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The Hall of Light and Brightness is perpetually and always bright with sunlight, unchangeable by any forms of magic. Even if the sun were to be wiped out, would the light on these fields truly disappear. Creatures associated with light tend to make their home here, especially if they're harmed by darkness. However, the light side is not necessarily good. The everlasting light burns brighter than any sun, potentially causes high degree burns on those unfortunate enough to be in extended contact with the light. Protection from light is a necessity to visit this side of the lands.

The sun never sets, which can screw with a number of animals' day/night cycle. It also makes eclipses and stargazing impossible, and the strange nature of this light somehow prevents shadows from forming. The House of Vampires cannot bear being in this hall either. It's often a place where holy beings like angels congregate to.

Since this hall is filled with light and imbued with a LOT of light magic, it produces a similar effect to the Disney Castle’s cornerstone of light, which means that it naturally repels The Heartless, The Nobodies and The Unversed. This makes this hall one of the few places (alongside the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares) in the pantheon where the Heartless, The Nobodies and the Unversed can’t enter, essentially making this whole hall a safe haven for those who are seeking refuge from any of these aforementioned monsters. However, as Ansem, Xemnas, Xigbar, and Saïx have demonstrated, there ARE a few exceptions to that rule...

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    Ezalor, Keeper of the Light 
Ezalor, God of Pure, Good Light (the Keeper of the Light, KotL)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A ball of light atop an hourglass (the icon for his spell Illuminate)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Sentient Expression of Order and Light, Chakra Magic, Hits on Women Even if They're Monsters, Illuminate, Light Is Good, Mana Leak, Riding To Combat On His Steed, Sentient Cosmic Force, Old As Creation, Wizard Beard, Spirit Form Grants him Access to Recall and Blinding Light
  • Domains: Good, Light, Order
  • Allies: Io, Bahamut, Tiki, Palutena, Sora, Amaterasu, Django, Gandalf, Master Roshi, Jaina Proudmoore, Uther the Lightbringer, chaos, Johanna, Yrel, Warrior of Light, Phoenix, Princess Celestia, Pegasus, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Derpy Hooves
    • Partner: Necrozma
  • Rivals: The Champion of Runeterra
  • Enemies: Chaos Knight, Night Stalker, Pitch Black, Ungoliant, Xehanort's Incarnations, Maleficent, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon, Satan (Castlevania), Y'Shaarj, YHVH, Yog-Sothoth
  • Opposed by: Those relying on movement.
  • Ezalor is one of the four Fundamentals, alongside Chaos Knight, Enigma, and Io. He escaped from the Fundamental plane and brought the light to all realms, destroying the night creatures that terrorize the realms. Though he appears as an forgetful old man, he will use his powers to repel the forces of darkness.
  • He feared the day of encountering his Arch-Nemesis, Chaos Knight, in the Pantheon. As polar opposite, Chaos Knight seek to destroy the Light and within the Pantheon, it is only the matter of time before they will fight to the death.
  • He enjoyed being accompanied by Phoenix, though he forgot about how Phoenix was born several generations from his first sun, making him his great-great-great-great-great-great grandson.
  • He could be a charmer and gentleman to many females in the Pantheon, regardless of age or race. People thought that he was an old man who creep on little girls, but he doesn't discriminate among females (he would flirts with elderly women too) because he's technically not human, rather otherworldly.
    • He tried to woo the Princesses of Heart, forgetting about their importance as their hearts are pure light. Though despite this, he is willing to protect them from Master Xehanort and Maleficent when they kidnapped them in order to seek Kingdom Hearts.
  • He is enlightened with many deities who use light for good, believing them to be valuable allies in his quest in banishing the darkness. Though while he might be okay (albeit quite confused) with good dark bringers since that contradicts with his quest, he is unhappy with those who uses light to bring evil.
  • Some people compare him to Gandalf in terms of appearance and summoning a wave resembling horses. He even says "You shall not cast!", in which two wizards find each to be valuable allies.
  • He was charmed by Jaina when she thought that he was an Archmage, considering how he almost look alike to them as well as riding a horse, even using the spell of Recall.
  • He claim that the people who say that not even light could escape black holes are lying with him thwarting Enigma as proof.
  • His power to bring light to all has caused issues with Nightmare Moon who wants to bring eternal night. He compare her to the night creatures who lead a reign of terror in his realm before he formed the dawn of the First Day and it destroyed the night creatures.
  • Night Stalker found out that he was responsible for creating daytime and the First Day which killed many of the night creatures, leaving him the last of his kind. He is determined to kill the Fundamental that created the hated daytime.
  • His Mana Leak spell which drains mana based on the movement is a lot similar to Bloodseeker's Rupture ability. This makes him very concerning for Fragile Speedster who rely on movement.
  • Deadpool wants to make this wizard to be his friend because he knows that they share the same voice.
  • If you ran out of juice (mana), just ask him to recharge, and he'll happily comply with the word "Kundalini!"
  • At times, Ezalor is seen riding a bright pegasus into the pantheon, a steed that he claims he created in his early days. The Pegasi of the Pantheon was pleased to see that the Keeper of the Light could remember his days with the pegasus despite his senility.
  • "They say t'was I who carried the first light into the universe. They might be right, I can't quite recall."

Greater Gods

    Light of Destruction 
The Light of Destruction, God of Evil Light (The Light of Ruin, The Dark Light)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its own radiance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (masquerades as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Light Is Not Good, Possesses People And Spreads Evil In People's Souls, Greater-Scope Villain, Time Abyss, Seeks To Destroy Everything (Or Be Worshipped In The Dub), Unrealistic White Hole, Evil Is Hammy, Absolute Evil
  • Domains: Light, Possession, Destruction, White Holes, Malevolence, "Fate"
  • Followers: Innominat the Suppressor, Armisael, Dr. Arthur Light, Ashen-Shugar, Nakadai Mikoto/AbareKiller
  • Interested in: Griffith
  • Varying relationship with: Sailor Galaxia, Takuma Saiou (enemies normally, allies when she's under Chaos' influence/when he's possessing Takuma Saio)
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Melkor, Kefka Palazzo, Deathwing, The Firebird, Giygas, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Headbutting Villains with: Galeem, Nekron
  • Rivals: Darkseid, Dharkon, YHVH, Chernabog, The Dark Star
  • Enemies: Every deity (top priority Jaden Yuki and Yubel), the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, Cosmos, Lucifer, Iroque, Father Balder, Melisandre of Asshai, Beerus, Shin, Ra, Eru Ilúvatar, Ungoliant, Amaterasu, Ezalor, Amara, any benevolent light or darkness user, everything else that lives.
  • Out in space, there exists a strange white hole emitting a potent light. This light, the Light of Destruction, is a cosmic evil who's energy inspires calamities such as dictatorships and wars. Eventually possessing Takuma Saiou/Satorius, it founded the Society of Light to possess and control members to do its bidding. The Light of Destruction's ambition? To destroy the universe.
  • The entity is hated by all Yu-Gi-Oh deities, but especially Jaden and Yubel who are destined to destroy it. It is also hated by the House of Friendship and Camaraderie for trying to pervert The Power of Friendship into its sinister cult. Iroque hates that it would brainwash people to destruction, though the Light of Destruction pointed out she uses light to brainwash people for "good". Though in reality, it simply desires to twist the Indigo Tribe into agents of brainwashing for its own purposes.
  • Naturally, all those who follow benevolent light consider it an abomination. Ra hates seeing light used for the same purposes as his greatest foe, Apophis. Melisandre had believed that there was no such thing as Light Is Not Good, however seeing what the Light of Destruction does has convinced her otherwise. Benevolent darkness users oppose the Light of Destruction equally.
  • The evil light to Chernabog's evil darkness. Naturally, they're in competition. The Light of Destruction is also in competition with Darkseid in the field of brainwashing and destruction. It regards Ezalor as a rival, but this is one-sided and like any good force of light Ezalor despises the Light of Destruction. Ungoliant seems to think of it as food.
  • Worryingly, there was one deity who appreciated the evil light; Melkor. To him, it is a great mockery of his creator Eru Ilúvatar, as the Light of Destruction seeks the same desire of corruption and destruction that the first Dark Lord did. That corruption of light symbolism led the Light of Destruction to be rather amused by Griffith's actions and wants to see his end goal.
  • The other Grand United Alliance leaders oppose it for various reasons-morality for Cosmos, wanting life to exist for Lucifer and YHVH. Though YHVH at least seems to respect its use of using light to bring judgement and worship, seeing the Light of Destruction as more of a rival than traditional foe. To a lot of people's surprise, Nekron did not. Nekron is no fan of light, but he shares the same purpose and desire-the destruction of all life. And the Light of Destruction might give it an edge against the Life Entity and white light of creation.
