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Known as the "fiery pits of the Outerworld", the Demons House is very lethal to anyone not following "the Devil's Contract". Whether to humongous beasts to even the smallest fiery beings, they are welcome. Diablo is a very respected figure in this House and he often comes here to plan his battles against the angels. That said, the Fear subhouse is also connected so be warned of the nightmares around.


Due to a set of RRRURRRRRRRRRRRUS set forth by Scanty and Kneesocks, any kind of angel found in this House will be taken down immediately. The sole exception to this is Stocking Anarchy, though the two demon sisters don't know about this. Even then are the demons wary of her, for justified reasons.

Illidan Stormrage has been banned from this house after trying to kill most of the demons that reside here. A petition by Satan was signed as a result, banning the Demon Hunter from entering this subhouse until further notice. However, should many demons get out of control, they will send him to exterminate the threat even with the petition.

Rosemary Woodhouse also avoids this house given her own experience.

Despite the contrary, these demons do not play the fiddle nor do they go down to Georgia to steal souls.


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    The Beast 
The Beast, God of Large Red Devils (Abaddon, Azal, Satan, Krop Tor, Lucifer, The King of Despair, The Deathless Prince, The Bringer of Night)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Red eyes surrounded by glyphs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Exists as long as there is evil in the hearts of existence, the mind of the Beast can never be destroyed, The Beast possesses telekinesis, technopathy and telepathy, It existed before the universe
  • Domains: Rage, Fire, Evil, Sin, Eternity
  • High Priest: Asmodeus
  • Allies: Satan, Melkor, Nyarlathotep, Nightmare Moon, Mr. Scratch, Randall Flagg, Mard Geer.
  • Enemies: The Doctor, Rose Tyler, Cosmos, Madoka Kaname, Philemon, every good aligned Deity in the Pantheon.
  • Opposed by: Gul'dan
  • Long ago The Beast was sealed into a planet orbiting a black hole by the good aligned members of the Main House though unknown to them the mind of The Beast separated from it's body, and it was thought permanently sealed in a black hole by the actions of The Doctor but unknown to them Satan has used his future acolytes to summon The Beast here in the Pantheon and bind it to Satan allowing him to use it in his plans to battle Lucifer and The Great Will
  • Satan also plans to use it to secure The Great Will's throne when The Pantheonic Rebellion happens.
  • It hates it's position under Satan's control but begrudgingly follows his orders as it is thankful to be removed from its prison and will ally with Satan for now.
  • Though it wishes to bring darkness to all, it has shown respect for Melkor as it believes him to be something similar to an older brother wanting to work with him in his schemes.
  • One of the few that knows of Nyarlathotep's actions and watches with great interest, though it is quick to remind him that while he is evil formed from men's hearts, The Beast is what causes all the evils to exist in the hearts and minds of almost every sentient being in almost every form of existence outside of Melkor's main dominion. And that without it Evil would have never entered the Hearts of Man in the first place.
  • Strangely supports Nightmare Moon's plans as it too wants eternal night.
  • It is known as an inspiration for many War Gods and Devil figures in every religion in the universe outside of Earth.
  • Since it's arrival, The Doctor is trying to work with many good aligned Gods to defeat it once again, though it claims in return:
    "I am The Rage and The Vile and The Voracity. I am The Prince and The Fallen. I am The Enemy, I am The Sin and The Fear and The Darkness. I shall never die."
    • The Beast holds a grudge against The Doctor and Rose Tyler for their parts in foiling its escape, promising to make them suffer for an eternity and was reportedly quite amused at their separation on the mortal coil, it was less amused however by their reunion in the Pantheon.
  • Is able to control the minds of many mortals at once like it did with The Ood, one of The Doctor's allies, Ood Sigma is naturally wary of it for this reason.
    • An arguably more terrifying ability of The Beast is its almost supernatural ability to know of its victims darkest secrets and futures and then use them to get into their heads and unnerve them. Experts of the Pantheon are unable to decide whether this ability is an extension of its ability to telepathically possess individuals and groups or if it is just extremely well versed in psychology.
  • Agrees with Satan's views on humanity as The Beast treats human beings as nothing more than pathetic, fearful monkeys that are no danger to it.
  • To those that it possesses, he gives them the ability to breathe in space, breath fire, telekinesis, when he reveals himself the body's eyes go red and glyphs appear on the person's face, these glyphs are untranslatable even by The TARDIS.
  • It claims that even if its body were to be destroyed it will never die claiming
    "The thought of me is forever: in the bleeding hearts of men, in their vanity, obsession, and lust! Nothing shall ever destroy me! NOTHING!"
  • It acknowledges that in its universe there is someone named Sutekh, it seems to enjoy using the words of Sutekh as to It they sound similar, It has been caught saying to its enemies when called evil:
    "Evil? Your evil is my good. I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread, I leave nothing but dust and darkness I find that good!"
  • Is impressed with the ascension of Mard Geer, noting that the young Underworld King is completely right in his beliefs that humanity is even lower than bugs on the totem pole.
  • Claiming to be the source of the idea of the Devil, The Beast has interest in Melkor's position of the official God of Evil and Satanic Archetype. It hasn't really gotten anywhere, and the two get along regardless.
  • Not on very good terms with the Warlock Gul'dan. The reason for this is that, apparently, He reminds him too much of the Titan Sargeras and it became worse when the orc discovered that Sargeras was one of his High Priests.

