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The layout for this house is almost always changing every day, and it's been stated that no one should expect the same design twice here.


The one constant here is that there is a debate hall that's attended by aspiring game designers and talks are held to determine what goes in a game. Members are given their own interfaces that determine how well they are doing there and are used to vote on what they think of others' ideas (including, but not limited to, how characters are implemented, A.I. integration, where save points should go, and RNG-based factors).

As for why the layout here changes consistently? That's because the interfaces here also double as a level editor and members are given a chance to change the layout here using said interfaces if they do well here. However, regularly changing the area into something resembling Kaizo Mario World Platform Hell is not recommended, although not totally discouraged.

With the advent of Super Mario Maker, its now the site of where the members of the Pantheon try their hand of creating new levels for Mario to challenge traversing.trivia 


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Greater Gods

Airy, Goddess of Constant Reminders for Game Progression (The Evil One, Piercer of Boundaries, Airy the Fairy)
Larval Form 
Pupal Form 
Final Form 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The numbers on her wings appearing in a circle, counting from 5 to 1 clockwise
  • Theme Songs: Wicked Thing, Wicked Battle and Wicked Flight
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (pretended to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Repeated Reminders for Plot Progression, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Omnicidal Maniac, Evil All Along, Cute Fairies, Small, chatty menu creatures, Insectoid True Forms, The Heavy, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Manipulation, Boundaries, Appearance, Crystals
  • Herald: Anne (her sister)
  • Allies: Ouroboros, Nui Harime, The Four Gods of Chaos, Nekron
  • Enemies: The Heroes of Luxendarc, Insert Name Here, Ciggma Khint, the Eight Travelers, Peter Pan, Link, Fi, Midna, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, Kirby, Guts, The Dimensional Counterparts, Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales/Spider-Man II, Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, Funny Valentine, Dark Danny, Crash Bandicoot, Dr. Neo Cortex, Zero (Mega Man), Dr. Weil, Omega (Mega Man), Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, Asura, Kratos, Magolor
  • Opposed by: S.E.E.S (especially Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi), Reimu Hakurei, Uriel Septim VII and Martin Septim, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Kyubey and the Incubators, Petyr Baelish, Madara Uchiha, Marx, .GIFanny, Nico Yazawa, Mogo, YHVH, Lucifer (Shin Megami Tensei), The House of Fairies
  • Opposes: Yukari Yakumo
  • Interested in: Chakravartin
  • Unknown Rival: Cirno
  • Conflicting Opinion by: Ika Musume
  • Airy is a Cryst-Fairy accompanying Agnès Oblige on her journey to restore the four crystals of Luxendarc from corruption. Befitting a Fairy Companion, she assists the party by telling them the next step they should take on their journey to restore the crystals. However, after the first time the party gets sent to an alternate Luxendarc, she changes her tune quite a bit, demanding the party to recharge the crystals as soon as possible while scolding them for doing some side missions. Eventually, Airy reveals her true colours as the servant of Ouroboros, whose goal is to overstimulate the crystals in enough timelines so he can reach and destroy the Celestial Realm. Her defeat comes in two different scenarios; either the party nearly destroys one of the crystals, forcing her to show her true colours and duke it out within the Dark Aurora, or to reveal her true colours after the party recharges enough crystals, which allows Ouroboros to appear and also be slain. Either way, the treacherous Airy dies at the hands of her former pawns.
  • It was a quiet day in the Pantheon, and the barren fields of the House of War were devoid of conflict that day. Suddenly, the ground collapsed, tumbling down a great chasm. Alarmed by such a destructive event, multiple deities came over to gawk at the massive chasm. What most deities didn't notice was a tiny fairy emerging out of the chasm. Airy, delighted to be alive, still aims to summon her master Ouroboros and wreak havoc in the Pantheon to make up for her failure back in Luxendarc. Originally ascended under the title of Adorable Villains, the Court of the Gods reevaluated her title and granted her one that they thought was more fitting, Constant Reminders for Game Progression for her demanding to have the party stop dawdling on sidequests and resume recharging the crystals. Airy, unhampered by this change, still aims to fully unleash her master on the Pantheon.
  • Needless to say, the Heroes of Luxendarc are not happy to see her in the Pantheon. When they reunited, Airy gloated about how she deceived the party for their whole journey, using her newfound resurrection to rub the salt in the wound. The party did not take her taunts lightly, and vow to fight her again should she try to wreak havoc again. While Yew and Magnolia didn't encounter her, they do know her sister Anne, who manipulated Kaiser Oblivion as a part of her plan, plus using Airy's death as a stepping stone to bring back Providence. The two have also vowed to defeat Airy with the rest of the party. Insert Name Here, who has inhabited Tiz and Yew's bodies and guided them in their journeys, also oppose her as they reside in the Celestial Realm in the Bravely Default world, which Airy wants to destroy. While he barely even interacted with her, Ciggma Khint is aware of the danger she possesses, so he'll be on guard whenever she's around. Her master, Ouroboros, was glad to see her well in the Pantheon, and believes in her to bring him to full power so he can destroy the Pantheon and reach the Celestial Realm again.
    • Another group that opposes him are the Eight Travelers, who are unnerved by Airy as they remind them of Lyblac, a woman who is the daughter of the dark god Galdera and plots to bring her father to Orsterra to destroy it. She plotted for many years, manipulating others to further her plan, and they eventually squared off against her and Galdera when she successfully brings him back by using Kit Crossford as a vessel, as well as fusing with her father. The eight have resolved to defeat Airy should she threaten the Pantheon. Airy became interested in Lyblac and desires to meet her, and possibly collaborate.
  • Airy disguised herself as just a helpful cryst-fairy guiding the party in their journey by supplying them with info and reminding them of their next steps. It was obvious that she would be an unwelcome presence in the House of Fairies, where most of the deities there think she gives fairies a bad name. The more villainous deities like the Fairy Godmother and Killer BOB are more neutral towards her. Peter Pan, Link, Guts, and Kirby feel discomforted around her, as all four were accompanied by a fairy companion sometime in their journies (Tinkerbell for Peter Pan, Navi and Tatl for Link, Puck and Ivalera for Guts, and Ribbon for Kirby), with them disturbed that a supposedly helpful figure was really stringing the party all along for her evil plan, so they really don't like her. Link's other companions, Midna, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, and Fi also oppose her given her treachery and deception.
    • Speaking of fairies, a rather boastful, foolish fairy known as Cirno challenged Airy to a danmaku battle, egging her to not hold anything back. Needless to say, the ice fairy was evaporated by Airy's Zetta Flare. While she did ressurect a few moments later, she was furious at this humiliating defeat and vowed to become the strongest so she can freeze her with her ice and shatter her to pieces. Airy just regards her as a humourous, if annoying nuisance.
  • Airy's plan involves making Agnès use her magic to overload the crystals with enough energy to fuel Ouroboros' arrival so he can start sundering worlds and reach the Celestial Realm. She has gained interest in magic crystals from other worlds and want to see what they do, but has faced opposition from plenty of deities. Neo Cortex has tried to collect Power Crystals so he can take over the world while Crash Bandicoot collects the powerful gems to save the day. Zero during the Mega Man Zero games comes from a world where Energy Crystals are an important, yet scarce resource, and Princess Cadence and Shining Armor guard the Crystal Heart, a magic crystal protecting the Crystal Empire. All aforementioned deities oppose her intentions to meddle with their crystals, regarding her as a threat to their worlds or plans. Airy, annoyed by their resistance, plots to get rid of them somehow if she can't access those crystals. Speaking of Zero, Dr. Weil and Omega also oppose her, as Weil needs to collect Energy Crystals to Omega for his plans, so another deity hoarding and destroying them would be a massive nuisance.
  • Notably, Airy disguised herself as a helpful mentor figure guiding the party on their journey while stringing them along for her own plans. This lead to certain comparisons with other malicious, deceptive mentor figures. Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish is known fro stringing people along in his complicated plans, as well as mentoring Sansa Stark into playing the Game of Thrones, while Madara Uchiha was the one who mentored Obito Uchiha into darkness. The two aren't very fond of her, as they both do not desire destruction and they cannot advance their goals if there is nothing left. Chakravartin has disguised himself as the Golden Spider, who helped Asura into spurring his revenge quest against the Seven Deities, then later revealing his true self as the cruel, selfish god of his world, which ended in Asura killing him. While Airy is interested in meeting Chakravartin, Asura is enraged by the fairy for doing the same trick Chakravartin pulled on him. Kratos knows what it feels like to be mentored by cruel people like the Greek Pantheon in his world, so he's not very fond of the fairy too.
  • Ika Musume does hold some respect towards her for using her cute looks to deceive people into thinking she's harmless while manipulating others into doing her bidding. She doesn't approve of her goals, though; she can't conquer the world if everything is destroyed after all. On the other hand, she gets along with Nui Harime, another deceptively cute villainess, who is rather impressed that the fairy's plan went off without a hitch for many universes, and they do collaborate and support each other's goals.
    • There also happens to be more deities who hide their malicious behaviour and actions with a cute facade. Marx and Magolor both tricked Kirby into accomplishing their plans, then revealing their true colours when said plans are complete, only to be defeated by Kirby soon after. While Magolor redeemed himself later, Marx did not. Magolor does oppose Airy as she reminds him of his past self while Airy and Marx clash over conflicting plots. .GIFfany and Nico Yazawa also fit the mold of being deceptively cute, but oppose Airy for different reasons; .GIFfany sees Airy's plan as an obstacle to her plans of obtaining a boyfriend, while Nico is a decent person despite her sourness and is horrified by her plans.
  • Airy shares quite a few similarities with the Incubators, in that they're cute, seemingly innocent little creatures that appears to the female lead in her moment of need to guide her out of seemingly good intentions only to later be revealed to be a Big Bad manipulating the naive main characters, and also has to deal with one of the protagonists who happens to be from another world and catches on to their evil plot, which involves using the power the main characters have painstakingly collected, but the two forces do not get along with each other. The Incubators oppose her plan to destroy all worlds with Ouroboros, as they are in charge of keeping the universe alive with the Magical Girl system and they can't continue their work if everything is destroyed, while Airy doesn't care for their goals, feeling that her own goal is more important.
  • Airy has placed her eyes on a few interesting individuals like Makoto Yuuki, Kotone Shiomi, Reimu Hakurei, Uriel and Martin Septem, and the God-Emperor of Mankind for one important reason; they all serve as a Barrier Maiden to their world, either keeping it together or to hold back a larger threat away from their world. Airy schemes to wreak havoc on their worlds by killing them, therefore destroying the barrier they've kept for so long. Needless to say, these Deities and their allies oppose Airy for her actions and would rather not be killed by her hands, letting their worlds fall to ruin.
    • While killing Reimu and the Septem's may be relatively simple, killing Makoto, Kotone, and the god-Emperor is a much harder feat due to circumstances, with the former two's true bodies being located somewhere else with high protection, and the latter being monstrously powerful with a large enough army to swat her if she isn't careful. While she's still think of a plan with S.E.E.S, she made some parlay with the Chaos Gods so she can try to get rid of the God-Emperor. So far, she is on good terms with Tzeentch, who thinks her plan would be a good one to try out, and gave her some advice involving the God-Emperor. Airy is rather careful around them, as she refuses to accept any of their gifts to preserve her sanity, plus their chaotic behavior does put her on edge.
    • Speaking of Reimu, she has encountered difficulty in her "protector", Yukari Yakumo. Hearing about her power to manipulate boundaries, Airy also aims to prove her title of "Piercer of Boundaries" by slaying the Youkai. Yukari has taken in interest in the fairy because of her title as the "Piercer of Boundaries", as well as being amused at the fairy, because she thinks she is a noisy fairy who thinks too much of herself and wants to test if she thinks she can defeat Yukari. Yukari is more than willing to put the fairy in her place should she try to kill Reimu.
  • Given that her plan involves the destruction of countless timelines and dimensions, she's particularly hated by those who hail from alternate universes, timelines, or have interacted with them. The Dimensional Counterparts, hailing from different universes, hate Airy with a passion, as well as Spider-Man and the alternate Spider-people like Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker, and Spider-Ham, and became some of her biggest enemies to protect any further alternate universes from destruction. Funny Valentine and Dark Danny also oppose her for different reasons, as the former's stand power, Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap will be rendered useless should she continue with her plans, while Dark Danny sees her as a threat to his existence, as he did try to kill Danny Fenton to ensure his own existence, so the fairy's goals offend him greatly. Airy is rather annoyed by these stragglers interfering with her plan, but when she heard of how D4C works, she wished that she could've get rid of Ringabel and Alternis Dim by having the touch each other, thus killing each other, but that rule doesn't exist in her world, frustrating her greatly. If only that rule existed, that would make her plan a little bit easier...
    • Given her destructive reputation, those in charge of protecting planets are appalled by her and swear to prevent her from destroying any more. Mogo in particular wants her and Ouroboros wiped out so that they don't destroy him. Galactus, a known Planet Eater, is interested in the fairy and does wish to meet her even if they have different goals as he destroys not out of maliciousness, but because of his own views of being a force of nature.
  • One day, Airy encountered the leader of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Nekron. Nekron has been interested in the fairy because of her goals to assist her master with destroying all worlds and the Celestial Realm, and proposed to her that she can join his Scar Corps, and in turn receive his assistance. Airy, after some consideration, accepted his proposal, though reminded him that she is still loyal to Ouroboros above all else, which Nekron accepts. Speaking of other leaders, YHVH and Lucifer see the fairy as a threat to their plans, as destroying all worlds will deprive them of the people needed to keep them alive.
  • Of all negative qualities humanity possess, Airy loves to mock their blind loyalty to others, following their orders without thinking. She has mocked plenty of deities in the Pantheon such as members of the GUA's and those in the House of Loyalty and Servitude for adulating the leaders and figureheads without any second thoughts. Some of them threw her accusation in her face, as her undying, unquestioning loyalty to Ouroboros was payed with him eating her. Airy could only huff and fly away when faced with these retorts.
  • One of Airy's signature spells is Zetta Flare, an incredibly powerful form of Flare and the strongest known level of it. It was assumed that she was the only user of the spell given her sheer power, but it was revealed that there is one more caster in the Pantheon: Donald Duck, who used the spell during the initial battle with the True Organization XIII, albeit passing out after casting it to defeat Terra-Xehanort. This revelation amused Airy, knowing that there is one mage capable of using one of her strongest spells, while boasting that she is the superior user as she doesn't faint after casting.

Fi, Goddess of Precise Calculations and Insistent Assistance (Mistress Fi, the Goddess Sword, the Master Sword)

    Lenneth Valkyrie 
"To my side, my noble einherjar!"

