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Crime, Transgressions, Felony, and Misdemeanour

The House of Crime and Transgressions is the main base and symbol of everything that represents and embodies the topic of criminal activity and intent in the Pantheon. The House is represented by a large city known as the Il Dominio Dell'Infernonote  that is rife with criminal actions and injustices left-and-right as well as cases of corruption when it comes to the House's most wealthy and influential residents, visitors, and associates. The city is also financially backed up by illegal money that has been built up by hardworking criminals who have used up their profits to generate syndicates, criminal empires, and crime industries that have proven to be quite elusive and powerful in their own right, as well as constantly making attempts to establish relations with other Houses as a means to strengthen their power, authority, and influence towards others to varying effects of success and failure.

The list of criminal activity that is commonplace in the Il Domino Dell'Inferno includes petty theft and muggings, bank robberies, violent revolts, and assaults, dealing and selling heavy and intoxicating drugs, and financial bribing and blackmailing. One would assume that murders and assassinations would be a core identity and, at one point, this was the case, until it was decided that they associated more towards the House of Slaughter, which has since become the central base of operations, residence, and representation regarding anything to do with killing and assassinating. That said, it is clear that the two Houses maintain a strong professional relationship with one another, mostly as assassins tend to be highly sought by the House of Crime and Transgressions for their effectiveness, elusiveness, and sense of professionalism.

Despite its reputation, the Il Domino Dell'Inferno does have its number of heroes and good-hearted residents and deities who have committed themselves in doing heroic works or, at the very least, the morally right actions, even if their own reputation isn't too good due to their residency in a House that's well-regarded for its shady status and influence. On another note, some of the residing criminals may not even be bad people and may even be decent people at heart, who only see their criminal actions as something they do out of a job commitment, or out of a desperate need to earn themselves something or to help someone in need. While they still need to be dealt with, they are treated with a sense of sympathy by some.

Obviously enough, this is one of the more dangerous Houses in the Pantheon, particularly due to how it is seen as a safe haven for criminals and villains alike. It's one of the reasons why the House of Villainy has a strong positive fixation for the Il Domino Dell'Inferno as it means many have a secondary place to conduct their base of operations and residency in. Of course, many in the Houses of Heroism and Law and Justice have taken it upon themselves to monitor, analyze and conduct whatever results they've collected and what should be done about certain events, activities, and individuals. Batman, RoboCop, Shotaro Hidari, Philip, Detective Conan, and Sherlock Holmes have been the most active participants regarding the monitoring and investigating prospect towards the House of Crime and Transgressions.

Outside of the authorities, Sweepers have made themselves at home in the Il Domino Dell'Inferno despite the best efforts of the various crime families, and they have set up large amounts of dens for Sweeper families to live in. Similar to how they operate during a Night in the Backstreets, for 80 minutes Sweepers emerge from the dark and try to devour anyone unlucky enough to be on the streets at the time before returning back to their dens. These Sweeper waves are precise, beginning at exactly 3:13 AM and ending at 4:33 AM every night.

Due to the Main House's new announcement for reorganization throughout the Pantheon, five worthy candidates were all chosen for their contributions to the world of crime: these are the Great Felony Ten, comprised of Bonnie and Clyde, Carmen Sandiego, James Moriarty, Tony and his crew and the Corleones.

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The Great Felony Eleven

The Criminal Figureheads of the House

    Carmen Sandiego 
Carmen Sandiego, Goddess of Monumental Thefts (Carmen Isabela Sandiego, Red, Lambkins, Black Sheep, La Femme Rouge, Fedora the Explorer, The Crimson Shadow, Little Red Robin Hood, The Mastermind)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her red trench coat and fedora
  • Theme Songs: The themes of her TV shows: "Where in the World", "Where in Time", "Where on Earth" (which she stole from Mozart) and just "Carmen Sandiego"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral overall, with occasional shades of Chaotic Good (her current iteration is Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Classy Cat Burglars, Ever-Elusive Villains, Criminal Mind Games, Punny Named Mooks, Never Getting Caught For Good And Easily Escaping From Jail, Friendly Rivalry, Puzzles, The Color Red, Stealing Everything Not Nailed Down (Including the Nails), Never Steals Lives And Similar Standards, Having More Heroic And Likeable Counterparts Of Her Character
  • Domains: City, Craft, Knowledge, Liberation, Trickery
  • Heralds:
    • The other members of V.I.L.E.’s various iterations
    • 2019 iteration: Her caper crew (Player, Zack, Ivy, Shadowsan
  • Allies: Catwoman, Omar Little, Edward Nygma, Sly Cooper, Dr. Drakken and Shego, The Rogues, Tony, Jo, Mario and César
  • On Friendly Terms with: Sarah Collins, Aladdin, Gru
  • Odd Friendship with: Swiper The Fox
  • Rivals: The Toppat Clan, The Mafia of Cooks
  • Worthy Opponents: (Insert Name Here), Batman
  • Complicated Relationship with: Henry, Ellie, and Charlie
  • Opposed by: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Saint Tail
  • Enemies: Pretty much the entire House of Law and Justice, The Elite Time Police Enforcers, Officer Javert, The Empress, Octogeddon, The Harvesters
  • One of, if not the most infamous international thieves that the world has been troubled with, Carmen Sandiego is a master of master thieves leading the infamous Villains' International League of Evil, all for grand and unbelievable heists that even the most experienced looters and bandits could hardly dream of grasping for themselves. Always on the run from the ACME Detective Agency, she's always able to engineer a grand chase on the fly where the detectives are given world-based clues and little else to pursue her, with little room for mistakes lest Carmen and her crooks slip away. Not only is she a daunting and difficult criminal to catch, but the scale of her thefts makes her difficult to ignore. Always going for the things that people will notice are gone, Carmen Sandiego always puts her opponents on the line with high stakes for them, and even if they do catch her, it's not for long until she decides to escape capture and strike again.
  • Carmen Sandiego has been lurking among the Pantheon even before her recognized ascension, doing what she does best. Having found her way in through inventions that may or may not have been stolen, she would observe the conflicts and organizations set up among the deities, and along the way realized both the numerous amount of valuables to plunder and the new challenges of dealing with gods that had more to offer in a good pursuit than the detectives that were usually on her tail. Deciding to keep a low profile, against her own usual interests, she robbed items from several gods, leaving them trails of clues to test their wits. To her disappointment, many of the deities she took from back then weren't as explorative or knowledgable of the world around them as she hoped, feeling that she'd usually get away too easily. So after weeks of planning, she initiated bigger V.I.L.E. operations and starting doing what she did best. Swiping away several Pantheonic landmarks and even entire temples, the Pantheon deities were forced to truly acknowledge their thief, with the scale of the thefts leaving deductions to only one person - Carmen Sandiego. After eventually catching her, Carmen gave everything back except for one thing, the Monumental Theft trope. Considering how making big, difficult, and unbelievable thefts was how she would ensure that her crimes couldn't be overlooked, Carmen Sandiego leaves little room for any substitutes. Not even this profile is safe, having been taken by her just to flatter herself on top of other notes regarding her experiences in the Pantheon.
  • With many law-enforcing and crime-stopping deities on her tail, she simply sees all of them as part of a classic game of cat and mouse. While they don't want to admit it, they end up relying on the clues she intentionally leaves behind for them. And whenever they feel like trying to cut the chase early or try to stop her through different means, they find out that Carmen has been one step ahead of them regardless. While there have been many new individuals to give Carmen a new challenge to overcome, her most anticipated foe would be none other than the Player known as (Insert Name Here). In this Pantheon, not even Wikipe-tan can help them now, but knows that they always have the potential to make for an interesting pursuit with little room for error on either side.
  • Given their value, Carmen Sandiego inevitably went after the Treasures of the Gods. She didn't just take the treasures, no. She didn't even take the entire complex; it was still there, doors and items and all. No, she took the powers of the items themselves, leaving them looking the same but utterly inert. She put them back after INH tracked her down by the clues she left, but only a handful of gods know why or how she did it. But considering that even things like the number zero aren't safe from Carmen Sandiego, even such intangible things aren't safe from Carmen Sandiego. Some wonder if she even planned to take advantage of them if no one could stop her in the first place, whether for stealing things better or for other ulterior motives, given that she showed little reluctance to give back said items' powers.
  • Despite her reputation, Carmen has quite a contrasting past; she was once a member of ACME, the very government agency opposing her. As an extremely competent detective that could catch criminals with ease, being easily comparable to the Pantheon's best. However, for Carmen, Good Is Boring, and she soon felt that she had a more challenging lifestyle for herself in trying to outsmart the law rather than work for it. Something she's highly coveted for this reason are the files that explain how she became the law's most outrageous thief and among the most wanted in the house. She's desired going after it several times, even attempting a complicated gambit to steal history's artifacts as a smokescreen to steal the file from under the gods's noses, but each attempt only ends in her getting a backhand from various gods saying, "You can run from your past, but you can't change it." With the Pantheon Time Police on watch in case she tries meddling with time again, they don't plan on letting Carmen Sandiego befuddle history once again.
