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This sub-house is entirely opposed by CM Punk, since he's disgusted with the concept in general, so much that he passed his honeymoon with AJ Lee in the Romance sub-house instead. Beware of the rapists in this room.

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Intermediate Gods

    Akeno Himejima 
Akeno Himejima, Goddess of Finding Pleasure Through Combat (The Ultimate Sadist, Priestess of Thunder, Priestess of Lightning, Priestess of Thunder and Light, The President's Confidant, Mom, Heavenly King (shared with Asia and Rias))
  • Intermediate Goddess (becomes a Greater Goddess in Fallen Angel Mode)
  • Symbol: A crimson queen chess piece
  • Theme Song: Gekijouron (lyrics here), alternatively Kurokami BEGIN TALE. Whenever she teases someone, this is heard echoing from a 1.5-mile radius around her. That happens at least once a day.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Big Sisters, Fallen Angels, Combat Sadomasochists, Arousal through fighting, Seeking fights, Bondage, Sadomasochism inherited from her parents, Daddy problems (Until they come to terms.), Extreme amounts of teasing, Finger sucking as a way of healing, Powerful electricity-based spells, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Proper Japanese ladies, Shrine maidens, Dominatrix, What she aims to be for Issei, Having gorgeous purple eyes, Fandom-Preferred love interests, Having a recorded breast size of B102-W60-H89 cm/B40-W24-H35 in.
  • Domains: Violence, Sensuality, BDSM, Lightnings
  • Followers: Masane Amaha, Takeru Ibaraki.
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinions on:
  • Enemies: Anybody who dares harm her ORC friends, Kefka Palazzo, Ornstein, Shinnok, Relius Clover, Raynare, Gul'dan.
  • Good Counterpart to: Hisoka
  • Tease buddies: Excellen Browning, Yoruichi Shihouin
  • Was considered to enter the Pantheon due to her incredible fighting prowess, which made her manage to keep up on her own with the seemingly unstoppable Kokabiel, who was later utterly curb-stomped by Vali. Ultimately ascended after Issei and Rias's efforts, similarly to Asia. The first thing she's done after arriving in the Pantheon was to go find Issei and reward him with a solo lap-dance for his efforts. The sudden barging in of Rias prevented this from escalating any further.
  • Loathes Kefka because of his enjoyment of watching innocent people suffer, while she only gets off by inflicting pain while actually fighting. Long story short, he reminds her way too much of Freed Sellzen.
    • She is also antagonistic towards Ornstein due to his numerous attempts to kill Issei, as he's a half-dragon.
  • Known to be one of the Pantheon's kinkiest goddesses. This makes her a favorite of Slaanesh, but she's not ultimately fond of him/her/it due to his/her/its utter depravity.
  • One time she challenged Excellen Browning on who can tease more gods in one day. The results are unknown. All in all, however, the are good friends and are sometimes seen training together.
  • She didn't like men until she fell in love with Issei. The patch-up with her dad has helped matters, too. Because of her past, she refuses to touch Relius Clover with a ten-foot pole, for being what she thought her father was.
  • As all three of them are fallen angels, she is also good friends with Panty and Stocking. Akeno does know that Panty's voice is painstakingly similar to Rias's, but did not know about Stocking's secret kinks... At least, until Mr. Slave told her. The miko fallen angel, however, like Issei's other haremettes, looks down over the fact that Panty often tries to bed Issei, but did say that she wouldn't mind it as long as she gets some of the action as well. Akeno, however, really does not know that Stocking is actually evil.
  • She usually sticks her nose on Issei's relationship with Rias, demanding from Issei to have a threesome with the two. While Issei is very much allured by this idea, Rias has sometimes protested, although she got over it later on.
    • In fact, whenever Rias and Issei sneak into the House of Romance to make out, she would also sneak in with the help of Panty and Stocking, and finally stick her nose on the couple.
  • After getting a place in the Chick Magnet Quartet's Battle Harem alongside the rest of the Occult Research Club, she became friends with Hinagiku Katsura, who is also part of the harem. Some gods did notice that Akeno and Hinagiku do sound a lot alike...
