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The lands of Earth and Rock are composed of an arid desert, rocky mountains and a small town made entirely out of jewelry. Those who wish to enter this place are advised to bring water supplies with them, as sources of water are non-existent here. Sandworms are a common sight, so visitors are warned to make sure that they can outrun them in the case they would attempt to devour them. Thankfully, there's several paths of rock that can ensure survival from the worms, and said rock paths can bring gods and mortals to the temples of the deities who make their home here.

A volcano lies dormant closely nearby, connecting the lands of Earth and Rock with the lands of Fire and Heat.

Hidden within the House is Deephall, an extravagant underground city said to be the size of a continent. No one quite knows where its doors lie, though its said a select few will come to them by instinct should a great disaster near the Pantheon.

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    Gohma Vlitra 
Gohma Vlitra, God of Living Lava (Will of Gaea, Vlitra Core)
The beast emerging from the Earth
Vlitra Core
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: An Orochi enveloping the Earth
  • Theme Songs: Vlitra's Revival, Asura and Yasha vs Vlitra
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Orochi Draconic Abomination Made Of Lava, The Dark Will Of The Earth, Red and Black and Evil All Over, The Dreaded, Planetary-Sized Monster, Ultimately A Tool Of Chakravartin
  • Domains: Rage, Magma, Destruction, Terror
  • Unwitting Pawn to: Chakravartin (formerly)
  • Interests: Mephiles the Dark, Nekron, The Anti-Spiral
  • Allies: Iblis, Dark Gaia, Surtr, SCP-457, SCP-682, Melkor, Te Ka, The Firebird, Apophis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Acnologia
  • Rivals: Typhon, Cthulhu, Tiamat (Fate/Grand Order), Alduin, Jormungandr
  • Enemies: All other ascended Asura's Wrath deities, especially Asura, Chakravartin, every Earth-based deity (especially Gaea), basically anyone who lives on the Earth, those who pollute the Earth (especially Hexxus), The SCP Foundation, the other ascended Moana deities (especially Te Fiti), Silver the Hedgehog, the Spring Sprite, most draconic deities, Beerus, Zamasu, Son Goku, Kratos, Ryu Hayabusa, Travis Touchdown, Yapool, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Evil Counterpart to: Battra, Gaea
  • A monstrous abomination born from the Earth's rage due to overpopulation and pollution, Gohma Vlitra is a monster that seeks to be free and wreak havoc on the surface. It is empowered by the souls of anything that dies on the planet. Its "children", the Gohma, are the enemies of the gods. The existence of Gohma Vlitra comes from Gaea's wrath at the souls of the dead not returning to it when they die. Ultimately however it was nothing more than a pawn in Chakravartin's much large schemes.
  • The monstrous Gohma Vlitra was once part of the Pantheon, but was destroyed by a group of warriors led by Asura. Despite the beast's origins, its existence horrifies the Protogenoi of the Earth. She admits that the monster was "born out of my rage", but that she now considers it a dangerous and out of control parasite, her out of control anger given molten flesh. And she was incredibly angry to learn it had returned. Upon Vlitra's re-ascension, Asura has renewed his commitment to annihilate it once and for all. Most dragons swore to aid in slaying the beast too, and the fact that it is technically a dragon is something they prefer not to acknowledge.
  • Upon its return, there was a debate on whether it would gravitate back into Chakravartin's sphere of influence, or choose one of two omnicidal Grand United Alliance leaders; Melkor or Nekron. The Lord of the Unliving is interested in the entity for its destructive potential, but the Dark Lord of Arda was the one to convince it join him; he argued the the Golden Spider was using it as a mere tool, and with the Grand United Alliance of Evil the beast may finally get back at the gods, life on Earth and express its rage without end. The Dark Enemy of the World believes Gohma Vlitra is a good counter against other Mother Nature deities, as even those fueled by vengeance regard it as insane.
  • The molten monstrosity lives to usher The End of the World as We Know It. Comparisons were quickly made between it and Alduin, though the latter is far more cunning and is less interested in his inherent status as a Destroyer Deity and more in a more mortal desire to rule. The black and magma dragons have often butted heads in the field of destruction, which got Lord Beerus' attention. As he's against indiscriminate destruction, he'll use his Hakai to wound the Gohma and send the monster back into retreat to call off the fight. Prior to this, Beerus had been content to leave the matter of the Gohma to Goku, who had been part of Asura's force that removed the Gohma from the Pantheon the first time. Zamasu, however, took note the moment he heard of this monster who'd been targeted by his mortal enemy. As he's wont to do, Zamasu put in his two cents and believed Goham Vlitra was The Scourge of God for all the evil of mortals, before his cognitive dissonance caused him to reason it being the creation of a deity as "the flawed design of other deities". He's tried and failed to tame the beast, and if he were to succeed would use it to wipe out mortal populations before putting the monstrosity to bed.
