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"SCREW DESTINY!" is the one rule here, often stated with great volume and theatricality. If not contained, this houses influence would Logic Bomb the House of Prophecy hard enough to take the whole Pantheon with it. It's the one place in said house Team Dai-Gurren are welcomed.

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Greater Gods

    Eldrad Ulthran 
Eldrad Ulthran, God of Fighting Bravely Despite Hopelessness (High Farseer, That Dick, The Oldest Troll in the Galaxy, King of the Trolls)

    Riku (Kingdom Hearts) 
Riku, God of Taking the Third Option (Keyblade Master Riku, Ansem, The Boy Who Walked Toward Dawn, Buff Riku, Ribeku)
Click here  to see his Dream Eater form.

Intermediate Gods

    Adol Christin 
Adol Christin, The Unchosen God (Adol the Red)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God when equipped with magic-granting items
  • Symbol: A stack of adventure journals
  • Theme Song: The Boy's Got Wings
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Saving The World Despite Not Being Chosen To, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Jumped at the Call, Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?, Having No Supernatural Powers Until Gaining Them From An External Source, Walking the Earth, But Now I Must Go
  • Domains: Adventure, Helping, Heroism
  • Herald: Dogi (his traveling companion).
  • Allies: Emilia Justina, Yona, Flynn, The Console Patron Units, Nepgear, Asura, Falcom, Linkle, Luke fon Fabre
  • Enemies: Melkor, Darkseid, Thanos, Arfoire
  • Rival: Link
  • Adol just... Kind of showed up in the Pantheon one day, apparently on his own terms. Some gods have retroactively stated that they brought him there for some divine purpose, but it's pretty clear he just wandered in. Given the numerous deities he's slain in his own homeworld, not many people felt like asking why. He eventually told everybody why he came: Because some people were in trouble in the Pantheon, he came to help them.
  • Had an interesting encounter with the CPU girls not long after he arrived, with them mistaking him for Falcom. After a brief, amusing conversation wherein the girls thought he was Falcom, but now suddenly a guy, the whole mess was sorted out and they became good enough friends.
    • Even after Blanc and Nepgear met Adol, they're still asking him for autographs. Nepgear and Blanc LOVED Falcom's books (which were much like Adol's own journals of his adventures), and Adol is pretty much the same gal... er, guy. Adol seems to be a bit too focused on helping others to recognize what this implies. This is par for the course.
  • Was initially banned from the House of Food, as some took a line about him eating gods for breakfast literally. Adol himself remains pretty humbly unaware of said reputation, and was eventually let into the House of Food after demonstrating that he only takes out evil gods.
  • To absolutely nobody's surprise, he got along well with Link for a multitude of reasons. They consider each other a Friendly Rival, due to their contrast of Link being The Chosen One, and being strong due to it, whereas Adol is The Unchosen One, only retroactively becoming The Chosen One in some situations because he's strong.
    • For similar reasons, he gets along quite well with Flynn. Adol often helps keep Flynn on his toes by steam-rolling through most of Flynn's demons, though no clear victor between the two has ever been decided.
  • Him and Davy Jones are mutually displeased with the other. Davy Jones is angered that Adol can somehow survive so many shipwrecks, and Adol's annoyed that there WERE so many shipwrecks.
  • Adol has, on several occasions, simply walked into Mordor.
    • On a single occasion, after hearing of the Yamato Perpetual Reactor, he felt inclined to lend a hand to protecting that. Unfortunately, he didn't tell Flynn about this, so Adol had to single-handedly carve a path through the defenses. He made it, but not before Flynn and Naoki both showed up, both understandably pissed. Flynn demanded compensation for the defenses, which Adol is currently working off by helping them out.
  • Considering how much more dangerous he becomes when using artifacts, negotiations are underway to allow him access to much of The Great Treasury during times of crisis. "Allowing access" meaning "just knowing he'll go in and pick it up whenever he needs it".
  • Despite "officially" residing in the House of Prophecy, you're just as likely to find Adol anywhere else. If you're not sure where, just look for whoever needs help the most and he won't be far off. Adol doesn't so much jump at the call as he does actively find calls.
  • Seems to have formed an impromptu dark god-killing team with Yuri Volte Hyuga. This has unnerved the GUAE to some degree.
    • They were very much MORE unnerved when Asura joined the team.

    Clara Oswald 
Clara Oswald, Goddess of Defying Impossibility (Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald, The Impossible Girl, Miss Montague, Oswin Clarence, Winnie Clarence, The Woman Twice Dead, Wicked Witch of the Well, Ozzie, Miss Oddbod, The Doctor, Doctor Oswald)
  • Intermediate Goddess, previously a Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A maple leaf
  • Theme Song: Clara’s Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, sometimes goes into Chaotic Good if the situation calls for it.
