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Kitty Powers' Matchmaker is a 2014 Simulation Game that was developed by Magic Notion and published through Mastertronic Group. The game's premise has the player serving as an employee to drag queen and matchmaker Kitty Powers.

Kitty Powers has recently launched a new branch of her dating service and has hired the player to serve as her newest matchmaker. While playing the game players must try to match their clients' personal tastes with that of their prospective dates. If their attributes are to the other's liking, this will cause the pair to fall in love with one another, but matching up people with opposing interests runs the risk of ruining the date. Dates are held at one of several restaurants themed around various countries, each of which has differing levels of difficulty. During the date players must successfully guide their client through minigames and typical date questions on topics such as hobbies, personality, and employment.

Two sequels to the game were released: Kitty Powers' Love Life, where the player helps build a Love Village and help couples in their relationships, and Kitty Powers' Speed Date, a Free-to-Play game where the player helps their clients pick the best candidate after speed dating.

This game provides examples of:

  • Amicable Exes: Spicy candidates don't mind if their date's ex shows up, and they'll acknowledge that at least they're still friends.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: The game explicitly states that it doesn't use timers to force you to wait for a client before you can start playing again; there will always be at least one waiting for you. You can also kick out clients that you find difficult for a fee.
  • Author Avatar: Rich Franke, who developed the premise for the game, chose to incorporate his drag personality of Kitty Powers into the game. He decided to do this for several reasons, stating that he had "been messing about with drag for a while and I wanted a good reason to evolve it and take it to a new place. Secondly I felt drag and video games hadn't really collided properly yet and this might be a good way to do it. Thirdly I wanted to make my debut game unique, and a real reflection of me and my voice. Kitty seemed like a good way to tick all of the boxes." She appears as the final client you have to successfully match when you reach level 20.
  • Babies Ever After: This is the best possible ending for a couple after you've matched them, including same-gender couples. They'll even name their baby after you.
  • Bad Date: There are several ways a date can go wrong, such as telling a harsh truth, failing to tell a convincing lie, or failing a minigame. Doing so will earn you a strike, and getting three will cause the candidate to dump your client early. Additionally, if you fail to find a suitable match for your client three times, they'll walk out on you and look for another dating agency.
  • Bathtub Bonding: A successfully matched couple will share a candlelit bath at the end of the date.
  • Big Head Mode: Unlocking this will enlarge all of your clients' heads and earn you the Ego-agogo achievement. To do so, click on the bell several times and then the phone at the lobby.
  • Birds of a Feather: It's easier to pair together people of the same Type, though it's not impossible to pair different types, and in fact there are achievements for doing so.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Speed Date can let you buy Pearls that you can use to help in speed dating or build new locations using real money, though they can also be earned in-game by completing missions or watching ads.
  • Cast Full of Gay: While it's more likely for clients to be straight, gay and bi clients are also very common.
  • Character Customization:
    • Players can personalize their character and perform a personality quiz to create their own profile. There is an option that allows players to allow their character data (minus the name) to other players, who will try to successfully match the character with other people. As the series takes place in a world where same-sex marriage is considered both normal and legal, clients can ask to be matched up with someone of the same sex.
    • This plays a role for the client before starting the date. You can change their appearance to better appeal to their candidate and even buy a gift for them, but doing so is time-consuming in-game. Spending too much time getting your client ready will earn you a strike from the candidate for showing up late.
    • Customizing your client returns in Love Life, where giving them a makeover will impress their partner when leveling up their relationship. It'll also allow them to discuss topics related to their look again if they already talked about it to their partner before the makeover.
  • Date Peepers: This is the entire premise of the game, where the player watches their clients' blind dates through hidden cameras and offers advice through the client's earpiece. This is expanded in Love Life, where the player checks their villagers' KittyFeed to read their status updates.
  • Double Entendre: All the games are full of sexual innuendos as part of their premise of finding love and maintaining romantic relationships. One example is Kitty Powers mentioning her "pussy" Regina and asking you to give her a little "stroke" if you find her. She's actually referring to her pet cat, and finding her will give you extra money.
  • Foreign Queasine: The first phase of the date portion has you helping the client order the meal their date wants, but the more difficult restaurants have exotic dishes on the menu that the candidate would consider "weird". You can pay to see a description of these dishes so you won't accidentally order the wrong one in subsequent dates.