  • One of Carmen Sandiego's most coveted targets in the Pantheon was the Main House. Not for what it stored within, but for how it was a central part of the Pantheon in general, to the point where some of the most well-known and powerful deities protected it, and by that fact alone, essentially one of the biggest challenges for Carmen Sandiego to overcome. While it could be broken into, no one has managed to perform a successful looting of it and leave the place scot-free, but Carmen Sandiego was used to stealing the impossible. Knowing that what the Pantheon had in terms of obstacles for getting into the Main House, it was beyond what V.I.L.E. alone was capable of, but Carmen Sandiego knew that from the very beginning. For years in the Pantheon, she would leave the place alone, keeping her thefts elsewhere, but the place never left her mind, or perhaps her long-term plans. On an unsuspecting day however, when the Main House was under renovation (and a planned relocation), the Pantheon would have a long-waiting surprise for them. When its most dutiful guardians were occupied with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, the most alert on watch for bigger threats, and the security at its most vulnerable, in one hazy hour, Carmen would fulfill her greatest Pantheonic feat: Stealing several relics and wares precious from the Main House itself. Nobody really knows how Carmen Sandiego managed to perform such a devastating heist in such short time, for her plan was solemnly spoken to even her closest associates, and she's managed to remove that plan from her mind after it was said and done. By the time the Main House realized it was raided, Carmen Sandiego already got away.
    • No one really realized that Carmen Sandiego had snatched things right under their noses until noting how circumstances were just too good to the point where no one else could have plausibly done it. At the very moments Carmen made her move, the security was crippled, the fastest responders were busy with their own troublesome members, and even the omniscient were focused on different things, with a few of them reporting their own omniscience abilities being taken away for a while. And no one knew what she was going to do next. With only a single cryptic clue on their hands, the detectives in the Pantheon and many others began a long chase for the thief, and inevitably caught her. However, Carmen Sandiego did not have a single piece of what she took on her person. It was then that she unveiled her true intentions with her theft: Scattering what she stole from the Main House all over the Pantheon, and the unexplored realms around it, left to the mysteries, mortals, and monsters beyond, which she had already done, giving her captors some substantial clues to let everyone get an opportunity to explore new frontiers in the Pantheon and see new places in their search for what was taken from the Main House. When she was arrested and judged by the Court of the Gods, the top members of the House of Law and Justice were immensely displeased with her actions, noting the terrible consequences of letting property from the Main House be in uncertain hands, whether from opportunistic pursuers or entities they weren't knowledgeable of. They had to debate with others who believed that Carmen Sandiego brought them all a chance at incredible adventure and exploration of the Pantheon they had yet to understand fully. The controversy was so intense that it became an opportunity for Carmen Sandiego and slip into the shadows, in wait for another time to make a big heist, but leaving a note:
    "My long-planned crime has already paid itself off, and it's been the greatest steal of my whole career, assuming that I won't get a second time for this occasion. For all of your efforts, it's pushed me to my greatest limits, having to learn not only from fellow thieves and detectives, but having to negotiate with all sorts of people that I'd never thought I'd need to work with. For all I had to pay to make this work, in money, time, and more, the satisfaction of this victory shall be forever mine. I can only thank this Pantheon for putting my skills to the ultimate test. Also, I've finished the rest of your Main House renovation for you. No need to thank me."
    • In the chaotic mess of emotions and debate, Carmen Sandiego managed to have the Main House itself stolen (and brought to where it was going to be moved to in the first place), all while being "caught". The Pantheon would be forced to recognize her victory over the Pantheon's security and now it would be put on higher levels of alertness knowing that she had leagues of conspirators secretly working with her in order to make the whole operation. As people speculate on those who had worked with Carmen to make the theft work as she planned, and how she made them do her bidding, there are also those using Carmen's gifts of opportunity to discover new realms and locations in the Pantheon and uncovering more secrets within, and sometimes new worlds and potential deities.
  • If there is one rule that she adheres to, she will not steal lives, a rule that has been made very consistent through a majority of her incarnations, even when it would be considered convenient for her. Much of her own motivation for her crimes is for the thrill of the pursuit and the journey, with material goals being secondary overall. She's more than happy to mess with her opposition for fun, but she will avoid unnecessary harm, and even give them some aid if they're in serious peril. Given her skills with playing mind games with her enemies, it greatly compensates for her restraint when it comes to brute force. People who have worked with her may get to try some sinister plans of their own, but once they start putting lives on the line excessively, Carmen Sandiego doesn't take that well. Some have called her out for stealing things that would have indirectly endangered the lives of many commoners, like stealing a whole river or the entire ozone layer, which would seem to go against said code, and who knows why. Carmen Sandiego hasn't really responded to these allegations, although she hasn't stolen things that directly threaten people upon their removal during her time in the Pantheon, which some guess she's getting somewhat more careful about, not that it keeps her away from many of the well known valuable artifacts in the Pantheon.
  • Carmen Sandiego's feats and skills have made her a significant influencer in the House of Crime and Transgressions, and a highly esteemed thief, regardless of what her reasons for stealing are. Given that V.I.L.E. is reputable for its ranks of proudly evil henchmen (It's difficult to not be openly villainous or sinister when you're in the Villains' International League of Evil, after all), and Carmen Sandiego actively upholding a moral code as she continues to make baffling thefts even with such subordinates. Being someone who chose crime because she found it more challenging than being good, working with other cooperative villains is an ace talent of hers. Even villains like Dr. Drakken and Shego, while usually interested in committing crimes on their own, enjoy working with the Lady in Red for different reasons. Drakken likes to work with Carmen to steal interesting resources for his own plans, and Shego is impressed at both Carmen Sandiego's skill and motive of entering the criminal scene because she found that Good Is Boring. A majority of villains in the Pantheon that are both open to teamwork and have similar moral codes to follow often work with her, whether they care about being associated with V.I.L.E., one notable example being the Flash's rogues gallery, who were quick to understand her deals and moral standards to work together well in joint operations. Of the many crooks that worked with Carmen Sandiego in the Pantheon, people figured that Carmen Sandiego would get along with Captain Cold and his teammates given that subduing speedsters that could otherwise stop her escapes early would be a priority for her in the Pantheon. According to some sources, she pays collaborators for her bigger thefts pretty well, as she's somehow managed to do with her own subordinates, on top of all of the resources she uses for her schemes. The Pantheon is trying to figure out her secrets on how she can afford for such grand thefts, but Carmen Sandiego is smart enough to keep that information to herself.
  • Along with the Flash's rogues gallery, some of Batman's rogues gallery found the idea of working with Carmen Sandiego entertaining. Catwoman was predictably joyed to find a partner and occasional rival in crime with Carmen Sandiego, on top of learning more tricks for Catwoman to use for her own heists. Another troublemaker that somehow worked alongside Carmen Sandiego with even more enthusiasm was the Riddler of all people. While he couldn't care less about helping in her operations, the Riddler finds Carmen Sandiego of the more exciting criminals to work with. Given how her style of always giving her pursuers a chance to catch up to her provided they have the proper wit and knowledge is very similar to Riddler's own tendency to give his riddle-knowledgeable enemies a chance to foil his own plans, even though Riddler does it out of a psychological urge while Sandiego does it for the thrill, it's easy to see how Riddler respects Carmen Sandiego's criminal lifestyle enough to regularly work with her. Some would say that Edward Nygma would fit snugly within the ranks of V.I.L.E., as if E. Nygma could've been working under V.I.L.E. the entire time and no one would bat an eye. Regardless of how often she worked with these villains, it would be inevitable for Carmen Sandiego to have none other than Batman himself as an adversary to her heists, not that Carmen Sandiego holds any resentment for it. In fact, she finds Batman to be a Worthy Opponent that she can throw her hardest riddles and most enigmatic clues to, knowing that Batman is more than up to the challenge. Knowing of Carmen Sandiego's code of avoiding lethal encounters, Batman plays along with her game along with noting that any attempt to bypass her challenges is something that Carmen Sandiego would easily anticipate.
  • Obviously, not every criminal has a fond opinion on Carmen Sandiego. The more despicable and ruthless criminals are a case that needs little explanation, they dislike her moral code, including her unwillingness to kill, even the lives of those going after her. While they think she wastes her skills through her own standards, there isn't much they can do about it since she's always able to get away from them and deal with them should they find her. The Toppat Clan, a more ruthless gang of criminals and thieves, also have a peculiar rivalry with her, due to similar success rates in thefts, Carmen Sandiego stealing things from them, and apparently, stealing a red hat from them that was similar to Carmen Sandiego's? Apparently, even their ability to get a stickman wearing such a hat was foiled by Carmen Sandiego scrambling their neural systems to steal their skill of wearing that type of hat. No one understands why. As for the occasionally affiliated Henry Stickmin, while Henry is a talented thief, as is one of his partners in crime, Ellie Rose, Henry is deemed too unpredictable to be a real ally to her organization, and with Ellie usually loyal to Henry, not to mention Charles Calvin working with other government agents, she considers the three of them as stickmen to be wary of. She also has a more antagonistic relationship with a few mafia leaders in the Pantheon, given how willing they usually are to take lives and not appreciate some thieves getting their spoils. The Corleones in particular know that pursuing Carmen Sandiego isn't a worthwhile manner and want to minimize confrontation, and The Empress, a different gang leader who is out for Carmen's blood after stealing some jewels from Nyakuza Metro, right from the Empress's own shop. Carmen did also snatch some things from the Mafia of Cooks as well, but while they'd like to show her who's boss, the Mafia of Cooks have a hard time catching people from V.I.L.E. or the master thief herself.
