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Intermediate Gods

Eros, God of the Love Arrow (Cupid, God of Love, Cupidus, God of Love and Desire, God of Attraction and Affection, Amor)
As Eros
While in the Battleground of the Gods 
His appearance in Percy Jackson 
  • Intermediate God or Overdeity, depending on who you ask
  • Symbol: A Heart-Shaped Arrow
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Personifies Love or Procreation and Desire, Happily Married with Psyche Thanks to His Own Arrow, Beware the Nice Ones, Love God, Heart Beat-Down OR Hate Plague Depending on Which Arrow He Uses, Pretty Boy, The Power of Love, Winged Humanoid, Usually Naked
  • Domains: Love, Desire, Homosexuality, Archery, Lyre, Candles, Hearts, Wings, Kisses
  • Herald: Psyche (his wife)
  • High Priest: Kamadeva
  • Followers: Raymond Goodfellow, Trevor Hale, Trevor Pierce
  • Allies: Aphrodite (mother), Hercules (Cool Uncle), Kyu Sugardust (more of a Friendly Rival), Princess Cadance
  • Odd Friendship: Sobek
  • Enemies: Howard "Buckshot" Holmes, all enemies to Love itself
  • Feared by: most Olympian gods, even Zeus and Hera, Nico di Angelo
  • Respected by: Shelyn
  • Opposed by: Wonder Woman, Rolf
  • Conflicting Opinion: Elmer Fudd
  • The god of love, he was dainty and non-threatening, but still managed to best even the greatest of gods (usually by taking potshots from far away with his bow; love's not fair, so neither is he). The arrows he uses are what he's best known for, and it only then was that Aphrodite realized he wasn't around while absently watching one of Kyu's clients make the moves on someone. An arrangement with the Court of the Gods later, and Eros was invited to the Pantheon.
  • Early sources thought of him as a protogenos who emerged self-formed from an egg at the beginning of creation, but later ones saw him as the young son and/or servant of Aphrodite. As such, the Court was confused as to what rank he should be. For now, he's content with being Intermediate.
  • Despite being one of the most benevolent and good-natured gods towards mortals, Eros was known to be pretty coldly unforgiving against those who slighted and insulted him and he shows a darker side in these moments. See the myth of Apollo and Daphne for details.
  • Love is not the only thing he can shoot from his arrows; that's just for his golden ones. He also sometimes packs lead ones that induce hatred to the first person the target sees. Also, their effects aren't eternal, as Medea can attest to.
  • Given what things got screwed with in their world, Eros is making absolutely sure that his arrows never fall into Timmy's or Cosmo's hands.
  • Has zero issues with any non-heterosexual kind of love; among other things, he made Narcissus (having already broken the hearts of several women he held no interest in) fall in love with his reflection, and was the one who coerced Nico di Angelo to confess his love for Percy Jackson.
    • Thanks to that universe, Eros has a few more abilities revealed: he can change his appearance at will, depending on the perception of beauty of the person he is in the presence of, can render himself invisible (except when he's asleep), can communicate with others as a disembodied spirit and is fluent in French. Also, if his arrows miss, they explode into a column or geyser of flame.
  • While the most common depiction of Cupid is as a winged Pretty Boy, Eros prefers to appear in the Pantheon like he did in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, if only because looking like Judge Dredd/Dr. McCoy makes people respect him more.
  • Despite now he does things, or maybe because they're both Love Gods, Princess Cadance holds Eros in somewhat high regard. At least he's better than Kyu and her Casanova-teaching ways.
    • Speaking of that love fairy, she liked her encounter with him and thinks he's someone she could get along with, but also sees him as a bit of a rival as not only are his arrows much more potent, they make things "clear" who he wants together (if he properly arranges it).
  • Has participated in the Battleground of the Gods under his Roman name. And in there, he appears as a precocious baby who's either adorable or annoying depending on which side you're on. With their skillsets, he found that he and Sobek make a surprisingly good team.
  • Due to the unpredictability of whom he shoots and what things have happened because of them, there is some manner of moral ambiguity in his actions.
  • Isn't sure how to regard Elmer. On one hand, in the short "The Stupid Cupid", he (in Cupid's role) is ensuring that (the already bitterly married in the short) Daffy Duck is getting into the romantic spirit of things. On the other, he takes several drastic steps to achieve this goal.
  • Has an incarnation in the DC Universe, where he trades in the bow and arrow for a pair of guns with bullets that have the same effect as his arrows. He's decided to take this form a few times whenever arrows don't cut it, but he makes sure to stay away from Wonder Woman if he does, since she doesn't like him using them as they remove free will, and he's sometimes unrepentant about shooting those whose partners don't want anything to do with them.
  • Doesn't want to talk about what he did to Medea, and she doesn't like him since it's his arrow that made her fall in love with Jason. On the other hand, though, that was under Hera's orders. As such, he stays away from her whenever possible.
  • Scrooge McDuck apparently found a stash of his arrows once in a sunken temple, and they apparently worked as they usually do, only for True Love to prove capable of dispelling its effects (family for Scrooge, the one thing he loves more than money, and flying for Launchpad).
  • Gets along with dolphins and occasionally rides them, even though his sacred animal was a hare.
  • Rolf hates his guts after the last time a pair of angels that did the same thing he does and wreaked havoc on the other Cul-de-sac Kids. After resisting their arrows, he had disposed of them and snapped everyone back to their senses with mop water. Eros meanwhile didn't appreciate the farmer trying the same solution on him.
  • After hearing about Eros' ascension and understanding who he is, Howard stormed off into his temple to yell at him for making him even cross paths with his ex-wife and proceeded to go over the list of reasons everything wrong in that relationship ranging from her complaining about "not getting any head" in eight years with her to his ex complaining about being treated like property and not leaving the toilet seat up. The God of Love only responded that Howard's complete disaster of a marriage wasn't his fault.

Jecht, God of Tough Love (Sir Jecht, Sin, The Brutal Blitzer)
as Braska's Final Aeon 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The stylized J-letter on his chest
  • Theme Song: Otherworld
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Memetic Badass, Boisterous Bruiser, Abusive Dad, Showing Off His Manly Chest All The Time, BFS, The Ace, MANLINESS (And Deconstruction of It), Guttural Growler, Real Men Hate Affection
  • Domains: Love, Parents, Fighting.
  • Allies: Yuna, Golbez, Big Boss
  • Rivals: Demitri Maximoff, Kakyoin, Captain Falcon
  • Uneasy Tension with: Tidus (his son), Snow Villiers, Maes Hughes, Yu Narukami, Sojiro Sakura
  • Enemies: Emperor Mateus, Relius Clover, Ragyo Kiryuin, Charles zi Britannia
  • Worthy Opponent: Sephiroth
  • Opposes: V
  • Pitied by: Lulu.
  • It's been confirmed that whenever Jecht is around, any ladies ignore their boyfriend and run over to him. He doesn't even need The Spectacles of Eros to do that.
