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For the jazz fusion band, see Weather Report.
"Expect sun all day today with heavy clouds...and some rain. Maybe snow too."
Pearl, Splatoon 2

You've seen it. Possibly even in real life. There's a man, or a (generally attractive) woman, standing in front of a green screen or LED wall, telling you what the weather will be like just before the News Broadcast ends. Characters might check one of these before they head out on an excursion or adventure somewhere, or it might be seen in the background.

If the weather is incorrect, it is generally played for laughs, either with a Disproportionate Retribution episode, or with the characters insisting to go fishing when it's pouring buckets anyway. You may even get someone insisting that it is such a beautiful day.

If the weather is correct, chances are that the weather is horrible (occasionally cue "Oh, like he's ever right.") or that this signals the end of the episode/movie/book. Blue skies, lovely weather predicted and it's correct? Time for your happy ending.

Not to be confused with the Jazz Fusion band Weather Report.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Gintama, a five-episode arc starts when Ketsuno Ana's impeccable weather predictions start being consistently dead-wrong.
  • The manga Otenki Onee-san (titled Weather Report Girl for Western releases) was about Keiko Nakadai, an ambitious Femme Fatale who gets a job standing in for the normal weather girl Michiko Kawai, and proceeds to raise eyebrows (and her station's ratings) by flashing and flirting with the audience. Hilarity Ensues as Michiko starts a prank war with Keiko in order to get her job back. It was popular enough to get an OVA (made, believe it or not, by many of the Pokmon staff, including director Kunihiko Yuyama and Rica Matsumoto who voiced Keiko) and live-action film version.

  • One of George Carlin's early routines was a newscast that featured Al Sleet, "your hippie-dippie weatherman with all the hippie-dippie weather, man." Among his forecasts was mud.
    Now I guess you're wondering how mud got in the forecast. Well, a dust storm came from the west and a rain storm came from the gulf and BAM! Mud. Should taper off to mud showers tonight. If the temperature gets below freezing, we'll have mud flurries.
    • And this bit which had Johnny Carson doubled over laughing:
    The radar is picking up a line of thundershowers along a line to a point ten miles north-northeast of Secaucus, New Jersey; along a line and six miles either side of a line to a point five miles south-southwest of Fon-du-Loc. However, the radar is also picking up squadron of Russian ICBMs, so I wouldn't sweat the thundershowers.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • One Kenny Everett sketch had Kenny as an irate TV viewer who attacked a weatherman for forecasting bad weather.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?:
    • Parodied with the man in front of the green screen (usually Colin) having no idea what's being shown behind him, and has to guess based on other people's reactions.
    • Also a part of the Weird Newsanchor game, where one of the performers (usually Ryan) have to present the weather in an unusual style. An unusual one can be seen here
  • Drake & Josh has the eponymous pair's dad as a weatherman. He's highly inaccurate (but aren't the studios supposed to find out the weather correctly?), such as the episode where he predicted nothing but clear skies, only for a massive storm to develop a short time later.
  • An episode of CSI has the team investigating the murder of an anchorwoman that during a blackout in the midst of a huge storm. Julie is surprised to discover the weather girl, who looks like the typical bubbly blonde model, is actually an accomplished meteorologist who admits she dresses in tight clothing "as otherwise I'd be home watching the girl who didn't" report the weather. She proves her smarts giving the team details on the storm to help solve the case.
  • The very first skit ever taped for You Can't Do That on Television deals with the show's producers saving money by hiring children to do the weather forecast, for the ample wages of $1 a day. Ross (Les Lye) offers to teach Jonothan, one of the kids, how to recognize weather, which consists of nailing him with buckets of water to simulate various forms of precipitation. Jono gets his own back by drenching Ross with several buckets of water, followed by putting one of the empty buckets over Ross's head (to simulate fog) and drumming on it (to simulate thunder). As an added bonus, the skit was taped on the actual weather set of CJOH in Ottawa, the TV station that produced the show.

  • The second half of the 2016 Vaporwave album News at 11 by 猫シ Corp. incorporates music and distorted clips from The Weather Channel's old "Local Forecast" segment; all the tracks on that half of the album are named "THE WEATHER CHANNEL [number]".
  • Of the loads of songs that have been recorded over the years equating rain with loneliness or lost love, the classic 1958 Buddy Holly song "Raining in My Heart" is one that actually mentions a weather forecaster, who forecasts a sunny day although the narrator feels it's "raining in his heart" because his love has left him. The song's been recorded by various other artists ranging from Leo Sayer to Anne Murray to Dean Martin.
  • The 1983 song Outlook for Thursday by DD Smash is sung from the perspective of a weather forecaster.
  • The song "It's Rainin' Men" is performed by the group The Weather Girls, who dressed as weather reporters giving a most unusual forcast.