Lenneth Valkyrie, Goddess of Party Storage (The Lord of Creation, Chooser of the Slain, Platina, Meril, Battle-Maiden, Chooser of the Slain, Lady Valkyrie, Death, Angel, Thief of Their Beloved, The Accursed Valkyrie, Lenneth the Creator, Selector of Souls)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A feather plucked from her headdress
  • Theme Songs: Behave Irrationally (when collecting souls), Turn Over a New Leaf (when confronting evil)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral -> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Einherjar Stored In Her Soul When Inactive, Benevolent Boss, Energy Bow and Sword, in Accord, Nibelung Valesti Soul Crush, Lady of War, Defrosting Ice Queens, Einherjar Need Her Alive To Continue Fighting, Timely Omnipotence, Restoring Things After The End, The Power of Creation
  • Domain: Valkyries, Crystals, Einherjar, Destiny, Creation
  • Herald: Silmeria Valkyrie (her sister)
  • High Priestess: Ajna
  • Followers: Her einherjar
  • Allies: Odin, Freya, Arngrim
  • Enemies: Lezard Valeth, Kei, and Yuri, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Divine Powers
  • Ascended to the Pantheon during it's early days after becoming the creator deity of her world. She used to be the Goddess of Creation, but new regulations required that she find a new title. After perusing her profile, the Court of the Gods decided she would represent Party in My Pocket due to how she literally stores her Einherjar/party members within her soul and powers them. It annoys her a bit, but as Flynn demonstrates, titles should not determine what she can or cannot do.
    • Even with her change in titles, she still takes responsibility in recreating parts of the Pantheon that have been destroyed in the wake of all the battles all over it, especially since there are several deities (even a Grand United Alliance) dedicated to destroying everything, even if there are the more "ambivalent" ones such as Beerus.
  • Given that most of them have since been reincarnated in her world, Lenneth actually doesn't have that many einherjar with her upon her ascension to the Pantheon. The only one who's stayed is Lucian, her Childhood Friend back when she was Platina, and Lenneth would rather not force the others to work for her again.
    • That said, she can still make einherjar out of denizens in the Pantheon who end up dying. She does have to surrender them eventually at the House of Life and Death for revival, though.
    • As for who she picks for einherjar, she prefers warriors with traits common in Good-aligned warriors, though non-combatants may also be recruited. Other traits include devotion to family and self-sacrifice.
      • That said, Lenneth is lenient enough to recruit less moral folk so long as at least one definite good deed has been performed throughout their life, as was the case for Badrach. The much less redeemable Gandar was only under Odin's orders.
    • Pantheon deities who temporarily become Lenneth's einherjar retain their combat abilities in life, but those without who somehow convince Lenneth's to take them in as einherjar are given Sorcerer abilities for the duration they're with her.
    • Einherjar normally have PWS attacks, but in the Pantheon, this is exclusive only to einherjar who were deities who have had a confirmed described final death (since everyone who isn't immortal all die one day), such as Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (onscreen) or Amuro Ray (off screen, but confirmed later), but not Asterix (no confirmed death scene) or Aurora (despite having died twice, she's come back to life).
  • Given how badly things were between them, Lenneth was wary upon meeting the Pantheon's Freya and Allfather Odin, especially the latter. However, upon hearing of how... badly her versions regard humanity, the two Norse gods assured her that they're not that bad, although Freya has taken interest in her incarnation there, and has even decided to take that form on occasion.
    • As for Odin of the Divine Powers, she despises him (and the rest of his group) for their lack of regard for humans, and even finds them worse than her world's Odin or Loki.
    • Speaking of the Pantheon's Loki, she's still not sure what to think of him, but at least Thor will be there to keep watch on him.
  • Her battle cries, "It shall be engraved upon your soul!", "Come to me dark warriors, battle awaits us!" have been noted to not make a lot of sense in context. But no one seems to mind.
  • Having has to fight so much undead, demons, and other creatures, she's slow to trust such deities regardless of alignment, but it can be earned with enough time.
  • Doesn't know what to say about Mike Haggar due of one time when he piledrove Odin from Valhalla to Earth. The strength to challenge Odin reminds her a bit too much of Lezard Valeth. Though thus far, Mike has proven to be much more benevolent.
  • One of her worst fears has come true with the ascension of Lezard, her love-struck nemesis, into the Pantheon. She's keeping a very close watch on him.
    • She's also heard the unfounded rumors about how Harry Potter is an AU version of him without the lust for her.
  • The ascension of Arngrim came as a surprise to some, as other gods figured Lenneth's einherjar still existed within her. Lenneth explained that Arngrim's habit of getting reincarnated makes him a special case. And most of her einherjar have since been released back to her world with the exception of one. Still, he's willing to fight by her side if need be.

    Sora (Kingdom Hearts
Sora, God of Losing Items and Abilities Between Adventures (Keybearer, Combatant 13, Yozora, Chosen by the Keyblade)
KH DDD Sora 

Intermediate Gods

    Final Fantasy IV Final Party 
Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Rydia, Rosa Joanna Farrell, and Edward "Edge" Geraldine, Heralds of the Active Time Battle System (Cecil: The Split Soul, the Knight, King Cecil of Baron, Kain: the Dragoon, Hooded Man, Rydia: Rydia of the Mist, Rosa: Queen Rosa of Baron)
Left to right: Kain, Rosa, Cecil (his Dark Knight form above his Paladin form), Rydia, and Edge
Cecil in The After Years 
Kain in The After Years as a Holy Dragoon 
Rydia in The After Years 
Rosa in The After Years 
Edge in The After Years 
  • Applies to the group or two or more of its members:
    • Since their adventures during The After Years, they've learned how to perform Bands depending on their battle actions and who they perform it with. A lot of them tend to be Awesome, but Impractical, but there are a few that work well enough such as Effect Form and Trinity Crusade (initiated by Cecil, Kain, and Rosa).
    • Surprisingly, the party have battled Gilgamesh before in a moon.
    • For some reason, the group (especially Kain, Rosa, and Cecil) see a lot of things familiar to them in Gohan. Son of a well-known world saver, half-human, half-outer space race blood, undergoes strict training from a mean "sumbitch", is separated from his parents and undergoes tutelage by his father's rival, unofficial protagonist for a sequel series while his father is out of commission, and has the ability to suddenly power up at least twice his own strength in times of crisis? That sounds a lot like Ceodore.
    • Due to having fought off an entity called The Creator, who wished to destroy their planet because mankind didn't evolve to its preference, they naturally oppose other such planetary threats.
  • Exclusive to Cecil:
    • He used to shed his Dark Knight form to become a Paladin, but gained the ability to switch between the two forms thanks to Cosmos. Prior to that, he's also learned to accept it after shutting it out for 17 years.
    • Had once held the position of Yin-Yang Bomb after inheriting it from Leon Magnus. Cecil kept believing that Leon himself is battling his own demons. Now that the seat his vacant again with his own transfer, Cecil has taken to searching for a suitable candidate.
    • Is a member of the Sacred Knights, and one of the only gods capable of controlling its leader, Artix von Krieger, from smiting every single undead god in the Pantheon (which is not an easy task, mind you).
    • Thinks Firion has a thing for Lightning, and briefly played matchmaker. Firion appreciates it, but he has yet to succeed despite Cecil's efforts.
      • He also initially took Onion Knight's vow to protect Terra as a sign he's fallen for her.
      • This is all likely because out of all the Final Fantasy protagonists, he's the only one who's actually gotten married.
    • Is very against any form of being puppeted in any way given that's what he suffered in the hands of the Meanad.
  • Exclusive to Kain:
    • Other Gods look at him funny, thinking that he may betray them anytime. He claims that he has good reason to do so, and he is correct on the most part. It's just that many are wary that Melkor will to be able to make his next Face–Heel Turn a permanent one.
    • As a Holy Dragoon, Kain has a small repertoire of White Magic (Cure, Hold, Cura, Esuna, Teleport, Blink, Haste), though it's nowhere near as Cecil's.
    • Reportedly fell against an army of creatures known as Manikins. Upon hearing that even Cosmos was unable to revive him, the Court of the Gods began searching for someone to succeed him (back when he still represented Dragon Knight). Before they could begin accepting applicants, however, Kain crashed through the roof of the building, very much alive, apparently having leapt there from the battlefield. Turns out he just got so bored slaughtering the Manikins that he fell asleep.
    • Pantheon eventually learned from Kain the arts of a 'Dragon Slayer'.
    • Back when he still held the title of Dragon Knight, there was Davion, who had once attempted to claim it but failed. Unfortunately, Davion's abilities were deemed too plain to be considered for the role. But it was a denial that Davion is now glad of, now that he holds Simple, yet Awesome.
    • While he doesn't mind those who do hunt dragons, Kain is one who prefers to emulate the behavior of dragons instead of hunting them. He is intrigued with the bond Rynn has with Arokh and how the two learned to work together to save her brother. He asked her how it was like to share a bond with the dragon, to which she replied as something that was to difficult to describe. She figured it would be better if he observed how they interact with each other.
    • Kain shares his name with an ancient vampire, and neither person has been happy with doing so. The Dragon Knight believes that it only further alienates himself from his allies, while the vampire is tired of having to answer that no, he is not associated with the former. With that said, the two are not exactly enemies rather than they have different opinions on the concept of good and evil. One wants to embrace the former over the later and there other does not care about which side he chooses.
    • While he wasn't included in the initial roster, Kain had a hand in later (technically, ealier) Dissidia cycles. He is appreciative of the support he has gotten from his Final Fantasy brethren.
  • Exclusive to Rydia:
    • Rydia kinda likes Ninjas, but refuses to go out with them. The whole invisibility thing unnerves her when she goes to the bathroom. Instead, she claims to have "fallen for" the childlike innocence of Negi Springfield, who reminds her of herself when she was his age…almost as if it were yesterday.
      • Speaking of ninjas, her situation with Edge is still ambiguous as of late. A few teases have come her way, and she ignores them for the most part.
    • Has no idea of what to think of the Demon Summoning Program used by folks such as Aleph, Flynn, and Kazuya. While far more versatile and accessible, it's also far more dangerous than her own brand of Summon Magic. That said, she's not wholly against forming a contract with some of the summoned demons herself. It's just a matter of finding the right ones.
    • Seymour had taken an interest in Rydia, and has plotted to take her life should she learn how to incorporate Magic Dances into her summoning rituals just like Yuna.
    • So far, she has formed contracts with this Pantheon’s Bahamut, the wandering swordsman Gilgamesh, and the legendary Pokémon Xerneas.
      • While Naruto offered their aid, Kurama was explicitly against becoming a Summon (he prefers Naruto only, and who knows if the shinobi might need him if he's busy aiding Rydia if he does accept?), so no contract could be made.
  • Exclusive to Rosa:
    • Unlike most white mages, she's capable of actually fighting with bow and arrows. As such, she usually goes training in the House of Weapons, or even visits Merida in the House of Royalty to improve her archery skills.
    • Serena takes great inspiration from Rosa as her devotion to Cecil parallels Serena's own devotion to Ash. When Serena had told the Arch-White Mage her talenote , and asked if there was anything further she could do, Rosa smiled warmly and replied "Just be true to yourself; he should come around in his own time". She also warned Serena not to put up with any senselessness on Ash's part, while making sure that she didn't embrace anything senseless herself. She has offered to examine Serena for any magical aptitude.
  • Exclusive to Edge:
    • In addition to his Ninjutsu, he's also learned the art of swiping items from the enemy. This goes as far as stealing Dark Matter from Zeromus (the Big Bad behind Golbez). That's right; he can somehow get his hands on a theoretical concept that has yet to be directly observed in the universe. Edge is just that good.
    • Seeing his interet in Rydia, despite his attitude, Princess Cadance and Kyu Sugardust (among others, as they're not the only ones) have both (separately, as the former doesn't like the latter) offered to help Edge in winning the summoner's heart (and in the alicorn's case, keep that love steady so he can further help Rydia raise the last Maenad).
    • Has moral qualms with hitting (friendly) women. Hostile ones, though, are no issue at all.