    • However, due to a change in rules, he had to find a new title in order to stay in the Pantheon. Given his treatment of Tidus, he decided to represent Tough Love.
  • Was happy to find Yuna in the Pantheon, and wonders when the hell is son is coming in. Yuna hasn't given a complete answer, but just whistles whenever that subject comes up. Eventually, Tidus made it in.
    • Their relationship is much better these days than it was at first since Tidus understands his father more, but the old man is still occasionally a pretty big jerk.
    • Hughes recognizes that Jecht does love his son, but doesn't approve of his actions.
    • While Yu doesn't like that Jecht never at any point made it clear to Tidus that he cares, he understands the importance of Tough Love, having employed it himself with his Social Links.
    • Sojiro holds the same sentiment, having initially employed that method with Ren Amamiya on the first few months due to his criminal record before eventually ditching that habit and essentially becoming a true father figure to him.
  • He's quite the...harsh father to his son, but still, even he's disgusted at Relius Clover and Ragyo Kiryuin for what they did to their children…
    • Although Relius is a completely different matter, due to how Jecht ended up being in the GUAE and found out how Relius had his hand in coaxing Litchi Faye-Ling to the GUAE, which somehow mirrored how Melkor got him to the GUAE. If anything, this makes Jecht really hate Relius and declare that he will be the one to break the house's rule of 'No violence permitted' if he can beat down Relius, for being a disgrace to fathers, rubbing him off the wrong way, and not being sexy enough for his standards.
    • He also despises Charles zi Britannia for using Tough Love as an excuse for his abusive behavior towards his children, not to mention all his other atrocities.
    • Is appalled with V's method of Tough Love to Evie to make her unafraid; even he wouldn't go as far as torture, black-bagging, and imprisonment.
  • Is glad that one of his former followers, Big Boss, has ascended, back when he represented Memetic Sex. They have become acquaintances mainly because of the relationship similarities with their sons (Tidus and Solid Snake).
  • Ever since the new blitzball stadium Tidus arranged for, Jecht decided to visit one day to see how it's going so far in the Pantheon. Suffice to say, the participating merfolk were definitely an interesting sight. He's also had some laughs whenever Melody throws his son off his game with her voice.
    • Someone asked him if he planned on becoming a part-time tutor in the sport, but Jecht said he wasn't interested.
  • Used to be an alcoholic parent. However, after once mistaking one of Spira's shoopufs for a fiend and attacking it, forcing his friend Braska to pay off the damages, he's since abstained from it altogether.
  • No, his Jecht Shot Mark III has no preceding Mark I and Mark II.
  • Izumi is disappointed with his treatment of Tidus; at least even after all her harsh training, she's been able to make her good intentions clear to her students.

    Red Sonja 
Red Sonja, Goddess of Only Bedding Those Who Conquered Her (The She-Devil)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Her red hair and a sword.
  • Theme Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with Good tendencies
  • Portfolios: Action Girl, Charles Atlas Superpowers, Chainmail Bikinis, Hot Amazons, Fiery Redhead, Barbarian Hero, Rapeas Backstory
  • Domains: War, Chaos
  • Allies: Conan the Barbarian, Mad Moxxi, Xena, The Nephalems, especially Sonya, Ryuko Matoi, Barbara Gordon, Asuka Langley, Yona
  • Enemies: Gregor Clegane, Hannibal Lecter, Johan Liebert
  • Rivals Wolverine, James Bond, Kratos
  • Unknown Rivals: Zapp Brannigan
  • One day in the House of Love, a red-haired warrior entered the room with a single challenge: Whoever could beat her in combat may sleep with her. Various gods and mortals lined up for the challenge over a period of days. In the end, no one was able to best her in combat. Impressed with her martial prowess, the gods in the House of Love ascended her with her new title.
  • She is aware that a certain version under the pen of Gail Simone no longer applies those rules to her. Still, she has loosened her rules, allowing women to take up the challenge as well.
  • Beauty and chainmail aside, she is among the best sword duelists in the Pantheon. That hasn't stopped many gods from continuing to take up her challenge, with various results:
    • So far, the only person that has beaten her besides Conan was Wolverine. To her astonishment, he refused to have sex with her, noting he was not that type of person. She was quite surprised and a little insulted. However, she does view him as a comrade and in that timeline, Wolverine and Red Sonja would come to fall in love and marry.
    • Being the God of Womanizers, James Bond has made it is top priority to defeat Red Sonja.
    • If there's one god(dess) Sonja doesn't want to face, it's Slaanesh. She has been avoiding the God(dess) of Sexual Excess ever since her arrival. Since she was placed in the House of Love, that process has been particularly difficult.
    • Kratos considered to take up the challenge... only to decline, claiming that such a battle would be beneath him. Rumors spread quickly that he secretly fears the She-Devil, as Conan once managed to hold him to a draw. Sonja was amused; Kratos seeked to crush the person who started the rumor.
    • Zapp Brannigan had a rather unfortunate attempt at bedding her. Just when he was about to challenge her, he slipped on a banana peel and fell down several steps of stairs. Trollkaiger claimed responsibility. That hasn't stopped him from trying to reach the object of his desires, even if Red Sonja doesn't realize it yet.
  • Conan was elated that his greatest ally has finally ascended into the pantheon.
  • Given that she was a rape victim herself, she vehemently despises all rapists in the Pantheon. One day, Gregory Cleagane attacked her out of combat, hoping to take the element of disguise. What followed was a Curbstomp Battle of devastating proportions. Only the intervention from the House of Villains saved him from further humiliation. Red Sonja swore to personally castrate him should the two face one another once more.
  • After she found out Johan Liebert has been Mind Raping victims, she swore she would hunt him down for his deeds.
  • Not everyone has faced her just to challenge her. She became quick friends with Xena whenever she visits the house of Weapons.
    • Sonja reluctantly admits that despite her proper upbringings, Snow White can handle herself in a duel quite nicely.
    • She also has a great relationship with Sonya of the The Nephalems.
    • Moxxi was interested in Sonja's conditions for having sex. She is conversing with Sonja on her hardships, seeking to help her overcome her trauma. Sonja does suspect that it is also a ploy to have sex with her, she is the God of Bedding Everyone after all.
  • Whenever someone questions Red Sonja's attire of a Chainmail Bikini, one is sure to see Ryuko back her up. Anyone who complains about her attire would have to go through her first.
  • Is willing to ally herself with any of the redheaded goddesses, though her relationship with Barbara can be strained due to her occasional rowdiness in brawls.
  • Conan's opinions about the best in life, 'To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women' usually doesn't apply fully to Sonja. Because you'd see her snap back and beating the one who tried to crush her instead of hearing her lamentation.

    Shadow Weaver 
Shadow Weaver, Goddess of Affectionate Head Gestures (Light Spinner)
As Light Spinner 
  • Intermediate Goddess. Demigoddess without her magic.
  • Symbol: Her mask.
