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Greater Gods

Augus, God of Odd Mentoring (Augus of the Seven Deities/Eight Guardian Generals, God of Greed, Tourist)
  • Greater God (Being able to fight on par with Six-Armed Vajra Asura without even using his blade makes him this by default).
  • Symbol: His mantra halo
  • Theme song: New World Symphony Fourth Movement
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Old Guys, big and loud warriors, Cool Old Guys, Dirty Old Guys Blood Knights, extremely huge blades, The Hedonist, shameless display of manliness, bare-topped guys, seeing with blind eyes
  • Domains: Greed, Hedonism, Combat
  • Follower: Satoru Gojo, Bo 'Rai Cho
  • Allies: Asura (his student), Son Goku, Akuma, Zaraki Kenpachi, Master Asia, Waldstein, all the other Combat deities that can give him a good fight or have similar enthusiasm when it comes to fighting, Esdeath, Travis Touchdown, Kratos
  • Friendly Rival: Bayonetta
  • Worthy Opponent: Deus
  • Opposes: Wyzen, Kalrow
  • On speaking terms with: Ryu Hayabusa, Mithra
  • Meet the old man who taught Asura and Yasha what it means to fight. Augus, along with his pupils, was one of the Eight Guardian Generals of Shinkoku Trastrium, but was also involved in the conspiracy that got rid of both Asura and the Emperor they served and turned the group into the Seven Deities. He held no particular malice towards Asura, but instead was pursuing what was most important to him: the fight of a lifetime, which he could only get through Deus. Specifically, the Commander had given him a battle worthy of drawing his sword, Wailing Dark, and then promised him that future battles would follow of the same magnitude. Yet only one such battle ever came about — the return of his exiled student Asura on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge towards the Seven Deities. Asura stumbled into one of his hot baths with wine and beautiful servant women, and proceeded to reject his advice about living to fight and enjoy the fruits thereof; they settled the score with that battle to the death that he was looking for. Augus was defeated, but far from displeased, he proudly accepted it and encouraged his protégé to walk his own path before fading away, out of the realm of Shinkoku... and into the Trope Pantheon.
  • Ascended upon his defeat from his former pupil, he decided to join the House of Combat after hearing that there were fighters there. He and Kenpachi got off to a good start. In spite of Kenpachi being defeated every time, Augus says he always has fun with the strong deities of the house, and usually spends his time there exclusively.
  • He's so strong that he can make the Saiyan warrior Son Goku and even the great Bruce Lee sweat in a fight of pure martial arts with no ki attacks used. Their strength earns Augus his respect.
  • Being Asura's former mentor has its effect on the many evil deities in the pantheon, as they tend to try to avoid him whenever possible, due to the fact that he basically taught Asura everything he knows.
  • Due to just how big his blade can really get, he was offered the possibility of taking over Cloud and Jack Rakan as the God of Swordsmanship, but he declined, stating that while they use blades regularly, he only uses the actual blade when he finds an opponent worthy for it. When he does bring it onto the battlefield, he never unsheathes it unless in those circumstances; the sheath alone is enough to kill massive mooks with just a swipe. He does find jack Rakan to be a rather interesting character, and thinks he might actually be worthy of his own blade.
  • Accepted a challenge to a fight from Flandre Scarlet. He was able to defeat the poor vampire effortlessly without using his blade, though he found her nature of having immense thrills for fighting to be rather complimentary of his own, which earned her his respect, and that he's ready for a rematch anytime she wants to. Most of the pantheon fears the day it happens.
  • Many other deities swear they can hear the New World Symphony Fourth Movement by Dvorak playing whenever he gets in a fighting mood with a worthy opponent.
  • Augus refuses to fight for either the GUAG or GUAE, as their missions run contrary to his belief of fighting for the fight's sake. That being said, Lucifer had no trouble inviting him to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos.
  • It is once said that the swordsman Gilgamesh wanted the Wailing Dark as part of his collection. Augus responded by unleashing the sword and impaling him through his head. Augus would later clarify that he did not think of Gilgamesh as worthy of his blade, but thought of him as an "annoying little wannabe".
  • Whenever he isn't fighting in the House of Combat, Augus can be found drinking as much of the best wine as he can in the House of Food, or until they run out of wine, which is usually what happens. He has been spotted quite often in the House of Love as well, doing... stuff with the many beautiful females that inhabit it (although he's more prone to sparring with the more powerful Action Girl members like Bayonetta).
    Augus: You fight, then you eat good food. You fight, then you drink fine wine. You fight, then you sleep with beautiful women. Hell, fight with beautiful women! That's what it means to live!
  • While he and his protégés still disagree on their reasons for fighting and existing, they have come to much better terms since meeting again in the Pantheon. When Gohma Vlitra showed up in the Pantheon, Augus freely joined Yasha and Asura's task force in the battle against the monster. Though Asura had initially coaxed him in with the promise of another rematch, seeing both Yasha and Goku in action made him realize he wanted a crack at them as well. In the strategy to defeat Gohma Vlitra, the four of them would lead the charge into Vlitra's core with the other three tailing them and taking advantage of openings presented by its attacks. In the ensuing disbandment celebration after the monster was finally destroyed, the four of them enjoyed a grand free-for-all fight as the others watched on.
    • His boldness about living for the fight has gained an admirer in Travis, while Kratos can empathize with both his hedonistic lifestyle and with Asura and Yasha's prioritizing of family, helping Augus further glimpse where they're coming from. Hayabusa doesn't care much for him, but does respect his strength and hospitality.
  • Seeing the rest of the Seven Deities enter the Pantheon didn't do much for him. He thinks Deus's ideas of a "Great Rebirth" are ridiculous, though he does respect him as the only Worthy Opponent he ever had before Asura. Same can't be said for Wyzen and Kalrow, whose weakness he despises, blaming it on their overreliance on Mantra. Considering it's the whole reason the Seven kidnapped Mithra, one would be hard-pressed to disagree.
  • Despite being blind himself, Augus has made no indication of joining the other Blind Weaponmasters. Augus himself has never felt particularly blind.

    Ultraman 80 
Ultraman 80, God of Over-Qualified Teachers (Takeshi Yamato)
Takeshi Yamato
  • Greater God. Lesser God as Takeshi Yamato
  • Symbol: His Ultra sign (as 80). Alternatively, the UGM Logo (as Yamato).
