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Intermediate Gods

    Angel (Lilo & Stitch
Acoota chi-meeto igatta no mootah,
nagga to nala itume tidooka

Angel, Goddess of Defecting for Love (Experiment 624,note  Boojiboo, Hotcakes, Angel Jookibanote )
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A pink microphone with the number "624" etched on it, with a small image of her white, V-shaped chest marking underneath the number
  • Theme Song: Her siren song, "Acoota Chi-Meeto", but played or sung in reverse for a good reason. (Even then, she refuses to sing it for another good reason.) This instrumental cover is what it sounds like without the morality-manipulating lyrics.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (used to be Neutral Evil until she met Stitch)
  • Portfolio: Aliens Speaking and Singing English, Ascended Breakout Experiment, becoming Stitch's girlfriend after initially pretending to be so, Cute Artificial Alien Girl, Damsel in then later out of Distress, looks like a pink, female Stitch, Defecting for Love, Experiment Magnet, ex-Evil Diva, Ironic Nickname becoming Meaningful, "(You're [Formerly] the) Devil in Disguise", Siren Song Controls Good/Evil Alignment, Captured for Her Betrayal, Love Redeems, Stitch's "boojiboo" and second Morality Pet, the Pink Girl to Stitch's Blue Boy, Pint-Sized Powerhouse to some unknown extent with a strong headbutt, Somewhat Inconsistent Back and Occipital Marking, You Are Number 624
  • Domains: Brainwashing (formerly), Love, Redemption, Family, Genetics, Music
  • Followers: Baby 5, Lash, Rose
  • Allies: Stitch, Lilo Pelekai, Sparky, Felix, Cobra Bubbles (though things were a bit testy between them at first), Margaret Moonlight, Elvis Presley, Zuko, Hinata Hyuga, Rio, Bubbles, Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim.
  • Complicated Relationship with: Reuben
  • On Good terms with: Good-aligned members of the Houses of Family and Relatives and Love and Affection
  • Enemies: In general, anyone who is against love (especially between her and Stitch) or family. Specific enemies include Dr. Hämsterviel, Leroy, Experiment 627, Gideon Graves, and Raynare.
  • Observed by: The Men in Black
  • "Angel" was the 624th of Dr. Jumba Jookiba's illegal genetic experiments and the penultimate one he made with Dr. Hämsterviel's funding. 624 was primarily made to make sure Jumba and the 623 experiments made before her stay evil, singing a siren song that converted reformed beings back to their evil ways. She worked for Gantu and Hämsterviel until Stitch, who she tried to manipulate, won her over with his sheer kindness (and because he was immune to her siren song). Feeling guilty about what she did to Stitch, Angel turned on Gantu and Hämsterviel by converting the "cousins" she brainwashed back to good. A displeased Gantu took her away from Stitch for nearly two-and-a-half years for betraying him. After he and Lilo got themselves captured by Gantu when they attempted to free Angel and the other experiments, Stitch confessed his love to the pink experiment, motivating her to break herself out of the containment capsule she was in and free him, Lilo and the other captured experiments. Now Stitch and Angel are a happy couple, spending plenty of their free time going out on dates together or being with their ʻohana.
  • Stitch's influence has caused her to become a better person overall. While her music career has caused her to develop some diva-like traits, and she still has some of her older seductive personality, she is a nice person in general. Her relationship with her family is not perfect, since she prefers to be with Stitch more than anything, but Angel does care about them and will fight to defend her family.
  • Long story about how she ascended: Stitch vowed to get his girlfriend ascended to the Pantheon more than any other experiment (and he's still working hard on getting as many of his "cousins" in as possible), but he wasn't successful himself. Many times he was unable to convince the gods, mainly because he just begged for her to be in without making a solid case for why she should ascend. Every time he was denied, he solemnly went back to his temple to mope and/or cry in front of his personal shrine for her.

    He went to talk to Margaret Moonlight backstage for comfort after one of her performances. The assassin was surprised when Stitch told her how much her voice reminded him of his "boojiboo" (which finally explained to Margaret why Stitch became a fan of hers in the first place), and how much he missed his girlfriend: dearly. Margaret would then go talk to Lilo about Angel, and the little girl gave the whole story about how the pink experiment redeemed herself. From there, Margaret made a solid argument to the Court of the Gods about why they should ascend Stitch's love to the Pantheon. The gods didn't expect the assassin to actually try to help someone else out like this, but nonetheless, they agreed that her argument was convincing enough to grant Angel godhood.

    Angel just finished her latest intergalactic tour at Hawaii's Aloha Stadium when Margaret met her backstage and told the pop star experiment about her new role in the Pantheon. Angel wasn't willing to go at first, but then she was told that Stitch was waiting for her there. At that point she and Margaret immediately boarded a plane to the Pantheon. Sometime after, as Stitch was wandering around the Pantheon, he heard a familiar voice coming from the House of Betrayal. He thought it was Margaret at first, but he could tell that it wasn't her upon entering the House; "Can't Help Falling in Love" is not one of her regular songs. He rushed over to where the voice was coming from and entered a pink temple. Angel came out from behind a curtain in the room, continuing to sing the Elvis song, much to Stitch's delight, and the adorable experiment couple shared a hug once she finished singing. Since then, they have happily maintained their loving relationship, going on frequent dates around the Pantheon.
  • Her relationships with the other gods from her world aside from Stitch are mostly good. Even though they didn't get along at first, Angel and Lilo are fine with one another. They do see each other as friends and have no issues with the other's relationship with Stitch. The two sometimes even hula dance together, with Angel singing traditional Hawaiian tunes (or Elvis Presley songs sometimes) for background. She also is well-acquainted with Sparky, who has forgiven her after she apologized for making him evil again back then.
    • Her and Reuben's relationship, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. Like Stitch, Reuben's always been attracted to her, and often tries to woo her whenever they meet. She is usually annoyed by him as a result and doesn't like how he calls her "Hotcakes" either. She's told him several times how she did not appreciate him for allowing her to be in Gantu's captivity. She especially didn't like that time he tricked her into singing her song backward just to record it and play it backward in an effort to try to make the experiments evil again.note  To his credit, he's apologized numerous times for all that, but she's not ready to forgive him, considering his continued behavior when he's around her. She sees him as ʻohana, but barely, and prefers to keep her distance from him.
