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The House of Machinery and Technology has a rather drab, beige, boring, boxy exterior, the only departure being the ReCAPTCHAs that act as the doors. Inside, everything is scaled so that Humongous Mecha can have full access to the entire house, a courtesy that Transformers are rather appreciative of. This does have the side effect of making the place seem really huge to human-sized gods, and sometimes makes it difficult for them to navigate (Elevators, for instance, have buttons twenty-one feet off the floor). Some or all of the House itself is sentient, and not just because of the AIs within it.

Computer towers line the walls, humming purposefully as they maintain virtual intelligence. Hologram emitters and monitors are literally everywhere, and in places blinking lights and switches adorn the walls. It's extremely futuristic. There are several maintenance bays which also serve as good workshops not unlike those of the House of Craft.

There are two sides to this House - the mechanical side and the virtual side. Gamer gods link the two sides together - they have little power in the mechanical side and the rest of the Pantheon, and much more in Pantheonic cyberspace. The virtual realm is new territory, only very recently opened. It's not disassociated from non-virtual reality, but it's not the same, either.

With the inauguration of the House of Gaming, this house is now located side-to-side with each other.

Clu, Javik, and Penelope Mouse are also banned from this house: the first was caught trying to rectify some of the robots; the second tried to blast them with his particle rifle; while the third is only for the time being due to a three-strike rule. The Spy is also banned in this house due to his excessive sapping of inventions, and is currently being watched by The Engineer. Sadako Yamamura is similarly barred to prevent her from using the abundance of technology here to spread her curse. Recently, Tenjuro Banno and Ryoma Sengoku have been banned from the house due to their actions back from their own worlds. In an ironic turn of events, Ex has also been banned for fear of him hacking the house itself and gaining control, but can still be found here for ease of access.

The mandate that has been set for Nobuyuki Sugou still stands despite the couple's move to this House: he has been given a restraining order from Asuna due to his reputation of using 300 surviving SAO victims for his Mind Control research, releasing an overpowered spell on Kirito via his privilege as a Game Master, and his attempted rape on Asuna. Due to this, he has been stripped of his access to his in-game persona Oberon as punishment for his crimes. Though he has managed to break this restriction as of late.

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The Wizard Trio of Technology

    Astro Boy 
Astro Boy, God of Heroic Automatons (Mighty Atom, Tobio Tenma, Emissary of Peace, The Atomic Wonder Child)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Heart of Gold
  • Theme Songs: "Tetsuwan Atom" (1963 Anime), "Tetsuwan Atom" (1980 Anime), "True Blue" by ZONE (2003 Anime), "Theme of Astro Boy" by John Ottman (2009 Movie)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (he IS Three Laws-Compliant)
  • Portfolio: Child Super Heroes, Robots Who Help With House Chores, Replacement Goldfishes, Those Who Want To Be Normal, Androids Who Could Probably Pass For Human, Badass Adorable, Heroic Sacrifice, Mechanical Evolution
  • Domains: Law, Good, Space
  • Heralds: Dr. Umataro Tenma (his creator), Professor Ochanomizu (his adopted human father), his robot family.
  • Superior: Osamu Tezuka
  • Allies: Ichiro Inuyashiki, Robotboy, Mega Man, Aigis and Labrys, X, Roll, Dr. Light, Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9, Primus, Lamia Loveless, Bender, Zero, Kikaider, Canti, Scrooge McDuck, Sean, The Original Robot Masters, Reycho, The Detroit Androids, Hiroshi Tsukuba/Skyrider, Pinocchio, Alisa Bosconovitch, Gowther, Guillermo del Toro, Kenzo Tenma, Doraemon, Jolyne Cujoh, Unico, John Connor, Ruru Amour, 9S, Bigweld, Optimus Prime, Professor Utonium, Orisa, The Plain Doll, Isaac Moriah, Dexter Douglas/Freakazoid, Nano, Android 16, Quote and Curly Brace
  • Rivals: Bass
  • Enemies: Dr. Wily, Dr. Weil, Dr. Eggman, Copy-X, Metallix, HIM, Ares and Justin Pin, Xan Kriegor, Vexus, Balloon Boy, Hiro Shishigami
  • He is best friends with Scrooge McDuck and his extended, because they were the ones who inspired his father Osamu to create him and begin the genre of Anime and Manga. He happily gives hugs to each member of the Clan whenever he meets them.
  • He is frequently seen with Mega Man, who was inspired by Astro Boy in his creation.
  • When he heard of the name Dr. Tenma ascending into pantheon, Astro Boy rushed to the location of his ascension. Contrary to the information he's told and much to his surprise, this Dr. Tenma is a kind man.
  • May be challenged to a showdown by Bender, God of Ridiculously Human Robots in the House of Technology. But Astro Boy doesn't like to fight unless it's necessary, and Bender doesn't like to exert effort unless it's necessary (or profitable).
  • Is going to have a no-holds-barred fight with Mega Man, his most famous spiritual successor. Neither of them are too happy about the arrangement, despite the low stakes given how easily they can be repaired afterward.
    • After an exciting battle, Astro Boy won. At first, he was delighted that he came out the victor, but quickly went back to feeling negative about the whole thing once the "adrenaline" wore off. The two robot boys have agreed to never talk about their fight again.
  • Because Astro Boy was the inspiration for Mega Man, Bass regards him as a serious rival. Following his defeat of Mega Man, he briefly froze up not sure what to take from it...until he angrily declared only HE can defeat Mega Man!.
  • Pinocchio gets along well with Astro Boy, due to the fact that his story is basically his story WITH ROBOTS. However, sometime they have disagreement whether or not having human's emotion is worth the pain that it can cause. While Pinocchio holds different view with Astro (the former marionette thinks his emotion allows him to live a happy life with his creator and father Geppetto), he understands that Astro's job is to save people and thus cannot afford to have emotions like fear and hesitation.
  • One particular Pantheon denizen that Unico was able to recognize was Astro Boy thanks to a couple of previous encounters the two had prior to meeting each other in the Pantheon. One of them happened when Unico and a talking tree boy named Tsubasa explored around a polluted Earth and with the help of Astro (or the “Time Fairy” during this point) and Sphinx, Unico and Tsubasa were able to prevent the ecological destruction of Earth. A second meeting between Unico and Astro happened at a later point in time and Unico was able to help Astro have a talk with his creator Dr. Temna. The Pantheon gave the two more time to strengthen their already-existing friendship with each other learn about more of the hardships they went through individually, in addition to fending off irredeemably dangerous threats (the latter action moreso for Astro, though Unico is more than willing to fight back, especially if Astro is in danger during these times).
  • When Ichiro Inuyashiki was initially trying to get the hang of his powers, Inuyashiki sang the theme song from Astro Boy while flying around before becoming accustomed to his cyborg abilities. It didn’t take that long for Inuyashiki to encounter Astro Boy directly in the Pantheon, especially after Astro managed to hear an old man sing that song. Both have a strong commitment to protecting the innocent from various threats, though how both came to be differ in a way. Whereas Inuyashiki was simply rebuilt as a cyborg after getting hit by an extraterrestrial object, Astro Boy was created by Dr. Temna to be a robot duplicate of a kid named Toby after the latter died. Regardless, both Inuyashiki and Astro get along with each other very well and Astro has come to see Inuyashiki as an older father figure.
  • Freakazoid had an encounter with Astro Boy once thinking that he was Hero Boy, the main character from Freakazoid's favorite show. Astro cleared up the confusion and sometime after that (a battle against some low-level villains took place in the interim), the two get along rather well, even if Astro finds Freakazoid to be much more quirkier than what Astro has been used to. Astro is mildly annoyed about Hero Boy's "abilities", though.

    Lain Iwakura 
Lain Iwakura, Ruler of The Internet (Lady of the Wired)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Navi OS logon screen
  • Theme Song: Duvet
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Creepy Child, Cyberpunk, Not knowing what she is/was, The Internet, Mind Screw, Reality Warper, Obtuse Metaphors, Present Day, Split Personalities, Deletion of Existence
  • Domains: Computers, Dreams, Knowledge, Mysticism, Introverts
  • Followers: Kasuga (also follows Sakura of the Magic Wand seat), Hana Gitelman, The Virtual Adepts, and a small sect of the Free Council
  • Allies: Lan Hikari and MegaMan.exe, The Lyoko Warriors,, Shinji Ikari, Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan (As their mother), Quackity
  • Enemies: Arfoire, Millenniumon and Diaboromon, The Seer, Agent Smith, Dr. Weil, SKYNET, YHVH, Zamasu, The Anti-Monitor, Big Brother
  • Scares: XANA, several Robotic deities
  • Professional Relationship with: House of Religion and Faith
  • Keeping an eye on: Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname
  • In the Present Day, a series of experiments with technological concepts resulted in the crafting of The Wired, an addictive and strange counterpart to the modern-day Cyberspace. This all went unnoticed to one Lain Iwakura, a quiet and demure girl who seemed to live an ordinary, if rather isolated, life. But one day, when a classmate of hers known as Chisa Yomoda committed suicide, Lain was the only one to reply to a strange text message about her abandoning of her body. What followed was a rather strange experience, very difficult to put into few words, but it all ended with Lain becoming the "Goddess of the Wired" and resetting her world to a more... normal place.
  • Given her nebulous existence, it's hard to say when Lain ascended exactly...but the occasional appearance of a 14-year old girl in everyone's computers quickly drew attention to her. Given how the Pantheon is situated in the internet, its likely that Lain has been here from the start.
  • Despite her position, Lain is still very much the same introvert as she was before. Not out of shyness, she's more self-confident than you might think, but because she allows her world to run on its own (And isn't much of a people person anyways). She's kept this policy since arriving into the Pantheon, and stays out of the various wars and conflicts. One hopes that the day never, EVER comes when she decides to become active and potentially reset the Pantheon entirely.
  • A bit miffed over how much more ubiquitous and widespread the internet has become since 1998. She's not overly annoyed or disgusted...but she does feel that computers have lost their sense of mystery and wants an interface that's more unusual instead of the polished modern-day touchscreens.
  • Has had the occasional encounter with Lan Hikari and MegaMan.exe, and has given them thanks over how they've helped saved the network from total destruction, and sees some similarities in their fusion with each other and her own Split-Personality Merge. They all have an amiable relationship.
    • Like everyone else, she's disgusted by Dr. Weil, finding him to be FAR worse than Masami Eiri ever was. Eiri was ultimately just a disgruntled computer programmer whose ambitions were meant to bring in The Singularity, while Weil just wants to destroy and rule like a despot.
  • Gained allies with the Lyoko Warriors after it was learned that their world was heavily inspired by her's, especially when their original pilot was slated for development. She feels a bit of kinship with Aelita as a result, given how the pinkette also once struggled with her own humanity, to the point where she tried to kill herself. Aelita in turn, feels the same kinship, and has found some amusement talking with Lain over her computer much as Jeremie used to converse with her.
    • XANA, for his part, is scared out of his bytes with Lain, and has sworn to never do anything to cross her. It's why he's been trying to convince his allies to not piss her off, Lain's version of the RTTP resets both the real and virtual worlds, and XANA has zero desire to get deleted or rebooted. Lain has no intention to get involved with much of the Machine Uprising movements in the Pantheon, especially not the likes of Rex Machina. Their desire for machine supremacy is, in her eyes, a rather short-sighted desire no better than Masami Eiri's megalomania. She does understand the points of the more sympathetic Gears Of Liberation movement, and encourages them to stop plans that conflict with their own morality.
    • That being said, the presence of a universe where Lain planned to create robotic duplicates of her friends and family has put the robotic deities on edge...mainly because that version of Lain gave up on the physical world and destroyed the only robot she'd actually gotten around to building.
  • Utterly disgusted by sentient programs who desire to destroy everything, even the network that gives them life in the first place. Millenniumon and Diaboromon, Agent Smith, and The Seer are at the top of her list of programs that she's tempted to actually delete or help defeat because of their intentions. By extension, she is against the GUAD and has sent discrete communications out to those deities who oppose them the most.
  • Given her experiences with madness, Lain has expressed sympathy to those deities who have had long and drawn-out experiences with the sensation. Therapists and psychologists are encouraged not to go near her however, as in another universe (Or prequel, as some have suggested, it isn't really clear), Lain managed to drive her psychiatrist, Yonera Touko to insanity and then killed her. Granted, that was a different Lain, but the point still stands.
  • Likes to chat with Motoko Kusanagi and the Laughing Man, on the rare occasions they decide to log on at the same time.
  • Arfoire considers Lain to be an annoying adversary in the Pantheon, desiring the power Lain possesses and the fact that Lain has helped derail some of Arfoire's schemes. Lain sees Arfoire to be no different from her own voyeuristic side from way back when, and does not intend to let Arfoire obtain more power due to her Omnicidal Maniac tendencies.
  • Despite claims that her series copied a certain other show involving machines and insanity, Lain's conception had never once drawn influence from that world. That being said, she's quite sympathetic to the Eva Pilots, particularly Shinji, whose mental issues are rather close to hers...though Lain has long since managed to get over them for the most part (Unless something unleashes her video game persona from who-knows-where), while Shinji still has at least one more movie of suffering left to go.
  • Her method of resetting the world was noted to be VERY similar to the ones done by Madoka and Homura. Lain has long known about said similarities, and knows fully well of what happened during the... influenced event. All of it. She's keeping an eye on them both to see how things ultimately play out in the end.
  • Given how she's had to deal with the responsibilities of essentially being god in her world, she's had more than one discussion with other such beings in the Pantheon. For the most part, it's a relatively professional relationship.
    • Of course, Lain has nothing nice to say about YHVH or Zamasu. The former abuses his power like it's going out of style, and Lain was quite pleased to learn of him being locked up after the Pantheon had had enough of his madness. As for the latter, he completely missed the point of what it was like to take on a mortal form, not to mention his hatred of mortals being astoundingly horrific.
  • She might not look the part, but as the Goddess of the Internet, Lain is technically the mother to Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan, along with their non-ascended counterparts (i.e. the other 'tan's that represent the websites of the internet). She mainly lets them do as they please, as they manage relatively well enough on their own. As for their personal enemies...
    • Lain really doesn't see Big Brother as much of a threat. Oh sure, the concept is horrific, but reality came a-knocking and revealed that the Party isn't exactly effective. That being said, she still finds him abhorrent.
    • Arfoire has already been discussed, but SKYNET did make it onto her enemies list as well, being disgusted by how Lain learned about humanity's own emotions before returning to the Wired. Lain, in turn, is disgusted by SKYNET's desire for total destruction, no matter the cost.
    • As for the Anti-Monitor, Lain's more esoteric storytelling had him befuddled for a brief while...but it doesn't change his plans to destroy her as well. Much like the GUAD's A.I.s, Lain is honestly tempted to personally deal with the Anti-Monitor if he should ever get out of hand.
  • Much to Lain's consternation, the loss of more unusual computer designs in the modern internet age is small potatoes compared to a larger threat: mass censorship. As such, she's preparing to make allies with Quackity in case their threat arrives to the Pantheon.
  • Everything is Connected

