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Carefully planning is one the key points in order to achieve victory, and this house gathers an impressive number of the best tacticians the pantheon has to offer.

It's very likely that you will see these people in the House of Knowledge, often spending their time designing or coming up with new combat strategies.

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Intermediate Gods

CATS, God of Base Takeovers

    Leonidas I 
Leonidas, God of The Spartan Way (King of Sparta, Commander of The 300, Lancer, King of Flame)
As a Lancer 
  • Theme Song: "Just Like you Imagined"
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A hoplite's shield
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Chaotic Leanings
  • Portfolio: High Holy SH&! Quotients, Slow Motion Cuts, One Liners, Training From (And Dinner In) Hell, Large Ham, Badass Beard, Spears, Defensive and Offensive shields, Hard-working kings, Memetic Mutation.
  • Domains: Destruction, Pride, Strength, Madness — SPARTA!!!
  • Allies: Hercules, Zeus, Dovahkiin, Pantheon, Ares, The Master of Chaldea
  • Courageously stood against an army of encroaching demons with just 300 soldiers. Just don't ask him to fights Ghosts. But he will still give his all to fight Ghosts whenever it's his duty to quell them.
  • After being deified, he made a special contract with Enma Ai to escort him for daily dinner (with his resident Spartans) in Hell. Ai even mentioned in a deadpan tone that there are a lot of Ghosts in Hell, so is he still going to dine in it? Leonidas just told her not to ask and just get on with the reservation already.
  • As of recently, Dovahkin has taken his craft Up to Eleven with a battle cry that can Blow You Away.
  • His abs are scientifically proven to be harder than the armor that Master Chief is wearing. Or at least if you believe the rap battle they once had.
  • He is one of the few people that Kratos has any kind of respect towards, even though just a little. Being the King of Sparta does help a bit.
  • Whenever he visits the House of Theater, the comedians do their best to keep him entertained. The reason for this is that he has a tendency to Sparta-kick anyone who doesn't get a laugh out of him.
    • Same thing goes for anyone who gives him de-caff when he's in the House of Food.
  • The Spartan Way, according to him, is neither blasphemy nor madness. Tell him otherwise and you will end up with a dent in your ribcage shaped like his boot.
  • His former high priest is Pantheon of Mount Targon, who has since ascended. Leonidas was pretty impressed with how much he glorifies what battle really is and being a product of Targon's version of The Spartan Way (and if anything, he can jump better than Leonidas). Even Leonidas would make an exception on how much the guy's profession is being a baker, not a "HAOOH! HAOOOH! HAOOOOH!!"
  • Pretty much one of the few deities to admire Ares when everyone else are more than eager to make him look like a wussy loser. Leonidas and the Spartans always admired the symbol of manly combat and bloodlust that Ares exudes, and thought overreliance to strategies are for those 'boy-lovers' from Athens. In turn, this house is also Ares' favorite house, and he doesn't act much like a jerk, but like true manly war-buddies.
  • Cersei Lannister has invited Leonidas to lead her armies. While many deities tell him not to accept it, given Cersei has questionable morals and the potential to endanger his life, Leonidas is still considering the proposal, given she reminds him of "his queen".
  • The Battle of Thermopylae has become ingrained onto his legends that he can summon the spirit of his 300 men to form an ultimate defensive wall on his exclamation of "Thermopylae. Enomotia!!". Of course, before activation, he has to exclaim this first: "This. Is. SPARTA!!!"

