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The Infatuation and Obsession sub-house is one of constant pining. Those who's love is unrequited and unfulfilled are found here. Depending on the god, feelings by the rest of the pantheon ranges from sympathy to pity to being disturbed. Singles get discounts on drinks.

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Intermediate Gods

    Gideon Graves 
Gideon Gordon Graves, God of Evil Exes (G-Man Graves)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Three Gs that form an inverse Triforce.
  • Theme Music: Gideon's Wrath.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Exes, More Than Mind Control, Implausible Fencing Powers, Final Bosses, Evil Guys with Glasses, Being Evil for Romantic Reasons
  • Domain: Love, Domination, Evil.
  • Followers: The League of Evil Exes.
  • Allies: Angus Bumby, Hoyt Volker, Raynare
  • Enemies: Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim, Issei Hyodo, Angel
  • What a dick.
  • Suave, cunning and calculating, Gideon Gordon Graves at first appears to be a catch. He is a millionaire multimedia mogul by his early 30s. Beneath that, he is a sociopath to the nth degree who made his fortune through literal psychic warfare.
  • While already cold and distant as a boyfriend, Gideon became even worse after being dumped, using his resources to plague those who've spurned the affections of twisted men and women.
  • Started The League of Evil Exes after Ramona his Muse left him, he then formed the League after he posted a drunken rant on craigslist, hates Scott defeating them as it took him a good amount of time to get their contact information to form the League like Two Hours, TWO HOURS!
  • He is also very polite to the people around him usually referring to others as "Buddy" even Scott though smarter gods know that this is a false front and it hides cold calculating nature.
  • Hates it when people attack him when he is chewing gum as he fears if he swallows it, it will be in his digestive tract for seven years.
  • He is also a master at using Subspace even inventing a Subspace Power known as The Glow, it uses Subspace inside the minds of those it infects, causing them to become overwhelmed by their personal issues. It suppresses positive emotions such as friendship and love, and simultaneously enhances negative feelings like suspicion, jealousy, and self-loathing.
  • Gideon calls that "Emotional Warfare" and he implies that he made it for military purposes (likely where some fo his funds came from.)
  • Is despised by Issei of the House of Power because of being a bastard boyfriend, something he deeply hates due to his Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Also likes to take control of others through microchips attached to the back of the neck.
  • If he is left without a weapon he can pull it out of the dresses of women around him.
    "Yes! I had a sword built into their dresses in case of emergency! THAT'S JUST THE KIND OF GUY I AM!"
  • He is also able to use Scott's Power of Love against him by ripping it out of him.
  • If he is against stronger swords like The Power of Understanding or Self-Respect he has his own sword to use against them, it is called The Pixel Katana which he can summon through hand seals similar to Naruto, the blade of Gideon's Pixel Katana is made entirely of blue and white video game pixels (hence its name).
  • When challenged in Subspace he likes to use it to grow himself into a brutishly muscular version of himself surrounded by his fawning (and brainwashed) ex-girlfriends. If fast enough he can be knocked out of it, if the person is too slow then he will transform into what looks like a cross between Safer Sephiroth and the Tyrant. His lower half is even composed of faces of the other exes.
  • He formed the League to take control of Ramona's Love life but he also has another reason and that is to complete his collection of his seven former girlfriends, all of whom have been stored in cryogenic freezing capsules.
    • Now that the actual Ramona Flowers has ascended into the Pantheon, he is looking to complete his collection, or at least he was, until his defeat which led to his frozen ex-girlfriends being freed. He is now just looking for revenge, but yet still has run into trouble thanks to Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers and their allies easily outmatching him.