Samael, Archangel of Divinely Appearing Demons (Lucifer Morningstar, The Lightbringer, Satan)

Sargeras, Unholy Leader of the Demonic Legions (The Dark Titan, The Lord of the Burning Legion, God of Fel and Flame, The Daemon Lord, The Destroyer of Worlds, The Evil One, The Fallen, The Great Enemy of all life, The Great One, The Ravager of Worlds, The Defender, Dark One)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Burning Legion's Crest
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but sees himself as Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extra, Badass Beard, Big Bad, Enemy to All Living Things, Fallen Hero, Flaming Hair, Greater-Scope Villain, He Who Fights Monsters, Wants to destroy the universe as the only way to save it, Magma Man, Omnicidal Maniac, Satanic Archetype, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Domains: Demons, Invasion, Legions, Destruction, Oblivion, Fel Magic
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • The fabled Dark Titan, Sargeras is a feared entity among the inhabitants of Azeroth by the sheer fact that he is obsessed with reaching the planet. In the past, Sargeras was a benevolent champion of the Titans and a force of the Light, until fighting too many demons broke him down and after learning from a group of Nathrezim about the Void Lords and their corruption of the planets by way of the Old Gods corruption, he lost it. With that, Sargeras started a crusade to annihilate everything in existence, freeing the demons he imprisoned and turning on against his fellow titans. He believes that only destroying the whole universe will save creation from the grasp of the Void Lords.
  • Commands the Burning Legion, which is responsible for ravaging countless worlds and turning them into fel infested wastelands. For a long time, he wanted to do the same to Azeroth but their inhabitants have been able to prevent most attempts at him reach the planet, in truth he only desires the Titan Soul of the planet and wants to make her belong to him, in a rather twisted and uncharacteristic display of love towards someone. Many of his old gambits from him and his underlings have totally failed, like Illidan's betrayal, the Scourge turning on him and Kil'jaeden and the Champions of Azeroth reviving the Pantheon, who promptly imprisoned him.
  • He feels rather uncomfortable to belong to a Pantheon again, even if this pantheon is unrelated to the one in Azeroth (They also go by "The Titans") but Sargeras still intends to carry on his plan of conquering and bringing forth oblivion. Of course, many of the old problems once again arose with the presence of certain people like Illidan, Alleria Windrunner, Turalyon and even the Scourge opposing him, not to mention the Old Gods of Azeroth being present as well, which sent the mad Titan into a fit of rage so destructive the House of Demons was pouring Fel Magic for over a week.
    • Unfortunately, the GUAD didn't waste time and offered him a high spot among them. There were a few problems before he officially joined, like the presence of Deathwing and Ragnaros, servants of the Old Gods and enemies of the Burning Legion, but in the end, he decided to be pragmatic and join forces with them for a common cause. That said, he will go after them the moment the GUAD is no more.
  • He obviously mirrors Satan's role, although he is more of a universal one and there are also other dangerous entities in his universe that rivals him in terms of power. He quickly made good allies with several demonic entities such as Diablo, Aku, The Inkwell Isles Devil and many incarnations of Satan. They don't share his rather dubiously well-intentioned desire for the destruction of all creation but they don't want to risk being on his bad side.
  • The more strange alliance Sargeras made was with none other than Zamasu, the infamous Kai who in a rather humorous twist of events, is actually very similar to the fallen titan in a lot of aspects such as being former divine entities who lost their way after being exposed to the corruption of their universe and promptly deciding to end all creation as a result. Their appearance may be different, but Zamasu might as well be another Satanic Archetype in a divine appearance and many denizens of the pantheon were horrified to learn that he managed to find a very powerful ally.
  • Because of the sheer might of the Burning Legion, very few people are willing to challenge it. But there was one who left a big impression in the Dark Titan and that would be The Doomguy. He is no stranger to slaughtering demons but when he heard about Sargeras and him challenging any mortal to see if they dared face his wrath, the marine wasted no time in entering his domain and slaughtered a high amount of demons in his path until he came face to face with the Dark Titan himself. He even managed to wound him but couldn't do much to follow up since Sargeras almost destroyed the whole temple they were residing but thankfully he was stopped by a GUAG intervention. This event reminds the deities of Azeroth about the Legend of Broxigar the Red, an orc whose tale was very similar to the events that unfolded there.
  • While the world of Azeroth doesn't have angels per se, The Burning Legion has faced opposition by the agents and wielders of the Light, particularly the Naaru and its followers. Even then, he has come to blows with the fellow house of Angels since Fel Magic can easily corrupt those who are pure beings of light and they won't stand for that. Imperius, being the head of The Armies of Heaven has made his goal to take down Sargeras and finds him no different from how his brother Malthael ended up, possibly worse. What enrages the angel the most is how similar both Imperius and the Dark Titan sound.
  • Hates any group of deities who fights for order and preservation and it's not strange that Sargeras became an enemy of YHVH, although in this case, the side of order isn't as good as the one in Azeroth. Sargeras aims to destroy the GUAL in time, even thinking that YHVH is even worse than the Titans were.
    • One would think given their similar stories that both Sargeras and Lucifer would get along but that's hardly the case. For once, Lucifer is content with not destroying all creation and prefers to stick with Chaos. The Dark Titan on his part is severely disappointed.
  • There is another entity that he seeks to destroy, the fallen Xel'naga Amon. While at first, one would think that given their similar backgrounds as fallen deities and even similar voices would make them allies, Sargeras sees Amon as no different from the minions of the Void Lords and wouldn't hesitate to terminate Amon as well. This left a rather conflicting opinion on the deities of the Kropulu Sector who don't know if Sargeras opposing Amon is a good thing or just leave the two to fight each other.
  • Has received a lot of opposition from other demons who are more aligned towards good, something that Sargeras finds strange but won't hesitate to imprison them like he used to do back when he was the Champion of the Pantheon. Then there were the Demon Hunters, who have been a thorn in his side for a very long time and this time they are more diverse than just the Fel-infused followers of Illidan. He still expects to crush them like the bugs they are.

