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Intermediate Gods

    Agatha Trunchbull 
Agatha Trunchbull, Goddess of Sadist Teachers (The Trunchbull)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Javelin
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolios: Child Haters, Dean Bitterman, Evil Brit, Evil Is Hammy, Evil Teacher, Views herself as a god in her school, Being a Wicked Step-Aunt
  • Domains: Teachers, Abuse, Evil
  • Followers: Baron and Baroness Bomburst
  • Allies: Dolores Umbridge, Sofia Lamb, Randall Ross, Mr. Krupp
  • Enemies: Matilda Wormwood, Satoko Houjou, Homura Akemi, Cinderella, Jimmy Hopkins, all child and teenage gods in the Pantheon.
  • Fears: All supernatural gods in the Pantheon, especially black cats and ghosts, Gandalf
  • Opposes: Lady Tremaine
  • Opposed by: Chie Satonaka, Souji Mitsuka/Tail Red
  • Wanted access to the pantheon after being humiliated by a brainy schoolgirl and being forced to flee for her sanity. Umbridge was willing to give up one of her three tropes so that her ally could ascend.
    • When the Trunchbull first ascended, she was completely broken down from the discovery that she killed Magnus Honey and took his house for herself. But now that she was a goddess, she could resume terrifying any children in the pantheon; this time, however, she's being more cautious. Some of these kids are more than capable of defending themselves. And since a lot of weird things happen in the Pantheon, she cannot take Refuge in Audacity for some things that worked before in her world.
    • Word spread quickly that Matilda has arrived at the Pantheon, specifically to challenge her rule. She disappeared for a few days, with many speculating that she has run away just like the last time Matilda schooled her. But it didn't take long until she returned to class with newfound confidence. She has her own set of allies now and believes she can handle the girl now that she doesn't seem nearly as intimidating.
  • Despite being a Wicked Step-Aunt herself, even the Trunchbull finds Lady Tremaine to be despicable. Sure, the Trunchbull mistreats children, and has thrown two boys out the window and made another eat a huge cake, but even she would never go as far as to murder a child out of spite, as Tremaine infamously attempted to do on her step-daughter.
  • The Trunchbull absolutely hates pigtails, because of their association with children. Sometime before she ascended, she even threw a girl, hammer throw-style, over a fence for that reason alone.
    • However, she has started trying to behave herself when it comes to this, as one time she tried to do this to a goddess she was suddenly frozen over by a pillar of light and then ending up in the receiving end of Grand Blazer by Tail Red.
    • She also tries hard to restrain herself from enacting this on Nanako Dojima, another girl with pigtails, as that would incur a whole lot of retribution from the entire Investigation Team. And with all the new friends she's made, that would simply be the first wave.
  • She's often seen in the House of Sports, practicing Shot Put, Javelin, and Hammer Throw. She's quite good with them because she took part in the Olympic Games in the 1970s, though it's unknown if she won any Gold Medals.
  • Despite her badass ego, she's quite superstitious, and is known to fear black cats. As a result, she tends to stay as far away from the Houses of Otherness and Life and Death as possible.

    Izumi Curtis 
Izumi Curtis, Goddess of Aggressive Training Conditions (neé Harnet, "A Passing Housewife")

    Minerva McGonagall 
Minerva McGonagall, Goddess of Stern Teachers
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Gryffindor crest
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, at times Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Stern Teacher, Badass Teacher Who's Very Protective of Her Students, Old Master Who Holds Well in a Fight, Badass Bookworm, Authority Equals Asskicking, Animagus
  • Domains: Teaching, Respect, Toughness
  • Superior: J.K. Rowling
  • Allies: All the Hogwarts staff and students (specially Gryffindors), Athena, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Matilda Wormwood
  • Enemies: Lord Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange, Agatha Trunchbull
  • After some time as the herald of Albus Dumbledore, ascended in recognition of all her good service to all groups possible - Hogwarts, the Order of the Phoenix, the main trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) - while continuing to be a no non-sense professor that would both recognize good students and remove points from felonies.
  • Hangs out with her two predecessors as Hogwarts Headmaster, Dumbledore and Snape - the latter, even if she had her share of conflict with him in the past. She is also on amicable terms with Slughorn, even if he headed the rival Slytherin house, and Minerva looks down on him giving preferential treatment to students out of self-interest.
  • Basically everyone in the House of Magic wants to schedule classes with her. McGonagall's standout talent is Transfiguration, which she taught at Hogwarts, and makes her highly skilled in giving life to inanimate objects, especially those who can serve as makeshift warriors and guards.
  • Has gained the godly support of the goddess Athena, who considered McGonagall more than worthy of having her Roman name. Upon their first meeting, for some reason Athena felt the teacher looked like the nymph Thetis.
    • Mary Lennox also confused her for Mrs. Medlock, but the Professor has shown to be much more motherly than Mrs. Medlock was (although that could be blamed to a change in personality)
  • She has gotten along with the two best-known Jedi "teachers", whose Force powers even resemble some magic spells: Obi-Wan, who is also a stoic, no non-sense mentor; and Yoda, who for being quirky and small reminds Minerva of Professor Flitwick.
  • Was livid upon meeting Umbridge again, given Minerva was a fierce opposer of Dolores' time at Hogwarts, making the usually law-enforcing teacher more than willing to break rules only to make the "High Inquisitor" miserable.
  • Due to Minerva not being favorable to Divination - though she begrudgingly helped Sybill Trelawney after Umbridge unceremoniously and cruelly sacked her - she is not well liked by most in the house of Prophecy. One of the only exceptions are the Cutie Mark Crusaders who specialize in a god's path in life/purpose rather than full-on fortune-telling. Sweetie Belle likes to take lessons on her to improve her magic.
  • Some of the most scholarly deities laugh behind her back at how "McGonagall" is taken from one of the worst poets ever.
  • Minerva grew an instant dislike for Agatha Trunchbull, an evil teacher who is as bad as Umbridge, if not worse for physical abuse. Given Matilda stood up to Trunchbull, she instantly got McGonagall's approval, and she was intrigued that she has excellent intelligence for someone of her age, along with psychic powers comparable to a wizard with much training in Spells.
  • Given she can turn into a cat, Minerva has at times hid in the House of Felines, and some of the deities there tried to befriend her. Given she can't speak as a cat, it's mostly fruitless.