    Lezard Valeth 
Lezard Valeth, God of Infatuated Villains
  • Intermediate God (Greater God if he gets a hold of Gungir and/or the Dragon Orb)
  • Symbol: His glasses superimposed over The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Theme Song: How Wicked Ruler, In Order To Acquire The Light In That Hand (when battling)
  • Alighnment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Evil Genius, Large Ham, Love Makes You Evil, Rage Against the Heavens, Stalker with a Crush
  • Domains: Evil Specs, Self-Made God, Necromancy
  • Followers: Road, Lucia, Harry MacDougall
  • Allies: Frollo, Gaston, Lucifer (maybe?)
  • Enemies: Lenneth and her Sister Valkyries, Freya (its personal), Edward Elric, some members of the House of Love
  • Rivals/Opposed: Harry Potter (for looking like him), Belldandy, Negi Springfield.
  • Reason for Ascension: Nearly Pulled off one of the grandest schemes in the history of storytelling in order to try and the attention of Lenneth, the Goddess he’s obsessed with, in order to ‘become one with her’. He kidnaps his old teacher’s husband and turns him into a monster, which he then provokes into killing said teacher. He then captures and murders many elves and other beings in order to take out their souls for experiments in soul transfers, make homunculus out of them. When his initial plan fails, he deliberately kills himself to turn into a spirit and allies himself with a powerful vampire to ensure that Odin has no chance of surviving Ragnarok by making it so that his newest agent, Hrist, fails her mission. He then reconstitutes his body, thereby surviving Ragnarok, goes back in time, and immerses himself with another Valkyrie who’s on Midgard at the time. During a critical battle, manages to steal her soul with no one the wiser. When he confronts Odin, he overpowers him, takes his soul and Gungir and the in order to create a new world and time line, all of which finally alerts the ascended Lenneth of his involvement. All According to Plan. He does eventually fail in his grand scheme but the sheer magnitude of his plans is what got him in here.
    • Needless to say, he’s NOT on a lot of people’s favorite list here in the Pantheon. However, he does have a decent-sized group of followers who consider him to be, if anything, a great villain.
  • The House of Magic strictly forbids him from entering their halls due to rarely anything good coming out of his experiments in soul transfusion. Edward Elric is especially watchful of him due to the subject of his experimentation.
    • However, since the events of the Great Upheaval, his undeniable talent in magic is under consideration for use. He scoffs at the idea of willingly working with them but if Lenneth (or Belldandy) should ask him, he may consider it.
  • Has been known to laugh maniacally when things start to go his way (such as in a chess match). Lenneth is keeping a much closer eye on him, but since he has arrived he has slightly mellowed out on his obsessive behavior but she is sure that he will eventually try something again because of them being in different Houses.
  • Now that everyone knows the tale of his deeds, his ego has inflated ridiculously to the point where one can’t walk by his temple without hearing him.
    "Bow to me – Worship me! Honor my name – Lezard Valeth!"
  • When Belldandy of the House of Love, came to speak with him, he actually welcomed the chance to 'discuss' his obsession with her, a Goddess of similar status as 'his beloved'.
    "Love? Who says what love is, or how it shall be measured? Who decides whether it is indeed 'wholesome and pure' or 'twisted and evil'? All I have done, I have done in her name, for her sake! I defied all of the petty gods of my world and what their works had wrought. I freed her from the shackles of that abominable fate as servants to an impotent god and system! And yet I find that I am hated and cast off! How many of these so-called 'heroes' who grace these halls can admit to doing even a fraction of what I have done in the name of love!? How many of them have destroyed and killed for the sake of their loved one!? How many of them have usurped power and status, just to grace a speck in their beloved's eye!? And they dare to judge me and my actions as mere folly!? I say to them that their words are the true heresy! ... Please forgive my harsh tone just now, my Lady. I imagine that you see myself as being dangerous, and I shall admit, I am. I am a fool in love with a goddess who spurns him. Were she to command anything, even my own death, I would obey gladly, if only I could remain by her side. Your lover, a mortal is he not? Woe be it to him if he should ever fall from your graces. You might find a despair, a madness, deep within him that you yourself did not foresee."
    • Belldandy was unnerved by him, but she says she sees a glimmer of hope that with time and patience, he can be guided onto a less destructive path. Lenneth cautioned her about becoming too close to Lezard, lest his considerable ‘affection’ start to drift in her direction as well.
  • Asura, yes THAT Asura, has a personal distaste for the mage, and not only because Lezard tried to become the kind of god that he vehemently opposes. There’s just something about his voice that sets off the Destructor…
  • He has caught the attention of Mephiles due to the complex nature of his schemes, in addition to the timeline-fudging aspects. Lezard has no plans to work with Mephiles, since he has a result for his plan, while Mephiles just craves destruction.