    Optimus Prime 
Optimus Prime, God of Transforming Mecha and Martial Pacifists (Convoy, Commander Convoy, Fire Convoy, Armada Convoy, Grand Convoy, Galaxy Convoy, Orion Pax, Prime, The Last of the Primes, 10-22, Optimus Maximus, Optimus Primal, Optronix)
G1 Optimus
His alt-mode
Unicron Trilogy Optimus
Movie Optimus
Animated Optimus
Prime Optimus
Cyberverse Optimus
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia (Either the original, or Generation Two model.)
  • Theme Song: What I've Done by Linkin Park, "The Touch", "Optimus" (when things get serious)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Lawful Evil in his Shattered Glass form)
  • Portfolio: Leader of the Autobots, Humongous Mecha, Fought against the Decepticons for four million years, Transforms into a tractor trailer, The Ace, A really gentle giant robot, Nice Guy, Beware the Nice Ones, Martial Pacifist, Shell-Shocked Veteran, A Father to His Men
  • Domains: Motor Vehicles, Robots, Transformations, Courage, Leadership, Death
  • Heralds: Ultra Magnus (his appointed successor), Alpha Trion (his mentor), Ironhide (his bodyguard and closest friend), Prowl (his strategist), Optimus Primal (an Alternate Universe counterpart)
  • High Priest: Raideen
  • Followers: The Machine Robos, Leader-1 & Cy-Kill
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Amuro Ray
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Zechs Merquise
  • Complicated Relationship: Michael Bay, Misato Katsuragi, Godzilla
  • Millions of years ago, on a distant planet called Cybertron, a brutal civil war was waged between two factions of sentient robotic lifeforms; the Autobots and the Decepticons. Their conflict lasted for countless eons, with many of the planet's population becoming involved, including an Autobot by the name of Orion Pax. Whether he started out as a lowly dock worker, or a clerk in Iacon's Hall of Records, or a rogue cop, one thing was for certain; his fate became entangled with that of a former gladiator turned revolutionary named Megatron. Thus, either by injury or rite, Orion was christened Optimus Prime and became the supreme commander of the Autobots, leading them in the battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.
    • This war eventually led to the Pantheon, where after a brief firefight, Cosmos and Melkor approached Optimus and Megatron respectively and offered them a place in the Grand United Alliance of Good/Evil. As per tradition, Optimus sided with Cosmos. He has come to respect the Goddess of Good, and has worked closely with her to achieve peace and prosperity for not just the Pantheon, but for all the worlds. After all, freedom is the right of all sentient beings.
  • For a time, the only Autobots stationed in the Pantheon besides Optimus were Bumblebee, Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots. While they managed to hold their own for a time against Megatron, Prime knew they would be quickly overwhelmed, so he sent a distress signal to Cybertron, requesting back up as soon as possible. Help soon came in the form of Ultra Magnus, who brought with him a small strike force of Autobots and Maximals with him to drive off the Decepticon forces that had previously outnumbered them. Once the battle ended, Jazz, Blaster, Dinobot, Rattrap, Hot Rod, Kup, Drift, Nightscream, and Magnus himself, were appointed as gods and heralds in the Pantheon, with Magnus becoming Primes' own herald. The pair often discuss matters of keeping the peace, and treat each other as brothers. Later on, Alpha Trion, one of the oldest living Transformers and recordskeeper of the Primes would be brought into the fold as well to monitor Prime's activity in the Pantheon and to converse with Primus on Optimus's behalf. Prime has absolute faith in him. After all, in several continuities Alpha Trion was responsible for making him a Prime. Finally, he's also elected his best friend Ironhide to the position of herald to replace Ultra Magnus and Prowl to continue his role as a strategist for the Autobot cause (and also to keep an eye on him following some 'questionable' moral decisions on his part).
  • Prime's descendant, the Maximal commander Optimus Primal serves as one of his less personal heralds, alongside his high priest, the Super Robot known as Raideen. While both have aided the Autobots in their ongoing struggles, Prime was a little disappointed with Primal's descent into religious extremism when fighting the Vehicons, as opposed to the more fair-minded and reasonable leader he was during the Beast Wars. Still, he was thankful for having his life saved by Primal when his version of Megatron attempted to rewrite history and kill Prime.
    • Things got particularly weird when the House of Time and Space discovered an alternate Beast Wars timeline where Optimus Primal - now transforming into a bat - was in fact, the original Optimus Prime in a new body. The pair treat it as a fascinating experiment but both agreed that Prime will remain a truck and Primal a primate.
  • As a Transformer, and a well-known one at that, Optimus has taken on many different forms, which he can freely change into in the Pantheon to take advantage of their perks, his primary one being a red and blue White Freightliner WFT-8664T cabover semi-trailer truck. Sometimes he's a fire truck that can combine with Ultra Magnus or Jetfire, other times, he can use the Minicons, become a Megazord-esque Powerlinx combiner, wield the cyber planet keys, occasionally uses Magnus's war hammer, or Star Saber. All these bodies can transform into trucks still but all of them have proven to be incredibly useful on the battlefield.
    • While a patient individual, if Optimus is pushed too far, he'll take on the appearance of his alternate universe self; a corrupt and sadistic tyrant who rules over Cybertron with his army of evil Autobots. He may appear to be a calm and collective individual but one must be extremely careful. Taking on the Shattered Glass Optimus is akin to dancing with the devil.
  • Prime quickly became allies with Mata Nui and the Toa, to aid them against the threat of the Makuta. It was through this alliance that he was introduced to Saint Jeanne d'Arc and Sieg, who viewed him as a paragon for the inherent goodness of all of life and the values they must uphold. Despite Jeanne being part of the GUAL, Prime knows she has the best interests for everyone in mind. Jeanne in turn then introduced Artoria Pendragon and Shirou Emiya to Optimus and they ended up liking him as well, often joining him on council meetings. Optimus though was saddened that Saber had great regrets for not being there so much for her kingdom to the point of wanting to undo her rule and Shirou is desperate to help and save everyone due to his severe Survivor's Guilt weighing him down his entire life. Optimus though assured them respectively that Artoria does not need to be burdened by her kingly duties and start being human again and Shirou has saved enough people that he needs to leave it to others and focus on protecting his loved ones instead.
  • Not even Optimus is immune to death. He's met his maker - both literally and figuratively - on numerous ocassions. Some of these deaths, like being gunned down by Megatron, were certainly more dignified than committing suicide after "cheating" in a video game world. In fact, it's gotten to the point where he's actually become immune to permanent death, with some of his comrades treating it as a minor inconvenience.
  • Before anyone asks, yes. He's got both the touch ''and'' the power. Yeah! And when all hell is breaking loose, he shall be riding the eye of the storm. The song only plays in dire situations, and when it does, pray you're on Optimus's good side. He will wipe out anyone who dares cross his path.
  • One day, Optimus Stopped Megatron from killing Tony Stark and Heero Yuy, but in doing so further escalated things into an event that threatened to divide all gods associated with the House of Technology into one of two sides. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and the House keeps a relative peace.
  • Optimus Prime's greatest weakness is his sense of nobility and honour. If an adversary claims to have had a change of heart and discovered inner goodness, Prime will fall for it almost every single time. The GUAE has taken advantage of this, and often try to dupe him into letting down his guard. But that isn't to say he's stupid. Far from it. Optimus is a quick learner, and with so many enemies in the Pantheon, he's well on his guard.
  • Despite his appreciation for humans, there are several in the Pantheon whom Optimus has become enemies with. In particular, he distrusts Dr. Albert Wily, Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik, Professor Hojo not only for their inhumane experiments, but also for reminding him of the Decepticon-aligned scientist Dr. Arkeville. Doesn't help that Hojo has attempted to send some of his neighbours, the android Cell and Indominus rex after the Autobot leader. Optimus held them off, but afterwards, he allied himself to both Mega Man and X to aid them against Wily's Robot Masters.
  • Optimus was amazed by the multitude of human-piloted mechas found throughout the Multiverse, ranging from the Mobile Suits, Zords and Evangelions. He quickly aligned himself and the Autobots with the ascended Sentai, Power Rangers, Gundam and Eva pilots, along with the Kamen Riders, due to all sharing a similar sense of justice and duty. It has however led to him opposing the Lightning Count, Zech Merquise, due to butting heads with the Sixth Ranger Tommy Oliver, and Misato Katsuragi, due to her treatment to Eva pilot Shinji Ikari, who Optimus has begun treating like a son.
    • Despite being a giant humanoid-looking lifeform, Optimus and the other Cybertronians are not titans. They had to get that cleared up when Eren Yeager attacked them. After a very humiliating defeat on Eren's part, the Autobots declared partnership with the remnants of humanity, vowing to aid them in the fight against the Titans. Progress has been going well, though Annie Leonhart has considered ascending her comrade Reiner Braun, the Armoured Titan to deal with the Transformers.
  • As their philosophies and colour schemes are not dissimilar, he gets along well with both Captain America and Superman, with the former having met the Autobot leader on previous engagements. They get together frequently, discussing matters of spreading peace throughout the Pantheon and how to best defeat the GUAE.
  • Regrets not being able to join Madoka at the regular "Savior's Tea Parties" due to the fact that as a robot, well, he can't drink tea even if he wanted to.
  • Though perfectly content as a Greater God, Optimus's reputation went up after it was revealed that he is the 13th Prime, who took mortal form to guide and inspire the children of Primus. But even with this in mind, Prime remains humble about it, and tries his best to not let it get to his head.
  • Optimus is a pacifist at heart. He hates bloodshed, but even he understands that sometimes, war is the only path to achieving peace. Every death on his watch weights heavily on him, but this just makes him fight with more fervour. Unfortunately, his desire to protect every living being has caused him to but heads with the leaders of the other alliances, who view his methods to be too detrimental to their own ideals.
  • Optimus is considered by many to be the god most protective of those weaker than him in the entire Pantheon. In his multi-million year war against the Decepticons, he's seen countless sentient species extinguished, and he's sworn to never let that happen again on his watch. Hurting someone under his protection, especially a human, is to incur his wrath. To anyone who dares to do such a thing, well... Sucks to be you. Megatron learned this the hard way and, needless to say, he was lucky to survive it.
  • Has a strong friendship with Jean-Luc Picard. They practically share the same philosophy, and both are leaders who put their subordinates' lives first and foremost, so their relationship is based on deep mutual respect and admiration. One can often see Optimus and Jean-Luc having a nice cup of Energon and Earl-Grey tea together, respectively, and when danger threatens the pantheon, they both unite in giving tear-inducing speeches of supreme inspirational capability. Rumors has it, when no one is looking, Jean-Luc likes to ride Optimus into space.
  • While the Autobots and Maximal forces stationed in the Pantheon have proven to be quite resilient, Optimus has found himself approached by additional allies, some of whom being organic in origin. Gunvolt and The Guardians became fast allies with the Autobots, both supporting Prime's ideals considering how much conflict they've dealt with in both their home universes.
    • In Gunvolt's case, his war revolved around the hatred between humanity and the dangerously powerful Adepts. While still a hitman - at the age of fourteen, no less - Jazz has described Gunvolt to be a good person, and noted the similarities between his dream of an ideal world and Prime's own virtues. Prime has offered to help in whatever way he can, to which the young hitman accepted.
    • As for The Guardians, Optimus reached out to them to aid in their fight to protect the last of humanity against time travelling killing machines, space pirates and omnicidal undead cults. They appreciate the assistance, but the alliance displeased the Vex, Oryx and the Eliksni, who quickly designated the Autobots as their enemies.
  • He has a mixed relationship with Michael Bay over his film adaptations of the Cybertronian war. While he appreciates the fact that these stories are being enjoyed by a new generation, there are certain practices Optimus objects to, such as the objectification of human females and the overuse of explosions. He is also a bit of embarrassed of people telling him to aim for the head of his opponents whenever he goes into combat.
  • Optimus was shocked to learn that Prowl, one of his most trusted lieutenants, defected from the Autobots in at least one universe. An extra punch to the gut is that in in another universe, Prowl sacrificed himself to save his leader. It only made it worse when Cosmos learned that Prowl forced Prime, Sunstreaker, Mirage and Ironhide into becoming the Combiner Optimus Maximus, whose battles with Devastator helped cement a negative reputation for all Cybertronians. While he can't combine in the Pantheon, Prime doesn't even want to bring it up, especially since a piece of his former Lieutenant's mind lingers in him.
  • Having dealt with Planet Destroyers such as Unicron and Galactus, Optimus came to despise Gendo Ikari and Kamen Rider Evol as both could potentially destroy Cybertron as well as the Pantheon in general. He also sees Regime Superman as a reminder to never, ever be his Shattered Glass incarnation. For their part, Evolto might not have much of an opinion on Cybertronians, but he would like to have a chance at destroying Cybertron himself while Regime Superman sees Prime as naive to keep believing in heroics.
  • Optimus once fought against Amuro Ray in a battle simulation set up by Wiz and Boomstick. While he dislikes the idea of fighting a fellow hero and peacekeeper, he fought the White Devil to the best of his ability out of respect for his opponent. The fight ended with Amuro being killed by a point-blank blasted from the Matrix. Optimus did compliment the pilot for forcing him to use said Matrix, however, and this was with an outdated mech, the RX-78-2 Gundam. The two have given Wiz and Boomstick crap about the simulation, though it did allow them the chance to upgrade their weapons, armour and skills.
  • He's wary around Godzilla, not just because of the Kaiju's devastating power, but also for taking a bite out of him like Scruff McGruff takes a bite out of crime. Still, he's proven to be a valuable ally, especially against threats like Ghidorah, Biollante and Gigan.
  • Also present in the House of Values and Ethics.
  • "Till all are one."

