equal hatred he would step his foot under Eirin Yagokoro. Mainly because of his immortality, this denies him the control of the Scholar with a Black Lantern Ring, rendering another undying soul away from his grasp. The Scholar would later comment how Nekron serves as a reminder of how cruel death can be, and he admittedly says it is better to be hollow than be a servant to the Undead Master.
      • Melkor however wants to bring Aldia into the GUAE, considering whatever he has done towards Gwyn, he can do so to other kingdoms of age. He declined however and stated that Gwyn’s Kingdom was “of something worth” than whatever kingdoms Melkor wanted to overthrow.
      Melkor: “Believe me as I say this but I believe you can fit right into our ser-”
      Aldia: “Alliance, of servants?. As like the Lord of Light took humanity as servants, I have no intention of serving this Forever War, tis nothing more but of a mere cycle once more”
  • In regards to the God-Emperor of Mankind however, there wasn’t much infighting between the two but they both have different ideals of what humanity should be. For one, Emps consider the type of humanity he imagined to be filled to the brim with peace, achieving perfection to their own degree, with golden muscular abs and really good fucking hair. Aldia, much like how Magnus heard of it the first time, thought it was nothing more but pure idealistic thinking, instead stating that humanity should and always be free, without the need of control. They did fully agree that in many cases, humanity is free and has their own form, unlike a certain king who wiped it all away.
  • On the topic of Gwyn however, the Scholar has spoken how he is furious towards what the Lord of Cinder has done to the aspect of “humanity”, or to be more specific, creating the Darksign, destroying the true human essence of humanity into the Age of Fire. He has spoken how he vehemently wants to watch his kingdom fall badly to the point that he will personally handle him down on a one-on-one fight. Aldia’s wish would slowly come true and as a result gloated in front of Gwyn’s temple, citing him to be a majestic coward of Royalty who wanted to maintain his own form of order.
    • On the other hand, Gwyn has massive hatred for Aldia, for being possibly the very first person to defy his rule, and revealing to the rest of the world his atrocities towards humanity, merging them to a cycle that was never asked for in the first place. Then there is the fact that he may have influenced a certain prince from not linking the flame, resulting to the fall of his world. As the Scholar shouted his accusations at the Lord of Sunlight, Gywn only broke down in pure rage at being called a coward, declaring Aldia to be nothing more than an extreme hypocrite, citing all the miseries he's inflicted including the complete destruction and slavery of an entire race, and declaring him infront of everyone to be a true Dirty Coward, as it was Gywn who submitted himself to eternal agony as the sacrifice to the First flame, not forcing others to do so, whilst Aldia gained his power by torturing innocents.
  • Many deities who previously respected the Scholar, completely grew sour, if not hateful to him once they found out what his experiments entailed. Which include removing the souls out of giants, and turning them into a Slave Race, countless horrific experiments on innocent humans, and scores of other atrocities, enough that his own brother King Vendrick sealed him away. Aldia only gave a bemused chuckle at their growing horror, not thinking much of the fact that many gods are beginning to see him as indifferent than the God he claims to be vehemently against.
  • Note: Because of his condition, the bounderies of the Pantheon’s rules regarding death no longer connects to Aldia and is such one of the very few to alter their status in the Pantheon, alongside Murky and Grenth.
  • "Many monarchs have come and gone. One drowned in poison, another succumbed to flame. Still another slumbers in a realm of ice. Not one of them stood here, as you do now. You conqueror of adversities. Give us your answer."

There is no path. Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of dark… what could possibly await us? And yet, we seek it, insatiably. Such is our fate…