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"I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let us see how well you handle it!"

Téa: Wow, look at all the phallic imagery!
[montage of monsters growing horns, getting existing horns enlarged, and a knight with a long hard cold lance]
Joey: What're you talkin' about, Téa? There ain't anything remotely suggestive about this duel!
Yami: Now quiver in fear as my mighty lance penetrates your moist cocoon!

Visual counterpart to Innocent Innuendo. Someone does something that is innocent on the surface, but can have very dirty connotations.

It generally has several common forms:

See food examples under Erotic Eating. Phallic Weapon is a subtrope. If done without the innuendo, then it's often a case of Scenery Censor, although these two tropes tend to overlap often.

The source of most supposed (and very few genuine) attempts of Getting Crap Past the Radar. Often overlaps with Food and Body Comparison and Psychosexual Horror.


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  • There was an Alitalia poster on bus stops in New York for a while that showed a closeup of a woman suggestively eating a cannoli.
  • Jerry's Subs & Pizza has a commercial that shows a woman suggestively eating a sub.
  • Many Carl's JR ads feature women sporting minimal clothing and suggestively eating their burgers or sausages.
  • Target's 2009 Black Friday sale ad has a woman standing in a kitchen putting white frosting on a Target Gingerbread House. She pauses to describe how excited she is about the sale. As her excitement builds to a crescendo and she tells the viewer "I haven't slept for days!" white frosting gushes from the tip of her frosting gun.

  • The foundation stone of classic Commedia dell'Arte. Capitano's big sword was always placed suggestively, and Pantalone often caressed his low-hanging moneybags.
  • This cartoon about The Duke of Wellington's alleged womanising.
  • 3D artist Kazushi Kobayashi brings us not simply phallic imagery but a female riderto boot.
  • Georgia O'Keeffe is a modernist painter who is known primarily for her paintings of flowers, several of which look suspiciously like vaginas, or sometimes other parts of the female reproductive system.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Ayakashi Triangle:
    • Suzu spends one scene bathing, wondering if an invisible Matsuri is staring at her body while keeping guard. Suzu definitely likes the idea, and as she starts describing how the idea makes her feel, the next panel is a dripping showerhead.
    • Matsuri putting his hands up Suzu's shirt sleeve is used as a very over-the-top penetration metaphor. His arms are even trembling as he slowly puts them in.
  • Cat Planet Cuties: In the first episode when Eris is introduced to Manami, Aoi, and Maki, each of them stares at Eris's chest in shock while huge, bouncing fruits (cantaloupes, watermelons, and pears) suddenly appear.
  • Code Geass: The shadow cast by Mao and his chainsaw. Jarring as it is, it makes sense, given Mao's motivation and his backstory.
  • DARLING in the FRANXX has tons of examples, but the piloting positions of the Franxx's female and male drivers is arguably the most blatant. Said position involves the girl being on all fours, while the boy stands behind her and holds her hips as they move in sync.
  • In The Devil is a Part-Timer!, when Chiho appears in a bikini and Emi doesn't like what she sees, the scene jump cuts to Maou serving a pair of one-pound hamburgers (topped with pickles, in case the innuendo wasn't obvious enough). It then shows Emi in her bikini, and cuts again to Maou serving a much smaller pair of burgers.
  • In The Dirty Pair: Dangerous Acquaintences, Kei and Yuri are on vacation on a non-United Galatica planet. They see an attractive guy and start talking to him:
    Kei: Oh look... a train! Gee... I jush love watchin' a train enner a station… don' you? It reminsh me of someth— ?!
  • Excel♡Saga shows a lot of suggestive imagery (train entering a tunnel) while he hear Excel's comments as she is raped by a little girl android.
  • FLCL is full of it.
    • It's amazing how kneading dough in a bakery can have such perverse connotations.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: At one point Onizuka wears an elephant costume with the trunk coming out of his crotch, and then sprays Mrs. Oda from it when she walks in.
  • Highschool of the Dead: Used regularly in the manga version.
    • In chapter 26, Alice's puppy (Zeke) gets sandwiched upside-down between Rei and Shizuka's boobs. Their breasts being so massive that only Zeke's tail is visible. It's seen jutting straight in the air like an erection near Rei's open mouth.
    • Three chapters later, Shizuka stuffs a net launcher down her cleavage creating the same visual effect. When Saya asks why she's doing it, Shizuka replies that it seemed like "the natural place" to put it.
  • In Episode 3 of Macross Frontier, as Ranka is delivering food from Nyan Nyan to Alto and his fellow pilots she brings out a pair of tuna buns. However, when she presents them to Alto she opens the box they are in at chest level. Naturally, Alto thinks for a moment that Ranka is flashing her chest at him, not helped by the fact that said box is the same color as her qipao.
  • Monster Musume: In Papi's introductory chapter, she asks Kimihito to hold her popsicle while she eats it, since she can't really hold it with her wings. She then proceeds to eat it in the most lascivious manner possible, prompting the onlookers to assume that Kimihito is a pervert. Not helped by him eventually pulling the popsicle out of her mouth, causing ice cream to splatter on her face. Papi, naturally, has no idea what the big deal is.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • There is a really risque Kiss of the Vampire / Furo Scene with Evangeline going into vamp territory on Negi. Weasel Mascot Chamo happens to be positioned right in front of Negi as this happens, and well...
    • Chamo's introduction also had a winner: he jumps in the bath and one of the girls manages to catch him while he's swimming between Negi's legs. It's so blatant that it barely qualifies as innuendo.
    • Negi catches Evangeline after she falls off a bridge. With his staff protruding from between his legs. While water drips off of it. Oh, and Evangeline is naked during all this.
  • Shimoneta: Kosuri's hairstyle and its color are designed to resemble the glans of a penis. Whenever she's excited, her body stiffens like an erection. But when she gets scolded, her hair droops and her shoulders slumps, making her seem 'flaccid'. Her hair also serves as a visual reminder that she's "a dick".
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has drills everywhere. Some of it, notably the Hot Springs Episode (with Simon running around naked; his crotch obscured only by his drill) had to have been intentional.
  • In Yakitate!! Japan, when Spencer cooks bread dough he's wrapped around a bamboo rod, nearly every panel has him holding the rod right in front of him rather suggestively. With dialogue to match.

