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You Are Here

    (Insert Name Here) 

(Insert Name Here), God or Goddess of Player Choice ("You", INH)

  • Variably-powered God or Goddess
  • Symbol: Extremely Mutable
  • Alignment: Varies
  • Portfolio: Shapeshifting, Reincarnation, New Powers as the Plot Demands, Being a Blank Slate
  • Domains: Change
  • Followers: The Spirit and Marno Ar (Insert Name Here), The Former Fizzco Employee Turned Action Hero of Sunset City
  • Allies: Jack Ryan, Commander Shepard, the Bhaalspawn, The New Kid, ICEY, Niko
  • Love Interest of: the Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Aspects of INH are clear in Revan and the Jedi Exile, Nerevarine, the Tactician, and many, many others.
  • INH is almost constantly possessed by one of His or Her followers and has a different appearance, personality, symbol and alignment, set of abilities, and people skills for each one. Really, the best way to tell if a God or Goddess is INH is to check facial expression - almost invariably, INH's face bears an unchanging neutrally interested expression.
  • Can be and has been killed, many times. They always respawn next to the fountain in the center of the Pantheon's garden, in one of His or Her two "default forms", the first of which is male, human, and bland. The second one is female, human, but strangely lavish looking. He or She does nothing when not being possessed by a follower.
  • The deeds which INH has done are numerous and legendary. Sometimes He or She is manipulative enough to worm His or Her way into the Council of Shadows, and sometimes He or She beats out a place into the House of Military and Warfare. He or She has defeated Cosmic Horrors, bedded half of the House of Love, sought counsel with the highest of the high... and even He or She tolerated the annoyance of Excalibur. Whatever INH accomplishes, though, it never seems to count.
  • The other gods mostly believe that INH is simply an empty vessel, as indicated by His or Her immobility when in default mode. But the rare occasions when INH's eyes become pleadingly sad are intensely disturbing to the more compassionate Gods.
  • Is probably a loser... or a bastard. Reports vary.
  • Also, to the disturbance of nearly everyone in the Pantheon, INH seems to have spies everywhere, as INH is not only able to find out information that should only be known to the few involved, it becomes even more frightening at the revelation that nobody, not even Lucifer, knows much about INH. In fact, one time, several members of the House of Knowledge attempted to probe the mind of INH when it was in its blank slate form. It took an entire week for the house to return its members back to normal, who some believe went mad.
  • Perhaps the thing that makes the Pantheon wary the most however is INH's impossibly wide variety of different powers and abilities, while there are some that are stronger than INH even the House of Knowledge struggles to understand how INH can be as skillful as Commander Shepard or Big Boss, as strong with the Force as Revan and the Exile, have a fully mature Wild Card, have access to the Dragonborn's Shouts, being a master in several Final Fantasy Jobs, knowing several spells from Azeroth, and many, many other abilities that make most of their enemies wary of fighting them.
  • Their understanding of morality is rather...........Loose, unless espefically pointed out that they don't have to kill an opponent they will invariably resort to lethal measures from the get-go and even if this is pointed out to them there is only a 50/50 chance that they won't kill them.
  • Given their... malleable nature, it's been wondered what would it be like for them to have a Persona, and so they made a request to the Investigation Team. The result, after battling an alarming number of Shadow INHs (thankfully in succession rather than all at once) representing the numerable types of people they can be, it turns out INH is a Wild Card just like Yu, and therefore their Persona varies between reincarnations.
  • Despite their seeming neutrailty to everything, there are things that are capable of causing reactions out of INH:
    • They seem to have a seething hatred for fairies, Airy in particular, while they will try to distance themselves from a fairy whenever possible, if they encounter the fairy in question they will drop everything to kill her, regardless of the fact that she will only spawn back. When questioned about how long they intend to keep this up they answered this: Until we break her...Or until we reach 10.000 deaths whichever comes first.
    • They seemed disturbed by the Doki Doki Literature Club, but they refuse to elaborate why.
    • According to Psycho Mantis they can range from methodical people (the type that always kick their tires before they leave) and great warriors (well suited for stealth missions) to careless people who are poor warriors.
    • They are both wary and pissed off at the Patriots, due to their sting as the Colonel.
    • They are extremely determined even if opposed by the entire world or told repeated times by either friends or foes that they need to stop they won't stop advancing towards their goal.
    • They also seem to have a necessity to explore every nook and crany of the places they are in, collecting everything they can find, which can range from useless junk, to powerful weapons, to Pokemon.