  • She is BIG in Japan. There is a lot of merchandise modeled after her that's sold over there, her albums are often top of the Japanese charts, and her frequent concerts in the country are always sold out. She and Stitch sometimes visit the Land of the Rising Sun together for vacation, and every single visit, the cute and fluffy couple are swarmed by their Japanese fans at almost all times.
    • That said, she is also popular internationally, even in the United States; her American fans even consider themselves fortunate to receive at least some merchandise of her on a regular basis, including a few seasonals. They've been begging for Disney to allow for meet-and-greets with her in the U.S., especially after seeing photos of her at Tokyo Disney Resort and Disneyland Paris, and having received a few Disneyland and Walt Disney World-themed merchandise featuring her likeness. She started making a few limited-time appearances at Walt Disney World in the late 2010s, but only for certain groups. She is now making regular appearances with Stitch at the Aulani resort on Oʻahu, but from a safe distance from others due to an ongoing global pandemic. Still, there is hope that her American fans can meet her face to face someday without the need for entering private or special events, booking stays at resort hotels or social distancing.
  • She has been accused of being unfaithful towards Stitch by leaving him for Experiment 627 when he supposedly disguised himself as a human prince, and then later for Reuben, who supposedly became a "rebel without a cause" at one point. She has angrily refuted these claims, saying that she will always love her boojiboo. (Reuben has also denied that he charmed her away from Stitch, though he wishes he had.)
  • Her primary ability has garnered the interest of evil gods who wish to brainwash others into becoming evil, and it doesn't help that her siren song also works on her own creator. Even if her life depended on it, she refuses to sing the song in any way ever again, out of fear that someone would be secretly recording her just like Reuben once did.
  • Despite that ability she no longer likes, Angel's voice is still very alluring, becoming a very successful pop singer with it. She has performed multiple hit concerts in the Pantheon since her ascension. Stitch joins her on stage in some of these concerts to play either acoustic guitar or ukulele on her slower, "unplugged" performances, and audiences find the two adorable every time they perform together on-stage.
  • Don't be fooled by her looks, she can fight. As mentioned above, she's at least strong enough to bust open those sturdy containment capsules. She also once took down four Leroy clones in rapid succession using her martial arts skills. If you really want to see her get serious, take away her boyfriend (if you even can).
  • Stitch has expressed great concern about Angel being in the House of Betrayal instead of the House of Love, worrying that she could be manipulated back into evil. Thankfully for him, Zuko, Stitch's ally in the House of Betrayal, promises that he will make sure that nothing bad ever happens to Angel in there and she will remain on the side of good.
  • Loved hearing the story of how Hinata's love and devotion to Naruto made the Byakugan Princess a strong person. Angel and Hinata have gotten along very well since meeting each other; the former told the latter how she inspires her to become a better person for herself, her boyfriend, and her family.
  • Has met Rio, who applauded her for defying her evil programming through love.
  • Is appalled at Gideon Graves for using love as a means to support his wicked motives. He is very interested in using Angel's siren song to not only further maintain control of his ex-girlfriends, but also make it easier for him to try to brainwash Ramona Flowers and complete his collection of ex-girlfriends. Angel called him a dick in Tantalog when she first heard about his, er, exploits. She, alongside Stitch, would later ally herself with Scott and Ramona and would join up with them to fight him off should he be too much to one of them.
    • Also despises Raynare for completely manipulating Issei until she killed him. To the experiment, the Fallen Angel is a cautionary tale of how she could have turned out if she stayed evil.
  • Besides Margaret, Angel has also met at least one other deity who sounded like her (and there are plenty). For example, while Angel was shopping at the House of Commerce's mall looking for dresses to wear on future dates, Bubbles was flying around looking for stuffed animals to add to her collection, when she noticed Angel from a distance. Mistaking the experiment for a pink koala plush, the Powerpuff Girl excitedly rushed down and hugged Angel from behind. Surprised by the random hug, Angel instinctively wrapped her antennae around the hugger and threw her into a rack, causing Bubbles to cry loudly, saying that she didn't mean to make the "cute pink koala" mad. Feeling guilty and slightly embarrassed for hurting a young (albeit superpowered) girl who apparently liked her, Angel apologized for the aggressive reaction and comforted Bubbles by hugging her back. Bubbles accepted the apology and the hug, quickly going right back to her cheerful self. The two got to know each other from there and became good friends.
  • Even though she once worked for him, she refuses to rejoin Dr. Hämsterviel, who himself wasn't happy with her betrayal towards him and is figuring out how to gain a recording of her siren song or force her into working for him again.
  • Not pleased at all with Leroy's ascension, since she was previously captured by him, thrown into Aloha Stadium along with the first 623 experiments to be killed by Hämsterviel, had to take down four Leroy clones to protect her boyfriend during the fight that ensued, and one clone pinned her down and pulled on her antennae. When Leroy pinned her down the same way himself in an attempt to lure Stitch into another fight, Angel became so enraged that—much to Leroy's surprise—she suplexed him with her antennae and beat the ever-living snootonium out of him with her martial arts moves. After a good minute of curb-stomping him, she then grabbed him by the arms, looked him in the eyes, and sang "Aloha ʻOe" to shut him down. Leroy is now avoiding any further direct confrontations with the feisty pink alien siren to avoid any further humiliations.
  • As with Jumba's other experiments, Angel is under the watchful eye of the Men in Black.


"Hello, Zuko here."