  • Portfolio: Having Different Versions Of Herself Spread Out Throughout Time And Space, Badass Bookworm, Doing Tons Of Normally Impossible Things, Consummate Liar, Control Freak, Determinator, Empowered Badass Normal, Friend to All Children and Cool Teacher, Good Is Not Dumb, Oop North, Pintsized Powerhouse, Utterly Destroys Those Who Try To Use Her, Revenant Zombie, Rousing Speech
  • Domains: Impossibility, Immortality, Morality
  • Heralds: Danny Pink, Ashildr, The Latimer Family, Angie and Artie Maitland, Bonnie, Rigsy, the Coal Hill students she teaches
  • Allies: The Doctor, TARDIS, Vastra, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, Ood Sigma, Scathach, Mary Poppins, Chifuya Orimura, Koro-sensei, Alcor, Wesley Collins, Melia Antiqua, Shulk, The Pantheonic Time Police, Hob Gadling, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Aleph
  • Opposes: Rick Sanchez
  • Conflicting Opinion: Gaea
  • It was just any normal day in the Pantheon when a mysterious American diner showed up, manned by a single waitress with an inexplicable out of place British accent. She and the diner remained there for weeks until the Court of the Gods realized that it was Clara Oswald. How she managed to sneak an ascension by herself should have been impossible but she did it. That’s going to set the tone of her presence in the Pantheon for the rest of her time here.
  • To be brief about Clara’s history, she served more or less as a new anomaly for the Doctor to uncover as after the departure of two of his most important companions. The mystery being that he met a few versions of Clara during his misadventures scattered throughout history, not her descendants or an Identical Stranger but the same person living multiple lives. So then the Doctor found Clara or at least a version of herself in the 21st century and decided to bring her along the ride. Then through the Timey-Wimey Ball, they managed to cause why there were multiple versions of her in the first place: Clara having dove herself into the Doctor’s own timeline to save him across multiple incarnations after the Great Intelligence had intended to mess it all up.
  • That’s not all Clara has done. She helped convince the Doctor not to make the Tragic Mistake of what everyone believed how the Time War had ended, convinced the Time Lords to give him a new regeneration cycle, eased him into his thirteenth (numbered twelfth) incarnation, and was the leading cause of the Doctor’s eventual rediscovery of his homeworld. Hell, she even influenced him to become his first female incarnation. Needless to say, Clara is perhaps the Doctor’s most important companion is turns of the sheer scope she affects his life.
  • Clara is technically dead as of now thanks to an incident with a instant-killing raven but was pulled away the moment before her death by the Time Lords under the request of the Doctor. Like Jack Harkness, this essentially makes her immortal until she is returned to the time where she dies and that’s not looking like it would happen soon thanks to traveling across time and space with a TARDIS she nabbed. Using the TARDIS to sneak into the Pantheon was easy once you read enough on the TARDIS manual and doing a bit of modifications yourself.
  • Had been traveling with another immortal named Ashildr who Clara may or may not be in a relationship. Ashildr is currently not in the Pantheon or in Clara’s TARDIS. Clara shrugged and said that Ashildr wanted to be dropped off on a desert planet to do something about giant mutant ants and would come back to grab her once she calls.
  • The reason why she came to the Pantheon in the first place? To see the Doctor of course who had a place here before his first regeneration. Unfortunately, the Doctor doesn’t remember her thanks to getting his mind wiped from all things about Clara for his own sake. Clara watches the Doctor from a distance and spies on the Time Lord during their adventures occasionally, unseen by anyone. She’s still surprised the Doctor became a woman. The Doctor isn’t even aware she is in the Pantheon. He might have even met her alternate selfs a couple beforehand here but then forgot.
  • Hilariously, it was thought that her title would never be retrieved thanks to its impossibility to get one but she managed to obtain it thanks to doing normally implausible things despite there being explanations for them. Clara had to put on a sweater with, “I am not a Mary Sue” to make sure she wasn’t kicked out of the place.
  • Is considered the Doctor’s soul mate, even more than Rose Tyler or River Song, his actual wife. Even after regenerating into an old man, they are like two peas in a pod... or two humanoids in a time machine if you will. To be fair, River had several relationships going on during her marriage and Rose has a the Tenth Doctor clone to serve as her romantic partner. Though it’s not as though Clara would pursue a relationship due to the aforementioned memory loss and her inevitable death looming over her.
  • Several of the Doctor’s companions took notice of Clara with the Ponds who recognized her as Oswin Oswald, a person who was converted to a Dalek. Vastra managed to explain to them all Clara’s true nature. They all more or less came to an agreement that they shouldn’t remind the Doctor of her existence considering he suffered billions of years for her and went off the deep end doing so.
  • Is relatively friendly to fellow immortals like herself, specifically Jack Harkness, Scathach, and Hob Gadling.
  • Jack Harkness is rather impressed that Clara was able to handle his time machine-watch really well when it came into possession of UNIT. He was in the cosmos during his post-Children of Earth depression so was glad that the Doctor and his friends still watch over everyone even with Torchwood gone.
  • Scathach is a person who Clara read up on in school and was genuinely surprised that she actually exists in the Pantheon proper. Clara feels bad Scathach was stuck in the Land of Shadows for the longest of times until she was summoned during the Grand Order but Scathach says she doesn’t need her sympathy. Also even Clara likes ogling Scathach’s body every time they speak.
  • Hob Gadlong much like Clara would like spending their time as immortals without all of the drawbacks that come with it. Clara initially had reserves on Hob considering what he had done to get by in the more slavish parts of history though eventually accepted his friendship after he denounced his actions as it was the product of the time.