  • Theme song: 80 No Uta, Hang in There, Ultraman 80 (as 80), The guy with a burning heart, Let’s go, UGM, Chikyu-jin Dayo (as Yamato)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Henshin Hero, Friend to All Children, Hand Blast, Be the Ball, Transformation Trinket, Hour of Power, Critical Annoyance
  • Domains: Protection, Giants, Heroes, Education
  • Heralds: Sakuragakoa Middle School Class 1E, Kyoko Aihara, UGM (Captain Kazuki Oyama, Junkichi Ito, Emi Jono, Hiroshi Tajima and Tokohiko Harada, Shinpachiro Fujimori and Noboru Ikeda, Sera Teruo, Yuriko Kosaka), Yulian
  • Allies: All Benevolent Ultra Series Deities (especially Ultraman, Ultraseven, Zoffy, Ace, Leo, King and Mebius), All friendly child deities, The friendly members of the House of School, All heroic Toku Deities (Especially Gamera, The Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman and Kamen Rider Fourze), Captain America, Superman, Spider-Man, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Mafalda, Yotsuba Koiwai, the heroic Kingdom Hearts deities, Adam West, all friendly alien deities
  • Enemies: All evil Ultra Series deities (especially Belial, Alien Empera and the evil Baltans), The Galactic Imperial Army Zone, the evil members of the Houses of Extraterrestrials and Otherness, The Heartless, Agatha Trunchbull, Damien Thorn, Denzel Crocker
  • After five years of peace following the final defeat of Commander Black, the Earth was suddenly under threat by a new wave of dangerous and bizarre menaces. In addition to new and deadly kaiju and alien invaders, a new form of supernatural energy known as Minus Energy had begun to prey on humans’ negative emotional energy to create monsters from these bad feelings. To combat this mounting threat and preserve the Earth they had come to cherish, the Land of Light sent a young Ultra warrior to both defeat Minus Energy monsters and curb its spread across Japan. To accomplish this loft task, the hero, known to Earth as Ultraman 80, took on the identity of Takeshi Yamato, a passionate young man balancing twin duties as the teacher of Sakuragakoa Middle School Class 1E and new recruit to the Utility Government Members (UGM), Japan’s latest monster-busting taskforce. With these two identities and three jobs in play, Yamato played a key role in curbing negative emotions among his students and Japan’s youth at large, as well as helping UGM destroy Minus Energy monsters and other monstrous threats. After nearly a year of adventures, during a quarter of which he actively served as a teacher, 80, along with fellow Ultra Yullan, could leave Earth knowing that Minus Energy was curbed for the long-run and humanity could defend itself.
  • When filling out teaching roles among The Elysium Academy, the Pantheon’s teachers were surprised to find a particularly eager yet unassuming candidate named Takeshi Yamato. Unlike most other candidates, his resume only listed a single semester of teaching, coupled with a long list of hobbies and a year-long, page-spanning entry on his duties as a UGM officer. Despite his resume seeming more appropriate for the House of Space, the Pantheon’s Teaching Board relented in giving him a chance to teach a trial section. To their surprise, his students listened raptly to his well-structured, interactive lectures … until tremors shook the building, signaling the untimely arrival of a kaiju on the House’s grounds. Without a thought, Takeshi evacuated his new students far from the monster’s path before running back to the attacked school as if he were somehow able to save the building. Revealing himself in an orange jumpsuit, Yamato shot at the monster to draw it far from the school, before transforming into his true form – a new Ultraman! After destroying the monster, 80 was surprised to be greeted by several members of both the House of Education and the Main House. Commending him for his fantastic teaching skills, which were somehow overshadowed by his marksmanships and incredible powers, both parties offered him a dual role as an Academy teacher and God of over-qualified teachers, to which he gladly accepted both.
  • Shortly after his ascension, 80 was pleased to find that he was just the latest of several Ultras who had managed to ascend before him. Of the Ultras of his home universe, he was especially grateful to Mebius for having inspired him to reconnect with his students decades after they had unceremoniously parted for reasons 80 was never fond to reveal. Outside of the heroes of his home universe, Cosmos and Musashi’s unmatched compassion for people and monsters alike struck a deep chord with Takeshi. Whenever they have some time on their hands, the two have been seen taking strolls across the Pantheon in their respective human identities, talking about the children they befriended during their journeys.
  • While he was technically ascended as an academic teacher, Takeshi sees his greatest responsibility as a deity to be serving as a good role model and friend to his students. Whether it be entertaining them by walking into class on his finger after he showed up late one too many times, collaborating with them in an extracurricular garage band or talking them through a harsh break up, the Ultra regularly takes time to know his students in and outside of the classroom on an emotional level beyond what his job would imply. This friendship even extends to children outside of his class. A few deities have speculated this was ultimately why he was ascended as an overqualified teacher: not due to his UGM training or superpowers, but rather because of his dedication to helping his students grow academically and emotionally. In fact, one of them grew up to be a teacher, hoping to live up to his example, so this theory has some basis.
  • Outside of the Ultras, 80 considers the Fiveman to be his best friends, with both groups bonding over their common backgrounds as superheroes with civilian identities as teachers valiantly defending the Earth from kaiju and alien invaders. Whether it be discussing science with Gaku or training with Remi, Yamato and the sibling quintet are frequently seen hanging out together whenever the Pantheon’s villains keep low for a bit. When the time calls for the Fiveman to appear, they can always count on 80 to show up and help them defeat the Galactic Zone Empire’s newest Galactic Warriors, creating no short number of headaches for Empress Meadow.
  • As another Toku hero renown for his immense compassion and mission of preventing people's darkest thoughts from manifesting into monsters, Takeshi is immensely proud of Gentaro Kisaragi and his success in befriending every single person he could in his fight against the Zodiarts. Gentaro reciprocates this admiration, idolizing Yamato as a hero to humanity and personal mentor to countless children across Japan. With Gentaro on the path to becoming a teacher in the future, Takeshi has offered to tutor him for the foreseeable future - an offer the wise but academically-untalented Gentaro gladly accepted.
  • Besides the many kaiju and alien invaders that the ascended Ultras battle, 80 strongly opposes the Heartless hordes and their masters, as the former reminded him far too much of the Minus Energy monsters he usually has to deal with. Unlike Minus Energy, the Heartless’s ability to assimilate the victims that generated them, coupled with their vast numbers, make them a more commonly recurring and arguably more dangerous threat to 80 than even Minus Energy was at its peak. Furthermore, the Heartless’s subservience to intelligent and cruel masters like Xenahort and The Idea of Evil have enabled them to coordinate their attacks against Yamato and UGM have forced the defense organization to ally themselves with Sora and his allies to wipe out Heartless infestations more efficiently.