    Card Games 

    Comic Books 
  • The first page of Batwoman (Rebirth) #3 is a scene of a papaya being cut. Several close-ups of the opened fruit and the cutter's fingers resemble female masturbation.
  • Empowered has some examples. Look at Thugboy and his gun on the cover of #1.
  • In an issue of Fantastic Four, the Black Panther uses a time travel device known as King Solomon's Frogs. In order to activate the device, he has to place one frog atop the other, inadvertently causing it to look like they frogs are having sex. Lampshaded when Deathlok says "Aw, that's just crude..."
  • For Better or for Worse:
    • In a strip set during Michael's early teenage years, his friend Gordon has what he calls "hormone attacks", where anything that could be taken as sexual causes him to pass out. When their gym teacher holds up two basketballs at chest height...
    • Another single-panel gag has the memorable line from his little sister Liz, as they both cloud-gaze, "I see Mickey Mouse['s ears] in the clouds...what do you see?"
  • Watchmen:
    • The alien squid (in the comic version) vaguely resembles a woman's crotch, legs spread. Because the resemblance is vague and grotesque, the squid is dead, and there are also a lot of dead human bodies lying around, this is also a case of Fan Disservice.
    • Dan and Laurie fight off a gang of muggers. Their actions afterward are to stand there panting and sweaty, briefly look at each other, and then look away, whereupon one of them lights a cigarette. Sadly less obvious in the movie, thanks to the removal of Laurie's smoking.
    • When Dan and Laurie have sex in Archie, the flamethrower goes off at the climax.
  • X-Men 15, “Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold!”, at those long gone days of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The X-Men need to hold on a platform to ram into a building, and Iceman couldn't craft anything better than a surface with a pair of phallic cylinders to hold. See here
    Beast: This doesn't seem very dignified, but I suppose it's necessary.