  • Believes that destruction is the destiny of the universe and claims it has happened many times before. While it considers itself a Destroyer Deity, Beerus thinks that it is merely a sadistic monster who destroys for the fun of it and hates it. So does Shin, who finds it just as repulsive as Zamasu. The Light of Destruction doesn't care about this, nor does it have much of an opinion on the mad Kai.
  • Finds kinship in the Firebird and Deathwing are they are harbingers of destruction. It thought it might find allies in the House of Otherness Abominations. It soon pestered Amara and tried to goad her on to destruction, thinking it is the destiny of the universe. She vehemently opposed the Light of Destruction. It did find kinship with Giygas however due to ushering in an apocalypse.
  • Saw some of itself within Galeem, being a monstrously destructive being of light that twists the world around it. Galeem seems to understand its actions and methods, however, considers it a bit too chaotic to be straight allies. Particularly that while Galeem hates Dharkon with a passion, the Light of Destruction merely considers Dharkon to be competition. Perhaps this is because it can see the two forces are far more similar in goals than they would ever admit.
  • Has seen some of its former host in Sailor Galaxia, with a similar malevolent entity possessing her. When it does possess her, the Light of Destruction has an ally. Balder opposes him given the possession he suffered. And despite the name, it doesn't have any connection to Kefka Palazzo. Not that it doesn't approve of Kefka's use of light to cause mass death.
  • One would think the Light of Destruction and Evolto would be allies considering that they possess their victims and have similar goals of destruction. What really happened is that the Light distrusts Evolto due to him backstabbing any ally he makes once they have already suited his ends. Evolto admits to that one, though he wouldn't mind being best buddies with the Light.

Necrozma, the Deity that Summons Pillars of Light (The Prism Pokémon, UB: Black, The Blinding One, The Nuzlocke Killer)
Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma
Ultra Necrozma
  • Greater Deity (Overdeity as Ultra Necrozma)
  • Symbol: A black, eight-pointed star; overlays an orange, stylized sun surrounded by eight black kites as Dusk Mane Necrozma or a blue, stylised moon surrounded by two pairs of connected lunes as Dawn Wings Necrozma. Turns white as Ultra Necrozma.
  • Theme Song: (as Necrozma) Battle! (Solgaleo / Lunala / Necrozma), (as Dusk Mane or Dawn Wings Necrozma) Battle! (Dusk Mane / Dawn Wings Necrozma), (as Ultra Necrozma) Battle! (Ultra Necrozma)
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Prism Armor (Neuroforce as Ultra Necrozma)
  • Moveset: Photon Geyser, Stone Edge, Swords Dance, Prismatic Laser
    • Z-Move: Light That Burns the Sky
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Evil before its Heel–Face Turn, Neutral Good originally)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Contrasting Sequel Antagonist, Olympus Mon, Having a Twisted Alien Body Made of Crystals That Reverts to Its True Golden, Light-bound Draconic, 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit-hot Form, Light 'em Up (generally with Pillars of Light or Frickin' Laser Beams), Refracting Light Despite Being Black, Stealing the Light That It Would Normally Give Freely to the Worlds It Visited, Parasitic Fusion Dance with Solgaleo or Lunala that becomes Symbiotic Possession Because It Soothes Necrozma's Pain, Unstoppable Rage Due to Being Unable to Store Light After Humans Damaged Its Body, Dark Is Evil (as Ultra Necrozma, Light Is Good), Thinking Up Ultra Wormholes
  • Domain: Darkness, Rage, Aliens, Psychic Powers, Prisms, Time and Space, Light
  • Allies: Kukui, Ash Ketchum, Kyurem, Arceus, Takanuva
  • Enemies: Its Former Allies, Team Rainbow Rocket, Nightmare Moon, Teridax, Kefka Palazzo, Dr. Weil, the Light of Destruction, Galeem
  • Opposes: Greedy humans
  • Opposed by: The Evangelion pilots
  • Sympathy for the Devil for: Giygas
  • Necrozma first appeared as a mysterious, ferocious, crystalline being with some sort of control over the light in the Alola Region. While it had played no significant role there, the deities of the Pantheon were intrigued and kept an eye on the being - and it was a good thing that they did, for in an alternate Alola Necrozma was revealed to be a dimension-travelling light-stealer capable of taking over the body of the resident Olympus Mons and plunging entire worlds into darkness. The clamouring for the Prism Pokémon to ascend was near-instantaneous - but a debate over whether to ascend it under a trope related to darkness or light was similarly swift to grow. After it was discovered that Necrozma's true form, a benevolent dragon content to share its light with the multiverse, had been stolen away from it by the greed of humanity, leaving it in its current state, it was agreed that the former was more appropriate. Thus, for its unique ability to summon great geysers of photons, capable of torching the heavens themselves, Necrozma ascended.
  • Ezalor was one of those who believed that Necrozma was irredeemably dark and, upon its arrival in the Pantheon, rode out to confront the creature. As it turned out, however, the Fundamental's light-powered attacks only served to satiate the Prism Pokémon - and, between it and the constant light within the of Sub-House of Light and Brightness, it was more than enough to fuel its Ultra Burst transformation. After a little explanation by Kukui and being given a Z-Ring to stabilize Ultra Necrozma's form, Ezalor elected to become Necrozma's partner; the latter has been noticeably calmer since.
  • When she heard that another who plunged worlds into eternal darkness was ascending to the Pantheon, Nightmare Moon was more than pleased. Discovering that Necrozma in its true form essentially does the opposite was infuriating for her, to the extent that she has declared it her personal archenemy in the Sub-House of Light and Brightness. The House of Combat is gathering popcorn for the inevitable epic clash.
  • Similarly, Makuta Teridax was more than happy to have a mindless, powerful being of Shadow that he could easily bend to his will within the Pantheon. Then he discovered that it was a Light-user; indeed, it was not just that but a Light-user an order of magnitude more powerful than Takanuva. Needless to say, he's working on a counter-strategy. That said, Takanuva himself was curious about this mysterious being and, having got to know the Pokémon, the two have formed something of a friendship. Ezalor has given him permission to use his Elemental Light abilities to give Necrozma sustenance in battle.
  • Similar in some respects to Arceus and Kyurem. Like Arceus, having a piece of it stolen sent the normally benevolent Pokemon into a rage. And like Kyurem, it is an incomplete entity that can assimilate with other legendaries. Given what happened to it, Necrozma has some sympathy for Giygas for being an alien so consumed by embitterment and past grudges it went completely insane.
  • Notably the first Pokémon antagonist in a main series game, however, upon its defeat and having the Cosmog line's presence, Necrozma calmed down. It is still somewhat sore towards humanity but is no longer filled with hate for them. When it was, it related to SKYNET's contempt, Sensui's hatred and SCP-682's disgust for humans. Now, it looks at the three with shame for their and its past actions.
  • When consumed by rage, the GUAD saw its abilities to suck the light out of worlds and wrath very useful for their plans of destroying everything. Though Nekron disliked its light, he did like the darkness the Pokemon brought. Even then, Necrozma's alliance was tentative since it was more interested in satisfying light hunger and taking it from people, and suspected they would try to weaponize it. Which they are trying to do upon Necrozma leaving the GUAD.
  • Dr. Weil tried to coax Necrozma's rage once more, feeling a similarity in his own misanthropy against humanity. It didn't take too long for the Prism Pokémon to decry such comparison, stating that while it has a legitimate reason for its wrath, Weil does not as he was being punished for his crimes against the world. While Necrozma is not so much of a hypocrite as to accuse him of being consumed by hatred rather than develop, it did believe that Dystopia Justifies the Means was too vile even for itself.
  • Once a natural foe for its own house, solar deities and the House of Nature Preservers. This has changed with Necrozma's Heel–Face Turn, who has been accepted by its community again. However, it has now gained a loathing towards the destructive use of light that the Light of Destruction and Kefka use.
  • The Evangelion pilots oppose it for being too much like the angels they once fought, with Gendo Ikari taking an interest into it. Necrozma is also not happy with being transformed into a spirit by Galeem, who it sees as a rival.
  • Was once dropped into a simulated battle royale with the rest of it's fellow Legendaries and Mythical Pokémon. After absorbing Victini and The sun, Ultra Necrozma made quick work of Palkia and Dialga and directly challenged Arceus. No one quite knows who won as the simulation immediately and violently broke down.
  • "Lie... lie... LIGHT!"