Lesser Gods

Belarus, Goddess of One-Sided Sibling Attraction (Natalia Arlovskaya)


    Alex Forrest 
Alexandra Forrest, Patron Goddess of Stalkers with a Crush
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A boiled rabbit
  • Theme Song: Fatal Attraction theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Domain: Insanity, Obsession, Love, Cruelty
  • Portfolio: Stalker with a Crush, killed the house's pet rabbit break in and attack Dan's family, went crazy because Dan ended their affair, tried to murder Beth and kidnap Ellen
  • Allies: Gideon Graves, Ato-ko Shirogane, Kotonoha Katsura, Sekai Saionji, many Japanese Yandere
  • Enemies: Every married women in the Pantheon, Makoto Itou, every parents in the Pantheon especially the Simpsons, the House of Mammals, Hamlet, Tarzan, Hank Pym, Ray Palmer
  • Pitied by: Shizuku Fujino, Othello
  • Pities: Ophelia
  • Sitcom Archnemesis with: Norma Desmond, Cruella De Vil
  • Notorious for her obsession with Dan and her reign of terror on his family, Alex was ascended to the Pantheon for reputation and influence on how Western society depicts jealous women.
    • Perhaps ironically, her superior states that Alex has saved many marriages due to how scary and obsessive she is. Alex herself just rages when she heard of this news and ban anyone from ever talking about it ever again. Of course, those who hates her just repeatedly sprout this statement at her temple.
    • On the other hand, her ascension has caused a universal rejoice from any Japanese Yandere since she is a big inspiration for them.
  • Her ascension has NOT been doing well for her obsession with Dan or her insanity. In fact, she is even MORE unstable in a position of power.
  • She is hated by pretty much every couples in the Pantheon, especially (sane) married women, due to both being a mistress and crazy. Alex doesn't seem to mind so much due to her obsession for Dan, but it made any plans she might cook up got foiled constantly.
  • One of Alex's most valuable ally is Ato-ko Shirogane, whose expertise in relationship sabotage tremendously helped Alex in her quest to get back at Dan. For her part, Ato-ko helps just to see how Alex's plan pan out.
  • She got along disturbingly well with Gideon Graves for their similar obsessive control of their lover.
  • Also found great companion with Kotonoha and Sekai for their violent tendency towards their lover. This has NOT gone well with Makoto Itou.
  • She is blacklisted by the House of Mammals for her infamous action of killing Dan's family pet rabbit. Many deities in there have helped many of her plan to get back at Dan and his family, which she retaliates each time by cooking a rabbit stew and eats right in front of the Houses, which starts a Cycle of Revenge between them.
  • Because of how famous her actress is, Alex has... interesting interaction with a lot of people in the Pantheon.
    • She is hated by Tarzan since her voice reminds him of his mother Kala, who is nothing like her. Her action of killing an innocent animals just made this worse.
    • The entire Simpson family hates her because of her atrocious kidnapping of Dan's daughter Ellie as well as the fact that she shares the same voice as Mona Simpson.
    • Hamlet is dead terrified of her due to the fact that she looks like his mother Gertrude and her tendency to Would Hurt a Child. Alex also hates his guts after learning about his poor treatment of Ophelia and feels sorry for the girl.
    • Is incredibly pissed that two other goddesses who looks like her, Norma Desmond and Cruella De Vil, are in the Pantheon because of her fear that Dan might falls in love with the two of them instead of her. Alex's effort to get rid made the two her enemies, much to the amusement of everyone else.
  • Has been starting to obsessively stalking Hank Pym due to his resemblance to Dan. Pym, of course, is annoyed by this and use his power to chase her away. But Alex is nothing if not determinate.
    • Her attempts to stalk D-FENS, who also looks like Dan, were less than successful, as he started to notice Alex in his tail and tried to shoot her.
  • She is also hated by Ray Palmer because her obsessive behavior reminds the hero of his own ex-wife Jean Loring's Face–Heel Turn by murder of Sue Dibny.