    Film — Animated 
  • Coco: The performance art that Frida Kahlo previews for Miguel begins with multiple versions of herself climbing out of a half-eaten papaya. "Papaya" is a Spanish slang term for a woman's naughty parts.
  • Kronk's New Groove features a scene where he and his love interest bake bread, which turns into an extended dance sequence. Which includes a shot of Kronk behind Miss Birdwell and... um... helping her knead bread dough.
  • The film The Thief and the Cobbler includes a scene where the thief steals some balls, and hides them in his clothes.
  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit :
    • The movie has Totty standing behind two chest-height watermelons, just as she says that her suitor has never taken interest in her produce. A similar sight gag happens when one woman holds up two bitten brassicas (a sort of cabbage) which have been "ravaged in the night."
    • Not to mention a naked Wallace covering himself with a box with the words "May Contain Nuts" on it.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The opening scene of 1941 (1979) where a Skinny Dipping woman finds herself clutching the upthrusting periscope of a surfacing Japanese submarine (also serves as a hilarious Jaws take-off).
  • In Airplane!, the stewardess must inflate the automatic pilot by blowing into on a tube on his belt buckle... when someone looks at her from behind it looks like fellatio. The effect is only accentuated when Otto (the automatic pilot)'s previously bland and stoic expression changes into a big, wide-eyed grin once she's finished... And then his head nods/flops forward, as if in reaction to orgasm.
  • In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, there's a scene where Austin and Felicity are packing and unpacking inside of a tent, but to the horrified soldiers watching outside, it looks a lot different... The scene is repeated in Goldmember, where Mini Me first acts as a prehensile wang and then a demonic birth.
  • Blazing Saddles had the Governor trying to put a pen back into its holder. Hedley Lamarr just tells him, "Think of your secretary," and he gets it right into the little... place it's designed to go.
  • In Bridget Jones' Diary, Bridget's mother gets a job shilling an "As Seen On TV" gizmo at the mall. It automatically shells a hard-boiled egg. Just put in the egg, then work the shaft and out pops an egg! Then some white liquid.
  • In Cannibal Girls, the red-headed Cannibal Girl Clarissa is at one point seen chowing down on a carrot in a very phallic manner.
  • In Deep in the Valley, Lester is hiding under a pile of stuffed toys as he watches Daphne undress. As he does so, a plush rooster slowly rises up out of the pile.
  • A staggering moment in W. C. Fields short film The Dentist where Fields, the dentist, is performing a difficult tooth extraction from an attractive woman. He winds up between her knees humping away trying to extract the tooth, as her high-heeled shoes point at the camera while she moans (with pain). And if that weren't enough, he eventually pulls her out of the chair, and they go staggering around the office with her legs wrapped around his waist. Eventually he pulls the tooth, whereupon the woman slides to the floor in a heap. Even in The Pre-Code Era, that was really pushing it.
  • The Dove: Sigrid the lesbian offers her cigar to Inga and says "Phalliken symbolsk?"
  • In Down with Love, two characters are having a phone conversation at the same time as engaging in various activities. A split screen makes these activities simulate sex. For instance, when the man is on the top of the split screen, he is shown doing push-ups while the woman is on her back on the bottom of the split screen. They even simultaneously have a "post-coital" cigarette at the end of the scene.
  • Dr. Strangelove, filled as it is with weird sexual innuendo, starts with a scene of two airplanes refueling in midair, but the way it's filmed makes it look like they're having sex. Which was brilliant, because the footage was not shot for the movie: it was Stock Footage. All Stanley Kubrick did was play an instrumental version of "Try a Little Tenderness" over it.
  • In Every Which Way but Loose, Philo and Orville stop by a roadside fruit stand manned by sexy Echo (Beverly D'Angelo). As Orville is chatting her up, she holds up two cantaloupes at chest level and says "Want some cantaloupes?" Orville's eyes gleam.
  • The film Ghost (1990) should've gotten rated R for the wet clay and the potter's wheel.
  • Gimme Shelter (1970): If it wasn't enough that Tina Turner was orgasmically moaning during her performance of "I've Been Loving You Too Long", and singing about how her man has to give her what she needs, she fondles her microphone stand in a way that makes it look very, very phallic.