Palutena, Goddess of Light (Lady Palutena, Pretty Palutena, Professor Palutena, Know-It-All Palutena, Goddess of Obvious, Goddess of Light, Number 54)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her staff
  • Theme Music: Solo Menu, Destroyed Skyworld, The Return of Palutena; Boss Fight 2 (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Chaotic Evil when possessed by the Chaos Kin)
  • Portfolio: Hot Goddess of Light, Gold and White Are Divine, doesn't like being called ma'am, Light Is Good (unless when possessed by the Chaos Kin), Genki Girl, The Gadfly, Cute Clumsy Girl, Lethal Chef, possibly assuming a beautiful appearance to avoid scaring people, Forced to Fight Pit Under the Chaos Kin's Control
  • Domains: Light, Attractiveness, Divinity
  • Allies: Pit, Dyntos, Viridi (bordering on Friendly Enemy), Cosmos, Athena, Zelda, Liara T'soni, Lucina, Angelo, Byleth, Princess Celestia and Luna, Zagreus, God (from Bruce Almighty), Ezalor, the Luminary
  • Enemies: The Chaos Kin, Hades (both the one from her universe and the other one), Medusa Gorgon, Hela, that other Medusa, Ganondorf, Shang Tsung, Nightmare Moon, Fused Zamasu, Chernobog, the Dementors, Oryx the Mod God, Gods that specialize in Demonic Possession
  • Rival: Solid Snake
  • Odd Friendship: The Nasuverse Medusa
  • Opposes: Panty Anarchy
  • Banned from: The House of Food
  • In the airborne land of Skyworld, there presides a Goddess who watches over her world, being an ever present force of Good. This is Palutena, the Goddess of Light, and master of the flightless angel Pit. Having been imprisoned by the Goddess of Darkness Medusa, Palutena had to be rescued by Pit, who had been banished to the underworld. The two are known for being... inactive since then (and have gone inactive after their first outing in 25 years), but they've been given a consolation that they're willing to take. Many divine beings are known for having great power. Some are also known for their great beauty. As the Court of the Gods needed someone that is not only already considered a deity but also associated with light, they decided to give the title to Palutena since she's already hailed as that in her home world. This decision was fueled by how she continues to be referred to by that title even in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Palutena is pleased to know that she's recognized as such, since she takes pride in the light. Pit was surprised to see that she has ascended. She had this to say to him:
  • The Goddess of Light did not take kindly to the news that the Chaos Kin had arrived in the Pantheons. She has since been sending out her Centurians to warn everyone of its presence and abilities in hopes of minimizing whatever damage it could bring about. It has since been on the run, searching for whatever dark corner that it could bide its time. Sadly, she'll also find out that the Pantheons are home to villains that are just as bad, if not worse than what she's had to deal with.
  • She is not allowed in the kitchens of the House of Food after this happened. She can't really blame the ones in charge, since she can't toss the blame for that incident on anyone other than herself. From that House, she's learned of the Dementors, who often eat the souls of whoever they come into contact with. Considering what they do and how fearsome they are, Palutena has made sure to warn Pit about them, saying they give Eggplant Wizards, Tempura Wizards, and even Orns a run for their money.
  • Thanks to this, some deities have started to pair her up with Lucina. When this was presented to them, Lucina was completely flabbergasted at how that moment was recorded. She insisted that the whole thing was an accident and that it shouldn't be used as prove of anything. Palutena thinks it's Actually Pretty Funny, but it also shouldn't be used to suggest anything romantic between them.
  • Palutena was surprised to meet up with Athena considering that they shared some things in common. Palutena hopes that this Athena won't indulge in the same actions that a certain other incarnation did in one world. Considering how this Athena is one of the only people in her Pantheonic lineage to have a strong sense of morality and responsibility, she has nothing to fear.
  • Naturally, she wasn't happy to hear that the Hades from her world was in the Pantheon. She was even less thrilled when she found out that there was another Hades. She also learned that the latter can take on another form when he decides to get serious. Unfortunately, as much as he's less malevolent than others, Palutena found the latter form of Hades kind of a bore. Thankfully, the Zeus from the second Hades mentioned turned out to be surprisingly benevolent compared to his usual depiction. This one is unambiguously the Big Good of his respective world and sympathizes with her situation of being Taken for Granite after having her soul in danger. He's willing to provide her with Thunderbolts in case she comes across another major threat.
  • In relation to Hades, one world has him with a somewhat obscure son named Zagreus who is very amicable and easy-going. Upon learning of the Hades that Palutena has had to deal in her world, he gives his sympathy. Likewise, Palutena is willing to give blessings of her own to Zagreus should he ever need to escape a prison, and unlike other deities, she won't get upset if he chooses someone else. It helps that he's quick to feel responsible if he's ever Innocently Insensitive.
  • A similar thing happened after she encountered two different Medusas. She doesn't like either of them and has been making sure they don't cause a lot of trouble. In particular, Medusa Gorgon attracted quite a bit of vitriol from Palutena due to her being The Sociopath. The only reason why things didn't get really hairy is because Medusa knows what Palutena did to the one from her world and wants to avoid that same fate. However, when Pit told her about a different Medusa that wasn't as bad as the others, she decided to meet up with her. Following the initial meeting with Rider, Palutena gets along rather decently with her. It helps that she's able to avoid turning people into stone and is a Punch-Clock Villain at worst.
  • She ended up getting possessed by something known as the Chaos Kin back in her own world. Thankfully, she was freed from its control by Pit. Given what had happened during the time she was possessed, she doesn't like gods that specialize in Demonic Possession. Its arrival has not gone unnoticed by her. After being controlled by that thing, Palutena has made it a priority to oppose it however she can while also keeping her distance to avoid a repeat of what happened last time.
  • Has taken part of the Smash tournament with a moveset that is more diverse compared to the other participants. She is only allowed to choose four different moves at a time before battles though. Recently, she's been forced to combine some of her moves together due to no longer being allowed to choose.
    • Speaking of the Smash tournament, Pit can access a secret taunt to ask her for aid, communicating with her and Viridi. When Solid Snake heard the news, he was not amused that they took his job at codecs. Palutena likes the idea of relaying information to Pit on who he's fighting (provided it's not her), but she can understand why he'd be upset.
    • She's also noticed how Star Fox has a similar gimmick for their own stages. They're impressed, but not surprised that a Goddess managed to have a larger scale version of the same thing that they did. Additionally, they're not even surprised that divine figures exist at all, considering the massive, colorful cast of characters in Smash.
    • Palutena has also taken note of Byleth's presence here, since they're known for housing an entire Goddess inside of them (albeit one with amnesia) that can rewind time. Byleth, while not a very talkative person most of the time, notes how much Palutena resembles the Archbishop Rhea of the Church of Seiros. From the long, green hair, to the saintly appearance. Palutena is pleased to hear how there's someone out there who she reminds someone of.
  • Although she wasn't ascended when it happened, she was present alongside other Nintendo deities when they mourned the passing of a certain man.
  • Like Viridi, Palutena wasn't amused to hear that one Panty Anarchy has been trying to seduce Pit. For one thing, Panty is a late teenager while Pit is still a minor (by angel years). And second... she has no standards whatsoever. Panty thinks Palutena needs to get a life, and isn't afraid to call her "ma'am" just because she can. Being even more unamused, Palutena laments the fact that Panty couldn't at least be more like her sister Stocking (or at least, what she pretended to be).
  • She has been offered the services of Angelo himself, seeing her as a worthy Goddess to serve, and recognizing her mind control was something that his crush Jessica was forced through once. She just playfully chuckles at his offers, but still has him on standby should his help be needed. In addition, Palutena has taken note of the Luminary, who is heavily associated with light being a force for good. He's not one for words (at least not in his current age), but he makes it clear that he appreciates her presence and services.
  • One villain that caught Palutena's attention was Shang Tsung. His tendency to shapeshift into whoever he wants makes her wary of whoever is in her presence, especially since he can steal other people's souls. Refusing to fall victim to that a second time, Palutena refuses to fall for his superficial charm due to his chronic betrayals.
  • During her travels, Palutena came across Celestia and Luna. The former found a lot to relate to in Palutena, but she wasn't fond of her occasional pranks and teasing towards Pit. Recently, Palutena has had a Jerkass Realization about how Gods tend to get mortals caught up in the middle of their struggles and disagreements. She pities Luna for falling victim to her Superpowered Evil Side Nightmare Moon (who seems to have become her own entity), having been in a similar position (or should we say, possession). The princesses appreciate the sentiment, and look forward to their next encounter.
