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Solaris, Unholy Entity of Being Erased from Existence (The Flame of Hope, Solaris the Sun God | Mephiles the Dark: Memphis Tennessee | Iblis: The Flames of Disaster, Living Flame)
Solaris' first form
Solaris' second form
Mephiles the Dark render by Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt.
  • Overdeity (Mephiles by himself is Intermediate God and Iblis by itself is Greater God)
  • Symbol: Its first form
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Spacetime Eater, Ax-Crazy, Physical God
  • Domains: Destruction, Time
  • High Priests: The Nebiru Entity, Dr. W. D. Gaster
  • Allies: Cell, Majin Buu, Light of Destruction, Randall Ross
  • Rival: Zamasu
  • Enemies: Most Sonicverse deities (especially Sonic, Shadow, and Silver), Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, Ace, Clockwork, Pantheonic Time Police (especially Future Trunks), Necrozma, Spring Sprite, Xion, The Vex, Ragna the Bloodedge, Madoka Kaname, The Master of Chaldea, The Colossi
  • Interested in: The Time Eater, Caius Ballad, Galeem & Dharkon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Infinite
  • In the distant locale of Soleanna, there exists a god of light and time who the citizens of that place worship known as Solaris. Experimentation of Solaris by the Duke of Soleanna resulted in it being split into two components: the cunning sociopath Mephiles the Dark and destructive lava monster Iblis. After a long, drawn-out plan by Mephiles that ends with him killing Sonic, Mephiles merged with Iblis, becoming Solaris once more and ready to destroy entire dimensions and timelines. It’s only the efforts of Shadow, Silver, and a revived Sonic, that Solaris is defeated and Princess Elise blowing out the Flames of Disaster ensured that Solaris and anything associated with it is erased from existence and everyone's memories entirely.
  • As life continued in the Pantheon, reports of a god known as Solaris circulated throughout the place, though many weren’t able to find it directly. However, its components, Mephiles the Dark and Iblis, were present, both far from each other and the former looking for someone dumb enough to fall for his plans and the latter turning everything in its path into a firey wasteland. Sonic and his friends realized to their shock that Solaris had come back despite seemingly being erased from their world and by the time they reached Mephiles, it was too late and he merged with Iblis once more to become Solaris in an attempt to destroy the Pantheon and everything in it. With the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver powered themselves up and defeated Solaris once more. While the Pantheon was restored and the memory of that destruction wiped from the minds of many, that memory didn’t leave Sonic and his friends, who are already ensuring that another event like that doesn’t happen again.
  • Some have drawn similarities between Solaris and The Time Eater, by virtue of them being capable of eating entire dimensions and posing a major threat to the space-time continuum. The fact that Eggman played a significant role in making the latter who it is wasn't lost on Mephiles, especially after learning that Sonic somehow ended up in a Bad Future very similar to the one that was ravaged by Iblis despite having no apparent memory of those instances prior. A few entities even claimed that The Time Eater contains some remnants of Solaris, but nothing has been proven thus far. Mephiles has some fascination with The Time Eater and has considered trying to make it independent from Eggman in order to use it for his own schemes.
  • Mephiles and Infinite are similar in a way thanks to having been defeated by Shadow in the past and later coming back to enact destructive revenge. Whereas Mephiles was able to succeed in (at least temporarily) causing the end of the world thanks to killing Sonic even if his initial plan ended up being rather convoluted, Infinite was so caught up in his own pride and sadism that his actions ultimately resulted in Sonic living and his and Eggman’s plan to fall apart. It became clear that Infinite hates being reminded of his failures by Mephiles and that even if they’re working together to destroy Sonic and his allies, Infinite wants to be the one to defeat them no matter how complicated Mephiles’ plans may be. Of course, if Infinite does end up messing up a plan of Mephiles in some way, Mephiles will just find another way to enact revenge, regardless of whether or not he needs Infinite for it.
  • One deity that was fascinated with Solaris and its extreme power was Majin Buu. He was out to destroy multiple worlds just to satiate his bloodlust and was eager to meet Mephiles after learning of how the latter sought total destruction for similar reasons. Zamasu, an omnicidal god made up of equally dangerous components, noticed that Solaris had a similarly destructive angle and sought him out hoping to find someone who can support Zamasu's cause. Unfortunately, by the time he reached him, Zamasu saw that both Mephiles and Buu had befriended each other, further enraging Zamasu who went on a tangent on how entities like the two should be destroyed, even if Mephiles was a component of a god. Mephiles retorted that for all of Zamasu’s bravado, power, and ambitions, there will always be someone who will defy him and that such a goal can’t be achieved with those obstacles. By that point, Zamasu had lost it again and Buu engaged in a violent battle with him that nearly resulted in another catastrophe by the time it settled. Worse yet, Mephiles had already left by the time the battle was over, thinking to himself how Zamasu’s personal hate of specific entities would get in the way of total destruction.
    • Cell also happened to be interested in Solaris, especially after learning how similar he and Mephiles are to each other. Both were born of scientific experiments and are manipulative, time-traveling entities that can heal themselves extremely well and are seeking to attain their ultimate form by any means necessary. After encountering Mephiles, both of them got along with each other very well (especially concerning them being opposed by a time-traveler from the future) and are willing to help each other gain their ultimate power.
    • Beerus and Whis ended up witnessing the fatal confrontation between Buu and Zamasu, with Whis playing a role in stopping Zamasu and Beerus taking care of Buu. The two then told Goku and Vegeta of what happened and everything about Solaris and its components, including Mephiles’ alliance with Cell. The idea of someone with components similar to what Zamasu has, combined with the sheer destruction that Majin Buu wants to engage in and being very much like Cell in terms of goals, was something that Goku and Vegeta couldn't ignore. While Mephiles and Iblis on their own can be defeated by both Goku and Vegeta, should Solaris become whole once more, it’s not only going to require them, but Beerus and Whis' intervention to prevent another armageddon. Mephiles considers Whis to be a major obstacle in his plans considering the latter’s abilities to rewind time by a few minutes, effectively making whatever progress Mephiles made up to that point null and void.
  • With his overall goal being the complete destruction of time, Mephiles sought out other deities who shared the same ambitions that he has. He managed to quickly befriend Randall Ross, a deity who can travel through time and has a personal vendetta being the main reason for his plans. Randall found Mephiles as someone he can talk to easily and told him about another deity that sought to destroy time named Caius Ballad. Mephiles learned of how Caius' originally had a seemingly well-intentioned goal and how Randall won Caius over, a sign that he took as someone to manipulate. Randall stated that his initial conversation with Caius was only just a step of a larger plan and that he's willing to let Mephiles continue to use Caius as a tool to further destroy all of time. In any case, Randall is more than looking forward to seeing the full power of Solaris once everything has been accomplished.
    • Unsurprisingly, Mephiles' overall ambitions and psychopathy have made him the target of those dedicated to ensuring the stability of the overall timestream. Of those deities, Clockwork has taken Solaris’ destruction very personally as even if everything related to the god has been erased from time initially, Clockwork will still remember it and he’s been the one to spearhead many of the efforts to destroy Solaris entirely. Future Trunks was another time protector who is very determined in making sure Solaris and its components are gone entirely, especially after learning about Mephiles’ similarities to Cell via a talk from Goku and Vegeta and those similarities being something Future Trunks couldn’t ignore. The Master of Chaldea has gone through many time periods and fought against many powerful threats, so the mere concept of a God of Time that can destroy everything and is made up of two volatile components was something that put The Master of Chaldea on high alert, requiring all the help they can get to take Solaris down.
  • Solaris wasn't the only entity to be completely erased and forgotten from existence. Xion ended up being forgotten from time, though she eventually came back to life and reunited with her friends after being freed from a plan that required her as a pawn. Mephiles didn't take it well that someone who should have been erased from time came back since he apparently never had that benefit and in turn, Xion finds Mephiles to be a dangerous being of darkness, even if he is only one part of a greater threat. After a battle between the two that ended with Xion barely able to drive off Mephiles, she made it clear that she and the rest of her friends from The Clock Tower will stop him, though Mephiles warned her that she and her so-called allies have no idea what they’re going up against before retreating.
    • Mephiles has nothing but scorn towards Madoka Kaname and Ragna the Bloodedge, two deities who erased themselves from existence to fix the severe damage that has occurred in their respective settings. Mephiles even went as far as to belittle Madoka over how pointless her efforts were to fix things since she ended up depowered once she was brought back to life. As for Ragna, he arrived just in time to tell off Mephiles before the latter could verbally break Madoka further. Mephiles responded by engaging Ragna in battle, with Madoka having to hide in a safe place during that time. Ragna was able to defeat Mephiles with little trouble, though Mephiles retaliated by saying that everything that Ragna cares about will be gone once Mephiles’ plans come to fruition. Ragna made it clear that even if he and his friends have to suffer immensely, he will stop anyone (Mephiles included) from bringing about total ruination with everything he’s got.
  • As a lava monster capable of devastating entire landscapes, Iblis and his destructive traits got the attention of many villainous pyromancers. Iblis itself is nothing more than a mindless beast, so it is often treated as a potent attack-dog by the other evil fire-users as a means to quickly lay waste to any specific area they desire. The fact that Iblis can be sealed inside someone's soul and that he hasn't shown any attempt whatsoever to take control of them was a bit disappointing for those hoping to possess someone to become an out-of-control monster, but the likes of Ragnaros and Brand are more than welcoming of raw strength to their fiery alliance.
    • Given how Iblis is already in allegiance with The Firebird, The Spring Sprite started to oppose Iblis on that principle and then learned about Mephiles, how the two together make up a being that is just as destructive, if not moreso, as The Firebird and was rather horrified at the possibility of Solaris rising once again. Mephiles has nothing but contempt towards The Spring Sprite's ability to heal everything she comes across, finding it to be a waste of time to recover something that will inevitably be destroyed once more.
  • As the name would suggest, the Light of Destruction was a malicious light-based entity that took great interest in Solaris. Mephiles heard of the former's ability to possess people and corrupt them through listening in on a conversation about it, giving him another reason to hasten the process of becoming Solaris again. Necrozma was another powerful deity with control over light that Mephiles has been paying attention to, but for a different reason. The Pokemon’s ability to devour light, combined with it being a formerly benevolent entity before going berserk and later tamed, has given Mephiles plenty of reason to be concerned of another potential obstacle in Solaris' rebirth even if Necrozma going berserk was something to take advantage of. While the experimentation of Solaris resulting in it being split apart wasn't that different from others wanting a piece of Necrozma itself and it losing some of its power as a result, the Pokemon sees everything related to Solaris as a significant threat overall and doesn’t want to be manipulated into being a weapon of destruction.
  • Despite not having been involved in the war between Galeem and Dharkon, Mephiles couldn't help but be amused at how Sonic, his friends, and some of his enemies fell victim to Galeem's first attack. Mephiles did try to seek out the two abominations in the hopes of finding some powerful allies, though it became clear that things weren't going to work out in the long run. Being whole as Solaris would mean getting Galeem's attention, but the latter’s goals of wanting a world ruled by total order went against Mephiles' plans of destroying everything, alongside the fact that The Light of Destruction is already playing a role in Solaris’ eventual return. Mephiles shares a bit more in common with Dharkon in that they’re beings of darkness with destructive ambitions, though once Mephiles merges with Iblis again, he'll probably end up having to fight Dharkon at that point given the latter’s hatred of light-based beings. For now, Mephiles would rather sit from the sidelines and see how Galeem and Dharkon’s battle plays out before getting involved with either of them.
  • At first, The Colossi was an interesting subject for Mephiles to look into, given that they house fragments of a sealed god inside of them akin to Iblis and Mephiles being the components of Solaris. As it turned out, the sealed entity ended up being more of a neutral (relatively speaking) figure in the long run and Mephiles ultimately didn’t find any use for The Colossi in his plans. The Colossi are more or less passive figures if anything, but they don't really like Solaris as a whole, especially in regards to Mephiles’ being deceptive towards his pawns.
  • Learning about what The Vex wanted and their capabilities was something that frustrated Mephiles. Given how versatile they are in terms of going through time, combined with ensuring that they are the dominant species in the end, their ability to Ret-Gone things (even if that power is limited for the time being) was something that Mephiles was worried about considering that this was how he was defeated. The Vex see Solaris and its components as little more than obstacles to be rid of and since Mephiles is aware that he'll have plenty of trouble fighting against The Vex as a whole (and that Iblis may not have it any easier against them), he'll just wait until he becomes Solaris to be sure that he'll have a change at eliminating The Vex entirely.
  • While he's in between schemes, Mephiles uses his fondness for complex plans to play pranks on Frollo and Gaston.

