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Trigon the Terrible, The Four-Eyed Devil (Trigon the Ravager, Skaath, Dredz)

Greater Gods

    The Auditor 
The Auditor, God of Shadowy Beings with Glowing Eyes (BIGBADAUD999)
His appearance in Abrogation
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A corrupted version of Jebus's Halo
  • Theme Song: Abrogation
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, but closer to Lawful Evil in terms of goals.
  • Portfolio: Bad Boss, Big Bad, Carefully controlling everything on Nevada, Cannibalism Superpower, Casting a Shadow, The Chessmaster, Dark Is Evil, Dimension Lord, Genius Loci, Humanoid Abomination, Knight of Cerebus, Living Shadow, Behind the actions of every other villain before him, New Powers as the Plot Demands, Phlebotinum Overload, Reality Warper, Technicolor Fire, Teleport Spam, Is a member of a group of similar entities known as "The Employers",
  • Domains: Control, Evil, Manipulation, Powers, Probability
  • Allies: AAHW, Aku, Noob Saibot, Father, Grandather, Chaos, Toffee
  • Rivals: Khorne, The Dark Star
  • Enemies: Jebus, Hank Wimbleton, Tricky the Clown, The Chosen One and Second Coming, The Epic Battle Fantasy Team, YHVH, KND Sector V, Hawkins Party, The Auditors of Reality, Star Butterfly
  • The Auditor is the being that manages the Improbability Drives and believed to be the one behind the madness and chaos that plagues Nevada. He made himself known after Jebus took down both Hank and Tricky, deciding to deal with the primary Improbability Drive and take down the Auditor for good but Jebus perished in the end and the Auditor took hold of his Halo. However, two operatives by the name of Sanford and Deimos ended up reviving Hank as a MAG, which prompted the shadowy being to intervene, killing Deimos in the process. Through a grueling battle against Hank, Sanford and even Tricky once the latter got accidentally absorbed by the Auditor, he managed to prevail once his enemies were seemingly taken out and he saw fit to ascend to the Pantheon to continue his machinations.
  • The Auditor is said to be the manifestation of the realm Hank and Sanford were transported to after Tricky took over the Auditor's body and his true goals seem to suggest the Auditor wants to plunge the world into madness and control every other being by managing reality with the improbability drive. The reason the Auditor even managed to sneak into the Pantheon was because he saw a title available that perfectly captured his physical appearance and he decided to steal it without any higher authority noticing. Unfortunately, having ascended his own minions into the Pantheon made it obvious that someone was running the AAHW and the Auditor's secret presence was outed by Jebus after he personally went on a quest to once again destroy him for good.
  • He rarely gets in any confrontation with anyone and prefers to run the show from the shadows and unfortunately, his arrival meant that reality is often compromised not only for his constant meddling, but the potential for a grand scale war given the presence of the Grand Alliances has only made the Auditor more keen on installing an even more powerful Improbability Device that can handle the Pantheon's realm. However, doing so has been no easy task, as several deities have caught wind of what he is capable and his reality manipulation doesn't last long given the constant interferences.
  • Given his rather unique characteristics, The Auditor has found other entities in the Pantheon, namely the one that goes by Father as well as his superior (or well, his father) Grandfather. They found the Auditor's machinations quite intriguing and even though he hails from a far more violent universe, they do align with his goals even if plunging the world into chaos isn't really their thing. This alliance also unfortunately made Sector V aware of the Auditor and the AAHW and they plan to eventually deal with them after discovering the alliance they made with their arch-nemesis, although the Auditor isn't exactly bothered by a few bratty kids trying to defeat him and considers them more like annoying pests.
    • Similarly, Noob Saibot has found Nevada to be similar to what he envisions for a world where he rules uncontested and his powers as a wraith is fairly similar to the Auditor's, though given his track record concerning his loyalties, Auditor has kept an eye on the Bi-Han in case he pulls a fast one.
  • The Auditor is basically the embodiment of an alternate version of Nevada which is even more chaotic, bringing into question about what he truly is behind his humanoid guise. He is fairly similar to Aku in that regard and the man himself even noticed, prompting an unlikely alliance since their goals aligned in a way, though Aku doesn't really dab too much in the machinations of whatever the Auditor is actually doing in the shadows. Others have also compared this realm with the Upside Down, and in many ways you could say the Auditor's world might as well be Nevada's Upside Down with even more dangerous creatures living there and the Hawkins Party certainly aren't gonna allow the Auditor to run rampant but even Eleven herself has found it difficult to actually counter the Auditor's far superior array of powers and decided to not directly engage him in a fight, preferring to team up with other groups in other to stand a chance.
  • Manipulating reality is what he mostly does for a living and even though restoring his Improbability Drive has been borderline impossible with the constant meddling of his enemies, Jebus especially. That's not all as other deities who have encountered similar entities as him had a few choice of words for the Auditor. Both the Chosen One and the Second Coming were reminded of the Dark Lord, possibly even more dangerous given how he is borderline unkillable and had made an effort to team up against his forces in order to put him down for good. Then there was the Epic Battle Fantasy Party, another team who faced against a similar scheming manipulator like him, possibly being far more dangerous than the Auditor in terms of damage caused, and want to put an end to his endless machinations and finally put an end to his constant chaos.
  • Auditor is perhaps someone you won't usually see serve another but even he has seen the power of Chaos and understand that opposing him is not an option, opting for an alliance of sorts with it instead. Chaos itself was left impressed in the state that the Auditor managed to leave Nevada in and a place like that is a festering ground for his evil to propagate and even the Auditor has considered bringing it to his universe but that option is neither easy nor convenient for his own role as the top dog. So far, he is just content to serve as an ally to avoid incurring Chaos' wrath.
  • Doesn't really get along with other similar beings like that instead of chaos want to bring order. Most ironically of all, the Auditors of Reality consider him a pest and a phony for calling himself "The Auditor" whose attempts to bring chaos into the world is against what they stand for while he himself thinks they are the phonys instead who squander their powers for a so-called "World of Silence". And then was the big cheese himself, YHVH, not appreciating his actions in Nevada and considering him yet another agent of Chaos that might as well be aligned with Lucifer. But the Auditor only sees him as yet another rival in his attempt to controlling everything and be it chaos or order, the Auditor seeks to prevail whatever means necessary. Hell, YHVH might be one of the few deities where both the Auditor and Jebus might consider working together in order to get rid of him.
  • Even potential alliances for the Auditor never worked out in the long run because of either him or his potential ally just not agreeing with his methods or goals. Such was the case with Khorne, who can certainly appreciate the spectacle that both him and his enemies put out on a constant basis in Nevada, the chaos god even admitting that just watching any of the Nevadians fight just brings him joy. But the fact that the Auditor is far more secretive in his approach and less prone to directly engage his opponents soured him a lot on the shadowy being and only ever bothers to antagonize him just to make the Auditor step out of the shadows. Similarly, the Dark Star on paper would get along just fine but unlike the star, Auditor doesn't seek complete annihilation and simply wants to control the constant chaos and madness in the world.
  • In a rather surprising move, Toffee of Septarsis directly approached the Auditor just to engage on a conversation with him. He learned a lot on how he operates and how most of his minions are mostly bumbling buffoons that get gunned down easily by Wimbleton and the others, not unlike Ludo and his forces were laughable before he stepped in. He proposed an alliance, he would help get rid of any of his enemies if in turn Toffee would get an Improbability Drive and the Auditor helping him get rid of Star Butterfly. The Auditor intrigued by his offer accepted, which didn't spell good news for Star and her friends.
  • One of his many powers involve absorbing dead bodies in order to increase his mass but would rather not use him after he accidentally absorbed Tricky the Clown. In fact, the fact there are plenty of body snatching deities concern him to no end since it's one of the quickest way to jeopardize his operations and why he has been more paranoid than usual.
  • Lately, it's been revealed there is a group of entities similar to the Auditor named "The Employers", who seem to be the designated custodians of Nevada, putting into question how powerful is the Auditor, and why exactly he seems so keen on causing chaos if he is one of the more high ranking beings. Most deities are now scared shitless that they not only have to deal with one, but multiple Auditor-like beings. It doesn't help that Jebus was contracted to create a new "project" after successfully destroying Project Nexus. People are holding their breath to see what kind of "project" The Employers have in mind.