Zuko, God of Turning Good from Moral Ambiguity (The Blue Spirit, Lee, Fire Lord Zuko, Bad Decision Lord, ZuZu (only by his sister, Azula), Sifu Hotman, The Firebending Hunter of the Avatar, the Last Airbender)
When older 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Fire Nation Crest
  • Theme Music: Tsungi Horn
  • Alignment: Started the series on Lawful Neutral (Lawful Good in his youth), and went all over the map, but finally settled on Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Redemptions a Long Time in Coming, (Formerly) Fallen Royalty, Boyfriends of Shipping Sacrifices, Firebenders, Recovered Love Martyrs, Conflicting Loyalty, Deuteragonists, Character Development, No Social Skills or Sense of Humor, Team Expansions, Awe-Inspiring Coronations, Those With Dark and Troubled Pasts, Not Following the Footsteps of His Evil Father, Atoning For His Evil Actions Through Realization, The Abel to Azula's Cain
  • Domains: Fire, Good, Redemption, Royalty, Sun, Honor
  • Followers: Mutsu, Lester Burnham, Brad Evans
  • Allies: Uncle Iroh, Mai, Avatar Aang (a Friendly Rival), Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Korra, Asami Sato, Mako, Bolin, Lin Beifong, Discord, Kellam, Ange, Li-Ming of the Nephalems, Stitch, Ashi, Zia Rashid, Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist), Ling Yao, Joshua Graham, Recca Hanabishi, Gandalf, Shoto Todoroki
  • Enemies: Ozai, Zhao, Unalaq, Kuvira, Zaheer, Amon, Arthas Menethil, Ragyo Kiryuin, Tenjuro Banno (who reminds both him and Ashi way too much of their fathers), and by extension, the entire Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Friendly Enemies With: Loki
  • Special Relationship with: Azula (his sister)
  • As the born-unlucky and later exiled Fire Prince, Zuko's initial quest to regain his lost honor was initially a Snipe Hunt which later became a legitimate mission when the Avatar turned up after being missing for over 99 years. However, through battles with both Aang's allies and his own countrymen, as well as the guidance of his uncle Iroh, he spent the rest of the 100th year going through trials and twists on a road to redemption which earned him the second plot thread of his show for almost the whole length of it, the Fire Lord's throne at the end of a century-long war, as well as the ultimate place here in the Pantheon representing those heels who found an important face turn in their futures.
    • As such, he often works with Cosmos when trying to go on recruiting trips, appealing to gods in the other alliances to remember the importance of goodness, to reach that small spark of life and light in each of them. Of course, should they not only refuse, but also attack, he can always give them a good fireball to the face to defend himself.
    • Has recently handed his old title of Embracing One's Goodness to Spike the vampire. The Court of the Gods cited that his tenure as a villain never truly veered into true evil and accepted the change. Instead, he claimed a lesser role for those like him who chose good over moral ambiguity.
  • Moved from the House of Love and Affection in an attempt to stop the rampant shipping of his clergy. Which hasn't really worked. He still goes there on occasions though, mostly because Masaya Aoyama's temple has sheltered Mai on many, many occasions.
  • On good terms with the other gods who hail from Avatar (save Azula), though he is having trouble controlling rogue elements within his clergy who want to pair him up with Katara. Or, more rarely, Toph. Or Jet. Or Azula. Or Jin. Or Song. He's lost track, really.
  • After Azula collapsed in the last part of her Villainous Breakdown, Zuko tried to ensure that her entrance into the Fallen was dignified. It might have worked if she hadn't been alternately sobbing, making inarticulate threats, and trying to kill him. The two tried to settle their differences by finding their mother, Ursa. The events were...not as happy as expected, and his sister was sent to the mortal world. She would later return to the House of Family, in the Hall of Siblings. Zuko swears to bring her back to the side of the righteous.
  • Much to his surprise, anger and a bit of fear, his father had finally gained the means of ascending in the Pantheon, and with this firebending restored to boot. Zuko bravely confronted Ozai, stating that he has achieved more in the Pantheon then he could ever imagine and found it amusing that Ozai had to resort to slumming it up in Team Rainbow Rocket just to get his powers back. That predictably threw Ozai into a rage, and a fierce battle resulted with the two retreating.
  • Worked hard to help ascend Korra and all of her friends. It took a bit longer to bring over Mako and Bolin, but he was glad to see the former doing well for himself despite breaking up with Korra. He's also intrigued how the group met his grandson. Korra herself joked at how he and Mako could have been mistaken for brothers given their personalities.
    • As such, he stands oppose to all of their enemies. None of them have any interest in corrupting him, but for different reasons. Amon dislikes him for obvious reasons while Zaheer would rather that the Fire Lord title crumbles as well as all governments. Kuvira made it personal, squaring the fault of her current situation to him and his father. Specifically, she believes that Zuko should have relinquished control of all occupied lands back to the Earth Kingdom
  • Has gained someone to talk to in Ashi. Given their mutual disdain for their fathers, he feels safe unburdening himself to her and not just saving it for his uncle. If he had been able to choose his sister, Ashi would probably have been his choice.
    • She has also been trying to keep him away from another member of his house, Ragyo Kiryuin. This woman was the greatest source of torment for another good friend of hers, and she didn't want the Evil Matriarch to influence Zuko. Upon knowing of Ragyo's deeds, Zuko recognizes that she's no different if not worse than Ozai ever was.
  • Apparently, the burns his father gave him were so severe, they lasted all the way until he was an old man. Many gods cringed when they found out about it, but Zuko just shrugged, assuring them, "It gives me character."
    • This and losing his place in the world are things he has in common with a certain Scarred Man from a land called Ishval, who once helped him out when a recruiting trip went awry with him being trapped by Juri Han, who he was attempting to recruit, and her friend Bryan Fury, also a part of his house.
  • Despite his direct combat skills both as a firebender and as a swordsman, Zuko's actually very proficient in the art of ninjutsu, not only in his tenure as the Blue Spirit to break out Aang from Zhao's keep and breaking out Appa from the Dai Li, but also in his infiltration of the Northern Water Tribe, as well as the Boiling Rock infiltration with Sokka, and the Southern Raiders mission with Katara. That said, while he's got the in-nin down pat, he's still a bit rusty in regards to yo-nin.
  • When at one point Zuko encountered Li-Ming, he was surprised to see that she's practically what Azula could look like if he ever succeeds in bringing her to the righteous side; even her voice is the same! They quickly formed a friendship, with Zuko trusting that Li-Ming has got his back in terms of redeeming Azula.
  • As his alter-ego the Blue Spirit, he was asked by Tuxedo Mask to help protect Sailor Moon when the guardian thief couldn't. To return the favor, Tuxedo Mask has volunteered to back up the Gaang on occasion.