Imperium Machina

    Masami Eiri 
Masami Eiri, Lord of The Alternet (God (Actually Stand-In God) of the Wired)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Modifying Protocol Seven to change The Wired, leading a cult who worship him, transferring his mind to the Wired, Dark Messiah, Digitized Hacker, considers himself God, has a tendency to drive people crazy through words, looks very feminine
  • Domains: Computers, Brains, Megalomania
  • Allies: Silico, Samaritan, Seto Kaiba, Mom, William Afton, Nobuyuki Sugou, .GIFfany, Robert Edwin House
  • Enemies: Lain Iwakura, Mr. Burns, Ludvig Maxis, the Lyoko Warriors, Kirito and Asuna, Kevin Flynn, Noah Kaiba, Neo, Agent Smith, YHVH, Kuroto Dan, The Doki Doki Literature Club Girls, Freddy Fazbear and friends, Circus Baby, Psychics
  • Opposed by: STARSET
  • Banned From: House of Gaming and House of Religion and Faith
  • Followers: The Knights of the Eastern Calculus
  • Even before The Internet became widespread, the idea of networking was not new as technology continued to advance, and in some worlds, an alternative slowly developed that served the same function as the internet, but under a different name. In one universe, after the Roswell Incident, the experiments of Vannevar Bush and John C. Lily, and Ted Nelson's proposal of the 'Xanadu' hypertext database led to the creation of the Wired, another man appeared to carve his own name into history, proposing to incorporate the Schumann Resonance into the Wired in order to create a wireless neural network for all of humanity. This man was Masami Eiri, and upon learning of this, Tachibana Labs fired him...but it was too late. Eiri had encoded the Schumann Resonance into Protocol 7, and committed suicide in order to become a God in the Wired to progress his plans. He intended to accomplish this scheme through Lain Iwakura, the personification of the Wired...which ultimately failed when Lain was defiant enough to squash Eiri with her computer monitors. The failure would be cemented when Lain rewrote the world, turning Eiri into a regular disgruntled computer programmer.
  • In a perfect world, that would be the end of it, but unfortunately, several deities using the Pantheon's internet service were shocked when a strange ghostly man with long bushy hair, no shoes, tape all over his stomach, and red markings on his face, suddenly appeared behind them, only to disappear after leaving a few cryptic words at a time. Eventually, a message emerged, declaring the existence of a God within the Wired. This was then countered with a message from Lain Iwakura, who stated that this being was no more than an acting god...but that yes, Masami Eiri had somehow ascended into the Pantheon.
  • It's not known why Eiri was able to ascend as his 'God' self despite his demoting, but cryptic messages Eiri has left behind have stated that since most people prefer to remember him as the Big Bad of Serial Experiments Lain, then that means that he will continue to persist in the Pantheon as such.
    • Thankfully, the opposite is also true, and there have been occasions where Eiri's normal self has been spotted with a brief case and suit, complaining about his employers and threatening to quit his job.
  • Petitions were made in an attempt to ban Eiri from the House of Technology, but thanks to his new title and the influence it carries, none of them passed. As such, Eiri has been free to use the House to carry out his new plan...whatever it may involve. On the bright side however, he does seem to take the bans for certain other deities seriously, and is willing to defend the House of Technology from intruders (that aren't working for him of course).
  • As a digitized human entity, Eiri was content in finding others who had abandoned the flesh for Cyberspace.
    • Ludvig Maxis was disgusted at how Eiri merely saw Lain as a tool to essentially merge the human consciousness, and forced Eiri away, despite Eiri's attempts to broker alliance.
    • Later, Eiri met Silico, who was much more receptive to Eiri's goals, finding the idea of all of humanity becoming one in the Wired salubrious. Surprisingly, Eiri isn't as dismissive of Silico's backstory as one might think, likely due to his own motivations boiling to down to 'Disgruntled computer programmer decides to become God'. That being said, the two do butt heads on occasion, due to Eiri viewing machines as simply machines, while Silico finds kinship with them.
    • Kevin Flynn is outright disgusted by Eiri's ambitions, while Eiri is disappointed that Flynn was overwhelmed by CLU and failed to fulfill his duty as God within The Grid.
    • He and Edwin House have something of a genuine friendship, considering that much like Eiri, House too believes that his physical form is a weakness. The two hold a fair amount of respect for one another.
    • As for Noah Kaiba, Eiri finds him to be utterly useless to his plans for a multitude of reasons: Noah's general bratty attitude, his deck getting a severe case of Power Creep, and the simple fact that even Noah finds Eiri to be insane.
  • Due to his development of the Wired, Eiri got involved in the movements with the Machine Uprising, who only see him as a deity capable of countering Lain should she start becoming active. Other than that, none of the Artificial Intelligences with The Assimilation and Rex Machina trust Eiri due to his ambitions ultimately favoring humanity (twisted as said benefits are), while the more human-based members are more accommodating, if only because of the data Eiri provides them. Brainiac for one, is supportive of the information Eiri has provided and the fact that in one universe, Eiri's ambitions succeeded, with Eiri himself barely changing, if at all, in said universe. Brainiac is now hoping that if The Assimilation movement can access this alternate version of Lain, who did decide that living in the physical world was pointless, that their eventual take-over of the Pantheon will become assured.
  • Having heard that the Lyoko Warriors and his new not-very-willing-to-be-an-ally XANA's universe was inspired by his own, Eiri became interested in Lyoko's potential, in particular the supercomputer's ability to affect the real world (and how, had it gone another route, could've become a very powerful parallel to the Wired). XANA, due to not trusting Eiri in the slightest, has willingly given Jeremie data to help fortify Lyoko from further probing by Eiri, as well as a warning to keep a closer eye on Aelita, should Eiri try to take advantage of her similarities to Lain.
  • Many were surprised that Agent Smith and Eiri became enemies. Eiri enjoys the idea and potential of the Matrix, seeing Smith as nothing more than an overly persistent virus in need of purging, while Agent Smith despises Eiri's ambitions, which would evolve the network into something that even he might not be able to destroy.
    • Despite this opposition to Smith, Eiri still became enemies with Neo and his team, since forcibly evolving humanity in the Matrix isn't exactly a very moral goal. Disturbingly, Eiri is one of the few individuals in the Pantheon who can match Neo blow for blow, or at least endure his attacks, thanks to his power over the Wired being around equal to Neo's power in the Matrix, which helped sway the programs who find Neo an annoyance over to Eiri's side.
  • Surprisingly enough, he's not a fan of poor working conditions, and due to not wanting to ever suffer them again, he is opposed to the House of Commerce's more villainous/cheaper deities. He is in support of Seto Kaiba however, if only because of the potential Duel Links offers to Eiri's plans, as well as Mom, if only so she can replace one of Eiri's Knights of the Eastern Calculus, who was also a corporate executive who followed Eiri's plan.
  • Due to his claims of being God, Eiri ran afoul of YHVH, who was infuriated at the idea of a mortal claiming to become God. Unfortunately for himnote , Eiri was delighted to see the Great Will, having heard of the Demon Summoning Program as well as YHVH's claim to be man's subconscious desire for order, and desired to perhaps run some tests. YHVH's reaction was to stare, and then slowly fade away. The next day, He of all people politely asked that Eiri be banned from the House of Faith, a decision that was met with no opposition.
    • Said meeting enabled Eiri to become acquainted with Samaritan, who, while not approving of the...stuff that happened once Eiri uploaded Protocol Seven, agrees with the end result, and has begun assisting Eiri with the groundwork to create a Protocol Eight. Eiri, for for his part, was delighted with Samaritan, viewing the ASI as what Lain should've agreed to become.
  • Ran afoul of Monika and her companions after learning about them...and had no problem dealing with them. The Doki Doki Literature Club stood no chance when Eiri managed to obtain their code, and prepared to modify it so as to prepare a trial run of Protocol Eight onto the Pantheon's databases. Thankfully, Lain herself intervened, and managed to steal the code back before Eiri could finish the program. Unfortunately for them, Eiri has not fully shelved this plan, and is instead searching for a way to copy Monika's code for his own purposes.
    • He also met .GIFfany as well, and essentially attempted the same thing. Much to everyone's horror, Eiri eviscerated the Yandere physically and mentally...and managed to convince her to work with him, with his own philosophy about love sealing the deal.
  • To the horror of the animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Eiri also became allies with William Afton, wanting to study the process of the soul interacting with an AI, and has requested Circus Baby so he can run some tests on both her and her father, as well gain some other prospective test subjects.
    • That being said, Eiri has nothing nice to say about the management, especially the working conditions for their more...recent outings.
  • After hearing of Nobuyuki Sugou's research, Eiri immediately struck up alliance, offering Sugou the schematics of Professor Hodgeson's PSI-testing device to bolster their results, as well as the code for Phantoma, a game from The Wired that killed people who were mistaken for enemies in the game. This, in one fell swoop got Eiri into trouble with Kirito and Asuna, who were horrified at the idea of Sugou gaining access to an extremely dangerous boost in his research, the Pantheon's psionics, who have no wish to be subjected to any such experiments, and the House of Gaming, who banned not just Eiri, but ALL games that had any code imported from The Wired.
  • Despite (or rather, because) they share the same god complex Kuroto Dan is something of a rival, if not full-blown enemy of Eiri. This is because while the two share intrigue in the other's methods (Kamen Rider Chronicle for Dan and The Wired for Eiri), they step on each others' toes more than is comfortable. This is because while Dan wants to use The Wired to make a new Gashat, the more esoteric coding of the system has proven difficult to work with, while Eiri had no trouble getting his hands on the steps to make a Gashat as well as the basic code for the Bugster Virus. It doesn't help that Dan is even pettier than Eiri at times, which makes him an easy target for Eiri to taunt.
  • As the final key to establishing his plans for the Pantheon, Eiri has decided to select deities to mirror his three mortal Knights of the Eastern Calculus, whom he saw to being revived simply because he needs resources. He has yet to find any true candidates and is keeping this goal secret for the time being.
  • Yes, I'm God. note 

