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Greater Gods

    Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider 
Johnny Blaze, Keeper of Flames of Hell and God of the Death Glare (Ghost Rider, The Most Supernatural Hero of All, Spirit of Vengeance, Clifford Smith)

Intermediate Gods

    Führer King Bradley 
King Bradley, The God With a Magical Eye (Führer-President Bradley, Wrath the Furious, Pride [in another continuity], Dante's Masterpiece, Fritz Lang, The Ultimate Eye, Prospective Führer Number 12, Russell Daniel Paul Blake Joseph Allen Eric Fred Orson Trevor Richard Chaltons Christopher Benedict Garfield Polyurethane Nicholas Robert Theodore Skeet Michael Alvin Carter Bryce Geoffrey Marigold Peter Ethan Aaron Poppa Wheelie Nathaniel Orville Chuck Slippy Slappy Zippy Zappy Angel Eyes, Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu Kūneru Tokoro ni Sumu Tokoro Yaburakōji no Burakōji Paipo Paipo Paipo no Shūringan Shūringan no Gūrindai Gūrindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokonaa no Chōkyūmei no Chōsuke)
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  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God.
  • Symbol: The national flag of Amestris covered by an Ouroboros tattoo.
  • Theme Song: Knives and Shadows
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Ultimate Eye, Puppet King, Wrath, His Name Really IS King Bradley, Earned both Political and Physical Power at Once, Born and Raised "Human" Weapon, Peak Human Attributes, Super Soldier, Jokester Facade, Eyepatch of Power, Likes to Wield Two of his Five Sabers, Despises the Idea of God, Implacable Determinator, Evil Action President (or Führer Ripper, if you will), Historical Hero Upgrade via Popularity
  • Domains: Augmented Eyes, Military, Swordmanship, Wrath
  • Contenders: Itsuki Iba, Lucia Nahashi, Fay D. Fluorite, Ciel Phantomhive, Allen Walker, Jinsuke Kurogane, Yakumo Saito, Mary Clarissa Christie, Jonathan Teatime, The Seven Barian Emperors, Hagoromo Otsutsuki/The Sage of the Six Paths, General Blue, Precht Gaebolg/Master Hades, The Mekakushi-dan, Unno Rokuro, Rayek, Professor Screweyes, Jubei Akane Yagyu, Urza, GoldenEye, Bálor, Lord Darcia III, a cockatrice, a Jewelpet, and many more…
  • Superiors: His Father, Dante of the Deep Forest
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Fritz von Meyer/Swarm, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Bill Cipher, Urien, Kolin
  • Enemies
  • Opposes: Solf J. Kimblee, the other Father, Prime Minister Honest
  • Opposed by: Gilgamesh the King
  • One day, a temple appeared in the Pantheon in a display featuring sparks of red electricity, along with makeshift training barracks and many different new deities (or so it seemed) with magical eyes, the last of which being none other than Führer King Bradley. The human-turned-homunculus mowed down every single one of them like a One-Man Army and then ascended to his throne, although it was noted that many were far weaker than they had any right to be and none of them showed any of their distinct personalities. Shortly after this, Guile and Chun-Li came down to investigate this temple, but found themselves ambushed by Bradley, as well the Homunculi Lust, Pride, and Gluttony, only narrowly escaping death by the rescue of Charlie Nash.
  • Despite this, the truth about King Bradley and his revival were disclosed days later — not only his role as the deceptively popular Puppet King of Amestris in service of Father as Wrath (or an old woman named Dante as Pride, in another timeline), but also the details about his resurrection:
    • In response to Greed's alliance with Team Avatar and Scar's ascension to the Pantheon, Father had aligned with both Gul'dan and Master Xehanort to create the temple for Magical Eye deities, as well as golem clones of every likely contender yet to be deified with bare facsimiles of the originals' powers, all the while dragging Bradley out of the Spirit World using pockets of the Wrath still contained within Father's Stone. This was done specifically to engineer the Führer's power demonstration and ascension to his throne in full view of the Court of the Gods.
    • Sebastian, Vector, Naruto, and Sasuke all consider this an insult to at least one person whose face was cloned in the process and have marked Bradley, Father, Xehanort, and Gul'dan all as enemies for this.
  • Being a homunculus of human origin, Wrath lacks the sadistic singlemindedness of most of his arcane siblings and is more comfortable around human minions and co-conspirators. One example of this which can be seen is in the like-minded associations he's formed with power players such as Charles zi Britannia, Destro, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Frieza, as well as his opting to recruit allies for a team to counteract the new set of friends Greed has mobilized against Father.
    • Of those recruited, Gilgamesh was the only one who rejected, stating that both the entity he took Illya's heart to summon and Father's Homunculi already had their chance to weed out the worthy from the unworthy in humanity and failed.
    • General Esdeath accepted for higher command than Bradley among Father's forces (which he agreed to EXCEPT for giving any orders related to serving Prime Minister Honest); Vergil was enticed by Father's herald Lady Dante and the secrets of power she might hold; Princess Azula wanted to "test" her brother Zuko in hopes of emotionally corrupting him; and while looking for Annie Leonhart only to find she wasn't in her expected house anymore, he instead encountered the Air Defense Princess, and through her also recruited Wo-Class and Re-Class, after they found an understanding due to the similarities between the Abyssals and the Homunculi.
    • With Esdeath came even more allies; the General brought her latest friend, the Arrancar Coyote Starrk, along with fanatic justice-warrior Seryu and Fatality master Noob Saibot.
    • A certain alchemist doctor with a gold tooth turned up all of sudden and revealed himself to have been restored from his transmutated state by the GUAE Mutation Lair around the same time as Wrath's ascension, bringing his allegiance into the group as well.