  • Loki enjoys playing tricks with Zuko on occasion, a hobby that continued even after he abdicated his old title. He seems a bit of a similar dynamic with him Azula, just as he teased his brother Thor from time to time. Still, he is willing to give the former Fire Lord space when he feels particularly down.
  • Surprisingly has a lot in common with The Burned Man, namely his goal to atone himself and the fact that both got their faces burned at one point. Joshua never truly sided with the angels, but does agree that the other side may have enough of a point to back them. Zuko has been working with Joshua on the hope that he would fully commit to the GUAG.
  • As with most good-aligned fire deities, he pays his respects to Recca from time to time. Recca finds it weird that Zuko doesn't unleash his anger as often as most fire deities like himself do. It was in that case that Recca helped Zuko regain his passion when he lost it after joining Team Avatar.
  • By far one of the biggest headaches of his past successes has been Discord. A whimsical creature, Discord took no time in pitting Zuko in harrowing situations in addition to the ponies. When he finally did become a better person, he admitted into believing that Zuko was never truly capable of doing good for others. Even after he gave up his original title, he still has a great respect to the firebender.
  • Shares a bond with Kellam due to having similar issues with their family as The Un-Favorite. Now that they are in the Pantheon, they can prove that their successes were no flukes.
  • Sympathizes with Ange for dealing with terrible family members. Even though he had to deal with treachery from both his father Ozai and his sister Azula, he's even more disgusted with Ange's traitorous older brother Julio, who, due to his racism, didn't even wait to stick the knife in her back and expose her norma status and having her disgraced and exiled, having their loving parents killed to restore the royal bloodline's racial purity, and capping it off by trying to have Ange killed along with the rest of the norma.
  • When he first crossed paths with Li-Ming, he could have sworn that he heard his sister Azula in her. Li-Ming clarified things, stating she merely shares the same voice as her. When he got to know her better, he agreed that she was probably the closest thing of a Good Counterpart to her. They two continue to be on speaking terms.
  • Stitch stuck around with Zuko after the later build a new temple. Despite being a criminal, the alien never had any truly evil intentions. His friendship was more of a developing one where he could have a true family, just as Zuko realized that Iroh was the only family member that truly cared about him. Iroh certainly enjoys the alien's company, especially since Stitch enjoys his tea.
  • Recently, Zuko was out in the House of Nature practicing his firebending, when Shoto Todoroki happened to be passing by. Zuko accidentally shot fire at Todoroki, who deflected it, setting fire to the forest in the process. Then mistaking Zuko for a villain (and viewing his fire powers as a similarity to his Arch Nemesis Dad Endeavor), Shoto started attacking Zuko. Thankfully, upon realizing the numerous ways they were not so different, both Zuko and Todoroki buried the hatchet... but then Wiz and Boomstick submitted doctored footage of an alternate ending to their battle, in which Half-Hot, Half-Cold ended up freezing and shattering the Fire Prince. Like his friend Aang with Edward Elric, Zuko's glad he never took the fight as far as that.

Lesser Gods

    Abe (Oddworld
Abraham Lure, God of Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal and Non-Canon Virtue-less Paths (Stitch Lips, Abe)
(current timeline version)
(original timeline version) 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as the Shrykull)
  • Symbol: The Paramite and Scrab Hand Scars together with his chest scar between them
  • Theme Songs: Main Theme of Abe's Oddysee, or Born To Love You by Elodie Adams
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with shades of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Almighty Janitor, Blue Is Heroic, Butt-Monkey, Classical Anti-Hero, Dude Looks Like a Lady, The Gift, Guile Hero, appropriately shares a name with Abraham from the Bible and even more with Abraham Lincoln, Power Tattoo, No-Respect Guy, Semi-Divine, Weak, but Skilled before Taking a Level in Badass, keeps the stitches on his lips to remember his mother by, Vocal Evolution
  • Domains: Freedom, Magic, Heroism, Possession, Tribal, Rebellion
  • Heralds: Big Face, Elum, Latamire Munch the Gabbit, the Almighty Raisin, Munch's Fuzzle allies, all the Mudokons Abe rescued (including Alf and Toby)
  • Allies: Benevolent nature deities (i.e. Captain Planet, Armadon, and Gaea), most slaves (former and current, i.e. the Vortigaunts, the Engi, The New Alliance Of Free Stars, Ood Sigma, Meat Boy, Sethe, and Chris Yukine), Abraham Lincoln, Sonic the Hedgehog, other liberators of slaves, Yoshi, Squigly, Steve Irwin
  • Opposes: Buy N' Large, Morris
  • Enemies: The Glukkons, Mr. Burns, others who would exploit the land for profit, the Corpus, Hexxus, other living embodiments of threats to nature, the Nihilanth, the Mantis, other slavers, the Combine, the GUAL, Darkseid (and his GUAE Dystopia Harbingers), the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Fetus, HYDRA (especially their WWII incarnations under Johann Schmidt), other tyrannical figures
  • Opposes: The Hall of Flesh Eaters, Saxton Hale
  • Cautious Around: Anakin Skywalker
  • Abraham "Abe" Lure, the Mudokon, once thought he had a good job, waxing the floors of RuptureFarms, when the fact was that he was a slave, like the other Mudokons working there. When sales at RuptureFarms started taking a hit, Molluck and the other Glukkons in charge plotted to use their own Mudokon slaves as the source of their next food product. Once Abe found out about this, his loyalty was outta there, and he managed to escape, rescuing many of his fellow Mudokons on the way out. It was later revealed to him that he was meant to free his people from enslavement and save the land that RuptureFarms was exploiting. After much difficulty, Abe managed to do just that, saving all his brethren and destroying RuptureFarms, and would go on to free more of his people from the Magog Cartel, in the name of his people and other species that were left in devastation by the Glukkon's machinations.