  • Gameplay Grading: Even if you succeed in helping your client land a date, how compatible they are and how well the date(s) went will be graded when you receive a letter from them detailing how things went after you matched them, increasing your Reputation. Besides giving a letter grade, the results from worst to best are breaking up (which makes you lose Reputation instead), moving in, getting engaged, getting married, and having a baby. Your client will also tell you how many times they had to lie in order to land the date.
  • Gayborhood: In Love Life, it's possible to have a Love Village composed entirely of same-sex couples.
  • Gift-Giving Gaffe: Your client can give their date a gift, but giving them something that isn't suited to their Type will earn you a strike, and candidates of higher affluence hate cheap gifts.
  • Guilt-Based Gaming: If you try exiting the game, Kitty will complain about the lonely people who still need your help to find love.
  • Guilty Pleasures: Clients have at least one interest that their Type usually doesn't like, such as a Geek secretly liking penthouse suites, which is usually liked by Glams. This is expanded into the Inner Type in Love Life, where your client has to first admit to you about it in their appointment with you, and then come out to one of their friends, and then talk about one of their guilty pleasures to their spouse before leaving the Love Village and achieving their "happily ever after".
  • Happily Married: The second best possible ending for a couple is this, and sometimes they'll name their future baby "Kitty" after Kitty Powers, even if they're a boy.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: One of the many problems your villagers can have in Love Life is not having enough friends, and Extroverts will be more upset about it than Introverts.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog:
    • If you get three strikes in a date, the candidate will make a cheap excuse to leave such as needing to "take [their] hamster for a walk" and dump your client.
    • In Love Life, a location manager will sometimes ask your client to do an errand for them for 30 coins by making a cheap excuse such as "needing to see a man about a dog".
  • Jive Turkey: Glam types usually speak like this, spouting slang such as "amazeballs" and "deliciosorooni".
  • Lazy Bum: Relaxed villagers in Love Life like to relax by lounging around or watching paint dry. Also, Carefree villagers hate doing the chores and sometimes skip them to do other things, upsetting their partners.
  • Literal Metaphor: In Love Life, when a villager tries to make amends with their partner regarding their secret lover, the minigame involves them literally crossing thin ice.
  • Luck-Based Mission:
    • The flirting and chocolate minigames involve playing Rock–Paper–Scissors and finding the right chocolate, Minesweeper-style, respectively. It takes a little logic to predict the best outcomes, but winning them mostly boils down to luck.
    • In Love Life, resolving a couple's argument is done by playing Blackjack against the other party, who is controlled by the AI. You can cheat to exchange your card for another one of higher value, but you have to be lucky with the cards you draw to win the argument.
  • Match Maker Quest: Your goal in Matchmaker and Speed Date is to help the client succeed at dating the selected candidate or pick the best one out of several after a speed date, respectively.
  • Minigame Game: The date portion involves completing a number of random small tasks ranging from calculating a bill, completing a simple match 3 game, to remembering one of the date's interests. This is also present in Love Life, where responding to a villager's Partner Panic alert involves minigames such as finding the correct pipe to fix the boiler and spraying the bugs infesting their partner's newly bought fruit.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: One of the ten Types in the series, hippies typically like animals and nature, dress up like a stereotypical one, and speak with a thick Cockney accent.
  • New Game Plus:
    • After reaching Level 20 and helping Kitty Powers herself find a match, you start over at level 1 to build another dating agency, but keep all the upgrades you've bought.
    • In Love Life, after reaching Level 20 and attempting to promote your Love Village into a Love Town, you're free to continue maintaining your current village. You can also start over with a new one with all the locations and upgrades unlocked.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Some of the VIP clients in Speed Date are Expies of famous celebrities, like DewDiePie and Katie Berry.
  • Old Save Bonus: Newly matched couples from Matchmaker can be transferred over to Love Life with a code. However, you won't be able to receive your client's letter about how their relationship is going if you export the couple.
  • Play Every Day: Kitty gives you a daily reward of 10 coins when you start up the game, which accumulates by 10 if you check in consecutively until it reaches the cap of 50.