  • As is the case with countless figures, Palutena is at odds with Zamasu. On top of the Long List of crimes he's committed (at least one of which she can relate to), his hatred of mortals is so strong, that he wants to kill everyone for letting mortals be evil and Gods for letting them do so. Palutena thinks that he's just looking for an excuse to kill as many people as possible based on his questionable logic, and was nothing more than a bomb waiting to go off before his fall. His beliefs are just an exaggerated version of Viridi's view of humans, except Zamasu doesn't even see value in having henchmen to care about. Vishnu is but one of many other Gods who can oppose him, and Palutena is grateful that they're around to maintain (relative) stability in the Pantheons.
  • Predictably as the heroic Goddess of Light, Palutena found a natural enemy in Chernobog, the Black God. As if his appearance wasn't enough of a red flag, he has the tendency to make himself seem even slightly less evil than he already is only to subvert whatever kindness he pretended to have. Even her Hades wasn't this sadistic. Without uttering so much as a word, he made her glad that he has a weakness that she (and others) can exploit. The seemingly limitless resources of the Pantheons can make it easy to draw out the full extent of Palutena's abilities. One such example is Ezalor, whose very existence prevents his world from falling into darkness.
  • During her exploration of the Pantheons, Palutena came at odds with Oryx the Mad God. While not quite true to his title, he's insane enough to try to Take Over the World that he's from and has a habit of relying on his henchmen (or his simulacrums) to fight his battles for him. Palutena sees this as cowardly, since she mostly just relies on Pit with her blessings to take on her foes. The only time that her centurions were actually put on the front lines was when Pit needed them to carry a platform that he was standing on. There's also the whole feeding humans to his minions. It's a good thing Pit has experience in taking down godly figures, or she'd have to call Dyntos for another set of trials.

Intermediate Gods

    Danielle Baptiste/Angelus 
Danielle Anastasia Baptiste, Goddess of Light (Dani, The Angelus)
Danielle as the Angelus
Danielle wielding the Witchblade
Danielle wielding the Light half of the Witchblade
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Angelus Symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Light, Order, Creation, Ballet, Combat, Heroes
  • Herald: Finch (her girlfriend and successor)
  • Allies: Sara Pezzini, The Hulk, Doctor Strange, Cosmos, Ezalor, Ahura Mazda, Apollo, Baldr, Mata Nui, Raava, Eliphas, The Unconquered Sun, Amaterasu, Helios, Ra, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Lea, Spawn, The Life Entity, The Ultras, all good-aligned Angels
  • Enemies: Melkor, Chaos Knight, Chernabog, Angra Mainyu, Teridax, Vaatu, Galeem, Dharkon, Don Thousand, Ashera, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Yami, The Dark Matter Horde, The Dark Star, The Shadow Queen, The Light of Destruction, YHVH, Jubileus, Lucifer, Xehanort's Incarnations, Vanitas, The Heartless, Nekron, Yapool, Tiamat (both of them)
  • Danielle Baptiste is an impulsive but good-hearted young woman. She was born in New Orleans and is of French descent, daughter of Amos Baptiste and Police Captain Peyroux. She moved to New York to pursue a dance career, a dream she had since she was nine years old. After graduating, she became increasingly frustrated about the lack of direction in her life. After having a strange dream about a mystical gauntlet, Dani was drawn to an antiques shop owned by the mysterious Curator, who would later become a trusted confidant of hers. It was there that she encountered Sara Pezzini, the then-current bearer of the Witchblade. The two had also encountered each other previously on the steps of Sara's police department when Dani had bumped into Sara. Dani instantly recognized the Witchblade as the gauntlet in her dreams. She impulsively decided to accept it from Sara, who was expecting a baby and didn't want to deal with the adventures the Witchblade invariably drew. At first, Sara was dubious about handing the Witchblade over to Dani. After seeing the Witchblade respond strongly to her, however, Sara relinquished the blade to its new bearer.
    • Dani later discovered more about her powers (including the ability of flight) while helping the Magdalena and Jackie Estacado, the host of the Darkness, defend a pregnant Sara. After Sara's life was threatened by giving birth, Danielle returned half of the Witchblade in order to save her. However, the Curator later informed Dani that when the Witchblade was divided, so, too, were its essences. While Dani's half represented the Angelus, Sara's half represented the Darkness. Without balance, the chaotic nature of Sara's half was slowly corrupting her. Dani then considered giving the Angelus half of the Witchblade to Sara, but was told that doing so would not remove the Darkness's influence from Sara's body, as its effects had already become too great. As such, Dani resolved to recover the second half of the entity. She set out to confront Sara in a final battle but was defeated and lost her half of the Witchblade.
    • However, the Angelus, having possessed Dani's girlfriend Finch, arrived and saved Dani by possessing her. Unlike the previous hosts, Dani retained her personality and was able to stop the Angelus from killing Sara, using her newfound powers of Light to free her friend from the taint of the Darkness. She left New York after parting with Sara on good terms, and returned home to New Orleans and moved into an apartment with Finch.
    • After the recreation of the universe, Dani became an NYPD police detective in the Special Cases division and served as Patrick Gleason's partner. However, she was never the host of the Angelus in this universe as the Angelus' essence was spread amongst her warriors like a hive mind before taking Finch as a new host.
  • Dani ascended into the Pantheon because her good friend, Sara Pezzini, recommended her to the Court of the Gods. Upon her arrival, she had a happy reunion with Sara and was surprised to that she had once again become the host of the Angelus, as that had no longer been the case since the recreation of their universe. Dani had rather mixed feeling about Jackie Estacado's presence in the Pantheon, given that it meant that the Darkness was there as well. Regardless of their complicated history, Jackie greeted Dani from afar when she first arrived, which she appreciated. Additionally, when Dani learned that she could appoint a herald for herself, she immediately chose her girlfriend Finch, who she was quite happy to have around in the Pantheon. Although Finch is the current Angelus host in their universe, she can still aid Dani by receiving a portion of the Angelus' power.
  • Dani's temple consists of two areas. The main portion of it is modeled after the Kingdom of Light, a massive city in the clouds. The city and its inhabitants, the Angelus Warriors, are all made of pure light, sculpted by the Angelus, and only hosts of the Angelus and the Angelus Warriors can enter it. The second area of the temple, however, is a normal-looking house located directly beneath the city. The house is modeled after Dani and Finch's home in New Orleans and serves as their main residence, as neither of them feels particularly comfortable being around the Angelus Warriors unless they need them in battle.
  • On one occasion, when she was the wielder of the Witchblade, Dani and Jackie were attacked at a restaurant by the Ghost Rider, who wanted to punish Jackie for his crimes. Bruce Banner, who also happened to be at the bar to have a drink, lost control because of the fight and turned into the Hulk. The fight escalated into a two-on-two battle between Dani and Jackie against the Ghost Rider and Hulk, until the arrival of Doctor Strange, who suspended both Hulk and Ghost Rider in time, proceeded to erase their memory of their encounter with Dani and Jackie, and then sent them away. Doctor Strange warned both Dani and Jackie that a war was coming in which they both would be involved and then disappeared. Having met all of them again under better circumstances after her ascension, Dani remains on good terms with Ghost Rider, Hulk and Doctor Strange and has since teamed up with them on several occasions.
  • She quickly became allies with Cosmos and the GUAG as a whole, frequently teaming up with other deities of light and order, such Ezalor, Ahura Mazda, Apollo, Baldr, Mata Nui, Raava, Eliphas, and the Unconquered Sun. She's also a little awkward around the various benevolent versions of the Abrahamic God, as the Angelus herself, despite having emerged from God's Light of Creation, has a low opinion of her universe's God, having once even declared that God and Jesus were redundant in her presence. Fortunately, they understand that Dani herself doesn't share the Angelus' ego, and also reluctantly admit that her low opinion of her universe's God is somewhat justified since he's a flawed creator who left a while ago.
  • Dani is also on good terms with benevolent solar deities such as Amaterasu, Helios and Ra. However, Amaterasu was rather annoyed at the fact that, in Dani's world, the Angelus was worshiped in the Shinto religion under her name, having the title of Amaterasu-O-Mi-Kami ("The great August Kami (God) who shines in the Heaven"). Despite this, Amaterasu approves of Dani's genuine desire to use the Angelus for the cause of good and the two have worked together on several occasions.
  • As a warrior associated with light, Dani quickly became good friends with Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Terra, Ventus and Lea, admiring them for their respective hardships and battles against the Heartless, whom she regularly helps them fight. Unsurprisingly, she also became enemies Master Xehanort, "Ansem", Xemnas and Vanitas, routinely fighting against them in order to prevent them from creating the Thirteen Seekers Of Darkness.
  • Through her friendship with Sara, Dani became acquainted with Spawn. Although she's somewhat wary of him due to his demonic powers, she recognizes that he's trying to atone for his past misdeeds and his willingness to work her has resulted in the two being on good terms.
