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The Hall of Blood and Gore is considered the most visceral and certainly the most bloody sub-house in the pantheon. While the top levels seem like a normal butcher's shop, underneath is a cave full of Rivers of Blood. For medical purposes it's advised to wear a hazmat suit when visiting, however there are domiciles where the gore is kept in jars and other medical or scientific devices for analysis.

The House of Health and Diseases can at least rely on them for a clean blood supply in case of need of donation. This is a favorite sub-house for vampires to visit due to the massive amount of blood.

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Greater Gods

    Jedah Dohma 
Jedah Dohma, God of Weaponized Blood (The Vampire Savior, The Distressed Lord of Death, Dark Messiah)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A scythe blade-like wings with blood dripping from it.
  • Theme Music: Fetus of God, Slice and Dice
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Bloody Murder, Dark Messiah, Aristocrats Are Evil, Pumping People Full of Blood, Femme Fatalons, Mood-Swinger, Evil Is Visceral, The Keeper of the Womb Level
  • Domains: Blood, Combat, Nobles, Demons
  • Followers: Power
  • Allies: Dio Brando, Saiou "Sartorius" Takuma, Strygwyr and Warwick, Q-Bee, Eliza, Dormammu, Shinnok, The Mage of the Beginning
  • Interested in: Relius Clover, Orochi
  • Enemies: Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Demitri Maximoff, Thanos, B.B. Hood, Carmine Prime, Dante
  • His ascension to in a form of a giant beam of light shining down from the skies With Ominous Latin Chanting playing as he ascended from the skies, saying how he will change the world to bring a brand new era, finishing it off with his signature Evil Laugh.
  • Originally, the position of Bloody Murder was held by Esidisi. When the two met, Esidisi tried to fight him off by injecting him with his burning blood. However, Jedah quickly shot his arm at his mouth, pumped his body full of blood and made him explode. This more or less guaranteed his ascension.
    • Esidisi was able to survive the explosion as a brain and regenerate, albeit having one of his positions stripped from him. He tried to have his master Kars to destroy Jedah, but Kars seems to have gained an interest on him.
  • Has taken part of couple of merging of the worlds, even once being made to join the forces of good, even if it means working with Morrigan and Demitri. Interestingly, his interest in regards to the Marvel universe has been minimal... until he heard about the Infinity Stones. The truth about his sudden interest is actually bit complicated, as he wished to fuse the world of Marvel and Capcom to bring ""equilibrium" between life and death, and got the help of Lady Death to do so. Things really went south when Death got Thanos to gather the Infinity Stones to her, who got Ultron to help him, which lead to Ultron's alliance with Sigma. In the end, he did achieve the merging of the world, but that only got him the direct ire of Thanos, even if he is only really mad at Death for deceiving him.
  • He has some interest in Relius Clover, saying that the reason for that is they sound a kind. It is also because he thinks Relius' plans of creating a new world would help with his own vision of a new world and if Relius gets his act together, he might help him in the future.
    • His plans still seems to give birth to a new almighty god. And he thinks he has found a perfect vassal to bear it; Orochi.
  • Yes, his body is made out of blood. No, he doesn't tolerate bloodsuckers trying to suck his blood due of that. The last guy who tried that got dragged into a Drowning Pit full of blood and stabbed to death by the blood.
  • He does, however, find Yoshii Akihisa and Tsuchiya Kouta amusing due to the ridiculous amounts of blood they release on a (semi) regular basis, even making the occasional blood donation.

Ouranos, Protogenoi of Life-Inducing Blood and Bedding One's Parent (Uranus, Caelus, Father Sky, Father of the Titans)
  • Greater God (Overdeity pre-emasculation)
  • Symbol: A bronze dome with a sky-blue interior
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Archnemesis Dad, Origin Of The Cycle Of Patricide, Embodiment Of The Sky, Eldritch Abomination (Usually), The Son And Mate Of Gaea, Light Is Not Good, The Old Gods, Spending Eternity Emasculated And Dethroned, Siring Monsters From His Blood Due To His Castration, Evil Overlord
  • Domains: Divinity, The Sky, Tyranny, Abuse, Blood, Incest, Prophecy
  • Allies: The Divine Powers, Chakravartin Ragyo Kiryuin, Heihachi Mishima
  • Headbutting Villains with: Bandos, Zanza
  • Rivals: Zeus (his grandson), Al'Akir, Rayquaza
  • Enemies: Cronus (his son), Gaea (his mother and former wife), Tartarus (his uncle/step-father), Aphrodite (his daughter/lost bits), YHVH, Zygarde, Geb, Beavis and Butthead
  • Opposes: Set, the House of Otherness Abominations, Cyclopes
  • Opposed by: All those with Abusive Parents, Osiris, most of his descendants
  • Interested in: Kratos (his great-grandson), Davros, Jedah Dohma and Skarlet
  • Respects: The Weird Sisters
  • Ouranos was one of the Protogenoi or Greek Primordial Gods. More abstract concepts, he was envisioned as a bronze dome that enveloped the Earth. Gaea's son and husband, he detested his children and sealed them up in Tartarus or within his wife. Infuriated, Gaea tasked the youngest of her children, Cronus, with a flint scythe to take down his father. When he was ready to sleep with Gaea, Cronus used the opportunity to castrate his father, dethroning him. But he would have the last laugh as he warned Cronus one day his children would overthrow him, just as he.
  • For eons, Ouranos spent his existence in a state less than death. His only joy came from Cronus suffering the same fate as him. All that changed when the lost primordial was discovered by the Divine Powers. They told him that they understand what it's like to be an old god, long since usurped. Ouranos was interested in regaining his ancient role as Top God of the Greek pantheon, and revenge on his consort, leading to him joining their cause. The Olympians and Titans were on edge for this.
  • In most cases castration means the end of reproduction, but this wasn't entirely the case with Ouranos. When his blood landed on the Earth, it spawned the first giants, the tree nymph Melia and most ferocious the Erinyes. The Erinyes are vengeful spirits who punish oath-breakers, which gives him somewhat of a link to the House of Vengeance. He is interested in the likes of Davros for his ability to create monsters in hopes he can use his divine blood to make some for him, and what Jedah Dohma and Skarlet could weaponize with his to serve his vengeance.
  • His severed genitals would eventually coalesce into Aphrodite. Hating his castration, he sought to try and steal her away in the vain hope of re-masculating himself. Understands Osiris being upset about his castration, however Osiris doesn't want to be associated with the tyrant sky god in any way. Dislikes Set due to how he castrated Osiris bringing back bad memories.
  • The form he takes is just convenience and originally mating with Gaea. Outside of the pantheon he rarely anthropomorphizes, being more the literal sky as the Ancient Greeks thought it. While an Eldritch Abomination, he dislikes most more obvious abominations due to considering him hideous. This is why he sealed up the Hecatonchires, embodiments of natural disasters with fifty heads and a hundred arms. He dislikes the Otherness Abominations sub-house for perceived ugliness.
  • As mentioned, Ouranos was both the son of Gaea and her husband, whom he came to cover every night and mate with. While Greek gods don't have an incest taboo, this kind of pairing is rare. It's unclear if Ouranos has some sort of Oedipus Complex, though most agree he was the more abusive and aggressive side of the relationship. He has sworn vengeance against Gaea for helping Cronus overthrow him, and has attacked the likes of Geb and Zygarde for being a lot like Gaea. Geb notices that like his beloved Nut he is the sky incarnate, which makes him really uncomfortable seeing someone so evil embody what Nut embodies.
  • Sees some of himself in Ragyo Kiryuin, being a controlling, abusive parent. The whole incest thing is inverted in his case compared to her, but he sees her as useful for his endeavors and desire to get back at Gaea. He respects Heihachi Mishima's treatment of his family.
  • Wanted to ascend under his old title of "God of the Sky", but was informed that wasn't a trope. He will still act as he is still the god of the sky, and is ready to fight for that title. Because of this he considers Rayquaza a rival, and often fights with the Sky High Pokemon for dominance in the ozone layer. He feels his role as the embodiment of the sky should also give him precedent over the wind, leading him to butt heads with Al'Akir.
    • Sees Zeus as his biggest rival, being the current Top God of the Greek pantheon in what used to be his position. He calls him "a usurper of a usurper". Zeus considers him as bad as Cronus, just with less cannibalism.
  • Is a bit irritated that there are so many gods in the pantheon. Back in his day, pantheons were a lot more exclusive.
  • While he has sided with the Divine Powers for restoration, he has also sided with Chakravartin for revenge on Gaea. He is aware of her hatred for Gohma Vlitra and Chakravartin being that monster's master, and wants in on it for his vengeance. To help him achieve dominance once more he is working with Bandos and Zanza, but it is only temporary. He doesn't trust them due to their tendency to destroy worlds.
  • Goes by Ouranos, but Uranus fits him just as well. Or Caelus going by the Roman version. The seventh planet from the Sun is named after him. Having been out of it for the past few eons, he was incredibly displeased to learn the word "Uranus" has become a joke, which is why he prefers to go by Ouranos in the pantheon.
  • Make a crack about Uranus and he'll make you pay. Beavis and Butthead couldn't resist, and got thrown into Tartarus for their troubles. Tartarus spit them out to spite him due to Tartarus being Gaea's new mate and disliking, making them very lucky and Ouranos searching for an even worse fate for them. He hates the Protogenoi of the Abyss for being in a happy relationship with "his" Gaea.
  • The source of the Cycle of Patricide and Cronus' paranoia, making him responsible for the Oedipal conflict that has plagued the gods. He spends time in the House of Prophecy coming up with more of these kinds of prophecies, all in hopes of consuming his descendants and enemies with paranoia. He respects the Weird Sisters for how they used prophecy to manipulate Macbeth.
    • Interested in Kratos for continuing this cycle, killing Cronus and Zeus. He sees Kratos as a potential pawn, but has yet to act because he knows its best not to mess with his great-grandson. At least not like his relatives have.

