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Intermediate Gods

Dex-Starr, God of Abandoned Pets in a Box (originally Dexter, Red Lantern of Space Sector 2814, Rage Cat, Ruffles, Pukecat)

    The Metroid Hatchling 
The Metroid Hatchling, The Divine Rescuing Beast (The Last Metroid, The Baby, Super Metroid, The Hatchling, Metroid Larva, Infant Metroid)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Song: Metroid Hatchling Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Damn Hero, Heroic Sacrifice, Implacable Man, Insect Queen, Last of His Kind
  • Domain: Aliens, Power, Races
  • Allies: Samus Aran, Pikachu, Nana
  • Rival: Zinogre
  • Enemies: Mother Brain, Ridley, Phazon, SA-X, Dark Samus, HYDRA
  • Oppose: Ice users
  • Assigned with exterminating the entire Metroid race from their home world, SR388, Samus Aran decided to not kill a newly hatched Metroid who imprinted itself on her. This act of kindness would be awarded as a now Super Metroid would save Samus from Mother Brain and sacrifice itself.
    • That wouldn't be the last time it would help Samus. After being affected by an X Parasite, cells from the Hatchling were used on Samus to save her life.
  • Many in the pantheon were in utter shock when they saw a giant Metroid entering the pantheon. Before any retaliation could be taken, the Hatchling approached a confused Samus and nuzzled her in affection. It was at that moment everybody knew it was The Baby they heard so much about.
  • The Hatchling's size varies; most times it's the size of a Mini-Mecha, other times it's a slightly bigger Metroid.
  • Samus Aran is very protective of the Metroid. Maybe not to the point of calling it "the baby" every five seconds. But her Mama Bear instincts will kick in if it was ever harmed. Just ask Ridley and Mother Brain.
    • She is allowing some research on the baby Metroid from GUAG after it was revealed it can actually heal people and not just suck out their life. She is however keeping a watchful eye since Galactic Federation did clone metroids from the Hatchling.
  • HYDRA seems to show some interest in Hatchling. Clearly, they too have vapors for brains.
  • When not with Samus, the Hatchling can be seen hanging around the Diclonius, Nana. Since the two are considered the least hostile of a very dangerous race and have been used by others for nefarious means, it makes perfect sense.
    • It also found companionship with Pikachu as he too is friends with Samus. The Pokémon was also saved by the Bounty Hunter one time.
  • Analyzing the Metroid has revealed it to be a Queen. Yes, the Federation cloned a Queen. After some tinkering, it's been sterilized so there wouldn't be any chances of an overrun of metroids.
  • The GUAG have developed a alternate energy substitute for the Hatchlinng to feed on. Unfortunately, the baby still has the tendacy to latch onto others for energies. Luckily, most of them are evil.
  • Has been use as "violence deterrent" in the House of Beasts because of its energy-draining ability. One noticeable case was a confrontation between it and Zinogre. The encounter has created a rivalry between the two creatures.
  • The SA-X is being very careful around the Hatchling since Metroids were created by the Chozo to destroy X Parasites.
    • As a matter of fact, the Metroids are supposed to be on the side of good, being the X Parasites' predators. But, because they eventually turned against their their Chozo creators (who never had the chance to tell anybody about the Metroids' true purpose), they've been commonly regarded as evil. This hatchling is seen as the exception, proving that Metroids are not inherently monsters.

Yoshi, God of Friendly Mount Creatures (T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, Omnivore of the Year, Number 5, Mario's Happy-Go-Lucky Steed)


Lesser Gods

    Appa, Momo, Naga and Pabu 
Appa, Momo, Naga, and Pabu, The Divine Team Pets
  • Rank: Lesser God (Appa), Demigods (Momo, Naga, Pabu)
  • Symbol: Horn and Air Bending Tattoo (Appa), long tail (Momo), Saddle (Naga), ring tail (Pabu)
  • Theme Song: Momo's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Pets
  • Followers: Boota, Ein, Zwei, Snarf, Silkie, Rufus
  • Allies: Aang, Katara, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Zuko, Asami Sato, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Krypto the Superdog, Iggy, Pikachu, Yoshi, Scooby Doo
  • Enemies: Azula, Amon, Zaheer
  • Opposed: Kuvira
  • Appa and Naga are loyal animal companions of Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra respectively, while Momo and Pabu are small but cute pets that hang with the Avatar's party. As their reputation as the team's pets are known, they were allowed to ascend.