  • Dani is quite fascinated by the Life Entity and Nekron, as they are quite similar to the Angelus and the Darkness, with the Life Entity being the White Light of Creation from which all life began and Nekron being the darkness that predates the existence of the universe. Although she considers the Life Entity rather aloof, the two are nonetheless allies, as both share the same goal of protecting life. Due to her experience in fighting the Darkness, she's also frequently involved in battles against Nekron and occasionally serves as a guard for the Life Entity in the House of Life.
  • Dani is generally well-liked by all good-aligned Angels in the Pantheon and is a recurring visitor of the House of Angels, which she prefers to the Angelus' Kingdom of Light due to the inhabitants usually being more welcoming and friendlier.
  • Dani is on excellent terms with the Ultras, as they all owe their existence to the power of light and respect her heroism. She quickly came to oppose their enemy Yapool, as he loathes all light and seeks it extinguished, causing him to loathe her and declare her one of his prime targets for elimination.
  • Dani immediately became a prominent enemy of Melkor and the GUAE, frequently being accompanied by an army of Angelus Warriors whenever she confronts them in battle. She also tends to prioritize opposing evil darkness and chaos deities such as Chaos Knight, Chernabog, Angra Mainyu, Teridax, Vaatu, Dharkon, Don Thousand, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Yami, the Dark Matter Horde, the Dark Star and the Shadow Queen. She was initially worried that some of her Angelus Warriors would desert her in favor of another evil light and order deity, such Galeem, Ashera, the Light of Destruction, YHVH, Yaldaboath and Jubileus. Fortunately, while the Angelus Warriors don't particularly like Dani due to her retaining free will, as previous Angelus hosts have always been little more than puppets to the will of the Angelus, their loyalty to their mistress is stronger than their personal grievances with Dani, ensuring that they remain loyal to her.
  • Dani also frequently opposes Lucifer and the GUAC, as she does not approve of their desire to spread chaos. However, she is on better terms with Lucifer than her other enemies, as she somewhat agrees with him that his goals of pure chaos and unlimited freedom are better than the removal of free will and authoritarian dictatorship that YHWH and Yaldaboath strive to achieve.
  • Having previously fought against her world's Tiamat alongside Sara, Dani regularly teams up with her in to stop the two versions of Tiamat in the Pantheon whenever they start causing trouble.
  • Finch, I am the Angelus now. The rest of the host follows me. I know this is what I'm supposed to be.

    The Guardians of the Northern Lights 
The Guardians of the Northern Lights, Embodiments of the Aurora
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: A red fox and a blue spirit fox chasing each other in a circle
  • Theme Song: "Breathe"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Creators of the northern lights, hence "revontulet/foxfire", ascended from common foxes to divine guardians, return the dead's belongings, can separate their spirits from their physical bodies, super-powered bark
  • Domains: Foxes, Auroras, Nature, Travel, Death
  • Allies: The Robed Figure, The Diver, Suicune, Balto, Ai Astin, San (and all the Nature Preservers), the Eternity Blessing
  • Enemies: Nurgle, Mr. Burns, Cruella De Vil, many deities in the Halls of Diseases and Toxicity
  • A red fox came down from a snow-covered mountain, following an ominous red trail in the sky. The fox met another of its kind, albeit it was blue and translucent, as though it were made of light. This spirit fox helped the red fox navigate the terrain. Soon the fox found the first Plague Tether, an evil object that released a red-colored pestilence into the world. The spirit fox destroyed it with its bark and imbued the weakened red fox with its power of the northern lights to fight the plague in its stead. The red fox continued its journey alongside the spirit fox, then reduced to a speck of light, and together they destroyed all the Plague Tethers in the land. The foxes then climbed a mountain, at which top they found a broken seal from which the plague was leaking. The red fox used its physical body to close the seal, becoming a Guardian of the Northern Lights in the process. The two foxes ran across the night sky spreading the aurora thereafter.
  • The two foxes, now existing in their spirit forms for all perpetuity, at some point decided to see how far they could explore now that they had an infinite range. Their adventures eventually lead them to find the Pantheon. Many inhabitants noticed that there seemed to be an unusually high occurrence of auroras in unusual places and some deities set to investigate, eventually tracing the occurrences to the two foxes. After this was brought to the attention of the higher gods, it was noted that they had a trope about auroras still vacant and, after due research, it was decided the foxes were worthy of occupying it. The foxes were reported to be content (if somewhat indifferent) when an animal linguist was sent to give them the news of their deification.
  • As already alluded to, the foxes are generally travelling together across the whole expanse of the Pantheon, to the point where a temple was deemed to be unnecessary and the only mark of their presence in their assigned Hall is a replica of the statue (two foxes "embracing") on top of the mountain their physical bodies were left on to sleep forever. Wherever in the Pantheon the foxes run to, an aurora is sure to appear, and so auroras are taken by the other deities as a sure mark of their presence somewhere nearby. Especially if it's somewhere unrealistic, like the desert, which is where the foxes came across a Robed Figure, who chirped in joy at the spectacle of light it had never seen before. The chirping caught the foxes' attention and they descended to meet the Robed Figure. There wasn't much in the way of intelligible communication between them, but they seemed to take to each other well and had fun playing for a while.
  • The Robed Figure had a feeling that it was fitting for the foxes to meet the Diver as well and so brought them to the nearest sea, which amazed the foxes all on its own considering they had never seen a body of water larger than a lake. They soon came across the Diver as they walked on the water and elected to dive in after her, surprising both the Diver and the Robed Figure that they could do that. The foxes then had fun exploring the bottom of the sea alongside the Diver, who even took them as far as her own world, where the foxes came across ruins showing illustrations that were rather familiar to them. After putting the pieces together, the foxes realized the Diver's world was once home to a civilization that was destroyed in a catastrophe, in a similar event to something that happened in their own world, the only records of which exist in vague drawings within ruins. This discovery deepened their bond with the Diver (and later the Robed Figure as they found out about its world as well), even with conversation still not being an option for them.
  • One time on their travels, they noticed a large, blue, wolf-like creature with a mane like the aurora sprouting from its back and dashing along the foxes' own light trails. That was the Legendary Pokemon Suicune (as you may have guessed), who also has a connection to the northern lights, being known as the Aurora Pokemon. The foxes met with the strange creature, employing some caution as it was fairly intimidating with its mystical aura and considerable size compared to the foxes, but Suicune clearly meant no harm at all and seemed happy to meet the ones responsible for the northern lights and soon the foxes were freely socializing with the Pokemon.
  • The wolf-dog Balto once spotted them in the sky, so he decided to show off to them that he has a trick for creating an aurora as well, which involves shining any source of light on shards of broken glass, which made the foxes' curious as they approached and picked at the light and the glass in an attempt to analyze them. Balto meanwhile was pretty amazed to see the spirit foxes up close and in a way felt like this reminded him of his encounter with the white wolf. Both the foxes and the wolf-dog seem to have taken a liking to each other at the end of everything.
  • Another thing they are known for is putting the souls of the deceased to rest, as they spent some part of their journey looking for misplaced staves and placing them back with their long-dead but grateful owners. For this reason, the foxes are held in high regard by several psychopomps in the House of Life and Death. Thus far, the only who's gone out of her way to have a closer relationship with the foxes is Ai Astin, who couldn't help wanting to pet them and play with them because of how cute they are. Being also a traveller of sorts and coming from a broken world ensured that she had plenty of things in common with the foxes, who seem to love Ai a whole lot, seeing that they'll flop down on their backs to get belly rubs from her.
  • The foxes once came across a large section of the Pantheon that was being ravaged by some sort of plague. Feeling compassion for the suffering inhabitants, they decided to use their powers to clear the plague and purify the area. As it turned out, the pestilence had been brought on by the Chaos God of plagues, Nurgle, and he is decidedly not happy about such insignificant critters getting in his way and destroying his "gifts". Therefore, he has set his followers to kill the foxes on sight should they ever meet them. Unfortunately for Nurgle, the foxes aren't so "insignificant" and their powers of purification are essentially anathema to his followers, being ravaged by disease themselves, even if it's beneficial to them. Presumably, they could do some serious damage to Nurgle himself should they reach him, so the God has decided to take them seriously and carefully plan the best way to get rid of them.