    Iji Kataiser 
Iji Kataiser, Goddess of Morality-Tracking Gameplay (The Human Anomaly)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: Her Nanogun
  • Theme Songs: Three Cans Later, Seven Four, Face to Face when in combat with a boss, Further by the end
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Pacifist), Chaotic Neutral (Berserker)note 
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain(s): Nanotechnology, Negotiation, War, Survival, Pacifism, Berserker
  • Herald-Slash-Mission Control: Dan Kataiser (her brother)
  • High Priest: the nameless hero of Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu (where the Karma Meter first originated)
  • Followers: The Hero of Bowerstone, the Spirit Monk, Valdo, Sarah, Marchal of Lander County
  • Diplomacy Tutors: Relena Darlian, Amu Hinamori (Pacifist only)
  • Combat Tutor: Adam Jensen (Pacifist only)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All evil gods in the House of War, all who desire war or are racist to humans, all Nazi deities and Expies thereof, all deities capable of destroying planets and willing to use that power to do so, Flowey, Agent Smith, AM, the Incubators, ADVENT, The Overlords
  • Distrusts: All aliens (Berserker only)
  • Respected by: The Illusive Man (Berserker only)
  • During Iji's ascension process, there were supposed to be two that would enter the Pantheon together, her Pacifist self (who inflicted 0 [direct] kills throughout her run), and her Killer self (who took out as many enemies as possible throughout her run), and they would occupy the Karma Meter seat. Unfortunately, a…disaster occurred during the transit that somehow resulted in the latter's death, and due to how things work in their world, the former decided to assimilate what remained of her Nano to 'keep her warm'. Due to that, upon arrival to the Pantheon proper, the Court of the Gods decided to grant Iji her position.
    • Along with that Iji's Nano, she got a Reality Warper weapon called the Null Driver, which, after she first fired it in a clear area, resulted in a lot of screwing with the dimensions, after which she decided to never use after it proved potentially lethal. There was also the Scrambler, which screws with Iji's perception of everybody's words (including hers) into total nonsense. Oh, and she gets a fascination for "missile pony" toys.
    • And then it was decided that Iji's title wasn't really suiting and a trope change was in order. While this Iji ended up in an... incident explained in detail further below, another Iji ascended after her death by Alpha Strike with a kill count of over 300. When the first Iji returned from the TV World, she has undergone some changes that better fit a pacifist as well as discovering some 'new' features in her Nanogun. When the two Ijis met, it went well, all things considered especially since Berserker!Iji realized what she had done then (though by that time it was too late), and they took their seat in their repositioned temple together.
    • There are other outcomes in their story aside from these two. In one, Iji rampages through the aliens, but either manages to restrain herself from executing General Tor after defeating him or wasn't berserk enough to even consider that. In another, whether or not Iji killed between 0 or 270 aliens, she spares Annihilator Iosa instead of killing her, and pays for it with her life. On the upside, the Komato change their ways, thus making her a martyr.
  • Applies to either or both:
    • Iji's temple is filled with Nano, which she uses to replenish her Nanogun and personal Nanofield. She can also sometimes find Nano all over the Pantheon, mostly in the House of Technology. There are also Cyborg Stations at her temple so she can re-spec her Nanofield in the event she ever needed to reboot it.
    • Her Nanofield is a work of accomplishment; it protects from all conventional weapons. Not even a nuclear bomb can get through, though radiation and force of impact would (probably, in the case of radiation) still be a factor, though she's immune to acid rain. The only things that can get through are more advanced technological weapons (though they usually have to be energy-based; most Mass Effect weapons are still ballistic, and so would be successfully stopped, but they will inflict Armor damage on her Nanofield), magic (either inflicting damage on the Nanofield or bypassing it entirely and injuring her), and weapons out of the same Nanotech as Iji's own. Melee attacks (unless they're too fast for the nanomachines to effectively block) do nothing unless coated with the same Nano, and crater impacts created if she is ever sent flying from such a blow would also do nothing, though she's not willing to test that out.
      • The Nanofield doesn't just protect the outside; somehow, it can protect the innards as well, which explains the Tasen's (the race the Nanofield was copied from) fascination for obscenely hot drinks (as in surface-of-the-sun hot). It's not known whether it blocks ingested poisons as well.
    • While not ascended, Iji's brother Dan was brought into the Pantheon as well to serve as her personal Mission Control (until such a time when a God of Mission Control ascends) as well as to give him a new place to live since their home world was essentially destroyed. Putting him in danger is one way to set her off real bad, and can even put her out of her pacifist mindset in that she'll clearly want to kill whoever harmed her brother and not feel guilty about it.
      • Now that one has come, he's sometimes over in Alia's temple, and Iji's relieved that there's another spot in the Pantheon that he can be safe in, helped by the fact that the sub-house has no evil deities in it (aside from having to exercise some caution with Varys and Lucy).
      • With Iji's trope change, he is a little confused now that there are two versions of his sister, but both treat him well.
      • A new discovery was also revealed in Iji's Nanogun; Passive Weapons, which can stun, send targets flying, steal Nano, neutralize projectiles, create barriers, hack from a distance, and so on. Pacifist!Iji uses these liberally, not that Berserker!Iji finds them useless either.
    • When half of her Nano-Health is brought down to half and she's down on the ground, Iji can unleash a Limit Break called Retribution, which consists of a massive array of explosions as she gets back up on her feet. It seems to only work once a day per House/"boss", though.
    • It's no surprise that with what she has been through that she hates the evil deities in the House of War, but given what the Komato Empire was, she also despises Nazis, actual ones or by any other name.
    • Kyubey once tried to have Iji forge a contract with him and become a Puella Magi to restore her world. While it was a sorely tempting offer, like everybody else, Iji knew not to trust him at all; the inevitable Witching-out will never be worth it.
    • Iji (both of them) has also forged a cordial relationship with Captain Martin Walker, as they have both been changed and broken as a result of war. While Walker is impressed with how she was able to stick with her principles despite the war around her, he's concerned that the Pacifist one already had to become a little insane (her really "technical" pacifism, for one) in order to reach her goal, and he pities the Berserker one for losing it like he does and failing to protect the people just like he did.
    • Iji's particularly frightened of Agent Smith's ability to convert others through data. Depending on its technology level, he can probably turn her into his unwilling conscious puppet by wresting her Nanofield out of her control. Still, his hatred for humanity means he must be stopped, and as a program, neither Iji has any compunctions about having him "deleted".
    • There are rumors that the D.C.M.F.P.R. Research Facility, where Iji's brother and late father worked in, was a separate branch or cover for XCOM, which explains how her Nanofield was reverse-engineered from the Tasen so quickly. Pacifist!Iji doesn't plan on working with them regardless, given her stance. Berserker!Iji however is all too willing to help them out and have them study her Nanofield.
    • Get annoyed when it comes to fighting those who constantly teleport in battle, having encountered their like before in the form of Komato Assassins. For the Berserker, it means they can easily deny her a kill by fleeing with their abilities. For the Pacifist, she can't tell if her next shot is going to kill them if they stay or if they're gonna eventually wise up and leave.
    • Is a participant in a tournament somewhat similar to that of Master Hand's.
    • Has read on an alternate universe where Sailor Moon and her allies battle the Komato and Tasen (who are one race in this instance) and work alongside agents of an organization called the Sisterhood of Nine, while Iji herself is confirmed to not make any appearance whatsoever. Incidentally, there has been no confirmed instances of this Sisterhood ever existing in fiction outside of this story.
  • Exclusive to Pacifist:
    • Curiously, Iji doesn't feel guilt about her kills if she reflects her foes' attacks back at them, arranges friendly fire by taking explosive shots to the face while standing next to them, rigs their weapons to explode and kill them (and hurt them enough before they fire it), dropping stuff from two stories up, setting up mutual foes against each other, of if her enemies are machines (bar more sentient ones like the Cybertronians). Other technical pacifists are a little disturbed by this.
      • As a result, a few detractors argue that Iji shouldn't represent the Pacifist Run at all. She replies that she represents the difficulty of performing the Pacifist Run in the face of discouragements in the form of relentless killers and advisories to just kill. What kind of pacifist she is is irrelevant.
    • Iji has come to Relena Darlian and Amu Hinamori in hopes of learning better techniques in diplomacy, as she had failed multiple times when she tried. Admittedly, that was not her fault, but she still wishes to do a better job.
    • She also visits the House of Knowledge to brush up on her non-lethal fighting techniques and improve her judgment on whether someone is close to dying and how much more damage they can take from her before she has to stop. She also knows visiting the House of Combat would be best for her since marching through gunfire can only take her so far.
    • Iji's friendship with Adam Jensen is not only from both their potential to be pacifists, but from being rebuilt into cyborgs as well, though Iji is still more…human looking than Adam. That being said, Jensen puts the "fist" in "pacifist", because when he knocks someone out, he makes sure they stay down. She's hoping to learn from him on how to take down her opponents without having to kill them (in person).
    • She has also come to look up to Kenshin Himura, who is a very successful pacifist combatant, which she wishes to be. While the swordsman sympathizes with her plight, he's a little concerned with how "technical" her pacifism is, even with her no longer rationalizing reflected projectiles as not her fault.
    • Finds a bond in Frisk, and feels that had they not been due for their title or had they came around years earlier, they could've been a better representation of the Pacifist Run than her. Frisk was also Iji's High Priest previously, but some people want that fact denied for some reason.
      • Some gods then realized that the two represent two polarizing ends of pacifism: one refuses to kill or hurt period, while the other merely refuses to kill personally. Of course, they have the potential to be each other, where Iji can act like a conventional pacifist if possible.
      • Through them, she found some sense of familiarity with Asgore Dreemurr, who reminds her of Komato General Tor, as both were difficult yet reluctant combatants, and pressured by public demand to commit atrocious acts.
      • Of course, she then came to befriend Frisk's other friends, like Papyrus (who makes friends easily already), Sans (who behaves around her with a little caution), Undyne (who is impressed with her Nanogun and its abilities), Toriel, and so on.
    • Iji's too old to be manipulated by Flowey, but he decided to pester her nonetheless once, before her trope change. She refused to respond, knowing he speaks the truth.
    Flowey: For a so-called "pacifist", you sure got a lot of blood on your hands. I could say the same for that samurai in the House of Philosophy, but that was all in his past and has made an effort to actually be a pacifist since then. You may not have killed those aliens personally, but you're still the cause of some of their deaths. Sure, it could be their fault for hurting each other trying to kill you, but in the cases where you reflected their attacks, hacked their stuff and waited for it to blow up in their face, or tossed something down to hit them, that's all on you.
    • One night, after getting turned around somewhere while walking with the Human Child, she found herself facing Sans in a quiet castle hallway. Under the skeleton's instruction, who arranged for this meeting, Frisk showed their phone Toriel had given them long ago, which showed their LV and XP (at 1 and 0 respectively). They then produced a different phone earned since becoming a Pantheon deity, and showed photos of various known individuals in the Pantheon (such as Ness, Naruto, Luffy, Madoka Kaname, Yu Narukami, Fluttershy, Keyblade wielder Sora, Kenshin Himura, Finn Mertens, etc.) holding the Child's phone and showing their LV and EXP totals. Confused, Iji asked Sans the purpose of this meeting.
      • And so the skeleton educated her on what LV and EXP mean in Frisk's phone and to MT. Ebott monsters, and made sure that she understood it fully as truth. Thinking back on the photos Frisk showed, Iji could understand how most of the entries there had decently high LVs and EXP. Even Madoka and Fluttershy had a few Levels Of ViolencE to their name. And then it dawned on her as Frisk handed their old phone to her; she was being judged as well.
      • When she asked Sans the reason why he's doing this, he replied that an anonymous source expressed concern for Frisk associating with her, given what she's been through, and was skeptical on whether she really deserved the title Pacifist Run. Partly frustrated and partly afraid of what the phone would reveal, Iji turned to leave, but Frisk grabbing her hand and Sans suddenly being in her path, his eye holes blank, stopped her from doing so. Feeling trapped, both by the Child's look of concern and the skeleton's veiled threat, as well as the fact that running away would make her look guilty, she relented and took the phone the former offered her. And what it showed her proved damning.
      • Her LV wasn't that high like Ness, Yu, or Sora, but it was certainly much higher than the pegasus or the Puella Magi. It left her catatonic for a few minutes as the implications set in and broke through her "mental blocks" before she finally screamed in anguish, leaving Frisk and Sans concerned because they didn't expect this degree of emotional revelation. After she then broke down into tears, the two gave her some distance and kept watch in case anyone else came to interrupt the moment. Eventually, she was calm, and Sans decided to ask what exactly happened to her that led to her current state of mind before he inadvertently broke it all down.
      • Iji decided to give them a full recap of the events she had been through, and confessed that the pressure of the war she had to go through and the need to survive forced her to make compromises in her way of thinking, a Mask of Sanity essentially. It didn't help that some of the Tasen and Komato she encountered had opinions that basically supported her way of thinking too. Realizing that the detractors did have a point, she decided it would be better if she relinquished her title and leave the Pantheon, but fate had other plans, as it would turn out; a different iteration of her Berserker aspect ascending and the two now sharing a new temple in the House of Gaming. Even if she isn't as much of a pacifist as she thought she was, she still counts enough for her and her counterpart's new title.
    • Ever since that meeting, the barbs against her "pacifism" don't bother her anymore, though she continues to try keeping her kills to a minimum and has stopped justifying any "reflect-kills" she does.
    • Has drawn the attention of a certain God of Stealth and found that the two of them have quite a bit in common: both brave despite the odds, only backup is someone speaking through a radio, and both fought to save their world because they were the only ones who can. Snake's concerned since she hasn't fought anywhere near as long as he did and thinks a talk with her would be nice.
    • Has casually taken up Yu-Gi-Oh! thanks to Frisk. Reflecting her stance, her deck is a defensive one that ensures that any damage the opponent suffers is from their own doing, and has means of redirecting attacks to help with that, but its win condition is to deck out an opponent rather than reduce their Life Points to 0.
  • Exclusive to Berserker:
    • Given how she ascended (her planet (and herself) blown to bits by an Alpha Strike), Berserker!Iji's very distrustful of the following: 1) aliens, though she's been convinced to at least act civil around them when they have or are with human allies (e.g. Kirk, Shepard, Raynor), and 2) all deities with potential to destroy planets (e.g. most Dragon Ball deities), expressing outright hostility to the evil ones. She shares the second point with Pacifist!Iji, who is a little less pronounced in her caution around them except for the evil ones.
    • While she has been a berserker throughout her run, she's since mellowed down considerably, especially since it turned out that upon killing Tor, it's revealed by Kiron that Tor was giving her a Secret Test of Character, which she had failed, and it cost her her life (and planet), not to mention talks with Pacifist!Iji and her allies. That said, she's still the one among the two who won't hesitate to kill the enemy when it matters; she just knows that executing leaders isn't always the best way to stop an invasion, especially if they have WMDs primed.
    • The Illusive Man shows interest in Berserker!Iji, seeing her Nanofield as a remarkable asset for Cerberus. He also has respect for her, sympathizing with what she has been through. Unfortunately for him, she's being kept away from him by Pacifist!Iji (who has made friends with aliens), Commander Shepard, and the rest of the Illusive Man's (non-evil aligned) enemies.
    • Sans and the other Undertale deities (except the ever-loving Papyrus and the challenge-seeking Undyne) try and exercise caution around her, as her abilities make her a very dangerous foe to face. With so much Levels gained from her rampage, both in Nanofield from Nano collection and Violence from killing so many Tasen and Komato, in addition to actually having a legitimate weapon, she has the power to clear out the Underground had she fell there instead of Frisk and if she had reason to wipe them out. Whether or not she has the determination to LOAD is a different matter.
      • Flowey approves of Berserker!Iji's philosophy, though fears her power like the others. In reality, though, he pities her, especially since her rampage resulted in her and her planet's own demise, and has cast extra doubt on his "kill or be killled" philosophy.
    • In her time at X-COM, she met one John Nada, who actually got along with her well. They bonded over their hatred against aliens, and she was more justified in it that he was (of course, she let him know of her Pacifist counterpart, who would most likely stand against Nada due to her diplomatic desires). Surprisingly, she finds herself trying to serve as his moral compass; given the mistake she's made that cost her her planet, she wouldn't want him to be too closed-minded. It's also probable that she's a little envious of how his death actually made a good difference in his world.

