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"Discover games you didn't even know exist."
Alaska, it's where I live.

Hadriex started out as a video game reviewer, but soon began dabbling in the dark art of making commercials, generally for games that never had trailers of their own. Mostly he deals in indi and fan-made games, or obscure games from his childhood.

Recently he's started to branch out into Let's Plays.

You can find his channel here

Tropes Hadriex has been caught using:

  • The Faceless: The being that wears the black lab coat. All we know for sure it's that it's human-shaped and has a male voice.
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: His first Let's Play was Noitu Love 2. The villains are called 'Grinning Darns'. He can't read about them with a straight face.
  • Let's Play:
    • In Master of Magic as The Worst Wizard Ever wherein he attempts to play the game with the worst conceivable build on it's hardest setting.
    • His longest running series is that of Distorted Travesty 3 which is also unusual in that it was actually a beta test of the game. The developer watched this very LP before the game was released and made countless alterations to the game based on it.