  • While certainly friendly, her relations with Kaori Kanzaki tend to be somewhat complex: while Kaori has accepted the fact that she and Akeno share similar voice and appearance, the fallen angel's personality and lineage can't help but remind Kaori of her "Fallen Angel Ero Maid" cosplay incident. This is further complicated by the fact that Akeno often dresses up as "Fallen Angel Ero Maid" to tease Touma Kamijou; since then, Kaori has given a warning to Touma to stay clear from Akeno, although the fallen angel is firmly rooting for Kaori to hook up with Touma... As his mistress.
  • Being a rather badass example of such, Akeno has gathered a good amount of respect from the Pantheon's other shrine maidens, including Himeko and Chikane. Of course, some gods (ones in the House of FAITH in particular, barring, obviously enough, Xenovia and Irina) wonder how can she pass as a shrine maiden, to the point that they gave some slack to Reimu Hakurei about her behaviour, even if Reimu doesn't like that comparison that much. In response, Akeno points out that she inherited it from her dead mother... Only to cause even more confusion among the gods of that house.
    • Byakuren doesn't also seem to mind her, and praises that a demon like her would become a proper religious figure, even if Akeno isn't Buddhist. Outside of House of Faith, Clarice also things that there is no actual problem of demons being religious figures.
  • Akeno was positively outraged when she knew from Asia that Shinnok is planning to steal the Boosted Gear from Issei to gain its powers and become the only god of Amplifier Artifacts. Needless to say she's currently trying to thwart his plans together with the rest of the Occult Research Club.
    • Same thing happened when Akeno learned about Raynare's ascension: Akeno has vowed that if Raynare ever dares to lay a hand on Issei once again, she'll have some manners taught.
  • Haruka has shown some interest in her, saying that her being a masochist angel reminds her of a girl called Ryouna. She has stated that she is more than glad to give her "excitement" if she needs any. Not only, they've even discovered they sound a lot alike while speaking English...
    • Once Ryouna managed to ascend, she instantly became friendly with Akeno. Events when Akeno, Haruka and Ryouna are fighting each other are dubbed "The sexiest and most violent threeway in the Pantheon". Issei has once witnessed one of these battles, and almost had a huge nosebleed when hearing the three girls moan profusely while exchanging attacks over attacks. One particular time even involved Issei himself in the battle under Akeno's request. Of course, One Thing Led to Another.
  • She has found a kindred spirit in the Umbra Witch Bayonetta, whom she sees as a mentor/Cool Big Sis. She has asked Bayonetta to teach her some of her dances, with or without the summoning aspects along with sharing ideas of 'punishment' of her foes. She even joins her in her attempts to tease Issei, as Akeno finds her loved Issei's reactions quite amusing. Not only, Bayonetta is also fully approving of Akeno's desire to become Issei's mistress. Of course, though, Koneko isn't really approving of this alliance due to her dislike for Bayonetta. Akeno did try to change her ORC friend's view on the Umbra Witch, but she only managed to go from one-sided opposition to one-sided Teeth-Clenched Teamwork; Koneko still thinks she's a "slut".
    • Recently, she has gotten wind of Bayonetta's personal crusade to free her father Balder from the possession holding him. No stranger to the drama of dealing with her own, Akeno has pledged to help her friend any way she can. Likewise, Bayonetta has reciprocated this upon learning of Raynare's history with Issei, and has pledged to help Akeno out in the case of Raynare trying to hurt Issei once again.
  • Has the most complicated relationship with Luka out of all of Issei's harem. Her personality reminds him far too much of many of the monsters he's fought on his journey, more specifically of Alma Elma, the Queen Succubus and one of Alice's Four Heavenly Knights. On the other hand, she can sympathize with him towards both his feelings for his father, not having the best one with her's either, and his mother, a fallen angel like her old man. Still, that doesn't stop her from taking some pleasure out of watching him squirm uncomfortably whenever they spar.
  • In the future, Akeno bore Issei a son name Kurenai. She was also the first of the haremettes to get pregnant.
  • "Ara ara, ufufufu~"
  • Also present in the House of Emotional Combat.