  • To the extent he can tolerate his fellow dragons, Acnologia is capable of working with Gohma Vlitra. This has less to do with mutual interest and more satiating his bloodlust with the destruction the molten Orochi heralds. The planetary beast finds it has more in common with Fenrir, what with it being a Beast of the Apocalypse and all. However the wolf considers itself and Jormungandr more rivals than anything, especially the latter due to being able to wrap across the planet; it's likely that the latter's alliance with his grandfather Kratos is the reason why. Apophis took advantage of this and convinced Gohma Vlitra to side with it over them, as the beast's victory would kill everything on the planet and that's all Apophis could hope from it.
  • Melkor boasts that he created Gohma Vlitra by corrupting the Gaea of the Asura's Wrath universe and making Gohma Vlitra, all to spite the Valar Yavanna. While this is certainly in-character for him, the truth is that it and the Gohma are ultimately a creation of Chakravartin, not him. This claim seems to mainly be to secure the beast's alliegance to him, and simple vanity on his part. The SCP Foundation didn't care about Melkor's boasts as they immediately began working on a way to contain the Keter-class threat. Prior members of Asura's anti-Gohma task force, Kratos, Ryu Hayabusa, and Travis Touchdown, may potentially be enlisted to reenter the fight.
  • Gohma Vlitra is very similar to the Flames of Disaster, Iblis; they are Living Lava abominations who almost mindlessly seek to destroy and spread molten rock wherever they go. Both could also be seen as the walking wrath of a higher god; Gohma Vlitra is the wrath of Gaea, and Iblis is the raw power of a very angry god. Mephiles immediately recognized the similarities and hopes to use Gohma Vlitra for his own ends. It is also similar to Dark Gaia as they are ancient beings within the planet who seek nothing but destruction.
  • Given this creature's nature, its return was a boon for the Firebird, Surtr and SCP-457. Their reasons are obvious. Cthulhu was less pleased, but this is down to the fact he is supposed to be the Ancient Evil who wakes up and brings an end to the world as we know it. He proceeded to call Gohma Vlitra out and try and save the world from it so he make take it for himself. It's worth noting that this isn't the first time he's tried to save the world for his own interests. Typhon also took offense at Gohma Vlitra's arrival, and while this is partly fueled by Gaea's orders this is also out of competition. The way Typhon sees it, if anyone is going to usher mass deicide and be a terrifying monster of chaos, it's going to be him. Tiamat also regards the Gohma as competition towards her own children.
  • While not without allies, Gohma Vlitra is mostly unreasonable and is by its very nature a threat to anyone on Earth. Even the likes of Mem Aleph consider it a rapid beast that needs to be put down. Te Fiti is utterly horrified by the thing's existence and nature as the wrath of Gaea, as she sees it as herself when she lost her heart and became Te Ka. Te Ka, however, relates to the monster given their nature. The comparisons make Gohma Vlitra an enemy of the ascended Moana deities, and Silver the Hedgehog.
  • The beast may be unfettered and possibly omnicidal in its rage against those who ruin the Earth, but its hatred is especially potent among polluters and those who hurt nature as a whole. As such, Hexxus is high on its enemy's list. Given the destruction a planet-sized lava Kaiju causes he cannot comprehend why it wouldn't consider itself a bigger threat to the world than he is, but knows he cannot reason with it and would rather have the Earth's crust not resemble its mantle.
  • Though Hexxus finds Gohma Vlitra to be overwhelming, he only has himself to blame for its arrival. As it turns out, Gohma suddenly appeared when he and his allies spread pollution. Unfortunately for Melkor, Hexxus and supporters of his are his allies, and he can only tame the Draconic Abomination so much before team-killing. Watching this, the Anti-Spiral pondered if perhaps he could coerce Gohma Vlitra into serving him instead. He figures the monster could be used as a deterrent against Spiral Beings who might try to exceed a certain population limit.
  • Much to the SCP Foundation's horror, Gohma Vlitra has struck an accord with SCP-682. Given its origins, it agrees with the Hard-To-Destroy Reptile's belief that humans are "disgusting". Also given its origins, Gohma Vlitra has an axe to grind with Yapool due to how his energy is inherently harmful to the Earth and when left unchecked would begin to break down the fabric of reality. Being an Maker of Monsters in its own right, Yapool regards them opposing each other instead of working together "its loss".