Lesser Gods

    Draco Centauros 
Draco Centauros, Goddess of Idiotic AIs (Draco-Centaur, Dragon Woman)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her green wings
  • Theme Music: Rival Battle!, her theme from Puyo Puyo Sun
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Horned, Winged, Draconic Humanoid, Cute Little Fangs, Cute Monster Girl, Butt-Monkey
  • Domains: Ditziness, Appearance
  • High Priestess: Sheva Alomar
  • Allies: Salamandinay, Tiki
  • Odd Friendship: Saffron
  • (Mostly) Friendly Rivalry: Arle Nadja, Millie Collins
  • Enemies: Dollface (2012)
  • One of the many folks that Arle has met and played Puyo matches with, Draco Centauros is a dragon girl who knows martial arts, but her mind is not particularly bright otherwise. She often ends up confusing Puyo battles with beauty contests, something she's very interested in, and has a very competitive streak. Of the many Puyo characters, her AI is exceptionally weak and even when "Core AI" (which allows the Puyo characters to play a lot better than normal) is activated, Draco sometimes doesn't even bother with rotating her own Puyos. Then again, she's already kind of a ditz by default.
  • Draco ending up in the Pantheon was something she didn't realize until seeing Arle talk to a few people that Draco had no idea of beforehand. While it can be argued that Draco wound up there as a result engaging in Puyo battles with someone else, it's entirely possible that she just stumbled onto the place by accident and had nothing to do with playing with Puyos. After Arle finished her conversation, she saw Draco and was surprised to see her around in the Pantheon. Draco was even told that her living quarters in the Pantheon weren't too far from that of Arle's, meaning that Draco will get more chances to try (and most likely fail) to beat Arle in a Puyo battle. Neither have any ill will towards the other regardless.
  • She might have had a one-sided love towards the Dark Prince at one point in time, though unlike his repeated attempts to woo Arle, many haven't really seen Draco try to win him over. Then again, it's likely that she more or less accepted that Dark Prince is way too focused on getting Arle for Draco to even try to get his attention.
  • Draco became friends with Salamandinay, another humanoid dragon girl; though Draco was at first surprised at how Sala could actually turn into a real dragon and not just be a humanoid with draconic aspects present. Draco learned that Sala was a rival to a girl named Ange at first, but became a lot friendlier to her following a bit of friendly competition and hanging out with her. Sala noted Draco having a competitive side to her and the mostly friendly rivalry present towards Arle. She believes that given enough time, Draco will be more amicable towards Arle much like how Sala and Ange struck up a friendship after getting to know each other better.
    • She found another good friend in Tiki, who happened to have green hair in her human form at least and could also turn into a dragon like Sala can. Tiki is surprised that there was a humanoid dragon girl that not only hasn't been able to turn into a full-on dragon as far as anyone is aware of, but that Draco is reliant on close-combat skills compared to other dragons (humanoid or otherwise) who are proficient with attacking from afar (though Draco has fireballs for it). Tiki doesn't have any real issue with Draco regardless, though she is a bit unsure how to answer Draco's questions about fashion.
  • While she isn't that proficient when it comes to brains, her brawn is fairly decent and knows a few combat moves such as rapid-fire punches. Her competitive streak resulted in her going to the House of Combat to try and see if her skills are up to snuff compared to others. While she didn't do that bad during her initial session there, she ended up losing badly to some of the stronger visitors there.
  • The House of Costumes ended up getting Draco's attention since it was a potential place for preparations for actual beauty contests. Rarity, who happened to be a fashion designer, was willing to give Draco a run-down on fashion and beauty contests. Given Draco's competitive attitude, she wanted to try it out, though Rarity mentioned that it won't be as simple as just looking good in an elaborate costume to do well in a beauty contest.
    • It was then that she learned of a House of Popularity and that they were holding an actual beauty contest there. After a few preparations, Draco signed herself up for it and had a few competitors as well, including Millie Collins, who worked as a fashion model for a living. After the contest ended, Draco hung out with Millie for a bit and seeing the kinds of clothes Millie wore while the two were at Millie's place made Draco fairly jealous. The two don't hold anything against each other and Draco's competitive nature has resulted in a few beauty contests between her, Millie, and some other benevolent models.
      • Draco later learned about a couple of vile models and was very put off by them, with Krista Sparks in particular being very problematic for Draco. It's one thing that Draco can be a bit eager for competition, but she was mortified at how Krista is more than willing to murder anyone she thought looked better than her. That and Krista's idea of competition is way too deadly for anyone interested in beauty contests to accept.
  • To the surprise of some, it turned out that back then there were more Dracos in addition to this one, with a Super Draco Centauros being a stronger version of such. No one is really sure what happened to the other ones and this Draco will simply get confused if the matter is brought up to her.
  • Contrary to what "Centauros" may imply (or even more blatantly, Draco-Centaur), she is unrelated to centaurs in general. She is a humanoid dragon (or more accurately, a Dragon Woman); nothing more and nothing less.
  • Saffron, of all people, was able to relate with and even get along with Draco for sharing the same poor AI. While Saffron is a formidable military scientist when it comes to casting magic like the rest of her companions, her decision making as an opposing boss leaves a bit to be desired. Mainly, this concerns the Saffron plushies she puts down getting caught in the crossfire of her own spells. Plushies who's entire purpose centers around retaliating against those who attack it, quite unbecoming of a mage like herself. At times, one can see Draco train Saffron in martial arts even if the latter insists she's confidant enough in her casting to not need such techniqes.

    Duck Hunt Team 
Duck Hunt Team, Gods of Mocking Failure (Duck Hunt Duo, Duck Hunt, "Bark, Quack, Boom!"; Dog: That Lousy Dog, Mr. Peepers)
The Dog and The Duck. Not Pictured: The Unseen Gunman
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The NES Zapper.
  • Theme Song: "Duck Hunt Medley"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Annoying Laughs, Smugly Smiling, Being a Nearly Normal Animal, Being Nameless, Representing Other Games as Well as His Own, Taunting, Unexpected Newcomers.
  • Domains: Reception, Popularity, Hunting, Laughter
  • Allies: Insert Name Here (Stand-In for the Hunter), Jar Jar Binks, Courage, Xion, Sunset Shimmer, R.O.B., 9-volt and 18-volt, V.S.S.E.
  • Opposed By: the Nostalgia Critic, The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Opposses: Hunters (The Duck)
  • Duck Hunt is a simple game where the player has to shoot down ducks to score points while the dog picks them up. Should the player miss all the shots and the duck gets away successfully, the Dog would proceed to laugh at the players failure. This made the dog a rather infamous figure and for the longest time the only thing people wanted was to shoot him. That mostly changed when the Dog, joined by a Duck and an unseen Hunter, were all invited to the Super Smash Bros tournament and the perception of the dog became better. The team were later invited over to the pantheon, but the Court of Gods haven't forgotten about the Dog's habit of laughing at others' failure and gave them a title related to that. The Dog doesn't really mind and it allowed his teammates to remain with him
  • Many deities that have come across him had expressed a sudden urge to shoot the Dog in the face which variable results. Sometimes he is unharmed and sometimes he is not but if they happen to miss, he will laugh at them. This is why gunslingers aren't fond of him, since he is bound to show up if they happen to miss.
  • Many were perplexed as to how such an unlikely team was formed, considering the Duck was the usual target that the Dog and Hunter were after. There are varying theories regarding this but the most believed story is this one, which gave their relationship a more heartwarming spin
  • Then there is the mystery of who the Hunter is, who always assist both the Duck and Dog in battle. However, the only thing that any one knows about it is that the entity is a humanoid with a NES Zapper, and only trace it leaves to the actual world are crosshairs. Some people think that it is one aspect of (Insert Name Here), who's of course: "You!".
    • Some other clues other deities picked up on (them being retro game characters revived for a new generation, the use of a retro NES device during their trailer and it being used with such accuracy) has led some deities to believe that the shooter is...9-volt. Both parties refuse to comment on the speculation, and instead just do the trademark laugh of the duck hunt dog before going off.
  • And the unlikely partnerships don't end there. Sometimes the Dog is able to summon gunmen from Wild Gunmen and Hogan's Alley to assist him and the Duck on battle in all of their pixelated glory. He actually tends to find himself near western and mobster settings because of this.
  • The Nostalgia Critic fears him, as one of his previous line of work (The infamous 'you cannot beat us' commercial) made the dog poop himself badly, and due to this, he avoids him at all cost. If the Dog feels a bit trollish, he sometimes likes to bother the Critic by reenacting the commercial.
  • Due to their similar backgrounds, the dog and Jar Jar Binks have become close friends, and have been seen together on different occasions. Both are considered one of the most likely people to get suddenly attacked for no other reason than being generally annoying.
  • Fix-It-Felix Jr. of the House of Gaming played his game, and the dog got really scared. This is how it happened.
  • Was completely doted on by Xion not long after the latter's ascension, due to her love for Big Friendly Dogs. This dog is pleasantly surprised that someone's first reaction is to cuddle him rather than insult or try to maim him, thus he welcomes Xion's affections. The duck isn't as easily touched.
  • Being one of the precursors of Light Gun Games, the trio certainly get along well with the agents of V.S.S.E. who are the holders of the title but they respect the Duck Hunt Team for pioneering the genre. That said, most of the agents find the dog unbearable sometimes and because of habits, if the agents happen to shoot down a badguy, the dog will choke the bodies as if they were dead ducks, which unsettles the agents.
  • While the Duck might be on friendly terms with the Dog and Hunter, that doesn't mean that he tolerates hunters as he is very tired of getting shot at. He did admit that he finds being the moderating force behind the Dog to be a better job than being a target dummy.
  • When the Duck Hunt team learned that Banjo and Kazooie joined the Smash Bros. roster, they decided to visit Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's temple to prank them in the same way King K. Rool pranked the Kongs earlier. However, Banjo and Kazooie soon caught wind of the prank and clobbered the Duck Hunt team.

    Han Jee-Han 
Han Jee-Han, Divine Wielder of the Sudden Game Interface (The Gamer, Han Jae-Han, Han Jihan)
  • Lesser God, approaching Intermediate as he levels himself and his skills
  • Symbol: His stat sheet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sudden Game Interface, Magikarp Power, Reality Warper, Super Power Lottery, Level Grinding, RPG-Mechanics Verse, Awesomeness by Analysis, Can Learn Many Skills
  • Domains: Gaming, Grinding
  • Allies: Chiaki Nanami, BMO, Kirito, Asuna, Tomoko Kuroki, Keima Katsuragi
  • Enemies: Lord Tirek, Basco ta Jolokia, Mori Motonari
  • Pupil to: Shiroe
  • By some event, or perhaps somebody's machinations, Han Jee-Han ended up learning the "Ascend" skill. Utilizing it immediately thrust him into the Pantheon, whereupon several gods laughed at what his ability was, while a few of the more savvy ones seemed a tad apprehensive as to the potential of his Adaptive Ability.
    • [Ascend (Passive & Active) Lv MAX]: A skill that allows the user to attain divinity. Only having the skill is required to maintain the state after its initial usage.
  • Due to his "cheaty" healing skill, [Yunhon Soul Recovery], he sometimes helps out with the GUAG's Medical Division.
    • This skill, while effective on its own, can heal many sort of negative effects with something called a "Soul Stone", which Han Jee-Han can fortunately get just from killing monster in his own personal dungeon instances, and they apparently have nothing to do with Soul Gems. Probably.
  • Edward Elric has been researching him, due to the fact that his power broke the law of conservation by literally creating something from nothing.
    • On a related note, his powers make it so that anything broadly defined as a mob will drop loot when killed by him or anybody in his party, generally at least somewhat related to what the monster was.
  • He has made some trips now and then to the House of Knowledge, trying to find even more skills using "Skill Books". He was refused upon the realization that using skill books caused the book the disappear, and is trying to reach an agreement where he can get copies of some books.
    • There are some books that Jee-Han will NOT be allowed access to, due to him being able to learn what abilities they can teach immediately, the consequences of which might be devastating. He's also strictly kept away from Zetta's Sacred Tome. Nobody wants to know what might happen with that one.
  • Because of his potential use as a Mana Farm, due to his body regenerating MP freely, some more unscrupulous energy/money-minded deities are attempting to capture him to use him, particularly the likes of Lord Tirek. Jee-Han does his best to avoid these deities. He has enough people gunning for him in his world, he doesn't wanna deal with more here damnit!
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Keima, as Keima to some extent envies Jee-Han's ability as it makes life a game, though not the sort of game Keima would prefer. Jee-Han gets along with Tomoko because he tends to gravitate towards the isolated sort of person.
  • Despises Basco ta Jolokia and Mori Motonari, the former for eagerly backstabbing allies should it suit his purposes and the latter for reminding him of The Company in how he callously treats his subordinates.
  • Has a strange sort of kinship with Kirito, Asuna and Shiroe, particularly the latter as they both tend towards using their brain to win fights over brawn. The three VRMMO players are a mite bit jealous of him not having any class restrictions for learning skills, but then again he's FROM a "real world" whereas they are bound (partially) by the rules of the MMOs they were trapped in.

    The Hoshimori Classroom 
Hoshimori ClassroomMembers , Goddesses of Daily Gameplay Incentives (Michelle: Mimi)
Outer circle, in clockwise order: Sadone, Michelle, Sakura, Hinata, Yuri, Nozomi, Kurumi, Subaru, Haruka, Asuha, Renge, Anko, Kaede Inner circle, in clockwise order: Urara, Kokomi, Miki, Kanon, Shiho

