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One of your kids tries to eat one of your goddamn teachers. Mr. Rubell, what the hell do you call that? Monday.

Teachers is a 1984 film directed by Arthur Hiller.

It's an average day in John F. Kennedy High School:

Fights in the hallways, a stabbing, 10% of teachers failing to even show up, and lawyers in the office chomping at the bit with depositions.

After the school counselor has a mental breakdown, Alex Jurel (Nick Nolte) is tasked with the job and his first task is helping delinquent Eddie Pilikian (Ralph Macchio).

Among the supporting players are Crispin Glover as Eddie's bullied best friend, Laura Dern as one of the popular students, Principal Judd Hirsch, and an early film career Morgan Freeman.


Tropes seen in the film:

  • Cool Teacher: Jurel is generally seen as one of the better teachers in the school.
  • Distracted from Death: One of the teachers has such a structured and hands off approach to his teaching that he dies seemingly reading a newspaper and at least 2 periods of classes come and go before anyone notices.
  • Dr. Psych Patient: A delusional patient wanders into the school and is mistaken for the new American history instructor. He embraces the role and winds up teaching for most of the year, winning students' approval with his over-the-top costumed portrayals of historical figures.
  • Sucky School: Students getting stabbed, teachers fighting, teacher-student sex, a student suing the school after he graduated despite being illiterate.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: A pretty messed-up version of this consitering we learn the gym teacher impregnated a teenager and it is swept under the rug to try to save face for the school.

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