  • Theme Song: Light Spinner
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with some Evil leanings. Formerly Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Affectionate Gesture to the Head, Dark Is Evil, Faux Affably Evil, Power Parasite, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Parental Substitute, Hazy-Feel Turn
  • Domains: Abuse, Mothers, Magic, Darkness
  • Allies: None due to her unreliability as an ally herself, but has made a few somewhat positive connections
  • Rival: Magica De Spell
  • Enemies: Horde Prime, Skeletor, Adam/He-Man, Voldemort, Tirek, Grogar, The Magical Girl Guardians and Four Magicians, Azula, Ragyo Kiryuin, Queen Beryl, Frollo, Embryo, Dormammu, Joker, Atsuko Karagi.
  • Neutral Foil to: Saruman
  • Opposed by: Rapunzel, Quasimodo
  • Complicated Relationship: Catra and Adora
  • Banned from: The House of Magic and Sorcery and The House of Mothers.
  • Shadow Weaver was once a respected magic teacher on the city of Mystacor in the planet of Etheria, but when the Horde began its move on Etheria, she grew desperate to find powerful enough magic to combat them. Utilizing dark magic she plotted to tap into the full power of this forbidden source, but was banished from Etheria for it after she left in frustration over the Etherians opposing her methods. She joined the Horde to get back at her former allies, serving as Hordak's second-in-command after proving her power to him. Over the years she was in charge of raising the Horde's many soldiers, two of them which were Catra and Adora.
    • After Adora left the Horde to become the Rebellion's hero and champion, Weaver grew desperate to get her back. However her obsession with recovering Adora cost her many things, including her position in the Horde, which Hordak gave to Catra after the latter's higher success in operations and then to Entrapta. After trying to rebel against Hordak, she was defeated, depowered and imprisoned until she tricked Catra to free her, allowing Weaver to rejoin Etheria (very, very reluctantly however) so as to help take down not just the Etherian Horde but the larger scale Galactic Horde, hoping to obtain the mystical Heart of Etheria to do so and manipulating recently crowned Queen Glimmer for that purpose. Ultimately she met her end when she sacrificed her life to allow Catra and Adora save Etheria from Horde Prime.
  • Her ascension had a lack of much in the way of fanfare. Given her treacherous nature, it was quite clear that she wouldn't have much in the way of allies or even amicable relationships. With her ascension also came the return of her powers in their normal state, though without the Black Garnet around to serve as an empowerment source much to her disappointment. Her temple is considered the Black Sheep of her Hall, with her actions being very much abusive and cruel to her step-daughters and her not feeling much in the way of remorse for it. She's been plotting to fully recover her old positions of influence, but is trying to do so by slowly leeching off sources of magic to grow more powerful.
  • Her relationship with her adopted daughters is currently very, very complicated. Though she's shown some semblance of a desire to mend fences, her pride and refusal to see the wrong in her actions means that a full reconciliation is out of the question and probably will be for a long time. Adora and Catra, in spite of having mourned her death, still harbor many mixed and conflicting feelings towards Weaver especially since they've made it clear to her that Weaver's days of manipulating them are over. Weaver hopes that one day they "come" around and listen to her, though feels deep down it will not.
    • On the other hand, Adam has had to deal with other incarnations of Weaver and seeing one as abusive didn't leave any good or positive impressions, as such Adam has sworn to defeat her if she ever tries to act on her desires to conquer Etheria or become more powerful at everyone else's expense. They do occasionally team up, mainly because the threat of Horde Prime is at large greater than hers. That said, she is very interested in learning the secrets of Castle Grayskull, which she learnt from Skeletor could lead to a source of magic and power greater than even the Heart of Etheria, which she once sought out to strengthen herself. She plots to eventually find a way to access these secrets for herself.
    • Since Horde Prime ascended before she did and has established a presence in the Pantheon, she's once again come to oppose him, especially with the abundance of allies that he now has. Weaver has thought of once again teaming up with Adora and her allies so as to stop him, even if the presence of other parties makes her help redundant to Prime's enemies, which has made her create a plan B to seek out other allies should she be unable to earn Adora's and Catra's favor in the fight against Horde Prime. Skeletor was initially eager to ally with Shadow Weaver, but her lack of cooperativeness cut short any good will between them and resulted in the two becoming enemies, especially since both desire to obtain the power of Castle Grayskull.
  • She has found some common grounds with Mother Gothel, Gothel used her adopted (and kidnapped) daughter as means of obtaining the power of the golden flower to keep herself eternally young, while also neglecting an unfavorite daughter of theirs due to not seeing any value to them. Particularly both of their neglected daughters fell under a path of villainy before they were able to be redeem themselves. Though they aren't really allies, their similar mindsets and actions allowed understandings to happen between the two.
  • As he was also exiled for being power hungry and had an equal outlook on enemies before they had their Face–Heel Turn, she found common ground with Ultraman Belial who desired the power of the Plasma Spark, his planet's core, not unlike Shadow Weaver. Belial found her personality and goals to be interesting, especially given how much their pasts were similar to each other's. Their attempts to use their children for their goals also furthered this mutual interest in each other's actions. Both have thought up of allying with each other for the goal of becoming more powerful and getting revenge for being belittled and exiled from their points of view, though their differing end goals, conflicting personalities and Weaver's occasional morally grounded moments put a stop to that.
  • She surprisingly found some odd, but rather relatable connections with a being only known as Saruman. Both were renounced magical beings who turned to malice, though in Weaver's case, it was after dabbling into dark magic in order to combat the Etherian Horde's threat. Despite this, neither get along with one another; Weaver, for all her callousness, still has some affection for Adora and wanted the best for her, whereas Saruman couldn't care less about making meaningful relations, just wanting power above all else.
  • While she was a very abusive mother, she seemed to harbor some degree of genuine love for Adora and Catra, this has made her hate any abusive parent who took their abuse to levels she herself wouldn't take, though even some others weren't the subject of much scorn either. Among the hated parents was Ragyo Kiryuin, as while she had initially aligned with the Horde and tried to kill Catra herself, Weaver drew the line at knowing that Ragyo sold out mankind to the Life Fibers for her selfish benefit and sexually abused her daughter, Satsuki which Weaver found to be really depraved acts.
  • Professor Venomous understood fully how much her ambitions ended up shaping her, and even more how it became a source of conflict that caused them to abuse their children and use them for their own goals, though in Weaver's case it didn't backfire on her directly. Venomous guilt over his actions did become a point of contention between the two as it seems Weaver doesn't actually feels any remorse and she hasn't shown any outward remorse for her own actions and abusive behavior, which has soured Venomous' view of her. Weaver herself doesn't thinks too highly of Venomous considering how it was his own fault that he lost his powers, while she has stated that she lost hers due to Catra's treachery (despite the latter only doing so because Weaver was being abusive to her and tried to kill her in a fit of rage).