  • After the events described in the above text, word of the foxes' purifying powers spread a bit more widely and was of particular interest to various deities involved with nature preservation. So it was that, when the GUAN got involved in another conflict with various polluting deities and needed help in cleaning up several areas after the fact, the warrior wolf-girl San volunteered to seek the spirit foxes out to ask for help. She did so, after following their aurora trails with the help of her mother Moro-no-Kimi. The foxes decided to follow San after she beseeched them and did their part in purifying the area conspurcated by pollution, for which the GUAN was very grateful. While the foxes were disinterested in the GUAN's invitation to join them, it would seem that these latest events made the foxes realize that the Pantheon is in need of their powers at least once in a while. So instead of just travelling for leisure, they will keep an eye out for any places or people that might need their help.
  • That heroic resolution comes with a slew of new enemies, with many deities who thrive on pollution wanting the spirit foxes eliminated at any cost. Probably the one who has the most to be concerned about is Hexxus, an abstract embodiment of pollution who could seen as an opposite force to the foxes. On a more mundane level, there is Mr. Burns, who has another interest in the foxes, one that he shares with Cruella de Vil, actually - turning those foxes, with their very unique, glowing pelts, into fashion statements. Of course, considering these spirit foxes are not the sort that are easily captured by any random hunter they might hire, Burns and Cruella really have their work cut out for them.

Zs'Skayr, The God Weakened by the Light ("Ghostfreak", High Ecto-Lord of Anur Transyl)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A sample of corrodium
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Theme Music: Boss Theme in Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks
  • Portfolio: Extrapolated Inner Foes, Possession, Skull for a Head, Arc Villain, Our Ghosts Are Aliens, Does Not Stay Dead, From a Single Cell, Nightmare Fuel, Only Known By Ghostfreak, Sunlight Burns, Hive Mind, Ectonurites Can Breathe In Space, Horrifying the Horror
  • Domains: Ghosts, Aliens, DNA, Darkness, Mutations, Possessions
  • Followers: Housen the Night King, The Nazgul, The Ing
  • Allies: Kuphulu, Chernabog, Ungoliant, Pitch Black, Balanar, Dracula, The Boos, Number 96: Black Mist, Count Orlock
  • Rivals: Vilgax
  • Respects: Dougen, Clockwerk
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Joker, Frankenstein's Monster, Albedo, Dr. Viktor
  • Enemies: Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Anakaris, Buddy Baker, Kitty Pride, Amaterasu, Bright Man, Danny Fenton, The Vortigaunts, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy, The Ghostbusters, Rika Furude, Father Kerras and Father Merrin
  • Opposes: Hybrids
  • Avoids: Majin Buu, Dark Danny
  • Fears: Ezalor, Indominus Rex, Black Hand, Killia
  • The universe of Ben 10 is full of exotic alien life, but among of the strangest are the Ectonurites. Ghost-like extraterrestrials, these beings can possess others, become intangible, and manifest their consciousness in a single strand of DNA. The would-be conqueror Zs'Skayr found his DNA locked within the Omnitrix, but asserted itself and was freed. Another strand has found itself in the pantheon, and the devious ghost now wanders rampant throughout it.
  • Used to have tentacles jutting out from his abdomen, and an upside down skull. He's since gone through a makeover, looking more like the Grim Reaper. No word on why that is aside from looking cool.
  • The Tennysons and Kevin Levin were not happy to see another of their villains enter into the pantheon, and likewise the Ectonurite was upset that Ben was already there. However he's not the only of his villains to ascend, and was glad to see Albedo wanted to settle a score with Ben as well. Obviously it's not a stable alliance, particularly due to being curious about the Ultimatrix. He also has it out for Animal Man and Beast Boy since their ability to shift into other creatures reminds him of Ben.
  • Zs'Skayr had mixed feelings about the ascension of his servant, Dr. Viktor. At one point, he was undyingly loyal to Zs'Skayr, but eventually ended up betraying him when he tried to resurrect the Vladats, who at one point had enslaved his people. The both of them still work together, but there is an air of awkwardness surrounding them due to this incident.
    • Kuphulu, on the other hand, was a different story. His loyalty to Zs'Skayr is unwavering, and he serves as his personal dragon.
  • No longer inhabiting a protective yet limiting second skin, he and his race are incredibly vulnerable to light, specifically sunlight; even morning light will burn him to a crisp. The current Grim Reaper robes give some limited protection, but the light still hurts. Needless to say, Zs'Skayr was incredibly unhappy to learn that there was a god of the sun, and that Bright Man shared his house. Downright terrified of the overdeity Ezalor, who's presence has severely limited his ambitions.
  • To be free to reign over the Earth, he seeks to use corrodium so as to block out the sun. Sure, it'd mutate normal life horribly, but he'd rule over it! To achieve this goal, he has sought out others who'd love nothing more than eternal darkness. So far he has gotten Balanar and Pitch Black on board, while pledging himself as the hand of Chernabog, who too sees natural light as a bane. For the time being their main focus is on eliminating Ezalor, whom they see as their biggest threat.
    • Hopes for Ungoliant to devour as much light as she can, giving him more freedom to operate.
  • Though light can kill him, truth be told it ultimately slows him down. Even before he became a god he's been Staying Alive over and over because all he needs is one strand of DNA. We're not even sure how many DNA samples he has on standby; dude's possibly even more immortal than Ridley. Zs'Skayr personally can't help but admire those without his special genetic code continue to survive, such as Dougen and Clockwerk.
  • Comes from the Anur System, a spooky system of planets where all the aliens resemble movie monsters. His own world of Anur Phateos is much like the Null Void, and in constant darkness. Seeking those like his prior allies, he ended up meeting the King of the Vampires and decided they should work together for their own ends. A closer alliance was forged between him and the Boos as they're both ghosts who hate the light. Has a harder time with Frankenstein's Monster, as his alliance with the similar Transylians was troubled.
  • Darkrai and Anakaris has made it clear they oppose Zs'Skayr's schemes of darkness and conquest. Darkrai in particular as he is reminded of his uber-evil Mystery Dungeon counterpart. The Joker is a lot more willing to go along with his schemes For the Evulz, but keeps his guard up due to the alien's experience with clown-themed criminals. The High Ecto-Lord ended up going back to the House of Ghosts instead, only to end up in conflict with Danny Fenton. He can't help but envy the halfa, due to being a ghost who isn't weak to the sun, and due to his litany of other ghost powers regards him as a major threat.
    • As an evil, ghost-like alien, he's one of many on the Ghostbusters' hit list.
  • To walk around in the sun, he has to possess other people. While useful, he finds it irritating as he can't use his powers when inhabiting another person. Because of the divine nature of the gods, it's a lot harder than before to possess those of equal or higher ranking. And of course, he cannot possess hybrids due to the DNA quirk, which is why the Omnitrix is troublesome for him. It proved to be not just for alien hybrids as he was seen screaming when trying to control Indomitus Rex. Proved to be an agonizing experience trying to control Black Lanterns as well.
    • Will not try to possess Majin Buu or Dark Danny. He'd just get absorbed by Buu, and given how Dark Danny came about, fusion would probably backfire.
  • As Zs'Skayr possesses people, he's disliked by Sakura Matou, Liezerota and Mediev. They aren't of his concern though, since he doesn't see much use in controlling them. He's more worried about exorcists Rika Furude, Father Kerras, Father Merrin and Killia. Especially Killia, who uses light-based Holy Hand Grenade exorcisms that leave him screaming. He's not even gonna bother fighting him.
  • Was once rescued by Vilgax, only to betray him and control/convert the citizens on his planet. The Vortigaunts are very cautious when it comes to the matter of Zs'Skayr for this reason.

Lesser Gods

    Bright Man 
Bright Man, God of Blinding Light (DWN-025/DCN-025, Light Bulb Man, Pearl Man)

    Satsuki Kiryuin 
Satsuki Kiryuin, Goddess of Combat Stilettos and the Holy Backlight (Lady Satsuki, Scissor Sisters [shared with Ryuko Matoi, her sister])
Life Fiber Override Form
Clickhere to see Satsuki with medium hair.