  • Having been a former nanny before becoming a teacher, Clara obviously sees Mary Poppins as an idol who’s inspired her as a child. Poppins was quite honored to being seen as a hero to someone and allowed Clara to use her umbrella for awhile. Clara spent a few good hours riding into the sky, yelling for someone to get her down.
  • As a teacher, Clara has made friends with both Chifuya Orimura and Koro-sensei and helps around the educational system around the Pantheon. Clara is intrigued that the House’s teaching style is a mix of the highest academic success across Earth’s nations and hopes to have the place be less intimidating and be more open to students of all sorts of backgrounds.
  • Alcor seems to respect Clara, admiring that she had managed to carve a path for herself, unbound by the Doctor’s own. Clara is just curious on how Alcor‘s persistence on defending humanity to whatever choice they do, regardless of the outcome.
  • After getting chased by the Dahaka, Clara and the Pantheonic Time Police met and struck a good friendship with each other for their time travel shenanigans and how to use it the right way. Also became friends with Wesley Collins for changing his own future for himself and others.
  • Sounds remarkable similar to Melia Antiqua, to an almost startling degree. Her and Clara found good footing with each other almost immediately and Clara helps her and Shulk out to try to find a way to defeat Zanza once and for all.
  • Became friends with Team Dai-Gurren for their reasoning to kick impossibility to the curve and give logic the middle-finger. It is also noted thanks to Clara’s determination, she possesses an almost obscene amount of potential Spiral energy with herself. The Anti-Spiral had to add Clara to its list of threats.
  • Clara could only call Aleph a poor thing after hearing the many deaths Aleph now suffers from thanks to reincarnating constantly. She could empathize thanks to her other selves through history though at least she doesn’t remember any of them.
  • Rather conflicted on Gaea as it was likely her who created the forest that protect the Earth from a solar flare though at the same time, Gaea does not have the highest opinions of humanity and says she was merely protecting the planet. While Clara won’t excuse humans’ constant pollution and warfare, she will say to give them a chance because humans are capable of saving the Earth just as much as Gaea could when they bring themselves together to do so. Gaea would like to take her word for it but then again, humans almost torched down the forests she put up to protect them like morons.
  • Really peeved upon learning several of the Doctor’s enemies managed to ascend to the Pantheon already. Clara has beef with all of them but none so irritate her more than the Master who caused so much suffering for everyone as Missy. Upon hearing that Missy did eventually start becoming The Atoner for all the wrongdoings, Clara’s opinion softened then almost instantly went back to having an even worse opinion for destroying Gallifrey after the Doctor spent so much time trying to find it.
  • If that was not bad, Clara was absolutely livid upon learning Rassilon ascended. You know, the person who made the Doctor die a billion deaths just to reveal a prophecy? Clara feels partially guilty as she was the reason why the Doctor continued such suffering but she is never going to forgive Rassilon for causing the Doctor to go through such lengths in the first place. As Rassilon is in the GUAL with his other loyalist Time Lords, Clara is going to take them down even if she has to go through YHVH to do so.
  • While Clara was expecting the Great Intelligence to be in the Pantheon, she did not expect that the Great Intelligence being an avatar of a Lovecraftian god. Regardless, Yog-whatever (Clara never could memorize names like those) is on her watchlist.
  • Is absolutely disgusted and horrified of what the Ambassador of the 456 turning kids into drugs and was extremely close to having a good chunk of the human race’s children taken. The Ambassador, his race, his associates, his customers, the governments of Earth who cave into his demand, and those who are also in the child-drug business will dearly, dearly pay, even worse than Rassilon will. Think of what the Doctor had done to the Family of Blood and be very afraid.
  • Doesn’t have highest opinions of the Beast, Sutekh, or Omega as she had never met them personally. Maybe one of her lives did but she doesn’t remember. Still, she regards them with extreme caution knowing what power they hold.
  • Wonders how Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge became teachers in the first place and why? Do they like watching children suffer For the Evulz? The Doctor told Clara never to use violence, a philosophy that Clara is really pushed harder to follow through with heinous people like these.
  • Incredible wary of crows and ravens, as a raven is the reason for her death in the first place. Technically it was Ashildr and her insane judgement policies but doesn’t hold that against her. Speaking of poor judgements, she abhors the Dark Judges for taking every punishment they dish to its absolute extreme with no good justification.
  • Absolutely terrified of the Sleeper and how the cosmic abomination is obscenely powerful despite not even being fully awakened yet. Clara has managed to see a crystal clone of herself made from it and the experience was less than stellar to say the least.
  • Sees Eobard Thawne as one of the biggest dickwads throughout all of time and space. Clara knows that she can’t face the speedster in a direct confrontation even with her immortality so she’s trying to hatch a plan to make sure Thawne or at least a version of him gets stuck somewhere forever to make sure he can’t harm anybody again.
  • Is also very spiteful towards Porky Minch for going through time and becoming a dictator to an island that was relatively in peace until he showed up. She’s also annoyed by how Porky acts like a spoiled child despite being really old.