Murky, God of Meaningless Deaths (Baby Murloc, Grunty)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A piranha he is always carrying (and uses as a weapon)
  • Theme Song: I am Murloc when he gets Serious
  • Alingment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Originally a pet turned full fledged badass in The Nexus, Cute little Critter but very dangerous, Not even death slows him down, Difficult, but Awesome, Wants revenge against the people who slaughtered his village, Shamu Fu, his egg is where he revives faster, Murloc, Mrgglglbrlg!
  • Domains: Deaths, Revenge, Murlocs.
  • Heralds: Many Murlocs form his Homeland
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Leoric, Anub'arak, Kunkka, Dhuum
  • Odd Friendship: Big the Cat
  • Neutral Counterpart to: The Incubators
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Bruce the Shark, Rena Ryuugu, Sapphire Rhodonite
  • Some reports of a mysterious Egg found in the house of Aquatic Life led to that egg being investigated by The SCP Foundation. Days later, the Egg went missing and Little Creature by the name of Murky was found roaming the Pantheon.
  • Don't let his appearance fool you, Murky is very capable on holding his own against stronger opponents like Diablo or Arthas. However, he has been noted to die in battle...a lot, and he still returned for more minutes later. Tough no one can explain Murky's abilities he has been rewarded with a position in the Pantheon.
    • It has been once noticed that Bruce the shark once tried to eat him when he saw Murky. Unfortunately, Bruce learned the hard way to not mess with this particular baby Murloc, because since then, Murky has been using the Shark as a weapon.
  • He usually (When he is not motivated by revenge) is a pretty laid-back and nonchalant Murloc but he is very annoyed with Rena Ryuugu. Since the first time that he stumbled upon her, She inmediately wanted to "Take him home". Even him isn't that annoying.
    • He also had an encounter with Sapphire Rhodonite, who found him so cute that she proceed to give him a big hug that ended suffocating the Poor Murloc. Thankfully, he left his egg in his temple but since then he tries his best to avoid Sapphire at all costs.
  • No one seems to understand what he usually speaks, but his motives are much darker than it seems (even managing to scare Diablo of all people). According to Psychic gods (Since there aren't many gods who speak Murloc language), His village was slaughtered by Humans, Orcs and Elves and as a result wants revenge against the culprits but Mysteriously ended in the Nexus. This has Earned the Sympathy of many gods, particularly those who like him are Fish People.
    • Aquaman is actually one of the few people that understand his Language (Beside the Psychics). As a result, Murky usually goes to his temple for "Therapy Sessions"
    • Meron is actually a little jelous of Murky, Since she always wanted to live a tragic story like him. Murky still can't believe that a Mermaid Princess, wants to actually experience the feeling of witnessing your village getting slaughtered. Even if she really didn't meant Ill will, He can't help but Facepalm when she says that.
    • Actually good friends with Leviathan the Tidehunter after their first meeting. Tidehunter really Admires Murky's Determination and sees him as the little brother he never had. He actually is training him so he can finally defeat Kunkka for good. Murky even has gotten used to some of Tidehunter's Ocurrances.
  • Befriended fellow god Sasuke Uchiha after he heard his story, since he also lost all his village as a kid. Sasuke actually tries to warn Murky to not let hatred drive him or Pursue a similar Path like he did, Or worse, end up like Ren Hakuryuu.
    • Kratos also identified with Murky's backstory, seeing in him the young and angry boy he used to be. Murky has been acting as some kind of Morality Pet to him lately, but he still brings him to battle when the time calls.
    • Murky is one of the few animals who isn't scared in the presence of Sayo Samonji and the latter actually encourages him to take revenge on all the people who wronged him. While Murky is grateful of the Boy's proposal, he is trying to lay off Vengeance for now.
  • A frequent visitor of the house of Food where he usually order his favourite food, the Puffer fish. Since his arrival, the fish food has decreased in quantity and many suspect that he has been stealing some of them to use them in battle.
    • It was later proven true that he indeed, had stolen those fishes and illegally sold them around the pantheon. The court of gods in retalation, has forced him to repay all the loses the house of Food experienced because of him. The solution? He opened a particlar Taco joint where he mixes tacos with Fishes. Since then Murky's Pufferfish Tacos has become a really popular point of interest in the Food House.
  • Has been ocasionally spotted doing a Special dance.
  • He usually can't stand Humans, but he has found a kindred spirit in Kenny McCormick, thanks to Kenny's Condition. Altough, Murky wonders where does Kenny respawns, But since Murky does this from an Egg, he thinks that Kenny might do something similar. This was confirmed true when Kenny told him that indeed, every time he dies he is reborn from his mother
    • Mysteriously enough, he gets along pretty well with Grenth, partially because Grenth is curious how Murky manages to revive minutes later after being killed. He has been taking closer looks to the eggs that the Baby Murloc carries so he can understand the nature of Murky's Unknown powers.
  • When Dhuum heard that another god who can cheat death entered the Pantheon, he want ballistic and demanded to see him. When he found Murky, he couldn't take him seriously and cutted him with his Scythe. Unfortunately, He wasn't prepared for the Murloc's Rampage and was ultimately defeated because Murky refused to stay dead for more than two seconds. He sweared to get him back sometime, but this conflict became much worse when he learned that Murky befriended his Archnemesis Grenth. Witnesses reported that dhuum didn't take the news very well
  • Once, he was found wearing a power armor and surprisingly, it looked really good on him. Many suspect this was the doing of Rena Ryuugu but she didn't comment on being involved with the creation of Grunty.
    • On another ocation, he was seen wearing an Easter Bunny suit. It was so cute that he was later spotted running away from a legion of Goddesses who wanted him as a Pet.
  • Note: Murky's status in the Pantheon is radically different than other deities, in the sense that he is one of few deities that his "Death rules" apply differently than the rest of the Ascended deities, alongside Grenth. (Altough he can still normally die, he has the distinction of always resurrecting inmediately from his egg)
  • "Mrgglglbrlg rmrmgllg mrggggm" note 
  • Also present in the House of Life and Death.

Nier, Divine Herald of Save Data Deletion (Papa/Brother Nier, Replicant Nier, Twattycake, Defender of the Innocent)
Left: Father Nier, Right: Brother Nier
  • High Priest: The Fallen Child in the Genocide Path
  • Allies: the Monster Hunters, Grimoire Weiss
  • Enemies: Shades, any form of The Heartless (like Mr. Scratch), and any of its leaders (like Xehanort's Incarnations)
  • Pitied by: Celestia Ralgris, Luke Skywalker
  • Opposes: Caim and Angelus (for screwing with his world), 9S
  • Opposed by: Geralt of Rivia, A2
  • Conflicting Opinion: Yu Narukami, Ryotaro Dojima, 2B
  • In video games, the best thing about them is that you can do whatever you want. Take Your Time, get Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer, level grind, and indulge in Video Game Cruelty Potential (and wait out your punishment before doing it all over again). After all, it's nothing a little Save Scumming can't fix, right? And then there are the games that threaten to take that away, too.
    • Nier himself isn't someone who enforces this, but rather is a "victim" of this, yet his end was so It Was His Sled iconic that the Court decided to ascend Nier for Deletion as Punishment. But how do you bring back someone who was Ret-Gone? Well, that's because right before the deletion, they turned that "deletion" into a "file move", thus still removing Nier and everything about him from his world as they brought his "data" into the Pantheon and reconstructed him.
    • That said, the deities at work on bringing Nier got things mixed up so that they ended up bringing in two Niers; one is a young adult, and one is middle-aged. As it was too late to rectify this issue, and because the retrieval teams technically both brought the "correct" Nier, it was decided that they both stay. After filling them in on what the Pantheon is all about.
      • That said, by Word of God, the younger Nier is the "canonical" one because he'd be the type to sacrifice himself to save Kainé, the woman he loves, whereas the older Nier would be more likely to Mercy Kill her so he can be there for Yonah. But their ascension has already been done, so they both stay, and as a result of History Repeats, both of them are "canon" anyway.
    • As for what is to be told about their worlds; they decided to relay the following (since some might tell them anyway out of spite): Nier's actions basically doomed the entire human race in their world to extinction. "Thankfully", there were still remnants on the moon that—millennia later—would eventually direct androids—such as 2B—to reclaim the planet from machines led by aliens (hey, millennia have passed; a lot can happen in that time). Although that turned out to be a farce perpetuated by YoRHa. The lie the Court did tell though was Yonah's (and Kainé's) fate. Rather than tell them she dies anyway to the Black Scrawl in a few years, they were instead told that she lived a fulfilling life until old age eventually claimed her.
    • As for why Yonah and their friends could not be brought here, the Court says that that was the price of sacrificing their existence; the price cannot be rendered moot. Grimoire Weiss though was fair game since he did also sacrifice himself in the final battle and is being ascended soon. For the time being, they have to settle with simple swords (or lances).
    • And they eventually reunited, though the book was initially confused with having memories of both Niers. And as for timeshares between being at his own temple, going with either Nier, or even going out by himself, well, that will be handed in their own time.
  • Applies to either Nier:
    • Being from a world cursed with Endless Daytime, his first witnessing of night in the Pantheon left him in absolute awe, wishing that Yonah was here to see it.
    • Thanks to the knowledge of his world's past, he greatly despises Caim and Angelus because their coming to their world led to its inevitable end. Caim on the other hand wants his weapons back as some of Nier's findings were originally his.
    • While a good man who does good whenever he can, Nier's refusal to think about his actions tend to have some horrifying consequences. What he sees as monsters he refuses to see as possibly more than that. As such, he's often forced to stand down by deities with more restraint more times than either would like.
      • On the plus side, though, he's willing to do even the most meager of tasks just for the sake of helping others.
    • There are those who use Nier as an example of why you need to have perspective if you wish to be a hero, citing his ignorance resulting in being seen as a Complete Monster to the Shades as he even slaughtered their "children" as a prime reason.
      • That said, there are those who pity him, such as Celestia Ralgris, whose attempt to do good had terrible consequences for Lux Arcadia, and Luke Skywalker, due to the events in The Last Jedi.
    • Somehow, he can even drift with a giant boar! It needs to be seen to be believed.
    • Thanks to a certain old man, Nier is an exceptional fisherman, able to pull out all sorts of aquatic life, including sharks and ancient fish. Now in the Pantheon, this sometimes also includes the aquatic monsters the Monster Hunters hunt. Sometimes, he even ends up involved in their hunts and they accept his company.
    • Has experience with having to face a ridiculous number of projectiles, though his weapons can harmlessly block them.
    • Drowns in any water deeper than his ankles. Though he'll just lose a bit of health (unless in a safe haven) and wash up somewhere nearby for their troubles. The reason why is because he never knew how to swim, since he was forbidden from coming into contact with the precious water resources.
    • Given what happened to humanity in their worlds, Berserker!Iji is reminded all too well of her own lack of thinking that also doomed hers. The worse part is that while Nier was doing it all for the sake of Yonah (with an added racism against Shades), she had "merely" sunk too deep in her rage against the invading aliens that she lost sight of her original objective; to get the invading aliens to leave Earth/Origin. By killing General Tor, the only one willing to listen (after taking a beating), the Komato responded with a full Alpha Strike.
    • Captain Martin Walker has contempt for him as well despite sympathizing with his desire to protect/rescue Yonah. Walker at least had the excuse of being completely insane when he failed to save Dubai. Nier on the other hand was willfully ignorant of the consequences of his actions like the extinction of the human race and took no time to reflect on them.
    • Given the very excessive measures Nier has done to rescue his sister (for Brother Nier)/daughter (for Father Nier), Yu and Ryotaro (who have similar family dynamics with Nanako, even though Yu is actually her cousin rather than her brother) are very disturbed by this and wonder what they would've done had they been in Nier's position. Would they have not cared about the human race all just to save her? In hindsight, of course they wouldn't (and would live with their consequences), but otherwise...
    • Heard of what had happened to Emil through 2B and 9S (that he's all right, fought a war with aliens, became a merchant, and so on), and is pissed with the latter since the Scanner android stole from Emil's house and later fought him.
    • 2B also doesn't like him either since it's his fault humanity went extinct in their world. Yet, if it weren't for him, there would never have been a reason for YoRHa to be founded at all, and she and 9S would never exist. At the very least, she wants nothing to do with him.
  • Exclusive to "Father" Nier:
    • Word of Nier eventually reached Geralt as comparisons were drawn between him and the "newcomer"; both were white-haired swordsmen who are also fathers and use magic on the side. The differences became apparent when the two finally met though in a bar; Geralt's magic is his own whereas Nier uses Grimoire Weiss, he'll hold no comment over Yonah (at least Ciri can fend for herself), Nier still goes out of his way to help the common folk while Geralt has long since given up on that (though he will help if he gets roped into it or if his loved ones are in danger), and there's also the "little" issue of Nier refusing to think things through when it comes to killing monsters, like if it's completely ambivalent, or even innocent, while Geralt isn't nearly as ignorant especially since Nier's actions brought about the extinction of the human race. The last bit triggered something fierce and it resulted in a swordfight Bar Brawl. They've been on bitter terms ever since.
  • Exclusive to "Brother" Nier:

Plesioth, God of Hitbox Dissonance (Master of the Great Lake, Wyvern of Water, The Underwater Terror, Plessy; Green Plesioth: Green Water Wyvern, The Tide, Green Plessy)
Green Plesioth 
  • Lesser God (Green Plesioth is an Intermediate God; the ones that can be fished are Quasideities)
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild Icon
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stock Ness Monster, Threatening Shark, "Jaws" First-Person Perspective, Underwater Boss Battle, Glass Cannon, Hard Head, Making a Splash, Tail Slap, The Hipcheck, Likes its frogs, Fishable monsters in 4 and 4U
  • Domains: Fish, Water, Lakes, Hitboxes
  • Size: 2153.1cm-3877.9cm
  • Followers: Anubis Rex, Sapphiron, Thaddius, Chief Scalpem/Wigwam, a group of sentient, man-eating pumpkins, Daimon
  • Rivals: Ramon the Aligator, Feraligatr
  • Enemies: Lagiacrus, Greninja, "Hunter" Series (Gamma only), Tsuyu Asui, Asuka, Renekton, King K. Rool, Vector the Crocodile (The Chaotix), Sobek, Captain Ahab
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The Monster Hunters, deities that can use fire or electricity attacks (and the entire House of Fire and Heat and Electricity to that extent), Link, Gon Freecss
  • Looked at with interest by: Cirno
  • Piscine Wyverns are a classification of monster that, as their title would indicate, are primarily fish-like in nature. While not necessarily confined into the seas many of them fit the bill of a Threatening Shark in the end. Perhaps the most infamous member of them all is the Master of the Great Lake, The Underwater Terror, the Wyvern of Water: The Plesioth. A ferocious predator who primarily prowls the depths, much of its notoriety can be traced back to its disjointed hitboxes. Indeed, the hitboxes of the Plesioth has been the subject of frustration for quite a while even as they were slightly toned down in later entries. Yet the damage had already been done and the memories were seared into many a hunter's memories.
  • It roamed the Pantheon's waters for quite sometime, occasionally surfacing to snack of certain prey. Plesioth became a god somewhere along the way though its sporadic presence put its godhood in jeopardy. Just as when people thought it was well and truly gone it was unwittingly disturbed into coming back out. It had turned out that in the House of Aquatic Life a bunch of gods were throwing a party despite the clear dangers it presented. Despite the area being seemingly "open" the ruckus they made disturbed the Plesioth into surfacing whereby it attacked them all. After some Monster Hunters were called in to quell the Piscine Wyvern it was determined, thereafter, that the Plesioth was here to stay.
  • Questionable connections with its hitboxes aside, even including its Signature Move "The Hipcheck", Plesioth mainly throws around its body on land and is even able to perform some pseudo-swimming across to ground to knock its foes over. Plesioth is even able to sneak in some high-pressure water jets from its mouths and possess the ability to put foes to sleep with their fangs. Ultimately, they're somewhat cumbersome on land and prefer fighting in the water. Their ability to swim is definitely something to write home about, said to be faster than a galloping horse. Sometimes they'll fire potshot torrents while camping out in the water. It has a deadlier variant, Green Plesioth, which is much more suited to the terrestrial world while still retaining the more common cousin's strengths. Ultimately, though, they are a Glass Cannon and one of the lesser monsters recorded in the Hunter's Guild books. Still, watch out.
  • In addition to Aquatic Life it can also be observed lurking in the House of Nature in Water and Moisture for more prey to ambush in sea and land. Really, they prefer temperate areas with large bodies of water. They're a bit of a nuisance from time to time, but they tend to set their sights on prey they can handle rather than competing with other foes. Monsters like Lagiacrus come to mind. As they like to snack on frogs they tend to target gods that are or bring them to mind. While helpful in dealing with the "Hunter" Series' Gamma variants which had infested the place, they still attack Greninja and Tsuyu Asui which earned some hostile reactions by other gods and goddesses such as from Asuka and Suwako Moriya, for instance. The jankiness of being hit despite nowhere near the radius of Plesioth's tail does not help. At all.
    • In addition to frogs Plesioth have been known to hunt and easily overpower crocodile-like creatures from its world. As such it has earned somewhat of a reputation among the Pantheon's various crocodilians. Namely, Plesioth is outright enemies with pretty much all of them, likely not helped by the fact that it had attacked them on numerous occasions. Renekton, King K. Rool along with his Kremling gang, even Vector the Crocodile of Team Chaotix. The only exceptions to this are Ramon the Aligator and Feraligatr whom the Plesioth sees as rivals instead. It got to the point where Sobek took notice and is monitoring for its presence, something the Piscine Wyvern hates as it's far out of its league.
      • On the subject of crocodilians at one point it encountered one that roamed the Crimson Court's deadly mires. One thing lead to another and the two fought with the Plesioth barely edging out a win. Soon after that the Piscine Wyvern disappeared for quite sometime which troubled some deities. It was soon spotted again, and it looked a whole lot different than they remember: Thanks to coming in contact with the Crocodilian's blood the Plesioth itself mutated not unlike the Court's Bloodsuckers with a number of horrific insect features, including the Crocodilian's mosquito hive and a long, proboscis tongue. Thankfully, it was slain before it wrecked any further chaos but it did leave many to watch what the creature is doing.
  • Other than Green Plesioth there have been reports by various fishermen of Plesioth who are much, much smaller than their bigger counterparts. As a result they are far less of a threat and much more managable. On the other side of the spectrum there have been vague sightings of Plesioth with more developed legs and some serious jaws to accompany its shark-like mouth. This version of the Underwater Terror is dubbed Zenith Plesioth, and is a far more deadlier threat than both its regular and jade colored variants. Not only has it evolved to better fight out of water but it also foregoes its water-jets and sleep-inducement in favor of green gel-like mucus it can throw around the battlefield, which it uses to suffocate foes on dry land and scream very loud.
  • Apparently Cirno is looking towards the Plesioths to try and get rid of frogs, specifically ones she is unable to freeze with her powers (which she still claims is ridiculous). Word's still out on how that will turn out. Given who she is probably not well, to be honest.
  • The peg-legged seafarer Captain Ahab isn't fond of the Plesioth, though this mainly has to do with it potentially getting in the way of his single-minded, never-ending vengeance against the legendary Moby Dick. We say potentially as Plesioth surprisingly has no gills and prefers more shallow waters ultimately so it isn't as likely to be opponents to the captain. Still, he prepares for such a day.
  • One day, Gon Freecss encountered a couple of Monster Hunters hanging around a lakehouse while wandering the Pantheon and what they were doing. The hunters explained they were dealing with a Plesioth camping out in the lake and attacking. Out to catch it alive, they said. Gon, having fished up the Master of the Swamp who even five fishermen were unable to pull out, asked if he could try his hand in catching Plesioth out and the hunters allowed him to, saying it was indeed possible and it wouldn't hurt to let him try. After some waiting to let the Plesioth cool down and catch it offguard Gon casted his line. At some point the hero known as Link joined in and both him and Gon had a little competition to see who could pull out the Water Wyvern. But in the end Gon was able to pull the scaly fiend out and they all dealt with the Piscine Wyvern accordingly.

