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The layout for this house is almost always changing every day, and it's been stated that no one should expect the same design twice here.

The one constant here is that there is a debate hall that's attended by aspiring game designers and talks are held to determine what goes in a game. Members are given their own interfaces that determine how well they are doing there and are used to vote on what they think of others' ideas (including, but not limited to, how characters are implemented, A.I. integration, where save points should go, and RNG-based factors).

As for why the layout here changes consistently? That's because the interfaces here also double as a level editor and members are given a chance to change the layout here using said interfaces if they do well here. However, regularly changing the area into something resembling Kaizo Mario World Platform Hell is not recommended, although not totally discouraged.

With the advent of Super Mario Maker, it's now the site of where the members of the Pantheon try their hand of creating new levels for Mario to challenge traversing.trivia 

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Greater Gods

    Lenneth Valkyrie 
"To my side, my noble einherjar!"

Lenneth Valkyrie, Goddess of Party Storage (The Lord of Creation, Chooser of the Slain, Platina, Meril, Battle-Maiden, Chooser of the Slain, Lady Valkyrie, Death, Angel, Thief of Their Beloved, The Accursed Valkyrie, Lenneth the Creator, Selector of Souls)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A feather plucked from her headdress
  • Theme Songs: Behave Irrationally (when collecting souls), Turn Over a New Leaf (when confronting evil)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral -> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Einherjar Stored In Her Soul When Inactive, Benevolent Boss, Energy Bow and Sword in Accord, Nibelung Valesti Soul Crush, Lady of War, Defrosting Ice Queens, Einherjar Need Her Alive To Continue Fighting, Timely Omnipotence, Restoring Things After The End, The Power of Creation
  • Domain: Valkyries, Crystals, Einherjar, Destiny, Creation
  • Heralds: Silmeria and Hrist (her sisters and fellow Valkyries), her Einherjar, especially Lucian (her lover after the Golden Ending)
  • High Priestess: Ajna
  • Allies: Odin, Freya, Thor, Arngrim, Harry Potter, Shiki Misaki
  • Worshipped by: Kosmo and Nova
  • Enemies: Lezard Valeth, Loki Laufeyson, Valkyrie Jäger, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Ascended to the Pantheon during it's early days after becoming the creator deity of her world. She used to be the Goddess of Creation, but new regulations required that she find a new title. After perusing her profile, the Court of the Gods decided she would represent Party in My Pocket due to how she literally stores her Einherjar/party members within her soul and powers them. It annoys her a bit, but as Flynn demonstrates, titles should not determine what she can or cannot do.
    • Even with her change in titles, she still takes responsibility in recreating parts of the Pantheon that have been destroyed in the wake of all the battles all over it, especially since there are several deities (even a Grand United Alliance) dedicated to destroying everything, even if there are the more "ambivalent" ones such as Beerus.
  • Given that most of them have since been reincarnated in her world, Lenneth actually doesn't have that many einherjar with her upon her ascension to the Pantheon. The only one who's stayed is Lucian, her Childhood Friend back when she was Platina, and Lenneth would rather not force the others to work for her again.
    • That said, she can still make einherjar out of denizens in the Pantheon who end up dying. She does have to surrender them eventually at the House of Life and Death for revival, though.
    • As for who she picks for einherjar, she prefers warriors with traits common in Good-aligned warriors, though non-combatants may also be recruited. Other traits include devotion to family and self-sacrifice.
      • That said, Lenneth is lenient enough to recruit less moral folk so long as at least one definite good deed has been performed throughout their life, as was the case for Badrach. The much less redeemable Gandar was only under Odin's orders.
    • Pantheon deities who temporarily become Lenneth's einherjar retain their combat abilities in life, but those without who somehow convince Lenneth's to take them in as einherjar are given Sorcerer abilities for the duration they're with her.
    • Einherjar normally have PWS attacks, but in the Pantheon, this is exclusive only to einherjar who were deities who have had a confirmed described final death (since everyone who isn't immortal all die one day), such as Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (onscreen) or Amuro Ray (off screen, but confirmed later), but not Asterix (no confirmed death scene) or Aurora (despite having died twice, she's come back to life).
  • Given how badly things were between them, Lenneth was wary upon meeting the Pantheon's Freya and Allfather Odin, especially the latter. However, upon hearing of how... badly her versions regard humanity, the two Norse gods assured her that they're not that bad, although Freya has taken interest in her incarnation there, and has even decided to take that form on occasion.
    • As for Odin of the Divine Powers, she despises him (and the rest of his group) for their lack of regard for humans, and even finds them worse than her world's Odin or Loki.
    • Speaking of the Pantheon's Loki, she's still not sure what to think of him, but at least Thor will be there to keep watch on him.
  • Her battle cries, "It shall be engraved upon your soul!", "Come to me dark warriors, battle awaits us!" have been noted to not make a lot of sense in context. But no one seems to mind.
  • Having has to fight so much undead, demons, and other creatures, she's slow to trust such deities regardless of alignment, but it can be earned with enough time.
  • Doesn't know what to say about Mike Haggar due of one time when he piledrove Odin from Valhalla to Earth. The strength to challenge Odin reminds her a bit too much of Lezard Valeth. Though thus far, Mike has proven to be much more benevolent.
  • One of her worst fears has come true with the ascension of Lezard, her love-struck nemesis, into the Pantheon. She's keeping a very close watch on him.
    • She's also heard the unfounded rumors about how Harry Potter is an AU version of him without the lust for her.
  • The ascension of Arngrim came as a surprise to some, as other gods figured Lenneth's einherjar still existed within her. Lenneth explained that Arngrim's habit of getting reincarnated makes him a special case. And most of her einherjar have since been released back to her world with the exception of one. Still, he's willing to fight by her side if need be.

Ultraman, God of Annoying Critical Indicators (Original Ultraman, Shin Hayata, Ultraman Dark, Bemular, Maa, Bemlar/Bemular-BirdMan, WoO, Redman)
Shin Hayata 
Ultraman Dark 
Click here  to see him as Bemular
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His color timer within The Science Special Search Party emblem
  • Theme Song: Ultraman no Uta
  • Alignment: Lawful Good; Chaotic Neutral actually Chaotic Good as Bemular; Chaotic Evil as Ultraman Dark
  • Portfolio: The Japanese equivalent of The Hero, Trope Maker and Trope Codifier for Tokusatsu Tropes, Body and Host, Symbiotic Possession, Superpowered Alter Ego, Creepy Monotone (only in his first appearance), Energy Weapon, Ultra Timer, Hand Blast
  • Domains: Protection, Giants, Heroes, Limits
  • Heralds: Shuheei Aragaki, The Original Science Patrol Japanese Branch, Shinjiro Hayata/Ultraman II, Shinji Kaminaga, Ultraman/Lipiah (Hayata and Ultraman's reboot counterparts)
  • Allies: All ascended Ultras, The Duck Hunt Dog, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Clark Kent/Superman, Mothra Leo, Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1, The Iron Giant, Viewtiful Joe, Peter Parker/Spider-man, Anguirus, Baragon, good-aligned deities from the Hall of Light and Brightness, Amaterasu
  • Rivals: Godzilla, Sun Wukong, King Kong
  • Enemies: The Alien Baltans, Ultraman Belial, Yapool, King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Dark Specter, The Dalek Empire, Melkor, Mechagodzilla, Gigan, Hedorah, Destroyah, SpaceGodzilla, Ghatanothoa, Crime Syndicate of America, Light of Destruction, evil-aligned deities of the Hall of Darkness and Shadow
  • The Hero of Japan, Ultraman was once an average Ultra Soldier who was in pursuit of a monster known as Bemular towards Earth. In his chase, a pilot named Shin Hayata from the Science Patrol was killed in the pursuit and Ultraman feeling remorse, fused himself with Hayata to save his life. As one being, they fought against the threats of Earth, starting the wave of Ultras coming to defend the planet and its people.
  • It would obvious he would ascend to the Pantheon with much prestige and respect from his fellow heroes. Though Ultraman wishes that he would be not given a place because of his Color Timer being especially obnoxious. Not that he demands that he would be given another title, grateful that his feats are more remembered than these flaws. Though he feels a bit like a Black Sheep in the House of Gaming for not really being a related to gaming (aside from his licensed games).
  • Humorously, Duck Hunt had expressed similar frustrations with a timer mocking you, so Ultraman had not only befriended the ducks and the hunter, but also the annoying dog that everyone wants to shoot.
  • Shin Hayata was summoned along with him, both being separate entities from one another. Hayata can summon Ultraman and fuse with him once more to do battle against evil. This might be a rather redundant move on the Court of the Gods’ side of things but Ultraman’s timer is basically null and void without a host, so in order to keep his place, his first host has to be here. Not that both mind as Ultraman is able to keep human allies through the human.
  • Is pointed out to be a bit rusty on the side of things thanks to being rather simplistic in terms of fighting ability and the fact he does not have have anything special to offer. Though that is mitgated by the fact Ultraman is so good at what he does, he does not need to anything fancy to prove he is an experienced warrior.
  • His ultimate rival is Godzilla by far. The God of Kaiju isn't inherently evil, but often has to battle with Ultraman over the city. Expect massive brawls with collateral damage whenever they met, followed by a team up against a more powerful threat. These fights make Ultraman recall fighting a monster remarkably similar to the King of the Monsters.
    • Perhaps not surprisingly, Ultraman has a lot more in common with Mothra Leo in terms of a sense of duty to protect the planet. Mothra Leo told Ultraman not to destroy Godzilla, as Godzilla is willing to be allies if it suits him. Ultraman heeded to this advice.
    • The fact that he sees Baragon as an ally has raised a few eyebrows among some of the Japanese deities, as a few recall him fighting three monsters very similar to the tunneling god. Perhaps Ultraman does not think of Baragon in the same light as them.
    • Fought many of Godzilla’s enemies, ambushed by them multiple times. Only by teaming up with Godzilla and/or Mothra that Ultraman can face something like King Ghidorah or Destroyah without serious collatoral happening.
  • One can add King Kong to that list of rivals, especially his much larger counterpart. Though this one is to a lesser extent. King Kong is more benevolent than Godzilla, fortunately. Regardless, Ultraman stands ready to drag him out of Tokyo if the gorilla ends up there.
  • Thankfully he is nowhere near short on allies in the Pantheon. He has been intrigued with the duo of Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, impressed with ginourmous Jaeger and strategy. Ultraman is willing to help them defend humanity if they call for him.
  • As stated before, he is one of the most righteous beings in the his native Japan. The likes of Superman see him as their Japanese equivalent and treat him as such. Just don't confuse him with Superman's evil counterpart from Earth 3. Both heroes were not happy when the Crime Syndicate did arrive and are teaming up to take care of not just there Ultraman but all of the members.
  • Is good friends with those from the Kamen Rider universe. He has actually met Takeshi Hongo in a crossover. With those two combined, the kaiju that fought them stood no chance when Takeshi became the same size as Ultraman. Humorously, this makes Takeshi not too dissimilar to Kamen Rider J.
  • Ultraman respects that not every giant being wants to fight. As such, he was proud of Iron Giant's actions. The approval pleased the Iron Giant greatly, seeing as Ultraman has the clout of Superman in Japan. Though Ultraman is sure that his Specium Ray can blow up a nuke in orbit without needing to crash into it.
  • As a fan of tokusatsu in general, Viewtiful Joe was elated to see a venerable member of that group in the Pantheon. He quickly asked to do that famous pose sign, complied Ultraman complied. Finding foes that both of them can fight has proved difficult, given the immense size difference.
  • Extremely hated by the Baltans as Ultraman killed around seven billion of them when they first invaded Earth. The Baltans accused of Ultraman for what was tentamount to genocide but Ultraman tells them that they were planning to enslave Earth when they could have lived somewhere else at least outside of the solar system. Is willing to try peace but the Baltans have been too burned by the Ultras to forgive them.
  • Fought against Sun Wukong under the Hanuman monikor alongside other Ultra Brothers. Hanuman turned to be a rather formidable foe for them. Though unlike the other rivals, they get on the more heated side of things since a ginormous legal mess came out of said fight.
  • Generally sees the Daleks as worst than many of the foes he fights against, as they want nothing but to commit genocide on everything but themselves. Ultraman once faced one of their legions by himself and managed to take out most out and sent the others packing. The Dalek had labelled Ultraman as a top priority threat as a result.
  • Allies with those who hold the Light Is Good schtick, as that is what the Ultras embody. Though is generally quite disgusted over the Light of Destruction for perverting the idea of light into something to be feared. Ultraman wonders if his Specium Ray could even harm Light of Destruction at all.
  • Seeing how Deathwing is a Person of Mass Destruction, Ultraman once had to stop Deathwing when the dragon went on another one of his rampages. It got to a point that all of the other Ultras had to help out in driving Deathwing away. Both are not happy to see each other in the slightest whenever they pass each other.
  • Does not want to be reminded of the time that he was corrupted by Dark Lugiel to be used for nefarious purposes. As a result, those he is quite against villains of the dark because he thinks they draw a good portion of their power from the Dark Plasma Spark.
    • Speaking of Plasma Sparks, he befriended Amaterasu in the hopes that he can come closer to being attuned to the Land of Lights’ Plasma Spark to awaken even greater understanding of it. Amaterasu does not see that will change his power, as he already quite attuned to it than most of his bretheren but enjoys his company nonetheless.
  • In an Alternate Universe, the Land of Light was obliterated by the Plasma Spark going supernova and destroying countless other planets in its nebula in the process. Thus the Star Cluster Alliance was made in the Ultras’ place in keeping the peace throughout the universe (though they also have their fair share of politics). After Ultraman left, Shin Hayata lost his memories but carried the genes of Ultraman, which were then passed to his son as well. It’s a timeline that Ultraman is quite disturbed of, knowing almost all his people and Ultra Brothers are dead.
    • In that timeline, he gained another host and became the Rogue Agent of the Star Cluster Alliance, Bemular. However at the same time, many those threatening Earth came to be after Bemular, so he was made to be an associate of these threats by default of being the first enemy. Ultraman himself in the Pantheon does not have those memories... mostly. Its like horrendous memory flashes that really traumatize him.
    • OR SO THEY SAY! Turns out the Star Cluster Alliance manufactured the lie of the Land of Light being destroyed because they are at war with the Ultras themselves. To the point they framed Bemular for blowing up a plane that their Psycho for Hire caused it. Ultraman was pissed to say the least, more pissed than anything after finding that out but doesn’t want to act on that universe yet, not knowing the full story behind it all.
  • Will appear in the Marvel Universe, aiding the Marvel superheroes in his own battles against evil. He will eventually help out Peter Parker at some point, likely to connect the fact that Spider-man had been in a toku. Teaming up with Spider-man sounds like a better experience to Ultraman than teaming up with Dragon Force (Sega). We never talk about that incident.