    Sima Yi 
Sima Yi (style name: Zhongda), God of Unexpected Victors (The Virtuoso With Hidden Ambition, The Ruler of The Jin Kingdom)
  • Theme Song: The Patient Conqueror
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Seal of The Jin Kingdom
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (With shades of Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: What he started out as, Evil Laugh, Gives these out constantly, Quick to shut fools up, The Strategist, The Unfettered, Treacherous Advisor
  • Domains: Retirement, Strategy, Strength, Ambition, Wisdom, Ruling
  • Allies: Sima Shi, Master Li, Victor Von Doom, Gilgamesh, Gracia.
  • Rivals: Cao Cao, Date Masamune
  • Enemies: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, Sun Ce, Lu Bu
  • Sima Yi is one of the most skilled Strategists of China, Originally was apart of Wei until he decided to form his own Kingdom of Jin, Despite the stronger forces of Shu, Wu, and Wei he and his followers were able to eventually overcome them all and be the ones to win The War of The Three Kingdoms.
    • Sima Yi does not know this is what happened at this point and members are going out of their way to make sure that Sima Yi does not find out the fact as to not boost his already large ego.
  • Sima Yi in the Asian scripts, has a mystical motif for his weapon names. In his case, the Qiongqi of the Four Fiends is often referenced due to in one of his strongest weapons, most likely as a foil to his rival Zhuge Liang's motif for the Zhuque/Suzaku (in nod to the location of the Shu Kingdom), and he also has a weapon named after the Suanxing, as not-as-well-known beast that conflicts with the Qinglong/Seiryuu motif in one of the Sleeping Dragon's other weapons. Needless to say, this makes others be even more weary of him due to such motifs.
  • Then he let his sons take over as he decided to retire due to old age, but others say he was forced to retire in some adaptations.
  • Even in The Pantheon he treats it like a place to continue retirement and often lounges around eating Meat Buns and speaking with other people that he considers not completely foolish.
  • Though some have decided to keep an eye on him, some worry that his sudden appearance in the Pantheon is a sign that his ambition is reaching further than the three kingdoms, when the other villains start using suddenly very intelligent strategies it starts putting it all under question.
    • Nowadays, he doesn't seem to associate himself as much with such people, instead actually coming up with ideas and laws to regulate the land to be a better place. However, people won't often let Sima Yi forget the fact he used to be quite the smug asshole (especially with many other portrayals of him), especially during the early years of the war against Orochi. However, people say that he would be no different from Cao Cao in that both of them don't believe in pure birthright traditions without the raw talents and pure wit to back it up, hence both Sima Zhongda and Cao Mengde have been very careful about selecting the right people for the jobs in question.
      • On the topic of betrayal, even in a certain game series called Knights of Valour via its third installment, he even decided to betray the Wei kingdom to serve as a boss for an alternate mystical force. People have often noted him in that series to have pitched laughter while wielding a skull-scepter. Sima Yi himself isn't amused.
  • He has a habit of manically laughing when he is about to achieve something, it seems to be a Sima-family thing as all of them have done it at least once (only Shi). Though in Knights of Valour, people note that his laughter is a bit more high-pitched like a crazy magician of some sort (don't say that to Yi himself of course).
    • Sima Shi in The House of Food can agree to this. On that note Sima Yi is unhappy with his son's position and thinks he deserves more but understands that Meat Buns should be protected and enjoyed.
  • He also has a habit of calling anyone he doesn't like (which is almost everyone) fools and imbeciles. He has an ego that makes him believe that he is one of the few intelligent enough to understand how to run anything and that besides his family and Cao Cao, he will call everyone that whether they like it or not.
    • He is surprised to see Date Masamune in the Pantheon is different from from the one he remembers while even sharing Xiahou Dun's voice. Even to go so far as to call him an even bigger fool then the one he remembers. Though their rivalry has caused Masamune to call Yi and others "Imbeciles" as well from time to time much his annoyance and Sima Yi's amusement.
  • Does not like it when others talk about helping the world through idealism, this is the reason he is not fond of Liu Bei and The Shu Kingdom.
    "Benevolence!? You imbecile! Who wants to live in a world based on flimsy idealistic garbage?!"
    • Ironically, Liu Bei himself agrees he is no different from an imperfect image that Sima Yi despises, since their historical-selves have been recently brought into question.
      • Also does not like it when people bring about the myth that his head can turn around 180 degrees. Many people very close to him will rather you don't snap Sima Zhongda's neck, thank you. Even his supposed rival Zhuge Liang logically dismisses such a myth.
    "Lord Kongming! Is it true that Sima Zhongda can turn his head around 180 degrees...?! Like an owl?!"
    Zhuge Liang: *Chuckles and laughs lightly for a small while, then puts down fan* ""
  • Despite him being in retirement he doesn't like to be told that he is doing so because he is "Old and Unwanted" as he will talk down and verbally destroy someone then physically destroy someone with his array of weaponry.
