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Given some accommodation issues that the Court of Gods had to deal with in relation to the Hall of Mammals, it was decided that every deity who represented a canine should be relocated to this hall.

If you are either a feline or a squirrel (or you bring one of them), we recommend avoiding this hall as the residents are very prone to chasing them (some, granted, more than others—there are many residents of this hall who have no such inclinations).

John Wick is an honored guest of the hall and allowed to come and go as he pleases. Anyone who dares to harm the gods in this hall while he's around will get a bullet to the brain. The members of this hall also respect the Spectral Wolf.

On a similar note, Shou Tucker is banned from the hall due to his horrific actions in the pursuit of alchemy.

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Intermediate Gods

Cerberus, Celestial Guard Dog (Warden of the Underworld)
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Chibiterasu, Son of Ōkami Amaterasu, God of Puppies (Child of the Sun, Chibi, Mutt, Squiddy, Pooch, Dude, White Dango, Egg Head, Pork Chop)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Celestial Brush (just like his mom)
  • Theme Music: Preparing for Action
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Time of Myths, Clapping of Believers, Götterdämmerung, Physical God, noble wolves, Spinoffspring, Badass Adorable, having many Embarrassing Nicknames, Generation Xerox
  • Domains: Sun, Healing, Puppies, Purification, Life, Childhood
  • Heralds: His various companions; Kuni (his first and main partner), Nanami, Kagu, Kurow (though deceased), Manpuku
  • Allies: Amaterasu (his mother), the rest of the Sun Quartet and its Guest Star Party Members (of which he is), Yukiko Amagi, Ken Amada, Team RWBY (except Blake Belladonna), The King of All Cosmos, San, Ashitaka
  • Enemies: Yami (specifically, one of his remnants known as Akuro), the rest of the Bringers of Everlasting Night, Yuuki Terumi
  • Ascended after his time in Nippon had come to a close, back to the Celestial Plain on a UFO flown by Issun. Chibiterasu and his mother were promptly reunited in a heartwarming manner.
    • In the early days of the Trope Pantheons, an envoy from there on behalf of the Court of the Gods arrived to invite Amaterasu among their ranks. Chibi and Issun couldn't join her that time, but she was allowed to visit them from time to time, and both were updated in what was going on in there, though we're sworn to secrecy.
    • Years later, sometime during Diana and Yuuki Terumi's attack on Amaterasu (where she lost her ability to call for the moon), the Court requested for Issun's help. Taking the UFO Gen made for him using Moon Tribe blueprints he found, he and Chibi (who did not want to leave his mother at her time of need) set off.
    • While Chibi was ultimately unable to contribute much in his mother's battle against Terumi besides warming her seat as her (temporary) herald, he drew the hearts of many during his time in the Pantheon that the Court decided to give him a seat as well; due to what he is and how he brings out the Cuteness Proximity in others, he was given his current title and promoted to a Pantheon god. The fact that he's friendly and heroic just like his mother only helps his reputation.
  • In spite of the fact that he's among fellow gods, he still has a tendency to get saddled with unfortunate nicknames. Mainly because calling him Chibi doesn't sound appropriate, and the nickname Snowy is already taken by his mother. Of course, there are several who just call him Chibi either out of respect or they couldn't bother with a nickname.
  • Chibiterasu and Amaterasu are regularly found playing with each other as parental and child canines are known to do, when they're not on celestial errands throughout the Pantheon (alone or with each other). And sometimes he gets caressed by her in her humanoid form, and the feeling of her fingers against his fur is so comforting. She's also been taking the time to teach him how to read, given that he was illiterate prior to that.
    • Chibi was a little confused at first that his mother had taken a more humanoid form due to circumstances pertaining to Terumi's beef with her, but eventually recognized that it's still the same mother. Hence, he's also occasionally seen cheering at the Battleground of the Gods in case his mom takes field.
  • Many of those who love all creatures have taken an especially keen liking to Chibi, so he's regularly detained and kept late by others in the Pantheon petting him, playing with him, and picking him up over their shoulder. He doesn't entirely seem to mind it, though.
    • On the top of his favorites are Yukiko Amagi (who is a friend of his mother), Team RWBY (Ruby and Yang having a Precious Puppy of their own, and Weiss having a weakness for them, though Animal Jingoism prevents him from connecting to Blake the same way), and Ken Amada (or more precisely his herald Koromaru, but Chibi likes hanging with the kid, too).
    • Sometimes, his mother assigns San and Ashitaka to watch on her as she handles other matters. The pup's ever cheerful demeanor never fails to put a smile in the "Princess"'s face.
  • Do not underestimate Chibiterasu. In spite of his cuteness and relative lack of strength (can't swim well, Wall Jump, or Double Jump), he has almost all of the same powers as his mother, even some powers that she does not, and he certainly knows how to use them.
    • While he can't change the time of day by using the Sunrise technique like his mother, he can use it to banish supernatural darkness.
    • Because of what he did to his mother (taking her Moon powers away and attempting to kill her), Chibi despises Yuuki Terumi and likes the King of All Cosmos for saving Amaterasu's life. Especially when he saved Chibi's when Yuuki tried to pull a Revenge by Proxy; being weaker than his mother, despite his accomplishments against Akuro, Chibi didn't stand a chance. But once the King of All Cosmos showed up to protect the pup, still remembering his last encounter with him, Terumi immediately bolted.
  • It is not known if Chibi's droppings can be explosive just like his mother's, but he hasn't learned to use them, nor has Amaterasu ever deigned to teach him to.
    • If he runs out of ink, Chibi resorts to ramming, bumping and 'butt-stomping'.

Huehuecoyotl, God of Wily Coyotes ("Very Old Coyote")
Huehuecoyotl depicted in the Codex Borgia.
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (sort of)
  • Portfolio: The Trickster, Those Wily Coyotes, Amusement Motive Mixed With Blue-and-Orange Morality, Laid Back And Totally Amoral, Really Gets Around, Animals, Voluntary Shapeshifting, Jerkass Gods, Would Rather Pal Around With Humans Than Be Worshipped, Bunny-Ears Lawyer
  • Domains: Trickery, Mischief, Conflict, Sexuality, Song, Music, Coyotes
  • Alliesnote : Loki, Gabriel(Supernatural) (fellow trickster beings), Sam and Max, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Mad Moxxi, Calistria, Panty Anarchy, Lucifer(SMT), Bart Simpson
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Homer Simpson, Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner, Nick Wilde, The Three Seekers of Knowledge, Kyu Sugardust, Pinkie Pie
  • Mixed relationship with: Quetzalcoatl (sometimes ally, sometimes opposed), Bugs Bunny, Ratatoskr, Screwy Squirrel (allies, rival and/or enemies depending on the mood)
  • Enemies: The Emperor of Mankind (one-sided), Merged Zamasu, YHVH, Lucifer(Supernatural)
  • Opposes: Yuuki Terumi, Dag
  • Annoys: A lot of people, including the Hall of Felines (except Bastet), Cerberus and Krypto the Superdog
  • Many mythologies have a trickster god, and Aztec Mythology is no exception. Huehuecoyotl, the "very old coyote" is the god of male sexuality, trickery, music and song. Taking the form of a coyote, he was a dualistic god who both had great wisdom and great immaturity. He's laid back, friendly and totally amoral.
  • Has a complicated relationship with humanity. He is generally friendly and laidback, but is rather callous and will incite war and genocide just to amuse himself. However he doesn't hate humans, and will help them when asked or share stories and music. The Emperor of Mankind believes that he is far too chaotic for humanity and is trying to get rid of him, but it's one-sided on his part.
  • Though Huehuecoyotl will cause problems for humanity and mess with them out of boredom, he does value them and is literally the closest Aztec god to mankind. For this, and his chaotic nature, he finds himself siding with Lucifer from Shin Megami Tensei, who despite some of his more amoral actions he'll never give up on mankind.
  • Zamasu finds him a childish mockery of a god, as does the Lucifer of Supernatural due to being a pagan god. Huehuecoyotl in turn feels contempt towards their absolute misanthropy. Yes, he causes problems for amusement, but he likes humanity, and doesn't put himself above them. He doesn't care for worship, instead he'd rather pal around with them.
  • Doesn't care for fellow coyote Dag. He's a jerk, and not a funny one. He does like Nick Wilde and Wile E Coyote, though Nick thinks he goes overboard at times. Also, he keeps flip-flopping on whether to help out Wile E Coyote or the Roadrunner, mainly because their antics are funny and he wants to "improve" them.
  • Upon hearing of the coyote god, Homer Simpson thought that this was somehow the same coyote that served as his spirit guide during a super spicy pepper-induced hallucination. He complained that Huehuecoyotl gave bad advice on his soul mate, only for the coyote god to point out he wasn't that coyote and played some pranks that Homer laughed least until he became the butt of the joke. Bart found it pretty funny and Huehuecoyotl finds his prankster attitude endearing.
  • Has a habit of bothering the Hall of Felines, except Bastet due to being a goddess of fun and sexuality. He also likes annoying Cerebus and Krypto the Superdog, due to the former being tight-laced in doing his job and the latter because it's fun to mess with superheroes and their super-pets. More than often his pranks blow up in his face, much like when he bothers other gods. As YHVH has No Sense of Humor and wants to subjugate/replace all other pantheons, Huehuecoyotl doesn't bother.
  • The god of male sexuality, Huehuecoyotl will seduce whoever he feels like. Women, men, animals, he doesn't care. As such, he often hangs out in the Halls of Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior, sleeping with the inhabitants. He likes Kyu Sugardust as a fellow entity of lust, but she thinks he can go too far.
  • Has the same kind of sexual appetite as Mad Moxxi, Calistria and Panty Anarchy. Particularly Calistria, as he's effectively a lust deity much like Calistria. He also showcases his hedonism when it comes to partying, so he likes Pinkie Pie even if she finds him too amoral at times. However he is also having a civil conversation(as much as that's possible) with the Three Seekers of Knowledge, as he's a being of wisdom like them and likes to tell stories. At least when he's not eating loudly.
  • Hangs out with Loki and Gabriel from Supernatural, due to being high-tier tricksters. Or the Hall of Trickery as a whole. Also likes messing with people alongside Deadpool and Sam and Max. However while he is one to troll, even he thinks Yuuki Terumi is a douchebag and needs to improve his sense of humor. Terumi doesn't care what he thinks.
  • When it comes to fellow tricksters Bugs Bunny, Ratatoskr and the Screwy Squirrel, his mood and interaction with them varies. Often, the three enjoy pulling pranks and screwing with people. Sometimes, they compete and it causes a prank war. And once in a while, Huehuecoyotl acts like an actual coyote and starts chasing them for being a rabbit and squirrels in hopes of free lunch.

    Krypto the Superdog 
Krypto, God of Heroic Dogs (Superdog, The Last Dog of Krypton)
  • Intermediate Dog
  • Symbol: The S Shield with a bone nearby
  • Theme Song: Krypto The Superdog (during his most lighthearted moments, which are fairly common)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Animal Superheroes, Sacrificing Itself for His Master, Heroes Love Dogs, Tough Hound
  • Domain: Heroes, Animals, Powers
  • High Priest: Underdog
  • Heralds: Kevin Whitney, Ace the Bat-Hound.
  • Allies: Superman (his owner), Supergirl, Power Girl, Steel, DC Heroes, Hachiko, Pikachu, Luna, Bubbles, Sora, Hibiki Ganaha, Chibiki, Inori Yamabuki, Gardevoir and Gallade, SCP-999
  • Enemies: Doomsday, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Brainiac, most deities in the House of Crime.
  • What do you get when you combine the loyalty of dogs with the moral values of Superman? Krypto, The Superdog. Sharing the same heroic spirit as his master, Krypto does his best to help the innocent and defend his master. In fact, it performed two Heroic Sacrifices in different timelines; he died of Kryptonite poisoning against the Kryptonite Man while defending Clark. He also dived into the Phantom Zone to stop the Phantom Zone criminals from torturing Jor-El, Lara and Kal-El. And in the latter, Krypto didn't even have powers.
  • When Krypto ascended, he made a beeline towards Clark, super tackled him to the ground, and gave him a super slobber kiss that he wouldn't forget. Lucina thought it was cute.
  • Like many Kryptonians, Krypto gains super powers under the yellow sun, just in dog flavor. So not only does he gain super strength, super speed, vision powers, and flight, but he also has super sniffing.
    • Also, since canines already have greater senses then humans, being a Kryptonian dog, Krypto's sight and hearing are superior to Superman's.
  • Even though Krypto is a Superdog, he still poses the same level of intelligence of your average canine. Maybe.
  • Back in his home universe, Krypto usually stayed in the Fortress of Solitude, but with his ascension, he has way more freedom in the pantheon. Though, he is sometimes seen guarding the Great Treasury.
  • Made a strange friendship with both Pikachu and Luna despite their species being consider natural enemies. They all decided to make a group of "Super Animals".
  • Is very protective of the Super family. That includes Clark, and both Karas, Supergirl and Power Girl. He will defend them if he sees any one of them in danger.
  • Like many beasts of the pantheon, Krypto can be summon by Chibiki when she sheds a tear. And like always, something always get destroyed once summoned.
  • Inori once use her Pickrun to talk to Krypto. She said he kind of sounds like Double D.