Greater Gods

Fortinbras, The Lord of Demons (The God of Light, The King of the Genma, The Demon King, The Man in White, The White Serpent)
  • Theme Song: Fortinbras, The Final Battle
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Omen Star
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Breaths fire, Can summon tornadoes, The current Demon King of the Genma, Can shoot Laser beams, Can use lightning as well, The size of his true form, Light Is Not Good, What his human form looks like.
  • Domains: Light, Creation, Demons, Evil, Godhood
  • Allies: Father Balder, Satan, Shinnok, Oda Nobunaga, Darkseid, Dormammu, Mundus, Chakravartin, Mard Geer, Gul'dan, Diablo
  • Enemies: Dante, Bayonetta, Liu Kang, Asura, Many Gods originating from Sengoku Period, Amaterasu.
  • He created The Demonic Race known as The Genma and he created the Genma to thrive and do as they please. It is further revealed that he also created the human race, afterwards, as mere fodder for the Genma to feast and enslave upon. At the time Fortinbras was the true ruler of his entire world and universe.
  • He has a weaker Avatar and this creature had worked a deal with Oda Nobunaga to help him take down Samanosuke Akechi and rule the world only for this form to be destroyed by Samanosuke. He still uses this form from time to time to us a part of his power to deal with weaker foes.
  • He also has a form known as The Man in White, a human form that is a man with blond hair, a white suit and a yellow pocket watch. He often uses this form when wanting to speak to other villains directly without the use of his third form.
  • His third form is his true form as The White Serpent, which is his largest and most powerful form. This is what he uses when he decides to use his full strength to defeat his enemies.
  • Has plans to use his Genma in collusion with other beings to make Humanity back into their original role as food to the demons.
  • Has known to have worked with an Oda Nobunaga in the past and has attempted to ally with the one in The Pantheon. Apparently, Nobunaga grew too powerful and Escaped from Hell, taking the form of his normal sword-shotgun using warlord. Fortinbras was impressed on this one and occasionally lent part of his powers for Nobunaga if he felt like summoning a legion from hell.
  • Enjoys Satan's company as he agrees with his views on Humanity, he also believes that Humanity is only good as a food source nothing more. He similarly agrees with Mard Geer's view of them being less than bugs, though he does draw the line at killing them off wherever they are, due to the fact the Genma need them to feed.
  • Is not fond of Demonic Hybrids due to the interfering actions of one known as Soki. It is one of the reasons he dislikes Dante and Sebastian Michaelis.
  • He is bemused by the fact that he sounds like Sosuke Aizen.
  • He has often appeared before many Demons in this house and other parts of The Pantheon to embrace their true nature and rule over humanity, he is often as willing to destroy those that do not (as he believes) accept their true nature. Other times he just wants others to kneel before "The Almighty God of Light" and proclaim his name.
  • Due to the differences between his realm's Creation Myth and other realms that have a Sengoku Period within, Fortinbras came to blows with Amaterasu, who was a protector of humanity and absolutely against his idea of what mankind constitutes. For the most part, Fortinbras refused to acknowledge Amaterasu and every of her kin, and he wanted to make sure that it is his definition of man that is accepted throughout the heart of mankind, that they're just foods for the Genma. Naturally, everyone from Shinto origins are opposing him. Perhaps one day, a godly battle to decide the fate of Japan would occur between the two...
  • At the very least, Fortinbras also gained a more recent alliance with the Lord of Terror, Diablo, and the Prime Evils. In addition to Fortinbras liking the word 'evil' plastered on him, Diablo also shared his views of mankind: They were their spawns, and they're just tools for whatever they planned, be it foods or assaulting High Heavens... though Fortinbras had no idea about 'heaven', he was the sole deity of his realm.

