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He already has a mouth to feed. He doesn't need another.

Using the vessels of yet-to-be-born creatures as weapons.

The above sentence might sound horrifying, but it happens surprisingly often in media, especially video games. Thanks to their oval shape and portable aspect, it's not hard to imagine eggs as working projectiles. This is a particularly common form of attack from avian creatures, with some even being capable of rapid-firing them, while others are able to spit them out instead of... you know, the other way around. Additionally, laid eggs aren't necessarily fertilized ones: the cartons at the grocery, for instance, are more analogous to a chicken's period. Still, some variants of this trope may use fertilized eggs for added Black Comedy.

The eggs also don't necessarily need to be actual organic eggs to count. That's why explosives that are made to resemble eggs are a common variant, probably because they bring grenades to mind.

Compare Weaponized Offspring, which is when the eggs hatch into babies hell-bent on killing you. See also Egging for the prank involving throwing rotten eggs on people or their properties. Produce Pelting is a related trope, where someone (usually either a horrible performer, or a prisoner in Stock Punishment) has unpleasant food items thrown at them. Sub-Trope of Abnormal Ammo. Possibly a form of Edible Ammunition.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Fairy Tail: Mook Lieutenant Kawazu of the dark guild Grimoire Heart uses Egg Magic in battle for a variety of moves, but mostly projectile-oriented.
  • One Piece: Usopp occasionally launches rotten eggs from his slingshot, in order to distract his opponent.

    Asian Animation 
  • In the Motu Patlu episode "Super Murgiyan", the super-powered chickens throw eggs at Inspector Chingum as he and the others chase them to get Boxer's car back from them.

    Film — Animation 
  • Chicken Run: As Mrs. Tweedy tries to climb into the chickens' airplane, Rocky throws their own eggs at her to try and stop her.

    Film — Live Action 
  • In Hook, the Lost Boys use an egg-shooting machine (with a hen inside) against the Pirates in the Final Battle.

  • House of Robots: Robots Go Wild!: During E's rampage through town, he gets several cartons of eggs and starts throwing them around.
  • Ozma of Oz. Nomes believe that eggs are poisonous to them. The Scarecrow throws eggs at the Nome King's eyes, which blinds him and terrifies the other Nomes. Dorothy uses the distraction to steal the Nome King's magic belt.

    Live Action TV 
  • In The Amazing Extraordinary Friends, the supervillain the Easter Bunny uses explosive Easter eggs as his primary weapon, which he either plants or throws at his targets.
  • In Batman, egg-themed and lover of egg-related puns villain Egghead is confronted by Batman and Robin inside a chicken farm. He and his men open the fight by throwing eggs at the Dynamic Duo, who retaliate the same way. Then it turns into a fist fight, and Egghead crushes a punnet full of eggs on Robin's head. Then Batman punches him and Robin pays him back by crushing another punnet full of eggs on his head.
  • Jackass: Johnny Knoxville gets pelted with eggs following the sixth part of the "Cup Test" (with the billiard ball being dropped on it).
  • The episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson where Dom DeLuise's egg trick devolves into an egg-throwing war is among the funniest things to ever grace the medium.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • The Far Side:
    • In one strip, we're shown the aftermath of a fight between a chicken and a Wild West gunslinger. Since the chicken was tossing eggs and the gunslinger shooting bullets, it went about like you would expect.
    • Another strip has all the chickens in a henhouse getting in an egg-fight which only ends when the farmer shows up and takes one to the face.