Moro-no-Kimi, Goddess of White Wolves (Moro)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A wolf head silhouette, with two tails pointing out on each side
  • Theme Song: Forest of the Shishi God (shared with Okkoto)
  • Alignment: True Neutral / Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: White wolf goddess, really big wolf, Physical God, adopted and raised the human San, who she'll protect no matter what, ships San and Ashitaka, calmly accepting death
  • Domains: Wolves, Nature, Divinity, Family
  • Heralds: Ichi and Nii (sons)
  • High Priest: Ghost
  • Allies: San (adopted daughter), Okkoto-nushi, Ashitaka, other Studio Ghibli deities, Amaterasu, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Mowgli, Aisling, Spring Sprite, Xerneas, Yveltal, Suicune, Celebi
  • Enemies: Lady Eboshi, Cersei Lannister, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, Lysandre, Firebird
  • Complicated Relations: Baloo and Bagheera, Leman Russ, Balto,
  • Moro is a wolf goddess who protected the dwindling forest surrounding a human settlement called Iron Town. A baby girl was once abandoned at her paws by her parents, trying to save themselves from the wolf's jaws. Moro adopted that baby and named her San, who she raised alongside her pups Ichi and Nii. Years later, in a confrontation with the Iron Town people, Moro was fatally shot. She decided that was it for her and awaited her death, even as an army of boar gods clamored for an ultimate showdown with the humans and her children fought alongside them. Moro's last act before the Forest God took her life was to save her daughter from The Corruption.
  • Moro and her fellow giant animal god Okkoto ascended together in time to fight a battle that was going on between San, Ashitaka and most of the Nature Preservers, and several polluters from the Houses of Commerce and Toxicity. The surprising reinforcements resulted in a swift and decisive victory for the Nature Preservers. San spent that night cuddling with her dearly missed mother and brothers.
  • She was never exactly nice to Ashitaka back in the mortal world and still remains relatively aloof from him in the Pantheon, but at the same time she goes on supporting the blossoming romance between her daughter and him. But as any good mother would do, she's made it clear that she'll tear Ashitaka into pieces if he ever hurts San. In the meantime, they fight alongside each other against their enemies.
  • Moro once saw Ichi and Nii playing with a strange white wolf that was surprisingly as big as them. San explained to her that the third wolf was a direwolf, he was called Ghost and he was owned by Jon Snow, a human she was interested in. Moro went to see for herself this boy who could claim that a giant wolf was his pet. She thought that he was like Ashitaka in some ways, and if Ghost approves of him enough to call him master, then it's not her place to contest that. Also, Jon is happy to tell her all he knows about direwolves, and Moro enjoys listening, so they're pretty good friends despite him being human.
    • Moro also likes Jon's half-sister Arya Stark, as the wild and deadly young girl reminds her of San at a certain age. Moro thinks that of all the Starks, Arya is the only one who lives up to the wolf that her family likes to compare themselves to. Probably also has to do with the fact that Arya set her direwolf free. Arya herself likes to hang around Moro and her pack, precisely because they remind her of Nymeria.
  • There's something about Cersei Lannister that really sets Moro's fangs on edge. It's probably that Cersei is like Lady Eboshi, just much, much worse with none of Eboshi's good qualities; Moro thinks the queen has nowhere near the amount of dignity that Lady Eboshi, who the wolf sees as a Worthy Opponent despite everything, had. She's completely willing to fight alongside Jon for a chance at ripping her head off.
  • She likes Mowgli as he reminds her of San, being also a human child raised by wolves. She can be very protective of the boy, even as San thinks he should learn to fend for himself better. Moro thinks the boy already seems resourceful enough, considering he defeated a tiger by himself, he just needs to be distanced from that bear who's planting unrealistic ideas in his head. She sees more eye-to-eye with Bagheera, though she thinks he worries too much sometimes.
  • While Leman Russ piqued her interest for similar reasons to Mowgli, the fact that he fights for humanity puts them at odds. Sure, Moro is not nearly as war-mongering as Okkoto, but she still doesn't think highly of the species that killed her forest. She also wonders if the wolves Leman uses in battle are there of their own will, or if they were enslaved like dogs. Leman himself has a ton of respect for the giant motherly wolf, though.
  • As far as other wolves go, she gets along okay with Sif, even if Sif seems inordinately loyal to a dead human in Moro's opinion. Zinogre looks nothing like any wolf Moro has ever seen, but she respects his strength. She doesn't really acknowledge Wolf O'Donnel as a real wolf though, due to his humanoid stance and customs. Moro bows down to Amaterasu, though this has less to do with Ammy looking like a wolf and more with the fact that she's the top goddess in Shinto. She also takes good care of Chibiterasu when he visits (technically it's Ichi, Nii and San who interact with him more).
    • Aisling easily befriended Moro and her pack through use of her white wolf form. Moro ironically approves of her over most real wolves in the Pantheon, perhaps because Aisling's story reminds her a bit of San's. Also, being a forest fairy, Aisling is comparable to the kodama that lived in Moro's forest.
    • She doesn't really like how Balto went on serving the same humans who mistreated him despite embracing his wolf heritage, but she leaves him well alone for the most part, especially as one of his brood, Aleu, did distance herself from humans. Balto himself looks up to Moro as she reminds him of the white wolf apparition who gave him the resolve to continue his journey.
  • As Moro is a protector of nature, she will often fight in the name of the Spring Sprite, who's capable of restoring wrecked landscapes; the nature spirit has come to love the wolf as one of her "knights". She is naturally at odds with the Firebird and the unnatural, gratuitous destruction it causes.
  • With Xerneas resembling the Forest God of her universe in both appearance and powers, it's a given that Moro would ally with the Legendary Pokémon. However the Forest God ruled over both life and death, so Moro considers that Xerneas, who only gives life, is not complete without the death-bringing Yveltal. Some may say this is a contradiction given what she thinks of the Firebird, but the Firebird is needlessly destructive and Moro understands that Xerneas and Yveltal are two halves of an essential cycle. Given how Yveltal tends to be vilified, the two Pokémon are glad that there's someone capable of comprehending that. For these reasons, Moro despises Lysandre for wanting to control life and death to create his perfect world where most beings are killed and only a few chosen by himself become immortal.
    • Moro has noted striking similarities between herself and Suicune; the wolf-like Aurora Pokémon also fights to protect the forest spirit Celebi, and is capable of purifying water on top of that. Moro's decided that she should give Suicune a paw once in a while.

    Tamamo-no-Mae (Fate/EXTRA
Tamamo-no-Mae, Goddess of Kitsune (Caster, Tamamo, Fox Waifu, Amaterasu, Kojinki-Hakumen, Miko of Amaterasu, Cas-ko, Mikon, Mizukume Summer Lancer, Summer Tamamo-chan, Tamamo Shark)
As a Summer Lancer 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in Moon Crux mode)
  • Symbol: The emblem of her party in Fate/Extella
  • Theme Song: Caster, An Extra Life With Anyone She Wants
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, True Neutral under Hakuno or Ritsuka
  • Portfolio: Kitsune, Magic Mirror, Seeking to atone for her crimes in her own way, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Retired Monster, Loveable Sex Maniac, Pretty Nice for a Bad Guy, Realized her actions through Hakuno's kindness, Kimono Fanservice, Very attached to Hakuno, Feminine Fighting, Leaning on the Fourth Wall, Cut off her other eight tails to remain weaker, Squishy Wizard, Flirty dialogue
  • Domains: Magic, Beast, Love, Sadness
  • Heralds: The Tamamo Nine (especially Tamamo Cat), whether she likes it or not
  • High Priest: Kyouka
  • Followers: Kyubi, Kitsune Sura, Tamamo Fushimi, Kunou, Yasaka, Kaden, Selkie, Fox Devil
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Nero Claudius/Red Saber, Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho), Mamizou Futatsuiwa
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Kurama (Naruto)
  • Pitied by: Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion
  • Opposed by: Amaterasu, Princess Cadence, Anubis, Renamon, Hakumen, Jin Kisaragi, Susano'o
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Gilgamesh (F/SN), Jeanne d'Arc, Vlad III, Gilles de Rais & Ryuunosuke Uryuu, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Angra Mainyu (F/HA), Xiaomu
  • In the universe of Kinoko Nasu's fantasies, the goddess Amaterasu became curious about the lives of her worshippers, which were a source of fascination to her due to their perseverance. Soon, she desired to become a human herself to experience these emotions, she then relinquished her divinity and memories to reincarnate as a young human girl in the old province of Izumo, with the childhood name of Mizukume who was said to be the human form of a white-faced, gold-furred nine-tailed fox. At the age of eighteen, she started serving the court of Emperor Toba, who had fallen in love with her at first sight so he appointed her as his favourite lady-in-waiting on top of possessing great beauty and knowledge. With that, she then called herself with the name everybody has known her for: Tamamo-no-Mae.
    • But one morning, her head had sprouted fox ears; she managed to conceal them for a month, before she was exposed as a fox by Abe no Seimei, who had been investigating the cause of Toba's mysterious illness. She fled from the inner sanctum of the Imperial Court so they sent hounds after her, and it was the first time in Japan that a fox had been hunted by the hounds. She fled and cried in the fields of Nasu where a skulk of foxes gathered around and comforted her, recognizing that she had a rough time. Later on, Tamamo-no-Mae confronts an eighty-thousand-men army that was dispatched at the behest of the retired emperor to kill her; she tried to apologize and reason with them but nobody listened so instead she fought back, and killed them in retaliation a few times for three days and nights which eventually culminated into her end by a shot of an enchanted arrow. Her corpse was said to have become the Killing Stone, or Sessho-seki which released a problematic cursed poison that killed approaching people and animals until the monk Gennou Shinshou shattered it for good and had the fragments dispersed to three separate locations. Those very fragments became her world's Osaki kitsunes and inukami who are said to have been turned into familiars of magi but her very spirit instead ascended into the Throne of Heroes.
    • In the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, she manifested as a Caster-class Servant, ready to serve Hakuno Kishinami throughout its events and along the way, she began to treasure Hakuno when they treated her with kindness as they represent the lost love she had for Toba and his people back then; she also developed a rivalry with Nero Claudius AKA Red Saber for Hakuno's affection. Later on, it is revealed that Twice H. Piecemann was actually her first Master but he eventually lost her due to his repeated losses and he compensates by summoning Saver as his next Servant. In another timeline for the Moon Cell War, Tamamo served Hakuno to help them escape from the Sakura Labyrinth. In a different timeline, Tamamo clashed against Altera along with Nero once again before they team up with Hakuno to defend the Moon Cell from Sefar and later helped Charlemagne defeat Karl der Große.
    • In the timeline of the Grand Order, Tamamo encounters Ritsuka Fujimaru in the London Singularity and helped them defeat Nikola Tesla and the Lancer Servant Artoria Pendragon Alter, before being defeated by Goetia the first time. After being summoned to serve Ritsuka, she aided them defeat the Demon God Pillar Barbatos and later, Goetia for good in the final Singularity.
  • As part of the Master of Chaldea's call to other Servants for more help, Tamamo-no-Mae entered into the Pantheons' Courtroom of the Gods to stand trial for her pending position: becoming the Goddess of Kitsune. Her Master, along with Nero, Altera and Nameless (EMIYA's counterpart and Herald) reasoned that she is the most powerful among those in her world and an obvious example at that with accompanying behaviour of cunning and playfulness of a fox. Seeing as there are far too numerous candidates to choose from, the Court decided to choose her regardless and her position was cemented.
  • After her ascension, Tamamo was invited to a party organized by Pinkie Pie and her said current Master Ritsuka Fujimaru, who is glad that another of his Servants has ascended and she responded by glomping onto him affectionately. Pinkie Pie herself proved to be a fun presence when she'd gone as wacky as Tamamo did, but luckily Ritsuka stopped from condemning the reader for wasting time on this website; they nevertheless became friends afterwards. Also part of that party is Nero and Altera, who along with her and Hakuno were a cohesive adoptive family unit back when it was after they defeated Velber and their forces; they reunited and already, Tamamo and Nero restart their usual bickering but Altera stopped them, both because she wanted to try all of the buffet food in peace and she knows that it's better to work together to bring Hakuno into the Pantheons with no scuffle. The duo reluctantly called their bickering off for now but that doesn't stop them for chasing after the affections of their two current Masters.
    • Tamamo also reunited with Rider Medusa, Elizabeth Bathory, Lu Bu and Karna; she admits that she wasn't the best leader to them back when Velber's forces invaded SE.RA.PH and hopes they will forgive her for that. Speaking on their behalf, Medusa and Karna assures her that it's all good and she did her best to take them on. Medusa in particular felt some kinship with Tamamo for being similar Anti-Heroes that struggled with their innate monstrosity and would have opposed her had she caused chaos without Hakuno on a leash; Tamamo herself finds Elizabeth hopeless for validation and keeps advising Ritsuka to take care of her even if he had to sit through another of her concerts. They all along with Nero and Altera also agreed to help Ritsuka take on Tiamat and Goetia yet again once they heard of their presences; they refuse to let their world's Human History be extinguished, let alone the Pantheon's history as well.
    • Tamamo got acquainted with the Caster Medea and her husband Souichirou Kuzuki after the three met at a grocery store. Both Casters relate to one another by being evil mages who managed to find happiness with a person they fell in love with (Hakuno for Tamamo and Kuzuki for Medea) and vow to each other to be good wives to their beloved as well as telling Kuzuki to keep on cherishing his wife. Medusa was a little apprehensive at introducing Sakura Matou to Tamamo until Sakura became curious and demanded to meet her; they did and they got off pretty well. They are able to relate over being very attached to their beloved even to an unhealthy degree and they both have nasty evil sides underneath their nice and harmless exteriors which can potentially be very powerful and destructive; Sakura herself is unnerved should Tamamo ever be restored to her full power but she and Rider will have to make sure that won't happen for everybody's sake.
    • Also since the invasion at SE.RA.PH, Tamamo doesn't get along very well with Jeanne d'Arc or Vlad III starting back when they were in opposing sides, but occasionally they'll work together if they have a common enemy. The same goes for the Avenger Angra Mainyu, the Caster Gilles de Rais, his Master Ryunnosuke Uryuu and the Ruler Amakusa Shirou to which she admits that it'll take Ritsuka for her to even work with them without a violent scuffle.
    • As they were threats to SE.RA.PH, Tamamo distrusts Kiara Sesshouin and B.B. even after they were contracted into Chaldea and her grudges with them come from the fact that the former trapped her and Hakuno in the Moon Cell and the latter into the Sakura Labyrinth. The Master With No Name from a zany universe also earns her distrust as she treats her own powerful yet low-leveled Servants horribly and the Master likewise doesn't remember her being less wacky the last time. Tamamo prefers the child Jack in comparison to the legendary killer Jack who assassinates mages and eating their hearts, but she is not stupid enough to see that both are dangerous, especially the latter given that he goes after vulnerable women (not that she's totally helpless anyway). And of course, Gilgamesh had to be here and even she is tired of his megalomaniac attitudes; the feeling is mutual as he dreads the moment she used her "Polygamous Castration Fist" onto him again, which deals extra damage on men.
    • Other villains from her multiverse she looks out for are Kirei Kotomine and the Matous, Shinji and Zouken. Sakura and Medusa warned her about them and how they are among the sources that caused them and their friends misery and suffering and Tamamo heeded them even more that the Matous are depraved enough to induce sexual abuse onto Sakura, real family or no. And also Kotomine's Moon Cell counterpart tricked her into eating extremely pricey and spicy mapo tofu. Kotomine paid no heed to Tamamo as of now but is preparing in case and the Matous became scared shitless once they heard about her and her "Polygamous Castration Fist" move; it didn't have to be inflicted onto just cheaters...
  • There are other kitsune that Tamamo has decided to meet out of curiosity, or at least those similar to them like gumihos. The vastaya Ahri found a lot of common ground with her like wanting to be human in some way, being ruthless to their enemies and seducing others or being flirty with their beauty, though Ahri is more capable of that on a wider scale. Ahri once tried to seduce Tamamo into a one-night stand and while she's tempted, she declines as she wants to train herself to be a "good wife"; as Ahri learns this is how Tamamo wants to be good, she respectfully backs out but lets the offer open in case. Tamamo also wished the best to Yomi and Holo (even though the latter is a wolf girl) and their romances/marriages, and hopes to learn from them on how to treat her potential husband right; Yomi also likes Tamamo as much as Ahri did, and so the three have been seen together a lot since then and Holo hopes Tamamo is pretty serious with the marriage thing. Ran is glad that another kitsune had ascended as she wants another to talk to and even better that Tamamo is willing to make fried tofu at times; she hopes that Tamamo doesn't remember that time where she became her subordinate which so far she hasn't. Tamamo meanwhile, is a little disturbed that Ran is okay with Yukari abusing her and treating her like a computer as she previously had a bad Master in Twice (though Twice isn't really that abusive).
    • Tamamo also got along with Tails and Stella Hoshii since they share intelligence and beauty respectively even though Tails is a mechanic and Stella is a "Cat Boomer" (a person with decorative cat ears), and it helps that Stella is good with kids as much as Tamamo is attempting to be. Nate Adams, Luka and his wife Alice the 16th also got acquainted with Tamamo on the grounds that she reminded of their own world's kitsune the knew (Kyubi and the similarly-named Tamamo) once Tamamo got over accidentally being attracted to Luka by his scent at first and even better that Kyubi is already a follower of Tamamo; he couldn't ask for a more better position but he'll settle for that as of now as long as Nate is around. Another reason she likes Luka and Alice is that Luka reminds her a lot about Hakuno (which made her even more determined to get them ascended) and she and Alice are also royal animal hybrids who fell in love with humans (though, Hakuno is actually an AI but shush...).
    • Renamon felt conflicted towards her; on one hand, she is an avatar of her world's Amaterasu who is a goddess but on the other, Tamamo has taken away countless lives and her usual demeanour hiding her meanness isn't helping and that's not getting into Tamamo being irked at the fact that Renamon's Sakuyamon form gave her bad flashbacks to her world's Abe no Seimei who exposed her true identity. Xiaomu is also hesitant to get close with Tamamo due to her being too reminiscent of Saya who is also a ruthless kitsune that caused trouble to her and Reiji; Tamamo was bummed when she heard that because she found Xiaomu fun to hang out with which reminds her of her world's Osakabe-hime who became an Otaku much like how Xiaomu likes anime and cosplay.
    • It's a given and an Understatement that Tamamo DESPISES SCP-953 and Daji, as they represent the inhumanity of the original Amaterasu of her world and also her unrestrained evil side before meeting Hakuno, so whenever she passed by either of them she'll make sure they get more than a stink eye, especially Daji who she vehemently denies being. The evil and petty gumiho in turn is offended that she constantly gets compared to Tamamo who's a kitsune, to the point that her mere presence bothers her and the huli jing finds it amusing that Tamamo denies her evil past. On a lesser degree, Tamamo also antagonizes the Tails Clan for also sullying the kitsune name even though they already have a "always evil" preconception that is hard to shake off; the Clan themselves also distanced themselves from her like they did with the Rebellion back in their homeworld and the GUAE.
    • Before you ask, yes she has gotten in contact with the two Kuramas. Oddly enough, the Kurama within Naruto found some footing with Tamamo like finally founding a person to truly protect out of care, but that said the fox demon claims to go as far as that. The same can be said with the plant-controlling Kurama who decided that they both be Friendly Rivals everytime they meet because she comes across as a fun opponent to fight; Tamamo doesn't oppose the offer since she's also curious on how strong he can be.
  • Tamamo-no-Mae is the Bunrei (like, a divine avatar) of her world's Amaterasu, who is inhumanely evil and powerful enough to qualify for the Beast-class and it took a Servant Arcueid Brunestud to even make her beatable. The ascended Amaterasu is fortunately not the case, but she did express some pity for Tamamo who had to escape and even kill the humans who hunted her out of fear when she was exposed, but nevertheless still opposes her for her having no qualms being heartless to enemies. The feeling is mutual, though Tamamo is also jealous that Amaterasu gets along better with humans than her as no human is ever intimidated by her these days.
    • On the subject of her past, Tamamo is still not over Abe no Seimei exposing her and her fox ears which caused her to escape Emperor Toba's palace and ruined her (in her eyes) perfect life there. While it's not really the Abe no Seimei of her world, he nonetheless is both fascinated and glad that her bond with her well-known two Masters made her more of a better person, even if he's weirded out by the fact that she's different than the Tamamo-no-Mae he knows was just crossdressing; this enmity is purely one-sided though so expect him to brush her off too easily.
    • Because of her connection to Amaterasu, there are deities hailing from the world with the Azure who has stuff to say about it. Terumi hates anything and everything connected to his sister since he himself is that world's Takehaya Susano'o and thus he hates her, finding her past to be something to laugh at which offends Tamamo as he's trying to minimize her pain back then. Hakumen and Jin Kisaragi, along with the actual Susano'o would oppose her (at best) due to her potential of becoming a Beast; otherwise, they usually disregard her though she did say Jin is rather unhinged and obsessed with his brother Ragna, which reminds her of Kiyohime and her unhealthy attachment to Fujimaru. Speaking of Ragna, he and Noel Vermillion sympathized with Tamamo as they had gone through a similar, if far more problematic and complex, situation like her; she returned the sentiments, especially Noel given the ordeals she had to go through.
  • Tamamo vows to be a "good wife" in order to atone for her sins, hence her determination to protect and defend Hakuno (and maybe Ritsuka as well). Princess Cadence hopes that this is the actual case, as she found her past crimes horrible even if she only wanted to serve Emperor Toba. As Tamamo also talks dirty, Kyu Sugardust and Mad Moxxi admires her for that and even better that she did so while talking politely; Kyu even respects Tamamo's wishes to be a good wife, hence she doesn't hire her into her service.
  • Pinkie Pie then introduced Tamamo to Deadpool, Peacock and Ibuki Mioda, who can also reference the mechanics of their homeworld on a regular basis and even to an extreme extent. She got along with them just fine, even having a comedy group dynamic with them and Ibuki even reminded Tamamo of Elizabeth and her concerts though at least Eli-chan's singing is at least more bearable.
  • Tamamo also has a demon counterpart in the world where order and chaos are at war that can be summonable by any of the heroes from there. Still, she does hate YHVH like everybody else, as He's too much of a dictator that made him no better than Velber; she does prefer the company of Aleph who goes after evil gods like YHVH to kill them and Aleph knows she's different than Amaterasu so he lets her know that he'll be there if she decided to go against her originator.
    • On the subject of deities, it should be noted that Tamamo is actually a Yakan, or jackal being. The only other notable jackal being is Anubis but he doesn't have a high opinion of her even if he's assured of the Master of Chaldea keeping her on a metaphorical leash. Mamizou distrusts her anyways since she's a kitsune who are fox spirits and Tamamo herself finds this dislike rather petty for a tanuki.
  • To say she was pleased upon word of what became of her orginal prison would be an understatment. The Houses of Religion and Faith plus Magic and sorcery have been scrambling to see what can be done but for now the Fox Maiden is content to bask in the victory.
  • "If there is an order, I will come immediately! Your dependable Fox Shrine Maiden! Caster has des~cended~♡"