    The Godhand 
Void, Conrad, Ubik and Slan, Unholy Quartet of Devils Without Peer (The Godhand, The Archangels)
Void, First of the Godhand
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Grima, God of Demonic Dragons (The Fell Dragon, Gimle, The Hierophant, The Creation)
  • Greater God, potential Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Mark of Grima
  • Theme Songs: Id~Dilemma, Id~Darkness, and Monstrosity in Echoes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Dark Is Evil, Dystopia Justifies the Means, Death by Irony, Not Quite a God of Evil, Giant Flyer, Kill All Humans, Our Dragons Are Different, Our Homunculi Are Different, You Can't Fight Fate, Ultimate Life Form.
  • Domains: Evil, Dragons, Darkness.
  • Followers: Validar, the Grimeal, Seath the Scaleless
  • Allies: Melkor, Hades, Omega (only because he sees potential in him), Metal Sonic (same as Omega), Satan, Nagash the Undying, Acnologia, Nightmare, Soul Edge, The Gravemind of the Flood, Phazon, [[Sources of Power}} Dark Samus]], Deathwing, Nefarian
  • Enemies: All the members of the GUAG, Shinryu, Alextreszia, Bahamut, Cosmos, Caim, Sigurd, Marth, Dovahkiin, ROBIN, Chrom, Lucina, Arturia Pendragon, Squigly, Filia, Nozdormu, Alice.
  • Ascended after his death by the hands of the Shepherds and wound up here.
  • No one quite knows exactly what Grima is or where he came from, but some speculate he is the last of the Earth Dragons and wants to avenge Dragonkind's decline by killing mankind. Either his way plans are bad for the majority of the Pantheon.
  • Now no longer having the Robin of the future to possess, Grima is reduced to using Validar as a vessel in a more ineffective fashion.
  • Hates Cosmos with a passion, due to her reminding him too much of his mortal enemy, the Divine Dragon, Naga.
  • Grima's true human form is unknown, the reason he doesn't use one is unknown.
  • Has a lot in common with Loptyr including relying on a human Soul Jar, and being Naga's Arch-Enemy, leaving many to speculate on their relation.
  • He finds Melkor to be an interesting conversational partner, and they often speak of many subjects. Melkor is potentially the only one who knows just what Grima plans to do.
  • Finds Hades' working with souls an interesting subject, and the two work together to create even more powerful Underworld warriors and Risen.
  • He finds Omega and Metal Sonic to be extremely interesting gods, and has apparently taken both as potentially allies. Supposedly, he intends to use them in the grand scheme of his plans, especially in the Kill All Humans part.
  • Is considered the Evil Counterpart to Bahamut, and he plans to destroy him and Shinryu, due to Shinryu believing him to be an usurper to the rivalry between the Dragon Gods.
    • It is said when the end of Pantheon arrives, the forces of Bahamut and Grima will battle each other, the skies will become clouded with darkness, torn asunder by fire and lightning, and the three dragons will face each other for the dominance of all dragonkind, living and dead.
  • Grima can only truly die by his own power. A weapon made from an opposing dragon or a true god, like Falchion, the Master Sword, or Excalibur, can only seal him. Anything less than that will only hurt him.
    • To prove it, he dared ASURA to hit him with his strongest attack. Asura obliged, engaging him in battle with his Destructor form. Despite being reduced to a pile of bones and torn flesh, Grima STILL survived, though he needed Hades' help in putting himself back together.
    • Being able to be killed by his own power also had the downside of allowing Robin to kill him via Heroic Sacrifice, though since both are now in the Pantheon and Robin no longer has any of Grima's influence on him/her, it remains to be seen whether this loophole still holds. Grima certainly isn't willing to risk it twice.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he and Marth have never met, thus he scoffed at Marth's ascension. He holds a similar opinion of Dovahkiin, saying that he was but a barbarian that doesn't understand what a true dragon can do. On the subject of getting his soul eaten:
    "I fear no mortal save one. If he dares to, I will simply destroy him from the inside out."
    • On the other hand, his reaction to Robin's ascension was considerably less dismissive. Helps that he is said mortal.
    • On the other other hand, he was rather pissed to learn that Robin got invited to the fourth Smash tournament, bringing Lucina and Chrom along with him/her, and not him.
    • With Lucina's ascension, he now just thinks that the universe is out to make him as angry as possible.
    • It turns out Grima has met Alm and Celica in the past, back when Grima was merely the size of a "normal" dragon like Duma. Ultimately, Alm's Falchion proved just as effective at putting Grima to sleep as Archanea's eventually would, delaying Grima's ascension for some time. This has made Grima wary of the Valentian heroes, should either or both of them ascend to the Pantheon.
    • They Have and as lesser gods no less. What was now firmly thought is now full blown belief. The Universe is out to get him.
  • Was deeply angered upon learning that Alexstrasza had ascended and joined forces with Bahamut, due to the fact she reminds him far too much of Naga as well, particularly her status as a Hope Bringer. Her launching a direct attack upon him was enough to, while not kill him, make him even angrier.
    Grima: 'Purifying flame?' Your power is nothing to one who has cheated death itself. I am the one true dragon god, immortal, the greatest of all. I will crush you, show you just how pathetic your 'hope' is, and make you see all you ever hope to achieve was worthless!
    • To this end, he intends to join in The Pantheonic Rebellion, forming an alliance with Satan to crush them once and for all. He intends to bring both Omega and Metal Sonic into this as well.
  • Has recently formed an alliance with the newly ascended Nagash the Undying, God of the Undead, due to their similar portfolios. Such an alliance has many of the Pantheon on alert, given their aptitude for Necromancy and sheer power. Grima has even expressed some thought at allowing Nagash to serve as the general of his Risen armies, in exchange for his goodwill and loyalty.
  • Is one of only a few dragon deities (along with Deathwing) that Acnologia respects, partially because the latter can't kill the former by conventional means, and partly for their shared opinions on non-dragons.
  • Has an eerie fascination with The Flood and seeks to make contact with its Gravemind for some reason.
    • Has similarly taken an interest in the mutagen substance known as Phazon for its mutating and strengthening abilities, and has begun to communicate with its voice, Dark Samus, alongside the Gravemind. The three of them have apparently been considering a full-out alliance, to the horror of most of the Pantheon.
    • Acts unusually friendly with Deathwing and considers him one of his closest friends. Apparently Grima believes they have a lot in common; this furthers speculation on his true origin.
      • Is currently working on his barrel rolls with the Destroyer, having been intriqued by the concept, ever since the two reminisced about how they were originally slain in a bar.
  • Is positively paranoid about Divine Dragons infiltrating the Pantheon to get him. Grima believes Shinryu and Reshiram are secretly Divine Dragons sent to assassinate him due to his paranoia, the former's title, and the latter's fluffyness.
  • Lucifer is amused by Grima's persistence of You Can't Fight Fate, mentioning that every small change in an event can have a big impact just as much as an earth-shaking one, and that his plans being disrupted or outright foiled proves how little he understands, especially since destiny is something only those who follow Law believe in so fiercely. Grima denies his statement, and refuses to accept that fate can be changed. And he has no problems personally getting involved to ensure that.
  • "I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the Fell Dragon, Grima."