Greater Gods

Raoh, God of Death by Awesomeness (Ken-Oh, The King of Fists, Conqueror of the Century's End)

    The Crow 
The Crow, Goddess of Karmic Deaths (Crowhorn, Crowbey)
  • Greater Goddess Overdeity if powered up with Empowering Arrows and Manifestation Energy
  • Alignment: Believes itself to be Above Good and Evil,is actually Chaotic Evil
  • Symbol: 12 crow's feathers arranged into a circle
  • Portfolio: Karmic Death, Non-Indicative Name, Kick the Dog, Big Bad, Eldritch Abomination, Devour the Dragon, Apocalypse How, Drunk on the Dark Side, Evil Is Hammy, Turned Against Their Masters, Walking Spoiler, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Creepy Crows, No Name Given
  • Domains: Death, Irony, Evil, Destruction
  • Allies: The GUAD, Lord Shen, The Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk, Mephiles the Dark, Gul'dan.
  • Enemies: The Vivid Team, Gertrud Barkhorn, EVE, Crimson Viper, Mogo, The House of Birds, Nazuna Inuwaka, Hayate Yagami, Lois Lane, Daphne Blake, Carmelita Fox, Billy Hatcher
  • Opposes: The Incubators
  • Following The Crow's defeat at the hands of the Vivid Team and Rei Kuroki, The Crow somehow managed to enter the Pantheon disguised as a regular Crow.
    • Many deities enjoy humiliating The Crow because they find it hilariously ironic that she was killed by not only her pawn but also, the girl who gave her back her humanity.
  • When it was caught wind that The Crow had ascended, The Vivid Team had a simultaneous heart attack and sigh of relief because they feared that she would try to destroy the Pantheon, but they relaxed when they realized there were no sources of Manifestation Energy in the Pantheon and The Crow found herself unable to give Empowering Arrows to anyone else after her last pawn.
  • Many deities have noted some similarities between The Crow and Kyubey as they both empower young girls under the guise of giving something they want while not giving two shits about their suffering. However, while Kyubey does give the Puella Magi what they (think they) want and ultimately has a noble goal (however screwed up the way he'll pursue it) to save the universe, the Crow flat out lies to her pawns and wishes to destroy it.
  • While The Crow is almost universally reviled among the Pantheon, The Crow has allied herself with the GUAD so they can find a way to siphon Manifestation Energy from the mortal world so she can use it by itself to destroy the universe.
  • Despite there being many deities who hate The Crow, she gets a lot more hatred from Gertrud Barkhorn, EVE, Crimson Viper, Lois Lane, Daphne Blake, and Carmelita Fox as they hate how they share certain qualities with an Omnicidal Maniac.
  • The Crow found herself getting along well with the other evil birds of the pantheon such as Lord Shen, Clockwerk and the Grand Duke of Owls. Even more so with Clockwerk as he's not actually a bird either.
  • There are no deities who trust The Crow because she always lies about giving others what they want in exchange for helping her but one deity who shares The Crow's mindset is Mephiles the Dark because he also lied to someone about giving them something in exchange for them doing something for him.
  • Despite them using crows as a motif, The Crow is not allies with Hayate Yagami, Eric Draven or Nazuna Inuwaka as all of them would much rather keep the pantheon safe from The Crow, rather than allow her destroy it.

    The Taken 
You have been taken.

The Taken, Those Who Leave No Corpse Behind
  • Greater Deities in overall threat
  • Symbol: Taken Blights
  • Theme Song: Visage of Oryx, Court of Oryx, The Taken
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Broken down and corrupted into what they are now, The Undead, Army of Eldritch Abominations, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Teleport Spam, Came Back Strong with Inverted Personality Powers (and they use them well), Dark Is Evil, Walking Wasteland, Evil Counterpart to The Guardians, Sword Logic personified
  • Domains: Ontopathogenesis, Paracausality, The Darkness, Teleportation
  • Superior: Oryx, The Taken King
  • Alliesnote : The GUAD, The Heartless, The Scourge, King Allant
  • Rivals: The Flood
  • Enemies: All enemies of Oryx and the Hive as a whole, The Guardians, The Eliksni, The Vex, Emperor Calus, The Dalek Empire, The Tenno, The Grineer, The Corpus, The Infested, various Keyblade wielders, Galakrond, Eizen, The GUAN, The GUAG, Meridia, The Batter, Isaac Clarke, The Sleeper, XCOM, Lord Fuse, The Dahaka
  • Banned from: The House of Nature and The House of Plants
  • Pitied by/Horrifies: Anyone who have been attacked in the mind, brainwashed, and/or been corrupted
  • The Taken, an army of corrupted husks of other alien races and species twisted into servitude of Oryx and other masters who Took them. With violently twitching movements and darkened bodies burning with a white flame it would be remiss to not think of them as anything short of otherworldly. Before talking about them any further let's go back in time. Way back. Way before the death of Cayde-6 and the Red War, the SIVA Crisis and the Taken War, way before the death of Crota, and way before humanity even came to be. To the early beginnings of what the universe will now call the Hive and the three siblings that led them: Xivu Arath, Savathûn, and Auryx (who will later be known as Oryx). They were in a tough spot in their war with the Ecumene as they pressed an advantage in pushing back the Hive and their warpath across the stars, each loss making their worms hungrier and hungrier still. In a ploy to stave off their oncoming annihilation Auryx slew his two sisters to gain an audience with Akka, The Worm God of Secrets, whom he soon sliced to bits to learn the secrets of calling upon the Deep (in other words The Darkness) and enscribe the Tablets of Ruin, gaining the ability to Take. With this he turned the war back to the Hive's favor, subverting the Ecumene's forces into his own. Through war, Oryx revived Xivu Arath and through tricking the surviving foes he revived Savathûn. With their combined and renewed strength the three Hive Gods obliterated their foes and continued their crusade across the stars.
  • Oryx's presence alone had already amassed quite a number of Taken upon ascending to the Pantheon. That much is obvious, of course they would follow The Taken King into the Pantheon's brave new world even after his untimely demise. But as feared as they are and the potential they bring various gods mainly focused on Oryx as the big threat in the end. It wasn't until various bases across the Pantheon have simultaneously gone dark in addition to the Guardians reporting a drastic spike in Taken signatures did they get a bearing on what was happening. And before long the Taken's number have increased to such a degree that they have laid claim to their own space and title within the Pantheon. While this has once again drawn much attention to the God-King of the Hive other deities have suspected something a bit greater in play for the Taken to mobilize this quickly. While many guesses attribute this to several members of the GUAD others have pointed to the indirect presence of Oryx's siblings since his death back home has indeed left a place for an Evil Power Vacuum to occur. And Savathûn was known to have possession of Quria, Blade Transform, who can simulate Taking...
  • Part of what makes the Taken so very dangerous is the various "inexplicable and physically illegal abilities" they are granted upon being, well, taken. The process of turning into such horrific monstrosities they violate reality through mere presence alone involves the helpless victim being forced into the Ascendant Realm, being Mind Raped while having their fears and other insecurities broken down by The Darkness itself. They are then offered odd powers that actually alleviate their troubles should they choose to serve a greater purpose. For example, do you have nothing to call yours? You can now create a domed forcefield. Are you a rare, frail specimen among your peers? Now you can duplicate. It goes on. And they make damn good use of their new powers.
    • Having depleted numbers from various other factions outside their universe the various powers at play have only gotten more and more diverse. To be Taken, a living host must be in contact with a portal or aperture. Of course, the requirements for a living being is very broad which is why you see beings like the Vex and various Daleks (whose Taken forms are noted to appear to be in pure still, one they can induce on others within their gaze). The likes of the Grineer, Corpus, and Infested seem to have not taken the attack well, being reminded of the Corrupted born from their numbers being subverted by old Orokin defenses and have either tried forming countermeasures for future attacks or doubled down on their efforts against Oryx and the Hive as a whole. It didn't take long for The Tenno to also make such a connection themselves and have also participated in driving back their infestations across the Pantheon.
  • Barring higher ranked individuals the Taken as a whole are practically a mindless swarm if there's no leadership in the picture. It holds true in the Pantheon as some of its allies like the GUAD are made thanks to Oryx's connections to said alliance. Having said that the Taken do appear to hold a instinctual amicability with the various Heartless, likely owing to their shared connections to darkness though whether or not its of the same is another story entirely. Many of the Keyblade wielders did not like the thought of the Taken allying with the Heartless and have joined with the Guardians in opposing them. Thankfully, their alliance with the Heartless didn't also include the likes of Xehanort and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness due to the very specific requirements needed to command and control the Taken compared to the Heartless. That, and many of the Taken's masters are Omnicidal Maniacs. Still, they seek to use the Pantheon as a beachhead to infest other worlds, and that is something they cannot stand for.
    • The Taken appeared to share a similar connection with the Fearless Undead known as the Scourge as despite appearances the Taken can indeed be seen as The Undead in a more fantastical sort of way. It would help that, in the wake of the civil war between those who follow Arthas Menethil and Bolvar Foredragon there are some who have looked to Oryx as another Lich King. Despite the Hive's staunch opposition to true necromancy Oryx decided to leave this matter alone like with some of his partnerships, if only to use them as how he sees fit. Conversely, because Oryx despises Galakrond despite being another undead being who shares his views the Taken have dictated him to be their enemy too. Of course, a direct attack wouldn't do much to the Ur-Dragon (as their first master had demonstrated earlier, even if it was quite the effort compared to many) but that hasn't discouraged other plots in opposing him.
  • As the Taken are essentially heavily brainwashed cannon fodder of various other races that stood in Oryx's way the Taken have no doubt horrified many who have suffered attacks on the mind and/or been brainwashed and relieved of free will themselves. In fact, many who hate the very idea of people's free will being relieved have made themselves enemies of the Taken, like with Eizen for example, if only to further oppose The Taken King and also mercy kill these poor fools.
  • The tears in reality they leave behind, commonly referred to as Blights, aren't just for show. When enough of it is exuded they form into spherical balls of darkness and though on the surface being just a short distance away is debilitating it can do a whole lot more. Inter-dimensional communication nodes, shield generators, portals to the Ascendant Plane, and even area-denial thanks to being naturally poisonous to the world. This radiation of theirs from such matter can permanently damage beings unless if they have reality bending powers like the Guardians with their Light, which stand antithetical to the Darkness. At one point, the Taken tried to exploit this trait of theirs to poison the water supply of a community but they were stopped before any lasting damage could be wrought. This, of course, has alarmed the Houses of Nature and Plants and the two have enacted a ban and a kill on sight rule further helped by the GUAN and later the GUAG. The former may be a bit of a moot point considering the Taken lack of adherence towards terrestrial constraints. Barring shooting them, of course, but be pick your shots wisely.
  • Their status as an infection on a metaphysical level heavily contrasts with the Flood, parasites who infest other species on a more biological level as many parasites do. Though this does little to detract from the actual threat they represent. Countless times have the two infections encountered each other in combat in a bid for more influence and power, and their battles are no less devastating to the world around them. Meanwhile, Isaac Clarke could not help but oppose the Taken and has shot down several in his journeys. They may not be as visceral as the Necromorphs but other than that Isaac could scarcely see much of a difference when he breaks it down.
  • Despite all odds, it is indeed possible to cure someone of being Taken. It's not a widely applicable privilege, however, as many regard victims of being Taken no better than the deceased. Toland stated that all Taken are in perpetual ecstasy in their newfound existence though if the Techeuns are of any actual indication such claims are complete BS. Every waking moment was pure agonizing torture and were fully aware of what they are doing but had no way of stopping themselves. These reports line up with others drawn by gods in the Pantheon who at one point or another had been Taken themselves.
    • The Batter and Meridia are greatly disgusted by the Taken's existence and have thus tried their hand at purifying them. Unlike with what happened to the Techeuns theirs is objectively not a perfect process though the two have insisted otherwise. "It's better this way," they claim. Battles between the Taken and the Batter along with Meridia's Purified have been fought almost endlessly.
  • Their forces can be found in a variety of places out and around the Pantheon though whether or not they are indeed coordinated by a superior or are just acting on mindless instinct changes from place to place. Taken move through dimensions as Vex do across realities and their place in Pantheonic godhood has only logically amplified that. They're even found in the corrupted Farmstead controlled by The Sleeper and King Allant's Boletaria. While they are indeed hostile to the Magic Meteor such sentiments to Allant even if they are far from the definition of demons themselves nor do they have any intentions of truly siding with him and the Old One. Perhaps this could be a rare case of mutual interest, what with his goals not being too far off from the Hive's. The utter annihilation of all life versus the very last being standing in the ashes of everything line up similarly enough for the time being.
  • Even if their leaders are all dead the Taken will last for a long time. A very, very long time. There's two hypotheses as to how long they will last: Either A) They will live on until the Solar System's sun burns out or B) They're around forever. Mind you, it's not scientifically proven but it doesn't sound pretty either way...
Take up the knife. Apocrypha awaits. Take your new shape.


