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Sandal punk is a subgenre of the Punk Punk science fiction category. It focuses on the classical period or the ancient world before the Middle Ages, usually Ancient Rome, or Ancient Greece, or both, sometimes with hints of The Trojan War; or alternatively, on a Fantasy Counterpart Culture or Planet of Hats modeled on those settings.


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  • 300 with its Persian ninjas, giant warriors and grenade throwing wizards.
  • Lou Ferrigno's Hercules battles giant extraterrestial robots.
  • Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans are set in a version of Greece where fantasy monsters are real. A few are even mechanical (a colossus in the former, an owl in the latter).
  • Disney's Hercules is a loose re-telling of the ancient myths about Hercules with several anachronistic elements.
  • The Atlanteans from Atlantis: The Lost Empire are depicted as possessing technology and science far more advanced than anything recorded in history including laser-spewing hovercrafts, floating monuments, crystals that grant healing and advanced longevity, hyper-awareness of languages created millenia after their own, and massive machines. All this while still possessing tribalistic characteristics such as a hunter/gatherer style of living.


     Live-Action TV  

     Tabletop Games  
  • Pyramid magazine outlined two separate Sandalpunk GURPS settings: "Bronzepunk" (Greece) and "Ironpunk" (Rome).
  • OGL Ancients is based around the civilization before the Roman Empire (with special focus on Greece and Egypt) and features the Artificer Class.

     Video Games  


     Western Animation  
  • Hercules is a midquel series to the Disney movie mentioned above, and is also set in a Disneyfied version of Ancient Greece. It has time to explore the world around Hercules further than what the movie could ever do, and features a Gadgeteer Genius father-son duo as part of its cast.
  • The Roman Holidays: a Flintstone style sitcom of the genre.


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