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'Dem Bones, 'dem bones, 'dem rappin' bones.

Friday Night Funkin' X-Ray Mod is a Friday Night Funkin' Game Mod series that changes the characters' sprites and icons into an x-ray version of themselves, based on the game over screen of the original gamenote . It was created by Kaechii and was released on GameBanana in May of 2021, which was only weeks after Week 7 of the original game came out. The mod had its humble beginning as separate reskins from late April to early May before spawning into a full-on mod compiling all the skins and eventually ended up as a series.

The plot is about the same as you would expect from a re-skin of Friday Night Funkin'. Set within an Alternate Universe where everyone is inexplicably an x-ray version of themselves, X-Boyfriend (yes, there's a naming pattern now) wants to spend time with X-Girlfriend, but can't help but get into a rap battle every week, whenever he challenges others being rap-happy as he is, or his opponent came forward to challenge him. Not only does this mod change the sprites, but it changes the background and overall context of the weeks (or at least the ones with dialogue). Like with Friday Night Funkin' Minus, it also tends to take creative liberties with the skeletons, such as making Boyfriend an angel or Ruv a demon.


The currently released/known installments include:

  • The base game (released May 9th, 2021): Just about the base game currently up to Week 6 with an X-ray skin. X-Boyfriend faces off against X-Daddy Dearest to prove that he is worthy of dating X-Girlfriend, and while he does defeat him, he ends up having to deal with other people either wanting to steal his girlfriend, hurt either one or both of them, or simply trying to embarrass him. Week 6 does have different dialogue, with X-Senpai and X-Spirit just becoming a Composite Character with a Sore Loser personality.
  • Mid-Fight Masses (released June 7th, 2021): X-Girlfriend wants to join X-Sarvente's church because X-Boyfriend is an angel while her parents are demons, which she considers a huge problem. However, after Boyfriend defeats X-Sarvente the first time, it starts to become clear that she wouldn't allow her to join...
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  • Concert Conundrum (released July 22nd, 2021): The plot is the same as the original; X-Boyfriend and his popstar sister, X-Hatsune Miku, have a rap battle to appease a crowd of thousands.