Greater Gods

Sakazuki, God of Magma (Fleet Admiral Akainu, Red Dog)

Intermediate Gods

Medusa, Goddess of Petrification (The Gorgon)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hair of snakes
  • Theme Music: the Greek/Roman theme of Smite (shared with other Classical Mythological figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Unjust Punishments Bringing About Abominations (or maybe not), Snake People, Eye Contact Powers, Fitting Deaths, Turning Flesh to Stone, Demises Brought About by One's Own Powers
  • Domains: Petrification, Hideousness, Snakes
  • Followers: The Basilisk, The Cockatrice, Cassiopeia
  • High Priest: Mukai
  • Allies: Arachne, Lesale, Crixalis
  • Enemies: ATHENA, Simon Belmont, Pit, Flynn, Sven, Zeus, Both Hades, Aphrodite, Ares, Palutena, Kratos, Poseidon, Ghatanothoa
  • Opposes: Every true God in the pantheon.
  • Rocky Relationship: the other Medusa
  • Applied for this position in the hopes that as a goddess, she'd be able to fight against the gods, particularily the Olympians.
    • Being picked amongst "The Dire" put her at odds with Sven, and even occasionally Zeus. At the very least, she finds a bit of comfort that fellow Dire deity (and fellow snake-like at that), Lesale, has ascended.
  • There is one alternate myth of Medusa who willfully gave up her beauty to be transformed into a monster so that she could save her sisters. Also, that version actually prefers her stronger, monstrous form.
  • Fluttershy is one of the few deities presumably immune to her gaze, thanks to The Stare. Though, it has been demonstrated that The Stare may fizzle when used against very powerful beings, so Medusa just might have a chance.
    • The other one that Medusa would absolutely refuse to stare is Ghost Rider. He'd usually win in a staring contest leaving Medusa with heavy burns, the only reason she's not a vegetable yet was that she wasn't in complete control of her atrocities.
  • Extremely relieved with the ascension of Arachne, seeing that it's another being that hates the gods. They were plotting to actually ascend Athena but in a depowered state so they can exact vengeance.
    • They finally executed the plan, but... the "vengeance" part failed. However, there were rumors that Medusa is planning to slither her way to the Battleground of the Gods in the future. Eventually, armed with a bow and a white mask to stop her from petrifying her allies, she managed to slither in, also donning her serpentine lower body to further differentiate her with a certain other 'Medusa' that doesn't.
  • Medusa’s hatred isn't limited to just the Greek Gods, she hates every God that's in the Pantheon. Well, to be more precise, she hates the Gods who are considering Gods in their own world. She sees them as nothing but selfish and cruel beings.
  • Despite Medusa's antagonistic nature, there are some who do feel sorry for her predicament and think her punishment was unjust. Especially since she wasn't courted by Poseidon but was instead raped by him. And since Athena couldn't punish Poseidon, she instead directed her wrath towards Medusa...of course, this is assuming that this version of the legend is true, since there are several myths depicting different origins for Medusa. In some of those myths, she has nothing to do with either Poseidon or Athena. It’s not clear which version is the true one, but Medusa doesn’t care, because she hates the gods all the same.
  • Stays as far away from mirrors or shining shields since they are able to reflect Medusa's gaze right back at her.
  • Rumored to have dated Hercules once. Though, both deny it. Still, the Pantheon is attempting to recreate the sunglasses that if worn by Medusa, block her petrifying powers.
  • Once had a death match against Steven Irwin. Irwin won that match by accidentally decapitating her. Yes, accidentally as Irwin didn't want to kill her. He was actually happy that she ascended to the pantheon.
  • Her and Rider Medusa's relationship is a bit rocky. While Rider Medusa dislikes her for her action painting a bad picture to the Medusa name. Snake hair Medusa, on the other hand, dislikes her for still retaining her beauty. However, they both sympathize for one another over the fact they were both screws over by the gods.
  • Some deities are trying to give Medusa a beautiful appearance. She has declined the requests so far, especially if the petrification still remains.
  • Would on occasion petrify a Mook or Red Shirt and take them to her temple. She would then pretend to have a lively conversation with them. It's quite the depressing sight.