Intermediate Gods

    The Dragon Hunters (7th Dragon
Dragon Huntersnote , Divine Collective of Lazy Backup
Kazan Guild
Murakumo Unit 13
Nodens Unit 13
  • Intermediate Deities. They, particularly Nodens Unit 13, are able to fell Greater Deities. The leader of Nodens Unit 13 briefly became an Overdeity after defeating the 7th True Dragon, VFD.
  • Symbol: Dragonsbane petals blowing in the wind with various Dragonslayers embedded in the ground.
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Parties of customizable Featureless Protagonists, Chronic Hero Syndrome, An Adventurer Is You, All in a Row, Dragonslaying groups, Fight Woosh
  • Domains: Dragonslaying, Parties, Heroism, Player Characters
  • Allies: Etrian Odyssey Guilds, Saint George and Saint Martha, The Monster Hunters, The Eight Travelers, The Heroes of Luxendarc, and the Dragon Quest protagonists, International Rescue, Burning Rangers, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Hatsune Miku, Jeanne d’Arc Alter, Aquaman, King Triton, Milo Thatch, Cid Pollendina and Cid Highwind
  • On Understanding Terms with: Hiccup and Toothless, Corrin, Jake Long, The Dovahkiin, Arthur Penhaligon
  • On Speaking Terms with: Mila and Duma, Dartz (normally), Orm Marius
  • Enemies:
  • Rocky Relations with: Every other dragon-related deity, Namor
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Elder Dragons of Monster Hunter and other Monsters, Fu Dog, Cosmo, Dragonslayer Ornstein
  • Conflicting Opinion: Malygos
  • The concept of “dragons” by definition tends to vary from culture to culture, be it malicious monsters terrorizing the countryside to wise old beings that command respect. In one universe, they are not only creatures from beyond the stars, but a Horde of Alien Locusts that seeks to devour civilizations, leaving in their wake naught but death and their signature toxic flowers known as Dragonsbane. And unfortunately for humanity, they happen to be the Dragons’ latest target to feast upon. While not totally helpless to combat this threat from outer space, humanity’s tomorrow lies in the hands of the fabled “Dragon Hunters”. Whether they’re a plucky guild of adventurers who hail from the fantastical far future, a group of sole-surviving S-Rank recruits initially scouted to help clear out monsters, or warriors throughout different time periods brought together by a game company, their objective remains the same: Hunt down each and every last dragon to take back their world.
  • During one misty morning a mysterious flower with brilliant red petals and a dark blue body had settled within a corner in the House of Beasts and Fauna. Onlookers had no time to properly study when more of it began to spread everywhere and, with them, hordes of monsters. The monsters were one thing, but those around the flowers soon began to mysteriously fall ill and were left vulnerable to the arriving dragons coming from a mysterious mound in the ground that wasn’t there before and were driven back. While the present gods were able to hold back and block off the monsters before they could wander off, entering was not an option thanks to the hazardous flora which seemed content to inch ever forward.
    • Before they could call upon the other houses, one company of individuals suddenly stormed past the barricade to slay any monster and dragon within their sights, unaffected by the flowers’ unidentified toxin. They soon made their way to the odd mound itself, which revealed itself as a mountain-sized dragon called Earthshaker, and went to fight it. After it was slain, the flowers soon faded away without a trace as well as the illnesses they brought. For their efforts, the hunters were quickly inducted into the Pantheon. They chose Lazy Backup because, though one can make as many Dragon Hunters as one pleases, only the party on the front matters. And if they get wiped out, that's that.
  • While the Dragon Hunters are easy to get along with, they as a whole are particularly close to many of the Etrain Odyssey guilds. One can easily attribute it to the camaraderie between plucky groups of adventurers however some members have commented on some indescribable “connection” or “gravity” between each other, something that cannot be said with any other in their field of work. As proof to these claims, they synergize well with one another as though being teammates was second nature. Whatever the connection, it is not uncommon for there to be an overlap between the two groups when undertaking missions.
  • Their effectiveness in exterminating every dragon they see quickly spread far across the Pantheon and have made them very infamous to its many dragons, Nodens Unit 13 especially seeing as they're credited for dragons being erased from the new universe. Tiamat was especially livid by such a feat and has directed them her eternal enmity. Likewise, the Dragon Hunters have shown no hesitation in hunting the evil ones down alongside other dragon slayers. From the likes of Smaug and Sindragosa to Ridley and ther Ruined Dragon. Even against ones they can’t slay outright, such as Alduin the World Eater, they’re still able to hold their ground against them and serve as a testament to how strong the human spirit could be.
  • While their stance and relationship on the evil ones is clear-cut, things are much more awkward between the dragons that don’t fall into that umbrella (and it admittedly doesn’t help that their definition of a dragon is broader than most). They initially found the prospect baffling but seeing as the Pantheon itself is a baffling place they decided to take their word for it and learn more about them. And they’re not one to ignore the good in others either.
    • Among the big examples were the Dragonflights who were tasked with safeguarding Azeroth and Bahamut, a wise protector of good and justice whom even his enemies respect. Bahamut and Alexstrasza of the Dragonflights were quite apprehensive to the hunters but have shown them empathy for their circumstances and were content to leave them be though not before warning them not to overstep their bounds but also encouraging them to be open-minded about other dragons. While their experiences with dragons will never fade, they have tried to take Alexstrasza's words to heart.
    • There was also Mila and Duma, two dragons siblings who were soon worshiped as deities by humans in Valentia. The two gradually lost their sanity and had a negative influence on the humans, the former inspiring the Kingdom of Zofia to be slothful and debauched and the latter encouraging the Kingdom of Rigel to be cruel and ruthless. Through the words of Duma, his followers instigated a war between the two nations that was put to an end through his demise. Their case reminded the Nodens Group of the 4th True Dragon Hypnos who were once Emel and Aytel, two girls who helped humanity combat dragons before the former became insane after letting her hatred for dragons consume her. The two had their sanity restored upon ascended and while are watchful of them they are able to hold civil conversations with one another. Not so much with the Blue Dragonflight Malygos, who became insane and grew to despise how magic was abused and widely used and to that end attempted genocide until he was stopped by Alexstraza. Unlike Mila and Duma, he remains crazed and hateful and thus the Dragon Hunters promise to help stop him if he tries anything funny again.
  • Suffice to say, they’re famed as dragon slayers and they were open to meeting those who have also dealt with dragons. They first met with Saint Georgios and Saint Martha, two Patron Saints known for defeating a dragon with the former slaying one and the latter pacifying one, the Tarasque. The fact they easily clicked with George didn’t come off as a surprise (and he didn’t waste time getting pictures of them) though the fact that did with Martha was seeing as she isn’t really a dragonslayer like them. Perhaps it's because Martha managed to calm down what was seen as an invincible destructive beast. Either way, the Destroyers and God Hands tend to get pointers from her in the ways of fisticuffs. They also got along with the Monster Hunters. In their case, its the shared sentiment of taking on larger-than-life creatures, including the often colossal and powerful Elder Dragons. They tend to lend each other’s strength when they get the chance.
    • Things are less warm when it comes to Dragonslayer Ornstein, whom they’ve heard from George and Martha. While the can understand he is a knight of Gwyn, who went to war with the Everlasting Dragons, even in the Pantheon Ornstein remains antagonistic to many dragons residing there regardless of who they are. And that’s not going over how Gwyn has done dubious things of his own and yet is still fiercely loyal to him. Ornstein thought he found new allies in the Dragon but alas.
  • Likewise with good dragons, the prospect of working alongside dragons is also quite bizarre to them. While Duelists can briefly summon dragons, they remain threats to mankind barring the military’s attempts to exploit them. One day, the hunters were visited by Hiccup who heard of their reputation and sought them out and hear out their stories and chronicle their dragons. Knowing that he was a Dragon Rider who pushed for the coexistence of dragons they were surprised he was willing to hear them out if at all. He explained that Berk was once plagued with dragons pillaging their sheep until one day he met Toothless which kickstarted his fascination for them. In the end, the dragons Hiccup was familiar with were still living creatures that were natural to the world and was shocked to find the dragons the hunters are familiar with are otherworldly by comparison. For their part, the hunters also acknowledge the deep bond between the two and respect that, while a kind person willing to hear others out, he is also not afraid to protect those he holds dear as well. Since meeting them, the hunters are left wondering about other dragon riders in the Pantheon.
    • Dragonic humanoids are something they’re more familiar with but like with dragons the experience is negative as well. Brought about by ambitious science, the dragon hybrids usually became went crazy and turned on humanity as well (even Takehaya, who fought said instincts, feared such a fate as asked to be felled repeatedly). Even the leader of Nodens Unit 13 was at risk of becoming the 7th True Dragon VFD due to a superior’s machinations. As they’ve learned with the Pantheon’s dragons before, things are not so simple here. Jake Long is an otherwise normal teenager who has the ability to transform into a dragon and is unmistakably a hero. Corrin also has such an ability due to being the offspring of the Silent Dragon, Anankos, but lacks their father’s sheer malevolence. The Dovahkiin is an individual with the body of a mortal and the soul of a dragon. They’re more unscrupulous than the first two, but they were fated to defeat Alduin and have bested Miraak. There was also Davion, a knight who gained the ability to transform into the Eldwurm Slyrak after their blood combing when the two killed each other. Slyrak, however, advised him to deliberately avoid them after having sensed the sheer number of dragons slain by each and every one of their hands.
  • Speaking of ambitious science, it is for this very reason they are enemies with Mesogog who wishes to return Earth to the time of dinosaurs and is willing to turn humanity into them to that end. Dinosaurs aren’t exactly dragons, but from where they’re from plenty of dragons are quite like dinosaurs anyway. Nodens Unit 13 in particular is reminded of Allie, their superior whose true identity is the 2nd True Dragon, ND. She was the aforementioned person responsible for almost turning their leader into VFD as a result of her sincerely wishing to foster humanity’s evolution.
  • Famed dragonslayers they may be, that isn’t to say they’re solely centered around such a thing.
    • Before the dragons invaded Eden, the Kazan Hunters Guild was just your average adventuring guild beginning to make a name for themselves after beating a large monster bear. The Etrian Odyssey guilds were a given, but there are many more parties of adventurers. They’ve also accompanied people like the Eight Travelers, the Heroes of Luxendarc, and the Dragon Quest protagonists on their own escapades in the Pantheon. They’re not as close to them as they are with the guilds, but they’re still quite the help to them. On an unrelated note, they will vehemently refuse quests that involve slaying a hundred of something just for their drops. Prying further will result in a faraway look in their eyes and/or muttering something about bird feathers.
    • While technically both the Murakumo organization and Nodens company are more concerned with reclaiming Tokyo from dragons and completing the Dragon Chronicle through beating the True Dragons respectively, they still took the time to save whoever they could during their missions, even granting people asylum in their respective bases. Nodens Unit 13 even did so behind people’s backs originally and after getting the approval they took the time to build facilities to house the people they saved. Because of this, they’ve also worked alongside International Rescue, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, and the Burning Rangers for this very reason.
    • While under the scenes Nodens worked to combat the dragons and even offer safe refuge, on the surface they are known as a game company with their hit VR game, 7th Encount, being responsible for bringing them out of bankruptcy. Now, none of them are quite programmers or anything like that but did help referencing and with (physically) dealing with bugs. They still aren’t after coming to the Pantheon, but they’re still open to lending others in the House of Gaming a hand if need be.
  • Among their ranks are the Lucier, a race of Demihumans identified by their unique ears (pointed ears for the males, and cat ears for the females). The Lucier's roots date back to the lost undersea kingdom of Atlantis before its fall at the hands of the 3rd True Dragon, Nyala. They were thought to be rendered extinct but were brought back in the year 2021 A.D. through the use of cloning in order to help forge the Dragonslayer thanks to their connection to Orichalcum though out of the candidates, only one possessed the ATL code necessary while the rest ended up joining Murakumo Unit 13. In 2100 A.D., the Unit 13 of Nodens Enterprises ended up evacuating the surviving Atlantean Lucier in the past to their present-day during their mission to create the Dragon Chronicle. Meanwhile, the cloned Lucier ended up forming a city-state in the mountains for themselves in what would become the Nevenplace Empire in the future of 7200 A.D. where Earth would be known as Eden.
    • Hearing that there were other Atlanteans was enough for the Lucier to seek them out, especially for the Kazan Hunters Guild as while Atlantis was proven to exist in the 2020s, the city became little more than a myth in Eden. Immediately piquing their interest were other rulers of Atlantis such as Aquaman and King Triton, who praised their efforts of besting Nyala (multiple times) but also saving the remaining Atlanteans and allowing their race to persist into the future. As have Dartz, a former King of Atlantis himself, until he was corrupted by the Orichalcos and did some terrible things until he was purified before dying. In the Pantheon, it exists as a sort of split personality that the hunters promise to combat but otherwise are able to converse with him and is pleasant otherwise. Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother, has also respected them for their feats and has extended an invitation to the City of Dagon should it interest them. Namor, however, was not so easily swayed as while he acknowledged Nyala being bested and the evacuation of Lucier he turned around and regarded the artificial Lucier as pale imitations. It didn’t help that Namor is also a volatile man with flimsy allegiances overall.
    • Beyond fellow Atlanteans, plenty of surface dwellers had managed to find their way into the lost civilization. Milo Thatch led an expedition to find it after spending so much time obsessing over it, much like his grandfather, and even ended up saving it and staying behind to help discover their lost roots. Naturally, the moment they got greetings out of the way he wasted no time in asking the Atlantean Lucier all sorts of questions. Indiana Jones and Lara Croft had their own adventures involving Atlantis and its legacy as well, the former ending up stopping some Nazis from ascending to godhood (and exorcise an Atlantean spirit from possessing a friend) whiled the latter contended with a former tyrannical Atlantean queen.
    • Along with Atlanteans, there were those who posed a threat to the lost city. Through Milo they learned of Commander Rourke, a man who was willing to steal the Heart of Atlantis and let an entire civilization die out for his greed. The Gyaos and Ur-Quan Kzer-Za were both involved in Atlantis’ destruction and both have earned their animosity for that, the former even shocking them as they were a creation of Atlanteans themselves. Fu Dog and Cosmos were also responsible for sinking Atlantis (consecutively in Cosmos’ case) though Fu Dog vehemently denied such claims.
  • They were initially of Jeanne d’Arc Alter, a doppelganger of the saint Jeanne d’Arc created out of vengeance who sought to raze France to the ground and commanded armies of wyverns and crazed Heroic Spirits. However after talking it through with others, including Jeanne herself, they let go of such notions after finding out Jalter has long since outgrown her past actions and is by the Master of Chaldea’s side in saving humanity (and the way to do is somewhat reminiscent of Nodens Unit 13’s adventure in regards to the Singularities). And while she plays up the “evil” front, she’s got a soft side and is a kind person deep down. She’s a good egg, if you will. Because of that, they prefer to get along with her instead to which Jeanne Alter begrudgingly accepted since she probably wouldn’t be shaking them off anytime soon. Especially since many of them are also fans of her doujins.
  • Though it is hard to believe, among the people whom the Unit 13 of 2020 rescued was the one and only Hatsune Miku herself. Through rescuing her, she gifts them “DIVA Mode” where she provides vocal remixes of the original soundtrack instead. She was pretty thankful for their help and dropped by to say hi to them when she got the chance. The Vocaloid is popular with the Idols within Murakumo Unit 13 and has been pining to collab with her one of these days now that things are (relatively) calmer in the Pantheon.
  • Neither of the three has that great of a track record when it comes to plants. The Dragonsbane that the dragons spread through their presence serves two purposes: Softening the inhabitants for the dragons and rooting out the weak from the strong. If the illness it spreads isn’t enough, the fact they help spread monsters and are harmful to the touch (or outright lethal for certain variants). And that’s not including the many plant-based monsters they came across on their adventures. As such, they’re cautious of the more animate and hostile flora around the Pantheon. Mordremoth was obviously one of them, being an Elder Dragon whose physical body is an entire jungle which vaguely reminded the Murokumo members of Sleepy Hollow, whose influence turned Shibuya into a wild forest. Then there were the Piranha plants, one of many soldiers within Bowser’s army, though just as many act independently of the King Koopa. The hunters tend to run into them frequently and the two have clashed as a result of that.
    • By contrast, they’re much warmer to the many Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants who help defend from zombies of Dr. Zomboss and are unmistakably benevolent. Plus, they’re kinda cute and like that the sunflowers can sing. One group of Dragon Hunters decided to help them out, as they do, and were floored to find out just how many plants there were and how effective they can be against whole hordes of enemies. The firearm-wielding Tricksters and Banishers are very interested in the explosive plants. Dr. Zomboss has grown vexed by the Dragon Hunters as a result of their interference.
  • Of the three hunter groups, the Kazan Guild is the most well-traveled in terms of physical distance thanks to having trotted all around Eden and its various countries. They didn’t do it all on foot, however. Somewhere along the way, they acquired a boat and airship all to themselves to make things even easier for them and they were happy to give their fellow hunters a lift as well. They tend to frequent the House of Travel to both maintain their vehicles and to check out others similar to theirs, fascinated by the technologies that go into them. One trip had them meet the ascended Cids, who have manned their own airships. They were pretty happy to look at theirs after a nasty attack by Boltweaver Astalos and have been allies since.
  • If you were to ask Unit 13 of Nodens what are some of the greatest things life has to offer, chances are that cats would be among those answers. Alongside people, they have also rescued cats during their time-hoping travels where they would live on the company premises and have at one point built a Cat Cafe during their off time. Spending time there serves as one way to kick back and let all their stress melt away. In short, cats are the coolest, love, and life itself. It should come as no surprise that they beelined to the Hall of Felines, and though they were spooked by the presence of Teostra and Lunastra as long as they didn’t cause trouble they decided to let sleeping dogs lie.
    • When the three Dragon Hunter groups adjusted to living in the Pantheon the leader of Nodens Unit 13 got the idea to open a cat cafe of their own that the others manage or use on their free time. At least one or two Lucier are usually present during the shift. The cafe has been a hit though patrons do wish they’d tone down all the cat puns.

