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Ninja Clowns is a Beat 'em Up Arcade Game by Strata.

The game has you play as a pair of clowns being accosted by an army of Killer Zombie Clones. You two will need to battle your way through these armies and find your way to who ever is sending all these Killer Zombie Clones after you.

The game was released in arcades in 1991.

Ninja Clowns contains examples of:

  • Elvis Impersonator: One of the enemies you face in the game is Elvis Impersonators with accordions.
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  • Extendo Boxing Glove: One of the items you can get from breaking stuff is these. They can be used 10 times before you have to drop them.
  • Girls with Moustaches: Fat bearded ladies are an enemy you face.
  • Hyperactive Metabolism: You regain health by eating stuff like hot dogs, pizza, and milkshakes, which you get by beating enemies.
  • Item-Drop Mechanic: Sometimes, enemies will drop food after being beaten.
  • Monster Clown: Some of the bosses are this, like a giant clown spider, and a three-headed clown hydra, aka, Twisto.
  • Multiple Head Case: Twisto has three heads. Until you beat him, and it's revealed he's just a very short man in an oversized mechanical suit.
  • Proj Egg Tile: The chicken woman boss from the "Midway" level will sometimes attack by shooting eggs at you from her behind.
  • Rewarding Vandalism: You can get items by breaking things in the game.
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  • Symbol Swearing: Twisto engages in some in prison after being locked up.
  • Winged Soul Flies Off at Death: This happens whenever the clown loses a life.


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