Zinogre, God of Savage Wolves (Zinogre: Thunder Wolf Wyvern, The Living Thunderstorm, The Usurper, Zin. | Stygian Zinogre: Hell Wolf Wyvern, The Emperor of Hell | Thunderlord Zinogre: True Awakening, The King of the Thunder Wolves)
Stygian Zinogre 
Thunderlord Zinogre 
  • Intermediate God (borderline Greater God when infected by the Frenzy Virus, Greater God as Apex Frenzy Zinogre, Thunderlord Zinogre, Howling Zinogre, and Apex Rampage Zinogre)
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild icons
  • Theme Songs: Sparkling Blue Light (World Version), Zinogre, Spark of Blue, Resolve Flaring in the Heart (Thunderlord only)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Literal Lightning Bruiser, Canis Major, The Slow Walk, Noble Wolf At Least In Presence, A Hellhound-like Subspecies, Charging Its Own Rage Mode (A Golden Super Mode for its Thunderlord Deviant and Apex Rampage form), Unstoppable Rage, The Dreaded, Multi-Colored Lightning
  • Domain: Walking, Savagery, Wyverns, Wolves, Lightning, Solitude
  • Followers: Primate Murder, Black Wolf
  • Allies: Terry Bogard, Cerberus
  • Rivals: Lagiacrus, Rajang, Xurkitree, Cole MacGrath, Gunvolt, Rathalos and Rathian, Deviljho, Brachydios, Iggy, Zapdos, Raikou
  • Enemies: Gore and Shagaru Magala, Deviljho, The Hall of Birds, Riptor, Azula
  • Interests: Agitha, Sig, Shino Aburame
  • Avoids: The Hall of Ice and Cold (standard and Thunderlord), the Hall of Electricity (Stygian)
  • Opposes: The Monster Hunters, The Hall of Weather
  • Size: 1295.31 - 2063.16 cm (Standard) 1397.18 - 1887.00 cm (Stygian) 1488.43 cm - 1902.73 cm (Thunderlord)
  • Fanged Wyverns are a classification of monster that lack wings and are quadrupedal with highly developed forelimbs. The first of the monsters to be classified as such is the large, lupine-like Usurper himself, Zinogre. The Fanged Wyvern Zinogre very slowly made its way into the Pantheon, uncaring of the peons as the Emperor made its entrance... And then some of the Monster Hunters jumped onto it and after the ensuing fight, the Zinogre was made the God of Savage Wolves. Zinogre seems a bit miffed about how that played out, though it seems proud that it carted a few of the Hunters who did so and got a godly title to boot.
  • Zinogre use of Thunder is only possible through its symbiotic relationship with Thunderbugs. The latter hide behind Zinogre, granting the Fanged Wyvern its signature powers through charging up while it turn provides protection from predators such as the Gargwa. Anyone stupid enough to try and get to the Thunderbugs anyways are turned into free lunch for the giant Savage Wolf. As you can imagine, neither Zinogre or the Thunderbugs are ever far from each other.
    • Because of this, individuals such as Sig and Agitha took an interest to Zinogre and have done some observing on their own. From a good distance away. Because they don't want to end up like any foolish Gargwa either. Shino Aburame is also intrigued by the Thunderbugs, but is also called to scene to help subdue a troublesome Zinogre through controlling the Thunderbugs themselves.
  • Almost immediately after its recovery from its introductory battle during its ascension Zinogre took to establishing its dominance among the canines in the Pantheon, way back before they got their own Hall and before Moro-no-Kimi came to the Pantheon. Perhaps rivaling them at the time was Grey Wolf Sif, though this hasn't been explored all that much due to her concerns primarily revolving around her master, Artorias. Zinogre soon came to acknowledge the Stand-using boston terrier, Iggy, after having challenged the Usurper to fight. While the act of bravado didn't amount to anything other than defeat, Zinogre did respect the fire even if it came from such a tiny runt.
    • And speaking of dominance, it frequently clashes with other monsters formidable as it. Of note while the battles between Zinogre, Deviljho, and the Raths can only be described as slugfests, its fights with Rajang and Lagiacrus are a lot more flashy. Really, really flashy. And all to often has the Mêlée à Trois has dragged both Cole MacGrath, Xurkitree, and Gunvolt into the fray.
      • Eventually the Zinogre became so bold as to challenge the likes of Raikou, Zapdos, and Zekrom, all of whom are Legendary Pokemon. Although the Fanged Wyern maintains a rivalry with the former two, it and Zekrom has lot more animosity going on.
  • The Living Thunderstorm used to be the only monster classified as a Fanged Wyvern until the Hunter's Guild came to the New World. Other Fanged Wyverns have since been discovered, and some of them even use some of Zinogre's traits:note . People often point out that it sort of killed the uniqueness Zinogre had though no one dares to bring it up to the monster's face. As far as Zinogre's concerned, however, it scoffed as if to say none of the newer monsters live up to him.
  • Zinogre can sometimes be seen prowling near the entrance to the Hall of Birds. As you can accurately guess it favors eating Bird Wyverns the most and found the residents to be a good enough substitute. The current ban on the Usurper has led the situation above and thus many are petitioning the Court of Gods a full on restraining order. At the very least Zinogre has also gone after velociraptors like Riptor, so it isn't quite dead set eating specifically them.
  • Though based on wolves though unlike them Zinogre prefers to hunt and travel alone than work in packs. Not like they really need each other anyways. Don't let Zinogre's large, burly body and occasional slow walks fool you, they have the speed, strength, and power to back themselves up. It's acrobatic breakdancer-like fighting style makes this Fanged Wyvern a very formidable foe to fight. Those who managed to watch or even fight the Zinogre themselves find that the beast takes some cues from the Lone Wolf of Southtown, Terry Bogard.
  • One day, there was an influx of reports concerning Zinogre suddenly turning Red and Black and Evil All Over. It is actually a member of the subspecies Stygian Zinogre, named after the River Styx, and it has been occasionally seen around the Pantheon. Rather than using the Thunder Element it instead uses the Dragon Element thanks to the bugs around it feeding on Dragonfell Berries, though it still takes the form of electricity. However this variation of Zinogre is actually weak to regular electricity.
    • Eventually there was another Zinogre that deviated from what was considered normal for the species. This time around there was one who's horns are curbed like the crescent moon and is perpetually surging with electricity in a now golden hue around emerald scales thanks to surviving previous encounters with Monster Hunters. This is Zinogre's Deviant, Thunderlord Zinogre, and to many its now Golden Super Mode may jog certain memories of those going even further beyond.
  • Zinogre strength is enough for some individuals in the Pantheon to target him by using the monster for their own ends. For example as a lightning bender herself Azula has plans on harnessing the power behind them, particularly wit the Stygian and Thunderlord. Though she's banned from the House of Beasts for her abuse of animals and likely to be destroyed by the Beasthood if she tried to get past them, Zinogre promises to crush her.
  • Ever since the Magala's have made their presence in the Pantheon known through an outbreak of their signature the Frenzy Virus, the Zinogre has been uncharacteristically wary of it. Granted, many monsters know better than to cross paths with an Elder Dragon but the Magalas are different given the Zinogre doesn't want to get infected again. If you see a Zinogre in a sickish purple tint along with red, almost bloodshot eyes, then you already know it has fallen prey to the virus and became an Apex variant with all the strength that comes with it. That is, assuming, it hasn't noticed you first and mindlessly mauled you. The best one can do is put down the monster and wait for it to be reborn in the House of Life and Vitality.
  • Despite their title as the Usurper much of the species were, ironically, driven out of their original habitat by Amatsu Magatsuchi, an Elder Dragon with a control over storms which includes high pressure water jets. No member of the Zinogre species have any positive opinion on those affiliated with storms as a result and are more than likely to look at them with disdain.