  • Doesn't like being compared to Lancelot, even if he sounds like him. This ironically enough, also applies to his son, Sima Shi, as well as the aforementioned Orochi and even Chosokabe Motochika (the one from their universe anyway).
    • Also annoyed at being compared to Aizen as he finds him boring, even if they also sound alike.
      • He's also curious if that he wonders if his son Shi will share his soon-to-be-acquired secrets from Toriko in order to make their meat buns quite tastier than before.
  • As much as he'd try to enjoy calling out Sun Ce's hot descendant Sonsaku Hakufu as an "imbecile", Sima Yi instead avoids the hell out of her. Because one moment she'd speak (and she does quite a bit...) he just gets reminded of that wife of his that he feared.
  • Whatever you do, if you're on his side, best not to mention something about dikes in front of him. It generates a very awkwardly hilarious response.
    *Recently* A DIKE?! NOOOOOO!!! CURSE IT ALL TO HELL! *grumbles*
  • People say that he was the heir of a martial arts school called "Dragon Claws of the Western Mountain". Sima Yi denies claims over this 'school' because to his knowledge, there's nothing 'interesting' about 'grabbing and squeezing someone else's balls'. Though he has to admit, it would be a fearsome name.
  • He feels annoyed in that people recall that dumb proverb regarding his style name ("A dead Zhuge Liang scares away a living Zhongda").
    • Fears the day that Zhuge Kongming will possibly ascend towards the pantheon, but it's mainly out of the overblown myths that surround him. "I'm the smarter one historically at the end of the day, dammit! Where's Chen Shou when I need him?!" However, he seems to somewhat get along with Zhuge Liang's Koihime version, Zhuli/Shuri, despite being harsh to her initially.
      • Unfortunately for Sima Yi, Zhuge Liang eventually sent him not a set of female's clothing (since that didn't end up remotely provoking Sima Yi at all in the original novel), but a letter and decisive proofs from Sun Tzu that Chen Shou himself was more partial between the two, and those things that decried Zhuge Liang's myth and overblown superiority came from a realm that seemed to have hots on his Dynasty and Wei's while hating Shu or what was considered 'overrated' by them thanks to Luo Guanzhong, Zhuge Liang being one of them, and resorted to whitewash the hell out of his side. Contrary to what people expected, Sima Yi was furious, he didn't want to win over Zhuge Liang with the help of a hypocritical claim, like the one he spotted on those who spout 'benevolence'. Not to mention that finally reminded him about those days Zhuge Liang stalled his massive force when he had minimum forces, which also happened, according to Chen Shou. He replied back that he wouldn't mind joining forces with Zhuge Liang if it means teaching these imbeciles a lesson, but warns him that after those are done, it's back to them being enemies once again if it must.
    Sima Yi: "This rivalry between us is awkward at best....but it's too late now to turn back. I've had to handle plenty of detractors during my historical life, so this is something I should naturally be prepared for."
  • He has recently reeled in a Spear Counterpart of himself, Shiba'i Chuutatsu, as she was a rather smug asshole and it reminded him of his old days of being a smug asshole. Sima Yi has been teaching her how to be a competent strategist and looking respectable while being smug. Though he also wonders if there will be a Koihime Musou version of himself one day...
  • Recently, there's a drama adaptation that greatly humanizes him to be someone quite loyal to his state despite being initially someone who wanted to politically protect himself and his family (and portrayed by a notable Chinese actor to top it off). It makes people wonder how much stress he actually went through with all the drama between his fellow council members within the Wei state, as well as him recalling the times he's managed to try his best to help the common people over their struggles during those times as well (historically, that is). Regardless, Sima Yi has stated that the common people should not get caught in the crossfire of his scuffles, period.
    • On a side note, during the one time Sima Yi was there to witness Xiahou Dun's natural death, via the latter's adamant mindset, Zhongda himself cried out "Xiahou're such a pain in the ass!" while weeping for his death. Xiahou Dun himself seems to understand what Sima Yi was getting at due to their state starting to undergo some major changes that should've been accepted. Sima Yi bears nothing against the versions of Cao Zhen and Cao Hong from that said drama, but any version of Cao Shuang is still a number one zero-percent-approval target in his book since he was pretty much one of the reasons the Wei court was going to hell unless someone did something about it. Yet regardless, he was quite upset that even though the current version of his youngest son Zhao was someone who wasn't often motivated, at least he wasn't someone who was constantly trying to screw over people with political scheming much more excessively than he himself would in that drama's second season.
      • Zhuge Liang has expressed being actually genuine in trying to talk to him how to politically resolve issues if only they weren't spurred by their personal destinies. Sima Yi once again scoffs at the idea, but also brings up the fact that "at least in that drama, I completely owned up to wearing the women's clothing you sent me as a taunt; your face in reaction to me unfazing stance was priceless."
        "And you should've seen the look on your face when I also survived that valley trap."
  • Thanks to that aforementioned drama, Sima Yi is nowadays somehow often seen with a pet turtle named "Far Too Anxious", via a Chinese proverb (心猿意馬). God save you if you dare claim that you killed it on purpose.