  • Harold and Maude has a scene where Maude is showing Harold her sculptures. They focus in on one in particular, an abstract oval structure with a large hole in the middle. Harold seems enthralled by it and runs his hands all over it, including through the middle.
  • Inherent Vice has a dialogue-free scene in which Bigfoot Bjornsen, the intimidating, hulking cop, fellates a popsicle, much to stoner Doc Sportello's astonishment.
  • Odd Obsession: After Kimora climbs on top of Toshiko (while she is still staring at nude pictures of her mom!) the film cuts to shots of trains in the nearby train station. Specifically, multiple shots of train cars—coupling. Followed by a shot of a steam whistle going off.
  • Office Space does this when Lawrence is talking about how he'd do two chicks at the same time: He's sitting down and holding his beer bottle against his crotch.
  • North By Northwest has the famous "train going into a tunnel" version. Here!
  • The Penalty: Despite having no legs, Blizzard the crime boss loves to play piano. He can't hit the pedals, though, so he has to get someone to do it for him. First an anonymous moll is doing it, and then Rose does it when she becomes Blizzard's moll. This requires the pedaler to get down on her knees at Blizzard's feet (or where his feet would be, that is). The pose of sexual subjugation is obvious.
  • In the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie, the Hades poster has a silver hand on his belt. And the hand looks like it's groping his crotch.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End:
    • Barbossa and Jack, feuding over who is captaining the Black Pearl, both pull out their telescopes. Jack is disappointed when his is significantly smaller. Later, he steps up to the rail with an enormous, sagging spyglass. Barbossa gives him an Aside Glance.
    • At the gathering of the Brethren Court, Barbossa bangs on a table with a chain shot (two cannonballs connected by a chain) for emphasis. Later he stands up and we have a perfectly framed shot of his legs, with the two cannonballs dangling in between.
      Jack: Whose boons? Your boons?
  • In Plan B, when Bruno first sees his ex-girlfriend with another man and grows jealous — and maybe just a little too aware that the other man is quite good-looking — the camera cuts to a shot of the other man holding his large camera in front of his crotch.
  • A much darker example in Psycho during the infamous Shower Scene. The knife has a distinctly phallic silhouette, the stabbing that represents penetration, the ejaculatory spurts of blood—the whole murder is symbolic of a rape that the severely sexually frustrated and repressed killer cannot otherwise carry out.
  • In Rear Window, Jeff is spying on his neighbors with binoculars. Frustrated when he can't see enough, he puts them down, and picks a camera with a telescopic lens. As in... longer. Classic Hitchcock symbolism. Oddly, despite the fact that voyeurism is generally a sexually deviant activity, this isn't why Jeff is snooping.
  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights. The moonlight serenade scene. Robin's sword.
  • Shirley Valentine depicts waves crashing on the shore and a ship's mast rocking back and forth during its scene, all backed by dramatic orchestral music. Lampshaded by the main character:
    Shirley: Oh my God! Where did that orchestra come from?!
  • Spaceballs did this with lightsaber stand-ins, as is pictured above.
  • Starship Troopers 3: Marauder has this happening to cute Holly Little. Sprawled awkwardly after getting a faceload of alien goo, a suddenly-appearing crack in the earth points directly up her skirt, then a penile-like claw bursts from the ground between her legs, whereupon she and Jolene Blalock are seized by a gigantic man-eating vagina with delusions of grandeur.
  • The Starfighters also features hot Stock Footage of in-flight refueling, which were a source of constant merriment on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen gives us Devastator, who sports a pair of wrecking balls between his legs. Which none of his components have in vehicle mode.
    • This is also lampshaded. "In position under enemy scrotum!"
  • German comedy movie (T)Raumschiff Surprise has a case where one character shows another one his music box. To explain: inside the box is a small pig whose tail extends when being poked. A third character sees the shadow of the others and the pigs shadow is very phallic.
  • The last shot of Blood Machines shows the Giant Woman resting against the giant glowing Arc Symbol that resembles a flower. Open flowers are typically used as yonic symbols, meaning the image represents a form of rebirth.
  • In this scene in Feuer und Eis (Fire and Ice) The Klutz, has a pine tree between his legs and Suzy laughs in amusement.