Manus, Great Entity of Eyes That Represent Danger (Father of The Abyss, the Primeval Man, the Furtive Pygmy [presumably])
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Dark Soul surrounded by The Abyss, Dark Sorcery, Rot, Ash and Ice (shared with his Children). Alternatively his catalyst.
  • Leitmotif: Manus, Father of the Abyss
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The main perpetrator of Oolacile's fall to the Abyss, has a distorted body that even influences those inflicted by him, the supposed creator of Dark sorcery, possible descendant of the Furtive Pygmy whose Humanity went out of control, often fluctuates being frenzied into fear and capable of ruining civilizations, fragmented into various separate souls following his defeat
  • Domains: Monsters, Madness, Magic, the Abyss, Primordial Beings
  • Offspring: The Children of Dark
  • Allies: None. Beastial in attitude, there is little to befriend Manus in any conceivable way possible.
  • Additional Relationships: Pontiff Sulyvahn, King Allant, Xehanort, Bondrewd (Source of Interest), the Dark Soul of Man (connected origin)
  • Enemies:
  • Feared by: The House of Magic and Sorcery and the Hall of Light and Brightness
  • The origins of the world first came to be under an old age of ancient land, where it was slowly uncovered through the acquisition of four Lord Souls. One of these Lord Souls would be formed by one lowly Pygmy who would find the Dark Soul and claim it, creating the first humans to roam the world. Following the First Flame's presence and a few events that would entail to the dying world, a new entity, otherwise known as the Abyss would slowly engulf the surrounding corners, eventually reaching the First Flame. Unbeknownst to all, it would seem that the Abyss has a link to the Dark Soul and in truth, the first humans of the Furtive Pygmy.
    • Deep in the town of Oolacile, the people were tricked by a serpent to excavate the grave of an unknown being. This lead to the release of the being known as Manus. With his wrath incurred, the blight of the Abyss was then spread to the town and at the same time kidnapped Princess Dusk, prompting the doomed rescue made by Artorias the Abysswalker and his companion Sif. The Knight of Gwyn lost and with no one to defeat the Father of the Abyss, it would spread far beyond Oolacile, had it been not for a Chosen Undead to be brought into the era and defeat him for good. Yet even in his defeat, Manus' influence would still be felt far and wide with the Abyss continuing to engulf kingdoms and Dark sorcery becoming a staple in magic. The latter being proven by his Soul Fragments, the Children of Dark, all linked to the Father of the Abyss.
  • The Father of the Abyss, an epithet given to those who encountered him, has been the rumored source of the Abyss and was responsible for the fall of Knight Artorias. Since then, he has been considered for tight security, sealing off the entrances of the Chasm of the Abyss in the hopes no one tries to repeat the same mistake Oolacile did that resulted to his rampage. This made him rightfully feared for being a catalyst to the spread, made even more proven with his fragmented psyches lingering around Drangleic ages ago. However, ever since a certain discovery in Gwyn's rule, did that notion fall off and while Manus is most certainly a dangerous threat and still somewhat responsible for the Abyss' spread to the town, some have pitied him due to certain reasons.
    • These reasons stems from the fact that Manus is not inherently evil as one would think of an evil sorcerer or magician. Rather, because of Manus' bestial thoughts, he acts in a primitive way and his attack against Oolacile was more out of rage than malice. His presence however, became the start of the Abyss' rise to the town and would ravage the inhabitants. Manus may be somewhat mindless but he is powerful and judging by the magic he can inflict in battle, some would say he was the forefather of Dark sorcery in general. As a result, he barely has enough conscience to attempt to leave his temple and will instead attack anything nearby and seek Humanity. Other than that, he only seeks his precious shattered amulet under possession by The Chosen Undead, the other half has yet to be seen.
  • While Pantheon security has been heavy towards Manus' temple, there has been an atmosphere of dread surrounding the vicinity, most especially aimed at Lord Gwyn and those who reside within Anor Londo and beyond. The Four Knights of Gwyn, especially Artorias and Ornstein are not allowed to attempt to hunt the horror unsupervised. While their hatred of the creature is absolute and their power is highly welcomed in any fight against it, they bear its taint and both have fallen to it in the past resulting to the former's berserker state and hints of one of the latter's followers, dubbed the Old Dragonslayer found nearby Drangleic, who has been tainted by the Abyss. The Lord of Cinder has done many ways to divert the Abyss' power yet it still remains, and his subjects are not immune to it, shown by the Abyss Watchers who got infected by it and started a whole civil war.
    • Upon defeat by the Chosen Undead, he was shattered into pieces, which would later resurface to bedevil the Bearer of the Curse. Some of the pieces however would shapen up to become his "Children", bent on spreading the Abyss further. These Children of Dark would ravage the lands of Drangleic and their kingdoms, with Nashandra hoping to gain the Throne of Want to return back to their original form while the remaining Children are in different predicaments. One has to wonder if Nashandra wishing to become whole again represents Manus' want to his original self since if anything, the beast's rampage was caused by fear than actual spite. This was made worse when his Children ascended and have been granted a sort of independent existence, still as a whole devoted to sundering the First Flame and collapsing everything that is and could be into the darkness of the Abyss, with a few certain exceptions.
    • As for those who wish to confront the Father of The Abyss, they will find him like this. There is a little cheese some combatants found before fighting him, by trying to snipe his from his arena, using his red eyes as a dead giveaway to his location. Anyone proficient with archery with a ton of arrows can basically kill Manus without reaching his arena, though because of a few changes to the Pantheon's temple structure, this has been fixed.
  • Very few hope to interact with the Father of the Abyss in no small part to his beastial instinct. Any semblance of emotion is rather dim, with a few discoveries linking to his Dark Soul gaining too much humanity, turning him into a frenzied state. This has not stopped a few ambitious villains from taking advantage of the Abyss' slow rise of strength, shown with Pontiff Sulyvahn and King Allant. Sulyvahn's spread of the concept known as the Deep may have links with the Abyss, seeing that the Deep may be similar to some degree (though not without its fair share of rabid worshippers) and King Allant's intention to spread the Fog to the furthest depths have brought them to the source of Gwyn's main threat, intending to use the Abyss as a medium to push the Age of Fire to its knees. Xehanort has taken the Abyss with cautious interest as while the Abyss may be dangerous to those linked to light, it somewhat represents an aspect of humanity, something he cannot tolerate.
    • Some have seen certain similarities between the beast and Giygas due to how the two became the source of their world's corruption but there are key differences. Giygas's corruption was a miasma of hate that could even manipulate objects while the Abyss Manus possesses is not hateful and can even be comforting to some, not to mention the implications of it being a lost fragment of the Dark Soul. Lastly, Giygas has overwhelming maternal issues with a need to compensate for a need of a child leading to its insanity, whereas Manus had his mind shattered upon gaining too much of humanity, a rare case for his soul and cannot be defeated by emotion. A few of the Starmen have been infected by the Abyss and some have sworn to drive it back from where it came from.
    • The Abyss would then reach into the furthest corners of the Pantheon, reaching a temple filled with bright light. The sight was not pretty especially by one macabre who was infuriated with the taint. Tracking the source, the Radiance would soon find the Abyss lead to Manus' cave. To put it bluntly, the Radiance's great light was no match to the lingering strength of the Abyss alongside Manus' surprisingly strong Dark sorcery as while she did defeat the Father of the Abyss, the Abyss itself still persisted and nearly consumed her. Further observations can see parallels between the two, as both were heavily forgotten and rose when certain people excavated something that gave them life, alongside the spreading of a plague that would persist in the world. There are hints of the Radiance's retaliation towards the Father of the Abyss but remembering the first encounter, she has taken time to heal herself.
  • There were a few Magical Girls that dare to try and fight Manus seeing him as a threat, but are often overwhelmed by the Dark and are summarily corrupted into Witches or something worse. The Puella Magi have taken precautious means when it comes to fighting the beast, seeing that exposure to the Abyss may accelerate their corruption even further. The group has already lost too many to dream of fighting this horror; even at its peak victory would have been... expensive. Assistance from one main House and a Hall may have mitigated the assaults but the results still come at a price, if not a pyrrhic victory.
    • The fear of the Abyss would even extend towards the House of Magic and Sorcery alongside the Hall of Light and Brightness hearing the stories of how the Abyss persisted in the ages. Most blame Manus for quickening the spread following Oolacile excavating his grave as well as his beastial rampage but the more keen deities have studied the universe he resides in and have firm belief that Manus is not to blame rather it would be Gwyn for one thing: the Darksign. Still, even with that in mind, they have to watch as the Abyss' taint can reach their doorsteps. The former has yet to understand the nature of Dark sorcery, something Merlin is still researching about.
  • With the Abyss spiraling out of control and the spread worsening, the Chosen Undead decided to contact a trusted fellow, Guts, who has heard of the Father of the Abyss. He can take on the Father but must not risk himself getting corrupted like Knight Artorias, whom he pities after watching his form. Fighting him has given him some thinking that Manus may not be malicious compared to the Godhand or their Apostles, the same cannot be said however towards his Children, who were born from Manus's fragments.
    • Speaking of the Abyss, it has no connection to the other Abyss, but his connection to a similar entity has attracted the attention of one scientist. Bondrewd, already having a great connection to his Abyss, has taken a liking to the so-called Father of the Abyss, to the point of calling him his "brother". Anyone who has ever seen Bondrewd knows the weird aspects of him, let alone the fact that he is perhaps the physical manifestation of the death world he thrives in.