Intermediate Gods

    Grommash Hellscream 
Grommash "Grom" Hellscream, God of Redeeming Death (Savior of the Orcs, Warchief of the Iron Horde)
  • Theme Song: "Grommash Hellscream".
  • Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: The symbol of the Warsong clan.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: AAAARRRGGHHH!!!, The Gorehowl Axe, Dying so Awesomely it Redeems Him and His Race, 'Thin' Orcs, Relishing in Battle, Doing Leeroy Jenkins Before The Trope Namer, Quick Axe Fighters, Craziness, Ex-Devil Dealers.
  • Domains: Life and Death, War, Combat.
  • Allies: Thrall, Baine Bloodhoof, Vol'Jin, Axe, Darth Vader, Leeroy Jenkins, Raoh.
  • Complicated Relations: Garrosh Hellscream
  • Rivals: Malfurion Stormrage, Jaina Proudmoore.
  • Enemies: The whole Demon house, Gul'dan.
  • Always being the proud leader of the Warsong clan, Grom was once a more or less in-line of the typical Savage Orc until Thrall made him change his mind. But old habits die hard and got him corrupted, but once freed, Grom proceeds to reclaim the destiny of the Orcs by slaying the corrupter, Mannoroth. The curse of the orcs lifted, Grom has saved them, his savagery redeemed and thus he would be remembered as the savior of the Orcs. Such an epic tale that eventually the Pantheon handed him this throne.
    • It was also known that both Raoh and Darth Vader approved this, as Raoh considered his death very awesome nearly to the point of matching his 'Defiant Stance To Heaven', and Darth Vader saying that how he redeems himself and the Orcs remind him on how Vader redeemed himself to Luke.
  • The first thing Grom did after entering the Pantheon is to visit his friend Thrall, and come to check on the Horde. He seems... indifferent and fine towards the new leaders, such as Baine, Vol'Jin and Lor'themar. Deep down, however, Grom has respected Thrall so much that he doesn't care if the 'official' Warchief is Vol'Jin. For him, it's always Thrall.
    • However, he has mixed feelings towards his son Garrosh. On one hand, he's proud that he displays the ferocity befitting of a Hellscream. On one hand, he's kind of disappointed that he ran his legacy to the ground. But of all things, Grom still cares for his son very much, and regardless of what everyone said, he considered Garrosh's act of saving him in the alternate verse where he created the Iron Horde a proof of being the son of Hellscream.
  • Reactions over the 'alliance' remain mixed, however. Malfurion still held the grudge over his slaying of Cenarius, though he is aware that to become this 'savior', Cenarius had to die (and Cenarius and the elves with him apparently attacked the orcs first). Jaina occasionally slipped off on how his son destroyed her home and her love for peace in the future, something that scared her to death. Grom's not expected to show any sympathy, but he's aware of those sentiments.
  • He is a strong contender to one day jump into the battlefield of Blizzard deities one day. The question is when. He's fine with his son coming in first.
  • Surprisingly for an orc, Grom considers himself thin, not muscular. Say that in front of everyone else, and it'll leave them puzzled, because for their standards, Grom is packed.
  • He's trying to find a house for breath mints. While screaming is excellent for intimidating the enemy, it's havoc on the throat.
  • Amongst the Defenders of the Ancients, he gets along very well with Axe, who was said to have learned a thing or two from Grom. Grom is impressed with his axe-play, but gets embarrassed when Axe mentions that he learned from his demonic self.
    • On the other hand, he had a weird feeling towards Azwraith, because he seemed to formerly use a part of his style, only with a spear.
  • Believe it or not, Grom have been 'Leeroy'-ing before Leeroy Jenkins ever came to existence. Thrall could attest when that time he wanted to travel through Stonetalon Peak. When Grom met Leeroy in person, he was actually amused and now considers him one of the few "pinkskins" he can tolerate.
  • He has a distaste to the whole house of Demons, mainly because everyone there reminds him of Mannoroth: Corruptive and abusive.
  • "I can wait no longer!"

Ignitus, God of Ironic Deaths
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The fire element symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence, Breath Weapon, Death by Irony, Heroic Sacrifice, Old Master, Playing with Fire, Proof of the Mentor Occupational Hazard, Seer
  • Domains: Death, Dragons, Fire, Seers
  • Heralds: Terrador, Volteer, and Cyril
  • Allies: Spyro (possibly his son), non-evil dragon deities (especially the good), Hunter and Bianca, Sparx, the League of Extreme Fatherhood, Asgore Dreemurr, Toriel, Mufasa, Obi-Wan, the Panda King
  • Enemies: Malefor, Deathwing, Ragnaros, Alduin, Miraak, Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, Lord Shen
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, any abusive parent or parental figure
  • Pities: Flowey
  • The deities of the House of Life and Death highly considered Ignitus for ascension when he suffered a particularly ironic death. He was the Fire Guardian, and he ended up dying in a fire saving Spyro and Cynder. Ignitus is a dragon and a fire elemental who died in a fire. Originally after his death, Ignitus was chosen to be the new Chronicler. As such, the deities were uncertain if he would accept his potential position in the Pantheon or not. All it took for him to accept, though, was the realization that Spyro had also ascended.
  • Ignitus brought the other three Guardians, Terrador, Volteer, and Cyril with him as his Heralds. It would seem that even his death couldn't separate the four of them. Together, they form a Four-Element Ensemble of fire (Ignitus), earth (Terrador), electricity (Volteer), and ice (Cyril). It's also worth noting that many deities in the Pantheon suspect that Volteer and Cyril might be a couple, mostly because they argue like an old married couple. Nepeta reportedly has the two of them in a matespritship on her shipping wall.
  • Ignitus and Spyro go back a long way. In his Legend incarnation, Ignitus had to let him go when he was just an egg to keep him from being killed during the raid on the Temple. Eventually they reunited and Ignitus served as his father figure and mentor up until his death. Spyro also considers the other three guardians to be like uncles. Many believe that Ignitus might actually be Spyro's biological father, though. Despite the fact that this can't be proven for certain, there's no denying that the bond is still there.
  • When Hunter and Bianca ascended, Ignitus, along with Spyro and Sparx, through them a lively party to celebrate. There was no celebrating when Ripto ascended, however. The Riptoc as always remained disgusted and enraged by the presence of dragons.
  • Malefor's presence in the Pantheon brings back horrible memories for Ignitus, as he was largely responsible for his death. He keeps a watchful eye on the Dark Master, should he ever attempt to cause trouble in the Pantheon.
  • Ignitus is pretty well-liked among the House of Family, aside from the Child Abuse Supporters, probably because of the great lengths he was willing to go to for Spyro and Cynder's benefit. This is what ultimately led to his death by heroic sacrifice, after all. This is how he met Mufasa, Toriel, and Asgore by extension. He thinks it's a real shame what happened to Asgore and Toriel's son, and wishes the two of them could get along better. Sometimes he serves as mediator for them. The League of Extreme Fatherhood is fond of Ignitus for the same reasons, and the feeling is definitely mutual. He is also fairly well-aquainted with non-evil dragon deities of the Pantheon, especially the good dragons.
  • Ignitus is particularly impressed by the Panda King and his willingness to do anything to save his daughter, as well as his renouncement of evil.
  • Ignitus and Obi-Wan can often be seen exchanging stories from their time as mentors. Obi-Wan has offered Ignitus many condolences for what happened to him.
  • Ragnaros loves to mock Ignitus for the circumstances behind his death. He thinks it's completely pathetic that a dragon such as himself perished the way he did. Many other deities can only shake their heads at this. Maybe someday he'll learn that bullying a dragon isn't such a good idea?
  • Ignitus has joined many other deities in the opposition of Deathwing. Having the word "destroyer" in his name certainly wasn't helpful in getting on his good side.
  • Ignitus and Lord Shen are not exactly on good terms either. Not only does Ignitus detest him for what he's done in the past, but something else really unsettles the both of them. They're not really sure what it is, though.
  • Unfortunately, Ignitus became wrapped up in the drama that had surrounded Miraak's ascension. He, along with the other dragons of the Pantheon, were brainwashed by him until he was able to be pacified. Ever since, Ignitus is understandably not fond of Miraak.
  • Ignitus can't help but look on at Flowey with sadness and pity. He is well-aware that the flower is actually Asgore and Toriel's lost son, Asriel. It really hurts to see how twisted and warped he has become, and Ignitus really hopes that the situation can be remedied someday.

Johannes, God of Dramatic Player Deaths (The Prince, The Traitor, The Fountain, Brohannes)

    Kisame Hoshigaki 
Kisame Hoshigaki, God of Dying Before Naming Revelations (Monster of the Hidden Mist, Tailless Tailed Beast)
Kisame when Fused with Samehada 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword, Samehada or a Jumping Shark
  • Theme Song: His Theme (Unnamed) or Kokuten
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Chaotic Neutral on a good day)
  • Portfolio: A Member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Joined the Akatsuki because Of the Murderous System of his Village, Always Craving for a Good Fight, Genuinely Polite and Approachable, Wielding the Samehada Which has a Life of it's Own and can Fuse with, Shark Motif and Appearance and Having Techniques linking to them, The Akatsuki's Brute who is Actually More than he Appears to Be, Straw Nihilist, A Genuine Friend to Itachi who was Able to Restrain him, Preventing revealing Tobi's Identity by Biting his own Tongue, Committing Suicide to Protect Intel, Honorable and Respectable to a Degree, Magnificent Bastardy, Go Out with a Smile, Sympathetic Villain Deaths
  • Domains: Sharks, Swordsmanship, Loyalty, Nihilism, Battle, Tragedy
  • Allies: Obito Uchiha, Nagato, Nosferatu Zodd, Bruce the Shark, Kenpachi Zaraki, Mael Radec, Carrera
  • Enemies: Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, Gaara, Sasuke Uchiha, Orochimaru, Ariel, Melody, Aquaman, Barry Allen/The Flash, Cloud Strife, Fin Shepard, Wyald
  • Worthy Opponents: Might Guy, Madara Uchiha, Hircine
  • Odd Friendship: The Meg, Zamtrios
  • Respects: Steve Irwin
  • Amicable Relationship: The House of Weapons and Combat
  • Kisame Hoshigaki is one of the greatest and most feared swordsmen of his time, considering his position as one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure. His story however, showcases a darker tale to how Kisame came to be. He was meant to protect valuable data at all costs, but his village had become a total bloodbath with Kiri ninja mercilessly killing one another if it meant keeping said information on check. Kisame was no different, even killing his own master after he was discovered to have leaked information to their enemies(And a member of the Seven Swordsman of Mist) and taking his living sword, Samehada for himself. After meeting up with Tobi and coming up with his own view towards the world, Kisame was enlisted into the Akatsuki and paired up with another village defector, Itachi Uchiha. Despite their differences, Kisame's partnership with Itachi was among the best in the Akatsuki; even when Itachi was revealed to still be loyal to Konoha after his death, Kisame still held him in high regard.
  • Upon his ascension, Kisame found himself on top of a lone coastal rock around a seemingly endless length of water on all sides. He quickly took to diving underwater and finding a piece of land to set foot on. Along the way, he passed through several aquatic creatures that he had no knowledge of and determined that he might be in new lands. These thoughts were confirmed true when Kisame jumped out into a beach and saw the landscape. It took him a while before realizing he was in the House of Beast. Kisame rested Samehada onto his shoulder and walked deeper into the forest. It's been a while that he hasn't had a good fight.
  • Kisame is a very frequent visitor of the House of Combat. He'll waddle around and demand that he would like to have a good fight against anyone that comes across him. Some residents began to feel somewhat nervous, not just because of Kisame's terrifying appearance, but he might remind them of Madara in that aspect. Fortunately, Kisame turned out to not be as annoying or condescending as Madara, but he's actually cordial and chummy towards those he meets, so they felt somewhat relieved in that aspect. Additionally, if a group of people are present, Kisame would tell them to leave at the given chance that the fight suddenly becomes brutal.
    • He's made very quick friends with Nosferatu Zodd on that regard, the two of them often sparring against one another. Kisame is very credible towards Zodd for his reputation and his fighting experience, whereas Zodd praised Kisame for his abilities and sharing the thrill of battle. He's also gotten along with Kenpachi Zaraki mainly due to their Blood Knight habits. Another potential friend is Carrera of the Sumeragi Swordsmen, who hungers for battle, yet maintains a sincerely jovial persona. They'll often clash swords before just hanging out around the House of Weapons.
  • Due to his affinity for Sharks, Kisame will often spend time in the House of Beast, usually near beaches and other environments with large bodies for water. While most would be terrified of Bruce, Kisame wound up making good company with him and has even hunted for him on occasions. Kisame would wound an animal enough for Bruce to track it down and devour. He feels as if Bruce could take the kill since the waters are more preferable for him. This also extended to the Meg, whom Kisame took to liking a lot for being a usually unmatched apex predator. The Meg, in turn doesn't have much to think about Kisame, but would tolerate him being in her waters as he's not prey material.
    • In a very odd manner, Kisame also managed to befriend the Zamtrios, himself rather surprised about the existence of a land-shark that hunts prey by burrowing underground and waiting for a surprise attack. Zamtrios respects Kisame enough to allow him into it's territory, though Kisame would rather sit back and watch the land-shark hunt, interested in seeing its hunting tactics.
  • Expressed some surprise when he reunited with Obito, himself being one of the few beings who was aware of his true identity. He also found it rather amusing that Itachi was an incredibly effective liar that kept secrets even from him and Nagato, which contrasted a lot in Kisame's goal in wanting to see a world of "truth". Even then, Kisame is open to meet up and spend time with Obito, himself now redeemed. While Nagato isn't as chummy, he'll allow Kisame to work for him occasionally, though Kisame isn't interested in Nagato's new approach for world peace, instead preferring to lay back and find a good fight.
  • He isn't surprised to see that he is opposed by Naruto, Hinata, Gaara, Sasuke and their comrades, given that he was an antagonist towards them. Still, he holds no animosity towards them and challenges them every once in a while. Kisame wishes he could reason with Sasuke, given how Kisame still holds some high regard for Itachi. He is however, grateful to see that Might Guy vowed to never forget about him as a true warrior and wants to fight Guy again at some point.
    • He also sees Madara as a challenge that he could never back out from and grinned menacingly at the thought of fighting the Legendary Uchiha. That said, Kisame would want Madara to not whine about his life and superiority, like everyone else.
    • Witnessing Kisame's thirst for battle, Hircine decided to have him on his list of individuals to hunt. Tracking him down and introducing himself as the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, Hircine went into hiding, telling Kisame that he is being hunted. The swordsman, eager to not miss out fighting an actual deity readied Samehada and began tracking Hircine down. Although the Daedric Prince found him first, Kisame was able to counteract as soon as he noticed Hircine's presence, resulting in a great battle with both coming to respect each other. Unfortunately for Kisame, Hircine suddenly left without notice, but not before reminding him that there will be a rematch soon. Since then, Kisame is biding his time. He's taken to learning about Hircine as much as he could and realizing that he wasn't fighting in full potential, decided to train and improve himself as much as he could. With the time taken in his training regime, Kisame is certain that his rematch against Hircine will be far grander than before.
  • Ariel and Melody were not happy with how often Bruce and the Meg were starting to kill animals, until they realized that this traced back to Kisame helping the two sharks out in their hunting sprees. Both mermaids soon confronted the swordsman and called him out for potentially endangering aquatic life. Kisame merely replied back that all he's doing is helping the sharks out in living out their normal lives, plus they can't expect every animal to have peaceful lives when killing and eating is necessary for others like sharks. Ariel and Melody are not satisfied with the response.
    • Soon enough, Kisame came into blows against Aquaman, who chided the swordsman for disturbing the aquatic habitat for aiding Bruce and Meg. Kisame instead was enthralled to simply face off against a Worthy Opponent. The two had a fierce fight until Aquaman suddenly bought forth a massive army of aquatic fauna, controlled by him. Kisame freaked out by such a sight, but gave it his all regardless. Soon enough, he retreated with a well-timed trick as his stamina soon began to run out due to fighting for an extensive period of time. Kisame appreciated the battle, although he knew that Aquaman would not return the sentiment and is preparing himself for a rematch.
    • He was suddenly attacked by Fin Shepard, who was disturbed by the presence of a Shark Man. Kisame was amused that he wasn't expecting some guy in a chainsaw to suddenly declare him an enemy, but suddenly became more serious when Fin stated he doesn't like sharks. Kisame pointed Samehada forward and told him that while Fin could try to give him a good fight, he doesn't stand a chance, to which Fin winced at the sight of Kisame's sword. The former then told the latter about the existence of twisters sweeping sharks along. Kisame laughed, thinking Fin never could have witnessed such a thing, and even then, sharks die if they spend too much time outside of the water. When finally shown an actual Sharknado in a video archive, Kisame watched on, baffled about how such an event shouldn't even make sense to begin with.
  • Being a master at keeping intel and silencing those that could potentially leak out classified information, Kisame is sought after by numerous groups, especially the Grand United Alliance of Evil. Kisame swiftly declined, stating that he'd rather fight than be a spy. He also feels that since Itachi happened to be a good Morality Pet to him and that Obito has since redeemed himself, Kisame joining the GUAE would feel like a spit to their faces. He's still morally Chaotic Evil due to still maintaining his role as a villain, but he's honorable and understanding enough to keep himself out of being completely off the deep end.
  • Surprisingly enough, he respects Steve Irwin for being daring when it comes to getting close and up-front with animals. Kisame would be most pleased to see Steve try to do risky gestures towards sharks and is genuinely happy about the fact that the Meg also sees Steve as respectable. So much so that Steve is one of the few non-combatants that Kisame has openly admitted to liking. Steve himself, while not fully comprehending of his questionable actions, will appreciate Kisame's affable praises every now and then.
  • Despite his often jolly and honorable nature, Kisame is a Straw Nihilist who doesn't really see the world and morality in a bright light. Considering he was bought up during the Bloody Mist Village era, its no surprise. He would also compare morality to a shark's lifestyle, especially highlighting how shark infants resort to cannibalism in order to survive. Some residents have taken pity to why Kisame has a very skewed view on the world, though they are nervous of approaching him directly due to his monstrous appearance and battle-hungry attitude. Though if he had to be honest, Kisame doesn't want to be pitied.
  • The way he died has been a topic of interest in the House of Life and Death. While he remained a villain to the end, most are willing to admit how Kisame kept to his principles and displayed valor and acceptance during his last moments. As a result, he's given praise for being able to outsmart his opponents after death as well.
"It seems that in the end...I'm not so terrible after all."