  • Bradley can often be seen in the houses of Knowledge and War, both to study politics and to learn all he can about his enemies' abilities and tactics, both common and rare. He doesn't want to be surprised like he was when Scar used his destruction alchemy.
    • Speaking of Scar, an evil ambitious lion who also shares that nickname has allied with Wrath in hopes that the Führer can convince the other Homunculi to see value in helping him take over the Pride Lands. Considering the name of the place, Pride is the most curious about this besides Wrath himself (not surprising, given his "other life" as Pride).
  • Despises the concepts of God and of noble kings who serve their subjects due to his role as Father's Puppet King. This puts him at odds with heroic members of the House of Royalty, as well as most of the House of Faith. However, two from each house who especially stoke his fury are Gaius and Josiah Bartlet. Gaius sounds like Mustang, is an ambitious reformer like Mustang, and is no doubt friends with Mustang, while the moment he met Bartlet he caught a distinct glance from the President as though Jed knew they would soon be enemies.
  • While his rule over Amestris does take after the Nazis to an extent and he bears a great resemblance to Hitler, Bradley's relationship to the Nazi deities is a tenuous contest at best. He does what he does to sate his unquenchable anger and serve his Father's goal of absorbing every single human to achieve freedom through almighty power, so he has no regard for their idea of an "Aryan master race" among the humans. Same goes for the Illuminati's idea of "the worthy ones". Most of them don't like him much either, since he's the parallel counterpart to Fritz Lang in Lady Dante's timeline anyway (Nazis) and the Father he serves doesn't care for any "worthy" humans (Illuminati). Still, he and Azula have found themselves working with Vandal Savage and Gill behind the scenes.
  • There are those he prefers to ignore but will not hesitate to eliminate if they stand in his way. One being Kimblee, once he found out how the mad bomber betrayed the Homunculi, the others being certain "corrupt leaders" he considers complete buffoons such as Honest, and the Kids Next Door's antagonist who also calls himself Father.
  • Magneto still can't stand him, though, since he has presided over atrocities very similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews. Lelouch despises him for being a nihilistic dictator serving a plot to assimilate everyone, the same commonality he shares with Charles which makes them allies. He wants to eliminate Lelouch's loyal knight Jeremiah so the Geass Canceller can't be used against him somehow. He and Asura have a twisted mutual respect as wrathful warriors, but generally can't stand each other as each reminds the other of the enemies they hate most. Eren and Blade both abhor the Homunculi as anti-human abominations.
  • Satsuki Kiryuin had already learned of Wrath through Colonel Mustang and Major General Armstrong, but seeing him steal her recruitment tactics in service of an Eldritch Abomination who seeks to destroy humanity much like her mother did disgusts the successor to the Kiryuin Zaibatsu. This spurred her to lead her Elite Four into battle against Bradley and his men in his temple connected to Central HQ.
    • During this battle, Bradley was able to isolate Satsuki one-on-one while the Elite Four defeated his guards. Doing so, however, created the opening for Solidus Snake to attack the Führer. Revealing that he'd been keeping tabs on the Homunculi ever since hearing rumblings about their conspiracy via the Amestrian soldier deities, Solidus took the fight to Bradley due to his superhuman swordsmanship skills almost matching Bradley's own and being coupled with far superior defense and firepower. Despite being outmatched, Wrath managed to avoid being skewered thanks to Esdeath and Seryu arriving in the nick of time, causing Satsuki and her team to fall back.
    • As the Jeagers and Homunculi mulled things over, they realized something crucial: Satsuki was NOT the only commander acting against them tonight. Solidus is an American soldier…just like Guile and Nash.
    "Bartlet knows."
    • When the rest of High Command were told about this, one member, Vergil, showed a complete lack of concern which left Bradley highly suspicious, instead going straight to Father and Lady Dante to study under the latter. Wrath's suspicions proved correct when Vergil left the team in disgust the next day, having learned the basics of alchemy but judged the Philosopher's Stone as lacking for his ambitions. The Führer tried to confront Vergil on his own, but soon into that skirmish a witch named Kat intervened on Vergil's behalf. His attempt to target her resulted in Vergil impaling him, before escaping with her. He quietly swore that revenge is coming.
    • Dante's ascension and reacquiring of her last body since then has enabled her to take her place as the proper second superior of High Command. Disappointed in his betrayal, she too wants Vergil dead.
  • Has an interesting relationship to Princess Morbucks. While his interest in having the little brat join his Command team is next to nil, he's decided that since his Father named him King and hers named her Princess, she should work under him. Therefore he's taken her on as a pupil in the ways of power.
    • Their arrangement comes with a "secret" understanding: her father's technology and his father's alchemy, may be able to create gold. Breaking alchemical taboos didn't stop the Philosopher's Stone, and given how Morbucks is all about money, status, and gold, it's not that hard to figure out. And yes, Greed's annoyance at her typical material avarice amuses Bradley.
  • His temple also has a mirror location in the House of Magic.

    Yellow Devil 
The Yellow Devil, Deity of Eye-Related Weaknesses (Rock Monster, The Yellow Demon)


Lesser Gods

    Balanar the Night Stalker 
Balanar, God of Day Hurts Dark-Adjusted Eyes (Night Stalker, The Legal Maphack, Ballernar)
  • Lesser God. Ranks up to Intermediate God during the night or in sunlight-less environments.