    Final Fantasy IV Final Party 
Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Rydia, Rosa Joanna Farrell, and Edward "Edge" Geraldine, Heralds of the Active Time Battle System (Cecil: The Split Soul, the Knight, King Cecil of Baron, Kain: the Dragoon, Hooded Man, Rydia: Rydia of the Mist, Rosa: Queen Rosa of Baron)
Left to right: Kain, Rosa, Cecil (his Dark Knight form above his Paladin form), Rydia, and Edge
Cecil in The After Years 
Kain in The After Years as a Holy Dragoon 
Rydia in The After Years 
Rosa in The After Years 
Edge in The After Years 
  • Applies to the group or two or more of its members:
    • Since their adventures during The After Years, they've learned how to perform Bands depending on their battle actions and who they perform it with. A lot of them tend to be Awesome, but Impractical, but there are a few that work well enough such as Effect Form and Trinity Crusade (initiated by Cecil, Kain, and Rosa).
    • Surprisingly, the party have battled Gilgamesh before in a moon.
    • For some reason, the group (especially Kain, Rosa, and Cecil) see a lot of things familiar to them in Gohan. Son of a well-known world saver, half-human, half-outer space race blood, undergoes strict training from a mean "sumbitch", is separated from his parents and undergoes tutelage by his father's rival, unofficial protagonist for a sequel series while his father is out of commission, and has the ability to suddenly power up at least twice his own strength in times of crisis? That sounds a lot like Ceodore.
    • Due to having fought off an entity called The Creator, who wished to destroy their planet because mankind didn't evolve to its preference, they naturally oppose other such planetary threats.
  • Exclusive to Cecil:
    • He used to shed his Dark Knight form to become a Paladin, but gained the ability to switch between the two forms thanks to Cosmos. Prior to that, he's also learned to accept it after shutting it out for 17 years.
    • Had once held the position of Yin-Yang Bomb after inheriting it from Leon Magnus. Cecil kept believing that Leon himself is battling his own demons. Now that the seat his vacant again with his own transfer, Cecil has taken to searching for a suitable candidate.
    • Is a member of the Sacred Knights, and one of the only gods capable of controlling its leader, Artix von Krieger, from smiting every single undead god in the Pantheon (which is not an easy task, mind you).
    • Thinks Firion has a thing for Lightning, and briefly played matchmaker. Firion appreciates it, but he has yet to succeed despite Cecil's efforts.
      • He also initially took Onion Knight's vow to protect Terra as a sign he's fallen for her.
      • This is all likely because out of all the Final Fantasy protagonists, he's the only one who's actually gotten married.
    • Is very against any form of being puppeted in any way given that's what he suffered in the hands of the Meanad.
  • Exclusive to Kain:
    • Other Gods look at him funny, thinking that he may betray them anytime. He claims that he has good reason to do so, and he is correct on the most part. It's just that many are wary that Melkor will to be able to make his next Face–Heel Turn a permanent one.
    • As a Holy Dragoon, Kain has a small repertoire of White Magic (Cure, Hold, Cura, Esuna, Teleport, Blink, Haste), though it's nowhere near as Cecil's.
    • Reportedly fell against an army of creatures known as Manikins. Upon hearing that even Cosmos was unable to revive him, the Court of the Gods began searching for someone to succeed him (back when he still represented Dragon Knight). Before they could begin accepting applicants, however, Kain crashed through the roof of the building, very much alive, apparently having leapt there from the battlefield. Turns out he just got so bored slaughtering the Manikins that he fell asleep.
    • Pantheon eventually learned from Kain the arts of a 'Dragon Slayer'.
    • Back when he still held the title of Dragon Knight, there was Davion, who had once attempted to claim it but failed. Unfortunately, Davion's abilities were deemed too plain to be considered for the role. But it was a denial that Davion is now glad of, now that he holds Simple, yet Awesome.
    • While he doesn't mind those who do hunt dragons, Kain is one who prefers to emulate the behavior of dragons instead of hunting them. He is intrigued with the bond Rynn has with Arokh and how the two learned to work together to save her brother. He asked her how it was like to share a bond with the dragon, to which she replied as something that was to difficult to describe. She figured it would be better if he observed how they interact with each other.
    • Kain shares his name with an ancient vampire, and neither person has been happy with doing so. The Dragon Knight believes that it only further alienates himself from his allies, while the vampire is tired of having to answer that no, he is not associated with the former. With that said, the two are not exactly enemies rather than they have different opinions on the concept of good and evil. One wants to embrace the former over the later and there other does not care about which side he chooses.
    • While he wasn't included in the initial roster, Kain had a hand in later (technically, ealier) Dissidia cycles. He is appreciative of the support he has gotten from his Final Fantasy brethren.
  • Exclusive to Rydia:
    • Rydia kinda likes Ninjas, but refuses to go out with them. The whole invisibility thing unnerves her when she goes to the bathroom. Instead, she claims to have "fallen for" the childlike innocence of Negi Springfield, who reminds her of herself when she was his age…almost as if it were yesterday.
      • Speaking of ninjas, her situation with Edge is still ambiguous as of late. A few teases have come her way, and she ignores them for the most part.
    • Has no idea of what to think of the Demon Summoning Program used by folks such as Aleph, Flynn, and Kazuya. While far more versatile and accessible, it's also far more dangerous than her own brand of Summon Magic. That said, she's not wholly against forming a contract with some of the summoned demons herself. It's just a matter of finding the right ones.
    • Seymour had taken an interest in Rydia, and has plotted to take her life should she learn how to incorporate Magic Dances into her summoning rituals just like Yuna.
    • So far, she has formed contracts with this Pantheon’s Bahamut, the wandering swordsman Gilgamesh, and the legendary Pokémon Xerneas.
      • While Naruto offered their aid, Kurama was explicitly against becoming a Summon (he prefers Naruto only, and who knows if the shinobi might need him if he's busy aiding Rydia if he does accept?), so no contract could be made.
  • Exclusive to Rosa:
    • Unlike most white mages, she's capable of actually fighting with bow and arrows. As such, she usually goes training in the House of Weapons, or even visits Merida in the House of Royalty to improve her archery skills.
    • Serena takes great inspiration from Rosa as her devotion to Cecil parallels Serena's own devotion to Ash. When Serena had told the Arch-White Mage her talenote , and asked if there was anything further she could do, Rosa smiled warmly and replied "Just be true to yourself; he should come around in his own time". She also warned Serena not to put up with any senselessness on Ash's part, while making sure that she didn't embrace anything senseless herself. She has offered to examine Serena for any magical aptitude.
  • Exclusive to Edge:
    • In addition to his Ninjutsu, he's also learned the art of swiping items from the enemy. This goes as far as stealing Dark Matter from Zeromus (the Big Bad behind Golbez). That's right; he can somehow get his hands on a theoretical concept that has yet to be directly observed in the universe. Edge is just that good.
    • Seeing his interet in Rydia, despite his attitude, Princess Cadance and Kyu Sugardust (among others, as they're not the only ones) have both (separately, as the former doesn't like the latter) offered to help Edge in winning the summoner's heart (and in the alicorn's case, keep that love steady so he can further help Rydia raise the last Maenad).
    • Has moral qualms with hitting (friendly) women. Hostile ones, though, are no issue at all.