  • Player Personality Quiz: When creating your avatar, you'll be asked several questions that determine your five personality traits: Active vs. Relaxed, Methodical vs. Carefree, Introverted vs. Extroverted, Traditional vs. Experimental, and Romantic vs. Spicy.
  • Pop Quiz: Done as one of the minigames in Love Life:
    • Whenever a client's partner threatens to break up with them, they ask them if they really know who they are and quiz them on their personal info. Giving the right answers will earn you a green segment on the Wheel of Destiny while giving the wrong ones will earn you a red one instead. Getting as many correct answers as possible is crucial in saving the relationship as landing on a red segment will break them up.
    • When trying to promote your Love Village to a Love Town after reaching Level 20, the Love-O-Tron, which stores all your village's stats, gets its files corrupted by Regina. Kitty Powers, who's applying for the promotion, asks you to help her answer the inspectors' final exam by recalling the village stats and the residents' lives. Like with the partner quiz, every correct answer earns a green segment on the Wheel of Destiny while every wrong one earns a red one, and getting as many correct answers as possible increases the chances of being promoted.
  • Procedural Generation: The clients are generated with mostly random interests, hair and eye color preferences, and personality traits, although not everything is completely random - for example, geeks are way more likely to be introverted.
  • Punny Name:
    • Most of the restaurants' names are this, such as Rainbow Roadhouse and Thai Me Up.
    • Some of the VIP clients in Speed Date have names that hint towards their Type, such as Will Barrow (who's a Practical).
  • Rainbow Pimp Gear: Since you have to choose from a random set of clothes, makeup, or accessories when customizing your client, it's possible for them to look garish despite their new getup appealing most to their date.
  • Relationship Values: In Love Life, each couple has Love Meters that determine how happy they are in the relationship. Maxing them out will let you level up their relationship from being romantic partners to getting engaged, and then getting married and finally achieving "true love" and leaving the Love Village to pursue their goals. On the other hand, if their Love Meters drop to zero, they threaten to break up with each other unless you ace the quiz on their partner's personal info.
  • Scolded for Not Buying: If you set up a date between two customers but cancel it in the last second, the customer will make an annoyed comment.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: One of the speaking styles, usually of Geeks - for example, at the end of a date they'll say 'You've won my cardiovascular organ!'
  • Shell Game:
    • The restaurant-picking minigame plays out like this, where the invitations are shuffled and you have to pick the restaurant you want by paying attention to where its invitation is. The more Affluent the candidate, the higher the ranking of the restaurant they want, and picking the wrong one will earn you a strike.
    • This is the type of minigame when filling a customer survey in Love Life. You need at least two out of three good responses to pass it.
  • Shout-Out: The Deluxe Pack has a new Dating Dilemma where you have to identify the candidate's favorite actor from various movie posters that are parodies of real-world movies such as How to Train Your Drag Queen.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: Romantic candidates like keeping their romance light and fluffy, and they don't like it whenever the client's ex shows up because they believe that they're interrupting their date. In Love Life, they like doing sweet things with their partner such as cuddling and holding hands.
  • Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Said by the wedding officiator in Love Life, who then remarks that he always gets nervous at that part... because it's possible for your villager's secret lover to object to the wedding, destroying their relationship with their betrothed.
  • Spiders Are Scary: Methodical candidates are afraid of spiders, and their date must squish them before they reach them. Inverted with Carefree candidates, though, where they'll hate it if their date does so.
  • Talk About the Weather: One of the possible conversation topics on dates. It's quite easy to pull off - as long as you noticed whether it was raining or not when your client arrived at the restaurant, nobody will get upset - but it's also not going to impress anyone.
  • Visual Innuendo: In Love Life, Kitty Towers looks suspiciously like a certain male organ, which erects more floors as you level up until it finally has a fountain installed on the 20th floor's rooftop.
  • We Used to Be Friends: In Love Life, if a villager misses their scheduled hangout with their friends or insults them while gossiping, they'll earn a Friend Strike, and getting three of them will make them enemies unless you salvage their friendship by playing pinball. The proposing villager being caught having an affair during a Relationship Upgrade will also make their secret lover enemies.
  • Western Zodiac: Some clients believe in horoscopes, and if they and their dates do, they'll like it if they have matching signs (or at least matching color-coded elements).