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No, not HimCharles I of England. But of course the two are easily confused...

This trope refers to a character whose hairstyle and facial hair make him resemble conventional depictions of Jesus of Nazareth: i.e., a male with long hair worn loose and a simple full beard. His hair can be straight, wavy, or curly, but braids, dreadlocks and such are right out. It might overlap with Wild Hair but can be neater. There's some latitude in the length of the beard, but anything that covers the collarbone is probably too long to qualify, and braids or other affectations are right out. Bonus points if he winds up in sandals and/or a robe at any point. See also What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?.

Compare Hippie Jesus, if he not only looks the part, but also acts like it.



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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Paul Monroe in The Walking Dead looks so much like Jesus that this is his actual nickname. People refer to him by the name Jesus more often then his real name. He also resembles Jesus in other aspects. Despite being a highly skilled warrior, he generally tends to avoid violence against other humans except when absolutely necessary. He also routinely ends up on good terms with people after their initial confrontation starts with violence.
  • Wallace from Sin City has the whole look, combined with a very calm, polite, stoic demeanor. He would be a Hippie Jesus if he wasn't a One-Man Army.
  • Stormwatch: "Stormwatch Team Achilles", during the brief period where they were working for the Illuminati, were tasked to kill this one guy who got godlike — nay, Godlike — powers from being a descendant of Jesus. The man they find looks like this. Then, the actual descendant, who was nearby and is dressed more modernly, shows up and kicks their asses, while mocking them for falling for the oldest Iconic Outfit in the book.
  • The Marvel Comics character Wundarr the Aquarian was created by Steve Gerber as a parody of Superman — a character who already had Messianic overtones — but in appearance resembles Jesus in a costume that might be called "Spandex Gandalf."
  • Due to Comic-Book Fantasy Casting The Ultimates were drawn to look like various celebrities. Word of God says they couldn't decide who Thor should look like, so they drew him to be like Jesus.

    Fan Works 

  • Child of the Storm : Subverted, and Jesus drily lampshades it:
    [T]he works of the Italian masters [...] while superb pieces of art, seem to be of the firm belief that I was about six feet tall [and had] enviably manageable hair. Not so much.


    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Dude from The Big Lebowski. Also wears a robe and sandals in his intro scene. Then of course there's The Jesus himself, though to a lesser extent since he doesn't sport long hair (he probably looks more similar to the real life Jesus though).
  • Likewise, Kevin Flynn in TRON: Legacy, played by the same actor.
  • A policeman calls hirsute Alan "fat Jesus" in The Hangover. Likely an Actor Allusion; see the Zach Galifianakis entry in the Real Life section.
  • Saved!: After Mary hits her head in the pool, she is rescued by the pool cleaner, who looks like this. Due to her head injury she thinks he actually is Jesus.
  • Niander Wallace in Blade Runner 2049, although contrary to most examples, he's the Big Bad and a a merciless corporate tyrant — albeit one with a seriously holy self-image and aspirations of leading humanity.
  • Forrest Gump, when he runs across America.
  • Star Wars:
    • Qui-Gonn Jinn from The Phantom Menace.
    • Also Obi-Wan in the later prequels, especially in Episode II. No, it's not a mullet.
  • The Thief in The Holy Mountain deliberately Looks Like Jesus.
  • The View Askewniverse: Silent Bob, given his tendency to be the voice of reason whenever he does actually say something (except in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back), and his overall attitude. Albeit a slightly barrel-shaped Jesus.
  • Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter inverts this at a certain point. Jesus Christ looks like his usual depictions at first, but after a shave, a haircut, some earrings, and a change of clothes, he looks like a regular guy.
  • Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bonus points for being a saviour for Gondor along with Healing Hands.
  • In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the younger Charles Xavier not only sports longer hair and a Beard of Sorrow, but he ultimately becomes an All-Loving Hero at the movie's climax.
  • The Baader Meinhof Complex. During the riot at the Springer newspaper offices, Ulrike Meinhof witnesses a shirtless hippy type who fits this trope, with his arms outstretched decrying the lousy state of the world.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Black Panther: In the second stinger, Bucky Barnes looks like this with his long hair, beard, and the red and blue Wakandan robes he wears.
    • Thor: Ragnarok: Thor on the Asgardian frescoes is depicted with long hair, a beard and a Holy Halo.
  • Steve Davis from Psych-Out has long, tangled brown hair, a short beard, and a wild expression, and wears white robes. The church father who comments on the hippies' idealism compares them to the early Christians.