  • Symbol: His Nightmare Face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Casting a Shadow, Feared By Heroes And Children Alike, Being Dangerous During The Night, Last of His Kind, Winged Abomination, Prolonged Nights, Game Face (doubles as his Nightmare Face), Eating People, Innate Night Vision, Having Been Around Since The First Dawn, Uncommonly Used Wings, Weakened by the Light
  • Domains: Darkness, Night, Fear, Combat
  • Allies: Most Dire Heroes, Nightmare Moon, Yami, Manus, Oogie Boogie, The Grand Duke Of Owls, Pitch Black, Lunord
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra
  • Enemies: Most Radiant Heroes, Leona, Pantheon, Amaterasu, Sora, Riku, Gwyn, Sylvanas Windrunner, Solaire of Astora, Volcarona, Billy Hatcher
  • Formerly the God That Goes Bump In The Night, Balanar ascended when he proved that when it comes to horrors of the night, he made for a great example. Though his position has since been appropriated by the Bogeyman, he still proves powerful at night time with his excellent night vision. Horrifying and almost impossible to handle alone, Balanar has made several gods remember why they feared the darkness when they were younger.
  • Balanar's strength depends on the time of the day. During sunlight, he's generally harmless and sluggish. During the night, however... Let's just say that there is a very good reason why children fear the darkness.
    • It is worth noting that if he wields Aghanim's Scepter, his night vision will no longer be blocked by obstacles like trees and even walls. This has earned him the nickname of "The Legal Maphack".
  • During the day, he is content enough to just hang around with fellow dire heroes and even some champions, since he's unable to fight most gods during daylight.
  • His ultimate ability allows him to make time swift from day to night immediately, if temporary. This means that even during day, you're not always safe from Balanar.
    "You expected daylight to protect you?"
    • When Balanar used his ultimate skill in the middle of a brawl that broke out between dire heroes and Runeterran champions, the latter were expecting to hear the ominous voice of DARRRRKNESSSSSSS, as it reminded them of a very similar ultimate used by an non-ascended champion called Nocturne. Coincidentally, Darkness is the name of Balanar's ultimate ability.
  • Due to Balanar being associated with the worst of the night, he has become enemies with a certain Runeterran champion, namely Leona (and Pantheon by extension). Balanar is particularly wary of Leona's lunar counterpart, Diana, for she reminds him of two non-ascended radiant heroes affiliated with the moon, Luna and Mirana...
  • Harbors a very bitter hatred for light, because of sunlight being the reason why he's the Last of His Kind. Naturally, this made him consider certain gods his enemies for their use of light based powers. Amaterasu and Gwyn receives the worst of his ire.
  • Once made the horrendous mistake of making Mithra cry. Following that incident, the next nights were completely safe and Balanar-free. Nobody was sure if it was due to a severe curbstomping from Asura, or because Balanar went into hiding.
  • As a monster who inspire nightmares in people, it is only natural that Sora and Riku are enemies of Balanar, the latter even more so due to his status as a Dream Eater.
  • He's not fond of Jack Skellington, believing that Jack is too soft for his role. Then again, Balanar don't exactly understand that Halloween is supposed to be a fun celebration and not a bloodbath unlike Diretide. Speaking of which, Balanar believes that Jack is responsible for the delay and cancellation of Diretide to get the defenders of the ancients to celebrate Halloween.
  • Sylvanas hates Balanar's guts. Why? Because in the past, he used to resemble the Dreadlord who betrayed her, Varimathras.
  • Strangely and surprisingly enough, Balanar is secretly a HUGE Batman fanboy, to the point that he has a costume. Would he ever notice Batman at night, Balanar will cease his hunting to follow and watch him from the darkness. It is not known how Batman would react if he learned of this secret, but he probably don't appreciate the stalking either way.
  • Tends to mumble that he couldn't catch a certain 'bird'. When the whole Birds house was asked if one of them was the bird in question, they all shrugged.
  • Thanks to his horrifying face, some evil Gods have been expressing interest to create an animatronic in a similar case with Freddy Fazbear to be put against the likes of Mike Schmidt, only this time made of pure evil. According to them, the combination would be extremely pants-wettingly scary. Balanar has no comment on that, though he thinks it'd be amusing... but he's against being experimented on for some reason, so no one ever sketches Balanar's night face for blueprints and lives to tell the tale, because he either whacks them away or devours them.
  • Together with his fellow Bringers of Everlasting Night, Balanar plotted to eliminate the Sun Quartet. In that operation, Balanar's main objective was to eliminate Volcarona, though he had to take care of Solaire of Astora first to make sure he don't ruin their plans. Though he gave Solaire a severe beatdown, the knight was rescued by Volcarona just in time, and the Night Stalker was driven away by the duo. He's rather unhappy that the plan failed.
  • "I'm the beast of bedtime tales."

    Sir Daniel Fortesque 
Sir Daniel Fortesque, God of Unbreakable Eyes (Sir Dan, The Hero of Gallowmere, Target-Face, The Hero Searching for His Legend, A Knight in Search of His Legend)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The skull emblem on his shield.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being a skeleton, Eye Scream, Coming Back from the Dead, Ripping off his own arm and beating you with it, Weaponizing Fried Chicken, Lots of Weapons, Being Unintelligible, Wielding Steampunk BFGs, Time Travel, Not being as heroic as originally thought.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Combat, Time Travel, Chivalry, Knighthood, Death (in a sense), Cowardice (before death), Courage (after)
  • Allies: Sly Cooper, Bentley, Ratchet, Link, Sol Badguy, Sir Arthur, Artix von Krieger, PaRappa, Jak, Daxter, Sora, Riku
  • Enemies: Needles Kane, Melkor, Nekron, Arthas
  • Rivals: Colornal Mael Radec
  • Opposes: Caius Ballard
  • Ascended after becoming involved in a massive battle between several deities in several Pantheons, including Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Sly Cooper, Ratchet, and Nathan Drake and not only making it out unscathed, but actually gaining many followers in the process.