    Richter Belmont 
"Die, monster! You don’t belong in this world!"

Richter Belmont, God of Games Redesigned for Other Platforms (Rihiter, Richiter, Azure Vampire Assassin)
Mainline design 

    Rumble McSkirmish 
Rumble McSkirmish, God of Constantly Moving Sprites (Humble McSkirmish)
  • Lesser God.
  • Symbol: The Fight Fighters arcade cabinet.
  • Theme Song: Fight Fighters Final Battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Game character brought to life, Constantly moving even when idle, Only sees people as 'good guys' or 'bad guys', Completely zealous and violent in his search for justice, Seek revenge for his father
  • Domains: Fighting, Game, Anger, Revenge
  • Heralds: The rest of the Fight Fighters characters.
  • Allies: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Stanley "Stan" Pines, Pacifica Pines, Chiaki Nanami, The Crimson Chin, Meteora Österreich, Copen
  • Rivals: All of the Street Fighter deities, especially Ryu
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, M. Bison, Turbo, White Face, Zingo, Altair, The Sumeragi Swordsmen, Zonda and the Seven, Palpatine, Nui Harime, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Special Relationship with: .GIFfany
  • Opposes: Sagat, Wreck-It Ralph
  • Pitied by: Ryuko Matoi
  • One day, amongst the many new arrivals in the huge collection of arcade machines in the Hall of Gaming was an old Fighting Game known as Fight Fighters. Naturally, as an amateur of every video game, the AI version of Chiaki Nanami quickly tried out the new game, only to grew curious when she noticed an odd code scribbled on it. She promptly entered it, which caused Rumble McSkirmish, the game's main character, to suddenly materialize in the real world and ask her where the strongest fighters were. Without thinking much about it, Chiaki pointed him towards the House of Combat, which the overeager fighter promptly rushed towards to challenge anyone he came across. Naturally, the commotion brought him a lot of attention, leading to the fighter being brought to the Court of the Gods. There, it was noticed that he kept bouncing up and down even when just standing around and when questioned, he answered that he can't stop himself from doing so. And so, it was decided that he would be granted a place in the Pantheon as the representative of constantly moving sprites.
  • As it turned out, Rumble and the arcade machine itself both originated from Gravity Falls, where the nature of the magic cheat code was once discovered by Dipper Pines, who tried to manipulate the game character to scare off the rival for his crush's attention. This eventually caused his simplistic mindset to cast Dipper as the villain and beat the crap out of him before going back to his game. Yet the two reconciled during the crisis of Weirdmaggedon caused by Bill Cipher, which caused Rumble to realize that his might alone couldn't defeat some things. He was part of La Résistance against Bill's mad rules along with the other good-aligned people from the town, and so gladly fight alongside them again in the pantheon to oppose the machinations of the all-seeing triangle.
  • His 'temple' is the cabinet for the Fight Fighters game, where he spends his time fighting the other characters when someone plays it. Thanks to the inherent magic of the Pantheon, he doesn't need the magic code to manifest in the real world, much like how it was during Weirdmaggedon. He mostly comes out to pick fights with strong opponents, and seems to be fixated on punishing 'bad guys', especially those who killed fathers. Several of the martial artists were the deities from the Street Fighter universe, as he shares many familiarities with them, especially Ryu, who he sees as a Worthy Opponent. The feeling is mostly similar, though the latter find it a pity that his mastery of martial arts is diminished by his overzealous behavior. One can also summon other fighters from the cabinets who serve as Rumble's heralds.
    • On the other hand, he despises M. Bison as the tyrannical leader of Shadoloo reminds him strongly of his archnemesis Dr. Karate, and it's certainly wasn't helped by him learning that the latter actually killed Chun-Li's father. This animosity extended to Sagat after he learned about his murder of Dan Hibiki's father. Though the Mua Thai practitioner has much changed since those days, Rumble's Black-and-White view of the world prevents him from realizing that and he still treats him like a pure villain. The scarred fighter only sighed at that, yet accepted this as a consequence of his past actions.
  • Upon hearing of his ascension, his fellow living game character known as .GIFfany immediately began to jump along numerous electronic devices to go straight for Rumble's temple. This initially scared some gods as they were especially worried at what the unstable yandere had in mind for him. And yet when a number of them rushed to investigate, they were surprised to see her and Rumble fighting and flirting with each other at the same time. It happened that after .GIFfany found herself trapped in an arcade, she had struck up a relationship with him, and was eager to rekindle it in the Pantheon. While it worried some at first, it's now generally accepted as it seems to be a stabilizing influence for her and they're happy together, even if Rumble apparently has commitment issues.
  • Despite the slight chaos their first meeting caused, Chiaki still thinks of her fellow game character as a friend and often comes to play his game, along with her human counterparts. Their extensive knowledge of how video game universes work even helps them to make sure he doesn't cause too much mayhem when he gets out by speaking to him in terms that are relevant to his Fighting Game-based context. However, Rumble's meetings with other game characters have been... rocky.
    • Wreck-It Ralph, upon hearing about a new character living in an arcade game ascending, went over to Fighting Fighters to meet Rumble. However, things quickly went south when the big guy mentioned that he served as the villain of his game of origin, prompting the fighting game character to try to beat him up. Thankfully, Ralph managed to get away without a game over, but any attempts to explain that he was only a Punch-Clock Villain fell on deaf ears, as Rumble has no 'off-clock' mode unlike most of the inhabitants of Litwick's Arcade. Due to this, the other deities coming from it tend to avoid him. However, Fix-It Felix Jr. did warn him about Turbo, and upon hearing of the latter's game-hijacking way, Rumble swore he would oppose such a great evil if he ever saw him anywhere near the House of Gaming. And as for Felix himself, he has been spending a fair share of his time fixing the wrecked mess Rumble makes when he's moving around and smashing everything for points.
    • He has been using the Pantheon's arcade connection to cyberspace to travel around it, searching other games for potential challenges. One of his stops was Pony Island, but he was unable to do anything in it as he's much too simple of a guy to understand puzzle games, especially one as shoddily programmed as it. His thick head ended up angering Lucifer, who just booted him out after he kept trying to wreck anything he came across. Then, he entered White Face's game where he promptly answered the latter's desire to play with a challenge. This went to hell very quickly, as Rumble's strength couldn't protect him against the much more powerful entity killing him over and over again. By the end, he was just shouting for someone to get him out of here, which thankfully came in the form of the GUAG White Hats. Ever since he was freed, Rumble has been avoiding his former tormentor like the pest, humbled by someone he couldn't defeat, much like what happened with Bill Cipher.
  • Besides people from video games, Rumble also has been getting acquainted with other people who were fictional characters brought to life. One of his friendliest meetings was with the Crimson Chin, as the superhero comes from a world of pure Black-and-White Morality that the fighter can easily understand, and so the two has teamed up from time to time to fight evil. While he and Xingo both shares the fault of being unable to understand that the real world doesn't work like their works of origin, the fox's prank-loving nature mean he's much more liable to mess with Rumble than trying to befriend him, and he, in turn, responded by thinking of the cartoon star as an evildoer and trying to beat him up.
    • One person who did come from a game was Meteora Österreich, who volunteered to explain Rumble about how the Pantheon worked. Ever since then, the fighter has been seeing her as the go-to person for plot exposition and often goes to ask her for guidance when he's not sure where to go. She doesn't really mind and is more surprised by the fact that Rumble doesn't really care that he's fictional and has no interest in knowing who his Creator is. Upon hearing about the atrocious deeds of Altair and the fact that she went completely unpunished for them, he swore that he would destroy her, not giving a care at all about her backstory.
  • On his search to punish those who killed other people's father, he ended up learning of Copen, and how he began a crusade against the superpowered people known as Adepts due to the death of his father, which he believes was murdered by Sumeragi due to being outspoken on the threat of Adept-kind and to steal his research. Rumble burst into tears upon hearing this and immediately went over to the Adept Slayer to propose his help on his quest, fully buying into the idea that all Adepts are evil monsters. While Copen was baffled at first by the offer, especially since Rumble is a supernatural creature himself, he wasn't one to look at a gift horse in the mouth and accepted the assistance.
    • Naturally, this alliance has caused him to become a staunch opponent of Copen's enemy, including the Sumeragi Swordsmen and Zonda along with the Seven. Of the latter group, Teseo is especially interested in Rumble as his nature as a game character brought to life is reminiscent of his own power to turn physical objects into data and vice-versa. Ironically, this has proven to be a boon for the fighting game character, as he can just turn physical again if the Adept turns him into data. Though in response to that happening the first time, Teseo decided to just summon other Fighting Fighters characters to combat him.
  • Upon learning about how Darth Vader had supposedly killed Luke Skywalker's father, Rumble had first sworn to defeat him... Only to grow confused when it turned out the Sith was Luke's father. Thankfully, that little dilemma was soon fixed when he learned that Palpatine had killed his apprentice, thus making him the true killer of Luke's father. And so, he naturally is dedicating himself to bringing down the Emperor. He has proposed his help to the other Star Wars deities, but they don't really want anything to do with an overly violent guy like him.
    • The case of Nui Harime seemed to be extremely cut clear for him, as she was the one that killed Ryuko Matoi's father along with being a sadistic monster. However, he was horrified to learn that she did so under the orders of Ragyo Kiryuin, Ryuko's own mother, and that horror only grew when he learned of the atrocities far beyond a PG rating that she inflicted on her daughters. Needless to say, he sees both of them as abominations that don't deserve to live, and few blame him for that. For her part, Ryuko rather pities him; as his rabid quest for justice can't help but remind her of when she lost herself in rage.
  • In his quest to find old bad games, the Angry Video Game Nerd tried out Fighting Fighters which he found to be a pretty average Street Fighter clone, up until he tried out the secret code. The Nerd let out a bunch of profanities upon seeing Rumble literally burst out of the screen, which were unfortunately taken as trash talk by the violent fighter. A brutal and vulgar fight then ensued, which ended inclusively. Though Rumble wants a rematch, the retro gamer decided he'd rather not play a game that makes someone come out and try to beat the shit out of him.