  • After an incident where she met Rick Sanchez, Clara thinks that the man is too irresponsible to go through alternate dimensions with how much chaos he leaves at its wake. It’s like if Rick was the Doctor in his more asshole-y moods but being somehow worse. Not that she’s clearing herself with the whole “bring my boyfriend back, Doctor or I’m throwing the TARDIS into a lava pit” deal.
  • “Run you clever boy, and remember me.”

    Miharu Rokujou 
Miharu Rokujou, God of Refusing the Call (The Little Devil, Moeharu, Miharuto)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God with the Shinra Banshou activated
  • Symbol: The scrolls of the Shinra Banshou covered in kanji.
  • Theme Song: "Crawl"
  • Alignment: True Neutral (most of the time), Chaotic Neutral when Yoite is concerned.
  • Portfolio: Refusal of the Call, Sealed Inside a Person-Shaped Can, Emotionless Boy, I Just Want to Be Normal, Ninja, Bishie Sparkle, Even the Guys Want Him, Beware the Nice Ones, Ambiguously Gay
  • Domains: Balance, Indifference, Neutrality, Pacifism
  • Heralds: Tobari Kumohira, Raimei Shimizu, Kouichi Aikawa, Kazuhiko and Kazuho Yukimi, Raikou Shimizu, Gau Meguro, Shijima Kurookano, Yoite
  • Allies: Naruto Uzumaki, Nanoha Takamachi, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Fluttershy, Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword, Yui Hirasawa, Jonathan Joestar, Kyon, Keiichi Maebara, Kamina, Simon the Driller, Yoko Littner, Susan Richards/Invisible Woman, Yuji Sakai, Amuro Ray, Setsuna F. Seiei, Shirou Emiya, Riven, Luke Skywalker, Sakuya Izayoi, Sei Iori, Reiji, John Cena, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Rei Ayanami, Heero Yuy, Rena Ryugu, Inori Yuzuriha, Eikichi Onizuka, Guile, Kira Yamato, Hachiman Hikigaya, Anri Sonohara
  • Enemies: Izaya Orihara, Lelouch vi Britannia, the GUAE Trollkaiger, all of the Houses of Anger and Hatred and Rancor
  • Opposes: Homura Akemi
  • Rivals: Kaede Nagase, Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Odd Friendship with: Annie Leonhart
  • Wary Of: Kurama
  • Ascended after Yoite's death, when the sheer amount of power generated by the Shinra Banshou following his Despair Event Horizon caused the fabric of space to tear and sent him into the Pantheon.
  • He doesn't really consider anyone in the Pantheon his friend and tries to stay out of social affairs, but he gets along well with Naruto Uzumaki despite their personalities being as different as night and day. Some gods speculate that it's due to the fact they're both person-shaped cans, and, of course, ninja.
  • Hangs out a lot with Simon and Yoko to the surprise of many gods. When asked about it, he answered that they reminded him of Kouichi and Raimei and refused to say any more.
  • Upon his ascension, Kaede Nagase immediately challenged him to a fight to show that he, as a ninja god, deserved to be in the Pantheon. He declined the challenge right away, as he needed to wait for Yoite's ascension and he really wasn't interested regardless.
  • When he really tries, he can use his inherent cuteness and Bishie Sparkle to persuade even the manliest of gods. The only god who it does not work on is Keiichi Maebara, mainly because Keiichi himself has used such tricks in the past.
    • Keiichi was in fact the first god to welcome Miharu to the pantheon and has tried to be friendly toward him ever since. However, Keiichi's frightening Knight Templar Big Brother streak causes the shinobi to keep away from him.
    • Lessened after Keiichi's help during the Silica/Rena incident, and that Miharu can understand where Keiichi's coming from if it's Yoite we're talking about.
  • At odds with Ichigo Kurosaki because Ichigo can't wrap his head around why Miharu wouldn't go out of his way to protect his friends. Also, Ichigo has a longstanding dislike of ninja.
    • It's more a styles clash rather than true hatred, as Ichigo realizes Miharu's morals are not so different from his own (and Miharu can be sufficiently motivated when it's Yoite we're talking about). Ichigo just dislikes Miharu's indifference about everything else.
  • Hates Sosuke Aizen and Izaya Orihara due to their propensity to screw with people For the Lulz, just like what Fuuma did to him, ultimately plotting Yoite's death. In fact, Fuuma's manipulation was remarkably similar to Aizen's during the Soul Society Arc.
  • He can't understand why Yukiteru stayed with Yuno so long (regardless for her current status), despite all her faults and allowing Yuno to corrupt him, leading to Yuki's feelings gaining ultimate control over him. As such, Yukiteru is who Miharu pictures when he thinks about the Shinra Banshou taking control over him, and dislikes Yuki for becoming the very thing he hopes to avoid at all costs.
    • Opposes Homura Akemi for the same reason following the Upheaval. Her transformation into Homucifer due to her love for Madoka consuming her has only convinced Miharu more that he should not form strong relationships (and that the only person he truly liked died) or the Shinra Banshou will take him over.
  • Miharu first met Annie Leonhart in her titan form. Instead of reacting like most gods, he instead asked her to teach him hand-to-hand combat in order to impress Yoite upon his ascension.
