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Recap / Mr Bogus S 3 E 5 Battle Action Bogus

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Battle Action Bogus

Written by Richard Merwin

First Act

The entire Anybody residence is now shaking, due to the fact that inside the bedroom of Tommy Anybody, a pair of toy soldiers, under the command of Bogus, are marching as part of training. However, Bogus is suddenly approached by another toy soldier who informs him that he has a message for him, saying that Bogus has been enlisted in the army, something which Bogus is surprised about. Bogus then protests that he won't do it, but the two soldiers suddenly grab him before throwing him into the mirror, to which Bogus is now transported into a boot camp while wearing soldier's garb. Bogus then starts doing marching exercises before he suddenly approached by Aunt Bogunda who is also wearing soldier's garb and acting as the rank of General, before she begins reprimanding Bogus in her usual fashion. Aunt Bogunda then tells Bogus that now that he's in the army, he will be trained to act like an A-rank soldier, before she marches off once again. Bogus can only shrug before he also marches off afterwards.


Later in the kitchen of the mess hall, Bogus is peeling potatoes, obviously not happy about being reduced to this level, until Aunt Bogunda then calls for him again, which causes the pile of potatoes to fall on top of Bogus. Aunt Bogunda then enters the kitchen while aided by her assistant, Sergeant Brattus, as Aunt Bogunda tells Bogus that this is no time to be sleeping on the job. Bogus then comes out from the potatoes, before Brattus tells him that they are to do some early morning training, until Aunt Bogunda tells him that it's her job to order Bogus around. Aunt Bogunda then marches off, before Bogus and Brattus do the same afterwards. Later, Bogus is now carrying a large backpack, obvious tired from having to lug so much equipment around before Aunt Bogunda suddenly approaches him while driving a tank as Bogus starts running as fast as he can to escape the tank. Aunt Bogunda then tells Bogus to keep up the pace, which Bogus does, before Brattus then drives up in a jeep before he starts eating a slice of pizza, while a hungry Bogus can only watch, before Aunt Bogunda chases him in the tank again, before Bogus then falls into the mud. Aunt Bogunda then says that she'll make a soldier out of Bogus yet. After Bogus picks himself up, the laces of his boots suddenly tie themselves together, which causes Bogus to fall in the mud again. Aunt Bogunda then yells at Bogus to pick up the slack, which Bogus agrees quickly.


This time, Bogus then approaches a cliff overlooking a small winding road down below, before Brattus then orders that Bogus is to scale down the side of the cliff, before Aunt Bogunda then throws a rope to Bogus, which he will use to climb down the cliff. The ropes hits Bogus, knocking him off the cliff, but one end of the rope has been conveniently tied into a loop, so it loops around a rock, while Bogus is still falling before he is suddenly saved by the rope tied around his waist and bumps into the side of the cliff. Bogus then begins to slide down the rope, but unfortunately, the rope breaks after a few seconds, which sends Bogus falling once again as he pulls out an alarm clock, a soccer ball, and a TV set, before pulling out a T-shirt which he uses a parachute to float down as gently as a leaf. Brattus then yells at Bogus that that's not fair, using a parachute. A pair of buzzards then approach Bogus while he is still holding onto the T-shirt, before one of the buzzards takes away the T-shirt, as Bogus falls again before he pulls out a slingshot which he uses to fire a grappling hook to latch onto the side of the cliff, leaving Bogus dangling in the air.


Meanwhile, the buzzards then land on Brattus's jeep as he tries to get them to leave, but one buzzard asks the other if he wants to have some real fun, before the buzzards then start jumping on the hood of the jeep, while Bogus then looks up to see that Brattus is in trouble. Bogus then bungees back up the cliff, before the buzzards then fly off the jeep. Because the jeep is now precariously balanced on the cliff, the jeep falls off, but before Brattus can also fall off, Bogus then comes back up before Brattus grabs him by the leg, while the jeep then falls down the cliff with the buzzards watching from above before they high-five each other. Bogus and Brattus then reach the bottom of the cliff, though Brattus pulls down Bogus's pants, revealing a pair of pink boxers with white polka dots. After the two cousins reach the bottom of the cliff, Bogus pulls his pants back up while Brattus tells him that he passed the first test, before they both high-five each other as well. Back at the base camp, Aunt Bogunda then awards Bogus with a medal and a paper that promotes him to a higher rank. Bogus then says that he risked his life out there, before Brattus then walks up next to Aunt Bogunda, telling Bogus that he still has a long way to go, which prompts Aunt Bogunda to glare angrily at him. Bogus then says that he's glad to be in the first step to soldierhood in the army, before he starts laughing afterwards.