  • Aang and Korra were each pleased to see their friends ascend, especially the sky bison and polar bear dog who've been around them since childhood. Many gods sight them riding their pets for large stretches of miles.
  • The four greeted many famed pets in the pantheon, as their reputation as pets to famous heroes is renowned.
  • Like Aang, both Appa and Momo were believed to have been the last of their species when the Fire Nation destroyed the Air Nomads. However, sometimes after the Hundred Year War, a different species of Sky Bisons and Flying Lemurs were discovered. Though they were unable to communicate, they seemed both pleased and relieved.
  • In his sleep-deprived day before the invasion, Aang once saw a hallucination of Appa and Momo talking and fighting each other like in a samurai movie. Considering that Sokka once said that Momo said terrible things to him in his dreams, it seems to be a recurring thing in hallucinations. Naga and Pabu doesn't seems to have such strange dream stories, at least for now.
  • Appa doesn't like going underground as it confines him to a small space not suitable for flying.
  • Appa sympathizes with Dumbo as he had a very bad experience in a Firebending circus run by an abusive ringmaster. It is also this experience that made him attack evil ringmasters like Ludwig von Tokkentakker when they tried to do something funny.
    • As another result of this traumatizing experience, he dislikes fire.
  • Appa would often sleep alongside Totoro, though Totoro would sleep on top of Appa rather than the other way around. It helps that Totoro found Appa to be almost like himself and the Catbus.
  • One scientist decided to figure out how exactly Appa uses his airbending to fly.
  • Some believed that Momo may have been a reincarnation of Aang's old mentor, Monk Gyatso.
  • Korra once mentioned Polar to Naga as he reminds her of Naga as a little cub, just the weird part of being just a polar bear. Naga found Polar stumbling around the snow and grew fond of him like a mother and child.
  • Balto considered Naga to be a great sledding dog, though he admits that her size can be somewhat difficult and it could be as scary as the bear that attacked him in his journey. Fortunately, Naga reminds him of Muk and Luk, two harmless polar bear cubs, so he isn't concerned with any trouble.
  • Pabu is the mascot for the Fire Ferrets, a pro-bending team composing of his partner, Bolin, his brother Mako, and Korra. Sadly, Pabu doesn't seem to find the two anywhere, but has since taken residence in Korra's temple. But he managed to find a "weasel" partner in a form of Daxter.
    • Eventually Mako and Bolin did ascend to the Pantheon. Pabu joyfully reunited with them and found his way onto Bolin's shoulder.
    • Pabu has shown to be very distrusting of Kyubey. Despite his mischievous nature, he hated Kyubey's deceptions, being responsible for the suffering of many an innocent girl, and his smug face. And the less said about him and the Toon Patrol, the better. Pabu has gotten into trouble with the weasels.

Chocobos, Divine Non-Equine Mounts
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A Yellow Feather
  • Theme Song: One of many versions of the Chocobo Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral to Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Series Mascot, A Horse But Cooler
  • Domain: Racing, Breeding, Magic, Companionionship
  • Allies: Many good aligned Final Fantasy deities, Sacred Knights, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Yoshi, Jaune Clafoutis, Millhiore Filliano Biscotti, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois, Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage, Ricotta Elmar, Squigly, Defenders of the Ancients
  • Thinking that having some of their deities riding on bikes, cruising through cars, or piloting jets wasn't good enough (and the fact that horses were either not cool enough or were sentient and often would not take kindly to being ridden), the Court of the Gods decided they needed something just as cool but also alive. So they decided to ascend not one, not two, not even three, but five dozen flocks of Chocobos. Not only can anybody ride them, they can also help in battle by casting magic against their enemies and healing their riders. Though it's going to take a lot of bonding between riders and Chocobos.