Captain Titus, God of Military Mavericks (Captain of the Ultramarines Second Company, Saviour of Graia, "Motherfucking" Titus, Redeemer of the Ultramarines)

Lesser Gods

    Dian Wei 
Dian Wei, The God That Holds the Line (The Coming Evil)
  • Theme Song: Model Reed
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Two halberds crossed with one big axe.
  • Weapon of Choice: Both of those two symbols, though not at the same time.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bodyguards, Bald of Awesome, Big Guys, Heroic Sacrifice, Last Stand, Super Strength
  • Domain: Sacrifice, Servitude, War
  • Followers: Captain Kirrahe], The Ōarai Academy Automotive Club/"Leopon Team"
  • Allies: Cao Cao, Xu Zhu/Chu (his best friend), Musashi Tomoe
  • Enemies: Lu Bu
  • Rose to Godhood once it is said that even his corpse holds off the line of many enemy soldiers, allowing his Lord Cao Cao escape. To this day, even in the Pantheon, if Dian Wei ever gets assigned to guard something, nobody gets past it.
    • All of the above involves no dungs. Really. But it may be true.
      • In terms of bodies however, it's stated in the novel that Dian Wei actually did use dead bodies to pummel away at his foes while guarding Cao Cao's historical escape at Wan Castle. This was due to Huche'er stealing his signature weapon away from him beforehand (either his paired ji, or his hand-axe).
  • Leonidas has shown to be impressed by Dian's capability in combat, as well as his loyalty.
  • He overheard the three brothers Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei wondering just when his liege Cao Cao is going to ascend. Hearing this, Dian Wei immediately butts in and exclaims that they can bet on his liege appearing any time soon.
    • His uttering of his Liege's Name was enough to summon him to The Pantheon, Dian Wei has since made it back to his Lord's side to once again fight under him.
  • His style name is said to be "Ziman" in some sources, but of course it could be from a result of either misinformation or a mistranslation alike. Dian Wei just shoves it aside and just often states nowadays that he never had a style name, nor does he somehow care about having one (but he does wish it makes him more on his very-close-friend Xu Chu's level, who's style name is Zhongkang).
    • His title of "Coming Evil" is also derived from the very man named "Elai", a bodyguard of the historical King Zhou. Some say that it's either a literal "other name" for him, or it's more of a title due to its literal translation.
  • While this incarnation of Dian Wei is most well-known for using a hand-axe, Dian Wei himself mentions other sources had him using a pair of dual ji instead. And while he does enjoy his paired ji, he's also liking his bull-shaped axe that may or may not be named after two different mythological beings behind its name ("Ox Head").
  • While he admits that it's a bit awkward that he scares people all the time with his appearance, many gods are surprised to find that Dian Wei really cares about his friends and the common folk alike. Some would say that if he wasn't involved in war, Dian Wei would've been an all-around great guy. He also notes that his bald image wasn't from anything special, since he can't even remember if his historical-self even looked like that in the first place.
    • This also goes to show with his Spear Counterpart named Liuliu/Ruru; word has it that they may be trying to find some way to cook up some great recipes together for some solid feasts between friends.
    • On the other hand, he's absolutely furious on hearing about the other Spear Counterpart, Ten'i (who just simply has his name rendered in Japanese on'yomi), who suffered tons of parental abuses that she killed her parents. When Sima Yi reined in his own Spear Counterpart who was worshipped by Ten'i, Dian Wei immediately offered to become a foster father figure, and thankfully the girl's psyche is making a recovery as Dian Wei also scares off any Alpha Bitch trying to bully her.