  • Her powers and ambition got her banned from the House of Magic and Sorcery, especially given the possible chances of her growing too powerful if allowed to find an appropriate source of magical power to strengthen her own. She felt frustrated by this, as she had desired to explore the many kinds of magic that the Pantheon had to offer and was sorely disappointed to find out she could not even come close to the House lest she be stripped of what little power she has or worse. For now she intends to seek out magical deities in other houses, seeing if it would be possible to drain their magic instead for her own use, a few "allies" she's been thinking of having are Voldemort and Sauron, given their knowledge and expertise in dark magic, though that Sauron is allies with Horde Prime dissuades her a bit. She eventually dropped the idea of allying with Voldemort once he proved too evil and ambitious for her to team up with, ever since she hopes to find a better candidate to ally with.
    • For her attempts to tap into dark magic and hoard all magic in the Universe for herself, she's become an enemy to the guardians of the House of Magic and Sorcery. Particularly the Magical Girls as Weaver's control of dark magic could put her dangerously close to cooperating with enemies of their such as Beryl, Bad End Kingdom's Joker, and even Chaos. Though Weaver herself has stated that she has no interest in such foes, particularly because she knows they desire the complete destruction of everything in existence as their end goals, which she opposes even at her most selfish. She's recently grown interested in the magic that Madoka has, given her godly power could give Weaver what she's been seeking out the most, much to the concern of her enemies and opposition.
    • She's also been banned from the House of Mothers for her abusive treatment of her adopted daughters and her manipulations of Glimmer after the latter had lost her mother and was forced to take the throne while orphaned, using her emotional vulnerability to tempt her into tapping onto darker magic and furthering her own goals and agenda. Unlike the other ban, Weaver has mocked this one, clarifying that she will find a way around it. The House of Childhood and Adolescence also ended up making it clear that they did not accept her and she would not be let in for her abuse as well.
  • She found herself being enemies with Embryo for his capacity to Mind Control magic users, his treatment of women has also creeped her out. Due to her powers and ability to control the powerful Heart of Etheria, Weaver's worried that Embryo might target Adora and so has taken efforts to engineer a way to defeat him should he ever try that.
  • Magica was another magic caster who had a less-than-pleasant relationship with her offspring like Shadow Weaver, but things between the two are nowhere near as smooth as that of Adora. Whereas Magica was far less subtle with her villainy and never cared about Lena, Shadow Weaver not only is much more underhanded when it comes to being close to others and often has some sort of ulterior goal in mind, but she had a rather twisted way of showing affection to her daughters Adora and Catra, even if said affection is genuine at times. Knowing what it’s like to be backstabbed in failed villainous alliances in the past, Magica opted not to get too involved with Weaver, especially since the latter wants to absorb magic for herself and is possibly willing to target Magica, regardless of whether or not she gets that Midas Touch spell finished. Like Adria, Weaver thinks that Magica did a poor job at keeping Lena in check and making sure that her “niece” at least cared somewhat about her akin to Adora and Catra’s conflicted feelings towards Weaver.
  • Has faced disdain from both Quasimodo and Rapunzel, as Quasimodo had to deal with being locked up, belittled and abused by his adoptive father, Frollo (who also killed his loving biological mother) and suffered a lot because of it; while Rapunzel was held hostage and raised by Mother Gothel solely to get the power of her hair and keep herself young forever at the expense of Rapunzel's well-being, not unlike Weaver who kept Adora and Catra under an abusive parentage for her own benefit. Weaver herself pays little attention, viewing both as beneath notice and instead focusing on others who she considers serious threats to her.
    • Frollo himself views Weaver's use of dark magic as satanic witchcraft and has come to oppose her after learning about her. Weaver views Frollo as not much of a threat and therefore prefers to ignore him entirely.

Lesser Gods

    Guy Cecil 
Guy Cecil, God of Love Allergy (Gailardia Galan Gardios)

    Meimi Haneoka/Saint Tail 
Meimi Haneoka, Goddess of Ridiculous Love Letters (Saint Tail, Kaito Saint Tail)
Click here to see her as Saint Tail 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her jeweled cane in front of a top hat with playing cards around it
  • Theme Song: Saint Tail Main Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Phantom Thief, Magical Girl, Stage Magician, Large Ham, Master of Illusion, Guile Hero, Child Prodigy, Dude Magnet, Hero with Bad Publicity, afraid of lizards
  • Domain(s): Thievery, Nuns, Warnings, Magicians
  • Heralds: Genichiro Haneoka & Eimi Haneoka/Phantom Thief Lucifer (her parents), Ruby (her pet hedgehog), Seira Mimori (her best friend), Daiki Asuka Jr. (her rival, later boyfriend).
  • Allies: Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, Robin Hood, Omar Little, The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts, Trucy Wright, Zatanna Zatara, Masaya Okonogi, Tamie Nogi, Konomi Yanase
  • Enemies: Kaito KID, The Toppat Clan, Abra Kadabra, Carmen Sandiego, Black Cat, the Murkrows, Wario, Double, Inspector Javert
  • Conflicted Opinion on: Michael de Santa, Franklin Clinton, Trevor Phillips, Carl "CJ" Johnson, Claude, Tommy Vercetti, Niko Bellic, Thomas Angelo, the Sister Act nuns, Catwoman
  • Scared of: The Komodo Bros, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq, Smaug
  • Opposed by: The Pantheonic Police Force
  • At first, Meimi Haneoka looks like your average nun, but this girl has a massive secret. Her colleagues often tell her of local burglaries around Tokyo, and, every night, she turns into the Phantom Thief Saint Tail, who relies on stage magic tricks to steal the object back and leave the authorities to capture the crooks. However, not all is well. The police still consider her actions theft, and have organized a task force lead by the young Daiki Asuka Jr. Meimi has a crush on him and decides to make a game out of it- she sends warning notes ahead of time to tell him where she'll strike next, and being the talented thief she is, these are incredibly elaborate and well placed.
  • In the Pantheon one day, reports came that the Toppat Clan had managed to steal the Tunisian Diamond. The Pantheonic Police Force held a meeting to consider plans to get it back, but as they were going through their slides, one came up that was not there before. It read, "I'm going to steal the Tunisian Diamond at midnight. S.T." The police were baffled by the notice, but decided to keep a close eye on the Toppat Clan's airship either way.
    • Sure enough, midnight fell and the police observed a figure boarding the airship as it was docked for the night, and though the figure triggered the alarms and caused the Toppats to go after her, she began using magic tricks to disorient and confuse the Toppats, even using a massive mirror to completely disorient Reginald and the Right Hand Man, all while stealing the Diamond with ease. After the police arrived and arrested the Toppats, the figure left a second calling card in the vault. It read: "My name is Saint Tail. I will steal from the criminals and give back to the people that were stolen from. Just try to stop me!"
    • After this, Meimi set up a temple where she began to observe reports of crime while still covertly acting as a nun. The Court of the Gods finally saw that her warning notes before ascending looked similar to love letters, and decided to give her the Love Letter Lunacy trope while she continued her escapades.