    Toph Beifong 
Toph Beifong, Goddess of Earth (Toph Bei Fong, The Blind Bandit, The Runaway, Melon Lord)
As an adult and as a elder
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Winged Boar or Badgermole
  • Theme Music: Omashu
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Earth, Cute Bruisers, Disability Superpowers, Snarky Comments, Living Lie Detectors, Stone-Facaded People Whose Hearts Soften Slightly
  • Domains: Earth, Strength, Wealth, Truth
  • Followers: Kwame, Sherri Phoraena, Lexaeus, Cornelia Hale
  • Herald: Suyin Beifong (her other daughter)
  • Allies: Sokka, Avatar Aang, Katara, Iroh, Zuko, Lin Beifong (her daughter, formerly Teeth-Clenched Teamwork), Appa, Momo, Naga, Pabu, Avatar Korra, Asami Sato, Molly Hayes, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Snake, Mio Sasuga {of the Masou Kishin Heralds}, Captain Planet, Bloody Marie, Crixalis, Kenshi Takahashi, Domino
  • Friendly Rivalry: Gaara
  • Enemies: Ozai, Azula
  • Approves of: Greed the Avaricious
  • Toph is not blind. She is merely physically incapable of seeing anything less awesome than she is. Don't believe us? She's the greatest earthbender in the world. She taught Avatar Aang how to earthbend when he needed to master the elements in a year to save the world. And she pioneered the art of metalbending. All at the mere age of twelve.
    • Okay, on a serious note, she actually was born blind, and she makes clever jokes about it all the time. It's why she goes shoeless; she's fine-tuned her earthbending to be able to use her feet on the ground to "see" things. She was even part of a group called the Blind Trinity at one point.
  • Is on very good terms with Iroh, but the rest of the Gods have forbidden her to get too close to him, for they fear that so much concentrated awesome could put in danger the foundations of the Pantheon.
  • Loves wrestling, and actually has participated in a few tournaments in the House of Combat. Many of them were unsure whether or not to fight a little blind girl…until she kicked their asses without any trouble.
  • Did we mention how she loves to proclaim that she's "THE GREATEST EARTHBENDER IN THE WORLD!" yet? She's not lying.
  • She's also recently opened a metalbending school for those who'd like to learn how to do it. It ends up being passed on to the point that metalbending becomes the primary skill of the Republic City Police. Ask Lin.
  • She's been scheduled for a DEATH BATTLE! against Gaara.
    • She actually won. Gaara himself actually congratulated her, and said he would learn from the experience. Though Gaara did end up scolding her about intruding on sacred grounds, Toph was impressed he still stood up to her and so she bumped fists with him, later saying she "wouldn't mind hanging out with the sandbag again."
    • Unfortunately, some of Gaara's supporters are incensed at the result of the fight, saying that Gaara wasn't at his best in the confrontation. Gaara doesn't really care, and neither does Toph. However, she was feeling trollish enough to say this:
      Toph: All these minerals in the ground, and you chumps want to be salty!
    • She caught the eye of Bloody Marie during this time, due to her voice sounding just like hers. Surprisingly enough, Toph actually doesn't mind hanging around the Skullgirl, claiming the Skull Heart's got nothing she wants. Apparently, she reminds Marie quite a lot of Peacock back when she was still Patricia…
  • In her later years, Toph becomes Republic City's Chief of Police, has two daughters, each with a different man, and raises them the exact opposite of how her parents raised her: too loosely instead of too strict. So one becomes too loose with the rules and gets wrapped up with criminal friends while the other becomes too rigid and follows her in enforcing the law. They come to blows, she tries to wash it away, and suddenly no one's talking for 20 years. Eventually they get around to starting working things out…during the advent of the legend of Korra as the new Avatar, and all play a part in Korra's adventures. The point to this? The rigid daughter, Lin, is now in the Pantheon's House of Leadership.
    • And there's already a man that's interested in Lin, of whom Lin herself is suspicious but Toph approves. His name is Greed, and he is a homunculus in the House of Power who owns a bar, can turn his own body into steel, rebelled against his evil family like her good friend Zuko did, and most importantly, Toph can know this, tells no lies. Except when he needs to sacrifice himself to protect those he cares for, but that hasn't come up yet.
  • There's been talks on getting her to learn how to read. Besides Braille, which doesn't exist in her world, given that her seismic sense is sensitive enough to sense the tiniest contours on things, including ants in the dirt, why not physical marks in paper? And the paper wouldn’t even need to be in view. Wouldn’t need to be facing her. Wouldn’t need to be OPEN. Just would have to be near enough with enough vibrations running through it for Toph to feel it out. Sokka can see the advantages, since who would expect a blind person to be able to read written messages?

Lesser Gods

Baragon, the Tunnel King (Subterranean Monster, God of Earth, Varagon, Sea Baragon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A sihoulette of himself
  • Theme Music: His theme from Godzilla: Unleashed or GMK
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tunnel King, Acrofatic, Determinator, Spring Jump, Big Eater, Dishing Out Dirt, has a glowing horn
  • Domains: Monsters, Tunnels, Girth
  • Followers: Taizo Hori, Muddy, Molier, Najarala, Magular, Gabora, Mogrudon
  • Allies: Godzilla (except in one instance), Anguirus, Rodan, Mothra Leo, Tyranitar, Simon the Digger, Korra, Raleigh Becket & Mako Mori
  • Rival: Anub'arak
  • Enemies: Frankenstein's Monster, King Ghidorah (except in one instance), Gigan, The Lich, Mesogog, Indominus Rex, SpaceGodzilla
  • A number of tunnel passageways was found throughout the Pantheon, all of them leading to the House of Nature. When the witnesses found out who created these tunnels, they decided to give the creature a fitting title.
  • Much of Baragon's strengths lie within his ability to dig. This is also helped with a glowing horn and the ability to breathe fire. On a bad day, he can get pretty hungry, so you should probably not meet up with him during these instances.
  • Not particularly happy to see Frankenstein's Monster again. The fact that The Creature may have another form in addition to the one Baragon fought against back then only made the Subterranean Monster very upset. No one can say for certain how a battle between Baragon and Berserker of Black will play out.
  • Apparently, he was able to use his tunneling skills to survive the extinction of dinosaurs. Baragon was practically livid upon hearing that The Lich was responsible for killing dinosaurs (at least in his respective universe). Whether or not Baragon can survive The Lich's dinosaur-killing comet by digging underground is hard to say in the least.
  • Baragon is in a bit of a rivalry with Anub'arak, largely because they are skilled at digging underground passageways. A number of deities are looking forward to a serious battle between the two.
  • Some scientists discovered that there was another form of Baragon with the DNA of walruses and narwhals known as Sea Baragon. Compared to regular Baragon, the sea variant relies exclusively on close-quarters combat.
  • For all of Baragon's tendencies to eat quite a bit (mainly cattle and humans) whenever in a foul mood, he finds the destruction caused by Indominus Rex to be too much.
  • Mesogog reportedly took an interest in Baragon's abilities and is seeing if he can recreate them through his creations. Naturally, Baragon has taken offense in the dinosaur scientist and is making sure it won't happen.
  • Whenever he is in a particularly good mood, Baragon will occassionally help others navigate the underground world with his glowing horn.
  • Has been seen side-by-side with Simon the Digger, likely given their digging abilities. While both are on good terms for the time being, Simon won't hesitate to fight against Baragon should the latter be in a bad mood and take the anger out on innocents. Given both of their determination, a battle between the two of them will take a while.
  • Some are considering Baragon to be a possible means of a counter against Godzilla should the latter ever get out of control. The idea came from Baragon fighting against him once and while he wasn't successful in defeating him that time, at least he tried.