    The Masked Man 
The Masked Man, God of Those Who Had Died Free (Claus of the Nowhere Islands)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: None (He has stripped his outfit entirely of Pigmask imagery since he does not acknowledge his former affiliation with the Pigmasks).
  • Theme Song: What's That?!, Strong One (Masked Man), Battle Against the Masked Man
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good tendencies. He would formerly exhibit Neutral Evil tendencies
  • Portfolio: Malevolent Masked Man, being granted the top spot in an army for his ability to dominate his opponents, villanious determination, Tragic Anti-Villain, forcibly converted into an emotionless cybernetically augmented human, Walking Spoiler status in his home series that became widely known over time, the evil half of a two brother duo, until he got better, likewise, providing one half of a Red Oni, Blue Oni duo, a backstory and appearance Not So Different from Darth Vader, Used to Be a Sweet Kid until he was rebuilt and brainwashed by the Big Bad, Left for Dead since they Never Found the Body, killed himself upon realizing who he really was, and died in his family's arms afterwards
  • Domains: The brainwashed, cybernetically augmented life forms (not just human), psychic powers
  • Allies: Pretty much all of the House of Ambiguity, in particular, the house of Anti-Villains. Also, Dust, Golbez, and N
  • Rivals: Darth Vader, Samus Aran, Meta Knight
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Palpatine, Giygas, Porky Minch note(spoilers) 
  • Opposes: Viktor. In fact, pretty much every single member of the Grand United Alliance of Machines given that he does not believe in total subjugation of organic life.
  • Avoids: Lucas, Ness (under an oath of secrecy)
  • Hailing from the Nowhere Islands, the Masked Man was one of a series of biological experiments performed by the Pigmask Army called "The Chimera Project." The Pigmasks have recovered this subject unconscious (he was left for dead after a dangerous fight with another fellow Chimera). Allegedly, he was taken in after witnessing that he could utilize certain psychic powers that could further their mission. As a result, his right eye and right hand have been mechanically augmented with a bionic eye and a handcannon not unlike Samus Aran, respectively.
  • A side effect of his life-saving reconstruction (or maybe part of the project thereof) was that he had lost nearly all of his personality prior to reconstruction. Negotiations and interviews with former Pigmask scientists have revealed that this was indeed a combination of the augmentation process, though shortly after the success of the process, he was sent to "conditioning" not unlike what regular Pigmask troops undergo. What little is left is an emotionless machine confined to do Porky's bidding. As such, he was dispatched to pull the Seven Needles, an act that is said would recreate the world under the puller's image. (though it is unknown whether Porky knew if the world would be recreated under his image)
  • He does not acknowledge his Chimera co-experimentees as brethren. In fact, he shows resentment to his former boss following his ascension.
  • His ascension came by shortly after his death. Just before the final Needle, he had fought Lucas over pulling it, as both of them had pulled three others beforehand. In a tragic series of events, a tiny shred of humanity had reawoken within the Masked Man. Remembering who he was as Lucas's brother Claus, he killed himself by overloading his energy sword, discharging it against Lucas's Attack Reflector, and succumbing to the resulting energy shock. In his final moments, Claus had felt relieved that he could be aside Lucas as himself before his passing.
  • Honor-bound to the GUAG Ministry of Atonement.
  • He has embarked on a Quest for Identity in an attempt to try to fully reconcile his old self with his augmented self. He turns to Dust to help him out, as well as the House of Ambiguity. In a way, Masked Man's own quest draws parallels to Dust's.
    • Dust had told him about Fuse, a warrior who had also been driven to insanity (to the point of massacring an entire village of innocents) following a cybernetic augmentation process conducted to save his life, and was therefore fought and killed by Dust (whom Fuse had identified as a deadly soldier who had killed several members of Fuse's own species) before he could continue his rampage. The Masked Man shows pity to Fuse's case. Given the circumstances between Dust and Fuse's fight, he is worried that in his case, should he encounter someone who knows his past, he or she may actively lash out against him much as how Fuse did to Dust. The Masked Man notes that this is an inversion between Dust and Fuse's case.
  • He has decided to maintain his ascension as a secret to his good-aligned Earthbound co-deities, until he deems appropriate. He claims it is because of how Lucas would react from his brother's sudden reappearance, though others claim it is due to his pact with the GUAG. Even more believe it is part of his Quest for Identity, and the most cynical claim that it is because of his actions post-augmentation. So far, he has not encountered any of them in person.
    • He avoids Ness thanks to his close connections to Lucas.
  • Is in mutual understanding (no real friendship between the two) with fellow Ministry of Atonement acolyte Golbez, someone else who had undertaken a Redemption Quest to reclaim their identity following their ascension. The two were also honor-bound to not make contact with their respective brothers while undertaking this quest. They each mutually look forward to the others' quests coming to a successful conclusion, to reunite with their brothers fully. It also helps that the Golbez is another Darth Vader Clone.
  • Frequently spars against Darth Vader, swords only. Does the same with Samus Aran, though with no limits. Due to Samus's association with the Master Hand tournament series, he does not hold these practice sessions as much, unless Samus needs a sparring partner. The same applies to Meta Knight.
  • Palpatine is one individual whom Masked Man will actively fight in sight, as a result of his Manipulative Bastard methods.
  • Is a frequent spectator of the Master Hand tournament series since its 2007 inception, and wagers on matches frequently.

Paragus, God of Adaptation-Altered Deaths (Baragus, Paragas, Baragas, Shitstain, Saiyan Military Lieutenant, Colonel Paragus, Vengeful Survivor)
The new older Paragus from Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Click here for his tattered Saiyan Army uniform 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His cape and Slave Collar or shock collar
  • Theme Song: Paragus' Rage
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Wants Vengeance on Vegeta For What His Father Did, Light Is Not Good, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, Dies Different Yet Cathartic Deaths, Abusive Parents, Edible Theme Naming
  • Domains: Revenge, Embitterment, Adaptations, Abuse
  • Followers: Angelica, Azog, Balon Greyjoy
  • Complicated relationship with: Broly: BR (rebooted version of his son)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • On poor terms with: The House of Royalty
  • Paragus is a former colonel in the Saiyan Army, and the father of Broly. His loyal tenure ended when his son was either stabbed and thrown into the trash or exiled to a Death World. Both of these instances were caused and commissioned by King Vegeta III, who perceived Broly as a threat to his power. He would try to use Broly as his means of vengeance against Vegeta IV, for the sins of the father. Either way, it did not end well for him.
  • Like Broly there are two versions of Paragus, or, more accurately in his case, two versions of his history, as he fundamentally remained the same person either way; this allows him to manifest as a sort of Composite Character in the Pantheon who remembers two different lifetimes. The original conquered worlds through Broly and suffered Patricide at his hands when he abandoned him. The canon version was found by Frieza at an old age and murdered by Frieza in order to trigger his son's rage. Different reasons and causes, and got what was coming to him in each.
  • One version of Broly is called the Legendary Super Saiyan. The other is not. This can largely be attributed to Paragus himself, who knew of the "myth" of the Super Saiyan, and whether he lived to see Broly transform into a Super Saiyan at all, let alone that iconic full power berserk state.
  • Revenge is a dominating factor in Paragus' personality. He is shown to visit the House of Vengeance often to learn better ways of getting back at Vegeta. He has come to realize that King Vegeta had a point at killing/banishing his son, but his hatred remains unabated as Broly was his son.
  • Sakura Matou despises Paragus for how he used his son for his own ambitions, similar to how she was used by Zouken Matou. What for it's worth, Paragus does think what Zouken did to her was repulsive. Tokiyo Mikagami looks down on Paragus for how his revenge has completely consumed him, and thinks he's wasted his life. Paragus proceeded to tell him to shove it and went on a Motive Rant.
  • He is able to relate to some extent with Captain Ahab. While they went about it in very different ways, they both had a vendetta they were never able to let go and it ultimately led to their downfall. He does not have any sympathies for the House of Royalty however, due to how he and his son were treated by King Vegeta.
  • Has attempted to get other Saiyans on his side. Nappa, a fellow Saiyan Elite, declined his offer because of his complicated relationship with Vegeta precludes the pure vengeance Paragus offers. Raditz and Turles, being outcasts of different sorts, were much more accepting to his proposal. Dr. Gero has come to understand his vengeance as something that he feels for Goku, and Babidi wants to help him brainwash Broly as part of his own plans.
    • When learning of his alliances with Raditz and Turles, Bardock confronted Paragus to discover his motives. Ultimately they both agreed that the Saiyan soldiers sticking together to become stronger was for the best, especially if they were to see through Paragus' dangerous goal of using the rebooted Broly again to defeat both Vegeta (who Bardock doesn't hate like Paragus does but would like to see humbled) and the original Broly. Bardock was even able to talk Nappa into accepting the offer for the sake of their Saiyan comrades, with the Saiyan Army remnants all uniting to become a mercenary fighting force. Though their scope of clients and jobs is not very limited, there are three things they won't accept: being told to target any of Kakarot's Dragon Team friends besides Vegeta (mainly Bardock's call, with Paragus agreeing for pragmatism's sake), accepting targets that can't give them any sort of challenge (because they're trying to both get stronger and get paid), or being conscripted into somebody's empire like Frieza.
  • Once loved his son, particularly the rebooted version who was stranded on the aforementioned Death World in an attempt to rescue his son. Once being the key word, as his heart has long since hardened and he now sees Broly as a tool for his vengeance (though his love for his son can reawaken if he thinks Broly's in danger). The Heroic Protectors of Family look at Paragus with shame, even if he underwent harsh circumstances. It makes his anger against Vegeta understandable but doesn't hold up water in terms of his abusive treatment of Broly.
  • Shouto Todorki has become friends with the rebooted version of Broly, and has come to hate Paragus in turn. He reminds him of his own father's abusive nature and how he was used to fulfilling his own ambitions vicariously. Shouto is trying to get this Broly to break out of the abusive relationship, and not wanting to lose the loyal version of his son, Paragus perceives Shouto as a bad influence and "a kid who doesn't know what he's getting into". The Heroic Protectors of Family's response was "Says the man who resorted to mind control and shock collars to control his son".
  • Alma Wade's reaction to his bad parenting and evil nature, given what she went through, was a lot more violent that Shouto was to Paragus. Killuya Zoldack, being a de-fused tyke bomb and child forced to kill, has nothing but disrespect for what Paragus did. Maes Hughes is just as disrespectful, being a very openingly loving and happy father. The Saiyan simply mumbled that "you don't understand what I went through" and left.
  • The Child Abuse Supporters had a more positive outlook on Paragus, though the only official member he got along with was Heihachi Mishima. Likely because of the struggles they've had to go through. He seems to be on good terms with Ghetsis as they both used a son to achieve their wider ambitions of vengeance and power respectively. This manipulative yet oddly prideful parenting is something he found in kinship with Talia al Ghul.