  • The Old Spaghetti Factory serves the Meat Lover's Treat: a plate of spaghetti with Sicilian meatballs and a whole Italian sausage.
  • Several French restaurants have independently invented a dessert called Rêve de jeune fille ("young woman's dream"). It's made up of two spherical scoops of vanilla ice cream with a peeled banana standing right between the two. For additional naughtiness, serve with cream on top of the banana. For further additional naughtiness, serve without a spoon.
  • There's a traditional Sicilian pastry called Virgin's breasts , a dome-shaped pastry filled with cream and traditionally topped with a cherry.

  • Terry Pratchett does this with landscape in Discworld's Lords and Ladies. At one point, Nanny Ogg and Casanunda have to visit the Long Man, three large burial mounds in the forest. One long with two round ones at one end. It also gets one of the heaviest lampshades possible.
    • A Wizard's staff has a knob on the end.note 
    • In Unseen Academicals, Glenda points out to the wizards that with the placement of two large letter U's on their uniforms, they'll "look like they've got bosoms!"

    Live-Action TV 
  • A frequently-run ad for Andromeda has Dylan Hunt using a force lance, a laser-flashlight that expands into a six-foot staff. He holds it right at crotch level, in profile, and lets it grow. Seriously, I'm amazed it even got on the air in prime time, let alone run all day when kids could see it.
  • An accidental version occurred in the third season of the UK version of The Apprentice, where one of the contestants had to sell a trampoline on a shopping channel. It might be a bit NSFW.
    • This made the "The Apprentice: The Worst Decisions Ever" special.
      Simon: It's not my fault. I'm innocent. Everyone else, out there, are the dirty-minded ones. I can only attest to being an innocent person.
    • The design of the building in this clip also qualifies. Yes, that's the same candidate.
  • The Benny Hill Show:
    • There are several sketches where Benny is a gardener watering plants with a hose held up at crotch level. It's positioned so that you don't see the hose at first, just the water coming out.
    • There's also a sketch where a woman is sitting at a roadside farm stand with two large melons on the table in front of her. Benny rides by on a bicycle and crashes.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, after an argument Raj decides to gift Howard a belt buckle with a tiny lightsaber on it. By itself isn't that bad, but he was wearing an identical one and shows that the lightsaber can light up, which looks really wrong at waist level. Raj didn't get it, and starts gyrating in a theoretical lightsaber belt buckle duel.
  • The Buffyverse shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, include a lot of this: the stake in "Hush", Wesley's arm-blades in "Spin The Bottle", and Buffy (hilariously) crushing Warren's *ahem* magic orbs in "Seeing Red".
    • In "Into the Woods", when Buffy discovers her post-Angel rebound guy Riley at the vamphouse, the scene opens with him and a female vampire kneeling before him, shot at an angle (and with sound effects) that makes it unclear just what she is sucking, but that there is definitely sucking going on. Then the camera pans around to show that it's just blood from his arm.
    • Not to mention Buffy's Erotic Dream in the Season eight comics, where she's in between Angel and Spike and all around them are gushing volcanoes, trains entering tunnels, stakes, flowers.. you name it that panel had it.
  • Game of Thrones: In "Mhysa", after Ramsay gelds Theon Greyjoy, he makes a grand show of eating a large sausage in front of him.
  • In Glee, when Emma is singing about how she could have "done a thousand things I've never done before", there's a close-up of a pearl necklace. For those who don't know, it's a slang term for when a man ejaculates semen around his partner's neck.
  • The Popsicle Twins on The Gong Show.
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022): In "In Throes of Increasing Wonder...", Lestat de Lioncourt sensuously inserts his cigarette (which is encased in a cigarette holder, so it appears thicker and longer) into his mouth and puffs on it deeply while mentally undressing Louis de Pointe du Lac with his eyes as the latter sits down at the poker table. To put it bluntly, Lestat is conveying non-verbally his desire to suck on his Love Interest's "appendage," as he calls it.
  • In Life On Mars, Gene and Sam are visiting a comatose girl in the hospital when they start a fight. They whale on each other for a bit, and then the camera cuts to them sprawled on the floor at the end of the bed, slightly the worse for wear, breathing heavily, and with Gene smoking a cigarette as they have a heart-to-heart conversation.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Whilst in Numenor, Halbrand pulls Galadriel in close with her hand ending up on the dagger between the two. She's left breathless when he leaves.
  • In keeping with the theme of the show, the title sequence of Masters of Sex is a long series of examples: trains going into tunnels, cucumbers being washed, champagne popping, and suggestively shaped mushrooms growing.
  • Midsomer Murders: In "Orchis Fatalis", Professor Margaret Winstanley flirts with both Barnaby and Scott. At one point she tells Barnaby that orchids are like testicles and then cups two round roots that are very suggestive.
  • In one episode of The Nanny Fran, C.C. and Val go on a girls night to a cigar club. C.C. wonders why men are staring at them smoking, then all three stick the cigars in their mouths and start sucking.
  • In Robin Hood, Little John totes around a large staff, and in the episode Treasure of the Nation, meets one of the Queen's bodyguards, who has an even bigger staff, with a large wooden knob at the end of it. Little John spends a good part of the episode eyeing it nervously.
  • In one of the episodes of Samantha Who?, the title character (who has experienced amnesia) is trying to remember what sex is like and the next scene shows her boyfriend repeatedly putting a pencil into a mechanical sharpener.
  • Selfie: In "Un-Tag My Heart" Eliza tries to invoke this when she thinks her casual sex buddy is looking at her by sucking on a pen. Henry, standing next to her, points out how toxic that is.
  • On the "Virtual Slide" episode of Sliders, we find a man painting a house while wearing VR goggles. It's explained that he believes he's painting a mural. Cut to a man inserting a long hose into a tunnel, and Rembrandt comments "I wonder what he thinks he's doing."
  • The Sopranos:
    • Vito lies in bed with Jim. They roll onto their sides and Jim embraces Vito from behind. Cut to a shot of Bobby's trainset, as a train goes through one of the model tunnels.
  • In The Stand (1994), Larry is trying to get some gas and gets Nadine to help put a hose into the floor as they talk about how Joe needed a surrogate father as well as Nadine. They feel very awkward as they realize the symbolism here.
  • The Media Watchdogs descended upon the Super Bowl XLI halftime show, when Prince played his guitar (shaped to look like his symbol) behind a drape in silhouette, making it look as if the neck is...well...and oh, yeah, a piece of the body stuck out below the neck to look like...oh my.
    • It's Prince. The man could do his taxes with an abacus and make it look sexual.
  • An episode of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps featured Jonny polishing a long, thin pepper grinder in a very... suggestive manner, without quite realising he was doing it.
  • This reporter is touching an art sculpture and it looks like she's giving jumper cables.