  • Because of their large numbers, the Chocobos have their own special field in which they can roam free. The court is currently looking for someone to maintain the field and take care of the Chocobos.
  • Chocobos come in a variety of colors. The most well-known version are the yellow ones, which can be ridden on. It takes awhile to train them, but once you do, they can become inseparable allies. However, it's a very bad idea to try and tame Chocobos of red, black, blue, or purple, as these are more violent and will attack people. There have been unfortunate cases when these types become too violent and have to be taken down. Still, there have been a lucky few who have succeeded in doing so, although it's still generally inadvisable.
    • There is a special white Chocobo called the Angel of Valhalla that is Lightning's personal mount and ally and acts as a sort of pack leader to some of the other Chocobos. He is also a reincarnated version of Lightning's Eidolon, Odin.
  • One of the best ways to bond with a Chocobo is feeding it Gysahi Greens, which look like carrots. These strange vegetables also have the extra benefit of making Chocobos less smelly.
  • Once in a while, Yoshi himself can be seen hanging around the Chocobos. The two found common grounds for being great mounts for their riders.
  • The ascended Dog Days have remarked how similar looking the Chocobos are to their own Cercles. The only real difference being that Cercles are able to fly. Because they are so similar, the Dog Days deities are able to bond with the Chocobos much faster than the other non-Final Fantasy deities.
  • The Chocobos only have one known predator, the Chocobo Eater. As the name would imply, they eat Chocobos. Thankfully, there are none in the pantheon. Right?
  • Certain Chocobos were selectively bred for the GUAG Sacred Knights as their own personal mounts to use in battle. Each of the Chocobos has their own personal armor modeled after their riders — with the only rule being that there cannot be any pink since Artix von Krieger has a very irrational fear of that color — and they are even given names. Not only that, but these special Chocobos can use Ga-level Magic instead of the standard fire, ice, thunder magic.
  • As the war between the ancients grow ever larger and known, a group of Chocobos has been bred to be couriers for the defenders. While they may not be able to fight or be mounts for the heroes, they're still competent at bringing items to them.

    Perry the Platypus 
Perry the Platypus, God of Action Pets (Agent P, Ducky Momo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The OWCA logo
  • Theme Songs: Everything's Better With Perry as a pet; Agent P's Theme Song as a spy
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Pet, Can hide his identity just by wearing a hat, The Comically Serious, Detective Animal, Escape Artist, Fedora of Asskicking, The Unintelligible, Silent Snarker, Married to the Job, Aside Glance, Badass Adorable,
  • Domains: Animal, Liberation, Law, Good, Protection
  • Allies: Phineas and Ferb, Krypto, James Bond, Nick Fury, Roger Thornhill, Solid Snake, Jack Bauer, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Chuck Bartowski, Jason Bourne, Crash Bandicoot, Po, Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man, Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Thor, Pandaikon of The Nerima Daikon Brothers
  • Enemies: Neo Cortex, Nitrus Brio, XANA, Count Olaf, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Venom
  • Special Relationship: Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  • It was a momentous occasion when Agent P was granted godhood by all the ascended spies in the Pantheon. The platypus has had a storied history preventing all sorts of mishaps caused by Dr. Doofenshmirtz.
    • Once archenemies, it was poetic that Dr. Doofenshmirtz was the one who brought him over to the Pantheon. The two now work at O.W.C.A fighting the good fight. Perry was eager to take over checking on the scientist. Dr. Doofenshmirtz may screw up every now and then, but Perry hopes he could be a great spy one day.
    • In case everyone was wondering, Perry specifically stated that it was Agent P that ascended. Phineas and Ferb still think that their Perry is just an ordinary platypus. A previous situation where Phineas found out about his identity did not go out so well. Thus Perry keeps his identity a secret, though he brought all those pictures of that time to keep him company.
  • May well be the most blatant form of Clark Kenting in the Pantheon. Even Superman wonders how he could fool so many with just a fedora. And yet it is enough for most of the Pantheon to believe the illusion, including his owners. Dr. Doofenshmirtz admits he still has time telling the difference.
