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Originally part of the House of Emotion, the House of Madness and Insanity was separated as the various manias and delusions of the residents began to distort the house. The house is one of (if not the most) chaotic houses in the pantheon, due to its Acid-Trip Dimension of asylums and crooked buildings. It's like something out of Otherness Abominations, but rather than being an outright affront to natural law, it's shaped by the madness of its inhabitants.

It's located on the edge of Delirium's realm, with the Eye of Terror visible in the sky. The gods here aren't bothered because of their various manias. The deeper you go, the more you are at risk of going mad, especially psychics. Anti-psychosis medication and mental guards are a must, and a top team of very sane psychiatrists are protecting those inside and outside.

Also it has to be said... This is not Sparta. THIS! IS! MADNESS!!

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Heads of the Asylum

    Alexandra Roivas 
Alexandra Roivas, Goddess of the Sanity Meter ("Alex", Miss Roivas)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Tome of Eternal Darkness
  • Theme Song: The Chosen
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Has a degree in abstract mathematics, Inheritor of the Tome of Eterna Darkness, Reads story of other bearers of the Tome, Sdrawkcab Name, Magic Knight
  • Domains: Sanity
  • High Priest: Daniel
  • Heralds: Dr. Edward Roivas, Ellia, Anthony, Karim, Dr. Maximilian Roivas, Dr. Edwin H. Lindsey, Paul Luther, Roberto Bianchi, Peter Jacob, Michael Edwards
  • Allies: Buffy Summers, The Hunter, Wilson
  • Enemies: Cthulhu, The Old Gods, Eldrazi, Giygas, the Great Ones, Slender Man, the Hall of Otherness Abominations in general, the Godhand, The Lich, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Gatherers, Saya
  • Alex (and the bearers of the Tome) have faced the Ancient's minions which affected their sanity, likely the fact that they couldn't comprehend their existence. Should they be driven to their lowest level of sanity, everything goes to hell around them, even the fourth wall begins panicking.
  • Because she has fought the Ancients in order to save her world, she couldn't stand the other Eldritch Abominations as it could drive her mad as well.
    • She found Slender Man to be the most frightening if just looking at him catches his victims.
  • She isn't the only one who could be stressed by the unknown, Wilson feared that his sanity will break from the dark and bad food which the Shadow Creatures will get him. She pities him as she had to read through the Tome and almost broke her sanity from excessive reading for weeks and even months.
  • From the Tome, she could cast Magick which requires rune of various properties and one of the four Ancient runes: the rune of Chattur'gha, Ulyaoth, Xel'lotath, and Mantarok. Chattur'gha represents strength, Ulyaoth represents soul, and Xel'lotath represents mind, with Mantarok represents Chaos and is the most powerful than the three Ancients. Such spells include enchanting weapons, recovery, revealing invisibility, create a damaging barrier, dispelling, shields, magical attacks, and summoning and controlling monsters. In order to power them up further, she requires additional PARGON.
  • She managed to befriend Buffy as they both found that are alike in being normal school girls being forced into fighting supernatural beings that'll threaten the entire world. Alex could relate to how Buffy imagined herself in an asylum as she learned how her ancestor, Maximilian Roivas, was sent to an asylum when he tried to warn the world about the Ancients.
  • She found another companion known as the Hunter who have slain Eldritch Abomination without their sanity breaking down. Although she is a bit suspicious of him when there was one timeline when the Hunter became the Moon Prescence.
  • Because her main enemy, Pious Augustus, was a lich who tried to summon his Ancient master to his universe, she doesn't like any of the liches in the Pantheon.
    • She also doesn't like humans (or at least former humans) who want to destroy humanity for the master as the bearers of the Tome have struggled against Pious Augustus and the Ancients. She called them all out for shedding away their humanity and sacrificing the human race who are too stubborn to die.
  • She found the Gatherers to be as frightening as the horrors that served the Ancients. The fact that her high priest, Daniel, have nearly lost his sanity from looking at these beasts doesn't help her case.
    • There is a case of her losing sanity from looking at any sort of horror like Saya, who could drive anyone insane by just looking at her. She tried to kill them and finish them in order to regain some sort of her sanity but since she has a spell to regain her sanity, it is not needed but she would think about the idea if needed.
  • She doesn't like deities that are capable of breaking one's sanity or mind, as Xel'lotath and her minions could easily do.
  • Also in the House of Gaming.