    • To handle such persistent and loathsome criminals with more efficiency, she decided to hire some other criminals known for dealing with even worse crooks. She first got Omar Little on board to help her deal with other more ruthless criminals, which Omar was already experienced in, so they're in a positive working relationship at least. While Omar doesn't like how Carmen went to stealing just for her own amusement, he's impressed by her managing to minimize the damage and casualties she inflicts on pursuing law enforcers, so he doesn't mind helping her deal with more unscrupulous criminals he'd think deserve to be put down anyway. Carmen also approached Sarah Collins due to knowing how she dealt with a dangerous group of drug dealers and got away from it. While Sarah was initially alarmed at such a renowned thief discovering her, Carmen quickly proved to be no harm and even offered to provide her and her family protection and even some money in exchange for her assistance in dealing with troublesome criminals that could threaten either of them. While interested, Sarah rejected the offer, not wanting to get involved in a bigger criminal's schemes, not that Carmen seemed upset by it, and left on good terms, wishing her good luck. Carmen also worked with Sly Cooper and his team of thieves, given that Carmelita Fox was already determined to pursue Carmen Sandiego regardless, usually to get the jump on other thieves and criminals that deserve to be stolen from. While they've worked together well, Sly can't help but be a little paranoid of the idea of Carmen Sandiego being interested in stealing his family's Thievius Raccoonus under his nose, or if she already has and simply never noticed before giving it back without him knowing.
    • Not all moral thieves are keen on working with Carmen Sandiego, however. Some like Saint Tail who don't discriminate on thieves to steal back things from, decided to participate in her own pursuit of Carmen Sandiego's latest thefts. However, she found Carmen Sandiego to be quicker on her toes and made her go pretty far to catch her. By the time Saint Tail finished her chase and got what was taken back, Carmen Sandiego slipped away with a light remark about "playing this game again". Another former thief that once aspired to steal big things like Carmen Sandiego was Felonious Gru, who even managed to steal The Moon of all things, not that it impresses Carmen. Given that he's chosen to stay on the side of good for the purpose of being a good father, Carmen hasn't done much to antagonize Gru, perhaps since she might feel some empathy towards his situation. Except that one time where Carmen stole one half of his entire lab due to one of Gru's Minions causing mischief at a V.I.L.E. base. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have considered the idea of getting through to whatever desire drives her to keep stealing, but they want to keep a very low profile for as long as possible once they realize that if Carmen Sandiego were to take an interest in their thefts, it would be only a matter of time before she and the rest of V.I.L.E. would exploit the Metaverse they've used to extents that not even Akechi could dream of. That is, if she hasn't found out already and is waiting for suitable opportunities.
  • Surprisingly, Carmen Sandiego is rather amicable toward Swiper the Fox despite her success at stealing and thievery being much more successful. While Swiper is hardly the type to swipe things that matter a lot to many people, Carmen is amused by his nature of swiping things anyway. Perhaps it's the fact she doesn't choose to actively hurt people who try to stop her and doesn't mind too much when she's beat either. She thinks that Swiper doesn't really need to be that much more of a ruthless thief, herself thinking that getting into bigger thefts and crimes simply isn't for everyone. She would rather not have people choose such risky paths of crime so lightly, and even as her own reasons for turning to crime are, she certainly had the skills to prepare her for what she would jump into. Swiper himself has considered getting involved in Carmen's heists, but with Carmen Sandiego able to go anywhere she wants, Swiper would often get left behind and haplessly pursuing Carmen Sandiego as many of her other pursuers do. Another friendly thief that tries to go after Carmen Sandiego sometimes is Aladdin, given that she likes to steal royal treasure from Agrabah. Though given that she conveniently does this when Aladdin or Jasmine are interested in a little adventure, they don't appear to hold any enmity toward each other, and do enjoy the pursuit a little. And while it would usually be convenient, Aladdin doesn't really exploit the Genie's powers to make things easier. The last time he did try to rely on the Genie, Carmen Sandiego stole the Genie himself with an artificial genie lamp, something the latter doesn't like bringing up, though he's free from that now.
  • While no one likes having prized monumental creations taken away from him, they do agree that having them destroyed is worse. Except for those who actively try to destroy said monuments, who have a different problem entirely regarding Carmen Sandiego. Octogeddon, on another rampage to destroy a city in the Pantheon, was gunning right for their own unique monument, only for him to go all the way and thrash away some heroes only to find the main attraction gone as if it was never there. The octopus' rage and confusion would leave enough of an opportunity for defenders to arrive and finally subdue the octopus. Somewhere else, people were being attacked by the Harvesters, and with these aliens preferring to destroy their biggest works just to strike terror in the people's hearts, were surprised to see their big targets vanish from their eyes, which really peeved them off. After the aliens were defeated as well, the citizens learned that Carmen Sandiego was responsible for preventing such a monumental disaster and were grateful for such bold actions. At least until they realized that Carmen Sandiego had no intention on just giving it back.
  • Detectives trying to research more on Carmen Sandiego found a different continuity where Carmen Sandiego started out as a normal agent of V.I.L.E., named Black Sheep. However, this particular Carmen Sandiego wasn't interested in the villainous schemes her superiors were up to, and even worked with some people from A.C.M.E. in order to take down their more vile leaders. While she would disappear from the scene after her work was done, it was noted that she reappeared again a few years later, with no clue on whether that reappearance was the previous Carmen Sandiego or someone new entirely, like the Carmen Sandiego leading V.I.L.E. in the Pantheon. While the Pantheon's Carmen Sandiego does have plenty of skills and morals like that particular incarnation of her, there are no good answers on whether she has any real connection to said incarnation or if they simply don't have any relation beyond simple acknowledgement. If there were, it would be stolen by Carmen Sandiego anyway.
  • "See you next crime!"

    Jack Sparrow 
Jack Sparrow, God of Piracy (Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea, Smith(y), Mr. Sparrow, Chief of the Pelegostos, Witty Jack, Jackie, "Justice Smith")
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A compass with a translucent heart overlaid
  • Theme Music: The Medallion Calls, and later, Jack Sparrow, and, more famously, He's a Pirate
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (with shades of Good)
  • Portfolio: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ace, A bad boy wanted by the girls, Returns from the Dead, Captain of the Black Pearl, Insistent on being called Captain, Badass Normal, Loveable Rogue, Known to engage in One-On-One-On-One Fights, Incredibly skilled with firearms, Making Stuff Up on the Fly, Not liked by his crew and deserted a few times, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Enemy Mine to virtually everyone, His good deeds don't go unpunished, Strongly opposed to slavery, Never Hurt an Innocent, Opportunistic Bastard, Died while fighting the Kraken, Immortality Seeker, Mysterious Past, Breakout Character,
  • Domain: Piracy, Greed, Charisma, Treasure, Rum, Pragmatism
  • Heralds: His crew: Joshamee Gibbs (His First Mate), Jack the Monkey
  • Followers: The Pirates of Dark Water, Captain Ulrich Svensgard
  • Allies: Will and Elizabeth Turner, Edward Kenway, Aveline de Grandpré and Adéwalé, Gol D. Roger, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, May (Guilty Gear), Popeye, Qrow Branwen, Jiraiya, Jetstream Sam
  • Friendly Rivals: Carmen Sandiego, Ryu Hayabusa, the Gokaigers, The Straw Hat Pirates, Sinbad, Archie, Guybrush Threepwood
  • On speaking terms with: Davos Seaworth, Katara, Tinker Bell
  • Enemies: Marshall D. Teach/Blackbeard, Black Manta, Eizen, Sakazuki, Monkey D. Garp, Smoker, The Five Elders, Euron Greyjoy, The Flying Dutchman, Peter Pan, Maleficent, Pete, Luxord, Xehanort and his Incarnations, Luthor Harkon, The Kraeken, Octogeddon, The Kraken, Rahab, Zhaitan, SCP-169, Calvin Candie and Stephen
  • Opposed By: Stannis Baratheon, Manaphy, May, Wendy, John and Michael Darling, Lulua Frixell, Aquaman
  • Odd Friendship: Shantae, Ed Wood, Rango, The Mad Hatter
  • In the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, there exists a legend. A man with incredible skills and a notorious reputation, worthy of being the most infamous pirate of all time. That man is Jack Sparrow... Captain Jack Sparrow to be precise. Jack is a peculiar man, to say the least. He is an absolute loose cannon, with his fondness for rum, women and freedom. This, combined with his erratic behaviour, helped to make him seem like a complete buffoon to everyone else. But don't mistake Jack's mannerisms for stupidity. He is a cunning and manipulative man capable of talking his way out of almost any situation and stealing whatever is on your person in the process. And should you try to stop him you will be confronted by a skilled swordsman and marksman capable of going up against the best in the Caribbean. It's helped him survive undead pirates, ocean spirits, sea monsters, and the Royal British Navy.
    • Jack had travelled across the world, seeing many lands and going on many more adventures. But after helping reunite the Turner family and regaining the Black Pearl, he set sail for more action and exploration. His journey took him to strange lands inhabited by people and creatures unlike any he had ever seen. Not that it was a problem for Jack Sparrow; he was used to the weird and unusual. For two weeks, Jack kept a low profile in the harbours of this mysterious land, which the locals called The Pantheon until he crossed paths with a young man in a straw hat being chased by the authorities. Jack joined in the retreat, thinking the soldiers were after him as well, but he and his new companion escaped, evading capture thanks to Jack's trickery and the young man's... elastic arms. He later introduced himself as Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat pirates, and offered Jack a place in the Pantheon as a God. At first, Jack was skeptical of the boy's offer; after all, why should he trust a person he had just met? But it wouldn't hurt to try anyway. Jack Sparrow held Luffy to his word and helped the Straw Hats in several heists, leading to him being approached by the Court of The Gods. They offered Jack a place in the Pantheon for his pirate ways, complete with a temple to reside in. It seemed too good to be true... but it was the supply of rum that solidified the deal.