Lesser Gods

    Adam MacIntyre 
Adam MacIntyre, God of Dying While Laughing (Adam the Clown)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: His chainsaws
  • Theme Song: Adam's Boss Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Dual-wields Chainsaws, Giggling Villain, Large Ham, Laughing Mad, Lightning Bruiser, Made of Iron, Monster Clown, Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Clowns, Chainsaws, Insanity, Acrobatics, Shows, Laughter
  • Allies: The Joker, Needless Kane, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, SCP-993, Kefka Palazzo, Dimentio, Champ, Piggsy, Leatherface
  • Enemies: Frank West, Nathan Drake, Billy, Ben Tennyson, Jack Cayman, Juliet Starling, Ash Williams, The House of Undead, Leon S. Kennedy, Simon Henriksson
  • Opposed by: Krusty the Clown, Ronald McDonald
  • Adam MacIntyre used to be just a regular mall clown, with a dedicated audience that loved him. That, until the Zombie Apocalypse hit his town and he witnessed his audience be devoured by the zombies (Implied to be mostly children), which drove him mad. Frank West was unfortunate enough to encounter him near the roller coaster, which Adam kept running so the zombies would be distracted but eventually he was defeated by Frank and died by being cut by his own chainsaws. All while laughing maniacally.
  • Ecstatic to meet a new audience to perform, the first thing he did was go to the House of Children and start juggling his chainsaws in front of a terrified crowd of kids. He was eventually kicked out, but Adam proved to be super troublesome to deal with that it took an entire group to just immobilize and then return to his temple.
  • Frank West is less than thrilled to learn that Adam has reached the pantheon and prefers to avoid him. Adam hasn't forgotten about him and while from time to time visit Frank for a "special show". It doesn't help that Frank considers him one of the toughest foes he ever faced.
  • Nathan Drake was terrified the moment he set eyes on Adam and because of accidentally bumping into him, Adam started chasing him. While there are plenty of clowns in the pantheon, Adam is the one that terrifies Nate the most after their deadly encounter.
    • Something similar happened with Billy, who once again was proven correct with his idea that all clowns are evil and want to destroy everyone. In an unexpected turn of events, Billy managed to fend off Adam by throwing oranges at him, one ending up hitting Adam in the face and accidentally he got cut by his chainsaws....again.
  • Turns out he wasn't the only clown of his brand as there were plenty of others like him. Pennywise was the first one to approach him given their similar appearances and thought that befriending Adam would aid him in his plans to feed on children. The Joker certainly finds him entertaining, if only because he finds Adam juggling his chainsaws to be impressive while Bobble the Clown has tried to convince Adam to be part of his show.
  • Other more saner clowns oppose Adam for his sheer insanity and how dangerous he is. Well, Ronald McDonald at least does, Krusty was very upset when Adam one upstaged him and actually did an entertaining show to his audience without harming any children. But he made sure to never tell one about that incident.
  • Yes, his Dual Wielding Chainsaws haven't gone unnoticed by other deities especially those who also use it for combat. Both Leatherface and Piggsy are good friends of Adam, probably because all three are deranged killer and psychopats and Adam even considers using them for his shows. Others like Jack Cayman, Ash Williams or Juliet Starling are impressed he uses two chainsaws at once but believe they are better fighters overall than him.
    • Then there are people like Leon Kennedy or Simon Henriksson that hate Adam because he reminds me of the chainsaw creatures they faced in the past and would rather avoid the clown entirely. Didn't help that Adam also is super durable like the enemies they have faced before.
  • While Adam might be a psychopathic clown, he still hates zombies and whenever he sees one he won't hesitate to attack them. He is actually fairly effective at killing most of them and often can be seen doing that in the House of Undead. Until one of the elite members kick him out anyway.
  • He is actually pretty smart for a crazy clown, as he was able to figure out that the zombies from his world were distracted by the roller coaster and usually in case a zombie outbreak occurs, he is usually very capable of fending them off. Of course, that doesn't mean that he still is very dangerous if provoked.
  • Apparently, he is able to control a small group of Servbots. The reason for that is because of a small button he has in his outfit with a servbot face in it, so that's why the follow him. Don't ask.
  • Can also be found in the House of Laughter:

    Apollo Creed 
Apollo Creed, God Of Casualties In The Ring (The Dancing Destroyer, The Doctor Of Destruction, The King of Sting, The Count of Monte Fisto, The Prince of Punch, The Master of Disaster, The One and Only)

Saito no Musashibo Benkei, God of Standing While Dying (Benkei the Monk, Oniwakanote , Oniwakamaru, The Warrior Monk, The Loyal, Ferocious Monk)

The Carnotaurs, Gods of Falling to Death (Carnotaurus sasteri, Meat Eating Bull, Flesh Eating Bull)
  • Lesser Gods, borderline Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A fossilized Carnotaur Skull.
  • Theme Song: The Carnotaur Attack
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Neutral if desperate to survive)
  • Portfolio: Lesser Known-turned-Popular Dinosaur, Meat Eating Bull, Reddish Coloration, Feared by the other Dinosaurs, Bull-like Horns, Inaccurate, yet Exaggerated and Stronger Depiction of the Actual Animal, The Juggernaut, Mighty Roar, Presumably a Mated Pair, Are only hunting the Herd out of Survival, Never Saying a Word, One of them Falls to its Death, with the other killed by falling Rocks
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Predators, Desperation, Death, Bulls, Exaggeration
  • Allies: Speckles, Dinobot, Glavenus, Rexxar
  • Odd Friendship: Gaston
  • Rivals: Rexie, The Raptor Pack
  • Enemies: The Sharptooth, Indominus rex, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Deviljho, Pokemon Hunter J
  • Opposes: The Monster Hunters, Shegorath
  • Opposed By: The Gang of Seven, Dino and Hoppy
  • Tolerates: Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Walt Disney (Their Superior)
  • Carnotaurus is an odd dinosaur. Discovered in 1985 by José Bonaparte in Argentina, it was a impressive find with well-preserved skin textures and plentiful bones to visualize a clear image of the dinosaur. In the past, there were two that managed to migrate to parts unknown due to a catastrophe that rendered food and resources very low. This Carnotaur pair managed to discover and track down a massive herd of herbivorous dinosaurs to track down and hunt. They had no malicious intent, they were only driven to live another day and had no other choice. Unfortunately, both met their demise dealing with them; one was killed trying to attack a few herd members that were left behind and the other fell to its death desperately trying to kill an Iguanodon named Aladar.
  • Despite their deaths, the Carnotaurs would find a way to enter a new world in some way. After waking up, they found themselves at a lush jungle, surrounded by various unfamiliar fauna. This caught the pair's attention as unlike their previous hunt, they were in an environment that would actually benefit them greatly. Thus, the Carnotaurs became a rising predators in the Pantheon, ready to live out their carnivorous life as they want.
  • They may be vicious beasts and certainly strike fear within other dinosaurs, but truth of the matter is, the Carnotaurs are animals who are living out their lifestyle like Mother Nature intended them to be. Most herbivores would run and panic upon the sight of even one of the Carnotaurs, but they don't hate them as the Carnotaurs only really see them as food and only hunt when hungry. Otherwise, its actually not rare to see the Carnotaurs observe herbivores from a moderate distance and trot around the forests minding their own business.
    • The Gang of Seven don't see them as enemies for largely the aforementioned reasons. While they know the Carnotaurs are a dangerous threat, they don't think of it as malicious animals and would rather ignore them at best. Not to mention there are evil carnivores around that take precedence first, Sharptooth included.
  • A lot of residents think they're incredibly exaggerated compared to an actual Carnotaurus. Not that some people mind, as they do have a few fans who think the dinosaur pair are badasses. Still, its best that they'd keep their distance as they're actually about the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Being apex predators, the Carnotaurs tend to face some competition among other carnivores, especially Rexie. Normally, a Carnotaurus shouldn't really compare against an obviously larger predator which was adapted to take on some of the most dangerous herbivores of its time, but the Carnotaur pair are actually able to give the genetically-engineered tyrannosaur some sort of challenge, given that they're about the same size. That said, Rexie is the stronger opponent and wins more often, though the Carnotaurs were able to secure a piece of forest as their territory.
    • A lesser competition is present against Own Grady's Raptor Pack. While the Carnotaurs are stronger and more physically intimidating, the raptor's genetic enhancements and intelligence allows them to outsmart the larger predators and gain more success in their hunting. That said, if they ever did fight another, the Carnotaurs would win, given the large size and power difference.
  • All this said, the Carnotaurs are not without what could ostensibly called "friends". They have some form of companionship with Speckles and the three of them take to hunting together at times. Speckles even allows them to take refuge in his territory if they should Helping matters is how Speckles Jr. befriended an infant Carnotaurus named Blade, hence Speckles is more easygoing with them. Glavenus is another predator that the Carnotaurs can associate and befriend, given that the former does somewhat resemble them.
  • Predators or not, the Carnotaurs take a wide distance from Sharptooth. The two actually considered sharing territory, but after seeing how Sharptooth's personality and hunting tactics come off as destructive and self-serving, the pair want nothing to do with him. What made them enemies however was when Sharptooth intruded their lands and picked a fight. It was a stalemate with Sharptooth only leaving after a distraction from Rexxar who caught wind of the battle.
    • Said experience did allow Rexxar to approach and tame the Carnotaurs into becoming personal mounts at some points if they're needed. The predatory pair don't know how to perceive Rexxar, but are comfortable around him as the orc does his best to keep them satisfied and well-monitored.
    • The same experience can also be said with the Indominus and Deviljho. The former is just as ruthless and malicious as Sharptooth and has invaded the Carnotaurs's territory more than once. While Deviljho isn't evil, it's inherently savage nature, nomadic lifestyle and ridiculous persistence has often led the Carnotaurs to seek alliances with other beings solely to take them on.
  • Some have speculated that the Carnotaurs are a mated pair, hence explaining why they are so dedicated to one another. There's no confirmation about this as of now, though the Carnotaurs are known for tolerating and often having conversations with Eliza Thornberry. She's withholding the information due to reasons only she and the Carnotaurs know about.
  • Due to being unique for their species, the Carnotaurs have been targeted by Pokemon Hunter J, much to their dismay. Unfortunately for J, the Carnotaurs are fiercely territorial and have proven a tough challenge, though she has persisted and even nearly captured them, had it not been for a surprise intervention from the Glavenus, forcing her to retreat. This aid has since made the Carnotaurs more trustworthy of the Brute Wyvern and have formed a Power Trio of sorts.
  • Because of their experience with death, one of the Carnotaurs is incredibly cautious when it comes to caves and indoor areas whereas the other keeps an eye out for cliffs and does it's best to stay away from dangerous edges. Because of the concern for death by falling, either an obstacle or themselves, the Carnotaurs are wary of the Daedric Prince, Shegorath, who has a habit of executing people by throwing them into portals that exit from high altitudes, causing the executed to fall to their deaths. Shegorath on the other hand sees the Carnotaurs as animals and doesn't see a point in doing the same to them, not to mention they're not someone who would listen to orders.
  • Struck some sort of friendship with Gaston. Some have stated that this obviously has to do with the way both of them died, though Gaston has stated that the Carnotaurs are pretty chummy with him and they don't talk about their deaths at all. He's been wanting to introduce the predatory pair to the other Disney villains, though they insist the Carnotaurs would be more annoying and distracting than anything else.

    Dimitri Petrenko 
Viktor Reznov: "The rotten cancer of the Fascist Reich ravages the Pantheon like a plague. Their relentless drive into the various Houses steals the lives of men, women, and children alike. The arrogance of their leaders is matched only by the brutality of their soldiers. These...are the darkest days of the Nazi occupation of the Pantheon..."

Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko, The God who Died Immediately in the Sequel (Hero of Stalingrad)
Petrenko in October 1945, shortly before his death
Viktor Reznov: "Dimitri Petrenko was a hero...He deserved a hero's death. Instead of giving his life for the glory of the motherland, he died for an animal. He should have died in Berlin..."
  • It was then that Petrenko ended up in the Pantheon. Upon regaining consciousness, he was surrounded by several German soldiers, who were apparently searching for something. Seeing a handgun next to him, he attempted to silently grab it, only for the Germans to immediately spot him. Just as they beat him up and are about to execute him, they're shot by an unseen figure. When he takes a closer look, it turns out to be none other than Viktor Reznov. The Soviet Captain then tells the Private that the SS had intended to capture and then execute him, and that he had arrived in the nick of time to save him. He then hands his friend a scoped Mosin-Nagant rifle and a PPSH-41, then briefs him about his situation as well as about the Pantheon.
  • Immediately, Petrenko joins his old friend and superior in fighting not only The Remnant of the Fascist Reich, but also many of the Dirty Communist elements present as well. It also doesn't help that both the Nazis and these rogue Soviets and their allies seek to deploy Nova 6 into combat. Despite having been loyal to the Soviet Union beforehand, he wholly supports Reznov in his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against not only their treacherous former superior Dragovich, but also several of his allies including Col. Volgin, Kane, Vladimir Makarov, and Imran Zakhaev.
  • Among the first deities he's introduced to via Reznov are Miller, Roebuck, Polonsky, and the crew of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4. He's...rather surprised to learn that he shares a story with them, to say the least, especially considering that Miller, unlike himself, isn't constantly close to being killed in cutscenes.
  • When Alex Mason comes across Petrenko, he sympathizes with the Soviet Private, due to their suffering caused by Dragovich. Petrenko ultimately decides to work together with the CIA agent, despite being kind of bothered by his obsession with Reznov.
  • Both he and Reznov initially mistake Nikolai Belinski, or at least the Primis version of him, to be their long-dead comrade Pvt. Chernov. After seeing how he behaves, however, they soon realize that Belinski is another person altogether, given that Chernov was very much not a Vodka Drunkenski nor a Blood Knight.
  • Initially, Karl Fairburne doesn't trust him, much like how the Lieutenant didn't trust Reznov at first (and vice versa, due to being a former Soviet soldier who took part in the Berlin Offensive). Eventually, however, after he provides the Lieutenant with vital intel regarding Nova-6 as well as intel on Dragovich, he comes to respect the Private. Even moreso, after he finds out that Petrenko is a crack shot with the Mosin-Nagant.
  • One deity that Petrenko comes to trust more easily is Sgt. Jack Barnes, an OSS operative who took part in the Battle of Berlin as an observer. Unlike Fairburne, Barnes' experience with the Soviets is a far more positive one, as they had helped him retrieve vital intel from the remains of the Gestapo HQ in Berlin. He then vouches Petrenko to his fellow Allied soldiers as well as to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Artyom, at first, distrusts him, due to being a Red Army soldier. However, when he learns of Dimitri's betrayal and being used as nothing more than an expendable pawn, he comes to like the Private, even forming a close friendship reminiscent of his time with Soviet Major Pavel Morozov.
  • Is rather less than pleased to learn that the German soldiers who had attempted to assassinate him during his ascension were none other than members of the Waffen-SS, the same soldiers who had very nearly killed him during the Battle of Berlin.
  • Isn't fond of Rudolf von Stroheim either despite being the Token Good Teammate among the Nazi deities. This is mainly due to the latter's participation in the Battle of Stalingrad, where Dimitri and Reznov had also fought in.
  • Thanks to their similar experiences of betrayal as well as mutual enemies in the form of Dragovich and Makarov, Petrenko gets along well with SAS Captains John "Soap" MacTavish and John Price. He and Reznov even assist the two British officers by divulging what they know about Dragovich and Nova 6. In exchange, Soap and Price tell them about Makarov and his previous plans using a Deadly Gas weapon throughout Western Europe.
  • Is rather disgusted by Ocelot's methods, thanks in no part to having been on the receiving end of a betrayal, as well as his time as a GRU Major under Volgin.
  • Among the few non-military deities to catch Petrenko's attention, and not for good reasons, is none other than Dimitri Rascalov. Despite sharing the same first name, these two men couldn't be more different from one another. While Petrenko was a loyal, dedicated, and brave soldier of the Soviet Red Army, Rascalov was a former Soviet soldier turned organized criminal who became notorious for betraying many of those he had worked with, and was also known for being a sniveling coward and very much a Non-Action Big Bad.
  • When not in combat, he spends time helping Katyusha, due to Petrenko having prior experience in handling Soviet tanks. Alongside Viktor Reznov and Jack Barnes, they help her in her fights against members of the Anglerfish team.
Viktor Reznov: "As long as you live, the heart of this Army can never be broken. As heroes, we will return to the Pantheon's embrace!"

Ghiaccio, God of Inertial Impalement
White Album 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Stand he wears, White Album
  • Theme Song: Ice
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: A Hotheaded Ice Person With An Ice Suit Stand, Nigh Invulnerable with it, Nerd Glasses, Hates It When People Mispronounce, Forcibly Pushed Into Impalement, Gangster With Glasses, Hair-Trigger Temper and Chewing the Scenery, Rollerblade Good
  • Domains: Cold, Stands, Armor, Crime, Grammar
  • Allies: The rest of La Squadra Esecuzioni (Risotto Nero, Pesci), Leonard Snart (mostly), Mr Freeze, Cryogonal
  • On good terms with: Yoruka Kirihime
  • Enemies: DIAVOLO, Giorno Giovanna and their respective gangs (especially Guido Mista), Frank Castle, Tommy Wiseau, John Doe, Excalibur, Katsuki Bakugou
  • Avoids: Vlad III
  • Annoyed by: Frost(Mortal Kombat), anyone who pronounces Italian wrong
  • Ghiaccio is one of La Squadra Esecuzioni, a group high ranking assassins for Passione. Defecting after they threatened to reveal the boss's identity, the Boss plotted them to go after Giorno and his friends. Ghiaccio was the last one standing before his boss Risotto Nero. Very friendly with his allies, however outside of that he proves temperamental, can get confused and angered by metaphors. Despite his abilities, he's anything but icy.
  • Perished by being forcibly pushed into a pole, neck first. Given the Inertial Impalement that befell him, he'd rather stay clear of Vlad the Impaler. For starters, he knows Vlad's impalements are a lot more painful. Though so long as he doesn't interfere, Vlad isn't going to bother him. On the note of impalement, don't use it as a comparison between Ghiaccio and Metal Face; even he thinks he's horrid.
  • His Stand is rather unique in that rather than the traditional form of a Fighting Spirit, White Album is an icy armor that's Nigh Invulnerable. That is, except for the air hole in his neck letting him breathe. One Sontaran suggests he should use it to encourage him into being braver, relating to his own weak spot. The Punisher simply saw it as a target, as expected for a vigilante against criminals like Ghiaccio. Through Gently Weeps, he can reflect projectiles, such as bullets, right back at his attacker. As the many bullet holes Mista sustained during the latter half of their fight can attest to, it is absolutely not recommended to fight him that way. Gently Weeps can even allow him to cover up his weakness as by then he could just keep inserting frozen air into his armor and melt it back to breath. Of course, it couldn't quite prevent his demise.
  • Very skilled at freezing things. He can freeze things in seconds to -100 degrees, even water moisture, and his freezing is very dangerous to the human body. When using Gently Weeps, he can cool things down to make the air itself freeze. Because of this cooling effect, Cryogonal enjoys his presence. The House of Wind & Air has kept this in mind, finding it a dangerous ability for them to deal with.
  • When not trying to get his revenge against Giorno or especially Diavolo, Ghiaccio works in the House of Killers & Assassins. For most of them he has a cordial enough relationship, however he considers the Brave Companions rather repellent. And due to his temper, John Doe rationalizes him as an example of the sin of wrath. Ghiaccio does have a more positive relationship with Youruka Kirihime, mainly because he relates to her betrayed status even if they don't agree on a moral level with one another.
  • Not the only crook to use ice powers. Both Mr Freeze and Captain Cold are interested in Ghiaccio for his ice powers and he'll work for them in order to achieve his crimes for La Squadra. However Cold doesn't like their involvement in the drug trade, even if it's not as bad as Diavolo and Passione, and has warned him to keep his behavior in check if he's going to work for him.
  • Like most people, he considers Frost irritable and very annoying. Less seriously, he has run afoul of ex-villain and member of the Anti-Villain League Felonius Gru, along with Mei-Ling Zhou, due to him using ice powers for evil while they try to do so for good. It's not a serious enmity, mind you, and there's no hard feelings between the three.
  • Absolutely hates how foreign languages do not respect Italian words, and expresses annoyance at the confusing wording of various metaphors. Like using the English Venice instead of the Italian Venezia. Tommy Wiseau's unexplained accent and butchering of words really sets him off. Also hates metaphors that don't make sense when interpreted literally like with "come hell or high water" or "taking a leaf out of someone's book". "Hit or Miss" really set him off
  • Similar to Katsuki Bakugou. Not only do they share a voice, but they're both hot-tempered and explosive in anger. Bakugou just plays his Personality Powers straight. Their similar personalities actually make them get at each other's throats more than simply being a supervillain and superhero respectively.

    Gray Fox 
Frank Jaeger, God of Death-Foreshadowing Disfigurement (Gray Fox, Grey Fox, Frank Hunter, Frankie, The Cyborg Ninja, Perfect Soldier, Null, Your #1 Fan, Deepthroat)
Without cybernetics 

    Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller 
Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller, God of Fatal Ends by Jet Turbines
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His helmet and turbines
  • Theme Song: Bang
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Putting on the Reich, Jet Turbine Arms, Killed by his own weapons through Literal Disarming, Badass Longcoat, Creating tornadoes and riding them, Can still do this while amputated
  • Domains: Wind, Cyborgs, Death
  • On Good Terms With: The House of Slaughter, Akande Ogundimu/Doomfist
  • Rivals: Wamuu, Rashid, Storm Eagle
  • Enemies: Jack Cayman, Blacker Baron, Big Bull, Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin, Big Band, members of Overwatch
  • Avoided by: Syndrome
  • Ranked 98th in Deathwatch, Frederick is a German Cyborg hailing from parts unknown. He made quite the name for himself as a contestant, having fought against past champion Kreese Kreely where he collapsed one of his lungs. Then he met Jack Cayman, and you can guess how the good cyborg ended up in the Pantheon. Turns out Jack's chainsaw is pretty sharp, and he put it to good use in disarming him. There's also the fact that Jack was the former Grand Champion of Deathwatch before becoming a Chaser, which is another good reason as to why he lost. Still, Frederick wants a rematch one day.
    • Regarding the other deities from his world (well, kind of) he doesn't have much to say about them. About the only thing can be said is his annoyance that Jack's allies are getting in the way of his rematch. They show up at the right time to fend him off (though he admits there's something different about the Baron this time around). Nikolai's different case, however. To the BPS Officer, Frederick is just another lawless psycho in the world and has instigated conflict with him. Frederick meanwhile enjoys trashing lots of the Mecha Mooks thrown at him.
  • As his name suggests, his added turbines allow him to generate twisters whether to just enhance his punches or create ones big enough to throw cars and people like ragdolls. Supposedly, in one match of Deathwatch in New Orleans had him sink the entire city. He's also perfectly capable of riding them, and can still keep this up even with one arm. Obviously, he can't do it with no arms. Some point out his choice of weapons could be referencing to [[Awesome, but Impractical/Military a superweapon the Nazis had]], what with his choice of apparel.
    • Because of his weapons, he often gets mentioned as a warning when it comes to capes. By which we mean, he's one of the quickest ways to prove why it's such a bad accessory to have. Lest you want your fate mirror Syndrome's, no capes!
      • Speaking of Syndrome, he avoids the cyborg whenever he can, considering he's a walking reminder of his gruesome death. At least Syndrome's was covered up by an explosion. That said, it hasn't stopped him (and many other gods for that matter) from criticizing the practicality of his weapons. Sure, it's awesome, even without the wind aiding him that's still tons of metal colliding with anyone unluckily enough to be in the way, but it can be argued that it poses just as much danger to the wielder as it does to the victims. Twirlenkiller only responded that Death Watch prided itself on its contestants causing over-the-top kills, weapons like his are par for the course. If anyone tries to bring it up again, he'll personally throw them into a giant jet engine.
  • He's quite liked by those in the House of Slaughter due to his participation in Deathwatch, even if it was against his will. Sometimes, he competes with other members in short games of Blood Sport not that far off from the ones he competed in. The place gets especially bloody when members of the Crimson Court get very riled up in the House when stalking Skarlet or Jedah Dohma. At least this time he's not in the receiving end of a Turbine Blender during the games.
  • He has taken a lot of opportunities to further his power, such as frequent trips to the House of Wind & Air. Couple of those trips had him encounter the Pillar Man Wamuu and Rashid of the Turbulent Wind where he had the chance to spar with them. Then Wamuu introduced him to Storm Eagle when he saw the former Death Watch contestant make another trip to the House of Combat. Herr Frederick has his respect for those three after seeing them in action and has plans on making use of what he has learned.
    • Such fruits of the training was showcased when his fight between both Blacker Baron, Baron's Herald Mathilda and Nikolai went a little overboard, causing mayhem within the House they fought. When nearby denizens tried to break up the fighting, they ended up getting sucked in the twisters or hit by the spinning debris. Baron and Mathilda ended up getting helped out by Big Band who was nearby (much to the pimp's protests that "this titty twister motherfucker's his fight"). Managing to close in on the cyborg, getting past the whirlwinds he kept throwing out, were they able to ultimately wear down Frederick while Nikolai bolted after taking quite a beating himself.
      • After the incident, those who managed to watch the fight (without getting hurt badly in the crossfire) commented on how Big Band and Herr Frederick are Not So Different. To elaborate: Both are hulking, heavily armed cybernetic individuals who became this way after being seriously mangled (by corrupt officers and by psychotic contestants respectively). They also have a surprising amount of mobility despite their bulk, and their fists pack quite a wallop.
    • One of Frederick's trips gave him the opportunity to meet with and fight against Akande Ogundimu, more commonly known as Doomfist. Being able to fight once again despite his cybernetics, which combined with his gauntlet proved useful in bridging the gap between the two. After the fight, Doomfist offered the Deathwatch contestant to join him. Frederick's thinking about it, much to the worry of every Overwatch agent here. Talon is bad enough. Talon with a tempest creating cyborg is even worse.
  • Apparently, he is bass guitarist in a band called the Windbreakers. How he even picks up and plays the damn thing is a mystery, but it can happen. He demonstrated this in the House of Music after people kept asking if he really could play. Those who managed to listen to him play agreed he's actually pretty good.
  • "Your life ends here."