    Delirium of the Endless 
Delirium of the Endless, Deified Mad Goddess (Mania, formerly Delight)
Credit to saowee
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Something... whatever it is, it causes splitting headaches if looked at.
  • Alignment: True Insane (effectively all alignments and none of them)
  • Portfolio: Mad God, Anthropomorphic Personification, Was Once Delight, Knows The Paths Beyond Destiny's Garden, Youngest of the Endless, Reality Warper, Cloudcuckoolander, Went Mad From The Revelation, Mind Rape, Drives Like Crazy
  • Domains: Happiness, Madness, Sanity, Illusion, Knowledge
  • Followers: Anyone who has spent time in an asylum and honestly belonged there. Especially those who have been able to rejoin society afterwards.
  • Allies: Dream, Death, Desire, Destruction, Destiny, Despair, Mister Mxyzptlk, Cthulhu. As for everyone else, it varies depending on her mood.
  • Pitied by: Many of the (non-evil) deities, as she literally can't stay sane without hurting herself.
  • Opposes/Likes: Can oppose or like any member of the pantheon depending on her mood. Being a personification of insanity makes staying consistent very difficult.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Desire. While the two don't always get along... they're still family.
  • Feared by: Roscoe P Coltrane
  • Interests: Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • There are seven beings beyond the gods, representing endless concepts, the youngest of these is Delirium. Initially, she was Delight, embodying joy and happiness (and, if so, its mirror concept, sadness and melancholy). However, something happened that fundamentally changed her nature and drove her mad, becoming Delirium and embodying madness, insanity and delusion (and conversely defining sanity). Dream made sure to get his sister in the Trope Pantheon soon after it was founded.
  • It is rumored that she went mad from "knowing too much." Few are sure what that means, and if they do, they're not telling. It's said that she knows things outside of Destiny's book, but people aren't sure what that could mean exactly. Dalek Caan pities her somewhat, as he was driven mad from super-awareness.
  • While she can be easy to get along with if you are kind to her, the ruder members of the pantheon tend to stay away after they discovered what she did to a traffic cop who pulled her over... For this reason, she is the only god in the pantheon that Roscoe P Coltrane absolutely refuses to tackle despite the fact she Drives Like Crazy.
  • The Trollkaiger once attempted to trap her residence, believing she was too crazy to realize who had pranked her. However, they discovered that she can force herself to be sane (she claims it hurts her a lot to do so) and she did so long enough to figure out who pranked her... and then proceeded to leave the Trollkaiger out of commission for quite a while.
  • The other Endless have been asked multiple times what the event that turned her from Delight into Delirium was. None of them have commented on the subject.
  • The only other deities/personifications she (usually) likes on a consistent basis are the other members of the Endless. Deadpool seems to be fond of her due to his own insanity, but sometimes it's too much even for him. The Merc with a Mouth hopes that she can put in a good word for him with her big sister, Death, who he is hopelessly in love with. Delirium, for her part, is ambivalent. On the one hand, she likes the chimichangas he constantly drops in her realm, but on the other, the chimichangas also tend to turn into butterflies, start crying, or wander around if she forgets to eat them.
  • According to her brother, he who was formerly known as Destruction, she will undergo one more metamorphisis before the end of their current universe.