Greater Gods

Izanami, Goddess of Inhuman Morality (Izanami-no-Okami, Moel Gas Station Attendant)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A long-haired figure in a straitjacket
  • Theme Music: The Fog and The Genesis
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil by actions, Neutral Good in her desires, overall Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Morality not like Humans, Having a Good Cause, But Bad Execution, Anthropomorphic Personification of Human Desires, Master of Illusion, Greater-Scope Villain
  • Domains: Morality, Myths, Fog
  • Allies: Ameno-Sagiri, Marie, Lambdadelta, Lord Kroak, Arael
  • Respects: The Investigation Team (especially Yu Narukami), Flynn, and Nanashi
  • Possible Enemies: YHVH, Lucifer, Nyarlathotep
  • Opposed by: Yuuki Terumi, Rachel Alucard
  • Izanami is an example of when a creature with non-human morality tries to understand humans. She truly tried to help humans but did not know what humanity truly desired. As such, she started an experiment involving Yu Narukami, Tohru Adachi and a third man named Taro Namatame. Unfortunately, her experiment led her to believe people wanted to hide from the truth and decided that humanity should be better off as Shadows.
  • After she got majorly beaten up by the Investigation Team, Yu Narukami in particular, she started to think that maybe not all humans think the same way. Upon disappearing, she waits for a moment she is needed, hopefully with a better understanding of humanity as a whole.
  • Supposedly, the original goddess of Blue-and-Orange Morality was Shiki Ryougi, who then tried to murder Izanami upon her ascension. However, after running into the problem of trying to kill death in sense, Izanami cast Thousand Curses to drag her away from her temple.
  • Even though she is based on the Japanese goddess of death, she is probably one of few understandable major deities from Amala Multiverse in the Pantheon. She truly does care about humans and their well being, she just doesn't know what humanity wants.
    • Of course, she is far away from being as understandable as Philemon. She is still capable of understanding humanity's less welcome sides and pointing them out. That is why she doesn't look Erebus as a potential enemy right away as he was born from humanity's desire for death. She doesn't quite consider him an ally though, as she would only ally with something like that if humanity as a whole would really wish for something like that.
  • When she leaves her temple, she takes a form of a relatively harmless gas station attendant. She usually does this during rainy days. The reason why she does it is because who would think that a gas station attendant would be a goddess in disguise?
  • Yuki Terumi (with the help of Hazama) is trying his hardest to do some research on her. He gave this as his reasoning:
    "You see, if I were to come back alive in my own universe, which is bit of a 50/50 chance, let's just say that I will show my world's Izanami that no one steals my Big Bad status and gets away with it just like that!"
    • And all Izanami had for response is "I have no idea about what you are talking about... and I have no interest about you."note  Even if it didn't stop him from researching, it flipped off Terumi's Berserk Button that someone dared to say he's not the most interesting being ever. But before he could throw a tantrum, Izanami booted him out of her domain.
  • Note that she is not the same Izanami as told in Japanese mythology. She is simply a manifestation from the Collective Unconsciousness as the manifestation of humanity's desires, who simply takes the form of the goddess. In fact, the "real" Izanami has existed in the Persona world, though this one does have some pity to her.
  • It was later revealed that while Ameno-Sagiri (and Kunino-Sagiri) both come from her, Izanami herself (and the Sagiri) were all three born from a greater being, Izanami-no-Mikoto, the deity of protection and wishes who divided due of being unable to fulfil both roles together. This host being could once be found in the mortal world, as a girl named Mariko "Marie" Kusumi, a meteorologist living in Inaba. Since their ascension, Izanami has been rather cold and dismissive towards them tough that may be subject to change.
  • She has also encountered both Flynn and Nanashi in their home dimension. It turns out that she is one of the National Defense Divinities, having gone berserk in one of the AlternateTimelines there and was used as an Unwitting Pawn on another. Thankfully, both Flynn and Nanashi managed to end her rampage and has developed respect for both of them.
  • To many, she is the "sane, but questionable" Blue-and-Orange Morality to Nagito Komaeda's "insane" Blue-and-Orange Morality.