    Johnny Bravo 
Johnny Bravo, God of Casanova Wannabes
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hair
  • Theme song: From his show
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dumb Blonde, Cool Shades, Never Gets The Girl,Top Heavy Hunk, Momma's Boy, Narcissist, Handsome Lech, Nobody Touches the Hair, Paper Tiger, Screams Like a Little Girl, Small Name, Big Ego, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Hairstyle Inertia
  • Domains: Lust, Chaos, Strength, Hubris
  • Herald: His mother, Bunny Bravo
  • Followers: Captain Hero, Bud Bundy
  • Allies: The vast majority of the Cartoon Network gods except for the female human deities, all Indian deities except Symmetra, Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Opposed by: Most human females in the Pantheon
  • Unknown Rival: All actual casanovas
  • Admires: Elvis Presley
  • Uneasy Relationship: The Mystery Gang
  • Complicated Opinion: Kyu Sugardust
  • The former holder, Zapp Brannigan, handed over the title to him after the Court of the Gods decided that he would be better suited in the House of War. There were other followers, but he proved to be the most well-known example in the multiverse.
    • There was a significant resistance to give the title to anyone, given how annoying the last holder was. But recent footage revealed that his makeover was for noble reasons, earning his approval to the other gods.
  • He received the backing of the Cartoon Network gods, eager to add one more person into the fold. Of course this meant some of them now have to deal with his flirtations in then Pantheon as well.
  • As with the previous holder, Johnny Bravo struggles to keep up with the more successful Casanovas in the Pantheon. Unlike Zapp, he isn't as antagonistic towards his rivals. He was even spotted in their temples to take notes. Unfortunately, he never lasts long as he gets kicked out for hitting on the ladies there.
  • Is actually pretty strong, even capable of breaking rocks with his head. Still, he loses more of his fights than otherwise, with the trend continuing in the Pantheon.
    • With that said, mess with his hair and glasses at your own peril. Threatening his Momma will also put you through a world of hurt.
  • Unlike other lookalikes in the Pantheon, Johnny Bravo has no shame copying the look of his inspiration: Elvis Presley. The rock star was flattered at the man's dedication, wishing Johnny well in his future endeavors.
  • Is actually extremely popular in India to the point that they even made slang out of him. The country has become a significant source of his followers. Unsurprisingly, Symmetra proved to be the exception. She has stated that she had no time to watch childish cartoons as a child. As such she treats Johnny as most other women do to him: with complete disdain.
  • When he met up with the Mystery Gang, they stared in silence before going on their merry way. The encounter only reminded them of their awkward first meeting, which ended up with the gang tying him up to a tree. It wasn't all bad for him; he ended up hooking up with Debbie on the end, one of his few sexual conquests.
  • After getting a good laugh from their antics, Johnny started to hang out with Beavis and Butt-head more often. The teens gave him some sound pick-up lines in return. That only ended his chances twice as fast.
  • As someone who makes Casanovas out of Casanova Wannabes, Kyu Sugardust has taken Johnny Bravo in as a client. But his mannerisms leave her opinions mixed between seeing him as her greatest accomplishment yet and allowing her track record to be stained by giving up on him. But given she has a reputation to uphold, she's determined to make a true Casanova out of him, despite his title making it impossible to accomplish without making him unworthy of his godhood.
  • He tends to encourage the surrounding to do The Monkey with him. It will succeed, even with the ladies. Of course, flirting with the ladies in the middle of The Monkey will yield predictable results not in Johnny's favor.