    Yuno Gasai 
Yuno Gasai, Patron Saint of Yandere (The Second)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The Yukiteru Diary, or a silhouette of her doing the Yandere Pose
  • Theme Music: Kuusou Mesorogiwi, Red Love (mainly for 1st World self), Happy Fate
  • Alignment: True Neutral, can be Chaotic Evil/Chaotic Neutral with 1st World personality
  • Portfolio: Yandere (formerly?), Action Girlfriend, REALLY Horrible Childhood, Prefers To Kill People Outright, Rose-Haired Sweetie, Villain Protagonist, 1st World Yuno Killed the 2nd World Yuno, Killed Herself To Let Yukki Win, 3rd World Yuno Inherited 1st Yuno's Memories, Inherited the Powers of Deus, Doppelgänger Replacement Love Interest
  • Domains: Love, Timelines, Emotions, Future
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship With: Monaca Towa
  • Enemies: Nu-13, Tsukuyomi (former allies) Yuuki Terumi, Gleeman Vox, Griffith, Redyue, Takeshi Asakura, Tenjuro Banno, Sophia Lamb, Relius Clover, Batman
  • Former Enemies: Special Lovers Squad, Relationship Enchancers
  • Conflicted On: Aru Akise, Touka Kirishima
  • The history of Yuno Gasai is a long and deep one. Both abused and abandoned by her parents, Yuno grew unhinged and without experiencing love. When she became part of the Survival Game to determent the successor to Deus, she fell in love with Yukiteru, just to have someone she can depend on. Murdering her way through the competition to be with Yuki, she eventually won but had to kill Yuki to do so, and without any way to revive him even with her new powers, she decided that the way to be with Yuki is by jumping through timelines, killing those world's Yunos and repeat the Survival Game over and over again, murdering anyone who would get between she and Yuki, and repeat until she herself dies.
    • However, her plan didn't last that long. In just the 2nd World, she became more attached to the 2nd Yuki than she would have suspected, and even as the Survival Game started to become close, she couldn't bring herself to kill her 3rd World self. Ultimately she decided to kill herself to let Yuki win the game. However, the memories of this 1st Yuno was stored by Murmur the First, who eventually managed to transfer them to 3rd World Yuno, who herself became the successor of Deus shortly after. After which 2nd Yuki and 3rd Yuno reunited.
  • Even with everything that had happened in the canon, there was a time when Yuno truly and fully embraced her yandere traits in the Pantheon to the point where it felt like she was overdoing it. She would basically lash out on anyone who got too near Yukki, and he was having a really hard time keeping her in check. However, like it was a delayed ripple effect, her insane 1st World self was truly replaced with her much saner 3rd World self... and she did not like what she might have done. It was one of the biggest personality resets in the Pantheon, and what was once one of the craziest gods in the Pantheon become much sweeter.
  • Even though Yuno has her 3rd Wold personality, the 1st World personality lingers within her as a sort of Superpowered Evil Side. While she is able to keep it in check, if you were to ever hurt Yukiteru, you can say goodbye to yourself. It also manifests as slight jealousy if someone gets too conformable with Yuki and in some specific situations as an itch within her. Note that she doesn't necessarily need to evoke the 1st World self, as even 3rd World Yuno can be determent on no one getting between herself and Yuki.
  • While she is not sure what caused herself to stay the way she was, she speculates that Terumi and Trollkaiger had to do something with it, especially since he was the one behind Yandere Quartet in the first place. However, when she tried to confront him about it, he just didn't bother answering to her, saying that "The whole team was really a failure, so why would I care anymore of you" and just let her be.
  • She has her sympathies to and from Katniss as fellow Deadly Game contestants (well, technically 3rd World Yuno didn't have to be in one, but the point still stands). She also hates Vox for even trying to turn that into pure entertainment, saying that he's infinitely worse than Deus as at least he had a good reason for doing what he did. She also hate Takeshi for abusing the situation.
  • Even though she is "Patron Saint" of Yandere, she herself is a bit embarrassed by the title. In general, she is rather scared of most yanderes and wants nothing to do with them for they give her bad reminders of all the terrible things 1st Yuno did. The only exceptions are really Kotonoha and Sekai, as they are basically only sane women alongside them. The reason why she carries the title is because she fears of any possible replacement for it. Though she does seem to get along with Yubel and Anna, as well.
    • As a side note, her change of heart and surprise betrayal did cause the fall of the past Yandere Quartet. And with that, she was able to make amends with the SLS and Relationship Enhancers, though both groups think that it never was really her fault. In fact, SLS seems to be almost buddy-buddy with Yuno.
    • Ultimately she ended up creating the so-called Yandere Squad to replace Yandere Quartet because if someone was going to recreate it, she might as well make sure nothing bad will happen with it. Though it does mean working with some people she would rather not be with.
  • She has a rather deep hatred for any abusive parents in the Pantheon. Not only was that the reason why 1st Yuno was so insane, but 3rd Yuno would have possibly gone the same path if the incident with 1st Yuno didn't cause her to be able to mend her relationship with her parents.
    • Shion Sonozaki, in particular, seems to sympathise with her like an older sister, understanding what it's like to have abusive family, to recall horrible deeds from past timelines, and to love a kind-hearted boy who's one of the few good things in their life.
  • After her Heel–Face Turn, Yuno found a friend in Rena Ryuguu, who can empathize with Yuno's past regarding her mother and nearly being a rape victim.
  • For reference, her "Yukiteru Diary" is a flip phone what tells her what is happening to Yukiteru at 10-minute intervals. It is generally useless in most situations, and only really works when used with Yuki's Future Diary to cover its blind spot. Fortunately, she doesn't have to worry about her dying if the phone would be damaged beyond repair.
  • Yuno still holds the record for most name-calling to one person ever.