Intermediate Gods

    Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa 
Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa, Divine Representations of Unconventional Alignment Systems
Left to right:Chiaki, Isamu, and Hikawa
Chiaki and Isamu as humans 
  • Intermediate Gods (formerly Quasideities) (Chiaki and Isamu), Lesser God (Hikawa); all aspire to be Greater Gods
  • Symbols: Their demonic sponsors, Baal Avatar (Chiaki), Noah (Isamu) and Ahriman (Hikawa)
  • Theme Song: The SMT III Reason Boss Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Chiaki), Neutral Evil (Isamu), Lawful Evil (Hikawa)
  • Portfolio(all of them): Unconventional Alignment, Hypocrite
  • Domains: The Apocalypse, Philosophy, Demons, Change (all of them), Haughtiness, Wealth (Chiaki), Isolation, Nervousness (Isamu), Stoicism, Communications (Hikawa)
  • Heralds: YHVH's angels and weak Japanese demons (Chiaki), formless spirits (Isamu), fallen angels and ancient gods (Hikawa)
  • Allies: YHVH (all of them, as Kagutsuchi)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with:
  • Enemies: Each other, Lucifer, Cosmos, Nekron, The Machine Council, Solf J Kimblee, Merged Zamasu, N Harmonia, Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally Lamperouge, Dante Sparda, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th, Luke Skywalker, Malcolm Reynolds
  • Special Relationship: Naoki Kashima/The Demi-Fiend (We Used to Be Friends for Chiaki and Isamu)
  • Interest: Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Opposed by: Melkor, The Truth (all three)
  • The Conception was an apocalyptic event that destroyed the world outside of Tokyo, allowing it to be reborn. In this new Vortex World, someone with a Reason and demonic sponsor has the chance to shape the new world based off their ideology. The three main reasons are represented by three people-Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa. The are Yosuga, Musubi and Shijima, representing social darwinism, solitude and self, and a world free of individuality or passion.
  • Applies to all or two of them:
    • The Trope Pantheon is used to the dual dichotomy of Order/Chaos, Good/Evil and neutrality. The SMT Multiverse is used to Law, Chaos and Neutrality. Though taking elements from each, the Reasons are unique in following neither conventional alignments. This has given some more unconventional gods hope that they may compete with the more common alignments.
    • Melkor was curious about these alignments since they're different from YHVH and Lucifer. Mainly he hoped they might throw a wrench in law and chaos' plans. Cosmos chided Melkor for thinking as such since further division would take away more support for evil just like the more grey alliances have already done. The Dark Lord redacted his interest before childishly saying the same applied to her. She's considered this, but isn't as worried since people are more likely to leave evil than they are good.
    • While they presently oppose the Demi-Fiend, after hearing of the alternate timelines where he has accepted each of their Reasons, they've each then attempted to appease him into doing so again. However, as an Agent of Balance, he's had to turn them down (violently in some cases). On a different note, some wonder: what friendship did Naoki have with Isamu and Chiaki prior to the Conception?
    • Each are considered hypocrites of a different stripe, which weakens their position in the pantheon. Chikai fails to live up to her survival of the fittest and only becomes powerful due to demonic intervention, which is why Senator Armstrong has reservations working with her. Isamu does nothing but ask for other's help, despite wanting people to be truly self-reliant. And Hikawa wants to create a world of stillness but is too passionate and chaotic for it to work out, which is why he gets along with Cyrus the most-they're both Not So Stoic to their plan's detriment. The Truth is deeply disappointed they are unable to properly know themselves, and retain the flaws they tried to overcome like Father did.
    • Solf J. Kimblee refuses to sign up any Reason because of their hypocrisy, while Lelouch and Nunnally can't stand any of their visions of the world. Luke Skywalker opposes them for reaching Palpatine-levels of hypocrisy and heavily disagreeing with their ideal worlds. Malcolm Reynolds, who understands the need of believing in something greater than oneself, detests them for valuing their own lives over their ideals.
    • N is upset at their hypocrisy and inability to go through with their own beliefs as it reminds him of his own struggle with his beliefs, and being fooled into following his own views. Ghetsis meanwhile finds the idea of Reasons fascinating, as he is all about manipulating other's views and ideologies for his singular, unidealistic vision. He hasn't gotten that far in implementing it, however.
    • Zamasu (rather predictably) was rather vocal about his complete distaste for them due to being mortals hoping to shape the world. He claims he has his own Reason, Masayo, representing the purging of mortal life for the benefit of nature and the divine. And just like them his hypocrisy weakens his arguments and position in the pantheon.
  • Exclusive to Chiaki:
    • Chiaki Hayasaka, known as Chiaki Tachibana in the original Japanese, is from an upper-class family and comes off as haughty as a result of her wealth. She envisioned Yosuba to keep herself from ever being part of the lower class, from paranoia and fear. Ironically despite its chaotic qualities, angels tend to side with her, along with a version of Thor (the one in the pantheon is no fan of hers). Because of her "might makes right" views she finds herself agreeing with Senator Armstrong and Vergil. The feeling isn't mutual, as while both see her as a step in the right direction neither feel she's dedicated and principled enough to champion it. Also she thinks the strong and weak are born and set in that position. Still, for now they're siding with her.
    • She has found Crystal Man and Junk Man a useful venue for wealth, though they have no idea on the kind of world she's creating. Princess Morbucks seems to like her since she wants to feel powerful and is a stuck-up rich kid. The more generous and kind rich people in the pantheon don't like her, particularly Charlie Bucket as he rose from poverty to riches on his own merit. He couldn't possibly fit into her worldview. Serena van der Woodsen sees her as an Evil Counterpart to her ambitious friend Blair, though wants to give her the chance to find the better person within her.
  • Exclusive to Isamu:
    • Isamu Nitta was a student alongside the Demi-Fiend and Chiaki Hayasaka, giving off the impression of a lazy and scared individual. He had an attraction towards his teacher Yuko Takao. His Reason of Musubi is an isolationist and solitary Lotus-Eater Machine for humanity, a viewpoint very few in the pantheon can agree on. The Anti-Spiral is one of the few who likes the idea and feels it's an acceptable means of containing Spiral Energy, as he has dabbled in the Lotus-Eater Machine tactic before. Given the Anti-Spiral's genocides, even this alliance is tenuous. He has also gotten Mongul's help to use the Black Mercy plants as part of his plan, though they only agree on that regard; Mongul simply wants a distraction for Earth's heroes and Isamu only sees him as a supplier. He considers the space dictator personally detestable.
    • Isamu has Noah as his demonic sponsor. This has only pissed off the actual Noah something fierce. Dagda is somewhat of a more humane version of him as he would rather kill the Japanese YHVH over choosing a Reason.
    • Shinji Ikari has dealt with an isolated world and the hedgehog dilemma. As such, he is completely opposed to the Reason of Musubi. The Crew of the Nebuchadnezzer, having experienced the world of the Matrix, think what he asks for is an even worse situation and one that could easily be seen as an inescapable Hell. Charlie Barkin has already experienced "Heaven" and feels much the same, and Team Dai-Gurren aren't fans either.
  • Exclusive to Hikawa:
    • Hikawa is the Chief Technical Director of a large communications company, and a high-ranking officer in the Cult of Gaea. Believing passion is dangerous, his Reason of Shijima would see the death of passion, a world without destruction and in permanent harmony. It's remarkably similar to Cyrus' vision of the world, or Keel Lorenz. Or the Cybermen for that matter, but mainly Cyrus. As such, he's naturally opposed to those who embody emotion. Ironically demons seem to like his lawful vision, seeing it as a sort of nirvana or enlightenment putting them on equal terms with God.
      • However, thanks to Hareta's intervention, Cyrus has become less likely to ally with Hikawa's vision, and thus has become his enemy, too.