  • Jack's temple leads to his signature ship, the Black Pearl. Originally known as the Wicked Wench, the Pearl is distinguished by its recognizable black hull and sails, which it received when it was set alight and sunk by Cutler Beckett. Raised from the depths as part of a deal made with Davy Jones himself, Sparrow was meant to commandeer the ship for thirteen years... only to lose command following a mutiny led by Hector Barbossa. Jack would eventually regain control of the Black Pearl and has continued to sail it to this day. It is a large three-masted ship, armed with thirty-two cannons and widely regarded as the fastest ship in the Caribbean, even outrunning Flying Dutchman and the Silent Mary. It has continued serving Jack well in the Pantheon, earning a reputation as one of the most dangerous vessels to ever sail the treacherous waters of the Realm of Gods. Even the other ascended pirates have come to fear the sight of its signature black sails.
  • It didn't take Jack long to come across his old associates, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, following his ascension. Things went about as well as one would expect from a reunion between these three Vitriolic Best Buds. Throughout their adventures, all three have consistently betrayed and backstabbed each other, mostly Will and Elizabeth towards Jack to protect each other and Jack right back to get what he wants. But all things considered, all three have a level of admiration and respect for one another, with Jack, in particular, helping Will rescue Elizabeth from Barbossa, saving Will's life by giving up on a chance to become immortal and later helping Will and Elizabeth's son Henry reunite the family after Will became the captain of the Flying Dutchman. That being said, Jack is still something of a wild card and even his old allies are unsure who he's fighting for.
    Elizabeth: Who's side is Jack on?
    Will: At the moment?
  • Pirates are a frequent sight across the Pantheon's high seas, and Jack quickly became acquainted with many of the finest and most infamous. His first interactions were with the pirates of Luffy's homeworld, including the other Straw Hats. They were initially wary of Jack's erratic behaviour, and still are, but after helping them fight off an attack from Euron Greyjoy's crew, he was made an honourary Straw Hat, along with an ample supply of rum for his troubles. It was thanks to Luffy that Jack learned of Gold Roger's legendary treasure, the One Piece, and immediately developed a plan to reach the Grand Line to claim it for himself. Luffy and the others know that Jack will probably seek out the One Piece and are looking forward to crossing blades with him when the time comes.
    • During his ventures through the Pantheon, Jack Sparrow would cross paths with several other pirate crews, each with their unique quirks and characteristics. He crossed paths with a thick-bearded pirate captain after the two ended up on an island full of cannibals. They managed to escape with their lives, and afterwards, they got to know each other, with Jack expressing his surprise to learn the Captain made a fool of Queen Victoria in his home world. There was also Sinbad the Sailor, who joined Sparrow in raiding a Baratheon ship - which later earned the ire of Stannis Baratheon and his army. The two sailors were impressed by their shared abilities and Jack offered Sinbad a place on the Black Pearl, to which the latter declined, preferring to sail for adventure elsewhere. Jack became allies with the privateering Assassin Edward Kenway, who initially crossed blades with Sparrow from time to time, along with the anchor-wielding May, who along with her fellow Jellyfish Pirates, have helped the Black Pearl with raiding a stronghold occupied by Eizen and his crew.
  • Not all pirates were on good terms with Sparrow. Jack's plans to obtain the One Piece soon caught the attention of Marshall D. Teach - unrelated to the supernatural Blackbeard that Jack encountered in the past. He wasn't keen on Sparrow becoming King of the Pirates and, with help from the ruthless Risky Boots, had his crew attack the Black Pearl. He was able to escape but Jack found himself in treacherous waters. Other pirates like Smoker and Monkey D. Garp - despite the latter's neutral connections to the Straw Hats - view Sparrow as a threat and have tried to capture him whenever they get the chance.
    • Not everything was sunshine and rainbows on the high seas. As the God of Piracy, Jack Sparrow quickly found himself in the crosshairs of the World Government, in particular, he is at the top of Sakazuki's hit list, tied with Monkey D. Luffy himself. The magma-wielder has plans to kill Sparrow along with every other pirate in his home world, but first, he has to catch Captain Jack. It isn't an easy task, due to the unexpected appearance of the Gokaigers. Turns out, Captain Jack had stolen a few Ranger Keys from the space-faring heroes, and their arrival put a dent in Sakazuki's plans. It worked better than expected, and afterwards, Jack left the Ranger Keys for his rivals to reclaim.
  • One day, Jack Sparrow was in search of adventure, when he came upon a beautiful tropical island nestled in the high seas. He and his crew decided. to set foot on the island to resupply, but they were attacked by a young flying boy in green tights and wielding a small sword. This boy, Peter Pan, proved to be a worthy adversary, easily keeping up with everything Jack Sparrow threw at him - even an unexpected bottle of rum Jack threw at Pan. But the pair had to put their fight on hold; Pan's true enemy, Captain James Hook, had kidnapped his friends - Wendy, John and Michael - and planned on taking the Black Pearl for himself. Jack was forced to abandon the fight and take back his ship. To his surprise, Peter Pan came to help out, despite his dislike for pirates. They drove Hook off the Pearl, with Pan rescuing his friends in the process. Though they left on somewhat decent terms, Peter Pan is more than willing to fight Jack Sparrow again if he ever returned to Neverland, with Wendy, John and Michael expressing their distrust. That being said, Pan's fairy companion Tinker Bell was surprisingly fine with Sparrow, perhaps due to her time dealing with a pirate fairy in the past.
  • One day, a strange tavern opened in the port sector of the House of Food. It was called the Spy-Glass, and it was here that one Captain Jack stopped in to get some rum. He noticed a peculiar man in the corner preparing some food, muttering an old shanty to himself. “Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest— Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” Then Jack noticed a few Guineas, along with a bottle of rum, sitting unattended on the bar, right by a ragged old parrot. Jack attempted to steal the coins and rum, but the bird alerted its master, who turned to confront the savvy pirate. The two engaged in a battle of wits, with Sparrow trying to manipulate the old sea cook into letting him take his prize, while the old sailor blocked every attempt made. Eventually, the two drew their weapons - a sword for the sea cook and a flintlock for Sparrow. For a moment, no one made a move... until the old man began to laugh. He was genuinely impressed by Captain Sparrow's quick mind and tongue and tossed him the coins before properly introducing himself. He was Long John Silver, the only man Captain Flint ever feared, and as of a few weeks prior, a god within the Pantheon. Jack was impressed by this boast, though he was a little miffed he didn't get the rum. He promised to duel Silver another time... preferably upon the open sea.
  • Once upon a time, Jack Sparrow was assisted by a young Keyblade wielder named Sora who, along with his friends, Donald Duck and Goofy, helped him reclaim the ''Black Pearl'' from Barbossa and later, defeat Cuttler Beckett and Davy Jones. He was grateful to see the three in the Pantheon, with Sora introducing the Captain to his friends Kairi and Riku, whom Jack became friendly with. They often team up to go on pirating adventures across the Pantheon, which often leads them all into trouble with the law. Thankfully, they're quick to get to safety, with the help of a trusty chest. If you see the two fighting together and notice this strange chest on the ground. Do. Not. Open it! There's a bomb inside!
    • There are plenty of troubles that arose from Sora's arrival. On top of being enemies with Captain Hook and Pete, Jack had to contend with Pete's boos, Maleficent, and the return of Organization XIII. Among their ranks is Luxord, a time-manipulating gambler who crossed paths with Jack a few times before. Jack has no interest in Luxord's games, and for his part, Luxord plans to skip the formalities and get revenge on Jack... mainly for humiliating him aboard the ''Flying Dutchman.''
  • During his venture into the other worlds, Jack Sparrow ended up getting stranded in a strange place where duels were decided on how witty one's insults were. To make things worse, it wasn't just on one island; even the seas also had this rule. Unaware of these rules, he kept losing despite dodging most hits and was mildly annoyed at such rules. Luckily, a man named Guybrush Threepwoo came along to help out. Together, the two pirates managed to stop the plans of the undead pirate LeChuck, who planned on raising an army of zombies to rule all the seas as well as teaching some funny insults to use. Before departing, however, the ship they were using was transported to the Pantheon docks and soon Guybrush was ordered for evaluation, leading to his deification. Jack was quick to take all the credit for the entire story, even though it was Guybrush who did most of the work. They're still on good terms though, and Jack would join forces with Guybrush to deal with the various undead beings in the Pantheon. Most notably, the ghastly Flying Dutchman, the monstrous Zhaitan and the vampiric pirate Luthor Harkon, the latter of which created an army of undead pirates not unlike the cursed sailors who once served Hector Barbossa.
    • It should be noted that Threepwood is something of an Unknown Rival to Jack Sparrow... even though both men were on good terms. Sparrow's sheer luck has always been enough to give him the upper hand against the mighty pirate. Another Unknown Rival to Sparrow is the short-temped and incompetent Yosemite Sam, who once proclaimed himself to be the blood-thirstiest, shoot-'em-first-iest, doggone worst-iest buccaneer that ever sailed the Spanish main! Jack laughs at this; he can never take a man who is constantly bested by a rabbit as a serious threat.
  • Jack’s had to deal with quite a few individuals following his ascension, with some deities more bizarre than others. One such interaction was with a young Alchemist named Lulua Frixell, whom he came across while following his trusty compass. Now Lulua wasn’t too keen on Jack’s presence, especially after he tried to pilfer some of her items off her. It didn’t help that Lulua has the belief that true pirates protect and escort ships, fish the high seas, and keep the waters clean, all the while thinking those who pillage and plunder for treasure are impostors sullying their good name. Jack was admittedly very confused by this, and plans on messing with the young alchemist in the future.
