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Greater Gods

    Kung Fury 
Kung Fury, Avatar of The '80s (The Cop from the Future (so to speak))
  • Started as a Quasideity, but being struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra made him into a Greater God (don't ask us how)
  • Symbol: His red Lamborghini
  • Theme Song: Power Move, Enter the Fury, and True Survivor by David Hasselhoff
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Bringing the Awesomeness of the 80s, From Miami, Retraux, Destructive Savior, Cowboy Cop, The Chosen One, Can Breath in Space, And Knowing Is Half the Battle, Pungeon Master
  • Domain: Police, 80s, Action, Insanity
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Red Skull, HYDRA, Millennium, SHOCKER, Adenoid Hynkel
  • After dismantling an arcade bot, he noticed a swastika insignia marked on the side. He realized then that his old nemesis, Adolf Hitler, was still out there somewhere. He needed to find any leads he possibly could, but didn't know where to begin. He consulted his closest ally, Hackerman, who explained to him that there existed a plane of existence where beings from all over, both good and evil, could be found. From there, Kung Fury could find his answers. Hackerman then proceeded to "hack" Kung Fury into the Pantheon, telling him that he will follow him there soon. As soon he reached the Pantheon, Kung Fury found himself crowned as the avatar of the glorious 1980s.
  • Reunited with Thor, one of his allies who assisted Kung Fury against the Nazis. Kung Fury commented that he remembered Thor being much bigger the last time he saw him. Thor for his part stated that it was a long time ago since he was like that.
  • A lot of the other gods, particularly Gouken, are trying to wonder how Kung Fury gained martial arts knowledge when he had none to begin with. Some speculate that it was Thor himself who granted him his abilities.
  • Get's along pretty well with Yang, someone who also enjoys fighting and making puns. The rest of her teammates just groaned in response, seeing as how there's now a male version of Yang.
  • To his shock, Kung Fury discovered that not only did some of the remnants of the Nazis survived, but have also formed in several groups, including Millennium, HYDRA, and SHOCKER. Fortunately, he has more allies to help him bring the fight to them. It's only a matter of time before all the Nazis are brought down for good.
  • Given the era he portrays, Kung Fury has little personality aside from killing bad guys and making puns. Because of this, there were many who demanded that Kung Fury be sent to the Fallen. Kung Fury responded by "disarming" one of his critics, using the limb as a helicopter rotor, and shooting down the remainder of his critics using nothing but his pistol. Don't mess with the Fury.
  • Discovering that he wasn't the only one who originated from the '80s, he's gone to great lengths to meet those from his time period. Among those, he seems to get along with Johnathan Joestar the most. He's still trying to get Sunset Overdrive down and woe to his enemies when he eventually does.
  • Also, he as made good friends with Saitama and Dr. McNinja, who are both just as crazy and awesome as him. People dread the day the One Punch Man, Dr. McNinja, and the Fury team up in combat.
  • During a huge skirmish against SHOCKER and HYDRA, Kung Fury was right in the thick of it. Things weren't going well for the GUAG, and the Fury and a few others were the only ones still standing. And then a portal came out of nowhere right next to Fury and out came a familiar face.
    Kung Fury: Hackerman! What took you so long? It's been three years since you sent me here.
    Hackerman: What? I went in just a minute after you did. It seems there was an error in my code, the same error that took you too far back in time. But let's talk later.
  • Turning their attention back to the situation at hand, Hackerman proceeded to turn the tides by hacking away the other fallen heroes' injuries, reviving them in the process before then changing into his robot form and helping drive the enemy back. And turns out he had hacked himself a position in the Pantheon. Regardless, Kung Fury is glad to have his friend here at last.

Intermediate Gods

    Alison Blaire/Dazzler 
Alison Blaire, Goddess of Period Pieces Once Set In the Present (Ali, Dazzler, Disco Dazzler, Agent Blaire, Songbird, Lightengale)
Dazzler, seen in Civil War II 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Dazzler World Tour Poster
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Back from the Dead Multiple Times, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Everything's Better with Sparkles, Friend to All Living Things, I Just Want to Be Normal, Mutant Idol Singer That Started Out In Disco, Now A Rock Star, Mundane Utility, Outdated Outfit, Took a Level in Badass, World's Most Beautiful Woman
  • Domains: Light and Sound, Mutants, Music
  • Mutant Power: Acoustikinesis (the ability to convert sound to light beams of various forms and intensity, also has the ability to use her powers to stimulate emotional moods)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Sheryl Nome, Lord Raptor
  • Enemies: Eric Raymond, I-No, The Sentinals.
  • Fans Include: Cain Marko/The Juggernaut, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Raven Darkholme/Mystique (admits this in private)
  • On Neutral Ground With: Emma Frost/White Queen, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • Listen. Can you hear it? The wind. Cars. The ocean. The laughter and the screaming and the hum of everything. This city is a symphony. And I'm her speaker.
  • The Pantheon has a thriving nightlife, with its many clubs and bars. One of which has just opened up, which coincides with the ascension of the Pantheon's newest member. Alison Blaire has come to the Pantheon.
  • Jem was the first to visit Dazzler at her nightclub/temple, and the pair got along handsomely. Jem was worried at first that Dazzler might make a play for Rico, but Dazzler knows not to mess with another woman's man. It doesn't seem to end well.
    • Eric Raymond tried to get Dazzler to sign under his label, Misfits Music. Ali politely told him exactly where he can take his contract. Now Raymond has vowed to take Dazzler down for her refusal.
  • To say that Dazzler is a huge fan of David Bowie is an understatement. He visited Dazzler's club/temple on opening night, and was mightily impressed with Dazzler's performance. After closing, Dazzler spent a couple of hours chatting David up, as she drew inspiration from him, having switched from disco to rock.
  • Has a rivalry with Black Canary not because of Canary's past as a singer, but rather that Dazzler is immune to sonic/sound attacks. Meaning that Dazzler can shrug off Dinah's Canary Cry with no problem. While Canary is the superior fighter, Dazzler has trained with the X-men and S.H.I.E.L.D., making her a threat.
  • Alison's dad wanted her to be a lawyer. She wanted to be a singer, which was a sore spot for Papa Blaine, as Ali's mom walked out on them to pursue her career. She did complete several pre-law courses, but chose to follow her dream. Jennifer Walters, on the other hand, wanted to be a lawyer. Fortunately for Ali, she's good friends with She-Hulk and is her go-to lawyer for all legal reasons.
  • She's on neutral ground with Emma Frost, due Emma's Hellfire Club days in which the Club had tried to kidnap Dazzler. The same can be said regarding Captain Marvel due to her actions in the Second Civil War.
  • Cain Marko was very happy to see his favorite singer ascend to the Pantheon, as was Kitty Pryde. It also helped that both Juggy and Dazzler worked together in the past. Upon arriving at her club, Juggy swept Dazzler up in a bear hug, congratulating her on her ascension in the Pantheon. He offers his services as a bouncer for her club, which Dazzler accepts.
  • Made friends with Lynn Minmay after she heard Dazzler cover It's You, but transformed it into a Power Ballad, while at the same time found herself on I-No's shit-list after besting her in a Battle of the Bands, Dazzler rocking the crowd with her English cover of Heart of Madness (with the blessings of the Four Hokuto Brothers, Rei and Shin). Dazzler did lose to Jem in the contest, having sung Real Emotion, but for I-No, being bested by Dazzler is unacceptable.

Lesser Gods

Byleth Eisner, Divine Avatar of Alternative Calendars (Beleth, Beresu, Bereto, The Ashen Demon, Professor, Teach, Kid, My Friend, My Beloved, Chatterbox, Wings of the Hegemon, Guardian of Order, Ruler of Dawn, Wandering Flame, Tested Professor, Proven Professor, Bylad, Bylass, Blyat, Willeth, Wilmeth, Emblem of the Academy)
Male on left, female on right
Male Byleth 
Female Byleth 
  • Lesser Deity, Intermediate as an Emblem or (as the Enlightened One/Nirvana)
  • Symbol: The Sword of the Creator and the Crest of Flames
  • Theme Song: Fodlan Winds, Life at Garreg Mach Monastery, Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme, Ashen Demon
  • Alignment: Good, leans towards Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Chaotic Good depending on the route taken (closer to True Neutral in Three Hopes). Lawful Evil when controlled by Fell Dragon energy
  • Portfolio: Badass Teacher, Emotionless Girl/Boy that becomes more emotional over time, Rarely speaks, Referred by nicknames and titles, Called "The Ashen Demon", Morality Chain, Can pause and rewind time, May not be even human due to the way they were born
  • Domain: Mercenaries, Teachers, Stoicism, Time, Reincarnation
  • Heralds: Sothis, Jeralt Reus Eisner (their father), Sitri Eisner (their mother)
  • Allies:
  • On Speaking Terms with: Geralt of Rivia
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The Illuminati, Keel Lorenz, Yuu/Da'ath the Graavekeeper
  • Pities: Arvis, Mila and Duma
  • Avoids: Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Homura Akemi
  • Byleth is the child of Jeralt Reus Eisner, the famous "Blade Breaker", and also a member of his mercenary group. Their fearsome skills on the battlefield, combined with their lack of expression, gave birth to their epithet "The Ashen Demon". One night, they stumbled upon three young students who were being harassed by bandits, who they defeated without much issue. After dispatching the bandits, Byleth and Jeralt learned that the students they saved are actually the heirs to Fódlan's three major nations; Edelgard von Hresvelg of the Adrestian Empire, Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and Claude von Riegan of the Leicester Alliance. Accompanying them back to their school, the Officer's Academy located in Garreg Mach Monastery, they were appointed by Archbishop Rhea to teach one of the three houses of the academy as a professor. They accepted, and spent the next year teaching their chosen house about combat, as well as bonding with them and the other faculty. Meanwhile, they have discovered that they have a strange girl named Sothis residing in their head, who granted them the power to halt and rewind time itself.