    Genghis Khan 
Genghis Khan, God of Uniting Others Through A Common Foe (Khan of the Mongols, King of Kings, Chinngis Hann and maybe Doombreed. Birth name: Temujin)

    Olaf (Nintendo Wars
Olaf, God of Winter Warfare (Whip)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Blue Moon Symbol
  • Theme Song: Olaf's Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blizzard CO Power, Winter Fury CO Power, Badass Beard, Patriotic to Blue Moon, First Antagonist of the game, Incompetent General turned Dangerous in Later Years, Grumpy Old Man, Hometown Destroyed by Black Hole, White to Brown Hair in International
  • Domains: Snow, Warfare
  • Allies: Grit, Colin, Andy, Max, Queen Elsa, Mei Ling-Zhou, Jack Frost, Olaf (Frozen), Nicholas Saint North, Courier, Katyusha, Olaf (Lost Viking), Viktor Reznov
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, Kaldr, Esdeath, the Bittercold, Arthas Menethil, Red Skull
  • Olaf is the CO of Blue Moon whose soldiers have the advantage when under the snow. While many armies struggle in the snow like slower movement or doubling the cost of fuel, he doesn't receive these disadvantages. In addition, his CO Power allow him to summon snow. Though while his Blizzard CO Power only summon snow, his Super CO Power, Winter Fury, allow his blizzard to harm his foes' armies in addition to that. On the other hand, he hates rain and his forces suffer it the same way other armies suffer in show.
  • He is often compared to Santa Claus because of his snowy, white beard, some of the time. He even has a red coat for the occasion to make the appearance uncanny. He often helps as the ideal Mall Santas because of his appearance and some of the Santa often believe him to be an ideal Santa, even when he could be grouchy.
  • Olaf rejoiced to see his beloved Blue Moon COs in the Pantheon, despite of his annoyance of Grit's laziness. Though Grit doesn't want to get a hug from Olaf as he might scare Colin's years out of him.
  • He was amused to find a snowman who has the same name as him, and he is pleased to meet with his creator. He is glad to meet with a pleasant women who could create a winter wonderland for him in which reminds him a lot of Blue Moon.
    • He heard of another Olaf in the Pantheon. Unlike the little snowman, he showed no sympathy toward this Count as he's abusive to the children he adopted for their fortune. He will certainly drive him away if he try something funny on Colin, who he views as the child of Blue Moon.
    • Another Olaf shows up as a fat Viking, to which Olaf is rather amused by his rather "dim" nature. Though he considered it as a reminder of his foolish self in the past.
  • Do not remind him of his years at the first war in Cosmo Land, as he wasn't very smart at that time and was easily fooled by Black Hole to attack Orange Star. Also, he claimed to be a proud member of Blue Moon and has no relations with Orange Star despite claims of being Nell's superior. Both side have different stories.
  • He does not view Kaldr with any sort of respect because of their ice power used to harm people around them. He only calls upon the snow to slow his foes that would threaten Blue Moon.
  • Many Russian and Soviet commanders come to respect him because of his ability to call in the snow to slow the enemy down and how his country is the counterpart of the motherland. It is their way of remembering General Winter that have save their country from many invasions like Napoleon's or Hitler's invasions.
    • Red Skull is not impressed with the CO who is the physical incarnation of General Winter because of the Nazi's failed invasion of the Soviet Union.
  • He dislikes Esdeath because of her ruthlessness and sadism, and he is repulsed by the fact that she has the power over the cold much like him.
  • He sympathizes with the Courier since their hometown were destroyed, even if the destruction was their own (yet very much unintended) doing.
  • He is rather impressed by Katyusha for her ability to fight in the snow with her tank and learning from a school that is like Blue Moon architecture. Though sometimes, her abrasiveness and pride reminds him too much of his shameful years at Cosmo Land.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Nature.