    Souren Araya 
Souren Araya, God of Eyes Hidden in Shadow

Intermediate Gods

    The Ghost Kamen Riders 
Takeru Tenkuji, Makoto Fukami, and Alain, Godly Triumvirates of the Eye Motifs (Takeru: Kamen Rider Ghost; Makoto: Riyon, Kamen Rider Specter; Alain: Kamen Rider Necrom, Aran, Takoyaki boy)
Left to right: Takeru, Makoto, Alain
Kamen Rider Specter, Ghost, and Necrom
Mugen Damashii
Sin Specter
Yujou Burst
  • Intermediate Gods (Greater God for Ghost with Mugen Damashii, Specter with Sin Specter, and Necrom with Yujou Burst)
  • Symbols: Their respective Chest Insignia, along with the Ore, Specter and Necrom Eyecons
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Makoto was formerly Chaotic Neutral, Alain was formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Eye Motifs, In the Hood, Transforming Heroes, Ghost Motifs
  • Domains: Eyes, Ghosts, Heroism
  • Heralds: Akari Tsukimura, Onari Yamanouchi, Shibuya Hachioji, Narita Kisarazu, Eadith, Javel, Igor, Yurusen, Kanon Fukami, Ryu Tenkuji, Daigo Fukami, and Alia
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Malthael, Embryo, the other evil Oda Nobunaga
  • Opposes: Shiro Kanzaki, Homura Akemi, most Abusive Parents (Makoto)
  • Spear Counterparts to: Illyasviel von Einzbern, Miyu Edelfelt, & Chloe von Einzbern
  • The three Kamen Riders of Ghost use items known as Eyecons, eye-shaped Transformation Trinkets to get their powers. The Eyecons holds a spirit within themselves what will manifest as hoodies what they wear over their blank suits, giving them powers based on which one they have.
  • When they ascended into the Pantheon, they were surprised to see some of the Heroic Spirits in the Pantheon. Things started fine with most of them... but their encounter with the Nobunagas was a really odd. Because of their presence, their relations with the "traditional" Nobunaga is pretty much ok just like with the rest of the Heroic Spirits. On the other hand, they despised the "evil" Nobunaga for being far worse than the former.
  • Takeru and Makoto had once teamed up with the Special Investigation Unit's Kamen Riders in their battle against the Da Vinci Gamma who tries to disrupt the flow of time and later on, they also teamed up with Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 during their battle against the forces of Nova SHOCKER.
    • Both of the senior riders that they teamed with hadn't teamed with Alain yet since he was still a villain during those times. However, they consider him an ally to their cause as of now since he became a better person during his battles with Takeru and Makoto.
  • They were often seen as the Spear Counterparts of Illyasviel von Einzbern, Miyu Edelfelt and Chloe von Einzbern since the riders use the Eyecons to assume forms based on various historical figures just like how Ilya, Miyu, and Chloe use the Class Cards to assume the forms of various heroic spirits. Needless to say, they are getting along very well as they often seen working together battling their respective adversaries in the Pantheon. In addition, they have experimented with switching their Class Cards and Eyecons to see if they could unlock new forms.
  • Like many Kamen Riders (and many heroic toku deities) before, they get along pretty well with the Princess Pretty Cures as both heroes have their adventures during the same time periods.
  • Due to their actions of bringing hope to both humanity and the Gamma race, they became pretty close with fellow hope bringers in the pantheon especially for Makoto Naegi, who was very proud of their heroism during their fierce battles in the mortal world. Because of this, Naegi (and by extension, their Kamen Rider seniors Kouta Kazuraba, Haruto Soma, and Shinji Kido) invites them to join the Kibou Go! in their crusade to spread hope in the pantheon, which they all gladly accepts.
  • Takeru is a boy who lost his father 10 years ago. And on his 18th birthday, he received a package containing an Eyecon... and death when he was attacked by the monsters known as Gamma. Coming back as a ghost, he had 99 days to gather up all 15 Heroic Eyecons to possibly wish himself back to life. Though taking another timeline extension, he managed to get his life back and stop the Gamma menace.
  • Takeru finds his ascension little bit weird since he more or less rejected godhood in the end of his journey.
  • Takeru gets along with Yusuke Urameshi not in personality, but due to their similar backgrounds of them becoming ghosts after they got killed from protecting someone and were given a specific task to complete it in order to complete their resurrection.
  • Takeru became close allies with both Ichigo Kurosaki and Shirou Emiya, as all of them share the same ideals of being heroes who wants to protect the ones they care about, as well as all three went through a point of having their ideals being torn down before they got better in the end. Takeru also looks up on both of them as he can learn more from their heroic acts in their stories.
  • Makoto used to be friends with Takeru alongside with his sister Kanon. However, 10 years ago, he and his sister were sucked into the Gamma World. 10 years later, he has returned back to the human world, with the only wish being to bring his sister back to life, no matter what. Fortunately, Takeru was able to bring Kanon back to life after which Makoto became friends with him once again.
    • A few years after their battle against the Gamma had ended, Makoto discovered that he and Kanon are actually the creations of a project run by Danton, their creator and true father, whose purpose is to create evolved humans through artificial means until they were adopted by one of Danton's assistants, who goes by the name of "Daigo Fukami", after the latter defects from his master and he escaped to the human world alongside Makoto and Kanon. Upon discovering his true origins, he was terrified at first to the point of confusion until he managed to accept his existence in the end.
  • Due to him being an protective brother to his sister, Makoto has bonded with deities who protects their siblings like Kaito Tenjo, Shark, Byakuya Kuchiki, and Mikasa Ackerman. Their opinion towards him however, that he might have a sister complex towards Kanon, which he is kinda embarrassed whenever he goes to this kind of topic.
  • Since he has high respects with his father figures he met during his journey, Makoto has a disdain towards any Abusive Parents who wants to exploit their children for their own ends since he and Kanon had this experience at one point, which he makes a point to stop them in order to prevent the same fate he endured.
  • Makoto doesn't have high opinions on both Shiro Kanzaki and Homura Akemi as he was in the position as they were: driven to save someone disregards to cost and others. The difference being that he was clearly called out from his behaviour, but he realized how stupid he was for being so narrow-minded.
  • Alain is one of Gamma royal siblings, the rulers of the Gamma World who are trying to invade Earth in order to create the perfect utopia. While Alain was determined to bring his father's ideals into fruition no matter what, he soon started to see why he might be wrong, and after many heartbreaking moments, he eventually became good and wanting to protect the world from what his father had started, and what his brother Alain intended to finish after killing their father.
  • Alain became friends with Catherine Kyoubashi due to their shared love for takoyaki. The two also started to work together in opening a takoyaki store in the House of Food to bring the smiles of people in the pantheon.
  • Alain finds a kindred spirit towards Ange because they were both exiled from their kingdom after they were betrayed by their respective brothers in a humiliating way and they had to deal with many issues before they become a better person in the end. He also became friends with Zuko due to the similar reasons as both of them had once started the invasion before they were exiled before they became good in the end.
  • All three of them have started to oppose Malthael due to the fact that he opposes the concept of free will which reminds the the riders of how the Gamma race used to have this type of ideology, in which the riders made a point to stop his plans.
  • Like many heroic Kamen Riders before, all of them cares about the concept of life, and they will get furious if anyone doesn't give a damn about it. They were absolutely furious when they heard of Junko Enoshima's actions as she was a despair freak who sacrifice everything, including her sister, just to satisfy her own endgame. The same thing goes to Embryo for having a massive omnipotent complex that manipulates anyone just to achieve his goal of conquering the world. This reason makes him enemies to the riders as Embryo's actions are far more depraved than their old nemesis Adel, and Makoto also wants to keep his sister away from Embryo due to his manipulation towards women.
    • In addition, many people have commented that Takeru and Makoto Naegi look very similar. This could be due to the fact that, in one possible Danganronpa timeline, Makoto looked exactly like Takeru...
  • While the Gamma race didn't become one of SHOCKER's minions in the pantheon since all of them turned into the side of good in the end, Takeru, Makoto, and Alain, are still joining with the heroic deities in their fight against SHOCKER, who tries to conquer the pantheon under their grasp.
  • "My life will burn bright!" "Let me show you the path of life I've chosen!" "Listen to the call of my heart!"