    • However, this school year was not going to be a smooth one, as strange incidents keep happening in and around the monastery such as a mysterious group known as "those who slither in the dark" conspiring and disguising themselves as members of the monastery, as well as a masked person called the Flame Emperor pursuing their own agenda while allying themselves with them. One month after Remire Village's destruction, Jeralt wound up getting killed by a member of the strange group disguised as a student, and Byleth, in a vengeful rage, pursued after his killer, only to be sealed into a dark dimension, which they managed to escape by fusing with Sothis. It was during this period they learned something very important about themselves; when they were born, Rhea extracted her mother's crest stone from Byleth's mother and implanted them into Byleth, resulting in them lacking a heartbeat and making them emotionally stunted. Jeralt, noticing this strange aberration, fled the monastery with Byleth in hand. When Rhea attempted to have Byleth sit on the throne in the Holy Tomb to bring back her mother, Edelgard aka the Flame Emperor stormed the area and announced her intention to start a war and revolutionize Fódlan. Byleth's path varies depending on their choices prior to this moment, but they all share these details; Byleth, during the Imperial assault on Garreg Mach Monastery, goes missing for five years, and awakens from their coma on the day before the Millennium Festival, reunited with their students, and with their influence, won the war plaguing Fódlan and ushering a new dawn for the continent.
  • One day, the Elysium Academy were posting job advertisements in hopes of hiring a new teacher for combat classes. One person took the notice, and applied for the job. When the Headmasters looked the new prospective teacher, they realized that they have heard of this teal-haired person before, and took them to the Court of the Gods. They identified them as Byleth, and granted them a position in the Pantheon as a deity so they have a place to stay within the divine realms. They also had mind-readers read their thoughts, revealing that they remember all possible paths they took on their journey.
  • Hailing from the Fire Emblem universe, it was inevitable that Byleth would encounter other deities from that universe.
    • As expected, Byleth has interacted with the other lords, avatars, and other heroic characters of the Fire Emblem world. Byleth has felt that they met some of these people before in another land, but couldn't clearly recall those moments. Nonetheless, they decided to forge bonds with them. Some of the closest bonds they have involve fellow avatars Robin and Corrin. As a side note, Byleth is able to switch genders like Robin and Corrin, and change their hair and eye colour between their regular colours and the colours bared when they fused with Sothis, though that's about the extent of their abilities. They related to Robin about being born and used as a vessel for a dragon god, although Robin was a host to the evil, world-sundering Grima, while Byleth was a host for the benevolent Sothis. Byleth and Corrin bonded over that their choices in choosing a side meant completely changing the course of many nations and having to fight potential allies, although Byleth is a bit envious of Corrin in that they could unite both of their families and keep almost everyone alive, while Corrin feels a bit sad that Byleth couldn't truly unite the three houses no matter what. The other lords appreciate Byleth for teaching their students to the best of their ability, with the students improving thanks to their guidance. They were a bit surprised to see Anna residing in the Pantheon, however she wasn't exactly the Anna they knew, just one of her many sisters. Still, Byleth does buy her wares from time to time.
    • The world's of Fire Emblem often have a population of dragon people named Manaketes, and Fódlan is no exception to this. However, Fódlan's dragons are a bit different than Manaketes. The Nabateans are an ancient race who used to rule the land until an unfortunate incident happened that resulted in Seiros fighting Nemesis on the Tailtean Plains. Like Manaketes, the Nabateans are able to shapeshift between a draconic form and a human form, and their physical features in human form include bright green hair and pointed ears. Unlike Manaketes, Nabateans can shapeshift without a dragonstone and seem to lack the dragon degeneration problem that the Manaketes share. Byleth has met a few Nabateans in their journey, notably Rhea, Seteth, and Flayn aka Seiros, Cichol, and Cethleann, as well as the Immovable and the Wind Caller, aka Indech and Macuil. Byleth, curious about the Manaketes, encountered the Manaketes of the Pantheon; Tiki, Fae, Ninian, Nowi, and Nah. They were intrigued by the Manaketes dragonstones, and enjoy listening about their stories. They find Tiki to be a bit similar to Flayn in that they've been hibernating for much of their lives to keep themselves safe. They were a bit flummoxed that Nowi was more immature than her own daughter Nah, though they understood when they learned about why they act that way. They were pleasantly surprised as Ninian's romance with Eliwood, and sometimes play with Fae. On the other side, they pity Duma, Mila, and Anankos for succumbing to their insanity, though they don't approve of Anankos falling to evil, destroying Valla, and trying to destroy both Hoshido and Nohr. They completely detest Grima for being unapolegetically destructive and evil as well as successfully ruining the world in one timeline.
    • Byleth ended up becoming enemies with Gharnef and Berkut, with Byleth expressing disapproval that all of the terrible things he did was because he was passed over for inheriting Aura, and Berkut feels repulsed when he heard about a commoner like Byleth instructing the heirs and nobles of the continent. However, they paused when they saw Arvis, and noticed a large amount of similarities the man shared with Edelgard; a cunning and powerful to-be ruler clad in red with good intentions, wishing to free the land of cooruption and injustice, with their horrible past experiences shaping them up to who they are today. However, they take a morally dubious path by siding with a shadowy clan who wishes to subjugate the land in their own image, with them eventually rising to the throne as a conqueror. Unfortunately, Arvis wasn't as lucky as Edelgard as while she could be pulled out of the darkness with her teacher's guidance and support, Arvis couldn't have the same luxury and was doomed to perish. Byleth expressed much pity for him, wondering if he could be a better man if things were more fortunate in his life.
  • As stated prior, Byleth works as a teacher at the Elysium Academy, where they teach students all about combat, such as weapons expertise, battle tactics, and much more. Thanks to Byleth's prior experience in both the battlefield and the classroom, they quickly grew accustomed to the job, and is an effective teacher. Byleth is grateful towards Chifuyu Orimura and Eikichi Onizuka for helping them ascend, and sometimes collaborates with them on certain occasions. They also get along with other deities in the House of Teachers, like Penny, Yoshinoya-sensei, Aikuro Mikisugi (stripping habits aside), Minerva McGonagall, and Izumi Curtis, being a bit relieved that there are much more teachers in the Academy rather than the minuscule amount of professors the Officers Academy had. Edna Krabappel reminds them of fellow professor Manuela, who's also a cynical professor with a drinking problem. Outside of the house, they befriended Cyrus Albright, a dedicated scholar and professor, and like them, also went inside a hidden tomb where he and his student's lives ended up in danger. Cyrus pities Byleth a bit in that Byleth and their students inevitably had to fight eachother on the battlefield after the Holy Tomb incident. They detest Agatha Truchbull for her cruel treatment of her students, wondering how a cruel person like her could ever hold such a position. They also dislike Baldi for resulting to violence whenever someone gets even one math question wrong.
  • Before working as a professor, Byleth was a mercenary employed in their father's group, and was noted for their ferocious fighting style while wearing a stoic expression on their face, earning themselves the title of "The Ashen Demon". Ever since they're employment at Garreg Mach Monastery, they have largely stopped their mercenary duties, though they aren't opposed to indulging in a few side missions. They sometimes hang around fellow mercenary Kiritsugu Emiya, and they were saddened to hear about the many misfortunes and tragedies he faced as he tried to become a "hero of justice". Kiritsugu, meanwhile is glad Byleth's spirit wasn't crushed by the many turbulent struggles they faced.
  • Because of Sothis residing in their mind, Byleth has the power known as the Divine Pulse, which allows them to control the flow of time by either pausing it or rewinding back to a previous point. While this power was exclusive to them in their world, there are a few deities in the Pantheon with such powers. Byleth bonded with Max Caulfield, Subaru Natsuki, and Frisk, who also have similar time-rewinding powers. Byleth was a bit spooked when they heard of how Subaru's Return by Death ability works and how he couldn't communicate this in his world, plus repeatedly dying over and over made him quite unhinged at times. Byleth was able to empathize with Max over her making difficult choices, including trying to save lives, with her powers. With Frisk, they took note that their determination is what allowed them to have the power to reset time, and are quite disapproving that Flowey used his reset power to screw around and do whatever he pleased out of boredom. On the other hand, they heavily dislike Dio Brando and Yoshikage Kira, as they used their time-stopping and time-rewinding ability for evil. They feel a bit conflicted on Homura Akemi, as while they understand that she suffered greatly in trapping herself in a time-loop to save Madoka, they're not very supportive of her overthrowing Madoka's godhood and becoming a devil-figure, understandable reasons aside.
  • For the longest time, Byleth had difficulty expressing their emotion due to Sothis slumbering inside them. It was only when Sothis awakened and they bonded with their students that they became more expressive and emotional. Byleth managed to get along with two other deities with emotional problems like Rei Ayanami and AUG. Byleth and Rei related to slowly becoming more emotional over time, as well as being an artificial clone of someone's mother made to further someone else's plan. With AUG, they related to not being able to cry due to their stoicism, although Byleth cried when they held their dying father in their arms, while the closest AUG can get to crying is crying out Tears of Blood. Ainz Ooal Gown also suffers from similar problems, as his existence as a lich means that his emotions get suppressed often, although Byleth doesn't hang around him much because of his Evil Overlord shtick, plus his minions' general distaste for humans bugging them out.