Zagara, Goddess of Zerg Rushes (Broodmother of the Swarm, Zag)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Zerg Swarm emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Dragon, Blood Knight, leader of the Brood, The Starscream, always gesture when addressing Kerrigan, summon Hunter-Killers, Roaches through drop pods, and Banelings, New leader of the Swarm after Kerrigan's ascension
  • Domains: Numbers, Swarm
  • Superior: Kerrigan
  • Allies: Abathur, Alexei Stukov, Anub'arak
  • Rivals: Starscream, Tyranids
  • Enemies: Amon, Arcturus Mengsk, Eiji Hino, those with hunt insectoid aliens and use fire, Kael'thas, Tassadar
  • Once she learned that the Pikmins used to be deities of Zerg Rush, she was baffled at how these weak, minuscule creatures could even compare themselves to the Swarm.
  • Known for her violence, she would wish to assimilate all that would oppose the Swarm. Heroes, villains, ...and Murky, all alike will become one with the Swarm.
  • Interestingly, though she wants to take over the Swarm as their leader, she hasn't betrayed Kerrigan for the moment. She thought that wasn't good a leader as Kerrigan was and try to learn as preparations for when she comes into power. She mocks Starscream for failing this test and not understanding vision, which earned her the ire of the Decepticon.
  • To all aliens who are a horde, she thinks that they are inferior to the Swarm so she is a rival to them, even if Kerrigan sees some of them as allies.
  • As she follows Kerrigan, she opposes Amon and is certainly furious that he controlled some part of the Zerg Swarm. She wants to destroy the Fallen Xel'naga with the might of the Swarm.
  • As a Zerg that uses numbers to her advantage, she certainly dislikes fire that could turn her swarm into a pile of ashes. This is in principle of the fact that she hates anyone that can do damage to an entire group. Especially Tassadar who can just shield buildings and use Psionic Storm on her minions.
  • The House of Love has been unsure of how she would be courted with Anub'arak. The two are of different species and universes; not to mention that they never really go anywhere with making advances. Anub'arak would complement her legs, in which she called a creep.
  • As the practicer of this tactics, she notes some other deities in the Pantheon that have used these tactics.
    • Ghirahim sent a horde of Bokoblins, Bublins, and Staflos at Link to slow him down from preventing Demise's resurrection in the past. She is a bit impressed when he knew that they couldn't even do harm to Link so he just sent loads of them just for slowing Link down.
    • She is amused but at the same time, disappointed about Zapp Brannigan and his tactics. One of his strategies including sending waves of troops against kill-bots until their "kill limit" exceeds reminded her of before she learned vision and sees him as a pathetic leader. She also wondered how humanity managed to survive with him as their line of defense if they haven't faced a threat like her.

    Zapp Brannigan 
Zapp Brannigan, God of Incompetent Generals (The Zapper)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A phallic Ray Gun
  • Alignment: True Neutral (He still hates Neutrals; he's a self-loathing Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Casanova Wannabes, Handsome Leches, Good Captains (But Bad Commanders), Red Shirts Who Didn't Die, Fake Ultimate Heroes, Large Hams, Lords Error Prone
  • Domains: War, Chaos, Lust, Trickery, Coin-asseuring
  • Followers: Spandam, Klaus Glad, Visser Three, Colonel Flagg
  • Allies: The Comedian
  • Abhorrent Admirer to: Turunga Leela
  • Opposes: Any male lead in every single work falling in the Harem Genre, House of Ambiguity
  • Unknown Rivals: James Bond, the Chick Magnet Quintet
  • Leela and Fry thought they had the perfect plan to finally oust Zapp from the Pantheon. They convinced Honor Harrington to have him co-pilot her fleet to take on a Xenomorph infestation on a lone planet. While Honor wanted a more cautious approach to the situation, Zapp convinced the crew to make a full-scale invasion. Ultimately, his failure to predict the right amount of aliens as well as the Xenomorph's preparations on the planet led to a spetacular defeat. Only Zapp and Honor survived.
    • The battle left the entire House of War gobsmacked. They demanded he be repramanded and sent to trial. The punishment was to send Zapp to the Planet Express, much to the crew's chagrin. Leela sent a counter offer; he can stay in the Pantheon, but in the House of War as a reminder of his failure. The Judge agreed, noting that Zapp has managed to bed several people... including Leela. Thus he was given a new title. Zapp's opinion was understandably mixed.
  • Despite all this, Brannigan still sees himself as a masterful war combatant, when in reality he's dangerously incompetent; most of his victories were due to sending wave after wave of troops to die against the foe. Most of the House of War has nothing but contempt for him, especially when he moved there.
  • Even when he made it out of the House of Lust, his former reputation still follows him. Hates James Bond for succeeding where he's failed and considers him a personal rival (even if Bond isn't aware of it).
    • Maintains a truce with Johnny Bravo, the man who got him out of his previous title. The newcomer elicits mixed feelings for Zapp. Johnny proved to be a more likeable character, which Zapp found grating. Still, he can at least say he isn't the worst Casanova in the Pantheon anymore.
  • He is also known to be jealous of all male leads in any Harem Genre work, since they've all managed to get their own harem, something he'll never be able to get. EVER.
  • Proven to have a really bad time trying to understand neutral-aligned gods; he assumes they are no better than evil-aligned ones. In spite of this, he himself is True Neutral. The House of Ambiguity had a nice laugh at the reveal... before banning him from the area.
  • He is noted to be similar to Captain Kirk, taking ideas from him about hot alien babes. Kirk would rather not associate with Zapp due to his incompetence. This sentiment is the same for most other captains.
  • Upon hearing of the creation of the Chick Magnet Quintet, Zapp has found another rival according to him. The Quintet doesn't even bother to acknowledge that.
  • Of all of Kyu Sugardust's clients, Zapp is currently the most difficult to work with. He appreciates that she makes the effort to actively approach him, but he has trouble learning from the love fairy, and she said she's not available for dating until he successfully beds another woman.
  • Was overjoyed upon learning that Leela had ascended to the pantheon; he once managed to get Pity Sex from her, and has consistently lusted after her ever since. The cyclops has proven consistently disgusted with him, and while she successfully got someone else to take Casanova Wannabe from him, he remains in the Pantheon to harass her.