  • As another giant hero with a strong devotion to the planet Earth and a fondness for children, 80 quickly became friends with Gamera. It certainly helps that they share a common creator. Outside of the Guardian of the Universe’s occasional unpredictability, 80 has become Gamera’s strongest advocates, using his human identity as Takeshi Yamato to advocate for the monster when even UGM and the GUAG lose faith in the kaiju. This new alliance has without a doubt made life even worse for the ascended Gyaos.
  • As a teacher among the Pantheon’s vast world of magical and mighty beings, Takeshi has certainly had to deal with students far more unruly and/or powerful than those he had to console during his heyday. Despite Ultraman 80’s full power being a match or more for most young deities, 80 has often treated his Ultra Powers, themselves victim of the infamous “three-minute time limit”, as a last resort, preferring to speak with troubled deities as equals in need of help rather than menaces. That being said, Takeshi was horrified to encounter children who could not be reasoned with and instead reveled in evil emotions. Without a doubt, he sees Damien Thorn as the worst of the lot, being one of the Pantheon’s personifications of evil. In spite of the boy lacking any powers (as of yet), his near-unrivaled influence and hate-filled heart terrifies even the mighty Ultra.
  • The polar opposite of Takeshi Yamato in temperament and abilities, Denzel Crocker hated his new coworker for his immense popularity among the Pantheon faculty and students alike. Determining this “unfairly gifted” adoration to be the work of FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS!, Crocker attempted to kidnap Yamato to get him to spill the beans on the fairies helping him. The key word being attempted – Crocker’s traps, more often built for fairies and children, were mere child’s play for Yamato, who didn’t need to transform into 80 to give the sadistic teacher a taste of UGM’s finest boots. Instead of apologizing, Crocker concluded the real source of his failure: Takeshi was neither a child nor a fairy.
  • To the surprise of many, 80 is on pretty good terms with Adam West, who once could have portrayed 80 in an American adapation of the Ultra’s adventures before plans fell apart. Despite the project going nowhere, the two have shown enthusiasm for learning about each other’s (very different) lines of work. In a gesture of goodwill, West even asked Yamato for the permission for the House of Theater and Spectacle to put on a play remaking 80’s adventures, though Takeshi remains a bit iffy on that proposal for the time being.

Intermediate Gods

    Agatha Trunchbull 
Agatha Trunchbull, Goddess of Sadist Teachers (The Trunchbull)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Javelin
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolios: Child Haters, Dean Bitterman, Evil Brit, Evil Is Hammy, Evil Teacher, Views herself as a god in her school, Being a Wicked Step-Aunt
  • Domains: Teachers, Abuse, Evil
  • Followers: Baron and Baroness Bomburst, Coach Krupt, Miss Simian, Suguru Kamoshida, Principal Snyder
  • Allies: Dolores Umbridge, Sofia Lamb, Randall Ross, Mr. Krupp
  • Enemies: Matilda Wormwood, Satoko Houjou, Homura Akemi, Cinderella, Jimmy Hopkins, all child and teenage deities
  • Fears: All supernatural gods in the Pantheon, especially black cats and ghosts, Gandalf
  • Opposes: Lady Tremaine
  • Opposed by: Chie Satonaka, Souji Mitsuka/Tail Red
  • Wanted access to the pantheon after being humiliated by a brainy schoolgirl and being forced to flee for her sanity. Umbridge was willing to give up one of her three tropes so that her ally could ascend.
    • When the Trunchbull first ascended, she was completely broken down from the discovery that she killed Magnus Honey and took his house for herself. But now that she was a goddess, she could resume terrifying any children in the pantheon; this time, however, she's being more cautious. Some of these kids are more than capable of defending themselves. And since a lot of weird things happen in the Pantheon, she cannot take Refuge in Audacity for some things that worked before in her world.
    • Word spread quickly that Matilda has arrived at the Pantheon, specifically to challenge her rule. She disappeared for a few days, with many speculating that she has run away just like the last time Matilda schooled her. But it didn't take long until she returned to class with newfound confidence. She has her own set of allies now and believes she can handle the girl now that she doesn't seem nearly as intimidating.
  • Despite being a Wicked Step-Aunt herself, even the Trunchbull finds Lady Tremaine to be despicable. Sure, the Trunchbull mistreats children, and has thrown two boys out the window and made another eat a huge cake, but even she would never go as far as to murder a child out of spite, as Tremaine infamously attempted to do on her step-daughter.
  • The Trunchbull absolutely hates pigtails, because of their association with children. Sometime before she ascended, she even threw a girl, hammer throw-style, over a fence for that reason alone.
    • However, she has started trying to behave herself when it comes to this, as one time she tried to do this to a goddess she was suddenly frozen over by a pillar of light and then ending up in the receiving end of Grand Blazer by Tail Red.
    • She also tries hard to restrain herself from enacting this on Nanako Dojima, another girl with pigtails, as that would incur a whole lot of retribution from the entire Investigation Team. And with all the new friends she's made, that would simply be the first wave.
  • She's often seen in the House of Sports, practicing Shot Put, Javelin, and Hammer Throw. She's quite good with them because she took part in the Olympic Games in the 1970s, though it's unknown if she won any Gold Medals.
  • Despite her badass ego, she's quite superstitious, and is known to fear black cats. As a result, she tends to stay as far away from the Houses of Otherness and Undead and Phasmata as possible.