Cover art

  • The cover of Ava Max's "Kings & Queens" features Ava sitting on a throne, holding a sword between her legs. The lyrics also use the Phallic Weapon trope:
    And you might think I'm weak without a sword
    But if I had one, it'd be bigger than yours

Music videos

  • The music video for Devo's "That's Good" has a bluescreen background that, on occasion, shows a french fry going into the hole in a donut, followed a naked woman from the shoulders up writhing in ecstasy. It's... fairly unsubtle. (Then the fries start breaking as they go in, and the woman begins looking downwards with a sigh of frustration...) MTV refused to air the video before either the french fry or the donut was removed.
  • Queens of the Stone Age's "Go with the Flow" video has lots of visual innuendo tucked behind the more overt examples.
  • The animated Music Video for Tobuscus's I CAN SWING MY SWORD! at timestamp 0:33. Doesn't help that his eyes are bugging out either.
  • The music video for Korean Pop Music group EXID's song "Up and Down" features heavy doses of phallic and other sexual images.
  • Many a performer (really. too many performers to list) will simulate sexual intercourse by thrusting, pumping or grinding his or her pelvis while singing a sex song.
  • Hot Action Cop's Fever for the Flava, with more visual innuendo per second than pretty much anything else ever made- about 80%+ of the entire video has at least one on screen (the parts that don't are either focusing on the band playing, surreal imagery of the singer's face flowing over organs inside peoples' bodies, or dropping all subtlety to just show legs kicking as dozens of people have sex) and most of them have several. It's a Hurricane of Visual Innuendo!


    Print Media 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The squirrel girl Solo Darling collects nuts. In WSU she stores them in a plastic bag, which swings between her legs, like a sack.

    Video Games 
  • Friday Night Funkin':
    • If you get a Game Over, you're treated to an X-ray of Boyfriend's cracked skeleton, alongside two pulsating blue spheres located on his crotch.note .
    • In one Game Mod, Friday Night Funkin' X-Ray Mod, most of the adult male characters have these spheres on their crotches, but they aren't often blue. X-Boyfriend only ever has the spheres on the Game Over screen.
  • The Grand Theft Auto games have this in spades. for example, practically any bowling-alley you can find, will have a sign prominently featuring two bowling-balls and a pin.
  • In Groove on Fight, Elderly Tag Team Twins Oume and Otame kiss their opponents to steal energy from them to temporarily restore their youth. This involves one bent over the other, who is on her knees while both grabbing onto the opponent to doing so.
  • In Kitty Powers' Love Life, Kitty Towers looks suspiciously like a certain male organ, which erects more floors as you level up until it finally has a fountain installed on the 20th floor's rooftop.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Vamp licking Raiden's white blood off of his crotch knife.
  • In No More Heroes, the main character Travis recharges his Beam Katana by shaking it. But, the behind the back camera makes it look suspiciously like something else...
  • In Snatcher, Gillian sees an underage girl in his apartment, using his shower. She freaks out and sprays him with her showerhead. He spends the next scene looking damp, flushed and shocked with fluid dripping down his face.