Lesser Gods

    Aikuro Mikisugi 
Aikuro Mikisugi, God of Hot Teachers (Hildago)



    Seymour Skinner 
Walter Seymour Skinner, God of Determined Teachers (Principal Skinner, Sergeant Skinner, The Penalizer, Armin Tamzarian)

Yoshinoya-sensei, Goddess of Childish Teachers



    Edna Krabappel 

Edna Krabappel, Goddess of Teachers Who've Lost Their Passion (Miss Crab Apple, Miss Krandall, Mrs. Flanders)
  • Rank: Quasideity
  • Symbol: A lit cigarette
  • Theme Song: Another Day
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Apathetic Teacher, Broken Bird, Knight In Sour Armor, Signature Laugh, Really Gets Around, Lady Drunk
  • Domains: Teachers who've lost their passion for teaching and are running out the clock
  • Herald: Miss Hoover
  • Followers: Miss Wormwood, Elizabeth Halsey, Jack Griffin
  • Allies: Ned Flanders, Marge Simpson, Homer Simpson, Seymour Skinner, Moe Szyslak, Severus Snape, Ash Ketchum, DexTer
  • Enemies: Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Eric Cartman
  • Additional Character Relationships: Friendly Enemy - Bart Simpson, Dennis the Menace, Gumball Watterson, Kids Next Door
  • Krabappel's first action upon ascension was to stop Bart Simpson in the middle of a prank, drag him to her classroom, and force him to write "I will not prank other deities in the Pantheon" 1000 times on the blackboard. While Bart grumbled under his breath the entire time about how the gag had gotten old, he wrote a final line saying "Glad to have you back, Mrs. K."
  • Upon her ascension, Seymour Skinner was overjoyed as there was finally a place where he and Edna could be together without his mother trying to come between them. Unfortunately, as Ned Flanders, her husband, had also ascended, she remained with him. While Edna may still have feelings for Seymour, she says she'll feels happier with Ned than she ever could with Skinner.
  • Moe Szyslak once asked her on a date after they both ascended. Her response was a single "Ha!"
  • Has turned down requests from both Skinner and Lisa to help with their plans to improve the school despite being deified. She defends her actions as nothing will ever get better, so why bother working for it.
  • In spite of her apathy, she still does care for her children, and she considers the actions of Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge to be cruel by her standards. Of the two, she hates Umbridge more as she sees her as a manipulative backstabber... who also evaluated teachers and fired them if they weren't up to snuff.
  • She had her teaching skills reviewed by Severus Snape prior to starting work at The Elysium Academy. When he found her initial skills to be sub-par, she tried flirting with him to guarantee her position. Unfortunately, Snape was far too devoted to his long-lost love to consider her. However, after hearing him complain about his complicated relationship with Harry Potter, she was able to bond with him, drawing on her own experiences with Bart. When she stated that she'd be just as strict with Harry, Snape hired her on the spot.
    • Despite this, she generally finds Harry to be a decent student; at least, with more aptitude and enthusiasm relative to her students at Springfield Elementary. As such, she gets along well with him, but won't hesitate to discipline him if he gets out of line.
  • Ash Ketchum transferred into her class, as he found that he enjoyed Pokemon School in Alola and thought her class might be similar. Upon finding the Edna knew nothing of Pokemon, Ash quickly lost a lot of interest in her class though. However, Edna was used to this behavior given her normal students in Springfield so it didn't really phase her. In fact, Ash was a lot more polite than almost all of her students and put in a ton of energy and work when given challenges, making him one of the most enjoyable students she has.
  • She once walked into her classroom and found Dexter using her classroom to build one of his inventions. When he revealed that he couldn't work at home or else his sister would destroy his inventions, she agreed to let him work in the classroom as long as he didn't bother anyone else, or have his inventions disrupt the classroom. For the most part, this worked out..until the one time he built a portal that unleashed a monster on the classrroom. One epic battle later, she cancelled class early, went straight to Moe's and took the rest of the week off.
  • The biggest challenge of her teaching career was realizing that she now had two other children to teach who acted just like Bart, Dennis the Menace and Gumball Watterson. While she was initially tempted to quit, she decided that she wouldn't let the children cheat her out of her "well-earned" money. Compared to Bart, however, she finds both boys to be less of a hassle overall. Dennis, at least, never uses his slingshot while in class and Gumball is more lazy and less prone to pranks overall. She still makes sure to keep their seats far apart.
  • She has low tolerance for the Kids Next Door, finding their frequent absences and call for rebellion against grown-ups to be disruptive and off-putting. However, she privately agrees that the Delightful Children are just creepy little bastards, and thinks it'd be worth a laugh just to see their reaction to such a name.
  • Edna met Eric Cartman for one class before she had him transferred. Afterwards, she found Bart and told him "Bart, you remember that one time I said you were bad on the inside? I'm sorry."