  • The Magical Girl Sisterhood considered having Saint Tail join their ranks, as she does qualify as a magical girl. However, she turned it down, as being part of a group would allow the PPF to track her down more easily. She does still support the organization and helps their members out from time to time.
  • The Pantheonic Police Force at large only tend to go after Saint Tail if she's sent them a note ahead of time. The notes can come in many forms- on computers, in coffee cups, on blimps, anything- but they always warn the police of when Saint Tail will strike next, and they are usually there to attempt to arrest her. This goes about as well as you’d expect, as she humiliates them and leaves them disoriented while making off with the thing she intended to steal back.
    • With Asuka Jr having not ascended until further notice, the most frequent officer trying to arrest her is Inspector Javert. Javert really doesn’t like her, as unlike his normal pursuit of Valjean, Saint Tail is outright mocking of him and the police force with her notes, and that's something he cannot stand for. Saint Tail doesn't intend on any relationships with him, though. She knows he's way too old for her.
  • In one of her thefts, Saint Tail was approached by Kaito KID, who had heard of her thefts and wasn’t very happy there was another stage magician thief in the Pantheon, nor that this thief had a noble heart and stole only from those who had stolen from others. Saint Tail quickly began a magical duel with KID which culminated with him being surrounded by copies of Saint Tail while she easily escaped. KID still feels upset at her and considers her a large rival, greater than even Conan.
    • Her thefts also gained the attention of the Cooper Gang, who deemed her a possible ally as they, too, only steal from other criminals. Sly encountered her at her temple and, having deduced her secret identity, offered to have her help him on further heists. Meimi agreed, as long as it would be beneficial to her style of thefts.
    • She has also been compared to a modern day Robin Hood, and she was quick to encounter him and his Merry Men. Enjoying the idea of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, she agreed to help them should they run into a situation where their actions alone could not save them, particularity if the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham somehow ascends.
    • Then there's Omar Little, a man who only steals from drug dealers and is pretty generous overall. After meeting him, Saint Tail pointed out that while doesn’t deal with drug trading criminals, she will be able to help him deal with these kinds of people- as long as she stays away from the drugs themselves, of course. She doesn’t want to become addicted and hopelessly ruin her life.
    • Finally, her encounter with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts was in a similar vein, and she agreed that trying to get the corrupt to change their ways was a noble goal. She intends to help the group with certain heists provided one of them can get her into the Palaces in the Metaverse, and although she wields no Persona, she is very capable of combat.
    • However, Saint Tail is extremely conflicted upon the various deities of the Grand Theft Auto universe. While most of them do steal from others, they are much more violent in their actions (and one of them is a legitimate psychopath). They also only steal from those who are corrupt and evil, but Meimi still tends to avoid them. After all, she makes a point not to kill, but the GTA characters really don’t care how many people they end up gunning down, and she doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.
  • Meimi is very skilled at stage magic, to the point where she once mastered a trick by her father after only seeing part of it. This, naturally, put her on good terms with Zatanna Zatara, who personally accepts her motives of stealing from other criminals. Meimi is slightly confused by the fact that Zatanna must recite her spells backwards, but has come to accept her as an ally.
    • She is a little more concerned about Trucy Wright, as she is from a law agency and those are attempting to arrest her. Trucy notes that she isn't technically a lawyer like her father Phoenix, but this has done little to alleviate her fears.
    • However, one of her more frequent targets is Abra Kadabra, a criminal who uses stage magic for his crimes and has stolen many things. She considers him to be not nearly as skilled as her in stage magic and has often personally humiliated him with every time she has stolen from him, but he still intends to challenge her to a proper magic showdown one day. Meimi, for her part, intends to beat him handily when that day comes.
  • On the subject of thieves who Meimi often goes after, Carmen Sandiego is pretty high on her list, although Carmen tends to be less troublesome than others since she doesn’t seem to mind her loot being returned, as her stealing tends to be simply to prove she can steal something. Although, some have questioned how Saint Tail is able to move entire buildings or things that have no physical form, but she still steals and returns them all the same. She’s also more than a match for Carmen's many thugs with her magic tricks.
    • Another one of her frequent targets is Felicia Hardy, who she admits is a bit of a rough subject. She notes that while Felicia is often on the side of good, she is still stealing things and that is against her code. That makes her acknowledge that they are the same in a few ways.
    • Yet another frequent target is Wario. While she tends to not steal things that he earned fairly and did not steal by illegal means, things that he stole illegally are fair game to her. Wario is also more capable of combat than she is by most standards, so she often has to try extra hard when dealing with him. It doesn’t help that Wario has many forms and tricks to throw at her. However, she does not steal from him when he's making microgames, as regardless of what she thinks, that is a perfectly legal way to get money.
    • She also tends to deal with the Murkows on occasion, and they’re viewed by her as the easiest of all her frequent targets. It helps that unlike other deities, the Murkrows don’t tend to take lots of objects and are merely hoarding it out of nature. Plus, Murkrows are not a very strong Pokémon, even when there are six of them, and her magic tricks tend to keep them utterly bewildered for long enough to make off with their stolen items.
    • One of her more conflicting targets is Selena Kyle. Despite the fact that she is sometimes a hero, she has also known to been a thief and thus she's often become a victim of Saint Tail's thievery. She has made it clear that loot obtained legitimately will not be stolen, but this hardly seems to stop Catwoman anyhow.
  • Being a nun, Meimi absolutely hates Double, as being a monster in human form is utterly unholy by all accounts. She doesn’t try to steal from her as Double doesn’t steal from others in turn, but she does stay far, far away from her temple and doesn’t try to attack her. After all, she knows when she's outmatched, and a monster is too big of a threat for her.
    • However, the nuns of the Sister Act troupe really, really don’t like her. They understand she’s praying to God to forgive her before each theft, but they consider thievery, no matter what kind it is, to be a sin. Meimi has tried and tried to get it through to them that she is doing the right thing, but they won’t forgive her.
  • Meimi is enrolled at an all Catholic school, and thus found common ground with the three ascended students of Vincennes Academy, which is also Catholic. The student she's found the most common ground with is Konomi Yanase, as she is also having a relationship in an odd circumstance- however, she is not being pursued by the law, but instead part of a debate of gender inclusion with her boyfriend Masaya Okonogi.
    • Meimi eventually decided to use the school as a larger base of operations, keeping the three students out of the loop. Generally, she uses it to listen to students making conversations about local thefts, then turns into Saint Tail, sends the warning note, and steals the item back. It’s all part of her plan, after all.
  • There is only one thing Meimi is scared of: lizards. She’s utterly terrified of them. So when she decided to steal some jewels from the Komodo Brothers, she struggled to face her fears as she performed the heist. She eventually succeeded, but is still afraid that Joe and Moe will come after her and attack her with their scimitars.