  • Puggy in Big Trouble. At one point he's even mistaken for Jesus by a disoriented maid.
  • In Perelandra, when the King of Venus (essentially, the Adam of the nascent Human Alien civilization of Venus) is finally revealed, Ransom immediately recognizes his features. Although it is not stated in plain text, the Queen/Eve of Venus reveals that ever since Maleldil materialized Himself as a human on Earth, the human form became the default for all new sentient species, ergo it is only logical that the default human male form always Looks Like Jesus, too.
  • Cadderly from The Cleric Quintet is a white, brown-haired priest. In "Night Masks", he grows a beard, making him resemble traditional depictions of Jesus.
  • In the novel of M*A*S*H, Trapper is described as looking like this early on, to the point that the gang raises money to send Ho-Jon to the States by taking pictures of Trapper and selling them as "autographed pictures of Jesus".
  • Patrick Danville in The Dark Tower looks like a slightly younger version of Jesus; one of the pictures in the hardcover edition of the book even has him drawn in the same pose as the famous "Sacred Heart of Jesus" portrait.
  • Merrin in Black Man, which is milked for all it's worth as one of his followers-slash-protectors genuinely believes him to be the Second Coming of Christ.
  • Cops: Their Lives in Their Own Words has a prisoner who'd badly injured a police officer being handcuffed to a detention cage in the requisite position with a paper crown-of-thorns on his head.
    The guy had a beard. I genuflected when I walked in. Christ on a Cage.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: As if to drive his messianic characterization home, Baelor I Targaryen is depicted as having the stereotypical features of Jesus, except with silvery blond hair (a Targaryen family trait). George R. R. Martin, when asked to describe his appearance, merely said, "Think Jesus".

    Live-Action TV 
  • Just like his comic book counterpart, Paul in The Walking Dead so closely resembles Jesus in looks and deeds that this is his nickname. The only difference between from comic book version is that he has the last name "Rovia" instead of Monroe.
  • Eli on Xena: Warrior Princess.
  • Manny in Black Books has the beard and long hair already, and the first episode has him wandering about in a hospital gown, a beatific expression on his face from having digested (literally) The Little Book of Calm, and being mistaken for Jesus by a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Jordan Collier of The 4400 after his resurrection. Word of God says it's not symbolic.
  • Happened a few times on Top Gear where one of the presenters (mainly Jeremy Clarkson) would confuse someone with long hair and a beard for the son of God in a short-lived gag.
  • In Battlestar Galactica, Gaius Baltar looks like Jesus when he wanders around the Cylon Basestar in a plain white robe, with long hair and a beard. Bonus points for being played by the actor James Callis.
  • In Doctor Who, the Eleventh Doctor with a beard and robe looks like Jesus.
  • In Spartacus, the title character finishes the first episode dressed in a loincloth with long hair, a bloody brow, and a wound in his side. Given that he's a famed saviour who is popularly (if probably incorrectly) believed to have died on the cross, the symbolism was almost certainly intentional.
  • Desmond from Lost. He does shave the beard off later, though. Henry Ian Cusick actually did play Jesus, in The Gospel of John.
  • Subverted in a Saturday Night Live sketch. A cop tries to get the Two A-Holes to describe a criminal they saw. The female a-hole says that he looked like Jesus. The cop replies "so, you're saying he had long hair and a beard?", to which the female a-hole shakes her head:
    Cop: So, then why did he look like Jesus?
    Female A-Hole: He was wearing sandals.
    Male A-Hole: Like Jesus.
    Female A-Hole: They were ugly.
  • Richard II in The Hollow Crown. Seems to be a calculated appearance on his part, invoking Gold and White Are Divine in his typical dress. When he's summoned to cede his kingship to Henry, Richard travels on a donkey in a long white robe, like Jesus on Palm Sunday. (And in his last days and death, he wears a white loincloth like Jesus on the cross.)
  • Game of Thrones:
    • In Season 5, the Faceless Man assassin, Jaqen H'ghar shows up in Braavos, and has ditched his earlier Lovable Rogue persona for that of the High Priest of a friendly death cult. While Jaqen previously wore rags and (later) armor, he now wears a monastic robe, which gives the Jesus effect.
    • The Stark men have a tendency to have their dark hair long and an affinity in sporting a beard. This progressively applies especially to Jon Snow, as his Manly Facial Hair becomes fuller as seasons go by. Both their deaths even involves a cross, though Jon wasn't crucified. His resurrection sequence is modeled on Renaissance paintings of Jesus.
    • Jory Cassel sports dark long hair and a rough beard.
    • This happens to Daario Naharis once Michiel Huisman takes over the role starting Season 4.
  • Survivor has a tendency to cast long-haired guys who, over a course of 39 days, turn into this. Namely Ozzy, Malcolm, Joe Anglim, and Coach.
  • One episode of Barney Miller has the owner of an Indian restaurant stroll into the squadroom, but his hair, beard, and flowing white robes make him look more like this than "Bodhisattva." A bookie present whispers "I'll give you seventy-five to one it ain't!" to Fish. The elderly Fish, meanwhile, is a little worried when the man says he was "sent" to the squadroom.
    Fish: For anyone in particular...?
  • Sleepy Hollow: Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane.
  • Jonas Maliki of Sense8, played by Naveen Andrews, has long, wild hair and a short beard, and spends most of the series imprisoned by BPO.