  • Despite being a coward in life, in (un)death Sir Daniel is fully willing to fight someone several centuries ahead of his own time if it comes right down to it.
  • He would appreciate it if you didn't tell him your arrow jokes either. He's a bit sensitive about the eye.
  • Despite missing his lower jaw, Sir Daniel is somehow capable of communicating with others in the pantheon, so long as they speak English. Amusingly, particularly thick accents confuse him, causing him to request subtitles.
  • Sir Daniel absolutely abhors the undead, so necromancers such as the Lich King Arthas and Nekron are at the top of his hit-list.
  • Sir Daniel believes that, despite the fact that he's still dead, and that there are villains running around everywhere, that he is in the Hall of Heroes, the place where all great heroes get to eat, drink, and be merry after their heroic lives.
    • That said, he nearly got on the bad side of the God of Paladins, Artix von Krieger, known for his compulsive desire to smite all undead. However, it turns out that once Artix got to know Dan a bit better, the two became really good friends.
  • Has a very odd relationship with Sol Badguy, as Sir Daniel had atoned for his mistakes in life after death. Sol figures it's good enough for him, and the two tend to spar together, with Sir Daniel putting up a decent fight.
  • When he was alive, Sir Dan was known for running his mouth and telling tall tales of his own bravery, which led to his original demise. Now, he doesn't need to tell tall tales, because he's got REAL stories.
  • All mooks, even those on the side of Good, fear Sir Dan's chicken drumstick, which can turn even the darkest of mooks into a delicious and nutritious snack.
  • Sir Daniel has a rather fierce rivalry with the God of Big Bad Enforcers; Colonel Mael Radec. The true results of their first battle are shrouded in mystery, with both parties claiming victory. Sir Dan simply shrugs, but is unafraid of finishing off the modern soldier.
  • Despite being a true hero now, Sir Daniel's cowardice didn't completely disappear. He stays away from Hawkeye, Katniss and Legolas because he's afraid they might accidentally shoot him in his good eye. Upon finding out that Pit can fly, he went into a panic that took the combined efforts of Drake, Sackboy and Cole to snap him out of.
  • When Polygon Man tried to start a second round of the Battle Royale, Sir Dan was recruited by Lightning to prevent the round from ever coming to. During this, he and Pa Rappa (and, later, Jak and Daxter) were tasked with protecting the crystals containing Riku and Sora from Caius Ballard. When the two crystalized deities awoke, Caius changed into his Chaos Bahamut form and attempted to roast Riku with Mega Flare; Dan was able to pull the Keyblade Master to safety just in time.

    Kenshi Takahashi 
Kenshi Takahashi, God of Blind Swordsmen (Blind Kenshi, Keanu [by Cassie Cage], The Telekinetic Daredevil)

    Puss in Boots 
Puss in Boots, God of Beguiling Stares
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Hat and Boots
  • Theme Song: These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, usually True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Breakout Character, Cute Kitten, Known for Cute Cat-Eyes Trick, Zorro-Parody, Badass Adorable, Sharp Claws for Glass Cutting, Dashing Hispanic, Nice Hat, Known for His Boots, Use Rapier, Was In Debted to Shrek for Sparing Him
  • Domains: Cat, Spanish, Eyes, Cute
  • Herald: Kitty Softpaws
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Kim Possible
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Merlin
  • Puss in Boots was just a wanted cat in his hometown San Ricardo for getting involved in a heist with his former friend, Humpty Dumpty. He eventually left his hometown and was hired by King Harold to take care of Shrek, only to join him in his journey and has since been a reliable companion for the ogre and Donkey.
  • Puss in Boots is known for his strategy of opening his irises and acting innocent and cute to devastating effects. He used it to convince Shrek and Donkey to let him join in their journey and managed to stop the guards to lower their guard for a preemptive attack. The irony of the trope is the fact that he's a cat.
  • His beguiling gaze isn't just his asset, he is also a fierce swordfighter, despite his small size, as he faced off several guards on his own. In addition, his small size makes him hard to target and uses his feline agility to his advantage.
  • He got along with Zorro because of their similar way of fighting, marking their presence, and even having the same voice and mannerisms.
    • Similarly, he managed to befriend El Mariachi because of their similar voice. At first, when El Mariachi opened his violin case, Puss thought that he was getting his violin but instead, there were guns. That's because Puss once hit Kitty Softpaws with a guitar and she never stop bringing it up.
  • He and Morgana get along well because they were cats, their agility and had some association with Zorro.
  • He once denounced the Evil Matador, Vega, for giving Spaniards a bad name.
  • He had a showdown with others who tried to outdo him in his tricks. Naturally, he won every-time but he admits that they were close and he was a good sport about it. He even compared the Cutie Mark Crusaders to the Three Diablos, due to their young age.
  • He sometimes empathize with Garfield for their hatred of Mondays. In an alternate timeline, he retired from swordsmanship and let himself go much like the cat himself.
  • He doesn't like Merlin for the one time that when he teleported him, Shrek, Donkey, and Arthur back to Far Far Away, he and Donkey switched bodies while holding hands. Being on Donkey's body feel disgusting to him and he couldn't do his eye tricks. Merlin eventually reverse the magic and Puss and Donkey returned back to their bodies... but not their tails. Since then, he wants no favor from the wizard.
  • He was respected by Angelo who noted that he is a seductive sounding, flirting swordsman who are also orphans.
  • Puss once made a parody of the Old Spice commercial as a guideline for cats to be as cool as him.