  • Silica finds being around him much more interesting than playing third wheel to Kirito and Asuna. He isn't interested in her because he's waiting for Yoite to ascend, but he does like to pet her dragon. However, Pina can sense the Shinra Banshou and stays away from Miharu because of that. Some gods think Silica has a crush on him despite him being at least four years younger. She denies it when asked, but her recent habit of coming to his temple in the morning to bring him bentos has not helped to stop the rumors.
  • Rena Ryugu was once inadvertently caught in one of his Little Devil moments. She then immediately proceeded to attempt to take him home with her. Silica, following Miharu around like usual, took exception and sicced Pina on her, Rena attempted to take the dragon home as well and the struggle took out a good bit of the House of Emotion. Miharu was slightly embarrassed that he was the cause of the collateral damage, but more so that they drew so much attention to him. This has not helped the rumors about Silica liking Miharu in the slightest.
    • Keiichi Maebara's intervention by talking Rena out of taking Miharu home has fully endeared him to Miharu. He now takes comfort in knowing that Keiichi can get him out of jams like that, although he still dislikes being the focal point of Silica's attention.
  • He doesn't do it very often, but when he's angry some gods have noticed he sounds a lot like Shana. The only thing to really make him mad is someone insulting Yoite. The gods know to do so at their own peril. Izaya Orihara found that out the hard way when he called Yoite pathetic for not caring about his own life. Miharu attempted to erase Izaya from existence using the Shinra Banshou.

Lesser Gods

    The Nephalem 
The Nephalem, Deities Immune to Fate (Wandering Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Heretic Witch Doctor, Crusader of Zakarum, Veradani Monk, Rebellious Wizard)

Wyldstyle, Goddess of Chosen Wannabes (Darkstorm, Gemini, Neversmile, Freakface, Snazzypants...Lucy)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her LEGO body
  • Theme: "Everything's Not Awesome"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Embarrassing First Name, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl (actually multicolored hair because she colored it with sharpie), Badass Driver, Deadpan Snarker, Given Name Reveal, Hartman Hips, I Just Want to Be Special, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, The Lancer, Wrench Wench, Tall, Dark, and Snarky
  • Domains: Artifice, Chaos, Good, LEGO, Imagination
  • Allies: Emmet Brickowski, Unikitty, Batman, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, Gandalf, The Doctor, The Ghostbusters, Emmett Brown, The Simpsons, Chell, Po, Tigress, Neo, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Enemies: Rex Dangervest, Agent Smith, The GUAL, Sheev Palpatine, Big Brother
  • Opposes: Mr. Burns
  • Respects: Adol Christin
  • Pities: Aang
  • Conflicting Opinion: President Business, Jeff Hardy
  • Those who were involved in stopping Lord Business from ending all free will wondered when one of their most crucial allies would ascend. It took another adventure where she teamed up with Batman and Gandalf for the gods to realize her abilities. She ascended due to this as well as for showing that anyone can be a Chosen One if they wanted to.
    • She quickly jumped over to Emmet's side to give him a hug, capping off a well-earned reunion. It's safe to say that the House of Craft just got much more exciting with the master builders in the Pantheon.
    • She later encountered Batman by herself later that night. After a brief conversation, the two waved each other off. Wyldstyle later acknowledged that they official broke up, but promised to keep in touch in the meantime.
    • Out of the ascended in the Pantheon, she felt least of ease towards Uni-Kitty. Sticking around in the Sub-House of Happiness gave her enough of a headache, never mind her own temple. Still, she still likes her enough to visit on occasion.
    • While she was disappointed her mentor Vitruvius wasn't around, she hasn't stopped believing that he would return some day. At least she doesn't have to deal with Lord Business.
  • There were many candidates who could have been her high priest. In the end, she was most impressed with Tigress's friendship with Po, despite being initially jealous of his position. Po was grateful with the decision and equally impressed with her fighting skills. She and Tigress later became friends when the latter ascended (along with the rest of the Furious Five).
  • For anyone who wants to greet her, don't ever mention her real name. Emmet is the only one who is able to say it without earning a thrashing. Even Batman is hesitant to use it lest he incurs her wrath.
    • Wyldstyle is actually just the latest in a series of names she has given herself over the years. Not even she can name all of them; the list is that long.
  • It was only inevitable that Wyldstyle got to met THE Chosen One. Although she wasn't chosen to be one of his followers, he promises to assist her in any way she can. Wyldstyle is more than happy to trash the Matrix. When Agent Smith heard of the news, he merely raised his eyebrows. To him, someone who isn't even a chosen one would have an even less of a chance to stop him than Mr. Anderson.
  • While Wyldstyle preaches that anyone can be a chosen one if they want to be, she's impressed with those who strive to be great despite not being the chosen one. Adol met up with her to congratulate on her Character Development. One critical of her followers due to whining about not receiving the call, he not thanks her for inspiring more to be chosen ones, increasing both of their followers.
  • During one of her universe-hopping adventures with Batman and Gandalf, she helped Mr. Burns prevent Lord Business from a hostile takeover of his title. That would be the end of their partnership, as she sees him as the main reason for the existence of her archnemesis.