    Izumi Curtis 
Izumi Curtis, Goddess of Aggressive Training Conditions (neé Harnet, "A Passing Housewife")
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Flamel tattoo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Awesome Teachers and Bookworms, Housewife and Proud, Good Is Not Nice, Surrogate Mothers You Don't Mess With, Happily Married and Proudly So, Sexy Mentor, Tough Love, Dreadlocks, Harsh Training Methods, Blood from the Mouth, Apron Matron, Losing Your Baby At Birth And A Piece of Yourself
  • Domains: Teachers, Alchemy, Motherhood, Martial Arts, Butchers
  • Herald: Sig Curtis (her husband), Curtis Jr./Wrath (her son, alternate timeline resurrected version)
  • Allies: Edward and Alphonse Elric (her students), Olivier Armstrong, Van Hohenheim, Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang (begrudgingly), Alex Louis Armstrong, Riza Hawkeye, Maes Hughes, Edward Newgate, Sophitia Alexandra, Piccolo, Toriel, Mr. Champloo, Dr. Perry Cox, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Chifuyu Orimura, Eikichi Onizuka, Android 18
  • Enemies: Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), Führer King Bradley, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, The Medic, Bill Cipher, Raynare, Calypso, Bask Om, General Shepherd, Gregor Clegane, Alex Wesker, Agatha Trunchbull, Mother Gothel
  • Opposes: Yog-Sothoth, Son Chi-Chi
  • Izumi Curtis is the mentor to Edward and Alphonse Elric, and a proud housewife. She is regarded as a master alchemist, and skilled martial artist. Despite being a good-natured, attractive teacher, her methods of teaching are...terrifying. Though the Elric brothers hesitated at first, they agreed her ascension would be invaluable for the good-aligned FMA gods. She would have rather ascended as the Goddess of Housewives, however, the Court of the Gods overruled it as being more hype than anything. Besides, not many housewives are as badass and active as here.
  • Has been known to puke up blood on occasion, though rather than having a disease this comes from a greater tragedy; she tried to resurrect her stillborn son through human transmutation, only for this to fail entirely and the Truth to rip out some of her internal organs.
  • Though ultimately benevolent, Izumi is one of the most feared teachers ever due to her her way of Mentoring people. The Elric brothers would attest to that, and many in the House of School have grown somewhat concerned by her arrival. She's allied with fellow great teachers Chifuyu Orimura, along with Dr. Perry Cox. When not teaching in the Academy or House of School, Izumi is usually seen in her own House with Tony Masters. It's said that when the two opened shop for martial arts training, the House of Combat shuddered.
  • Was angered upon learning that Agitha Trunchball was in the pantheon. Agatha was confused by this, wondering what she had against her when they're both terrifying and ruthless teachers. Izumi Curtis pointed out that there's a keen difference between them; she actually cares about her students and is being so harsh to improve them, while Trunchball is doing it for cruelty's sake. Izumi considers her to be a disgrace to the teaching profession.
  • Though a hardass to her students, she's a total sweetheart when it comes to her and her Happily Married husband Sig Curtis. She hopes to one day get him in the pantheon. While some have suggested he could've joined her as the gods of Ugly Guy, Hot Wife, this enraged her and the one who suggested it was punched out; the fact is her husband's size only makes him sexier to her. Android 18 can admire Izumi for not giving into society's opinions of beauty. She admires Gomez and Morticia Addams for their closeness and love. Conversely, she hates Raynare for being a Fetishized Abuser.
  • With their mother dead at a young age and father disappearing, she served to be a Parental Substitute for the Elric brothers. Many see her conversing with the mothers and fathers in the House of Family, particularly Piccolo and Whitebeard for being both parental figures and gruff mentors like herself.
    • In fact, at least one troper has noted to her that despite what they lost, both in tragedy and in their alchemical folly, in some roundabout way, they got what they wanted. Ed and Al may have lost Trisha, but have gotten a second mother in Izumi; likewise, while Izumi may have lost her biological child and unable to give birth to anymore, she was able to raise two boys into fine young men as the sons she never had. When Izumi was told this, she was initially more than a little shocked by the development, but some have noted she has been smiling more frequently whenever she's with Ed and Al.
  • Doesn't like Son Chi-Chi that much. Sure, she understands her worry and respects the love she has for her kids, but he considers her Education Mama tendencies to be stifling her kids' potential. And she's no fan of the military, and as such doesn't like the fact there's a House of War in the pantheon. It especially grinds her gears that they house psychopaths like Bask Om, General Shepherd, Vile and Gregor Clegane.
  • Asides from being a teacher and alchemist, Izumi Curtis works as a butcher in Dublith. She continues this in the pantheon, leading her to work for the House of Food. She's become good friends with Mr. Champloo due to being a badass chef. Grandma Stuffum has been barred from her temple ever since she tried to control her meat stock.
  • Hates Alex Wesker due to her monstrous method of seeking immortality; it reminds her about the Amestrian conspirators. Izumi Curtis also considers Bill Cipher a threat as his Illuminati ways remind her of Father.
  • No fan of Yog-Sothoth, as The Gate and The Key remind her too much of the Truth entity. Being conterminous yet transcendent of all space-time and sources of information, they may be the same entity. Later told Calypso to fuck off when he tried to get a wish out of her to revive her baby. She's also warned the Medic not to touch her; she knows his "medicine" isn't worth anything.
  • Is capable of fighting off bears, something that has led both good and evil-aligned ursines to be wary of her.
  • Was once approached by Mother Gothel, who expressed an interest in learning alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone. Gothel assumed that she'd gain an ally in her attempt to regain and retain her eternal youth, something she'd believed another woman would identify with. Unfortunately for Gothel, her story was far too similar to something Izumi had gone through with both the military, and a former teacher of hers in different timelines. On top of this, she absolutely despised the way that Gothel had treated Rapunzel and her own daughter, Cassandra. Long story short, it took several months under the intensive care of Health and Diseases before Gothel could be taken out of her body cast, with even more recovery time for her face (to add insult to injury and Gothel's vanity, Izumi borrowed a trick her student had mentioned and disfigured Gothel's face with her alchemy). Gothel since then stays as far away from Izumi's presence as possible.

    Minerva McGonagall 
Minerva McGonagall, Goddess of Stern Teachers
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Gryffindor crest
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, at times Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Stern Teacher, Badass Teacher Who's Very Protective of Her Students, Old Master Who Holds Well in a Fight, Badass Bookworm, Animagus
  • Domains: Teaching, Respect, Toughness
  • Allies: All the Hogwarts staff and students (specially Gryffindors), Athena, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Matilda Wormwood
  • Enemies: Lord Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange, Agatha Trunchbull
  • After some time as the herald of Albus Dumbledore, ascended in recognition of all her good service to all groups possible - Hogwarts, the Order of the Phoenix, the main trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) - while continuing to be a no non-sense professor that would both recognize good students and remove points from felonies.
  • Hangs out with her two predecessors as Hogwarts Headmaster, Dumbledore and Snape - the latter, even if she had her share of conflict with him in the past. She is also on amicable terms with Slughorn, even if he headed the rival Slytherin house, and Minerva looks down on him giving preferential treatment to students out of self-interest.
