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Greater Gods

SCP-169, Deity of Entities Confused for Scenery (The Leviathan, The Bloop)
A sky view of the creature
  • Roughly measured as a Greater Deity, but could possibly be more powerful (Keter by SCP standards)
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: True Neutral (As if, it's dormant. Its true alignment remains a mystery)
  • Portfolio: Big Creepy-Crawlies, Cosmic Horror Story, Eldritch Abomination, Turtle Island
  • Domains: Islands, Ancient Creatures, Sleeping, Destruction, Eldritch Beings
  • "Allies" (Or at least those interested in it): The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Jörmungandr, The Kraken, Shen Garoen, Tamatoa
  • Rivals: Kaijus, particularly Godzilla
  • Enemies: Jack Sparrow, Isabela of Rivain, Monkey D. Luffy and other pirates in general (At least the ones that had run into sea creatures), Aquaman, Cthulhu
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Described originally as a rock formation in a remote location, it actually turned out to be an actual living creature after the SCP Foundation discovered in moved 3 kilometers from its original location. The Leviathan as it's called is considered one of the most powerful SCPs to exist, to the point the Foundation cannot even contain it.
  • Deities became aware of its existence after some people in the House of Water and Moisture discovered a large landmass that wasn't there before, only to their horror that it was no landmass but a living breathing creature. SCP-169 was quickly identified and the Foundation in cooperation with the GUAG and The Court of Gods relocated the creature to a special temple, somehow without awakening it.
  • Currently, SCP-169 remains dormant in its temple and no one is sure what could happen if it wakes up, but you better hope it's nice. The destructive potential and humongous size of the Leviathan is enough to gain the interest of the GUAD who has no qualms of using the creature to further their own goals.
  • While it's no sure of what it truly looks like, most sources agree that the Leviathan resembles a marine arthropod akin to a Crab, a gigantic one if you will. It's no surprise that other crustaceans, like Shen Garoen or Tamatoa, had taken a fondness of SCP-169, either because of respect or out of fear.
  • Its size is already a noticeable feature of it, considering it's about 2000 to 8000 kilometers long, so SCP-169 has been eyed by a few Kaiju deities in case it wakes up to see if it's a strong as others claim. Godzilla especially has shown interest in facing the Leviathan.
  • No, he really isn't the Leviathan but you could consider a creature of a similar caliber. That said, apparently the Kraken is somewhat friendly with it.
  • The World serpent has decided to check the temple and he seemed quite intrigued by the ancient creature. While initially it alarmed quite a few deities, Jörmungandr decided to not wake it up. The reason for that is still a mystery.
  • Pirates seem to be the people that are the most scared of SCP-169, mostly because legends say sea creatures tend to target lone ships.
  • Aquaman has decided to take care of the creature and keep a watchful eye on it since he is the most experienced when it comes to the ocean creatures. The SCP Foundation agree to let him keep guard of it with the condition that he should report any strange pattern that the creature makes.
  • Cthulhu initially considered 169 to be one of his fellow elders but it turned out to be something else entirely. And apparently he doesn't like the Leviathan for some reason.
  • In case you heard of it, some intern of the Foundation leaked a sound the creature made and shared it to the world. While the coverup of the creature is still in effect, the sound in question was labelled the Bloop and still a topic of conversation in a few circles.

Intermediate Gods

Yuga, God of Two-Dimensional Flattening (Artsy Sorcerer of Lorule, Yuganon)
Click here to see Yuga after fusing with Ganon

Lesser Gods

    Henry "Hank" Pym/Ant-Man 
Henry Pym, God of Size Shifters (Hank, Ant-Man, Giant Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp II)

    Ira Gamagoori 
Ira Gamagoori, God of Variable Size (Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Toad)

Kero, God of Sleep-Mode Size (Cerberus/Keroberos, Kero-chan)
True form
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Clow Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Sweet Tooth, One Who Was Told That There Would be Cake, Genius Ditz, Cat Smile, Small Name, Big Ego, King of Beasts, Guardian Entity, Playing with Fire, The Power of the Sun.
  • Domains: Magic, Fire, Guardians, The Sun
  • Herald: Yue/Yukito Tsukishiro (his fellow guardian).
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto, Tomoyo Daidoji, Syaoran Li, L, Pinkie Pie, Winnie The Pooh, Hibari, Minori, Ranma Saotome
  • Odd Friendship with: Ed and Kira Yamato (Due to having the same voice actor)
  • Enemies: Anyone who hates sweets or threatens Sakura. Homura Akemi's recent actions have made her a threat in his books, due to her dislike for Sakura.
  • Released from the Clow Book accidentally by Sakura Kinomoto and now lives in her desk drawer. Joined the Pantheon around the same time as the Clow Mistress and immediately went to rivals Syaoran Li and Spinel Sun to pull raspberries in their faces.
  • While devoted to Sakura, Kero also has a degree of loyalty to his original master Clow Reed.
  • Became a big supporter of Amaterasu due to her status as the Goddess of the Sun and Moon. He often tries to send her sweets and candy, but Amaterasu sends a thank you card to Kero, and donates the candy to other Pantheons.
  • Kero's chosen Pantheon was a challenge for Sakura. First he considered going to the Bestiary but changed his mind upon seeing Aslan was present and did not like the idea of fighting a fellow lion for supremacy. The next stop was the House of Magic, but left abruptly when Harry Dresden accidentally fired an explosive spell at him. Kero crashlanded in the House of Food and immediately fell in love with the sweets, cake and candy. He tried to become the offical taste tester, but lost the position to Andrew Zimmern.
  • Threw a party in Sakura's bedroom and invited Pinkie Pie, L, Spinel, Kyoko Sakura, Kirby, Pac-Man and Mokona Modoki, bringing a bag of candy with them. When Sakura got home, her only reaction to the hyped up party members was "HOOEEEE!"
  • Along with Kirby (who blames Kero for his sugar rush at the aforementioned party), Vanellope von Schweetz has also banned him from entering her temple due to his gluttony over sugar and sweets.
  • Kokonoe A. Mercury is a known customer of his house. Kero, however, is occasionally scared when Kokonoe throws a tantrum if he runs out of sweets.
  • He often gets visits from Ed who always asks him for buttered toast. Oddly enough, Kero himself makes visits in the House of Prophecy to pester Kira Yamato for a ride aboard the Strike Freedom (notwithstanding the fact that Kero can fly.)
  • Post-Upheavel, Kero has become very protective of Sakura following Homura's betrayal of the Sisterhood.

    Musha Gundam 
Musha Gundam, the Super-Deformed God (Mister Musha, Musha, Lu Bu Gundam, MG)
Musha Gundam
Shin Musha Gundam

    Raymond "Ray" Palmer/The Atom 
Raymond "Ray" Palmer, God of Incredible Shrinking Men (The Atom, The Mighty Mite, "Haircut")