    Iji Kataiser 
Iji Kataiser, Goddess of Morality-Tracking Gameplay (The Human Anomaly)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: Her Nanogun
  • Theme Songs: Three Cans Later, Seven Four, Face to Face when in combat with a boss, Further by the end
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Pacifist), Chaotic Neutral (Berserker)note 
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain(s): Nanotechnology, Negotiation, War, Survival, Pacifism, Berserker
  • Herald-Slash-Mission Control: Dan Kataiser (her brother)
  • High Priest: the nameless hero of Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu (where the Karma Meter first originated)
  • Followers: The Hero of Bowerstone, the Spirit Monk, Valdo, Sarah, Marchal of Lander County
  • Diplomacy Tutors: Relena Darlian, Amu Hinamori (Pacifist only)
  • Combat Tutor: Adam Jensen (Pacifist only)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All evil gods in the House of Military and Warfare, all who desire war or are racist to humans, all Nazi deities and Expies thereof, all deities capable of destroying planets and willing to use that power to do so, Flowey, Agent Smith, AM, the Incubators, ADVENT, The Overlords
  • Distrusts: All aliens (Berserker only)
  • Respected by: The Illusive Man (Berserker only)
  • During Iji's ascension process, there were supposed to be two that would enter the Pantheon together, her Pacifist self (who inflicted 0 [direct] kills throughout her run), and her Killer self (who took out as many enemies as possible throughout her run), and they would occupy the Karma Meter seat. Unfortunately, a…disaster occurred during the transit that somehow resulted in the latter's death, and due to how things work in their world, the former decided to assimilate what remained of her Nano to 'keep her warm'. Due to that, upon arrival to the Pantheon proper, the Court of the Gods decided to grant Iji her position.
    • Along with that Iji's Nano, she got a Reality Warper weapon called the Null Driver, which, after she first fired it in a clear area, resulted in a lot of screwing with the dimensions, after which she decided to never use after it proved potentially lethal. There was also the Scrambler, which screws with Iji's perception of everybody's words (including hers) into total nonsense. Oh, and she gets a fascination for "missile pony" toys.
    • And then it was decided that Iji's title wasn't really suiting and a trope change was in order. While this Iji ended up in an... incident explained in detail further below, another Iji ascended after her death by Alpha Strike with a kill count of over 300. When the first Iji returned from the TV World, she has undergone some changes that better fit a pacifist as well as discovering some 'new' features in her Nanogun. When the two Ijis met, it went well, all things considered especially since Berserker!Iji realized what she had done then (though by that time it was too late), and they took their seat in their repositioned temple together.
    • There are other outcomes in their story aside from these two. In one, Iji rampages through the aliens, but either manages to restrain herself from executing General Tor after defeating him or wasn't berserk enough to even consider that. In another, whether or not Iji killed between 0 or 270 aliens, she spares Annihilator Iosa instead of killing her, and pays for it with her life. On the upside, the Komato change their ways, thus making her a martyr.
  • Applies to either or both:
    • Iji's temple is filled with Nano, which she uses to replenish her Nanogun and personal Nanofield. She can also sometimes find Nano all over the Pantheon, mostly in the House of Technology. There are also Cyborg Stations at her temple so she can re-spec her Nanofield in the event she ever needed to reboot it.
    • Her Nanofield is a work of accomplishment; it protects from all conventional weapons. Not even a nuclear bomb can get through, though radiation and force of impact would (probably, in the case of radiation) still be a factor, though she's immune to acid rain. The only things that can get through are more advanced technological weapons (though they usually have to be energy-based; most Mass Effect weapons are still ballistic, and so would be successfully stopped, but they will inflict Armor damage on her Nanofield), magic (either inflicting damage on the Nanofield or bypassing it entirely and injuring her), and weapons out of the same Nanotech as Iji's own. Melee attacks (unless they're too fast for the nanomachines to effectively block) do nothing unless coated with the same Nano, and crater impacts created if she is ever sent flying from such a blow would also do nothing, though she's not willing to test that out.
      • The Nanofield doesn't just protect the outside; somehow, it can protect the innards as well, which explains the Tasen's (the race the Nanofield was copied from) fascination for obscenely hot drinks (as in surface-of-the-sun hot). It's not known whether it blocks ingested poisons as well.
    • While not ascended, Iji's brother Dan was brought into the Pantheon as well to serve as her personal Mission Control (until such a time when a God of Mission Control ascends) as well as to give him a new place to live since their home world was essentially destroyed. Putting him in danger is one way to set her off real bad, and can even put her out of her pacifist mindset in that she'll clearly want to kill whoever harmed her brother and not feel guilty about it.
      • Now that one has come, he's sometimes over in Alia's temple, and Iji's relieved that there's another spot in the Pantheon that he can be safe in, helped by the fact that the sub-house has no evil deities in it (aside from having to exercise some caution with Varys and Lucy).
      • With Iji's trope change, he is a little confused now that there are two versions of his sister, but both treat him well.
      • A new discovery was also revealed in Iji's Nanogun; Passive Weapons, which can stun, send targets flying, steal Nano, neutralize projectiles, create barriers, hack from a distance, and so on. Pacifist!Iji uses these liberally, not that Berserker!Iji finds them useless either.
    • When half of her Nano-Health is brought down to half and she's down on the ground, Iji can unleash a Limit Break called Retribution, which consists of a massive array of explosions as she gets back up on her feet. It seems to only work once a day per House/"boss", though.
    • It's no surprise that with what she has been through that she hates the evil deities in the House of Military and Warfare, but given what the Komato Empire was, she also despises Nazis, actual ones or by any other name.
    • Kyubey once tried to have Iji forge a contract with him and become a Puella Magi to restore her world. While it was a sorely tempting offer, like everybody else, Iji knew not to trust him at all; the inevitable Witching-out will never be worth it.
    • Iji (both of them) has also forged a cordial relationship with Captain Martin Walker, as they have both been changed and broken as a result of war. While Walker is impressed with how she was able to stick with her principles despite the war around her, he's concerned that the Pacifist one already had to become a little insane (her really "technical" pacifism, for one) in order to reach her goal, and he pities the Berserker one for losing it like he does and failing to protect the people just like he did.
    • Iji's particularly frightened of Agent Smith's ability to convert others through data. Depending on its technology level, he can probably turn her into his unwilling conscious puppet by wresting her Nanofield out of her control. Still, his hatred for humanity means he must be stopped, and as a program, neither Iji has any compunctions about having him "deleted".
    • There are rumors that the D.C.M.F.P.R. Research Facility, where Iji's brother and late father worked in, was a separate branch or cover for XCOM, which explains how her Nanofield was reverse-engineered from the Tasen so quickly. Pacifist!Iji doesn't plan on working with them regardless, given her stance. Berserker!Iji however is all too willing to help them out and have them study her Nanofield.
    • Get annoyed when it comes to fighting those who constantly teleport in battle, having encountered their like before in the form of Komato Assassins. For the Berserker, it means they can easily deny her a kill by fleeing with their abilities. For the Pacifist, she can't tell if her next shot is going to kill them if they stay or if they're gonna eventually wise up and leave.
    • Is a participant in a tournament somewhat similar to that of Master Hand's.
    • Has read on an alternate universe where Sailor Moon and her allies battle the Komato and Tasen (who are one race in this instance) and work alongside agents of an organization called the Sisterhood of Nine, while Iji herself is confirmed to not make any appearance whatsoever. Incidentally, there has been no confirmed instances of this Sisterhood ever existing in fiction outside of this story.
  • Exclusive to Pacifist:
    • Curiously, Iji doesn't feel guilt about her kills if she reflects her foes' attacks back at them, arranges friendly fire by taking explosive shots to the face while standing next to them, rigs their weapons to explode and kill them (and hurt them enough before they fire it), dropping stuff from two stories up, setting up mutual foes against each other, of if her enemies are machines (bar more sentient ones like the Cybertronians). Other technical pacifists are a little disturbed by this.
      • As a result, a few detractors argue that Iji shouldn't represent the Pacifist Run at all. She replies that she represents the difficulty of performing the Pacifist Run in the face of discouragements in the form of relentless killers and advisories to just kill. What kind of pacifist she is is irrelevant.
    • Iji has come to Relena Darlian and Amu Hinamori in hopes of learning better techniques in diplomacy, as she had failed multiple times when she tried. Admittedly, that was not her fault, but she still wishes to do a better job.
    • She also visits the House of Knowledge to brush up on her non-lethal fighting techniques and improve her judgment on whether someone is close to dying and how much more damage they can take from her before she has to stop. She also knows visiting the House of Combat would be best for her since marching through gunfire can only take her so far.
    • Iji's friendship with Adam Jensen is not only from both their potential to be pacifists, but from being rebuilt into cyborgs as well, though Iji is still more…human looking than Adam. That being said, Jensen puts the "fist" in "pacifist", because when he knocks someone out, he makes sure they stay down. She's hoping to learn from him on how to take down her opponents without having to kill them (in person).
    • She has also come to look up to Kenshin Himura, who is a very successful pacifist combatant, which she wishes to be. While the swordsman sympathizes with her plight, he's a little concerned with how "technical" her pacifism is, even with her no longer rationalizing reflected projectiles as not her fault.
    • Finds a bond in Frisk, and feels that had they not been due for their title or had they came around years earlier, they could've been a better representation of the Pacifist Run than her. Frisk was also Iji's High Priest previously, but some people want that fact denied for some reason.
      • Some gods then realized that the two represent two polarizing ends of pacifism: one refuses to kill or hurt period, while the other merely refuses to kill personally. Of course, they have the potential to be each other, where Iji can act like a conventional pacifist if possible.
      • Through them, she found some sense of familiarity with Asgore Dreemurr, who reminds her of Komato General Tor, as both were difficult yet reluctant combatants, and pressured by public demand to commit atrocious acts.
      • Of course, she then came to befriend Frisk's other friends, like Papyrus (who makes friends easily already), Sans (who behaves around her with a little caution), Undyne (who is impressed with her Nanogun and its abilities), Toriel, and so on.
    • Iji's too old to be manipulated by Flowey, but he decided to pester her nonetheless once, before her trope change. She refused to respond, knowing he speaks the truth.
    Flowey: For a so-called "pacifist", you sure got a lot of blood on your hands. I could say the same for that samurai in the House of Philosophy, but that was all in his past and has made an effort to actually be a pacifist since then. You may not have killed those aliens personally, but you're still the cause of some of their deaths. Sure, it could be their fault for hurting each other trying to kill you, but in the cases where you reflected their attacks, hacked their stuff and waited for it to blow up in their face, or tossed something down to hit them, that's all on you.
    • One night, after getting turned around somewhere while walking with the Human Child, she found herself facing Sans in a quiet castle hallway. Under the skeleton's instruction, who arranged for this meeting, Frisk showed their phone Toriel had given them long ago, which showed their LV and XP (at 1 and 0 respectively). They then produced a different phone earned since becoming a Pantheon deity, and showed photos of various known individuals in the Pantheon (such as Ness, Naruto, Luffy, Madoka Kaname, Yu Narukami, Fluttershy, Keyblade wielder Sora, Kenshin Himura, Finn Mertens, etc.) holding the Child's phone and showing their LV and EXP totals. Confused, Iji asked Sans the purpose of this meeting.
      • And so the skeleton educated her on what LV and EXP mean in Frisk's phone and to MT. Ebott monsters, and made sure that she understood it fully as truth. Thinking back on the photos Frisk showed, Iji could understand how most of the entries there had decently high LVs and EXP. Even Madoka and Fluttershy had a few Levels Of ViolencE to their name. And then it dawned on her as Frisk handed their old phone to her; she was being judged as well.
      • When she asked Sans the reason why he's doing this, he replied that an anonymous source expressed concern for Frisk associating with her, given what she's been through, and was skeptical on whether she really deserved the title Pacifist Run. Partly frustrated and partly afraid of what the phone would reveal, Iji turned to leave, but Frisk grabbing her hand and Sans suddenly being in her path, his eye holes blank, stopped her from doing so. Feeling trapped, both by the Child's look of concern and the skeleton's veiled threat, as well as the fact that running away would make her look guilty, she relented and took the phone the former offered her. And what it showed her proved damning.
      • Her LV wasn't that high like Ness, Yu, or Sora, but it was certainly much higher than the pegasus or the Puella Magi. It left her catatonic for a few minutes as the implications set in and broke through her "mental blocks" before she finally screamed in anguish, leaving Frisk and Sans concerned because they didn't expect this degree of emotional revelation. After she then broke down into tears, the two gave her some distance and kept watch in case anyone else came to interrupt the moment. Eventually, she was calm, and Sans decided to ask what exactly happened to her that led to her current state of mind before he inadvertently broke it all down.
      • Iji decided to give them a full recap of the events she had been through, and confessed that the pressure of the war she had to go through and the need to survive forced her to make compromises in her way of thinking, a Mask of Sanity essentially. It didn't help that some of the Tasen and Komato she encountered had opinions that basically supported her way of thinking too. Realizing that the detractors did have a point, she decided it would be better if she relinquished her title and leave the Pantheon, but fate had other plans, as it would turn out; a different iteration of her Berserker aspect ascending and the two now sharing a new temple in the House of Gaming. Even if she isn't as much of a pacifist as she thought she was, she still counts enough for her and her counterpart's new title.
    • Ever since that meeting, the barbs against her "pacifism" don't bother her anymore, though she continues to try keeping her kills to a minimum and has stopped justifying any "reflect-kills" she does.
    • Has drawn the attention of a certain God of Stealth and found that the two of them have quite a bit in common: both brave despite the odds, only backup is someone speaking through a radio, and both fought to save their world because they were the only ones who can. Snake's concerned since she hasn't fought anywhere near as long as he did and thinks a talk with her would be nice.
    • Has casually taken up Yu-Gi-Oh! thanks to Frisk. Reflecting her stance, her deck is a defensive one that ensures that any damage the opponent suffers is from their own doing, and has means of redirecting attacks to help with that, but its win condition is to deck out an opponent rather than reduce their Life Points to 0.
  • Exclusive to Berserker:
    • Given how she ascended (her planet (and herself) blown to bits by an Alpha Strike), Berserker!Iji's very distrustful of the following: 1) aliens, though she's been convinced to at least act civil around them when they have or are with human allies (e.g. Captain Kirk, Commander Shepard, Jim Raynor), and 2) all deities with potential to destroy planets (e.g. most Dragon Ball deities), expressing outright hostility to the evil ones. She shares the second point with Pacifist!Iji, who is a little less pronounced in her caution around them except for the evil ones.
    • While she has been a berserker throughout her run, she's since mellowed down considerably, especially since it turned out that upon killing Tor, it's revealed by Kiron that Tor was giving her a Secret Test of Character, which she had failed, and it cost her her life (and planet), not to mention talks with Pacifist!Iji and her allies. That said, she's still the one among the two who won't hesitate to kill the enemy when it matters; she just knows that executing leaders isn't always the best way to stop an invasion, especially if they have WMDs primed.
    • The Illusive Man shows interest in Berserker!Iji, seeing her Nanofield as a remarkable asset for Cerberus. He also has respect for her, sympathizing with what she has been through. Unfortunately for him, she's being kept away from him by Pacifist!Iji (who has made friends with aliens), Commander Shepard, and the rest of the Illusive Man's (non-evil aligned) enemies.
    • Sans and the other Undertale deities (except the ever-loving Papyrus and the challenge-seeking Undyne) try and exercise caution around her, as her abilities make her a very dangerous foe to face. With so much Levels gained from her rampage, both in Nanofield from Nano collection and Violence from killing so many Tasen and Komato, in addition to actually having a legitimate weapon, she has the power to clear out the Underground had she fell there instead of Frisk and if she had reason to wipe them out. Whether or not she has the determination to LOAD is a different matter.
      • Flowey approves of Berserker!Iji's philosophy, though fears her power like the others. In reality, though, he pities her, especially since her rampage resulted in her and her planet's own demise, and has cast extra doubt on his "kill or be killled" philosophy.
    • In her time at X-COM, she met one John Nada, who actually got along with her well. They bonded over their hatred against aliens, and she was more justified in it that he was (of course, she let him know of her Pacifist counterpart, who would most likely stand against Nada due to her diplomatic desires). Surprisingly, she finds herself trying to serve as his moral compass; given the mistake she's made that cost her her planet, she wouldn't want him to be too closed-minded. It's also probable that she's a little envious of how his death actually made a good difference in his world.