Barroth, God of Mud-Covering (Landslide Wyvern)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild icon
  • Theme Song: Earth Sand and Fiery Winds
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Covering Itself (And Others) in Mud, Head Hard As Solid Rock, Charging At Potential Foes, Almost literal Stone Wall, Tyrannosaurus rex What Is Actually a Wyvern, Barrier Change Boss
  • Domains: Mud, Wyverns, Charging, Deserts, Bogs
  • Size: 1237.9cm - 1744.3cm
  • Enemies: House of Insects, All Bug-Type Pokemon, Seltas and Seltas Queen, Ahtal-Ka, those wanting to weaponize it
  • Opposed by: the Monster Hunters, Agitha, Sig
  • Opposes: The Hall of Ice and Cold, ice-related deities, wielders of fire (to a lesser extent)
  • Herald: Jyuratodus
  • A creature native to hot deserts, Barroth is known to roll in mud to most likely cool itself off. Because it's nostrils are located at the top of its head, it can spend extensive periods of time submerged in mud. Though mostly docile, should someone intrude on its territory or if it feels threatened the Barroth can shake it off to cover its predators in mud to make it harder to move, before charging right at them with its stone hard head. It first made its appearance near a mud pool where it headbutted nearby denizens (who wished to remain anonymous) for arguing nearby and thus disturbing it.
  • It makes its home in this very House and rarely leaves, being very accustomed to the hot and sandy lands. Besides living in deserts, Barroth also can live in bogs. Barroth actually provides good security due to its territorial nature, deterring those who wish harm on either of them.
    • Due to its weaknesses it always avoids the Ice and Cold as its really out of its element there. To a lesser extent, it avoids the Fire and Heat as its weak to fire without its mud armor. With it, its somewhat okay but the place is far from a suitable environment.
  • While Barroth itself might be in much lower league than other Monster Hunter deities residing in the Pantheon (its hard compete against a Brute Wyvern that causes explosions or a Super Saiy- er, a really aggressive Fanged Beast), it still provides enough of a challenge to shock unsuspecting deities.
  • Its Herald is the Piscine Wyvern Jyuratodus, who can be pretty much found somewhat near Barroth's mud territories. We say somewhat as, because they are natural rivals with each other in the New World, frequently beat the shit out of each other if either intrude on each other's territory. If anything, the Mud Fish Wyvern is sometimes seen trying to usurp the Barroth's position but such attempts haven't really gone anywhere besides trying to take on the thing. One wonders why the Jyuratodus was made Herald in the first place since there's barely any loyalty from it.
  • Despite its intimidating appearance reminiscent of a Tyrannosaurus Rex merged with rocks, Barroth is actually an insectivore. As such, it is known to attack House of Insects if it gets too hungry. It always eventually gets driven off by the higher level deities within there, but it always manage to chow down on someone, even a little bite. The House is currently trying to appeal to more defenses in the near future. Outside of that, it also frequently fights against the Seltas duo not only for food but also out of territory as well. It tried the same with Ahtal-Ka, but it didn't go so well.
    • Its choice of meals raised issues with the likes of Agitha and Sig, who are well-known fanatics for bugs and don't appreciate it ruining their activities. There are times where the Barroth can be seen tailing them to find its next source of food. Sig actually has fought the Landslide Wyvern before, although the only benefits both sides gained from an encounter was some scratches for the Barroth and a blanket of mud for Sig.
  • It has a cousin of sort called Jade Barroth. It is hardly seen in the Pantheon as instead of mud, it covers itself in snow, hence why its not officially ascended alongside its regular counterpart. More or less, its a side effect of its ascension. That doesn't subtract from the danger it brings, since it always for a U-turn after its charges meaning you have to employ the teachings of the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things. This catches a lot of people off guard, sometimes more than once.
  • One of many potential monsters that can be raised and bonded with in another adventure. It got a few deities thinking considering the power it can bring with a Kinship Stone, leading to some finding similar substitutes while others went to work to control it in other ways. The Monster Hunters are greatly opposed to the later since someone tried it before, and it's seen as pretty horrible. Others agree after the incident with the Zamtrios and the Frickin' Laser Beams mounted on its head. The Barroth seems to understand this, acknowledging its defenders and does try to aid them.