Intermediate Gods

    Elizabeth Bathory 
Elizabeth Báthory, Goddess of Blood Baths (The Blood Countess, Countess Dracula, Lancer, Assassin, "Carmilla", Caster, Saber, Eli Brave, Brave Elizabeth Bathory, Summer Rider, Rider, Fairy Tale Erzébet, Cinderella)
Contemporary portrait of Countess Bathroy
Click here  for her Lancer incarnation
Click here  for Caster incarnation
Click here  for Saber incarnation
Click here  for Rider incarnation
Click here  for Carmilla
Click here  for Summer Rider Carmilla

    Happy Tree Friends 
The Happy Tree Friends, The Bloody Hilarious Godly Collective
From left to right, bottom to top:
1st car: Toothy, Giggles, Cuddles, Lammy
2nd car: The Mole, Flippy, Russell, Flaky (and Mr. Pickels in the air)
3rd car: Sniffles, Mime, Lumpy, Handy
4th car: Lifty, Disco Bear, Pop, Shifty, Cro-Marmot (with Cub in the air, and Truffles obscured)
Fallen off: Nutty

  • Exclusive to Disco Bear:
    • True to his name, Disco Bear can occasionally be seen in the Dance Hall reliving his glory days. He's even made friends with Elvis Presley because he likes his style despite them being in different music genres (also, Elvis likes food and is a bit on the chubby side). Besides disco dancing, which was how he made most of his wealth back in the day, he is also talented at roller skating, downhill skiing, and throwing frisbees long distances, and partaking in these activities at the House of Sports. He's also regularly seen trying to pick up various females in the Pantheon, particularly at the House of Love and Affection, to no success and sometimes even ending in his own death, though he has made a friend there by the name of Johnny Bravo. That said, Disco Bear is able to act professional, but only if there are zero (perceived) females in range.
    • Was asked once if he knew if Flaky was actually male given he never flirts with the porcupine as much as he does with Giggles and Petunia. Then again, he has yet to interact with Lammy in canon, though given Mr. Pickels kills any extra friends she tries to make, romance would be out the window from the get-go. As for his response, Disco Bear excuses that he has some high standards that Flaky doesn't meet but Giggles and Petunia do.
    • Eating deep fried food can be bad enough, but nobody's giving him a stick of butter or letting him near a deep fryer ever again after the last time he stuck one in to deep fry. The House of Food has taken note of this and made sure he does not get anything like that.

  • Exclusive to Cro-Marmot:
    • Allegedly, he's an accomplished writer, painter, and pianist. Also, he has his own brand of foot powder, held a tour on Broadway, is known for his loud antics and energetic performances, and had been titled "Sexiest Happy Tree Friend" in 1992. The last part definitely has some merit, as Giggles and Petunia have dated him at least once. And like Handy, when not focused on, Cro-Marmot is capable of doing stuff, and his main job is as an ice cream truck driver.
    • His ice cube is able to freeze the water around him. He can probably even freeze fire in a room he's in (in addition to the room itself). And when that melts, it becomes burning fire again. It's been theorized that Cro-Marmot might be a cryokinetic, and that his ice cube is his protection against the outside world. That said, there are threats in the Pantheon capable of melting his ice block. It's not known what would actually happen to him, but in the Pantheon, if whatever melts/goes through his ice doesn't also definitively kill him as well, Cro-Marmot will emerge no worse for wear and be like he was during the Dino-Sore Days. And not only will he exhibit his caveman skills, he'll still be packing his cryokinesis, though usually just to encase himself in ice again.
    • Being a caveman, he's been approached by Fred Flintstone and Loana on separate occasions, the former when he decided to order some ice cream, and the latter during some unknown shenanigans that led to his ice cube at her tribe's location. The Shell and Rock Tribes Loana is with tried to break him out of his ice, and it ended with Cro-Marmot coming out of it no worse for wear and immediately fleeing, causing a short chase before the tribes decided he wasn't wortht the effort. As for the Flintstone, Fred reminisced on the time he was encased in ice before the idiot kid Billy broke him out, then went ahead and purchased the cold dish in an edible cone.

  • Exclusive to Flippy and Fliqpy:
    • The reason for Flippy's condition comes from his days at W.A.R. (Weaponized Animal Regiment). He screwed up one mission that ended with his comrades killed (by disasters of his own doing), and him hiding inside one of their worm-filled bodies. This is where Fliqpy was born, and who accomplished the mission in an extremely bloody fashion. Now fully aware of his condition of being two personalities in a single body, Flippy takes great care to stay away from everybody else (especially Lumpy, whom Fliqpy seems more obsessed with killing out of everyone else, though the moose visits anyway and has proven able to handle himself better than everyone else other than Splendid), given there are very few in the civilian sector readily able to take on Fliqpy before he takes over and starts killing everyone in sight. Somewhat paradoxically, he's decided to sign up for battle again, and to get dropped in places where he can do a lot of mayhem as Fliqpy. Given his condition, some people have compared his dynamic with Bruce Banner and the Hulk, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
    • Unfortunately, trying to avoid his Berserk Buttons is like trying to navigate a minefield, and where even the slightest gust can set off a chain reaction. So far, his triggers have been: gunfire "sounds" (a woodpecker, backfiring vehicles, bursting balloons, bursting stress relief toy, popping a champagne bottle, a starting pistol), fire (campfires or fire-breathing), ketchup (though blood itself isn't a trigger, as he didn't flip out when Flaky got wounded once, and he was driven to try and treat her), flashing lights akin to muzzle flashes, being tied up (reminiscent of enemy capture), airplanes (if reminiscent of Air Force planes), explosion images (even Rorschach ink blots thereof), dreaming of Fliqpy killing him, fire alarms (akin to bomb warning sirens), and smoke (reminder of a lost comrade dead from war chemicals melting his face). With many of these things being common, he's all but guaranteed to flip out at some point.
      • And upon ascension to the Pantheon, one can include tigers in the list, given the Tiger Army and the Tiger General he fought during the WAR. And naturally, any form of evil scum is more likely to trigger Flippy's "berserk minefield" and make him Flip Out on them… and everyone else in the area once he's through with them, unless Fliqpy himself is dead by then. In contrast, the only known method to revert Fliqpy to Flippy is to surprise him, such as something bursting/exploding, a scream of distress (though that may sometimes not work), splashing water on him, or seeing a butterfly close up.
    • Apart from a Bowie knife and grenades, Fliqpy often uses improvised weapons out of anything nearby (he can even slash throats with his Christmas cookies), and is highly proficient at making Viet Cong-style traps. While he hasn't used any firearms in the show, he will not hesitate to use them in the Pantheon now that they're available. He also once stopped the blades of a (carnival ride) biplane with his bare hands during a flip-out.
    • Despite his regular killing sprees, for some reason, Fliqpy explicitly ignores the disabled and those suffering allergic reactions. It's been assumed that he maintains some form of soldier moral code, though some with Shipping Goggles have also chalked it up to an attraction towards Flaky (who once suffered a peanut allergy and was at his mercy, but Fliqpy ignored her [and the Mole] for other targets). He also avoids killing very young children, at the very least, having once merely pushed Cub out of a tricycle he intended to use himself. Speaking of that tricycle, if Fliqpy ever dies by lightning while holding something, his soul will transfer to that object and he can move it around. And he (probably) Would Hurt a Child in this state. Given most of the Tree Friends are civilians, very few can put up a good fight against Fliqpy. One of them is Lumpy (the only one with more kills than him), and the other is Splendid (hence why they never clashed in show canon).
    • Has an allergy to peanuts, or perhaps it's an allergy to venison, since he got swollen lips only after drinking blended Mime (who is a deer), who had peanuts before dying to Fliqpy. He also loves chocolate chip cookies. Besides collecting weapons in his bunker-house, he likes flowers, tea parties, pink penguins, and unicorns/alicorns. According to the "Collect Them All" section (From the "First Blood" DVD), Flippy also knits sweaters.
    • Apparently, Fliqpy is acting under the delusion that he is still in the war and does not realize that he is killing innocent people. In light of this, after Ren Amamiya barely managed to survive a Fliqpy Flip-Out, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are contemplating giving Flippy a Calling Card... as soon as they can determine if Fliqpy's psyche is accessible from Flippy's potential Palace. Raz has also contemplated entering Flippy's mind after his own run-in with Fliqpy, though will ask for Flippy's consent first of course. Flippy himself has also decided to take more therapy sessions to get his Flipqy side under control, since his previous one was Lumpy. This naturally leads him to Frasier Crane, even though Flippy is afraid of Flipping Out in front of him, killing the psychologist, and rendering Crane unwilling to work with him. Bruce Banner has considered helping in his stead, since at least he can handle Fliqpy as the Hulk.
    • Has a complicated relationship with Rambo, as the old soldier both pities and has tried to help Flippy, yet at the same has had to fight him when he Flips Out into Fliqpy. Rambo is perhaps the one deity Flippy can relate to the most, and always finds his company comforting, though the old soldier just prefers to remain quiet as he himself wants some peace. Flippy's relationship with Steven Universe is a bit better, as he's also been through massive trauma even without being in a traditional war, but still get a bit violent sometimes. There are no worries however thanks to being easily subdued with a bubble around himself (Steven or Fliqpy? Yes, either by the half-Gem keeping himself safe or by keeping the bear trapped). While he never been to a war himself, Steven has been into so much traumatic experiences that he developed PTSD and that he once corrupted into kaiju. He gets better this tho and wants to help Flippy with his PTSD, progress is slow tho. It helps that he has fighting experience so he could likely handle himself or call on the Crystal Gems for backup should Flippy flip out.