  • During their search for the mother of the RuptureFarms Mudokons, Queen Sam, Abe and the Mudokons he had rescued found a jungle that was not on any maps of that area of Oddworld. Abe told everyone to tarry a distance behind him; he'd scout ahead and look for any danger. When he got far enough in, he realized he was being stalked by something. It was a vicious-looking creature that resembled a cross between a bird and a lizard. The beast screeched and chased Abe farther and farther away from the other Mudokons. He ran as fast as he could from the creature, ducking and weaving through the forest until he found himself surrounded by more of this type of creature. Fortunately, a new creature stepped in and had them step down, placating them with some small, already-dead animals. This was Owen Grady — a human — and the beasts he had just ordered to step away from Abe were Velociraptors, or "raptors" for short. Abe thanked Owen for the help and asked him what on Oddworld this place was. Owen revealed to him that he was no longer on Oddworld. Abe — and his people — had arrived in the Pantheon (more specifically, the House of Beasts and Fauna).
    • It didn't take long for Abe to reunite with his people; he explained to them where they were currently. Needless to say, they had no idea what to make of this news. Abe also introduced them to Owen, who proposed that Abe should come with him to the Court of the Gods. Though initially wary, he learned that the purpose of it was simply because they had somehow learned of his people's situation via someone who could "see beyond the fourth wall". (When Abe asked about that, they simply told him it was "complicated".) Said individual told them that Abe had become a leader to his people by betraying their abusive Glukkon masters. In other words, the Pantheon now had a candidate for Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal. Members of the House of Time and Temporality also learned that, though there were timelines in which Abe betrayed and/or let down his own people and suffered the consequences, those timelines had been "cut off", granting Abe access to the trope of No Canon for the Wicked.
  • The version of Abe in the Pantheon is technically the version from the New 'n Tasty and Soulstorm timeline, but upon official ascension, he has been given the memories of the other timeline. In this timeline, his fight against the Magog Cartel played out differently, and later, he befriended a Gabbit named Munch and helped him rescue the last Gabbit eggs from being eaten as Gabbiar. He selected Munch to be one of his heralds, alongside Big Face (from whom Abe first learned of his destiny as a hero to his people), Elum (Abe's trusty steed), the Almighty Raisin (a source of wisdom for his people), Munch's Fuzzle allies, and of course ALL the Mudokons Abe rescued (including Alf and Toby, Abe's closest companions during his latest adventure).
  • Needless to say, Abe and the other Mudokons were upset to learn that their oppressors had been ascended, and the Glukkons were, in turn, unhappy to learn that the escaped Mudokon slaves had made it into the Pantheon before them. Glukkon officials still try to hide the truth of what happened involving the Mudokons and the factories they once worked at, but more aware Glukkon citizens are slowly but surely learning the truth, and the rest of the Pantheon likewise growing wary of the Glukkons' unethical plans. Of course, the rebellion that would let all the Mudokons finally overcome their Glukkon oppressors was going to be long and tough, but Abe knew he would have no choice but to be ready for such an occasion.
  • Nature deities in the Pantheon are held in high regard by Abe and his people, just as nature itself is. Captain Planet and his Planeteers' work to keep the kind of sewage and nuclear waste that factories pump out is much appreciated, and deities that may as well be nature itself — i.e. Gaea, Viridi, and Armadon — are greatly respected by the Mudokon people. As well, the Mudokons can often be seen visiting the Houses of Nature and Beasts and Fauna to enjoy the forests and other pleasant biomes found therein. Likewise, he's working to make a living hell out of the livings of those who actively disregard and taint the environment, especially Mr. Burns or Hexxus. He's similarly disgusted with Buy N' Large for their contributions in turning their Earth into a Polluted Wasteland, and Morris, whose corporation appears to be heading in the same direction, though he's got his hands full with the more active threats to nature. One of which is The Corpus, an entire race of creatures that worships profit — and thus makes war to that end — reminds Abe too much of the Glukkons, and he very much hopes that the latter people don't take any cues from the former. The last thing anyone needs is for the Glukkons to be war-hungry on top of everything else.
    • Dr. Eggman, another oppressive genius known for having roboticized animals and similar folk into malicious machines, hasn't gone under Abe's watch, and as such works with Sonic often to ruin his plans for domination. While his mind control abilities don't work on Eggman's Badniks and machines, Abe's still apt at freeing those who the scientist has captured and infiltrating his bases. And while Eggman actively views Abe in a belittling manner, Eggman does pay attention whenever Abe's out for him, since the Mudokon is one of the last individuals to be alone in a room with for him; letting Abe access his brilliant mind and intellect is something Eggman doesn't want happening anytime soon.
  • The Mudokons are well known for their spiritual powers for those invested well enough into it, Abe especially so. Granting mystical energy, healing, activating devices, or activating bird portals, but what's most appealing to the Pantheon is Abe's ability to possess and control the mind of whatever unlucky guard is pursuing Abe. Once the target is under Abe's control, they'll be forced to move and act upon Abe's whims, which includes dispatching armed security forces or freeing prisoners, many things that would otherwise be beyond Abe's reach. One demonstration of Abe's possession abilities in the Pantheon would eventually upset Darkseid, a tyrant that Abe despises for his brutal and cold nature. While Abe wouldn't stand a chance against the New God himself, it took Abe finding a stray Parademon for Abe to start working his magic. Within the next day, many disruptions within Apokolips' forces as a result of Abe making them hit themselves repeatedly with possessed soldiers and weaponry would force Darkseid's attention toward the source of the disruptions, but Abe barely fled the scene before what would've been an inevitable and painful demise, or worse.
  • Unfortunately for Abe, his escapades with his abilities would attract attention with powerful figures within the Hall of Mind Control, and it wasn't the type of attention he liked. Nigh-instanteous possession with the bonus ability of making the possession target explode into chunky gibs was just that much of a terrifying power, especially if it were to be in the hands of those who would use those abilities for uncontested conquest and tyranny. As a result, Abe stays far away from the Hall of Mind Control, knowing that the risks of doing so would be very, very grave. Thankfully, not many pursuers who seek Abe's chanting-related powers have approached him, knowing how easily Abe could make them end up jumping off a cliff.