HIM, God of Demonic Camp (His Infernal Majesty, King of Darkness, The Evillest of Evils, Kare)

    Satan (Shin Megami Tensei
Satan, Divine Representation Of Demons Serving Heaven's Cause (God's Judge, Mr. Suzuki, Zayin, Dredalus, Merkabah: God's Chariot: Merkabah, Gabby, Four Archangels, God's Scapegoat: Lucifer, Hikaru, God's Arbiter, Primal Angel)
God's Arbiter Form.
God's Judge Form
God's Chariot Merkabah 
God's Scapegoat Lucifer 

Intermediate Gods

Azmodan, God Herald of the Seven Deadly Sins (the Greatest General of Hell, Lesser Evil of Sin, the TRUE Lord of Hell, Azmodunk, Lord of the Court)
  • Theme Song: Azmodan and his Boss theme.
  • Lesser Evil (in other words, Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: His face.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Adipose Rex, Wants to be the Prime Evil and ursurp Diablo, Four-Star Badass, Fat Bastard, The Hedonist, Taunts to his enemies, alot, Jerkass, Large Ham, Super Arrogant due to being the representation of the seven sins, Lots of minions and resources, Fantastic Racism
  • Domains: Sin, Evil, Arrogance, Minions
  • Followers: All non-ascended Homunculi, The Fallen Heroes
  • Heralds: His Sin Lords, Cydaea, Maiden of Lust and Ghom, Lord of Gluttony. The rest haven't been mentioned until today.
  • Allies: Gul'dan, the House of Demons, the Koopalings, Pride, Lust, Father, The Old Gods (specifically Y'Shaarj), The Chaos Gods, especially Slaneesh and Khorne, Lord Jaraxxus
  • Sibling Rivalry with: Diablo
  • Weirded out by: Murky, Artanis
  • Rivals: Sans, Adria
  • Evil Counterpart to: Alphonse Elric
  • Enemies: The Nephalems, the majority of the House of Angels especially Tyrael, Billy Baston/Shazam, The Mane Six (Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity), Greed, Akeno Himejima (and by extension, Issei Hyodo and the ORC), Death (Darksiders), Sicily, Terrorblade, Meliodas, Uther the Lightbringer, Illidan Stormrage
  • Lesser Evil, Lord of Sin, Azmodan is basically the amalgamation of the Seven Deadly Sins: Greed, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, Envy and Gluttony. Placed in his minions and his most trusted Sin Lords, these sins is what comprises Azmodan's power and at the same time caused his downfall, especially against Diablo. Worse, his pride costed him his plans and himself, though this could be because he is the embodiment of the seven deadly sins.
    • After his death at the hands of the Nephalems, he was shortly ported back into Court of the Gods, where he was judged for his sinful ways. There, they placed him as the herald of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • As one of the brightest generals of Hell, he is highly regarded as a good tactician, although no one sees him doing such. This has given a trust issue with most tacticians around the Pantheon, as he also has the tendency to spill out the plans.
  • His anger immediately unfolded when he heard of the Nephalem's presence, sending unending minions and fireballs at the House of Prophecy. After the battle, Azmodan was forced to retreat back into his temple, seeing that there are surprisingly more powerful deities than what he can deal with.
    • His infuriation however reached peak levels when he saw Diablo's presence as well. While this will help settle their rivalry once and for all, he noticed that he already has a large amount of allies to help him when he decides to fight the Lord of Sin. With this discovery, he decided to leave him be, only when the time comes.
    • He has stated that it feels like a reunion in here, after seeing familiar faces of many kind, especially his sworn enemies.
    Azmodan: So many faces, so little time. My plans shall fall into their own fates.
    • For him however, he loves to gloat around Tyrael for sacrificing his anglehood to save humanity. Since this is the Pantheon however, the Angel can switch to being mortal and angel at will, given thanks to Cosmos. That doesn't stop The Lord of Sin to mock his actions.
    Azmodan: How does it feel like losing your position, for such worthless rewards. Such shame for you.
    Azmodan: You sound like a Fallen One.
    • The same thing can be said with Artanis since the latter thinks he is a zerg.
    Azmodan: Zerg? You fail to amuse me.
    • He thinks that Uther's plight to the light is worthless on his crusade. After all, he did extinguish him in the many battles of the Nexus just to prove it.
    Azmodan: Consider your Light...extinguished.
    • Worse, when he met the Nephalem Johanna, she kept on insisting that if they are fighting together, never reveal your plans. To add even further salt to the wound, almost every villain has reminded him to never overdo himself due to his General Failure tendencies. He's pretty much annoyed with her (and by extension, every villains') comments.
  • Currently, he is training the Koopalings in the art of embracing the Seven Sins. While they "failed" most of Azmodan's tests, he is somewhat amused with their shenanigans and has shown that the Koopalings have a sin that they have mastered, Greed.