  • There is a somewhat unsettling truth to Byleth's existance; they were born to become Sothis' new vessel for her reincarnation, as Rhea planned so for Sothis to rule over Fodlan again as well as her greatly missing her mother ever since her murder by Nemesis happened many years ago. However, Sothis assuming full control of Byleth's body would likely mean the destruction of Byleth's self. Byleth has met other people in the Pantheon who were intended to become hosts of powerful godlike beings like Shulk, Leah, and Abigail Williams, although in their cases, the beings they were hosts to were in no way benevolent unlike Sothis. With Shulk, he was possessed by Zanza when he died near the Monado, and was used as his Soul Jar for his own machinations. With Leah, she was born to be a vessel to Diablo, and Abigail was constructed to be the host of Yog-Sothoth, with all the eldritch powers it entails. Byleth is rather spooked that these people were possessed by much more malevolent beings, and felt grateful that Sothis is largely benevolent. They confided to them that they will oppose those beings whenever they threaten the world.
  • As Byleth had to face off against the machinations of "those who slither in the dark", a shadowy conspiracy made up of the vengeful remnants of the Agarthans, they are opposed to many similar conspiracy movements, organizations, and members in the Pantheon. The Illuminati happened to be a rather obvious enemy, being one of the most infamous conspiratory organizations in the world. Keel Lorenz of SEELE is also a target, with his goal of Intrumentality being something Byleth opposes. The Silencerz triggered some feelings of uncomfortable familiarity, as they are a covert organization who regularly sabotage others for their shadowy goals, plus the Racing Drones being advanced technology from ages past which was banished away for being too powerful reminded them of the Agarthan's advanced technology. Akatsuki are also similar, with having spies over the world and plans to Take Over the World, much like "those who slither in the dark" use spies to gain information and to wrestle control of Fódlan from the three nations grasp. Yuu and the rest of Da'ath have taken an interest in Byleth, as their existence as a reincarnation of the Goddess Sothis is somewhat similar their plans to create a better humanity by infecting certain people with a special virus, with Mana Ouma being a key example. Byleth wants nothing to do with Yuu, much less become their guinea pig/puppet for their plans, plus finds Mana to be rather creepy. Of course, some of these groups are much trickier to combat given their scope, buut Byleth still makes their dislike known about them.
  • There were plenty of people in the Pantheon that reminded Byleth of the people they knew in Fódlan. Daenerys Targaryen and Lelouch Lamperouge heavily reminded them of Edelgard, as they happen to be rulers of a nation who eventually rebel against the status quo, desiring to destroy it and build a better one from the ashes while pursuing morally dubious actions to further their goals. Lelouch's associate, C.C., also happens to resemble Sothis a bit, being mysterious green haired girls who bestow someone with great power. Copen Kamizono feels like an amalgamation of Edelgard and Dimitri, having the former's color-scheme and extreme goals to change the world, not willing to turn back because they believe it's far too late to do so, and the latter's overwhelming desire for revenge and obsession with honoring and avenging their father's death, while committing multiple violent acts. Byleth finds him unsettling as he's even more ruthless and violent than the both of them, driven purely by his rage and desire for vengeance. They find Yuri Lowell to be rather similar to Yuri Leclerc, the purple haired, pragmatic, sarcastic leader of the Ashen Wolves, with them managing to hold good relations with the vigilante. They also think Amane Nishiki to be rather similar to Yuri in the physical sense with their lavender hair, red eyeliner and pretty looks, though their personalities are quite different. They find S.E.E.S, the Invesstigation Team, and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to have resemblances to the three houses they taught, with their motivations and actions matching closely with the three leaders; S.E.E.S and Dimitri confronting tragic events in the past and moving on to the bright future, the Investigation Team and Claude seeking out the truth through the lies, and the phantom Thieves and Edelgard fighting against a corrupt status quo through morally ambiguous means. The three groups like Byleth's presence, and consider them to be a sensei of sorts.
  • One day in a bar, Byleth overheard someone drunkenly slurring about a man with an incredibly familiar name, his great accomplishments, and that he's nearby. Believing that their father had arrived in the Pantheon, Byleth hurriedly ran outside... only to encounter a white-haired man covered in scars named Geralt of Rivia. That meeting was a very awkward one, to put it simply. While he also is a great mercenary and tries to be a good father, that's where the similarities with Jeralt end. While Byleth doesn't really mind him, they do feel a bit awkward around him, partly because of that first meeting.
  • On their free time, Byleth likes to go to the Houses of Aquatic Life and Water and Moisture to fish. Whatever fish they catch, from a common, run-of-the-mill fish to an incredibly rare one, they keep and use for meals. They bonded with fellow fishing enthusiasts like Gon Freeccs, Big the Cat, and the Villager and sometimes compete on who can catch the most impressive fish, and sometimes find Froggy for Big whenever he goes missing.
    • Speaking of food, Byleth also visits the House of Food to prepare and eat meals. They have quite the voracious appetite, being able to eat multiple meals in a day. They also enjoy drinking tea with others, which resulted in them becoming friends with fellow tea lovers like Iroh and Alice of the Blood Team, and so they tend to drink tea together.
    • Another thing that Byleth does is pick up any object a deity carelessly dropped, and then try to find the rightful owner by asking pretty much everyone they can see if they are the owner of the item. Due to their strange obsession with returning lost items, it's become a semi-common sight in the Pantheon to see Byleth sprint around and ask everyone in the area about dropped items.
  • Byleth is one of the many candidates chosen to attend the fifth Smash Bros. tournament, and they also brought in their students' Hero Relics (Amyr, Areadbhar, Failnaught) with them as additional weapons, as Sothis gifted them these weapons, noticing the sizable chunk of swordsmen in the roster. Bizarrely, when they exited the void, they were seen flying across the sky, which made some deities wonder if how exactly they did that. Even Byleth doesn't know how they could fly on that day, but they don't dwell on that too much. As with every other participant of the tournament and every person turned into a spirit, they hate Galeem and Dharkon for their actions, and will point their sword at them should they try to sunder the universe again.
  • It takes a lot to get Byleth angry. But when they do, it is not pretty.
  • Recently, Byleth was spotted in the world of Elyos as an Emblem, a spirit housed within a ring that grants formidable abilities to wielders. It is yet to be seen if this power can be obtained in the pantheon.
  • Can also be found in Analysis and Records.
Each battle is a chance to grow.

Lora, Goddess of Prequels Set in Lost Times (Laura, Lady Lora, Knight of Torna)

Nausicaä, The Goddess of the Feudal Future (Princess Nausicaä, Daughter of Jhil, Chieftain of the Valley of the Wind, The Blue-Clad One, Princess Zandra)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The silhouette of her glider, Mehve
  • Theme: Kaze no Tani no Naushika
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (can become Chaotic Good if angered.)
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, A mother figure to her people, Can go into a blind fury when pushed far enough, Friend to All Living Things, Adventurer Archaeologist, A Princess who loves insects, Choose to possibly doom humanity to extinction once the environment is purified.
  • Domain: Princesses, Flight, Nature, Post-Apocalyptic Future,
  • Herald: Lord Yupa
  • Followers: The people of The Valley of the Wind.
  • Allies: The ascended Studio Ghibli gods, The Houses of Insects and Arthropods, Sig and Agitha, Fluttershy, Chocobos, The good-deities of the House of Air-Based Travel, Miles "Tails" Prower, Salamence, Petrie, N, Guzma, Odysseus, Avatar Aang, Aloy, Lexa, Mad Max
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: San
  • Feels sorry for: Shinji Ikari
  • Wary around: The other Evangelion gods, Guts
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Trakeena, Azula, Cersei Lannister, Griffith
  • Opposes: The Houses of Toxicity, Military and Warfare and Slaughter
  • Fascinated by: Coco
  • Princess Nausicaä hails from the Valley of the Wind, a small kingdom in a future one thousand years after the collapse of industrialized civilization. In this world, kings and emperors rule over the last habitable tracts of land, and wars are fought with knights, swords, and gunships. She ascended to the Pantheon following the destruction of the Heart of Shuwa, sailing upon the trade winds until arriving in the House of Time and Temporality. There she was greeted by the Overseers, who felt that she was a perfect representative for the futuristic feudal system. As a result, she was given a temple and position befitting her world.
    • Her temple leads to two destinations; the Valley of the Wind, and the Sea Of Corruption. Depending on how she's feeling, she'll travel to either but more often than not, the Valley is chosen. Seeing her people cheer with joy upon her return brought a smile to many.
  • The princess was incredibly happy to reunite with her old mentor Lord Yupa, who now serves as her Herald. The pair treat each other as equals, as Yupa has full confidence in Nausicaä's abilities as a leader.
  • Nausicaä is good friends with all the Ghibli deities, with all of them respecting her for being the one to start it all. Out of all of them, she is seen most often with Kiki, due to their love for flight, and Ashitaka, due to both of them being royalty of small, dwindling populations.
    • However the friendship between Ashitaka and Nausicaä initially made San incredibly jealous. It took a while, and much convincing to get the wolf princess to listen, and even then she is keeping her eye out in case Nausicaä tries anything. Not that she will.
  • Upon first encountering one of the Pantheon's Chocobo flocks, Nausicaä immediately fell in love. The sight of the flightless birds racing across the landscape reminded her of the Horseclaws, and on occasion she'll go tend to the flocks, even riding on them from time to time.
  • Her love for flight has attracted the attention of many other gods. The Dragon type Pokémon Salamence, the young flier Petrie, and many of the air-based deities are seen flying alongside her, sometimes trying to challenge her to a race. She has happily declined so far but when the time comes, she'll be ready.
  • Has a shared respect with Aloy, Lexa and Mad Max, all three being from other post-apocalyptic futures. All four often speak about the differences and similarities of their worlds and are willing to work together for a better future.
  • Once crossed paths with the Greek hero Odysseus, who mistook the young princess for the Nausicaä he encountered on the isle of Scheria. After clearing things up, the two began to share stories of their journeys, and eventually became good friends as a result.