    • In another instance, she stole some sacred gold that was taken by Grimgor and his orcs from Kroq-Gar and his Lizardmen. Upon returning it, she very nearly fainted from the sight of all the Lizardmen in his temple and it was only through immense emotional fortitude that she was able to return the gold. Kroq-Gar personally felt she was nice enough, particularly to return their gold, as they hate it when it is stolen.
    • Then there was Smaug, and poor Meimi was utterly horrified of trying to take his hard earned treasure. She does note there is very little she can return it to, as Thorin and his party of dwarves have not yet ascended. Still, she is usually very stealthily when trying to steal from Smaug, and she rarely does so because of her personal fear of the great red dragon.
  • Eventually, Saint Tail petitioned to have her friends and family join as heralds- but there was a catch. They did ascend… But so did Asuka Jr, who immediately joined the Pantheonic Police Force as the chief investigator of Saint Tail's actions. To say Saint Tail was delighted to see her rival back was an understatement, as she quickly began making plans to direct the warning messages at him like she usually does.


    Asuka Tenjoin/Alexis Rhodes 
Asuka Tenjoin, Goddess of Aborted Love Declarations (Queen of Obelisk Blue, Asurin/Sissy, Tomorrow Girl, Alexis Rhodes, Lexi, White Asuka)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Double Pass card. The Ice Counter symbol in the manga.
  • Leitmotif: Asuka Tenjoin's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful tendencies.
  • Portfolio: Cybel Angel Deck Duelist (Ice Counter in the Manga), Loves To Duel... Maybe Too Much, Action Girl <—> Faux Action Girl, Humble Heroine, Impossible Hourglass Figure, Self-Aware Ms. Fanservice And Attracting Guys Because Of It, Only Sane Woman, Deadpan Snarker, The Only Girl In Her Group, All Love Is Unrequited (To The Point Of Not Admitting her Feelings), Self-Inflicted Ship Sinking, Victims Of Yaoi Fangirls
  • Domains: Love, Card Games, Dance, High School, Teachers
  • High Priestess: Asuka Tenjoin (Fusion Dimension)
  • Herald: Fubuki Tenjoin/Atticus Rhodes (her older brother)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Takuma Saiou, Lucy, Monokuma and his Mastermind Junko Enoshima, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nobuyuki Sugou, SHOCKER, Yuri (Red Alert), any villain voiced by Norio Wakamoto
  • Opposes: Esdeath
  • Opposed by: Yaoi Fangirls
  • Pities: Kotonoha Katsura
  • Asuka Tenjoin is a friend of Judai Yuki who managed to ascend after planning to confess her feelings to him in their last year of high school but backing out at the last minute after deciding that she would go to America to study and be a teacher. While many were baffled with that decision, there are others who believe that this was for the better since Judai was already taken and in an unconventional way at that.
    • Funnily, right after her ascension, Judai came to ask why she had that title. She was going to explain him but the news about his being engaged made her abort her declaration again.
  • She was glad to be able to find her former classmates in the Pantheon and was even happier to hear that there were other fellow duelist girls like Aki and Carly. Asuka was also ectasied to meet her hero Yugi Muto, found several things in common with his friend Anzu (though Anzu compared her to Mai and even Kaiba), and befriended Yuma Tsukumo since he reminded her of Judai and she reminds him of Rio.
    • Asuka did take notice that Anna Kozuki has a similar personality to Judai but is in a role similar to her rival Rei Saotome. She finds that somewhat funny, but the jokes made by some gods of Anna being her or Aki's daughter with Judai didn't amuse her in the least.
    • However, not everything was coming up roses, as she found that Takuma Saiou was also ascended. She still hasn’t forgiven him for brainwashing her (twice!) and her friend Jun Manjoume for his cult of the Society of Light.
      • She hates Ragyo Kiryuin and Nobuyuki Sugou for a similar reason as she found out that the ridiculously dressed woman brainwashed her own daughter into doing her bidding and the cheating game master for searching on mind control, somewhat double on the latter because his prime victim has become her friend and because he is a misogynist pervert to the extreme. She also hate Yuri's guts as well because of his profession of creating mind control devices to manipulate unwanted innocent lives into their slaves.
      • She also despises the terrorist organization SHOCKER since the group itself are prone to the usage of brainwashing methods on their kaijin army who were originally normal innocent humans that was captured by the said organization prior to their conversion. After she found out that Ragyo and Sugou became a part of SHOCKER, she made a point to stop them and the organization even further.
  • There was a time that her fellow duelist girls and Asuna asked her if it was true that she used to be Judai's fiance. Because Judai happened to be nearby, Asuka only face-palmed and sighed.
    • It is seemingly annoyed her that Asuna came up with that question, because her name is similar to what the Queen of Obelisk Blue's married name would if she did marry Judai and because Asuna is technically married online and dating in real life with the guy she likes. Although Asuna apologized to her after she told her that she was only being curious, the two became pretty close despite of their differences.
  • Has become friends with Kouta Kazuraba, as he was one of the people supporting her ascension for the sake of reuniting her with their friend in common Judai. She also gets along with Mai Takatsukasa, who was interested in her dancing Cyber Angels deck.
  • Asuka was quite scared when she heard her voice in Lucy, especially after finding out that the diclonius was a mass-murderer. She did feel a little bit of pity after hearing about her past but she believes that she needs to be taken down, if only finish her suffering.
    • She was more relieved when she met Reinforce Eins, whom she befriended. It was through her that she met Hayate Yagami, who was a little curious when they found out about the Ice Counter that Asuka used in an alternate universe.
  • Does not like the fact that boys only look at her appearance, since she already had to deal with that in Duel Academia and she wants to be respected as a strong woman and duelist. The fact that being in the House of Love would put her in a place where many perverts would do just that isn't lost on her. Though it's for this reason that she pities Kotonoha Katsura, who had a similar problem in her school (if not worse because of the bullying).
    • She also found herself incomfortable moments with the likes of Rito and Tusk, who didn't mean to come across as perverts yet they somehow did.
    • Asuka also doesn't appreciate it when people even suggest than she should be an Idol Singer. So far, nobody has heard her sing so that has managed to keep that suggestion away from her but some can't help but wonder why she gets so sensitive about that.
  • Apparently, it has been prophecied that she will appear on the Xyz Dimension. Many of the gods from said dimension don't know what to say about this since it could mean that Asuka is an enemy to them, but she denies to any connection to the brand-new Academia and it disgusts her how much that place has degenerated.
  • Back when she was still studying, she had two friends called Momoe and Junko. Now that she is in the Pantheon, she has met a girl called Nagisa Momoe, whom Asuka befriended too. The fact that Nagisa is a cute, non-annoying, non-clingy girl (very much unlike her rival Rei) helps. Hilariously, she has been compared with Mami Tomoe once.