  • Exclusive to Splendid:
    • Splendid's superpowers include levitation, flight, heat vision, super strength, super speed, supersonic hearing, super durability, a large lung capacity, shock wave-inducing voice, an ice breath, telescopic vision, unlimited stamina, and extremely large farts. Splendid's freezing breath and heat vision also have a unique property: rather than melt the ice, victims frozen by his breath, then struck by his lasers, are shattered into cube-shaped pieces. While not doing superhero work, he works as a newspaper reporter, disguising himself with a pair of eyeglasses, a necktie, and a fedora, even though he still wears his red mask behind his glasses. But even without it, he's recognized just for being a blue flying squirrel. There are those who think he should just stick to this job. Still, he was signed up at the Superhero Division anyway, where he can be guided more properly in regards to being a superhero, especially by Superman, whom Splendid is based on, including specific mineral weaknesses. Splendid for his part finds them tiring, and hopes to just leave it all to them; the only reason he felt he had to do hero work was because there was no one else who can, even if it doesn't excuse his half-assed efforts in doing that.
    • With stronger villains than Lifty, Shifty, and Fliqpy in the Pantheon, as well as Word of God stating that the Krypto-Nut isn't his only weakness, Splendid has started suffering more deaths, especially from those who don't need to kill his body from the outside (such as psychic powers, inducing sickness, mind control, magic curses, etc.). Naturally, as a colossal failure of a hero, Stain holds him with extreme contempt for even trying. As far as he's concerned, Splendid should always give his 100% into the job. If only he could find something more than just the Krypto-Nut to make Splendid bleed and dance to his tune… Despite his being a disgrace as a hero, despite all the damage and gore he causes, he is still a hero, and that means being in opposition to villains such as the Plutonian, Homelander, and Regime Superman.
    • Even despite his faults, Toothy idolizes Splendid more than anyone else, and Sniffles is a close second, enough to be paired with him even. For some inexplicable reason, he outright hates the Mole. Not only is he impatient with him for several reasons, he's also the only innocent that the super squirrel deliberately murdered. And ever since he killed a Santa Claus (even if it was just Lumpy), not to mention just how many deaths he's caused by not doing so, Splendid has been required to always watch where he's going, and Santas come with directional speakers to alert him if he's being inattentive.

  • Applies to Lammy and/or Mr. Pickels:
    • Due to the existence of Mr. Pickels, Lammy has been forced into isolation, though she doesn't mind as long as Mr. Pickels is by her side. The absolute safest anyone can interact with her is online, where Mr. Pickels has to go really out of his way to frame Lammy, and he prefers to still be interpreted as Lammy's imaginary friend. That said, given he was chomped off by a vampire (portrayed by Lumpy), and once killed Flaky without Lammy being present in the area, Mr. Pickels might be more than just a figment of Lammy's delusions. This however means that Lammy is deliberately keeping him around even knowing what he does, for reasons unknown, even if she justifiably throws him under the bus whenever she catches him committing murder.
    • Being fellow imaginary friends (if Mr. Pickels even is), Bloo and his pals disapprove of the pickle's actions and wants Lammy to just dump him. This usually ends with Mr. Pickels trying to kill them, though with less success as they are nowhere near as fragile as the Tree Friends. As for other sheep in the Pantheon, Shaun the Sheep tried to be friends but had to stop after getting murdered a few times by Mr. Pickels, Dawn Bellwether tried to curry favor with Lammy as well over on online chat, but the former assistant mayor ended up dead the next day for "mysterious reasons", and Lammy trying to deny it wasn't her even with the other sheep's blood on her.