    Grand Admiral Thrawn 
Grand Admiral Thrawn, God of Military Geniuses (Mitth'raw'nuorodo, Thrawn, Commander/Captain/Colonel/Admiral Thrawn)
  • Theme Music: "Thrawn's Web"
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of all-red glowing eyes on a blue background, or the Imperial crest
  • Alignment: To his enemies, he seems Lawful Evil. To those who serve under him, he seems Lawful Good. As of his new canon background, his true alignment is very likely Lawful Neutral with his participation in the Empire as Necessary Evil.
  • Portfolio: Magnificent bastardry, strategy and tactics, art, an odd alien name, those whose plans may lead to greater good, Practicality, Flexible Plans, Valuing His Resources, Knowing When To Cut His Losses, Awesome by Analysis, Overcoming Fantastic Racism
  • Domains: Law, Nobility, War
  • Followers: the Silverberg family and Lucretia Merces, Narsus, Darth Revan (according to Kreia)
  • Weapon of Choice: The Imperial Missile Boat
  • Will kick your ass while admiring how you must have held your paintbrush during your magnum opus. He's a surprisingly good shot with a blaster, and his men are all fantastically loyal. Of late he has begun to command the 501st Legion to very good effect.
  • Commands the Imperial Missile Boat, but has so far only had to call it down to take out an enemy once.
  • Was dead for a time being, but was ultimately resurrected by his return to the official Star Wars canon.
  • There was a time when Grand Admiral Thrawn had been made non-existent, thanks to the old Star Wars EU officially being declared as non-canon. For a time, Thrawn had declared George Lucas as his Number 1 enemy for allowing him to fall into this fate. However, with the new season of Star Wars Rebels, Thrawn has officially been restored to the Star Wars Canon and has become an incredibly dangerous and intelligent antagonist to the Rebels. Incredibly pleased with this turn of events, Thrawn has abandoned his vendetta against Lucas to focus on more important matters and chosen this time to mark his full return to the Pantheon.
  • Although he will not hesitate to analyze the art and culture of his enemies to gather as much information about them as possible, he has nothing but the highest regard for it. He thoroughly disdains the notion of destroying valuable artwork, and threatening to do so is one of the few ways to openly piss him off, something that NOBODY wants to see.
  • There was a time when Grand Admiral Thrawn and Lord Haverlock Vetinari had never been seen at the same time. It passed.
  • There are hints that he is disdainful of the House of War - as one who is generally reserved and very good at the strategic side of war, he stands out among the screaming hordes of fighters. It's hard to tell - he hasn't confided in anyone. At any rate, he has also joined this house, and spends most of his time here or examining things in the House of Craft.
  • Thrawn is here partly because of his relationship to Sherlock Holmes. Combined with the various other people who contributed to him, this heritage allows him to practice an almost obscene version of psychoanalysis on people and cultures by studying their artwork, using it to identify weaknesses in their thinking or perception patterns, and then exploiting said weaknesses in devastating ways. He's got a bit of the Information Age in him.
  • Is very careful to stay on Yomiko's good side, and although he was initially unfamiliar with books that had pages, he got used to them. A lot of the bits of data he picks up seem trivial, but he pieces them together alarmingly fast.
  • As de facto commander of the GUAE's fleet, he has an intense rivalry with his opposite number, James T. Kirk, for whom he has a certain degree of respect despite them being polar opposites in tactics and personality.
  • Still has a beef with his rival in military tactics, Ursarkar E. Creed for wiping off the 501st. Supposedly with 100 Baneblades from Kaurava.
  • As of his new canon background, it appears that his true loyalty is first and foremost to the Chiss Ascendancy, and his true motivation is to protect his people from unknown, horrifying threats. He has joined with the Empire, and by extension the GUAE, because he considers them a unified force and a potential ally (or an alternate target) for dealing with the dangers that threaten his people.
    • He is especially wary of especially dangerous and wicked threats in the Pantheon beyond the GUAE such as the GUAD and the Flood for this reason, and openly opposes them. Considering that virtually everyone in the Pantheon, good or evil, despises these entities for one reason or another, nobody is complaining.
  • Also present in the houses of Tactics & Strategies and Intellectual Archetypes.