    Video Games 
  • The Flash game Age of War has an egg-a-pult as a defensive tower in the first era that functions as a Bamboo Technology machine gun.
  • Angry Birds: Matilda's special ability is to drop an explosive egg vertically down when you tap the screen again, in order to blow up parts of the pigs' fortress. As a secondary result, the explosion can also Rocket Jump the bird into other parts to cause extra damage,
  • Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie fame learns how to fire eggs in the first game (a move that is described as "the ancient way of the egg"). The second game elaborates on this mechanic more by letting Kazooie utilize various types of elemental eggs, such as fire, ice and what's essentially grenades. Unusually, Kazooie has two means of firing eggs; rapidly spitting them from her mouth in a direct projectile attack, or launching slow-moving bouncing eggs from her butt (complete with farting noises). The latter use is mostly used for puzzle-solving, but it can be useful as an attack in the right situations.
  • Big Karnak have a giant hawk boss who attacks by laying and dropping eggs at you from above.
  • Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is a game that revolves all around manipulating oversized eggs for a variety of purposes, including using them as weapons.
  • Chicken Invaders: The favored weapon of every chicken. How are they lethal to spaceships is anybody's guess, and the games often give the reasoning of the player ship's pilot being "fairly proud" on being able to survive getting an egg to their ship.
  • In Costume Quest, the "Egg" and "Rotten Egg" stamps give you the ability to do this to enemies.
  • Wally Warbles from Cuphead is one of those weird examples that spits eggs out. Additionally, his actual offspring, who takes over for him in the third phase of the fight, is protected by a Orbiting Particle Shield of eggs that he seemingly moves around telekinetically.
  • Deltarune: Pipis are blue, egg-shaped enemies that are able to explode into a swarm of heads, if not broken beforehand. However, the game claims that Pipis are an invasive species of clam, despite their appearance. They're mainly used by Spamton, and take over the castle during the Weird route.
  • The first Mini-Boss of Disney's Magical Quest 3 is a turkey that sometimes attacks by laying a bouncing egg.
  • Donkey Kong Country:
    • Squawks the Parrot attacks enemies by spitting eggs. At least, the green ones do. The purple variant can only pick up objects and drop them.
    • The first boss of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest primarily attacks by picking up eggs from his nest and releasing them on the Kongs (who can retaliate by picking up stray eggs and throwing them back). When it comes back later as a ghost, it is able to materialize flying eggs from nowhere.
  • Earthworm Jim 3D:
    • One of the many weird weapon types in this game is an egg shooter.
    • The very first level has oversized grenade egg hazards being laid by a giant straw chicken.
  • Pipis from Mega Man 2 are robotic birds that fly across the top of the screen and drop an egg partway through. Downplayed in that, while the egg can damage you, the real threat is the swarm of mini-birds that hatch from it if it hits a platform.
  • Mega Man 3: Bomber Pepe, seen in Gemini Man's stage, is a penguin that rolls explosive eggs at the player.
  • In Minecraft, eggs can be used to craft food items but can also be thrown. They will deal knockback but no damage, and throwing eggs at neutral mobs will provoke them.
  • In NetHack: any carried object can be used as a projectile, including eggs of all kinds. Cockatrice eggs are popular due to them turning targets they hit to stone.
  • Ninja Clowns: The chicken woman boss from the "Midway" level will sometimes attack by shooting eggs at you from her behind.
  • Reserved for the final battle of the NES game Panic Restaurant, with the player and O'Dove on floating platforms.
  • Pok√©mon: The Egg Bomb move, associated primarily with the Chansey and Exeggcute lines.
  • In Resident Evil, eggs are a recurring item that you can either consume for health, or throw at enemies. They usually do little in the way of damage, but the Rotten Egg in Resident Evil 5 was a One-Hit Kill on most non-bosses (in fact, it was all it was good for, as eating it damaged you quite significantly).
  • Solatorobo: One bossfight is against a giant bird who lays eggs that hatch into smaller birds after a while. The idea being to throw the eggs back at the Giant Flyer before they hatch.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The chicken badniks in Flying Fortress Zone are confined to turrets where they shoot small eggs at you.
  • Most of the time, in Splatoon 3's Salmon Run mode, players must take Golden Eggs from defeated Boss Salmonids and deposit them in an egg basket, but when a King Salmonid attacks, the Golden Eggs are instead hooked up to an Egg Cannon that shoots them instead, which can take out most Boss Salmonids with a single shot and deals a lot of damage to the King Salmonid.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • This is one of Yoshi's signature moves in the Mario games, especially the Yoshi's Island sub-series. Eggs are produced by Yoshi swallowing enemies and converting them into eggs, at which point they can be thrown around.
    • Birdo actually predates Yoshi as the series' signature egg thrower, having been introduced all the way back in Super Mario Bros. 2. Birdos shoot eggs from their tube-shaped mouths and seemingly have infinite ammo.
    • The World 2 boss of Super Princess Peach is a large owl that is able to generate and control multiple eggs at once for attacking. Sometimes, they hatch into hostile baby owls.
  • In a Licensed Game based on Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, a large robotic chicken is the antagonist because she spits out eggs that make you lose HP.
    Web Original 
  • A very frequent Running Gag throughout almost every HowToBasic video has the titular YouTuber throwing dozens of eggs at the thing he's trying to teach, often covering the whole room he's in with egg yolk.
    Western Animation 
  • Classic Disney Shorts: In "Alpine Climbers", Mickey Mouse is caught collecting eagle eggs by their mother. In desperation, Mickey attacks the eagle with her own eggs. Instead of splattering, the eggs hatch, and the eaglets attack Mickey to protect their mother.
  • Danger Mouse and Penfold get splatted from the giant egg of a giant chicken in "Chicken Run":
    DM: Penfold...we've got a problem.
    Penfold: What's that, chief?
    DM: Where can we get a rasher of bacon five yards long?
  • The Easter Bunny in The Fairly Oddparents episode "Christmas Every Day" employs explosive easter eggs to fight Santa Claus. Those eggs return in the "Abra Catastrophe" special as one of the magical gifts Timmy receives and then weaponizes for the final battle.
  • Chickens in Hero: 108 can rapidly fire eggs straight out of their backsides, acting like living machine guns that can be handheld or mounted on the wings of eagles to basically turn them into fighter jets.
  • Loonatics Unleashed: Danger Duck can create energy spheres called "eggs" which can release random materials upon exploding.
  • In the Mr. Bogus episode "Battle Action Bogus", under the orders of General Baddus, Ratty and Mole fire eggs at Bogus, with Mole holding an elastic band as a slingshot.
  • Tom and Jerry: In The Yankee Doodle Mouse, Jerry throws "hen grenades" at Tom.

    Real Life 
  • Ninja made bombs out of hollowed-out eggshells filled with flash powder, pepper, and other nasties.