  • It was once said that Jack was engaged in a never-ending battle with Ryu Hayabusa to determine whether Pirates or Ninjas were the superior warriors. These rumours were only started by Sparrow after Hayabusa stole a map to an island said to be home to ancient, wish-granting beings. The truth is while the two have crossed blades from time to time, both Hayabusa and Sparrow share a mutual respect, even working together when they discovered the "Wish-Granters" were demonic entities enslaving the local population. That being said, Jack has tried to convince his drinking buddy Jiraiya to switch over to his side, promising him greater fame and fortune. Jiraiya had considered it, but he declined Jack's offers for one single reason: the wenches of Tortuga and their lack of proper dental hygiene. It was enough to earn the ninja a slap from the ladies. He probably deserved it.
  • Jack has made a few friends on the open seas. Mostly drinking buddies who hang out in the House of Alcohol. These include Archibald Haddock, Withnail, Captain Nemo and Qrow Banwen, the former two often butting heads whenever they're not in the bar. But he has to be careful around these three. He doesn't want to end up in a situation where all the rum is gone, just like when he was with Elizabeth on that accursed island.
  • Jack often likes to exaggerate the story of his ascension, presenting it as yet another attempt to gain Immortality. He would say that he had taken over Will's position as captain of the Flying Dutchman, enjoying the company of lovely squid humanoids when the ship was attacked by a mythical sea turtle that was three times as big as the ship. He wrestled the creature to the depths of the ocean using his back hair and ripped its shell off. The explosion of magical energy energized him above the level of Calypso. Whether or not this story is true no one knows, but there was a sea turtle involved, somehow.
  • Jack Sparrow doesn't fear much... except for giant sea monsters of course. He should know, he was devoured by the Kraken before being spirited away to Davy Jones' Locker. Unfortunately, the Pantheon is full of giant monsters to terrorize the high seas, not just the Kraken itself, despite Jack having seen its body in his home world. There was the large cephalopod Octogeddon, the Kraeken, and the truly massive SCP-169, which sometimes is spotted in the vast open ocean. But the one who Jack fears the most is Rahab, guardian of the seven seas. Rahab is the one who sends monsters to attack wandering pirate ships in its mission to 'humble' humanity. Captain Jack was quick to realize Rahab was just as dangerous as Davy Jones, even more so, and he wants to keep as far away from these beasts as possible.
  • Slave owner Calvin Candie once once offered Captain Sparrow a job transporting a shipment of slaves to Candyland. Sparrow refused, telling Candie in no uncertain terms that "People aren't cargo, mate." Candie was fuming upon hearing that and had since sworn to have his dogs tear Captain Sparrow apart if he ever saw him again. But even if he tried, Candie would have a difficult time with it. Jack had allied himself with Aveline de Grandpré and Adéwalé, former slaves turned Assassins who had liberated slaves from Candie's clutches in the past. They intend on bringing down the plantation owner's operations and Jack Sparrow is more than happy to help out.
  • Compelled by a mysterious connection, Jack has been seen drinking with Ed Wood (who now has plans to make a pirate movie starring Sparrow alongside Geena Davis), having tea with the Mad Hatter, and developing a strange fondness towards the chameleon Rango. Many deities wonder how he would react to meeting Edward Scissorhands.
  • To the surprise of many, Jack can speak fluently in Japanese. However, many people have confused him for Qrow Branwen or Jetstream Sam due to sounding so similar. However, the three were able to laugh it off, and their similar voices have become a running joke with the triad. They will hang out from time to time, often joining forces to acquire specific treasures or fighting powerful enemies sent by the World Government or British Navy.
  • Captain Jack has had a few experiences with merfolk from time to time. While he's not on good terms with Ariel and the people of Atlantica, the Atlantian king Aquaman is not fond of the captain. He views Jack as a disrespectful, untrustworthy pirate with no sympathetic qualities to him. Jack countered Aquaman's comments, saying his love for rum is a sympathetic trait of his. Even so, both Jack and Aquaman can agree on one thing, they don't like Black Manta one single bit. A modern pirate who is more obsessed with killing Aquaman than searching for treasure, Manta quickly rubbed Jack the wrong way. A proper pirate shouldn't be so fixated on revenge and Manta's brutal tactics didn't sit well with Captain Jack or his crew, so they keep a healthy distance from the supervillain.
  • While looking for new ventures and exploits, Jack Sparrow heard rumours of a "Pirate's Silver" in a far-off world. Curious, he sought out those who knew about this treasure, leading him to a young Waterbender named Katara. He initially thought she was a naive goody-two-shoes whom he could steal from. Except it didn't work out that way. She sent his crew overboard before robbing him. As she put it, "Stealing is wrong... unless it's from pirates."
    • After that embarrassing incident, Sparrow dug a little deeper into Katara's history with pirates. Turns out she once aided a pirate crew aboard the Flying Wolfbat during the Hundred Year War, helping to deliver what turned out to be medicine to poor Earth Kingdom villagers... all in exchange for Silver Lillies. Captain Jack is disappointed by the revelation but he can respect a pirate with honour. Katara, on the other hand, doesn't like Silver one bit. Sure, he can be honourable at times but she's had enough experience with pirates to know he's a ruthless killer who would slit his mother's throat for a gold piece. She stays away from him as a result and should they cross paths, she just freezes his ship to keep from going anywhere.
  • When Jack Sparrow joined the Grand Felony Eleven, he found himself crossing paths with the notorious Carmen Sandiego. But it wasn't the first time the two had met. A few months prior, Sandiego had stolen a map from Sparrow, a map that he had stolen from Kapain K.Rool following a duel in Tortuga. This map was needed to find the One Piece... which she intends to steal from the Pantheon and its deities. Sparrow was quick to act, using his natural cunning and charm to steal Carmen's Chronoskimmer. He intends to use it to find the One Piece. So far, he hasn't gotten the high-tech device to work but he remains determined.
  • "You shall always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!"

    Professor Moriarty 
Professor James Moriarty, God of Criminal Masterminds (The Napoleon of Crime, Jim, Richard Brook, Jamie Moriarty, Irene Adler, The Archer of Shinjuku, Ruler, The Fantom, M, Smirnoff, The Professor, Klint van Zieks, Klimt)
His Sherlock appearance
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As an Archer Servant
As a Ruler Servant
  • Demigod, Intermediate God as a Servant, speculated to be a Greater God concealing his true power
  • Symbols: A most curious absence of any identifying symbols. Occasionally, a copy of The Dynamics of an Asteroid
  • Theme Song: Moriarty's theme and its reprise for his 2011 version, The Professor ~ The Phantom Lives for his Ace Attorney version
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil in his original incarnation, though most adaptations are Neutral Evil; Chaotic Evil as a Servant and as Jim Moriarty
  • Portfolio: Evil Counterpart, Deductive Reasoning, Consulting Criminal, Forehead of Doom, Ensemble Dark Horse to Breakout Villain
  • Domain: Crime, Knowledge, Secrets, Persecution
  • Herald: His trusty henchman Sebastian Moran
  • Allies: An untold number of villains and underlings owe a debt of gratitude to Moriarty's machinations (but he'd never let you trace them back to him), the House of Undead and Phasmata, Two-Face (bad side only), The Black Organization, Ratigan
  • Rivals: HYDRA and Red Skull, Tywin Lannister (also doubles as Worthy Opponent), Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Enemies: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, the Hall of Investigative Work, Cersei Lannister, Katniss Everdeen, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Batman
  • Complicated Relationship with: Irene Adler
  • Business Partner with: Vito Corleone
  • Annoyed by Adenoid Hynkel
  • Odd Friendship: Adam Jensen, Frankenstein's Monster, Charles Babbage
  • Moriarty's inclusion in the pantheon does not mark his ascension, but rather the moment it became apparent that he'd been here all along, orchestrating crimes through a multitude of agents. As the evil counterpart to Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty uses the same brilliantly logical mind to orchestrate crimes as the detective does to solve them, and shares his arch-enemy's devoted interest in the works of the House of Justice.
  • Much like his famous nemesis, not much is known about the Napoleon of Crime's personal history, and what little is known is rife with vagueness and contradiction, of which neither Holmes or Moriarty are willing to elaborate on. Professor James Moriartynote  first gained recognition at the age of 21 when he wrote a treatise on the Binomial theorem, on the strength of which he gained the Mathematical Chair at a small universitynote . Beyond having some criminal blood running through his veins, it is unknown when and how he first became involved in crime, but he was eventually forced to leave the university due to "dark rumors" that spread about him, and set up in London as an army coachnote  and secret Diabolical Mastermind, where he first encountered his arch-enemy.
  • Is now an important advisor to Vito Corleone to strengthen both of their criminal enterprises. The two of them treats each other with respect, but Moriarty makes clear that he means business and feels Vito is too soft to his henchmen. Also serves as a tactician to the Black Organization under the code name 'Smirnoff'.
  • Hearing about his existence in the Pantheon caused Sherlock Holmes and John Watson to drop quite a few of their ongoing investigations to take him down.
  • One figure he has a complicated relationship with is Irene Adler. While their original counterparts never met, a few of their counterparts did. Their relationship tends to be on the antagonistic side, but one memorable time the two of them are revealed to be the same person, who called herself Jamie Moriarty.
    • This female version caused him quite a bit of trouble with Cersei Lannister who thought that her rival Margaery Tyrell has returned to the Pantheon because Cersei has thought that she was destroyed during the Great Sept of Baelor. With her paranoia, Cersei immediately launched an attack on his temple right after the attack on Irene Adler, causing Tywin to step in because he thought that she is being wasteful of resources on an unprovoked deity. This event and the fact that he thinks she is annoying and incompetent, caused bad blood between the two of them.
    • On the other hand, he respects Tywin for being basically his fantasy medieval counterpart. However, the two made it clear that they will not hesitate to bring the other down if their interest is conflicted.
