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Greater Gods

Algol, God of Shapeshifting Weapons (The Great Hero King, The Demon Star)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Soul Edge and Soul Calibur around his throne.
  • Theme Song: The Supreme Sword, Regalia or Thanatos
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Declares that the concepts of morality mean nothing to him, The man blocks Soul Edge's unimaginably powerful cursed power with his bare hands, Has 10 weapons hidden inside his own body, His main weapons are Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and his body is formed out of both swords' energies
  • Domains: Power, Strength, Fighting, Willpower
  • Allies: Kars, Esidisi, Santana, Gill, Whamuu, En Sabah Nur
  • Rivals: Ogre, Akuma, Raoh, Lu Bu, Gilgamesh, Shao Kahn, Alexander The Great, Garland, Kenpachi Zaraki, Augus, Jecht, Gajeel Redfox
  • Enemies: Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, Sophita, Siegfried, Edge Master, Yoda, Darth Vader, Taki
  • He formally merged with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and now with the Power of Chaos, can manifest blades, shields, wrist blades, or cannons from his body at will. He also has several weapons that come out various parts of his body.
  • Appeared in the pantheon in a large building surrounded by lava know as The Tower of Souls. He wishes to see gods from The House of Weapons, War, Combat come to him to give him a great battle and make Soul Calibur and Soul Edge appear so that he can claim them and return to the mortal realms and reclaim his lost kingdom.
  • Is one of the few beings in the realm that Soul Edge has no effect on, it fears him as much as it does Gilgamesh.
  • This is why he wishes to fight Gilgamesh as he wants to test his true power and see if he is worthy to be hailed as a King.
  • After Soul Edge corrupted his son and forced Algol to kill him, he decided that he would create a weapon that would counter act Soul Edge and formed Soul Calibur To his surprise he did not realize that the sword would turn out to be just as evil as Soul Edge.
  • Has gained the notice of many would be conquers in Alexander, Kahn, Garland, and Raoh and he invites them all to fight against him to see who is truly worthy to rule the realms.
  • His Tower of Souls has gain the attention of many battle hunger fighters such as Akuma, Kenpachi, Augus and Lu Bu, and he shows nothing but glee at the thought of battling them, though he finds it strange that Lu Bu sounds so familiar, he saw this as a sign that they should battle.
  • Although Sophita tries her hardest to defeat him and hopefully destroy the soul swords, his only ever reply with urging the brave mother to return to her children in bliss. Though sadly he has discovered that her children are now in possession of both Soul Swords and he will defeat them to gain back the swords if need be.
  • Algol had met Kars in the past and though he was human at the time, his work on Soul Edge and Soul Calibur attracted his attention, thus when Kars discovered Algol in the Pantheon he was happy to lend Algol his resources and make him an honorary Pillar Man so that he can help Algol reclaim his old kingdom.
  • Some claim that he sounds similar to Sol Badguy, the statement just amuses him.
  • Like Darkseid before him, The Hero King is aware of the many changes and retcons the Pantheon and his native realm has been through as he resides outside of time in the Astral Chaos.
  • He attempted to regain his foothold in the the new era through "the Conduit". Though he has failed his attempt made him a "being that was beyond any human's wildest imaginings".
  • "Fighting is my all, It is my existence!"

Intermediate Gods

EMIYA, God of Weapon Imitations (Archer, Shirou Emiya, GARcher, Counter Guardian, The Hero of Justice, The Blacksmith Heroic Spirit, Wrought Iron Hero, Faker, MamaMIYA, Actually Satan)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God within Unlimited Blade Works)
  • Symbol: Kanshou & Bakuya
  • Theme Music: Unlimited Blade Works, Archer, the Hero who Nobody Knows, and EMIYA -Extella
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Badass Future Self of Shirou, Enforcer of the Counter Force, Knight in Sour Armor, Used to be idealistic, Tragic Hero, Unfiltered Snarking, Inducing trust issues, Really hates Shirou, Archery, "Unlimited Blade Works", Bow and Sword in Accord, Pragamatism
  • Domains: Artifice, Time, War, Personal Appearance, Heroism, Swords
  • Herald: Nameless (his Moon Cell counterpart)
  • High Priestess: Velvet Scarlatina
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Siegfried, Hakumen, Vergil Sparda, Sayaka Miki, Cú Chulainn
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Kirei Kotomine, Avenger (FHA), B.B., Kiara Sesshouin, Goetia, Tiamat (FGO), Relius Clover, Balrog, Dark Danny, Boris the Animal, Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash, Z-ONE, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Plutonian, Handsome Jack, The Joker
  • Good Counterpart to: Kessler
  • Commonality Connection with: Orga Itsuka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Shirou Emiya (his younger self), Cu Chulainn/Lancer, Medea Kuzuki/Caster
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Meltlilith
  • The Counter Guardian Servant of Rin Tohsaka irregularly summoned into the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War who claims to not remember anything from his past life. That was a lie, as he is actually an alternate future self of Shirou Emiya who is finding the perfect opportunity to kill his younger self to escape his miserable fate. Later on, after their fight he does learn that even though Shirou can't let go of his ideals completely he still can change his future to not be like Archer who fades away content with the fact that Shirou might not turn out like him anytime soon once the Holy Grail War ended.