    Ann Takamaki 
Ann Takamaki, Goddess of Heroic Seductresses (Lady Ann, Anne, Anzu, Panther, "Ann Windsor")
Click here to see Panther 

    Chloe von Einzbern 
Chloe von Einzbern, Goddess of Fille Fatales (Shadow Illya, Archer Illya, Kuro, Serial Kisser, Archer-ko, Loli Yuri Rapist, Archer)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Archer class card with Kanshou & Bakuya crossed behind it
  • Theme Song: Shoujo Shinka! (shared with Illya), Shoujo yo, Hoshi ni Nare (when using Triple-Linked Crane Wings)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Archer Archetype, Cloning Blues, Dark Magical Girl, Manifestation of Illya's Dark Desires, Badass Adorable, Artificial Human, Knows More About Sex Than Girls Her Age Should, Walking Spoiler, Stealing Sacred First Kisses
  • Domains: Magic, Clones, Lust
  • Allies: Illyasviel von Einzbern, Archer, Kiritsugu Emiya, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Miyu Edelfelt, Greed, Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard
  • Enemies: Artoria Pendragon Alter, Gilgamesh, Kirei Kotomine, Father, Pride, Lust, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Mordred
  • Opposed by: Mirai, Nepgear, Oriko Mikuni, and Erza Scarlet
  • One day, a sudden commotion happened in the Pantheon: Illya suddenly found herself attacked by Mirai, Nepgear, and Oriko Mikuni, all of whom clam that Illya stole kisses from them out of the blue. Even worse, the chaos was joined by Erza Scarlet who looked very gloomy, calming that she had been saving herself for Jellal. Before things got out of hand, Chloe was discovered in the Pantheon and revealed to be the one responsible for embarrassing the four girls, not Illya.
  • Chloe is considered to be the shadow of Illya's heart given physical form. She attacked and attempted to kill Illya who she blamed for her abandonment, which was what Illya herself attempted to do to Shirou long ago. Also like Illya's old self, she knows a lot of things about sex and steamy romance, something very alarming for someone her age. This could be the reason why Illya and Chloe are close like sisters, although Chloe does seem to want to fight Illya again.
  • The Pantheon would really like Chloe to wear one of Haruto Soma's rings which would allow her to gain mana easily without going on another serial kissing spree. Chloe declined, stating that its too much fun and Illya shares mana with her anyway. The Main House allowed this, under the condition that they do it in the House of Love with no one watching (a lot of people try to, though).
  • Under Illya's request, Chloe is not allowed to work in the House of Food. This is because her methods of bringing in customers are rather... risque.
  • Saber Alter was FURIOUS upon learning that Chloe was in the Pantheon, remembering her defeat at Chloe's hands all to easily. She has been seen taking extended training sessions in her temple in preparation for the inevitable rematch.
  • Like Miyu, Chloe was very much surprised to find that the Gilgamesh in the Pantheon was arrogant and antagonistic towards Illya, not only for being the vessel of the Holy Grail, but for also being the very first in the Nasuverse to defeat him when he decided to stop holding back. She wound up making an enemy out of him as well. Not only does she look like Illya, but she also possesses Illya's capacity for magic.
  • There are many who actually mistake Chloe as the younger sister of Archer (which isn't completely untrue) due to having several similar traits as him; e.g. tan skin, pale/pinkish hair, cynical nature, preference to act independently, and being a total badass. Archer himself has taken a liking to Chloe and has been seen training with her. "The Triple-Linked Crane Wings are just as much her technique as it is mine," he was quoted as saying.
  • She, along with Illya, has been under the watching eye of Ryoma Sengoku, who has been analyzing their battle data to upgrade his Lockseeds. It doesn't take a genius to know that Chloe hates him as much as Illya does.