  • John Lennon, from the Beatles. While he was clean shaven and sported medium-length hair early on with the Beatles, starting from around 1968, he grew out his hair and beard commencing in a wild messianic mane as seen on the cover for Abbey Road (bonus points for the white suit). Also, during his and Yoko's bed-ins for peace.
  • George Harrison, fellow Beatle, grew out his hair and beard at the same time as Lennon. Around 1969 and especially in 1970, his hair was the longest a beatle had ever worn. Especially so on the cover for his solo album All Things Must Pass.
  • Frontman Jerry Garcia and keyboarder Brent Mydland of rock band The Grateful Dead both sported a long unkempt mane combined with a thick beard.
  • Jim Morrison, singer of 60s rock band The Doors. He started out clean shaven, but grew his beard later in life. Applies especially on this photo.
  • Jimmy Page, and all his bandmates from Led Zeppelin to some extent. Take a look here and here.
  • Cat Stevens during his 70s heyday.
  • They Might Be Giants, "Kiss Me, Son of God"
    I look like Jesus, so they say
    But Mr. Jesus is very far away
  • Averted in "When You Were Young" by The Killers, wherein it is pointed out that the subject of the song "doesn't look a thing like Jesus".
  • Lil B, if his song "Look Like Jesus" is to be believed.
  • Referenced in the Bran Van 3000 song "Mama Don't Smoke":
    Chris said somethin' 'bout all them
    Long-haired Jesus Christ lookalikes
    Shining down on me
  • John Petrucci from Dream Theater.
  • Chad Kroeger from Nickelback during much of their earlier career up until Dark Horse.
  • Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode during the Songs of Faith and Devotion era in 1993-94. He did not look like that neither during the precedent Violator era in 1990 nor during the subsequent Ultra era in 1997. Lampshaded in the "Condemnation" video where he plays a thinly-veiled version of Jesus.

    Tabletop Games 

  • The title song of Hair.
    My hair like Jesus wore it
    Hallelujah I adore it
    Hallelujah Mary loved her son
    Why don't my mother love me?