    • He has been chosen for the title of God of Weapon Imitations due to perfectly copying Noble Phantasms of legendary heroes and use their full effects without fulfilling their chosen wielder requirements. Archer feels the title sound great and has a nice ring to it, so he accepts it and his position is cemented into the Trope Pantheons.
  • As of the Grand Order Grail Wars, Archer has become a more relaxed and idealistic person, and is more willing to reveal his true identity. As a side effect of fighting alongside Chaldea, he also started to help in the House of Food, though he's never there if Shirou is present.
    • Chef Ramsay is delighted that EMIYA fills in for his past self, though he makes sure they both argue outside should they cross each other's paths. He also have to tutor Tomoe Gozen in improving her culinary skills, who admits that he's far better of a tutor than Ramsay and Beni-Enma.
  • Visits his Master Rin Tohsaka on occasion, mostly to make sure she hasn't melted the universe into a sea of anti-time by mistake again. Oddly enough, these visits often end in multiple explosions. There are other people who are dirty-minded enough to think that it's something more...
    • Shirou had a sour reunion with Archer. For one, Archer is glad Shirou is doing his best to not be like him but for another, he's annoyed that he's still hanging onto his ideals in spite of learning his lessons from them; Shirou himself is not pleased with Archer who despite finally becoming kinder since their last meeting, still feels the need to be a jerk to him. Nowadays, they agree to maintain a distance between each other and handle problems in their own domains (Shirou with his domestic lifestyle, Archer with Chaldea) because if they happen to meet, you'll be bound to see them argue with each other, pettily or dramatically. Prepare yourself once they actually do team up cause you'll be in for a world of hurt if they do.
    • When Kiritsugu first ascended in the pantheon, only a smile came on his face.
    • He may not look like it, but he does treasure Illyasviel in his heart. Illya herself felt strangely okay with being around Archer, though unlike everyone else, she hasn't figured it out yet. The same can be said about her magical girl counterpart, though she finds him strange since he keeps watching her from afar and expects him to be more open about it; EMIYA still feel both Illyas are not ready for such a painful truth to be revealed.
    • Was glad when the Master of Chaldea finally ascended and was the one cooking for his ascension party. Exhausting, but worth it to see his other Master again.
    • He and Saber at first antagonized each other, with their philosophies clashing greatly though later on, she learned about his true identity and began to reduce her hostilities towards him once realizing that they both have similar previous lives. Nowadays, they are pretty civil towards each other especially when working around Chaldea, and Saber couldn't help but fondly see his younger self in him. Red Saber, mostly known as Nero initially mistaken him for his counterpart Nameless but began to grow to like him as another separate person while EMIYA is often exasperated by her antics.
    • Despite now being on the same side, he and Lancer still have a slight problem of fighting whenever they get within sight range of each other. It's not that they dislike each other; Lancer just refuses to let a fight go unfinished, and Archer feels the same about letting Lancer think that he won. Same thing with Caster, who is still not letting him live down his betrayal towards her.
    • He's not shocked when a voice similar to his was heard from Siegfried, but EMIYA is nevertheless annoyed. After clinging to the idea of being a 'Hero of Justice' got him stabbed in the back, he couldn't fathom why he still kept believing it. After some thought later, he realizes he has no room to talk since he also made peace with his ideals.
    • He has also taken a liking to Chloe and has been seen training with her. "The Triple-Linked Crane Wings are just as much her technique as it is mine," he was quoted as saying. Despite Chloe having a lot of similarities to him, she kinda distrusts him since she previously fought a being very much like him. She sees that he hasn't changed a lot and refuses to call him a big brother; not that he cares, at least he has a little sister figure to look after (and a troublesome one at that but he'll manage them).
  • Archer was very critical at the idea of being a "Hero of Justice" for quite a while, and it takes him being stopped from killing his past self and later give some thought about said ideals that despite them giving him so much misery in his life, it is still incredibly worthwhile to hold onto them. This ends him up with Jetstream Sam and Soldier 76 who had their idealism shattered by major turning points in their lives much like him; Sam didn't fully make peace with his ideals because he did so while dying to Raiden but appreciates the relations he shared with Archer, and so they both became Friendly Rivals in swordsmanship while Morrison also to him in not wanting to admit clinging onto his past ideals at first and Archer gives his full support to Morrison finding whoever's responsible for Overwatch's downfall.
    • He's also got some physical and ideological similarities to Orga Itsuka, namely that both of them know that their job isn't the best yet do it because of their ideals, and that their ideals led to tragedy. They share their sympathies towards each other though EMIYA feels his leadership skills needs some working, which Orga says he got that covered now that lessons are open to him. You can see him and Mikazuki grabbing their lunch from EMIYA every once in a while which the Archer Servant commented that the kid needs more food to eat other than snacks all the time.
  • He was out practising his archery one day, when stumbled upon Kung Jin also practising. They both gotten along not just for archery, but also the fact that everyone, even the men are throwing themselves at them for how gorgeous they look. Kung Jin joked they should start seeing each other, before Archer clarifies his orientation which makes Jin quickly disregard the idea entirely.