Hisoka, The Carnage-Lusting Deity ( Hisoka Morow, Hisoka the Magician, The Grim Reaper, Pedoclown)

    Issei Hyodo 
Issei Hyodo, God of Power Perversion (Sekiryuutei, Chichiryuutei, Oppai Dragon, Ise, Worshipper of Oppai,) (aims to be the "Ultimate Pawn" and the "Harem King")
His dragon form: 

    Mad Moxxi 
Mad Moxxi, Goddess of Omnisexuals

    Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima 
Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima, Goddesses of Sexual Arousal Empowerment (Mamori: Miss Virgin. Mirei:C-7)
Mirei on the left, Mamori on the right
Clickhere  to see their Valkyrie Drive form.
  • Intermediate Goddesses (When paired up). Greater Goddessess in Valkyrie Drive
  • Symbol: Mamori's sword form with a pair of angel wings
  • Theme Song: Super Ultra Hyper Miracle Romantic, Valkyrie Drive, Brave
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Lady and Knight
  • Domain: Power, Love,
  • Allies: Lady Lady, Meifong Sakura, Hibari and Yagyuu, Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata, Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh, Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki, Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonada, Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu and Mako Mankanshoku, Tsukasa Kadoya, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evan, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa and Black*Star, Death the Kid, Chrona, Ange, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine
  • Sympathized by: Charles Xavier and other X-Men
  • Enemies: Momoka Sagara, Apollyon, Jimenez, Albert Wesker, Alex Mercer, Mana Ouma, Shiro Tagachi, Sentinels, Magneto
  • Rival: Gilgamesh (From his perspective)
  • The Armed Virus, a mysterious virus that cause young females to either become Exters, those who can transform their bodies, mostly into weapons, and Liberators, those who are able to wield the Exters. They are able to harness this power when a Exter is in a trance state, largely done through sexual arousal. Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima ascended to represent this trope once they reached full Valkyrie Effect.
  • It's revealed that an Exters' power will increase the more aroused they are. Mirei actually ask Mamori to teach her how to better handle her. As it turns out, Mamori maybe a bit more perverted then once thought if what she taught Mirei is anything to go by. It's not hard to figure out that they still do those teaching if their red face are to go by when they leave their temple.
  • The two young females gain the sympathy of Mutants of the Marvel Universe. Because just like mutants in their world, those infected by Armed Virus were feared and ostricized by others. Not only that, some, like Mirei herself were even experimented on and use as weapons. That's an experiance that both Logan and Laura have lived.
    • Conversely, Magneto holds them in contempt: their solution to the Armed Virus problem was to cure those infected and thus take their powers from them. With powers like theirs, they could have lead the Liberators and Exters against the rest of humanity and overthrown the status quo, cementing themselves as the dominant class in their world. Mamori sympathizes with his plight, but is rather annoyed that he thinks he can speak for all Liberators and Exters, and that they have some kind of obligation to 'be as bad as Charlotte', as she put it.
    • Both Mirei and Mamori were actually attack by X-Men's most constant enemy, the Sentinel. While they were able to drive it off, it actually took samples of their blood. While some are confuse on why it would want their blood, the two do have a theory, a very bad theory on why it did that.
  • The two gain a Berserk Button once they enter the pantheon. That button being saying or even implying Mamori doesn't care about Mirei and is using her. Not only will Mirei get mad for slandering Mamori, but even Mamori would be mad for thinking she just use Mirei like that.
  • The two had a bad first meeting with Senran Kagura's Katsuragi. This is because her way of making friends, i.e. boob grabbing, was not very appreciated by the two. The blonde ninja did apologized for her action and promise not to do it again. Even if their pairs were very nice to touch.
    • The two, however, gets along swimmingly with both Hibari and Yagyuu. Many have said it wasn't really that surprising since all four share very close similarities to one another.