  • Whenever she gets the chance, Nausicaä will go to visit both the houses of Insects and Arthropods due to her love for the insects in her homeworld. She's had a few close encounters with the likes of Arachne and the Terrformars but for the most part, she treats all the deities in both houses with the utmost respect. It's also how she became friends with Sig and Agitha, both bug lovers in their own rights, and former Team Skull boss Guzma, due to his specialization in Bug Type Pokémon.
  • Despite this love for insects, even she was grossed out upon first meeting Trakeena. The daughter of Scorpius did not take well to this, and has declared the princess an enemy to be destroyed... that is if she can make it past Lord Yupa.
  • Does not like those who wish to Restart the World, drawing several comparisons to Heart of Shuwa's plan to recreate the old world at the expense of the humans of her time. High on that list is Lysandre, who has considered using the Ultimate Weapon on her world, and Gendo Ikari.
    • In fact, most of the gods from the Evangelion universe make Nausicaä feel uncomfortable, especially after learning what the Evas really are, reminding her of the God Warriors of her world. That being said, she does feel sorry for Shinji's predicament and often makes visits to his temple to cheer him up.
  • Gets along famously with N, due to their shared connection with the natural world. They've been seen in the House of Nature together, spending long hours talking about... well, just about everything. In some ways, the King of Team Plasma greatly reminds Nausicaä of Selm. Two other gods with a similar love for Nature are Avatar Aang and Fluttershy, with all three often speaking about their shared interests and trying to prevent more meaningless conflict in the Pantheon.
    • The friendship with N has lead to the princess opposing his father, Ghetsis. The feeling is mutual, as Ghetsis considers Nausicaä just another freak without a human heart.
  • Due to the responsibilities she has for her kingdom and people, it's only natural for Nausicaä to oppose the more ruthless leaders in the Pantheon. She and Princess Azula don't see eye to eye, and Cersei Lannister... Needless to say, the Queen of Westeros would be perfectly at home in the court of vipers known as Torumekia. For her part, Cersei doesn't think highly of Nausicaä, considering her a low-born peasant and not worthy of the throne to the Valley. It took a lot of patience for the young princess to hold back from fighting back.
  • Absolutely despises Griffith for sacrificing his comrades during the Eclipse, but wants to help stop him by helping Guts.
  • Considering how most of her world is a toxic wasteland, Nausicaä cannot truly come to trust the deities of the House of Toxicity, especially Hexxus due to his destructive powers. That being said, Coco was seen travelling through the Sea of Corruption without a mask.note  This has piqued the princess's curiosity as to how he is capable of doing so.
  • Though Nausicaä is compassionate and unconditionally kind, it is wise to never ever make her angry. Anyone foolish enough to do so will be faced with a brutal and rather violent princess. It takes a lot to send her over the edge, but many of her friends and allies make it a note to not anger her. But due to the fear of her own rage, along with the carnage she has seen while serving under Kushana, Nausicaä has come to oppose the Houses of War and Slaughter.
  • She has often asked people to not call her Princess Zandra. When asked about it, Nausicaä had one thing to say;
    Nausicaa: Sometimes... it's better to have no cuts than any.


Loana, Goddess of Prehistoric Times (The Fair One)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Conch Shell
  • Theme Song: Tumak Meets Loana
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Attractive Prehistoric Cavewoman A Million Years Ago, Ms. Fanservice, Surviving in Harsh Environments, Stone Punk, Is Attracted to a Hot-Headed Caveman, Is the Best-Known Part of her Film
  • Domains: Prehistory, Fanservice, Scant Clothing, Survival, Tribes
  • Herald: Tumak and the rest of the surviving members of the Shell and Rock Tribes
  • Allies: Fred Flinstone, Dino and Hoppy, Nidalee (former follower of hers), Yoshi, Dr. Alan Grant, Rexxar, Eliza Thornberry, Manfred, Ayla, Aloy, Conan the Barbarian
  • Enemies: The Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, The Carnotaurs, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Gwangi, Glavenus, Deviljho, Megatron (Beast Wars)
  • On Good Terms With: Dinobot
  • Wary Of: The Rest of the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House, King Kong
  • Prehistory is a fascinating topic. Beyond the fact that it's about times that not only when human civilization was yet to fully realize it's potential but so little is known about it that imagination has to be used to picture what it would have been like living a few million years ago. Because we tend to visualize millions of years in history as being the time of giants, particularly dinosaurs, popular culture during the 50s-60s thought of raging, territorial beasts that went around terrorizing people.
    • Enter a series of cavemen tribes trying to fight against one another for land, food and shelter, followed by an Allosaurus interrupting one of the tribes not long after. One of the tribes, the Shell Tribe however was well known for being rather cultured and more technically advanced compared to the other tribes. One of its members, Loana became smitten to Tumak, a headstrong, yet temperamental caveman from the Rock Tribe who was exiled after a failed attempt to usurp leadership from his father. Together, Loana and Tumak traversed through a land filled with threat and peril at every corner, coming through an occasional prehistoric beast to escape or fight against. Even after being reunited, their respective tribes didn't get along with one another and a fight ensued, only to be interrupted by an earthquake that killed many. This prompted Loana and Tumak to unite both of their tribes together in search of a new home.
  • It had been quite some time since the Shell and Rock tribes had united ever since their battle and the earthquake. Their travel for a new home led them to the Pantheon's House of Beast, where, to their surprise, saw a bountiful field of greenery and numerous animals united together. The tribes found this confusing; back in their homes, the animals nothing short of hostile, so seeing something like that was somewhat alien to them.
  • Feeling that the lush fields and generally balanced climate would cause no disturbance, Loana and the tribes quickly took to setting up supplies and a home there. To make themselves comfortable and to secure their bodily needs, they've decided to build their settlements near a river, where the tribesmen can go out and collect water for themselves and for those in need.
    • While not opposed to them, Rexxar went to approach them to talk about why they wanted to settle down in the House of Beast. What he didn't expect was the tribesmen suddenly grabbing their spears and hurling them at Rexxar and his tamed bear, Misha. He had to roar ferociously in order to terrify them into obedience. Loana was the first to approach and talk to the Orc. However, Rexxar didn't understand what she was saying and vice-versa. He did, however, convince her that he wasn't of threat and that most of the animals here won't harm them. For now, the Orc is trying to do his best to maintain good relations. He gets along with Loana and the Shell Tribe remnants, though Tumak and the Rock tribe seem to be difficult to converse with, given their often violent nature.
  • To get a better understanding of them Rexxar asked Eliza Thornberry if she could try to communicate with the cavemen tribes and see what they wish to desire. The two of them went together to meet up with them, with Loana having a conversation with Eliza. The latter told Rexxar that the former and the Shell and Rock Tribes wish to settle down with a normal life of their own. Given their primitive nature, Rexxar decided that it was best for the cavemen to stay in the House of Beast. Eliza did, however, tell them that the animals of the land are sacred and that no harm must come to them unless they're in danger or need enough food. Loana and Tumak have since made sure their tribes do the best they could in that regard.
  • Loana is very unconventionally attractive. This is especially egregious as she's from a time period where attractiveness was not just a popular norm, but not even a term of consideration, given the landscape she lived and travelled in. Loana herself is pretty oblivious to this fact, though that's mainly because she isn't caught up on modern societal norms.
  • Despite her primitive nature, Loana isn't dumb by any means. Rather, she's just a lot more aware and cautious of danger and given the climate she was raised, it's not hard to blame her. Some have thought about trying to introduce her and the Shell and Rock tribes to the modern world, but no attempts have been made yet as there are several possible outcomes of what could happen. At least they're not outright malicious (mostly in the case of the Rock Tribe).
  • While trying to collect some herbs and fruit for her tribes' children, Loana stumbled into the Great Valley. She was able to collect enough to feed the children... until she stumbled across the Gang of Seven, who were confused as to why there was an unauthorized human in the valley's presence. Not sure of what to do, Loana simply ran off, upsetting the gang. A meeting from Rexxar cleared up some misunderstanding when he told the dinosaurs that Loana simply came to the Great Valley to collect food for her children. The Gang of Seven are thinking about how to help out Loana, but the fact that she couldn't understand their language makes it difficult somewhat.
  • Related to the above, the dinosaurs that Loana encountered were all brutal beasts with no restraint. She may have not seen the Gang of Seven as a threat, though she could also have thought that their parents were nearby, hence why she ran off. With that speculation, Rexxar and Eliza are trying to make an effort to teach the Shell and Rock tribes that most of the animals in the Pantheon are good-hearted or are not openly malicious. While Loana and the Shell Tribe are willing to listen to try to do better, Tumak and the Rock Tribe find it pretty difficult to comprehend it.
  • Her concerns for rampaging predators isn't without merit, as evidenced by the Sharptooth, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Gwangi and many others. The Indominus Rex and Deviljho may be the worst out of the lot, given their relentless nature to pursuit anything they perceive as prey. During a trip to the House of Nature, Loana had to deal with with a Glavenus when she was out exploring new lands with Tumak. Ditto for the Carnotaurs at a barren field. Still, given their natural instincts, they are able to fend for themselves and have dealt with enough predators to the point where they're prepared for the situation.
  • It took some time, but Loana has managed to make some good friends in the Pantheon outside of her and Tumak's tribes. Chief among them is Fred Flintstone, who often tries to introduce new activities to the Shell and Rock Tribes and had won the favour of the latter by introducing some exercise-based hobbies for them to enjoy. Dino and Hoppy have also helped in easing the tribes' mindset towards dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, with Hoppy being willing to try out boxing with the Rock Clan.