Second Act

Back at the Anybody residence, the camera then travels along the garden hose, before cutting to the inside walls where all of the water pipes are located. In the bathroom of the Anybody residence, Tommy is brushing his teeth, before Bogus appears on the bathroom mirror while still wearing his military garb, which surprises Tommy before he asks Bogus what he's doing. Bogus answers that he's doing military training before going back into the mirror again. Back at the military camp, Bogus is now marching military style while carrying a popgun similar to the one that Winnie-the-Pooh uses on his shoulder, while being followed by the buzzards who are now sporting army helmets as they also march military style. Bogus continues marching, until he looks over to see a tank coming his way, before the tank runs over him, flattening him. Bogus's popgun then goes off afterwards.

Aunt Bogunda then tells Bogus that this is no time to be laying on the job because it's now time for his second military test. Bogus then pries himself off the ground before retaining his regular body shape once again. Bogus isn't too sure about the next test, until Brattus comes out from the tank while holding a piece of paper, which he then folds into a paper airplane and throws it at Bogus. Bogus then unfolds the paper airplane, which is revealed to be a list of items that Bogus is to bring back to the camp, which are a sweat sock, a tire, and a door. Aunt Bogunda then grabs Bogus before threatening that if he screws up this mission, she will punish him severely for his failure. Bogus is now mounted on a rocket, saying that he's ready for his second test, before Aunt Bogunda then presses a button which launches the rocket with Bogus on it into the air.

At the Anybody residence, a woman is walking by while looking at her handheld mirror, before she is taken by surprise when Bogus rockets out from the mirror and crashes right through the window. Mr. Anybody then angrily approaches the window while demanding to know who broke the window before noticing the woman standing while dazed. Mr. Anybody then starts scratching his head in confusion, trying to figure out how the window got broken, at the same time that Tommy comes up to him telling him that someone probably threw a rock at the window. Mr. Anybody then tells Tommy that they are both going on a little trip into town, something which Tommy is not looking forward to. In the main bedroom of the Anybody residence, Bogus is sneaking around before he pulls out the list from his pocket again to try and memorize the items that he has to bring back to the military camp. Bogus then hides under the dresser when Mr. Anybody walks by before Bogus then runs over when Mr. Anybody starts putting on his socks and shoes. Bogus then steals one of Mr. Anybody's socks, as Mr. Anybody then becomes confused about where his sock went, before he quips that wearing two socks is overrated anyway, before he leaves the room. Bogus then laughs to himself before saying that this is the easy test that he's ever taken.

This time, Bogus is now in the garage, knowing that the next item on the list is a tire, before seeing one of the car tires. Bogus then brings a jack over to the car, before he jacks up the car, takes the hubcap off the tire, and loosens the lug nuts, which causes the tire to come loose and fall on top of Bogus. Bogus then comes up from the middle of the tire while feeling disoriented before he places the car tire in his pocket afterwards and checks the tire off the list afterwards. Bogus then sees that the last item on the list is a door before he rushes off again. Mr. Anybody and Tommy then get into the car, completely unaware that the car is now short one tire, before one side of the car then falls over. Tommy then asks what happened, to which Mr. Anybody says that they probably ran over a chuckhole, before coming out from the car to see that the left front tire is now missing. Bogus then approaches the front door with a ladder, before he pulls out a mallet and a chisel from his pocket, which he uses to loosen the screws from the door, before he jumps off the ladder and throws the ladder away then gives off a big yell which causes the door to fall down to the ground, since the screws have been loosened. Bogus then picks up the door before he also places it in his pocket afterwards and gives off a salute, saying that he's proud to serve the army before he rushes off again. Mr. Anybody and Tommy then come back to the front doorway, while Mr. Anybody is absent-mindedly trying to unlock the door with the keys, something which Tommy is angry about. Mr. Anybody then realizes that something doesn't seem right before trying to find the key necessary to unlock the door, before Tommy then suggests that the door has been stolen, before Mr. Anybody tells him that such a notion is ridiculous before walking off, which Tommy is angry about once again. Bogus then peeks out from behind a sprinkler, successful in passing his second military test, before he pulls out a mirror from his pocket, which he uses to go back to the military base again.

