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Known as the "fiery pits of the Outerworld", the Hall of Demons is very lethal to anyone not following "the Devil's Contract". Whether to humongous beasts to even the smallest fiery beings, they are welcome. Diablo is a very respected figure in this House and he often comes here to plan his battles against the angels. That said, the House of Dread and Valor is also connected so be warned of the nightmares around.

Due to a set of RRRURRRRRRRRRRRUS set forth by Scanty and Kneesocks, any kind of angel found in this House will be taken down immediately. The sole exception to this is Stocking Anarchy, though the two demon sisters don't know about this. Even then are the demons wary of her, for justified reasons.

Illidan Stormrage has been banned from this house after trying to kill most of the demons that reside here. A petition by Satan was signed as a result, banning the Demon Hunter from entering this Hall until further notice. However, should many demons get out of control, they will send him to exterminate the threat even with the petition.

Rosemary Woodhouse also avoids this house given her own experience.

Despite rumors to the contrary, these demons do not play the fiddle nor do they go down to Georgia to steal souls.

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    Anos Voldigoad 
What is the Demon King? Power? Degree? Authority? Not! The Demon King is the figure itself.

Anos Voldigoad, Divine Monarch Representative of Demonic Rulers (Demon King of Tyranny, Demon King Anos, Arnos, Anoth, Founder, Misfit, Self-Proclaimed Demon King, Boy Genius, Hero of the Unitary, The True Demon King, Anosh Portikoro, Bad Wizard, Head of State, Anos Voldigoat, the Demon King of Rizz)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Misfit Symbol of Demon King Academy and the Source of Perdition
  • Theme Song: "Seikai Fuseikai", "Featuring Anos Voldigoad" Dear Descendants His Various Fan Union Songs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly something between Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: THE Demon King, AWESOME EGO, Excels In Just About Everything, Noticing Important Things About Various Things, Starts With Only 1/10 Of His Full Power, Comically Invincible Hero, Extremely Protective Child, Dark Is Not Evil, Is Able To Bring Back Anyone Within Three Seconds, Snaps His Fingers To Showoff His Magical Power, Mr. Exposition, Having An Outdated Sense Of Humor, ,"Did you really think X would Y?" or "Did you really think I couldn't X just because you Y?", Eats Mushroom gratin Almost Every Day
  • Domain(s): Demons, Magic, Bonds, Peace, Ancestry
  • Heralds: Misha Necron, Sasha Necron, Lay Glanzdulli, Misa Ilioroagu, Eleonore Bianca, and the Anos Fan Union
  • High Priests: Demon Queen, Shibuya Yuri, Sheila, Forbesii, and Maou-sama
  • Allies: Saitama, Lena Oxton/Tracer, Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O, The Four Horsemen, Nero, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Amara, Sparda, the Seven Mortal Sins, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Trish, Lady, Kat, Akko, Diana Cavendish, Professor Ursula Callistis/"Shiny" Chariot du Nord, Satan Jacob, Alucard, Seras Victoria, Raven, Valvatorez
  • Rivals: Dante Sparda, The Dovahkiin, Vergil, Claire Stanfield
  • Enemies: Equinox, YHVH, Melkor and his Representing Horsemen, The Homunculi, Lucemon, the Violator, Lucifer (Supernatural), Griffith and the Godhand, Malebolgia, The Idea of Evil, Apocalypse, Goetia, Tiamat (Fate/Grand Order), Mundus, Eredin Bréacc Glas, Voldemort, Mithra, Zamasu, Yuuki Terumi, Dio Brando, Trigon
  • Opposed By: The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Emilia Justina, Gilgamesh, The Doom Slayer
  • 2,000 Years ago, in an era known as the Mythical Age, there lived a legendary demon with unmatched and unrivaled power who was feared by every being in the world; from humans to demons to spirits to even the gods, there was none who did not know the name of Anos Voldigoad, the Demon King of Tyranny. However, Anos himself became more than wary of the countless battles and suffering he and every side of every race faced from this Forever War, so, with the help of the champion of humanity and his companions, the Demon King preformed an Heroic Sacrifice to separate the realms of the four races for 1,000 years so their grudges from the war could die out in that time. However, it takes more than death to fully kill off Anos Voldigoad as through his source magic, he was able to reincarnate into the present day and enroll into Delsgade, the Demon King Academy, where he journeys to retake his throne, making new allies and enemies alike, showing the world that the Demon King of Tyranny has returned.
  • Originally, Anos was the High Priest of Saitama for the God of Comically Invincible Hero, so the Court of the Gods were already familiar with Anos and his feats. Due to this familiarity, Anos has already been in consideration for other positions in the Pantheon due it being HIGHLY unlikely anything serious would happen to Satiama anytime soon. Soon enough, the Court was able to find a place in the Pantheon for him due to the events of his world allowing Anos to fully reclaim his status in front of the entire world and prevent the genocide of his race and subjects. Having taken back his title and throne as the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos has achieved full ascension into the Pantheon.
  • His temple is a perfect replica of his Demon King Castle, Delzogade, which in his world has been turned into the Demon King Academy.
  • Anos is already good friends with Saitama, who greeted him when he first ascended into the Pantheon do to being his former High Priest as stated above, and thus Saitama was more than willing to show him around the Pantheon after congratulating him, but Anos declined, wanting to experience this kind of thing himself, but promised to come back to Saitama to show him a fight worthy of someone of his caliber.
  • Despite being recognized as the Demon King of the Pantheon, many deities are surprised to find Anos as quite the social butterfly who is more man than willing to make friends and support them in whatever endeavor they involve themselves in. It is even more surprising when one finds out about the fact that, in his previous life, Anos killed all of the humans, spirits, and even gods during his reign.
  • Made his first post-ascension friend in Lena Oxton/Tracer when he first introduced himself to the wider known Pantheon with one of his "jokes".
    Anos: Good day my future subjects! Today shall be known as the day that I, Anos Voldigoad, will wipe out all who shall stand in the way of my reign!
    (appearing next to him) Tracer: Oi mate, you hit in the head or something? You do know where you are, right?
    Anos: Why of course. Just thought it'd a good way to introduce myself with a good joke.
    Tracer: You were joking? With that line here?
    Anos: Well, it worked everytime I said it 2,000 years ago.
    Tracer: ...Okay, someone seriously needs to get you a good joke book or else your going to get yourself killed sooner than later.
    Anos: Oh please, as if killing me is enough to make me die.
    Tracer: Just don't tell that to Shirou mate.
  • When he first heard of the Demon King position in the Pantheon has been filled, Sougo Tokiwa immediately assumed it was his evil future self who has ascended into the Pantheon and went to the temple to confront him...only to find a bemused Anos relaxing on his throne. After a moment of clearing up the misunderstanding at hand, Sougo was more than excited to meet a fellow deity who was also "the kindest and greatest Demon King" of his world. On his end, Anos was more than amused and impressed to see Sougo so determined to achieve his dream and decided to stick around Sougo to see how far he'll be able to go as a Demon King.
  • Has actually encountered DIO, and due to their clashing egos, a fight broke out between the two. However, when DIO used his signature ZA WARDUDO, he quickly discovered that Anos can easily move just fine while asking "Did you really think that stopping time would stop me from moving?" Too shocked to counter or come up with a next move, DIO found himself waking up in his temple one heart rip later, swearing vengeance on Anos Voldigoad.
  • As the representative of Demon Rulers, it was inevitable that he would encounter the various demons and hybrids and demon hunters though out the Pantheon:
    • His first meeting with the Sparda brothers went well enough, with Anos fully recognizing their capabilities as demon hunters, but made they it clear to both of them that if they think he's the same as any other demon they've dealt with before then he's be more than happy to prove then wrong at any time they wish. Both Dante and Vergil accepted this blatant challenge, more than willing to test the power of Anos.
    • Anos was very much impressed with the fact that Nero managed to break through the deadly sibling rivalry between his uncle and father before they actually killed each other. Nero, while surprised to find a demon like Anos so relaxed and affable, was more than willing to strike up a good friendship with him.
    • First met Trish when she crashed her motorcycle into his temple to she what's kind of person the Demon King is , with Anos finding this action pretty funny and decided right there and then she's be more than worth to have around in his life, which Trish finding this reaction equally amusing and thinking the same about Anos, both becoming good friends afterwards.
    • Mundus was furious to discover that someone other than him has been acknowledged as the King of Demons in the Pantheon, refusing to see Anos as nothing but an pretender to the throne. Anos's response to his attitude was simply Mundus is more than welcome to come over to his temple at anytime to see if why he's known as the Demon King of Tyranny.
    • Morrigan and Lilith Aensland actually found it hilarious to learn that despite being a demon, Anos only understands love in familial terms and has never been in an intimate relationship in either of his lives. They can be seen frequently at his temple trying to teach him the difference loves that exists, as the Aensland sisters find it improper for the Demon King not to know.
    • Anos was utterly unimpressed with the Godhand and their genuine belief that one's destiny cannot be defied no matter what, holding the assurance that if doesn't like whatever fate has in store for him, he'll change it. When they laughed at such declaration, Anos reminded them that they themselves were human once upon a time, so they don't get to decide what a naturally born demon like him can or cannot do.
    • Anos - while having a friendly rivalry with Lucifer due to them being equal when it comes to being a Smug Super - feels right at home when hanging around the Seven Mortal Sins, reminding him of the demon kin he had in his previous life. The Sins are very welcoming to Anos and respect his position as the rightful Demon King of the Pantheon, knowing they can count on his help when the times comes for their version of God tries to wipe out Earth and humanity.
    • Both Malebolgia and The Violator are disgusted that the Demon King Anos (or any other demon for that matter) would be affable and even supportive to humankind while being a mostly benevolent figure and sees Anos's enthronement as nothing but a farce that needs to be desposed of as soon as possible. Given Malebolgia's deceptive nature and Violator's sadistic tendencies, Anos's couldn't give a less of a damn about his opinons on him and is more than ready to sent them back to Hell. Permanently.
    • Anos's made it known that he finds Trigon, the demon lord who seeks to create a worthy demonic heir via sexually violating as many women as he can and disposing of any offsprings who does give him good results, nothing less than deplorable. Anos is currently working with his antagonistic and heroic daughter, Raven, to find a way to destroy Trigon permanently.
  • Is frequently on the end of Lord Voldemort's annoying and demanding prodding as a result of not being able to die even when killed. The Dark Lord sees this a a true form of immortality yet to be discovered and wishes to capture Anos to test and see how he has managed.
  • Emilia cannot properly reconcile the fact that Anos, with so much history of death and blood on his hands, actually wants to have peace with humans despite his crimes against them, being wary of his true intentions for sacrificing his life. Anos honestly just pities the girl for having such limited thinking.
  • Anos is seen be the Seven Heavenly Virtues as just as dangerous as Lucifer to humanity due to his past, acknowledging that while his desire for true peace is more than admirable and relatable, his actions leave a lot to be desired to get them fully on board with him.
  • Anos is one of the few deities in the whole Pantheon who can actually match Gilgamesh in BOTH power and ego. Unfortunately, due Anos's position into the Pantheon, Gilgamesh views him as an direct challenge to his claim on the one true king and thus someone who needs to learn his place beneath him. To his credit, Anos has made it very clear that he isn't afraid of throwing down anywhere at anytime.
  • Called Fused Zamasu an complete idiot in his face after learning what his deal was. Zamasu, after Anos somehow escaped his grasp, swore he would pay for his petty arrogance.
  • Akko can be seen hanging around in Anos's temple, learning and taking in his advice on how to approach using magic in new and different ways. Given how he invented most of the magic back in his world, Anos was more than happy to take Akko under his wing, helping and aiding his friend despite her low capacity for the field.
    • Anos was also very impressed to see how progressive Luna Nova Academy when it comes to teaching magic, hoping for the Demon King Academy back at his world can take a few ques from the witches there so his descendants can go expand their minds and view on certain things.
  • The Doomslayer, having learned of the Demon King's existence and ascension into the Pantheon, doesn't trust Anos's intentions given his bloody past, as, given his own history, someone like that doesn't suddenly gain a conscious without having hidden intentions. Anos, directly in the face of Doomslayer, he can rip and tear at him at any time if he feels that Anos is truly a threat, but will easily respond in kind if things truly reaches that point.
  • Anos also gets along quite well with some of the Nippon Ichi demons, especially Valvatorez. He’s especially looking forward to when Valzy returns to his tyrant form so that he can challenge him to a fight, because he knows that the Tyrant would definitely be able to give him one hell of a fight.
  • Can also be found in the House of Monarchs.
  • "Whether it is providence, fate, or miracle, before my eyes, it simply prostrates and vanishes."