    7th Armored Division 
"1941. The Desert Fox, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, arrives in Libya to assume command of the Afrika Korps. Within a few months, Rommel, the rising star of the German Army, recaptures the territory taken by the British and Commonwealth Forces prior to his arrival. Despite being heavily outnumbered by the British Forces, the superior range and armor of the German tanks allows the Afrika Korps to take the fight to the Allies. By July of 1942, the Desert Fox and his unstoppable Afrika Korps, in a series of classic Blitzkrieg attacks, pushes the British Forces eastward, across the deserts of Libya, and into Egypt. Now in late 1942, holding their ground a mere 60 miles from the Egyptian capital of Cairo, British Field Marshal Montgomery's forces, including the Desert Rats of the 7th Armored Division, prepare to blunt the German offensive, and regain the initiative." -Intro to "The Battle of El-Alamein"

"Libya, 1943. The British Crusader tank enters its second year of service in the North African desert campaign. Desert tank warfare proves difficult and challenging for both sides. Dust clouds kicked up by the movement of their tracks and the firing of their cannons create poor visibility conditions during combat. Navigation is also a problem. The vast Libyan desert offers little in the way of recognizable landmarks. The British Crusaders, whose guns lack the range of their German counterparts, are forced to use massed high-speed charges to close within firing range. A dangerous strategy, that leaves much to be desired." -Intro to "The Tank Squadrons"