  • She was surprised to find a few Chosen Ones who were reluctant to take up the mantle. And strayed from his role as the Avatar for the longest time before accepting the role. Wyldstyle eventually recognized just how difficult the burden can be.
  • Much of her heroic efforts have been to stop madmen from creating what they perceived to be the perfect world. It's those efforts that drew the ire of YHVH, especially now that she has ascended. His followers hope to put an end to the rebel.
    • It's especially personal with Palpatine, who sponsored Lord Business's operations. While not aligned with the GUAL, he holds an even greater hatred for her.
    • Recently, he has been seen with Big Brother regarding the matter. The God of Dystopia was disappointed that Wyldstyle in her allies were able to disrupt one of his most successful dystopias.
    • It's those efforts that drew the attention of Lelouch. The God of Rebellion offered an alliance between the two, one she readily accepted. They plan to create a faction that sponsors rebels in the future.
  • Doesn't see eye to eye with the Dye Hard god, Jeff Hardy due to the fact that her black hair is actually her coloring her hair with sharpie as a way to make her dark and edgy in comparison to Jeff dyeing it as a form of expression. That and his "Brother Nero" phase freaks her out.
    • Was once slightly embarrassed to reveal that she was actually one of the original singers to "Everything is Awesome" but she's moved on from it.


    Antonius Block 
Antonius Block, God of Defying the Grim Reaper
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A white knight chess piece
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Staving off Death and challenging it to chess, Knight in Sour Armor, questioning the existence of God and the afterlife, as well as the meaning of life, ultimately deciding to give meaning to his life through his own actions
  • Domains: Death, Existentialism, Knighthood, Chess
  • Heralds: His squire Jöns and the mute girl
  • Allies: Other Ingmar Bergman deities, Karl Oskar and Kristina, Cecil Harvey, Max Rockatansky, Kenshiro, Death of the Endless, The Royal Knights
  • Enemies: YHVH, Death (Final Destination), High Sparrow, Gregor Clegane
  • On good terms with: Death (Seventh Seal)
  • Complicated Relations: Billy, Mandy, Grim
  • Antonius Block is a knight returned from the Crusades to find his country being ravaged by the black plague. Antonius met Death, who'd come for him, but the knight challenged him to a game of chess, mainly to buy time for himself while he sorted out his feelings about the meaning of life and religion. Traveling through the country to reach his castle, he met with all sorts of good and evil people, while general hysteria about the end times was happening. He and his squire Jöns picked up a small ragtag group consisting of a young happily married couple of theater artists with their child, a mute servant girl, and a quarreling couple. Antonius concluded that if he can't find meaning in his life, he ought to create it himself, and to this end he saved the young couple and their child from Death. Not too long after, Antonius and the rest of the group he amassed went to the other side.
  • Antonius was drawn out of the nothingness of death into the Pantheon for the importance of his tale and his audacity to defy the grim reaper twice, once for himself and the second time to save other people, for which he's been given godhood over the trope Hanging Up on the Grim Reaper. Seeing all the different factions in conflict over their philosophies, Antonius has a mind to use his newfound immortality to the fullest to help and protect others, especially deities who have no power to influence said conflict but arguably suffer the most because of it.
  • Death followed him and got himself deified at practically the same time as Antonius. The knight was at first discomfitted at this given their relationship, but he came to realize what he knew all along deep down, that Death is an impersonal force of nature with a job to do. When he finally made his mind up to visit him, Death simply welcomed him like it was nothing and proposed a nice game of chess for old times' sake. It's become a tradition between them, even though Antonius can't ever seem to win.
  • He is friendly with all of his fellow Bergman deities, especially Agnes as she, like him, managed to find a meaning and be satisfied with her life before her death. He feels sorry for Karin and Maria for not being able to do the same, although things have certainly been looking up for them since entering the Pantheon and he's glad if that's the case. He's fond of Alma due to her (relatively) positive and cheerful attitude reminding him of Mia, one of the people who convinced him life has its worth.
  • Besides his fellow Bergman deities, two others he's invested in protecting are the farmers Karl Oskar and Kristina, as their love and determination to live despite their unkind surroundings reminds him of Mia and Jof. Karl Oskar doesn't care much for Antonius given he's a nobleman and Karl Oskar remains bitter about the social divisions in Sweden, but Kristina finds his presence reassuring, especially considering Antonius and Karl Oskar look alike.
  • His travels through a near-lawless land with its people feeling trepidation about the incoming apocalypse have drawn the attention of Mad Max and Kenshiro, being well-known heroes from post-apocalyptic universes where civilization has collapsed. Antonius identifies more with Max given both started out more neutral before finding something truly worth fighting for in a rotten world, but he certainly also thinks Kenshiro is one of the most admirable people he's known, almost too good to be true.
  • Has been invited to join the GUAG Sacred Knights. He's not really keen on the idea since he's had enough of fighting and killing for other people's objectives in the Crusades and he also doesn't think it'd put him in a good position to act independently. He's at least on good terms with most of the knights though. One of the knights he's particularly close to is Cecil Harvey, given how stricken with doubts he was before finally deciding to cast off his old self and fight for what he believes is right, which is rather similar to Antonius' own emotional arc.