Samael, Archangel of Divinely Appearing Demons (Lucifer Morningstar, The Lightbringer, Satan)

Sargeras, Unholy Leader of the Demonic Legions (The Dark Titan, The Lord of the Burning Legion, God of Fel and Flame, The Daemon Lord, The Destroyer of Worlds, The Evil One, The Fallen, The Great Enemy of all life, The Great One, The Ravager of Worlds, The Defender, Dark One)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Burning Legion's Crest
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but sees himself as Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extra, Big Bad, Enemy to All Living Things, Fallen Hero, Flaming Hair, Greater-Scope Villain, He Who Fights Monsters, Wants to destroy the universe as the only way to save it, Magma Man, Omnicidal Maniac, Satanic Archetype, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Domains: Demons, Invasion, Legions, Destruction, Oblivion, Fel Magic
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • The fabled Dark Titan, Sargeras is a feared entity among the inhabitants of Azeroth by the sheer fact that he is obsessed with reaching the planet. In the past, Sargeras was a benevolent champion of the Titans and a force of the Light, until fighting too many demons broke him down and after learning from a group of Nathrezim about the Void Lords and their corruption of the planets by way of the Old Gods corruption, he lost it. With that, Sargeras started a crusade to annihilate everything in existence, freeing the demons he imprisoned and turning on against his fellow titans. He believes that only destroying the whole universe will save creation from the grasp of the Void Lords.
  • Commands the Burning Legion, which is responsible for ravaging countless worlds and turning them into fel infested wastelands. For a long time, he wanted to do the same to Azeroth but their inhabitants have been able to prevent most attempts at him reach the planet, in truth he only desires the Titan Soul of the planet and wants to make her belong to him, in a rather twisted and uncharacteristic display of love towards someone. Many of his old gambits from him and his underlings have totally failed, like Illidan's betrayal, the Scourge turning on him and Kil'jaeden and the Champions of Azeroth reviving the Pantheon, who promptly imprisoned him.
  • He feels rather uncomfortable to belong to a Pantheon again, even if this pantheon is unrelated to the one in Azeroth (They also go by "The Titans") but Sargeras still intends to carry on his plan of conquering and bringing forth oblivion. Of course, many of the old problems once again arose with the presence of certain people like Illidan, Alleria Windrunner, Turalyon and even the Scourge opposing him, not to mention the Old Gods of Azeroth being present as well, which sent the mad Titan into a fit of rage so destructive the House of Demons was pouring Fel Magic for over a week.
    • Unfortunately, the GUAD didn't waste time and offered him a high spot among them. There were a few problems before he officially joined, like the presence of Deathwing and Ragnaros, servants of the Old Gods and enemies of the Burning Legion, but in the end, he decided to be pragmatic and join forces with them for a common cause. That said, he will go after them the moment the GUAD is no more.
  • He obviously mirrors Satan's role, although he is more of a universal one and there are also other dangerous entities in his universe that rivals him in terms of power. He quickly made good allies with several demonic entities such as Diablo, Aku, The Inkwell Isles Devil and many incarnations of Satan. They don't share his rather dubiously well-intentioned desire for the destruction of all creation but they don't want to risk being on his bad side.
  • The more strange alliance Sargeras made was with none other than Zamasu, the infamous Kai who in a rather humorous twist of events, is actually very similar to the fallen titan in a lot of aspects such as being former divine entities who lost their way after being exposed to the corruption of their universe and promptly deciding to end all creation as a result. Their appearance may be different, but Zamasu might as well be another Satanic Archetype in a divine appearance and many denizens of the pantheon were horrified to learn that he managed to find a very powerful ally.
  • Because of the sheer might of the Burning Legion, very few people are willing to challenge it. But there was one who left a big impression in the Dark Titan and that would be The Doom Slayer. He is no stranger to slaughtering demons but when he heard about Sargeras and him challenging any mortal to see if they dared face his wrath, the marine wasted no time in entering his domain and slaughtered a high amount of demons in his path until he came face to face with the Dark Titan himself. He even managed to wound him but couldn't do much to follow up since Sargeras almost destroyed the whole temple they were residing but thankfully he was stopped by a GUAG intervention. This event reminds the deities of Azeroth about the Legend of Broxigar the Red, an orc whose tale was very similar to the events that unfolded there.
  • While the world of Azeroth doesn't have angels per se, The Burning Legion has faced opposition by the agents and wielders of the Light, particularly the Naaru and its followers. Even then, he has come to blows with the fellow house of Angels since Fel Magic can easily corrupt those who are pure beings of light and they won't stand for that. Imperius, being the head of The Armies of Heaven has made his goal to take down Sargeras and finds him no different from how his brother Malthael ended up, possibly worse. What enrages the angel the most is how similar both Imperius and the Dark Titan sound.
  • Hates any group of deities who fights for order and preservation and it's not strange that Sargeras became an enemy of YHVH, although in this case, the side of order isn't as good as the one in Azeroth. Sargeras aims to destroy the GUAL in time, even thinking that YHVH is even worse than the Titans were.
    • One would think given their similar stories that both Sargeras and Lucifer would get along but that's hardly the case. For once, Lucifer is content with not destroying all creation and prefers to stick with Chaos. The Dark Titan on his part is severely disappointed.
  • There is another entity that he seeks to destroy, the fallen Xel'naga Amon. While at first, one would think that given their similar backgrounds as fallen deities and even similar voices would make them allies, Sargeras sees Amon as no different from the minions of the Void Lords and wouldn't hesitate to terminate Amon as well. This left a rather conflicting opinion on the deities of the Kropulu Sector who don't know if Sargeras opposing Amon is a good thing or just leave the two to fight each other.
  • Has received a lot of opposition from other demons who are more aligned towards good, something that Sargeras finds strange but won't hesitate to imprison them like he used to do back when he was the Champion of the Pantheon. Then there were the Demon Hunters, who have been a thorn in his side for a very long time and this time they are more diverse than just the Fel-infused followers of Illidan. He still expects to crush them like the bugs they are.

Sparda, God of Ascended Demons (The Legendary Dark Knight, Legendary Demon Swordsman, A Demon of Death)
His human form
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His beloved Sword Sparda along with the two Perfect Amulets.
  • Theme Song: Devil Sunday/Cathedral, Super Pubic Enemy, S when he's not holding back
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Single-handedly Defeated The Legions of Hell, Ascended Demon, Physical God, Big Good, Greater-Scope Paragon, Shrouded in Myth, Long-Dead Badass, Married the Human Woman Eva, Formerly Mundus's Second-in-Command, Master Swordsman Who Also Dual Wields Guns, Believes That Humans Are Special, The Father of Dante and Vergil, also Grandfather of Nero
  • Domains: Demons, War, Swordsmanship, Heroism, Justice
  • High Priest: Sir Pentious
  • Herald: Eva (his human wife), Baul and Modeus (his disciples)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Rodin, Hakumen, Alucard (Hellsing)
  • Enemies:
  • Respects: War the Nephilim, Death the Nephilim, Kratos, Hades
  • Respected by: Lucifer, The House of Law and Justice and Heroism
  • Terrifies: The Seven Mortal Sins
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Doom Slayer
  • Over two millenniums ago, there was a war between the Human World and Underworld. But somebody from the Underworld woke up to justice, and stood up against this legion, turning them all back and sealing them away alone. His name was Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight. The Demon husband of the Human woman Eva, the Father of the twin sons Vergil and Dante, and grandfather of Nero. The traitor of demonkind and savior of humanity has finally arrived.
  • When Sparda first arrived, the first thing he did was make his wife Eva his herald, as the chance to reunite with his beloved once again was too good to pass up. He also decided to bring forth his two disciples, Baul and Modeus, so that his wife would have some extra protection for when he was away. Despite Eva being a potentially powerful and exceptional Umbra Witch, Sparda isn't willing to take any chances this time. Along with reuniting with his wife, Sparda was glad to see his trusted disciples again, but he wasn't exactly thrilled to hear that they both died by his youngest son's hands, even if they hold little to any ill will towards Dante.
  • Speaking of family, it didn't take long for word to get far about Sparda's ascension. His sons Dante and Vergil were the first to greet him. With his wife Eva alongside him, the family of Demon Slayers were finally reunited together at last. The family reunion became even more heartwarming with the introduction of their grandchild Nero and their friends Lady, Trish, Nico Goldstein and Kat. Sparda had a number of reactions when everyone showed up:
    • While he was glad to see his sons again, and all grown up to boot, he was rather upset about a number of things. Dante for seemly being incapable of managing his money, and continuously eating nothing but pizza. Vergil for his Might Makes Right attitude, and especially for his actions in Red Grave City. He's also upset with both of them for what they did in the Temen-ni-gru. But more than that, he's proud to see his sons become fine men and warriors, believing that he made the right choice in passing down his swords, his legacy, and his role for the protection of the race to them.
    • Sparda was completely overjoyed to meet his young grandson Nero, proud to see not only the man he's become, but for finally putting a stop to his twin sons trying to kill one another, saying that Nero was everything he could ever ask for and more as both a grandson and a fellow protector of humans.
    • Sparda had immediately recognized Lady as a descendant of the human priestess who aided him seal away the Underworld so long ago. He also pities Lady for how her father, Arkham, had sacrificed her mother and later manipulated both her and his sons to obtain his precious sword so that he could become a god. When he heard that she thought Nero wanted to kill his father and implored him not to do so, he could see both her goodness and how deeply Arkham had affected her, giving her a sincere embrace while also suggesting that Vergil should thank her. Vergil himself was surprisingly quick to agree.
    • His meeting with Trish was an interesting one. While she was worried about how the Legendary Demon would react to her having the same face as his wife, and initially being created by Mundus to manipulate Dante, Sparda welcomed her with open arms and treats her like the daughter he never had. He even joked that, despite being a full-fledged demon created by his greatest enemy, she causes less problems than his twin sons. Everyone had a laugh at that, even Vergil chuckled a bit.
    • His meeting with Nico and Kat was also a pleasant one. Meeting two humans who are well adept in Demonsmithing and Alchemy was something that interested him. He also doesn't complain about Nico's prices or what ingredients Kat uses for her Ritual Magic, so they're cool with him.
  • Some who encounter Sparda are initially surprised when first meeting him. Not many expect him to look human, but it shows where the twins get their looks from. He tells them that this is just a disguise and not his true form. Those who look at his shadow are quick to realize that he's telling the truth. Something else that surprises others is his personality. Not many were expecting the Legendary Dark Night to be as playful and carefree as his youngest son. Many initially viewed it as Sparda being so powerful that he didn't have a need to take things seriously, at least that was before they saw him in battle. In which Sparda takes a no-nonsense approach, and fights without mercy.
  • While it was inevitable, the Dark Knight would once again battle the Prince of Darkness Mundus. While Mundus had been preparing for their rematch, he was surprised to see how furious Sparda was when he arrived. He didn't have to wonder why as Sparda had explained everything to him. Sparda was absolutely PISSED at how Mundus killed his wife, separated his sons from each other, enslaved his eldest one, indirectly caused said son to become a madman obsessed with power, all leading the twins to try and kill each other in at least thirteen fights. When Mundus realized what he had caused, he laughed and declared this to be his greatest achievement ever. He only stopped laughing when he noticed that Sparda was with his twin sons and grandson in their Demonic Forms. The beating was both fast and painful for Mundus, but it was worth it to rub salt on Sparda's wounds.
  • Something that came as a complete surprise to him was to see not one, but two living Umbra Witches in Pantheon, initially believing that they (besides Eva) had all been wiped out. He later came to understand the situation after a quick explanation. Afterwards, he gave a quick bow of respect to both the bearer of the Left Eye of Darkness and the heiress to the Umbra Throne, and he admitted that seeing a living Umbra Witch in this current day and age was a pleasant surprise. Both Bayonetta and Jeanne asked if he was willing to form a contract with them. When they did, immediately every demonic and angelical being in Pantheon felt a chill run down their collected spines. Thankfully for them, Sparda declined, saying that his wife is the only one for him. His friendship with Bayonetta would make him allies with Loki, and enemies with Loptr.
    • After meeting the last Umbra Witches, he would later meet the last of the Lumen Sages. This confrontation was a bit tenser. Demons naturally don't get along with angels, and a sage that draws power from Heaven didn't sound like someone Sparda would get along with. Thankfully, Balder is Bayonetta's father, so the demon and sage are on friendly terms. The two spoke for some time and grew to become good friends, both having a strong sense of love for humanity. Now both the Legendary Dark Knight and the Master of the Heavens have joined forces.
  • As some point in time when Sparda was looking for a place to relax, he found Rodin's bar, and the two hit it off rather well. Both the Ascended Demon and the Fallen Angel found themselves to be very much alike: both are very much hated and feared by their former brethren, both are unimaginably powerful, and very well versed in demonic craftsmanship. Sparda can sometimes be found near Rodin's either drinking and talking, comparing demonic crafts, or battling against one another.
  • Being both a demon and traitor to demonkind, it didn't take long for Sparda to make a large number of enemies. In fact, he didn't even have to enter Pantheon to do it, as a number of demons were already aware of his actions and legend, having sworn to make him pay for his betrayal. So it came as no surprise when the Angels of Paradiso, Demons of Inferno, and both the armies of Sargeras and Imperius all marched towards his temple to claim his life. All that accomplished was to provide Sparda with a large number of Halos and Demonic Souls to exchange at Rodin's bar.
    • Various Hell Lords like Baal, Dabra, Demise, Diablo, Dis, Dormammu, Mard Geer Tartaros and practically the entire House of Demons, and a number of Angels and Heavenly beings like YHVH/Yaldabaoth, Malthael, Metatron, and Zamasu also hate his guts. That being said, while they themselves despise him, they cannot deny his power.
  • One known demon to have met Sparda before Pantheon was Jedah Dohma. Jedah views Sparda as a traitor for going against their kind and siding with the "weaker race". Sparda, in turn, views Jedah as an absolute madman that needs to be taken down immediately.
    • His meeting with Morrigan and Lilith Aensland was much more positive though. Sparda revealed that he had actually met Morrigan's adoptive father, and believed him to be a true demon worthy of nobility and respect. He was also initially surprised to hear of Morrigan, unaware that Belial Aensland had adopted a succubus daughter. But it only took him one look at both her and Lilith to understand why Belial took her as his own. He was even more surprised to hear that Belial had passed away, hardly believing that he was capable of even dying. Out of respect and honor of the late Makai king, Sparda promised that should they ever need his blade, he will be there.
  • While he is both hated and respected by many demons, there are also a number of demons that admire and respect Sparda. He found out that he wasn't the only Ascended Demon in Pantheon. There were also a number of Noble Demons and Anti Anti Christs here as well. Some like Spawn, Hellboy, Ghost Rider and Rin Okumura proved themselves to be incredibly effective in fighting demons. He was surprised to see that Spawn and Ghost Rider were originally human and that Hellboy and Rin are half-human and half-demon, much like his own twin sons. He took a special interest in Rin and asked if he wanted to be his new disciple, to help further teach Rin in mastering his powers and swordsmanship. Rin has expressed excitement about the idea of learning from the legendary demon.
    • The Demons of Nippon Ichi were a strange group in Sparda's opinion, but ultimately more enjoyable than the ones he's familiar dealing with, especially when compared to the demons of his world. He told Laharl that had he been the one to rule his Nether Realm, he probably wouldn't have rebelled. Everyone present had a good laugh when he said that, only to stop when it turned out he was serious. Naturally, Laharl was the one to get the last laugh from that.
  • Like with other demons, so too were there angels and other heavenly beings that respected and admired Sparda. Some angels like Archangel Michael, Manwë Sulimo, Tyrael, just to name a few.
  • After some time in Pantheon, Sparda was confronted by the Seven (Nine) Mortal Sins. Demanding retribution for stealing the names of the Seven Deadly Sins of his world, and using them to banish and seal away demonkind. Initially, Sparda said nothing, but then he got up and gave the Nine demons the most one-sided beating of their lives since their initial ascension. The only reason why he didn't finish them off or worse, turn them into Devil Arms, is because the Seven Heavenly Virtues had intervened and begged him not too. After explaining the whole story, the Mortal Sins apologized for their actions. Sparda simply said to not let it happen again. The Mortal Sins have grown terrified of him ever since.
  • With his meeting with the various demons and angels in Pantheon, as well as becoming an enemy of YHVH, it was only a matter of time before Sparda was confronted by Lucifer. As expected, Lucifer offered a chance to join the Grand United Alliance of Chaos and Sparda declined. The two are still on friendly terms with one another, and can even sometimes be seen in Rodin's bar. At one point Lucifer told Sparda of three individuals that he may enjoy meeting. The first was an unholy vampire that forsook his humanity. The second was a human that had transcended humanity. The third and last was also know as the Dark Knight, but was completely human. He would later set out to meet the three individuals that the Light Bringer had mentioned.
    • Sparda had come to meet Alucard by chance. He found the vampire fight against the Millennium by himself. Curious to know more, Sparda joined the battle against the unholy Nazi vampire army. After eliminating the other vampires, Alucard introduced himself and informed the demon that he had heard of his legend and wished to test his might. Nobody knows who was victorious in the battle. The two would later be seen drinking and discuss their respective love for humanity.
    • Sparda found Hakumen in the aftermath of a battle. Although not so much of a battle but a brutal massacre of demons. Much like with Alucard, Hakumen had heard his legend, his power, his skills with the sword and that he wished to learn more of who Sparda truly is. All while raising his sword and positioning himself into a battle stance. Naturally, this led to a duel between the two, but unlike with Alucard, Hakumen stopped the battle midway. Hakumen stated that he learned everything he needed to learn and that the two would meet again. Sparda had later expressed interest in crossing blades with the White Knight once more.
    • Unlike Sparda's previous encounters with Alucard and Hakumen, he didn't find Batman. Batman found him. Once more, unlike the other two the encounter didn't lead to a fight or battle of some kind. Batman had confronted Sparda with the expressed purpose of having him join, or at least ally with the GUAG Sacred Knights. He told him that like him, they are warriors of the blade and heroes of justice and that they could use someone like him not only for his power and skill, but he could even help boost morale. Before Sparda could question him, Batman had left in the usual fashion. Sparda then began to understand why the Caped Crusader was so well recognized.
  • After meeting the three gods that Lucifer told him about, Sparda began to have an interest in not only the GUAG Sacred Knights, but all the other knights and swordsman in Pantheon. He later made a plan to test their skills and strength before formally introducing himself. By infiltrating a dungeon and eliminating the Mini-Boss, he'd pose as said boss while others are in the midst of Dungeon Crawling. Many gods were in for a rude awakening. After some time, a number of parties and single individuals came together to discussed what they had encountered. They noticed that the demon would sometimes go for the healer, or not at all. When someone wished to fight one on one, the demon complied. It would even replenish the health, stamina and mana of others before they fight, and would never go for the finishing blow. The most interesting thing is that sometimes the fight would stop midway, with the demon leaving and the rest of the dungeon would already be finished for them. After some time Sparda revealed himself to the others, explaining that he wished to see just how strong the warriors of Pantheon really were. He wished to test them and would reward those he deemed to be of great strength. Afterwards, he offered a partnership between him and them. Naturally, they all accepted.
  • Something that comes to a surprise to others is Sparda's apparent respect for War and Death the Nephilims, and the Ghost of Sparta, Kratos. Many questioned why he would respect someone who slaughtered an entire Pantheon of deities, and two who had turned against their kind and nearly wiped out their entire race. Sparda had to remind everyone that he too had turned against his kind and that while their campaign was bloody, they were ultimately in the right. The Nephilim threatened to destroy all of creation, and the Greek Gods looked at humanity as a child with a magnifying glass would to a group of ants. Kratos had every right to hate them for what they did.
    • The only Olympian that Sparda doesn't hate is Hades. He views the God of Death as the only sane man among the Greek Gods. He also appreciates how Hades doesn't constantly screw with humanity out of malice or spite. It's this precise reason why Sparda hates the other Hades. This animosity has lead Sparda to form an alliance with Pit and Palutena.
    • He also has mutual respect for the House of Heroism and Law and Justice. This also made him enemies with the House of Villainy.
  • Sparda heard about a space marine whom despite being a mortal human being, was also able to defeat the armies of hell by himself. He was quite impressed by this individual and wanted to meet him in person. The dark knight was adviced against this idea since the Doomguy hated everything demonic and that would end up with Sparda getting attacked. With that said, for better or worse they have yet to encounter each other. Plus, the Doom Slayer was very busy and had other more important things to attend instead.