Lesser Gods

    Great Grey Wolf Sif 
Great Grey Wolf Sif, The Divine Greatwolf
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Greatsword of Artorias (shared with Artorias)
  • Leitmotif: Great Grey Wolf Sif
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: A loyal companion to Artorias, remains at his master's grave to protect it regardless of its opponent, wields the greatsword between its teeth, hesitates fighting the Chosen Undead should he defeat Artorias in the past, encountered in the past as a young wolf in need of help
  • Domains: Wolves, Swords, Companions, Protectors, Giant Beasts
  • Heralds: The Forest Hunters covenant
  • Master: Knight Artorias
  • Allies: Lord Gwyn, Guts, Holo, Kiba Inazuka and Akamaru, Sekiro/The Wolf, Hachiko, Roronoa Zoro
  • Additional Relationships: The Chosen Undead, the Abyss Watchers
  • Mixed Reception with: Moro-no-kimi
  • Enemies: Manus, Father of the Abyss and his Children, Griffith
  • The remains of the legend of Knight Artorias was sealed under a forest to the Forest Hunters covenant, where he was buried. Such forest requires a certain item known as the Crest of Artorias to enter but to progress would be dangerous, not without pledging allegiance to the covenant. On the deeper part of the forest lies the grave of Artorias, with his greatsword planted on the ground and guarded by his wolf companion, Great Grey Wolf Sif, who guards the grave to the wolf's life. Regardless on certain circumstances, the Chosen Undead has to pass through the garden, which would mean a duel against the wolf and judging by the fate of the world, Sif was defeated at the hands of the Chosen Undead.
  • Once ascended under the guise of protection, Sif remains in the grave of his master to guard it from invaders. However, with a bit of change from the Maiden in Black, a bit of Artorias' sanity allowed him to stand by his master, proud that they can fight side by side. Darkroot Forest remains his temple, where the Forest Hunters reside to honor the knight in duty. Of course, there is a catch, Artorias' mental state could break out again and someone would have to slay him should he go berserk. Several discoveries of Sif's past during the rescue of Princess Dusk in Oolacile showed a younger Sif in distress following Artorias' disappearance and was last seen battling with Manus alongside the Chosen Undead.
    • Speaking of the Chosen Undead, Sif respects the Chosen Undead should the latter save him from the clutches of the Abyss creatures in the past, of which the Greatwolf has shown a great deal of hesitation fighting against. But between his dedication to protect the grave and past history with said Undead, this showed where Sif's loyalty lies with. Still, with both on the Pantheon, none has to worry as both Sif and the Chosen Undead are fine, the latter could come to aid should Artorias return back to his frenzied state. The wolf companion was more than overjoyed upon hearing Artorias return, but is unaware of the state he is in, thanks to a few talks and changes on behalf of the Maiden in Black, granting him a bit of a stable mind but has the risk of going berserk should he be exposed to the Abyss more. Loyal as the wolf is, Sif will remain on Artorias' side till death.
  • Beyond the Chosen Undead and Artorias, the wolf has also recognized Artoras' king, Lord Gwyn who is doing hard work to drive the Abyss as much as he could. The Pantheon may serve as another plane they can take refuge in, but they are not alone. Even as the Age of Fire switches into a new world, so did the Abyss. Taking in the form of Manus, whose return has made both him and Artorias more cautious especially in the aftermath of Oolacile and his Children, of who has splintered into various individuals to spread the dark in every corner possible. The presence of other dark-empowered beings have not made the reunion pleasanat but with their presence in the new world, the two may fight side by side against the dark menace.
    • Sif may or may not recognize the fanatical followers of Artorias known as the Abyss Watchers, seeing that Sif has the Forest Hunters covenant. Beyond their fighting styles, the wolf has noticed that the Legion have also used Greatwolves to their ranks, even so far as to using "wolf blood" to bond each member via a blood link. Greatwolves are also seen within the Painted World of Ariandel, utilized by Farron's Followers, who could be linked to the Watchers, and perhaps, may be Sif's descendants, which may be true if you consider that on Sif's land, no other greatwolf existed at the time, and the presence of such only appeared within the Kingdom of Lothric. One theory tells that the Old Wolf of Farron, a greatwolf presiding as the leader of the Watchdogs of Farron covenant may be Sif as the wolf is emaciated, which means that it must have lived for a long time, and Sif is one of few greatwolves to have lived.
  • For a giant place, Sif may be one of the very few actual Greatwolves, seeing that the only closest to such may be linked to three: Akamaru, Holo the Wise Wolf and Moro-no-kimi. Each having their own unique quirks to set them apart. Akamaru has loyalty over his human master Kiba, a similarity that both Artorias and Sif share, though Akamaru's fighting style bears more to the Champion's Greatwolf who might be one of Sif's descendants. On the other hand, Holo has more... romantic feelings over another human, while also having her human and wolf form with her and has found Sif to be cute at times. Meanwhile Moro has conflicting opinions on Sif, mainly because of the former's loyalty over someone, since she has been independent and crucial to her home and has no recognition towards masters. However, with Sif's link to the Forest Hunters, the Greatwolf sits well on her, dare she say that Sif may as well be close in terms of species.
  • Thanks to Artorias' connections, Sif has been well introduced to Guts, who have heard stories regarding their universe and has been talking with him for a long while. The Greatwolf has slowly grown on Guts and his party, with him even going as far as supporting the Forest Hunters covenant to honor the two. He was also surprised how the wolf even learned to use a greatsword in battle and adopted a few of his master's moves in a fight, seeing that such animals rarely do such. Seeing the benefits and understanding the risks, Guts have welcomed the two with his group and would soon have more allies to prepare his fight against Griffith, of which the wolf has no problem with.
  • The wolf's bond would reach even to others beyond his animal type, seeing that Sekiro has taken a visit to Sif multiple times. The shinobi has taken a liking to Sif as the two have dedication to their respective masters as well as his motif being a wolf, just like Artorias. This, combined with his bond over nature, has made him a visitor to Sif's temple alongside a few offerings. The wolf however, sees more similarity not just to his master, but to the Chosen Undead, seeing that his Dragon's Heritage acts like the same death mechanic the former utilizes.
  • The Canines hall have numerous loyal beings, some more than others and both Sif and Hachiko could be the most loyal beings in the same hall, especially should one consider that both stayed till their master's disappearance. Sif goes even further by killing anyone that would pass Artorias' grave, though some called that a bit too much compared to Hachiko being a humble one. Sometimes, Sif would visit the small dog and the remaining neighbors would be confused as to why a giant wolf would appear in front of their sights but thankfully he means no harm.
  • At times when Artorias is missing, he goes for two deities. Either it will be Guts since he is close to his master, or it would be Roronoa Zoro, who was enticed at the wolf able to use a sword between his mouth, something he is a proud expert of. Very few people have done such so for Zoro it was a relief to see another deity do the same. A few sparring sessions has been made but most of the time, Sif will rest in Zoro's temple while waiting for him. There was an idea of bringing him to the Straw Hats but nothing came out of it.

    The Hellhounds 
*Ominous Fog appears*


The Hellhounds, Deities of Demonic Canines
  • Lesser Deities (They get stronger over time)
  • Symbol: A Drawing of them
  • Theme Song: Hellhound round theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Hellhound, Raising the Steaks, Incendiary Exponent, Action Bomb, Originated in a Teleporter Accident
  • Followers: Cerberumon, Wonder Dog, Zuul, Jack Noir
  • Domains: Canines, Undead, Aggressiveness, Fire
  • Allies: Samantha Maxis (Their master/owner), Cerberus, Hades, Chuck, Erma
  • Enemies: The Survivor Crew, Most Zombie Apocalypse survivors (especially mention to the Resident Evil deities), Cruella De Vil, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Mr. Burns
  • Source of interest for: Pyromaniacs
  • The Hellhounds are a pack of demonic undead dogs whose job is to hunt down anyone that their master wants dead. Their origin dates back to a Teleporter Accident involving Samantha's pet dog Fluffy that ended up reanimating her as a hellhound, not to mention she was pregnant. Nowadays they are under the command of Samantha and will not hesitate to attack anyone that she decides is her enemy.
  • Originally they made quite a mess since they started to attack numerous deities before Samantha managed to calm them down and relocate them to a new position. Usually, they can be seen wandering in their temple, but they are very aggressive, so it's advised to not approach them.
  • The deities they mostly target have been those that are already used to zombies, mostly the Survivor Crew partly because Samantha's hatred for Richtofen has made her unleash her minions against him. Other times they have attack Chris Redfield and his allies, but they have previous experience when dealing with the Cerberus, so the hellhounds were no big deal.
  • They seem to treat Cerberus as their superior when he is around, being the most recognizable and powerful hellhound around certainly helps. His owner Hader has also taken interest in the zombified dogs and is probably considering to adopt them if Samantha allows him.
    • Another dog that caught their attention was Chuch, where they unknowingly attack him thinking he was someone else. They certainly took a beating after he transformed into a bigger hellhound and proceed to maul the small pack that attacked him, but have stayed on friendly terms ever since.
  • Cruella De Vil is apparently crazy enough to be considering to try to make a coat out of them. Unfortunately for her, Samantha already her about what she tried to do to the Dalmatians and had preemptively send a few of her own hellhound to pay her a visit.
  • Although they are called Hellhounds, they aren't actually demonic dogs, just undead ones. The Hall of Demons is thoroughly disappointed about that.
  • Their origin was thanks to a Teleporter Accident, so Mad Scientists are the people more likely to end up being attacked by them. Considering Richtofen was behind said accident, it surprises no one.
  • There are certain types of Hellhounds that come doused in flames, which is an indication that said hound will explode upon being killed. This has earned the attention the Pyromaniacs, not because of their usefulness, but because the flaming ones look cooler to them.
  • Erma got to meet with the hounds after Samantha personally invited her, knowing that she wouldn't be too bothered by them. Erma considers them really cute creatures and often drags her dog Siris to "play" with them. Surprisingly, the Hellhound don't mind the presence of him.
  • Samantha developed a small rivalry with Mr. Burns, since he kind of envies her for having more "efficient guard dogs" as he says. That said, he sensed that the Hellhounds might be too dangerous to attempt to capture one and make it his own, so he prefers to stay away from them.

Iggy, Annoying Little Yappy Dog of the Gods
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Stand, the Fool, and/or a pack of coffee-flavored chewing gum
  • Theme Songs: Fool of Sand or Iggy Walk
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Heroic tendencies
  • Stand: The Fool
  • Portfolio: Small & Annoying Purebred Boston Terrier, Sapient Anti-Heroic Dog, Loves Coffee-Flavored Gum, Getting Human-like facial features at times, Humans Are Bastards/Morons (former philosophy), Sand Manipulation, Gass Hole, Spanner in the Works, Accidental Hero, Smarter And More Dangerous Than He Looks, Heroic Sacrifice
  • Domains: Dogs, Sand, Anti-Heroism
  • Followers: Mr. Muggles, Percy, Chloe, Snowy, Spunky
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Krypto, Great Wolf Sif, Zinogre, Lloyd Irving
  • Enemies: VANILLA ICE, Dio Brando, Pet Shop, Hol Horse, Ungalo, Rikiel and Donatello Versus, The Pillar Men (Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana), Yoshikage Kira, Diavolo, Enrico Pucci, Giorno Giovanna (one-sided), Cerberus, Sir Crocodile, Nihilists, Human Haters, Carnage, Shou Tucker
  • Pities (somewhat): Lucy/Nyu
  • The final member of the Stardust Crusaders, Iggy the Boston Terrier ascended at last after his Heroic Sacrifice saving Polnareff from Vanilla Ice. Of course, he could've ascended much earlier if he hadn't pissed off the Court; he made his displeasure known by jumping up and farting on the face of anyone he could. Eventually, the Court finally allowed Iggy to enter the Pantheon after his lengthy evaluation.
  • He was welcomed by all his allies in the Stardust Crusaders. Polnareff couldn't hold back his tears as he picked up Iggy and the others looked on with proud smiles. The moment was cut short when the terrier once more jumped up and bit Polnareff's hair, stunning the Frenchman and making the others laugh.
  • Later on, he was introduced to other members of the JoJo. At first, he thought Jonathan was Dio, but was soon informed that Dio later took his body for his own and that Jonathan was the original owner. He later allowed Jonathan to pet him, as Iggy reminded Jonathan of his own dog.
    • However, as much as anyone would tell him otherwise, he does not get along with Giorno. Anyone related to Dio, even though he doesn't share his father's evil tendencies, is unforgivable to him.
    • He was furious to learn that not only was Dio in the Pantheon, but so was Vanilla Ice, his murderer. He would immediately start training to prevent his weakness — being a simple dog — not stop him from exacting his revenge.
  • After settling in the Hall of Canines, he immediately began to establish dominance over it the same way he did with his dogpack in New York. Some of the dogs just shook their heads at his bravado and others eventually challenged him to a fight. Nobody expected Iggy to then show human-like levels of intelligence and cunning, along with revealing a stand, named The Fool, and using its versatility. Iggy put up a decent fight, but even he was outclassed by the likes of Krypto and Sif. Instead of being upset at his loss, Iggy merely grinned. He would enjoy his stay in the Pantheon.
  • Iggy used to hold a distrust of humans, considering them to be stupid and/or bad. It was after journeying with the Stardust Crusaders that he warmed up a bit to them, but still doesn't look very kindly on humans in general. The only way to accept humans, he decided, is by earning his respect. Still, many nihilistic deities and/or human-haters try to turn him away from the slight goodness of humanity. He replies by either farting in their faces or siccing the Fool on them.
  • Even though he isn't too fond of humanity, he does have a soft spot for innocent children, hence why he enjoys being around both Chiyo-chan and Yotsuba. Woe be to anyone who would harm them in his presence.
    • The same courtesy was also given to Colette Brunel, as she is a kind-hearted dog lover as well. Amazingly, without even knowing his name, she called him Iggy (as is customary of her to identify the name of any dogs she has never met) and this made him really happy. He does tend to get annoyed with how klutzy she is, but he also chose to protect her as well. Naturally, he and Lloyd don't get along; the swordsman has been the target of a few face-farts already.
  • Since Iggy tends to get himself easily injured (even as a Stand user, he's still a tiny dog), he is one of Tesshou's frequent patients. At first, he mistrusted the R.E.D. vet, but through talking with Dog, he decided to give him a chance. Iggy shows Tesshou respect, being his personal vet, though even he wonders just what drove Tesshou to name his dog, Dog.
  • For some strange reason, Iggy's facial features tend to change to a more human-like appearance the longer he spends around any member or ally of the JoJo faction. When far away from them for a long time, he regains a more canine appearance.
  • When not in the Hall of Canines, he tends to wander off to explore the many Houses and Halls within them. Many gods have seen him steal random scraps within the House of Food, sleep on empty bookshelves in the House of Knowledge, walk down the halls of both the House of School and Elysium Academy, spectate in matches at both the Combat Dojo and the Sports Stadium, and has even been caught (somehow) eavesdropping in the Main House. Nobody knows just how he manages to do it and that suits Iggy just fine.
    • It was during one particular sojourn to the Hall of Earth & Metal when he witnessed the blind Earthbender Toph Bei Fong and the sand ninja Gaara once more sparring with one another. Scoffing at their abilities, Iggy chose to crash their fight. The two fighters were stunned seeing (figuratively in Toph's case of course) him alongside the Fool and agreed to have him join their battle as a three-way. Iggy put up a decent fight but was clearly outmatched by Toph's superior sense of Earthbending and Gaara's total mastery of sand. Still, the Boston Terrier didn't give up. Eventually, he had to give up; he couldn't take any more damage to his small canine body. The two earth masters noted how Iggy kept going even when clearly outmatched and each offered to help him train and improve his abilities. Iggy was upset at first, since he was too proud to ask for help, especially from humans. He eventually swallowed his pride, knowing full well he has to be stronger for his eventual rematch against Vanilla Ice, and agreed to be trained. What results will come from Toph and Gaara's regimen towards improving himself and the Fool have yet to be seen.
    • During one of his excursions to the Hall of Logic, Iggy was approached by Mako Mankanshoku who thought Iggy sounded like her dog. After a lengthy battle, Iggy thought Mako was an okay human to be around to get some extra scraps.