    Illidan Stormrage 
Illidan Stormrage, God of Eye Injuries (The Betrayer, Demon Hunter)
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God when metamorphosed into a demon.
  • Symbol: His Blindfold of Power, crossed with his two warglaives, the Twin Blades of Azzinoth.
  • Theme Song: Illidan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Arrogant Demon Hunting, Night Elf, Eyes Burned And Turned Squicky, Blind -Not Deaf- Hunter, Desire To Be A Hero, Byronic Hero, Bad Little Brother, Still Capable Of Loving And Protecting, Telling His Foes That THEY!! ARE NOT!! PREPAAARED!!! Before Commencing Ass-Kicking, Turning Into A More Powerful Demon With Wings And Horns
  • Domain: Eyes, Power, Combat, Demons
  • Followers: A large amount of potential Demon Hunters in his realm.
  • Allies: Wait, what was that? HA HA HA—No! Illidan has no need of weaker 'allies'. Though, he'll make an exception to a certain 'Tyrande Whisperwind'… Or Kael'thas Sunstrider, or Lady Vashj. He may also accept a certain Dante Sparda.
  • Rivals: Anti-Mage, Mirana, Miyabi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Rias Gremory, Sylvanas Windrunner, Asia Argento, Killia, Valvatorez, Fenrich (for being rude to Lord Valvatorez), Xenovia Quarta, Natsu Dragneel
  • Commonality Connection with: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Worthy Opponent: Batman
  • Complicated Relationships with: Malfurion Stormrage (his brother), Tyrande Whisperwind (his old crush), Jaina Proudmoore, Uther the Lightbringer, Thrall, Lor'themar Theron, Garrosh Hellscream, Grommash Hellscream, Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, Ysera, basically everyone he meets.
  • Opposed by: Boros
  • Opposes: Maiev Shadowsong, Eliphas, Yuno Gasai
  • Enemies:
  • Feared by: Every good demon in existence. In terms of specifics: Etna, Adell, Rozalin, Usalia, Corset, Axel, Mr. Champloo, Mao, Yubel, Kuroumaru Tokisaka, Sharuru, Raspberyl
  • It is said that Illidan's eyes, as a result of the burning by the Titan Sargeras, ended up very very squicky-looking, like "surrounded by charred flesh and exposed bone". Even the demons of Azeroth was creeped out. But so, he continued to kick ass while being blind, and the combination of those factors enabled him to rise.
  • Much like how his brother guessed, he knew very well that his brother would someday, arrive in the Pantheon. Not longer after, Illidan was seen talking to his brother calmly. Then after, he left. Ironically, Malfurion has commented that he has changed, but not for long. He even said that Illidan still remembers the pain and suffering of 10,000 Years being imprisoned.
  • While he may be blind, it actually increased his senses ten-fold. Coupled with his skills as a mage and his warglaives, he has become the Pantheon's best answer to the demons around. Problem is, he's too arrogant.
    • And like the rest of the Demon Hunters around the Pantheon, he has set his senses to the Demons House. Unlike the rest of the other ones though, who went very passive on their attacks, Illidan just went forward, mowing down the deities day after day. This has peaked him an ally of the (in)famous Dante Sparda.
      • However, after seeing the constant damage against the House itself, the Court of the Gods, in addition with South Park's Satan's huge number of complaints, decided that Illidan should be banned to cause heavy damage towards the Demons House. He's not happy at all hearing this announcement. Though it did give him big points for his brother Malfurion.
    • After the incident though, he had begun scooping for other demons he could find. His animosity with the Occult Research Club is very tense to say the least, for no other reason that they are mostly composed of demons. He does well to avoid Mara Wilson though. Even someone as arrogant as him knows not to fuck with her.
    • His relationship with Natsu Dragneel is even worse. Not only do they literally smash their heads with each other, they are equal in terms of power levels. God help us all if their powers are verged into a massive vortex. However, they will be glad enough to settle their differences and aim for Mard Geer Tartaros if they want.
    • If that wasn't enough, he now seems to have a hefty relationship with Arcana Maidens Clarice Di Lanza and Elsa La Conti. Why? Because the former is a demon and the latter hates him for reminding her of her Demon Hunter past. It doesn't help that Illidan's attitude is almost like her past.
    • With the recent amount of demons, he'll start picking them off one by one at any moment. The only reason why he hasn't started doing that is because Valvatorez is cooling him down. Though he noticed that Illidan's large amount of enemies may be aiming for even the good ones. Another thing that bothers Valvatorez is that Illidan might be aiming for the Nipponverse demons, which are his allies.
  • There was an incident that Illidan thought that his love interest, Tyrande, was in the Pantheon and headed to the house... of Mirana. Because the Princess did not take trespassers well, she attempted to shoo out Illidan, which hurt his pride and after a bit of a brawl, he just left bitterly, marking her as yet another rival on his list.
    • That said, he's kind of fair towards another Hero who is called Anti-Mage, where Illidan saw him using his style though more focused on destroying magic, reminding him that he used to burn manas back in the days too.
    • While he also has wings that give him power, Miyabi also has the same power. This has caused him a rivalry on the shinobi, but she has been warned that she is fighting against a very powerful menance.
    • As time passed by, Tyrande managed to ascend and has commented about her past issues with Illidan, with him only acting bitter after hearing her comments. He later remarked that it is the past and that he has no time to look out for a new love, especially with his recent sacrifice at the Netherworld.
  • Really, really hates Knight Templars and Yanderes due to their behaviour being a horrid reminder of Maiev Shadowswong, the same person who imprisoned him in the mountain for 10,000 years. Eliphas and Yuno Gasai are currently on his shitlist for being the representatives of those personalities. Eliphas has other plans for the Betrayer, except he's not willing to share anything.
    • And if that wasn't enough, Maiev managed to join within the ranks of the Pantheon, screwing with his temple over and over until he became sick of it and decided to just change house. He's willing to kill her, but as he stated before, he has other agendas to focus upon, not to mention, during the Third Invasion, she managed to free him and the Illidari she captured.
  • Has a horrible case of Poor Communication Kills due to his tendencies of going out in the open without alerting his allies or being stopped while doing something that would actually help. In fact, if one sees a scene of spell abuse or earthquakes and at the same time, he's missing from his temple, its definitely Illidan's fault.
  • Majority of the ascended deities from his world, aside from Malfurion were not pleased when they heard that the person responsible for the second coming of the Burning Legion has ascended. The Dragonflights in particular are neither happy nor pleased and are preparing to end him if he dares go on another catastrophic event like that again. The Hellscream brothers aren't glad either, especially Grommash.
    • But, he isn't targeting them, he's targeting two primary targets, Arthas (along with Anub'arak and Kel'thuzad) and Lord Jaraxxus. The latter was the same threat he was forced to deal with and lost to in a duel while the other is one of the higher lieutenants of Kil'jaeden. He's now going to deal with two enemies at the same time.
    • And much like Rias' situation, he has currently placed a temporary alliance with Sylvanas Windrunner just to kill the Lich King. Time will tell when the two will depart and go against each other.
    • There was however some bad news. It seems that the House of Prophecy has seen an Alternate Universe where Malfurion and Illidan switched roles, making the Druid the Betrayer and the Demon Hunter the Shan'do. None have ever dared speak about this universe, though Illidan is interested in said fate.
  • Boros really hates Illidan from flesh to bone. From his persistence to his arrogance, he can't stand just a single part of his personality. He has been warned that he'll get a taste of his warglaives.
  • While many aren't really happy with his ascension, it seems that Kiritsugu somehow feels the same with Illidan, using the most harsh and brutal ways just to save the world for better of worse. In fact, many are pressuming that they could be counterparts to each other's own universe. Ever since his first meeting, Kiritsugu might actually find someone who feels the same with him, in a wider scale.
  • Is ashamed on how back in the days, he ended up just falling into Chronic Villainy and then sticking to his palace at Outlands for too long. That's one main reason he now participates in the Nexus battles. He shares this further feeling with his old 'follower' Kael'thas. Though he is very wary of what happened the last time they teamed up in Outland, when Kael'thas betrayed him all for the sake of joining the Burning Legion.
    Illidan: Does anyone else miss Chaos Damage?
  • Would like to remind people that he's blind, not deaf.
    Illidan: I'm blind, not deaf. Please keep that mind.
  • "YOU!! ARE NOT!! PREPAAARED!!!" If you hear that, you better start running because Illidan is coming to pounce at you and kick your ass. Or maybe not, he always get to his target...
    • Unless you're Batman. Because the last time Illidan did that, Batman already prepared... a 'Bat-Anti-Demon-Hunting-Night-Elf-Portable-Wall' that pops up behind him, causing Illidan to crash into the wall and stopped. He's then forced to admit that Batman is prepared. What do you think his title is?
  • He's planning on making his return in his main universe to train a new generation of Demon Hunters. The fact that he'll train Horde and Alliance Demon Hunters has led many to ask his motives this time. He didn't answer them.
  • Because most of his powers come from the cursed Skull of Gul'dan, Illidan is currently under control of The Orc Warlock. Nobody knows what Gul'dan is planning to do with the Betrayer but one thing for sure is that it won't be pretty. True to his nature, it didn't take long for Illidan to turn back and crush Gul'dan... but ends up getting disappointed that it's just an alternate. He just contents himself that he'll do this over and over again to the actual Gul'dan... in the Nexus.
    • Then, in what would seem to be another mark for revenge, Sargeras reacted to Illidan with extreme fury and destroyed the entire subhouse... once. The Betrayer has no words other than taunting to show that he managed to take down Sargeras and imprison him in the same way Maiev did the same to him. Now the question remains: how long would it last?
  • Imprisoned for ten thousand years... Banished from my own homeland... And now you DARE enter MY house...!? You are not prepared... YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!