  • Exterminatus Now has one strip early on where a beam sword (think lightsaber) is held in front of one guy's crotch and activated, as two demons shapeshifted into scantily clad women make out in front of him.
  • Homestuck: When Jake kisses Dirk's head, there is a volcano erupting rather dramatically in the background. In contrast, Rose and Kanaya share their first on-screen kiss while standing in a long, dark tunnel. Yeah.
  • The Paul Reveres features The Green Mountain Boys being like this after capturing Fort Ticonderoga.

    Web Original 
  • In Chapter 10, Act 2 of the web animation series Broken Saints, when Sandra talks about wanting to do field work at a naval base with hunky sailors, a little animation features her moving her pencil to and from her lips. It's not much, but its been confirmed by Word of God to be intentional.
  • Minecraft SOS: Oli's base takes the form of a giant hog. At the suggestion of his comments section, he adds a pink water elevator, "the Hog Tube", located between the Hog's hind legs as an entrance to the base; Jimmy kindly points out on stream (and in Joey's 3rd episode and Oli's 2nd) that the latter is "a little bit on the sus side". It takes all but a few minutes for Oli to start reconsidering his design choices when Jimmy runs off, scandalized, and Oli's final redesign results in the removal of "the Hog Tube".
  • Reddit: The subreddit Mildly Penis is entirely dedicated to this trope.
  • Star Wars Down Under, an Australian Fan Film spoof. When the Sith Troopers activate their light-boomerangs, they're being held at groin level. The downward curve of the boomerang makes them appear somewhat...droopy.
  • Superdickery has an entire gallery of such things, starting here.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: "The Pods" features a non-sexual example, with the third pod from the magic beans resembling a pair of buttocks. It produces ice cream, and the ice cream coming out of the... opening just happens to be chocolate-flavored.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • "The Southern Raiders" had a rather infamous scene that implied Sokka and Suki were meeting up for a romantic night in his tent, and the next morning Sokka is seen wearing a flower necklace. In other words, Sokka got lei'd and Suki got deflowered.
    • In "Bitter Work", Toph steals Aang's staff and a bag of nuts when he gives up his Earthbending training for not being *tough* enough.
  • In Balloon Land the villain is an anthropomorphic safety pin. An open safety pin.
  • In the Corner Gas Animated episode "Smoke A Cola", Wanda flirts with a cardboard standee of a buff military man advertising Commando Cola. After her flirting, she opens a can of cola that sprays her in the face, causing her to laugh and remark "Someone's excited."
  • In the Family Guy Star Wars parody, Herbert's lightsaber is limp until he spots Chris.
  • In the Looney Tunes short "Russian Rhapsody" when the gremlins make their entrance a fat one stands near the edge of the plane engine and another gremlin's very long nose pokes out from between his legs.
  • At the end of The Ren & Stimpy Show episode "Powdered Toast Man", Powdered Toast Man (now President of the United States) and his lovely assistant are seen roasting a wiener and marshmallow, respectively, while sporting suggestive grins. According to the DVD commentary, this just barely got past the radar.
  • Rocket Monkeys:
    • In the episode "What Does the Clam Say?", one scene takes place in the bathroom. Wally is taking a shower, and starts looking at the fortune clams with Gus. His genitalia is seen covered in bubbles. You can even see the shape of it when he finds a sealing iron that landed on Gus.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington", Marge and Homer visit the Washington Monument. Marge giggles and whispers something in Homer's ear.
    • In "New Kid on the Block", a young couple is about to move into the house next door to the Simpsons' when they look out the window and see Homer lounging in a kiddie pool, fishing a half-eaten hot dog out from between his legs. They immediately leave in disgust.


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