Back at the military base, Bogus has brought back the sweat sock, the car tire, and the door to Aunt Bogunda while Brattus is telling Bogus that he may have collected these items, but the test is still not over yet. Bogus says that he brought back the items, but Aunt Bogunda says that the test is not over yet, before she throws the sock, the tire, and the door aside before angrily telling Bogus that he's failed the test. Fortunately, Bogus is able to bribe Aunt Bogunda with a roast chicken which Aunt Bogunda starts eating, while Bogus is relieved that he was able to keep Aunt Bogunda calm for a while. Tommy is now combing his hair while looking at himself in the mirror in his bedroom, when Bogus suddenly comes out from the mirror while holding Mr. Anybody's sweat sock, explaining to Tommy what he did, before Bogus also throws the front door and the car tire out from the mirror afterwards. Bogus then lands on the ground before the car tire lands on top of him, with Tommy asking Bogus if he's alright. Bogus then comes out from the tire while feeling disoriented again and says that it's all in the job of a rookie soldier, before he falls into the tire once again.

Third Act

It is now nighttime in the Anybody residence where Mr. and Mrs. Anybody are now asleep in bed. However, a loud racket surprises Mr. Anybody so much that he jumps up into the air before coming back down again. Tommy is also asleep in bed, when Mr. Anybody comes into the room, asking Tommy if he heard anything a few minutes ago before he exits the room again. Tommy then goes back to sleep before he is also awakened by the racket, before approaching the mirror and listens to it. Back at the military base, it is revealed that the racket was Brattus blowing reveille on a bugle for a wake-up call to which Bogus then comes out from the barracks while attempting to put on his other boot before tripping over a rock and falling to the ground. Once Bogus is now fully awake, Aunt Bogunda explains to him that it is now time for his third military test, where she explains that Bogus is to go out and stop General Baddus from wreaking havoc on the base. Brattus then says that General Baddus must be stopped at all costs before he is to take out his vengeance on the base. Bogus then replies that he will stop General Baddus and make sure that he won't attack the base, before Aunt Bogunda yells at him to get going.

In a dense swampy area, Bogus then comes up from the swamp waters with a lily pad on his head with a frog sitting on it, before the frog then jumps back into the water again. Bogus comes out from the water, before looking around and says that he's still got General Baddus to find. Suddenly, an egg then flies out at Bogus before it strikes him, covering him up with egg yolk, before another egg then hits him once again. It is then revealed that Ratty and Mole, who are also wearing military garb, are shooting eggs at Bogus, under the orders of General Baddus, with Mole holding up his arms to hold onto an elastic band and Ratty loading eggs into the elastic band, acting like a slingshot. Ratty then says that they'll stop Bogus for sure this time, before firing another egg but Bogus is able to dodge the egg, before accidentally running into a cage trap that lifts him up off the ground, leaving the cage suspended in the air. Ratty and Mole then approach the cage that Bogus is trapped in, saying that they've gotten word of Bogus coming to stop General Baddus, before Mole then removes his helmet and takes out a hot dog which he then eats afterwards. Ratty is irritated that Mole would be eating at a time like this, before Mole then has Ratty take out a slice of pizza from his helmet, which Ratty also eats as well. General Baddus then approaches the two villainous rodents who then greet with a salute.

General Baddus then says that he can't have Bogus try to stop his plans and orders Ratty and Mole to patrol the area. In the cage, Bogus then pulls out an acetylene torch, which he uses to weld a hole at the bottom of the cage, before he falls through the hole afterwards. Later, Bogus has set up a trap for Ratty and Mole, with a garbage can suspended in the air, before he sets out a plate with two slices of pizza, two hot dogs, two slices of chocolate cake, and a slice of cheese, which he intends to use as bait to capture Ratty and Mole. Bogus then pulls out a small remote as a trap for Baddus, before he places the remote on a rock and plugs a cord into it before unraveling the cord all the way back into the bushes. After the cord is unraveled, Bogus then pulls out a rocket from his pocket before plugging the other end of the cord into the rocket. Once the traps are set up, Bogus then hears Ratty and Mole coming before he makes himself scarce and hides in the bushes again. Ratty and Mole are following the smell of the food that Bogus had set out, before the see the plate with the pizza, hot dogs, chocolate cake, and cheese, before they begin to help themselves to the food. Once Ratty and Mole have taken the bait, Bogus then loosens the rope that holds up the garbage can as it falls, before landing right on top of Ratty and Mole, trapping them inside. Inside the garbage can, Mole quips that this is a strange way to dine, before Ratty tells him to be quiet.