    Kotal Kahn 
Kotal Kahn, God of Blood Lust (Ko'atal, Buluc, The War God, Emperor of Outworld)

Skarlet, Goddess of Power From Blood
  • Intermediate Goddess (can get stronger when in contact with blood)
  • Symbols: A Pair of Bloodstained Katanas (MK9) or a Blood Vial (MK11).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Extremely Unstable, The Dragon (to Reiko in the Tie-in Comics), Gets Stronger When Blood Touches Her Skin, Combat Stilettos, Created From The Blood of Fallen Warriors Combined With Sorcery Before Being Rewritten as an Orphaned Outworlder, Polish Accent For Some Reason, Pretty Attractive But Still Evil.
  • Domains: Sorcery, Blood, Kombat.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Ermac, Sadira, Azula, Carmine Prime
  • Enemies:
  • Potential Targets For Their Blood: Onaga, Ryu, Ryu Hayabusa, James Howlett/Wolverine, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Naruto Uzumaki, Akuma, Jun and Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Geese Howard, Ryuji Yamazaki, Jago
  • Additional Relationship: Erron Black (apparently, she has the hots for him)
  • Shao Kahn has had many enforcers during his time as Outworld's emperor and a notable one has always been Skarlet. Her origins tend to vary, from being personally created by Shao Kahn in the flesh pits to being a starving street urchin that the emperor saw value in and taught her Blood Magic, the only consistant aspect of Skarlet is her control over blood and her insatiable Blood Lust, mutilating her foes to keep getting stronger. Ascended on behalf of her master, Skarlet was given the position over Blood Manipulation, in a house that enables her bloodthirsty nature and she is delighted for such a reward.
  • She is loyal to Shao Kahn and willing to do his bidding but she knows that the magic he taught her is just a lesser power compared to Soul Magic. Nevertheless she still is a formidable opponent and her arrival to the House of Slaughter only delighted her. Things tend to get very bloody in Skarlet's temple according to some witnesses' account.
  • Before the timeline merge, Skarlet used to work alongside Havik and that fact is why she crossed paths with the Cage family and the rest of the Special Forces. Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs were less than pleased upon hearing of Skarlet's ascension, as they remember all too well of the role she played in corrupting them with the Blood Code.
  • What makes Skarlet so dangerous is the blood of her opponents. Should she comes into contact with the red stuff, she gets stronger. But it's also her weakness when D'Vorah is involved, as Kytinn blood is extremely toxic.
  • The Blood Code had gained the attention of Doctor Strange's rival, Dormammu. He is intrigued by its power and us working with Skarlet in purging out its weaknesses.
  • As she and Sadira are assassins there is a degree of mutual respect between the pair. So much so that Sadira extended to Skarlet an invitation to join the Red Eyes of Rylai. Skarlet politely refused, as her loyalties lie with Shao Kahn.
  • As Skarlet heavily tied with blood, she gets the attention of the House of Vampires (sans Rachel, Abel, and Arcueid). It also doesn't help matters that it had been both Cassie and Jacqui who told the Vampires of this fact as payback for her torturing the both of them and corrupting them with the Blood Code. How does Skarlet know that Cassie and Jacqui were responsible? When Gabriel Belmont (who is leading the charge) told her that "Cassandra Cage and Jacqueline Briggs send their regards." Skarlet now avoids the ascended vampires at all costs.
  • It's even worse with the parents of the Pantheon, particularly the good ones. This time, it had been Johnny, Sonya (as they themselves were corrupted by the Blood Code thanks to a corrupted Cassie and Jacqui respectively) and Jax who exposed Skarlet's role in the Blood Code incident and of how she corrupted both Cassie and Jacqui with the Blood Code. She has also earned the ire of several sorcerers, particularly Doctor Strange, Raven and Zatarra Zatana due to her use of blood magik (even they realize that using it is a bad idea). The Gaang have also had enough bad encounters with bloodbenders to know that a crazed user of others' blood is a terrible idea.
  • Skarlet has also Wolverine in her sights, due to his blood, or rather, his Healing Factor. She thinks that if she comes into contact with Logan's blood, then she would acquire her own type of healing; or at the very least that his healing means she can use him as an endless source of blood. Wolverine is one of several intended targets for Skarlet in regards to their blood.
  • Made the near-fatal mistake of triggering Iori and Leona's Blood Riot, thinking that it was the same as the Blood Code. She barely escaped with her life. It took Rose and Chizuru Kagura to calm them down.
  • Apparently, she and Erron Black used to date or at least they slept once. This gives many people the implication that Skarlet isn't a bloodthirsty psycho 24/7 but her devotion to Shao Kahn usually take priority. Not many people have tried to get in her pants for the sole reason of not wanting to be disemboweled.
  • Himiko finds her to be gorgeous and admires her powers, especially the gruesome ends some of Skarlet's victims suffer. Toga has requested some of Skarlet's blood to see how her quirk would be affected by her and Skarlet for the most part has lent some of her blood to Toga. The results have been varied, since Skarlet's blood isn't hers but an almagamation of blood from different fallen warriors, whenever Toga uses her blood she is known to shapeshift into either one of the people that is part of skarlet or something else entirely.

    Sorin Markov 
Sorin Markov, God of Blood Magic (Lord of Innistrad, Solemn Visitor, Grim Nemesis)
  • Intermediate God (Overdeity Pre-Mending)
  • Symbol: His sword, Parasite Blade
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blood Magic, Friendly Vampire, The Hedonist, Mind Control, Anti-Hero, Noble Demon, Dark Is Not Evil, Magic Knight, Defector from Decadence, uses both Black and White Magic, Big Good of Innistrad
  • Domains: Vampirism, Blood, Angels, Black and White Mana
  • Followers: Vladimir, Blood Mages of Thedas
  • Allies: Rachel Alucard, Alucard (Castlevania), Arcueid Brunestud, Demitri Maximoff, Larten Crepsley, Dracula, Dio Brando, Vlad von Carstein, Valvatorez, Karin Maaka, Remilia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, Alucard (Hellsing), Seras Victoria, (Hotel Transylvania) Dracula, The Doctor, Ajani Goldmane, Batman
  • Enemies: The Eldrazi, Nicol Bolas , Count Orlok, Yuuki Terumi, The Crimson Court, Millennium, Alexander Anderson, Hoss Delgado
  • Complicated Relationship: The Belmont Clan, Joestar and Zeppeli Family, Blade, Slayers, the House of Angels
  • Many years ago, in the plane of Innistrad, Edgar Markov had made a Deal with the Devil to gain immortality for both him and his grandson. The result was the creation of the vampiric race of Innistrad, with Edgar being the first. When Sorin was made a vampire, the transformation ignited Sorin’s spark turning him into a Planeswalker. Due to both his experience as a Pre-Mending Planeswalker, a nearly omnipotent being capable of traveling between worlds and his specialty in Blood Magic, Sorin was made the the God of Blood Magic. Even in his current Post-Mending state he is a powerful mage not to be taken lightly.
  • It didn’t take long for Sorin to become well acquainted with the residents of Pantheon, especially with the many vampires present. His relationship and opinion varies between each Vampire.
    • Sorin was delighted to meet Rachel Alucard, meeting a vampire that wasn't as simple minded or shortsighted as others of their kind, she herself understood what needed to be done for the greater good. Their conversations have lead the two to wonder what would happen if someone were to combine the properties of both a Planeswalkers and Observer. He can occasionally be found having tea with Rachel and her associates. To surmise his opinion of her:
    "Most of my kin can be short sighted savages. I'm delighted that such is not the case with her."
    • From his interaction with Rachel, Sorin soon met the Scarlet Sisters. He was initially put off with their childishness and immaturity, but was also slightly fond of them. Sees their respected abilities and powers to be both interesting and impressive.
    • Sorin has a sort of "kinship" with the son of Dracula, Alucard. Both having to go against their family and race to do what they believe is necessary.
    • It didn't take long for Sorin to meet another vampire by the name of Alucard. This one belonged to the Hellsing Organization. To the surprise of others, the two ancient vampires get along very well. Alucard agreeing with Sorin's reason for creating Archangel Avacyn. Admitting that if their kind were to win, they would only proceed starve themselves to death.
      • Sorin would soon later meet Alucard's fledgling, Seras Victoria. Initially Sorin had difficulty seeing what Alucard thought special about the police girl. But after interacting and later fighting alongside her, he began to understand Alucard saw in her.
    • Larten Crepsley is a vampire that Sorin finds interesting. Larten isn't magical, immortal, rich, or anything life the other vampires he's seen. But he both Strong and Skilled, intelligent, crafty and level headed. And they both have a mutual understanding of feeling the need to protect their homes even after years of separation. Laraten gives his condolences about Innistrad.
    • Has an Odd Friendship with Karin Maaka of the House of Emotion. Karin sees Sorin as she does her big brother Ren: well-meaning, if kind of grumpy. Sorin doesn't talk much about their interactions, but it is implied he feels much the same: Karin is endearing, if kind of annoying and whiny. He once offered to train her in Blood Magic, considering the un-vampire has so much to spare.
      • An early attempt didn't go well. Sorin started with the absolute basic of basics: controlling the blood itself telepathically. Karin, asked to puncture her thumb to give them some to work with, used one of her own fangs to do so. The result was...messy. After leaving for a moment to clean himself off, Sorin put her through her paces, to no avail: Karin's control extended to creating little bubbles on the surface of the blood, while she ended up with a pounding migraine. Sorin is disappointed, but confident she'll get better.
    • Arcueid Brunestud, Valvatorez and the hotel owning Dracula were the most interesting vampire Sorin had met. The three being incredibly friendly and admittedly strange. It's not because they're capable of living without blood (Rachel's like that too), but it's because they just act weird. He is admittedly rather impressed with them. Dracula was able to bring peace between human and monster kind, even though he initially had little to zero faith in humanity. Both Arcueid Valvatorez are probably the most powerful vampires he had ever bore witness to. He found it even more amazing that the two are willfully weak.
    • Because he is allied with a number of "good" vampires, and enemies with Dracula. Many are surprised with how Sorin would associate himself with the likes of Dracula, Dio, Demitri Maximoff, and Vlad von Carstein. He tells others that they aren't allies, but they're also not complete enemies. He doesn't completely agree with them, but he find the four vampires to be of pleasant company, and have done nothing to antagonize them. They've all expressed sympathy to what happened to his home Plane Innistrad. Dracula more so, having learned that Sorin was forced to unmake Avacyn. A number of god had to be reminded that Sorin is a Black aligned vampire, and is of neutral status. That Sorin is fully capable of being amoral and selfish at times.
    • As black and amoral Sorin can be, he does have his limits. Crimson Court and Count Orlok are the not only the exact type of vampires that he can't stand, their even worse. Sorin hates them to such an extent that he doesn't even bother to let any of them say anything and goes straight for the kill.
    • Much like with Orlok and the Crimson Court, Sorin has nothing but contempt with both The Major and his army of Nazis vampires. There have even been reports of Sorin fighting alongside Alucard and Seras Victoria against the Millennium.
  • Sorin was not, repeat NOT, happy to see the Eldrazi ascend into Pantheon. In an effort to stop them from causing any permanent damage, he enlisted the aid of fellow Planeswalker Ajani, Harry Dresden and the Doctor. With the combination of both magic, science, and the aid of the entire Magic Pantheon, they imprisoned the Eldrazi within the Moon. Using the same tactic used against Emrakul by the Gatewatch. But it was a hollow victory as Emrakul visited him in a dream: they simply decided it was not their time. They let themselves be sealed.
    • Knowing full well that this was caused by the actions of Nicol Bolas, his animosity had now became personal.
  • As there are many vampires in Pantheon, there also a number of vampire hunters here as well. His relationship with them is a bit mixed. A number of them as glad to hear how he created Avacyn to defend humanity, but are upset on that his reasons for doing so. The reason being so that his people wound't run out of food and starve themselves. Some hunters like Alexander Anderson and Hoss Delgado don't care what he did, or his reasons for doing so. He's a vampire and he deserves to die.
  • Like all vampire before and probably after him, Sorin hates and is hated by Yuuki Terumi. The two have fought each other on a number of occasions, growing more and more frustrated with every encounter. He began to understand why Rachel felt the need to force herself in interfering, despite her position of Onlooker.
  • In the House of Angels, Sorin has a very complicated relationship. They don't exactly hate him (except Imperius), but they're very disturbed by him. Not just because of his relationship with Avacyn, but because his grandfather trapped and used the blood of an angel named Marycz to create vampire kind. Meaning that Sorin's grandfather used literal Holy Blood to create an Unholy monster. The irony is not lost to anyone.
  • Sorin's meeting with the Batman was an interesting one. The Dark Knight approached him on the how they should deal with the Eldrazi, should they escape their imprisonment. Batman believes tells him that they'll need to know everything that they can in preparation. Believing, knowing, that the seal is only a temporary salution. Sorin tells him that the only person that genuinely understands them on any level would have to be Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. And unfortunately, he isn't in Pantheon. Batman replies that they'll just have to ascend him in Pantheon.
  • "Death not for survival but for vanity and pleasure? This is the decadence I sought to curb."

