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Stonepunk is a sub-genre of the Punk Punk science fiction genre. Stonepunk focuses on pre-technological developments in pre-historic times, its juxtapositions of the modern world with the primitive, and the effects of an early form of 'advanced' technology on society, like The Flintstones, based on primitive materials such as rock, fire, clay, rope, wood and water. Unlike most classic Cyber Punk or Steam Punk influenced fiction like Clock Punk, the Stone Age supplies the inspiration behind a modified form of technology based on the materials provided by the natural elements and surrounding environment. Bamboo Technology is common. Depending on the setting, there may be Sufficiently Advanced Bamboo Technology as well. This is the most likely Punk Punk to be Played for Laughs, given its most famous examples.


The defining feature of Stone Punk is the representation of modern inventions and technology but made with primitive materials. The idea here is that road signs and furnishings would not have existed, but as a Rule of Funny and in order to further highlight the primary societal differences they have been included. Having the familiar aspects can make the foreign aspects seem even more foreign to the audience, which is used as a method of storytelling as a sort of constant reminder that "this work is set in a completely different world".



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     Anime And Manga  

  • Dr. Stone falls into this setting due to its premise of Omnidisciplinary Scientist Senku waking up in a world with Stone Age technology. The existing society already has the Stone; Senku creates the Punk by helping to raise their living standards, bit by bit, until it's reached the 21st century life he's used to. These Stone Age people still wear loincloths, live in straw and wooden huts, and think Senku's achievements are magic, but through his efforts, they now have access to eyeglasses, firearms, chemical weapons, electrical lighting, audio playback technology, indoor climate control, telecommunications, motorized transport, and cola, all of them made from scratch with materials available in the area. That being said, this civilization was already on the verge of becoming this trope when Senku arrived, as one of the villagers, Chrome, thinks like a scientist, was close to some breakthroughs all on his own (such as electricity and pharmaceuticals), and is the only villager who can consistently keep up with Senku's explanations.

     Comic Books  

     Animated Films  

  • The Croods sees the protagonist begin developing advanced Stone Punk, only for her father to admonish her for trying to violate tradition. This conflict continues until the end of the film.
  • Early Man
  • Ice Age (since Ice Age 2: The Meltdown)
  • The Missing Link

     Films Live Action  


    Live Action TV 

  • Gilligan's Island: While set in contemporary time, the available materials to the castaways was bamboo and coconuts, leaving them with this level of technology.

     Newspaper Comics  


  • The Imaginext franchise from Fisher-Price had several prehistoric-themed sets complete with Bamboo Technology, bone architecture, battle-ready cavemen, and various dinosaurs and ice-age mammals that were often mounted as cavalry by said cavemen.

     Video Games  

     Web Original  

     Western Animation  


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