  • Basically everyone in the House of Magic wants to schedule classes with her. McGonagall's standout talent is Transfiguration, which she taught at Hogwarts, and makes her highly skilled in giving life to inanimate objects, especially those who can serve as makeshift warriors and guards.
  • Has gained the godly support of the goddess Athena, who considered McGonagall more than worthy of having her Roman name. Upon their first meeting, for some reason Athena felt the teacher looked like the nymph Thetis.
    • Mary Lennox also confused her for Mrs. Medlock, but the Professor has shown to be much more motherly than Mrs. Medlock was (although that could be blamed to a change in personality)
  • She has gotten along with the two best-known Jedi "teachers", whose Force powers even resemble some magic spells: Obi-Wan, who is also a stoic, no non-sense mentor; and Yoda, who for being quirky and small reminds Minerva of Professor Flitwick.
  • Was livid upon meeting Umbridge again, given Minerva was a fierce opposer of Dolores' time at Hogwarts, making the usually law-enforcing teacher more than willing to break rules only to make the "High Inquisitor" miserable.
  • Due to Minerva not being favorable to Divination - though she begrudgingly helped Sybill Trelawney after Umbridge unceremoniously and cruelly sacked her - she is not well liked by most in the house of Prophecy. One of the only exceptions are the Cutie Mark Crusaders who specialize in a god's path in life/purpose rather than full-on fortune-telling. Sweetie Belle likes to take lessons on her to improve her magic.
  • Some of the most scholarly deities laugh behind her back at how "McGonagall" is taken from one of the worst poets ever.
  • Minerva grew an instant dislike for Agatha Trunchbull, an evil teacher who is as bad as Umbridge, if not worse for physical abuse. Given Matilda stood up to Trunchbull, she instantly got McGonagall's approval, and she was intrigued that she has excellent intelligence for someone of her age, along with psychic powers comparable to a wizard with much training in Spells.
  • Given she can turn into a cat, Minerva has at times hid in the House of Felines, and some of the deities there tried to befriend her. Given she can't speak as a cat, it's mostly fruitless.


    Chisa Yukizome 
Chisa Yukizome, Goddess of Enthusiastic New Teachers (Super High School-Level Despair, Hope’s Peak High School New Teacher, Future Foundation Branch Office 5 Director, Super High School-Level Housekeeper, Ultimate Housekeeper)
Massive Spoilers, Click at your own risk
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Apron
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Evil as Ultimate Despair
  • Portfolio: Enthusiastic and Cool New Teacher, The Ace, Rabbit Motifs, Badass Teacher, Becoming the Mask which unfortunately leads to her undoing, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Nice Girl, Revealed to have been lobotomized and brainwashed into becoming a member of Ultimate Despair
  • Domains: Teachers, Housekeepers, Spies, Brainwashing
  • Followers: Megumi Sakura, Janine Teagues, Yoko Sawa
  • Allies:All ascended good-aligned Dangan Ronpa deities, but Especially The Ascended members of Class 77-B, Usami, and Juzo Sakakura, Elenore Baker, Roll, Minerva McGonagall, Izumi Curtis, Aikuro Mikisugi, Koro-Sensei, Byleth
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima!! and Monokuma, Tsumigi Shirogane, Monaca Towa, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Father (Codename: Kids Next Door)
  • Sympathizes with: Denzel Crocker, The Delightful Children From Down The Lane
  • After graduating, Chisa Yukizone became a teacher at Kyosuke Munakata's request so the trio of friends (her, him and Juzo Sakakura) could investigate the possible corruption at Hope's Peak. While she did become a teacher to investigate Hope's Peak, her enthusiasm for being a teacher was not faked and she truly cared for her students. There were many difficulties, such Natsumi Kuzuryu's and Sato's deaths, Nagito bombing the gym which resulted in her being sent to the reserve course for half a year and Hajime's disappearance, but she continued to care for her students and investigating into Hope's Peak. However the worst would come during the Parade, when she chose to rescue Chiaki and Nagito instead of regrouping with Juzo and Kyosuke. While she managed to get Chiaki and Nagito away from Junko's hideout, she got captured in the process and in turn brainwashed via a lobotomy when she proved to be resistant against the brainwashing video. As a brainwashed member of Ultimate Despair, she lead Chiaki to her death which lead to her classmate's brainwashing. While her class was off destroying the world as members of Ultimate Despair, she would spread despair by corrupting Kyosuke (and by extension,Juzo) into becoming a Knight Templar, climaxing in her death in which he found photos of her murdering children and reveling to be a member of Ultimate Despair to drive him mad. However she is shown to have lost her despair state in the afterlife theater, and got to watch her class prevail against despair.
  • When the title of Enthusiastic Newbie Teacher became available it was none other than her old friend and classmate Juzo Sakakura who suggested she'd be given the title, with the backing of her old students, who would still say she was a great teacher in spite of what happened to all them. She would then be picked up from the afterlife theater to join the pantheon where she would break into tears at being reunited with some of her old students as well as her friend, who she thought she would never see again. When she profusely apologized to Juzo for manipulating both him and Kyosuke into their more extreme methods over time, Juzo was unsurprisingly lenient with Chisa. He had already learned what became of her when he ascended into the Pantheon, and admits he hates himself for never realizing what Junko did to her. Still, Chisa stated that he couldn't have known, and admitted that Juzo was right about her Fatal Flaw of being too absorbed into things, wishing that she had actually asked for help before she went to save her students. Juzo does note however he now has another reason to hate Junko Enoshima.
  • She would spend a few hours apologizing to everybody she hurt directly or indirectly. While it's hard to pardon her actions like all former members of Ultimate Despair, like the rest of them she was still brainwash into doing those acts. The one she apologizes to the most to is the Human Chiaki for getting her killed. Chiaki forgives her because she wasn't herself and admits that both of them could have rescue each other with more of a plan. They have since spent time together working on making amends and catching up on lost times. Chisa also ships Chiaki with Hajime Hinata, having first seen them together on her first day on the job and knowing just how much they mean to each other.
  • When Makoto finally got to meet the real Chisa Yukizome in the Pantheon (when he spoke to her during his trial, he was unaware at the time she was brainwashed), she apologized to him for the pain he had to go through. Makoto knows that it wasn't her fault, and admits if he had known about her state, he would have saved her along with her students. Chisa is grateful to Makoto for saving her students and Hajime Hinata, stating if she hadn't been brainwashed, she would have done anything to save her students. She also thanks Makoto for saving Kyouske from the despair state her brainwashed self put him through, and regrets putting him on the path that led him to become a Knight Templar. She hopes one day Kyosuke can ascend into the Pantheon so she can amends and help return him to being the kind man he once was.