Ooi, Goddess of Clingy Jealous Girls (Ooi-cchi)

    Peko Pekoyama 
Peko Pekoyama, Goddess of Bodyguard Crushes (Super High-School Level Kendoka, Ultimate Swordswoman, Sparkling Justice, Kirakira-chan, Super Duper High-School Tragic Past)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A sword running through a Sparkling Justice mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Chaotic Evil when in SHSL Despair
  • Portfolio: Stoic Woobie, Stoic Spectacles, Violently Protective Girlfriend, Single-Target Sexuality, Declaration of Protection, Bodyguard Crush, Master Swordsman, I Am Only A Tool To You, Sympathetic Murderer, Thanatos Gambit, recipient of an Anguished Declaration of Love
  • Domains: Protection, Love, Swordsmanship, and the mafia.
  • Allies: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Monomi/Usami, Makoto Naegi, Chiaki Nanami, Sonia Nevermind, Mikan Tsumiki, Kyouko Kirigiri, Byakuya Togami, Sakura Oogami, Aigis, Labrys, Hungary, Tsukune Aono, Moka Akashiya, Gintoki Sataka, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Sapphire Rhondanite
  • Odd Friendship with: Hibiki Hojo, Kanade Minamino, Usagi Tsukino.
  • Conflicting opinion: Everyone associated with the mafia, Prometheus and Pandora.
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his mastermind, Nagito Komaeda, Shiro Tagachi, all serial killers, and anyone who harms Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu.
  • The fourth rehabilitated member of SHSL Despair to ascend to the Pantheon. Like Sonia, both Naegi and Nanami noted that she will most likely not relapse. Unfortunately, neither Naegi nor Nanami were able to help her get over her 'tool complex'.
  • Some gods believe that the only reason she joined SHSL Despair was because of Kuzuryuu. She's refused to comment on this topic.
  • Took over this position from Aigis, who has permanently moved into the House of Weapons. They get along fairly well.
    • Aigis, with the help of her sister, Hungary, Usagi Tsukino, Hibiki Hojo, and Kanade Minamino, have been trying to help Peko with her tool complex and reassure her that despite her subservient position and failed Thanatos Gambit, she's still a person and should treat herself like one. Results were mixed.
      • Usagi, Hibiki, and Kanade are slighted shocked that Peko sounds so much like Usagi and Hummy, while Hungary joined in with the operation for she finds Peko's situation a little similar to hers in the past.
  • Occasionally heads to the House of Weapons to improve her swordsmanship, with a little assistance by Gintoki Sataka.
  • Finds Togami similar to Kuzuryuu. Togami is a mixture of shocked and disturbed by her due to her similarities and differences with Fukawa.
  • Is not sure what to think of Prometheus and Pandora. While she does appreciate their devotion to each other, their actions remind her a bit too much of her and Kuzuryuu in SHSL Despair. The fact that Prometheus sounds exactly like Kuzuryuu doesn't help.
    • She gets along well with Tsukune Aoko for that reason.
  • Upon hearing of Kuzuryuu's ascension into the pantheon, she was a mixture of incredibly happy to see him again, and incredibly guilty for failing to get him off of the island. She did not expect him to burst into her house and apologize for how he treated her in the past. He's also joined the group of people trying to convince her out of her tool complex.
  • She is currently a member of the Special Lovers Squad, along with Hungary, Setsuna Sakurazaki, and Sapphire Rhondanite. She was asked to join due to her devotion to protecting Kuzuryuu, and accepted.
    • Like the rest of the SLS's second division, she was heavily affected by the events of Vienna Burning. The SLS's plan to rescue Kuzuryuu and Konaka failed after everyone got Hinamizawa Syndrome. However, she and Sapphire were both cured by Shion, and were able to proceed with the plan. She was able to disable Nu-13 by forcing her to impale herself with her own swords, but was injured due to Nu having previously impaled her. While Konaka was able to help her recover during the battle, she's currently in the hospital due to the sheer amount of swords Nu impaled her with.
      • Usami actually visited her in the hospital once she ascended to check up on her. Peko tried to apologize to her for how she was treated during the island simulator, while the former was just happy to see that the swordsman is okay. She also promised to help her with her love for her Kuzuryuu once she gets out.