    Video Games 

  • Irrelevator has the green stick figure who looks a lot like Jesus.
  • One-Punch Man has Homeless Emperor, a member of the Monster Associations who claims to be on a Mission from God to eradicate humanity because Humans Are Bastards. Incidentally, he has shaggy long hair and full beard, which is fitting for his status as a Dark Messiah.
  • Something*Positive had a character named Jesus Mickey, whose whole shtick was that he made himself look like Jesus (even with nails embedded in his wrists!) in order to attract chicks. Like many gag characters from the early years, he was eventually Killed Off for Real.
    Cast page: And he didn't come back on the third day, proving he was a considerably lacking Jesus imitator.

    Web Original 
  • Jebus from Madness Combat looks much like the saviour, down to having a golden halo. In the earlier episodes, this is because he was a straight parody of Jesus, but later episodes would give him a bit more of an individual character, greatly expanded on in the series' official video game Project Nexus, rebranding him as a scientist named Dr. Jebediah Christoff working for the Nexus Core who betrayed and killed the project's director. With all of these developments, his roots as a parody of Jesus remain deep seated.
  • Not Always Working: This story. The manager who fits the trope winds up getting nicknamed "Jesus".
  • Paul from The TRY Channel looks like if Warner Sallman's famous painting of Jesus were Irish. Thus the inevitable nickname, "Irish Jesus."
  • Scion of Worm looks like Jesus, aside from the fact that his skin and hair are gold rather than Caucasian and brown. He deliberately chose this appearance to play on human religious tendencies and went with gold to avoid difficulties with racial divides.

    Western Animation 
  • The Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Gee Whiz" focuses part of its plot on news reports of people seeing a face bearing Jesus' likeness in the butt of a rifle on a highway billboard advertisement for a pawn shop, only the face turns out to be Ted Nugent's.
  • The Simpsons:
    • From episode "She of Little Faith":
      Jimbo: Hey, Simpson, I hear your sister dumped Christianity.
      Bart: Who cares?
      Dolph: I'll tell you someone who cares. He's got long hair, works as a carpenter, has a lot of crazy ideas about love and brotherhood.
      Jimbo: His name's Gunnar and he's dating my mom. Sometimes he buys us beer.
    • And from "Homer the Heretic":
      Homer: Kids, let me tell you about another so-called "wicked" guy. He had long hair and some wild ideas. He didn't always do what other people thought was right. And that man's name was... I forget. But the point is... I forget that, too. Marge, you know what I'm talking about. He used to drive that blue car?
    • And "Looking For Mr. Goodbart":
      Flanders: [compares a Peekimon to Vishnu statue] I'll be darned if this little critter doesn't look like your god.
      Apu: [points at homeless man with long hair and beard] And I'll be darned if this sad wino doesn't look like your god!
      Wino: Do unto Snickers as you would have Snickers do unto you.