Lesser Gods

Bullet, Goddess of Crosshairs (Butt Girl, Butt Floss)

    Han Jihan 
Han Jihan, Divine Wielder of the Sudden Game Interface (The Gamer, Han Jae-Han, Han Jee-Han)
  • Lesser God, approaching Intermediate as he levels himself and his skills
  • Symbol: His stat sheet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sudden Game Interface, Magikarp Power, Reality Warper, Super Power Lottery, Level Grinding, RPG Mechanics 'Verse, Awesomeness by Analysis, Can Learn Many Skills
  • Domains: Gaming, Grinding
  • Allies: Chiaki Nanami, BMO, Kirito, Asuna, Tomoko Kuroki, Keima Katsuragi
  • Enemies: Lord Tirek, Mori Motonari
  • Pupil to: Shiroe
  • By some event, or perhaps somebody's machinations, Han Jihan ended up learning the "Ascend" skill. Utilizing it immediately thrust him into the Pantheon, whereupon several gods laughed at what his ability was, while a few of the more savvy ones seemed a tad apprehensive as to the potential of his Adaptive Ability.
    • [Ascend (Passive & Active) Lv MAX]: A skill that allows the user to attain divinity. Only having the skill is required to maintain the state after its initial usage.
  • Due to his "cheaty" healing skill, [Yunhon Soul Recovery], he sometimes helps out with the GUAG's Medical Division.
    • This skill, while effective on its own, can heal many sort of negative effects with something called a "Soul Stone", which Han Jihan can fortunately get just from killing monster in his own personal dungeon instances, and they apparently have nothing to do with Soul Gems. Probably.
  • Edward Elric has been researching him, due to the fact that his power broke the law of conservation by literally creating something from nothing.
    • On a related note, his powers make it so that anything broadly defined as a mob will drop loot when killed by him or anybody in his party, generally at least somewhat related to what the monster was.
  • He has made some trips now and then to the House of Knowledge, trying to find even more skills using "Skill Books". He was refused upon the realization that using skill books caused the book the disappear, and is trying to reach an agreement where he can get copies of some books.
    • There are some books that Jihan will NOT be allowed access to, due to him being able to learn what abilities they can teach immediately, the consequences of which might be devastating. He's also strictly kept away from Zetta's Sacred Tome. Nobody wants to know what might happen with that one.
  • Because of his potential use as a Mana Farm, due to his body regenerating MP freely, some more unscrupulous energy/money-minded deities are attempting to capture him to use him, particularly the likes of Lord Tirek. Jihan does his best to avoid these deities. He has enough people gunning for him in his world, he doesn't wanna deal with more here damnit!
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Keima, as Keima to some extent envies Jihan's ability as it makes life a game, though not the sort of game Keima would prefer. Jihan gets along with Tomoko because he tends to gravitate towards the isolated sort of person.
  • Despises Basco ta Jolokia and Mori Motonari, the former for eagerly backstabbing allies should it suit his purposes and the latter for reminding him of The Company in how he callously treats his subordinates.
  • Has a strange sort of kinship with Kirito, Asuna and Shiroe, particularly the latter as they both tend towards using their brain to win fights over brawn. The three VRMMO players are a mite bit jealous of him not having any class restrictions for learning skills, but then again he's FROM a "real world" whereas they are bound (partially) by the rules of the MMOs they were trapped in.

Murky, God of Meaningless Deaths (Baby Murloc, Grunty)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A piranha he is always carrying (and uses as a weapon)
  • Theme Song: I am Murloc when he gets Serious
  • Alingment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Originally a pet turned full fledged badass in The Nexus, Cute little Critter but very dangerous, Not even death slows him down, Difficult, but Awesome, Wants revenge against the people who slaughtered his village, Shamu Fu, his egg is where he revives faster, Murloc, Mrgglglbrlg!
  • Domains: Deaths, Revenge, Murlocs
  • Heralds: Many Murlocs form his Homeland
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Leoric, Anub'arak, Kunkka, Dhuum
  • Odd Friendship: Big the Cat
  • Neutral Counterpart to: The Incubators
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Bruce the Shark, Rena Ryuugu, Sapphire Rhodonite
  • Some reports of a mysterious Egg found in the house of Aquatic Life led to that egg being investigated by The SCP Foundation. Days later, the Egg went missing and Little Creature by the name of Murky was found roaming the Pantheon.
  • Don't let his appearance fool you, Murky is very capable on holding his own against stronger opponents like Diablo or Arthas. However, he has been noted to die in battle...a lot, and he still returned for more minutes later. Tough no one can explain Murky's abilities he has been rewarded with a position in the Pantheon.
    • It has been once noticed that Bruce the shark once tried to eat him when he saw Murky. Unfortunately, Bruce learned the hard way to not mess with this particular baby Murloc, because since then, Murky has been using the Shark as a weapon.
  • He usually (When he is not motivated by revenge) is a pretty laid-back and nonchalant Murloc but he is very annoyed with Rena Ryuugu. Since the first time that he stumbled upon her, She inmediately wanted to "Take him home". Even him isn't that annoying.
    • He also had an encounter with Sapphire Rhodonite, who found him so cute that she proceed to give him a big hug that ended suffocating the Poor Murloc. Thankfully, he left his egg in his temple but since then he tries his best to avoid Sapphire at all costs.
  • No one seems to understand what he usually speaks, but his motives are much darker than it seems (even managing to scare Diablo of all people). According to Psychic gods (Since there aren't many gods who speak Murloc language), His village was slaughtered by Humans, Orcs and Elves and as a result wants revenge against the culprits but Mysteriously ended in the Nexus. This has Earned the Sympathy of many gods, particularly those who like him are Fish People.
    • Aquaman is actually one of the few people that understand his Language (Beside the Psychics). As a result, Murky usually goes to his temple for "Therapy Sessions"
    • Meron is actually a little jelous of Murky, Since she always wanted to live a tragic story like him. Murky still can't believe that a Mermaid Princess, wants to actually experience the feeling of witnessing your village getting slaughtered. Even if she really didn't meant Ill will, He can't help but Facepalm when she says that.
    • Actually good friends with Leviathan the Tidehunter after their first meeting. Tidehunter really Admires Murky's Determination and sees him as the little brother he never had. He actually is training him so he can finally defeat Kunkka for good. Murky even has gotten used to some of Tidehunter's Ocurrances.
  • Befriended fellow god Sasuke Uchiha after he heard his story, since he also lost all his village as a kid. Sasuke actually tries to warn Murky to not let hatred drive him or Pursue a similar Path like he did, Or worse, end up like Ren Hakuryuu.
    • Kratos also identified with Murky's backstory, seeing in him the young and angry boy he used to be. Murky has been acting as some kind of Morality Pet to him lately, but he still brings him to battle when the time calls.
    • Murky is one of the few animals who isn't scared in the presence of Sayo Samonji and the latter actually encourages him to take revenge on all the people who wronged him. While Murky is grateful of the Boy's proposal, he is trying to lay off Vengeance for now.
  • A frequent visitor of the house of Food where he usually order his favourite food, the Puffer fish. Since his arrival, the fish food has decreased in quantity and many suspect that he has been stealing some of them to use them in battle.
    • It was later proven true that he indeed, had stolen those fishes and illegally sold them around the pantheon. The court of gods in retalation, has forced him to repay all the loses the house of Food experienced because of him. The solution? He opened a particlar Taco joint where he mixes tacos with Fishes. Since then Murky's Pufferfish Tacos has become a really popular point of interest in the Food House.
  • Has been ocasionally spotted doing a Special dance.
  • He usually can't stand Humans, but he has found a kindred spirit in Kenny McCormick, thanks to Kenny's Condition. Altough, Murky wonders where does Kenny respawns, But since Murky does this from an Egg, he thinks that Kenny might do something similar. This was confirmed true when Kenny told him that indeed, every time he dies he is reborn from his mother
    • Mysteriously enough, he gets along pretty well with Grenth, partially because Grenth is curious how Murky manages to revive minutes later after being killed. He has been taking closer looks to the eggs that the Baby Murloc carries so he can understand the nature of Murky's Unknown powers.
  • When Dhuum heard that another god who can cheat death entered the Pantheon, he want ballistic and demanded to see him. When he found Murky, he couldn't take him seriously and cutted him with his Scythe. Unfortunately, He wasn't prepared for the Murloc's Rampage and was ultimately defeated because Murky refused to stay dead for more than two seconds. He sweared to get him back sometime, but this conflict became much worse when he learned that Murky befriended his Archnemesis Grenth. Witnesses reported that dhuum didn't take the news very well
  • Once, he was found wearing a power armor and surprisingly, it looked really good on him. Many suspect this was the doing of Rena Ryuugu but she didn't comment on being involved with the creation of Grunty.
    • On another ocation, he was seen wearing an Easter Bunny suit. It was so cute that he was later spotted running away from a legion of Goddesses who wanted him as a Pet.
  • Note: Murky's status in the Pantheon is radically different than other deities, in the sense that he is one of few deities that his "Death rules" apply differently than the rest of the Ascended deities, alongside Grenth. (Altough he can still normally die, he has the distinction of always resurrecting inmediately from his egg)
  • "Mrgglglbrlg rmrmgllg mrggggm" note 
  • Also present in the House of Life and Death.