    Kevin McCallister 
Kevin McCallister, God of "Home Alone" Antics (Makulky Kulkin)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His battle plan map against the Wet Bandits, or his hands clasped against his cheeks and his mouth open in a scream.
  • Theme Music: "Somewhere In My Memories"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Outsmarting Adult Criminals, Making the House a Mess when the Family is not Home, Booby Trap Masters, Naughty Is Good, Sociopathic Heroes, An Ass-Kicking Christmas, Screaming
  • Domains: Traps, Children
  • Followers: Kirika Yuumura.
  • Rumored Mentor of: The Jigsaw Killer
  • Allies: Angus MacGyver, Homura Akemi, Jackie Chan, Dennis Mitchel and Bart Simpson, Michael Jackson (for a good reason), John McLane, John Rambo
  • Worthy Opponents: Reisuke Houjou, Satoko Houjou
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob, JonTron
  • Was tempted to stay in the mortal realms after being offered Godhood after the success of Home Alone 2: Lost In New York; then was persuaded to reconsider when his avatar Macaulay Culkin saw the script for Home Alone 3, and wisely accepted the offer.
  • Has achieved infamy throughout the Pantheons for his supernatural ability to turn the most benign everyday household items into sadistic deathtraps of torture with the most minimum of preparation time. This has been the painful downfall of many an evil deity that tried to assail the House of War.
  • He has an interesting friendship with MacGyver: when not playing games of table-hockey with him, the old Phoenix Foundation Agent tutors the boy on how to refine his mechanisms while simultaneously trying to convince him not to be so cruel with them.
  • He also has a friendly rivalry with Jackie Chan and Kirika Yumura, and have an ongoing competition in the ruins littered throughout the house of defeating each other with whatever items happen to be lying around the area. So far the battles have all been fought to a draw, for although Yuumura and Chan are equally as adaptable, the ingenuity of Kevin's well-prepared traps are more than a match for his older rivals.
  • Vehemently denies that he taught the Jigsaw Killer his skills, insisting that he's just a friend who comes over to play Battleships with him; though one wonders when you witness his sadistic glee at the sufferings of the Wet Bandits who assailed his house...
    Kevin: I'm a ten-year-old kid who saved Christmas for a children's hospital. Do you really think someone like me would teach my skills to a serial killer? I don't think so.
  • Recently became friends with Homura Akemi, and the skills he taught her allowed her to almost defeat the mighty Walpurgisnight by luring her into an football stadium laced with C4 Mines.
  • Keeps his abilities sharp by competing with Reisuke Houjou and Satoko Houjou from the House of Craft, fellow Trap Masters who also happen to be children like him.
  • Gets along with John McClane, as both spent two consecutive Christmases by themselves fending off criminals.

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