    Jude the Dude 
Jude the Dude, God of Fatal Gunfire (The Brokest Back in the West, Tex, Ambiguously Gay Cowboy, The Quick Shot Kid, Death Blade(?))
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His posters and giant revolvers
  • Theme Song: MAD WORLD
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Guns Akimbo with Handcannons, Extremity Extremist, The Gunslinger, Rollerblade Good, Lean and Mean, Faux Affably Evil, Cruel and Unusual Death, Possibly a Gay Cowboy
  • Domains: Cowboys, Revolvers, Roller skating, Bloodsport, Death
  • Allies: Damon Killian, Leatherface
  • On Good terms with: The rest of the House of Slaughter
  • Rivals: Herr Frederick Von Twirlenkiller, Hol Horse (one-sided), Erron Black, The Lone Ranger, Yosemite Sam, The Man with No Name
  • Enemies: Jack Cayman, Blacker Baron, Big Bull, Dexter Grif, John Marston, Landon Ricketts, Jesse McCree, Rushuna Tendou, Vash the Stampede, Lucky Luke, Guido Mista, Roland Deschain of Gilead, Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage
  • Spectated by: Howard and Kreese
  • Ranked 124th in DeathWatch 2019 on Jefferson Island and a favorite among fans of the sport Jude the Dude made a name for himself for his theme as a stylish cowboy, participating in ten games overall and surviving just about all of them. All things considered he was doing quite well. Few killseekers would want to tangle with a gunslinger kicks just as fast as his draw. Then he met Jack Cayman who not only beat him but also stole his guns and filled him with so much lead he was practically stripped to the bone before the Chaser obliterated what was left, leaving only the skull and his Nice Hat. As his initial rank would indicate Jude was killed early on, the second boss after Little Eddie in Varrigan City proper, and would serve as a reminder that the competition some crazy diverse set of opponents with equally crazy instruments of murder.
  • Jude heralded his appearance by surfacing in a shooting range held in the House of Firearms by grinding against the railing and kicking Hol Horse in the face with his blades. He then bowed his hat to other onlookers and offered a bit of a shooting match before taking off for other important business. Said business was paying Jack Cayman a lesson for killing him though he was unable to overcome his strength and took off before he got murdered again. Since then, Jude has been training for a proper rematch.
  • Has heard of other DeathWatch contestants in the Pantheon but Jude merely sees them as obstacles to his vendetta against the Chaser. He has constantly butt heads with Von Twirlenkiller despite his immense power over tornadoes for sharing the same vengeance and has made himself outright enemies with Blacker Baron and Big Bull since, despite having fought Jack and were brutally killed by him, they became allies in another continuity involving the manhunt over a renegade officer. At the very least Howard and Kreese were happy to spectate over his exploits again the latter has some bias against him. More on that later.
  • If he's not at a range of some kind then this Quick Shot Kid is more than likely at the House of Slaughter continuing to do what he does best. While his weapons aren't as flashy as Von Twirlenkiller's, Jude's still more than made a name for himself regardless. It was here that a man named Damon Killian made an offer, an offer involving his participation in something much like DeathWatch. Now, how could a humble little hick like him say no to that?
  • This gunman may tip his hat in respect for some of his foes but don't let that fool you: He's a prick through and through. Of course if you're a regular, willing participant of Blood Sport then that's basically a given but he gets special mention for the wounds he inflicted on Kreese back when he competed: Kicked him in the nuts with his spurs and unraveled them like balls of yarn. Granted, Kreese lived through it like every other mutilation but still, Oww. Just about every guy winces and reflexes in pain when they hear about it for the first time. Hearing it make rounds only made Jude want to bring it up at any opportunity. What a prick.
    • Various men who'd suffered a Groin Attack have some mean bad blood with the rollerblading cowboy, not helped by his offers to "relive the good old days". Dexter Grif is one of those men. Few could forget the "fight" involving him and the Blood Gulch Crew versus Agent Texas and he would suffer not one, not two, not three, and not just four, but seven not-that-kind-of-blow blows! Mind you, some of theme are powerful enough to smash solid bonafide concrete so you know Grif just experienced a definite world of hurt.
  • Has sought out other gunslingers in the Pantheon and has become some rivals with them. As far as rivals are concerned he's made one with Erron Black after hearing of his feats as a Kombatant as well as one with Yosemite Sam. There's also Hol Horse, mainly stemming from the fact he kicked him in the face earlier before, but Jude hardly acknowledges it. Dude always answers with a mocking "Who?" when referring to the Stand User.
    • As for ever other gunslinger he pretty much became enemies with them due to his sadism. John Marston, Jesse McCree, Lucky Luke, you name 'em he's probably on shitty terms with 'em. He's got special enmity for Landon Ricketts after immediately challenging him into a duel before getting filled with lead for his efforts. Admittedly, it wasn't as bad as how the long-running DeathWatch champ did him in and he skated off in defeat (kinda have to be that tough in the first place to survive Jack's preceding chainsaw swipes) but it no less hurt.
    • Outside of them, Jude also seeks to prove he's better than some of the more fantastical hands in the Pantheon. Guido Mista and his Stand: Sex Pistols, Rushuna Tendou, Roland Deschain of Gilead, and Vash the Stampede. He also wants to try his hand against other legends like The Man with No Name and The Lone Ranger, no doubt wanting to add fuel for his ego.
  • Jude once heard of a god holding a title over Groin Attack and shot off to meet them, no doubt wanting to teach them a thing or two about a real blow like that. While Jude proved surprisingly nimble Johnny was ultimately able to turn the tables on the cowboy and promptly gored his gonads in turn. And if that wasn't enough his daughter, Cassie Cage, came in to reinforce him but came just as her dad went for the decisive blow. Had it not for the convenient timing of New Destroymen, who had their own personal business with the Military Brat, Jude wouldn't of escaped to lick his wounds. And yet, despite all that, the cowboy wants to throw down again in the future. Kreese and Howard hope to see a rematch. Particularly Kreese.
    Kreese: And that's for my balls, you prick! Again!
    Howard: Step right up, folks: The second best cure for kidney stones! Dr. Cage would like to see you now!
  • Dubbed "The Brokest Back in the West" it's clear there's some undertones of homosexuality with Jude. In fact, Howard outright refers to him as an Ambiguously Gay Cowboy. Probably comes with being partially based on Tex Sawyer who was a homosexual cowboy. Again, Howard refers to him as Tex. Sure, Tex was a cannibal, but that applies to the entire Sawyer clan so it's nothing new. Jude seems to be a bit buddy-buddy with Leatherface as a result even with the latter's (manipulated) loyalty to his family. Sort of odd given Tex Sawyer was apart of a branch in the clan that was unrelated to Leatherface's side of the family, but whatever. Meanwhile Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar couldn't be anymore disturbed by the Quick Shot Kid.
  • In Mad Castle there stalks a ghastly contestant: Death Blade, a skeletal man in a poncho, who rides across the railings on roller a deadly One-Hit Kill scythe in hand. Roller blades, poncho, skeleton... sound familiar? It's commonly assumed this Death Blade is one and the same to Jude the Dude after being blown to shit by Jack as revenge from beyond the grave. Of course there's some inconsistencies like them being treated as totally different contestants and Jude the Dude's original death being sodomized by his own guns before popping like a bloody balloon. Still, it makes you think, and it's not like people coming back from the dead is anything new. Mad Castle literally introduces zombies and a Frankenstein's Monster Expy formed from fallen contestants. Once more, Death Blade seems to have followed Jude into the Pantheon and not only have neither of the two been in the same place but during their stay in the Pantheon Death Blade seems to pop his head whenever Jude bites the dust...
  • "Well howdy, rookie!"

    Maes Hughes 
Maes Hughes, God of Showing Family Photos Before Death (Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, Brigadier General Hughes, Markiplier)

Murky, God of Meaningless Deaths (Baby Murloc, Grunty)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A piranha he is always carrying. (And uses as a weapon)
  • Theme Song: Roarcraft. I am Murloc when he gets Serious.
  • Alingment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Originally a pet turned full fledged badass in The Nexus, Cute little Critter but very dangerous, Not even death slows him down, Difficult, but Awesome, Wants revenge against the people who slaughtered his village, Shamu Fu, Small, Annoying Creature, his egg is where he revives faster, Murloc, Mrgglglbrlg!
  • Domains: Deaths, Revenge, Murlocs.
  • Heralds: Many Murlocs form his Homeland
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Leoric, Anub'arak, Kunkka, Dhuum
  • Neutral Counterpart to: The Incubators
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Bruce the Shark, Rena Ryuugu, Sapphire Rhodonite
  • Some reports of a mysterious Egg found in the house of Aquatic Life led to that egg being investigated by The SCP Foundation. Days later, the Egg went missing and Little Creature by the name of Murky was found roaming the Pantheon.
  • Don't let his appearance fool you, Murky is very capable on holding his own against stronger opponents like Diablo or Arthas. However, he has been noted to die in battle...a lot, and he still returned for more minutes later. Tough no one can explain Murky's abilities he has been rewarded with a position in the Pantheon.
    • It has been once noticed that Bruce the shark once tried to eat him when he saw Murky. Unfortunately, Bruce learned the hard way to not mess with this particular baby Murloc, because since then, Murky has been using the Shark as a weapon.
  • He usually (When he is not motivated by revenge) is a pretty laid-back and nonchalant Murloc but he is very annoyed with Rena Ryuugu. Since the first time that he stumbled upon her, She inmediately wanted to "Take him home". Even him isn't that annoying.
    • He also had an encounter with Sapphire Rhodonite, who found him so cute that she proceed to give him a big hug that ended suffocating the Poor Murloc. Thankfully, he left his egg in his temple but since then he tries his best to avoid Sapphire at all costs.
  • No one seems to understand what he usually speaks, but his motives are much darker than it seems (even managing to scare Diablo of all people). According to Psychic gods (Since there aren't many gods who speak Murloc language), His village was slaughtered by Humans, Orcs and Elves and as a result wants revenge against the culprits but Mysteriously ended in the Nexus. This has Earned the Sympathy of many gods, particularly those who like him are Fish People.
    • Aquaman is actually one of the few people that understand his Language (Beside the Psychics). As a result, Murky usually goes to his temple for "Therapy Sessions"
    • Meron is actually a little jelous of Murky, Since she always wanted to live a tragic story like him. Murky still can't believe that a Mermaid Princess, wants to actually experience the feeling of witnessing your village getting slaughtered. Even if she really didn't meant Ill will, He can't help but Facepalm when she says that.
    • Actually good friends with Leviathan the Tidehunter after their first meeting. Tidehunter really Admires Murky's Determination and sees him as the little brother he never had. He actually is training him so he can finally defeat Kunkka for good. Murky even has gotten used to some of Tidehunter's Ocurrances.
  • Befriended fellow god Sasuke Uchiha after he heard his story, since he also lost all his village as a kid. Sasuke actually tries to warn Murky to not let hatred drive him or Pursue a similar Path like he did, Or worse, end up like Ren Hakuryuu.
    • Kratos also identified with Murky's backstory, seeing in him the young and angry boy he used to be. Murky has been acting as some kind of Morality Pet to him lately, but he still brings him to battle when the time calls.
    • Murky is one of the few animals who isn't scared in the presence of Sayo Samonji and the latter actually encourages him to take revenge on all the people who wronged him. While Murky is grateful of the Boy's proposal, he is trying to lay off Vengeance for now.
  • A frequent visitor of the house of Food where he usually order his favourite food, the Puffer fish. Since his arrival, the fish food has decreased in quantity and many suspect that he has been stealing some of them to use them in battle.
    • It was later proven true that he indeed, had stolen those fishes and illegally sold them around the pantheon. The court of gods in retalation, has forced him to repay all the loses the house of Food experienced because of him. The solution? He opened a particlar Taco joint where he mixes tacos with Fishes. Since then Murky's Pufferfish Tacos has become a really popular point of interest in the Food House.
  • Has been ocasionally spotted doing a Special dance.
  • He usually can't stand Humans, but he has found a kindred spirit in Kenny McCormick, thanks to Kenny's Condition. Altough, Murky wonders where does Kenny respawns, But since Murky does this from an Egg, he thinks that Kenny might do something similar. This was confirmed true when Kenny told him that indeed, every time he dies he is reborn from his mother
    • Mysteriously enough, he gets along pretty well with Grenth, partially because Grenth is curious how Murky manages to revive minutes later after being killed. He has been taking closer looks to the eggs that the Baby Murloc carries so he can understand the nature of Murky's Unknown powers.
  • When Dhuum heard that another god who can cheat death entered the Pantheon, he want ballistic and demanded to see him. When he found Murky, he couldn't take him seriously and cutted him with his Scythe. Unfortunately, He wasn't prepared for the Murloc's Rampage and was ultimately defeated because Murky refused to stay dead for more than two seconds. He sweared to get him back sometime, but this conflict became much worse when he learned that Murky befriended his Archnemesis Grenth. Witnesses reported that dhuum didn't take the news very well
  • Once, he was found wearing a power armor and surprisingly, it looked really good on him. Many suspect this was the doing of Rena Ryuugu but she didn't comment on being involved with the creation of Grunty.
    • On another ocation, he was seen wearing an Easter Bunny suit. It was so cute that he was later spotted running away from a legion of Goddesses who wanted him as a Pet.
  • Note: Murky's status in the Pantheon is radically different than other deities, in the sense that he is one of few deities that his "Death rules" apply differently than the rest of the Ascended deities, alongside Grenth. (Altough he can still normally die, he has the distinction of always resurrecting inmediately from his egg)
  • "Mrgglglbrlg rmrmgllg mrggggm" note 
  • Also present in the House of Game Design.