Shockwave, God of Cyber Cyclopses (Shockblast, Longarm Prime, Onyx Prime)
G1 Shockwave
His alt-mode
Unicron Trilogy Shockwave/Shockblast
Movie Shockwave
Animated Shockwave
Prime Shockwave
Cyberverse Shockwave
  • Intermediate God (borderline Greater God with the Driller)
  • Symbol: The Decepticon insignia (Generation 1 or 2)
  • Theme Music: "Transformers Devastation - Shockwave", "Shockwave's Revenge"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil overall (sometimes Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil depending on the incarnation)
  • Portfolio: A skilled scientist and Decepticon Military Operations Commander, second in command alongside Starscream and Soundwave, will try to usurp Megatron or remain his loyal servant, serves only pure logic, Can be stoic unless provoked, possesses an arm cannon, transforms into a giant Cybertronian ray gun, Cyber Cyclops, Genius Bruiser, despises humans, often betrays and blackmails his fellow Decepticons, Once was a kind-hearted senator before being mutilated and converted into his present form, The Chessmaster, is responsible for every event in the IDW universe
  • Domains: Robots, Body Parts, Logic, Extinction, Science, Leadership
  • Heralds: Six Shot (his younger brother in the Unicron Trilogy), The Driller (his Bayverse pet), Nitro Zeus (Bayverse fanboy and lookalike)
  • High Priest: Gort
  • Followers: The E.M.M.I., Tri-Klops
  • Allies: AM, The MCP, Commander Sark, Clu, Grandfather Paradox, SKYNET, Makuta Teridax
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Unicron, Michael Bay
  • Whether he be loyal or untrustworthy, an extremist guardian of Cybertron, a sadistic, merciless killer, shape-shifting spy or a mad scientist, Shockwave ultimately serves one idea above all: logic. Logic that dictated he would be a better Decepticon leader than Megatron. But unlike Starscream, Shockwave is willing to bide his time, waiting for the chance to usurp his leader, which he has done on several occasions. He followed Megatron into the Pantheon as the Great War of Cybertron spread, fighting against Optimus Prime's Autobots in a massive skirmish. Naturally, when Melkor offered the Decepticons a chance to work together, Shockwave joined Megatron in the Grand United Alliance of Evil, and the signature singular red/yellow eye that had gazed upon his many heinous deeds earned him his desired trope almost immediately.
    • The Decepticon's military commander and chief scientific officer, Shockwave is one of Megatron's most trusted lieutenants, having been left in charge of Cybertron during his master's trip to Earth. Depending on his mood, he's either tending to Space Bridge technology, fighting on the front lines and bringing back massive piles of torn metal or performing cruel experiments on behalf of the GUAE Mutation Lair. It's safe to say that Shockwave is one of the most well-rounded soldiers in the Decepticon army. Despite his loyalty to Megatron on the surface, however, he ultimately seeks the betterment of his home planet at the expense of everything else, even his fellow Decepticons, at times pursuing his own agenda in opposition to the GUAE's goals.
  • Shockwave is not one for allies, as his cold, analytical mind only views everyone around him two ways; those who are insignificant or those who are potentially useful. Most gods fall into the former category, but there are still a few individuals that have managed to form some mutual respect with him. Chief among them, the Master Control Program and the Allied Mastercomputer. Both A.I. systems have shown particular interest in Shockwave's scientific work, AM especially was "giddy" about learning the Decepticon was, in a few timelines, the one responsible for creating the Dinobots and re-engineering the Insecticons. Both have offered to aid Shockwave in his grand schemes, but he's keeping an eye on them, knowing they could potentially betray him and take his plans for their own.
    • Interestingly, Shockwave has been seen more often with the MCP's lackey Commander Sark, more because of their shared logical minds and not because they share similar voices.
  • Shockwave is a bot with multiple plans; should one fall apart, there will always two more to back him up. As a result, he's found himself allying with Makuta Teridax, who had a little bit of experience on the matter. In exchange, the Master of Shadows even threw in some Exo-Toa technology for Shockwave to play around with.
  • When Grimlock and the Dinobots learned Shockwave was in the Pantheon, the robotic archosaurs went to his temple and unleashed a literal Roaring Rampage of Revenge. The resulting onslaught nearly resulted in Shockwave's termination, with him going all out to defend himself from the five Autobots. Truth be told it was expected. The Dinobots have had multiple confrontations with Shockwave in the past, with the latter even giving them their alternate modes in some timelines. While Shockwave doesn't really care for Grimlock's animosity towards him, he has had to upgrade his temple's defences in case the Dinos' come knocking again.
  • Shockwave has had to deal with the various T-Dolls found in the Pantheon, due to them being reminded of the Cyclops Dolls they had to fight from their homeworld. While smaller than the Decepticon scientist, the four dolls proved to be quite the nuisance, resulting in him enlisting their enemies SKYNET to drive them away from his temple. Ever since that incident, the T-Dolls and Shockwave have become bitter enemies.
  • While not keen on making allies, Shockwave found himself creating a list of possible pawns he can manipulate and use for his own endeavours. Most like Ridley, Marvin the Martian, Malware, Abaddon the Despoiler, Infinite, and fellow Decepticon Blitzwing are seen more as brute force; destroying worlds and disposing of potentially dangerous enemies. He's also considered the Devil Splicers sect of the Eliksni race, wanting to take advantage of their drive for more power and clout, not to mention their goals of ascension through technology. It's mainly though to get his hands on the SIVA technology for his own schemes.
  • Due to having the most variable personalities across all his different incarnationsnote , Shockwave's heralds and companions can change on a dime. When in his Unicron Trilogy body, a sociopath who revels in destruction, he has his younger and more level-headed brother Six Shot as a herald, and they enjoy causing havoc in the House of Military and Warfare. With a need for more Decepticons, he also later took his fanboy lookalike, Nitro Zeus, in as a herald, and the latter mostly hangs around talking shop with other Decepticons when off-duty, while shooting down the occasional civilian as target practice.
  • Shockwave hates humans. No questions asked. He views them as weak, stupid and illogical; basically inferior to the Decepticons in every regard. As a result, Shockwave will personally send his Heralds out to bring back humans to experiment on like guinea pigs. It's led to several confrontations with the crew of the USS Enterprise, who have had experience fighting Decepticons and having a battle of ideologies with the equally logical Mr. Spock. Their verbal battle was cut short when the Autobots arrived but both now consider the other a "fascinating specimen."
    • He's also had to contend with the Pantheon's resident Mobile Suit, Eva and Zord pilots, all the while studying each mecha's technology in an attempt to create his own personal army. This led to him trying to acquire several Zakus and Metal Gears from the Treasury and implanting sparks into them. Char Aznable wasn't happy to hear this, and even joined forces with his old rival Amuro Ray to stop the robotic scientist. This led to him calling in a favour from Gihren Zabi, claiming it was to dispose of any "unwanted opposition." In reality, he just wanted to use Zabi's assets to take care of any opponents before backstabbing him in the future.
  • Their shared interest in seeing humanity subjugated for their own good intrigued Shockwave enough to allow the Venjix Virus into his lab to record data from Decepticon battles as his high priest. This has increased Shockwave's standing with the American faction of the Demonic Legion which Venjix leads. In return, they provide him with Attack Bots and Grinders to experiment on. Shockwave has also expressed a desire to resurrect the A.I. program A.L.I.E. and bring her into the Pantheon, using one of her old victims, Raven Reyes, as a host. She managed to outwit him long enough to warn the GUAG, but he's still making plans. He always does.
    • Thanks to the Venjix Virus, Shockwave has taken interest in The Psycho Rangers, in particular, their enhanced strength, secondary monster forms and ruthless cunning. The Decepticon managed to convince them to take on various reconnaissance and sabotage missions, all the while promising to bring their old adversaries, the Space Rangers, into the Pantheon for them to kill. Normally he would just vaporize the super-powered humans on the spot... but for the Psychos, he'll make an exception.
  • Like most other Transformers in the Pantheon, Shockwave can alternate between different forms depending on the situation. Typically a large Cybertronian handgun, he can also assume the form of several different tanks, Cybertronian artillery and even an Autobot form by the name of Longarm Prime, which he has used to infiltrate the GUAG several times. Most potent of all is his Movie Universe form. which has access to a pet Driller, a subterranean multi-tentacled beast capable of destroying entire skyscrapers with ease, and even once the entire House of Commerce! The only downside to this is that his voice in this form is reduced to unintelligible growling.
  • Many in the Pantheon have wondered why Shockwave has only a blank face with a singular eye, while most other Cybertronians have "normal" faces. The truth behind the matter is nothing short of disturbing. Turns out his current appearance was the result of Empurata, a form of mutilation where the victim's face and hands are removed and replaced with, faceless, fingerless appendages. It was a way to humiliate and shame the victim, usually a criminal, in public. Unfortunately, Shockwave's emotions were also purged, resulting in his moral compasses being removed... which only made things worse.
  • While Shockwave is considered a deadly and calculative foe, no one was prepared to learn about the atrocities he committed in the IDW universe. That is to say, everything was his fault! Following being transported back in time, he slew and impersonated Onyx Prime and worked to unleash chaos and make sure history would remain as he envisioned it, resulting in the events of his future. Because of this, he allied himself with Grandfather Paradox, as both have dedicated themselves to spreading chaos across their respective universes. This also drew comparisons to Professor X, as the Decepticon scientist was a Expy of him before becoming the monster he currently is.
  • Like all the ascended Cybertronians, Shockwave has come to fear the monster planet Unicron, viewing it as a being far beyond even his own logic. In fact, whenever the Chaos Bringer attacks the Pantheon, he actually freaks out and urges an Autobot/Decepticon alliance to fight back. But just as quick as this happens, he immediately goes back to his normal self when the danger passes.
  • Yes, he doesn't trust Michael Bay that much, due to being turned into a mindless brute. That's about as far as that relationship will go for Shockwave.
  • As with his fellow Cybertronians, Shockwave has had information about him stored away for other Gods to view and better understand him. He's looking to use that to his advantage.
  • "Clarity of thought before rashness of action."
  • Also found in the sub-house of Cybernetics and Enhancements.