  • In his spare time, he is often flirting with the felines in the Pantheon. Whether those are actual cats or catgirls, it's all the same to him. After all, he did tried to flirt with Fiona once when he first met her.
  • Puss was an orphan who lived in an orphanage ran by a woman named Imelda in his hometown, San Ricardo. He loved the place and the woman as she gave him the boots he wear everyday. He respects Jem for her kindness in providing for the orphanage she run with her musical career as their source of income.

Xatu, Patron Saint of the Thousand-Yard Stare (The Mystic Pokémon, The Oracle, Stare Jesus)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Its eyes; alternatively, its feather patterns
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Ability: Magic Bounce
  • Gender: Female
  • Moveset: Psychic, Air Slash, Giga Drain, Heat Wave
    • Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
  • Portfolio: Flying and Psychic Type, can see both the past and future, Thousand-Yard Stare due to seeing Bad Futures
  • Domains: Birds, Psychics, Stares
  • Herald: Espurr
  • Allies: Mewtwo, Latios & Latias, Alakazam, Shulk, Tate & Liza, Professor Xavier, Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, The Nephalems, Rika Furude
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Enel, Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk, The Crow
  • Complicated relations: Lord Shen
  • When bad things happen, staring in spot for a prolonged period of time can be a thing. Xatu is in such a position since its eyes can see both the past and a Bad Future. No one knows how long it has been doing that (nor the fact that it can see both the past and future simultaneously).
  • Many have been wondering what exactly is this future that Xatu sees. Arguably, the most popular theory that has been going around is the Grand United Alliance of Destruction successfully destroying the Pantheon. Because of this, it's a frequent visitor to the House of Prophecy.
    • During one particular visit, it met up with Nozdormu. The two get along well and became partners due to their abilities to see aspects of time, the future in particular.
    • Whenever Xatu visits that house, Cassandra usually wonders if its future visions include her own bad prophecies. It's hard to say whether it is true or not for the time being.
    • Every now and then, it meets up with Lord Shen, another frequent visitor to the Prophecy house. The peacock has difficulty wondering if the bad future this bird sees is a result of the peacock's actions or not and neither can Xatu itself.
  • A shiny version of it once traveled with the Mob. That said, Xatu doesn't understand why some people call it a scientist that built a Red Gyarados or think it's a hustler.
    • The fact that this shiny Xatu was able to use Mist Ball, a move that is normally exclusive to Latias, led to a bit of attention from the Eon duo.
      • Is also weirded out about how the Mob had an Espeon named "Burrito" who called Xatu "Sempai".
  • Xatu is wary of deities that can use electric, ice, rock, ghost, and dark attacks given its weaknesses. It has a strong dislike towards Enel given his characteristics.
  • Every now and then, it offers to open up treasure boxes that adventurers find for a small fee.
  • For whatever reason, its cries of "DOOT DOOT" have become a bit popular around the Pantheon to the point that some people made things based off that.
  • Gets along well with Eila Illmatar Juutilainen due to their ability to see the future. Eila can be seen alongside it and Shulk while improving her future-seeing skills, though Xatu is a bit more passive in the teaching and is usually there to watch.
  • Very few are certain as to whether or not it believes that the bad futures it sees can be averted. The more optimistic deities believe that those bad futures can be avoided while the more fatalistic ones say otherwise. There's also the question of whether or not said predictions are accurate to begin with.
    • Regardless, Xatu has a level of respect towards Rika Furude and the Nephalems due to their abilities of avoiding a possible bad fate.
  • Although not on the best of terms with Lord Shen, Xatu has an even worse relationship with other cruel birds such as the Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk, and The Crow. It doesn't help that Xatu sometimes sees them in its visions related to a bad future.
  • Still hasn't responded to any requests to take part in a staring contest. And it's very likely that it won't take part in such.


    Leonardo Watch 
Leonardo Watch, Divine Wielder of True Sight (Leo, Tortoise Knight)
  • Rank: Demigod (though with the vision of at least a Greater God)
  • Symbol: His All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods
  • Theme Song: Tortoise Knight, though Hello,World! also works. Alternately, most well-known for Haikyuu!!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Determinator, The Everyman, True Sight, I Know Your True Name, Cowardly Lion, Camera Fiend, Big Brother Instinct, Eyes Always Shut, Non-Action Guy, Living MacGuffin, Distressed Dude
  • Domains: Divine Sight, Photography, Siblings
  • Herald: His pet Mach Monkey, Sonic
  • Allies: Peter Parker/Spider Man, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Agents Scully and Mulder, Shawn Spencer, Scott Pilgrim, Kamina and Simon, Madoka Kaname, Star Butterfly, all good older siblings, really most Good-aligned heroes, The SCP Foundation, The Men In Black
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, Dimentio, The Anti-Spiral, Mard Geer, really just evil individuals in general
  • Feared By: Villains who are vulnerable via their True Name
  • Odd Friendship: Uatu The Watcher, Shinji Ikari, Lanaya
  • Opposes: The Global Occult Coalition
  • Wary of: Hermaeus Mora
  • The relative quiet of the Pantheon was interrupted with the sounds of several far-off explosions and out into the Main House arrived a slighly singed but unharmed young man. Initially unremarkable, he gathered everyone's attentions when he opened his eyes, reveal strange electric blue orbs, and he was able to point out several massive things about the place. After calming down, he would introduce himself as Leonardo Watch and it would be revealed his eyes are actually the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods, capable of being able to see the true nature of things. Given how his series is defined by him observing everything and seeing the truth of things, Leonardo Watch became the Divine Wielder of True Sight.