    Proto Man 
Proto Man, God of the Secretly Dying (Blues, DLN-000, Break Man, Bruce, Prometheus)

Pukin, the Goddess who Survived Repeated Fatal Events before Dying (General)

    Sanada Yukimura 
Sanada Yukimura, God of Final Battle To Death (Sanada Nobushige, Sanada Genjirou Yukimura, Japan's No 1 Soldier, The Tiger of Kai's Young Cub, The Red Tiger, Spear of Divine Rule, Scorpio)

    The Thing 
The Thing, the God That Can Only Be Killed By Fire
  • Theme Song: Main Theme
  • Lesser God, but it's rank can increase depending on who it absorbs.
  • Symbol: The face above
  • Alignment: Between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Assimilator Body Horror, It Can Think, Grand Theft Me, Asteroids Monster, Face Stealer, Visceral Evil Cannibalism Superpower, The Virus with No Biochemical Barriers, ultimately has fire as its weakness
  • Domains: Shapeshifting, Trickery, Chaos, Knowledge
  • Allies: Other assimilating creatures such as The Venom Symbiote... and that's basically it.
  • Rivals: The Blob, Ithaqua
  • Opposes: All fire deities, The Carnage Symbiote, Snake Plissken, Ramona Flowers
  • Opposed by: It's frankly easier to find people who don't oppose the Thing. Special mention goes to Isaac Clarke, The OTHER Thing, The House of Aliens, The Immortal God-Emperor Of Mankind
  • Observed by: The Think Tank, Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker
  • Out of all the beings in the Pantheon, the Thing is among the most dangerous. It has the uncanny ability of not only absorbing any organism into its form, but also the ability to assume the form of its victims. It can also do this to as many beings as it wants. The Pantheon had long sought to prevent the alien from ascending, but alas the day came when Deoxys saw one of its followers acting erratically. Before it could touch the Pokémon, Alucard and Captain Marvel burst into the scene, blasting it with bullets and electricity. The Thing was dead, but to their horror they discovered a new building with like-minded people. It took a herculean effort involving all the fire users as well as every detective in the Pantheon to round up all the infected specimen. Today, the temple is completely isolated from view and for good reason. No one wants to find out if the thing has the capability to absorb even the most powerful beings in the Pantheon.
  • If there's one deity that has taken increased urgency over its ascension, it's Isaac Clarke. The engineer has had plenty of experience of creatures similar to the Thing. The Necromorphs also seek out organic matter as a means of assimilating it to its horde. It was Isaac who suggested adding extra security to the Markers to prevent the Thing from accessing it. The prospect of infecting dead material as well makes for an enticing target for the Thing. No one knows who would take control of the horde, but Isaac doesn't want to find out.
  • Of course, there's the fact that there has been another Thing in the Pantheon and for a long time at that. Ben Grimm considers the ascension "a revoltin' development" and vowed to clobber anything that's close to resembling an assimilated imitator. It would be rather ironic if Ben himself got infected, but the Thing has more pressing matters than to fulfill that.
    • It also has no relations towards the flying Thing (AKA known as Mothra). Neither Godzilla nor the moth are in any hurry to make acquaintance with the Thing, relieving those in the Pantheon.
  • While electricity is effective as well, Fire remains the most surefire way of killing someone infected with the Thing. The good news is that there's no shortage of fire-flinging deities in the Pantheon, and none of them want to be associated with the Thing. As some of them are often engulfed in flames at all times, The Thing can't simply attack them. This would call for manipulation in order to isolate them.
  • Only few people are willing to risk their lives studying the alien species. Among which are the Wesker siblings. Albert Wesker is quick enough to capture specimen without being captured. It is likely that both Albert and Alex already have samples for testing. Many fear that they can use the information gathered to improve the T-virus.
    • Another group joining the race for samples is the Think Tank. It's already well known that the group has little time for morals and would jump at the chance to study such an interesting creature. They have plenty of jars to contain even large specimen and have been testing to see how the infection works. It is unknown what the Think Tank will do to the samples, but the Pantheon is worried that they will screw things up as they did in their own world.
  • There has been a debate on the rage throughout the scientific community: whether the Thing or the Blob would absorb the other. Few are willing to test the outcome themselves. Some have suggested to bring samples and pit the two against each other, but others have warned against it. As the Blob is immune to fire and the Thing can survive in ice indefinitely, combining the two could create a devastating monstrosity that would be impossible to kill.
  • Has targeted Snake Plissken and Ramona Flowers on multiple occasions. This is likely because the two sound like the two humans who thwarted his attempts to take over planet Earth. It's not like either of them would have been allies anyways: Snake would gladly wipe the Thing out of existence while Ramona considers it way too creepy to be considered cool.
  • Was put in the Immortal God-Emperor's list of beings to destroy for the well-being of humanity. The fact that it can pass for human given enough time unnerved him.
  • Is one of the few alienspecies that is not allowed in the House of Aliens. Many factions have reported similar invasions from the Thing. None of them want to deal with the parasite.
  • The Venom Symbiote doesn't have much to offer as it too is harmed by fire, but the Thing had wondered if the two species came from the same world. There has been very few sightings of the Thing in its original state, so that may well be possible. Neither symbiote is as malicious as the Carnage Symbiote, who merely wants to consume the alien as its own.


    Coco Reeve and Miranda Campbell 
Coco Reeve and Miranda Campbell, Goddesses of Cruel And Unusual Deaths
Left: Miranda
  • Demigoddesses
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: Their respective Para-mails
  • Portfolio: Cruel and Unusual Death, Mauve Shirt, Child Soldiers, We Hardly Knew Ye, Diabolus ex Machina, Bare Your Midriff, Spared by the Adaptation
  • Domains: Death, Children, Combat
  • Followers: Cranberry, Most of the cast of Future Diary
  • Allies: Ange, Hilda, Francesca Lucchini, Hibiki, Akatsuki, Ikazuchi and Inazuma, Raiden, Mami Tomoe, Kisaragi
  • Enemies: Embryo, Smaug, Nefarian, Deathwing, Acnologia
  • Odd Friendship: (Coco): Fate Testarossa
  • Fears: Portals, lightning and especially dragons, Malygos
  • Coco and Miranda were both Norma who were taken from their families as babies and were both forced to be Child Soldiers.
    • Unfortunately, both of their first battles ended in disaster as the both of them suffered very disturbing deaths.
    • Coco was bisected by lightning when a singularity opened right above her and Miranda was forcefully ejected from her Para-mail by a DRAGON and was quartered and devoured by three of them in mid-air. For good reason, neither Coco or Miranda want to talk about their past lives with other deities.
  • Ever since their deaths, Coco has been terrified of portals and lightning, causing Coco to stay far away from the houses of Time and Space and Electricity and Miranda has been terrified of dragons, although Coco shares this fear with Miranda so they both avoid the house of Dragons.
    • Coco also avoids Darius like the plague due to his main method of killing his enemies.
    • Coco's also deathly afraid of Chell and Hoopa due to their constant usage of portals. Coco has also started to fear Noob Saibot due to him often using portals to bisect his enemies, this ended up giving Coco nightmares for weeks.
    • Both Coco and Miranda (Especially Miranda) are terrified of many of the evil dragons of the Pantheon such as Smaug, Acnologia, Deathwing and Nefarian as well as Magylos due to his insanity. Many neutral and good dragons don't outright terrify them but they do become a lot more nervous and distrustful around them.
  • Due to Coco's death being a result of Coco being distracted, Miranda has taken on more of a protective big sister role with Coco to protect her from any other threats.
  • Upon their ascension, Coco and Miranda ran into fellow First Troop pilots Ange and Hilda. Upon meeting them, Coco asked Ange if she ever managed to get back to her magic nation. Ange said that she did but then told the Awful Truth, proceeding to tell Coco what the humans were like, and that Mana was in actuality, generated from a dragon held sacred to the dragon race and was not only the cause of the dragons' constant invasions, but the Norma being sent as Cannon Fodder to farm them in order for the dragons' hearts to fuel the source of Mana at the mutual expense of both dragon and Norma alike. Needless to say, Miranda felt utter indignation at having being used and dying to that end, but also vindication towards being right about said magic nation being a pile of bunk, especially hearing about the aftermath of the removal of Mana, when the humans heckled Ange for help like a bunch of needful jerks. Hearing that Ange scared them off and forced them to deal with their own problems made her giddy after all the crap their fellow Norma put up with.
  • Coco and Miranda are becoming friends with magic users who accept their lack of magic.
  • Coco and Miranda have been seen getting along well with Eko and Yuki Nagato due to sharing certain similarities with the both of them.
  • Despite the fact that Coco is deathly afraid of lightning, Coco is a good friend of Fate Testarossa due to her sounding like Ange and has been really nice to her. Whenever Fate gets into combat, however, Coco backs away.
  • Due to Coco and Miranda being taken to Arzenal while they were babies and forced to fight DRAGON's as children, both Coco and Miranda are good friends Francesca Lucchini and the Akatsuki shipgirls who also fight weird creatures despite being children.
    • Raiden has stated that he will protect Coco and Miranda and he hates seeing children used for warfare. This has led Coco and Miranda to becoming good friends with Raiden and they appreciate his desire to protect them both.
  • It's not uncommon for Coco to go to the house of food as she enjoyed the pudding back on Arzenal. Coco greatly prefers the pudding made by the house of food and due to her love of pudding, Coco has become good friends with Neptune.
  • Coco and Miranda both have a secret fear of Salamandinay. Both Ange and Salako have assured them that the dragons mean them no malice since their quarrel was with Embryo the whole time, and infact united with the Norma and together destroyed their mutual archnemesis, and now coexist in peace in the original earth from where the dragons came. Both Coco and Miranda believe them but still fear her and neither Ange or Salako can blame them given how they died.
  • After accidentally causing their deaths, one of the first things Ange did was pay for the tombstones for Coco and Miranda, the two of them were grateful that Ange did that but were worried that others might eventually forget about them so Treize told them not to worry about that as he keeps a list of all people who die in war or combat, no matter their allegiance, and makes a point to remember each name.

    Kisaragi (KanColle anime) 
Kisaragi (anime version), Goddess of Death After the Calm (Kisa-Wo-Gi)


    King Lear and Cordelia (the Shakespeare edition) 
King Lear and Princess Cordelia (the Shakespeare version), Patron Deities of Those Who Received Death by Adaptation (Lear: Leir of Britain; Cordelia: Cordelia of Britain)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A man sitting on a throne asking for a declaration of love from three women.
  • Theme Song: "Suite"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (for Cordelia), True Neutral (for Lear)
  • Domain: Family, Royalty, Love, Death, Narrative
  • Portfolio: Death by Adaptation, Downer Ending, Kill Them All
  • Allies: The good-aligned deities in the House of Family,
    • Cordelia: Every deities who love their parents
    • Lear: Tintin
  • Enemies: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth
  • Complicated Relationship with: British loyalties like King Arthur, King Richard III of England
  • Opposes:
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • The famous father and daughter duo whose deaths by Shakespeare was incredibly unexpected, the duo was brought back to life thanks to the influence of their superior and bring into the Pantheon
  • Sometime the two can be seen as Japanese Warlords named Hidetora and Saburo.
  • Macbeth and his wife were at first tried to have contact with the two because hearing that they are also usurpers but was rejected violently by both Lear and Cordelia due to how evil and a bad ruler he is. The fact that the four of them have many look-a-like and one of Lady Macbeth's High Priest is Lady Kaede doesn't help.
  • Due to the fact that the entire tragedy started because of Poor Communication Kills, Cordelia and Lear have been trying to rebuild their relationship and establish clear communication with each other. It isn't easy because Lear has gone insane due to grief of seeing his daughter beheaded, but Cordelia determines to not stop trying. Her effort moved many deities in the Pantheon who love their parents.
  • Due to her status as an exile, married to the King of France and led a coup against the English throne to reinstall her father, Cordelia has a tense relationship with other British royalties like King Arthur and Richard III. They sympathize with her situation but not her action of threatening the crown. They also have problem with the fact that Cordelia knows that her father isn't the most stable ruler and try to re-install him anyway.
    • Their relationship with Richard III is especially on bad term considering the fact Lear and him have many look-a-like.
  • Being a relatively popular work that has a long history, the duo has encountered many interesting interaction thanks to their incarnation:
    • Every mutants in the Pantheon are creeped out by Lear due to the fact that he sounds like a Sentinels that hunt them. Lear knows this and usually appear under one of his counterpart that looks like Magneto.
      • On the other hand, Tintin really warms up to Lear after meeting him due to the fact that his voice sounds like his good friend Capt. Haddock.
    • Lear is NOT pleased when discover that he looks like one of Jack Sparrow's pirates Capt. Barbossa and has been avoiding Sparrow ever since.
  • Chrom at first thought that this Cordelia was one of the Pegasus Knights in Yllise because of their similar names. Cordelia was sadden to hear about how the other Cordelia had to lose her entire squad in order to warn him about the capital's fall and (unknown to Chrom from other sources) how Cordelia never confessed her to him.
    • She met that woman upon her ascension and that Cordelia found her story to be very tragic.

    Phone Guy 
OK, who's— (phone rings, which is then picked up)

"Hello, hello?"

"Phone Guy", The God Who Was Killed Mid-Call (Real name unknown, possibly Fritz Smith)

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