    Jake the Dog 
Jake the Dog, God of Canine Companions (Groucho, Baron of the Grasslands, Randy Butternubs, JMO)
  • Lesser God (would be an Intermediate God if he was less lazy). Rank can increase up to Greater or decrease depending on what he shapeshifts into.
  • Symbol: His Head
  • Theme Songs: Bacon Pancakes, My Name is Jake
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Big Friendly Dogs, Sizeshifter, Rubber Man, The Slacker, Interspecies Romance and Beta Couple With Lady Rainicorn, One of the Kids, impatient and tactless, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, Very Susceptible to Belly-Rubs, Mellow Fellow, Not That Good of a Parent, Real Men Cook, Reformed Criminal, Superpowerful Genetics, Half-Magical Dog, Half Stretchy Alien
  • Domains: Adventure (why not?), Shape, Family, Comedy
  • Heralds: Joshua and Margaret (His parents and Finn's adoptive parents), Jermaine (His brother and Finn adoptive's brother)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Lich, GOLB, The Vamps, Orgalorg, Tirek, Death Phantom, Princess Morbucks, Baby Bonnie Hood, The Facehuggers, Hero Killer Stain
  • Fears: The Hall of Vampires
  • Jake ascended to stay close to his brother Finn. His loyalty was rewarded by O-Haruhi-sama, who gave him his current position: Big Friendly Dog.
    • That turned out to be a mistake, as Jake wasn't even that big most of the time. So the Court scrambled to find a better one and found Canine Companion. That is what he is to Finn, after all. The trope might normally apply to pets, but Tropes Are Flexible, so that's what he's taking.
  • His stretchy powers are something to admire, capable of shrinking and enlarging to massive amounts and forming just about any shape, though he cannot do so infinitely. This is thanks to his partial alien heritage after Warren Ampersand bit his father's head, and he was born from pustule that grew there as a result of that. He has the potential to become an Intermediate God, but he's too lazy to use his full potential. Naturally, he gets along with Monkey D. Luffy due to being an amiable Big Eater with stretchy powers.
    • He also gets along with Amethyst, who's also a jokester with shape-shifting powers. While all the Crystal Gems have this power, she uses it more often, and sometimes tries to convince Jake to use his more often for whatever pranks they might come up with together. He's also surprised to find out that she's also a proficient cook (despite her palate) just like him, and they sometimes (though not often) share recipes.
    • The extent of his powers go so far as to be able to stretch himself to create an entirely new "person", move objects through his body freely (as Princess Bubblegum can attest to personally), enlarge his liver to nullify a poison in his body, and so on. He can also be stretched against his will, as Finn has done at least twice, and even his body might use his power against him, when his stomach punched him in order to wake him up and start eating.
    • The way he was born has drawn comparisons to Athena, who isn't amused by this.
  • He displays a prowess for skateboarding, being able to perform jumps, ollies, and grinds, even atop a moving train. He can also read Braille.
  • Jake is a skilled musician as well, going so far as to have his first words after coming out of Joshua's head be a song and dance. He's particularly good with the viola, but can also do the acoustic guitar, the ukulele, beat-boxing, singing, and turning his butt into drums.
  • Gets well along with both Aquaman and Bender, since they all have the same voice, it's OUTRAGEOUS!.
    • For that reason, many mortals and some deities used to try to get Jake to say "bite my furry yellow ass!" However, he made it clear he didn't want to do that; nobody has bothered him about it since.
    • After meeting Bender, Jake was soon introduced to Fry. They got along wonderfully, impressed with his treatment of Seymour.
  • Every time he has a chance to have any wish granted, his first choice will always be a sandwich. This is likely because the idea of wishing for something important terrifies him.
  • When the House of Gaming was founded, he eventually decided to introduce Card Wars to it, and is willing to teach people how to play it.
  • Apparently, his insides smell like vanilla because a wizard cursed him.
  • Used to be a criminal, and probably would've remained so had Finn not entered his life. Of course he's reformed, but he's under the eye of every deity in the House of Justice. One of his kids was later involved in a gang, but he's sorted that out.
  • When Lady Rainicorn ascended, Jake was the first to greet her. The two were very happy to be together again, and they immediately visited the House of Love. The two have Rainicorn-Dog hybrids, known affectionately as corn-dogs.
  • He despises the Lich, arguably more so than any other pantheon member because he got personal with him; the Lich killed Billy, and later turned Prismo to ash (the latter got better). And to his horror, an alternate version of Jake was transformed into the Lich, though they later on managed to undo that incarnation.
  • Jake assumed that he got his stretchy powers from rolling in a mud puddle. The truth is his father was impregnated by an Eldritch Abomination shape-shifter, making him half-abomination. He remains clueless about this, but has some subconscious awareness as he is wary of the Facehuggers. Recently, however, Jake learned the truth of his origins while investigating Joshua and Margaret's old headquarters and has managed to make peace with it.
  • He gets along quite well with the Guardians of the Galaxy, particularly with Star-Lord, since he also knows what it's like to have a long-lost dad who's a shape-shifting jerkass that only wants to use him for his own gain. He can sometimes be seen trading stories with Rocket about their criminal pasts.
  • For anyone in the Pantheon that can't dance, Jake's always more than happy to show them how it's done.
  • He, along with the rest of the Adventure Time were given a huge send-off from the Pantheon gods when his show finally came to an end. The newer Cartoon Network deities in particular were torn up about its ending, many of them drawing influence from the show.
  • With his show now over, he, along with Finn, Mordecai and Rigby now look over the other CN deities of The New '10s and regularly offer them guidance.

Renamon, Goddess of Fantastic Foxes (Lunamon, Relemon, Viximon, Kyubimon, Taomon, Sakuyamon, Youkomon, Doumon, Kuzuhamon)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate as Taomon and Sakuyamon)
  • Symbol: A taijitu with triangular dots and the purple symbol on her knees
  • Theme Songs: "Flaming Ice", "One Vision" (Sakuyamon version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Domains: Foxes, Kitsune, Mysticism, Taoism
  • Portfolio: Foxes as symbols of magic and mystery, graceful fighter, Koyosetsu, Gabumon expy, increasingly humanoid as the levels advance, The Stoic, ability to show up and disappear into thin air, nocturnal and a Nightmare Soldier but not evil, shapeshifting powers in the lower levels
  • High Priestess: Ninetales
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities, Fox McCloud, Mr. Fox, Tails, Kurama, another Kurama, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Anubis, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars, Reimu Hakurei, GUAG White Hats
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities, Love Machine, Enter, Sombra, Master Control Program, YHVH, Shelob, Ungoliant
  • Friendly Rival: Lucario
  • Renamon is a Digimon based on various Asian fox myths, including kitsune (even though her name actually comes from the French word for fox). Though she's at the Rookie level, she already has the stature, power and mental maturity of a Champion. In her early levels she's a good, fast attacker, akin to a ninja in her fighting style, while in higher levels she takes on the garbs of onmyouji and becomes more defense-oriented, becoming specialized in barrier and summoning magic. The species' most remarkable accomplishment is fighting and destroying the D-Reaper, who wished to delete everything, including the real world, alongside a human partner, Dukemon and Beelzemon. One was also part of the Xros Heart army.
  • Her ascension happened at the request of Omnimon to reinforce the ranks of Digimon in the aftermath of Millenniumon and Diaboromon's ascension. Since she's an excellent representation of the mystical attributes of foxes, she was given the Fantastic Foxes trope.
  • She's good at concealing her presence. Not only does she have the usual kitsune gift of shapeshifting, she also has an uncanny ability to make herself completely unnoticed without actually hiding. As such, she has freaked some deities out of their skin by showing up at their side before they could even sense her.
  • Her long-time friend Dukemon was overjoyed at her ascension and welcomed her with open arms. Beelzemon was also glad in his own, standoffish way, considering how much concern she showed for him back in the mortal planes. The remaining good Digimon also welcomed her, since she's another Digimon with a just heart and considerable power, and thus an invaluable addition to their ranks.
  • Like all good Digimon in the Pantheon, she fights to protect cyberspace from any who'd destroy it or use it for nefarious purposes, which naturally makes her allies with a great deal of Internet-based good-aligned deities, namely the GUAG's White Hats.
  • She took notice in particular of the aloof hacker Lisbeth Salander, realizing that despite her harsh and anti-social demeanour, Lisbeth really does care that good triumphs in the end. Not able to bring herself to leave Lisbeth alone, Renamon took up watching over her, because as violent as Lisbeth can get, she's still only a petite human. Whether Lisbeth liked it or not, the Digivice that marked her as Renamon's Tamer materialized in her hands. Lisbeth indeed had a few reservations about being bound to a Digimon, being used to working solo. She definitely saw the value of such a connection, though, when she was attacked by the Kecleon brothers and their swarm as revenge for the stunt she pulled on the House of Commerce when she first appeared in the Pantheon. Renamon evolved for the first time and fought the swarm off, solidifying their partnership.
  • Prefers to ignore her status as a sex symbol in the Furry Fandom. She won't declare the Furries who fetishize her to be blasphemers or persecute them or anything, since at the end of the day they're some of her most devoted followers. She just wants their particular mode of reverence to be kept where she won't see it. If anything good has come of this, it's that it's served as an additional bonding factor with fellow fox deities as they all shake their heads at their followers' follies, and got her another friend in Anubis, who feels her pain like no one else.
  • Renamon is interested in testing her strength against all the mons in the Pantheon. Lucario is a particularly Worthy Opponent for her because of their very similar fighting styles, and when he decides to Mega Evolve, she's forced to evolve to her highest level as well to keep up. Despite what Wiz and Boomstick might claim, though, they're actually pretty good friends and aid each other against enemies, and they make quite a fearsome combo.
  • Few people realize that Sakuyamon has a Super Mode akin to Dukemon's Crimson Mode. It's called Miko Mode. Admittedly it seems less suited for fighting than standard Sakuyamon, but it gives her heightened exorcising abilities. Renamon in general has a lot of affinity with the ancient East Asian faiths, and with her resembling a sacred fox spirit and her higher forms being religious figures, she has curried favor with the Mikos of the Pantheon, such as Sailor Mars and Reimu, and can sometimes be seen helping to protect their temples like a good fox spirit. Conversely, YHVH and his goons hate her because she "promotes" false religions.
  • In the mortal planes, one kind of Digimon that managed to get one over on her (at least briefly) was the spider-based Dokugumon, which poisoned her and ensnared her in its webs. Because of this, Renamon's mane spiked at hearing that the Pantheon contains some giant, venomous spiders that love nothing more than eating those who wander into their lairs and are way more powerful than Dokugumon. They weren't amused at hearing she'd defeated one of their followers either. Renamon will use her holy powers to drive them back into their lairs whenever they come crawling out of them.