    Sniper Wolf 
Sniper Wolf, Goddess of Infatuation for One's Own Victims

    Waylon Smithers 
Waylon Smithers Junior, God of Ignored Enamored Underlings (Mr Smithers)


    Tenri Ayukawa 
Tenri Ayukawa, Herald of Hopeless Suitors and the Goddess who only wants Happiness for her Beloved (The Anthrophobic, Dual-Personality Childhood Friend)
Click here for her appearance as "Diana" 
  • Theme Song: MAGIC of HAPPINESS. Alternatively, Kizuna no Yukue (Tenri Ver.)
  • Quasideity, by default. Borderline Lesser Goddess whenever Diana takes over.
  • Symbol: Her two Hair Ribbons placed on top of a purple Magic Box. Alternatively, the three letters she received from Keima from their childhood days
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Next Door Childhood Friend, Shrinking Violet, Quiet Nice Girl, Hopeless Suitor who would rather see Keima smile, Willing Channeler, Secret Secret-Keeper
  • Domains: Friendship, Love, Magic
  • High Priestess: Tina Foster
  • Followers: Kosaki Onodera, Koyuki Hinashi
  • Allies: Keima Katsuragi (Her Childhood Friend-slash-Crush), Diana of Themyscira, Nunnally Lamperouge, Lelouch Lamperouge (Though he still gives her the creeps on occasion.)
  • Friendly Rival: Chihiro Kosaka
  • Shortly after Chihiro’s ascension in the House of Personal Appearance, some Deities ordered further investigation regarding Keima’s Mental Time Travel, in order to see as to how the God of Dating Sims slowly opened his mindset beyond the 2D world he so proudly immerses into. In between the inquiries surfaced the instances as to how Tenri got truly involved with Keima and his mission, particularly the point where he handed her three sealed letters regarding the truth about him. Cross-reference to her dossier revealed something heartwarming, and yet heartbreaking about her: She apparently knew (for a full decade in fact) that, despite her efforts to support Keima, she would never earn the happy ending she desired for both of them. Therefore, out of compassion and admiration for her selflessnes, her ascension to the Pantheon proper was recommended (as spearheaded by some of the deities of this very house), and the rest is history.
  • Outside the House of Love, she has also gained the admiration of Wonder Woman, partly for embracing the truth with little to no regrets and making sure that the said truth would not go unnoticed, and partly because of the Jupiter Sister (Her namesake, even) filling the gap in Tenri’s heart. She promised to look after her while she’s in the Pantheon.
  • While Tenri knew of Chihiro’s involvement in Keima’s life, she has yet to personally meet the woman who has captured the heart of the God of Conquest. According to her, it was probably for the best that she don't meet her for now, lest things become a lot more complicated than they were before her ascension. Nonetheless, she doesn’t ignore the possibility of properly settling matters with her, without the unnecessary bad consequences.
    • When Chihiro re-ascended into the House of Romance, her fellow deities in this subhouse saw it as an opportunity for them to finally get together and share stories. Tenri, ever the shy type, could not move an inch out of shyness of sorts.
  • Despite being shy, she doesn’t mind approaching other deities from time to time. She is rather bothered with Lelouch though, as he treats her like how he treats his younger sister Nunnally. May have something to do with Tenri having the same voice as her.


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