  • The same can't be said about Junko Enoshima, and this is one of three reasons why she opposes Monokuma. The first reason is that she discovered what the bear and his mastermind did to the students of Hope's Peak (reminding of the situation with Duel Academia) and the third reason is that Monokuma trolled Asuka by saying that she could replace Sayaka Maizono as the new "Ultimate Pop Sensation", hitting her Berserk Button hard. This made her a point to join forces with Monokuma's nemesis Makoto Naegi in order to stop their killing games in the pantheon.
  • Because of the Dancing deck that she normally uses, she met Zack and the Fresh Pretty Cures and became friends with them.
  • Has something of a fear towards the gods who are voiced by Norio Wakamoto. One can't blame her given that she was made a Damsel in Distress twice by a hitman who had that voice.
    • She is also not very fond of Esdeath, as she reminds her of herself while she was Brainwashed and Crazy by the Society of Light. Esdeath herself doesn't care too much about her because she thinks that the duelist is weak. That only made it worse.
  • Gentaro Kisaragi has become one of her friends after she noticed how similar he was to Judai with the way he befriends everyone. She sees him with the rest of Kamen Rider Club with nostalgia, as it reminds her first years in Duel Academia with Judai and the rest of the gang and Asuka sometimes wishes that those could come back. It also shocked her to find out that Gentaro would eventually become a teacher, just like she wants to be.
  • Asuka was shocked to find out that there was another Asuka who happened to be paired up with a Rei, though she did notice that Langley is even more hot-tempered than she was and that this Rei is the total opposite of her world's Rei.
  • She thought that her brother Fubuki was already ascended but it turned out to not be the case. It was actually a Ship Girl that had the same name. While this disappointed her, she doesn't mind this Fubuki since she isn't trying to stuff her in dresses to make her an Idol Singer.

    Yoriko Yasaka 
Yoriko Yasaka, Goddess of Taking Care of Haremettes
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A pair of forks.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Youngish Looking Mother, Gamer Chick, Action Mom, Deity Hunter, Forks, Harem Nanny, Cuddle Bug (only forwards Mahiro), Shipper on Deck
  • Domains: Mothers, Hunters, Youth
  • High Priestess: Haruka Urashima
  • Followers: Chizuru Naba, Yosho Masaki, Reine Murasame, Akiko Minase, Shubby
  • Allies: Mahiro Yasaka (her son who she calls Hiro-kun), Nyarko, Cuuko, Hasta, Shantak-kun, Luhy Distone, Taiga Fujimura (former co-holder), The Hunters, Chifuyu Orimura, Belldandy, Skuld, Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight, Chiaki Nanami, Tomoe Gozen, Keima Katsuragi, The Gamers! Crew, Ellen Ripley, Takao, Ryouki, Sanae Furukawa, Monika
  • Enemies: All Old Ones, The OTHER Nyarlathotep, Ato-ko Shirogane (one-sided on Ato-ko's part), Queen Chrysalis, No Face, Ragyo Kiryuin, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Medea, Ghetsis Harmonia, Professor Hojo, The Child Abuse Supporters, BEN, .GIFfany
  • Opposes: The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Yoriko Yasaka is the mother of Mahiro Yasaka and when she's not doing her work, she has a really close relation with her son. While also being fine with any Pretty Freeloaders who might drop into their house like Nyarko, Cuuko and Hasta. Though you might want to explain yourself to her first.
  • She used to share her temple with Taiga Fujimura, but some changes in the Pantheons' regulations have forced them to split and Taiga had to move out with a new title. That still doesn't stop them from hanging out quite a lot, which also bring their respective circles together as well.
  • The first thing she did upon ascending was go and hug Mahiro. She says that her "Sononium" supply was running really low.
    • Speaking of "Sononium", it is apparently a legitimate power source... as stated by Emotion Eaters. Though they know that they really shouldn't get between her and Mahiro. No Face in particular already expressed that he's put it all behind and Chihiro Ogino can attest to that, but Yoriko is not taking any chances.
  • Besides the fact that she is at least twice of her child's age (she has been on seventeen honeymoons with her husband, what would be at least one per year after Mahiro's birth), she doesn't look that much older than Mahiro. Maybe she really is eternally seventeen-years old note .
  • She is a Deity Hunter (think Monster Hunters, but with Lovecraftian deities) as a side-job. While she claims that she is not really good at it, she can beat an entire army of Deep Ones with nothing but forks and once subdued both Nyarko and Cuuko at the same time. Also, while she takes her job fairly seriously, she is not fanatical; she knows a malign deity when she sees one.
    • This got her in touch with the actual Monster Hunter Organization as well as the Good Hunter; they are impressed by her abilities and offered to train her to become even more better (a partnership for GH's case). Yoriko turns them down since she is satisfied with her job that gives her the opportunity to keep taking care of Mahiro which they understand, though they have not oppose the idea of them collaborating either. The Outer Gods are obviously on her hit list since they happen to be no different than the Deities she's hunting. The other Nyarlathotep that embodies all of humanity's evils will not only be a big catch and kill, but also a personal one since he happened to share Nyarko's name and she doesn't want Nyarko to be associated with him any further.
    • No abomination has ever scared her than the Sleeper; even more so when she found out it's in its infancy. Yoriko is working with the GUAG to help combat its influence.
  • Nannying haremettes can be a piece of work, especially if they are dysfunctional (though at least she doesn't mind). Even more so if your former templemate acts too immature to watch over her own. Chifuyu Orimura relates to that situation quite a lot, having to look after and teaching Ichika's haremettes in addition to Ichika himself. They do trade each other's stories of their impressive feats every once in a while and they have nothing but respect for each other for said stories.
  • Besides being generally nice, she can be rather protective of Mahiro. She was bit hostile when she first met Nyarko, suggested that she should be Just Friends with Nyarko at first before she really approved their romance. With this, she's often considered the Good Counterpart to Ragyo Kiryuin and Dr. Sofia Lamb who Yoriko considers monsters who never care about their children in the first place.
    • Ghetsis Harmonia, Professor Hojo and by extension the Child Abuse Supporters also got on her shitlist since they are also no better than Ragyo and Dr. Lamb and Medea for killing her own children. They all don't care for Yoriko since she seems ineffectual to their schemes, though wait until they mess with Hiro-kun...
    • Ellen Ripley finds a lot of common ground with Yoriko (looking after a kid, hunting otherworldly beings) after the latter's unfortunate encounter with a Xenomorph. Yoriko vows to kill every Xenomorph with her forks, though Ripley thinks she'll need more than expertise at Fork Fencing to survive even one attack from them.
  • Sometimes joked about being the lovechild of Belldandy and Skuld due to sounding like both of them. She seems to like being around Belldandy more.
    • She also seems to like Yuri Tsukikage and even once referenced her. Yuri herself likes Yoriko back, even consulting her when no one else is available for advice.
    • Her voice seem to have gained her some attention from Ryoubi and Ryouna; though they admit that they would maybe want her to be a surrogate mother to them (or rather, surrogate sister). Sure enough, Yoriko hit it off well with Ryouki, whose passing that left her sisters behind saddened Yoriko so much, who tells her to cherish her sisters all the time now that they're in the Pantheons together.