    • Mamori also became friends with Mirai. It might because both were bullied in school.
  • Many in the pantheon have remark that if Mirei's voice was a bit higher, she would sound just like Miku Kohinata and Yuu Sonada. Mirei befriended the two along with Mamori and their "girlfriends", Hibiki Tachibana and Haruka Takayama. The four girls did mention how embarrass they got when they caught Mirei and Mamori in one of their "Driving" moments.
    • They also took note that if Mirei cut her hair in a certain way, she could look a bit like Ange. The Fallen Princess gave them her sympathies when she learned how girls with the Armed Virus were taken from there homes and use as soldiers, which was vary similar to what happen to her and the other Norms.
  • Aided Chris Redfield and his comrades in stopping Wesker and T-Valkyrie, a pathogen of his design born as a hybrid of T and Arms. The two keep in touch with Chris and the others: according to Chris, a datamine of Wesker's files uncovered references to a new project Wesker calls A/U-Jormungandr, and the two are keeping an ear open for further developments.
  • The wandering swordsman, Gilgamesh, was very fascinated with Mamori's sword form and wanted to add it to his collection. However, he didn't know that the sword and Mamori were one in the same when he attacked the two. And he still didn't know Mamori was the sword when Mirei repelled him as he declare her his "eternal rival".
  • The two have become close to Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu, and Mako Mankanshoku. While Mirei and Senketsu make a bit of sense since both were made into weapons and are utterly loyal to their respective partners. Their is an unsettling connection for Mamori and Ryuko who were both rape and were force against their will to fight against her friends who ended up inside them and rescuing them.
  • Naturally, the two got along with kids of the Soul Eater universe since they are all capable of using equippable allies. Though, the SE crew were a bit surprise and perplex when they found out how they are able to function. Funny enough, the girls were confuse that the weapons didn't need to get arouse to work.
  • Mamori never really like to fight and would prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible. Though, she will fight if she feels things are wrong, like cheating Mirei out of a beauty pageant. She became friends with Vash the Stampede and Kenshin Himura who have similar beliefs.
  • While it might be a stretch to call them friends, Mirei does have a bit of respect for Muzét and Fenrich since just like her, they are devoted to the people they guard.
  • It be wise to never call Mamori "Miss Virgin". Not because she hates it, which she does, but because Mirei might do bodily harm to anyone messing with her.
  • Mamori has an extreme aversion to violence, and by extension she has a very low opinion of the House of Slaughter in general.
  • Despite being initially nervous around him, Mamori became friends with Kanji Tatsumi after he helped to fix her giant Guru-Neko doll that had gotten damaged back on Mermaid. She's grateful to him, and amazed at his skill with a needle and thread: she can barely see the seams! What shocked her more was the revelation that despite appearances, he's Mirei's age: one year younger than her!
  • The two once went to celebrate Mamori's birthday at the House of Food, and bought one of Yukihira Souma's dishes. Unfortunately, Mamori couldn't finish her meal: for some reason, she kept Driving every time she took a bite.
  • The two were horrified to learn that Momoka Sagara had managed to escape from custody and enter the Pantheon, and that the former SOLDIER is eager to get back to work destroying everything they hold dear. Worse, the GUAC managed to re-infect her with the Armed Virus, making her as dangerous as she's ever been.
  • Both detest Jimenez for his actions during the Ragnarok incident: it was he who was responsible for abducting Mamori during Mirei's rampage, as well as trying to assassinate Mirei afterwards so as to destroy any hopes of curing the Arms Virus. He only made things worse when he taunted Mirei with the GUAC's plans to have Momoka Sagara forcefully wield Mamori in service of the GUAC once Mirei was gone, in order to enrage Mirei and have her fight at full power. Needless to say, between that and his alliance with Wesker the two really don't like him all that much.