Isabeau, Goddess of Neutrality Backlash ("Iron Mask", Weeabeau)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Gauntlet with an open manga book hidden behind it
  • Theme Song: Isabeau's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Samurai, Demon Taming, Proficiency in Swordplay and Spellcasting (and Gunplay), Adorkable when it comes to Manga, Boyish Short Hair, takes non-neutrality horribly, Implied Love Interest to Flynn though she'll deny it, the only female Samurai in her generation and her clique, Yaoi Fangirl, would rather commit suicide than be slain
  • Domains: Samurai, Demon Summoning, Neutrality
  • Herald: Commander Gore
  • High Priest: The Bat ousted from the Birds and Beasts
  • Followers: the Kingdom of Orb, the Uncommitted, Kaylana, Sam Oliphant, the planet Manaan, Therkla the half-orc
  • Allies: Flynn, Burroughs, Mido, Philemon, Igor, Aleph, Jeanne D'Arc (the original, not Alter), Athena, and Isis, Blake Belladonna, Jiraiya, Black Widow, Camilla, Cammy White, Celty Sturluson, Elizabeth, Robin, Jolyne Cujoh, Riven, Shino Asada, Saeko Busujima, Twilight Sparkle, Wyldstyle, Uni-Kitty, Towa Akagi/Cure Scarlet, Sumia, Nah and Nowi, May, Hitomi, Marie
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Naoki Kashima/the Demi-Fiend
  • Enemies: YHVH, Lucifer, The White, the Divine Powers, Nyarlathotep, Yaldabaoth, The Administrators, Melkor, Nekron, Merged Zamasu, Cyrus
  • Odd Friendship: Asura
  • Pities: Touko Fukawa
  • Avoids: Yamato Hotsuin
  • Conflicting Opinion: Stephen, Ivy Valentine
  • Stephen knew that ascending Burroughs wouldn't be enough if Flynn was to be rescued from the Divine Powers, so he arranged to ascend another of his allies; the Neutral-aligned Mikado Samurai Isabeau. The title she's ascending for however isn't something she can take pride in, though, as many who remember her actions that earn her the title mean it negatively.
    • The trope she's ascended for is Neutrality Backlash; not simply for the fact that those who follow it in the world of SMT get both Chaos and Law baying for their blood, but because of what she suffers for choosing that path (had Flynn not chosen Neutrality as well, which he canonically didn't). As one of the few Samurai that doesn't want to commit genocide, one way or another, Lucifer and his demons hate her for fighting alone, and the Archangels can't bear to look at her because she read manga for entertainment. And her temple being in the House of Ambiguity despite her clear moral standing is a bit awkward as well.
    • That said, she's decided to ignore the hate and establish herself in the Pantheon. She would prefer to go after Flynn as soon as she could, but Shesha's ability to go anywhere in the universe in an instant means it would be impossible. Having had a loved one taken as well, despite his power and stance with Lucifer (though he's made it clear that he will never harm those in the GUAG, his alliance is more to oppose YHVH, and that the deal would end if Lucifer ever involves Mithra in his plots, directly or otherwise), Isabeau finds herself sympathizing with Asura's situation since it mirrors her own plight and despite everything they managed to forge a connection.
    • Just to be clear, this Isabeau is from the path where Nanashi chooses his friends over Dagda and takes him down, and then YHVH, and established peace between Tokyo and Mikado.
  • Despite Stephen being the one who helped her arrive here, after hearing of the Massacre path Nanashi could've taken and Stephen being among the few to support it (even though he's supported the other option, too) as he sent Fujiwara, Skins, and their Hunters (alongside the Ashura-Kai, Ring of Gaea members, and even Mikado Samurai) to their deaths just to test Nanashi's resolve, she's not sure what to think of him anymore, even though he still promises he's on humanity's side. The fact that his potential power level can surpass even YHVH is another concern.
  • Isabeau has bouts of discomfort around Ren Amamiya since he disturbingly sounds like Dagda, the god who enslaved an ally of hers—Nanashi—as his Godslayer. His leaning on the Chaos end didn't help either.
    • Speaking of Dagda, Isabeau also despises Cyrus for having similar goals as him (to Restart the World), though his is to remove all emotion, which is close to YHVH's agenda. She has also heard of Hareta having the potential to redeem him, though she's a little skeptical despite hoping he'll be successful.
    • Speaking of Ren, he in turn notes that she sounds like one shogi player he once played against and helped; her name was Hifumi Togo.
    • And then things got a lot more tense when Dagda himself (and Nanashi) not only ascended into the Pantheon, but ended up in the same House as her.
  • When relaxing, she's often found reading manga, preferably Yaoi. This led her into becoming reading buddies with Blake Belladonna and other people who visit the House of Knowledge's explicit wing. She also met the author of most of these, and while Jiraiya acts like a total perverted goofball, his ability and powers changed her initial opinion of him.
  • Sees Merged Zamasu as a far worse enemy than YHVH, who is basically Him cranked up past eleven, if that was even possible. Despite her opinions on Stephen, hearing of him curb-stomping the Multiversal Conqueror when Zamasu decided to take him on put a smile on her face.
  • Having called upon their aid, even if in a different timeline, she has gained the favor of Jeanne D'Arc, Athena, and Isis.
  • In regards to similar voices:
    • There was Black Widow, Camilla, Cammy White, Carl Clover, Celty Sturluson, Elizabeth, Robin (particularly the female one), Ivy Valentine, Jolyne Cujoh, Kurapika Kuruta, Miss Fortune, Riven, Saeko Busujima, Shino Asada, Touko Fukawa, Twilight Sparkle, Wyldstyle, Princess Uni-Kitty, and Towa Akagi/Cure Scarlet.
    • In regards to Ivy, the fact that she's willing to do anything to destroy all traces of Soul Edge (no matter their alignment), even with the full knowledge that she'll have to end herself after that, not to mention her Dominatrix attitude, just leaves Isabeau at odds as to how to regard her.
    • Vincent Brooks feels awkward all over again, since she sounds like Catherine the succubus.
    • For some reason, Junpei feels lonely when they interact. When she asked, he says her voice reminds him of Chidori Yoshino, a woman he had feelings for despite her being on the side of the enemies, and because she sacrificed her life to save him after he got shot.
    • Igor notes that she sounds like one of his attendants Elizabeth. S.E.E.S., Labrys, and Yu notice it, too.
    • Hibiki and Yamato are reminded of one of their allies/subordinates Makoto Sako. Isabeau usually veers away from the latter, seeing in him with too much of a Chaos goal and a Law structure. The former is also reminded of his Tico (when it's female).
    • Genos noted that she sounded like Mosquito Girl, a monster he encountered, and tried and failed to kill, and where he met Saitama for the first time.
    • Gray Fullbuster sometimes gets a bit teary whenever they interact, just like Junpei did. Upon asking, he says her voice reminds him of his Ice-Make mentor Ur, who sacrificed herself to seal a demon in a prison of ice. While that prison was soon broken, it did its job as the frost already killed it.
    • In another case of similar voices, there was Sumia, Nah (daughter of Nowi), May, Hitomi, and Marie. She's particularly connected to Marie over the fact that both are heroines with an infatuation towards the hero of their fourth respective numbered Megaten game.