  • Beside the Seaside by Leslie Sands. Before his seaside holiday one of the characters contacts the biggest weather station in Britain—which is on the roof of the Air Ministry—to confirm that it won't rain. Inevitably it rains buckets. He decides to have his next holiday on the Air Ministry roof instead, where clearly the weather is fine.
  • The Lightning Thief: During the song Drive, a woman comes out to give a weather report, urging everyone to stay off the roads. Our heroes elect to ignore this warning.

  • Every episode of Welcome to Night Vale features a weather report. However, it's not actually a weather report, just a random song. This appears to be the case in-universe, as well, since Cecil appears to be able to summon music whenever he starts talking about the weather.
    Steve Carlsberg: We chatted for a while. I dont remember what about. Maybe the weather. (pause) No, definitely the weather. I remember it was the weather, because we had to stand in awkward silence for a bit as we waited for the music to stop playing.

    Theme Parks 
  • Universal Studios Hollywood's Studio Tour has NBC's Al Roker giving one for every part of the Universal backlot. He in particular gives a flash flood warning for the Little Mexico set, a warning that the tour guide decides to ignore.

    Video Games 
  • In a few of the Harvest Moon games, you can check the weather forecast on TV to see what the weather for the next day will be like.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has one you can hear in the phone booth in Glitzville, which predicts sun followed by more sun. "We're above the clouds, stupid."
  • You see (or rather, hear) several of these in Persona 4, and it's important to keep track of the weather - when someone is trapped in the TV world, you only have until the next foggy day to save them (otherwise they're killed and you get a Non-Standard Game Over). The weather report is always accurate, because if it were inaccurate you'd have no way to know how much time you have left. Its accuracy is lampshaded early on, when Nanako wonders if the weather forecaster actually controls the weather. In Golden, in the best ending, Marie (who literally controls the weather) gets the weather-report job.
  • Stardew Valley, being a Spiritual Successor to Harvest Moon, has a weather channel that tells you what the next day's weather will be like. It also reminds you of upcoming events like the Egg Festival (which, oddly enough, never seem to get rained out).
  • In Sonic Mania, a weather report is actually the boss fight for Studiopolis Act 2. Eggman himself just flies around while a weather report plays on a TV screen in the background. Each weather prediction is the next attack: wind sucks you up into spikes at the top of the screen unless you grab the bars on the left and right side, sun causes hot light to shine down on you, damaging you unless you hide under Eggman (which also forces him low enough that you can attack him).
  • In Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, while flying towards Meridian City, Ratchet asks his ship Aphelion on the current status. She replies that it's partly cloudy, 72°F, and a good day for krill fishing. Ratchet corrects her by stating that he was meaning the ongoing genocidal invasion by Tachyon.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The Fairly OddParents! has an episode in which all the weather forecasters predict the weather incorrectly, and are run out of town. Then Timmy's mom becomes the weather forecaster, so Timmy wishes that no matter what she predicts, it will come true. Hilarity Ensues.
  • King of the Hill had Nancy who was blatantly only hired because she was gorgeous. The closest thing they actually had as far as equipment to predict the weather was one fax machine. Eventually they replace her with an actual weather expert because "It turns out people actually want to know the weather."
  • In The Crumpets, Pfff Crumpet enjoys watching weather reports because of the attractive weather girl. In separate episodes, the weather reports would cover a worldwide theft of water and a falling meteor that would crash the Crumpet house, and the weather girl visits that house in at least two occasions.
  • The Danger Mouse episode "150,000,000 Years Lost" ends with the narrator going to the weather forecast after Henry V's Battle of Agincourt speech ("Once more into the breach") plods on.
  • An Al Brodax Popeye cartoon had the sailor as a weather forecaster under Olive's charge. Brutus sabotages Popeye's sunny forecast with a rain created with moth balls which gets him fired. When he gets wise, he turns the table with a spinach-created rain.
  • An episode of the Nickelodeon series of Doug was written around this. When Doug and Skeeter are forced to stay inside due to heavy rain - on a day for which Bluffington's TV weatherman had forecast sunshine - they create their own comic book with a villain named Wacky Weatherman, who gets a kick out of creating extreme weather conditions.


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