    Mondo Zappa 
Mondo Zappa, God of Gaining Strength Through Seduction
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Musselback behind a pair of glasses
  • Theme Song: "Access Violation"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: His robotic left hand possesses 99 secret functions, Badass in a Nice Suit, Tends to run his left arm through his hair, Houseboat Hero, Gekkou, Mondo's "beloved katana", "Looks like I'm the new character to this part of the site"
  • Domains: Seduction, Killing, Love, Execution
  • Allies: Travis Touchdown, Jack Cayman, Mika Takekawa, Usagi Tsukino, Gaius
  • Enemies: David (His Brother), Nightmare Moon, Kun Lan, Angus Bumby
  • He is usually seen around the House when he is not doing his job as an "Executioner", he usually works as a Gigolo off duty and offers a more sensual service to the women of the pantheon and this in return usually gains him weapons and rewards to battle against corrupted beings called "Wires".
  • He has also extended his services as an executioner to execute evil beings and monsters, sometimes it will have to be paid in cash for the boss he works for and other times if the woman asking is something special he will do so for a kiss.
    • Has offered to help Cosmos fight The Warriors of Chaos in exchange for a kiss and is waiting for her answer.
  • He claims that unbeknownst to some of the other members of the pantheon, when they kill their enemies the dark matter that come from their bodies can corrupt others and turn them into Wires, thus he warns others to be careful or the Dark Matter will turn them into monsters.
  • He is often trying to drain blood from his enemies so that his cybernetic left arm "Mussleback" can use it for the many functions that it has.
  • Members of the House of Prophecy are worried that if his enemy David ever ascends to the Pantheon they only see two outcomes, David uses the fight to further add Dark Matter from The Moon to flood the earth turning everyone into to monsters or Mondo will win and cause all The Moon's Dark Matter to go to him and turn him into something worse then David.
  • Is often seen going to the Food House so that he can eat his favorite food Soft Boiled Eggs, he usually lets his assistant Mika cook it as she cooks it as well as his mother.
  • Is prone to better handle the more hyperactive members of the Pantheon as his working with Mika has helped him gain a way to deal with them.
  • Seems to always be stoic to events around him, even to the more beautiful goddesses of this house, the only thing that can shatter his stoic behavior is David as it is the one subject that causes him to go into rage.
  • Recently hired to kill David in The House of Nature, Many are preparing against what may happen if after the battle Dark Matter starts to flood the Pantheon and if Mondo may become evil.
  • Often when he starts and finishes a mission, he likes to claim...
    "The job...Killer Is Dead."