  • She likes to visit House of Gaming as she is a bit of a Gamer Chick herself, particularly playing with old-school consoles. This has her befriending Takao, Chiaki Nanami and Tomoe Gozen who also play games once in a while, with Yoriko being impressed that the Lady of War finds joy in the modern world through gaming while Tomoe is impressed that she's a competent hunter. Yoriko is also grateful to R.O.B. for saving Nintendo and gaming for years to come and feels bad for him being the Last of His Kind to survive.
    • Keima Katsuragi inquired her about the visual novel situation she and the others had one time. After Yoriko explains it all, Keima is left confused by the fiasco, but nevertheless gives recommendations to Yoriko anyway since she seems nice to him. The Gamers! club had fun playing games with Yoriko and in turn she gave them some guidance in relationships along with growing up in general.
    • The Angry Video Game Nerd's reviews are helpful to Yoriko in how to not play them ever, though she feels he need to cool off for once and turn down the swearing cause there might be children watching his videos. Not that he ever listens...
    • She hates BEN for corrupting someone into madness and spreading his influence to every media ever. As a Deity Hunter, it is her job to hunt monsters like him, though despite seeing the extent of her threat BEN is mostly ineffectual to her. .GIFfany proves problematic to Yoriko since the former sees Hiro-kun as a potential boyfriend and nobody dares to lay their hands on him.
    • Yoriko is more accepting of Monika, who is making amends with her clubmates after trying to go after the player as well as their incident with Baldi. Monika appreciates the support, even more when they team up to fight against .GIFfany.


    Lisa Williams and Allison "Ally" Carter 
Lisa Williams and Allison "Ally" Carter, Co-Goddesses of BDSM
  • Quasideities; Demigoddess when in play
  • Symbol: An actual sunstone
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Ally), Neutral Good (Lisa)
  • Domains: Good, Love, Torture, Community, Domination (Ally), Submission (Lisa)
  • Portfolios: Initially Friends with Benefits, then romance ensued, Costume Porn, Lipstick Lesbian
  • High Priests: Nana Chigusa and Kaoru Sugimura
  • Allies: Akeno Himejima, Wonder Woman, Maximilian Christiansen, The Best Friends Zaibatsu, Bayonetta, Jiraiya, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, Medusa, Rachnera
  • Enemies: Hisoka
  • Opposes: Scanty and Kneesocks, Corset, Tsukuyomi
  • Uneasy Relationship: Chie Satonaka
  • Good Counterpart to: Queen of Pain
  • Not to be Confused with: Baroness
  • Admires: Ivy Valentine, Voldo (Ally), Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu
  • Admired by: Cassandra Pentaghast (Lisa)
  • After the ascension of the Queen of Pain for Kinky Evil Bondage, there has been growing clout over the concept of BDSM. It got to a point that Cosmos and the GUAG searched frantically for a subject that could counter the demon's influence. She would eventually find a couple who have settled their differences. Lisa Williams and Ally Carter were seen as the best candidates to show the positive effects of BDSM. The couple now guides their followers on how to develop healthy BDSM relationships.
    • What they feel is most important is to break down stereotypes regarding their kinks. While the two may look the part, Lisa has proven to be the more aggressive partner in the off time. There's also the fact that genders don't always match what's perceived in fiction as they have followers of all kinds of people as doms, subs, switches and everything in between.
    • The two have to be under constant protection from the House of Heroes. Akasha would want nothing more than to corrupt the goody-two shoes that has taken a significant chunk of her followers from her. Lucky for the couple, there are plenty of allies who want them to stay... if only to learn themselves.
  • One of their most important patrons is Akemo, who was the one that suggested the two for the title. She was a fan of how their relationship was developed and hoped that they can convince others to give their lifestyle a try.
    • Of course that put them in direct opposition to Hisoka, who was less impressed.
  • As much as the two admire their names, they could not stand Corset's methods of torturing others through bondage. The same goes to Scanty and Kneesocks.
  • Both were quick to ask for restraining orders on Tsukuyomi... with good reason. Thankfully, she is too obsessed with Setsuna to pay much attention to them. That doesn't stop her followers from trying to pervert the couple's art.
  • Were excited to find Wonder Woman the Pantheon. It is a well-known fact that her creator was a fan of bondage himself and wanted heroines like Wonder Woman to apply that to her foes. The Amazon even let them hold her Lasso of Truth. Lisa joked how useful it could have been given their initial misunderstandings.
  • As a Gamer Chick, Ally can see similarities of her lifestyle to a multitude of games. Her favorite Soul Calibur character just happens to be Ivy Valentine, jokingly egging her opponents to pick Voldo to complete the irony. Neither fighter has commented on her preferences.
    • Can be seen playing against Maximilian and the The Best Friends Zaibatsu on a number of fighting games for this reason.
  • Lisa on the other hand has a talent for writing what is essentially erotic stories (it's how she told her own story in the first place). Jiraiya offered to put her stories in print after getting a nosebleed from reading one of them.
    • She was visited by none other than Cassandra Pentaghast... looking rather meek as she timidly asked for a copy of one of her fanfiction. The warrior wasn't proficient with the internet to go online and hoped Lisa could keep their deal a secret. Lisa agreed on the terms, though she couldn't help but be amused with having such an eager fan.
  • There are already many gods and goddesses drawing comparisons between Ally and the witch Bayonetta, especially since the later loves to use torture devices on her foes. She takes it as a compliment, even dressing up as her on occasion. Lisa wouldn't comment on how she feels about it, though her blushing does give a good indication.
  • Oddly enough, she also gets comparisons with Baroness. Ally has been more careful about cosplaying her, as the villainous has plenty of enemies from both sides.
  • The two may be lesbians, but both turn out to be more of the lipstick variety. Despite rebuking the lipstick-butch pairing of common lesbian couples, they still keep in touch with the goddesses of both types.
  • Both are in the process of teaching Chie about the more positive aspects of BDSM. The Patron Goddess of Modesty Shorts was scarred by accusations from the Queen of Pain over her shadow self. The three believe they have made progress in reconciliation.
  • The Pantheon's Medusa seems amusing to them, looking more like a dominatrix than the Greek monster with her weapon.
  • The same can be said for Matoi's choice of words... to her protests. If anything, her attire has inspired followers of BDSM to adopt similar outfits.
  • Was impressed with Rachnera's bondage techniques with her webbing. Lisa even asked if the arachnid could show them some moves. The spider agreed... if she can use some techniques on both of them. The two eventually agreed, leaving rather satisfied afterwards.
  • DO NOT mention Fifty Shades of Grey to them or any of their followers. It's the fastest way to undergo some of the most intense pain possible before getting kicked out of the temple. And if you do enjoy that sort of torture, they will find something you loathe and subject you through it.

    Youko Inokuma 
Youko Inokuma, the Goddess who's Oblivious to Love