  • While Roll and Elenore Baker are maids rather housekeepers, they still get along with Chisa not only for a having a similar position to theirs, but also for being a motherly figure to her students. Chisa notes how her love for her master is similar to her love for Kyosuke, to the point they would die to save them. Roll is also loyal to her surrogate family as well, and just like Chisa, would what she can to protect them.
  • Being a teacher, Chisa met other teachers in the Pantheon. Chisa got along with the likes of Minerva McGonagull, Izumi Curtis (though she does find her teaching methods a little extreme), Aikuro Mikisugi, Seymour Skinner, Yoshinoya-sensei (they have similar teaching methods, and even hang out with their students, though Chisa wouldn't really pose naked) and Penny. Chisa does sympathize with Edna Krabappel, hoping she can at least help her improve her life as a teacher and help her understand her students. However, Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge are so abhorrent as teachers that Chisa can't stand them, especially since they abused the children and students they're supposed to help and guide.
    • Though she calls Denzel a horrible excuse for a teacher, Chisa does sympathize with him when she discovered how he Used to Be a Sweet Kid, before a horrible mistake from Timmy ended up changing him into the crazy Fairy-obsessed man he is. Chisa wonders if one day Crocker can regain his memory and personality he once had prior to losing his Fairy Godparents.
    • Severus Snape surprisingly shows a soft spot towards Chisa after hearing her story, acknowledging how much she meant to Kyosuke and actually showing contempt for Junko Enoshima for what she did to her. He admits that his life would have taken a far worse turn if Lily had been brainwashed to point of undergoing the loss of her personality. While Chisa doesn't condone his treatment of his students, she does admit that he was a better spy than her.
    • Chisa and Koro-Sensei get along due to be good teachers to their students, since they know their students well enough to help effectively. Of course, Koro-Sensei does show Tranquil Fury towards Junko when he heard of how she had Chisa lobotomized and used her to kill her favorite student Chiaki and brainwash the other students. Chisa in turn is saddened by how Koro-Sensei's career as a teacher ended with his death, but at least is happy his students are able to graduate and had a happy time with him while it lasted.
  • Chisa is horrified by what Father did to the members of Sector V of the KND due to it reminding her of how she was brainwashed. Despite being told the transformation was permanent, Chisa still hopes that maybe one day the Delightful Children can be restored to their original selves.
  • Shows great sympathy towards Byleth as a fellow teacher, since regardless of the choices they make, they are forced to fight some of their students. Chisa lampshades how they suffered from a tragedy as teachers, since she and her students were brainwashed to become terrorists (and even Chisa's first victim ended up being her favorite student, Chiaki), while Byleth is forced to choose one side over the other, and can't actually bring them together no matter what.

    Kumiko Yamaguchi 
Kumiko Yamaguchi, Goddess of Psychologist Teachers (Yankumi, Mr. X, Gokusen, Kumicho, Masked Fighter)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: her red tracksuit
  • Theme Song: Hontou no Kotoba, or Feel Your Breeze
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Helping Her Students With Their Problems, Yakuza Heiress, Badass Teacher, Bad "Bad Acting", Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Incredibly Shit Singer, Hot-Blooded, Nerd Glasses That Can Become Scary Shiny Glasses, Neighborhood-Friendly Gangsters, Obfuscating Stupidity, Oblivious to Love, She Cleans Up Nicely, Stealth Hi/Bye, Concocting Zany Schemes
  • Domain(s): Teachers, Mathematics, Yakuza, Psychology
  • Heralds: Shin Sawada (her star student, boyfriend, and aspiring Yakuza lawyer), Fuji Kuroda VI (her tosa dog)
  • Followers: Hitomi Shinonome, Lou Anne Johnson, Morrie Schwartz, Gabe Kotter, Professor Max Schneider
  • Allies: Eikichi Onizuka (Distaff Counterpart), Charles Xavier, Frasier Crane, John Keating, Gentaro Kisaragi, Kazuma Kiryu, Koro-sensei, Byleth Eisner
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, Agatha Trunchbull, Dr. Angus Mumby, Lucius Malfoy, The Death Busters, Terence Fletcher, Gendo Ikari
  • Opposes: Yui Ikari
  • Opposed by: Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana
  • Respects: Draco Malfoy
  • Respected by: Goro Majima
  • Conflicting Opinion: Albus Dumbledore
  • Teachers are supposed to help their students be prepared for the real world after graduation. Some of them take the extra mile and help their students with all sorts of social issues. No degree of psychology actually required, that's what defines a Psychologist Teacher.
  • Kumiko Yamaguchi, fresh out of university, applied for a job as a teacher in Shirokin High School, an all-boys school renowned for being full of delinquents. She was put in charge of the worst class in the school — class 2-D, but despite their rowdiness, she was more than equipped enough to handle any trouble a bunch of snot-nosed kids can cause, given that she's an heriess to a Yakuza clannote , which she keeps secret (though she and the whole clan weren't that good at keeping secrets) due to schools being intolerant of gangs and people of dangerous backgrounds though the principal turns out to have hired her specifically due to her background, and the entire school eventually finds out near the end, but preferred to keep her either way. Throughout the rest of the series, Kumiko wins over her originally mistrustful students and improves their lives for the better, both through talking things out with them and a helpful dose of the Yakuza code.
  • Kumiko's reason for being a teacher is because of back when her younger adopted siblings were allowed to graduate as long as they don't attend the graduation ceremony. After realizing that schools have been forgetting the real value of students and throwing out those who don't abide by the group rule, she decided she would help those impoverished students.
  • It was the end of another day at Shirokin teaching delinquents when she arrives home, only to see a mysterious person with a letter of recommendation to a place called Elysium Academy. They told her to read it in private before she makes any decisions. One private read later, she found the offer acceptable and eventually earned a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Just to get things out of the way, her Yakuza background is now made known from the start, given how poorly she and her clan are at keeping secrets, even if she might try to pass it off as being a fan of Yakuza media. And because the students for the most part are far smarter than Shirokin's (not that that's hard), and some of the idiots might not even notice any facade she might try to pull off, it would be disrespectful to assume they're fools. That said, they're not that ciritcal of her background, or at least it's not grounds for beings fired.