    Penny (Stardew Valley
Penny, Goddess of Private Teachers
  • Rank: Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her head
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Always Has A Perfect Score In Lucky Roulette Wheel To The Point She Was Banned From Playing The Game, Cute Bookworm, Hates Grapes and Hops, Friend to All Children, Innocently Insensitive Is Bad At Cooking (but gets better at it after marriage), The Pollyanna, Shrinking Violet, Significant Green-Eyed Redhead, The Teetotaler, Loves Poppyseed Muffins, Tom Kha Soup, Red Plate, and Roots Platter
  • Domains: Teaching, Marriage (if the player marries her that is), Horrible Parents
  • Herald: Pam (her mother)
  • Allies: Good-aligned deities of House of School, The Heroic Protectors of Family, good-aligned deities of the House of Luck and Fortune, multiple child deities
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Dolores Umbridge
  • Avoids: The subhouse of Alcohol
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Morris, Baldi
  • A young lady living in Pelican Town, her biggest goal in life is to have a family. This is why she tutored her only students, Vincent and Jas, despite having no formal education. Underneath the surface, Penny suffers from the problem of having an alcoholic mother who doesn't care about the well-being of herself and her own daughter, having financial problems, and wishing to escape from living in a trailer because of the problems her mother have. Eventually, her mother gets better thanks to the farmer of the Pelican Town buying her a house, the former promising that she will be better for herself and take care of her own daughter, which made Penny happy.
  • The House of School realized they don't have anyone that is an actual private tutor. This made the entire house frantically searching for candidates to represent the trope. They eventually found the candidate they are looking for, Penny. Thanks to her love and devotion to children and family, as well as having a heartbreaking story that eventually got resolved, she eventually ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Because her career is that of a private tutor, she was told to tutor kids that suffer from a lot of problems. As such, she though she could handle this, considering she suffered a lot from her mother before the issue was resolved. A lot of child deities think highly of her once they are under her tutoring because of how nice and consdirate she is.
  • Hates teachers such as Dolores Umbridge because they love to harm their own students just because they want to. Penny made sure that the students they take would not be sure as she doesn't want to see them suffer
    • Opposes Baldi because although she thinks he's not such a bad teacher, she knows that harming one of your students just because you did not give the correct answer is wrong.
  • While Morris is happy to see one of the citizens in Pelican Town ascended as he believes she will buy his products, Penny is truly disgusted upon seeing him.
  • Because she always wins at the lucky roulette, the House of Luck and Fortune has to ban her from entering to prevent her from winning all of the grand prizes. Although she became friends with the good deities there as they are marvelled at her luck and even gave her an honorary seat in their house because of her perfect streak.
  • As her bigget dream in life is to have a family, she supports the Heroic Protectors of Family and has a huge hatred towards the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • Avoids the subhouse of Alcohol as her mother suffers from drinking problems and it reminds her of those problems her mother used to have. Some of the deities there feel pity upon hearing what happened to her and respect her decision.
  • A lot of deities at the House of Food are suprised to see she's good at cooking considering they heard reports of her being bad at it. Penny stated she doesn't know how it happened, but stated she had a feeling she made a promise to someone she'll get better at it if she got married.
    • That said, a lot of deities are shocked to see that she hates grapes, considering that grapes are beloved and are considered to be a good fruit to taste.


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