Lesser Gods

    The Black Knight 
The Black Knight, God of Amusing Injuries (Armless Bastard)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An armless, legless torso
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Amusing Injuries, None Shall Pass, Crosses the Line Twice, Throwing Your Sword Always Works, Only a Flesh Wound
  • Domains: Courage, Death (or lack thereof), Evil, Strength
  • Followers: Holistic Detective of the Dwarf Fortress Headshoots, the casts of both Time Killers and BloodStorm.
  • Superiors: Monty Python (which includes his avatar, John Cleese)
  • Allies: Hong Meiling, Sir Didymus
  • Enemies: King Arthur, Artoria, Black Knight, trespassers in general
  • He has been reduced to only a head numerous times, yet with his newfound godhood, he manages to regenerate in time for another of the pantheon to strike him down again. It's just a flesh wound, after all.
  • Any one who goes anywhere near his temple are stopped by him, with him yelling out "NONE SHALL PASS!". Most of the times, he gets his limbs chopped up by the god in question, or suffering other major injuries. And the very times he success on his task is simply because of his utter refusal to move out of the way.
  • Tried to get back at King Arthur for trespassing him one time. Unfortunately for him, the said King Arthur he faced was Artoria and he ended up getting disposed in record time.
  • When the Black Knight once tried to go through him, he stubbornly refuse to let the Rider of Daein pass unless he defeat him in a duel. The Rider immediately dismembered him and pass through because he doesn't bother to think of him as a warrior.

    Hank Wimbleton 
Hank J. Wimbleton, God of Thrilling Violence (The Protagonist, "Our Hero", Mag!Hank)
After being Magnified 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate after his revival)
  • Symbol: A pair of red sunglasses to a Glock 20
  • Theme Song: The theme song from ''Depredation''
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good...or maybe Chaotic Neutral. (Currently closer to Chaotic Evil).
  • Portfolio: Normally wears a Badass Longcoat, One-Man Army, uses dismembered body parts, tossed weapons, and other egregious weapons to kill, Floating Limbs, Super-Reflexes and Super-Strength, gets himself killed a lot, Probably a hero
  • Domains: Chaos, Slaughter, Weaponry, Costumes
  • Heralds: Sanford and Deimos
  • Allies: Kenny McCormick, The Peregrine Falcons Squad and The Sparrows Team, Augus, Akuma, really any god who fights for the heck of it.
  • Rivals: Jebus
  • Enemies: The Agency Against Hank Wimbleton, Tricky, The Joker, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, basically any Monster Clown, The Auditor, the GUAL, The Rebel Army, Alex Mercer, Gabriel Reyes
  • Intimidated by: The Chosen One
  • Intimidates: Noel Vermillion, (His efficiency at using guns is not something to scoff at)
  • Somewhere in the Pantheon, one of the bases owned by Morden's Rebel army fell silent. Marco and his comrades, not wanting to pass up the opportunity of investigating, decided to search the base themselves. By the time they arrived however, they were shocked to find every soldier killed in some manner. Only one occupant was still alive, and evidence suggested that he killed them all himself. He didn't seem to trust Marco's crew, but he eventually agreed to come with them and explain himself. During his trial, some members of the Court of Gods found his brutality so maddening that they couldn't help but feel amused over it. Soon, it was decided that he would be allowed to stay at the House of Slaughter under the title he is now known for.
    • The stranger introduced himself as Hank J. Wimbleton, a man wanted throughout "Nevada" by the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton, or the AAHW, an organization that oppressively controlled much of Nevada. Why such a group is dedicated to killing him is unknown, but he kept insisting that it all started when he picked a fight over a boombox.
  • While Morden still hates Hank's guts for the stunt he pulled prior to his ascension, the Metal Slug crew couldn't help but relate with Hank and his Mook slaughtering shenanigans. They offered to let him try out their Metal Slug but he refused, since he prefers killing people on foot.
  • Considering what the AAHW might get away with if their shadowy leader, the Auditor, catches wind of the Pantheon, the GUAG eventually agreed to work with Hank to counter the AAHW should they ever invade the Pantheon. However, many of the more idealistic members are wary of his methods, and aren't sure if he's all that good to begin with.
  • There has been an instance where his heralds, Sanford and Deimos, managed to resurrect him not with an Improbability Device, but rather a machine used to turn AAHW members into MAG Agents. This resulted in Hank becoming slightly larger, with his arm physically deformed to look like a crustacean tentacle. Apparently, the process was also supposed to hamper his intelligence to the point where he would be retarded, but somehow that didn't seem to be the case. In fact, Hank sometimes acted smarter than before he was revived. It isn't likely that he would be able to revive this form, unless a copy of the Magnification device is somehow brought to the Pantheon by the AAHW.
    • Not surprisingly, Alex Mercer seems intrigued by Hank's magnified form and the implications that come with it. As much as he would like to consume him, he may have to wait until Hank acquires that form.
  • Hank remembered gaining lightning powered abilities that made his body physically stronger, when he touched an Amplifier Artifact known as the Halo. Whether he will ever gain this power again is uncertain, since the Halo is still being worn by the Auditor outside the Pantheon.
  • He sees many of the Monster Clowns in the Pantheon as his enemies, since they remind him too much of one of his rivals, Tricky, whether it is because they kill for fun, or because they happen to be eldritch to some degree.
  • The GUAL quickly opposed everything about Hank, due to his chaotic behavior going against their desire for order and stability. It doesn't help that many of its members are Religious Bruisers who remind Hank of his other rival Jebus Christoff.
  • Recently, Hank has been feeling suspicious around Gabriel Reyes, also known as the Reaper. Apparently this is because of several similarities he shares with the Auditor, such as his ability to become intangible to bullets, being a shadowy leader of a group of armed men, and his bizarre tendency to pull weapons (specifically shotguns for Reaper) out of thin air. The only reason the rest of Talon hasn't been provoked by Hank is because of how uncommon it is for him and Reaper to encounter each other.
  • Many of the other Blood Knights in the Pantheon, such as Augus and Akuma, respect him for his fighting capabilities. Every now and then, he would accept a challenge from some of the gods who are at most the same deity rank as him. (Accepting a duel from a Greater God or Overdeity is bound to get him killed, so he refuses those offers.)
  • On the other hand, those who do not feel uncomfortable about him, such as Noel Vermillion, feel that way exactly because of how many people he can slaughter.
  • With the number of people he can kill within minutes, it would be of no surprise that Khorne would favor him. The possibility of being corrupted by Khorne becomes greater with this approval, which gives people even more reason not to trust Hank. Not that the approval seems to change him in any way...
  • Hank has got himself killed enough times to gain the attention of Kenny, who also got himself killed in a multitude of ways. They get along rather well, considering that they both dealt with eldritch enemies bringing them back to life against their will.
  • Hank had once heard about an incident when the Chosen One pulled many people out of Nevada to obliterate them in a place called Newgrounds. After realizing that he was also in the Pantheon, Hank has remained wary of the Chosen One's power, despite the Second Coming telling him that the Chosen One had turned over a new leaf long after the incident. (Even if the same thing happens to Hank, it wouldn't be the only time he was sent to Newgrounds.)
  • Further investigation seems to imply that it was an anonymous entity that revived him into Morden's base from Nevada with full knowledge of what he was capable of. (Hank also revived in his non-magnified form, for whatever reason.) The last thing Hank remembered doing was defeating Tricky in Nevada's afterlife, which gave the Auditor full control of his powers once more. Regardless, the investigation into who sent Hank to the Pantheon is still ongoing.
  • As You Know, Hank's hands are disembodied and floating. If you're wondering what would happen if you pull them and him away from each other, you're better off not trying.