This reskin provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Deviation: The plot gets reversed in this mod's take on Mid-Fight Masses. In the original version, Boyfriend and Girlfriend enter the church where the week takes place with the intent of looking for a bathroom, only for Sarvente to ask them to join the church, going as far as to challenge Boyfriend to a rap battle. Here, X-Girlfriend actually wants to join the church due to her parents being demons, when it ends up coming to light that X-Sarvente just won't accept her.
  • Adaptation Name Change: As showcased in the Mid-Fight Masses version, everyone now has a "X-" prefix before their names. X-Boyfriend, X-Girlfriend, etc.
  • Adaptational Species Change:
  • Adaptational Villainy: Mid-Fight Masses, Sarvente is basically Satan in the sense that she rules over Hell, but left the throne due to not caring about Hell, and while her intentions to convince Boyfriend and Girlfriend to join her church were noble, seeing as she's trying to lead others towards God as her mission for the rest of her life, she just wasn't going to have it when the two show no interest, to the point where she eventually tags Ruv in and then goes One-Winged Angel when he fails to defeat them. In this version of the mod, however, X-Sarvente and X-Ruv are just jerkasses towards X-Boyfriend, who was just wanting to get with X-Girlfriend in spite of their extreme racial difference, and were trying to make him suffer just to make their point that demons couldn't be rehabilitated.
  • Ascended Extra: Girlfriend's role in the original Mid-Fight Masses was minor, considering she only had two lines throughout the main week and was simply there because she and Boyfriend were just trying to find a bathroom. The X-Ray mod's take on said mod, however, has the plot driven by X-Girlfriend wanting to convert to X-Sarvente's church, only for her and X-Boyfriend to find out that X-Sarvente isn't so welcoming towards demons despite being one. X-Girlfriend has 11 lines throughout the four cutscenes, over 5 times the amount of lines she had in the original mod.
  • Bones Do Not Belong There:
    • In Week 5, X-Monster's hat contains a single bit of bone.
    • Miku's hair and even her hair ribbons have noticeable bones in them; while initially understandable because she's an angel, Boyfriend, who is also an angel, doesn't have hair bones.
  • Boomerang Bigot: X-Sarvente, in spite of being a demon herself, doesn't allow X-Girlfriend to join her church simply because she's a demon.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: All the demons' skeletons in the mod, which include X-Girlfriend, her parents, X-Monster, X-Sarvente, and X-Ruv, have bits of bone not connected to the rest of the skeleton, notably with their skulls. X-Monster has a sort of dark indigo substance making up most of his skeleton aside from his skull, which isn't present in other demons' skeletons.
  • The Cameo: Some of Kaechii's friends appear as souls of demons and angels in the background for the Mid-Fight Masses reskin.
  • Composite Character: In Friday Night Funkin' itself, Senpai is just an AI and Spirit was shoved into his game. If their Week 6 dialogue is any indication, X-Senpai and X-Spirit are the same character.
  • Easy-Mode Mockery: You can't access "Gospel" on Easy or Normal mode through normal means in the Mid-Fight Masses version, just like in the original mod.
  • Expressive Health Bar: Like in the original, the rivals will show X's on their eyes if the player has an advantage. However, what's rather unique to the game is that X-Boyfriend's skull in his icon cracks if the player's health gets low enough and the same can go for the rivals if the player is doing well.
  • Expressive Skull: Some characters' eye sockets can move, such as X-Girlfriend, X-Skid and X-Pump, X-Pico, X-Mommy Mearest, X-Sarvente, and X-Miku.
  • Foreshadowing: In the Mid-Fight Masses version, when X-Sarvente does an alternate pose during "Worship", her skeleton turns fuchsia, her right eye gets a magenta gleam, some black strings appear between her horns, and the flower in her microphone withers. If you are playing on Hard mode like in the original game, you battle Demon Sarvente, who has all the features except for the strings between her horns.
  • Foul Flower: X-Sarvente is one of the two opponents in the Mid-Fight Masses mod, which there is a version of this mod for, and she holds a flower in the hand where the silhouette of her microphone is. It temporarily withers in "Worship" when she performs one of her alternate poses, and by the time she goes One-Winged Angel in "Gospel", it's already fully-withered.
  • Hat Damage: If you get a game over, X-Boyfriend's halo breaks apart and falls onto the floor.
  • Holy Halo: X-Boyfriend has a halo over his skull to indicate that he's an angel. The halo actually breaks when you fail a song, but comes back after hitting the retry button.
  • Lizard Folk: X-Pico's skeleton is that of a lizard man.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: X-Sarvente and X-Ruv, despite having the usual traits of demons in this mod, do have some differences between them and your average demon skeleton, with a heart-shaped hole in their chests and a diamond-shaped hole on their foreheads (though, for X-Sarv, this only applies to her demon form).
  • Off-Model:
    • On the Game Over screen, right before the music plays, X-Boyfriend's broken halo disappears, then reappears once the music starts.
    • For most of his poses, X-Pico's balls remain visible unless obscured by his UZI. However, his balls vanish when in his down pose.
    • During "Worship" in the Mid-Fight Masses mod, whenever X-Sarvente performs one of her alternate poses, the heart-shaped hole in her chest disappears. Unlike the other changes to her skeleton, the hole is still there during "Gospel", indicating this was just an art goof.
  • One-Winged Angel:
  • Our Angels Are Different: Our angels are human skeletons with halos around their skulls.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Our demons are (mostly) depicted as ribbon-like skeletons with spiky teeth, horns, and at least a bit of bone not connected to the rest of the skeleton. Oh, and the females have bones in their breasts!
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: X-Sarvente gains a magenta gleam in her eye if she performs an alternate pose during "Worship" in the Mid-Fight Masses version of the mod. Her demon form also has a magenta substance in her eye sockets.
  • Sudden Anatomy: X-Boyfriend and X-Miku, who normally don't appear to have visible lower jaws, end up having one in the Game Over screen and when she flails in "Disappearance" respectively.
  • Tempting Fate: Apparently, X-Boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to have X-Girlfriend be rehabilitated at the church the Mid-Fight Masses version takes place in because the nun there happens to be a demon herself. But then it becomes clear that he's very wrong to assume that. Given that he's too dumb to even be afraid of almost anything, this one probably shouldn't have been much of a surprise.
  • Theme Naming: Overlapping with Adaptation Name Change, every character has a "X-" prefix before their name - Boyfriend becomes X-Boyfriend, Girlfriend becomes X-Girlfriend, etc.
  • True Final Boss: Demon X-Sarvente, who can only be fought on Hard or Alt mode once you defeat X-Ruv in the Mid-Fight Masses version.
  • Twinkle in the Eye: X-Sarvente's right eye socket gains a magenta-colored gleam in her alternate poses during "Worship".
  • Visual Innuendo: Happens not just in the game over screen, but also appears in the character sprites. Most of the male characters, notably the adult males, have two little spheres on their crotches to indicate a pair of balls.
  • Wings Do Nothing: Averted for X-Sarvente's demon form, but played straight for X-Miku when she Turns Red for "Disappearance".
  • X-Ray Vision:
    • The sprites are based off the x-ray of Boyfriend's skeleton from the original game's game over screen, with the character's normal sprite blotted out and the skeleton put over it.
    • Girlfriend wears a pair of x-ray goggles on the title screen of the base game, and so does Miku in the Concert Conundrum version.
    • Lampshaded in Week 6, where X-Senpai is perplexed by the x-ray vision even effecting the Hating Simulator.
      X-Senpai: Ah- what? X-ray?

X-Sarvente: *sigh* Thank you. Ah- I have to go now- uh- please don't forget to come over-