  • After his criminal organization was first dismantled by Sherlock Holmes in the mortal world, Moriarty sought revenge and attempted to kill Holmes at Reichenbach Falls, but ended up plunging down the depths alone. Though some claim he survived the fall, he still has an aversion to waterfalls. This caused him to avoid the House of Nature.
  • Has been spotted playing high-stakes speed chess with Lelouch on a few occasions.
  • Speculation abounds on exactly what it is that his book, The Dynamics of an Asteroid, is about. The book ascends to such rarefied heights of pure mathematics that those who try to read it either can't understand it or can't explain what it's about in a way that can be understood.
  • Professor Ratigan prides himself in being Moriarty's mouse equivalent, and one of his more devoted followers.
  • His manipulative tendency reminds Katniss too much of President Snow and Coin to be comfortable around him. The fact that Moriarty once disguised as one of her allies Cressida to lure Katniss into becoming his agent (something that Irene Adler managed to stop) caused her to hate his guts.
  • Doesn't particularly like the Red Skull because he thinks that the Nazi is crazy and his organization is a major rival to his influence.
  • Has a surprisingly good relationship with the evil-aligned deities in the House of Undead given that he uses his agent or even sometimes disguises as a helpless victim to manipulate them.
  • Because of Moriarty long history and many actors portrayed him, he tends to take full advantages of this fact to disguise himself more easily in order to achieve his purpose.
    • Once disguised himself to be Adenoid Hynkel's advisor to see if the dictator had any power he can manipulate. However, this was abandoned after about two days spending time with Hynkel because Moriarty was annoyed by the latter's incompetence.
    • Indiana Jones hates his guts because he once disguises as Indy's rival René Belloq so he can lure Indy to steal an artifact for him.
    • He sometimes disguises himself as his archenemy Sherlock Holmes to kidnap Irene and/or John so he can get back at Holmes. This usually evolves into increasingly complex mental battles between the two of them that affect everyone in the Pantheon to the point that people with superpowers tend to forcefully intervene by rescuing the victim.
    • Once pretended to be various characters with the same voice as one of his resurrected 22nd century clone to massively communicate many deities in the Pantheon. This is all to capture or secretly manipulate them to set up a chase for Sherlock throughout the Pantheon. After Sherlock discovered and solve the puzzle with no small amount of effort and help from John, Irene and the loved ones of those got captured, a lot of the chess pieces are either killed or lived with their memory wiped.
    • There is a program being constantly shown in the Children section of the House of Family run by a Mr. Richard Brook, a story about "Sir Boasts a Lot" and the adventures of this Knight coincide with crimes Holmes is investigating, Holmes quickly caught on to what the name meant but is wary of the end game that Moriarty is hoping to pull this time.
    • Somehow Richard Brook has run the ire of James Bond, it may have something to do with Bond's dealings with Spectre and the person that he had to deal with then looks a lot like Brook.
  • Teamed up with Frankenstein's Monster and Charles Babbage for an adventure across Connacht once upon a certain summer. Normally a dour man, his demeanor changed completely when Fran started calling him "Papa".
  • Strangely, gets along fairly well with Adam Jensen, after they find out they share the same phone ringtone.

    Tony, Jo, Mario and César 
Tony, Jo, Mario Ferrati and César, Progenitors of Carefully Crafted Heists (Tony: le Stéphanois | Jo: le Suédois | César: le Milanais)
Left to Right: Jo, Mario, Tony, César
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol/s: A diamond/ring hanging on a rope with a man rappelling below the it. Alternatively, four guns of different color pointed at two sides.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: A crew for four men out to steal jewelry, a group of criminals against a more sinister gang, most of the crew ends up dead with no money either, loyal to each other (except for César), the main protagonist of the story with a less than pleasant history, survived till the end to save his godson (Tony), met his fate with a slit throat (Mario), brought to crack the safe, responsible for the tragedy after the heist, has a penchant for love (César), died due to lack of communication in a hostage rescue attempt (Jo)
  • Domains: Thieves, Heists, Jewelry, Silence, Planning
  • High Priests: Erwin "Doc" Riedenschneider, Cobby, Alonzo Emmerich, Louie Ciavelli, Gus Minissi and Dix Handley (who perhaps predate the four of them)
  • Heralds: Mado (Tony's ex-girlfriend), Ide (Mario's wife), Louise (Jo's wife), Tonio (Jo's godson), Viviane (César's love interest)
  • Allies: Neil McCauley, the PAYDAY Gang (more on the tolerable side that is)
  • Mixed Relations to: Each other, especially César
  • Rivals: The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, the Cabot crew, Carl Johnson, Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton, Niko Bellic, Leverage Consulting and Associates, Leonard Snart
  • Respected by: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Enemies: Dimitri Rascalov, the Joker, the House of Law and Justice especially Vincent Hanna
  • It all started one day when an inmate finally left his five-year imprisonment on France, free from prison and into the streets when all of a sudden, a friend of his would proposes a simple smash-and-grab to him thanks to an associate of his. While hesitant, the discovery of his ex-girlfriend working at one of his rival's bar would help him reconsider his choice and together, with a fourth man recruited, would go on a daring robbery on stealing the store's safe as opposed to a smash and grab. It was a success and no evidence was found on the scene the next day. What would happen next would become the death of the men as one of them stole a diamond ring and, without the knowledge of others, gave it to his love, while also exposed to a rival of theirs. The discovery of such would lead the four on a tale of betrayal, death and greed as one by one, the men died and their loot gone. This is the tale of the four thieves: Tony, Mario, Jo and César, who would not only become one of the main inspirations of the caper genre, but subsequently show the risks that await for such actions.
  • The four men were suddenly found lying on the floor, with all their wounds gone and themselves restored. How they came within Pantheon premises has yet to be answered but they found themselves under the mercy of a courtroom and weirdly enough, they have no shackles. This was not a jail sentencing but rather, a special case. They would be found worthy of ascension as their actions became the core of what would become the Caper story genre, with the general consensus placing them within the House of Crime and Transgressions. Tony would ask questions but they would soon be brought to their would be temple, which is a recreation of 1950s France. At first, they were hesitant with the new standards but soon were comfortable with their new home.
  • For their daring crime, the four men are not too special and did the heist in the means to give them a fortune for such a rotten life they have been living in. Tony was the mastermind of the entire plan, though Jo was the one that convinced him to join for a simple smash-and-grab, it was his idea to turn a plan into an intricate robbery. To do this, they recruited Jo's friend Mario and a safecracker César to accomplish the plan. Things went well but César had to steal a diamond to give to his would-be girlfriend and it all went downhill. As a gang pursued them to steal the loot, one by one, they suffered and it all ended when Tony saved his godson, with all of them deceased and nothing to pay. It all goes to show how risky heists are in reality.
  • Despite being regular men, they have a special place in the House of Theatre and Spectacle for their contributions to the history of film, most notably the popularization of the stories about heists. They were not the first ones however, as one Doc Riedenschneider can attest. To compensate for this, his crew were given the roles of High Priest should the four be busy in certain situations to commemorate the early progenitors of the genre. They were also okay with it as not only do they keep their positions, but also give their priests a time to shine.
  • Group lives aside, the men also have their own individual lives. Tony does have medical issues prior to his release in jail and has yet to contact the House of Health and Diseases for a cure, Mario lives with his wife Ida, Jo also has a family to feed but with more issues in terms with his wife Louise and César has his eyes fixed on Vivianne, who he continues to woo over. The latter's intention to give her a bauble that was taken from the heist is what exactly caused the downfall of all four of them, making him the most disloyal of the bunch, unhelped by the fact that he also exposed their names to the Grutter Gang upon being interrogated, while the three would remain honest to each other, save for him.
  • In the criminal world, heists are the crimes that aim for big scores. Money and fame are big but at the same time, risks are even bigger and may result in either death or prosecution to everyone involved. To keep an idea afloat in a place like the Pantheon, there needs to be a leader to prepare for the plan ahead. One man by the name of Neil McCauley decided to be the frontrunner of such endeavour and has been recruiting various criminals of such scale to accomplish capers of many kinds. In the case of the four men, Neil recruited them under the idea of stealth heists where silence is golden and the key is using the least harmful ways to steal loot. The four agreed to join so as long as it gives them some payout.
    • Tony would remain the leader for the most part while Jo, Mario and César would retain their original roles. He would coordinate the men and take the place as the driver while Jo would guard their presence. César, being an effective safecracker, would be in charge of cracking the safes and Mario would help out in extracting the loot. The four would be great for silent heists so as long as Tony plans ahead. McCauley has told him however to watch over César in the case he screws up as the events that happened after the heist is a mistake not one of them wants to repeat, especially with whoever they might anger within Pantheon grounds.
    • It would seem that they were not the only ones to be hired by McCauley for his ideas. They were introduced to other groups hired by him who were also heisters themselves. One was the Cabot crew, lead by Mr. White, of which Tony seems to be very dismissive towards if not because of the group's reliance on violence and loud methods to gain their loot, in contrast to the four who stole the diamond silently, with no dialogue nor evidence. Their story also mentioned of a mole within the crew, only worsening the would be amicable relationship between the two as well as a psychopath, pointing to Mr. Blonde. Mr. White has asked McCauley for mediation between the two groups to make sure no infighting occurs. Due to certain Pantheon changes, only Mr. White gets to keep the burden of Mr. Orange's situation as the mole.