    Wolf O'Donnell 
Wolf O'Donnell, God of Noble Wolves (The Silver Space Wolf, Star Wolf)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Wolfen (the Star Wolf equivalent of Team Star Fox's Arwing)
  • Theme Music: Surprise Attack (Star Wolf), Star Wolf Theme (Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral with some Neutral Good moments (was Neutral Evil under Andross)
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, A Wolf Named Wolf, Savage Wolves, Bounty Hunter, Eyepatch of Power, Joker Immunity, Lightning Bruiser, The Rival, Hell-Bent for Leather, Stealth Mentor
  • Domains: Wolves, Pilots, Rivals
  • Heralds: Leon Powalski, Panther Caruso
  • Followers: Midday and Dusk Lycanroc, Alpha, Argent
  • Allies: Zinogre, Iori Yagami
  • Enemies: The Aparoids, Galeem & Dharkon, Lord Shen, Gauron, backstabbers
  • Worthy Opponent: Fox McCloud
  • Respected by: Lord Recluse
  • Former Relations: Andross
  • Wolf O’Donnell is the leader of the aptly-named Star Wolf, a rival team of mercenaries that has clashed with Star Fox a number of times. While looking like an aggressive, but skilled, pilot at first glance, Wolf does show a code of honor, such as treating his team pretty well (only kicking off one of their members because the member in question was a greedy scumbag), and helping Fox and the others confront larger threats. Given how often they’ve crossed paths, Wolf has come to see Fox as a worthy rival.
  • After Star Fox completed a mission to defend a space station from oncoming intruders, Fox noticed a few extra uninvited guests heading their way. It didn’t take long for him to realize that those guests happened to be Star Wolf, who ended up finding the Pantheon while going on their own mission. Wolf took this opportunity to engage Star Fox in another dogfight with the help of his teammates. After the conflict was over (with Star Fox taking another victory), Fox told Wolf about the Pantheon and how different it was from the Lylat System in various ways. Even having taken all this into account, Wolf made it clear that it won’t be the last time their teams will meet under circumstances like this.
  • One of his attempts to defeat Star Fox had him working for Andross. Given that it ended in failure, combined with Andross looking for stronger characters in the Pantheon to try and take down his arch-enemies, Wolf has since opted not to get himself involved any further with Andross. The fact that it’s possible that Wolf was little more than an Unwitting Pawn for both Andross and Pigma (the latter of whom Wolf would later kick out from Star Wolf) might have contributed to this.
  • Wolf ended up seeing quite a bit of himself in Gauron and not in a good way. Both are skilled pilots and hired guns who have a rival that they and only they alone feel obliged to defeat. Gauron is far more psychotic and deranged than Wolf could ever be, with his unhealthy obsession towards Sousuke Sagara (in contrast to Wolf’s more straightforward rivalry with Fox) and untrustworthiness angering Wolf further. If there was a mission requested by someone that involved taking down Gauron, Wolf is more than willing to take up that offer, though Gauron’s bloodthirstiness means that a fight between them is bound to happen at some point.
  • Lord Recluse heard about Wolf’s rivalry with Fox and wanted to arrange a meeting with him, citing a similar relationship between him and Statesman. Wolf ended up finding himself in Recluse’s location and was greeted by an imposing figure who wanted to talk to him. Lord Recluse explained who he is, the extent of his ambitions, and how Wolf’s determination to defeat Fox was similar to Recluse’s desire to bring down Statesman. Wolf recalled not only why he worked together with Fox to destroy The Aparoids, but noticed how Recluse was interested in conquest and that it wasn’t that different from Andross, though Recluse told Wolf that he’s very different from Andross in the long run. Recluse offered Wolf a chance to let Star Wolf be a part of his team and while Wolf found the offer interesting, he and his team preferred to work independently from larger groups (that and Wolf being the Grey to Recluse’s Black on the morality scale), especially where his rivalry with Fox is concerned. Recluse didn’t take it all that bad and if anything, he very much had good things to say about Wolf’s rivalry with Fox.
  • There’s a good amount of things that he and Iori Yagami have in common, especially where their respective rivalries are concerned. Both have a strong desire to defeat their own rivals and when a stronger threat emerges, they end up having to team-up to take down said threat. In Iori’s case, it happened enough times that even his own rival, Kyo Kusanagi, has toned down his own hostility towards Iori, even if the latter begged to differ. Both Wolf and Iori have maintained a friendship with each other given their own adventures.
  • He has a vendetta against Lord Shen, mostly due to the latter apparently killing a wolf that was working for him. Granted, the wolf was trying to be pragmatic in skills, but Shen’s unhinged behavior and wanting his enemies dead was what got the wolf in trouble. This also led Wolf to believe that if he continued working for Andross and failed to defeat Star Fox under his orders, he’d be taken care of similarly. Shen does find Wolf to be a bit similar to the Wolf Boss and slightly more dangerous than that character, but he still views him to be an obstacle to be removed in his plans for conquest.
  • Pigma’s greed and self-serving nature was what got him kicked off Star Wolf and Wolf made it clear that he’s not going to allow anyone like him to work alongside Star Wolf. That hasn’t prevented a number of similar characters in the Pantheon to try and join Star Wolf for their own gain. Wolf is interested in working for money, but he wants to make sure that no one turns against him when all is said and done.
  • As far as other wolves are concerned, he doesn’t have much issue with most of them. That said, Moro hasn’t really thought much of Wolf given how much of his behavior is similar to that of humans that Moro is wary of even if Wolf doesn’t regard her as a bad being overall. He holds plenty of respect for Zinogre, being a much more powerful wolf than wolf could be and one who isn’t willing to go down without a fight.
  • Looking to further prove himself to be just as good (but mainly better) than Fox, Wolf found out about a Smash tournament and decided to participate in it. His special moves happen to be variants of Fox’s own, but most of the rest of his attacks he uses in these tournaments are different from Fox and Falco’s. He only found out about the tournament after Fox, Falco, and many of the other participants took down Tabuu, but he ended up helping out helping his rivals (again) when Galeem and Dharkon unleashed destruction, with Wolf’s wingmates being among the casualties of Galeem’s initial attack.
  • One of Wolf’s more dangerous moments happened when he ended up in a world far from The Lylat System and wanted to use the technology there to not just return to Corneria, but to conquer it as well. It came as a sort of surprise to some who believed that Wolf was more of a hired gun than anything, with a few others believing that Wolf was capable of attempted conquest like that if he was really motivated. Then again, Wolf’ hasn’t made any attempts like that in the Pantheon and some other denizens believe that this was more of a test to see if Star Fox can take Star Wolf down when they’re really serious.
  • You’re good, but I’m better!


Balto, God of Sled Dogs
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The statue of himself
  • Theme Song(s): Reach for the Light
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Part-Dog, Part-Wolf, Outcasted for his other half, Agile and Sturdy Dog in Nome, Stubborn, Felt Ashamed of his Wolf heritage until he accepted it, Sled Dog, Yellow-Eyed and Cunning
  • Domains: Wolf-Dog, Hero, Sled Dog, Fictionalized Tellings
  • Herald: Jenna
  • High Priest: Buck
  • Allies: Amaterasu, Chibiterasu, Hachiko, Krypto, Jake the Dog, Pluto, Wolf o' Donnell, Fox McCloud, Clifford, Lady and Tramp, Link, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
  • Enemies: Gaston, Cruella de Vil, Dr. XXX, Lord Shen
  • Pities: Naruto, Rudolph
  • Balto was once outcasted by the people and dog of Nome, Alaska, until he helped save the town from a Diphtheria epidemic by helping the dog-sled in transporting the anti-toxins back to town. Though his tale is largely exaggerated, the fact remained that he was celebrated as a hero to the town of Nome. As the result, Balto was allowed in with many of the Court continue making investigations in Balto's story and what really happened.
  • Balto has been meeting with the many wolves that resides in the Pantheon ever since he accepted his wolf heritage.
    • He is quite amused of Valkenhayn as he's both a man and a wolf.
  • As a renowned sled dog, Balto formed a team of sled dogs in the need of transportation in the arctic (or rather the Hall of Ice and Cold). Though the dogs weren't exactly suitable for the job, the volunteers were courageous and strong enough to make the trek through the snow.
  • He is incredibly aggressive with Gaston due to his smugness and arrogance being similar to Steele to the point that the two are the same people if the former was a dog.
  • He respected Hachiko when he learned about his story and the two found a connection as the two were commemorated as renowned canines and having a statue to tell their story.
  • As a former follower of Wolf o' Donnell, the two have some respect for each other. He shows to get along with Fox, Wolf's rival, as he doesn't have any reason to hold anything against him.
  • He sympathizes with Naruto and Rudolph as they were once cast out by their hometown, especially the former when he was thought to be very dangerous.
  • He sympathizes with Inuyasha for his background of discrimination for being of mixed blood.
  • He admired Lady and Tramp in their relationship of a domestic purebred and a scrapped mutt, much like himself and Jenna. Though he believed that Steele tried to hit on her once with the same trick that the canine couple did.
  • Sniper Wolf bonded with him as she has looked after wolf dogs that were in Shadow Moses.
    • Meryl also doesn't seems to mind him as the wolf dogs also were kind to her. Solid Snake, however, wasn't very lucky with wolf dogs unless he has a scent of Sniper Wolf.
  • He often like to play by the Hall of Birds, because he was raised by a goose named Boris who looked after him until he could stand on his four paws. He once made a joke about Lord Shen looking more like a goose, at least, until he found out that he used wolves as expendable mooks and even killing his subordinate for defying his order.

Dogmeats, Triumvirate of Post-Apocalyptic Dogs (Dog)
New California Dogmeat
Capital Wasteland Dogmeat
Commonwealth Dogmeat
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Undying Loyalty, Dog Companions, Stupidly Suicidal Over Confidence, Legacy Character, Adorable Badasses, Badass Family, Beware the Nice Ones
  • Domains: Dogs, Companions, Loyalty, Legacies
  • Heralds: Dogmeat's Puppies, K-9, Robodog, Rex, Roxie, and their Cyberpups
  • Followers: Kubrows
  • Allies: The Sole Survivor, Krypto, Jake The Dog, The Courier, Bladewolf, Pikachu, Yoshi, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel Bagge, Nintendogs and Nintencats, Hal, Kamila, Ordis, The Tactical Dolls of Griffin and Kryuger particularly S.A.T.8
  • Enemies: The Enclave, Dr. Borous, Cruella de Vil, Shou Tucker, Graboids, Immortan Joe, Junkrat and Roadhog, Raiders, Anybody who hurts their masters
  • Opposed by: Soap MacTavish, anyone who doesn't like dogs, Papyrus, Lemongrab, Eustace Bagge
  • It's a dangerous world in the Wastes, and exploring it alone isn't recommended save for the more enduring of individuals. Maybe your choice of ally is a former greaser bully back in the Vault, a grandmotherly super mutant suffering from insanity and past memories, or it could just be your run of the mill canine. The name Dogmeat actually refers to a series of canine companions that follow legendary wastelanders. The original one that traveled with the Vault Dweller to stop the Master and the Unity died from a forcefield (didn't get the memo, though). Another in the Capital Wastes helped the Lone Wanderer in their exploits to find their Dad, take back Project Purity, and take down the Enclave for good. The one in the Commonwealth helped out the Sole Survivor in their travels to find their son.
  • The Commonwealth's Dogmeat was the first to ascend, seeking to follow the Sole Survivor. They, along with their Heralds, welcomed the wasteland hound. Not too close behind are New California's and the Capital Wasteland's Dogmeats, although both are disappointed to hear that their masters have not ascended yet. The two stay here alongside the Commonwealth's to await their return. When not travelling somewhere, they can be seen in their temple, a Red Rocket truck stop, alongside their Heralds and followers.
  • Cute as the Dogmeats are, don't underestimate them. Normal dogs, yes, but ones that have endured the harsh wastes' inhabitants. Abominable mutants born from radiation or otherwise, remnants of the United States clad in top of the line Power Armor and weaponry, synthetic humans created from a shadowy organization, and much more. Especially if it means defending their loved ones, they will tear someone's throat out if they can. It doesn't always mean it's a good idea, though.
  • Suggested by the Sole Survivor themselves they went out to try and befriend deities. In their Hall, they became allies with Krypto and Jake, and are pretty happy when they are around. The same can be said with Bladewolf, acknowledging the troubles he went through and his noble views on free will. The Courier seems fond of them as well, their Canine Companions Rex and Roxie being their heralds, and it's not uncommon for them to accompany the Mojave Wastelander when the Sole Survivor is busy.
    • Have heard many tales of Pikachu and Yoshi's travels with Ash and Mario, respectively and bonded with them as a result. Some days you can actually find all five of them having their own adventures, although you likely never would of seen them in its entirety. Apparently one of those involved them helping out Courage and Muriel, who was being chased by Graboids at the time, by luring it to Lemongrab's temple to wreck havoc there. Couldn't have helped Eustace though, he died before it got resolved after being rude to them.
  • Outside of Krypto and Jake, the Dogmeats have also hung around the Nintendogs and can sometimes be found walking around their temple as well. They're also pretty chill around the Nintencats as well. During one of these visits, they ended up crossing paths with Hal and Kamila, and the wasteland mutts quickly took a liking to them as well. For the two girls the feeling is mutual and began to pet them a lot, at least after 195 advised Hal to brush them up a bit. 'Twas a great day for petting.
  • Being canines themselves, they have a poor view on those who wish harm on them. Dr. Borous' cruelty towards his own loyal dog Gabe along with his other experiments involving Cyberdogs was pretty sick, but at the very least he felt bad for what happened to Gabe. Cruella de Vil on the other hand, and her attempts of turning little puppies into a coat sickens them to the core. They also hate any raiders they come across within the Pantheon given their own bad experiences (old owners got attacked or killed by them). None of the Dogmeats hold any respect to Immortan Joe, Junkrat, or Roadhog.
    • They're also quite hostile to the Sewing-Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker, who is experienced in creating chimeras. Though outwardly friendly, Tucker's achievements ultimately come from his amoral drive to keep his State Alchemist license at any cost. Such is this case with the talking chimeras made from his wife and later on his young daughter, Nina, and the family dog, Alexander. Such horrific acts are made public in the Pantheon and at one point, one of the Dogmeats bit one of his hands off when he was too close for the hound to smell him.
  • Papyrus can't really trust any of the Dogmeats, mostly due to the fact that one dog seems to exist to annoy him. Soap MacTavish also doesn't like them, though nothing against them specifically, he just dislikes canines in general. They don't seem to mind either, though. Ordis seemed to be on the same boat, given his attitude on Kubrows... until they learn his disdain for dogs is a façade, he's actually really fond of them. So much so that any threats to them results in something akin to a Berserk Button.
  • They have come to frequently accompany the various ascended Tactical Dolls on their various trips and work through the Pantheon. Being accompanied by pets during expeditions to explore the world was not an uncommon thing in Griffin and Kryuger so they're used to the Dogmeats doing so. Perhaps helping deepen each other's bond is the fact that, as different as both of their respective settings are, ultimately they both lived in worlds that take place After the End. Of all the Dolls, S.A.T.8 seems particularly fond of the dogs due to her uncontrolled fondness for many different animals.