  • While not a dog, Krypto gave him a warm welcome... in the form of several licks done in a second. Sloppiness aside, Perry appreciates the company. It makes dealing with evil spy organizations a lot easier.
  • Nick Fury was skeptical to hire a platypus as a spy, but the positive word from follower Major Francis Monogram convinced him. He has since regretted to doubt Perry, who has a high success rate.
  • Met James Bond who gave him an odd request; he wanted to know how to make a platypus sound. Seeing that it's on the rage for the ladies, he wanted to add that to his wooing arsenal. A suspicious Perry would do just that,
  • Knows Kim Possible well, but hangs out with Ron Stoppable more often. Or more specifically, with Rufus the mole rat. Perry was curious to see how such a small animal could have such a huge role with the group.
  • He is the first Monotreme god in the pantheon. The closest thing to him is a marsupial called Crash Bandicoot. Conveniently enough, Perry served as high priest for Seldom-Seen Species. He found the bandicoot to play the rules a bit too loose for his tastes. Newfound freedom aside, he does occasionally visit, mainly to help Crash beat the tar out of Dr. Cortex.
    • His bouts with Nitrus Brio are a bit more personal. The mad scientist used various animals to test his serum, turning them into monstrosities. O.W.C.A made him a top priority for Perry to take down. They do not want any of their agents to fall victim to his Psycho Serum.
  • There was a time one of Dr. Doofenshmirtz's old inventions ran amok, only new and improved. Perry was there to trash the machine, who sent it to the House of Technology to run tests. The hack has been blamed on XANA. The A.I had long wanted to use the former mad scientist's tech to do his bidding. Perry has since sent this info to the Lyoko Warriors for help.
  • Understands how Dr. Doofenshmirtz didn't take Count Olaf's ascension too kindly. While he didn't actually have one, a lot of his followers under his previous title suffered under Olaf's kind.
  • The idea of a platypus that was good at combat was too good of an opportunity for Po to pass up. He just had to challenge Perry to a duel. During the fight, Po decided to touch his spur containing his venom. It proceeded to knock him out for a couple of hours. Thankfully he made a full recovery in the House of Health and Diseases. Po took it well, excited that he could say that he felt the effects of platypus venom.
  • Is familiar with some of the heroes from Marvel. While he had a role in inadvertently stripping Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk of their powers, he made up for it by donning a costume himself. They later managed to restore their powers and helped defeat the villains, including the deified Red Skull and Venom.
  • He had to do a Double Take when he saw Pandaikon in a fedora, confusing him for Peter the Panda at first. It took a while but he soon became able know the difference between the two, and even began to think about offering Pandaikon a spot within O.W.C.A. due to his surprisingly good abilities to bail the Nerima Daikon Brothers out of trouble, even being able to rile a panda army together should the situation call for it. Dr. Doofenshmirtz had a field day when he found out Perry couldn't differentiate between Pandaikon and Peter the panda.

Sylvia, Goddess of Sapient Steeds (Syl, Zbornak)
  • Lesser Goddess (has the power of Intermediate depending on the situation)
  • Symbol: Her face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Mama Bear, Bizarre Alien Biology, Boisterous Bruiser, Cloudcuckoolander's Minder, Deadpan Snarker, Fiery Redhead, Good Is Not Nice, Horse of a Different Color, Hot-Blooded, One-Woman Army, Only Sane Woman, Prehensile Tail, Slapstick Knows No Gender, Tomboyish Voice
  • Domains: Fist, Good, Strength, Protection
  • Allies: Wander, Yoshi, Chocobos, Banjo and Kazooie, Lucky Luke, He-Man/Prince Adam
  • Enemies: Lord Dominator, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, the GUAE, the GUAD
  • Opposes: Lobo, Cruella de Vil
  • Odd Friendship: John Marston, TJ Detweiler, Tarzan
  • Admired by: Goofy Goof
  • Long have Lord Hater and Commander Peepers been relieved that a certain Zbornak wasn't in the Pantheon. That changed one fateful day. While Hater and Peepers prepared to invade the House of Heroism, Wander made his usual appearance, offering friendship. Hater set off to eradicate the pest as usual while Peepers started the invasion... only to see half the Watchdogs in a battered mess. The second in command watched in horror as Sylvia single-handedly laid waste to the army. When confronted about not being an official god, Sylvia gleefully showed him her papers officially adding her to the Pantheon. A quick fight later saw Wander and Sylvia setting off, hugging it out while the two villains recovered from their latest clobbering.