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate when wearing Junketsu but only in extreme cases)
  • Symbol: A heel surrounded by Holy Backlight
  • Theme Music: "鬼龍G@キLL" (Ga Kill), and when shit gets serious, KiryuwaKiLL, her theme (Overpower Remix, Final Battle Remix, Junketsu Shinzui Overpower Remix), and victory theme from KILL la KILL - IF
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Was originally Lawful Neutral with Chaotic shades, pretended to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Good is Not Nice, Broken Ace, Badass Normal, Caught Her Falling Little Sister From Space, Combat Stilettos, Illuminating Entrance, Secretly Plotted for Years to Take Down COVERS, Fights Clad in a White Ridiculous Skimpy Combat Outfit, Absurdly Powerful Student Council President, Wanting Revenge for Both Her Father and Presumed Dead Little Sister, Epic Eyebrows, Trying to be a Good Big Sister
  • Domains: Determination, Law, High Heels, Skimpiness, Planning
  • Allies: Ira Gamagoori, Nonon Jakuzure, Houka Inumuta, Uzu Sanageyama, Mako Mankanshoku, Senketsu, Jin Kazama, Queen Elsa, Stocking Anarchy, Iroh, Kuroka, Erza Scarlet, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Elizabeth Mably, Takatora Kureshima, Guts, Alfred Pennyworth, Garterbelt, Valentine, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo, The Guy, Roy Mustang, Lordgenome, Rossiu Adai, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Akame, Kamui Tokinomiya, Solidus Snake, Kuvira, Hordak and Entrapta
  • Rivals: Vergil
  • Odd Friendship: Tsumugi Kotobuki, Mata Nui, Luxanna Crownguard
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jin Kisaragi, Yoko Minato, Cornelia li Britannia
  • Enemies: Any god with World Domination or World Destruction plans, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Dio Brando, Yuuki Terumi, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Big Brother, Corset, Scanty and Kneesocks, Griffith, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Tenjuro Banno, SHOCKER, Father Homunculus, Führer King Bradley, the other Homunculi, Lucrezia Mongfish, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Cinder Fall, Embryo
  • Opposes: Raven Branwen
  • Special Relationship: Ryuko Matoi (tried to turn her into a Unwitting Pawn until it was revealed that they were sisters)
  • How do you become a goddess of Combat Stilettos, a trope that any goddess could have? By making it one of your most beloved trait. Once you hear that click of Satsuki's heel against pavement, expect fear, admiration, respect, and lust(?) to anybody who hears it.
    • Her heel boots aren't her other only desired feature as her very presence can an emit a magnificent light that can blind everybody not prepare. In this instant, people know she about to get serious. It even considered to have the same amount of impact that raising the flag in conquest.
  • Upon hearing of The Doctor's twelfth regeneration and his self-dubbed 'Attack Eyebrows' a small number of her followers attempted to have her approach the Greater God in hopes of having them compare. Needless to say, she refused to participate, referring to it as pointless. Besides, she doesn't consider her eyebrows to be big since they are taper at the edge.
  • She is constantly at odds with Vergil thanks to their mortal followers comparing the two. When it was revealed that Satsuki was really Ryuko's elder sister, the comparison became stronger. However, compared to Vergil, Satsuki was stunned to learn that the person she'd been trying to manipulate to her side was the same person she sought to avenge in the first place, and really cares for Ryuko as a sister without trying to kill her.
  • She quickly became friends with Jin Kazama due hating the parents of the same gender and loving their other parent who disappeared.
  • Unbeknowst to Satsuki, her actions on the mortal realm have caught the attention of Itachi Uchiha, who is secretly planning to take her under his wing as her decisions reminds him of his relationship with Sasuke. Though, Satsuki didn't care for his action on Sasuke and how it pretty much mess him up later in life.
  • Big Brother feels betrayed by her, who he at one point considered her to be his successor.
  • After defeating Ragyo Kiryuin and finding a new purpose in life, Satsuki has been spending many of her free time with Ryuko, her sister, wanting and trying to be a good elder sister. Many in the pantheon think there new closeness is something much more. This disgust Satsuki because she would never have impure thoughts about her sister.
    Satsuki: I'm nothing like her.
  • Has been mistaken by many to be a sadist because of her heels and thinking she loves to stomp on people. Ryouna is one of those people and has visited Satsuki multiple times requesting that she stomp on her while calling her a pig in human clothing.
  • Despite her ascension, Satsuki is still trying to help better the world to make up for her actions in the past in her own universe. To that point, she has a fresh turned Rei Hououmaru station to end her life if she ever stray from her cause.
  • Became friends with both Mami Tomoe and Luxanna Crownguard after all three notice they sounded quite the same. All three has set up tea dates that they quite enjoy.
    • They are sometimes joined by Iroh who would bring in his most delicious tea.
  • Did not understand why the GUAG would commission Rarity to re-create Junketsu. Compared to Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Satsuki despises the White Kamui. Because she doesn't want to use it ever again, she has locked it away in the Treasure.
  • Became very close to Alfred Pennyworth. His kind fatherly nature reminded her of Soroi, her own kind butler and father figure.
  • Was mistaken by Guts for an ascended Casca. He was disappointed when it wasn't her. He became angry however when he heard about her abuse from her mother that reminded him of what Griffith did to Casca. He instantly became allies with Satsuki and an enemy of Ragyo. The same goes for Satsuki and her hatred for Griffith.
  • When Satsuki met Takatora and learned about what he did in his own universe, it reminded her of her actions on her own world. In fact, the two have so much in common that they might be considered alternative selves to one another. The same applies to Rossiu after he ascended and they finally met.
  • Just like Ryuko and Anna, Satsuki has spent plenty of times with Queen Elsa after it was revealed that Ryuko and Satsuki were sisters. However, most of their interaction usually ends with both comparing how their sisters are better then the other.
  • When she met Garterbelt, she held nothing but contempt for him, as his interests reminded her of the mother that subjected her and her sister to so much torture. As time went on, however, she decided that he was nowhere as bad as Ragyo, and decided to work with him. Garter is happy to have two other girls that'll work better with him, though he can't get rid of the comparisons of them and the Anarchy sisters.
  • She got curious about the House of War for some reason and paid a visit there once, where she wound up running into Roy Mustang. Able to tell that she had military experience of some sort, Roy engaged Satsuki in a strategy debate until she accidentally mentioned Honnoji Academy as her source of experience. A few probing questions later, she was giving him a rough outline of her war to stop her mother's evil, and he was gaining respect for her journey, which he found very similar to his own.
  • Had gained that the attention of the Spiral King, Lordgenome. He knows how it feels to become evil to stop an even greater evil, and was even impressed that she was able to recruit the Elite Four through charisma and skill alone. They formed an alliance after Lordgenome vowed to oppose Ragyo and her plans.
  • Found a kindred spirit in Olivier Armstrong, another Amestrian military high ranking official like Mustang. She and Olivier share many of the same authoritative qualities in their leadership styles and thus get along easily.
  • Out of Roy and Olivier's enemies, the Homunculus she hates most is Führer King Bradley. Aside from commanding an entire nation and willingly using that power to serve a treacherous devil who wants to devour all of humanity much like Ragyo's Life Fibers, since entering the Pantheon he has now copied the way she recruited the Elite Four in order to assemble a new High Command force in service of said devil. Because of this, she took the Elite Four and engaged the Homunculi in battle with the direct hope of taking down Bradley, and with the assist of Solidus Snake, she almost succeeded. Almost, because the Jeagers Esdeath and Seryu Ubiquitous saved the Führer's hide, forcing Satsuki to call a tactical retreat.
    • Another piece of fallout is that this development spurred Vergil, who'd joined this High Command, to make his move to get what he came for and dump them aside. She still doesn't trust Vergil, but is slightly relieved he's a non-factor.
  • For a while, she was hated by Class Representative Tenya Ida due to her misuse of power as the Honnouji Academy Student President. However, since her Heel–Face Turn, she's promised to use the power more responsibly.
  • Became possibly the first person to make genuine allies with Kuvira, another military-style dictator who tried to save the world but did so in the wrong way. That said, Satsuki finds herself as the more mature of the two despite being younger, as she held on to some morals in her mission of conquest whilst Kuvira had lost sight of what was right until she was finally defeated. Recognizing this as well, Kuvira vows to assist Satsuki's mission as part of her atonement for her imperial misdeeds.
  • Also in the House of Costumes.

    Satya Vaswani/Symmetra 
Satya Vaswani, Goddess of Hard Light (Symmetra, Sym, The Summoner)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The light teleporter in front of the logo of Vishkar company
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with dashes of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Solid Light, Indian Smart People, Keeping Serenity In The Midst Of Chaos, Good Lady In The Midst Of Corrupt Group, Doubts Between Trying To Follow Order Or Good, Using Beams A Lot, The Order Side of Order vs. Chaos
  • Domains: Light, Combat, Order, Philosophy
  • Allies: Harpuia, Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, Tsubaki Yayoi, Cecil Harvey, Commander Shepard, Death the Kid, Kumbhakarna, Karna, Mana Aida/Cure Heart, Ganesha, Nova Terra, Yusuke Kitagawa
  • Rivals: Torbjörn Lindholm, The Engineer/Dell Conagher
  • Enemies: Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Junkrat & Roadhog, Doomfist, Sly Cooper... actually, a lot of residents of the House of Crime and Transgressions, BnL, Mr. Burns, Arcturus Mengsk
  • Wary on: Vulcan
  • Symmetra ascended when several deities from the House of Commerce came upon the city of Utopaea, a shimmering light made of just hologram and Hard Light, and extremely impressed with its builder. When they contacted her superiors the Vishkar Corporation and redirected to Symmetra, they learned about her vast imagination and the potential of things she could create with the Hard Light. They then arranged for Symmetra to ascend, but as herself. She can still visit the Vishkar Corporation at the mortal planes, but she would be on her own, such is the rule of the Pantheon. When she entered the Pantheon, she thought that the Pantheon is a little too disorderly but she could try to arrange it so it will look more beautiful and orderly.