    • The PAYDAY Gang were also invited by Neil to continue the tradition of capers in the Pantheon and were more than thrilled to see other heisters. For the four, they are able to stomach the gang, as while they may have some violent tendencies and the likelihood to switch guns blazing if stealth is no longer an option, they do have tools that can make their heists silent and at times, non-lethal. Also, they do not intend to hurt civilians... most of the time. One thing that they noticed from their stash of loot and history is a mysterious diamond of historical importance. Some say that Jo and Mario have been staring at the diamond though history has not been kind with those who own it.
  • Other than Neil who approached them, their heist was the talk of the town on how they pioneered the concept and other heisters took notice. Those hailing from the Grand Theft Auto universe have taken the news with interest and have shared their plans in bringing them forward to their big scores. While the offer is tempting, the four would prefer quiet heists, which is different from how they did theirs, whether it be Carl Johnson's successful heist at Caligula's Casino, Niko Bellic's pyrrhic victory stealing the money at the Bank of Liberty and the Los Santos trio's various heists, the most popular being the Paleto Score. The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, while a bit rough considering the lifestyle he lives in, has seen them as friendly rivals of sorts and has taken notes from them for the Saints to reenact, though the four have been cautious since the Saints do remind them of the Grutter Gang to some extent.
    • This includes conmen that use heists out of a Robin Hood-esque style intention, stealing loots from master criminals and sharing them to the public. The group has no ill-will against those but would also avoid attracting their attention, particularly of the Leverage Consulting group since that is their modus operandi. It also does not help when they are outmanned and clearly have a better skillset than them, which makes it a terrible situation should they catch their attention. They do have the advantage of being silent in the heists they make and avoidance of clues to their vicinity, making them a hard catch, unless César screws it up.
  • Though their heist was out of self-interest, few have taken their attention outside of the aforementioned deities, especially when it comes to contracts. The Pantheon has granted most criminals, the organized ones anyway, the usage of contracts by contractors or any similar kind. This gives them more opportunities and payout but they have also been warned about the cases of those who will gladly betray their own hired men, likely out of spite or avoidance of possible witnesses. Dimitri Rascalov and the Joker being main cases. The two have already been notorious in the criminal underworld, the former being a prick that will gladly backstab anyone who he sees as useless as warned by Niko and the latter showing that he is very uncaring of people's lives including his own men.
  • Being the main (or one of) makers of the Caper Genre does bring them some infamy, especially in terms of cops. The Great Treasury has been vigilant since heists can occur within their premises while the House of Law and Justice have been monitoring whatever criminal activity is present in the Pantheon to a controllable extent. The four have no full hatred of the cops, especially compared to the likes of the PAYDAY Gang, the Cabot Gang and especially Neil, they just simply steal for the money's worth with no innocent blood to spill likely to get away from their impoverished lives. This makes them a mixed bag in the House they reside in since most of the criminals would love to get their hands dirty, a reminder of the Grutter Gang that killed them off slowly.
  • For the four, Tony has reminded his group to remain loyal to each other, with the exception of César who has proven to rather do the talking when threatened. Their loyalty to each other was tested till their deaths and have remained in their ascension, with the three dissing at their compatriot about what he did back then. Other heister crews have shown some standards to their own partners, a tip that Captain Cold took to heart when creating the Rogues. He was impressed at their heist and might even consider bringing them with his plans but has felt pity bringing a bunch of regulars and pitting them against a superhero they cannot hope to win against. The sentiment is also agreed by the four, stating that while honourable as a villain, the risk of their lives being apprehended by a more powerful being bears too much for them.

    Vito and Michael Corleone 
Vito and Michael Corleone, The Dons of the Pantheon (Vito: Don Vito Corleone, Vito Andolini, Don Vito; Michael: Mike, Mikey. Both: Don Corleone, The Godfather)
Top: Vito Bottom: Michael
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A bottle of Genco Pura olive oil with a revolver to its side. Alternatively, a hand holding a marionette control bar.
  • Theme Song: The Godfather
  • Alignment: True Neutral most of the time, with Vito leaning towards Lawful Evil and Michael leaning to Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolios: The Dons of the Sicilian Family who are charismatic yet vicious
  • Domains: Law, Mafias, Family, Nobility, Organized Crime
  • Herald: The other members of the Corleone Family (Sonny, Fredo, Connie, Kay-Adams, Deanna-Dunn, Carmela, Apollonia Vitelli, Mary, Tony), Tom Hagen (Vito's adopted Consigliere), Vincent Mancini (Michael's nephew), Carlo Rizzi, Luca Brasi and Al Neri (their respective personal bodyguards), Peter Clemenza and various associates of the family
  • Godfather of: The House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Allies (and possible associates): Leon Montana and Mathilda Lando, the Sopranos and DiMeo Family, Omar Little, Bucciarati's Gang (only applies to Vito, Giorno has no response with Michael)
  • Working Relationship with: Anton Chigurh
  • Rivals: All other Mafiosos and gangs with the Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, Huang Lee, Kazuma Kiryu and Al Capone being the most notable
  • Banned from: The House of Religion and Faith (for Michael)
  • Enemies: Drug dealers and those associated with it such as the likes of the Tony Montana and Walter White, police officers with Cole Phelps being on their tail, Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, John Donovan, Thomas Angelo
  • Under the Watchlist: The House of Law and Justice
  • Whenever one hears the word Don, one of the most obvious guesses refers to the mafia, a large family connected to the world of crime originating in Italy. In this case, one Italian made it to the ranks in New York City, establishing a code of honor and authority even among other criminals at that time. This is the story of Vito Corleone, known to the families as The Godfather. His goals are simple, maintain the status quo of the Corleones in the world of America whilst holding most of the connections from simple folk to judges and officers of the law. By creating a myriad set of standards that he follows, not only is he entirely cryptic to any outsider but a respectable and highly dangerous threat to any criminal that dares to cross him, his businesses and most importantly his family. Though rightfully feared, his leadership would soon end and eventually a heir was chosen to fulfill the role of the Don of the family.
    • The position of heir was fought against three of Vito's sons, Sonny, Fredo and Michael Corleone. Michael did not want anything to do with the family business while Sonny and Fredo's flaws, be it the former's hot-headedness and the latter's stupidity made them unfit to take the mantle with Sonny eventually getting killed by a rival family. Seeing that no other option was left and with the attempted assassinations against his father, Michael took the position as the new heir of the Corleone family. What ensured was a warpath of cunning schemes, brutal revenge, massive power consolidation and fear that made Michael a far more dangerous man than Vito, especially from a violent standpoint. That said, Vito had control which allowed him to earn some shred of respect while Michael had no remorse for his enemies. In the end, despite being the most powerful family and the new future catching up, Michael would live the last remainder of his life as the antithesis to his father's legacy.
  • Originally this position was offered to many candidates, with Al Capone being the most prolific, until Don Vito, hearing of the ruckus, made him a much better one, something along the lines of "what right does a Neapolitan have to interfere in a matter between Sicilians", and Capone stepped down. An unprecedented move, a gang war broke out between several of the multiverse's known mafiosos in order to occupy the vacant spot, leading to a massive bloodshed of dead mafioso, which allowed the Corleone crime family to step up and consolidate their hold in what would be a greater form of power. To make it permanent, Vito assigned co-ownership alongside Michael, even with his son's objections on the offer. Despite his protests, Vito's unwavering confidence and good choice of words convinced the higher ups to put Michael alongside Vito as the Dons of the Pantheon with the remaining family members and affiliates given permanent protection as heralds.
  • Being the Don of the Mafia has made the Corleones a rightfully feared name, owned by the fact that Vito's standards would set up a high bar for many to follow and that only few would even get it right. Unfortunately, that same fear was not felt within the bowels of the Pantheon, which was the House of Crime and Transgressions. His disappointment would be felt as many would remain uncooperative and most would not even follow the rules of the trade even with diplomatic attempts. Seeing that talks were out of the question and that the House of Law and Justice was unwilling to cooperate, decided to give Michael the reign as the Don. The result ended with a large "cleansing" of the place, by Michael's words, and majority of the criminals of the underworld suddenly stopped. With authority in place and morale reseted to their liking, the Corleones established their rightful place in the Pantheon, as key members of the Great Felony Eleven.
  • For the Corleones, especially Vito, authority is the true weapon of the mafioso as the reputation of one being mysterious yet dangerous makes him truly feared, rather than going in guns blazing. The Pantheon's criminal den and its inhabitants have shown a lack of authority so it was his time to install his reputation among the streets and districts. One of his first actions was bringing and hiring a hitman by the name of Leon Montana, seeing his skills as well enough to protect his family, alongside a strict code of honor both seem to have. He also agreed to bring Mathilda Lando per agreements with Leon as a condition to allow entrance in the Pantheon, creating a deal in the Main House and Courts for their stay. Second was the aforementioned permission from Vito to Michael to purge as many unruly criminals in the House. The latter of which forced other criminals to behave but some of the more chaotic ones escaped and placed their temples someplace else, which has continued to be a thorn for the two now that they are not part of the house but still have obligations to visit.
    • Rivalries with other mafia families were a common sight in the old times, though it was more of a silent war than the usual shootouts in gang wars. A few mafia families immediately recognized the two and decided to side with them, not just because of inspiration, as what the DeMeo family claims to be the main case, but because of the potential for more power and connections. After all, mafia families cannot hold on their own if they are controlled out of fear. Michael has some bone to pick with them but so far, Vito has not released the leash, since he fears both Michael and the DiMeos are as equally dangerous if given the ample resources. Not all were friendly relations however as Al Capone did manage to get into the Pantheon... though by more humiliating means. Both of them would compete over who is the greatest mafia boss of all time since Al does have a historical background while the Corleones just popularized the idea, but there is a lot of mutual respect between them, especially as mafioso.