    • Many a Mudokon have envied Abe for his talent with such mystic abilities, with some curious on how he even does so well with his chanting that lets him use his abilities to much greater effect. The reason is unusually mundane, being a result of Abe making really good impressions of the buzzsaw noises back when he was a worker at RuptureFarms. Such impressions were used to greatly annoy Dr. Fetus when he was sent to eliminate Abe by Mr. Burns after an Noodle Incident involving possessed farts in Mr. Burns' dinner. The frustration of Abe's buzzsaw impressions while Dr. Fetus was trying to shred him apart with his own sawblades ended up providing an opportunity for Abe to survive his encounter, with Meat Boy helping out as well.
  • Abe definitely does not care for either group of Ur-Quan for their tyrannical ways — in fact, many if not all tyrants remind Abe too much of how the Mudokons suffered from oppression under the thumb of the Glukkons — and that hatred is mutual; both Ur-Quan factions despise mind control, which the Mudokons are very much capable of via their magical chanting. Why, Abe is perfectly capable of making thralls explode into meaty chunks after he's done with them. He doesn't always do it — and when he does, it's almost always to enemies — but when he does, it seems the victims are at least partially aware of what's happening... Such powers have made Abe a highly prioritized target for their ships, with both races dreading his mind control abilities to the point where they will always try to straight up kill him should they even get a hint that Abe is near.
    • One upsetting fact Abe learned about the Ur-Quan was that they were once slaves themselves, of a race of evil creatures called the Dnyarri who fully enslaved many races through mind control. When the Ur-Quan freed themselves, the genetic trauma and suffering they were subjected in order to achieve their freedom in the first place to convinced them that the only way they could live free was to enslave or kill everyone; which one depends on the specific Ur-Quan faction. This has given Abe pause; he deeply hopes that the Mudokons don't end up letting their suffering turn them mad as it has to the Ur-Quan. For such reasons, he's allied with some of the members of the New Alliance of the Free Stars to not only protect his people from the Ur-Quan but to ensure that the Mudokons can recover from their slavery well. It helps much that the Syreen are easily relatable with their agriculture-based civilization and their own psychic abilities to boot.
  • One deity that Abe recognized when he saw him was Yoshi; it would seem that his Elum buddy — now one of Abe's heralds — was one of Yoshi's followers. Now, whenever Abe needs a ride and Elum isn't available, Abe's first choice of steed is Yoshi, among all the potential mountable dinosaurs in the Pantheon. Certainly helps that, as much as Abe enjoys riding on Elum's back, the little dino has more capabilities than the bipedal honey-loving beastie does. He's also aware of other mounts in the Pantheon, but Yoshi's similarities to the Elum has made the former a preferred pick. Given that Mudokons used the likes of the Elum as cavalry in older times, it's easy to see why.
  • A special ability of Abe's, a transformation into the semi-divine Shrykull, which can be identified as a powered fusion of the native but endangered Paramite and Scrab species from his homeworld, was hard earned from having to go through trials that were basically having to travel through the aggressive beasts' homes alive. Despite his lack of overall experience with them and the fact that Sligs were hunting them down as well to make products out of them as usual, he managed to survive it all and in the process, gain access to direct power that would send many guards running if they get a chance. When it comes to keeping ones' toes around such dangerous creatures, he respects those like Steve Irwin who handled animals like crocodiles in such a tough but friendly manner. He can't say the same for Saxton Hale, however, due to the fact that Hale tends to send endangered species to extinction, not for profits like the Glukkons, but just for the sheer thrill of it.
  • One of Abe's most distinguishing features is his stitched mouth, shared with plenty of other Mudokons employed under abusive Glukkon companies, given how much the Glukkons loathe employee feedback. While they're meant to keep Abe from speaking, they've worn themselves out to the point where Abe can easily blabber his mouth out (at least not literally with those stitches, of course). He doesn't have any practical reason to keep them, but for sentimental reasons, he keeps them on, especially since they were put on him by his very own mother, Queen Sam. It's enabled him to get along with Squigly despite her initially creeping the Mudokon out, but on the other hand, working together to deal with the Medici and other mafia goons was just as enjoyable as taking the Sligs out for a mind ride.
  • Having been a slave himself once, Abe can sympathize with other slaves — both former and current — with certain exceptions, such as the aforementioned Ur-Quan... The Engi being frequent victims of slavery by the Mantis means Abe is a sympathizer and ally to the former and an enemy of the latter. It certainly helps that they don't seem to have, say, mined an entire planet's worth of metal for the sake of engineering and building. If a Mudokon is having trouble with some technology, they'll likely ask an Engi for help.
    • The Ood, being biologically required to be pacifists, were often taken advantage of, which resulted in them being a slave race for years, and even in the Pantheon, they still run into this problem from time to time. For this reason, they have Abe's sympathy, as well as his and his people's assurance that if an Ood is being controlled by anyone, the most psychically capable Mudokons — including Abe, of course — will be ready and willing to free them.
      • Abe was shocked to learn that some species even enslave their own kind. He learned this tragic fact from Sethe, a former slave from post-Civil War America, who sympathized with Abe and his people's past, calling slavery a fate worse than death. Having seen the worst of what the Glukkons would do to keep Mudokons like him in line, Abe couldn't disagree with that, even if the fact she had killed one of her own infant children to "save her" from such a fate still disturbs him.
      • Anakin Skywalker was a slave once, but due to his reputation as Darth Vader — a name under which he has committed many atrocities — Abe is cautious around him. He wants to believe Anakin's changed for the better, but he wants to be certain he can trust the man. At the very least, he's glad that their views on slavery mean that they'll be unlikely to get in each other's way often.
      • Chris Yukine is an example of someone who was enslaved at a very young age, sometime after her parents got killed by a bombing; it was after being rescued and returned to Japan when she got abducted for her compatibility with Relics. It was dismaying enough for Abe to learn that, but what horrified him most was the implication that...something more...took place during her time as a slave. The very thought of anyone doing such a thing to a child very understandably caused him to curl into a fetal position later when he returned to his temple.
    Abe: Why...!?