  • As a Counter Guardian, he is tasked to carry out the will of the Counter Force, an anti-destruction force that responds to an event that threatens humanity should said event requires direct intervention. So far, Archer's tasks to stop them has yet to be revealed and it is unclear if some of them are temporal. Nonetheless, the Pantheonic Time Police have acquainted themselves with him through Ritsuka due to his contributions to Chaldea not as a Counter Guardian, but as a Servant which they praised him for. The member he got along with better is Future Trunks, as they too suffer a lot from their original timelines and were annoyed at their younger selves for being reckless and naive, though Archer is envious that Trunks reconciled with his mainline self, unlike his own where they don't give themselves opportunities to do the same.
    • The Dahaka is pretty much angry at Archer since he did everything he can to find a way to get to his younger self which technically violates his job as a Counter Guardian. Likewise, Archer doesn't like him as well and glad that a being like the Dahaka didn't chase him back when he first got himself summoned into the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War.
  • Aside from sharing their mutual dislike of their past selves and loss of loved ones leading to tragedy, he and Hakumen respected each other as Worthy Opponents, occasionally dueling when they have the time. He won't admit this to anyone, but he feels that Hakumen is what he thinks what a "Hero of Justice" should be. Likewise, he wishes to test Vergil's skills some day... whenever he's free since right now, he's doing the Might Makes Right thing; that kind of mentality is something Archer can't agree ever, which is another reason why he wants the fight to happen.
    • With his jerkish facade hiding true kindness and similar colour schemes (minus the skin colour), he got compared very often with Ragna the Bloodedge. They did meet up at the House of Food and ended up relating more over sacrificing a lot for their worlds. Ragna is bummed that Archer's sacrifice bring more sorrow and tragedy for him than anything, but Archer refuted that doesn't matter cause his ideals are worth the spiritual pain he endured to which Ragna conceded by saying, "Heh. Fair enough."
    • Sayaka Miki impressed him and Shirou with her abilities that were identical to their "Unlimited Blade Works" but she rubs them the wrong way when she goes too far with her Irrational Hatred towards Homura note . The fact that she initially became a Magical Girl just to grant her wish of wanting to be with her crush she so attach herself with who don't even love her back in the first place cements her as bad, if not worse than Shirou and his raw ideals.
  • Gilgamesh and Kotomine are not happy with his arrival, Gil especially since in one timeline one arrow from Archer was enough to kill him and let the Black Grail swallow him whole and Gil sees it as a big insult and injustice and Kotomine less so who nonetheless still recognize that their next alliances will not be solid anymore. Avenger is the kind of threat he is tasked to exterminate as part of his Counter Guardian duties, but because he got summoned as a Servant, he barely has any advantage though that doesn't stop him from antagonizing him and also he looks like Shirou.
    Avenger: Yeesh! What's with you and your past self?! I just look like him!
    Archer: *drawing out bow* Exactly.
    • As his herald Nameless have fought her and he himself also did later, he's very wary towards B.B. and is preparing in case she pulls another stunt like she did back at the Moon Cell. He also had to deal with Meltlilith yet again, who won't stop chasing him around.
    • Regardless of being a Heroic Spirit or a Counter Guardian, Archer is determined to take down the Beasts before they destroy the world yet again. He has a beef with Kiara (AKA Beast III/R) in particular for corrupting an Alternate Self of him into EMIYA Alter and refuses to let the same fate befall on him again.
  • EMIYA finds Balrog and Relius Clover to be unlikable people, with Balrog prioritizing money and selling out his former organization he used to worked for and Relius treating his family like dirt For Science! makes them enemies that need to be vanquished in his eyes. The fact that both he, Balrog and Relius Clover share the same voice is also what shocks him so much.
  • Enemies of time are on his shitlist and not just because of his occupation in Chaldea such as Boris the Animal, Eobard Thawne and Z-ONE. Boris tries to appeal to his hatred of his past self, but EMIYA knows better since he did made some peace with Shirou while Boris made no such attempt. Thawne vows to destroy Chaldea and its sole Master so that humanity is forever doomed and EMIYA is NOT letting that happen. He opposes Z-ONE despite not being a future self of Yusei Fudo and groans when Z-ONE explained his well-intentioned reasons, which the former feels it will take a lifetime to perfectly achieve that.
    • On the subject of alternate future selves, EMIYA can be seen as the Good Counterparts to Dark Danny and Kessler since while all three are future selves with disdain for their past selves, Dark Danny and Kessler are so unhinged that they make EMIYA look kinder in comparison and one that he hates. He'll never forgive them for trying to break the spirits of their past selves, even if Kessler does want to die like EMIYA once wanted. Dark Danny cares less for the Archer Servant finding him to be ineffectual and Kessler calls it unfortunate that despite the common ground, they became enemies instead.
  • Fallen heroes get even less respect than naive ones, mostly because they spit on the face on heroism and turn their back on it once they found satisfaction in evil and those people are Kamen Rider Eternal, Plutonian and Handsome Jack though the latter is convinced he's still a hero. All three couldn't care for Archer, but are willing to fight should he intervene.
    • The Joker is no stranger to corrupting heroes to the point they're the complete opposite of who they used to be and upon hearing of the existence of EMIYA Alter, he's finding a way to ascend him just to screw with Archer, who again is not letting that happen ever.
  • Not to be confused with Sterling Archer nor Jonathan Archer. He has yet to comment about them.
  • "The wish of wanting everyone to be happy is merely a fairy tale!"

    Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle III 
Jaime Reyes, God of Adaptive Armor (Blue Beetle III)
  • Many were amused when they learned that Jaime's most deepest desire was to be a dentist. He tells them that the reason why he wants to be one is so he could pay for his parents' house, send his sister to college, and buy a house near his grandma's.