Plesioth, God of Hitbox Dissonance (Ganototosu, Master of the Great Lake, Wyvern of Water, The Underwater Terror, Plessy; Green Plesioth: Green Water Wyvern, The Tide, Green Plessy; Zenith Plesioth)
Green Plesioth 
Zenith Plesioth 
  • Lesser God (Green Plesioth is an Intermediate God; the ones that can be fished are Quasideities)
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild Icon
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stock Ness Monster, Threatening Shark, "Jaws" First-Person Perspective, Underwater Boss Battle, Glass Cannon, Hard Head, Making a Splash, Tail Slap, The Hipcheck, Likes its frogs, Fishable monsters in 4 and 4U
  • Domains: Fish, Water, Lakes, Hitboxes
  • Size: 2153.1cm-3877.9cm
  • Followers: Anubis Rex, Sapphiron, Thaddius, Chief Scalpem/Wigwam, a group of sentient, man-eating pumpkins, Daimon
  • Rivals: Ramon the Aligator, Feraligatr
  • Enemies: Lagiacrus, Greninja, "Hunter" Series (Gamma only), Tsuyu Asui, Asuka, King K. Rool, Vector the Crocodile (The Chaotix), Sobek, Captain Ahab
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The Monster Hunters, deities that can use fire or electricity attacks (and the entire Hall of Fire and Heat and Electricity to that extent), Link, Gon Freecss
  • Looked at with interest by: Cirno
  • Piscine Wyverns are a classification of monster that, as their title would indicate, are primarily fish-like in nature. While not necessarily confined into the seas many of them fit the bill of a Threatening Shark in the end. Perhaps the most infamous member of them all is the Master of the Great Lake, The Underwater Terror, the Wyvern of Water: The Plesioth. A ferocious predator who primarily prowls the depths, much of its notoriety can be traced back to its disjointed hitboxes. Indeed, the hitboxes of the Plesioth has been the subject of frustration for quite a while even as they were slightly toned down in later entries. Yet the damage had already been done and the memories were seared into many a hunter's memories.
  • It roamed the Pantheon's waters for quite sometime, occasionally surfacing to snack of certain prey. Plesioth became a god somewhere along the way though its sporadic presence put its godhood in jeopardy. Just as when people thought it was well and truly gone it was unwittingly disturbed into coming back out. It had turned out that in the Hall of Aquatic Life a bunch of gods were throwing a party despite the clear dangers it presented. Despite the area being seemingly "open" the ruckus they made disturbed the Plesioth into surfacing whereby it attacked them all. After some Monster Hunters were called in to quell the Piscine Wyvern it was determined, thereafter, that the Plesioth was here to stay.
  • Questionable connections with its hitboxes aside, even including its Signature Move "The Hipcheck", Plesioth mainly throws around its body on land and is even able to perform some pseudo-swimming across to ground to knock its foes over. Plesioth is even able to sneak in some high-pressure water jets from its mouths and possess the ability to put foes to sleep with their fangs. Ultimately, they're somewhat cumbersome on land and prefer fighting in the water. Their ability to swim is definitely something to write home about, said to be faster than a galloping horse. Sometimes they'll fire potshot torrents while camping out in the water. It has a deadlier variant, Green Plesioth, which is much more suited to the terrestrial world while still retaining the more common cousin's strengths. Ultimately, though, they are a Glass Cannon and one of the lesser monsters recorded in the Hunter's Guild books. Still, watch out.
  • In addition to Aquatic Life it can also be observed lurking in the House of Nature in Water and Moisture for more prey to ambush in sea and land. Really, they prefer temperate areas with large bodies of water. They're a bit of a nuisance from time to time, but they tend to set their sights on prey they can handle rather than competing with other foes. Monsters like Lagiacrus come to mind. As they like to snack on frogs they tend to target gods that are or bring them to mind. While helpful in dealing with the "Hunter" Series' Gamma variants which had infested the place, they still attack Greninja and Tsuyu Asui which earned some hostile reactions by other gods and goddesses such as from Asuka and Suwako Moriya, for instance. The jankiness of being hit despite nowhere near the radius of Plesioth's tail does not help. At all.
    • In addition to frogs Plesioth have been known to hunt and easily overpower crocodile-like creatures from its world. As such it has earned somewhat of a reputation among the Pantheon's various crocodilians. Namely, Plesioth is outright enemies with pretty much all of them, likely not helped by the fact that it had attacked them on numerous occasions. Renekton, King K. Rool along with his Kremling gang, even Vector the Crocodile of Team Chaotix. The only exceptions to this are Ramon the Aligator and Feraligatr whom the Plesioth sees as rivals instead. It got to the point where Sobek took notice and is monitoring for its presence, something the Piscine Wyvern hates as it's far out of its league.
      • On the subject of crocodilians at one point it encountered one that roamed the Crimson Court's deadly mires. One thing lead to another and the two fought with the Plesioth barely edging out a win. Soon after that the Piscine Wyvern disappeared for quite sometime which troubled some deities. It was soon spotted again, and it looked a whole lot different than they remember: Thanks to coming in contact with the Crocodilian's blood the Plesioth itself mutated not unlike the Court's Bloodsuckers with a number of horrific insect features, including the Crocodilian's mosquito hive and a long, proboscis tongue. Thankfully, it was slain before it wrecked any further chaos but it did leave many to watch what the creature is doing.
  • Other than Green Plesioth there have been reports by various fishermen of Plesioth who are much, much smaller than their bigger counterparts. As a result they are far less of a threat and much more managable. On the other side of the spectrum there have been vague sightings of Plesioth with more developed legs and some serious jaws to accompany its shark-like mouth. This version of the Underwater Terror is dubbed Zenith Plesioth, and is a far more deadlier threat than both its regular and jade colored variants. Not only has it evolved to better fight out of water but it also foregoes its water-jets and sleep-inducement in favor of green gel-like mucus it can throw around the battlefield, which it uses to suffocate foes on dry land and scream very loud.
  • Apparently Cirno is looking towards the Plesioths to try and get rid of frogs, specifically ones she is unable to freeze with her powers (which she still claims is ridiculous). Word's still out on how that will turn out. Given who she is probably not well, to be honest.
  • The peg-legged seafarer Captain Ahab isn't fond of the Plesioth, though this mainly has to do with it potentially getting in the way of his single-minded, never-ending vengeance against the legendary Moby Dick. We say potentially as Plesioth surprisingly has no gills and prefers more shallow waters ultimately so it isn't as likely to be opponents to the captain. Still, he prepares for such a day.
  • One day, Gon Freecss encountered a couple of Monster Hunters hanging around a lakehouse while wandering the Pantheon and what they were doing. The hunters explained they were dealing with a Plesioth camping out in the lake and attacking. Out to catch it alive, they said. Gon, having fished up the Master of the Swamp who even five fishermen were unable to pull out, asked if he could try his hand in catching Plesioth out and the hunters allowed him to, saying it was indeed possible and it wouldn't hurt to let him try. After some waiting to let the Plesioth cool down and catch it offguard Gon casted his line. At some point the hero known as Link joined in and both him and Gon had a little competition to see who could pull out the Water Wyvern. But in the end Gon was able to pull the scaly fiend out and they all dealt with the Piscine Wyvern accordingly.

    Richter Belmont 
"Die, monster! You don’t belong in this world!"

Richter Belmont, God of Games Redesigned for Other Platforms (Rihiter, Richiter, Azure Vampire Assassin)
Mainline design 