Ichi, God of High-Pressure Blood (Zatoichi/Zato-no-Ichi)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The shikomi-zue
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Blind Swordsman, Wields a shikomi-zue which could cut statues, Handicapped Badass, One-Man Army, Underestimated by bad guys because of his blindness, Swordsman and masseur, Wanders the earth helping others, Mysterious Past
  • Domains: Blood, Blindness, Swordsmen
  • Allies: Kenshi Takahashi, Toph Bei Fong, Daredevil, Iroh, Genji Shimada, Kazuma Kiryu, Samurai Jack, Uzu Sanageyama, Lilly Satou
  • Rivals: Illidan Stormrage, Tsunade, Samuel Rodrigues
  • Enemies: Those who harm the innocent and take advantage of them, Ryuji Yamazaki
  • Ichi is a roaming blind masseur who is also one of the most dangerous swordsman who slain many Yakuzas, corrupt government flunkies, and countless of Mooks.
  • It seems that whenever he strikes an enemy (or they strike him), they seem to have blood spray from their body. It's note worthing that he's one of the oldest practicer of this phenomenon. From a blood-stained warrior Guts to the Mortal Kombat tournament, he was one of the predecessor of these bloody affairs.
    • Doctors were checking how humans or other creatures could shoot out blood like that. Though Ichi himself doesn't understand why people would spill blood like a geyser, he could presume that he hit the spot where blood is mostly located.
  • He was considered the Handicapped Badass in the world. Though Baiken has since deemed the title her own, Ichi will always be remembered as the blind swordsman who have slain many villains that cross him.
  • He heard that there were other blind deities in the Pantheon, some of which uses their other senses to make up for it and manage to accomplish so much. He was happy to hear that even without sight, they could still fight and live.
    • He got along with another blind swordsman, Kenshi Takahashi. He would have been his high priest as he was a renowned blind swordsman, but has since moved onto another temple.
    • He also respected Sanageyama when he has his eye sewed because he relied too much on his eyes to fight, even when he got his sight back. He glad to see that there is another swordsman who understood his position and used his other senses to fight.
    • He might consider Lilly Satou like a surrogate daughter to him because of her blindness. He even heard that she tried to pick up his sword to fight like him.
  • He isn't just a swordsman, he's also a masseur and knowledgeable in acupuncture. Mantis was impressed with his acupuncture as he once killed a man with it, but he promised that when he gives one to Po, he wouldn't do it or hit his facial nerve.
  • He's popular with the ladies due to him being a masseur. This makes a lot of married ones very jealous. However, Ichi doesn't seem interested in any of them because he left behind so many women, including Otane, so he doesn't want it to happen again.
  • Though he heard that there are Yakuza-like members in the Pantheon as he is ready to draw his sword, he found out that none of them want to keep their connections like Genji Shimada and Kazuma Kiryu. In fact, the former took them down after a quest of self-discovery and the latter actually is violently protective of children so he sheathe his sword. The rest, on the other hand, he will draw to kill if they ever try to attack him.
  • Kisuke Urahara was impressed by a blind man who could fight with a shikomi-zue, much like his weapon, the Benihime. He wanted to see if he was as strong as the rumors, but he was smart enough not to try proving it if the body count were true.
  • He often has tea breaks with Iroh, in which the two elder got along pretty well and talk about their ventures. He even offer massages to Iroh, in which he accept as he wanted some relaxation after so much years of banishment.
  • When he was wandering from his temple, he also encountered another swordsman known as Samurai Jack. He is glad to meet a good samurai as he fought several samurais who fell from grace.
  • Sam found this legendary blind swordsman where he tried to challenge him in a duel. He warned of picking your fight carefully, before they duel to a draw.
  • He might consider having an American counterpart named Nick Parker.
  • Ichi's main hobby is gambling, and he's good at it. Just make sure you don't cheat on him or else, he'll find out. Tsunade dislike him because he cleaned her out of her cash one day... and Naruto nor Jiraiya wouldn't bail her out.
  • Though he is blind, he isn't deaf when he heard the noise from the Soldier and the Demoman. Apparently, they were in a sword duel with the Half-Zatoichi and they wouldn't stop until they behead one another. He killed the two when they were getting close to them and the Soldier's sword merely grazed him, which the two respawned later.
  • He heard that Wedsneday and Pugsley Addams did a play where they "lost" their limbs and spilt blood into the audience. Though he couldn't see the play, he attended it and certainly felt the "blood" splattered on him.
  • Ichi thought that Zato-1 was stealing his name (Ichi is one in Japanese). It was a misunderstanding and the two stopped fighting, though Ichi got his sword through Eddie during the fight.
  • Ichi once nearly got into a confrontation with the Strawhat Pirates due to mistaken identity before Luffy apologized, having mistaken Ichi for Admiral Fujitora, a Marine-conscripted blind swordsman resembling Ichi. Ichi holds nothing against the Strawhats for this, but was fascinated in having someone like him exist in another world, especially with unusual abilities.
  • "Even with my eyes wide open I can't see a thing."