Sgt. John Davis and Tank Commander David Welsh, Patron Saints of Desert Warfare (Davis, Welsh: Fox Three)
Davis (above) and Welsh (below) in 1943, during the Tunisia and Libya campaigns, respectively
Davis during the Normandy Campaign in June 1944
Mk. VI Crusader Mk. III Cruiser tank
  • Themes:
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The insignia of the British 7th Armored Division
  • Alignments: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Herald: Sgt. Edward Carlyle
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose:
  • Conflicted Opinion: Maho Nizhizumi, The Anglerfish Team
  • Members of the famous 7th Armored Division, better known as the "Desert Rats", Sgt. John Davis and Tank Commander David Welsh are both long-time veterans of the grueling North African campaign. Davis fought as an infantryman, while Welsh commanded a Crusader Mk. III cruiser tank.
  • Davis' baptism of fire was at the Second Battle of El Alamein, where, under the command of one Captain Price, took part in several defensive, diversionary, and later offensive battles against elements of the Afrika Korps. He would then see action again during the Tunisia campaign, where he took part in vicious fighting to secure the route to Tunis.
  • Welsh, on the other hand, was known to have fought during the British advance into Libya in January 1943, where he engaged Panzers of the Afrika Korps in a massive Epic Tank-on-Tank Action. In addition, he's also destroyed several 88mm Anti-Armor guns during one of these battles.
  • In addition to fighting in North Africa, Davis is also a veteran of the Normandy campaign, specifically in the Battles for Caen. During these numerous engagements, he's known to have destroyed 3 Tiger I heavy tanks while helping to secure the 7th Armored Division's advance and securing of the areas near Caen.
  • Of special note is that Davis is The Protagonist of his story's respective British campaign, with 11 out of 13 missions being from his perspective. Welsh, by contrast, is more of a case of being A Day in the Limelight, with him and his crew only playable in 2 missions.
  • Both men also notably kept a diary, each containing important information regarding their upcoming battles. Davis kept diaries detailing important parts of the El Alamein, Tunisia, and Normandy campaigns, while Welsh's diaries described the deserts of Libya as well as the German tanks and anti-tank guns they repeatedly faced.
  • While it is unknown what happened to both men following their last known battles, it is heavily implied that they both survived the war. However, thanks to their impressive actions and feats in the deserts of North Africa, it has been decided to ascend them as the Patron Saints of Desert Warfare.
  • Because of this, both of them ascended as how they had looked during the latter parts of the North Africa campaign, with Davis wearing a short sleeved tunic and short pants, while Welsh ascends alongside the Crusader tank he had last commanded (albeit without the rest of his crew).
  • Immediately, both Welsh and Davis link up with any Allied forces they can find. Eventually, both men are found by Rangers Lt. Randall and Sgt. Bill Taylor, who immediately take them to the other Allied deities present in the Pantheon. Despite taking orders from Americans due to a lack of WWII-era British officers in the Pantheon, they nonetheless decide to do what they can to aid their allies in the fight against the Nazis lurking in the Pantheon.
  • Upon finally meeting the aforementioned Lt. Randall and Sgt. Bill Taylor in person for the first time in the Pantheon, Davis sincerely apologizes to the two men about his failure to save two of their fellow Rangers in time. The aforementioned men were badly wounded POWs Davis and the rest of his unit had found being held at a German aid station. It was heavily implied that these Rangers were captured by the Germans during the failed German counterattack at Point du Hoc.
  • When Davis hears about a Captain Price being in the Pantheon, he immediately decides to report to who he thinks is his former superior officer from the North African and Normandy campaigns. When he finally meets him, however, he soon realizes that the Captain Price in question is not the man he had served under During the War. However, when Price notices the logo of the British 7th Armored Division on the Sergeant's uniform, he immediately tells Davis that the man he's looking for is very likely to be his identical-looking grandfather.
  • Among the deities they immediately get along with are fellow North Africa veterans Lt. Mike Powell and Lt. Karl Fairburne. The latter especially so, due to his close working relationship with members of the British 8th Army, which the 7th Armored Division was part of.
    • Pretty soon, the two British soldiers begin exchanging stories and intel with the former SOE agent. Welsh in particular was astonished that the Germans were able to build a massive behemoth like the P.1000 Ratte. Davis himself was impressed at the ease of which Fairburne destroyed several of The Dreaded Tiger I Heavy tanks with nothing but a Sniper Rifle.
  • Davis comes to oppose the actions of The Basterds, thanks mainly to having been ordered never to harm unarmed German Prisoners-Of-War during the Normandy campaign.
  • Welsh, meanwhile, befriends Darjeeling, due to her extensive knowledge of British tanks like Welsh's own Crusader. In fact, she helps him repair his damaged tank, which had been hit several times by fire from German tanks during the advance into Libya. In exchange, Welsh assists her in her own tank battles against members of the Anglerfish Team.
    • Initially, Welsh mistakes the Anglerfish Team's Panzer IV as well as Maho Nishizumi's Tiger I as hostiles, and almost ends up hitting them with his Crusader's main gun. Thankfully, Darjeeling stops him when she points out that the markings on their tanks are clearly not the Balkenkreuz seen on actual Panzers.
    • It's through Darjeeling that Welsh meets Yukari Akiyama. Unsurprisingly, she immediately begins telling Welsh about her extensive knowledge of his Crusader tank, which impresses the British tank commander a lot.
  • Both Davis and Welsh despise Captain Martin Walker and his infamous actions in Dubai, to the point that they refuse to talk to him altogether. It helps that, in contrast to Walker's Deconstructor Fleet story, Davis and Welsh come from a more straightforward Battle Epic.
  • Upon learning about a Sherman tank being in the The Great Treasury, both Davish and Welsh become interested in checking it out, the former having been supported by them since the North African campaign, while the latter hopes to upgrade from the Crusader to something with a little more firepower.
  • The two British soldiers find out the hard way that the Nazis aren't the only thing lurking in the Pantheon's deserts, when they come across the Desert Seltas and Desert Seltas Queen, which come close to killing both men had it not been for Amuro Ray and Shiro Amada opening fire on the monsters and saving their lives.
    • Both Davis and Welsh, unsurprisingly, are both speechless upon seeing the two EFF pilot's Gundams, which dwarf Welsh's own Crusader. Nonetheless, both are grateful to the two Mobile Suit pilots, and they begin forming a friendship over their shared experiences in desert combat.
  • Davis gets along well with Royal Navy shipgirl Warspite, thanks in no part to the British Sergeant having been assisted by the Royal Navy at one point late in the Battle of El-Alamein. He personally asks her if she can aid them again in the event that they run into trouble in the midst of combat, to which she agrees.
  • Both men would rather not have Lance Corporal Jack Jones join them in their patrols, mainly due to his age as well as the risk of him becoming The Load. Not to mention that he's mainly trained as a Home Guard, while both of them are mainly specializing in patrolling the vast Sahara Desert.
  • Davis, upon seeing Maho Nishizumi's Tiger I tank for the first time, is struck with unease. Thankfully, Commander Welsh, who was apologizing the latter for accidentally hitting her tank with live ammunition, manages to explain to the British Sergeant that she's by no means affiliated with the Nazis, and that her tank is catered towards mock battles and not actual combat. He also tells them that the Anglerfish Team's Panzer IV is also no threat, in order to prevent the Sergeant from again accidentally trying to blow them up with TNT.

Captain Price: "Bloody fine work men. The 7th Armored's made it out of this mess thanks to our efforts on this flank. That said, our job here is done. So let's get the hell out of here."