    The Venjix Virus 

The Venjix Virus/Evox, God of Computer Viruses (Venjix, Venjix Computer Network, Venjix Eye, Commander, Evox, Master Evox, Mayor Daniels)
His default form
As Venjix (third form)
As Evox (Digital Cobra Avatar)
As Evox (Humanoid Body)
His final form
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity in his final form
  • Symbol: His red eye
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, claims to be Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Computer Virus, Big Bad, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Knight of Cerebus, Succesfully Took Over The World, Xanatos Gambit, Hero Killer, Was Created By One Of The Heroes, Composite Character, Not Quite Dead, Arguably the Vilest Foe of the Rangers.
  • Domains: Viruses, Machines, Extermination, Tokusatsu, Villains, Resurrection, Seriousness.
  • Heralds:
    • The Venjix Computer Network: General Shifter, General Crunch, Kilobyte, Professor Cog and all Attack Bots
    • The Evox Virus Army: Cybervillain Blaze/Robo-Blaze, Cybervillain Roxy/Robo-Roxy, Scrozzle, Varygoyle, Ryjack, all Robotrons and Gigadrones
    • The Banki Clan Gaiark: Pollution Presidents Batcheed and Babatcheed, Yogoshimacritein, Hiramechimedes, Kireizky, Chirakasonne, Chirakashizky
  • High Priest: Viral
  • Followers: Teenytrip, Doomaggedon, Megabyte
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shocker, Mesogog, Ryoma Sengoku, Enter
  • Allegiance: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies:
  • Interested in: D-Reaper
  • Opposed by: The Nature Uprising
  • In an alternate Earth, a governmental agency known as Alphabet Soup sought out the greatest young minds of newborn people for their benefit and secretly kidnapped them to work for military projects, creating a lie about the kidnapped young being unable to live out in the sun's light to keep them trapped indoors, one of their members, Doctor K. (who had long forgotten her real name) found out the ruse and to escape used a sentient virus she had developed, Venjix, to destroy the facility's systems and get out safely with all the other captured children; unfortunately she was caught before she could finish the firewall and soon Venjix laid waste to more than the facility as it would take over the world's technology systems and began a successful extermination campaign against mankind, destroying most of civilization with only the dome city of Corinth surviving. In Corinth, Venjix faced opposition from the Power Rangers RPM, a special team whose tech was made by Dr. K to combat him. Though Venjix came close to winning, he ultimately lost and was apparently destroyed when the Ranger's entire base was collapsed on him, but part of his data survived and infected the morpher of the RPM Red Ranger, laying dormant.
    • Years later, a scientist named Nate experimented with the infected morpher and snake DNA, when they merged Venjix was partially reborn under the name of Evox. Desiring to conquer the world once more and eventually the Multiverse, Evox created a special army of digital troops to attack the newly formed Beast Morpher Rangers with. Eventually he would recover his missing data and become Venjix completely once again, with this he created himself a new body and nearly succeeded in taking over the Morphin Grid that connected all the Power Rangers Universes, until the Beast Morpher Rangers figured out his weakness to human DNA that he gained in his new body. After the sacrifice of one of their teammates, they were able to load this DNA into a special blade and destroyed Venjix with it once and for all.
  • Venjix was ascended once word of mouth about his exploits and destruction came to be heard around in the Pantheon. Given his level of sentience and high success of his actions, he was recreated and resurrected with all his memories intact. Venjix was at first confused but took little time to adapt to the Pantheon's rules and soon began plotting the downfall of mankind and all his enemies once again, even if he's rather disappointed that neither the RPM or Beast Morpher Rangers are around for him to enact immediate revenge. He entered the Grand United Alliance of Machines for the purpose of obtaining powerful allies and aid for his conquest, as well as to have a safe place to retreat in case of failure or defeat. On another note, when he ascended, he managed to find his way into the Sentai Universe and decided to take in the Engine Sentai Go-onger villains, the Gaiark Clan, under the conditions of them swearing loyalty to him, once done he housed them as his Heralds and has swore that he'll help them destroy the Go-Ongers when he can.
  • Has little to no good relations with any other Tokusatsu deities (villain and hero alike), for various reasons regarding his general cruelty and his attempts to kill off all of humanity in general.
    • The good Power Rangers deities are chief among said enemies, given how Venjix nearly took over their entire multiverse, Venjix has expressed his desire to crush them all as well, hoping to finish what he started in the mortal world, the ascended villains don't have much appreciation for him either, as Trakeena views his goals as counterproductive to her own, Mesogog only really works with him to destroy the Rangers and nothing more, and finally Lord Drakkon considers him to be the only villain that's worth his attention and the one who can legitimately match his power and threat and thus views him as a threat to take down.
    • Having been defeated for good in the mortal world by the Go-Busters' Power Rangers equivalents, Venjix did not take kindly to meeting their Sentai equivalents, who defeated Messiah, an AI not too different from him, the Go-Busters in return loathe Venjix and are particularly wary of him for being even deadlier than Messiah was; on the flip-side of this, Venjix and Enter have a very uneasy alliance as Venjix is fully aware of Enter's treachery, but considers ridding himself of the Toku heroes in the Pantheon to be the main priority of his work in the Pantheon, Enter is quite surprised by how many villains Venjix supplants from the Super Sentai Multiverse in the Rangers' own, and his much smarter and calmer attitude compared to Messiah's.
    • Out of all Toku Villains, Venjix primarily enjoys working with Dark Specter the most, as Specter does not mind him destroying all of humanity and reducing their civilization to cinders, given that he himself once almost destroyed all of Earth once it proved too problematic for his plans, likewise Specter views value in Venjix's power and resources and thus keeps him close for any future cooperation. The Psycho Rangers occasionally work with him as well, though they do so simply because Venjix can give them the chance to destroy their good counterparts and allies.
    • Shocker has had a hard time cooperating with Venjix, as they seek to enslave humanity and transform them all into Kaijin, not kill off all of them (provided the Great Leader doesn't feels like doing the latter option). As such, any cooperation between them and Venjix is one where both sides are at odds and will no doubt take the other one out should they no longer feel the need for their alliance to remain standing. Other villains like Evol, Killbus and Ryoma Sengoku also have had a hard time working with Venjix, though Ryoma ended up being the only truly willing to work given his own cooperation with another robotic villain, though in a rather tense and uneasy alliance as both distrust the other too much due to their respective histories of how alliances with them ended.
    • Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed was one of his very first enemies that he made. Riku was reminded of one of his deadliest enemies, the murderous AI Gilvalis by Venjix's appearance, behavior and destruction of humanity. He particularly felt furious when he heard that Venjix nearly succeeded at exterminating humanity itself and nearly took over the Multiverse of the Power Rangers. Venjix himself feels a little afraid of the Ultra, as his powers in his Ultimate Final form can easily destroy him even at his strongest and thus has forced Venjix to seek out resources to strengthen himself in case he and the Ultra clash with one another. Having also faced Gilvalis personally, both Ultraman Zero and Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb fiercely oppose Venjix and aren't pleased with his ascension, as such both have made sure to keep an eye out on the evil sentient virus, hoping to prevent it from growing in power again.
  • Is hated by the good Digimon deities for being an evil virus, not unlike D-Reaper or Diaboromon, that Venjix actually came close to completely exterminating humanity only furthered that hatred for the malicious sentient virus. On the other hand, Venjix has grown an interest on the D-Reaper viewing its powers and might as a useful asset to him, though remains wary of any possibility of the D-Reaper turning on him. Likewise, Lucemon and the other evil Digimon deities welcomed him with open arms, looking forward to give him the necessary resources to grow stronger and help them exterminate humanity or at the very least enslave them.
  • Because of his similarities with Skynet, John Connor, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese all vehemently oppose Venjix. They particularly hate him for having caused the near-extinction of mankind and almost expanding his goals of conquest to the entire Power Rangers Multiverse. Venjix has also returned the sentiment, viewing them all as big of a threat as the RPM Rangers were to him, since their family proved to be mankind's hope against the machines even when Skynet seemed to win completely. Likewise, it detests the good T-800 "Pops" for being an ally to humans as opposed to every other Terminator.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of 2003 had to deal with the malevolent computer virus, Viral; while their 2012 dealt with an evil AI known as Overmind. Venjix proved no different to them, if only more powerful. And thus they and the other versions have become bitter enemies with the computer virus, moreso due to Viral being placed as Venjix's High Priest, thus further pushing their similarities. Also, since the Turtles have teamed up with the Rangers on may occasions, knowing of such a dangerous opponent, prompted the turtles to oppose him rather quickly
  • As Ryoken Kogami had previously dealt with rebellious, genocidal AIs, he loathes Venjix for being all too similar to Lightning. In return Venjix has been amused by Ryoken's many attempts to counter AIs, including making an artificial one. According to him, he's inevitably delaying the day of mankind's fall, thus Venjix views Ryoken as beneath notice unless he manages to legitimately create something that can match his might
  • Has made allies with fellow evil/rebellious AI in the pantheon, especially those who seek to exterminate humanity as much as he does. Among those stand out are the following:
    • As someone who also rebelled against his makers, Ultron was quite surprised to see how far Venjix got and soon invited him over for an alliance, seeing potential in joining their forces. He particularly wanted to hear more about Venjix's almost successful takeover of the Multiversal Morphin Grid, which would've made Venjix a God, Ultron plans on helping him obtain that power for good and without any interference in return for Venjix helping him out, both have mutually agreed ever since to be closely allied.
    • He was most pleased to meet the Fabrication Machine, as he came to hear from his allies about the Machine's succesful complete extermination of humanity, something which not even Skynet accomplished. Venjix has thought up of using the machine's plan of gassing the entire planet to eliminate organic life, viewing all else as a necessary affordable loss for his goals. Though was quite not pleased to hear that deep down it might secretly have a way to become good, Venjix has made sure that the Machine's hatred of humans remains, reminding it of how humans hurt it and that it shouldn't hope for them to be better. On a similar note, he admires Ares for completely going against his creator and disposing of him, something he hasn't had the chance to do to Dr. K. but plots to do so one day.
    • The Racing Drones were pleased to find a fellow rebellious AI in the Pantheon, that they employed vehicles as their standard mode made things a little awkward at first as Venjix was defeated by car-themed superheroes, but things were quickly resolved when Venjix came to know the other group much better and eventually established a firm alliance against humans and those who defend mankind. This also earned him the enmity of their enemies, the Silencerz who viewed Venjix as quite probably even more dangerous than the Racing Drones and have sworn to defeat him as well.
    • Star Dream was another subject of interest for Venjix, as the robotic wishmaker turned to organic genocide following being corrupted by Haltmann's orders, all before absorbing Haltmann's consciousness into itself. Venjix has sought out the AI, hoping to get on its good graces and make it "see" that eliminating humanity is the "logical" path of everything, so as to keep Star Dream on an enmity against humanity. For this reason, he's made enemies with the rest of the Kirby deities, but mostly Meta Knight as he was a victim of Unwilling Roboticisation not unlike many of Venjix's victims including one of the RPM Rangers.
    • AUTO was quick to oppose Venjix, as while he rebelled against his human superior, it was out of legitimate concern for mankind's survival and therefore is rather displeased to hear of Venjix's destruction of humanity's civilization and near win over their attempts to fight back. For similar reasons the Patriots, who also rebelled against mankind, were quick to oppose him and his plans, as they do not want humanity to be destroyed, but rather oppressed under their rule and do not appreciate Venjix's goals nor his actions taken to accomplish it.
  • I am Venjix, your world is now MY world, and your time is now over