  • Thanks to her background and experience with delinquents, she has no problem disciplining them when they get too rampant. She's heard that The Tōhōshinki and Tatsumi Oga are from schools filled with them, just like Shirokin High. Thankfully, they've progressively mellowed out. There's also the case of Kenji Kazama, though given the zaniness of the rest of his school, he at least has an excuse for shouting indoors so many times, and he's still a decent student otherwise.
  • As a teacher who helps with her students' issues, she's gotten along with others who do the same, such as Eikichi Onizuka, Charles Xavier, Gentaro Kisaragi (who himself was a delinquent in his school days, though it's more from much of the elitism of the alumni than anything), and Byleth Eisner (though the whole could-be-either-gender thing was weird).
    • As for Albus Dumbledore however, especially in light of his big plans for Harry and others throughout his years, as well as his past with Grindelward, she's a bit more conflicted in her opinions of him.
    • Koro-sensei is another teacher that has helped his students both academically and personally, and gets along wth him somewhat despite his reputation for being an alien and being pervy, not to mention teaching how to assassinate. After all, the Yakuza life is also fraught with danger, so she's no stranger to assassin-level threats. It was also a bit of a surprise to learn that Koro-sensei used to be human, though.
  • Having heard of him through other psycologists, and seeing how badly he looks in Elysium Academy classes, Kumiko has a special interest in helping Shinji Ikari and his fellow EVA pilots. Naturally, because of his mistreatment of the boy, she opposes Gendo Ikari, and she doesn't think too highly of Yui Ikari either for her part in manipulating the boy as well.
  • And of course, there are the nasty teachers that Kumiko opposes, such as Trunchbull (and they get into fights more than once since Agatha has a hatred for twintails, which is how Kumiko wears her hair as a teacher), and Fletcher (for his abusive methods, even if they bear exceptional fruit when it works).
  • As a Yakuza heiress, she can get antsy when it comes to law enforcement. But given her reputation in the mortal realm, she's at a truce with most of them. Of course, there are still the occasional zealot who care not for her non-evil stance, such as Inspector Javert and his allies, who try to arrest her on sight whenever they get the chance.
    • On the other hand, she's had a better encounter with fellow Yakuza deity Kazuma Kiryu after undertaking a rescue mission for one of her students. The Dragon of Dojima had been in the area, and made swift work of the fools that dared get into their crosshairs. They became fast friends after that, him sensing her good heart. Her association with Kiryu naturally drew attention from Goro Majima, who has a soft spot for women and kids, and respects her tenacity and her care for students, though he has warned her to stay off the bigger conflicts, as the Kuroda clan doesn't exactly have enough influence in the Pantheon.
    • And then there was Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana, who has a vendetta against ALL people in the Yakuza due to having lost her family to them. After hearing about her from Kiryu, who had fended off the vigilante with difficulty one time they crossed paths, Kumiko knew that reasoning with Katana was most definitely out of the question for the time being.
  • There was a short time where she used to moonlight as a vigilante called Mr. X, but has since ceased that activity, prefering to instead help as either a teacher or as a Yakuza heiress. So there's no chance she's going to be confused for another Mr. X (or his daughter Miss Y) anytime soon.
  • When it comes to beating up threats to her students, she's even taken out a demon once. And with so many other supernatural stuff in the Pantheon, there are dangers aplenty of all kinds, so she'll have to pick her battles.
  • Got entangled with some of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts after seeing Ryuji, Makoto, and Haru going up against a tough-ish monster and giving them the initiative via a Dynamic Entry flying kick. Once the threat was subdued and taken away, she was formally introduced to the group and what they did, and she turned out to be fully supportive of their cause. After hearing of their backstory, she stated that things would've been very different had she been at Shujin High. On the other hand, given her background, it's unlikely she would've been applicable as a teacher there anyway due to Kobayakawa not wanting someone in the yakuza as a teacher, even if he's part of the same conspiracy that had Kaneshiro in its payroll. Her encounter with Zenkichi however did start a bit tense at first, though they got along anyway after finding they were both dedicated to the well-being of the kids under their watch.
  • Dislikes restrictive parents who think they can do whatever they please to their children, given Shin suffered that treatment under his father (before they and Kumiko eventually came to an understanding). She also opposes children who abuse the power of their parents' influence (particularly authority over use of gangs) to do whatever they please, as well as parents who don't rein them in. Kumiko used to be bullied due to her background, but she never used her clan's name or asked them for help, because she believes it won't foster respect and loyalty. She holds great disdain for Lucius Malfoy because of the latter, while respecting his son Draco for moving away from that line of thinking.
  • Is enemies with the Death Busters, as they are aliens who used a School for Scheming (founded by their Mad Scientist, Professor Souichi Tomoe/Germatoid) as a front while they worked to summon their boss Pharaoh 90 and awaken Mistress Nine. On top of their omnicidal ambitions, she isn't happy that said school is in the Pantheon as their temple.

    Seymour Skinner 
Walter Seymour Skinner, God of Determined Teachers (Principal Skinner, Sergeant Skinner, The Penalizer, Armin Tamzarian)


    Edna Krabappel 

Edna Krabappel, Goddess of Teachers Who've Lost Their Passion (Miss Crab Apple, Miss Krandall, Mrs. Flanders)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A lit cigarette
  • Theme Song: Another Day
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Apathetic Teacher, Broken Bird, Knight in Sour Armor, Signature Laugh, Really Gets Around, Lady Drunk
  • Domains: Teachers who've lost their passion for teaching and are running out the clock
  • Herald: Miss Elizabeth Hoover (her fellow teacher at Springfield Elementary)
  • Followers: Miss Wormwood, Elizabeth Halsey, Jack Griffin
  • Allies: Ned Flanders, Marge Simpson, Homer Simpson, Seymour Skinner, Moe Szyslak, Severus Snape, Ash Ketchum, Dexter
  • Enemies: Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Eric Cartman
  • Additional Character Relationships: Friendly Enemy - Bart Simpson, Dennis the Menace, Gumball Watterson, Kids Next Door
  • Krabappel's first action upon ascension was to stop Bart Simpson in the middle of a prank, drag him to her classroom, and force him to write "I will not prank other deities in the Pantheon" 1000 times on the blackboard. While Bart grumbled under his breath the entire time about how the gag had gotten old, he wrote a final line saying "Glad to have you back, Mrs. K."