    • Antonius was also sought out by the Royal Knights, Omegamon and Dukemon, because hearing that their friends' new "relative" (in Agnes' manner of speaking) was a knight of noble character made them excited to meet him. Antonius was surprised that such strange beings were that familiar with his fellow creations, and particularly with how Dukemon talked about Karin like a knight about his lady, but after checking with them, he decided that the Knights were definitely trustworthy.
  • Is somewhat amused that the Pantheon has something like a dozen grim reapers and death personifications, and once joked to Death that he must have to compete against the others to reach his quota (of course, they all stick to their universes and there's no work to be done in the Pantheon, so that isn't the case). Antonius is at peace with most Death characters, and is actually rather friendly with Death of the Endless, who likes his commitment to making something out of his life. However, one Death that Antonius really doesn't like, and 7S!Death is inclined to agree, is the one from the Final Destination universe, because it actually does revel in coming up with more and more outlandish ways of reaping lives and holds grudges against those who escape it. It makes him more appreciative of "his" Death.
    • Was flabbergasted to learn that a certain grim reaper known as Grim lost himself in a bet to two children when he came to get their pet hamster. He supposes he respects Billy and Mandy for managing to command death itself, although Mandy disturbs him with how evil she can be for someone her age, but he can't fathom why Grim won't just break off the agreement and go off on his own considering the power he certainly must have. Antonius wouldn't even dream of attempting to pull something similar on Death (not least because he still can't win against him).
    • He found Zen and Rei's story interesting, what with how Zen, a grim reaper of sorts, pretty much dropped his duties and did all he could to give the doomed Rei some semblance of happiness. Antonius finds Rei relatable in how she could not find a meaning for her life up until it was her time, and also finds her similar to the mute girl who accompanied him. Zen could also be compared to Jöns, if one squints and tilts their head, mainly in their relationships to the girls.
  • On the other hand, the presence of several variations on the Abrahamic God has him even more torn in his crisis of faith. He's fairly sure he wants nothing to do with YHVH, considering his lack of compassion for doubters like him and how he's declared his intent to erase him and all his fellow creations from existence once the multiverse started following his path of Law. Antonius turned to Agnes for advice since she felt so sure of her faith, and she pointed to him The Love That Moves The Stars, who made her family's ascension and second chance at reconciliation possible. The Love isn't exactly the most accessible of deities, but Agnes' confidence in Him at least tranquilizes Antonius.
  • After witnessing many atrocities both in the Crusades and back home with religious mania reaching fever pitch, Antonius disapproves of the sorts of people that make such environments possible, such as the High Sparrow, who enforced religious law to a nightmarish extent. Even though Antonius comes from medieval times, he's become more inclined to let people do and believe what they will on that level. He also thinks Gregor Clegane is a despicable man, taking advantage of his high status as a knight to abuse the weak and helpless just to relieve his constant rage. Unfortunately, Antonius is aware that he'd very likely get crushed if he tried to take on Gregor without some unconventional means like Oberyn.


    Final Destination Protagonists 
Alexander Theodore "Alex" Browning, Kimberly "Kim" Corman, Wendy Christensen, Nicholas "Nick" O'Bannon, Samuel "Sam" Lawton, Quintet Representatives of Proving Death's Unavoidability
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Number 180, or their Faces partly Covered by a Skull.
  • Theme Songs: Main Theme (First Film), My Name is Death by Jude Christodal, Love Train by Tommy Lee, Main Theme (Fourth Film), Main Theme (Fifth Film)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Alex), Neutral Good with Chaotic Leanings (Kimberly, Wendy, Nick, Sam)
  • Portfolio: Avoid Death via a Premonition, but still in Peril of Dying Randomly, Gruesomely, and in a Convoluted Fashion, Tend to Suffer a Lot Emotionally and Psychologically, The Problem with Fighting Death, Primal Fear, Survivor Guilt, Never Really Succeeding in Saving the Other Survivors or Themselves from Death, Have to be Constantly Reminded by the Survivors' Death via Additional Premonitions and Clues
  • Domains: Death, Visions, Sadness, Fear, Survival, Fate
  • Heralds: Clear Rivers, Alexander Browning (Alex and Clear's son)
  • Allies: Mei Misaki, Max Caulfield, Makoto Naegi, Rintarou Okabe, Shuichi Saihara, Eight
  • On Good Terms With: Many who were Participants in The Killing Game, Shirou Emiya, Jessica Cruz, Hanako Ikezawa, The Doctor, Dean and Sam Winchester, Yuri Nakamura, Futaba Sakura
  • Opposes: Death (Final Destination), John Kramer/Jigsaw, Dhuum, Light Yagami, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Teru Mikami, Junko Enoshima
  • Pitied By: Destiny of the Endless, Dream of the Endless, Hall of Romantic Loss (Wendy)
  • On Awkward Terms With: The Other Death Entities (He of the Seventh Seal, Death of the Endless, Discworld Death, Grim), Billy, Mandy
  • Death is Inevitable is a term that tends to be near-universally accepted as well as the concept of it being an individual figure who must oversee and put a lease on life as a means of balance and control. But what if said balance and control happens to be tampered with and hampered upon by an individual who ends up foreseeing a future event that would kill them and several, makes an attempt for evacuation, and gets a couple of people off before said catastrophic event occurs. Death may have taken lives per usual, but not everybody, a fact that not only goes unnoticed but something that must be rectified and retaliated upon HARD. Death would then proceed to kill off the survivors one-by-one in complex, gruesome, and sadistic manners, usually saving the visionary for last. And it is here that a visionary's panic and fear escalate and turns into a mad panic of them attempting to save the survivors and themselves from Death. This is a tale that is best described in the perspectives of Alex Browningnote , Kimberly Cormannote , Wendy Christensennote , Nick O'Bannon note , and Sam Lawtonnote , all of whom foresaw a disaster and escaped it alongside a couple of survivors, only to be vengefully hunted upon by Death.