Greater Gods

    The Beast 
The Beast, God of Large Red Devils (Abaddon, Azal, Satan, Krop Tor, Lucifer, The King of Despair, The Deathless Prince, The Bringer of Night)
  • Greater God, Lesser God through its hosts (claims to be an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: Red eyes surrounded by glyphs
  • Theme Song: The Satan Pit
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: As Long as There Is Evil, Big Red Devil, Satanic Archetype, If He Isn't The Devil, He Certainly Boasts It, Psychic Powers Predates The Universenote , Sealed Evil in a Can, Demonic Possession, Blurs The Lines Of Sci-Fi And Fantasy, Its Hosts Are Detected By Glyphs On Them, Outside-Genre Foe, A Beast in Name and Nature
  • Domains: Rage, Fire, Evil, Sin, Eternity
  • High Priest: Asmodeus
  • Interests: The Khan Makyr
  • Allies: Nyarlathotep (Persona), Chaos (Sailor Moon), Mard Geer, Nightmare Moon, The Son, Ophidian, Parallax, Umbrax, King Piccolo, the Doom demons, Oda Nobunaga (Sengoku Basara), Ah Puch
  • Rivals: Melkor, Griffith and the Godhand, Trigon
  • Enemies: The Doctor, Rose Tyler, Ood Sigma, the TARDIS (honestly any Doctor Who deity, but them especially), Gods of Good like Cosmos and Ahura Mazda, the rest of the Hall of Angels, any God figure (particuarly The Love That Moves The Stars), the Sailor Senshi, Philemon, Gandalf, Sirius, YHVH and Lucifer, Iroque, The Phantom Thieves, The Daughter, Fused Zamasu, The Green Lantern Corps, Rosemary Woodhouse and those who fear/are enemies with the Devil, Rachel Roth/Raven, The SCP Foundation, Oda Nobunaga, Spawn, The Doom Slayer
  • Respects: The Bogeyman, The Beast (Over the Garden Wall)
  • Disrespects: Satan (South Park)
  • Long ago The Beast was sealed into a planet orbiting a black hole by the Disciples of Light, as he claims before the beginning of the universe. Krop Tor remained undisturbed until the 42nd century or so where humanity was attracted to the planet's odd gravitational effects that let it orbit so close to the black hole. The Beast possessed the weak-willed Ood, and later Toby Zed. As breaking his prison would send the planet into the black hole, the Beast hoped to hijack Toby and escape to spread its evil. However the Doctor broke this gravity system to send the Beast's body into the event horizon, and Rose jettisoned the Beast-possessed Toby to join it.
  • To those that it possesses, he gives them the ability to breathe in space, breath fire, telekinesis, when he reveals himself the body's eyes go red and glyphs appear on the person's face, these glyphs are untranslatable even by The TARDIS. It claims that even if its body were to be destroyed it will never die As Long as There Is Evil. Much like Chaos actually, who the Beast considers his parallel in the Sailor Moon universe...something which horrifies all the Sailor Senshi. An arguably more terrifying ability of The Beast is its almost supernatural ability to know of its victims darkest secrets and futures and then use them to get into their heads and unnerve them. Experts of the Pantheon are unable to decide whether this ability is an extension of its ability to telepathically possess individuals and groups or if it is just extremely well versed in psychology.
  • The Doctor was never able to figure out if the Beast was in fact supernatural, or "merely" a Sufficiently Advanced Alien who talks a good game. Its hosts able to live in a vacuum and text so ancient the TARDIS can't translate hint at the former. The Beast's mocking voice is sometimes heard in the House of Extraterrestrials, who are trying to understand it. Amon has attempted to reach out to him, but the Beast isn't interested in what he offers. The Deathless Prince was interested in one member of the Extraterrestrials, SCP-682, but only as a perfect host body.
  • To contain the threat of the Beast and the possibility he might steal SCP-682's body, the SCP Foundation made his temple be just like the prison he was imprisoned in. They consider him anomalous and are researching ways of combating his spread of inner darkness and evil, much to his frustration. The Beast plans to get revenge on them by orchestrating a complete and total breakout of their anomalies. There've been some rumors that the Beast may be connected to the Scarlet King, however the Beast rebukes these claims even if it's to keep up his story of being the ultimate evil. Prolonged stay in containment has led him to seek the Son as an ally of absolute darkness; he feels the two should work to free one another and spread evil across creation.
  • The Beast exploits the fears and insecurities of the people around him. This power has intrigued the most malicious Emotional Entities, who feed on negative emotion. The Beast has found he agrees a lot with Parallax in that sentient beings are fearful little bugs to play with, and he has promised the Fear Entity a powerful position in his army when he wages war against God. Ophidian and Umbrax are just as welcome to exploit the greed and shame of mortal beings for food, all helping aid the Beast in his goals. King Piccolo considers the Beast's goals beneficial to his own, and the Beast certainly respects what King Piccolo wants and his cunning in how he goes about to achieve it.
  • As the Beast exploits the fears of people he considers the Green Lantern Corps a thorn in his side since they live on rebuffing him and proving mortals are special. They would try to put him into a sciencell, but the Disciples of Light already knew what they were doing so they simply ordered a ban on anyone who might try to enter the star system the Beast is in. The Beast has also shown contempt for the Indigo Tribe and the Phantom Thieves as their heart-changing ways dissuade the darkness in people's hearts. Rather than playing on their insecurities like he usually does, he boasts on how they are not so different Yaldabaoth.
  • The Beast holds a grudge against The Doctor and Rose Tyler for their parts in foiling its escape, promising to make them suffer for an eternity and was reportedly quite amused at their separation in the mortal coil, it was less amused however by their reunion in the Pantheon. Though few in the Whoniverse know the Beast, should it regain Overdeity status again they shall know to fear it. The Beast is enraged at its demotion by the Court of the Gods as whatever he is, he hasn't demonstrated the reality-shaping capabilities of one. It is somewhat annoying for him that he is classed as a weaker being to Sutekh, who's similar MO and voice has led to the Beast accusing him of copying him. The two regard each other as rivals, though unlike Sutekh the Beast isn't interested (as far as we know) in the destruction of everything.
  • Regards the Hall of Selflessness and Sacrifice with a lot of derision as his downfall came when the Doctor was willing to sacrifice himself and possibly even Rose if it meant stopping the Beast for good; fortunately the TARDIS fell into the same chamber as the Beast's jail cell and denied the satisfaction of the Doctor and Rose joining him in the event horizon. Sadly Toby Zed and the Ood on Krop Tor weren't as lucky. The Beast holds a dislike for Gandalf due to being a Maiar and how he defeated the Balrog, while Gandalf believes he isn't any different from Melkor; just smaller scale. The small scale part only intensified his dislike of Gandalf.
  • The Beast arrived in the pantheon in the first place because Fallen Angel Satan has used his future acolytes to summon The Beast here for his plans to battle Lucifer and The Great Will. Satan also plans to use him to secure The Great Will's throne. Though it'd much prefer being above Satan, he begrudgingly follows his orders as it is thankful to being freed from the black hole. The Beast boasts being the ultimate source of evil in creation, however it's a stretch to say so. And he's far from the only deity in the pantheon to claim to be "the truth behind the myth". Lucifer personally thinks he's completely full of shit, to which the Beast simply balks at his belief that "fearful little monkeys" are so important.
  • Is impressed with the ascension of Mard Geer, noting that the young Underworld King is completely right in his beliefs that humanity is even lower than bugs on the totem pole. He's also impressed by the Bogeyman for bringing out the primal fears and terrors of mortal beings, though they don't work together. Being what he is, the Beast gets a lot of amusement from taunting and scaring those who have faced the Devil and fears the concept, especially Rosemary Woodhouse. Rumor has it that the Beast is looking to possess and unlock the inner Trigon within Raven. Trigon doesn't take kindly with the Beast interfering and regards it as "merely" a very old alien playing the Devil role up. The Beast just told him to Bring It.
  • One of the few that knows of Nyarlathotep's actions and watches with great interest, though it is quick to remind him that while he is evil formed from men's hearts, The Beast boasts at being the source of evil in the hearts and minds of all sentient beings sentient beings in the universe. The Crawling Chaos believes the Beast is all talk, though it accepts its claims of being inspiration for many War Gods and Devil figures across the Doctor Who universe. Others theorize that the Beast is the cast-off strength of Dis, who holds a title the Deathless Prince believes rightfully belongs to him: the Devil himself. As he too found himself imprisoned, the Beast is more willing to find a twisted camaraderie with the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorus than fight over the title.
  • As with Dis, the Beast opposes the Love That Moves The Stars, and all who claim to be God; especially the Love as He finds the evil the Beast represents antithetical to Them. How much of this is to keep up the boast and how much of this is simply them not tolerating an evil like him is unknown. Most of this is animosity from him as they claim he is destined for failure, however the Beast claims that if they are to call any devil pathetic it is the ex-partner of Saddam Hussein. He can see how some might think the Devil of Inkwell Isle is pathetic, however he sees him as worthy of the title. Others who have declared the Beast their foe are the Hall of Angels, and Ahura Mazda who rebuked his claim to live forever in the darkness of man with "and I will always be the light to cast that darkness away".
  • The Khan Makyr was fascinated by the Beast and saw him as fit for being a World Eater. She has promised him more power outside his domain, which the Deathless Prince accepts. He's quite impressed by the demons of the Doom-verse, and equally impressed by the Doom Slayer's threat in spite of sharing the Khan's view of humans being lowly creatures. The Beast hasn't stated how he feels about Davoth, however. He also isn't above ribbing the Khan Makyr for not being an actual angel.
  • It has shown respect for Melkor as it believes him to be something similar to an older brother wanting to work with him in his schemes. The Beast believes he will help not only in spreading his evil influence across time and space, but bring about an eternal night. This is why he's fond of Nightmare Moon; she wants to help in his endeavor. Chernabog too, who the Beast is able to relate to more as he's a Satanic Archetype in his own prison. However he considers the fallen Valar competition since they both regard themselves as the ultimate evil. He also considers the five Godhand rivals and boasts that they merely govern human suffering while his darkness is universal. Not that he isn't impressed by their ability to exploit despair and evil, mind you.
  • Despite possibly surpassing the Beast in evil, Zamasu hates him and Sirius is hated by the Beast. The latter is his rage at being imprisoned next to, and later thrown into a black hole. The former considers him to blame for the evil of mortals in the Doctor Who universe. The Beast mocked him by saying they were quite alike, and if he REALLY cared about mortal sin he would try to help them overcome it, not destroy them. The Beast then claimed that at the end of the day Zamasu just wants a reality for himself, which he'd actually respect if Zamasu was honest about it. The mad Kaioshin had heard these accusations in the pantheon so many times he just left off in a huff rather than give the Beast the satisfaction of being consumed by rage.
  • He is not to be mistaken for the Beast of the Freeze-Frame Bonus, but he is fond of the fellow Satanic Archetype due to how he exploits human weaknesses and fears to achieve his own ends. And while he considers humans as a whole fearful monkeys, he still respects the more malevolent incarnation of Oda Nobunaga. He's exceedingly malevolent and boasts of being the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, but he can live up to that boast. Not surprisingly, the historically accurate Oda wants nothing to do with him.
    • Within the same Hall as the Devil King is the Obviously Evil Ah Puch, who the Beast immediately struck a friendship since the Horrific God of Decay is a terrifying force who sees mortals as things to toy with and and makes it that not even death is an escape from him.
  • Despite being his ally, Malebolgia thinks he's full of shit claiming to be an actual demon, instead "merely" being a great and powerful alien. Spawn doesn't see the distinction relevant and as the Beast applauds the way Malebolgia spreads evil it gives him all the reason to despise the Beast. The Violator does make a distinction and bemoans the Beast as not being a "real" demon, but that's mainly his opinion and he's otherwise neutral-positive on the Beast's evil.