Hachikō, God of Loyal Dogs (Chuken Hachiko - "Faithful Dog Hachiko")
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Statue of Hachiko
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Canine Companion, I Will Wait for You, waiting for his master till the end of his days
  • Domains: Loyalty, Love, Dedication
  • Herald: Hidesaburō Ueno (his owner, together at last)
  • High Priest: Seymour Asses
  • Followers: General Pepper, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Huan, Gin
  • Allies: Scooby Doo, Filia, Jeremiah Gottwald, Rainbow Dash, Fenrich, Akane and Nazuna Inuwaka, Snoopy, the Hall of Canines, Philip J Fry, Tintin, Charlie Barkin
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil
  • At Odds With: Garfield
  • Many gods made their case in the Pantheon through sheer acts of bravery. This deity merely showed unprecedented amounts of Undying Loyalty to his owner, and just so happens to originate in the real world. A purebred Akita dog, Hachiko always came by to Shibuya station in order to see his master. It was a feat that would continue even after Ueno died at work. He waited for his deceased master to return until his own death occurred, going to the train station where his master would go to for ten years. This is true loyalty which was published in a newspaper that made him a national icon. For this, he ascended into Godhood, but for a good while, he still waited for his master to come home.
    • Eventually, someone revealed the truth to Hachiko. The next few days were filled with nothing, but Hachiko's howls that caused many emotional gods to cry along with him. The Pantheon ran out of tissues because of this.
    • There is a happy ending to all of this — or perhaps bittersweet, considering they can never return to life on Earth. A new statue was created with him reunited with his owner at long last. At the same time, Hachiko and Ueno were reunited in the Pantheon, with the latter serving as the former's herald. Many a happy tear was shed that day.
    • When Gottwald found out about the dog's ascension, he volunteered to take care of the dog's temple. He knows that he would never be able to replace the old companion, but Gottwald hopes to be the best alternative he can be. For his part Hachiko has shown positive reception to it.
  • Because of this, Hachiko now serves as a symbol of loyalty and love. The dog is especially highly regarded in the Houses of Love and Friendship. Couples come to his temple to pronounce their undying love and loyalty to one another. True Companions renew their vows to stick around.
  • Neku and Beat usually can be seen with Hachiko, sometimes even playing with him. This is where they met up with Shiki when she finally made it to the Pantheon again.
  • Whenever Philip J. Fry walks by the temple, he can't help but shed a single tear. He too was torn away from his loyal dog who waited for a master who had no way of returning back to see him. It would be many years until he found out that Seymour did indeed obey his command to his dying breath. Even then...Distraught over the revelation, Fry again contemplated over cloning the dog... that is until Hachiko brought Fry to his side as his high priest. Overjoyed, Fry embraced his pet... then told him that he would rather have Seymour stay at Hachiko's temple. While restricted from entering the rest of the Pantheon, Fry is at least satisfied that his dog has new companions to call friends.
  • His kind is revered by virtually all dog deities residing in the Pantheon. While not all of them have owners to care for, none of them speak ill of the canine. Even evil ones such as Hellhounds shy away from attacking his temple out of respect.
    • Scooby Doo is among the few deities that has visited his statue in Japan. While he was initially obsessed with getting a statue of his own there, he later became more respectful once he met the dog.
  • While Hachiko isn't a primary target of his, Garfield isn't above delivering a prank on him every once in a while. Much of the disdain is probably due to his loyalty aspects mimicking that of rival pet Odie.
  • Animal lovers everywhere have made a coordinated effort so that Hachiko does not end up anywhere near Cruella de Vil. The animal coat maker was interested creating coats of many iconic animals. Hachiko has become a primary target both for being an easy target and for being a famous canine. Such a pelting would be devastating to all who look up to him. As such, various people have volunteered to keep Cruella at bay.
  • S.E.E.S. member Ken Amada is thankful for providing a loyal companion like Koromaru by his side. The kid has always liked animals, and the ascended members of his team invite him to visit the temple every once in a while.
  • While Snowy is Tintin's herald, the dog is allowed an honorary follower title from Hachiko. While usually mischievous, Snowy knows of his significance and attempts to be at his best behavior when entering.
  • It is true that Rainbow Dash represents Loyalty for the Mane Six. However, she was able to enter the Pantheon through other means. As such, the dog has her full blessing for representing Loyalty to not just companions but to friends in general.
  • Filia has given Hachiko similar approval as she represents those who set the needs of others before themselves. She herself was sad that for Hachiko's case, it meant his owner's life over his own. It helps that she's a fan of dogs in general.

    John Worthington Foulfellow 
John Worthington Foulfellow, God of Evil Foxes (The Fox, Honest John, Wicked John)
Honet John in animated (top) and CGI (bottom) form
Click here  for an illustration him with the Cat, and Pinocchio on the left
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The clothes on his back and his top-hat
  • Theme Song: Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life For Me)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Foul Fox, Con Artist, Known As Honest John, Not So Lovable Rogue, Karma Houdini Through Adaptation, Was Only Known As The Fox In The Book, The Barnum, Opportunistic Bastard, Prefers Words Over Violence And Fears The Coachman, Clever Foxes, False Friend, actual Villainous Friendship with Gideon
  • Domains: Con Artists, Foxes, Lowlifes, Thievery, Charisma
  • Herald: The Cat/Gideon (his partner in crime)
  • High Priest: Foxy Loxy
  • Followers: Fiona Fox, Nickit, Thievul
  • Allies: Reynard the Fox, Moneybags, Nigel West Dickens, Jo'on and Shion Yorigami
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Swiper the Fox
  • Rivals: Stanley "Stan" Pines, Mr Fox, Katz, "Big" Jack Horner
  • Enemies: Prince John, Otis, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps (mainly Judy), Bugs Bunny, Cruella De Vil, Judge Doom and the Toon Patrol, Clancy Wiggum, Jake the Dog, King John
  • Opposes: Dag (because Even Evil Has Standards)
  • Opposed by: Earl Hickey (one-sided on his part), Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Aladdin, Robin Hood
  • Fears: The Coachman, The Slavers, SCP-953, Sweet P (or rather, the Lich within)
  • Envies: Robert E.O Speedwagon
  • Wary of: The House of Law and Justice, Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, Slappy the Dummy
  • On poor terms with: The Hall of Disabilities
  • The magically induced life of Pinocchio was one where he had to struggle with many temptations. The Fox, better known by his Disney name of John Worthington Foulfellow, is representative of the "easy road" and dishonest living. A professional con artist who lies and swindles to get his way, he managed to trick Pinocchio twice by exploiting his naivety. Though he passes himself off as a Lovable Rogue, he is at heart a grifter who has no problem conning children out of their money and freedom. He's even willing to commit murder. Still, he is not totally immoral as he is terrified of Pleasure Island and the Coachman, so he isn't the worst crook out there. Not one to look up towards, however, and he was still cowed in fear of the man.
  • It was practically on the nose that one Mr Foulfellow would ascend under the trope Foul Fox, even if he is not the foulest canine within the Trope Pantheon. Indeed, the sadism of Dag disturbs "Honest John", though he is shameless at trying to trick Otis with words so his partner Gideon may steal their chickens. And the kumiho SCP-953? Straight up horrifies him, and he much prefers goose liver mind you! Speaking of Gideon, he didn't need a lot of convincing in order to make him his herald, but he was sad that he could not find a position as an actual deity. The fox is smart enough not to try and re-encounter Pinocchio or Jiminy Cricket again as he knows he cannot pull the same tricks on the former again, especially since they recognize what kind of con man he is nowadays.
  • He doesn't like to admit it, but one of the main reasons John Worthington Foulfellow was able to get the trope Foul Fox was because the better candidate, Reynard the Fox, had the other trope. Not that Honest John is upset about it mind you; he respects the cunning and guile of Reynard, and he seeks to work with him in order to make money. Interestingly Disney had considered adapting Reynard as far back as 1937, albeit under some extensive Adaptational Heroism, but this never materialized. Honest John has suggested him and Reynard make the movie in order to help their reputation and make them better tricksters, but being illiterate among other things has stopped this scheme from leaving the idea phase.
  • Foxes are not the only canines with a swindling, crafty side; there's always the coyote. John Worthington Foulfellow has recently been buying ACME products, not so much to use them and more to sell off the often backfiring products for a far greater cost than they're worth. Despite being aware of ACME's reputation he also made the boneheaded move of not looking up Bugs Bunny's portfolio, so when he tried to sell ACME products to him Bugs manipulated his ego and greed in order to convince him what he has was actually worth its cost, and when Honest John attempted to use said products to get the last laugh and capture Bugs they backfired on him. He has sworn to get back at Bugs for being humiliated, though he is just as much envious over how Bugs is much craftier than him. He's also envious towards Speedwagon as he was once in his societal position but rose to become a multi-millionaire. The fact him remaining stuck in his crooked ways might play a part hasn't entered Honest John's mind.
  • In the original book he and the Cat pretended to be handicapped in their swindling schemes, only for him to become blind for real later on. The Foul Fox is glad that part was excised from Disney's adaptation, but it hasn't changed the fact that he is on poor terms with the Hall of Disabilities for that. His defense? "Hey, it was the 1880s!" On a nastier note he and the Cat tried hanging Pinocchio in the book and would've succeeded had Pinocchio not been Saved by the Fans...let's just say Honest John is glad the pantheon's Pinocchio is mainly his Disney self who wouldn't hold enough of a grudge to concern the fox. Just to cover his bases, Honest John refuses to get anywhere close living puppets, dolls and marionettes. In the case of Chuck the Killer Doll and Slappy the Dummy, no-one's blaming him.
  • If he's not trying to hide the fact he is a crook, Honest John takes pride in the fact he is one of the classic Disney villains. He's certainly not a stand-out example of evil or scope, being a more realistic swindler, but still has his fans. Amusingly he's got some things in common with heroic Disney characters like Aladdin or Nick Wilde. Aladdin doesn't care for "Honest John", as sure he was a thief but he only did so for survival and disapproves of how low the fox can be. Nick Wilde is a crafty fox like Foulfellow, but holds a lot more morals as a con artist. His best friend being a cop and bunny rabbit has led to them being on pretty poor terms. Stan Pines is less opposed to Honest John than he is more happy swindling him like a Karmic Trickster, and he has far more of an actual conscience and heart to his actions. Mr Foulfellow admires the grift and chutzpah of Stan, though he's far from liking the guy.
  • Prefers to team up with like-minded con artists and grifters; John Worthington Foulfellow is no fearsome fiend with grand ambition, so he is happy to work with those of the same stripe as he. His favorite cohorts are Moneybags, who makes money blocking routes that lead to Honest John waiting for his own scam, and Nigel West Dickens, who's snake oil and "fine remedies" are a new venue of con artistry that Mr Foulfellow seeks to stake a claim in. To a lesser extent he is allies with Swiper the Fox, however it's a difficult alliance because he constantly gets annoyed by his ineffectiveness. Still, he can't stay mad at him for too long as he's far from some master barnum and he accepts his friend Gideon despite being an idiot.
  • He can boast that he's a Karma Houdini, though he'll sheepishly admit that's because the scene where he was caught by the police was cut. This status is rarity among animated Disney villains, though not among Pinocchio baddies. Earl Hickey, having been a scoundrel who karma came for him and changed his outlooked, has warned the fox he can only get by his swindling ways long enough. Mr Foulfellow just joked "I'm too much of a lovable scamp, just ask my fans!" and left. However Honest John is aware he shouldn't push his luck, so he sticks to simple grifting and scheming over any big villain plans. He always keeps an eye for the House of Law and Justice in fear they might catch him, and was only ever confident enough to trick Chief Wiggum into handling his gun away for an allegedly rare donut. Wiggum is still mad at being made a fool, but it was hard to pity him.
  • Though the fear of the police was a factor, he remains mortified by the Coachman and his Pleasure Island. The fox may be a con man, grifter, swindler and even killer if need be but he is no human trafficker. What the Slavers do make him even sicker, and he does not want to imagine them and the Coachman working together on anything. He's definitely not a fan of Cruella De Vil, since from his perspective she kills and flays fellow canines! Admittedly while there's disgust, there's also fear that she might seek him out as a fox coat. On a much lighter note he wanted to remind people that no, just because he's a canine doesn't mean he has an issue with the Hall of Felines; his best friend's a cat after all.
  • He initially thought he might make a good racket with Big Jack Horner, as he's a pie-making mob boss who has a bone to pick with Pinocchio for showing him up as a kid. However Jack sees the swindler more as a rival, albeit one that most agree he has a leg up against; he's not fond of anything in the old Pinocchio story as he doesn't like being reminded of it. He also has the goal of taking all the magic in the world for himself, which kind of worries Honest John due to how that might affect him. Mainly him, mind you. But he's more worried about Judge Doom and the Toon Squad's depraved desire to destroy all toons, seeing as how he and basically everyone he knows is a toon. And the fact they're toon? Pure madness, far as the fox is concerned.
  • Contemplated manipulating the young Sweet P in order to use his big, strong body to commit a bunch of crimes. The plan never got off the ground when Jake the Dog told him how that went for the King of Ooo and Toronto, to which he got his answer; a certain something briefly reawakened to give them a history lesson. Learning that made Honest John fearful of Sweet P even if he's now in control of his Enemy Within and grown up so that he wouldn't be fooled anyway. The Lich doesn't care about him anyway, as there are far bigger fish to fry in order to kill everyone ever. Having been a former crook himself Jake knows how Honest John's schemes work and tends to call him out for his grift, especially when he exploits children's gullibility as that's just a dick move.
  • Was surprisingly well-behaved in An Adaptation of Dickens' Christmas Carol, Performed by The Walt Disney Players, as he and Gideon were the money collectors approaching Scrooge. Unsurprisingly the animated adaptation subbed the role to Rat and Toad since the two would only do something like that in a scam charity if they were in-character. A comic adaptation of The Emperor's New Clothes had him and Gideon swindle Prince John into wearing "invisible clothes". Prince John wants their head. He also wonders if he has anything to do with Robin Hood, who's also a fox in the same verse. It's a comparison Robin Hood resents as yes he's a thief, but he steals from the rich and gives to the poor; he is no fan of Foulfellow for exploiting the vulnerable just to enrich himself.
  • Honest John has recently been spreading misinformation that he is sponsored and promoted by the Yorigami Sisters, though what exactly he's trying to get out of it isn't clear. Amusingly, this lie would become a reality as Jo'on and Shion Yorigama are divine con artists who outright refer to themselves as "Most Despicable and Disastrous Duo", so once they realized who the Foul Fox was they gravitated towards him. For Honest John this was better than he could imagine, but largely for bragging rights as he's yet to prepare a really big scam. His only lament is that his good friend Gideon couldn't ascend with him to enjoy it.