Lesser Gods

    Elvira, Mistress of the Dark 
Elvira, The Most Distracting Goddess to Ogle At (Mistress of the Dark)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The dagger she holds on her chest.
  • Theme Song: Ghoultown
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Horror Host, Absolute Cleavage, Perky Goth, She's Got Legs, Annoying Laugh
  • Domains: Charm, Darkness, Death, Nobility
  • Allies: The Crypt Keeper, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Vampirella, Lydia Deetz, Abigail 'Abby' Sciuto, Marilyn Manson
  • Enemies: Moral Guardians in general, especially Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Opposed by: Many Christian deities in the House of FAITH
  • Pitied by: Elphaba Thropp
  • It was quite the debate over who would have the title Horror Host. The Crypt Keeper would eventually win the title and as such hold domain over a hast network of horror hosts. One of them was giving him trouble. Many of his followers kept falling on their faces at the sight of her Absolute Cleavage. It got to the point that the Crypt Keeper was actively looking for a title to get her out of his temple. Eventually, Elvira found herself in the House of Love.
  • The Addams family remains one of her most closest allies. She fit in well with the oddball family, who welcomed her with open arms. The couple has no qualms with her visiting, knowing their marriage is rock solid.
  • Is an important ally of Vampirella… to an extent. While Elvira is willing to help the vampire for a few cases, she is just as likely to help out some of the malicious figures in the Pantheon. For Vampirella, it's best to consider Elvira as an occasional partner.
    • Here are others that have longed for the two to battle over who could pull off the Absolute Cleavage best. Both girls are willing to play along the rivalry to an extent, though even they are starting to get annoyed with the constant requests.
  • It was an honor for her to meet the Goddess of Goths herself. She once applied to become part of the clergy, but she was deemed too perky for the job. While there was goddess for that, she has now coalesed with her team to become co-deities. Elvira promised to find the perfect Perky Goth for the job.
  • Abigail was such a candidate, but her love of lab work drew her with her fellow scientists instead. Still, Abby has proven to be a blast to hang out with. Elvira became the gateway to the world of horror when it would have been too dangerous for Abby to go out on her own.
  • There are plenty in the House of Faith who are not fans of her work. A few even attempted to burn her at the stake. Luckily for her, she went through a similar event and was able to escape all the same. It's just something she accepted that will happen whenever she moves to a new location.
  • Is still smoking hot even when she is in her 60s. And resides in the real world too! Some see it as prove that she is indeed supernatural in origin.
  • Claims to have dated Satan once. Given that there are multiple Satans in the Pantheon, figuring out which one actually dated her would be difficult. The fact that every single one of them has claimed to be the one who dated Elvira does not help to narrow things down.
  • A green skinned woman with a broom flew into her temple. Much to the surprise of everyone, the Wicked Witch of the West came by for a private talk. She later personally revealed herself as Elphaba, who wanted to make a rare visit. One wanted for being burned at the stake as well, Elphaba wished her luck before disappearing.
  • Is among many who are willing to defend the works of Marilyn Manson. The way he dresses proved to her that the singer has great tastes.
  • While there are no deities dedicated to Moral Guardians, there is one parent that is the closest thing to one. Ghetsis sees her as a negative influence and has added her to the list of those to remove from the Pantheon. Elvira was especially disgusted by the fact that Ghetsis only used his organization as an affront for more sinister goals.
  • "So until next time… unpleasant dreams."

    James Bond 
James Bond, God of Womanizers and Secret Agents (Mr. Bond, Agent 007, Problem Eliminator, Sexist Misogynist Dinosaur, Jimbo)

Katsuragi, Goddess of Girl-to-Girl Groping (The Proficient Fighter And Perverted Flirter in Flesh, Kat, Katsu-nee, Queen of the hooters harem, Sexual Harassman, KatOppailar)

Oedipus, God of Surprise Incest (Oedipus Rex)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: the royal crest of Thebes
  • Theme Song: "Oedipus Rex"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Famously had sex with his mother (even though he didn't know that Jocasta is his mother), Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Go Mad from the Revelation, Oblivious Adoption, Incest, Tragic Heroes, Determination To Tragic Results, Solving Riddles
  • Domain: Love, Family, Leadership
  • Allies: Suguha Kirigaya, Negi Springfield, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Hank Pym
  • Complicated Relationship with: Laharl
  • Enemies: Sigmund Freud, Ultron, Jack Horner
  • Pitied by: Shinichi Kudo
  • Was one of the oldest god in the pantheon in terms of date of ascension (he ascended in the fifth century BCE). He didn't get any prestige or respect for this, however, as, well, the man married his mother, and that kinda Squicks everyone out, (except Slaanesh). However, after a careful revaluation and an appeal from Oedipus, he was moved from his old title (a case of Never Live It Down) to his more suitable current one.
  • Nobody admits to being his follower (outside of the Appalachian foothills), but somehow he is quite popular nonetheless.
    • However, due to his temple change, now a lot of his followers are unexpected followers instead.
  • He's sick of being associated with this concept. He didn't know she was his mother nor that the guy was his dad. Of course, he seems to think that's the only thing wrong, glossing over the whole: killing a bunch of people for what was tantamount to cutting him off in traffic.
    • He argues that attempting to run someone off the road is not cutting them off in traffic.
  • One of Oedipus's former followers that he is happily get rid off is Ultron, as he actively keeps trying to kill his human father, and get his human wife to become his robot queen. Now, Oedipus can officially denounce Ultron with his new title.
    • For their share hatred of Ultron and Never Live It Down reputation, Oedipus made friends with Hank Pym.
  • Has a score to settle with Freud for daring to coin his name for a complex that he didn't even aware of. Freud avoids Oedipus because of this.
  • Shinichi Kudo felt sorry for him and his condition because the detective have met a case with such a heartbreaking circumstance.
  • After his temple change, he met and befriended people who have experience similar circumstances like Luke, Leia, Negi and Suguha (who was the former holder of the title). All of them also feel sorry for him for his self-inflict blindness.
  • Was offered to fix his blindness but refuse on the ground that it would remind him to see the world not limit to his view and as remembrance of his family.
  • Was disgusted when he found out that Jack Horner slept with his half-sisters and didn't care about the situation when found out.