    Tien Shinhan 
Tien Shinhan, God of Triclops (Tenshinhan, Ten, Ten-san, Three-Eyed Baldy)

    William Birkin/G 
Dr. William Birkin, The God With The Oddly-Placed Eyes (G, G-Birkin, Scholar Will, Birkin-Tyrant, Big Bad Billy, The Lunchables, FloppyFeet's Chaos)
Click here to see Birkin's five 'G' forms

Lesser Gods

    Alastor Moody 
Alastor Moody, The God With the Mad Eye (Mad-Eye Moody)

    The Cacodemons 
The Cacodemons, Unholy Beasts of Eye-Shaped Monsters (Pumpkins, Big-mouthed Floating Thingies)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their Green Eye.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Airborne Mook, Has Blue blood, Breath Weapon, Cyclops, Mascot Mook, Constant victim of the Eye Scream and Feed It a Bomb, Dumb Muscle
  • Domains: Demons, Eye, Mooks, Killing, Death
  • Allies: Lucifer, Most evil-aligned demonic deities, Shuma-Gorath
  • Enemies: [[Pantheon/Soldier Archetypes A To M The Doom Slayer]], The Angry Video Game Nerd, Dante, Spawn, Jack Cayman, Rodin, Illidan Stormrage, Deviljho, The Master of Chaldea, Mike Wazowski, Angelic beings
  • Opposes: The House of Explosives
  • Cacodemons are demonic beasts that can be described as floating red blobs driven by their hunger. Serving as one of the many demons in the vast army of The Legions of Hell, the Cacodemons are one of several mooks that the Doomslayer encountered during his many adventures. A handful of Cacodemons were summoned by several demonic deities in hopes of making a gateway to hell but that only further pissed off the Slayer who quickly took care of those deities but unfortunately, given the huge infestation of Cacodemons, the Pantheonic authorities were forced to relocate them into a temple to contain them.
  • Turns out their ascension was arranged by none other than Lucifer himself, mostly because he found them to be amusing creatures and wanted a few grunts for his own personal army in the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. This instantly notified the Doomslayer that demons from his own universe were making their way into the Pantheon and it seems that his rage would have to extend towards the GUAC given Lucifer actions. The Cacodemons themselves were horrified to learn that the Slayer is indeed among the ranks of the pantheon but they will still attack him nonetheless.
  • Shuma-Gorath used to govern over their title but grew bored of it and left the position to go somewhere more interesting. The Dimensional Overlord finds the Cacodemons to be an amusing replacement and he has considered taking a few of those beasts to use as their bonafide attack dogs. Unfortunately they only seem to try to bite his gigantic eye and even if he even managed to corrupt a few of them, they still prove to be too unreliable.
  • While they are certainly tough to handle for deities of lower tiers, Cacodemons are usually pretty easy to outsmart as they are pretty single-minded in nature. One of the more effective way to stun them is to land explosives in their mouths before they can fire projectiles at you, leaving them open for an attack. Given how several of the Cacodemons have died that way, they tried their best to avoid the House of Explosives.
  • The Cacodemons are fairly easy to domesticate if you have any ties to the demonic and they follow demons of higher authority without any question. Or hell, if you feed them something taste they have no problem following you. Several of the Demon Lord in the Pantheon tend to visit their temple (who is less of a temple and more of a hellish portal that exclusively spawns these creatures).
  • While they aren't exactly weak, the Cacodemons suffer from being fodder for several Demon Hunters looking to cleanse their filth, with notable folks like Dante, Spawn and Illidan Stormrage having taken down several of them at a time. On the other side, Rodin made a deal with the Doom Slayer that he would craft a weapon for him if he was able to find enough demonic souls from his universe and the sudden arrival of the Cacodemons only made things for the fallen angel all that more easy.
    • Hell, even people outside the demon hunting business have dispatched a few Cacodemons as well, most notably Jack Cayman who happened to befriend the Slayer shortly before the Cacodemons arrived and the fact that he packs an even bigger chainsaw than the Slayer certainly scared some of them. He even joins the Slayer from time to time to Rip and Tear them apart.
  • While several deities despise them, nobody ever considered that someone like the Angry Video Game Nerd would have a grudge against the Cacodemons and it turns out he encountered similar creatures, except made of shit and their meatball-shaped counterparts don't endear him too much.
  • Their single-minded nature about their hunger reminded several deities of the Deviljho and weirdly enough, a few of the Cacodemons once invaded the House of Food under orders of some GUAE deities and entered a confrontation with the Deviljho, the Wyvern easily overwhelmed the floating demons and chomped on them one by one but it wasn't exactly an easy fight as they proved to be exceptionally tough to catch. Since then, the beast have been weary of the Deviljho and some have jokingly called said confrontation as a bunch of Meatballs fighting a Pickle-Monster.
  • They were initially confused for Gazers by the Master of Chaldea but they quickly figured out they were unrelated monsters but equally as dangerous. This prompted Ritsuka to approach the Slayer in order to find out more about the forces of Hell in his home universe and possibly prevent a potential invasion in Ritsuka's universe. The Slayer agreed to help them so long as they give him the chance to kill the demons himself.
  • Mike Wazowski has clarified that he has no relation to the Cacodemons and had to tell to the Slayer himself that he is just a green monster and not a green Cacodemon. Some were quick to make fun of the resemblance and Mike was not happy about the comparison.
  • Several deities have noted an uncanny resemblance to an Eldritch Abomination by the name of the Astral Dreadnought.
  • While the universe of Cacodemons seems to lack angelic beings, by principle they seem to actively target them, at least most of their superiors commands them to. Angels on their part just find them to be horrifying creatures that only a place like hell would allow them to exist.
  • Can also be found in Monster Types.