    Nanashi and Dagda 
Nanashi and Dagda, Gods of Omnicidal Neutrality (Nanashi: Godslayer, Akira, Aquila, King of Tokyo, "Kid", "Puppet" | Dagda: Lord of Great Knowledge, High King of the Tuatha De)
From left to right: Nanashi and Dagda
Nanashi’s former lives as Akira 

Lesser Gods

    Agent K and Agent J 
Agent K and Agent J, Divine Agents of The Men in Black (K: Kevin Brown | J: James Darrel Edwards III)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A pocket neuralyzer
  • Theme Songs: "Men In Black" and Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral as a whole (K is Lawful Good on occasion, and J has shades of Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Illusion, Inquisition, Knowledge, Protection
  • Heralds: the rest of the organization by extension
  • Allies: Griffin (one of the aliens under their custody), The SCP Foundation, Captain Kirk, Rosalina, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Michael Jackson, XCOM, General Fletcher, Professor Paradox, The Elite Beat Agents
  • Enemies: Boris the Animal, Giygas, Lavos, Frieza, Boros, Black Doom, Lord Brevon, ADVENT, The Combine, Facehuggers, Dr. Wallace Breen, Thanos, Ragyo Kiryuin, the Harvesters, the Headcrabs, SCP-1548, The Mars Attacks!Martians
  • Opposed by: Danny Fenton
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dessler
  • The Men in Black is an organization that is dedicated to eliminating malicious aliens (and wiping the memories of those who witnessed such aliens after the aliens have been fought), as well as keeping an eye on the less villainous aliens. Two of the most prominent members of the organization are Agents K and J. Although other members of the organization are involved, these two tend to be the ones that are the most recognizable. They have bases established in the House of Defense and the Halls of Colored Outfits and Plain Neutral.
  • Applies to the organization as a whole:
    • While protecting the planet, they have frequently worked together with Captain Kirk and Rosalina, two of the guardians of the House of Time and Space, keeping an eye out for any invaders.
    • There are rumors that Michael Jackson is a confidant of theirs had attempted several times to be signed up as an Agent M. Any conclusive evidence of this has since been neuralyzed and neither the organization nor the King of Pop are giving answers.
    • So far, only two of the aliens from their realm have appeared in the Pantheon; Boris the Animal, and Griffin. The MIB are keeping a close eye if anyone else shows up, especially considering the damage "Edgar" and Serleena could cause.
    • With aliens of such world-ending capacity like Giygas and Lavos in the Pantheon, the Men in Black have quickly deemed them as two of their biggest threats. Of course, those two are not the only aliens that's being targeted.
      • Frieza is also on their blacklist. A slew of other dangerous aliens such as Boros, Black Doom, and Lord Brevon have made the agents more prepared to counter any damage the aliens cause. Really high on the list are the Harvesters, who are not only deadly, but harbor a grudge against J for some reason.
      • They are also very wary of the G-Man, a very different kind of Man in Black…
      • A close eye is also being kept on both Ragyo Kiryuin and Wallace Breen, who have been largely allying themselves with various aliens to cause trouble for humans (even if Breen's reasons to ally with the aliens were meant to be well-intentioned).
    • One of the more unusual aliens the organization encountered was Dessler, who was originally evil at first, but then changed himself for the better. Even though he and the MIB are (sort of) on the same side for now, the organization is still keeping an eye on Dessler.
    • For some unexplainable reason, they (or more accurately, the organization in general) are convinced that Lady Gaga is an alien. No one has even tried to comment on why they think that is the case and Lady Gaga herself has no idea what to make of it.
    • They have a pretty strong partnership with the X-COM soldiers when it comes to dealing with the aliens. Of course, both organizations are kept separate from each other and no major plans of a merger between the two is going to happen anytime soon, but they keep touch quite often.
      • A partnership was also established with the SCP Foundation, who are all about maintaining a masquerade just like them.
    • Danny Fenton is not a fan of the organization, given his experience in dealing with a similar group known as the Guys in White.
    • Rumors have been spreading around that the organization is much more ruthless than it seems to be, along with K being a more unscrupulous person. Any attempts to talk to them about that only elicit confused reactions from the duo (and the other agents of the organization).
      • In addition, some think the organization might have also had a hand in monitoring various paranormal creatures that aren't limited to aliens. For now, the focus is placed largely on monitoring aliens and keeping them in check.
    • Some deities have been trying to use their neuralizers if said deity has witnessed something so bad they wished to forget it and the Brain Bleach in The Great Treasury is being used by someone else. Most of this happens if the deity encounters the agents by chance. The agents have no comment on this particular matter.
    • As expies of them, the Elite Beat Agents actually got into their good graces, especially hearing that they managed to rally the humans together to help fight off aliens by The Power of Rock. It's also something of note that the EBA also have an Agent J.
  • Applies to only K and J:
    • Their initial encounter with Futaba Sakura was hostile on her end due to her terrible history with them. J tried to get to cool down by explaining her reason to them.
      • After hearing that the Men in Black in her world basically straight up lied to her that her mother committed suicide and blamed her for it, J assures that the MIB he's in would never do such a thing... but K didn't immediately support the statement, leading J to be suspicious and to confront him. The elder agent then finally stated that what Futaba's will-readers did was unnecessarily cruel and that he was sorry she had to go through so much pain. By the end of the day, they parted on awkward terms.
  • Exclusive to K:
    • As a fellow protector and one of The Comically Serious, K has gotten along with Cable, who also reminds him of his younger self.
    • K (and the rest of the organization sans J) thought Elvis Presley was an alien who just returned to his home planet rather than die. He was thus disappointed that the Pantheon's Elvis seems more human than he thinks, though he enjoys his music anyways. Elvis himself meanwhile is rather baffled that the Men In Black (sans J) would think he's an alien.
  • Exclusive to J:
    • There was a point in time where J had to travel back in time after the past was messed up by a revenge-driven alien in order to restore the present. Because of that, J is on good terms with other heroic time-travelers. Unsurprisingly, J has been keeping an eye on those who use time travel for evil purposes.
      • And now said alien has ascended, though by this point, he's just another target on their list.
    • Is keeping a sharp eye on Deadshot when he can, given since he can also look just like him.
  • Would you please look at this red light? *flash* Troper, there is no entry here. The text you saw was a hallucination caused by swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped in a thermal pocket reflecting the light from Venus onto your computer screen.
  • Also seen in the House of Colours, in the Hall of Colored Outfits.