    Dracula (Castlevania) 
Dracula, The Deified Demonic Vampire (Lord of Castlevania, Count Dracula, Prince of Darkness, Drac, Vlad the Impaler, Scourge of God, Mathias Cronqvist, Vlad Dracula Ţepeş)
  • Greater God (all vampires can trace their origins to him somehow, and most refer to him as the highest of their race), can go up to Overdeity when he fuses with Death.
  • Symbol: A wine glass filled with blood.
  • Theme Music: "Swan Lake, Op. 20: Act II", "The Horror of Dracula" "Dracula - The Beginning""Dance of Illusions".
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (sometimes True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Dracula, Goddamned Bats, Life Energy Drainers, Evil Aristocrats, Big Bads, haunted castles, resurrection, Killing People During Cutscenes.
  • Domains: Darkness, Moon, Night, Thirst, Temptation.
  • Followers: Slayer, Many of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, Neclord
  • Avatar: Christopher Lee (out of the ascended, anyway; many just see him as Bela Lugosi)
  • Alternate version of: The literary Dracula
  • Allies: Dio Brando, Frankenstein's Monster, Pinhead, Zeldris, Beelzebub, Ed Wood
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yuuki Terumi
  • Rival: Vlad von Carstein
  • Enemies (sometimes): Simon Belmont, Adrian Ţepeş/Alucard (his son), Eric Brooks/Blade, Shiki Tohno, Arcuied Brunestud, Abel Nightroad, Alexander Anderson, Sanguinius, Remilia Scarlet, Ezio Auditore, Buffy Summers
  • Complicated Relationship with: Alucard (from Hellsing), Vlad III, Eric Brooks/Blade
  • As the most famous vampire in all history (fictional or otherwise) and the one to popularize the archetype of what our definition of a vampire is, Dracula is treated with awe and reverence by any and all vampires who are not his enemy, and is recognized as a being not to be trifled with by all gods in the Pantheon.
  • Is confused by the actions of one Karin Maaka, who is his polar opposite - a beautiful female daywalker who injects blood instead of draining it. Has some overlap into the domain of the Borg Queen, leading to some confusion.
  • Eternal enemy of all those who hunt the night, most notably Abraham Van Hellsing, the Belmont clan, Buffy Summers, and the Monster Squad.
  • There have been calls from some of his followers to disown the vampires of The Twilight Saga on the grounds that they're "not actually vampires". He has dismissed these complaints, as he has more important things to do than listen to petty whining.
  • Recently spent several months in the hospital after a botched attempt to provoke the Blood Angels into "The Black Rage". Sangunius retaliated by breaking Drac's spine in half.
  • Remilia Scarlet introduced him the other 'master' of her servant Sakuya Izayoi, Dio Brando. Due to his vampiric heritage, Dracula forged a friendship with him and sent one of his minions, Zephyr, to become Dio's follower as a token of friendship.
    • Of course, after being held prisoner in order to keep Sakuya in the GUAE, Remilia is not in good terms with him.
  • Had a brief feud over his position with one Evangeline A.K. McDowell but emerged the victor since Eva found redemption. Given that there is no written rule that vampire lord must be evil it's entirely possible that she just regrouping for the new attack.
  • And now, as if he didn't have enough to worry about, Vlad's been hanging out with Bobby Hill. That boy just ain't right...
  • His former position in the mortal world is currently unfilled, because his mortal reincarnation, Soma Cruz, really won't have any of it. Drac and Soma occasionally get into arguments over this topic. Much of the pantheon have noted that the only thing stopping Soma from changing his mind is the fact that his girlfriend Mina is still alive.
  • It is rumored that he is worried about Sierra Mikain trying to take his position, but she doesn't seem to be interested.
    • Drac may also be worried about Valvatorez, given that despite losing much of his power, he's still an immensely powerful vampire.
  • Constantly refers humanity to be a miserable little pile of secrets.note 
  • After Abel Nightroad's ascension, he briefly lost his haughty demeanor, concerned the Crusnik's power was actually threatening. Abel tried to exploit it until both realized his powers were exclusively useful against exactly one breed of vampire (an artificial one, to boot). Long story short, Abel has learned not to piss off vampire lords.
    • On the other hand, when it comes to Arcueid that's a completely different story. She has no qualms about killing her kin and using their corpses as her secret ingredients in her cooking when cooking for her beloved. Not to mention her power level, which compared to her makes Dracula look like an infant. In short, he avoids Arcuied whenever possible, lest he becomes "Dracula Pot Pie" on her menu.
  • His strength seems to vary depending on when he's reincarnated with no rhyme or reason to how it works.
  • His battle with Shanoa showed that his One-Winged Angel transformations may well weaken him, as when he decided to start physically fighting in his normal form, he was a much greater threat than usual.
  • Despite their antagonism of one another, Dracula's love for his son is only hidden skin deep, and if Alucard were to join him (be it through mind control or of his own will), he would welcome him with open arms. The fact that he knows this is unlikely to happen only serves to increase his hatred and by proxy his power.
  • When he was told of Gabriel Belmont's fall which made him become an alternate universe's Dracula, he broke into laughter about the futility of faith.
    • When word came in that Gabriel had redeemed himself in the eyes of both God and his son, Main!Dracula... went silent, he vanished for nearly a week after that, and when he returned openly declared his hatred for Gabriel Belmont. Many of his allies suspect he tried to mend the rift between him and his Alucard, but it didn't end well.
    • Despite his enmity, he's never declared open war against his counterpart because, as much as it infuriates him, he's well aware that Gabriel's power is on a whole other level.
  • He went in a period of mourning following the passing of one of his avatars. Once this avatar ascended, Dracula has often paid respectful visits to his temple, while being disappointed that the other deity with his title has at most only done a Frankenstein work.
  • It was speculated that at one point, he took the name of Vlad the Impaler, as another name when he was known as Mathias Cronqvist. What he didn't expect was that the actual Vlad III, who used to be an aspect of him, broke out on his own and claimed his own house with something that Dracula hasn't been doing: impaling his victim. Years of being his aspect still allowed Dracula to implant his legends within Vlad, so he actually didn't mind losing that part.
  • Due to one of his most famous avatars, Dracula often slips into a peculiar accent, and has become friends with Ed Wood, who treats the count with utmost respect and thus is always spared from having his blood sucked.
  • Recently, Ganondorf decided to try taking over Castlevania, and broke into Dracula's throne room to confront him. The vampire dismissed the Gerudo's boasts of unrivaled power, and they engaged in full-on battle. The battle did not end well for Ganondorf, because his Sword of the Sages proved an inferior holy weapon to Dracula's Demonic Megiddo and he was stripped of the Triforce of Power, torn in half, and drained of his blood. From now on, Ganondorf is thinking twice about attacking Dracula.
  • He is also one of the Lords of the Unliving in the House of Undead and Phasmata.

Fortinbras, The Lord of Demons (God of Light, King of Genma, White Serpent, Man in White)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Omen Star
  • Theme Song: Fortinbras, The Final Battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Breaths fire, Can summon tornadoes, The Demon King of the Genma, Can shoot Laser beams, Can use lightning as well, The size of his true form, Light Is Not Good, What his human form looks like, Complete Monster.
  • Domains: Light, Creation, Demons, Evil, Godhood
  • Allies: Father Balder, Satan, Shinnok, Oda Nobunaga, Darkseid, Dormammu, Mundus, Chakravartin, Mard Geer, Gul'dan, Diablo
  • Enemies: Dante, Bayonetta, Liu Kang, Asura, Many deities originating from Sengoku Period, Amaterasu
  • He created The Demonic Race known as The Genma and he created the Genma to thrive and do as they please. It is further revealed that he also created the human race, afterwards, as mere fodder for the Genma to feast and enslave upon. At the time Fortinbras was the true ruler of his entire world and universe.
  • He has a weaker Avatar and this creature had worked a deal with Oda Nobunaga to help him take down Samanosuke Akechi and rule the world only for this form to be destroyed by Samanosuke. He still uses this form from time to time to us a part of his power to deal with weaker foes.
  • He also has a form known as The Man in White, a human form that is a man with blond hair, a white suit and a yellow pocket watch. He often uses this form when wanting to speak to other villains directly without the use of his third form.
  • His third form is his true form as The White Serpent, which is his largest and most powerful form. This is what he uses when he decides to use his full strength to defeat his enemies.
  • Has plans to use his Genma in collusion with other beings to make Humanity back into their original role as food to the demons.
  • Has known to have worked with an Oda Nobunaga in the past and has attempted to ally with the one in the Pantheon. Apparently, Nobunaga grew too powerful and Escaped from Hell, taking the form of his normal sword-shotgun using warlord. Fortinbras was impressed on this one and occasionally lent part of his powers for Nobunaga if he felt like summoning a legion from hell.
  • Enjoys Satan's company as he agrees with his views on Humanity, he also believes that Humanity is only good as a food source nothing more. He similarly agrees with Mard Geer's view of them being less than bugs, though he does draw the line at killing them off wherever they are, due to the fact the Genma need them to feed.
  • Is not fond of Demonic Hybrids due to the interfering actions of one known as Soki. It is one of the reasons he dislikes Dante and Sebastian Michaelis.
  • He is bemused by the fact that he sounds like Sosuke Aizen.
  • He has often appeared before many Demons in this house and other parts of The Pantheon to embrace their true nature and rule over humanity, he is often as willing to destroy those that do not (as he believes) accept their true nature. Other times he just wants others to kneel before "The Almighty God of Light" and proclaim his name.
  • Due to the differences between his realm's Creation Myth and other realms that have a Sengoku Period within, Fortinbras came to blows with Amaterasu, who was a protector of humanity and absolutely against his idea of what mankind constitutes. For the most part, Fortinbras refused to acknowledge Amaterasu and every of her kin, and he wanted to make sure that it is his definition of man that is accepted throughout the heart of mankind, that they're just foods for the Genma. Naturally, everyone from Shinto origins are opposing him. Perhaps one day, a godly battle to decide the fate of Japan would occur between the two...
  • At the very least, Fortinbras also formed an alliance with the Lord of Terror, Diablo, and the Prime Evils. In addition to Fortinbras liking the word 'evil' plastered on him, Diablo also shared his views of mankind: They were their spawns, and they're just tools for whatever they planned, be it foods or assaulting High Heavens... though Fortinbras had no idea about 'heaven', he was the sole deity of his realm.

    The Godhand 
Void, Conrad, Ubik and Slan, Unholy Quartet of Devils Without Peer (The Godhand, The Archangels; Slan: Foul Whore)
Clockwise from top left: Void, Slan, Conrad, and Ubik