    • Similarly, there's Ayla and Aloy, both women from impoverished times who've quickly come to befriend Loana for their times of strife. Ayla has been thinking about teaching Loana and the tribes some combat skills to better defend themselves whereas Aloy, while also doing the same thing, also seeks to introduce technology to them. That said, she's starting slow with them, but hopefully, Aloy is managing to make sure slowly introducing them to some tech would likely improve the quality of life to the Shell and Rock tribes. Given the Shell Tribe's interest in wanting to advance themselves, Loana is happy with the support.
  • Outside of dinosaurs, Loana stays very very far from King Kong. Not that the ape itself has anything against humans, but also because whenever it fights against a threat, he will certainly cause mayhem around the environment in some way or another. Though Kong himself does benefit somewhat, especially if his enemies are predators that tend to antagonize Loana and her settlement. Manfred is an odd, but surprisingly heartwarming case. Despite her race being responsible for the Wooly Mammoth's extinction, Manny bears no ill will to her and Loana learning of the mammoth having bought a human infant back to his father with the help of his friends, quickly saw the mammoth with wide respect. As a result, she's told her settlement to consider Manfred a friend and to bring him no harm.
  • While not educated, Loana is at least intuitive enough to understand someone else not from her tribe, given that the Shell Tribe was one of the somewhat advanced groups in her world. She was initially afraid of Dinobot when they first met, but after learning of what he went through to provide for humanity and the threat Megatron posed, she began to take a liking to the robotic dinosaur.

    The Think Tank 
The Think TankMembers , Avatars of The Retro Future
From left to right: Dr. 0, Dr. Dala, Dr. Klein, Dr. 8, Dr. Borous
Dr. Mobius
  • Demigods due to their weak bodies and zany personalities, but their capabilities of wanton destruction would really place them under Intermediate.
  • Symbol: A projection of an unblinking human eye on a monitor. Alternatively, the Big MT logo: Two hexagons intersecting each other.
  • Theme Song: Mysterious Broadcast Radio
  • Alignment: True Neutral (in the amoral sense) for Klein, Borous, Dala, 0, and 8 usually. Lawful Neutral for Dr. Mobius
  • Portfolio: Brain in a Jar, Zeerust, Strange Morality, For Science!, Names refer to some form of infinity, Silly yet very dangerous, Really 700 Years Old, Remnants of Research Contractors, Only Known by Their Nickname, Greater-Scope Villain, Dysfunction Junction, Mad Scientists, Crippling Overspecialization
  • Domains: Retro Future, Science!, Experimentation, Humor, Lethality, Amorality (without Mobius), Lobotomies
  • Heralds: The Sink's Inhabitants
  • Followers: The rest of their creations. All of them.
  • Allies: Moe Szyslak (Klein only)The Medic, Valentine (Dala only) Ordis, Big Band (8 only) Dexter, Steve Urkel, Professor Utonium and other benevolent geniuses and scientists (Mobius only)
  • Rivals: The GUAE Mutation Lair, Mesogog (Borous only) Robert Edwin House, The Corpus, Dr. Wily and other roboticists (0 only, one sided)
  • Respects: Albert Einstein
  • Enemies: Arthur Maxson, The Enclave, The Eliksni, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, HUNK, Albert Wesker, The Wolfpack, Moira Burton, Rebecca Chambers (In general) Bullies, Bad fathers, Communists, (Borous only) Sombra (8 only) Evil scientists like Professor Hojo (Mobius only)
  • Opposed by: Many Chinese deities (In general) Pet lovers, Canines, Soap MacTavish (Borous only) Zen and Rei (Dala only)
  • Opposes: Nigel Burke (Dala) Hackers in general (8 only)
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Courier
  • America despite it's significant downs prospered before it became the hellhole it was today, and it's no secret that technology had made significant leaps despite limitations brought on by Alternate History. Vaults that could last Nuclear War, bulky automatons that could fulfill your daily needs to warfare, even various buildings withstood against the test of time itself. The Think Tank were one of those contributors, from significant advances in medicine to space-age alloys only thought possible in '50s science fiction... but like it's country, there lurked a dark side to this haven of science. Concentration camps for Chinese and Chinese-Americans being experimented on and unsuspecting American citizens using their tech as lab rats. Not only that, but experiments gone awry too many to count.
    • The Think Tank had turned themselves into floating brains in jars to outlast their mortality after the Great War. They had a much more callous regard for the lives of others and had lost a part of themselves. Mobius eventually had enough of their sinister experimentation he reprogrammed his friends to continuously loop and did all he could to contain them in the Big MT. It wasn't until there were some visitors that their ignorance of the outside world would break and seek a better place for their experiments.
      • While what transpired from the Courier's encounter with them is left ambiguous, the Think Tank that had ascended were from a time when they were convinced to stay in the Big MT where their science was put to a better cause even helping the Mojave when they needed it. They continue this even now, the group no longer pursuing to endlessly test and lobotomize those who got to close to their secrets (unless provoked). With the amount of havoc that comes from deities being picked across far and wide with varying degrees of morality and beliefs clumped up together, their help is often needed.
  • When transmissions where hijacked in the Pantheon (as usual) the listeners expected another malicious and dangerous entity in the scene. What they were greeted with was none of those things: It was originally meant to notify the denizens that they had ascended and showcase their scientific might. It got sidetracked thanks to how dysfunctional they all are. It went on for a while before Mobius took the scene, got to the point, and quickly signed off. The Courier recognized them and are conflicted about this. While understanding of their issues, even helping resolve them, they're still responsible for many horrible things like Nightstalkers and Cazadores. And Pantheon knows how much of a goddamn pain they are. That being said, they're also said to eventually settle down and watch over Big MT by the end of it.
  • After hearing some comments about how they are more of an abomination than anything else, what with their weird moralities and madness, they tried to communicate with other deities like them. First they tried the Great Ones. They learned a bit about their physiology and managed to get away without any ill effects from Insight. Next, they tried the Vex. Managing to fool them into thinking they are like them, they managed to strike up conversation with them. Besides a myriad of possible futures, they also struck casual conversation such as the incorrect placement of certain Vex regiments or how the Alien Geometries were built incorrectly by a few meters.
  • They insist that you call their temple Big Mountain or Big MT and never call it Big Empty, despite the giant hole where the mountain part should be. If you ask, it got destroyed during one experiment, opening it up to the outside. They did make use for it, though.
  • Being a straight example of how volatile dangerous technology coupled with unrestricted human ambition is, Arthur Maxson has many a reason to be enemies with them. They're harmless now, but it would be disastrous if they decided to return to old habits. Considering what happened in a cut ending involving the Courier helping them leave and lay waste to the Mojave, the Brotherhood Elder's views are far from unfounded.
    • The Enclave in turn are interested in them, or more specifically their technology. In their hands, they can easily wipe away who they choose, and since the Think Tank were formerly defense contractors they believe it belongs to them. The Eliksni noticed the potential too, believing they can use their science to permanently sustain themselves without Ether. Yet they, too, are cautious of the scientists. The Courier informed them of this and have taken precautions to prevent break ins.
  • De facto leader of the Think Tank, and Chief Head Researcher of Logistical Operations and Ideaology (or Idea-ology as he puts it) is Dr. Klein. He's notable for being very condescending and full of himself, often berating his peers and acting above them all. That said, he does have an implied (though not extreme) fondness for his country and is actually glad to be working with Mobius again. Not only that, he acts as more of the anchor for them all to focus their efforts towards where they could of been much more disorganized.
    • Sometimes can be seen in Moe's bar, often venting about the quirkiness of his colleagues despite not being able to drink. Though this could be chalked up to his alcoholism back when he was human. Patrons there tend to not like him that much, since the volume of his voice is loud and he's kind of a dick, but he isn't too much of a bother.
  • Head of Animology, Beastology, and DNA-Scrambling Technology is Dr. Borous: The very bombastic and Communist hating scientist of the Think Tank. You know those Night Stalkers and Cazadors? He made them. He claims they are as sterile as they are docile which is technically true, much to everyone's chagrin.
    • He retained memories of being bullied by Richie Marcus and Betsy Bright. He hated them, and it never died down as he got older. This hatred extends to every other bullies in the Pantheon and he doesn't seem to hold bad fathers in high regard either, if his drawing of his own is anything to go off of.
    • Is prevented from being in the Pantheon's Academy due to the time where he tried to recreate the X-9 Research Facility in it, installing Hall Monitors among other services, being generally hammy on the speakers (often ranting about Richie Marcus), and taking his anger out on bullies. He claims it was to snuff out Communist propaganda, but no one listens.
      Borous: "It has come to my attention that many of you SEEMINGLY innocent children have been subverted by Red Propaganda. This is a MOST serious matter requiring the MOST serious of detentions."
    • He competes with others gifted in his field of work, regardless of alignment. Attempts are made that the creations do not start to escalate lest there be creatures even worse than his existing ones. A repeat of a cyberdog obtaining the T-Virus is heavily discouraged after one escaped his labs and turned the Pantheon's unlucky denizens into its chew toys. Who knows what he could do with the G-Virus or the Technocyte Plague? The Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City Survivors along with the Wolfpack don't hold him or the rest of the Think Tank in high regard after that incident. There's even bad blood between Wesker, although it's most likely for his own reasons.
    • Borous is vilified by practically every single pet lover or canine deities in the Pantheon. The reason being would be his mistreatment of Gabe by turning him into a Cyberdog along with feeding him Psycho. He does regret this, since he was very loyal, from comforting him after being bullied to still being loyal to him despite all the horrible shit he did. Notably, Borous does make an effort to turn a new leaf by nurturing his creations instead of experimenting on them. It's not quite as successful without proper guidance, but the times where does succeed is actually genuinely sweet. Nightstalker pups are something to behold when they're not trying to swallow you.
      • He's also hated by anyone who hates canines like Soap MacTavish after Borous heard an off-handed comment on his police dogs, sending some his way in retaliation.