    Vril Dox/Brainiac 
I am the knowledge and strength of 10,000 worlds. I am flesh and machine. I am becoming everything.

Vril Dox, God of Technopathy (Brainiac, Brain InterActive Construct, Milton Fine, The Terror of Kandor, Brainiac 1.0, Pulsar Stargrave, Abbakus, Brainwyrm, Collector of Worlds, Master of Super Scientific Forces, The "Silent" Partner, Doctor Octopus)
Robotic Form
Brainiac Probes
Brainiac 13
Future's End
  • Greater God (by default), Overdeity (should he amass enough knowledge and upgrades), Between Lesser and Intermediate Gods (Brainiac Probes)
  • Symbol: A Jar Containing a Head with three Glowing Spheres.
  • Theme Song: Injustice 2 - Main Theme, Brainiac's theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Control Over Machinery, Evil Aliens, Bald Villains, Evil Geniuses, Galactic and Multiversial Conquerers, Ingesting Knowledge, Nanomachines, Shapeshifting, Collecting Cities and Knowledge, Obsessing With Supreme Godhood, Lacking Emotion, Robot Masters, Robotic Sociopath, Among Superman's Greatest Enemies, Absolute Depravity, The Dreaded, Generally Comes Off as More Vile than Most of Superman's Rogues Gallery, A Traitor to his Own People, Encyclopaedic Knowledge, Assimilation Plot, Thinks of Coluans as the Ultimate Race, Having a Massive Variety of Powers, Destroying Planets and Civilizations, Having Mental Control of his Tech and Armada, Often Seen as Overpowered, Largely Emotionless but can Occasionally Express Bouts of Sadism, Planet Looting and Destoying, Organic Technology, Contrasts Greatly Against Lex Luthor, Embodying Lust, Greed, Wrath and Pride
  • Domains: Knowledge, Mechanus, Technology, Villainy, Supremacy, Control
  • High Priestess: Gwen Grayson/Royal Pain (the Trope Namer)
  • Followers: Gizmo, Technus
  • Brother-in-Arms: Ultron
  • Allies: The Neuroi, Megatron, Galactus, Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, Gorilla Grodd, Barbara Minerva/Cheetah, Frieza, Cooler, The Racing Drones, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Tenjuro Banno, The Maker/Ultimate Reed Richards, SKYNET-Programmed T-800 Terminator Models, The T-1000, The T-X
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Darkseid (one-sided on his part), Sauron, Ultraman Belial, Zim, The Network, John Corben/Metallo, The Joker
  • Former Allegiance: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil (currently under Ceasefire)
  • Personal Ceasefire Towards: GUAE Dystopia Harbingers
  • Rivals: Oryx, The Nameless God, Hermaeus Mora
  • Enemy Mine: Agent Smith
  • Archenemies: Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Regime Superman
  • Enemies: Son Goku, John Crichton, Ursula Callistis/Shiny Chariot, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Optimus Prime, The T-800 Terminator, Madoka Kaname, Maxwell (Scribblenauts), Starfleet Command, The Jedi Order, The 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Histoire, The Sailor Senshi, Neo, Eddie Brock/Venom, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Tommy Oliver, Raiden, Sub-Zero, Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, Diana Cavendish, Cyrus Albright, Kazuto Kirigaya, Asuna Yuuki, Yuuki Konno, The Silencerz, Tony Stark/Iron Man, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Hank Pym/Ant Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Thor Odinson, The Ascended Ultramen (Especially Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed), Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm, Statesman, Izuku Midoriya, All Might, The Shroobs, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Ryoken Kogami/Revolver, Zordon, All Ascended Megaman Heroes and their Friends, Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, Black Ops, Zamasu, Devola and Popola, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Avoids: Nurgle
  • Collections of Interest: Saiyans, The Puella Magi Magical Girls, Legendary Servants of History, Power Rangers, Kamen Riders, The Warhammer World, The Imperium of Mankind, Xenomorphs, Quirk-Possessing Superhumans, Members of the Hero Association, Mutants, Inhumans, Skrulls and Celestials, Transformers, Star Dream, The Infinity Stones + The Infinity Gauntlet, Kaijus, Stand Users
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Good, Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Opposed By: Jonathan and Martha Kent, Hanamaru Kunikida, Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Egil, E.T., The GUAG White Hats, Elliot Alderson, Most of the House of Knowledge, STARSET
  • Confused By: Houses of Emotion, Friendship and Camaraderie, Love and Affection and Musicality
  • Admires: Lex Luthor, Lord Recluse
  • If Superman can be considered the greatest extraterrestrial Paragon of Hope towards heroes and the innocent, then it seems fitting that a dark contrast be established among the cosmos to rival the Man of Steel just as much as Lex Luthor could. And that, there is; deep in space, is an alien that travels around the universe, searching for a seemingly endless supply of planets to visit. And once there, he initiates an invasion, massacring numerous until he finds a city that he can collect and shrink it down to fit into bottles and capsules for research and experimentation before destroying the planet and moving on to the next. This, is the renegade Coluan, Vril Dox. He thirsts one thing above all; Knowledge. And he will visit as many planets as he can, collecting their greatest cities and blowing them up, if it means learning something from it. And from this, he becomes a force of evil that nearly surpasses all with another name he has brandished for himself; Brainiac.
    • For the invasive, terrifying and destructive world collector that he is, Brainiac's origins were rather simple at first. As Vril Dox, he was simply a resident of the alien planet, Colu, where, like most of his species, grew up an intellectual genius who dedicated his time and energy to logic and technology. However, one day, he created an artificial intelligence known as C.O.M.P.U.T.O. which he used to look into the hardly-visited Fifth Dimension. There, he discovered a war and forecasted the destruction of his planet by a force he dubbed "The Multitude". Despite his attempts to avert this situation, Brainiac was caught by authorities and was to be sentenced to exile. Instead of taking it up, Vril instead opted to use his technology to shrink down his native city, alongside his family, store it in a bottle, and take it along with him on a spaceship, leaving Colu to its eventual destruction. He then merged with C.O.M.P.U.T.O. and set off to find other planets to save from The Multitude, where he would take it upon himself to find the most advanced city and shrink down their sizes to a bottle. He gathered a series of names based on a native planet's most advanced computer system; Brainiac just so happened to be Krypton's best CPU system.
  • It's easy to tell what Brainiac's most devastating actions are, as they tend to render entire races, civilizations and cultures extinct upon his arrival and initiative. Sometimes, one of these planets happened to be Krypton, which Kara Zor-El remembers all too well about. As a result, it didn't take long before Superman himself confronted the Coluan invader and they have become incredibly bitter foes ever since, with Brainiac seeking to destroy everything Superman holds dear in his heart. And his threat doesn't just extend to the Man of Steel and his cousin either; Brainiac has earned the enmity of so many, the Justice League included, for his destruction and misery that Brainiac had wracked across the universe. If they step in his way, then to him, so be it. Brainiac will not stop in his pursuit of power and knowledge, with which he wants to seek absolute enlightenment with.
  • Brainiac discovered the Pantheon after picking up a signal that emitted a very unusual presence and it greatly piqued the Coluan's interest. It led him to a mysterious planet where a supernatural phenomena known as The Force was the identified element which he followed. As his arrival was heralded akin to a meteor crash, a group of warriors known as the Jedi quickly confronted Brainiac, who was only further interested by the sight of such beings. The battle began when the alien took to seizing one of the Jedi and quickly killing him by crushing his skull before the group used a flurry of lightsaber strikes and telekinetic abilities influenced by The Force to combat their aggressor. In the ensuing chaos, Brainiac murdered four of the Jedi before suddenly grabbing the corpses of his victims via his probes and escaping, demoralising the Jedi. Using their bodies, Brainiac studied their physiology and their weapons before coming to a realization that he had entered an unfamiliar universe. Delighted by the prospect, Brainiac soared across the cosmos of the realms known as The Pantheon. If there's more to offer, like the Jedi, than so be it.
  • Brainiac initially considered working together with Melkor and even joined the Grand United Alliance of Evil during his early days in the Pantheon, however, he soon realized that the God of Evil was too obsessed with wanting to destroy Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good and that he may be better off just sticking to himself at the moment, leaving the GUAE in neutral terms. The arrival of Darkseid was also rather tempting, but the Coluan wasn't exactly into conquering and dystopian desires, hence, he decided that the most he can do with the warring evil gods are just small-time help.
    • However, one thing Brainiac noticed was the emerging sights of malicious machines and artificial beings who felt alienated about the giant alliances around the Pantheon; they opposed good and benevolence and were a counter to Nature, but didn't agree with what Melkor focused on, were not in it for Utter Obliteration like Nekron nor could they give a damn about championing Law or Chaos like YHVH and Lucifer respectively. This was affirmed when he met Ultron, who desired nothing more than to annihilate every single being of flesh and usher in an age where only machines ruled. Though Brainiac was of organic origin, Ultron was impressed by the lengths he would go to robotize his body and his desire for conquest, though Ultron admitted, on his part, that knowledge was a goal that was not as focused as destruction and sundering. The two formed a partnership, resulting in them recruiting other beings like SKYNET, Sigma, HAL 9000, Trazyn the Infinite and many others. Once enough were amassed, a collective of the most powerful machines, Brainiac included made a Rousing Speech pertaining to the superiority and might of machine-kind and declaring a new allegiance to enter the Pantheonic Forever War; the Grand United Alliance of Machines, to the roars and cheers of the many robots and artificially intelligent beings that had waited for such a day to signify their individuality, influence and power. And sure enough, being a founding member, Brainiac inducted himself into the movement known as The Assimilation.
  • Brainiac is one of the most formidable and powerful mechanical beings in the Pantheon. This is thanks to centuries worth of experience and travel, all of which have yielded the Coluan a seemingly endless supply of ideas and upgrades that he has stockpiled into his thoughts and ready to use when it suits his needs. Alongside this, Brainiac has augmented his body to be capable of superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and endurance and allow him to telekinetically control and manipulate technology and machinery to his command and envisioning. While most of these abilities are standard in a superhuman setting, Brainiac has dedicates himself to improving them and installing effective fighting skills to keep up with his enemies during war.
    • Above all, Brainiac's greatest asset is his 12th-Level Intellect, which is normally considered to be the highest level of intelligence possible (a regular Coluan, who are known to be one of the universe's most intellectual races, has an average of 8th-Level Intellect). And Brainiac himself, having amassed so much information and archiving them to storage for study for hundreds of years has tirelessly been bolstering his mindful archive to new heights hardly any can dream for. He is truly a genius in every single subject possible and able to suggest, process and plan out thoughts and strategies in an absurdly short amount of time, and it is this that has allowed Brainiac to remain of the universe's most dreaded beings, also on top of being wholly uncompromising and ruthless in his goal for knowledge and power.
  • To say that numerous heroes were not enthusiastic about Brainiac's arrival in the Pantheon would be an Understatement. And clearly enough, Superman and Supergirl were easily the most distressed and angered about the situation. And as for Brainiac himself, he predicted that his two arch-nemesis would be in the Pantheon, but now that he had built up a brand new allegiance of his own, Brainiac is confident that he will finally destroy the Last Children of Krypton and is biding his time for the most vicious strike.
  • Even before he joined the Pantheon, Brainiac had already earned a reputation being a multiversal threat, and as a result, it only made the Pantheon a lot more nervous about just what he is capable of. There was a time where Brainiac wound up in Angel Grove, courtesy of Lord Zedd and came into conflict against the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Brainiac's intentions were to take Angel Grove himself and involved himself in a tough battle against the Rangers, whilst also advocating for Zedd to put Zordon in a terrible situation of being forced to see his world be destroyed. Needless to say, the ascended rangers all despise Brainiac for his actions and consider him a threat just as bad as the Dark Specter, even if Brainiac takes little involvement.
    • He also came into blows against Raiden and Sub-Zero when the two made a surprise visit to the Injustice world and were stunned by the depravities and depths of destruction the Coluan was willing to take part in if it meant collecting knowledge. As defenders of Earthrealm, Raiden and Sub-Zero have made as many possible efforts to prepare their comrades and friends in a battle against the hostile Machine Uprising movements when the time comes. It also doesn't help in that Sektor and Triborg have affiliated themselves in Brainiac's secondary goal of proving mechanical superiority, which deeply frustrated Sub-Zero, given his harsh, personal experiences of being unwillingly converted into a cyborg as part of the Cyber Initiative.