Grima, God of Demonic Dragons (The Fell Dragon, Gimle, The Hierophant, The Creation)
Human avatars (Spoilers)
  • Greater God, potential Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Mark of Grima
  • Theme Songs: Id~Dilemma, Id~Darkness, and Monstrosity in Echoes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Dark Is Evil, Dystopia Justifies the Means, Death by Irony, Not Quite a God of Evil, Giant Flyer, Kill All Humans, Our Dragons Are Different, Our Homunculi Are Different, You Can't Fight Fate, Ultimate Life Form, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Evil, Dragons, Darkness
  • Heralds: Validar and the Grimleal
  • Followers: Seath the Scaleless
  • Allies: Melkor, Hades, Omega (only because he sees potential in him), Metal Sonic (same as Omega), Satan, Nagash the Undying, Acnologia, Nightmare, Soul Edge, The Gravemind of the Flood, Phazon, Dark Samus, Deathwing, Nefarian
  • Enemies: ROBIN, Chrom, Lucina, Cosmos, All the members of the GUAG, Shinryu, Alextreszia, Bahamut, Caim, Sigurd, Marth, Dovahkiin, Arturia Pendragon, Squigly, Filia, Nozdormu, Alice, Alm &Celica.
  • Ascended after his death by the hands of the Shepherds and wound up here.
  • No one quite knows exactly what Grima is or where he came from, but some speculate he is the last of the Earth Dragons and wants to avenge Dragonkind's decline by killing mankind. Either his way plans are bad for the majority of the Pantheon.
  • Now no longer having the Robin of the future to possess, Grima is reduced to using Validar as a vessel in a more ineffective fashion.
  • Hates Cosmos with a passion, due to her reminding him too much of his mortal enemy, the Divine Dragon, Naga.
  • Grima's true human form is unknown, the reason he doesn't use one is unknown.
  • Has a lot in common with Loptyr including relying on a human Soul Jar, and being Naga's Arch-Enemy, leaving many to speculate on their relation.
  • He finds Melkor to be an interesting conversational partner, and they often speak of many subjects. Melkor is potentially the only one who knows just what Grima plans to do.
  • Finds Hades' working with souls an interesting subject, and the two work together to create even more powerful Underworld warriors and Risen.
  • He finds Omega and Metal Sonic to be extremely interesting Gods and has apparently taken both as potential allies. Supposedly, he intends to use them in the grand scheme of his plans, especially in the Kill All Humans part.
  • Is considered the Evil Counterpart to Bahamut, and he plans to destroy him and Shinryu, due to Shinryu believing him to be a usurper to the rivalry between the Dragon Gods.
    • It is said when the end of Pantheon arrives, the forces of Bahamut and Grima will battle each other, the skies will become clouded with darkness, torn asunder by fire and lightning, and the three dragons will face each other for the dominance of all dragonkind, living and dead.
  • Grima can only truly die by his own power. A weapon made from an opposing dragon or a true god, like Falchion, the Master Sword, or Excalibur, can only seal him. Anything less than that will only hurt him.
    • To prove it, he dared ASURA to hit him with his strongest attack. Asura obliged, engaging him in battle with his Destructor form. Despite being reduced to a pile of bones and torn flesh, Grima STILL survived, though he needed Hades' help in putting himself back together.
    • Being able to be killed by his own power also had the downside of allowing Robin to kill him via Heroic Sacrifice, though since both are now in the Pantheon and Robin no longer has any of Grima's influence on him/her, it remains to be seen whether this loophole still holds. Grima certainly isn't willing to risk it twice.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he and Marth have never met, thus he scoffed at Marth's ascension. He holds a similar opinion of Dovahkiin, saying that he was but a barbarian that doesn't understand what a true dragon can do. On the subject of getting his soul eaten:
    "I fear no mortal save one. If he dares to, I will simply destroy him from the inside out."
    • On the other hand, his reaction to Robin's ascension was considerably less dismissive. Helps that he is said mortal.
    • On the other other hand, he was rather pissed to learn that Robin got invited to the fourth Smash tournament, bringing Lucina and Chrom along with him/her, and not him.
    • With Lucina's ascension, he now just thinks that the universe is out to make him as angry as possible.
    • It turns out Grima has met Alm and Celica in the past, back when Grima was merely the size of a "normal" dragonlike Duma. Ultimately, Alm's Falchion proved just as effective at putting Grima to sleep as Archanea's eventually would, delaying Grima's ascension for some time. This has made Grima wary of the Valentian heroes, should either or both of them ascend to the Pantheon.
    • They Have and as Lesser Gods no less. What was now firmly thought is now full-blown belief. The Universe is out to get him.
  • Was deeply angered upon learning that Alexstrasza had ascended and joined forces with Bahamut, due to the fact she reminds him far too much of Naga as well, particularly her status as a Hope Bringer. Her launching a direct attack upon him was enough to, while not kill him, make him even angrier.
    Grima: "Purifying flame?" Your power is nothing to one who has cheated death itself. I am the one true dragon god, immortal, the greatest of all. I will crush you, show you just how pathetic your 'hope' is, and make you see all you ever hope to achieve was worthless!
    • To this end, he intends to join in The Pantheonic Rebellion, forming an alliance with Satan to crush them once and for all. He intends to bring both Omega and Metal Sonic into this as well.
  • Has formed an alliance with Nagash the Undying, God of the Undead, due to their similar portfolios. Such an alliance has many of the Pantheon on alert, given their aptitude for Necromancy and sheer power. Grima has even expressed some thought at allowing Nagash to serve as the general of his Risen armies, in exchange for his goodwill and loyalty.
  • Is one of only a few dragon deities (along with Deathwing) that Acnologia respects, partially because the latter can't kill the former by conventional means, and partly for their shared opinions on non-dragons.
  • Has an eerie fascination with The Flood and seeks to make contact with its Gravemind for some reason.
    • Has similarly taken an interest in the mutagen substance known as Phazon for its mutating and strengthening abilities, and has begun to communicate with its voice, Dark Samus, alongside the Gravemind. The three of them have apparently been considering a full-out alliance, to the horror of most of the Pantheon.
    • Acts unusually friendly with Deathwing and considers him one of his closest friends. Apparently, Grima believes they have a lot in common; this furthers speculation on his true origin.
      • Has been working on his barrel rolls with the Destroyer, having been intrigued by the concept, ever since the two reminisced about how they were originally slain in a bar.
  • Is positively paranoid about Divine Dragons infiltrating the Pantheon to get him. Grima believes Shinryu and Reshiram are secretly Divine Dragons sent to assassinate him due to his paranoia, the former's title, and the latter's fluffyness.
  • Lucifer is amused by Grima's persistence of You Can't Fight Fate, mentioning that every small change in an event can have a big impact just as much as an earth-shaking one, and that his plans being disrupted or outright foiled proves how little he understands, especially since destiny is something only those who follow Law believe in so fiercely. Grima denies his statement, and refuses to accept that fate can be changed. And he has no problems personally getting involved to ensure that.
  • "I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the Fell Dragon, Grima."

HIM, God of Demonic Camp (His Infernal Majesty, King of Darkness, The Evillest of Evils, Kare)

Malebolgia, Hellish Lord of Demonic Hierarchies
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Eight Reddish Circles to Represent his Position in Hell
  • Theme Song: Hell
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ruler of the 8th Circle of Hell (He Himself is named After Malbolge), Evil Overlord, The Leader of Hell because of his Powers, Fat Bastard, Complete Monster, Gigantic Demon, Satanic Archetype except Not Really, Demonic Abomination, Seeks to Manipulate Spawn in Ways that would Benefit Himself, Is Disliked and Unmissed by his Demonic Underlings
  • Domains: Demons, Hell, Evil, Masters, Deception, Hierarchies
  • Allies: Clown/The Violator, Shinnok (his cousin), Cetrion (his cousin), The Big Red Devil, Ghirahim, Frank Underwood, Griffith and the Godhand, Fortinbras, Diablo, Molag Bal, Hades (Kid Icarus), Wild Hunt, Shao Kahn, Kronika, Molag Bal, Damien Thorn
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Melkor, The Four Horsemen
  • Rivals: Mephisto, Kyubey and the Incubators, Lucifer
  • Enemies Spawn, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Raiden, The Doom Slayer, Dante, Sparda, Killia, Father Kerras and Father Merrin, The Puella Magi (Especially Homura Akemi), Zafina, Zamasu, Meridia, Jyggalag, The Occult Research Club
  • Opposes/Opposed By: The Hall of Angels
  • Disregards: Dis
  • You die and go to Hell because you've committed one too many morally reprehensible actions in your life. So what's to be expected is to be damned for eternity. Instead, for a select amount, they're instead taken to the Demon Lord, Malebolgia, ruler of the 8th Circle of Hell who gives out promises of giving you your life back. It actually works... until you realize Malebolgia has turned you into a demon known as a Hellspawn and the Demon Lord wants to make you a herald of the Apocalypse so that he could launch a grand assault on Heaven and take it over for all eternity.
  • Malebolgia was killed by Spawn at one point and returned to do battle against him again. Sooner or later, he'd have figured out that manipulating him was futile and that being opposed by the Anti-Hero was an eternal occurrence. Well, if that's the case, Malebolgia will do his best to torment Spawn and his loved ones with any means necessary. This is also the reason he joined the Pantheon; he once demanded and forced Ghirahim to give up his position of Demon Lords and Archdevils after showcasing his powers. However, knowing that he may be useful to him in the future, Malebolgia left Ghirahim to be anointed with Sissy Villain. Being fellow diabolical demons has its benefits after all.
  • His Pantheonic arrival was marked by loud, bombastic laughing from many parts of the Pantheon, especially the Houses of Villainy and Otherness. He made a grand announcement that he is one of the most powerful Demon Lords and that any and all demons should come to revere him. Of course, he was surprised to see some demons see him with utter disgust and contempt, though most villainous ones were comfortable at least acknowledging his influence and power.
  • While he possesses incredible power, being able to take on a group of powerful angels and win effortlessly and his influence is undoubtedly recognized, Malebolgia's special talent relies on his deceit and manipulation towards his minions and pawns. He is very clever when it comes to granting the wishes of someone, only to cruelly screw them over in the next life, something that he had done to Al Simmons and would gladly do it again. He is very obsessed with starting a War on Heaven and wants to drag the Hall of Angels with it, hoping to destroy it and allow the Hall of Demons to pillage and rule over what's left of it. Unsurprisingly, he opposed by every angel in the Pantheon.
    • Excluding angels, most humans don't like Malebolgia all too much either. Father Kerras and Father Merrin see him in outright disgust as Malebolgia revels in sadistically mocking those he is meant to punish as well as being similar to Pazuzu in that regard. He's also seen with scorn by Zafina who sees him as even worse than Azazel, a demon that once possessed Zafina and forced her into harming innocents. Malebolgia seeks to torment them in his own spare time, but for now, he has bigger issues to tend to.
  • He does take great precaution towards the Doomslayer, given his infamous reputation for inspiring fear towards his enemies, especially demons. Given that even the Violator is not very confident in taking him on, Malebolgia is quick to strike new partnerships in an attempt to combat the Doomslayer. He's aware of the fact that he'll come for him one day, and he's not ready to die with his goals not realized.
  • Upon arriving in the Pantheon, the Violator immediately sought to strike a partnership with him again, eager to finally get an old face to collaborate against Spawn. Malebolgia has since heaped high praises to his lieutenant for killing Wanda Blake and receiving a significant power boost from it. They've since made up several headquarters around their domains, plotting out different methods to take on Spawn, now that he's on a warpath for what Violator had done to him.
  • He is not unlike a lot of deities in the Pantheon who rely on tricks and false promises to get what they want. Case in point; Quan Chi, a demon from the Netherrealm who was infamous for backstabbing several of his allies and for instigating the destruction of the Shirai Ryu and sullying the reputation of the Lin Kuei. Malebolgia himself became a sour reminder for Scorpion, who finds the Demon Lord to be very similar to Quan Chi in their habit of deceiving and ruining others for their amusement and swears to eliminate him once and for all, even forming an alliance of convenience with Spawn for that matter.
  • Prideful as he is, he doesn't have much of a high opinion about Melkor. The Dark Lord himself, however, thinks that given how he relies more on lying and trying to deceive others, Malebolgia really has no position to compare himself. Malebolgia, however, shot back at Melkor for shrewdly stating that whenever he has to fight against someone who actually poses a threat, he chickens out unless he has to prove his superiority towards his followers. This actually prompted Melkor to suddenly attack him, with Malebolgia quickly making a getaway.
    • That said, he is a member of the GUAE Mastermind due to his incredible power and influence. Oh sure, him and Melkor still have some beef, but given they have similar opponents, for the time being, they're going to have to work together in this case. He does, however, have plans to backstab Melkor once the forces of Good are wiped out. Then again, so is most of the GUAE.
  • Intrinsically, he is opposed to YHVH. He personally finds it rather amusing that he's similar to the God of his Universe, who's also no better than YHVH. On the other hand, he's rather conflicted about Lucifer. He expresses some respect towards his power and leadership, though he finds his encouragement towards humans to be rather annoying and rather out-of-touch for someone like him. On the other hand, YHVH sees Malebolgia as another one of Melkor's lackeys and Lucifer just sees him with seething disgust.
  • His deceptive mind had him clashing against the working ethics of the Incubators at one point. Them, especially Kyubey stated that at the very least, they do mean what they say and try to stop the universe from ending. Malebolgia instead retorted that they're instead doing it for self-sustainance and them tricking Magical Girls is not far away from what Malebolgia does to damned souls.
    • Naturally, this led to him being opposed by the Puella Magi, though Homura Akemi personally has out on him the most. She hates Malebolgia for simply reminding her of Kyubey and how his actions of trickery led to the other Puella Magi taking in so much despair. Malebolgia himself found the suffering of the girls funny on his part, which prompted Homura to blast him back to Hell. Still, just because he lost to Homura doesn't mean Malebolgia is siding with the Incubators, given that the Violator already has his feud against the girls.
  • He gets along splendidly with Molag Bal, considering the fact that both of them get a knack out of tormenting souls for the hell of it and committing condemnation without any sort of fairness. Malebolgia also seems to like Coldharbour for somewhat reminding him of his hell.
    • This, of course, bought him into enmity to the Daedric Princes, particularly Meridia and Jyggalag for reasons more than just Malebolgia and Molag Bal are allies. Meridia sees him with open content due to the depravities he casually commits and sees his way of restricting individuals as Hellspawns as some form of Necromancy. Jyggalag being an enforcer of Law opposes Malebolgia for representing the malicious side of Chaos and that Malebolgia's skills in tricks and manipulation may be an obstacle to Jyggalag's mind as each seeks to conquer the Pantheon with the use of their intellect.
  • Is impressed to see there are two different versions of Hell. The one based on The Divine Comedy was one of immediate comfort for him, given that Malebolgia rules over the 8th Circle (representing malice and fraud) and was further amused that's it's name, Malebolge, was the inspiration for his own name. The other Hell, on the other hand, had Malebolgia confused. He found it weird imagining Hell being a fun and enjoyable place (or at least for those who aren't demons), but still, demons enjoy it as well. He doesn't have much to comment on, given that Malebolgia already has an iteration of Hell that he can easily dwell under.
    • And no, Dis isn't the ideal Satan for him. The Satan he knew terrified him to no end, Dis, on the hand, was reduced to a sobbing, pathetic and eternally confined shell of his former self, remaining in the lowest pits to suffer for personally defying and insulting God. Still, he does have some respect for other iterations of Satan, given that they're actually competent and respects Damien Thorn for actively trying to oppose his destiny of losing.
  • At one point, he was imprisoned in the Netherrealm alongside Kronika by Spawn. Seeking vengeance, Malebolgia decided to strike an alliance with the Mistress of Time. All things considered, being with Kronika had Malebolgia very interested in her Hourglass, and he wants that badly. For now, however, he's working with Kronika in fighting against Spawn and Kombatants who are vehemently opposed to the Mistress of Time. Once that's been settled, Malebolgia will swipe the Hourglass from Kronika and use it to assure Hell the ultimate victory against Heaven.
There is a reason you were chosen among the tortured millions. Death. Evil. Blackness. Those seeds were planted in you at birth. Soon. Very soon. All shall come to fruition.