    Sir Daniel Fortesque 
Sir Daniel Wigginbottom Fortesque IV, God of Undead Eyes (Sir Dan, The Hero of Gallowmere, Target-Face, The Hero Searching for His Legend, A Knight in Search of His Legend)
  • Lesser God with moments of Intermediate
  • Symbol: The skull emblem on his shield.
  • Theme Song: Medievil Theme, Dan's Crypt and Return to the Graveyard
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being a skeleton, Lost an eye to an arrow, Coming Back from the Dead, Ripping off his own arm and beating you with it, Weaponizing Fried Chicken, Lots of Weapons, Being Unintelligible, Wielding Steampunk BFGs, Time Travel, Not being as heroic as originally thought until redeeming himself 100 years later.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Combat, Time Travel, Chivalry, Knighthood, Death (in a sense), Cowardice (before death), Courage (after)
  • Heralds: The Gargoyles, King Peregrine, Professor Kift, Kiya, Winston Chapelmount.
  • Allies: Sly Cooper, Bentley, Ratchet, Link, Mr. Satan, Sir Arthur, Artix von Krieger, PaRappa, Jak, Daxter, Sora, Riku, Jack Skellington, Sans and Papyrus, The Skull Knight, Skullomania, Quasimodo
  • Rivals: Colonel Mael Radec
  • Enemies: Zarok, Polygon Man, Jack the Ripper, Needles Kane, Melkor, Nekron, Arthas Menethil, Kel'thuzad, Zhaitan, The Helghast, Vaal Hazak, "Hero Killer" Stain, Them!, The Dahaka
  • Opposes: Caius Ballard
  • Avoids: The Freaks
  • Long ago, in the land of Gallowmere there existed the legend of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a brave knight who led the charge against the evil wizard Zarok and defeated his army at the cost of his own life. His legend would be sung all around the land of Gallowmere and Fortesque was hailed as the savior of the land but the reality was far more different. The truth is that Fortesque was the first to fall in battle, slain by a loose arrow that hit him in the eye and his death was such an embarrasment that King Peregrine had to make up the story to keep up morale. Zarok resurfaced a hundred years later, resurrecting the dead in an effort of enacting his revenge against Gallowmere but that also ended up resurrecting Dan, who then after being taunted for his past failures, set out to defeat Zarok and save Gallowmere. And he ended up succeeding and proving that he indeed was the Savior of Gallowmere
  • His ascension happened after he woke up in a museum displaying his corpse. He seemingly startled the present deities since they were not expecting the skeleton to rise up but to their relief, Fortesque meant no harm. The last thing Dan remembered before resurrecting again was that he was time travelling with his love interest Prince Kiyante but then the details got a bit fussy.
    • The reason he was awarded the title of undead eyes was because of his singular eye being the only flesh he has and the only indication that he is far more benevolent that most of the other undead that were resurrected by Zarok. Considering the similarities to the Hall of Heroes, Daniel was happy to be among several deities to be chosen but considering the very specific and broad nature of the pantheon, he feared that this place wasn't as secured as the Hall of Heroes he knew.
  • Dan is very ashamed of his past as a charlatan and has tried his best to demonstrate that he is indeed a hero. That's why he doesn't take kindly to insults about his actions or everything before his death but so far, the House of Heroism is willing to put aside those differences and hail Dan as the hero he is. Mr. Satan, being the divine Fake Ultimate Hero can certainly relate to the perils of lying about your accomplishments but praised Dan for actually saving the world with his own skills, something that he himself couldn't quite do with Cell. But then again, Fortesque reminded him that he really did indeed save his universe later and in Dan's eye that makes him a hero as well.
    • That said, that backstory did catch the attention of Stain who denounced Fortesque as someone unfit to tread the Hall of Heroes and claim the title 'Sir Knight'. He tried to attack and paralyze the skeleton...only to discover that Dan's skeletal body had no blood to work with. He then discovered that Dan's swordsmanship skill was the real deal. Dan fended off the fiend and since then has been wary of Stain.
  • He may be undead, but that doesn't make him any less of a hero. He happened to be the first undead deity to join the GUAG Sacred Knights, which surprised everyone considering one of its leaders' hatred for the undead. Said leader, well-renowned knight Artix von Krieger, did try to smite Dan initially, but he saw that, unlike other undead, Sir Fortesque was a pretty nice guy all around and accepted him, ironically becoming one of his best buddies in the pantheon believe it or not.
  • Dan was one of several warriors summoned to fight at Polygon's Man Tournament. There he met several others that ended up befriending once they met in a more relaxed environment. Together, they seek to take down Polygon Man after they learned of his ascension.
    • Dan ended up crossing paths with the Helghast Colonel Radec, who thought of Fortesque as just someone beneath him and challenged him to a duel. The first time Fortesque emerged victorious and ever since the two held a rather fierce rivalry, Radec having come to respect Fortesque even if he is very disappointed about his past. That said, the Helghast have tried to eliminate Sir Dan several times since he tended to distract Radec from his duties and being reminded of Zarok's boiler guards, Dan dispatched them without a second thought and has kept at it every time the Helghast ambush him.
  • He seems to get along with Link given their shared background as adventurers and heroes tasked with saving the world. Link was curious to learn some sword techniques from Dan but soon discovered that Sir Fortesque is only able to pull those off thanks to him being a skeleton.
    • Sir Arthur almost tried to kill Dan on sight, but too stopped when Fortesque didn't retaliate. He recognized Daniel as a worthy hero and humbly requested to spar with him as a sight of respect from one brave knight to another.
  • He doesn't take kindly to eye jokes, he still a bit sensitive about the whole 'arrow to the eye' thing. For that same reason, don't tell him arrow to the knee joke.
  • Naturally opposed to the evil undead, with figures such as Nekron or the Lich King being at the top of the list. Necromancers also tick him off, being tired of always being raised to served them only for those same Necromancers to be slain by them. Kel'thuzad tried to sway Fortesque to his master's side but that ended up failing.
  • One of the tall tales he used to tell was about how he slew several dragons. Now as an undead, while he hasn't gotten himself in any beef with a dragon since he knocked some sense into that dragon from the crystal caves, the Pantheon was home to a wide array of evil dragons. He got involved in a fight with Zhaitan, who caused a bunch of trouble near his temple. Another one was Vaal Hazak, who attacked Dan to feast on his remains. The Elder Dragon's abilities luckily didn't work on Fortesque given that, for a lack of a better word, he was already stripped to the bone and his eye didn't detach either. He narrowly defeated Vaal Hazak, but as a result was trapped in the Rotten Vale for a while, a place that reminded Dan of the Pool of the Ancient Dead.
  • Frequently the victim of trolling and being made fun of, something he suffered a lot from Gargoyle statues but thankfully those are nowhere to be seen here. Dan could never understand how someone like Quasimodo can even stand to leave with them but the hunchback later explained to Fortesque that they aren't mean to him at all. Dan was also glad that Quasimodo was a friendly guy, considering he's been attacked by hunchback people numerous times and he has had a bad experience with them.
  • He never expected to encounter Jack the Ripper again in the pantheon. Fortesque absolutely despises him for being responsible for killing Kiya in one timeline and forcing Dan to travel back in time to save her. However, given that Jack's form is ever changing, and his misadventures many and numerous, the Ripper doesn't remember Fortesque at all and Dan recalls that he used to look like a Freddy Krueger-esque person that could summon meteors (don't ask).
  • Would rather stay away from ants and freakshows, having had some nasty experiences in places like that. For that reason, Them! had tried to eliminate Sir Fortesque, but did not succeed, given Dan's experience in the ant caves. Dan also heard from the Freaks, but he rather avoid them altogether even if they pose no threat to him.
  • Given the aforementioned incident involving Kiya and the time travel machine he used to save her and return back to his time got him in trouble with the Time Police, who generally frown upon careless use of time-travel powers. Dan was let go after he proved to not have caused any big changes on the timeline other than getting an extremely rare golden armor. However, this did get him to get stalked by the Dahaka, who reminds Dan of the Shadow Demons.
  • He befriended a lot of friendly skeleton deities after he ascended. He and Jack Skellington found they each had a lot in common and Jack often invites Dan to his temple. Papyrus finds it really cool that there is another skeleton knight of justice in the pantheon and looks up to Fortesque as if he were a brother, while Sans is just happy Papyrus is making more friends. Then there was the Skull Knight, who praised Fortesque mettle and, even if he was aware of his rather embarrassing backstory, he has shown interest on taking Dan under his wing.
  • "I'll show you!"
  • Can also be found at Unliving Beings.