    Real Life 
  • Ironically, the real Jesus most likely would not qualify for the trope. Not only did he most likely have far more Semitic features than most art would have you believe, but long hair was not common for men at his time. He probably did have a beard, but both historical texts and artwork from the era confirms that men in that time and location wore their hair and beards cut short, so as to protect against lice. The Bible does not give any details about Jesus's appearance, but the fact that the people sent to arrest him needed Judas to point him out suggests that Jesus was a completely average-looking, ordinary Jewish man. Meaning he certainly did not have long hair, which would be extremely atypical of the era.
    • The Old Testament prophesies also hint at this on the few occasions they comment on the Messiah's physical appearance. Isaiah 53, for example, describes him as having "no beauty of majesty to attract us to him; nothing in his appearance that we should desire him."
    • The only thing close to an eyewitness description of Jesus's appearance anyone has been able to find thus far is that attributed to the Jewish historian Josephus, who described Jesus as not only short-haired but also four feet tall, with terrible posture, and a mono-brow. Whether Josephus is an even remotely reliable source, though, is up for debate, though the idea of Jesus being a Semetic Danny DeVito is admittedly very amusing.
  • Charles I of England, whose similarity in appearance to conventional depictions of Jesus was exaggerated by Monarchist partisans in 17th century art, as in the page image.
    • Three centuries later this would happen with Che Guevara. A C.I.A. agent who was present when he was killed even had an Oh, Crap! moment when he saw the corpse and the resemblance, and realized how that would be exploited to make Che a Jesus-like icon by his admirers.
  • Cesare Borgia (1476 - 1507) was a very beautiful man, probably the most beautiful son of a Pope that ever lived. There are suggestions that portraits of him from the Renaissance influenced contemporary and subsequent portrayals of Jesus of Nazareth. So now if you look at a painting of Cesare Borgia, he may look a bit like Jesus... or vice versa.
  • Johnny Damon, baseball player, back in his Boston Red Sox days.
    • After he defected to the Yankees, you could buy T-shirts in Boston with his picture that said, "Looks like Jesus. Acts like Judas. Throws like Mary."
  • Also Leonardo da Vinci. Some scientists even believe that the shroud of Turin was in fact painted by him and that he used his own face as the model. If that were true, this would be the most epic easter egg in history.
  • Alan Moore, although his wild-eyed Mad Artist shtick and the really long beard sort of push it into Looks Like Rasputin territory, which might deserve its own trope. For that matter, Rasputin the Mad Monk himself.
  • This self-portrait by Albrecht Dürer, about which The Other Wiki says:
    Dürer presents himself monumentally in a style that unmistakably recalls depictions of Christ — the implications of which have been debated among art critics. A conservative interpretation suggests that Durer is responding to the tradition of the Imitation of Christ. The more controversial view reads the painting as a proclamation of the artist's individual identity and his role as creator.
  • Poker player Chris Ferguson.
  • Christian Bale, although only when he has his beard/moustache.
    • This could be said for any actor who has played Jesus. Jim Caviezel for example.
  • When young, the English actor Robert Powell. Hence why he was handpicked to play Jesus by the Catholic Church itself, in the Church-sponsored miniseries Jesus of Nazareth: they wanted a handsome guy who could act well and fit in the archetype, thus codifying a new Jesus-like archetype, and there he was.
  • This definitely applied to Robin Thicke around the time his first album was released.
  • Nash, host of Radio Dead Air and What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?? Bonus points for getting so drunk once that he stood on a bench and "proclaimed [him]self the Lord Jesus Christ."
  • Jim Henson.
  • Charles Manson at times. For example.
  • Zach Galifianakis lampshaded this in a visual stand-up routine where he showed funny text on an easel while an a capella group sang (It Makes Sense in Context). Two of the pages were "I look like fat Jesus." "Not phat Jesus."
  • Bill Bailey, a fact not lost on him — see the Black Books example above.
  • Russell Brand, whenever he grows out his stubble a bit.
  • Andrea Pirlo, when he has a beard.
  • Mike Rutherford of Genesis. His puppet in Land of Confusion was even reused as that of Jesus in Spitting Image.
  • Rik Mayall, of all unlikely messiahs commented on his looking like Jesus in the commentary for the DVD collection of The Young Ones.
  • One famous photograph taken by a war correspondent in Central American in The '80s had guerilla soldiers carrying a wounded man who fit this trope, right down to the spread arms (because he was being held by the arms), the naked chest and the beard.
  • Brazilian revolutionary leader Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, also known as Tiradentes, was often depicted with long hair and a beard in paintings, which the real Tiradentes never wore. It was done intentionally to cement his reputation as a martyr fo the republican cause after the Portuguese crown sentenced him to death by hanging.
  • George Harrison with the long beard and long hair.
  • Cr1tiKal, of all people, has stereotypical Jesus look (the long hair and the beard) during the early half of 2020, especially while the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing (with non-essential businesses, including barber shops, have been closed down as a result). This, combined with his signature Deadpan Snarker monotone, gives the guy an Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance. He has had his hair cut around the latter half of May 2020, however.
  • Jared Leto favors this look when he's not in character.
  • Keanu Reeves has adopted this look in recent times, as seen in this photo.
  • Steve Burke of the YouTube tech review channel GamersNexus has had his appearance compared to Jesus Christ.