    • At the same time, he has become allies with the ascended Homunculi Pride, Lust and Father. All who are representations of their respective sins. They often go to Azmodan's temple, further increasing their power from sins done from Pantheon members and mortals alike. This has gotten Azmodan's attention and is considering to place them as his remaining heralds as replacements.
      • He considers Lust's looks veeeery distracting as he either contests which is better, Cydaea or Lust. Though the both of them are okay with Azmodan as their "master".
    • He became very disappointed with Greed after the latter's Heroic Sacrifice in order to reach a godly level. Because of this, he considers him a travesty to all sinners in the world.
    • There was also a time when Meliodas was going to be considered a herald for Wrath, until he saw his true side. To this day, he is still pissed for the former's motivation of good rather than evil (despite being a representation of wrath).
  • Is being considered for recruitment into the Burning Legion, commanded by none other than Lord Jaraxxus. He has politely accepted such offer and is willing to send reinforcements from Hell just to assist, though this could be a cover up to usurp Sargeras.
    • Illidan however saw this and has warned the GUAG of his plans, forcing Azmodan to "cover up" his plan. It didn't work to say the least.
  • Shazam has dreaded his existence as his title is a grave sign of his former fight against the Embodiment of Sin itself. Azmodan however, has other plans for the hero.
  • The rage he has against the Nephalems have extended to almost every single Nephilim in existence. So far, he has encountered three other nephilim inside Pantheon proper: Akeno Himejima, who met him in person and lost to him in a horrible way, Death, who proved him to be a great adversary, and Sicily, who can not only go toe to toe against him, but defeat him thanks to her magical-defense stats. He's not proud about the results, despite winning once.
    • This did however gave him the ire of Issei Hyodo and the rest of the Occult Reearch Club very quick after the incident with Akeno. Azmodan has been warned him several times to not mess with the Lord of Sin, or else.
    Azmodan: You dare test the Lord of Hell, boy. Because I think you have no idea what you are up against.
  • Warning to all who wish to fight him: Never fight him in Melee combat, as his powerful strikes can leave you vulnerable and his tanky health adds up the difficulty. On the other hand, ranged attacks can make him look like a joke.
  • The Mane Six are watching the Lord of Sin due to being the opposite reflections of Sin and Evil. This annoys Azmodan to a great degree, since he cannot corrupt them in anyway, unless he starts contacting aid from the Old Gods that is.
    • Alphonse Elric was even more shocked to hear an evil representation of him, due to containing all the 7 Great Virtues. Azmodan is not amused at the slightest. With that said, he's going to make his first strike on Alphonse in his to-do list.
  • He has been contacted once by Orc Warlock Gul'dan as a part of his ritual of binding demons. During the ritual, it didn't go so well for the Orc due to Azmodan taking over his body. However, after that incident, Gul'dan has commented that the power inside Azmodan was worth the price.
    • After his "visit", he was met with the Old Gods, who somehow read his mind and got interested with his motivations. Y'shaarj also made a deal that the demon couldn't resist, defeat Diablo with his help. The Lord of Sin reluctantly agreed, without thinking twice. His allies have been warning him of his actions, as it could lead to an even more embarrassing defeat.
  • The Chaos Gods have decided to recruit Azmodan as a Primach for their plans (some say that Tzeentch planned this). Slaneesh especially has been interested with his "sinful" actions. To say that Azmodan was quite pleased is a complete Understatement.
    • Khorne on the other hand has some interesting motives for Azmodan, though he is not going to give it away that easily. Tzeentch has revealed that the Chaos God of War is planning to use him as the next Angron. Time will tell if he will accept the offer.
  • Much like every demon in the Pantheon, Terrorblade has placed him on his kill list. However, the only confusion that both him and Terrorblade share is their voices. It almost becomes hilarious when they even attempt to use Large Hams against each other, someting that irritates both of them so easily.
  • While his plans during the Diablo-verse were albeit stupid for most villains, the biggest mistake Azmodan committed was that he was a Great Evil by default after Belial's death and have been the true Lord of Hell if he stayed, which was his objective all along. There, many villains also noticed how he fell: Greed.
  • Azmodan's attacks consist of a large long-range behemoth firball called Globe of Annihilation, a laser-like beam that deals heavy longing damage on a certain range, summoning of Demonic Lieutenants, and a wave of minions on the target's corners. All these attacks, and Azmodan can ruin your day, in any way.
    Azmodan: Boom shakalaka...
  • Also has a spot on the Great Triad at the House of FAITH.
  • "You thought you were so clever...".