    The Seven Mortal Sins 
The Seven Mortal Sinsmembers, Unholy Representatives of Attractive Demons (Lucifer: Lucy, Demon Lord of Pride | Leviathan: Levi, Demon Lord of Envy | Satan: Demon Lord of Wrath | Asmodeus: Demon Lord of Lust | Mammon: Demon Lord of Greed | Beelzebub: Bub, Demon Lord of Gluttony | Belphegor: Demon Lord of Sloth | Belial: Satanael, Demon Lord of Vanity | Astaroth: Astaro, Demon Lord of Melancholy, The Languid Diva)
From left to right, top to bottom: Astaroth, Belial, Belphegor, Mammon, Asmodeus, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan and Satan
  • Greater Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their statues
  • Theme Song: Sin Nanatsu No Taizai My Sweet Maiden
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Embodying the Seven Deadly Sins, But not being particularly evil, And even having noble character traits, Bad Samaritan, The Corrupter, Hot as Hell, Ms. Fanservice, Horned Humanoid
  • Domain(s): Demons, Sin, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Vanity, Melancholy
  • Herald: Maria Totsuka
  • High Priests: The Seven Demon Brothers
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Greed the Avaricious, Ban, Merlin, King, Chloe von Einzbern, Irene Adler
  • Rivals: The Seven Heavenly Virtues (Friendly Rivalry, while Belphegor and Sandalphon are BFFs)
  • Enemies: YHVH, Cosmos, Melkor, Aslan, Azmodan, Father, Führer King Bradley, Lust the Lascivious, Gluttony the Voracious, Envy the Jealous, Sloth the Indolent, Pride the Arrogant
  • Respect: Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed
  • Oppose/Opposed by: The Phantom Thieves of Heart, Shazam, Link, Samurai Jack, Manwë Sulimo
  • Fear:
  • Avoid: Dis
  • Avoided by: Laharl
  • The Seven Mortal Sins are the Demon Lords who rule over Hell. When the Archangel Lucifer was cast down from Heaven and fell into Hell, the Sins fought against her and sealed away her powers. However, Lucifer, with the aid of a demon named Leviathan and a human girl named Maria Totsuka, managed to defeat the Sins one by one and eventually allied with five of them against their former leader, Belial, who was revealed to be a fallen angel formerly named Satanael and had been secretly working with Heaven to enact God's plan to purge both Hell and Earth. After the Sins defeated the Archangel Michael, Lucifer and Leviathan officially became the Demon Lords of Pride and Envy respectively, while Belial and Astaroth, the Demon Lord of Melancholy and the only remaining Sin who had remained loyal to her, accepted to be exiled to Earth.
  • Related to the Seven Mortal Sins:
    • Fresh off her victory over the other Sins and subsequent ascension to leader, Lucifer's ego was as big as it had ever been. As far as she was concerned, it would be a trifling matter for her to overthrow the pretenders in the Grand United Alliance Of Chaos and install the Sins as the rightful leaders. She marched the other six members right up to the gates of the Labyrinth of Amala and challenged the Great Darkness and the other Lords, and this resulted in the most devastating beatdown the Sins had ever received: the Lords of Chaos decisively crushed the Sins, and Lucifer herself couldn't put so much as a scratch on her counterpart while she and Leviathan got beaten to an inch of their lives. She ultimately made the agonizing decision to accept the Great Darkness's mercy, she and the other Sins joining the Morningstar Battalion in exchange for their survival: even so, Lucifer vowed right to the Great Darkness's face that she would never stop getting stronger, and that one day she would surpass him and rectify this humiliation. To this, the Great Darkness smirked, answering that he was looking forward to it.
    • The Sins get along quite well with Chloe von Einzbern and Irene Adler. Asmodeus in particular approves of Chloe's obsession with french kissing girls and her surprisingly extensive knowledge about sex despite her young age. She was especially ecstatic to learn about how, in the Nasuverse, bodily fluids can replenish and transfer mana and the best way of doing it is through sex. Irene Adler has also gained their respect due to her cunning and intellect, which allowed to her to occasionally outsmart Sherlock Holmes himself. However, Leviathan has occasionally lashed out at Irene, specifically her Sherlock incarnation, due to perceiving her as a rival for Lucifer's affection, although Irene is largely just amused by her outbursts and the other Sins having to restrain her.
    • The Sins are on bad terms with Azmodan, the Lord of Sin who is basically the amalgamation of the Seven Deadly Sins. Pleased by their roles and looks, the Lesser Evil of Sin gave them an offer to serve him in exchange for access to his temple, in which they could further increase their power from sins done by Pantheon members and mortals alike. However, all of them rejected his offer to serve as his replacement heralds and were outright disgusted at the notion of calling him their "master", which has resulted in them being enemies with him from then on.
    • The Sins are also enemies with Father and his Homunculi, viewing him as being no different from the God they oppose and the Homunculi as near-mindless servants with a strong resemblance to the Seven Heavenly Virtues from their own universe. However, they managed to gain an ally in Greed the Avaricious after learning of how he had defected from Father and simply wishes to have friends.
    • All of the Sins (especially Satan) strongly dislike the Satan who serves YHVH. Being opposed to the God of their own universe, the Sins regard the idea of working directly for YHVH by judging nad punishing humans on his behalf as well as serving as his scapegoat by facilitating a proxy war under YHVH's complete control. The Sins typically try to appeal to his Zayin persona, who shows a much kinder side to humanity than the uncaring force of Judgement he normally embodies. Unfortunately, their encounters with Satan typically result in them having to fight him rather than convincing him to join their side.
    • Among their enemies in the Pantheon, the Seven Mortal Sins have a strong enmity with the Phantom Thieves of Heart. The Thieves, after all, specialize in brute-force removing the corruption that the Seven spread, and have a nasty habit of leaving the victims of these Changes of Heart to wallow in their guilt and despair afterwards. Despite the nature of the Thieves' usual clientele, even those like Lucifer think their actions are rather cruel. Among the Thieves, there is particular bad blood between Asmodeus and Ann Takamaki, particularly after the demon lord accurately pointed out Ann's use of lust to manipulate people for her own ends. Asmodeus has her faults, sure, but at least her lust is honest. Ann tends to blow her off as a 'deranged, predatory nymphomaniac'. Mammon and Haru have a rivalry as well, but theirs is far more subdued, both due to the natures of those involved. Haru feels for Mammon's plight, but she can't sit idly by while Mammon swindles others. Mammon likewise understands Haru's point of view, but she can't simply give up on trying to provide for her children, so she won't admit defeat so easily.
    • The Sins are also opposed by honorable and benevolent humans like Shazam, who captured the Deadly Sins of his world inside the Rock of Eternity, Link, who embodies the virtue of Courage and Samurai Jack, who conquered his inner darkness and achieved spiritual balance. Although the Sins don't really dislike any of them, they have on occasion clashed with them as they get in the way of the Sins' work.
    • Manwë has attempted to get the Sins to turn to the side of righteousness, partially out of guilt for failing to prevent Melkor's fall from grace. However, the Sins have all declined any offers of redemption due to their bad experiences with the God of their world.
    • The Sins were once confronted by Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed, who is the son of Ultraman Belial, his universe's resident Satan. Having heard that their group included someone named Belial, he sought them out in order to see if they were a dangerous threat. Fortunately, he quickly realized that, although not exactly heroic, the Sins are relatively benign and even friendly. Upon hearing his story, the Sins came to respect him for defying his father and choosing to do what's right.
    • All of the Sins were rather disgusted upon learning of Dis. Lucifer and Satan in particular were disturbed by the information that they might be aspects of Dis that had spawned off of him. According to the mutterings of Hermaeus Mora translated by Doctor Louise Banks, Lucifer represents his competitive spirit and desire to beat others at their own game, while Satan represents his righteous fury and desire to fight strong opponents. Neither of them is comfortable thinking about it and the Sins as a whole prefer to avoid Dis as much as possible.
    • When Laharl learned of the ascension of nine noble demons, he sought out the Mortal Sins in order to defeat them and firmly establish himself as the undisputed future Overlord. However, his immense fear of large breasts resulted in him fleeing (he insists on calling it a "tactical withdrawal") from them almost immediately. The Sins, for their part, regard him as rather cute and Beelzebub, the only member of the group that he's willing to directly interact with, is on friendly terms with him.
    • Their (friendly) rivalry with the Seven Heavenly Virtues continues in the Pantheon, with the Angels trying (and usually failing) to train a Messiah to save humanity from the Sins. Belphegor was thrilled to see Sandalphon, the Demon Lord and Angel entering a spirited brainstorming session like old times. Oddly, Lucifer seemed a little misty-eyed after their initial confrontation: when pressed, she shrugged.
    "Those were the Virtues I knew. Bumbling, incompetent bootlickers for God, sure, but at least they put their money where their mouths are and actually do give a damn about humanity like they claim."
  • Despite Leviathan's claims to the contrary, she is not Lucifer's closest companion. That would be the Sins' High Priestess/Herald Maria Totsuka. Formerly an ordinary human, Maria had her heart removed by Lucifer and made functionally immortal, forced to serve Lucifer in her campaign to take over the Sins. As any damage to her is instantly undone, threatening Maria to try to get to the Sins is a foolish prospect, especially since Lucifer will tear through anyone and anything to destroy the one who did so.
  • Exclusive to Lucifer:
    • Despite having lost horribly to him, Lucifer has actually struck up a genuine friendship with her rival/employer, not least due to their views on humanity: while Lucifer doesn't quite believe that Humans Are Special like the Great Darkness does, she's still ultimately fond of them, despite their flaws. In fact, the reason she fell was due to defying God, who had declared humanity beyond saving and decided to wipe them out: Lady Lucifer was the only one who had protested. The Great Darkness meanwhile has a great amount of respect for his newfound rival. Not only will she keep him on his toes and stop him from getting complacent, as far as he's concerned, she is Chaos at its absolute best: bold, intelligent, talented and individualistic, with fathomless ambition, a thirst to prove herself and a strong dislike for corrupt authority. If the impossible were to happen and she were to surpass him, he would be secure in the knowledge the GUAC would be in good hands. Of course, he has no intention of losing to her...
    • When Lucifer heard about another group called the Seven Deadly Sins and, specifically, about Escanor, the Lion's Sin of Pride, she sought him out in order to test his strength for herself. However, she was rather confused when she encountered him and found him to be a scrawny bartender rather than a mighty warrior. However, after he explained the nature of his power to her, she chose to wait until morning to properly challenge him. At sunrise, Lucifer was amazed and excited when she witnessed his transformation and change in demeanor. The fight itself was rather evenly matched, the two matching each other blow-for-blow: unfortunately this was to Lucifer's detriment as she was unable to defeat him before noon, at which point Escanor ended it with a single blow. Regardless, Lucifer remains on good terms with him and is determined to one day defeat him at his full strength.
    • Until the time Naoki Kashima accepts his destiny and becomes Grand General of the Morningstar Battalion, the position is filled by Lucifer. It's not what she had been aiming for, and she has no intention of staying in her designated position, but for the moment, it's acceptable.
  • Exclusive to Leviathan:
    • Lady Lucifer's self-proclaimed sidekick and lover Leviathan is the Sin of Envy, and is usually content to just follow Lady Lucifer around like a lovesick puppy. She pushes hardest for Lucifer to take her revenge on her 'employer', despite Lucifer telling her time and again that the Sins aren't nearly ready for another go at the Lords.
    • To Lucifer's annoyance and the Great Darkness's bemusement, Leviathan has taken it upon herself to accost him at every opportunity: whether it's because of the pummeling she and her beloved Lucifer had endured at his hands or the friendship the two have forged is unknown. One way or another, Levi really doesn't like him, and more than once Lucifer has had to drag her away by the ear, firmly telling her to quit picking on the physical incarnation of Chaos, please. Not helping the situation is the time Lucifer tried to remind Leviathan she has no interest in men...not noticing the grinning Great Darkness taking the form of Louisa Ferre behind her back. Lucifer had to physically restrain the furious, blabbering Levi.
    • Upon hearing of Lucifer's encounter with Escanor, Leviathan decided to track down her own counterpart in order to see what she was like. When she discovered that Diane, the Serpent's Sin of Envy, is a cute giant girl, Leviathan was convinced that she would become her rival for Lucifer's affection and attacked her. After a brief fight, Diane made it clear that she was already committed relationship with King and has no interest in women anyway. The two subsequently struck up a friendship and Leviathan, as an apology, cooked Diane a meal. Although Diane was hesitant to eat it due to how hideous it looked, she was pleasantly surprised to discover that it actually tasted quite delicious and even suggested that Leviathan should consider working at the Boar Hat for at least a short time, to which Leviathan replied that she wouldn't mind coming over at least.
    • Initially, Levi found a somewhat comfortable position as Lucifer's Number Two running the Morningstar Battalion when Lucifer was unavailable. After one too many embarrassing screwups, however, she was shunted off to the Yandere Squad in hopes of limiting the damage she can cause. She earned her way back into the Battalion when she used the demonic sea life she reigns over to turn the tables in the GUAC's favor during an incredibly lopsided battle against the GUAL's Templar Order: realizing Levi's niche, the Great Darkness bestowed on her the title of Fleet Admiral, and gave her command over the aquatic operations of the GUAC; she has shown remarkable success in her new role.
    • Leviathan likewise hates King Piccolo; he had taken her place as Lucifer's second-in-command after her aforementioned removal from the Battalion, and despite Lucifer's constant assurances that she and Piccolo don't like each other all that much, Levi remains jealous of the Namekian.
  • Exclusive to Satan