Odie, Deity of Dumb Dogs
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: True Neutral (closer to Stupid most of the time)
  • Portfolio: Stupid Dog, Overly-Long Tongue, Kindhearted Simpleton, Iron Butt Monkey, The Speechless, Went From Being Lyman's Pet to Jon's Dog
  • Domains: Pets, Stupidity
  • High Priests: Little Dog & Big Dog
  • Special Relations: Garfield, Jon and Liz
  • Allies: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fluttershy, Bubbles, Inori Yamabuki, Isabelle, Clifford, Pluto the Pup, Pongo & Perdita
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Screwy Squirrel, Shou Tucker
  • Opposes: Eustace Bagge
  • Besides being a dog, Odie is Garfield's foil in more ways than one. The prominent difference is that Garfield isn't friendly all the time and Odie is very much a good-hearted idiot. Odie's tongue is sticking almost all the time and is reportedly very long. He is more often than not a victim of Garfield's pranks, but there have been a few instances of the dog getting back at Garfield. Despite all that's been described, Garfield isn't actually antagonistic towards Odie all the time.
  • Garfield learned about Odie coming to the Pantheon and decided to be involved with the event by having the ascension party held near a ledge. At first, people found it strange that the party would be at a place like that, though Pinkie Pie didn't fret too much over it. During the festivities, Garfield decided to show Odie the ledge and when the dog wasn't looking, Garfield kicked him from behind and sent Odie falling several feet to the ground. Odie wasn't seen for a few minutes, but came back without any injuries. Garfield felt that things in his Pantheonic routine weren't going to change that much now he's with Odie again.
  • Even with all of the abuse that he's suffered at Garfield's paws, Odie doesn't hold any real grudge against the orange tabby. There have been a some events where Odie offered a bit of payback towards Garfield for his mischief, but otherwise Odie is friendly towards him. Some deities have actually questioned this given how often Odie has been abused by Garfield and believes that Odie should be more proactive in getting even with the cat.
    • Amazingly, Odie already makes up for the abuse without even meaning it by regularly licking Garfield, something that annoys the cat to no end.
  • Animal lovers such as Bubbles and Fluttershy tend to visit Odie whenever he's by himself. He really enjoys their company and the animal lovers find him to be endearing despite the flaws that he has. Fluttershy and the other animal lovers find it strange that Garfield, a cat, abuses Odie whenever possible and are hoping that Garfield acts more friendly towards the dog more often as Odie seems to like Garfield most of the time despite what usually happens.
  • He had a meeting with Courage the Cowardly Dog after the latter had an unusual adventure in the Pantheon. Odie ended up heading to Courage's home, where he met the Bagges and witnessed what their dynamic was like with Courage. While Odie had no issue with Muriel, it was Eustace's treatment of Courage that Odie didn't like even as other crazy things happened around them. Whereas Garfield was willing to have some fun with Odie that doesn't involve abuse, Eustace often torments Courage and makes very little attempt, if at all, to get along with him and has other problematic vices on top of it. Odie personally finds it funny whenever Eustace gets some sort of humiliation after Courage's adventures.
  • Odie and Pluto both like each other's company, being a pet dog that suffers comedic abuse one way or another. Even if they are dogs that have extremely limited speech capability, they have some level of awareness of the situation they're in. The two also do some activities together if their owners aren't around, with Pluto sometimes surprised at Odie's performance in a few instances.
    • Generally speaking, Odie is someone whom deities that have had a history of unfair and unjustified abuse like a lot. His ability to keep his chipper attitude, combined with willingness to get back at Garfield and pulling it off from time-to-time, are something that those deities like about the dog.
  • Despite Odie's default stupidity and general friendliness, even he has a problem with Napoleon. Odie's face gradually become more upset after learning from some of his canine friends about who Napoleon is and what he did to some puppies. On his end, Napoleon considers Odie to be more of an annoyance than anything important to deal with and is also frustrated at how Odie and Garfield don't make much of an effort to drive their owner Jon Arbuckle out after learning of a few instances of Garfield and Odie working together to humiliate Jon in some way. Odie's dislike of Napoleon is something that Garfield shares, even if the cat's reasons don't involve puppies.
  • Screwy Squirrel frequently enjoys using Odie as a target of mischief whenever the squirrel is bored. Given Odie's default level of intelligence, it's pretty easy for Screwy to make the canine off worse, similar to how Screwy often targeted a dog named Meathead. It's very similar to how Garfield abuses Odie and while it's still very cartoony, the slapstick tends to get more extreme than what Garfield can normally do.
  • While Odie has gone through plenty of abuse from Garfield, that abuse pales in comparison to some other deities such as Shou Tucker who have done horrific things to animals while attempting to provide an excuse no matter how flimsy it is for their actions. Odie actually shuddered a bit after hearing what happened to a pet dog that Shou used to own and later used for an experiment, especially since unlike what goes on between Garfield and Odie, Shou's situation is definitely no laughing matter.
  • Since there have been a few instances of Odie being smarter than normal, a few deities have wondered whether or not there's actually two separate Odies: the dumb Odie that many are familiar with, and the smart Odie that puts others off-guard when they see him. Most other deities prefer not to think too hard into it and the whole thing is more of a matter of if there's something happening that would justify Odie acting more than just a slobbering dog.
  • Many of the stranger accomplishments that he has had is likely the result of him not being aware of something. One really weird instance in the Pantheon involved a number of cars getting buried instead of bones. The House of Travel was confused after hearing about it, especially since Odie doesn't look like he has the strength to move cars into dirt as far as anyone is aware of. No one driving the cars as Odie buried seemed to have suffered severe damage, but they are rather annoyed about it.
  • Questions tend to arise from others as to what happened to his former owner Lyman. It could be argued that after Lyman went and took some job somewhere, Odie was adopted by Jon, but others who aren't aware of Lyman have argued that Odie was always Jon's dog. Given Odie's character, he's not too concerned with these questions...or even acknowledge the whole thing to begin with.
  • Was excited to finally see his owner and girlfriend ascend, meaning that they are all together again. Garfield just rolled his eyes and suggested that they ordered pizza to celebrate their ascensions.

    Reynard the Fox 
Reynard the Fox, God of Cunning Foxes (Renart, Reineke, Reintje, Reynaert)
Click here  to see Reynard as a human.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A fox head partially concealed by a monk's robe
  • Theme: "Reynard the Fox" by Sweeney's Men
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral leaning toward Evil
  • Portfolio: A wily and cunning fox, Rather Cruel and Vengeful for a Folk Hero, Consummate Liar, a Master of Creating Conspiracies, Playing Possum, Pisses Ysegrim's Children Blind, Walking the Earth on a Pilgrimage, Genuinely Loves His Wife and Children, a Complete Jerkass, Murderer and Rapist
  • Domains: Foxes, Intelligence, Trickery, Satire
  • Heralds: Hermeline (his wife)
  • Followers: Crazy Redd
  • Enemies: Scar, Simba, Drinky Crow, San, Mowgli, Scrooge McDuck, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Foghorn Leghorn, the Houses Stark and Lannister, Uxie
  • Opposed by: Moro, Mufasa, Carmelita Fox, Ash Ketchum, The vast majority of ascended Pokémon, The House of Religion and Faith
  • Complicated Relations: Fox McCloud, Mr. Fox, Tod, Bigby Wolf, Snow White
  • Reynard the Fox is an infamous figure in French, German, Belgian, and Dutch folklore, and is considered by many to be the original Vulpine trickster. Some believe he was first tricked by the wolf priest Ysengrim, but most agree Reynard was a criminal from the start, committing so many crimes that King Nobel the lion and his followers tried to arrest the sly animal. As one might expect, those plots ended in disaster, with Reynard lying and conning his way out of trouble every time. In fact, Reynard actually got off scot free, leaving behind a trail of bodies to his name as he went on a "pilgrimage", which eventually led to another, more unusual realm...
    • Reynard and his family lived in the Pantheon for a while, masquerading as ordinary mortals. When he learned of Fox McClouds' title of Cunning Fox, Reynard decided to show to the Multiverse that he was the true sly fox in town. He tricked Fox and his team into coming to his homestead, the castle Maupertuis, where he lead them down its many passageways... only to get them lost. After which, he stole the title for himself and pinned the blame on each member of the wayward team. While they argued, Reynard presented the title to the Court of the Gods, claiming Fox gave him permission to become the new representative. By the time Star Fox realized they were duped and told the Court it was already too late. Reynard's castle had become a temple, and the wily trickster was a God.
  • Maupertuis is the one place Reynard can truly rely on. Built like a labyrinth, the castle is filled with secret passageways, making it difficult for anyone to navigate properly. If Reynard doesn't want someone to find him, he'll just hide out in Maupertuis and chances are he won't be found.
  • Reynard has very few friends in the Pantheon, due in part to his despicable personality and infamous crimes. Not that he needs them anyway, as his only loyalty is to himself and himself alone. That said, he's been shown to be quite loving to his wife and children, as they sometimes aid him in his schemes. His wife Hermeline though has commented on Reynards' inability to remain faithful to her, noting about how many folks he has raped in his time.
    • Speaking of, Those in the Pantheon who have suffered from rape or sexual assault, or had loved ones who were assaulted, were not keen on letting the wily fox in, especially since he boasts that most of his previous encounters ended with his victims enjoying the experience. That only made things worse for him. After all, when you have the likes of Guts, Red Sonja, and Oberyn Martell trying to pursue and skin you alive, you know you ended up on the bad list.
  • He's the oldest fox around, and did much for the popular perception of his species as clever rascals. Most of the other foxes in the Pantheon have a pretty ambivalent opinion on Reynard, though. While they respect him as their oldest ancestor and for passing on to them the wiliness that allows them to thrive, a lot of the more moral foxes like Nick Wilde, Mr. Fox or Todd (to say nothing of McCloud, who Reynard tricked) find his more atrocious actions to be hard to stomach. Nick Wilde, in particular, resents that his species is stereotyped as untrustworthy where he comes from.
    • On top of that, Inspector Carmelita Fox is not too keen on Reynard's presence, especially after reading over his criminal record. Being ashamed of being of the same species as him, she's made it her duty to pursue and detain Reynard by any means necessary, even dropping other more important duties in order to pursue him. Reynard always gets away, but with Sly Cooper helping to keep tabs, Carmelita remains in hot pursuit.
  • Seeing as Reynard's diet consists of birds and small mammals, it was only natural for the Hall of Rabbits and Rodents, along with the Hall of Birds came to oppose the fox. Even those birds and rodents living outside those Halls don't really like him. Chief among is Foghorn Leghorn. The large Rhode Island Red's beef with Reynard comes from the fact he's always tricked by the fox, similar to how another fox once tricked him and Barnyard Dawg.
  • Picking up where his follower King Nobel left off, Simba keeps a close eye on Reynard to make sure the fox doesn't cause too much mayhem among the animals in the Pantheon. Naturally, a free spirit like Reynard doesn't appreciate being controlled to such an extent, so he's constantly at odds with the Lion King and his family. He thinks it's really pompous of apex predators like them to claim to protect the Circle of Life and openly mocks them. On the other hand Reynard dislikes Scar even more, given how he went as far as murdering his brother and attempting to do the same to his nephew, and what a terrible king he was to have driven the kingdom to ecological ruin.
  • To say Reynard despises wolves would be a gross understatement. His many encounters with Ysengrim are proof enough of how deep his distrust runs in his blood. As such, when Reynard came to the Pantheon, he found himself a whole plethora of wolves to contend with. Surprisingly, there were very few truly villainous canines - Wolf O'Donnell being more a nuisance than anything else - but the good/neutral individuals were another thing altogether. He takes great pleasure in tormenting them all, even the ones who are, by technicality, actual gods. Amaterasu and her son Chibiterasu were occasional targets for his pranks at the beginning, though after pissing on the latter's face he got a righteous beatdown by both celestial beings. Another wolf he messes around with is Moro, whose wolf sons have frequently chased Reynard throughout the Pantheon, only to end up either losing him or being stung by bees or following false trails for days. Suffice to say, the two-tailed goddess has a lot of reasons to hate Reynard the fox.
    • Reynard also takes great pleasure in screwing with those humans who were Raised by Wolves. In particular, Moro's daughter San and the Man-Cub Mowgli. He plays psychological games with the two, playing into their insecurities and trying to get them to turn on their friends. For her part, San sees through Reynard's trickery and has come the closest out of everyone to actually killing the sly canine, only escaping by biting her hand. Mowgli though can be easily tricked but is quickly reminded of the friends he has made both in and out of the Pantheon.
  • While a cunning trickster and manipulator, even he thinks twice when dealing with the Pantheon's ascended Pokémon. He once tried his luck with Uxie, the Knowledge Pokemon, which ended in complete disaster. He's also considered targeting Ash Ketchum, even going so far as to try and humiliate the young trainer but Reynard is smarter than that. If he attempted to do so, every Pokémon, even the almighty Arceus, would be out for the fox's head and while Ash is naïve, he's also incredible kind and anyone who would attempt to harm him for petty reasons might be considered the lowest scum in the Pantheon. As for now, Reynard is not taking any chances.
  • At first, The entire House of Religion and Faith were not big fans of Reynard, due to his adventures often slandering the Church and making the priests appear to be lecherous, corrupt individuals. It was then the fox revealed that was the point; the wolf Ysengrim was a greedy and easily led astray priest, who not only told commoners that they sin as much as they want - so long as they pay to be absolved - but also tricked Reynard in the first place. Of course, the House and its deities don't buy into this story but Reynard has made it his goal to torment the more evil members of the order, just for shits and giggles.
  • In regards to nobility, Reynard is not overly liked by the royal Houses of Westeros, House Stark especially, as they view his thieving, manipulative nature to be without honour. Plus, they're not up for him conning his way out of a dungeon cell,note  with Lord Eddard himself wishing for Reynard to meet justice the northern way. House Lannister meanwhile, though descended from the notorious Lann the Clever, isn't big fans of the fox either, with lord Tywin desiring to have him put to the sword as well. It may also have something to do with Reynard duping King Joffrey into freeing him in exchange for a "mountain of gold." Said mountain was in Smaug's temple.note 
    • Just don't bring up the fact a red and gold fox adorns House Florent's banners. The last time Reynard did that it sent Stannis Baratheon into a cold fury.
  • As it turns out there is a timeline where Reynard was among the many unique residents of an Upstate New York property known as The Farm. There he would aid Snow White in surviving a revolution lead by Goldilocks and during the process, shamelessly attempted to begin a relationship with her. It didn't work out but he was still willing to help Snow and her husband Bigby Wolf when push comes to shove. Unfortunately, their friendship has become more tense when they discovered what Reynard did in his home universe, and while he's attempted to get back in their good books, they are, rightfully so, keeping their distance.
    • Every now and again, Reynard will shapeshift into a human body to evade capture. It's come in handy too when on heists, especially since he can change forms at will.
  • He once came across Drinky Crow as the bird was imbibing his usual dose of alcohol after a stressful day. Reynard beseeched Drinky not to spoil his throat with that poison, because it'd be a sin to rob the Pantheon of one of its most beautiful singing voices. Reynard suggested that Drinky just give all his stock of alcohol to him and go on to live a life of success. As you might expect, Reynard didn't really care what Drinky did so long as he got to stock his own supply of alcohol. When Drinky realized he'd been swindled, he shot himself in the head as usual. After that, Drinky is one of the first deities to warn people against that confounded fox (without really providing any context as he's probably quite drunk at the time).
  • While he was able to trick Fox and his friends, Reynard was actually surprised by McCloud's determination and strength. He and the rest of Star Fox have been looking for ways to get back at the wily fox, even getting help from Wolf O'Donnell in order to do so. For his part, Reynard keeps a low profile around them. It's probably for the best.
  • According to rumours, Walt Disney attempted to adapt Reynard's stories into an animated feature. Unfortunately, the feisty fox and his many heinous crimes proved to be too difficult to change into a more sympathetic narrative, so the project was shelved, eventually being retooled into the more iconic Robin Hood (1973). Needless to say, Reynard wasn't too happy with his story being altered and messed up, to the point of instinctually snarling at the mere mention of Disney's name. He's also really hates being called Robin Hood, and is looking forward to showing the English outlaw a thing or two.
  • Just don't bring up the time Reynard was named Renny, or that a female Ysengrim was attracted to him. The less that's spoken about it the better.