    Rumble McSkirmish 
Rumble McSkirmish, God of Constantly Moving Sprites (Humble McSkirmish)
  • Lesser God.
  • Symbol: The Fight Fighters arcade cabinet.
  • Theme Song: Fight Fighters Final Battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Game character brought to life, Constantly moving even when idle, Only sees people as 'good guys' or 'bad guys', Completely zealous and violent in his search for justice, Seek revenge for his father
  • Domains: Fighting, Game, Anger, Revenge
  • Heralds: The rest of the Fight Fighters characters.
  • Allies: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Stanley "Stan" Pines, Pacifica Northwest, Chiaki Nanami, The Crimson Chin, Meteora Österreich, Copen
  • Rivals: All of the Street Fighter deities, especially Ryu
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, M. Bison, Turbo, White Face, Zingo, Altair, The Sumeragi Swordsmen, Zonda and the Seven, Palpatine, Nui Harime, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Special Relationship with: .GIFfany
  • Opposes: Sagat, Wreck-It Ralph
  • Pitied by: Ryuko Matoi
  • One day, amongst the many new arrivals in the huge collection of arcade machines in the Hall of Gaming was an old Fighting Game known as Fight Fighters. Naturally, as an amateur of every video game, the AI version of Chiaki Nanami quickly tried out the new game, only to grew curious when she noticed an odd code scribbled on it. She promptly entered it, which caused Rumble McSkirmish, the game's main character, to suddenly materialize in the real world and ask her where the strongest fighters were. Without thinking much about it, Chiaki pointed him towards the House of Fighting and Combat, which the overeager fighter promptly rushed towards to challenge anyone he came across. Naturally, the commotion brought him a lot of attention, leading to the fighter being brought to the Court of the Gods. There, it was noticed that he kept bouncing up and down even when just standing around and when questioned, he answered that he can't stop himself from doing so. And so, it was decided that he would be granted a place in the Pantheon as the representative of constantly moving sprites.
  • As it turned out, Rumble and the arcade machine itself both originated from Gravity Falls, where the nature of the magic cheat code was once discovered by Dipper Pines, who tried to manipulate the game character to scare off the rival for his crush's attention. This eventually caused his simplistic mindset to cast Dipper as the villain and beat the crap out of him before going back to his game. Yet the two reconciled during the crisis of Weirdmaggedon caused by Bill Cipher, which caused Rumble to realize that his might alone couldn't defeat some things. He was part of La Résistance against Bill's mad rules along with the other good-aligned people from the town, and so gladly fight alongside them again in the pantheon to oppose the machinations of the all-seeing triangle.
  • His 'temple' is the cabinet for the Fight Fighters game, where he spends his time fighting the other characters when someone plays it. Thanks to the inherent magic of the Pantheon, he doesn't need the magic code to manifest in the real world, much like how it was during Weirdmaggedon. He mostly comes out to pick fights with strong opponents, and seems to be fixated on punishing 'bad guys', especially those who killed fathers. Several of the martial artists were the deities from the Street Fighter universe, as he shares many familiarities with them, especially Ryu, who he sees as a Worthy Opponent. The feeling is mostly similar, though the latter find it a pity that his mastery of martial arts is diminished by his overzealous behavior. One can also summon other fighters from the cabinets who serve as Rumble's heralds.
    • On the other hand, he despises M. Bison as the tyrannical leader of Shadoloo reminds him strongly of his archnemesis Dr. Karate, and it's certainly wasn't helped by him learning that the latter actually killed Chun-Li's father. This animosity extended to Sagat after he learned about his murder of Dan Hibiki's father. Though the Mua Thai practitioner has much changed since those days, Rumble's Black-and-White view of the world prevents him from realizing that and he still treats him like a pure villain. The scarred fighter only sighed at that, yet accepted this as a consequence of his past actions.
  • Upon hearing of his ascension, his fellow living game character known as .GIFfany immediately began to jump along numerous electronic devices to go straight for Rumble's temple. This initially scared some gods as they were especially worried at what the unstable yandere had in mind for him. And yet when a number of them rushed to investigate, they were surprised to see her and Rumble fighting and flirting with each other at the same time. It happened that after .GIFfany found herself trapped in an arcade, she had struck up a relationship with him, and was eager to rekindle it in the Pantheon. While it worried some at first, it's now generally accepted as it seems to be a stabilizing influence for her and they're happy together, even if Rumble apparently has commitment issues.
  • Despite the slight chaos their first meeting caused, Chiaki still thinks of her fellow game character as a friend and often comes to play his game, along with her human counterparts. Their extensive knowledge of how video game universes work even helps them to make sure he doesn't cause too much mayhem when he gets out by speaking to him in terms that are relevant to his Fighting Game-based context. However, Rumble's meetings with other game characters have been... rocky.
    • Wreck-It Ralph, upon hearing about a new character living in an arcade game ascending, went over to Fighting Fighters to meet Rumble. However, things quickly went south when the big guy mentioned that he served as the villain of his game of origin, prompting the fighting game character to try to beat him up. Thankfully, Ralph managed to get away without a game over, but any attempts to explain that he was only a Punch-Clock Villain fell on deaf ears, as Rumble has no 'off-clock' mode unlike most of the inhabitants of Litwick's Arcade. Due to this, the other deities coming from it tend to avoid him. However, Fix-It Felix Jr. did warn him about Turbo, and upon hearing of the latter's game-hijacking way, Rumble swore he would oppose such a great evil if he ever saw him anywhere near the House of Gaming. And as for Felix himself, he has been spending a fair share of his time fixing the wrecked mess Rumble makes when he's moving around and smashing everything for points.
    • He has been using the Pantheon's arcade connection to cyberspace to travel around it, searching other games for potential challenges. One of his stops was Pony Island, but he was unable to do anything in it as he's much too simple of a guy to understand puzzle games, especially one as shoddily programmed as it. His thick head ended up angering Lucifer, who just booted him out after he kept trying to wreck anything he came across. Then, he entered White Face's game where he promptly answered the latter's desire to play with a challenge. This went to hell very quickly, as Rumble's strength couldn't protect him against the much more powerful entity killing him over and over again. By the end, he was just shouting for someone to get him out of here, which thankfully came in the form of the GUAG White Hats. Ever since he was freed, Rumble has been avoiding his former tormentor like the pest, humbled by someone he couldn't defeat, much like what happened with Bill Cipher.
  • Besides people from video games, Rumble also has been getting acquainted with other people who were fictional characters brought to life. One of his friendliest meetings was with the Crimson Chin, as the superhero comes from a world of pure Black-and-White Morality that the fighter can easily understand, and so the two has teamed up from time to time to fight evil. While he and Xingo both shares the fault of being unable to understand that the real world doesn't work like their works of origin, the fox's prank-loving nature mean he's much more liable to mess with Rumble than trying to befriend him, and he, in turn, responded by thinking of the cartoon star as an evildoer and trying to beat him up.
    • One person who did come from a game was Meteora Österreich, who volunteered to explain Rumble about how the Pantheon worked. Ever since then, the fighter has been seeing her as the go-to person for plot exposition and often goes to ask her for guidance when he's not sure where to go. She doesn't really mind and is more surprised by the fact that Rumble doesn't really care that he's fictional and has no interest in knowing who his Creator is. Upon hearing about the atrocious deeds of Altair and the fact that she went completely unpunished for them, he swore that he would destroy her, not giving a care at all about her backstory.
  • On his search to punish those who killed other people's father, he ended up learning of Copen, and how he began a crusade against the superpowered people known as Adepts due to the death of his father, which he believes was murdered by Sumeragi due to being outspoken on the threat of Adept-kind and to steal his research. Rumble burst into tears upon hearing this and immediately went over to the Adept Slayer to propose his help on his quest, fully buying into the idea that all Adepts are evil monsters. While Copen was baffled at first by the offer, especially since Rumble is a supernatural creature himself, he wasn't one to look at a gift horse in the mouth and accepted the assistance.
    • Naturally, this alliance has caused him to become a staunch opponent of Copen's enemy, including the Sumeragi Swordsmen and Zonda along with the Seven. Of the latter group, Teseo is especially interested in Rumble as his nature as a game character brought to life is reminiscent of his own power to turn physical objects into data and vice-versa. Ironically, this has proven to be a boon for the fighting game character, as he can just turn physical again if the Adept turns him into data. Though in response to that happening the first time, Teseo decided to just summon other Fighting Fighters characters to combat him.
  • Upon learning about how Darth Vader had supposedly killed Luke Skywalker's father, Rumble had first sworn to defeat him... Only to grow confused when it turned out the Sith was Luke's father. Thankfully, that little dilemma was soon fixed when he learned that Palpatine had killed his apprentice, thus making him the true killer of Luke's father. And so, he naturally is dedicating himself to bringing down the Emperor. He has proposed his help to the other Star Wars deities, but they don't really want anything to do with an overly violent guy like him.
    • The case of Nui Harime seemed to be extremely cut clear for him, as she was the one that killed Ryuko Matoi's father along with being a sadistic monster. However, he was horrified to learn that she did so under the orders of Ragyo Kiryuin, Ryuko's own mother, and that horror only grew when he learned of the atrocities far beyond a PG rating that she inflicted on her daughters. Needless to say, he sees both of them as abominations that don't deserve to live, and few blame him for that. For her part, Ryuko rather pities him; as his rabid quest for justice can't help but remind her of when she lost herself in rage.
  • In his quest to find old bad games, the Angry Video Game Nerd tried out Fighting Fighters which he found to be a pretty average Street Fighter clone, up until he tried out the secret code. The Nerd let out a bunch of profanities upon seeing Rumble literally burst out of the screen, which were unfortunately taken as trash talk by the violent fighter. A brutal and vulgar fight then ensued, which ended inclusively. Though Rumble wants a rematch, the retro gamer decided he'd rather not play a game that makes someone come out and try to beat the shit out of him.

    The Virtua Cops 
Michael "Rage" Hardy, James "Smarty" Cools and Janet Marshall, Gods and Goddess of Taking Damage for Shooting Innocents (VCPD Special Investigations Unit/Squad)
From left to right: Janet Marshall, Michael Hardy and James Cools
  • Lesser Gods and Goddess
  • Symbol: The Virtua Cop logo
  • Theme Song: Go Ahead
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Rage has Neutral Good tendencies)
  • Portfolio: Take Damage for Shooting Innocents, Fair Cops, Can enter Exceeding Sense mode, Can shoot enemy projectiles out of the air, with Very High Velocity Rounds, Can disarm enemies by shooting their guns, and get rewarded for doing so, Can take out entire crime syndicates and terrorist organizations by themselves
  • Domain(s): Shooting, Guns, Police, Hostages
  • Allies: The V.S.S.E., Akira Yuki, Pai Chan, Lucia Morgan, Carmelita Fox, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Vi
  • Enemies: Vito and Michael Corleone, Al Capone, Wild Dog, Scott Shelby, All evil members of the Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Villainy, especially crime bossess and terrorists
  • Michael Hardy, James Cools and Janet Marshall are members of the Virtua City Police Department. Specifically, they're part of the Special Investigations Unit, a special task force tasked with taking down powerful crime syndicates and international terrorist organizations. Throughout their careers, they've been involved in massive shoot outs and high speed pursuits, and have faced enemies with Jet Packs, Spider Tanks and Cyber Ninjas.
  • Rage and Smarty originally ascended as followers of the V.S.S.E. operatives, but received recognition for how they often had to deal with civilians jumping in front of them during their missions. When their ascension was agreed upon, the two requested that their partner, Janet, ascend alongside them, which was allowed.
  • To the surprise of Rage and Smarty, Janet revealed that she knew Akira Yuki and Pai Chan, having previously met them at a tournament. During that tournament Janet revealed that she was a very capable Dance Battler and proficient with Counter Attacks. Akira and Pai have both remarked that her fighting style is identical to that of their friend Aoi Umenokouji.
  • They're on good terms with fellow law enforcers such as Caitlyn, Lucia Morgan, Carmelita Fox, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde and frequently team up with them to go on patrols and various missions.
  • Their experience at dealing with crime syndicates and terrorist organizations has resulted in them frequently clashing with the Corleones and Al Capone, as well as Jinx. While the Corleones and Capone have developed a grudging respect for their skills, Jinx tends to just get annoyed by them trying to stop her rampages, especially when they team up with her nemesis, Vi, in order to do so.
  • Due to regularly teaming up with the V.S.S.E. operatives, they've frequently clashed with Wild Dog. His habit of seemingly dying in explosions but turning up alive later anyway strongly reminds them of Joe Fang, which further fuels their desire to capture him.
  • Unsurprisingly, they quickly came to dislike Scott Shelby due to him being a child serial killer masquerading as a private detective. While Smarty and Janet have occasionally expressed some sympathy for him, Rage considers Shelby's actions to be unforgivable and typically tries to arrest him whenever they run into each other.
  • Exclusive to Michael "Rage" Hardy:
    • Rage is a cop who always goes too far, the troublemaker on the force and a headache for the captain. Although he tends to act before he thinks, his drive and determination make him an invaluable member of the department when things get tough.
    • Being a hot-headed Cowboy Cop, Rage frequently teams up with other loose cannon cops such as Isaac Washington, Dirty Harry, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Hal Jordan. Although they make a quite effective unit, the destruction they tend to cause has frequently resulted in them being berated by members of the House of Justice.
  • Exclusive to James "Smarty" Cools:
    • Where Rage is the number one hothead in Virtua City, Smarty, his partner, is a cautious, level-headed brainy type who stays cool under fire. Rage may be quicker on the draw in a gunfight, but nobody disputes that Smarty is the top shot on the force.
    • Smarty gets along quite well with other level-headed By-the-Book Cops such as Cole Phelps, Tony Chu, John Stewart and Peter Burke. His ability to stay cool under pressure also resulted in him befriending Corporal Dwayne Hicks, who also respects Smarty for his excellent marksmanship.
  • Exclusive to Janet Marshall:
    • Detective Janet Marshall is the new face on the force at the VCPD Special Investigations Unit. Her specialty is subject profiling, the analysis of every detail at a crime scene used to determine patterns of criminal behaviour and personality types. Her acumen and expertise in the crime lab have made her reputation and put more than a few nasty customers behind bars. However, one day, she lost her partner and mentor, Nick Anderson, while on a case. Janet left the job to join the Special Investigations team, allowing her to devote herself to tracking down Anderson's killers full-time. Janet is definitely her own woman, some would say she's just plain stubborn, but nobody doubts her ability to crack tough cases.
    • Janet frequently teams up with fellow profilers Francis York Morgan and Norman Jayden. She was initially unsure of what to think of them, as York's odd behaviour and Norman's addiction to Triptocaine made her question their competence. Fortunately, both of them proved their worth to her when the three managed to solve a case together, and they've all frequently teamed up since then.
    • Having mostly served as the Mission Control during her squad's third mission, Janet managed to befriend Alia. The two have regularly exchanged information with one another in order to improve the effectiveness of their respective teams.
    • Having lost a partner in the past, Janet managed to bond with Tsubasa Kazanari and was happy to learn that Tsubasa's partner, Kanade Amou, had ascended into the Pantheon as well. She's occasionally hung out with both of them.