  • While Jaime has close ties with the DC heroes, especially the Teen Titans, he found a odd familiarity to Hawkgirl aka Shayera Holy. He doesn't know why, but when he is around Hawkgirl, he gets a strong maternal feeling around her.
    • Went on a few adventures with Batman, who was acting as a sort of mentor to the young hero. One of those adventures had the two heroes going back in time to Caped Crusader's early years. Had a good chuckle at seeing the less experience bat struggling. The Scarab even took pictures.
    • Had a bit of a problem when dealing with the Green Lantern Corp since they had some bad history with The Reach. Whie Jaime is on better terms, the Scarab can still be causes around the Green Lanterns.
  • Easily got along with Kamala Khan, the new Miss Marvel. The two bonded over the fact the two both took up the mantle of their predecessors. They also learned that each of them had a strong connection with their family. The closeness cause some Gods who think the two look cute together. When told about this, the two teens would only blush and deny any sort of attraction.
  • Has been known to team up with some other deities who are partners with non-humanoid beings that help them transform. They include Flash Thompson and Venom, Shinnosuke Tomari and Mr. Belt, and Ryuuko Matoi and Senketsu. Though, Jaime seems more comfortable with the first group since Ryuuko's transformed state makes him a bit uncomfortable. It doesn't help when the Scarab comments on his distraction.
  • Despite the two having the same last name, Jaime has no relation with Reaper. He questions why people would assume that just because of their name. Regardless, Jaime has been very causes around him, thinking that these Talon guys would be interested in the Scarab.
  • Has finally gotten a chance to become a mentee to the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord. The elder Blue Beetle is trying to convince Jaime not to give up on being a superhero and how great it is.
  • While their initial attitudes over getting stuck with a powerful space artifact may have been different, Jaime is glad he could meet Ben Tennyson and share their experiences with their misadventures.

    Shirou Emiya 
Shirou Emiya, God of Instant Weaponry (Fake School Janitor, "In charge of mending", Vacuum Cleaner of the Archery Club, Homurahara's Brownie, Archer, Senji Muramasa, Saber, Alter Ego, Hero of Justice, Faker, Mama Shirou, Queen Shirou)
While possessed by Muramasa 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God within Unlimited Blade Works or as an Alter Ego)
  • Symbol: His Command Seal, alternatively, his Black Cog.
  • Theme Music: EMIYA. One of very many.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but depending on his mood he can also exclusively be Lawful Good or Chaotic Good. Chaotic Neutral while being posssessed by Muramasa.
  • Portfolio: Classical Anti Heroes, Weapons Kitchen Sink (Mostly Limited to Swords), Weapon "Projection", Saving Others at His Own Expense, Determined Defeatist, Constant internal snark, Can't help but help other people, Crippling low self-esteem, Good at connecting with others and having great skills yet broken inside, Inner monologues excluded in most adaptations, Tragic Dream
  • Domains: Artifice, Creation, Heroism, War, Swords
  • Followers: Q, Yumil and Tia, Watts
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Shiki Tohno, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sayaka Miki
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), Kirei Kotomine, Shinji Matou, Zouken Matou, Avenger (FHA), Goetia, Kiara Sesshouin, Tiamat (FGO), Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Dio Brando, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, SHOCKER, Aldia, Sir Mordred, Hero Killer Stain, Embryo, Akio Ohtori, Megatron, Shiro Kanzaki, Isaac Westcott, Dormammu, Zobek, Yuuki Terumi, Merged Zamasu, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, Dr. Weil, Professor Hojo, Relius Clover, Tenjuro Banno, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin, Fire Lord Ozai and the Child Abuse Supporters, Dark Danny, Kessler
  • Odd Friendship: Ahri
  • Friendly Enemies with: Caster & Souichirou Kuzuki, Mordred/Saber of Red, "Jetstream" Sam Rodrigues, B.B.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: EMIYA (his alternate future self), Jin Kisaragi
  • Opposed by: Kisuke Uzuki
  • A survivor of the Fuyuki Fire who was rescued by Kiritsugu Emiya, Shirou Emiya is a second-year high school student at Homurahara Academy, willing to help anyone if they need it. His life fatefully changed the day Lancer attacked him at the school yard when he's saved by the Servant Saber. Since then, in three different timelines he goes through unique harsh trials and tribulations that challenge his ideals he inherited from his adoptive father and ultimately learn from them to become a greater hero.
    • After his adventures, he is later chosen for the position of God of Spontaneous Weapon Creation due to his sword-based magic utilizing this when summoning copies of every legendary weapon, which he accepts willingly. Now in the Trope Pantheons, Shirou Emiya resolves to do more good than before.
  • Shirou and the girls that loved him have been around for a while since the early days of the Trope Pantheons, and it's only a matter of time until he asked for his old-looking temple to be renovated into the mansion Taiga lets him live in (based on a real place to boot!). Until now Saber, Rin, Sakura, Rider and Illya hang out there very often for unique reasons, but mostly to show Shirou some love; it's saddening that he refuses to fathom why would anyone love him with all of their heart and make him theirs forever when they're comically busy fighting each other over him.
    Artoria: That's not true, Shirou. I think you too, deserve some love.