Gooey, God of Comical Cross Eyes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Theme Music: Ripple Field Map
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Ditz, Dark Is Not Evil, Made of Dark Matter's Substance, but is Allied with the Heroes, Multipurpose Tongue, Dumb Is Good
  • Domains: Ditziness, Sidekicks
  • Allies: Kirby, Rick, Kine, & Coo, Yoshi, Tsuyu Asui, The Blue Slime, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies: The Dark Matter Horde, Void Termina, Galeem & Dharkon, villains with powers related to darkness or light
  • Gooey is another friend of Kirby's and is capable of copying the powers of different enemies much like the pink puffball, though Gooey uses his tongue to eat up foes. He's also made of the same material as Dark Matter, but is nowhere near as malicious as anyone borne from it. Instead, he's very friendly and so absent-minded to the point where doesn't even know his own name or what the time of day is. Gooey's eyes are almost always unfocused and going off in different directions, only adding to his ditziness.
  • Upon learning that Gooey managed to find his way to the Pantheon, Kirby was really eager to meet up with him again and decided to bring his Animal Friend trio along for the get-together. While Gooey really doesn't have much, if any, of an idea as to how he got to the Pantheon (though he did end up in a brown sack similar to the ones that Kirby's Animal Friends were in when they first arrived in the Pantheon) or what that place even is, he was just happy to see Kirby again and has tagged along with him on occasion whenever the puffball needs some help on his adventures.
  • Gooey got to meet Yoshi at the suggestion of Kirby and the Animal Friends, who figured that the dinosaur would like hanging out with him. Both Gooey and Yoshi managed to get along well pretty quickly by virtue of support for their hero (Kirby for Gooey and Mario for Yoshi). Both have used their tongues to swallow enemies to defeat them, but whereas Yoshi primarily turns his eaten enemies into eggs, Gooey is able to copy the ability of whoever he just ate. That and Gooey has shown a few times that his tongue can be used for more than just eating, including throwing his friends to defeat enemies.
  • Much like Rick, Kine, & Coo, he helped Kirby fight against Zero, a creature that served as the leader of Dark Matter. Gooey also happens to be made of the same substance as that of Dark Matter, though Gooey doesn't seem to be aware of such. As is also the case with the Animal Friends, Gooey wasn't around when Kirby fought against the successor known as Zero Two. Gooey didn't really have much of a reaction to learning about Zero Two, but's he's willing to help Kirby in any case.
  • He, plus some of Kirby's other friends and foes, were among those who were turned into Spirits as a result of Galeem's initial onslaught. Given the kind of character Gooey is, it's very likely he wasn't aware of what was going on at that time, moreso than others who got affected by Galeem's attack that weren't direct participants of that specific Smash tournament.
  • With his perpetual smile, dopey-looking eyes, and having the appearance of a blue blob, a handful of deities have mistakenly assumed that Gooey was some sort of forgotten variant of the Dragon Quest Slimes. Despite this, Gooey's able to hold his own pretty well and is at least within the level of some of the stronger Slimes in terms of power. It also helps that Gooey is chummy with the Slimes to begin with.
  • Tsuyu Asui ended up having an encounter with him while she was busy fighting off some criminals. Gooey stepped in when some of these criminals got a few direct hits on Tsuyu and after she got back on her feet, she and Gooey took care of the remaining criminals. After the fight was over, Tsuyu noticed that Gooey uses his tongue for combat much like her, alongside some additional abilities she finds intriguing. Both quickly became friends with each other and are willing to help each other whenever possible.
  • Many villains who use the powers of darkness are both perplexed and frustrated at Gooey's existence. Knowing that Gooey is made out of the same substance as Dark Matter, which also includes some dark cloud-like substance that can brainwash others, those villains have been trying to see if there's any way possible to corrupt Gooey and use those darkness-based powers for the same goals that Dark Matter has tried. So far, nothing has come from those attempts and Gooey has remained a good-hearted, if ditzy, being fighting against evil.
    • This specific kind of hatred towards Gooey also extends to a number of villains who are not just capable of light-based powers, but want to ensure that darkness is completely eradicated entirely. They don't care about Gooey's goals; just the fact that Gooey is made out of something related to darkness is more than enough for those villainous light-users to try and eliminate Gooey.
  • Kirby and his friends have sometimes used Gooey as a ball to play with, something that he doesn't have any objection to. Of course, if some deities who wanted to mess around with Gooey by tossing him harshly all over different dangerous places were present, then things are going to turn out very different for everyone involved, with Gooey's powers helping him get out of trouble.
  • There have been some people who have claimed to have seen a female version of Gooey, which is pink and has bow. That said, there is a distinct possibility that the "female Gooey" is the result of some pranksters wanting to trick others into thinking there's an actual female Gooey out there via taking the real Gooey, painting him pink, and putting a bow on him to pull off their trick.

Hibari, Goddess of Unusual Eyes (The Happy-Yet-Helpless Hare-Raising Hellion, BunnyGirl)

    Yukako Yamagishi 
Yukako Yamagishi, Goddess of the Twitchy Eye
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her long hair, with a white streak
  • Theme Songs: Crazy in Love, Yukako Yamagishi Falls In Love, and her theme from Eyes of Heaven
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Stand(s): Love Deluxe
  • Portfolio: Advertised Extra (Less In The Live-Action Movie), Clingy Jealous Girl, former Yandere, Learns Not To Obsess Over Koichi And Ends Up Getting Her Love Reciprocated, Twitchy Eye, Prehensile Hair, Wants Koichi Because He's Nice, Taller Girl in Love With A Shorter Guy, Hair Turns White With Stand Over-Use, Sailor Fuku, Determinator
  • Domains: Love and Obsession, Hair, High Schoolers, Stands
  • Allies: Koichi Hirose, Josuke Higashikata, Shizuru Fujino, Yuno Gasai, Yukitero Amano, Ooi
  • Rivals: Millia Rage, Desna
  • Enemies: Yoshikage Kira, Light Yagami, Annie Wilkes, Alex Forrest, The Joker
  • Pities: Harley Quinn, Misa Amane
  • Yukako Yamagishi is a student at Morioh, who found herself smitten with Koichi Hirose because of his compassionate personality. Though acting demure and having a sweet side, this infatuation soon became obsession and ended up stalking him. While she was beaten, Yukako learned to calm herself down and managed to pursue him honestly, eventually leading to him reciprocating. The two are currently in a happy relationship.
  • Identified by his custom sailor fuku, mole above her breast, and Twitchy Eye whenever she's angry or worked up over something. Her Stand, Love Deluxe, lets her use her hair as a weapon. It has a range of 10 meters, and turns white when over-stressed. The House of Personal Appearance is used to superhuman physiological abilities, and was able to hire hairdressers to better her usage of Love Deluxe.
  • The Hair Abilities sub-house has allowed her to test her Stand, and she's become interested in the other member's usage of their own hair. Wondering why she didn't already have Prehensile Hair led her to meet Millia Rage. As Yukako came first, she thought she had more of a right to the trope, but otherwise is perfectly fine with her being in the pantheon. It lets her compare skills with someone. Desna also rivals her in hair abilities with her Septima: Splitting Ends. With it, she along with Eden's forces were able to scale a orbital elevator a la Rapunzel. Compared to Milia, the rivalry between them is more heated considering she is a terrorist. And a high-ranking one at that.
  • If Yukako sounds like a Yandere, that's because she is. One of the classic examples, predating Yuno Gasai by over a decade. She still has some of those traits, but not to the extent she did initially. She still threatened Aya Tsuji for apparently ruining her looks because she was worried it might affect her getting Koichi to love her. The House of Love and Affection is happy to see she's mostly behaving in the pantheon.
  • A Yamato Nadeshiko by design, but a much darker take than standard. See Yandere for why. Intended as a deconstruction of the trope, and her character was inspired with Annie Wilkes. It initially seemed like they'd get along...that was, until Yukako realized she had a lot more demons than simply being a yandere, that even at her worst Yukako couldn't stand. She didn't want anything to do with her afterwards.
  • She also found Alex Forrest too extreme for her own tastes, though a lot of it is thought to be not wanting reminders of her more psychotic actions earlier in her story. While not involved in the plot with Yoshikage Kira, she did not want anything to do with him. Or Light Yagami, given he's also a Serial Killer(not that he'd ever think he's one) who "Kira" is associated with.
  • Wishes to avoid Kimmy Howell, having learned from Yuno.. She is nice and ditzy, but also an aspiring assassin, trying to follow in the footsteps of her person of interest. And Kimmy still wants to best and behead them as proof she is their greatest fan, of which she put down on a note she gave to them in person. Of course, Kimmy is persistent mainly because she finds her cool. What with the hair-powers and building an electric chair from scratch and everything
  • One of anime's early yanderes, she found herself getting along with Yuno Gasai and by extension Yukitero Amano. She also gets along with Ooi, given her clingy jealous nature, and Shizuru Fjuino due to how love made her crazy. Having fallen in love with Koichi because of his compassionate and gentle nature, she feels bad that Harley Quinn became obsessed with a psychopath like the Joker.
  • Feels kind of bad for Misa because she has been used by Light too many times and she fell in love with him because he gave her justice by killing the murderer of her parents, but he didn't give two shits about her as he only cares about being the new god of the world. Of course Misa doesn't think of that way because she's too in love with him to register that in her mind and even if she knew about that, she will do anything to help him.