Ghirahim, God of Demon Lords and Archdevils (Demon Lord Ghirahim, Debbie)
Final Form 
  • Theme Song: Demon Lord Ghirahim, Ghirahim Battle, Final Ghirahim Battle
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Diamonds
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Camp, being The Heavy for his master, Blood Knight, having a Villainous Breakdown and recognizing it, Evil Overlord, Badass Finger Snap, hammy villainy, Overly Long Tongue, punishing players who try waggling to victory, Chrome Champion, Living Weapon
  • Domains: Demons, Ruling, Evil, Killing
  • Superior: Demise
  • Allies: Ganondorf, Lord Chaos, Garland, Zant, Mard Geer Tartaros, Gul'dan, Ten Commandments.
  • Enemies: Link, Zelda, Laharl, Etna, Sicily, Midna, Fi
  • Rivals: The rest of the Demon section in the House of Otherness
  • Followers: Daemon, Phil the Prince of Insufficient Light, Hunson Abadeer, Royce Lashiec.
  • Demon Lord Ghirahim's existence was in limbo after the events of his quest to revive his master, Demise. His strong ego, however, led his consciousness to the Pantheon, where he regained his normal form and made a big spectacle of his entrance.
  • Ghirahim immediately took to the first house to catch his fancy- the demon section of the House of Otherness. With his magic powers and waves of Bokoblins, he took the House of Otherness by storm and settled upon his new throne within the house. He tried taking over, but the other demons would not hear it. They had a fight, and while Ghirahim lost, they allowed him the title of God of Demon Lords and Archdevils, at the very least. While he took the seat, Ghirahim has made it known that he hasn't given up taking over.
  • The notion of an alleged Demon Overlord like Laharl being a Noble Demon makes Ghirahim feel FURIOUS! OUTRAGED! SICK WITH ANGER! Many times Ghirahim has challenged Laharl for his throne. And every time, Laharl's massive level grinding has managed to keep Ghirahim at bay.
  • On the subject of Ghirahim being frowns all around, he had noticed that Link was also in the Pantheon, though he may not be the same Link that faced him. Ghirahim plans to exact revenge on Link anyway.
    • It also did not fill his heart with rainbows to discover Zelda's presence in the Pantheon, either. He feels that this is just rubbing salt in the wound.
  • Many gods in the Pantheon are equally disturbed and impressed by his Overly Long Tongue. Greninja included.
  • Ganondorf is considered to be Demise's legacy, in a manner of speaking, and as such, Ghirahim has the utmost respect for him. They've formed a tentative alliance. This, however, is a charade. Ghirahim plans to use Ganondorf as a pawn to bring Demise into the Pantheon, using a certain method.
    • Ghirahim believes that he do a similar ritual to one Yuga pulled off- He will find Demise's consciousness and infuse Ganondorf's body with it, allowing Demise to take over Ganondorf's body and have all of Ganondorf's powers.
  • The relationship between Garland and Chaos reminds Ghirahim of his own with Demise, and he enjoys the evil and bloodshed that the two of them cause. Plans have been made for a possible alliance between Garland, Chaos, and Demise, should he ever ascend.
  • Ghirahim takes great pride in his body's form and abilities, and will rant about it at length prior to fights, mixed in with descriptions of the torture he'll inflict on his opponent. When the chips are down, he'll go into One-Winged Angel form.
  • Seeing what a Blood Knight he is (due to being a weapon), he's regularly seen in the House of Combat, whenever he's not seeing to any of his schemes.
  • Wound up forming a Villainous Friendship with Zant due to his blind devotion to Ganondorf. The two both served him loyally when Hyrule's timelines were merged. That said, Ghirahim is well aware that Zant's devotion is specifically towards Ganondorf, and that when he tries to use him to revive Demise, they'll probably become enemies.
    • Has formed a strong alliance with Mard Geer over their similar positions to their respective masters. Ghirahim is also impressed with the Underworld King's devotion to his master, E.N.D., and has offered his aid in resurrecting him, citing Mard Geer as a kindred spirit.
  • Now that Demise has ascended, he has the utmost amount of joy. He now seeks a way for him to regain his true form.