    Rin: I mean after showing us some kindness, isn't it right to return them?
    Sakura: Romantic or otherwise?
    Shirou: *sigh* ...Guess it can't be helped then.
    • Of course at times, it gets chaotic very quickly; like when Illya put a sleep spell on Shirou so that they could nap together and she and Rin ended up fighting while Artoria stood there stupefied. Also after some pestering Artoria, Rin and Sakura (and maybe Rider) are forced to admit that yes, they did some "mana transferring" with Shirou quite often; the House of Love are having some infighting over which girl will truly win over his heart, though Shirou and the girls refuse to partake in them because of how hectic they can be.
    • He finds Taiga to be the same as usual once they reunited... until he heard about her becoming Jaguar Man and becoming fascinated about her adventures under that name. His other friends who were involved with Chaldea one way or another kinda know about it already.
    • He reunited with his father Kiritsugu when he and his wife Irisviel was visiting Illya at long last and was surprised and happy to see his father once again. Kiritsugu is so proud of his growth, even commending him for throwing away his ideals to save Sakura (well, they are kind of unhealthy anyway and thankfully, Shirou hasn't crossed to the Chaotic Neutral point which would make him become just like, or maybe even worse than, his father). Irisviel took a liking to Shirou and proclaims herself his new mother figure; Shirou never had a proper mother figure since losing his birth parents in the Fuyuki Fire, so he's ecstatic to bond with her. Of course, she will not bring up her other self's tendency to sell off pictures of him to potential suitors...
    • A little girl who looked like Illya approached Shirou, who started to realized this one is different. After clearing the air, they have no problem getting along though the only problem is that the original Illya tolerating her for once without resorting to bullying her. The magical girl Illya then introduce Shirou to her friend Miyu Edelfelt who is instantly reminded of her own Shirou who did care for her when her father didn't and it takes a while for her to differentiate him for her own and Illya's own Shirous. He says to Miyu that her brother is a great guy and promises her that she'll continue her better life here in the Pantheons, earning a smile from her face.
    • He was surprised to see Berserker being both lucid and subdued for once and he was a good guy overall, enough for Shirou to properly befriend him and see all of his heroic might in action. Lancer continues his buddy-buddy antics with the inexperienced mage like before and Shirou is still glad the Celtic hero likes him enough to do. He hopes that here in the Pantheons, Caster & Kuzuki find true happiness in their marriage as long as it doesn't involve killing people for once.
    • Shirou had a sour reunion with Archer. For one, Archer is glad Shirou is doing his best to not be like him but for another, he's annoyed that he's still hanging onto his ideals in spite of learning his lessons from them; Shirou himself is not pleased with Archer who despite finally becoming kinder since their last meeting, still feels the need to be a jerk to him. Nowadays, they agree to maintain a distance between each other and handle problems in their own domains (Shirou with his domestic lifestyle, Archer with Chaldea) because if they happen to meet, you'll be bound to see them argue with each other, pettily or dramatically. Prepare yourself once they actually do team up cause you'll be in for a world of hurt if they do.
  • As a fellow believer of being a "Hero of Justice", he became fast friends with Siegfried. Shirou has noted him to sound like his future self, just being more idealistic like him and passable than Archer. Siegfried then introduced him to Sieg (the homunculus he saved) and Jeanne who guided Sieg throughout his adventure. While he and Sieg perfectly got along talking about heroism, morality and the blonde girls they love dearly, Shirou initially finds Jeanne unimpressive with her flag-based Noble Phantasm in addition to mistaking her for Artoria and Napoléon Bonaparte (yes, really) during that one time he partnered with her. Later on, he does take a liking to her and sees her as more than looking like Saber, which Jeanne is relieved at; she is already getting tired of people looking like her.
    • Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain thought their king was being dishonoured by Shirou due to clinging onto him lately. Gawain in particular sees him as a rival in culinary arts and courting his king, though Shirou internally snarks that it's gonna take more than just making bad mashed potatoes and flirting with flowers to truly ever get on Artoria's good graces. Depsite the knights' rivalry towards him, other times they truly got along and Shirou's disappointed that they won't last long. Merlin is a lot more accepting of Shirou since all Artoria needed is someone else besides him to become her own person again; Shirou might be off putted by his Trickster Mentor antics but knows that deep down, Merlin does care despite his claims of not truly feeling human emotions. On a lighter side, the three often jokingly call Shirou "My queen" just for taking a House Husband role to their king which often exasperates him.
    • Shirou then meets Mordred, Artoria's "son". He does have some pity for her and her past, but he refuses to let her carry out any revenge against the King of Knights. That said, he would like the two of them to reconcile and has offered his aid on several occasions. Mordred actually proclaimed she's behind her vengeance now, since all she wanted was to lessen her "father's" burden and truly wished her happiness, so because of that she accepts their relationship... though she warned him that he would suffer if she ever caught him being unfaithful to Artoria... or even hurting her in some fashion. That's her job. For now, like her "father" she's enjoying his cooking.
      Mordred: So should I call you "mother", then?
      Shirou: Err... you don't have to.
    • On one grocery run, he eventually met Saber's original counterpart King Arthur Pendragon who also happened to enjoy cooking as well since taking care of his Master, Ayaka. Shirou obviously admires Arthur since he can be considered a "Hero of Justice" while Arthur noted that Shirou may be mentally stronger than Ayaka but also far more broken so they became confidants. They also unite under the threat of Sir Mordred, which Shirou is surprised at the fact that they weren't really related in the beginning until their later tales as opposed to the Mordred who often visits him.