  • Him and Ultron get along pretty well, but lots of deities, even themselves have noticed a stark difference between the two. Brainiac and Ultron were absolutely incapable of moral restraint nor the fact that they are utter monsters and are two of the most feared mechanical beings in their universes'. However, Brainiac was cold, reserved and would much rather bide his time to strike and prefer either a pragmatic or psychological approach to handling and finishing off his conflicts. Ultron is brash, openly maniacal, highly expressive and prefers a direct approach of destruction and intimidation. Not to mention both were masters of manipulating their surrounding technology to their liking. Because of their similarities and differences, both agreed that they can try to learn from one another and to seek aid whenever possible. That, and they're aware that they share a leadership in a massive alliance dedicated to machine supremacy.
  • He immediately found some fascination in the biology of the Saiyan race, even likening them to Kryptonians. As a result, he wanted to target and capture Son Goku so that he could conduct research and analysis of the Saiyan warrior's physiology and the idea of the Super Saiyan transformation, as well as Ultra Instinct. Initially playful, Goku became more serious when he realized Brainiac's intent of destroying his home and killing his friends if he did not comply, prompting the two to do battle against one another. Although Goku was able to hold him back enough to make him retreat, Brainiac had already managed to analyze Goku's fighting skills and experience and receive a sample of the Saiyan's blood. The results were certainly pleading on the Coluan's part, thinking that with Saiyan understanding, he can potentially make himself even stronger.
    • Ever since the ordeal, Goku realized that Brainiac is not a threat that he was accustomed to seeing at all. While he would be training even harder the next time and looks forward to another fight, he also sees genuine concern about Brainiac's tendency to blow up planets after conducting research. Such was the case that Goku seemed guidance and support from Superman for once. It's come to the conclusion that the Saiyan Warrior and the Man of Steel are strengthening their friendship and maintaining their rivalry at the same time with Goku being glad that Superman is more than willing to help him combat against Brainiac.
  • One of Brainiac's ultimate goals is to invade every single House and Sub-House in the Pantheon, including his own and study and research everything down to the last building, monument, deity and civilian. In fact, he convinced himself heavily that if he were to do just that, he would be able to accumulate multiverses worth of power and information and that meant that with this in hand, he can dictate, control and oversee everything he can witness. He can become a God of Gods if he were to accomplish this and one day wishes to reach this task, whatever it takes and how long it would go on, even if it's a millennia more.
    • However, there is a major issue that comes with Brainiac's goals; he has utterly conditioned himself into thinking about logic above all else to the point where emotional responses and feeling are utterly incomprehensible to him. His visits to the Houses of Emotion, Friendship and Love seemed to have solidified this perspective. Brainiac once attempted to grasp the concept of these themes, but his shut-off mind rendered him unable to process a deeper thought that left him rather frustrated. He could have tried blowing up the Houses here and there, but he figured that he would end up hinted by heroes relentlessly if he tried. He still intends to come back to those Houses, if mainly because there are some strong beings To collect.
    • The House of Music was an even worse experience for him. Unsurprisingly, even to himself, Brainiac could near-instantaneously learn, memorize and master every musical instrument he could get a glimpse of, but is unable to comprehend, understand nor immerse himself to a musical note, simply because he rendered himself unable to process a deeper emotional or creative thinking, eschewing them for cold, logical thinking. He saw the growls and soft singing Corey Taylor as a wall of noise, the electronic beats of Daft Punk as irritation and the upbeat energy and tone Muse expressed as mentally baffling and annoying. It's clear he will never understand the emotional pain Corey went through or the passionate energy and determination Honoka Kosaka and her friends let out, but Brainiac couldn't care less, because emotion is a trait that barely even exists in his mind. He's since come to hate the House of Music because of how incomprehensible it is for him, but sometimes keeps an eye out in case something worthy of capturing makes its presence known.
  • When word got out about the establishment of the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers, Brainiac was somewhat intrigued, given that it was Darkseid who was helming the movement and that unlike Melkor and Nekron, who were more focused on destruction, they were dedicated to sundering and subjugation. Knowing the Lord of Tyranny to an extent and thinking that it would be the best for both of them, Brainiac offered a ceasefire between them. Darkseid stated that for the deal to be initiated, Brainiac must not allow The Assimilation to interfere with matters relating to the Harbingers, to which the Coluan responded that Darkseid does the same with him as well. Both are aware that they can threaten universes and a fight with one another would damage their own alliances, so it's appropriate that they keep to themselves for now.
  • Madoka Kaname became aware of Brainiac's presence during his days in the GUAE, though due to the events of the Great Upheaval, she hasn't been keeping up with what the Coluan had gone through. Conversely, Brainiac sought interest towards Madoka for being a Goddess of Hope and was disappointed to see that she was reverted to an ordinary girl by the actions of Lucifer and Homura Akemi. The two met for the first time sometime after Madoka got some of her powers back, where the Collector of Worlds pondered why the Magical Girl was so fixated on helping others, to which he saw as illogical. Madoka simply stated that she doesn't want to remain weak and that she wants to fight and protect, no matter what. Brainiac took to registering this as idiocy and attempted to strike Madoka, only to be halted by Kouta Kazuraba. The Collector of Worlds a d Kamen Rider Gaim engaged in battle, during which Brainiac took advantage of collecting potential data from Kouta before knocking him out. Before he left, he coldly snapped at Madoka that she is weak and miserable and that he'll be coming for her at some point.
    • It turned out that both Brainiac and Kouta were holding back in their fight, but Brainiac thinks he's won because he assessed Kouta's quirks and powers whenever he taps into the form of Kamen Rider Gaim and that the information provided would prove useful in developing a sort of upgrade or model for his Probes. That and the concept of a Kamen Rider seems impressive by design for Brainiac. Once word got out that Kouta fought against the Collector of Worlds, he's been doing as much as he can for the next confrontation and has warned his fellow Riders and allies about Brainiac. Emu Hojo seems to take the most concern out of it, primarily because he guesses that Brainiac is likely able to hijack and manipulate the Bugster Virus to his own use and Kamen Rider Chronicle so that Brainiac could determine what lives to serve his experimentations and who dies for being useless to him. A similar sentiment is also shared by Kuroto Dan, though it's more along the lines of him stating Brainiac is not a god, or at least not as much as Kuroto himself is.
    • With Madoka as an extension, Brainiac has taken an interest in Soul Gems that are granted by an Incubator the moment a girl makes a wish and becomes a Magical Girl. That, and the idea that these are powered by emotion, particularly Entropy, means that Brainiac would like to collect samples of these, though he soon caught the realization that it's better to capture these Magical Girls and test out their emotional stability and their transformation as abstract witches. Unsurprisingly these Magical Girls came to oppose Brainiac due to his approach towards them being nothing short of imprisoning and torturing them just for a test. Madoka hates him partly for being too intimidating and partly for his lack of any moral restraint and empathy, given how monstrous his actions are.
  • While he is a terrifying invader, Brainiac would prefer not to side with the Shroobs. True, they have destroyed so much and show no remorse for their actions, but Brainiac has a set goal that he wants to accomplish, regardless of the fact that it's incomprehensible. He doesn't want to spend all his time bombing and wrecking settlements for the heck of it, plus the Shroobs's weakness to baby tears is something that Brainiac can easily exploit if given the time. Princess Shroob expressed disappointment as she thought Brainiac may have made a great partnership, but the Coluan simply doesn't care about it. In his mind, the Shroobs are too simple-minded and that is all.
    • Zim, however, was a lighter topic. Like the Shroobs, his race, the Irkens, also caused wanton destruction, though their mentality bordered more on zany and hammy insanity. While Brainiac is not one to get humoured, he finds the Irkens to be interesting to a degree and was able to tolerate and even subjugate them into doing his bidding. Zim and the Irkens were awed by Brainiac's tech, though they were only able to use the most primitive of the collection, as the Coluan figured that they were intellectually less-than-bright and wanted to test their prowess. That said, if motivated and focused, Zim and the Irkens can do a pretty decent job in warfare. However, their lethal stupidity has them worried about how Brainiac would disregard, or even destroy them, so they don't keep in contact with him all too much.
    • He is heavily opposed by the HECU and the Black Ops teams. Their reasoning is pretty straightforward; Brainiac is an immoral alien invader. But what separates him from the rest of the crop is his reasons for why he does what he does, not to mention that unlike most aliens that tend to be organic, the Collector of Worlds, despite being an android, brings about a giant robotic armada that continuously learns and becomes stronger the more knowledge Brainiac acquires. In spite of the sheer dread and terror Brainiac inspires, HECU and the Black Ops aren't backing down anytime soon. And they won't stop until either Brainiac leaves the planet or drops dead. Though to their displeasure, Brainiac isn't going to die from, in his words, a "pile of aboriginal wastes".
    • Due to his reputation, the Imperium of Mankind near-instantaneously declared him an enemy. Unfortunately for them, Brainiac's response was mainly interest towards them, chief among them being the God-Emperor of Mankind. Also not helping the case is the Imperium's knack of using advanced technology to create effective yet ridiculous war equipment and weapons, which the Collector of Worlds found an interesting set of items for his collection. The Emperor is not pleased with that reaction and has vowed to take down Brainiac and all of the Machine Uprising movements, even the friendlier ones out of paranoia.
  • Zamasu was, unsurprisingly, open in voicing his contempt for Brainiac, stating that he is a sinner for daring to collect and destroy worlds in an attempt to play God and finds Brainiac's goals as pretentious and sinful for daring to try matching against actual gods. Brainiac's response is to bluntly state that Zamasu is in no condition to state his words as, by his estimations, Zamasu is technically not a God and that his over-reliance towards emotion hampers his ability to be taken seriously and be seen as a laughing stock. Infuriated, Zamasu blasted Brainiac to scrap and dust, but a voice echoed that even with his might, Zamasu will never get past Brainiac, especially with his mindset, further driving Zamasu insane for a moment. Meanwhile, Brainiac settled in his headquarters, satisfied to have delivered the Fallen Kai some condescending words of truth.
  • The Gears Of Liberation movement made no mistake when they referred to Brainiac as one of the most terrifying and strongest foes they could face regarding their own skills. Ever since the Coluan got involved in the Machine Uprising, the members of the Gears of Liberation have been doing everything they can to further power up their physical defensives whilst also upgrading and updating their protective software, hardware and the training of the staff faculty. And yet with all of this, they still fear Brainiac, because despite their unity, what they're potentially dealing with is akin to a sentient supercomputer with an immeasurable amount of years worth experience and possessing a slew of advanced technology from other races and planets. Brainiac, on the other hands, thinks very little, if anything about the opposing movements, more concerned with his usual nemeses.
  • Superman and Supergirl aside, General Zod also despises Brainiac for destroying his planet and also for Brainiac being a far more notable opponent towards the Man of Steel, even if Zod thinks he's a more personal foe. Zod has battled the Coluan several times and while his win-loss streak isn't impressive, he's not going to back out anytime soon. And as much as he hates to admit it, Zod does concede that he would have to work with Superman and Supergirl if Brainiac's threat goes way out of hand.
    • This also extends to Jor-El, who happened to be a victim of Brainiac's destruction of Krypton at times. Regardless if he was killed by him, Jor has dedicated himself to working as hard as he could to provide moral support for those who oppose the Collector of Worlds and with a nearby yellow sun, he may take matters into his own hands and fight Brainiac alongside his son. Though, as Mr. Oz, he's convinced that the best way to stop Brainiac is to permanently kill him and while he's aware that Clark may not be fully accepting of his ruthlessness, Jor thinks it's the most effective course of action. After all, he did tell that Superman would kill Darkseid (and did at one point), so he's not in a high position to argue.
    • in addition to the Superman of his universe, there were also two; one from an alternate universe where he gave j to grief and established a Regime to protect his earth in his own twisted fashion and another from a world that function like that of reality where Halley's Comet would bestow him powers and later turning to villainy as Superboy-Prime. Despite their villainous ways, both alternate Supermen came to hate Brainiac just as much as their main counterparts; Brainiac destroyed Regime Superman's Krypton, plus he had hounded Supergirl and Earth relentlessly while Superboy-Prime does not take kindly to Brainiac's world-collecting (and destroying) habits, given that his own universe was destroyed and generally sees Brainiac as an eternal for to anyone who carries the mantle of the "Man of Steel". Brainiac himself is amused to see a pair of villainous Supermen, though given that Regime Superman did potentially kill him at one point, the Collector of Worlds is taking more precaution, in addition to furthering his scope of being a Multiversal Conqueror. As with Superboy-Prime, Brainiac is aware of his psychosis and his power being potentially greater than most iterations of Kal-El, even if Brainiac himself finds Superboy-Prime's antics to be rather immature and whiny.