  • He has a complicated view of his eyes. He got them during a visit to the city with his family. Time stopped and a powerful entity offered these Eyes of the Gods to either of them, with the stiupulation the other would be blind. Micheala, his wheelchair bound sister, offered her eyes. Thus, she was blinded and Leo was left with his godly eyes, an incredible amount of guilt, and a determination to try and find someone to heal his sister.
  • After getting over the shock of the Pantheon, he grew quite used to it. However, what intrigued everyone was on the how and why. Three years prior to the start of his story, New York City became fused with that of an alternate reality, resulting in the merging of human and alien lifeforms. Combine this with the presence of werewolf and vampire-like entities drawn like moths to a bonfire to the massive chaos and the result was Hellsalem's Lot, a massive city of weird phenomenon that people have gotten used to, on the inside.
  • His Temple is pretty modest, resembling his apartment room though he is grateful that he does not have to worry about damages, at least not as much.
  • His miraculous eyes being able to see anything quickly made him the target for alot of malevolent or amoral parties, especially given how normal he is otherwise. However, he would qickly come to befriend Spider-Man, who helped save him. Given how Spidey is also a misfortunate young man given great powers that come with great responsability and haunted by regrets alongside with viewing New York as home, they bonded quickly. Peter's also one of the few Leo openly trusts to examine his eyes.
  • He would come to befriend others, such as the Pines Twins, who are able to empathize with him over living in a wonderful town of weird. Mabel thinks his eyes are amazing while Dipper also thinks his gift to see is nifty. They also respect the heck out of him for his devotion to his younger sister as well as both wondering what could've happened had the entity offered something like that to them, especially with the rammification of being blind.
    • Unsurprisingly, this led to Leo once protecting them from Bill Cipher, who was stalking them. This quickly earned an enmity between the two. Bill dismisses Leo for the most part, but finds his eyes pretty interesting, though he finds him boring. Leo meanwhile sees him much like the Femt back at his homeworld as a hackeyed nut who kicks people around for jokes. Leo's experiences means he cannot be tricked by Bill and he can see him whenever he possesses someone or even when just in the Dreamscape.
  • Having gotten close to the Grand United Alliance of Good, he was able to befriend more good people. Investigators with interests in the supernatural like Agents Mulder and Scully have been helping him and relying on his eyes. Shawn Spencer in particular is impressed by Leo and has been helping him in better using his eyes to analyze things. They also tend to have lunch together alot.
  • Looking to find something to replace his X-Station, he would go into the House of Gaming and he would end up befriending Scott Pilgrim of all people. Both of them are seemingly unimpressive people with remarkable capabiltiies, a shared interest in gaming, living in modest conditions, confronting feelings of cowardice and of course, living in pretty messed up worlds. Scott helps serve to protect Leo while asking questions about his eyes.
  • Leonardo earned the respect of Kamina and Simon when they saw him save the world in the final episode of the first season of his show. Leonardo quoted his boss, Klaus, regarding on unbreakability of the human spirit as long as you try and move toward the light. The fact he screamed this out in the open in a display of hot-bloodedness moved them and became fast friends. Leo is meanwhile in awe of Simon and Kamina and hopes they could somehow help heal his sister. Kamina welcomes the challenge in defying fate, which extended to divine contracts and considers bringing Shiron into this.
    • Through Simon, Leo has also befriended Shinji. Leo sees much of himself in Shinji in terms of lack of confidence and having repressed rage, though he also has plenty of concern over just what the kid went through. Shinji meanwhile is awed by how Leo can keep moving forward even if frozen in place. This combined with how relatable he found Leo began giving Shinji more courage.
    • Aditionally, he also met Madoka through Simon and both bonded over being Hope bringers while he came to see her as another little sistet of sorts. As such, he promises to help her however he could. Even if she were to ascend beyond existence, he would still see her through his eyes.
  • Given how valuable his eyes would be in law enforcement and investigation, it would be little surprise that various agencies approached Leo to have him ally with them and to serve as correspondent to Libra should they ever ascend. Leo is pretty wary around the Men in Black and especially the SCP, but he still helps them out. He prefers the SCP over the Global Occult Coalition, who he finds would be the same sort of untrustworthy people who would attack Hellsalem's Lot without consideration for the non-humans there.
    • This has led to Leo to getting a confrontation with a certain individual, Dr. Alto Clef. After Clef nearly broke Leo's camera (it was saved at the last minute by Sonic's quickness), he tried to antagonize the kid a little regarding his eyes. However, both were surprised as Leo's eyes were in fact, capable of looking past Clef's head trick and actually get a glimpse of him. However, the intensity began hurting Leo's eyes. Clef meanwhile was stymied someone was able to actually see his true form and has been wary of the kid whenever he aids the SPC.
  • Besides Bill Cipher, Leo has butted heads (often literally, given how it's a reoccuring tactic of his) with Dimentio (who he sees as a worse version of someone like Bill Cipher or Femt), the Anti-Spiral (they remind him too much of the King of Despair with their nihilism and willingness to use peoples' loved ones) and Mard Geer (who cannot believe a normal human got a godlike gift and that his eyes allow Leo to see his weakness and even more or less counter Memento Mori since Leo can act as a tether of sorts because Mard Geer's Curse could not overcome the divine craftsmanship of the Eyes.)
  • Hermaeus Mora has expressed interest in Leo'e eyes, but Leo is just reminded of the crazy doctor who kidnapped him and threatened his sister for his eyes. As such, he stays as far as he can from him, using his eyes to do so. Mora just finds it interesting and has tried to tempt Leo with knowledge that could help his sister. Leo has not listened, but Mora thinks it's fated that the young man will come to him.