    • On occasion, she would team up with Commander Peepers, mainly to break up any sort of teamwork between Wander and Hater when they have more pressing matters at hand.
    • It was discovered that Sylvia was once a follower of Bounty Hunter Lobo before she discovered Wander, who eventually showed her the error of her ways. It's also why she does her hardest to look away from his temple, ashamed of her past self.
    • If you thought Lord Hater is vengeful, you should see Sylvia should anyone mess with Wander. She will unleash rage that would make Asura proud. It wouldn't matter what rank you were: she will deliver a beating to remember.
  • If Wander serves as The Face of the duo, convincing villains to to abandon their ways, then Sylvia provides the muscle for those who refuse. Melkor grows increasingly annoyed as invasion after invasion has been halted by her fighting prowess.
    • She has recently made enemies with the GUAD, the faction believed to have sponsored Lord Dominator's goals to destroy her galaxy. Wander and Sylvia proved to be victorious, due to some surprising help from Lord Hater. Now with Lord Dominator ascended herself, she is seeing to it that she doesn't regain her full power and keeps getting humiliated for the Pantheon is see, namely by her freaking out whenever Wander tries to befriend her.
  • Upon Wander's insistence, Sylvia set out to meet other mount deities. First was Yoshi, a creature she admits has an appetite that rivals her own. While she finds eating her opponents to be mildly disgusting, she was moved by the creature's loyalty to Mario.
    • Next up were the avian mounts known as Chocobos. The conversation was predictably short with Sylvia deciding to give the birds some seeds before setting out. The Zbornak may have taken away some of the birds, but the Chocobos don't seem to mind.
  • She and Wander sometimes hang out with fellow duo Banjo and Kazooie in the House of Music. When they decide to play music, Sylvia sits out and watches the other three play. Her singing and banjo skills were capable of clearing out the room in no time.
  • While she dislikes her time as a Bounty Hunter, she has grown fond of John Marston. One day, when she was feeling down, the Retired Outlaw went up to her temple, telling her not to be too hard on herself. She has done much to rectify what she had done and she should be proud for taking that path.
  • It took a lot of convincing to get it in everyone's heads that she is not a horse. She doesn't mind horses, though, it's just annoying to be mistaken for something you're not.
  • Once went to the House of Combat to test her skills and promptly cleared the room in the process.
  • For a moment, TJ Dettweiler thought that the infamous Ms. Finster made it to the Pantheon. Instead, he found an equine alien, one who's much more laid back. He especially loves hanging out with Wander. There were other interactions Sylvia had due to her voice.
    • Tarzan has grown to love roughhousing with her like he did with Terk. Thankfully, Sylvia can easily handle it.
    • Cruella thought it would be a good idea to capture the Zbornak and turn her into a leather coat. All she got was a trip to the hospital. Sylvia outright despises the fact that Cruella has a similar voice to her own sometimes.
  • Goofy can't help but feel attracted to her, given her similarities with Peg Pete. After one conversation that turned a little awkward, he quickly apologized to her before going on his way.
  • Was given an offering by Jolly Jumper, herald of Lucky Luke. The horse initially turned down the offer, hoping someone worthy would take the title. The two converse over their mounters, especially on how annoying they can be at times. Nevertheless, they are never too far from them.
  • Was also met by Battle Cat, He-Man's loyal steed, in his battle form. His normal form, Cringer, is a bit too nervous to interact with Syl.