  • Because he and his people were once slaves, he holds slave-owners and slavers alike in great enmity. The Nihilanth, for example, was the one who enslaved the Vorts in the first place, and that's not even getting into The Combine who are an even greater threat, and possibly responsible for the extinction of the Nihilanth's race. And unlike his Glukkon enemies, he's heard plenty of scary things about the Advisors that run things behind the scenes, but that doesn't stop him from using their soldiers against them. Despite hating the Combine even more, he doesn't gets along with the Nihilanth much better; the latter had still enslaved the Vortigaunts for the sake of fending off or avoiding the Combine. While Abe can understand the reason, he's sure the Nihilanth could have found a better solution "with that giant brain o' his".
    • In contrast, he also holds those who liberate slaves in high regard. Abraham Lincoln is one stand-out example, not only because of how well-known he is for it but also the fact that he shares a given name with Abe the Mudokon. The latter can't help but wonder if it's a stunning coincidence, or something more, perhaps. There's also Moses, another individual who also had the role of being the savior of their people thrust upon him. While they can sympathize with each other for the harsh prejudice and oppression their brethren have gone through, and respecting each other's goals, Moses among others have concerns about his mind-controlling abilities and stay wary in case he tries something either dangerous or perhaps uses his powers for less moral purposes, though Abe hopes that such a scenario doesn't have to pop up in the future.

    Jake Sully 
Jake Sully, God of Sympathy Equated With Treachery
Jake in his original and Na'vi bodies
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A human symbol in a tree
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Category Traitor, I Just Want to Be Badass, Na'vi Enemy Turned Supporter, Former Humans, Good-aligned Transhuman Treachery, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Embracing Alien Cultures, Human-Na'vi Hybrid, Interspecies Romance, Audience Surrogate, Former Paraplegic, Becoming the Mask
  • Domains: Marines, Na'vi, Invasions, Transhumanism, Natives
  • Superior: James Cameron
  • Allies: Neytiri (his mate), Ellen Ripley, Angel, James Vega, Captain Planet, Ood Sigma, Torin, Swamp Thing, Trevenant, Alex Mason, Cael Cynder, Lucasnote 
  • Enemies: Colonel Miles Quaritch, The Imperium of Mankind, Ragyo Kiryuin, Hexxus, Sundowner, Lysandre, Emperor Zurg, Xenomorph Drone, Mr. Plinkett
  • Jake Sully was a paraplegic marine on the mission to Pandora to search for Unobtanium. He was selected by the Resources Development Administration for the Avatar Program, which would allow him to become a Na'vi (with working legs), and infiltrate them so as to give the invading humans a better advantage. However he would embrace his role, choosing to side against the RDA and protect the Na'vi. He would become one of a few to ride a great leonopteryx (a Toruk Makto), and permanently migrate into his Na'vi body.
  • Because Jake sided with the Na'vi, he is considered a traitor to humanity. He considers this unfair as he wanted to protect the Na'vi from the ruthless colonialism mankind wrought, but that's still regarded as treachery. Colonel Quaritch was enraged to learn that he had ascended, and immediately went after him. The Imperium of Mankind have declared him "the worst kind of xenos-loving filth" for his actions (though some of the higher-up ones are merely disappointed with him). However most good-aligned human gods understand where he's coming from.
  • Perhaps it's shared creative influence. but he works well with Ellen Ripley; they've both had to deal with some amoral companies that have tried to take advantage of aliens, albeit in rather different contexts. He's more worried about the Xenomorph and the devastation it might reek on Pandora. An artists' impression of the encounter gives a good reason why.
  • Though having embraced his Na'vi side, he still values the existence of humanity. As mankind invaded Pandora out of a need for resources to overcome their polluted world, he's all for gods that want to fix that problem. Given the movie he comes from was a Green Aesop of sorts, Captain Planet has a lot of respect for him and is happy to help clean up his version of Earth. He approves of the work that Swamp Thing is doing as well.
  • Appears to get along with Loran Cehack due to relating to his own Conflicting Loyalty and Going Native. He also seems to understand Angel as like her, he defected for love. However in spite of his treachery to mankind he vehemently opposes the likes of Ragyo Kiryuin. Sure, he turned his back on them but she wanted to slaughter all mankind to feed the life fibers and is in general horrifically depraved.
  • Currently exists in sort of interconnected consciousness, similar but not completely like a Hive Mind. A close approximation in the Pantheon would be the Ood, who share a lot with the Na'vi; they're relatively peaceful, in-tune creatures who were victim of human invasion. Ood Sigma is reminded of Klineman Halpen when looking at Jake Sully, though this annoyed Jake and stated he was a marine, not a corrupt businessman. Sigma apologized and the two parted ways peacefully.
  • Lysandre, given his contempt for humanity, admired him for leaving mankind to preserve the environmental balance of Pandora. Initially it seemed they would get along, until he learned what Team Flare's solution to overpopulation was. He was horrified at this, since even though his loyalties are now with the Na'vi, he doesn't want his former species to be targeted for genocide.
    • Aside from Lysandre, he considers Hexxus an enemy due to embodying pollution and helping to ruin the Earth, of which the cloud prides himself on. He also opposes Sundowner for his depraved actions towards the military, and the evil Emperor Zurg for trying to hijack hive minds.
  • Given his actor Sam Worthington, a number of gods have mistaken him for someone else. Macbeth and Perseus were puzzled as to why they looked alike, while John Connor initially believed that his old ally Marcus Wright had ascended. He sounds like Alex Mason, who ended up befriending him as they're both soldiers who were modified in a sense and went against their superiors. He is also somewhat crippled.

    Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen 
Mitsuzane Kureshima, God of Renouncing Evil (Kamen Rider Ryugen, Armored Rider Ryugen, Mitchy, Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin II, Kamen Rider Ryugen Yomi)
Kamen Rider Ryugen 

Peridot, Goddess of Curiosity-Induced Redemptions (Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG, The Great and Lovable Peridot, Pear, P, P-dot, Peri, Dot, Dorito Gem/Lime Dorito, Smoldot, Tinydot, Perismol)
Click here to see her with limb enhancers 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: the gem on her forehead
  • Theme Songs: Little Peridot, Peridot's Theme (Pre-Heel–Face Turn, with limb enhancers)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil -> Lawful Neutral -> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Fifth Ranger, Science Heroine, green in coloration, bratty and childish, pyramid-shaped hair, defected thanks to Steven's compassion, patience from the Crystal Gems, her own curiosity, because good feels good, and Yellow Diamond's pettiness, stuck with inside-the-box thinking, Became Their Own Antithesis, hates pettiness, being called cute, and being called short, Boisterous Weakling, lack of social skills often don't help her case, Servant Race, usage of complicated words, uses "clod" as her go-to insult, 'weak' fighter yet surprisingly durable, desires to be special, ferrokinesis
  • Domain(s): Gems, Aliens, Rebels, Technology, Magnetism
  • Heralds: Pumpkin, her pumpkin-dog, Lapis Lazuli
  • High Priestess: Itassis
  • Followers: Marcus Valerian, the True Fae, Yego of the Gamma Star, Sasami Tsukuyomi, Mr. Logic, Es
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Greg Universe, Connie Maheswaran, The Great Diamond Authority (tentatively), Zuko, Kamina, Papyrus
  • Rivals: Zim
  • Enemies: Planet destroyers, Red Skull, Unicron
  • There are many ways to turn your back on evil, like dissatisfaction with their own side, love (or sex), friendship after getting an asskicking, brainwashing, pressure from an idolizer, or pressure from their peers. One of the most interesting, however, is a villain wanting to know why the heroes do what they do.
    • Enter Peridot. Originally an enemy to the Crystal Gems, she was finally caught, "poofed", and bubbled, never to be seen again. However, Steven decided to release her (out of curiosity of something she said before said poofing). Despite being on different sides, he showed her compassion, and due to it not being a thing in Homeworld, it piqued her curiosity for it, and she became curious about everything on Earth, which she has more of than even the present Crystal Gems, who tend to dismiss it despite centuries of experiencing it. This curiosity was why she tried to make a compromise to help the Crystal Gems without betraying Homeworld by requesting her superior, Yellow Diamond, to preserve Earth (with logical pragmatic reasons) and why she renounced Homeworld when given a logistically stupid verdict to destroy Earth to collect the Cluster regardless for admittedly grief-induced spiteful reasons.
  • Notably, Peridot wasn't the first choice for this position. That would be Steven's mother, Rose Quartz, whose curiosity for the planet and the life on it led to her giving up everything to defend it, something made especially significant thanks to her being Pink Diamond, who was supposed to be its conqueror on behalf of the Diamond Authority. However, thanks to complications regarding how Steven was born that left Rose unable to be revived (simply put, she converted the data on her gemstone to be compatible with Greg's DNA while Steven was in her womb, erasing herself in the process) the title was instead given to Peridot, the other Crystal Gem who had a very similar realization.
  • The Crystal Gems were all present during the ascension ceremony, and Steven and Amethyst were overjoyed that Peridot made it in.
    • Part of her welcome package was the return of her limb enhancers, which had been discarded upon her original capture. Garnet and Pearl were initially worried she might suffer a relapse, but Peridot scoffed at the notion; while she's glad to get her gear back, she's also come to appreciate the advantages of having a diminutive stature, and while she's been told there's a manufactory in her new temple that can recreate them (and its logs get updated), it can be a bit of a hassle to have to keep replacing them (even though a nearby ally can always grab the stuff).
    • Another thing she's been granted for her temple is the construction of Robonoids, as well as the mech suit she built in her duel against Pearl, and even the hand ship she used to visit Earth for the first time. With everything else the Gems have participated in to protect (as well as their allegiance to the GUAG), they could use every advantage possible.
  • As with the rest of Gemkind, Peridot has the ability to "bubble". It's reserved for Gems of Corrupted Gem Monsters, but they can use it on other small objects, and even Steven Universe himself on one occasion, though it's not yet been tested if it works on other living beings. These bubbles can then be transported away to wherever the Gem considers their "home". Since learning how to do it from the Crystal Gems, Peridot's endless curiosity has led her to try this out with a lot of items.
  • One can occasionally find… strange pieces of art in her temple. Peridot insists they're called meepmorps and finds the word "art" ridiculous.
  • For a Gem, she's so sturdy that she's capable of taking cartoonish amounts of abuse before poofing, though she isn't immune to pain.
  • She's still learning how to utilize her ferrokinesis to the fullest (so far, she can hurl stuff, and can ride in the sky on things like a trash can lid), but she shows a lot of potential for it since she was once able to impale Jasper—a Gem who survived a ship's crash landing, and managed to scrape her way out of a crevasse she fell into—through the chest with a piece of scrap with enough punch to poof her. That said, Jasper had become a Corrupted Gem by this point, so there might be some loss of integrity there, but it's still an amazing feat. And now that she has her limb enhancements back, she has the chance to utilize both.
    • She's also displayed range and power enough to grab someone in freefall by their armor in 10 seconds.
  • Has a Twitter account she barely uses anymore. She's more likely to hack into the account of a local broadcasting network and use it instead.
  • Some folks find that she and Zim have quite a bit in common, which both find annoying, a lot for the Irken, and slightly less for the Gem. That said, Peridot's also annoyed with his refusal to abandon his goal of conquering Earth and failure to realize how he's being used by The Tallest, whereas she found the value in Earth and refused to have it destroyed.
    • Actually, it's a bit more… vehement than that. They're both stubborn, easily aggravated aliens with a passion for what they believe in. Peridot's insistence that the Tallest are just using him and Zim's insistence on not listening and attempting to take over Earth annoys the crap out of both of them. Peridot also get vibes of her post-limb enhancer, pre-Heel–Face Turn past self out of Zim, irritating her further.
    • Eventually, it led to Peri lifting Zim by his backpack with her powers, after which he retaliated, and it led to a fight that was both cool and kind of stupid before a fight in the House of Extraterrestrials broke out around them and they lost track of each other.
  • Her latest form during the tail end of the Diamond "diplomatic mission" drew a lot of companions to Kamina, whom she didn't know until he showed up. He was impressed with how she helped save the Earth from the Cluster with a drill, just like Simon does on a regular basis.
    • There's also the fact that a lot of what she says or does is very meme-able.
    • Speaking of those shades, she's also added such to all of her Robonoids.