  • With the revelation that his eyes were bestowed on him because the God in question, Liga El Metahiut, chose him to see and record the events of humanity's interaction with the extradimentional. It turns out Leo is the latest in a long line of people offered the Eyes of the Gods to examine world-changing evenets, such as the rise and fall of Hitler or humanity arriving on the moon. to Metahiut, humanity's interaction with the extradimensional was the pinnacle of Earth history and Leo was the one chosen. As such, Uatu the Watcher feels a kinship regarding their shared roles and talks to him on occasion. Uatu does wish he could affect things, even in small things, the way Leo does.
  • Despite being friends with pretty powerful people, it's still pretty stressful on how Leo has been the target of attacks. As such, he ended up hiring a bodyguard of sorts... Lanaya of all people. Her unbridled thirst for mysteries and truths meant she was giddy at the thought of Leo's All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods As such, he was willing to accompany her on her searches while she acts as a bodyguard to him. They ended up striking up an Odd Friendship.
  • Beyond his job as being an agent of Libra, his other job is that of a photographer so he often spends time taking pictures of the various people of the Pantheon. As such, he spents alot of time in the House of Crafts working on his photos and interracting with his fellow artists. Some of the folk there do admire his eyes, especially given how the eyes are literally divine craftsmanship.
  • He also likes to visit the House of Food and explore the sights. Many at the House became fascinated at the sorts of otherworldly cuisine that Leonardo has witnessed... and some just lost their lunch when Leo described some of the restaurants.
    • On occasion, he also prays to a so-called "God of Chow," which he claimed is what determines the food people will eat and he will punish people who play with their food (which includes using restaurants as hazing) with "Divine Famishment", where you are cursed to be unable to find proper meals.
  • The end credits of his show's first season is very popular to say the least. So much that inspired a lot of members of the Pantheon decided to give it a try.
  • Came to the defense of Star Butterfly after her plan to destory magic led to all the dimensions of her show fusing and received plenty of flack and insults because of it. He pointed to how it was not all that different from Hellsalem's Lot and that humans, monsters and so on can and will work together to propser and endure. Star was pretty grateful for this show of support.

Kaa, Deity of Hypnotic Eyes
"Disneyfied" Male Kaa
"Disneyfied" Female Kaa 
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: Its' eyes
  • Theme Music: Trust in Me (2016 version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Disney versions); Lawful Neutral (Book version)
  • Portfolio: Very Different Personality in Disney Works Compared to the Original Books (And being an Antagonist in that case)
  • Domains: Snakes, Hypnosis, Personality
  • Additional Relations: Mowgli (sometimes a friend, sometimes a potential dinner), Baloo & Bagheera
  • Rival(?): Serperior
  • Enemies: Apophis, Seviper, Lesale Deathbringer
  • Opposes: Oberyn Martell
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Hypnotoad
  • Feared by: King Louie
  • Kaa is a python and one of many animals that Mowgli encountered during his journey. One of Kaa's primary abilities is hypnosis, which is accomplished through body movement or through their eyes, the latter of which tends to be used more often. For some reason, not only is the change between Kaa's personality drastic depending on the circumstances, there's a chance that the gender will be altered as well.
  • One day, in the House of Nature, Mary Lennox found a snake in her garden. Before she could report it, she was enthralled by Kaa's hypnotic gaze. Before it could make a meal out of her, some of the Bloom and Doom Seed Co. plants Crazy Dave provided her sensed its intent and pelted it with peas and whatnot, snapping Mary out of his spell. And if things couldn't get any worse for Kaa, Fluttershy arrived for a visit just in time to see the whole thing, and immediately confronted the python. Kaa tried to hypnotize her as well, but her own hypnotic eyes overpowered Kaa's and it was cowed into scampering as fast as possible, making for a rough first day in the Pantheon for Kaa.
    • What happened some time afterwards ended up being extremely awkward for Kaa to say the least. Just as the snake was about to approach Mowgli, the kid called the snake out on trying to eat him in the past. Kaa ended up confused and had to be taken to the House of Time and Space to see what was up. Kaa was shown various different iterations of itself, specifically a normal self and a "Disneyfied" version (the latter being the one that tried to go after Lennox). Not only did Kaa get more perplexed at such a thing, both versions ended up being a part of Kaa in the Pantheon, meaning that under certain circumstances, one personality will be more prevalent than the other. This isn't even getting into the sudden gender change that happens irregularly, particularly with "Disneyfied" Kaa.
  • Baloo and Bagheera later learned of Kaa's abrupt personality shifts from Mowgli. What the "Disneyfied" Baloo and Bagheera found odd about this hearing about how normal Kaa was friends with their normal counterparts, alongside certain sources claiming that a younger "Disneyfied" Kaa was friends with the "Disneyfied" Baloo and Bagheera before becoming a problem to them in the animals' adult years, even if the three have a very hard time recalling such a period happening.
  • Part of the reason why Kaa's "Disneyfied" personality is antagonistic compared to its regular version is that Walt Disney not only wanting his version of The Jungle Book to be very different from the source, but apparently thought that people wouldn't accept a heroic snake. Kaa's original personality was rather offended to hear about it, but decided that it was better not to repeatedly pester Walt about it.
  • Regardless of what Kaa's personality is at the moment, Apophis is one deity that Kaa has significant problems with. Kaa's normal personality sees it as a major threat overall and the "Disneyfied" versions (the male version especially) is nearly terrified at what Apophis is capable of. Apophis being capable of hypnosis even stronger than Kaa only made Kaa hate him even further.