    • The fiery-tempered Satan, Mortal Sin of Wrath, is perhaps the most dedicated to the GUAC's cause after the Sins' absorption into it. All it had taken was the Great Darkness describing the sins of YHVH, and Satan was foaming at the mouth for a shot at Him. She serves now as a trainer for the Morningstar Battalion, and a ruthless, unforgiving one at that. Even the likes of the Demi-Fiend is out of breath by the end of her regiments. She enjoys sparring with her counterpart in the Lords, Senator Steven Armstrong: she may not really care one way or another about his philosophy lectures, but DAMN, he can throw a punch.
    • When Satan learned about another group called the Seven Deadly Sins who are led by a Demon named Meliodas, the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, she immediately sought him out and, despite her initial confusion at his child-like appearance, challenged him to a fight. The battle quickly escalated and the two ended up damaging several temples until it was finally put to a halt by the arrival of both the Mortal Sins and the Deadly Sins. Ultimately, Satan and Meliodas developed a respect for one another, as they both came to see each other as worthy opponents and Meliodas has remarked that, similar to him, she's pretty noble and kind. The frequently engage in rematches, although measures are taken to ensure that their fights stay contained.
    • In her off-time Satan enjoys volunteering at the House of Beasts, caring for the cute animals she has a weakness for. It was there she had met Fluttershy, and despite the pegasus initially being nervous around the Hot-Blooded demon lord, they quickly bonded over their mutual likes.
    • Satan is friends with Atrocitus and she can often be seen discussing with him about how to properly use their anger against their enemies. Atrocitus regards her as an ideal candidate for becoming a Red Lantern, although Satan herself is reluctant to accept his offer due to not wanting to be dependent on a power that is not her own.
  • Exclusive to Asmodeus:
    • Impish and seductive, the Mortal Sin of Lust Asmodeus is actually less inclined to simply indulge herself than one would think. She spends very little time in the House of Lust, instead working her charms on those of other Houses and luring them to carnal impulses. She sees little point, after all, in 'preaching to the choir'. Between managing sex shops and brothels with the help of Mammon, pole-dancing for multiple establishments, starring in erotic videos, moonlighting as a sex therapist and being a freelance prostitute, many are quite surprised by the demon lord's insane work ethic, despite the dubious nature of said work: Asmodeus's grasp of 'consent' can be... tenuous at times.
    • Asmodeus quickly became 'friends' with Kyu Sugardust, and with said friendship came both a rivalry with Princess Cadance and a hand in the situation on the parallel world the two are quarreling over. The demon lord of Lust was properly horrified by the idea of so many people dying as virgins and has thrown her full support behind Kyu's approach to the problem. Despite her admiration for her new 'senpai', Kyu still can't help but be unnerved at times at how cutthroat she can be: Asmodeus has suggested sabotaging the efforts to kill the God of Deep Jealousy, citing the need to break the curse as a motivating factor for the girls to mate.
    • Conversely, Asmodeus dislikes the Dazzlings, as they are diametrically opposed to each other: while the Dazzlings invoke hatred and spite through their music, Asmodeus spreads lust and almost considers herself a Love Goddess.
    • Alipheese Fateburn XVI, Asmodeus's corresponding Lord, is honestly kind of weirded out by her: while she had secured a handy victory during their fight by constricting the demon lord in her crushing coils, Asmodeus didn't seem to mind all that much.
    • Out of curiosity, Asmodeus sought out her counterpart in the Seven Deadly Sins, Gowther, the Goat's Sin of Lust, in order to see what he was like. She was quickly smitten with his effeminate appearance and tried to seduce him. However, Gowther declined her offer due to his past trauma over losing Nadja. Unfortunately, Asmodeus was instead turned on by his rejection and tried to force herself onto him, which escalated into a brief battle. Forunately, the arrival of Lucifer quickly broke up the fight, and she scolded Asmodeus for once again trying to force herself upon an unwilling person. Surprisingly, Gowther was quite forgiving over the whole incident and even remains on friendly terms with her, although he repeatedly has to fend off her advances whenever they come across one another.
    • Asmodeus doesn't particularly like either the archdevil and other demon who share her name. Being an enemy of the GUAC, the Prince of Darkness quickly came to regard her as an enemy, although she already disliked him anyway due to his misogyny. She similarly came to dislike Asmodeus, one of the Princes of Hell, rather quickly, as she doesn not approve of his sadism and smugness.
    • Asmodeus puts her wiles to work as Lucifer's spymaster, coaxing sensitive information out of weak-willed members of the other Alliances: her ability to tell what is and is not the truth with a sniff certainly comes in handy. The information she's gathered has been the catalysts for many disastrous defeats for the other Alliances.
  • Exclusive to Mammon:
    • As shrewd and cutthroat as she is maternal and genial, Mammon lends her financial aid to the Morningstar Battalion, helping them stretch their already near-bottomless funds even further. When not doing so, she brews all manner of potions and poisons for the troops to use. Mammon also struck up a friendship with the Leader of the 3rd Street Saints; as their sinful counterpart (Greed), Mammon was quite impressed by their ability to transform opponents into money via their Bling-based powers, a devastating and economical ability. She's given them hints on how best to invest their income to further fill their coffers...advice that comes at a modest fee, of course.
    • Despite her penchant for greed, Mammon is one of the more sympathetic sins: a mother stuck with a massive tab after her husband died/vanished, she needed some way to care for her myriad children. The vast amount of the money she's garnered through her cutthroat methods go to them. Despite the Sins' herald Maria Totsuka having given her a lecture on caring for her children herself, old habits die hard, and she still finds herself preying on the more gullible members of the Pantheon from time to time.
    • Mammon is only on reasonably good terms with Ban, the Fox's Sin of Greed. He was quite sympathetic to her circumstances and was happy to learn of how she genuinely cares for her children. However, the two did end up having a brief scuffle after Ban accidentally damaged (and intentionally stole) some her property. When Mammon caught up to him, Ban boasted that he'd endure any damage she could do to him: unfortunately, 'damage' wasn't what Mammon had in mind for him. Instead, she crammed a potion down his throat and 'hired' him to help look after her children. It took Meliodas pummeling Ban to snap him out of the effects of Mammon's hypnosis.
    • Mammon frequently works together with the Corpus, an organization that worships the very concept of profit. Through them, she has engaged in various money-making activities such as secretly being behind all of the extremely popular mass-marketing/merchandising (softcore porn pictures, statues/figurines, etc.) to the rabid fanbases of all nine of the Mortal Sins, including herself. However, they've also critisized her for occasionally losing by, for example, using only the best-quality materials for her merchandise, putting them financially in the red, so to speak, due to the losses from their manufacture and sale.
  • Exclusive to Beelzebub
    • The House of Food had a collective Oh, Crap! moment when it became known that another incarnation of Beelzebub had ascended into the Pantheon, Sure enough, the tiny demon lord showed up soon afterwards and proceeded to devour her way through enough food to feed a small army single-handedly... before throwing up and having to be carted away to the House of Health, so that she could be treated for a nasty case of indigestion. They learned from her that despite having a monstrous appetite and ability to pack away several times her own weight in food, an insatiable hunger doesn't translate to a truly bottomless belly. The very definition of gluttony, after all, is eating to excess. This was, as she described, her curse: she can eat and eat until her stomach hurts and she can't move or have another bite, and she never stops being hungry.
    • Offered medicine to help mitigate her cravings, however, Beelzebub was rather leery: it would likely negatively affect her standing among the Sins, and not having her appetite after spending eons with it would be... weird.
    • Poor Beelzebub is incredibly scared of her counterpart in the Lords of Chaos: her first encounter with the huge, hideous fly had quickly devolved into her running away in tears from him as he chased her around raining lightning bolts down around her. Lucifer, surprised that the usually-stoic Beelzebub had such a reaction, questioned her after the fact and learned the little demon's embarrassing secret. Pteronarcophobia: she is absolutely, positively terrified of flies. Overall, Beelzebub and the Lord of Chaos who shares her name have surprisingly little in common: whereas the Prince of Lies is characterized by his Undying Loyalty to the Great Darkness, Beelzebub is more concerned with eating well. Honestly, she considers the huge fly more gross than anything.
    • Beelzebub gets along very well with Merlin, the Boar's Sin of Gluttony. After explaining that the sin refers to her hunger for knowledge rather than food, Merlin expressed an interest in learning more about Beelzebub's capability to awaken the full potential power of her fellow demons. As a result, the two occasionally spend time together, talking about the differences in how their shared sin has defined them and, unsurprisingly, grabbing something to eat.
    • When not cooking for the GUAC's forces (or eating them out of house and home), Beelzebub makes use of her innate and unique ability to awaken the sleeping potential of demons that the Great Darkness deigns to reward. For their service in the Ragnarok incident, for example, the Dazzlings were rewarded with the ability to transform into their true Siren forms whenever they pleased and a massive boost to the the potency of their songs.
  • Exclusive to Belphegor:
    • Belphegor is... well, Belphegor. The Sin of Sloth usually can't even be arsed to get fully dressed, let alone get involved in the GUAC's war. She wasn't even part of the initial strike against the Lords, having lost interest in the middle of Lucifer's Rousing Speech and wandered off before all hell had broken loose. When a furious, thoroughly-bruised Lucifer confronted her for her desertion, Belphegor shrugged, pointing out that unlike the other Sins, she hadn't ended up getting beaten up. Another win for Sloth, and she didn't even have to do anything!
    • Despite the benefits afforded to the Sins under the employ of the GUAC, such as cleaning services for her room, Belphegor's abode still remains an appalling trash heap of candy wrappers, dirty clothes, empty bags of potato chips and discarded cartons of Chinese food. When an exasperated Mammon pointed out that all that was needed was a quick phone call to the GUAC's janitors, Belphegor whined that the phone was too far away: indeed, it was on her nightstand, juuuuust out of reach of her tail.
    • Ultimately, the GUAC demanded some form of input from the Sin of Sloth, and in order to make them stop pestering her Belphegor created a comprehensive VR training program for the Morningstar Battalion, an act that took her all of forty-five minutes. The Great Darkness was suitably astonished, and has dedicated a considerable amount of time trying to find a way to properly motivate Belphegor.
    • Belphegor takes her laziness very seriously: about the only time she'll willingly put in effort for anything is to make herself even more comfortable, and she will go to frankly incredible lengths for it. At point, she planted herself down by a river in the House of Beasts and refused to budge until she had caught a fish she thought would go well with her sake. It comes as no surprise that she found a kindred spirit in Robbie Rotten.
    • The closest Lord Belphegor has to a counterpart in the GUAC is Homura Akemi, and even then Homura represents Melancholy, not Sloth. Honestly, the two are barely aware of each other's existence: they didn't even fight during Lucifer's ill-fated coup due to, as mentioned above, Belphegor not even being there.
    • Belphegor is similarly disinterested in King, the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth. However, she has shown an interest in at least learning how he manages to levitate himself and his weapons, as it would allow her to fight without having to physically engage in combat. Although she was disappointed upon learning that King can't teach her his powers, the two remain on friendly terms.
    • When not in her room, Belphegor generally spends her time in the House of Gaming, trying to gather followers for her game world. Surprisingly, she's managed to befriend both the human and AI versions of Chiaki Nanami, both of whom share her love for video games. Although Belphegor remains rather apathetic to both of them, she doesn't mind hanging out with either of them as they don't force any work upon her.
  • Exclusive to Belial and Astaroth:
    • Despite being deified alongside the other seven, the two former members of the Sins Belial and Astaroth spend by far less time in the Pantheon than their fellow demon lords. That's not to say they're totally out of the loop: Belial couldn't help but smirk when she heard of Lucifer's failure. Astaroth meanwhile spends much of her time practicing guitar and working toward her next album: despite the melancholy nature of her songs, she has no shortage of fans, among them Koneko Toujou.
    • Belial was surprised to discover that there are others in the pantheon with the same name as her. She gets along quite well with Belial and Nebiros, both of whom are similarly demon lords and were looking for more "friends" for their adopted daughter Alice. Although rather creeped out by Alice herself, Belial strongly respects both demon lords for their genuine love of Alice and their desire to protect her. On the other hand, Belial strongly dislikes the Lord of Lies, as he not only reminds her of her own manipulative behavior in the past, but also because she feels that he's besmirching her name and giving her a bad reputation.
    • Astaroth was rather disturbed to discover that she had gained an Abhorrent Admirer in Lord Raptor, who had become infatuated with her because of her music and declared her to be yet another one of his "suitors". Fortunately, despite her incredible insecurity, she managed to fight him off with her scythe. Although she remains one of his targets, Belial and the other Sins have assured Astaroth that they'll protect her in case Raptor ever tries something again.
    • Despite not being part of the GUAC like the official sins, Astaroth has a counterpart Lord in Homura Akemi. The two are very alike in terms of motivation and attitude, though the Languid Diva was absolutely stunned to learn that Homura had betrayed the one who had shown her kindness for the sake of power: she'd never even dream of betraying Belial, and from what she heard Madoka was an absolute saint compared to the Demon Lord of Vanity. Upon hearing the full story from The Great Darkness, however...