Meanwhile, General Baddus then notices the remote on the rock, before he picks up the remote with glee. However, when he presses a certain button on the remote, it sends a surge through the cord attached to it, before it reaches the rocket, which causes the rocket to take off, before doing a U-turn. Baddus becomes surprised when he sees the rocket coming his way and tries to escape, but he ends up getting tied up by the cord as well, leaving him dizzy. Bogus then approaches Baddus, telling him that his plans to invade the base are over. Baddus feels humiliated that he's been outsmarted by Bogus again. However, before anything else can happen, a bright light suddenly shines on both Bogus and Baddus, which surprises Bogus very much. It is then revealed that Mr. Anybody had called for a policeman to investigate the racket that he had heard earlier, while Tommy tries to tell his father that it wasn't necessary. The policeman and Mr. Anybody go further into the bushes, but Tommy is told that he's too young to come with them, because it's grown-up work.

Baddus then tells Bogus to get him out of this mess and that he'll do anything. Bogus then unties Baddus, which sends Baddus crashing into a nearby rock, before Bogus then picks up Baddus and carries him off, just as the light from the policeman's flashlight shines past. When the policeman can't find anything, he then shines the light on Mr. Anybody who nervously tries to explain that he did hear something. Tommy then tells Mr. Anybody that they should just go home now, which Mr. Anybody agrees to as they both walk off, while the policeman thinks that Mr. Anybody has gone crazy. Bogus then approaches the policeman's motorcycle while carrying Baddus, before realizing that he can use the rear view mirror of the motorcycle to go back to the military base before jumping through the mirror.

Back at the military base, Brattus is now impressed with Bogus for his bravery, while Aunt Bogunda has confronted Baddus, who says that he won't even think of trying to attack the base anymore. However, this all turns out to be a ruse as he snatches Aunt Bogunda's purse and pulls out a mirror, which he then throws into the air. Bogus tries to stop Baddus, but Baddus jumps up before jumping through the mirror, making his escape once again. The mirror then lands next to Bogus while Brattus and Aunt Bogunda approach him, obviously disappointed in his failure, before Brattus blows reveille again, but Bogus pulls off one of his boots before stuffing it into the bugle, muting it since he's had enough of having to hear it so early in the morning. Once that's over, Bogus then declares the episode over before he pulls out a clapper and claps it, before the buzzards then bring in a scene of an Arabian palace, where Bogus is now dressed as a sultan, with Aunt Bogunda and Brattus serving as his servants. Bogus then says that this is more like it before he starts laughing as the episode ends.

Absent Characters: Kevin, Bogetta, the Dirt Dudes, Jake and Butch

Tropes found in Battle Action Bogus:

  • Boot Camp Episode: Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Death Glare: Aunt Bogunda gives one of these to Brattus, due to the latter telling Bogus that he still doesn't deserve the higher rank.
  • Edible Ammunition: Ratty and Mole fire eggs at Bogus in an attempt to stop him from stopping Baddus in the third act.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: Bogus is revealed to be wearing a pair of pink boxer shorts with white polka dots on them when Brattus pulls down his pants in the first act.
  • Improvised Catapult: The claymation short shown after the second act and before the commercial break had Bogus stand on a wooden spoon, before throwing an orange onto the other end of the spoon in order to catapult himself to a bottle of orange juice.
  • Improvised Parachute: Bogus uses a T-shirt as a parachute in the first act while he was falling down the cliff.
  • Mucking in the Mud: Bogus falls in a mud puddle during his first day of military training in the first act.
  • Peeling Potatoes: Bogus does this in the first act as instructed by Aunt Bogunda.
  • Shout-Out: The entire episode, being that it's entirely focused on the army, appears to reference old army movies, such as The Dirty Dozen, Apocalypse Now, and Private Benjamin.
  • Schmuck Bait: A literal example of bait happens in the third act, where Bogus uses this as part of a trap to dispatch both Ratty and Mole.
  • Squashed Flat: Happens to Bogus after getting run over by the tank commandeered by Aunt Bogunda in the second act.
  • Tied-Together-Shoelace Trip: Happens to Bogus in the first act, when the laces of his boots tie themselves together, which causes Bogus to trip in the mud once again.


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