    • Saber then introduced Shirou to the Master of Chaldea who was interested in why she treasured him so much. Sure enough, they hit it off perfectly well and Ritsuka fills him in on Chaldea's missions while Shirou filled him in on his own adventures. On a more mundane note, Ritsuka notes he last saw Shirou while he was possessed by Sengo Muramasa who may or may not be his ancestor; Shirou barely remembers the Shimosa Pseudo-Singularity's events but he is a lot more intrigued with Muramasa being a match with him.
      Shirou: (thinking) Muramasa-san, huh...
  • Shirou's creator said that he and Shiki Tohno can never work together because of their conflicting personalities. Sure enough, they may be idealistic heroes but their differing methods rub each other the wrong way and they find themselves arguing quite often. Despite that, the two once tried to work together to decide whether they should try and go on a date with all their potential love interests or just date the main one. No matter what they chose, it would end in disaster and all they could do was sigh.
  • He loves cooking for Saber at home, even having his recipes shown off for all to see. The House of Food, mostly Gordon Ramsay is looking to hire him for his culinary feats, though Shirou only accepts part-time jobs since he has to help around Elysium Academy as well. Chef Ramsay doesn't mind his schedule, though he's a bit disappointed that not everybody will have a chance to enjoy his cooking.
    • Even a good guy like Shirou can't even stand Mystery Food X, because when he heard about it from the Investigation Team, he Face Palmed. He did try to teach Chie, Yukiko and Rise proper cooking preparations but after his lessons, they still fall into old habits. Shirou is still not giving up on them.
  • The Master of Saber has befriended a lot of Kamen Riders since they too deal with the problems of heroism and the moralities of their homeworlds. Noteworthy mentions including Emu who is capable of saving numerous lives and Shirou seeks to do the same, Takeru who also can befriend and bond with Heroic Spirits, Kouta and Shinji for reluctantly fighting in a battle royale and trying to stop them from happening again, Haruto for bringing hope to everyone by saving them from their despair (at the cost of stripping them of their magic potential) which Shirou is glad to not do again, Shouichi for being a fellow Amnesiac Hero though Shirou doesn't actively search for his former identity, Yusuke for valuing everyone much like him and Hongo & Ichimonji gives him advice on how to become a proper hero and getting through its painful journey.
    • Shirou also became friends with Eiji Hino when the two found out that they both went through a tragic event that caused them to become empty inside and devoted themselves to helping others, and to lack self-worth. The same goes for the Pretty Cure, Akira Kenjou minus the traumatic event; Shirou and Eiji notes that Akira often overexert herself a lot whenever she's helping around and when the three help around during volunteer work, they'll be making sure she gets enough rest.
  • Struck up a great friendship with Peter Parker. They found common ground in wanting to help people and having a traumatic past that defines who they are. They also both had their ideals deconstructed at one point and also notice that they sometimes sound alike. Together, they fight side by side while they snark at their enemies, internally AND externally. Through Spidey, Shirou gets to meet Optimus Prime, Superman, Captain America and Ultraman who all help him show that paragons of virtue are possible.
    • He also relates a lot with Riku Asakura with the whole "refusing to stand by" philosophy as well as Miles Morales with both of them slowly learning about their powers and later master them down the line. Both of them are saddened that Shirou only finds satisfaction in helping people and nothing else, so they are having him take a break by hanging out around the Pantheons.
    • On the subject of similar voices, he shares another voice with Meliodas. They later talk and they have a lot of common ground, most notably being naturally Nice Guys who don't want to hurt anyone innocent and being internally sad despite having it all. Shirou would like him a lot more if he stops looking up Tohsaka's skirt and making bad food but other than that, they're good in each other's books.
  • While helping around at Elysium Academy, Shirou stumbled upon Issei Hyodo while the latter was on his way to Rias' temple. After clearing a mix-up involving his name with a fellow Homurahara student, they got along pretty well though Shirou gets easily flustered when Issei keeps pushing the issue of his "harem". Later on, Issei introduce him to the other known Chick Magnets of the Pantheons, with noteworthy interactions, including Touma and being interested in his ability to negate magic, being a mentor of sorts to Hayate and Negi and trying to ease tensions between Lux and Ichika. Ichika as well as Shido also got along well with Shirou normally, with the three sharing recipes and house-chore tips during their downtimes.
  • A Holy Grail War is one thing but a war between dimensions is a whole lot of trouble which is why he feels bad for the situations of Yuya Sakaki, Yuzu Hiiragi and Yuma Tsukumo. Yuya and Yuzu's war was started because Professor Leo Akaba wanted his daughter back and did so as a cover-up to kidnap Yuzu and her counterparts for that which Shirou can't help but feel pity for; Yuma's war is a standard Order Versus Chaos conflict but he notes that his friends' temporary deaths struck very hard for everyone involved, further saddening the swordsman.