    Morrigan and Lilith Aensland 
Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Goddesses of Succubi

Pazuzu, God of Demonic Possession (Fazuzu, Pazuza, Captain Howdy, The Devil, Regan MacNeil, The Gemini Killer, Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms, King of the Wind Demons, Demon Lord of the Sky and Winged Creatures)

Nosferatu Zodd, God of Human-Based Demons (Zodd the Immortal, Beast Swordsman, God of the Battlefield)
The wrath of Zodd.Apostle form 

Lesser Gods

    Satan (South Park
Satan, God of Loser Devils
  • Theme: Up There.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Cardboard devil horns
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Unintimidating Demons, Big Red Devils, Satan Being a Softie, non-quirky Flaming Devil, Nice Hells, Occasionally being threatening.
  • Domain: Comedy, Fun, Demons.
  • Allies: Fortinbras, Kenny McCormick.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: The other Satan.
  • Opposed by: The Beast.
  • Opposes: All freemium Games, Slaanesh.
  • Enemies: Princess Morbucks.
  • Many devils were infuriated when Satan asked to enter, claiming someone as pathetic as him deserves to be in the Fallen. Satan at first tried to argue he fits the original archetype well enough, but they wouldn't listen. A battle erupted, and though he lost he tricked many of their supporters into handing their money via bet. They were somewhat impressed, and decided to let him in.
  • The Beast looks down greatly on him. As a soft, unintimidating devil, he sees Satan as a embarrassment to demons everywhere. On a more petty level, he's frustrated that Satan's the more well-known horned demon
  • Compared to most devils, Satan's home is pretty nice. He often hosts luaus there, and many party-loving gods come to play. However, many evil deities have been advised not to visit his Hell-he has every intention of punishing the wicked there.
  • Is currently looking for a boyfriend neither a pushover nor psychotic like Saddam Hussein (yes, really). As such, he's trying to strike a relationship with HIM. Many other demons wait to see where this'll go
  • Has been considered "untapped potential" by his Castlevania counterpart, who was impressed by his near-takeover of his Heaven and scammed one over his Jesus, believes he has potential to be a great adversary against God. He likes the help, but as a student has proven frustrating due to a lack of ambition and self-confidence issues
  • Whether being the nicest guys out there or a headstrong rebel who frightens his God, Satan has one golden rule: don't be a Spoiled Brat like those awful rich 16 year olds. As such, he hates Princess Morbucks.
  • Due to his affable nature, the other devils utilize him as a diplomat to holier deities, who have appreciated his company. Mind you, he is still Satan so they're keeping a close eye on him.
  • Though a purveyor of temptation, He despises the Freemium market for abusing addictions. For similar reasons, he loathes Slaanesh for embodying the kind of unsubtle overdose the Freemium Games represent in his eyes.
  • Always give a big Halloween party every year and holds it in the House of Celebration. Learning his lesson from his last Halloween party, Satan always invite everybody to his party regardless of who they are. Though, they still have to wear a costume. He also doesn't do anything if Diddy already did it.
  • Sadly, he recently died in the main series and somehow ascended to heaven. Of course, this means he’s going to be in the Pantheon full time. Meanwhile, the rest of the House of Demons have a new way to taunt him since he died to Manbearpig, of all things.

Alternative Title(s): Otherness Demons


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