    Arno Dorian 
Arno Victor Dorian, God of Those Who Are Not In It For The Revolution (The Knight of Thélème, Pisspot, The Prodigal Assassin)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Assassin Insignia, specifically the Parisian Brotherhood Insignia
  • Theme Song: Unity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Not In It For The Revolution, Awesomeness by Analysis, Classy Cravat, Cultured Badass, Very charismatic, Romantically involved with the Templar Élise de la Serre, Fragile Speedster, Glass Cannon, Guile Hero, Stealth Expert, Aura Vision, Can allow others to see what he sees within a limited range, Can glimpse the memories of his targets as they die
  • Domain(s): Revolutions, Death, Romance, Stealth, Combat
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Templar Order, Shay Cormac, Kano, Cersei Lannister, Gregor Clegane, YHVH, anyone who opposes free will.
  • Pities: Charles-Henri Sanson
  • Pitied by: Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • Arno was born into a noble household in Versailles, France, as the only child of Charles and Marie Dorian. His mother abandoned the family after discovering her husband's allegiance to the Assassin Brotherhood. In December 1776, Arno's father was killed while the two were at the Palace of Versailles. Afterwards, Arno was adopted by François de la Serre (who, unbeknownst to Arno, was the Grand Master of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order), and was raised alongside François' daughter Élise, who became his closest friend and, eventually, his lover. In May 1789, François de la Serre was murdered at the Palace of Versailles as part of a coup within the Parisian Templar Rite, and Arno was framed for the murder. While imprisoned at the Bastille, he met Master Assassin Pierre Bellec, who told Arno of his Assassin heritage. Wracked with guilt over his past failures, Arno joined the Assassin Brotherhood in the hopes of avenging his father and adoptive father, while also working to uncover the true instigators of the revolution.
  • Arno was yet another of Ezio Auditore's many followers that drew the attention of Il Mentore. Surprised by the fact that Arno's initial reason for joining Assassin Brotherhood had nothing to do with the French Revolution or even the Assassin cause, Ezio made a recommendation for Arno's ascension. Subsequently, Arno successfully ascended as God of Those Who Are Not In It For The Revolution.
  • Due to Shay being the one who killed Arno's father, Arno is particularly dedicated towards eliminating him. Upon learning that Arno was raised by a Templar Grand Master and had previously tried to form an alliance between the factions, Shay tried to convince Arno, if not join, then at least try to cooperate with the Templars. However, although Arno indeed wishes to honor Élise's last will to reduce the gap between the Templars and Assassins, he also vehemently refuses to work together with the same group that has his father's killer as a member.
  • Arno was pleasantly surprised to run into several contemporaries from the French Revolution within the pantheon. His interactions with Chevalier d'Eon are quite pleasant, as the two had helped each other out during the revolution, and they occasionally engage in friendly sword duels. Similarly, Arno is on friendly terms with Charles-Henri Sanson, having once helped him to recover the components to the guillotine after they had been stolen. However, Arno also strongly sympathises with Sanson over the guilt he feels for having executed so many people as well as the bad reputation he acquired for doing so.
  • Arno felt thoroughly honored to meet Jeanne d'Arc, who, aside from her battles against the English, was also an ally of the Assassins during her lifetime. Jeanne was saddened to learn of the turmoil that befell France in the centuries after her death, but Arno assured her that he and the Brotherhood will do everything they can to create a better future, which cheered her up. Jeanne was also surprised to discover that Arno has her Sword of Eden in his possession, although it has since lost its advanced abilities to having been damaged in battle. Arno offered to give the sword back to her, but she allowed him to keep it, remarking that the sword will be safer in the hands of the Assassin Brotherhood.
  • He's on friendly terms with Rose Bukater, who sympathises with him due to having similarly lost a lover. The two had an amicable discussion about how to move on and eventually find love again, which they both found to be quite enjoyable.
  • Arno's impressive stealth skills caught the attention of Batman, who provided him with some advice on how to improve his skills even more. The two quickly bonded over their similar pasts of losing parents and entering romantic relationships with their foes. Upon hearing of Arno's story, Catwoman approached Arno and offered her condolences for his loss of Élise.