  • The only female member of the Think Tank is Dr. Dala, First Head Chief of Minerology and Medicinal Sciences. She's one of the more gifted members possessing a degree in Curiosity and Advanced Curiosity along with 211 other doctorates. Dala's also the more "competent" members despite their current state as brains in jars.
    • She's rather fascinated by the human figure despite the Think Tank's attitude towards it. So much so that she gets...ecstatic, when allowed to examine human body movement. She denies such urges.
      Dala: "My research does not descend into formography. It is only science."
    • If one uses the broken mirrors in her House in Higgs Village, it can be assumed she had issues with her appearance when human, even lining up Teddy Bears to act like a model runway. She feels a strange connection with those that had the same problems, but can't pinpoint as to why.
    • Going off to the House of Health and Diseases Dala frequently works with the Medic since despite his lack of medical license his healing is potent, something she wants to learn from. The same goes for Valentine, if only to let in on her research. Despite her weird morals, even she finds Nigel Burke to be a terrible surgeon. Whereas the Auto-Doc could pull off successful surgeries despite it's various problems, his operations are simply "a messy attempt at removing the skinvelope".
    • During one trip she encountered Rei, who was exploring the same House in an attempt to distance herself of fear from doctors. Dala instantly was perplexed by the golden haired girl but couldn't figure out why. After constantly asking her questions, not helped by her voice, immediately attracted Zen in the area and told the doctor to back off. A tense standoff followed, but it was diffused before Dala used her "WooEEEOooWooEEEOoo" ray. The couple doesn't really hold her in high regard but she stated she would have no reason to harm Rei. In her own words:
      Dala: "You are a very special little teddy bear. Your stuffing is unpossible, curious indeed."
  • Dr. 0, the Think Tank Scientist whose skill dabbles in creating and breaking robots, though it's mostly breaking. Compared to other Walking Techbanes, it's more accurate to describe him as "somewhat good" when it comes to robotics. He can copy other robots, albeit with a few duds. He's very envious of other, more skilled robotics engineers and was pretty pissed that House had already ascended before him, claiming that he's just spiting him at this point. House doesn't know who he is, though isn't quick to dismiss him in his calculations. People tend to point out destroying robots isn't a gift or skill.
    0: "Oh? I didn't remember asking you about your talents. Just wait until there's an alliance of robots coming for your brain then you'll wish I was around!"
    • Wants to become better at what he does, even if it doesn't always turn out the way he expects it to. If Muggy was a success, why can't any other creations be the same? He thoroughly observes how others do it in the House of Technology.
    • He's pretty prideful of his name, that issue with people thinking it's an O is resolved thanks to the Courier who proposed that he just put a slash through it. To him, it's genius, and Klein even agrees. Don't ask how, just roll with it. Having said that, he doesn't think being referred to as Dr. O as that bad either as it can be interpreted as the "Oh!" of discovery.
    • Occasionally uses terms like "breaking news" or "stop the presses" which is a result of him originally being a newscaster type of personality. Still, he has some relations to the Investigative Work Sub-house.
  • Unable to talk due to his broken voice module is Dr. 8, the acoustician in the Think Tank. While on paper it may seem unimpressive, a quick look at the Sonic Emitter and it's frequencies would make you think otherwise. He's noticeably emotional and by far the nicer out of the others which lead him to being the more unpopular one. Those able to understand him will find he's also pretty mushy despite being a member of the Think Tank. He's currently focusing his attention on the House of Music and those wielding sound.
    • Ordis, being a Cephalon, understands 8 clearly after figuring it out he's communicating in RobCo code and decided to stick together. Past the "sonjaculating" bit, Ordis pities his inability to speak clearly but is also impressed by his expertise in sound. Plus he knows what it's like to have your technology messed with, and is helping to prevent such a thing for 8's vulnerable code.
      8: "*static*"
      Ordis: "Ordis thinks we should move on from this, um, subject."
    • Met Big Band after hearing the Detective play one mean sax during his daily trip to the House of Music. Although difficult at first since 8 is practically impossible to understand, he did notice a pattern to his speech and figured out what he was saying, somewhat. Turns out they both relate to being screwed over by those they trust (Big Band from being nearly wasted by corrupt cops and 8 being left with a busted voice module). The Detective tries to steer him away from his more morally grey colleagues, with slow progress.
    • He has a poor view on hackers in general, considering the actions of one visitor in the Big MT costed him the ability to speak permanently. People who exploit his inability to communicate clearly aren't in seen highly in his eyes either, although he can at least forget the annoyances after the fact. Probably why he really hates Sombra since she's both of those things, and the likeliness of her crossing paths whether by fate or otherwise is plausible. He dreads the day it comes and is trying to do whatever he can to prevent it from happening.
  • Dr. Mobius, the Absent-Minded Professor of the group thanks to the accidental intake and of Jet and Psycho along with Mentats. He's quite grandfatherly like, giving out Mentats like candy. Of course, he was also the one keeping the Think Tank within the Big MT to prevent any sinister Science! from occuring. He did a lot to occupy them, and they were only starting to foil thanks to outside factors. Since the Pantheon is much less fragile than the Wasteland he works with them once more, though is somewhat weary even if he zones out at times.
    • He sees a bit of his friends and of himself within the Ancestor, a man who formerly had that "too-far-thing-taking" mindset that had doomed his entire world. In the mortal world he didn't cope with it as well though did still manage to guide the Heir to stop his monsters. He offered to send in Roboscorpions to help patrol the outside of the Darkest Estate, to prevent any break outs or break ins. Realizing how much of a hellhole it actually is, however, Mobius took a step further to send in supplies for the adventurers.
      • And speaking of taking things too far, Mobius does not think so highly of other amoral or otherwise evil scientists. Professor Hojo in particular is worth noting since he's very much like his friends if their amorality turned to a much darker road. Mobius frequently uses his Roboscorpion army to scout out and foiling his plans.
    • Wanting to prove that Science! is not always a vehicle for horrible experimentation and villainy, Mobius associates himself with the Philanthropists of Benevolent Scinece and other virtuous bright minds in the Pantheon. He works with them to create a more hopeful future for the Pantheon, especially with the Alliance Wars raging still even with the Lawful faction's Reformation.
  • Dr. Mobius: "There is an expression in the wasteland: Old World Blues."
    • Dr. Klein: "It refers to those so obsessed with the past they can't see the present, much less the future, for what it is."
    • Dr. Dala: "They stare into the what-was, eyes like pilot lights, guttering and spent, as the realities of their world continue on around them."
    • Dr. 0: "Science is a long, steady progression into the future. What may seem a sudden event often isn't felt for years, even centuries, to come."

    Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro 
Vittorio Antonio Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, Dual Deities of The '50s (Vito, Mr. Scaletta; Joey)
Joe Barbaro and Vito Scaletta as they appeared in 1951
Vito and Joe as they appear in Mafia: Definitive Edition (Major Spoiler) 
Vito in 1968 
"Joe" in 1968 (Major Spoiler) 
  • Theme: Mafia II Main Theme, Under New Stars
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their signature brown and black leather jackets
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Vito), Chaotic Neutral (Joe)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Time Periods, 20th century, Gangsters
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Huang Lee, Carl Johnson
  • Can form an Enemy Mine with: Lt. Karl Fairburne
  • Opposed by: Many World War II servicemen and veterans (Vito), Masaya Okonogi
  • Vittorio Antonio Scaletta and Joe Barbaro were two members of the Falcone Crime Family based in Empire Bay. Of special note is that they were especially active and notorious in the early parts of The '50s, which is reflected throughout the majority of their story as gangsters for that organization, complete with rock and roll music, fast sports cars, and everything glamorous (as well as nasty) about the time period. Interestingly, despite their story being set in 1950-51, a lot of the aforementioned iconic music and cars were from the mid to late 50s, which a lot of the Pantheon's historians and deities from that period would tell you.
  • Their history of crime together began back in 1943, during a botched jewelry store robbery, Vito ended up getting caught by police, with Joe forced to part ways with him. Not long after this, Vito decided to enlist in the US Army and volunteer as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. It was during Operation Husky, his first combat jump, that he encountered Don Calo of the Sicilian Mafia, which would help convince him that a life of crime led to fame, fortune, and respect. Joe, meanwhile, continued his criminal activities, associating himself with mafiosos such as Derek Pappalardo and Henry Tomasino. They then reunited in February 1945, after Vito was wounded in action and given a monthlong rest and return. Thanks to Joe's mafia connections, he was able to permanently discharge Vito from the Army using counterfeit discharge papers, and Vito soon turned back to a life of crime. With his family being faced with a massive debt and being threatend by an Evil Debt Collector working for a Loan Shark, Vito decided to accept Joe's offer of doing jobs for the Clemente Crime Family, among which included robberies and assassinations. It was for one of the former jobs that Vito got arrested, and what eventually got Joe into trouble with the Clementes when the latter failed to deliver on their promise of bailing him out of jail. As a result, both men would be forced out of Empire Bay for a good 5 to 6 years. While in jail, Vito made connections with Vinci consigliere Leo Galante, while Joe began associating himself with Antonio Balsamo, an enforcer for the Falcone Crime Family.