SCP-4338, Divine Volcano God (Vulcan, the Disaster, Osobiue, Irn'acha, God of the Burning Ocean)
Image taken from shipping vessel 31-998 during monthly offload, 01/07/2019.
  • Demigod (Intermediate before getting fat, Keter then later Safe by SCP rankings)
  • Symbol: The volcano it lives in on Moaha Island
  • Alignment: True Neutral (used to be somewhere between Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Jerkass Gods Turned To Couch Potatos, Appease the Volcano God, Vulnerable To Obesity Due To Accidentally Getting Leftover Junk Food, A God Am I, Magma Man
  • Domains: Volcanoes, Deities, Demands, Lethargy, Junk Food
  • Contained by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in: The Divine Powers, Sakazuki/Admiral Akainu, Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Interests: Firelord Ozai
  • Envies: Jerkass Gods who get off scott-free, like Zeus
  • Allies: Vulcan, Beerus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • On good terms with: Colonel Sanders, Reuben, Stocking Anarchy, Aoi Ashani, Eli Bacon
  • Enemies: Fused Zamasu, Moana, Maui, Te Fiti , Kratos
  • Opposed by: Flame Princess
  • Feared by: Homer Simpson
  • Pities: Anthony Chu
  • SCP-4338 is a sapient sphere of volcanic rock 2.3 cubic kilometers in size, living in the magma chamber under Moaha Island. Worshipped as a deity, the volcano god demanded appeasements from the natives. Refusing to give it its demands causes the God of the Burning Ocean to destroy civilizations and be devastating, but those times are long past. Now it demands junk food and has been reduced to begging the foundation for snacks.
  • Far less of a threat than it is now, because even volcano deities get fat. It can barely do anything, and the extra energy of its new house only lets it make a new Remote Body based off the last human leader it killed. Zamasu regards its state as absolutely pathetic, and depending on his mood either decries SCP-4338 as either the evil of divine indolence or an evil mortal pretending to be a god. It wasn't a good idea for the volcano to taunt Zamasu on his own inflated sense of importance.
  • Most think SCP-4338 got what it deserved and should've watched its diet if it wanted to still be Keter-class. The volcano god simply moans in self-pity and wishes it could be like Zeus, still able to get away with things. Still 4338 isn't without a soft spot, as it's come to pity Anthony Chu for all the terrible things he was forced to eat. This is mainly some bemoaning of how he was ruined by food, though unlike Chu no-one's complaining
  • Interested in the Divine Powers, mainly because it wants to get its groove back through the changes they've promised and hopes of reclaiming dominance. They simply regard SCP-4338 as a lazy couch potato not worth their time, much to the God of the Burning Ocean's frustration. It would do something about it, but proved their point in being too fat and lethargic to do anything other than complain. This state of a couch potato is why he doesn't do anything to stop Rodan from choosing his volcano's vents to hibernate.
  • Demands the House of Food feed it. The SCP Foundation decided they could spend less resources getting sweets and fast food shipped to SCP-4338, even getting 4338 to pay for KFC from Colonel Sanders and bacon from Eli Bacon. He enjoys eating with or from a number of gods, but given 4338 is a dick they're mainly using it as a means of keeping him under control.
  • Used to be feared, but now the only deity in the Trope Pantheon that seems to fear him as Homer Simpson. He run afoul of a volcano during missionary work, and only really escaped due to Negative Continuity. Some think this was SCP-4338's work, but it's known that he's pestering Homer for his Lard Lad Donuts. People think Homer should just give him the donuts, but he argues from past experience that wouldn't solve anything.
  • Has attempted to harass Moana, what with her being in the general vicinity to the Oceanic cultures. She wasn't intimidated by SCP-4388. It has attempted to get back on track by corrupting Te Fiti to Te Ka, wanting a volcanic god as his ally, but all this accomplished was getting his caldera stomped by Maui. This got the attention of Kratos, who already is on bad terms with the general idea of gods and has nothing good to say about SCP-4338.
  • Though Admiral Akainu sees SCP-4338 as useless and isn't interested in the volcano, the volcano is intrigued by his powers over magma and seems impressed by his use of the molten rock. SCP-4338 is also interested in Ragnaros, who in turn chides SCP-4338 for letting itself become lethargic and complacent. It does get along with Vulcan, mainly because of their shared dominion of vulcanism and Loser Deity status.
  • Wants to get Flame Princess and the Flame Kingdom on its side, going so far as to propose a marriage. FP scoffs at the out of shape volcano god's attempts at an alliance and desire to stay relevant, and has turned SCP-4338 down at every opportunity. Unfortunately this brought the attention of Firelord Ozai, who is trying to encourage the volcanic deity to start losing weight and be more active, and in turn help his ambitions of domination.
  • Likes chilling out with Beerus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the latter for his delicious pasta. While Beerus has a lot more dignity than SCP-4338, he's still rather gluttonous and lazy. Whis has taken the fate of SCP-4338 as a lesson in not getting idle to teach Beerus. One of these outings had the Racing Drones, who have had experience with a volcano-themed track, investigate its volcano in search of an Accelecharger.