    Mr. Blik, Gordon, and Waffle 
Mr. Blik, Gordon Quid, and Waffle, Godly Triumvirate of Pet Heirs
From left to right: Gordon, Mr. Blik, and Waffle

    Shadow, Chance and Sassy 
Shadow, Chance and Sassy, Guardians of Lost Pets
L-R: Chance, Shadow, Sassy
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Their silhouettes walking in single file against the setting sun
  • Theme Song: "Just Over That Next Hill"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Tropey, Come Home, The Homeward Journey, Female Feline, Male Mutt, True Companions
  • Domains: Animals, Pets, Loyalty, Adventure, Friendship
  • Heralds: The Burnford-Seaver family, Delilah
  • Allies: Hallie Parker and Annie James, Anna and Tess Coleman, Lady and Tramp, Pongo and Perdita, Bolt, Bianca and Bernard, Dogmeats, Hachiko, Eliza Thornberry
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil, Sabor, Claudandus
  • Complicated Relations: Hagen
  • Shadow, a wise old Golden Retriever, Chance, an energetic and immature American Bulldog, and Sassy, a sardonic Himalayan cat, are pets belonging to three young siblings. The animals had to be temporarily left in a farm as their owners moved to the city. They naturally didn't understand this arrangement, with Chance being convinced they'd been abandoned (as he had been many times before). Shadow, however, didn't believe that, thinking his boy was in danger instead, so he broke out of the farm and set out in search of his owner, with Chance and Sassy coming along despite misgivings. They crossed many miles of mountains and forests and braved many dangers, eventually making it back home to their family, who'd been frantically searching for them.
    • They went on a similar adventure a second time, when their family was going on vacation and the pets got lost in San Francisco due to Chance panicking at the airport and running away. Fortunately everything ended well just like last time, and they even got a new addition to their home in the form of a Kuvasz named Delilah.
  • The fact that these animals went on two great adventures filled with danger, all so they could return to their family, was found impressive by several deities. Many vouched for them to rule over Tropey, Come Home. The three were thus brought to the Main House to receive their godhood, but the deities present discovered that the pets were very distressed by their suddenly being transported into that place. Eliza Thornberry revealed that Shadow, Chance and Sassy wouldn't stop talking about how they needed to get back home, so they were placed back where they belonged and things were carefully explained to them. Once they were assured that nobody would separate them from their owners, they were far more open to the idea of joining the Pantheon, with Shadow reasoning that if they were chosen, then it was their duty to respond in kind, while Chance and Sassy just liked the idea of being gods in general. Though they also made it clear their position in the Pantheon came second to their humans.
    • The reason their housemate Delilah is merely an Herald is because she does not represent their domain, as her story actually is that of a stray who became a pet. Meanwhile, the Burnford-Seavers remain unaware of their pets' new status and activities. There's no real way the animals can communicate it to them, but they have concluded it's for the best so any complicated situations are avoided, as the Pantheon can be quite an overwhelming place.
  • With their original owners not around to care for them in the Pantheon, there was a question of just who would care for these three pets, as it felt unlikely that they would do well without someone to at least check on them once in a while, no matter how much adventuring they had done. Luckily there were no less than four volunteers: the twins Hallie and Annie, and mother and daughter duo Anna and Tess. Annie in particular seems to be very partial to Shadow, likely because she also has a Golden Retriever back home.
  • Pets around the Pantheon hold the trio in particularly high regard for their loyalty, compassion and bravery and think they are an example to aspire to. The trio is especially good friends with Lady, Tramp, Pongo and Perdita. They've noticed that Lady and Tramp's romance comes across as a gender-inverted version of the relationship between Chance and Delilah, down to Tramp leaving his stray life to become domestic. Meanwhile Pongo and Perdita had to leave their owners for a while in order to rescue their puppies; the trio understands their motives and are just glad that things turned out well and that 101 puppies in all were saved from a terrible fate. And knowing the instigator of said fate was a horrid woman called Cruella De Vil, who's well-known for perpetrating a number of cruelties on animals for her vanity, the trio has learned to be wary of her. Sometimes they take babysitting duties to watch over the Dalmatians so she doesn't get their hands on them. This also applies to the Nintendogs and Cats, which they have come to know and care for, given Cruella also once targeted them.