    Robb Stark 
Robb Stark, God of Sex for Solace (The King in the North, King of the Trident, The Young Wolf, The King Who Lost The North)

    Roose Bolton 
Roose Bolton, God of The Right Of First Night (The Leech Lord, Lord of the Dreadfort, Warden Of The North)


    Charlie Harper 
Charlie Harper, God of Manwhores
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His smiling face
  • Theme: Men, men, men, men, men, men...
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Handsome Leches, Chivalrous Pervert, Proving that All Men are Perverts, Jerkass With A Heartof Gold, Breakout Character, Broken Ace, Comedic Sociopathy, The Hedonist, The Alcoholic, Big Brother Bully to Alan, Kavorka Man, Lack of Empathy, Smug Snake, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist
  • Domains: Charm, Trickery
  • Allies: Jiraiya, Panty Anarchy, Mad Moxxi, Gaston, Walter White
  • Enemies: Miaka Yuuki
  • Opposes: All Chuck Lorre comedies, including Sheldon Cooper
  • Rivals: James Bond, Johnny and Kagura, Isabela of Riven, Oberyn Martell, Makoto Itou
  • Was released from his mortal coils after Chuck Lorre hired Judge Doom to assassinate him, dropping a piano on him. Instead, his follower allowed him to ascend to the Pantheon. Now, he is out to ruin Chuck's reputation, starting with heckling his Cash Cow Franchise, The Big Bang Theory.
  • Some say Charlie has ascended a long time ago; it would explain how he's managed to bed so many women without even trying. He just can't seem to get them to stick around.
  • Often takes bets with James Bond to see who can have sex with the most women.
  • Johnny Sfondi and Kagura Mutsuki were less impressed. The two gods at least treat their women with respect, which his more than Charlie can say. Charlie does point out even he has his boundaries; he refuses to hit on any teenage girls (provided they bring up their age).
  • Decided to pass the chance to take the title of Those Killed by Jilted Lovers so that Makoto could redeem himself. Makoto gave him the title of High Priest as an act of gratitude, a posistion he held until his assassination and subsequent ascension.
  • His venture with the Sexy Pirate God Isabela was... unexpected. After accepting a duel with her, the two competed for 3 straight hours. Both claimed to be on top, but at least Isabela had one trump card: she managed to clean out much of his temple in his sleep. Another duel is sure to be due.
  • Became one of Jiraiya's biggest customers of smut after his ascension. The two can be seen drinking sake in the House of Food.
  • Loves to take drinks and drugs as much as he loves women. Can hold his liquor to the point that few people can tell if he's drunk or not. He can be seen frequently in the House of Food doing just that as well as taking drugs from Walter White.
  • As a well-known narcissist, he occasionally pays lip service to the House of Pride, especially Gaston. The two could only tolerate a limited presence though, as excessive exposure would cause their egos to clash.
  • Is directly opposed to Miaka Yuuki, the Goddess of Chastity, though it is merely due to a disagreement in principles. Miaka woud also like to take care of the women he dated better.


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