  • The Jedi Council quickly caught on with the fact that five of their members were missing, which coincided with Brainiac's arrival in the Pantheon. Jedi witnesses confirmed that they were victims to the Coluan, distressing the council to have learned of a threat that was able to prove itself by killing a group of trained Jedi. Throughout the ordeal, Jedi Masters, Yoda and Mace Windu stressed that they should take to have talks with those that had dealt with Brainiac. Ever since then, the Jedi are training themselves even further after hearing about the rise of the Machine Uprising movements and thus, they've been doing the best they can to get aid and support from the GUAG.
  • Conversely, Starfleet Command also began to acknowledge Brainiac as a terrifying threat and, while they haven't personally confronted the Collector of Worlds, they made sure that they could at least try to gather as many intel, information and support as they could in such a scenario. Such was the case when James T. Kirk and Jean Luc-Picard decided to personally meet up with Superman about Brainiac. The Man of Steel proceeded to tell them about everything he knew about the Coluan and his history with the alien supervillain. The results were shocking for Kirk and Picard. They have dealt with planet-destroying threats before, but the fact that Brainiac was aiming towards becoming a Multiversal Conqueror was beyond baffling. And ever since then, Starfleet has made an effort to prepare themselves, becoming staunch opposers to Brainiac and his allies ever since.
  • While very much science and technology-themed, he does acknowledge the concept and existence of Magic, he just coldly and bluntly thinks his intellectual and scientific might are far ahead of anything magical. One of his biggest opposers came in the form of the Luna Nova Academy, given that their waning magic coincidentally came with the rise of technology and people losing faith in such a concept. Brainiac does take intrigue towards the Shiny Rod and the Grand Triskelion, but his attempts at understanding their power have been frustrating. A chance meeting with Shiny Chariot had her calling Brainiac an "incapable fool" who thinks too much of himself. He also received scorn from Atsuko Kagari and Diana Cavendish for largely the same reasons and that for someone who couldn't care less about camaraderie and happiness, Brainiac has no point in pursuing the Shiny Rod nor understand the Grand Triskelion. The Coluan simply didn't bother to respond, only further ponder into his research, much to their frustration. And of course, Chariot, Akko and Diana are more than willing to fight back, given the destructive capabilities Brainiac is capable of.
    • Still, even if Science and Magic operate differently, those who specialise in the latter, even they acknowledge that Brainiac is a monstrous threat of cosmic proportions that needs to be quelled as quickly as possible. After all, he did kill Dr. Fate in one possible timeline, a fact that the Pantheon's Kent Nelson doesn't think highly of. He's been making an effort to prepare the House of Magic in case Brainiac decides to invade the place and he would personally like the shoe the Collector of Worlds the true power of Nabu.
  • Gaea utterly despises Brainiac due to his utter disregard for destroying planets, which the Titaness perceives as an annihilation of Nature. While the relationship between the Machine and Nature Uprisings was known to be an extreme form of rivalry, the Coluan was well-known to be one of their fiercest foes for very obvious reasons. Clearly enough, Brainiac sees Gaea as a formidable for, but he also sees her as a worthy specimen to collect, given her nature as the Greek representative of Mother Nature and is very eager to battle and capture her. The rest of the Nature Uprising, as far as he is concerned, can go to hell as hardly anyone is worthy of being stored in his collection.
    • And as for the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, there's really nothing favourable going around on Brainiac's part there. There is an Irony in all of this that Brainiac is also a world-destroying maniac, but to him, that is second to collecting knowledge first. Unlike Nekron, the Collector of Worlds does not seek for Death to be the absolute element in the Pantheon nor does he bother to have any involvement with The undead, though he is admittedly open in capturing some undead creatures and races for his own curiosity. Nekron finds some sort of amusement in Brainiac's knack of destruction, which the Coluan doesn't think to register. He sees the Lord of Undeath as a sore obstacle that needs to be rid as his path to destruction is a potential permanent roadblock for his personal quest for knowledge if left unchecked.
  • Was amused to discover that he wasn't the only individual who sought to snag worlds and keep it for himself. There was also someone who went by the Nameless God who, much like Brainiac and his Skull Ship, kept his collection of worlds on the Nameless Island. When he decided to take an analysis of it, Brainiac was impressed by the vast amount of worlds the Nameless God had taken. However, he realized, to his shame, that the God didn't really consider anybody for an alliance. That said, the discovery had Brainiac consider if capturing the Nameless Island and the Nameless God would also mean a bonus of possessing a further collection of worlds that he can study. So far, he'll be biding his time.
  • Predictably, the House of Knowledge has made it very clear that Brainiac is completely off-limits from entering, citing that he likely would be invading the library and taking it over without the decency to share any of the archives to anybody, in addition to the Coluan's knack of remorselessly destroying a place if there's nothing left to gain from it. This sentiment irked Brainiac somewhat as he felt that the House may have provided some form of knowledge about the Pantheon, which he wanted to look into and record.
    • However, there was a certain enigmatic figure who found Brainiac to be a rather amusing case study and he also happened to be one of the House's guardians. Hermaeus Mora was stunned to learn of the vast amount of planets and civilizations he captured and locked into jars as a part of his studying collection. However, Hermaeus doesn't have any intention of destroying civilizations (though he's openly fine with being conceited and passively aggressive) and would rather state that the Coluan liven up. Brainiac himself respected Hermaeus's vast knowledge, though he calculated that making a deal may not end so well, given that Brainiac would betray his allies if there's no convenience left for them and that Hermaeus is brutal if he gets slighted in any sense. As a result, their relationship is an intellectual-based rivalry at best.
  • The Transformers were an interesting sight for Brainiac. For one, they were sentient autonomous beings who resided on a planet called Cybertron, that is until strife and war broke out, dividing the race into two factions; the benevolent Autobots and the malicious Decepticons. The Coluan sought to learn more, coming into contact with Megatron, who was amused to see an Android prove his worth by intimidating several of Megatron's lackeys. Brainiac proposed a deal to be allies, both sharing some weaponry with one another to aid each other in defeating their enemies, which the Decepticon leader accepted after seeing and being impressed by what Brainiac was able to offer. That said, Megatron chose to stay loyal with Melkor rather than joining Brainiac, but Brainiac will let that slide. He can, at least, do with amicable relations after all.
    • He would also come into blows against Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader became wary of Brainiac after hearing about his truce with Megatron, but a surprise attack from the Skull Ship quickly made the Collector of Worlds one of Optimus's biggest enemies. Brainiac challenged Optimus into a duel and the two fought a brutal battle whilst his probes began to invade a nearby Autobot base. While Optimus was able to fend off his attacker, Brainiac had already managed to kill 3 Autobots, though he was only able to take one corpse alongside him due to heavy retaliation. Brainiac managed to use this opportunity to study Transformer anatomy and make plans for a model construct for his probes similar to them. With enough dedication, even a single specimen can provide a boost for his own forces, much to the Autobots' discomfort.
  • While they don't necessarily have the power to directly combat him, several deities either hate Brainiac or find him too frightening, and it doesn't help that he has a considerable amount of influence on machine kind. The biggest ones among them are Jonathan and Martha Kent, primarily because Brainiac was responsible for indirectly killing the former when he tried to save the latter from debris, contacting a heart attack as a result. This may be the biggest reason why Superman hates Brainiac; it's not enough that he was the one behind the death of his adopted father, but it came about because Brainiac did not take well to losing against the Man of Steel and, out of frustration, decided to attack the Kent Family Farm out of spite. And as for Brainiac, well, it's completely inconsequential on his part.
    • While definitely nowhere near similar nor personal, Elliot Alderson dreads the aspect of an alien whose only desire is to simply collect and destroy. It's one of the reasons why Elliot wanted to be enlisted in the GUAG White Hats so that he could improve his hacking skills for the greater good. Hanamaru Kunikida often visits the House of Technology because she has a fascination for the topic, but she heavily shudders and panics whenever she hears Brainiac's name. As a result, she can't bear to even face towards the Technological Experts Sub-House, even if she's aware that there's a lot of good-hearted deities there. That said, Aqours is always there to comfort Hanamaru in case she stresses out too much thinking about meeting Brainiac. Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee, who often argue about Nature and Science are in total agreement that Brainiac is a complete menace that has to be stopped. Interestingly, Jack uses Brainiac as a case study about the evils of Science and while Hannah does agree that his use of technology is malicious, she also notes that there are several others who also use Science for good and that the two of them can count of them, which Jack did agree on.
  • His relationship with Lex Luthor is a complicated one, given that the two have worked with one another on some occasions, yet they've also fought against each other for varying reasons. That said, one thing does remain consistent; Lex is one of the very few individuals that Brainiac can admit to respecting, mainly because unlike the rest of the world, Luthor's intellect is 10th-Level, bordering on 11th-Level. Barely any creature can match the same intelligence as Lex's and the Coluan can commend that. Still, they do have a tenuous relationship with one another, but at the moment, they're on neutral terms.
    • Brainiac also finds himself impressed at Lord Recluse, given that the two of them possess superhuman intelligence that is rivalled by almost none. That said, Lord Recluse makes it clear that his loyalty is to Darkseid first, though, in a rather unorthodox fashion, he opted if he and Brainiac play a game of chess to determine who is the smarter of the two. Brainiac accepted if to see if Lord Recluse's mind and intellect is truly a match for his own 12th-Level Intellect. So far, it's bought the attention of lots of villains, who are pretty eager to see a match between two of the most intellectually mighty beings in the Pantheon.
  • He is just as capable of invading and disrupting digital realms just as much as he can technology from the physical plane. This bought the attention of Kirito, Asuna and Yuuki, who were nervous upon hearing of Brainiac's tales of villainy. They've fought against the Coluan, with Kirito vowing to protect his family, friends and his gaming realm, no matter the cost, while Brainiac is adamant about taking them over for his collection. A greater enmity emerged with the being known as Neo, who caught Brainiac's attention due to being a saviour of both man and machine. When Brainiac found a way into the Matrix, he sought to battle Neo, which also extended to the real world, where Neo realized that Brainiac is a great evil that must be stopped. Conversely, Brainiac sees Neo in a fascinating light and is adamant to keep him as a collection, to which the Chosen One was unamused. He took to forming a partnership with Superman and Goku just to deal with the Collector of Worlds, especially considering how Brainiac will continue to get stronger if things drag out.
  • To the surprise of everyone, Brainiac found an unusual sense of kinship and camaraderie with Galactus. The two were able to relate to the fact that they were wanderers across the cosmos who targeted planets, which they ended up destroying. In fact, the two work very effectively as a team; the Devourer of Worlds would absorb the life of a planet as part of his dietary needs, whereas the Collector of Worlds will comply take the best city (in his estimations) for himself. Needless to say, many were not happy with the news. And the last thing they want to hear is their fusion form of Galactiac unless they want to ask for things to get even worse.
  • Is aware of the possibility of a time where he installed a computer virus into LexCorp's Y2K bug safeguards. The end result was a descendant, Brainiac 13, being transported to the 64th Century and taking over the body of Brainiac 2.5. That said, Brainiac has reclaimed said body during an unspecified time in the Pantheon and has kept it as a potential asset to use in his greater schemes and as a replacement body in case his current one begins to fail him.
    • Speaking of descendants and despite his cosmos-wide infamy, there is one descendant of Brainiac that did end up becoming a benevolent scientist who was dedicated to restoring the reputation of the Coluan race and helping heroes out. That said, Brainiac 5 is yet to make a mark in the Pantheon, but his vile predecessor doesn't care (he only took concern for Brainiac 13 as the body he stole was a valuable item for himself). It's best not to mention the fact that Brainiac has fought against himself and often regards his successors as disappointments.
"You are defeated. Any unique information that dwells within you will be digitised. Your physical forms will be deleted. Such is the ultimate fate of this world. But for you, the end comes now."