    The Virtua Cops 
Michael "Rage" Hardy, James "Smarty" Cools and Janet Marshall, Gods and Goddess of Taking Damage for Shooting Innocents (VCPD Special Investigations Unit/Squad)
From left to right: Janet Marshall, Michael Hardy and James Cools
  • Lesser Gods and Goddess
  • Symbol: The Virtua Cop logo
  • Theme Song: Go Ahead
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Rage has Neutral Good tendencies)
  • Portfolio: Take Damage for Shooting Innocents, Fair Cops, Can enter Exceeding Sense mode, Can shoot enemy projectiles out of the air, with Very High Velocity Rounds, Can disarm enemies by shooting their guns, and get rewarded for doing so, Can take out entire crime syndicates and terrorist organizations by themselves
  • Domain(s): Shooting, Guns, Police, Hostages
  • Allies: The V.S.S.E., Akira Yuki, Pai Chan, Caitlyn, Lucia Morgan, Carmelita Fox, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Vi
  • Enemies: Vito and Michael Corleone, Al Capone, Jinx, Wild Dog, Scott Shelby, All evil members of the Houses of Crime and Villains, especially crime bossess and terrorists
  • Michael Hardy, James Cools and Janet Marshall are members of the Virtua City Police Department. Specifically, they're part of the Special Investigations Unit, a special task force tasked with taking down powerful crime syndicates and international terrorist organizations. Throughout their careers, they've been involved in massive shoot outs and high speed pursuits, and have faced enemies with Jet Packs, Spider Tanks and Cyber Ninjas.
  • Rage and Smarty originally ascended as followers of the V.S.S.E. operatives, but received recognition for how they often had to deal with civilians jumping in front of them during their missions. When their ascension was agreed upon, the two requested that their partner, Janet, ascend alongside them, which was allowed.
  • To the surprise of Rage and Smarty, Janet revealed that she knew Akira Yuki and Pai Chan, having previously met them at a tournament. During that tournament Janet revealed that she was a very capable Dance Battler and proficient with Counter Attacks. Akira and Pai have both remarked that her fighting style is identical to that of their friend Aoi Umenokouji.
  • They're on good terms with fellow law enforcers such as Caitlyn, Lucia Morgan, Carmelita Fox, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde and frequently team up with them to go on patrols and various missions.
  • Their experience at dealing with crime syndicates and terrorist organizations has resulted in them frequently clashing with the Corleones and Al Capone, as well as Jinx. While the Corleones and Capone have developed a grudging respect for their skills, Jinx tends to just get annoyed by them trying to stop her rampages, especially when they team up with her nemesis, Vi, in order to do so.
  • Due to regularly teaming up with the V.S.S.E. operatives, they've frequently clashed with Wild Dog. His habit of seemingly dying in explosions but turning up alive later anyway strongly reminds them of Joe Fang, which further fuels their desire to capture him.
  • Unsurprisingly, they quickly came to dislike Scott Shelby due to him being a child serial killer masquerading as a private detective. While Smarty and Janet have occasionally expressed some sympathy for him, Rage considers Shelby's actions to be unforgivable and typically tries to arrest him whenever they run into each other.
  • Exclusive to Michael "Rage" Hardy:
    • Rage is a cop who always goes too far, the troublemaker on the force and a headache for the captain. Although he tends to act before he thinks, his drive and determination make him an invaluable member of the department when things get tough.
    • Being a hot-headed Cowboy Cop, Rage frequently teams up with other loose cannon cops such as Isaac Washington, Dirty Harry, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Hal Jordan. Although they make a quite effective unit, the destruction they tend to cause has frequently resulted in them being berated by members of the House of Justice.
  • Exclusive to James "Smarty" Cools:
    • Where Rage is the number one hothead in Virtua City, Smarty, his partner, is a cautious, level-headed brainy type who stays cool under fire. Rage may be quicker on the draw in a gunfight, but nobody disputes that Smarty is the top shot on the force.
    • Smarty gets along quite well with other level-headed By-the-Book Cops such as Cole Phelps, Tony Chu, John Stewart and Peter Burke. His ability to stay cool under pressure also resulted in him befriending Corporal Dwayne Hicks, who also respects Smarty for his excellent marksmanship.
  • Exclusive to Janet Marshall:
    • Detective Janet Marshall is the new face on the force at the VCPD Special Investigations Unit. Her specialty is subject profiling, the analysis of every detail at a crime scene used to determine patterns of criminal behaviour and personality types. Her acumen and expertise in the crime lab have made her reputation and put more than a few nasty customers behind bars. However, one day, she lost her partner and mentor, Nick Anderson, while on a case. Janet left the job to join the Special Investigations team, allowing her to devote herself to tracking down Anderson's killers full-time. Janet is definitely her own woman, some would say she's just plain stubborn, but nobody doubts her ability to crack tough cases.
    • Janet frequently teams up with fellow profilers Francis York Morgan and Norman Jayden. She was initially unsure of what to think of them, as York's odd behaviour and Norman's addiction to Triptocaine made her question their competence. Fortunately, both of them proved their worth to her when the three managed to solve a case together, and they've all frequently teamed up since then.
    • Having mostly served as the Mission Control during her squad's third mission, Janet managed to befriend Alia. The two have regularly exchanged information with one another in order to improve the effectiveness of their respective teams.
    • Having lost a partner in the past, Janet managed to bond with Tsubasa Kazanari and was happy to learn that Tsubasa's partner, Kanade Amou, had ascended into the Pantheon as well. She's occasionally hung out with both of them.


    Frisk/The Human Child 
Frisk, Divine Avatar of Rewarded Mercy (The Human Child, The Human, My Child [by Toriel], Kid, Buddy, Pal [the latter three by Sans], Paci-Frisk)
art by dogbomber
  • Demideity (Rank actually increases according to their DETERMINATION)
  • Symbol: A four-pointed star, a simple red heart
  • Theme Songs: Undertale, Full Menu Theme, Don't Give Up, Respite (in-game vers.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good on Pacifist run, True Neutral on Neutral run, Neutral Evil on Genocide run.
  • Portfolio: NEVER. GIVING. UP., Loving everyone/thing unconditionally, Epic pacifism that doesn't equate to helplessness, Promiscuity despite being a child, Unknown gender, Always having their eyes closed, Exotic weaponry, Young and friendly yet incidental heroes, Having an unclear complexion, No known origin, Humorously straight-faced, Incompetent with magic, Oddly-specific allergy to Temmies, Name has been known for a long while now, Bringing the best in others, Moral goodness
  • Domains: Endings, Heroism, Determination, Friendship, Pacifism
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Flowey (Except not really)
  • Respected by: the Anti-Spiral
  • Opposes: Cruel Players (Except when on a Genocide Run), Lord English
  • Opposed by: Bill Cipher, Agent Smith, The Undertaker, Hades (Kid Icarus), Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, Monaca Towa, Ex
  • Determined to help: Alma Wade
  • No one is entirely sure how, why, or when they ascended into the Pantheon. The only thing that the other gods can say for certain is that they arrived not too long after Sans and Papyrus did. They were apparently first sighted in the House of Nature, lying in a patch of flowers. After some wandering, frequenting the House of Gaming for some reason, they were eventually granted a title of their own.
  • Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Undyne, and Asgore were overjoyed when they heard that Frisk had ascended and rushed to their house to reunite with them. They all celebrated with a feast of spaghetti, courtesy of Papyrus. Everyone except Papyrus and Undyne needed to use the bathroom for an incredibly long period of time after they finished eating.
    • Flowey was notably not quite as pleased. In fact, he was rather upset about Frisk's entry into the Pantheon as it meant that his own power was that much more limited. That said, however, he became initially scarce after Frisk's ascension, and has been actively avoiding them all the while. This may be Asriel's doing.
    • Frisk had already been trying to get Asriel back long before their ascension. It was only when they became a god that Flowey decided it was best to stay away.
    • And then Flowey approached Frisk in private, revealing that he does remember his deeds as Asriel and that he's actually on the side of good, but is just acting evil order to keep up his charade and his title. Only Frisk and (Insert Name Here) know about this, and later Sans, Vector, and Monaca Towa.
  • Rumor has it that Frisk, along with their fellow Undertale allies, have gotten involved in the Wrestling industry. As a result, they became friends with John Cena and enemies with The Undertaker.
  • As with Sans and Papyrus, Frisk became rather good friends with Joel very quickly. When they initially met face-to-face, Joel fell on his knees and apologized for putting them through so much trouble, as he had done a No Mercy Playthrough on his own copy of Undertale.
  • Frisk, though they are not the God/dess of it, is considered one of the biggest Determinators amongst the entire Pantheon, and is thus given a lot of respect amongst other heroic Determinators. Their sheer amount of determination has allowed them to manipulate time and space, and even become completely immune to death itself! For such a small kid, they're quite powerful.
  • After discovering the sheer strength of Frisk's SOUL, Hades has taken an interest in acquiring it and using it to create new Underworld monsters. Sans, after hearing this, warned Hades that he's gonna have a bad time if he dares to try and do so.
    • Similarly, the Anti-Spiral has noted The Child's determination and compared it to Spiral Energy. Simon, Kamina, and Yoko all took immediate action upon learning of this and attempted to appeal to him... but the battle between the two had already been concluded, with Frisk impressing Anti-Spiral enough to earn his acceptance.
      • Because of this, numerous villains have been vying for the Child's Determination as a substitute power source (since they can't get Spiral Power after the Anti-Spiral destroyed all but one Core Drill that remains in the Treasury). Standing in the way (aside from the friends Frisk made in the Pantheon) are Papyrus (who can actually be a bit difficult when he sets his mind to it), Asgore and Toriel (and this time, they are not holding back), Undyne (and her Undying form), and finally Sans. In fact, the last of these is likely to thwart them first if they are dangerous enough that he's willing to get up off his ass to do so.
    • Not to be outdone, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima have set their sights on Frisk upon being made aware of their drive. They fully intend to try to break their determination and to ultimately corrupt them to true and utter despair. Sans was not pleased when he found out about their plans. This also is the case for Monaca, of course. Meanwhile, all those who were involved in the Despair Incidents are in full support of them note 
  • Frisk is on the best of terms with Naruto, Sora, and Nanoha due to their shared desires to befriend and/or forgive everyone they meet. They have shown interest in forming a group devoted to absolute and unconditional friendship-making as they have done. They are also very smitten with Luffy due to his dying loyalty to his crew.
  • Frisk has been compared to Yusuke Godai/Kuuga due to both being loving of others to a fault. They finally met, whereupon the former flirted with the latter, who simply took it in stride.
  • Frisk and Ness hit it off immediately upon meeting, as the former has been both inspired by and compared to the latter. It helps that The Child's creator is known for having made a ROM hack of Ness's game featuring Dr. Andonuts as an antagonist.
  • Yu Narukami has a close bond with Frisk, having heard of their exploits and all hardship they had to endure to achieve the best possible result for themselves and their friends. He was a key factor in helping The Child ascend, having personally vouching for their potential for Golden Endings.
  • Someone kept claiming that Frisk was Iji's High Priest at one time. Though these allegations can be neither confirmed nor denied, there is a special bond of trust and friendship between the two that can't be denied.
    • Some gods then realize that the two polarizing ends of pacifism: one refuses to kill or hurt period, while the other merely refuses to kill personally. Of course, they have the potential to be each other, though at the absolute worst, the Child may resort to weakening the opposition to convince them to leave.
  • Odysseus was quite amused upon hearing the undertale of Frisk's quest to return home to the surface, so much so that he has sworn an oath to come to their aid should they ever need it. Likewise, The Child is happy to hear of his adventures (and was also quite surprised to find out that he was real, as in their world he was a mythical figure).
  • Jaden has been seen with Frisk on several occasions, the two having duels with cards. It has been observed that The Child's deck, which Jaden helped them build, is fittingly but also still shockingly unbeatable. It truly represents its owner, as it is focused on non-aggression and sending opposed monsters back to the player's hand.
  • Frisk has also befriended other extreme pacifists like them, Meliodas and Kenshin in particular. In fact, they are all equally proud of their pacifism and have been known to have lunch/tea together.
  • With the ascension of Agent Smith, The Child has been teaming up with many deities of the House of Gaming to halt his advance towards the entrance to the Matrix. It doesn't help that Smith is being aided by Flowey himself. Doesn't help Smith that is, as Flowey's actually on Frisk's side and is going behind the agent's back.
  • Gods who have observed multiple timelines have found more than one timeline where Frisk gives up their physical body to return Flowey to his true self of Asriel. Being friends with Sans (who knows of time travel but can't actually see other timelines), they told him to make sure Frisk doesn't learn about those timelines or try to do it of their own accord while the Pantheon's scientists work on a way to get Asriel back that doesn't involve any sacrifices.
    • Besides, unbeknownst to several, Flowey is working with the good guys.
  • One day, Frisk accidentally went down the wrong hole, ending up in Isaac's basement instead, while Isaac went to the Underground in their place. Frisk tried to befriend all the monsters in the basement... to mixed results. Fortunately, Sans found them just in time and freed them. Despite this setback, they plan on going back down and trying again, with some other Undertale deities watching over them. They also gave Isaac a "Friendly Ball" to help befriend monsters.
  • One Timeline had a Frisk so powerful that he destroyed Mt. Ebott and The Barrier in just One Punch. Saitama was very impressed.
  • Has got along rather well with Wander, with the both of them being rather famous for befriending and helping out what other people see as monsters into friends and happy people.
    • Upon hearing of how he was trying to help calm down Alma Wade despite all odds, they joined up with him and try to comfort her about all that happened in her life. They got further than Wander could, especially as it was one of those times where their determination was so powerful it could No-Sell death itself, letting Alma release all her rage at Frisk. The rest of the Undertale deities (even Flowey), are anxious about the whole thing, but they still let the child go alone to try and calm down Alma.
    "But it refused."
    • While she certainly isn't friends with them by any stretch of the imagination, Alma is genuinely curious to see just how far Frisk is willing to go to help her. Ironically, this has given Frisk an INCREDIBLY powerful (albeit indirect) form of protection, as Alma is not amused by the villainous deities' attempts to corrupt Frisk into despair while they are in the process of helping her, and and will not hesitate to make her displeasure known if they are foolish enough to try anything in her presence.
      • Even more surprisingly, they actually succeeded with some help from a newly ascended Expy of Alma; Erma Williams. After the two ghost deities met and seemingly conversed (though how Erma did so is questionable), they seemed to have greatly warmed up to each other. As such, Alma has thanked Frisk for their services on helping her feel happy, and has allowed them and Wander to join with her and Erma whenever they go out, though are warned to not be too loud and to not be too energetic, both of which they agreed to. As such, that indirect form of protection has been moved up to direct whenever they are in mortal/grave danger, something that all of Frisk's enemies are scared shitless about.
  • Due to how little is truly known about Frisk's Child darker side, The Fallen Child, Chara, measures have been done to prevent their ascension from ever occurring. That's because their motives are (potentially) violent, but their threat level is unknown, ranging from wanting to set things right to as threatening as a child with a knife and some dodging skills can ever be to Determined enough to be a threat to even Greater Gods. Given they have the same Determinatorion as Frisk, who's already pretty powerful on their own despite their Demigod rank, no one's willing to take any chances with Chara, except the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, who in turn don't want to waste time on ascending Chara if they turn out to not be as powerful as they hoped they'd be.
    • That said, there are other interpretations of Chara as of late, such as them being Frisk's "narrator", only becoming evil as a result of the Player's Genocide Run actions, and being a scapegoat for them because of it.