  • Since she's mostly using Hard Light to build structures as an architect, people has wondered what could have happened should she decide to expand her imagination and use it for more than protection. The Pantheon has taken that into consideration.
  • While Symmetra has been helping people to rebuild homes in the Pantheon, she also sometimes found difficulty, with people giving her funny looks due to association with Vishkar Corporation, a group that was considered nothing but a corrupt MegaCorp due to perceived act of terrorism and oppression. In the front, Symmetra showed the face that it's okay that she and the company will be hated as long as those she helped will have better lives, but behind that, it just reminded her to the incident at the favela at Rio that made her wonder if she's truly doing the right thing. She attempted to ask the GUAG for advice about this via Commander Shepard, but they tell her to just go on like usual, eventually the truth will come to her naturally and she will have time to make the decision on her own about where 'the greater good' lies. Therefore, for now, she's back to doing things like usual.
    • That said, Symmetra has kept a wary eye towards the BnL corporation and Mr. Burns, seeing that the two also had an eye to consider buying out Vishkar as they already amassed more power in the Pantheon. While she had her own doubts about the company, she sure wouldn't let anyone else make it worse.
  • While she is known to have difficulty to socialize, Symmetra nonetheless managed to find people who shared the same interests with her, particularly on those who struggle between upholding order or doing good. In particular, Harpuia is a good friend of hers. However, befriending her takes time, since she's known to be kind of socially awkward or even condescending at times (due to autism), but a lot of Pantheon deities do it anyway.
    • She also learned from a friend, Tsubaki Yayoi, about the incident that swept through the Pantheon in the past, the Morality Civil War, and she has expressed worries about how Symmetra could be a victim if she was around that time. Symmetra only assured her that she's going to be fine. She's used to that.
    • The most 'notorious' of her friends would be Death the Kid, due to sharing their obsession with order and symmetry, though it wasn't as smooth in the beginning due to Death the Kid disliking her for being unsymmetrical despite her name (hint: Her prosthetic arm). But over time, they managed to bond on their inherent OCD and obsession with order and proper placing. At the very least, Symmetra didn't freak out heavily when she accidentally left the toilet paper not in proper position, though she'll fix it just fine.
  • One can only wonder how Symmetra can calmly sit down gracefully and not even budging with tons of crazy shenanigans happening right in front of her.
  • Even after her ascension, Symmetra can still be seen gunning down against her Arch-Enemy back home, Lucio, demanding him to return Vishkar's technology and stop doing anarchy things while hiding behind sweet words like 'Freedom'. Some things just never change.
    • She woke up one day to find her temple defaced with graffiti that had pictures of frogs and the word "Freedom" and "GG's" all over it. She immediately accused Lucio, whom in return laughed it off while saying she has the wrong freedom fighter. It was only when she saw Beat spraying paint onto some inactive mini turrets did she piece it together, and had just gained many a headaches after realizing there is essentially another Lucio in the pantheon. In fact, she predicts that Beat might be a far more dangerous personal adversary since that kind of graffiti is not only harder to erase, but triggers her spectrum disorder (she has autism) that it might give her more literal seizures.
      • Thankfully for her, after this she managed to pick up a contact from Nova Terra, who sympathized with her and she bought her services for extra protection against either Lucio or Beat... in addition of more intel spying against Vishkar itself, just in case.
    • She's also baffled that she found pictures of her interacting with the chaotic Junkrat. While she had more beefs against Lucio, she acknowledges that Junkrat is a greater agent of chaos, and she's not going to get along with him.
    • As a matter of fact, Symmetra herself thinks the term Pay Evil unto Evil is a bullcrap philosophy, as it will promote the wrong kind of aesop, no matter how good the end goal, stealing is still a crime, and two wrongs don't make a right. This is why she's against many many thieves that might have good intentions, including Robin Hood and Sly Cooper.
      • Though eventually she ended up having to make an exception when she encountered one Phantom Thief, Yusuke Kitagawa. At first she thought he's just the same, until he literally defended her against of all people, Lucio. He said that he shares similar belief with Lucio, but in the same time, gives her his sympathies for how her life turned out, which is similar to his own, indoctrinated life. In addition of finding his paintings actually pretty exquisite, Symmetra managed to form a rather awkward friendship with Yusuke, especially when she reminds herself that she used to pose almost similarly to him (just less silly) to capture the feelings of constructing things with hard light.
  • Due to her advanced Light-based turrets and things, Symmetra usually looked down on those who makes 'medieval' turrets like Torbjorn or The Engineer... until at one point she committed the mistake of stating that the Inferno Cannon made by Vulcan to be 'medieval'. After barely surviving two godly rockets even with all her light-based armors, Symmetra makes sure that she will correct her mistake by not saying anything about Vulcan's turrets again.
  • She's also surprised to saw the Sleeping Giant, Kumbhakarna, within the Pantheon, noting that she is a fan of Hindu Mythology overall, she even cosplayed as Kali beforehand (minus the other two arms). She's looking forward in any events of more Hindu legends to come to the Pantheon.
    • Karna is another example, as it seems that not only he's a great Hindu legend, Symmetra felt like he's one of the people who understands what it's like to be good but serving (maybe) unsavory superiors. Karna just told her to endure, his 'master' was more Obviously Evil while in his eyes, while Vishkar has done bad things, it seems more gray than how bloated the public opinion's is about its 'evilness'.
    • The best one would be none other than Ganesha, who's very much believing in her own good deeds and Symmetra tends to go to him whenever she had private troubles, especially about the perception of Vishkar. Ganesha just kept telling her that whatever she does, she still has his support.
  • The GUAL saw her and the Vishkar Corporation as possible allies, but Symmetra even gave word even from the Corporation that they refuse to join YHVH's cronies. It's not known whether even after their whole corrupt shenanigans they still have a shred of standards or they won't share their fortunes or order, not even with YHVH. Don't ask Symmetra, she was just saying what the company says (she personally is not amused with YHVH either).
  • Several of her prize creations include the Teleporter, which can transport several people for instantaneous transport. Only one could be placed at the time, however. While Symmetra has been doing great service with it, sometimes if the aforementioned people that piss her off get on her nerves, she just decided to put it near a cliff and they learn their lesson by falling down. Since dying wasn't that big of a problem in the Pantheon, and falling down wouldn't cause that, people let it slide, though it gets a little annoying (she rarely does that anyway).
    • The other one is a mass shield generator where she can generate a lot of nearby shield as long as the generator stands, making her to be a being that is called in case there are protection that needs to be done. Some has expressed frustration about this, with lines like "Gee, Symmetra, why does the Pantheon let you have two Ultimates??"
    • Well, it could've been worse than these days. Symmetra remembered that back in those days, she was only called to put some basketball into the basket.
  • Symmetra's private room is usually covered with several small sentry turrets that is ready to fry any interlopers like getting cooked into a microwave (it made sounds like that too). The most common place to place that is in her bathroom, no perverts so far has succeeded in peeping on a bathing Symmetra and lived to tell the tale.
  • At one point, she was invited by Mana Aida to help her on a 'charity drive' or sorts. Symmetra seemingly only agreed on the basis that she looked brilliant, maybe similar to her when she was a teenager, and even shared similar voice when in another region. Unfortunately, she felt a bit uncomfortable because the drive brought her to a mass, which made her uncomfortable due to her autism. But after a bit of an encouragement by Mana, Symmetra managed to pick a little kid and delivers a birthday message. There will be cake.
    • When it's all over, the one thing Symmetra was really glad for is that there wasn't any 'accidental' fire to scar anyone, especially Mana. For the whole thing, she's trying her best to put Mana on her 'friend' list.
  • Just a note, she is not a healer, even though she is considered a Support. Remember that.
  • She likes to set up a carwash. Actually, it's setting up a formation of death turrets behind a door to some foolish intruder that tried to barge into the main gate. But if it's someone she trusted, she tends to 'modify' that turret to give a refreshing light. She just NEVER showed that to public.
  • The true enemy of humanity is disordernote