    • Less celebrated than Lady, Tramp and the Dalmatians is Bolt, but this little white German Shepherd has the most similar story to Shadow, Chance and Sassy, having once been separated from his beloved owner Penny, getting lost on the other side of the country and doing everything he could to get back to her. There was also some stuff about how he once thought he was a superhero when he was really the star of a TV show, which the trio thought was a peculiar situation. Bolt is way over that now though, and is just a normal dog who is VERY loyal to his girl, even braving a fire to rescue her. For that alone, the trio consider him to be an upstanding dog.
  • For all the admiration they get, the trio are pretty humble about their accomplishments. Or rather, Shadow is, while Chance and Sassy are more eager to brag, but tone it down since they follow Shadow's lead in a lot of things. Anyway, Shadow considers that there are other pets more deserving of admiration in the pantheon, such as Hachiko, who amazed the whole trio with his story of remaining loyal to his dead owner for years until he himself died. The Dogmeats are also pretty good ones, staying close to their humans all throughout a journey through a dismal wasteland filled with things far deadlier than what the trio had to deal with.
  • Eventually they heard about a dog named Hagen who also got separated from his owner, but this tale ended less well than what they've been used to hearing. Hagen struggled to survive on the streets and was mistreated by virtually every human he encountered, to the point where he became vicious (getting trained for dogfighting will do that to any dog, in fairness). By the time he broke out of the pound and started an uprising of all the dogs that had been mistreated like him, he had nearly forgotten his bond with his owner, but thankfully her music soothed him and he entered the Pantheon while maintaining a good relationship with her. The trio consider Hagen's story to be quite a sad one, though they can't help but feel nervous at some of the things he did while wreaking havoc in the city, having gone as far as killing some humans. They deserved it, but still. It's a very different world from what Shadow, Chance and Sassy are used to. Hagen himself sees the trio as lucky and doesn't really expect them to understand him. But at the least they do seem amicable, especially when they're both around the Nintendogs and such.
  • For whatever reason, Sabor seems to have fixated on the trio as potential meals and is occasionally seen on the prowl for them. While the trio may not be impressive on the power department, they can be pretty ingenious in a pinch. Sabor realized this the hard way when she was led on by them into a trap; more specifically, she got catapulted into the air and a ways away from them. This was a simple application of their experience from when they dealt with a mountain lion in their first adventure. Either way, Sabor felt thoroughly humiliated in being defeated so pathetically by a bunch of pets and seems more intent in killing them since then.
  • There were times in their adventures when they stopped in order to help a stranger in distress. For example, Shadow insisted in staying with a little girl lost in the forest until her parents found her, and there was also that time they saw a house on fire and took it upon themselves to rescue the boy living there and his kitten. These selfless actions got the attention of Bernard and Bianca, who praise the trio for saving children in danger, which is exactly what the two mice do. Because of this, they have invited the trio to work in cooperation with the Rescue Aid Society so they can save more children in bad situations. The trio responded that they are available whenever needed. Shadow in particular thinks that it seems like a very noble occupation.
  • Sassy likes to brag about the supposed superiority of cats over dogs (encapsulated by her trademark phrase "Cats rule and dogs drool!"). It's one of the reasons she is constantly trading jibes with Chance, whereas Shadow takes it in stride. After all, for all her posturing, she has stuck with those two through thick and thin and wouldn't trade them for all the tuna in the world. And that is why she will never ever side with the likes of Claudandus, who shares Sassy's views on their kind being superior, but takes it to an extremely nightmarish extent with him actively planning humanity's downfall (his stance on dogs is unclear, but can't be good what with "Man's Best Friend" and all), even if he has to hurt innocent cats in the process. Chance couldn't help but joke that Claudandus is like a supervillain version of Sassy. Either way, considering the trio love their humans very much and like humanity in general, they're not interested in letting the evil cat have his way.


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