  • Joe was the first to make it back to Empire Bay, in 1950, which was when the two's infamy in the criminal underworld truly began. Knowing Luca was still after his head, he decided to work with the Falcone Crime Family, where he ended up killing rogue underboss Rocco on behalf of Eddie Scarpa and Carlo Falcone. A little over a year later, Vito, with help from Vinci Consigliere Leo Galante, was released early from prison. Pretty soon, after a few jobs on the side, among which included finally killing Luca Gurino, they both became Made Men in the organization. Alberto Clemente and his Crime Family were soon finally vanquished as well. For a short while, they the rich gangster life (thousands of dollars, fast cars, nice houses, action, and all). A few months into this life, however, they soon ran into a series of fuck ups, including finding out their friend Henry was The Stool Pigeon, starting a Mob War with The Triads and the Tongs, and getting into a huge debt with Mob Loan Shark Bruno Levine. With no other choice, they began doing increasingly risky jobs in order to pay said debt off while denying any knowledge of the attack on the Triads. Among these jobs included the assassination of Thomas Angelo, where it's revealed that Vito and Joe were the hitmen who killed him in the ending of the original.
  • While they were ultimately able to gather the 55,000 USD needed to pay off the debt, it came at a terrible price, specifically, the escalation of the aforementioned Mob War into a massive Mle Trois between the Falcones, Vincis, and Triads. Not only that, but Joe was also seriously hurt in the process. It was at this point that Vito finally realized that Being Evil Sucks, and that all the glamour, respect, and fame that came with the mob life wasn't worth it. However, Vito didn't have much choice but to continue forward, as the day after this, he was confronted by Leo Galante, who had found out about his fuck ups. Since Vito had saved his life only months prior, Leo ultimately decided to return the favor by giving him an offer he couldn't refuse: kill Carlo Falcone, his own boss, in order to end the Mob War plaguing Empire Bay. With Joe's help at the eleventh hour, Vito successfully carried out the assassination on his own boss. However, Leo, needing a scapegoat for the Triads, was forced to have Joe driven off for execution in exchange for Vito's life. With this act of apparent betrayal, Vito eventually lost all respect for his father figure, coupled with becoming The Exile to New Bordeaux as part of Leo's deal with the Chinese.
  • This wasn't the end of their story, however. In 1968, Vito, having been tired of being pushed around by Sal Marcano, The Don of the Marcano Crime Family, joined forces with Lincoln Clay in his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. During this time, he asks Lincoln for a favor: find and kill the hitmen who had apparently killed Joe all those years ago, as Vito had managed to track all of them down in New Bourdeaux. Should Lincoln do these favors for Vito, the latter will reveal that in 1951, following the death of Falcone, Joe overpowered the Vinci hitmen who were accompanying him, escaped to Chicago, and sought help from criminal associates based there. However, they betrayed him, and the hitmen Lincoln had killed went after him. In the end, Vito Never Found the Body, and if Joe had been alive, he would have met up with Vito by that point in time. During the ending of Lincoln's story, however, it's heavily hinted that Joe Barbaro may indeed still be alive, working as the personal driver and bodyguard of Leo Galante.
    • If Lincoln decides to leave New Bordeaux, Vito can even possibly become The Don of the Clay Crime Syndicate in Lincoln's absence, finally getting his big break as a mobster. New Bourdeaux itself becomes a flourishing city under his control, with it becoming a new Las Vegas. Another possibility has Vito killed by Lincoln in the same way Vito had killed Carlo Falcone back in 1951.
  • Due to being more well known for their actions in The '50s, both Vito and Joe ascend as they had looked back in 1951, complete with their signature leather jackets as well as two of their iconic cars: the Smith Thunderbolt for Joe, and the Shubert Frigate for Vito. And, despite all the trouble they had caused together and their separation, they were ascended together, complete with their memories from the 1960s. To say that they were finally happy to be reunited after 17 years would be an understatement. And, unsurprisingly, they had a lot of catching up to do between one another. It was here that Vito finally regained his respect for Leo Galante, as it turns out that he had spared Joe from a worse fate.
  • Knowing that working for any of the existing and especially more notorious Mafia families in the Pantheon would be a bad idea in the long run (especially given their past track record in the Falcone Family), both of them elect instead to do work for smaller criminal organizations, particularly those who have been betrayed by The Mafia themselves. Among the first people they approach looking for a job to do is Tommy Vercetti, a former member of the Forelli Crime Family. Sympathizing with their own betrayal from their Don, seeing their willingness to do drug deals, and noting their competence when it comes to taking down enemy gangsters, he immediately hires the both of them as part-time enforcers and dealers. For similar reasons, they also end up becoming associates of Tony Montana as well.
  • Their criminal activities soon get them noticed by some unwanted parties, most notably by police and rival organized criminals. Among the former include both good cops like Cole Phelps, as well as some notoriously corrupt cops like Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski. In the latter group are the likes of Al Capone and the Corleone Crime Family, who are notorious for brutally killing fellow mobsters in order to achieve their goals.
    • In many respects, Cole Phelps is a Good Counterpart to Vito, being a WWII veteran who chose police work instead of the mob life. Their war records are also highly contrasting, with Scaletta being a low-ranking Private noted for having fought bravely in Sicily, Italy, Normandy, and the Netherlands, while Phelps was a Sergeant who fought in the Pacific during the Battle of Okinawa.
    • Had Vito and Joe not been betrayed repeatedly by the Clemente and later the Falcone Crime Families, it's very likely that both would not have hesitated to work with Capone and the Corleones for money. But, given their distrust towards The Mafia and especially The Commission, they elect instead to oppose their fellow mobsters and their operations.
    • Having faced against and dealt with many a Dirty Cop in prison, Empire Bay, and New Bordeaux, Vito knows that Tenpenny and Pulaski are nothing but trouble. To this end, he and Joe decide to assist Tenpenny's Arch-Enemy, Carl Johnson, in fighting against him and his illegal operations. This is despite Carl initially distrusting the two Mafiosi initially, due to having had problems with another Crime Family in the past.
  • Upon finding out about other Mafia operations in the Pantheon aside from Capone and the Corleones, Vito and Joe decide to investigate further. While both men find the two warring factions rather weird-looking by their standards, they ultimately decide to assist Giorno Giovanna and his allies, after finding out that their rivals, Diavolo and Ciocolatta, are vile individuals not unlike Sal Marcano and Carlo Falcone, if not outright worse in many regards.
  • Among the non-Mafia criminals that Vito and Joe ending up butting heads with are several from different versions of Liberty City, that universes' equivalent to their Empire Bay. These especially include the likes of Dimitri Rascalov and Edward Low, whose actions disgust both Empire Bay gangsters, the former due to his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, the latter due to being a Serial Killer and serial rapist.
    • They distrust Huang Lee due to being a Triad, and outright refuse to work with him. Having dealt with the Empire Bay Triads, both men fully expect to be double crossed again, so they keep their distance from him.
    • On the bright side, they manage to find some allies from Liberty City willing to assist them against their rivals. Among notable examples include Claude, Niko Bellic, and Luis Fernando Lopez, all of whom have been similarly betrayed by different Mafia Crime Families. Of these, only Claude and Luis are willing to openly assist them in their operations, with Niko preferring to stay retired from the criminal life.
  • While many of the Pantheon's World War II veterans respect Vito for his combat record During the War, they also oppose his past actions, particularly his theft of gas rationing stamps at a time when the US needed to fuel its ships, planes, and vehicles. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in particular refuses to reinstate him as a soldier due to this.
    • Masaya Okonogi similarly opposes both of them, but that's mainly due to being organized criminals, of which he's had bad experiences with in the past. However, when the Vincennes student finds out about their respect for women in general, he comes to respect them in that regard, at the very least.
    • One of the few non-criminal deities willing to work with them is OSS operative Lt. Karl Fairburne, a fellow veteran of the Italian campaign who has worked with mobsters similar to those Vito encountered in Sicily. It's thanks to his connections with the OSS operative that Vito and Joe end up meeting the Carcano sisters and S.A.T.8, who are willing to protect them against some of the more dangerous deities.
  • Outside of being a career criminal and mob boss, Vito is also, surprisingly, a Supreme Chef, being able to cook excellent Bucatini based on his late mother's recipe. It's for this reason that he forms an Intergenerational Friendship with chef Takumi Aldini. It gets to the point that Vito reopens his Italian restaurant in the Pantheon just to cook again with a passion, although this one partly serves as a racket and legal front for some of his and Joe's criminal activities.


    Captain B. McCrea 
Captain B. McCrea, Divine Representative Of High Obesity-Rate Futures (Captain of the Axiom)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A map of the Axiom's internals
  • Theme Song: Define "Dancing"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Brilliant, but Lazy, The Captain And The Only Shipmate Aware Of The Ennui Of The Big, Fat Future, Surprisingly Good Grip For Someone Who Never Exercised, finding Living Is More than Surviving, Big Good, Courage In Spite Of Fear, Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Domains: Captains, The Future, Obesity, Space, Development
  • Interested in: Noah
  • Allies: WALL-E and EVE, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Jaime Reyes, Lillie, Jimmy Livingston, The Doctor (11th incarnation), Captain Olimar and the Pikmin
  • On good terms with: The Deep Space 9 main characters, Snorlax, Cortana, Obelix, Team Lightyear
  • On speaking terms with: Jay Gatsby
  • Enemies: AUTO, The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Hexxus, Charles Montgomery Burns, Ragyo Kiryuin and anyone who wants to ruin the Earth/its environment, Lord Crumb, Black Doom, Senator Steven Armstrong, Prime Minister Honest
  • Opposes: Zapp Brannigan, HAL 9000
  • Fears: The Hall of Flesh Eaters, YHVH, Lucifer, Slaanesh, Planet Remina
  • Distrusts: Buy n Large
  • Annoyed by: Eric Cartman
  • A bit concerned over: The Hall of Businesses and Corporations
  • Captain B McCrea is the latest in a line of captions of the Axiom, a massive space-ship meant to serve as an exodus for humanity for five years while the Earth is cleaned up of its waste and pollution. However the inhospitability of the Earth caused this to be extended over seven hundred years. The lap of luxury and micro-gravity caused mankind to become fat and lazy, and the Captain begun to felt a sense of ennui about it all. He was very interested to learn of Earth upon being shown evidence that life could still grow, and felt it was time to turn back and deal with the Earth despite being "a bit of a fixer-upper". AUTO wasn't fond of that plan at all. Fortunately the Captain was able to assert control and the Axiom could return to Earth.