    Turanga Leela 
Turanga Leela, Goddess of Cyclops (Captain Leela, Leegola, The Other)


    Christiane Génessier 
Christiane Génessier, Goddess of Miraculously Uninjured Eyes
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her mask and white doves
  • Theme Song: "Thème Romantique"
  • Alignment: True Neutral initially; Neutral Good later
  • Portfolio: Had her face destroyed due to a car accident, except for the eyes, became dead to the world, somewhat creepy but not a bad person, The Woobie, turns against her father and saves a girl from becoming another victim of his face transplants
  • Domains: Faces, Eyes, Sadness
  • Allies: The Phantom of the Opera, the Freaks, Edward Scissorhands, Quasimodo, Amélie Poulain, Rowf and Snitter, House of Canines
  • Opposes: Alfred Drevis
  • Complicated Relations: Sean Archer and Castor Troy, Aya Drevis
  • Christiane Génessier is a young woman whose face became horribly disfigured in a car crash. Her father, a physician, felt responsible for her condition and endeavoured to find a way to give her a new face. Unfortunately the way he settled on was kidnapping young women with the help of his assistant Louise, and remove their faces without their consent. The transplants weren't successful and the victims either were murdered or committed suicide. So Christiane, fed up with her isolation and feelings of guilt for what her condition brought on, murdered Louise and freed the dogs her father used for experimentation, who proceeded to maul him to death. Now free from her confines, but with no hope of having a normal life, Christiane left for parts unknown.
  • Christiane kept walking in the company of several doves with no specific goal in mind and only occasionally wondered what was to become of her. At some point she came across a strange man in black and wearing a mask not unlike hers, who introduced himself as the Phantom of the Opera. He told her he understood the pain of living with a ruined face (he showed her his own to prove it) and having to hide away from the world, and that she might find a new purpose in life if only she would follow him. Though initially frightened, Christiane figured there was nothing left for her except dying, so she went with him, and that's how she entered the Pantheon. The Phantom kept her around as an underling of sorts for a time until the Main House took notice of her and gave her her own temple, which is based on how her eyes remained improbably unharmed and clear, showing her humanity despite the gravity of her disfigurement.
    • At her ascension, Sean Archer and Castor Troy found it fitting to have a temporary truce while they went and paid their respects to Christiane, as her tale had a high influence on theirs. Christiane appreciates their reverence for her and all (well, she does Sean's, but she's not crazy enough to say anything that could possibly upset Castor), but mostly she thinks their eternal quarrel with each other makes them rather frightening to deal with and thus keeps away from them.
  • Nothing about her temple particularly stands out (she didn't care for her home to be replicated, due to the bad memories), except for the fact that it appears to be surrounded by doves and dogs at all times, acting as a deterrent to ill-intentioned deities. Those are the animals that Christiane released when she rebelled against her guardians, and they followed her into the Pantheon out of gratitude to her. She relates to them since she also felt like she was stuck in a cage since her disfigurement, as she could never leave her house. Besides that, the animals are also completely unfazed by Christiane's looks and accept her affection, which is one of the few things that brings her joy in her condition.
  • Naturally, the House of Health and Diseases offered Christiane the chance to have her face reconstructed. While she was seriously tempted, she ultimately refused because she feels that someone like her deserves to live with the face she has now forever, after causing the suffering and death of several girls and killing her father and mother figure like an ingrate (not entirely true, but that's what she believes). Consequently she tends to hole up in her temple, both to avoid the judging gazes of the other deities and because she still thinks most would be disgusted at her condition.
  • Due to her alliance with the Phantom of the Opera, it wasn't long until she came into contact with the Freaks. In their case, most of them have had their deformities from birth, but that didn't stop them from adopting Christiane as one of their own, given her condition meant she could easily face the same prejudices as they have, and she could definitely use a sturdy support network. Christiane is happy to be accepted by them, especially given they behave like a true family. She even looks up to Hans as a sort of father figure (the Phantom's tendencies for the overdramatic make him less reliable in that regard), and he in turn tries to teach her to own her disfigurement.
  • Has made friends with Edward Scissorhands and Quasimodo after meeting them through the Freaks. For the longest time they've led quite lonely lives due to people being fearful of or disgusted by their unusual traits, so Christiane can relate a lot to them, especially Edward who was never accepted by his neighbors and lived out his life far away from everyone. However Quasimodo's story gives her hope that one day she too will be able to walk among people without fear of their reactions to her condition. In the meantime she regularly visits them to admire their ice sculptures and wood carvings, respectively, and has even taken up those activities as a hobby to while away the lonely hours.
  • Christiane's sad life caught the attention of Amélie Poulain, and as usual when running into luckless people, the waitress decided that she would do anything in her power to make Christiane's life even a tiny bit happier. Since Amélie was the first person without disfigurements or deformities to show serious interest in befriending Christiane, she was fairly taken aback at first, but considering how long she's craved social contact and Amélie's acceptance of her, it wasn't difficult for a friendship to be established. Christiane serves as a pretty good Cloudcuckoolander's Minder to Amélie.
  • Her affection for her dogs and actions to free them from her father has gotten her appreciation from the House of Canines, though she's not close to any of their members in particular. It's a different story with Rowf and Snitter (who don't live in that House). They conversed with Christiane's dogs and learned about how she saved them from a grisly fate in Animal Testing. As victims of that practice, Snitter decided she was an angelic human, and Rowf also begrudgingly conceded she was pretty decent. They often hang around her temple as guard dogs, and Christiane shows them much the same love and care as she does her other dogs, even with Rowf still being skittish around her (though considerably less so than with other human deities).
  • Was rather disturbed after hearing of the Drevis family drama. She sees something of herself in Aya, what with her being the daughter of an unhinged doctor who accepted his... eccentricities for a time. The fact that Aya may or may not grow up to be nearly as bad as her father makes Christiane wonder if she too would follow her father's footsteps if she had not turned on him. As for Aya's father Alfred, Christiane disapproves of his activities entirely, hating how he made so many people suffer horribly like her own father made innocent young women suffer.