Intermediate Gods

Azmodan, God Herald of the Seven Deadly Sins (the Greatest General of Hell, Lesser Evil of Sin, the TRUE Lord of Hell, Azmodunk, Lord of the Court)
  • Theme Song: Azmodan and his Boss theme.
  • Lesser Evil (in other words, Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: His face.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Adipose Rex, Wants to be the Prime Evil and usurp Diablo, Four-Star Badass, Fat Bastard, The Hedonist, Taunts to his enemies, alot, Jerkass, Large Ham, Super Arrogant due to being the representation of the seven sins, Lots of minions and resources, Fantastic Racism
  • Domains: Sin, Evil, Arrogance, Minions
  • Followers: The Fallen Heroes
  • Heralds: His Sin Lords, Cydaea, Maiden of Lust and Ghom, Lord of Gluttony. The rest haven't been mentioned until today.
  • Allies: Gul'dan, the House of Demons, the Koopalings, Pride, Lust, Father, The Old Gods (specifically Y'Shaarj), The Chaos Gods, especially Slaneesh and Khorne, Lord Jaraxxus
  • Sibling Rivalry with: Diablo
  • Weirded out by: Murky, Artanis
  • Rivals: Sans, Adria
  • Evil Counterpart to: Alphonse Elric
  • Enemies: The Nephalems, the majority of the House of Angels especially Tyrael, Billy Baston/Shazam, The Mane Six (Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity), Greed, Akeno Himejima (and by extension, Issei Hyodo and the ORC), Death (Darksiders), Sicily, Terrorblade, Meliodas, Uther the Lightbringer, Illidan Stormrage
  • Lesser Evil, Lord of Sin, Azmodan is basically the amalgamation of the Seven Deadly Sins: Greed, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, Envy and Gluttony. Placed in his minions and his most trusted Sin Lords, these sins is what comprises Azmodan's power and at the same time caused his downfall, especially against Diablo. Worse, his pride costed him his plans and himself, though this could be because he is the embodiment of the seven deadly sins.
    • After his death at the hands of the Nephalems, he was shortly ported back into Court of the Gods, where he was judged for his sinful ways. There, they placed him as the herald of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • As one of the brightest generals of Hell, he is highly regarded as a good tactician, although no one sees him doing such. This has given a trust issue with most tacticians around the Pantheon, as he also has the tendency to spill out the plans.
  • His anger immediately unfolded when he heard of the Nephalem's presence, sending unending minions and fireballs at the House of Prophecy. After the battle, Azmodan was forced to retreat back into his temple, seeing that there are surprisingly more powerful deities than what he can deal with.
    • His infuriation however reached peak levels when he saw Diablo's presence as well. While this will help settle their rivalry once and for all, he noticed that he already has a large amount of allies to help him when he decides to fight the Lord of Sin. With this discovery, he decided to leave him be, only when the time comes.
    • He has stated that it feels like a reunion in here, after seeing familiar faces of many kind, especially his sworn enemies.
    Azmodan: So many faces, so little time. My plans shall fall into their own fates.
    • For him however, he loves to gloat around Tyrael for sacrificing his anglehood to save humanity. Since this is the Pantheon however, the Angel can switch to being mortal and angel at will, given thanks to Cosmos. That doesn't stop The Lord of Sin to mock his actions.
    Azmodan: How does it feel like losing your position, for such worthless rewards. Such shame for you.
    Azmodan: You sound like a Fallen One.
    • The same thing can be said with Artanis since the latter thinks he is a zerg.
    Azmodan: Zerg? You fail to amuse me.
    • He thinks that Uther's plight to the light is worthless on his crusade. After all, he did extinguish him in the many battles of the Nexus just to prove it.
    Azmodan: Consider your Light...extinguished.
    • Worse, when he met the Nephalem Johanna, she kept on insisting that if they are fighting together, never reveal your plans. To add even further salt to the wound, almost every villain has reminded him to never overdo himself due to his General Failure tendencies. He's pretty much annoyed with her (and by extension, every villains') comments.
  • Has been training the Koopalings in the art of embracing the Seven Sins. While they "failed" most of Azmodan's tests, he is somewhat amused with their shenanigans and has shown that the Koopalings have a sin that they have mastered, Greed.
    • At the same time, he has become allies with the ascended Homunculi Pride, Lust and Father. All who are representations of their respective sins. They often go to Azmodan's temple, further increasing their power from sins done from Pantheon members and mortals alike. This has gotten Azmodan's attention and is considering to place them as his remaining heralds as replacements.
      • He considers Lust's looks veeeery distracting as he either contests which is better, Cydaea or Lust. Though the both of them are okay with Azmodan as their "master".
    • He became very disappointed with Greed after the latter's Heroic Sacrifice in order to reach a godly level. Because of this, he considers him a travesty to all sinners in the world.
    • There was also a time when Meliodas was going to be considered a herald for Wrath, until he saw his true side. To this day, he is still pissed for the former's motivation of good rather than evil (despite being a representation of wrath).
  • Is being considered for recruitment into the Burning Legion, commanded by none other than Lord Jaraxxus. He has politely accepted such offer and is willing to send reinforcements from Hell just to assist, though this could be a cover up to usurp Sargeras.
    • Illidan however saw this and has warned the GUAG of his plans, forcing Azmodan to "cover up" his plan. It didn't work to say the least.
  • Shazam has dreaded his existence as his title is a grave sign of his former fight against the Embodiment of Sin itself. Azmodan however, has other plans for the hero.
  • The rage he has against the Nephalems have extended to almost every single Nephilim in existence. So far, he has encountered three other nephilim inside Pantheon proper: Akeno Himejima, who met him in person and lost to him in a horrible way, Death, who proved him to be a great adversary, and Sicily, who can not only go toe to toe against him, but defeat him thanks to her magical-defense stats. He's not proud about the results, despite winning once.
    • This did however gave him the ire of Issei Hyodo and the rest of the Occult Reearch Club very quick after the incident with Akeno. Azmodan has been warned him several times to not mess with the Lord of Sin, or else.
    Azmodan: You dare test the Lord of Hell, boy. Because I think you have no idea what you are up against.
  • Warning to all who wish to fight him: Never fight him in Melee combat, as his powerful strikes can leave you vulnerable and his tanky health adds up the difficulty. On the other hand, ranged attacks can make him look like a joke.
  • The Mane Six are watching the Lord of Sin due to being the opposite reflections of Sin and Evil. This annoys Azmodan to a great degree, since he cannot corrupt them in anyway, unless he starts contacting aid from the Old Gods that is.
    • Alphonse Elric was even more shocked to hear an evil representation of him, due to containing all the 7 Great Virtues. Azmodan is not amused at the slightest. With that said, he's going to make his first strike on Alphonse in his to-do list.
  • He has been contacted once by Orc Warlock Gul'dan as a part of his ritual of binding demons. During the ritual, it didn't go so well for the Orc due to Azmodan taking over his body. However, after that incident, Gul'dan has commented that the power inside Azmodan was worth the price.
    • After his "visit", he was met with the Old Gods, who somehow read his mind and got interested with his motivations. Y'shaarj also made a deal that the demon couldn't resist, defeat Diablo with his help. The Lord of Sin reluctantly agreed, without thinking twice. His allies have been warning him of his actions, as it could lead to an even more embarrassing defeat.
  • The Chaos Gods have decided to recruit Azmodan as a Primach for their plans (some say that Tzeentch planned this). Slaneesh especially has been interested with his "sinful" actions. To say that Azmodan was quite pleased is a complete Understatement.
    • Khorne on the other hand has some interesting motives for Azmodan, though he is not going to give it away that easily. Tzeentch has revealed that the Chaos God of War is planning to use him as the next Angron. Time will tell if he will accept the offer.
  • Much like every demon in the Pantheon, Terrorblade has placed him on his kill list. However, the only confusion that both him and Terrorblade share is their voices. It almost becomes hilarious when they even attempt to use Large Hams against each other, someting that irritates both of them so easily.
  • While his plans during the Diablo-verse were albeit stupid for most villains, the biggest mistake Azmodan committed was that he was a Great Evil by default after Belial's death and have been the true Lord of Hell if he stayed, which was his objective all along. There, many villains also noticed how he fell: Greed.
  • Azmodan's attacks consist of a large long-range behemoth firball called Globe of Annihilation, a laser-like beam that deals heavy longing damage on a certain range, summoning of Demonic Lieutenants, and a wave of minions on the target's corners. All these attacks, and Azmodan can ruin your day, in any way.
    Azmodan: Boom shakalaka...
  • Also has a spot on the Great Triad at the House of Religion and Faith.
  • "You thought you were so clever...".

Beelzebub, Demon Prince and Lord of the Flies note  (The Right Hand of Darkness, Wicked King, Fly of the Dead, Prince of Lies, Gozutennou, Baal, Baal Zebul, Belzaboul, Takajo Zett, Zebul, Beelzebu)
Beelzebub's typical form.
Click herefor Baal Zebul
Click here for Baal, his true form
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Baal)
  • Symbol: His staff with his wings coming out of it
  • Theme Music: Beelzebub
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (as Beelzebub/Baal/Baal Zebub), Chaotic Good (as Zebul/Takajo Zett), Lawful Evil (as Beelzebu)
  • Portfolio: Demonic Lord Of The Flies, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Shock and Awe, Dark Is Evil, The Worm That Walks, Demonized Old God, Once Being A Sexy Dominatrix, Sinister Angel As Beelzebu, Dark Skinned Human and Deity Forms
  • Domains: Insects, Darkness, Filth, Gluttony, Godhood, Lightning
  • Interested in: Shino Aburame, Agitha, Midora, the Deviljho and Gluttony
  • Allies: Lucifer, and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, the other Beelzebub, the other Beelzebub, Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi, Yu Narukami, Ren Amamiya, Flynn, Tadano Hitonari, Dracula, Gul'dan, Fraudrin, Nurgle, Typhus, Beelzemon, Beetlejuice, Stratos
  • Enemies: YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Misty, Ragnaros the Firelord, Flynn, Spawn, spider gods, The Radiance, the Hall of Angels, Malthael
  • Weirded out by: Ren Hoek
  • Next to the Devil himself, Beelzebub is the most well-known demon. The demonized form of a Philistine god worshiped in Ekron, often referred to as Baal Zabul in his true form, he is seen as a demon associated with flies. Usually seen either as one of the devil's alias, his right hand man or the demon who rules over the sin of gluttony. Whatever the form, this Beelzebub serves as The Dragon to the bringer of chaos, Lucifer.
  • Ascended soon after the creation of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos by urging of his master. Out of all of the Forces of Chaos, he is the closest Lucifer can call a 'right-hand fly'; Beelzebub is fiercely loyal to the Morning Star. Though his true loyalties lie with Lucifer, Beelzebub is willing to work with those who either A) defeat him in combat and thus prove they deserve to command him, or B) show a sufficient dedication to the ways of Chaos. As such, he fought alongside Dracula himself on a whim on one occasion.
  • Was one of the demons present for the creation of the Demi-Fiend; he will be the first one to praise Naoki's power, as he witnessed it firsthand during their match together. Beelzebub later tried to convince Set to join the cause of chaos, pointing out they are both demonized deities. Set turned it down, saying that while he relates to his fate he isn't interested in the factions of law and chaos. Yes he's a chaotic deity, but not consummately so.
  • Not the only Beelzebub, however he states to be the original. Here are some interactions with other Lords of the Flies.
    • Not technically Beelzebub, but heavily based on him is Beelzemon. Already an ally of Lucifer, he is pleasantly surprised to learn that Beelzemon is willing to work with him. He found they share gluttony, but for the biker it's not hunger for food but hunger for power, something he is fine with.
    • A cuter female Beelzebub is the Token Good Teammate of the Seven Mortal Sins, driven by Horror Hunger and lacks the excess of the fly. Gets along less with him, but he's fond of the girl in his own way. There's another cute female Beelzebub that he's fond of as well
    • Baby Beel shows promise for Beelzebub, however this is a family name of the Sin Lords of Gluttony. This might mean he is a descendant, but the Lord of the Flies is silent on his ultimate ambition for the child.
    • Not explicit, but in addition to being a Satanic Archetype Betelguese takes many traits of the Lord of the Flies; similar name, is filthy and associated with bugs. Beelzebub likes his style.
  • People assumed Stratos of the Sumeragi Swordsmen was him in human form, based on gluttony when it comes to his team's Seven Deadly Sins due to being experimented upon by Sumeragi. This comes with a strong fly motif, his powers and personality: Stratos can transform into swarms of fly-like particles that can break down any and all matter, and as a guy with a truly insatiable hunger he uses it to devour anything in sight of him. He was even called the "Lord of the Flies". Though they aren't one in the same, the sheer amount of similarities led the true Lord of the Flies to be instantly fond of the guy and Stratos is one of his favorites in the pantheon.
  • Most dissapointed by the lack of fly deities in the House of Insects. He really doesn't like the Radiance, partly for reminding him of YHVH but also because of the spanner in the works her plagues would cause due to their impact on insect life. And she would welcome subjugating one of Lucifer's top generals to her own cause. He was pleasantly surprised elsewhere to learn the bug fascination of Agitha and the power over bugs by Shino Aburame, however they aren't interested in whatever he might try to sell.
  • Misty has refused to go anywhere near the Beast House ever since Beelzebub's ascension, by virtue of him being a fly the size of a tank with a penchant for electric spells and rapid maggot infestation. Beelzebub stays out of the House of Fire and Heat upon Rangaros' ascension, due to his desire to burn INSECTS!
  • Has an interest in the House of Food, due to his role as a demon of gluttony. Pac-Man would rather be left alone, but Midora, Gluttony and the Deviljho are alright with him showing up. Pennywise is amused by the fear Beelzebub could bring and his demonic nature, but otherwise ignores what Lucifer's faction is doing because he's content being a sadistic Child Eater For the Evulz.
  • A god of filth as much as gluttony, Beelzebub is a good friend of Papa Nurgle. He sides with the forces of chaos, though Nurgle isn't ideologically interested in the fly's cause. Lucifer is trying to get his right hand fly to stop seeing the Chaos God as the fact he represents stagnation and decay makes him diametrically opposed to Lucifer's vision of a dynamic changing world.
  • Welcome in the Hall of Diseases. Obviously not liked in the rest of the House of Health and Diseases, given his power over plagues. Anton Arcane often associates with flies, so he'd like to get Beelzebub's favor. However his interests don't give him any favor from the Lord of the Flies.
  • Despite the lack of affiliation to Chaos with some of the other SMT protagonists, he is willing to serve them… under certain circumstances. One of these requirements include assuming they are strong enough to be worthy of summoning him, capable of summoning his human form and various devils for fusions, and submitting to the "devilish" nature of a single individual.
    • Both Makoto and Kotone know of the shady businessman by the name of Tanaka.
    • Yu knows of a lustful nurse in a part-time job at the Inaba Municipal Hospital.
    • With Ren, who is more chaotic than the former three, Beelzebub is much more pleased about serving him. Still, he required making a pact with an "devilish" individual, in the Thief's case a paparazzi.
    • Also known to fight alongside Flynn and Tadano, but will only do so after he's been bested in battle first. That's not an easy task.
  • Though Beelzebub's traditional appearance is that of a giant fly, he has shown a series of other forms;
    • There's Baal Zebul, a blue humanoid who sometimes becomes even more grotesque as a gigantic, hideous rotting corpse riddled with maggots. This form is how he was first introduced to Dracula, as he believes his opposition to God and connection to Chaos makes him a valuable asset to the GUAC.
    • Then there's Beelzebu, a Fallen Angel like the Goetia(who also fit the "demonized gods" role). Though his goals are already antithetical to the GUAC, Malthael is a figure of fear in this state as he could coaxed him into a full angel against his will by the power of Order. Beelzebu consumes demon souls for power, which will help Malthael bring law and order to the world. In turn Pazuzu fears this form for consuming his soul for power.
    • On one occasion he was a woman in dominatrix gear, and likes watching people try to figure that one out. In this form, she wishes to merge the demon and human world into one, and gives magical powers to men she fancies on a whim, or manipulate Lucifer's kin without his knowledge. The "sexy fly dominatrix" is only a form he shows in the pantheon within the House of Love and Affection.
    • Probably his strangest incarnation is a white penguin with fly wings wearing a tuxedo. Nobody gets that one. Absolutely nobody. But his true form is in fact Baal, a high-ranking Caananite deity.
  • Being a big-ass fly, even if he is a demon, Beelzebub comes off a delectable treat for any spider deity. As such, he stays the hell away from the House of Arthropods. He is straight up terrified of Ungoliant. Melkor didn't know how to feel about this; amusement at one of Lucifer's top dogs cowed by a former ally, or rather not wanting to get involved given Ungoliant was the only force of evil he feared and tried to eat him.
  • No one has dared ask him if he has a devil put aside for Freddie Mercury. Or how he responds to Ren, under Space Madness, threatening to lick a fly. That was too weird even for Beelzebub, and he initially thought that Ren Hoek was some sort of malformed mosquito.

    Morrigan and Lilith Aensland 
Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Goddesses of Succubi

Pazuzu, God of Demonic Possession (Fazuzu, Pazuza, Captain Howdy, The Devil, Regan MacNeil, The Gemini Killer, Ooga Booga, Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms, King of the Wind Demons, Demon Lord of the Sky and Winged Creatures)

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