    The Banana Splits 

Drooper, Bingo, Fleegle and Snorky, Gods of Escalating Violence (The Banana Splits)
From left to right: Drooper, Bingo, Snorky and Fleegle
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The gang playing in a band.
  • Theme Song: Tra la la
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Neutral Good for Snorky
  • Portifolio: Far More Violent Than The Originals, Malfunctioning Animatronics, Oddly Humorous For Murderers, Robots Gone Murderous, Band Toons, Fond Of Inflicting Creative Deaths, Rather Similar To Five Nights At Freddys
  • Domains: Adaptations, Gore, Animatronics, Horror
  • Allies (Mostly Snorky): Everyone Under Opposed By, Flowey, Frisk, Monika
  • Enemies: Springtrap, Molten Freddy and Circus Baby, .GIFany, Naughty Bear
  • Opposed By: Every Other FNAF Deity, Every Hanna-Barbara Deity, Dipper and Mable Pines
  • Entertains: The Evil Entity
  • In a certain universe, the TV series The Banana Splits was hosted by animatronics instead of people in costumes, being programed to entertain both live audiences and the TV audience. While they were relatively popular, ultimately their Network Executive, Andy, wanted to can the show just so he can replace it with something "Cool and edgy", dooming the robots to rot and rust in a junkyard for the rest of their days. The gangs desperation to stay up on air, alongside their programing malfunctioning and their coworkers being dicks about the whole thing, drove them to murder every employee and adult attending their last live show and trap the children in the building so that they can entertain them forever, clearly not understanding that children tend to die if they're not fed after a while. Thankfully, after murdering quite a few people in creative and brutal ways, the survivors, alongside one of the Splits having a change of heart, were able to stop and destroy the animatronics and save the children. However, one survivor who was driven to madness was last seen driving off with the remains of the Splits, their fates otherwise unknown.
  • The way the Splits were discovered by The Pantheon was naturally a messy tale. Trying to prepare for a Childs birthday, The Court of the Gods decided to bring in a band for the special occasion, with the added bonus of potentially gaining a new god in the process. While they were indeed intending on bringing in The Banana Splits, they accidentally got the film versions mixed up with the series versions, only realizing their mistake a few hours after the Splits had arrived to the party. Quickly figuring out the story behind these particular Splits, the Court quickly rushed to the party, only to see that they've already killed a good few of the adults there, alongside traumatizing most of the attending children. After stopping the robots from doing anymore damage, it was later revealed that it was Melkor who'd set up the mix-up, having been impressed by how brutal the robotic Splits could get. And with that, The Banana Splits were ascended with the title of Escalating Violence, much to the dismay of many.
  • After their ascension, the band set up camp in their temple, a run-down version of their old studio, and established themselves in the Pantheon. Their behavior there can be summed up as this: They start searching for someone having a party, usually kids, and promptly find and crash it, proceeding to preform for the audience. While they're usually docile while performing, if any adult interrupts their performance, they'll start going on a rampage, killing any interfering adult while sparring the kids. Usually, this ends up indirectly harming kids via trauma. Considering the Pantheons World of Badass nature, it isn't too hard to keep them out, and occasionally they'll leave without a massacre if allowed to finish, many have still found them to be surprisingly tricky to stop once they start killing.
    • Luckily, there was a bright side to all of this, in the form of band member Snorky, who was the only one not killing anyone during the aforementioned party. As it turned out, he was the most benevolent of the group, as while he was still a brutal killer, he recognized that the bands actions were doing more harm than good to the children, an audience that the band still cares for. As such, he's perfectly willing to put a stop to his bandmates antics if they get too destructive. Helps that the rest of the Splits are ridiculously forgiving to Snorky for some reason.
  • Seeing how they're murderous animatronics, they're obviously opposed by the human workers at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Hell, Mike Schmidt actually considers them in some ways worse than the killer robots he has to deal with, seeing as they're much more brutal with their killings than the Fazbear Gang usually is. The fact that they regularly endanger children through sheer misunderstandings have also made them unpopular with the Fazbear Animatronics, as at least they don't nearly get kids killed (Well, at least nowadays). The Splits themselves couldn't care less about the humans, but they actually have some respect to the animatronics, seeing them as "Fellow robotic entertainers". However, the deities do get along relatively well with Snorky, thanks to the Token Good Teammate role. Mike's still weary of the whole "Still brutally murders people who piss him off" thing, however.
    • It should be noted, however, that the Splits genuinely care about their children audience, having been programed to entertain them and all. They only threaten them due to severely misunderstanding how humans usually work, as well as carelessly traumatizing them with their actions. With that out of the way, the Splits, Snorky included, utterly despise Springtrap, who's a unrepentant child murderer in the form of an undead robotic Serial Killer. His ally Molten Freddy, who also gleefully murders children out of bloodlust, get similarly no love from them, even if he's a robot like them. Afton and Freddy, despite finding the robots and their nature rather humorous, are wise enough to stay out of their way, as the duo are well aware of how brutal the Splits could get.
    • They also have a bone to pick with Circus Baby, being another creation of Aftons who, to them, is just as willing to kill children as her creator is. However, what they don't know is that Baby is actually possessed by Afton's daughter Elizabeth, who seeks to become just like her father. The real Baby really doesn't like to murder innocents, only wanting some freedom, and is just unfortunate enough to be possessed by a malevolent spirit. That said, both personalities don't like the Splits very much, Elizabeth because they're opposing her and Afton, and Baby because the Splits are still murderous sentient animatronics who get overly brutal with their kills.
  • It's no secret that the Splits are based off the Hanna-Barbara characters of the same name, so its natural that the other HB gods would take notice. While a good few of them are willing to sympathize with them do to their malfunctioning nature, the gods otherwise oppose the group, obviously finding them terrifying mockeries of the originals. Of note is the Mystery Gang, who've faced their fair share of murderous malfunctioning robots, though obviously none of them were as violent as the Splits. While the gang are just as grossed out by them as the others, they're still perfectly willing to tackle any case involving them, even if it's not much of a mystery.
    • Speaking of Scooby Doo, there is one HB deity who's fond of them: The Evil Entity, a malevolent Eldritch Abomination who revels in corrupting innocent people into murderous psychopaths. With that in mind, he honestly finds the robots to by honestly hilarious, with it gleefully pointing out that it didn't even need to lift a finger to corrupt the group. As a result, a few of the parties the Splits crash are often masterminded by The Entity. The group, for the most part, aren't aware of its existence, though they'll sometimes remark that they feel a strange presence during their "shows".
  • Seeing as they're still fond of kids, the Splits are still fond of two of their opposers, those being Dipper and Mable Pines. As the twins have faced Hostile Animatronics before, it's obvious that they would be against the Splits, thanks to them being even more brutal than the ones they faced. Doesn't help that they don't have the excuse of .GIFany taking control of them. That said, they they actually get along well with Snorky, Mable in particular due to finding him adorable. On the Splits side, while they generally treat the twins well, being kids and all, they have heard of .GIFany and are justifiably wary of the AI, even considering her to be completely insane. Considering the kind of killers the Splits are, that's saying something.
  • Due to their malfunctioning nature, the Splits don't usually have many people they could call "Enemies", usually not comprehending why exactly people hate them. That all changed one day when they met fellow cuddly slasher Naughty Bear, who located the Splits "Playing" at a party and started beating the crap out of them. While the Splits were creative enough to put up a fight, Naughty's superior equipment meant that he emerged victorious, the Splits completely in pieces. After being repaired, they considered Naughty to be a massive bully who picks on people smaller than him, never mind the fact that the reason the bear went after them was because they unintentionally do that as well. If nothing else, Naughty and his Narrator is impressed by how creative they could get with their kills, just not that they use it against innocents.
  • Oddly enough, The Splits have been seen hanging around with Flowey of all people, who claims that the animatronics are "His kinda people". Strangely, while he talks about having participated in a few of their massacres himself, witnesses have confirmed that he never actually does anything during them, mostly just watching from the sidelines. If anything, these incidents tend to not only be ended shorter than usual, but also don't have nearly as many casualties as the others do. That's because, as usual, Flowey is secretly sabotaging the Splits in order to minimize casualties, having infiltrated the group to do so. He originally found out about it by reaching out to Snorky, who fulfills a similar role in the group, albeit less subtly, figuring that the elephant would relate to him, as well as probably needing help with the group. This has eventually lead the robot to discover a whole group of people who know of his secret, with the elephant occasionally joining them as a Guest-Star Party Member, as he's too busy with his own gang to fully commit.
    • Of this group, he's formed a friendship with Frisk, what with being a child who's known for befriending normally hostile monsters. As of now, he's thinking of introducing the Splits to the child in the hopes of redeeming his band mates, as ultimately they still are his fellow coworkers. In the meantime, he can be seen usually entertaining the child with his antics. On a related note, he also sympathizes with Monika, being a sentient being trapped in a dating sim, even if he's a bit weary of her Yandere tendencies. She's offered to help him and his gang with .GIFany if she ever tries to corrupt them, also earning the appreciation of the rest of the Splits as well.