    Kaepora Gaebora 
Kaepora Gaebora, God of Player-Agreed Expository Repetition (Rauru, Sage of Light, Spoiler Owl)
As Rauru 
  • Demigod as an owl, Lesser God as a sage
  • Symbol: The Hyrule Royal Seal
  • Theme Song: heard here
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Light, Wisdom, Exposition, Birds.
  • Portfolio: Human Transformed into an Animal, Knowledgeable Owl, Rotational Owl Limbs, Mr. Exposition, Repeating Said Exposition When Prompted, Repetitive Name
  • Allies: Link, Zelda, Navi, Fi, Medli, The Wind Fish, Decidueye, Odette, Chanticleer, Tobias, Winnie The Pooh.
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Majora, Zant, Ghirahim, The Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk and Neyla.
  • Opposed by: Brentalfloss, many gamer deities.
  • The Sage of Light Rauru, also known by his animal alias "Kaepora Gaebora", is one of the Ancient Sages of Hyrule. After taking the shape of an owl and using his knowledge to assist Link on his quest to defeat the King of Thieves Ganondorf Dragmire, Rauru was allowed a spot on the Pantheon, although he was only granted access through his owl form.
  • Stationed at the very entrance of the Pantheon, Kaepora Gaebora was entrusted with an important mission from the commanding deities: to explain the workings of the Pantheon to newcomers and make sure that they understood everything.
    • Because of his long and tiresome explanations, most of the newcomers tend to doze off halfway through, which might cause them to accidentally accept his offer to repeat everything all over again after finishing. He is particularly unpopular with deities who have experienced Link's aforementioned quest through gameplay, such as Brentalfloss
  • Being a representative of Light, Kaepora is firmly opposed by the Grand Duke of Owls, who hates the sun and all forms of light. Kaepora does not acknowledge the Duke's title, being only loyal to the royal family of Hyrule.
    • Aware of the Duke's schemes, Kaepora has requested Link to teach Chanticleer how to sing the Sun's Song, a magical song that can turn night to day and vice-versa, which might come in handy in case the Grand Duke attempts anything.
    • Kaepora is also keeping an eye on Clockwerk/Neyla/Clock-La, being ready to warn Link of any suspicious behavior from the robotic owl (Clock-La appears to be interested in Link's equipment, the Master Sword in particular). Thankfully, the Hylian is experienced in dealing with Giant Flyers, having slain a few of them in his many incarnations.
  • Kaepora believes Decidueye can make an excellent hero of its own, and has put himself at its service in case the Arrow Quill Pokémon ever requires guidance.
  • Kaepora has been trying in vain to convince Winnie-the-Pooh that he is not his owl friend from the Hundred Acre Wood. That silly old bear just doesn't learn.
  • Also has a seat in the Subhouse of Types of Narration.
  • He's an owl.
  • "Do you want to hear what I said again?"
    Yes ←
  • The Sage of Light Rauru, also known by his animal alias "Kaepora Gaebora", is one of the Ancient Sages of Hyrule. After taking the shape of an owl and using his knowledge to assist Link on his quest to defeat the King of Thieves Ganondorf Dragmire, Rauru was allowed a spot on the Pantheon, although he was only granted access through his owl form.
  • *Button Mashing Noises* Stationed at the very entrance of the Pantheon, Kaepora Gaebora was entrusted with an important mission from the commanding deities: to explain the workings of the Pantheon to newcomers and make sure that they understood everything.
    • *Button Mashing Noises* Because of his long and tiresome explanations, most of the newcomers tend to doze off halfway through, which might cause them to accidentally accept his offer to repeat everything all over again after finishing. He is particularly unpopular with deities who have experienced Link's aforementioned quest through gameplay, such as Brentalfloss.
  • *Button Mashing Noises* Being a representative of Light, Kaepora is firmly opposed by the Grand Duke of Owls, who hates the sun and all forms of light. Kaepora does not acknowledge the Duke's title, being only loyal to the royal family of Hyrule.
    • *Button Mashing Noises* Aware of the Duke's schemes, Kaepora has requested Link to teach Chanticleer how to sing the Sun's Song, a magical song that can turn night to day and vice-versa, which might come in handy in case the Grand Duke attempts anything.
    • *Button Mashing Noises* Kaepora is also keeping an eye on Clockwerk/Neyla/Clock-La, being ready to warn Link of any suspicious behavior from the robotic owl (Clock-La appears to be interested in Link's equipment, the Master Sword in particular). Thankfully, the Hylian is experienced in dealing with Giant Flyers, having slain a few of them in his many incarnations.
  • *Button Mashing Noises* Kaepora believes Decidueye can make an excellent hero of its own, and has put himself at its service in case the Arrow Quill Pokémon ever requires guidance.
  • *Button Mashing Noises* Kaepora has been trying in vain to convince Winnie-the-Pooh that he is not his owl friend from the Hundred Acre Wood. That silly old bear just doesn't learn.
  • *Button Mashing Noises* Also has a seat in the Subhouse of Types of Narration.
  • *Button Mashing Noises* He's an owl.
  • "Do you want to hear what I said again?"
    No ←

Sparx, God of Life Meters
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A butterfly in a jar
  • Theme Songs: Sparx Levels (A Hero's Tail and Sparx Mask (from Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Life Meter, Dragonfly Companion, Powerup Magnet, Becomes More Capable Over Time, Underwater Bubble Travel, The Unintelligible, Suddenly Speaking
  • Domains: Health, Gaming, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Friendship
  • Allies: Spyro the Dragon, Ignitus, Hunter and Bianca, Crash Bandicoot, Miles Prower, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Agitha, Aku Aku, Globox, Gardevoir and Gallade, Ana Amari, Tony Tony Chopper, Cael Cynder
  • On good terms with: Good members of the Dragons sub-house
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Mothra
  • Enemies: Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, Malefor, Neo Cortex, Polygon Man, Acnologia, Bowser, Denzel Crocker, Smaug, Dovakhiin, Uka Uka
  • Distrusts: Moneybags
  • In many a video game, there is a Life Meter; a way of discerning the health of the player character. It can be a Hit Point bar, hearts, but it's very common. Sparx, however, is one of few who's both a Life Meter and a character. The blood brother to Spyro the Dragon, after Spyro rescued him they've been the best of friends. Together they've faced evil sorcerors, evil dragons and have been heroes to their universe time and time again.
  • Treasures the close friendship he has with Spyro the Dragon deeply, and is always looking out for him. He respects the likes of Gardevoir and Gallade for being guardian entities.
  • His color denotes the overall health of Spyro. Each hit drops from yellow to blue, blue to green and then leaving Spyro until he gets his health back. By attacking some of the animals like sheep it brings forth butterflies, which by eating restores a bit of health. Blue butterflies, in particular, are delicious for Sparx, adding a new life for Spyro. Mothra was a bit uncomfortable with him around, though the dragonfly's responsible enough to not hurt her.
  • Suspects that Spike is related to Spyro, due to how similar they are in appearance. He thought Sonic may be on good terms with Spyro as the latter took a lot from the former, however there doesn't seem to much of a relation between the two. The similarity in personality does lead the two to get along, and he also gets along with Tails the Fox due to being the brotherly sidekicks of a Mascot with Attitude.
  • Asides from determining Spyro's help, he also can collect nearby gems and jewels. Later games would allow him to retrieve them directly from boxes without Spyro needing the bust them open. This power has caused some trouble in the Trope Pantheon due to, on his way to seeing his friend in the Dragons sub-house, he ended up stumbling into Smaug's layer and taking some of his valuables. He did NOT take this lightly.
  • Was glad to see that an old ally of him and Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, had ascended. He was much less pleased to learn that in the time between Spyro and his own ascension, the Polygon Man had redeemed himself from The Fallen and wasn't happy with the two. Or that Neo Cortex had ascended after his arch-nemesis did.
  • Doesn't have too much to do with his own houses, though does seem to be friendly with Ana Amari and Tony Tony Chopper due to their healing position.
  • Shares close ties to the Dragons sub-house. Asides from his friendship with Spyro, he lives in a world of dragons so he's on good terms whenever he visits there. Plus he is a dragonfly after all. Naturally, he is utterly opposed to Acnologia's screaming hatred of dragons and overall depravity. Doesn't like the fact that a dragon-slayer, Dovakhiin, shares the same house his closest of friends does.
  • Became more capable over time, eventually being playable on his own right. He gets along with Globox due to them becoming tougher over time, and their roles as sidekicks.
  • Being a dragonfly, he isn't fond of anyone trying to capture him in nets or jars. Bowser has become an enemy for trying to bottle him up like he did with the Sprixies, believing there's potential power in him. Denzel Crocker meanwhile believes that catching him might be useful for his bigger schemes of capturing FAIRIES!!
  • Able to travel underwater in a bubble. This ended...poorly when visiting the houses of Commerce and Friendship, as it gave Spongebob and Patrick really bad memories about Wormy and caused them to panic.
  • When Spyro joined his friend Crash Bandicoot in the go-kart racing tournament that bears the name of the latter, Sparx didn't want to be left behind and so decided to act as the protective shield of Spyro, Hunter and, weirdly enough, Gnasty Gnorc; as well as every other racer in the Spyro Track since he felt it was his duty to act as the protective mask of everyone else, even if he isn't really a mask.
  • Can also be found at Medical Miscellaneous.

    Special Naval Landing Forces 
The Imperial Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces, Divine Representatives of Spiteful A.I. (SNLF, Japanese Marines)
  • A platoon of Demigods
  • Symbol: The Anchor on their helmets and uniforms
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Having very, very spiteful behavior as enemies, Having a fondness for bayonetting enemy soldiers to death, Wearing green uniforms in contrast to the IJA's khaki, Loving to charge suicidally into better-armed enemies, Charging en masse at their enemies, Elite Naval Infantry of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Serving as Imperial Japan's counterpart to the US Marines, Many committing suicide rather than face captivity, Making a dramatic last stand at a bunker on Tarawa Island, Having a larger arsenal of automatic weaponry than their IJA counterparts
  • Domains: Behavior, Enemies, Soldiers
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Admiral, The IJN Fleet Girls, Yoshika Miyafuji, Mio Sakamoto
  • Opposed by: Suzu Houjou
  • The Imperial Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces, also known as the SNLF, but better known by their moniker of Japanese Marines, are the elite naval infantry of the Imperial Japanese Navy. In essence, they were the Evil Counterpart to the United States Marine Corps, serving similar purposes such as amphibious landings, the guarding of ships, and the manning of various naval bases and shore installations.
  • Of special note, and the very reason for their ascension, is their behavior against their enemies. They: gang up on enemy squad leaders, have a very suicidal tendency to charge straight into enemies regardless of situation, and finally tendency to inflict the Coup de Grâce on any downed Marines. All of this they do in order to make life hell for any enemy squad leader, at the cost of their own well-beings and lives.
  • Compared to their counterparts in the Imperial Japanese Army, the SNLF have a much larger variety of weapons. These include: the Arisaka Type 38 rifle, the Arisaka Type 44 Cavalry Carbine, the Arisaka Type 97 Sniper Rifle, the Nambu Type 96 Light Machine Gun, the Nambu Type 100 submachine gun and Nambu Type 14 pistol. This gave them a bigger variety of weaponry as well as more firepower per squad than their Army counterparts. However, because most of their weapons used the 6.5x50mm Arisaka round rather than the newer 7.7x58mm Arisaka round, both units could not resupply one another with each other's rifle caliber ammunition, leading to a logistical nightmare.
  • These troops came in several variants, which included the standard Marine, Ghillie, Worker, Corpsman, NCO, and Officer. The standard Marines wore green uniforms with dark brown helmets with leather covers, with the occasional backpack. Ghillies were similar to the standard Marines, but wore leaf camouflage over their helmets and uniforms, and the aforementioned helmets were also covered in netting. Corpsmen wore the same uniforms as the regular Marines, but instead of a backpack carried a small medical bag which they used to heal wounded Marines. Workers wore white shirts, green trousers, and green caps. Officers wore dark green uniforms with black boots. And finally, NCOs wore light green uniforms.
  • During Sgt. Thomas Conlin and his squad's tour of duty in the Pacific, they had encountered these troops twice. The first was during the Raid on Makin Island, the second being the Battle of Tarawa. The Makin garrison were relatively lightly-armed, and were only seven dozen or so strong. The Tarawa Garrison, however, was much bigger, numbering some 4500 well-armed men, accompanied by several dozen heavy artillery guns, and having far more firepower per squad. Ultimately, the latter unit was wiped out to the last man, with many committing suicide or resisting to the death rather than face the prospect of capture.
  • The SNLF troops that end up ascending into the Pantheon are a full-sized platoon from the Tarawa Garrison Force, complete with fully-stocked weapons, ammunition, and other supplies. This even includes a number of Type 96 25mm Anti-Air guns, as well as a handful of artillery pieces.
  • Fortunately for them, the first deities they end up coming across are friendly, in this case members of the Imperial Japanese Army. These troops in turn direct the SNLF to the headquarters of Commander Masataka Shima, which also serves as the Japanese officer's Temple. Relieved to see reinforcements, Shima immediately makes several of them his personal bodyguards, accompanying him during important meetings with Nazis officials such as Johann Schmidt.
    • Other members from the unit, meanwhile, support the Banzai Chargers in their fight against members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. And it's through one of these battles that they learn that Sgt. Thomas Conlin and his squad, who had fought in the battle where they were wiped out, are also in the Pantheon. The SNLF troops immediately make it a point to make their lives a living hell once more, incessantly attacking their positions.
    • Interestingly, they were slated to be assigned to the Japanese Aircraft Carrier Toshikaze, Shima's ship. However, for unknown reasons, this intended assignment never took place, with Japanese sailors and aircrew taking their place.
  • While they do look and act similarly to the Banzai Chargers, there are some notable differences. For one, their uniforms, rather than being Khaki, are instead colored green, with an anchor symbol on their helmets and uniforms as opposed to a star. Also, as mentioned above, they carry a larger number of weapon types, with a far larger amount of Type 100 submachine guns and Type 96 light machine guns. And finally, when launching banzai charges, the IJA troops simply pin down their targets and kill them in one hit, while the SNLF will hack, slash, and stab their enemies to death, incapacitating them, and then finish them off with a slash or a shot to the head.
  • Because they're taking orders from a known warmonger and extremist, not to mention working alongside members of the IJA, The Admiral and the IJN Fleet Girls elect to keep their distance from the SNLF. It doesn't help that the SNLF do not like them working alongside the ship girls of the Americans and British. The Witches of the Fuso Empire, for similar reasons, don't trust the Naval Infantry, to which the feeling is mutual. Even Japanese civilians like Suzu Houjou, thanks in part to her personal experiences as well as the stories told to her by Marines such as the aforementioned Conlin, wish for them to just give up, the war already having ended in her story's timeline and all.
  • Thanks to having heavier equipment than their Imperial Army counterparts, namely having Anti-Air guns in their possession, they also prove to be a significant threat to the likes of US pilots like Lt. Commander Best and Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, coming close to shooting down the latters' SBD Dauntless and PBY Catalina, respectively.
  • Because they also engage in Jungle Warfare much like their US Marine and Imperial Army counterparts, these troops also end up becoming enemies with the likes of Mordremoth and Metallia, who inhabit several of the Pantheon's jungles and swamps, respectively. Many end up becoming casualties to these beings, usually attempting to bayonet, shoot, or slash them to no avail.
  • Due to their allegiance to the Japanese Empire, they become one of Nathan Algren's targets, with the American samurai warrior often luring the Naval infantry into positions where they would be at a disadvantage, and then literally slashing through their ranks when their superior firepower cannot brought to bear.
  • "Banzai!"


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