  • Despite representing the Big, Fat Future trope, it's not something the Captain is all that fond of. Eric Cartman was at awe with the Axiom because it could fulfill all his selfish desires, however the Captain thinks he's an annoying little jerk. Admittedly those are kind words, but he doesn't have the time to get in a feud with the Fat Bastard. Rather, he wants to look for help in rebuilding the Earth of his universe. Captain Planet and the Planeteers were happy to help because they're all about saving the environment, and the condition that forced the Captain's ancestors to leave is the kind of disaster their polluting foes would create. The fact that life could still sprout helped them feel more optimism.
  • Happy to see that WALL-E and Eve were already apart of the Trope Pantheon. Not happy to learn AUTO was, of course. And while he doesn't understand much about Buy n Large he certainly doesn't trust them for their hyper-consumerist role in polluting the Earth. In their defense, they realized that and Procedure A-113 was seen as a necessary evil. The Captain considers Mr Burns to be even worse than Buy n Large since he knows he's a mean SOB and is the kind of person to intentionally ruin the Earth with pollution just so everyone would have to pay to be on his version of the Axiom. As a whole, the Captain of the Axiom is trying to check up on his computer alerts about what's happening in the Hall of Businesses And Corporations in case of how it could affect might.
  • Because of AUTO's Anti-Mutiny, the good Captain isn't fond of the GUAM and their spiel of robot supremacy. AUTO actually agrees with this since it isn't interested in (intentional) machine supremacy and hates the idea of Kill All Humans, but McCrea has pointed out it isn't much better as it disregards consent in helping people. McCrea believes AUTO should be more personal like Cortana. Due to his experience with AUTO, the good Captain isn't fond of HAL 9000, who AUTO was modeled off. Despite their friendship, HAL isn't interested in antagonizing the crew of the Axiom.
  • Captain McCrea was interested to learn about Jaime Reyes, due to how the Reach who he got his scarab from work; after seeding a planet they would come over to give technology, as part of a long game to slowly make the to-be conquered lazy and content and thus easy pickings to conquer. He hopes that the Reach don't try to exploit Buy n Large for that purpose, and can count on the Blue Beetle. He was also interested in Noah, who also piloted a ship to protect mankind from a disaster....though from an oncoming flood due to human wickedness rather than fleeing from the impact of human greed. Some think there's an intentional parallel, but the Captain is still trying to read more of The Bible and other books heavy on the allegory to decide this for himself.
  • There have been theories that the necessary evil has a far darker undercurrent. AUTO has vehemently denied it as a possibility by pointing out they have food regenerators, however the Captain was shaken up enough about the theories to be terrified about the Hall of Flesh Eaters and anything associated with cannibalism. Sapient-eating aliens, however, feel the Axiom's citizens should be food. Black Doom feels they would be easy pickings to farm and feed him and his Black Arms army. Lord Crumb considers the people of the Axiom as a fattening guilty pleasure, and he wasn't happy that the citizens of the Axiom are reintegrating themselves to the Earth.
  • Majorly creeped out by Slaanesh. As the embodiment of excess and lust, he considers him/her emblematic of the problems of the Axiom and what it could've devolved into if given enough time. He's spooked out by YHVH, Lucifer and Planet Remina too. The God of Order's beliefs in absolute obedience and lack of much outside of following Him is a religious extreme to the idea of humanity being enslaved by consumerism and just used to going through the motions, and while Lucifer agrees that with the Captain that he needed to go to Earth so humanity could re-learn struggle, trial and error the Might Makes Right chaos of Lucifer. Remina of course would just eat the Earth or whatever planet they the Axiom tries to settle on, though the Axiom is probably too small for it to consider having "even as a snack".
  • Prime Minister Honest wanted to congratulate him on the state of the Axiom, seeing it as a paradise for himself, only to be disappointed that McCrea "abandoned it". Captain McCrea was disgusted by him as if someone like Honest was piloting the Axiom, he would warp the already overly consummerist ship into a den of debuachery for his own pleasure. Senator Armstrong had the opposite opinion; he was absolutely disgusted by the Big, Fat Future robbing people of strength and making them utterly reliant on consumerism. He's proud that the Captain chose to fight against the system despite growing up in the lap of luxury. While he gets the disgust, the Captain believes Armstrong's alternative is going overboard in the other direction.
  • Holds no respect for Zapp Brannigan due to being an incompetent commander. Zapp tried to point out that the Captain isn't a military captain, however the Captain reminded him that his ineptitude included piloting ships like the attempt at a gravity assist with comets or ramming the Nimbus through tight gates. He's even less fond of Hexxus due to his alliance with the Planeteers and Hexxus outright wanting the Polluted Wasteland that led the Axiom to being built in the first place. The Captain shares most gods' disgust towards Ragyo Kiryuin as well, and among her many crimes she's a business magnate who sold humanity out for a parasitic alien.
  • Likes Obelix as while he's pretty chunky himself, he's got a good amount of muscle underneath it and he's a fun guy to be around with. He likes Snorlax for the same reason, though wishes the Pokemon could be less lazy. Snorlax is fine sticking around for the Axiom cup food, but tends to keep to himself. Because Captain McCrea is the head of a spaceship, he'll sometimes look for advice from the crew of Deep Space 9, or Team Lightyear. Having dealt with a problematic generation ship before, the 11th Doctor visited to give him some advice; he should consider working with Captain Olimar to explore and prepare the Earth for re-habitation.
  • The Captain has also been studying Earth history and culture pre-catastrophe, which eventually led to him reading The Great Gatsby as one of his first physical books. He can sympathize with the main protagonist's feeling of wealth being empty, as he has felt emptiness in his position of captain and the automation on the ship. He's formed a friendship with Lillie and Jimmy Livingston. Having dealt with the ennui of the Axiom, he sympathizes with how the latter must feel with being a bubble boy. As for Lillie, he likes how she grew from being introverted to courageous.

    Jill McBain 
Jill McBain, Goddess of the Twilight of the Old West
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A model of Brett's train station
  • Theme Song: "Jill's America"
  • Alignment: True Neutral, possibly Neutral Good by the end of her story
  • Portfolio: Wanting to make her deceased husband's dream come true, being a former prostitute, having a heart of gold underneath all that bitterness, not getting the guy(s), coming from the city and being out of her element, needing lots of hugs, dry wit.
  • Domains: Love, Marriage, Devotion, Western, Industry, Lust
  • Allies: Mrs. Brisby, Marv, John Wayne, Lucky Luke, Tatsu Yamashiro, Patrick Jane, Lucian, Frank Castle, Beatrix Kiddo, Rose Bukater, Hinata Hyuga, Naruto Uzumaki, Louise Leroi and Maria Sarrazin, Rango
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Embryo, Fred C. Dobbs, Rattlesnake Jake
  • Mysterious Protector: The Man With No Name
  • Complicated Relations: Catelyn Stark, Scarlett O'Hara
  • Jill McBain moved out west to be with the man she loved, only to find out that he and his children had been murdered in cold blood by an assassin under orders of a railroad tycoon. Upon discovering what her deceased husband's dream was, she decided to remain where she was and make it come true, with the help of a wandering gunslinger and a bandito boss.
  • Protector of all widows who decide to soldier on no matter how exhaustive their circumstances.
  • The inside of her temple resembles her house in Sweetwater, which she would have shared with Brett and his family had things gone right for her.
  • Formed a strong friendship with Mrs. Brisby after bonding over the grief and burdens that their status as widows has brought them. She's friendly with just about every good- or neutral-aligned widow in the Pantheon, but Mrs. Brisby is decidedly her best friend, probably because they're among the least violent ones.
  • Dislikes Mr. Burns because his personality and actions remind her far too much of the man who had her husband killed for the sake of his own ventures, Mr. Morton.
  • She despises Fred C. Dobbs because the extents to which his greed has taken him echo her old enemy, Frank, who had somewhat similar ambitions and zero scruples about accomplishing them.
  • Embryo has taken an interest in her because she fits his ideal of a "strong, intelligent woman" (plus, the fact that her name is Jill has not escaped his notice), but given the warnings of just about everyone else in the Pantheon, she knows to stay FAR away from him.
  • The Man With No Name is especially interested in her well-being because it ain't his style to leave widows defenseless, besides the fact that they share a creator. They haven't talked much though, The Man With No Name being how he is. His protection is pretty important to her as she doesn't exactly have many skills that'd help her defend her temple (she rudimentarily knows her way around a shotgun and that's it).
  • John Wayne and Lucky Luke also care a great deal for her after the Trauma Conga Line she's been through and consider her a lady worthy of everyone's respect.
  • While perfectly willing to be allies with the living Catelyn Stark, Jill does not approve of the actions of her Lady Stoneheart self, considering she's blindly killing anyone who has the bad luck of being connected to the Lannisters and doesn't care whether they helped her at all.
  • Good friends with Rose because they both found the strength to keep going after their loves passed away in very tragic circumstances.
  • She also gets along very well with Hinata because of how devoted they both are to their husbands. Hinata looks up to Jill because she remains devoted even after her husband's death. Naruto also likes her for not giving up on Brett's dream despite all the trouble it caused her.
  • Jill is somewhat admiring of Scarlett's strong will to survive and protect her family, but her sheer lack of sympathy and bad treatment of her past husbands is a bit much for Jill to reconcile.
  • Marv is highly protective of her given what she had to suffer in her past occupation as a prostitute and at the hands of scum like Frank.