    • Through Kiritsugu, Shirou gets to know Yuji Sakai and how he stops a destructive never-ending war happening in his world. They do get along, but Shirou is worried that Yuji is another glimpse into what he would become if he takes risky and even outright disagreeable actions for the greater good though Yuji knows Shirou can pull off his ideals if he can. Ragna the Bloodedge also stopped his world's disasters to give his friends and beloved normal lives but he did so by sacrificing himself and taking away their memories of him; Shirou is sad it turned out this way but he learned to accept that what's done is done. Until then, he and Ragna bond over barbeque recipes.
    • Ragna then introduces Shirou to Hyde Kido who in many ways is just like him, in cooking, getting dragged in a bigger fate and attracting a number girls towards them. Nowadays, Hyde joins Shirou in cooking for their respective housemates whenever all of them get together every once in a while and joins him should any threat comes in their way. He is fascinated with the Insulator but Hyde is concerned Shirou's gonna get himself hurt from handling it before Shirou mostly calming him down by saying that he's been through worse and this may be normal for him by now.
  • The budding swordsman vows that as a hero, he would protect the weak and that includes Chihiro Fujisaki. Chihiro has gone through unspeakable bullying due to his tiny stature for a boy to the point of being forced to crossdress to stop it all; upon hearing this, Shirou's mood deflated since no one was there to protect him so he vows to Chihiro that it will change by being there with him. The young programmer is happy to hear that, but is also worried with how far the soon-to-be Hero of Justice will go for his ideals.
  • For unknown reasons, Ahri would sometimes be seen going into Shirou's place, eating his cooking. He doesn't really mind her coming over. The girls, however, don't really like her spending that much time with Shirou, especially Sakura and Illya.
  • Like him, Jin Kisaragi also has a future self who is miles more experienced and impressive than their present self. Unlike him, Jin is a Jerkass who also dismiss Shirou's ideals as child's play; because of this they can't even get along well not even in a mission together. Sayaka Miki has an ability similar to Unlimited Blade Works which does impress him and Archer but if there's one of the things they both agree upon, it's that Sayaka is going to be a lot of work since despite fighting for good, her Irrational Hatred against Homura Akemi is very troubling (and Shirou himself is willing to stop Homura). "Jetstream" Sam Rodrigues, upon hearing that Muramasa once posessed him (and his sword is called well... Muramasa), often instigate fights with Shirou in hopes of bringing him out; Shirou is annoyed at these attempts though he did feel bad that Sam also lost his ideals of justice not unlike Archer.
    • Speaking of Muramasa, Kisuke Uzuki did vow that every sword made by that man must be destroyed so that nobody can be possessed by them anymore and he sees that Muramasa possess Shirou if the situation calls for it. He has nothing personal against Shirou, but he will also have to kill him should Muramasa show up which bums Shirou out. Complicating things further is that Artoria is friends with Kisuke but she won't allow her Master to be collateral in his revenge quest against the forger of demon blades and Kisuke, despite not wanting to fight her has no choice but to go through with it if he has to.
  • A Hero of Justice also needs to have enemies to fight and it's an Understatement to say that he's not happy to see Gilgamesh and Kirei Kotomine again, not after Gil trying to have Saber for himself in one timeline and trying to engulf the world to bring some worthy souls with him in another as well as Kotomine starting the Fuyuki Fire and causing Sakura to fall into darkness and become a vessel of Angra Mainyu. Gilgamesh angrily sneers at him, knowing that he was bested by a mongrel who can match him with imitations and is looking for another fight with him in hopes of finally gloating about it again as opposed to Kotomine being rather delighted to see him again; the swordsman called it a shame that despite being on opposite sides they were both broken men who find happiness in others, an idea not lost on Kotomine. Shirou also hates Zouken and Shinji Matou for ruining Sakura's life through unspeakable means, not helped by the fact that he used to be friends with Shinji. Avenger can't help but admit to Shirou that impersonating him was a blessing, which while ashamed by that assessment, still does not quell Shirou's anger at him over trying to strip Sakura from being truly happy and using her to bring himself into the world.
    • Seeing as they are Evils of Humanity that are needed to be vanquished, Shirou is ready to take on the Beasts. Goetia recognizes traits in him that are also present in the Master of Chaldea, and groans in disappointment that he's going to deal with it again while Tiamat is largely indifferent to him, seeing him as one of the many children she refuses to let go. Kiara finds him a perfect boy toy which also amuses her that he was the former identity of EMIYA Alter, a view that even Shirou is horrified at not to mention her endgoal of a world-ending orgy.
    • BB sees a lot of Hakuno in Shirou, and out of respect for (and not get killed by) Sakura she is currently playing nice to him; not that it matters since Shirou still has a bad feeling she's gonna stir up trouble yet again.
  • Aldia, who doesn't like Saber already for being an incompetent king extends his ire to Shirou not just for joining her in their "mana transferring" as well as insulting his ideals, finding them to be impossible to achieve and thinks Shirou should just give up and die but also compared him to Queen Nashandra who gets King Vendrick killed to gain the throne for herself, thinking he's the same as her. With two of his buttons pressed and insulted at the comparison to an evil queen, Shirou refuses to ever consider Aldia another living being again.
  • The swordsman-in-training hates Dio Brando and Apocalypse because of their destructive arrogance and extreme survivalist views respectively reminds him of Gilgamesh in addition to their potential world-threatening abilities. The villains themselves disregard him, thinking that his abilities will never rise to their level regardless of him getting even stronger. He also opposes Ryoma Sengoku for his callous personality, unspeakable scientific ethics and Lack of Empathy towards others, and the feeling is mutual with Sengoku sneering at his heroism yet interested in his abilities and so he is currently trying to fit magecraft into his plans.