    John Baker 
Sgt. John Baker, Patron Saint Of Severe Supply Shortage Stages (Baker, Italian War Hero Gino Corelli)
Baker during the North African Campaign in 1943
As he appears in Medal of Honor: Heroes 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The logo of the US 34th Infantry Division
  • Theme Music: Medal of Honor Allied Assault - Main Theme and Thuringer Wald Express
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Often forced to do his missions while extremely short on weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies, Capable of operating tanks and artillery pieces by himself, Can disguise himself as an Italian soldier to sneak past Axis guards, Heroic Mime, Briefly assigned to glider infantry during the landings at Sicily, Has fought his way through entire battalions of Germans and Italians unscathed, Often being the only survivor of various battles, Has often been forced to fight deep behind Axis lines
  • Domains: Supplies, Soldiers, Stages
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Oarai Anglerfish Team, Maho Nishizumi
  • A veteran of the North African and Italian Theaters of World War II, Sgt. John Baker of the US 34th Infantry Division was most notable for having to fight his battles whilst suffering from severe supply shortages, which included medical supplies, ammunition, and sometimes, even weapons. Despite this massive hurdle, Baker, through sheer determination, bravery, and skill, was able to accomplish all of his missions in the field, ultimately surviving anything and everything that both the Nazis and Italian Fascists could throw at him.
  • His first taste of battle would be in North Africa, during the disastrous Battle of Kasserine Pass in February of 1943. Outnumbered and outgunned by more a experienced and overall superior force of Deutsches Afrika Korps soldiers, Baker used the cover of a sandstorm to fight his way through, and eventually, break through, the German lines. In the process, he would destroy a number of enemy tanks, artillery guns, help American tanks push through the Mountain Pass, and take out the Germans' primary ammunition dump, ultimately forcing the Axis Forces to retreat and saving the battle from being a complete disaster for the Allies. Later in the campaign, Baker would help liberate a number of British prisoners-of-war from an Axis-held fort, before he, the British, and Baker's fellow soldiers liberated the Fort itself. Following this successful mission, Baker would assist OSS Double Agent Klaus Knefler in stealing important German intelligence from an Axis freighter, with Baker disguising himself as an Italian soldier and Knefler posing as an Afrika Korps officer.
  • During Operation Husky, Baker would be temporarily transferred to a glider infantry unit, dropping into Sicily via a Waco CG-4 glider. Despite a rough landing and bumpy start that would see most of his unit killed in action, Baker was able to survive the drop, destroy Italian Anti-Air guns in the area, link up with his commanding officer, and take back one of their intact jeeps from the Germans. Baker would then infiltrate the Caltagirone Airfield and disable an entire squadron of Macchi 202 fighters via sabotage, leaving the airbase in ruins. His final actions in Sicily would be supporting the 82nd Airborne Division and British officer Lt. Terry Lyndon in liberating and holding the vital town of Gela from Italian Forces. Despite being heavily outnumbered, outgunned, and short on ammunition and medical supplies, Baker was able to accomplish his mission and repel the Italian tanks.
  • The Sergeant's final missions would be fought on the Italian mainland throughout 1944, with him taking part in the Battles of Monte Cassino, Anzio, and Monte Battaglia. Much like in Sicily, Baker would be forced to not only deal with entrenched German forces, but also a chronic shortage of weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies.
    • This proved especially challenging during the Battle of Monte Cassino, where Baker was Trapped Behind Enemy Lines and tasked with finding both wounded Allied solders and prisoners-of-war in the German-occupied ruins of an Italian city. Despite facing heavily armed German infantry, tanks, and artillery pieces, Baker was able to successfully rescue several British soldiers from German captivity.
    • At Anzio, Baker, through a combination of determination, skill, and luck, was able to destroy two massive Krupp Railway Cannons shelling the Italian port city, again despite being only lightly armed, having only a small handful of explosives, and being heavily outnumbered 20 to 1. In addition to this, he was also able to cripple critical German supply lines by ambushing a vital German convoy on a road leading to Anzio.
    • His final known actions in the Italian Theater would be at Monte Battaglia, on the Gothic Line. Much like Baker himself, the rest of his Division had been struggling with ammunition, medical, and food supplies. Worse, when they finally did get their much-needed supplies, the Germans chose to launch a massive counterattack in their sector, overwhelming many of their defenses easily and forcing the remaining Americans, including Baker, into defending the fortress atop Monte Battaglia. Ultimately, Baker and the rest of the surviving Americans were forced to retreat from the castle...But not before calling in a massive Allied bombing raid over the area, and wiping out a large chunk of the German forces and halting their counterattack in the process.
  • For his actions in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy, Baker would be awarded the following: the Africa Star (for his actions at Kasserine Pass and Bizerte), the Distinguished Flying Cross (for surviving a glider crash and helping the Allies capture and hold Gela), the Air Medal (for calling in the US 15th Air Force at Monte Battaglia), the Bronze Star, the Silver Star, and finally the Distinguished Service Cross.
  • With an increase of Axis forces in the Pantheon thanks to Johann Schmidt's efforts, it was inevitable that someone like Sgt. John Baker would be called into action once more. Thanks to General Heinz Böhm and General Franz Vahlen being among those ascended following Schmidt's and HYDRA's overthrow of Adolf Hitler in the Pantheon, Italy and North Africa soon became active theaters of operation. What's more, Italian fascist leaders and troops soon began ascending as well, with the Four Libertines acting as General Bohm's and General Vahlen's puppet rulers and the RSI Paracadutisti reinforcing both Bohm's forces and Vahlen's Afrika Korps and Schutzvollstrecker.
    • In stark contrast to his fellow Allied soldiers and operatives, Baker is mainly assigned to fight in or near the frontline against regular German and Italian forces, rather than against the likes of HYDRA and their wonderweapons or top secret bases. That said, if push comes to shove, Baker is still very much capable of dealing with even the most battle-hardened and elite Axis units, having fought and killed several Waffen-SS soldiers during the Battles of Monte Cassino and Monte Battaglia.
  • With the approval of President Franklin D. Roosevelet, Lt. Karl Fairburne, Manon Batiste, and Lt. Mike Powell, themselves veterans of the fighting in North Africa and Italy, made the prompt arrangements for Sgt. John Baker to ascend into the Pantheon. Sending a telegram to the Sergeant, who was last seen training for deployment to the Pacific Theater, Baker accepted the redeployment offer to the Mediterranean. Pretty soon, Baker would be briefed by Nicholas J. Fury on his newest assignment: to stop Axis gains and troop movements in both North Africa and Italy, both as a regular soldier and as an associate of the OSS and SOE. For his first assignment, he would be deployed back to Kasserine Pass, in order to assist Lt. Karl Fairburne and Lt. Mike Powell in destroying several prized Tiger I Heavy tanks as well as steal intel from General Franz Vahlen's headquarters. Thanks in part to Baker's experience in singlehandedly crewing enemy tanks by himself and familiarity with the terrain, this first mission succeeds, with at least five Tiger tanks destroyed, and vital German intel being snatched from Vahlen's headquarters, with the latter also being blown up sky high with TNT.
  • Impressed with his role in retrieving Axis intelligence, Manon Batiste and Lt. Mike Powell end up recruiting Baker as a part-time OSS agent, thanks to his fluency in Italian and his prior experience in infiltration missions. Under the French Resistance leader's supervision and guidance, Baker is given an Italian Army officer's uniform and false ID papers, and is tasked with accompanying the French Resistance fighter, herself disguised as a German war correspondent, in performing deep cover infiltration missions behind Axis lines. Making contact with OSS informant Rick Blaine, an American national living in Casablanca, Morocco, both Manon and Baker are informed by the latter that an important Axis sympathizer, one Dr. Rene Belloq, is meeting up with General Franz Vahlen, in order to discuss the retrieval of ancient artifacts back to Germany. Knowing that ancient artifacts in the Pantheon have the potential to be world-ending at worst or the secret to an Axis victory at best, Manon and Baker decide to act on Blaine's intel and interrupt the meeting as soon as possible. Fortunately for the two Allied operatives, Belloq was meeting Vahlen in a German supply base not too far from Casablanca, giving them ample opportunity to interrupt said meeting. Ultimately, their attack on Vahlen's supply base was successful, with both Belloq and Vahlen forced to flee in haste and leave behind the documents that they were carrying, with the Allied operatives capturing them without issue. What's more, months worth of German and Italian supplies found on the base were also blown up sky high by the duo using captured German demolition charges, causing their operations to be delayed as a result. Both Manon and Baker are then extracted from the area thanks to the timely arrival of an American C-47 at nearby German airfield, the plane in question being piloted by Lt. Jimmy Patterson.
  • On the Italian mainland, Baker would once again fight alongside Lt. Karl Fairburne, Manon Batiste, and US paratrooper Cpl. Boyd Travers in disrupting Axis operations. With General Heinz Böhm's forces backing the Italian Fascist regime in the region, the Allied forces have been tasked with weakening the Italo-German alliance, and by extension German hold over the Italian peninsula, in any way possible. Aside from Bohm himself, Baker, through Fairburne, Manon, and Travers, was also informed of the presence of the Four Libertines, Italian Fascist leaders serving as figureheads and spokespersons for the Italian Fascist Government, on top of being ardent Nazi collaborators and ruthless war criminals. With Baker and his experience in both covert and frontline operations now in the Italian Front of the war, it is hoped that a planned Assassination Attempt on the Italian Fascists and General Bohm, as well as a coordinated frontline push, can dislodge the Germans and Italians.
  • Due to his experience in Mountain Warfare and his combat record, Baker is among the Allied soldiers sent to help assist in the defense of the Principality of Eylstadt, participating in both frontline and cover combat as well as in non-combat training roles. Alongside Lt. Jimmy Patterson and Lt. Mike Powell, Sgt. John Baker is also assigned the task of serving as one of Archduchess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt's part-time additional bodyguards. Having already survived at least one unsuccessful Assassination Attempt by the Nazi German Schutzvollstrecker, President Roosevelt has decided to make arrangements for his fellow Allied leader to be protected at all costs against further attempts on her life. This in exchange for Eylstadt's savior Izetta to be allowed to assist Allied units in the field.
  • Much like his compatriots, it's best that Baker not be allowed anywhere near the deities from the Girls und Panzer universe, due to their tanks being the same models as the ones used and still in service with the Nazi German Forces present in the Pantheon. At one point, Baker, much like Powell and Patterson before him, almost ended up killing both the Anglerfish Team and Maho Nishizumi and her crew with captured German mortars and US bazooka rounds, mistaking them for their Nazi German-crewed counterparts. That said, once he does realize his mistake and apologize for his actions, Yukari Akiyama, ever the tank enthusiast, surprisingly manages to get along with the US Army Sergeant, no thanks to the latter's experience in singlehandedly crewing a Panzer IV during the Battle of Kasserine Pass in 1943.

Sparx, God of Life Meters
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A butterfly in a jar
  • Theme Songs: Sparx Levels (Spyro 3, A Hero's Tail, Reignited Remix) and Sparx Mask (from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Life Meter, Dragonfly Companion, Powerup Magnet, Becomes More Capable Over Time, Underwater Bubble Travel, The Unintelligible, Suddenly Speaking
  • Domains: Health, Gaming, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Friendship
  • Allies: Spyro the Dragon, Ignitus, Hunter and Bianca, Crash Bandicoot, Miles Prower, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Agitha, Aku Aku, Globox, Gardevoir and Gallade, Ana Amari, Tony Tony Chopper, Cael Cynder
  • On good terms with: Good members of the Hall of Draconic Beings
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Mothra
  • Enemies: Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, Malefor, Neo Cortex, Polygon Man, Acnologia, Bowser, Denzel Crocker, Smaug, Dovakhiin, Uka Uka
  • Distrusts: Moneybags
  • In many a video game, there is a Life Meter; a way of discerning the health of the player character. It can be a Hit Point bar, hearts, but it's very common. Sparx, however, is one of few who's both a Life Meter and a character. The blood brother to Spyro the Dragon, after Spyro rescued him they've been the best of friends. Together they've faced evil sorcerors, evil dragons and have been heroes to their universe time and time again.
  • Treasures the close friendship he has with Spyro the Dragon deeply, and is always looking out for him. He respects the likes of Gardevoir and Gallade for being guardian entities.
  • His color denotes the overall health of Spyro. Each hit drops from yellow to blue, blue to green and then leaving Spyro until he gets his health back. By attacking some of the animals like sheep it brings forth butterflies, which by eating restores a bit of health. Blue butterflies, in particular, are delicious for Sparx, adding a new life for Spyro. Mothra was a bit uncomfortable with him around, though the dragonfly's responsible enough to not hurt her.
  • Suspects that Spike is related to Spyro, due to how similar they are in appearance. He thought Sonic may be on good terms with Spyro as the latter took a lot from the former, however there doesn't seem to much of a relation between the two. The similarity in personality does lead the two to get along, and he also gets along with Tails the Fox due to being the brotherly sidekicks of a Mascot with Attitude.
  • Asides from determining Spyro's help, he also can collect nearby gems and jewels. Later games would allow him to retrieve them directly from boxes without Spyro needing the bust them open. This power has caused some trouble in the Trope Pantheon due to, on his way to seeing his friend in the Hall of Draconic Beings, he ended up stumbling into Smaug's layer and taking some of his valuables. He did NOT take this lightly.
  • Was glad to see that an old ally of him and Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, had ascended. He was much less pleased to learn that in the time between Spyro and his own ascension, the Polygon Man had redeemed himself from The Fallen and wasn't happy with the two. Or that Neo Cortex had ascended after his arch-nemesis did.
  • Doesn't have too much to do with his own houses, though does seem to be friendly with Ana Amari and Tony Tony Chopper due to their healing position.
  • Shares close ties to the Hall of Draconic Beings. Asides from his friendship with Spyro, he lives in a world of dragons so he's on good terms whenever he visits there. Plus he is a dragonfly after all. Naturally, he is utterly opposed to Acnologia's screaming hatred of dragons and overall depravity. Doesn't like the fact that a dragon-slayer, Dovakhiin, shares the same house his closest of friends does.
  • Became more capable over time, eventually being playable on his own right. He gets along with Globox due to them becoming tougher over time, and their roles as sidekicks.
  • Being a dragonfly, he isn't fond of anyone trying to capture him in nets or jars. Bowser has become an enemy for trying to bottle him up like he did with the Sprixies, believing there's potential power in him. Denzel Crocker meanwhile believes that catching him might be useful for his bigger schemes of capturing FAIRIES!!
  • Able to travel underwater in a bubble. This ended...poorly when visiting the houses of Commerce and Friendship and Camaraderie, as it gave Spongebob and Patrick really bad memories about Wormy and caused them to panic.
  • When Spyro joined his friend Crash Bandicoot in the go-kart racing tournament that bears the name of the latter, Sparx didn't want to be left behind and so decided to act as the protective shield of Spyro, Hunter and, weirdly enough, Gnasty Gnorc; as well as every other racer in the Spyro Track since he felt it was his duty to act as the protective mask of everyone else, even if he isn't really a mask.
  • Can also be found at Medical Miscellaneous.