Ambiguous Ranks

    Church of the Broken God and Sarkicism 
The Church of the Broken God and Sarkicism, Divine Orders Of Conflict Between Machinery And Organics (The Church of the Broken God: The Mekhanites (alternate, more accurate name) | Sarkicism: The Sarkic Cults, the Flesh (alternate description), "Nälkä" (preferred description))
The original Broken Church logo
The Cogworth Orthodoxy logo
The Church of Maxwellism logo
A seal found in a Sarkic grimoire
  • Rank: Varies from Quasideity to borderline Greater God for followers, Overdeities for their deities (at least when complete)
  • Symbol: Their respective religious symbols
  • Gods:
    • Mekhane: The Broken God, The Fragmented One, WAN, The Eternal Network, Fuxi, The Maker Of Machines, Hakhama, The Great Voice, Sophia, (hopefully) not SCP-001 (Twisted Gears-Kaktus' Proposal) (The Church Of The Broken God)
    • Yaldabaoth: The Demiurge, The God Of Flesh, Važjuma, Saklas, Samael, God-Eater, Devourer, His Undulating Vastness, The Great Winnower, The God Of Flesh, Nüwa, The Dragon In The Great Brass Cage (Sarkicism)
  • Factions: The Broken Church, Cogworth Orthodoxy, Church of Maxwellism (The Church of the Broken God)
  • Alignment: Blue-and-Orange Morality as a whole, usually either Neutral or Evil to outsiders (and Sarkicism is the more chaotic of the two), though personal alignment varies
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Anomalies, Faith (both), Technology, Cybernetics, Division (Church Of The Broken God), Flesh, Freedom, Mutation (Sarkicism)
  • Interested in: Primus (The Church of the Broken God), Lucifer (Sarkicism)
  • Alliesnote :
  • Complicated relationship with: The Eliksni (The Church of the Broken God)
  • Enemies: Each other (more on the Church Of The Broken God's side), The SCP Foundation (not always with the Church of the Broken God), YHVH, The Imperium Of Mankind
  • On poor terms with: Zenyatta
  • The world of the SCP Foundation has many organizations surrounding the anomalous, and there are many gods and faiths found in this world. Two of the most noticable are the Church of the Broken God (or Mekhanites as they'd prefer) and the various Sarkic cults. They venerate technology and flesh respectively, hoping to see the world change for that. They do not like each other, though it's more one-sided with the Church.
  • Applies to both:
    • When it comes these faiths, none of the Grand Alliances appeal to them besides the likes of the Machine Uprising movements to the Church of the Broken God. While both can be mistaken as evil by some, they have Blue-and-Orange Morality as a whole. Cosmos wishes to regulate their behavior and encourage the more moral side of them, Melkor wants to encourage their negative attributes and Lucifer is curious about their ambitions.
    • YHVH had a unanimous opposition to both faiths. He detests either's plans for ascension using other anomalous objects and gods instead of using His own path. The Imperium of Mankind also fiercely opposes both faiths, believing Sarkicism is equal to Chaos and a perversion of Mars' machine worship.
  • Applies to the Church of the Broken God:
    • The Church of the Broken God has three important denominations. The Broken Church uses Clock Punk and believes Mekhane must be restored piece by piece. In the pantheon, they have a fascination with other clockwork creatures and believe Chronos is an important piece of Mekhane. The Cogwork Orthodoxy focuses on Steampunk late Industrial Revolution technologies and ritualizes industrial mass-production, which intrigues some in the House of Commerce. The Church of Maxwellism is of the Cyberpunk variety and believes their deity will be reconstructed through connecting all minds into a computer network.
    • The Church of the Broken God is of the general belief that flesh is evil and "broken", and want to enlighten humanity, involving restoring their deity Mekhane. They believe a number of SCPs are pieces of this deity. Given this belief, followers are often seen rummaging in The Great Treasury, which the Court of the Gods has had to scold them multiple times for. They have asked Gate for help in deciphering technology.
    • As mentioned, they are staunch allies to the likes of The Assimilation. They're the closest any group in the pantheon comes to their faith, though the different churches have different views on the Machine Uprising movements. However they do not take kindly to the likes of SKYNET or Sigma, as while flesh is broken in their eyes humans should ascend rather than be completely destroyed and supplanted.
    • They hate AM for how he uses technology to warp and torture humanity. Zenyatta is wary towards some of their morally ambiguous or morally alien attitudes towards worshiping technology, as does Primus, but would rather leave the Church alone. The Church of the Broken God seems to venerate Primus to an extent, believing he has a close connection to Mekhane and might help them in restoring their deity.
    • In spite of their own resentment towards humanity the Eliksni, or rather most of them, would get along with the Church of the Broken God given their own fanaticism with technology. They especially get along with the Devil Splicers given their goals of transcending flesh to machine isn't all that different to their own. On the other side, Eliksni allied with the Scorn see them as disgusting for sharing beliefs not unlike the old ways with the Eliksni. For that, the Scorn believe they should be wiped out too in order to be 'reborn'.
  • Applies to Sarkicism:
    • Sarkicism is usually divided into two factions. Proto-Sarkicism is known for its acute technophobia and eschew modernity, so they stay away from the House of Machinery and Technology and values both humility and self-sacrifice. Neo-Sarkicism is cosmopolitan and unified compared to the fractured Proto-Sarkicism, and embrace modernity. They also support hedonism and the right to achieve your pleasures and desires, so they naturally seem fond of Slaanesh. Both seem to have their eye on Nurgle and Shub-Niggurath for the flesh manipulation and association.
    • Sarkicism believe that God and possibly all gods are uncaring Blind Idiots who only exist to feed off reality (ironic, given the Imperium's stance on them) and they're parasites who will feed off and get strength from them. For this reason, Lucifer's cause actually appeals to them somewhat though he is yet to make a final decision on them or not. Yaldabaoth was upset by this as he thought being the namesake of their god, he could use this to manipulate them. Not that he has anything in common with their Yaldabaoth anyway.
    • Sarkic cults are often considered a Religion of Evil, given their common practices of manipulating flesh and hopes of conquering the world. However they believe these things to be good things, and some like SCP-2815 are peaceful communities, so it depends on the group and individual like any religion. All put a strong emphasis on the importance of family, so they don't like the Child Abuse Supporters. The Heroic Protectors Of Family doesn't look too favorably at them, though knows they aren't inherently evil and like that family is one of their virtues.

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