  • Arno has a rather conflicting opinion of Lelouch. While he supports Lelouch's goal of overthrowing evil empires, Arno finds his means of doing so far too extreme and has remarked that he sees a lot of similarities between Lelouch and Napoleon Bonaparte. In turn, Lelouch has expressed irritation at the fact that Arno wasn't particularly interested in the French Revolution or the cause of the Assassin Brotherhood, remarking that Arno should have been more committed. However, the two have found some degree of common ground due to the fact that they were both motivated by revenge and had lost loved ones in their pursuit of it.
  • Arno befriended Han Solo after learning that the latter was originally intended to gain his title. Han was glad to learn that, similar to himself, Arno eventually became truly dedicated to the Assassin Brotherhood's cause, rather than being motivated purely by personal reasons.
  • Due to his possession of Jeanne d'Arc's Sword of Eden, Arno has frequently been targeted by enemies who wish to take it from him. Aside from Shay Cormac, attempts have been made by Kano (who wishes to sell it) and Gregor Clegane (on the orders of Cersei Lannister). Fortunately, Arno has thus far been successful in fending them off.

    Lord Byron 
6th Baron George Gordon Byron, God of Byronic Heroes (Lord Byron)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Lone wolf
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dark and Troubled Past, Brooding, All Girls Want Bad Boys, Anti Heroes, Anti Villains, Jerkass Woobies, Melodrama, Vampires
  • Domains: Rebellion, Mystery, Tragic Backstories, Loneliness
  • Allies: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Lelouch Lamperouge, Sasuke Uchiha, Severus Snape, Count Dracula, The Count, Billy
  • It's debatable whether he was a Byronic Hero, but Lord Byron gets credit for popularizing a new type of hero. This one is highly charismatic and lives life as he wants to. With that said, he has plenty of vices that meshes with the society he lives in, thus leading to an early death. That's one thing he has in common: live fast, died young and leave a beautiful corpse.
  • He usually keeps to himself and doesn't have much to do with the other gods. However, there isn't a goddess who hasn't fancied Lord Byron. The Succubi does try their best to seduce him, but it fails.
  • One could say that Stan Lee used this manta on a bunch of his characters. This has been especially prevalent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Flattery aside, the heroes hope that they don't end up dying early like many of his creations.
  • Marvel isn't the only comic book with his influence. The most prominent of the DC heroes is Batman, someone with a troubled past who wants to complete an impossible mission. While Bruce admits that he fits the type well, he does not want the rest of his family to suffer the same fate. This is one path he wants to take alone.
  • Much of the vampire community owe it to him for their characterization. Chief among them is the Lord of Vampires himself, Dracula. The vampire has considered turning Byron into his own spawn, but declined for a couple reasons. One, the man has far too many supporters for such a stunt to go well for him. Secondly, his influence produces many vampire converts into his wing. He hopes that Byron's return will make vampires more of his type and not that of Edward Cullen.
  • The Macbeth used to be followers before their ascension, being one of the archetypical examples before his time. The two are a bit more vengeful of their placement, as Byron failed to prevent their deaths.
  • Snape has a special place in the temple of Byron. It was long thought that he was a follower of Lord Voldemort, which he initially was. When his Heel–Face Turn threatened to out himself, he turned to Byron. There, he traded his symbol so that it would look like the Dark Lord's. It was Byron who helped guide him through much of his life to the very end. Byron helped build Snape's own temple when the wizard ascended. That act of kindness caused the GUAG to reevaluate the threat of his followers.
  • Few revere him as much as the Count of Monte Cristo. He suspects that Byron used him as a model of his own character named Lord Ruthven.
  • There was an odd time when his essence merge Billy. Stuck within his body, he tried to make the student more cool. It didn't work out that well. Billy nevertheless was thankful for the attempt and when Byron ascended, he agreed to keep an essence of him within Billy at all times.
  • Despite the rumors of having sired many children, there is only one who he has acknowledged as his, Ada Lovelace. He has been working to see if he could get her ascended.

    Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog 
Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, Godly Duo of Nemeses Who Enjoy Off-Time Together (Sam: Ralph | Ralph: George)
Just another day in the "office"
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The punch clock where they start and end work
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Sam), True Neutral (Ralph)
  • Portfolio: Friends Off The Clock, Together As Neighbors, Stops Fighting Immediately During Break time, Species Surname, Cartoon Physics
  • Domains: Occupation, Wolves, Stealing (Ralph), Dogs, Guarding (Sam)
  • Heralds: George Wolf and Fred Sheepdog, their night shift colleagues
  • Allies: Wreck-It Ralph
  • Enemies: Hero Killer Stain
  • Other Relationships: the Tazmanian Devil (Ralph's one-day substitute and Sam's one-day coworker)
  • Avoids: Ampharos (Ralph)
  • Respects: Bowser, Mario
  • Opposed by: All farmland animal deities (Ralph)
  • It's normal for the good guy and the bad guy to be at odds with each other, and sometimes there's a chance of befriending or just this "relationship" ending once it's over. What is odd though is when they spend their time as adversaries and as buddies with equal dedication, nothing tense in either sitch. This is the case for Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. Sam was nominated at first to take the role of Punch-Clock Hero, but because it seemed strange to not ascend Ralph Wolf with him—as it had been also strange for Pumbaa to ascend without Timon—Sam's coworker joined him. But this also meant Punch-Clock Hero was no longer a title Sam could take. Given how casual they are off-hours, they were ascended under a different trope.
    • As such, after their ascension ceremony, Ralph and Sam sent their regards to Bowser (whom the trope is named after) as well as Mario.
  • Applies to both:
    • In regards to how their life goes, it's still the same as before; when "at work", Ralph tries to abduct a sheep in the pasture (which is now just outside their temple), while Sam has to stop him (which he does rather easily). The difference is that they have less work days than before, giving them more time off work for hanging with people other than each other. And while they've never really had to do it before, any who interfere with their operation (like abduct a sheep, attack Sam (or Ralph), or mess with the pasture) during their work hours will be on the receiving end of both of their retributions. That said, these interferences can mess up with their routine, so increased security (and alarm systems) have been implemented.
    • There were plans to have their work continue while under the Grand United Alliances, but Melkor wasn't having any of the strict villainy-on-the-clock nonsense (he's had enough of that with Wreck-It Ralph, who has since cut ties with the GUAE).
    • Speaking of that Ralph, the three sometimes have drinks together and is glad that his wolf namesake didn't have to go through the crap he had to deal with in his time in the GUAE.
    • Sam drives to work on an old Ford Model T, while Ralph uses a drag racer. Of course, they've since updated to the times in the Pantheon, though their styles remain; Ralph drives fast, while Sam prefers to cruise.
    • Sometimes, one can see multiple instances of both of them during many of Ralph's hijinks. However, given that these only occur during work, it's not known if they can so this off-hours too.
    • Sam's an early riser, while Ralph has an ACME Instant Awakener system to get him up and at 'em. At least that's how things were; in the Pantheon, given that they share temples, it's Sam who wakes his colleague whenever it's a work day, but the Instant Awakener system is still there for off-days.
  • Exclusive to Sam:
    • Is impressed that a young pig such as Babe can do sheepdog duties, even if it's just herding them to the fenced areas.
    • Out of principle, Stain loathes Sam for his strict on-the-clock dedication to his (hero) job and finds the very idea (as well as his casual relations with his arch-nemesis) repulsive. Sam, on the other hand, never considered himself a hero: protecting the sheep is all he's doing.
      • He loathed the idea so much that Stain once interrupted one of their work days. Of course, Sam was on the scene as per usual, and (after seeing the sheepdog was actually losing the fight) Ralph joined in too, but Stain soundly trashed both of them before other heroes entered the scene and dealt with him. It was one of the few times Ralph showed genuine worry for Sam as not once in his career has he ever suffered injuries, let alone any so severe.
    • No, that Peter jerk never subbed in for him at work. Ralph also denies this ever happening.
  • Exclusive to Ralph:
    • Met up with his long-lost cousin Wile E. Coyote, who doesn't get Ralph's willingness to abandon his chase just because the clock says so. He offered once to pull a switcheroo with Ralph (except for the nose (red and black) and eyes (white and yellow), and sometimes a protruding fang from Ralph, they looked alike, and even use ACME products), but the wolf doubted Sam wouldn't notice the difference; they've been co-workers for a long time, so Sam would surely be able to tell. Ralph doesn't have the upper-class accent or the egotistical bearing of Wile E. when he speaks. Ralph is willing to have Wile E. sub in for him, but only if he adheres to the rules.
    • After one electrifying incident with Ampharos, Ralph has no intention of taking any of his pre-evolutions, given they can easily zap him themselves.


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