  • Upon her ascension, Seymour Skinner was overjoyed as there was finally a place where he and Edna could be together without his mother trying to come between them. Unfortunately, as Ned Flanders, her husband, had also ascended, she remained with him. While Edna may still have feelings for Seymour, she says she'll feels happier with Ned than she ever could with Skinner.
  • Moe Szyslak once asked her on a date after they both ascended. Her response was a single "Ha!"
  • Has turned down requests from both Skinner and Lisa to help with their plans to improve the school despite being deified. She defends her actions as nothing will ever get better, so why bother working for it.
  • In spite of her apathy, she still does care for her children, and she considers the actions of Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge to be cruel by her standards. Of the two, she hates Umbridge more as she sees her as a manipulative backstabber... who also evaluated teachers and fired them if they weren't up to snuff.
  • She had her teaching skills reviewed by Severus Snape prior to starting work at The Elysium Academy. When he found her initial skills to be sub-par, she tried flirting with him to guarantee her position. Unfortunately, Snape was far too devoted to his long-lost love to consider her. However, after hearing him complain about his complicated relationship with Harry Potter, she was able to bond with him, drawing on her own experiences with Bart. When she stated that she'd be just as strict with Harry, Snape hired her on the spot.
    • Despite this, she generally finds Harry to be a decent student; at least, with more aptitude and enthusiasm relative to her students at Springfield Elementary. As such, she gets along well with him, but won't hesitate to discipline him if he gets out of line.
  • Ash Ketchum transferred into her class, as he found that he enjoyed Pokemon School in Alola and thought her class might be similar. Upon finding the Edna knew nothing of Pokemon, Ash quickly lost a lot of interest in her class though. However, Edna was used to this behavior given her normal students in Springfield so it didn't really phase her. In fact, Ash was a lot more polite than almost all of her students and put in a ton of energy and work when given challenges, making him one of the most enjoyable students she has.
  • She once walked into her classroom and found Dexter using her classroom to build one of his inventions. When he revealed that he couldn't work at home or else his sister would destroy his inventions, she agreed to let him work in the classroom as long as he didn't bother anyone else, or have his inventions disrupt the classroom. For the most part, this worked out..until the one time he built a portal that unleashed a monster on the classrroom. One epic battle later, she cancelled class early, went straight to Moe's and took the rest of the week off.
  • The biggest challenge of her teaching career was realizing that she now had two other children to teach who acted just like Bart, Dennis the Menace and Gumball Watterson. While she was initially tempted to quit, she decided that she wouldn't let the children cheat her out of her "well-earned" money. Compared to Bart, however, she finds both boys to be less of a hassle overall. Dennis, at least, never uses his slingshot while in class and Gumball is more lazy and less prone to pranks overall. She still makes sure to keep their seats far apart.
  • She has low tolerance for the Kids Next Door, finding their frequent absences and call for rebellion against grown-ups to be disruptive and off-putting. However, she privately agrees that the Delightful Children are just creepy little bastards, and thinks it'd be worth a laugh just to see their reaction to such a name.
  • Edna met Eric Cartman for one class before she had him transferred. Afterwards, she found Bart and told him "Bart, you remember that one time I said you were bad on the inside? I'm sorry."

    Penny (Stardew Valley
Penny, Goddess of Private Teachers
  • Rank: Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her head
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Always Has A Perfect Score In Lucky Roulette Wheel To The Point She Was Banned From Playing The Game, Cute Bookworm, Hates Grapes and Hops, Friend to All Children, Innocently Insensitive Is Bad At Cooking (but gets better at it after marriage), The Pollyanna, Shrinking Violet, Significant Green-Eyed Redhead, The Teetotaler, Loves Poppyseed Muffins, Tom Kha Soup, Red Plate, and Roots Platter
  • Domains: Teaching, Marriage (if the player marries her that is), Horrible Parents
  • Herald: Pam (her mother)
  • Allies: Good-aligned deities of House of School, The Heroic Protectors of Family, good-aligned deities of the House of Luck and Fortune, multiple child deities
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Dolores Umbridge
  • Avoids: The Hall of Alcohol
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Morris, Baldi
  • A young lady living in Pelican Town, her biggest goal in life is to have a family. This is why she tutored her only students, Vincent and Jas, despite having no formal education. Underneath the surface, Penny suffers from the problem of having an alcoholic mother who doesn't care about the well-being of herself and her own daughter, having financial problems, and wishing to escape from living in a trailer because of the problems her mother have. Eventually, her mother gets better thanks to the farmer of the Pelican Town buying her a house, the former promising that she will be better for herself and take care of her own daughter, which made Penny happy.
  • The House of School realized they don't have anyone that is an actual private tutor. This made the entire house frantically searching for candidates to represent the trope. They eventually found the candidate they are looking for, Penny. Thanks to her love and devotion to children and family, as well as having a heartbreaking story that eventually got resolved, she eventually ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Because her career is that of a private tutor, she was told to tutor kids that suffer from a lot of problems. As such, she though she could handle this, considering she suffered a lot from her mother before the issue was resolved. A lot of child deities think highly of her once they are under her tutoring because of how nice and consdirate she is.
  • Hates teachers such as Dolores Umbridge because they love to harm their own students just because they want to. Penny made sure that the students they take would not be sure as she doesn't want to see them suffer
    • Opposes Baldi because although she thinks he's not such a bad teacher, she knows that harming one of your students just because you did not give the correct answer is wrong.
  • While Morris is happy to see one of the citizens in Pelican Town ascended as he believes she will buy his products, Penny is truly disgusted upon seeing him.
  • Because she always wins at the lucky roulette, the House of Luck and Fortune has to ban her from entering to prevent her from winning all of the grand prizes. Although she became friends with the good deities there as they are marvelled at her luck and even gave her an honorary seat in their house because of her perfect streak.
  • As her bigget dream in life is to have a family, she supports the Heroic Protectors of Family and has a huge hatred towards the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • Avoids the subhouse of Alcohol as her mother suffers from drinking problems and it reminds her of those problems her mother used to have. Some of the deities there feel pity upon hearing what happened to her and respect her decision.
  • A lot of deities at the House of Food are suprised to see she's good at cooking considering they heard reports of her being bad at it. Penny stated she doesn't know how it happened, but stated she had a feeling she made a promise to someone she'll get better at it if she got married.
    • That said, a lot of deities are shocked to see that she hates grapes, considering that grapes are beloved and are considered to be a good fruit to taste.