  • Venom is something that Kaa does not like, especially if it's being used by other snakes. Seviper is someone that Kaa has no respect for in any way whatsoever even if the Pokemon isn't that malicious and Kaa's hatred is far more pronounced towards Lesales Deathbringer's dangerous character. Even if Kaa is aware that Oberyn isn't a bad person, his use of poisons and the title of "The Red Viper" didn't go over well with Kaa.
  • For the most part, the "Disneyfied" Kaa mainly uses hypnosis to incapacitate victims and turn them into a meal. Other deities specializing in this ability such as Jervis Tetch feel like the snake is squandering potential, but Kaa hasn't paid them much mind. The normal Kaa doesn't like these malicious hypnotizers though.
  • There is some mild tension present between both Kaas and Serperior. It's clear that Serperior is at least trying to tolerate Kaa, but Kaa's sudden shifts in personality have annoyed the Pokemon quite a bit, especially since the "Disneyfied" Kaa is very much nothing like the normal Kaa that Serperior doesn't mind.
  • While the "Disneyfied" Kaa and the normal Kaa tend to be the versions of Kaa that the Pantheon tends to see, a select few are aware of another version of Kaa that participated in a rebellion and and ending up doing hard labor in the end. Kaa doesn't seem very interested in bringing up that particular version of itself when asked.
  • At one point, Kaa got bored and tried to eat the Hypnotoad. As soon as Kaa was close enough to it, the Hypnotoad tried to hypnotize it and Kaa retaliated by trying to induce hypnosis on it. The hypnosis stare-off lasted for some time and ended with Kaa retreating with some eye-strain. The Hypnotoad doesn't care at all for what Kaa is doing and isn't interested in eating it, but Kaa has made more than a handful of additional attempts to turn the Hypnotoad into a meal, all ending in failure.
  • Despite the cowardice and generally not being as potent as the normal version, the male "Disneyfied" Kaa is still someone that shouldn't be taken that lightly and the female version is more dangerous. The male version is enough of a threat that Bagheera was neutralized while trying to stop Kaa from eating Mowgli. King Louie as an orang-utan is also afraid of Kaa, though no one is certain what will happen if Louie's Gigantopithecus form encounters Kaa in any capacity.
  • Kaa using hypnosis to lure a young child and saying "trust in me" to him has led some deities to think that there's creepy undertones with what the snake plans to do with children, a thought that Kaa's original personality is very annoyed at.
  • Many Disney deities find it unsettling that Kaa sounds just like Pooh. That said, Kaa has no interest in the stuffed bear (or Piglet, Eeyore, or Tigger) mainly because eating him won't feed him. Rabbit, Owl (if he's willing to risk it), or Christopher Robin, however…
  • Stays away from Cruella de Vil, not wanting to be harvested into leather for any of her clothing.


    Stanley Kubrick 
Stanley Kubrick, Patron Deity of the Kubrick Stare
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His mustache
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Cinema, Director, Art, Determination
  • Portfolio: Eccentric but dedicated filmaker, Auteur License, perfectionist to the point of jerkassery, staring at the camera, Reclusive Artist, used well known classical music and pop melodies and put them in an ironic new context
  • Allies: James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, the ascended cast of The Simpsons, Maximus Decimus Meridius, Pinocchio, George Lucas, Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, Jack Torrance
  • Enemies: Any Lolicon in the Pantheon, Hal 9000, Alex DeLarge, CON ARTISTS, House of Investigative Work, Michael Bay
  • Opposed by: Many actors in and out of the Pantheon, Stephen King
  • Rival: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Admired by: Lady Gaga
  • Ascended for after his death for his extended use of the trope in his film to build up characters.
    • Because Kubrick himself sometimes use the gesture in order to look more intimidating, the other deities were at first scared out of their mind when Kubrick shows an example of his temple.
  • Famously avoiding attention from the media, Kubrick hates the House of Investigative Work with a passion because he thinks they are annoying and nosy. He got respect for "respectable" journalists but his feeling remain..
  • Despises con artists with a passion due to an incident with a man named Alan Conway who impersonated Kubrick and his wife. Any of one of them who goes near his temple will be swiftly punished by being casted as one of his actors in a new project he is working on.
  • Was incredibly disturbed when his film Lolita inspires a decently-sized Misaimed Fandom of Lolicon. He refuses to acknowledge their existence and block them from his temple.
  • While generally avoiding people, he made an exception for fans and former collaborators.
    • One of the most famous people who are Big Name Fan of him are Lady Gaga, George Lucas and the Simpson family due to having Shout-Out to his works in their show.
    • Made friends with Pinocchio, of all people due to one of his unfinished projects is a Recycled In Space version of his story and served as Pinocchio's High Priest.
    • However, he avoids taking with his crazier creations. Among them are Alex DeLarge (who like Lolita, brought in the wrong kind of fans) and HAL 9000. HAL almost has a Villainous Breakdown when encounter his creator and vows to get rid of Kubrick. The one exception was Jack Torrance, who Kubrick was surprised that was civil in his presence rather than trying to put an axe in his skull.
  • Was known to be a perfectionist and devoted to the art form of cinema to the point of melodramatic, Kubrick's invitation to collaborate with an actor in the Pantheon caused that actor to both feel honored and terrified at the same time. Unless they're a child.
  • Once had a rap battle with Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino, filmakers who he respects or who look up to him. And Michael Bay.
  • Can be seen in looking for chess opponent on his off day. Of course, because of his Kubrick Stare, people generally uncomfortable at first when playing with him before learning that just how he looks when he's focusing.
  • Has been blocking people who complain about Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann from his temple due to perceiving them as annoying and distract him from his next project.
  • Has been avoiding Stephen King because of the latter's hatred of Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining.


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