    • At one point, Vito and Michael were contemplating about inviting one other mafioso by the name of Giorno Giovanna, in part due to the information they gathered about the gang and their abilities, considering that their chaotic nature would put them under the heat of far bigger forces they cannot control. However, that all changed when Vito received a call from the man himself for an arranged meeting and after securing the premises had a small talk. Vito was given a connection to Giorno, who has great sympathy to criminals who adhere to higher standards and admits that despite his gesture, he himself could not measure to Vito's legacy, something many mafioso have tried to replicate. While this was on Vito's side, he had no comment on his son, as while he earned his father's trust, trusting Michael, who is known to be cunning and violent, is a hard pass for him, as he fears that his actions may end up attracting unwanted forces.
  • Past the mafia, the family has no sympathy over other criminal organizations, calling them as too messy to deal with and for a lack of a better term, "without any form of standards" to the criminal life. Italian and American families may be enough but the addition of street gangs, Yakuza and Triads as well as other unmentioned groups have soured what little remained of a controlled criminal empire into a bumbling state of affairs. An example of this is 3rd Street Saints, a gang that has continued to be a thorn in the Corleones' businesses as the Boss has made raids on the random alongside the large infamy and territory the Saints have in some portions of the Pantheon. Yakuza and Triad members have also taken notice of the Corleones' reach, with Huang Lee and Kazuma Kiryu eventually being forced to meet the two for a "truce", so as long as there will be no bloodshed, which is a contradictory statement considering the House they are in but they can try to minimize the damage, though as they say, violence can be an accepted form of competition. Kiryu for once is actually happy for once that a crime leader will not resort to physically beating up people (unless its Michael) while Huang's attitude has him apathetic at the offer but signed it anyway to keep the Triads at peace especially after his takeover from his uncle's betrayal.
    • Popularity can get you to new heights, but can also attract large amounts of foes, a case that Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro have followed. Their history have shown large betrayal from fellow crime families that other mafioso have considered them Persona non grata on that domain. The father has made special meetings where they can arrange a truce to avoid dangerous conflict between them as they would rather keep their work intact than open a can of worms, the son however decided to give them both a visit, resulting in various engagements between Vito and Joe with Corleone-hired hitmen. The engagements stopped but it would take time till Michael prepares another blow against the duo, which Vito has been consistently controlling him for to avoid more wanton bloodshed.
    • Reports of both Vito and Joe's "deaths" (then revival shortly) reached to Lost Heaven, New Bourdeux and Empire City, states of which was also a haven for organized mafias to roam with little issue while also housing the two Pantheon members residing there, a CIA Agent and a former caporegime. Despite their profession, both John Donovan and Thomas Angelo have taken note of the Corleones' sudden return to power and the news of Michael taking both Vito and Joe down with massive hits have made them cautious. The Marcano Crime Family that Vito had contact with were cut-off following the reports of Donovan's dedication to their arrest while Thomas' news of ratting out his associates has him put as an example of when revenge can be justified in his meetings. Nowadays, Vito and Michael have little reason to connect to the three cities, seeing that their impression of the three deities from that universe have become so crooked.
  • They are one of the most sought after targets for the House of Law and Justice and for good reason, their crime business, legitimate or not, are still illegal activity, so much so that Cole Phelps have dedicated majority of his portfolio on their business. While not as a big thorn as other families, the father and son have seen the police authorities in the Pantheon on one half being sloppy and uncoordinated and the other being strict and relentless, with Cole going for the latter. Bribes were planned but Vito had little faith on that idea since most of the police, the corrupt ones anyway, would be bribed via drug money, something he will never vow to join in. If bribes will not work however, Michael has more... aggressive methods of keeping Cole out.
  • Vito Corleone is the head of the crime family and arguably the one that started the business. He was born in Italy under the name Vito Andolini, though his family had a short-lived life as a rival family killed them off one by one, eventually forcing him to emigrate to America, where he vowed to climb his way to the top. After a few schemes and successes in life, he built his empire with strength, intelligence and patience at hand, and with his establishment in America made from the ground up with his revenge from the Don that killed his family, he founded the standards and code of conduct many Dons in New York emulated. After a few changes, including being part of an business he had no interest in, he died in a heart attack, putting Michael Corleone in charge of the family from now on.
    • Vito is normally a calm man, a man of standards if you will. He prefers talks and promises that he actually fulfills, including a bravado that he confidently shows to all Dons. He has no interest in revenge and other businesses he has no intention of ruling, unless it is personal. He prefers to either earn his respect of other positions (such as having loyal members at the police or senate) and show some mercy, that is once you see him in a deal, where he will create an offer no one will refuse. Because of his mysterious aura, Vito has remained a calm, collected and very respectable and nice man, unless you double-cross him that is.
    • Drugs is also one way to earn his hatred to anyone, as the business and the deals made by his son Sonny was the cause of his family's decline. He has made it clear that any known drug dealers seen in the vicinity of his turf are not welcome and may even be shot on sight. Ergo, this has made him enemies to anyone related to the business, with his prime target being Walter White, however this evidently shifted away from Walter to the Salamancas following a violent military-esque takeover. His son hates them more so but both have agreed that their stance against drugs is of equal detest, just ask what happened between Sollozzo and his son Sonny Corleone, of which he has barred any authority over the business.
    • Even against the heralds' advice, Vito has considered Omar Little a useful ally, as Don Vito Corleone loathes drug dealers and Omar's favorite target for his robberies are drug dealers, a response to Michael's actions which he considered a bit too much. Omar usually has no one to obey but the deal Vito has and his contracts has made him a worthy asset to the family. Because of this contract, the Corleones have often encouraged or outright hired Omar to steal from drug dealing competitors, and Omar has been more than happy to comply with this arrangement, to the point of making him under protection of the family.
      • However, while they may have agreements in regards to Leon and Omar, the same cannot be said for other hitmen, likely due to the potential possibility of said hitman betraying their contractors. In addition, hiring anyone outside of the family can be a big risk both in the reputation between families and their own ranks. Such as the case with Anton Chigurh, of which Vito has made several precautions against him, likely because of Anton's dealings with the Mexican cartel that hired him. Being notorious as a rogue also worsened his reputation, yet one thing is clear to him: Anton's lethality. For one, he admittedly gets the job done and does it with great precision, which is what hitmen should be. He has made talks with Anton from time to time but there is still the lingering issue once he turns against the Corleones, though if he does Michael is waiting to finish him off.
    • "A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."
  • In his time as a father, Vito took care of his children, Sonny, Fredo, Michael and Connie. Sonny and Fredo have been considered liabilities to the family and so Michael was instated as the new Godfather after Vito's passing. Michael, the younger brother of Sonny and Fredo and the older sibling to Connie, ironically had no intention of passing the torch of the family's crime business but due to Sonny's incompetence and Fredo's stupidity, he was given no choice but to lead the family under Vito's blessing. His history of being a pacifist would turn into violence as every action Michael has made, intentional or not, has attracted a mess of Dons who want the Corleone family dead. The end result was a violent Don who would go out of his way to kill those who stood in his path, including those of blood. By the time he became old, he would realize that all his actions could never match his father's reputation as well as putting the family in constant danger and after the death of Mary, his daughter, he would retire and die in Sicily, alone for the rest of his life.
    • During the assessment of Vito's hate against drugs, Walter White then came to observe Michael's past, He was said to be ironically amused at Michael's ascension to godhood, viewing it as the final step in Michael's journey which saw him go from scrupulously avoiding being involved in crime to one of the most feared and influential criminals in fiction, a transformation that he himself was famous for. Michael was unaware of this until White sent mail coming to laugh at his hypocrisy and angered, grabbed some of the family's assets where he ordered several hits in Walter, each being more painful than the last, though the Pantheon has its rule of the status quo that anyone deified would remain in the premises. As a last letter, Michael sent a last warning to the drug dealer for his statements:
      Michael: If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone, especially you.
      • In a sudden turn of events, Michael stopped his focus on Walter when news that the Salamancas arrived right within their House. Vito was disturbed but Michael was determined to use any available resources from the Corleone family to drive them out. His father held him however, seeing that the cartel are heavily armed and are no pushovers, even potentially striking an alliance with other crime families if need be to handle Hector's business. On the other side, the Salamanca family are confused as to why one of the biggest mafias are against their business and on drugs as a whole, even with the explanation on standards that Vito installed. Still, if any of them attempt to mess on their turf and their business, then it's all out crime war.
    • There is one Italian that both Corleones have rejected. To them, Tony Montana is a disgrace to The Mafia name. His disastrous tenure not only caused the downfall of his group, it also glorified the drug smuggling business. Even worse, his influence has amassed various copycats from throughout the Pantheon. To Montana, the feeling is mutual. He calls the Corleones "fucking pussies" for staying back to leave their hands dirty. Vito has no part in the war since he is busy with negotiations, however he has given Michael the role to wipe Montana out of the Pantheon premises and he has gladly taken it with stride as the Corleone-Montana mafia wars have escalated, no part in due to Michael's strategic thinking and support from his father's allies, though some have agreed that Vito's son is too much of a warmonger that they actually fear him for that.
    • The House of Religion and Faith has made it clear that they will not allow Michael within their premises, as unlike the House's rather begrudging acceptance of his father regardless of their business, Michael's actions (including organizing the wholesale slaughter of his enemies even as he stood in a church "renouncing Satan and all his works" and meddling with the Pope) were too much of an affront, even to those who do not follow Catholicism. When Vito heard of this, he was absolutely devastated as he was not notified of the extent Michael achieved his goals. The news has further made the bond between the two more tense as the father has constantly made speeches against his son's actions, on a Church, a place where they have kept tradition for years, no less.
    • "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."