  • Megatron sees him as like the human companion Spike, only more annoying with the talk about heroics though it doesn't change the fact that he's allies with Prime and his potential is enough to take down even him. The Kamen Riders have warned Shirou about the threats of SHOCKER, and Shinji specifically warned him about Shiro Kanzaki which the Master of Saber agrees to look out for. Besides the obvious same given name, Shirou is very conflicted towards Kanzaki since he started a war between Riders to resurrect his dead little sister Yui which is both unforgivable and at the same time, understandable.
  • Shirou may have said some... questionable remarks to a few girls out of not thinking straight, but at least he's miles above such scum like Embryo, Akio Ohtori and Griffith whose unforgivable crimes against women has earned eternal scorn from the swordsman. All three think of him as an insignificant obstacle to their ambitions.
    • On the subject of irredeemable evils, Shirou extends his hate of them towards Yuki Terumi, Evolto, Dr. Weil and Zamasu for reasons everybody has already heard of at this point. Terumi became motivated to break his spirit and is determined to do what Angra didn't to him, Evolto finds his ideals a prime example that humans will be forever foolish, Weil doesn't care and Zamasu thinks a mere NINGEN with straw-grasping ideals like him cannot compare to a Supreme Kai and his law; Shirou is still determined to take them down in spite of their opinions. Thing got a little more personal with Zamasu after he learned a few things he has done, namely the fact that him personifying Goku and stealing his identity by becoming Goku Black reminded him of Avenger doing the same with him and the fact that he embodies the worst aspects of Kotomine and Gilgamesh, which automatically makes him much worse.
    • Abusive Parents also won't escape his eyes that easily too like Professor Hojo, Relius Clover, Tenjuro Banno, Fire Lord Ozai, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin and the rest of the Child Abuse Supporters ever since Kiritsugu once ranted endlessly about them. The aforementioned also see him as very naive and too absorbed in their own plans to think that he might defeat them one day.
  • For the longest time, Shirou only has the vaguest idea that the mages of his multiverse are cold-hearted and have no consideration towards others so Kiritsugu pointed him to Isaac Westcott, Dormammu and Zobek to give him a clearer picture. Already, Westcott wanting to kill every muggle as retribution for destroying his village, Dormammu wanting to conquer the main universe and Zobek wanting power from The God Mask (not to mention being a Fallen Hero) are enough to convince Shirou of said idea and that these people need to be stopped once and for all, something Kiritsugu agrees.
  • Shirou has largely learned his lessons of the toxicity of his ideals in two timelines and keeps them to heart while still carrying them out carefully. Still, the fact that in one of the timelines he threw them away to save Sakura from self-destructing, the Hero Killer Stain feels the need to call him a joke of a hero regardless of the aforementioned reason. Shirou in turn hates him for idealizing heroism the wrong way even for Shirou's standards and killing other heroes to carry out his dangerous mission cements Stain as an enemy to him entirely.
    • Stain's anger once reached an apex and assaulted Shirou on his way back from the Academy. Shirou holds Stain off on his own, enough for Deku and All Might to chase him off though Stain proclaims this will not be the last time they'll meet. Shirou thanked the two and they talked on the way to his temple. They share each other stories and Deku & All Might were saddened that Shirou is empty inside without anything else to live for than heroism, so they vow to help him be the "Hero of Justice" he so wanted to be, which Shirou feels flattered about.
  • Dark Danny and Kessler are so unhinged that they make Archer look kinder in comparison, and they are among the enemies that makes him and Archer truly put aside their differences and resolve to defeat them. They see Shirou as much like what their past selves were like, but still equate him to yet another stepping stone to their goals.
  • He once strolled around the rest of the House of Weapons to take a break until he stumbled upon an albino girl practising her Spontaneous Weapon Creation of blades and other crazy stuff she can do with them. Downright impressed, he approached Weiss and called her moves awesome which given that she has No Social Skills, was utterly puzzled by his compliment yet nonetheless gave an awkward thanks to him. They kept in touch every once in a while, enough for the girls to at least be okay with her as long as she doesn't get comfortable with staying over his temple.
  • Got along with Falcom who also meet his future self like him, though she's bummed that EMIYA tried to kill him just so he could die which can't ever work in the first place due to already existing outside of time, though Shirou assures her EMIYA has dropped that behaviour entirely.
  • Sometimes people would remind Shirou of his ''people die when they are killed'' quote and make fun of how that quote sound stupid. Of course, most don't realize this was a response to Shirou giving Artoria back Avalon, her magic sheath that houses Excalibur and has a Healing Factor, which was inside Shirou and healing any wounds he was inflicted. He was just saying that once someone is killed, they stay dead. Despite most people understanding the context completely, they're still gonna make jokes about it anyway; even Shirou has given up on justifying it and often joins in on them.
  • Stays far away from the sub-houses of Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior for two reasons; one is that most of the gods will tell him to "jam it in" when it comes to sex, and the other is partaking in the House of Love's Ship-to-Ship Combat between him and the girls, which gets tiring really quickly. A third reason came up where they tell him to get that harem ending which caused him to stammer like crazy.
  • "Even if my life is full of hypocrisy, I'll keep on striving to become a hero of justice!"