  • As far as most are concerned, neither were able to keep themselves safe from Death nor save anyone else from being killed offnote  The tales of Alex, Kimberly, Wendy, Nick, and Sam, proved memorable and influential enough for the five of them to be recognized by the Pantheon. All five of them were bought along together, however, in spite of their similar stories, neither were actually familiar with one another, save for the fact that Alex's own story has been referenced, hence he's seen as a tether of-sorts by the others when it comes to them being connectednote . Even so, it led to the five developing a kinship with one another and related to their circumstances. They do, however, admit that it is going to take a long time for them to be fully adjusted into the Pantheon (after all, their mortal coils were shed prematurely and violently at that) and they'll be needing emotional and psychological help in some way or another, as they soon discovered that their paranoia has affected their way of living and how they perceive their surroundings.
  • The Visionaries, in general, try to lead an ordinary life in the Pantheon and intend to keep it that way, though they do express some surprise at the fantastical and whimsical nature of the new world that they now live in, in addition to to the fact that their tale is now one that's often cited to be a cautionary one about potential disasters and looking after one's surroundings. This does not, in any way, make them feel inspired, but rather scapegoats in a sense as their experience was a horrifying one that they think no one should ever have to go through. That said, they do sincerely hope that their tale can be used to help others in becoming more mindful and wary, in addition, to also try to help others out in cases of accidents and slip-ups. It helps that the Pantheon has generally been quite sympathetic to the five of them.
  • While the quintet is socially and emotionally reclusive due to their harrowing experiences and their failures, this hasn't stopped them from interacting and even becoming friends with other figures in the Pantheon, if mainly because they could relate to their situation and even expressed a need to be there for their company, trying to help them out in getting comfortable in the Pantheon, or both. Two of these figures were Mei Misaki, a teenage girl with a freaky appearance who, otherwise, was actually a nice person in general, albeit with a tragic background with a link to a horrendous curse revolving around a high school room, and Rintarou Okabe, an over-the-top scientist who discovered a way to travel back in time... and inadvertently get his own friends, especially his childhood friend, Mayuri Shiina, in lethal trouble when an organization known as SERN get involved. Mei was surprised to learn how Death's Design worked in a similar fashion to the Class 3-3 Curse in Yomiyama North Middle School when it came to the methods of how the victims were offed and wondered if the two were somehow linked together, though unlike the Class 3-3 Curse, Death's Design revolved on a strict and rigid list, while Okabe found himself similar to the Visionaries in that they stressed themselves out heavily in trying to defy fate, though Okabe doesn't like to be reminded by how Death simply rigged the Design to ensure that everyone still died by its own rules. The Visionaries personally expressed that they don't want to think about it too much, a gesture that Mei reciprocated as she knew their circumstances were similar to what she and the other Class 3-3 students went through, while Okabe makes some attempts to cheer up the Visionaries in whatever way he can, to mixed results.
  • Unsurprisingly, all of the visionaries are plagued with the fact that they and a few others survived in an event where several others died and they were unable to save them, regardless of them being in a circumstance where they clearly had no control. They are known to be one of the more notable examples of Survivor's Guilt in the Pantheon because of this and further highlighted by the fact that they are still afraid of the fact that they believe that anything can kill them in some shape or another, even if they have no involvement in the Pantheon's Forever War in any capacity. It doesn't help in that they themselves were suddenly killed off, which persisted in the sense that they tend to be quite superstitious about their surroundings, in addition to the fact that they are emotionally panicky and express a great deal of remorse and guilt every now and then.
    • Jessica Cruz, Hanako Ikezawa, and Shirou Emiya were three people who underwent great stress and pains over being a lone survivor of an event that greatly traumatized and affected their perspectives on life and their character quirks. Jessica was barely ever to leave the house due to suffering from agoraphobia after seeing her friends get killed by criminals who happened to witness them in a bad time, Hanako saw her family die in a house fire and has parts of her face in the right seared as an indication to that event, which also affected her self-esteem, and Shirou developed a savior complex where he desired to become a "Hero of Justice" mainly to prevent those from going through the same tragedy as he did, though deep down, he was deeply hurt by how he survived in an event that killed everyone around him and is emotionally weighed down by his beliefs being challenged and not being able to save everyone. All of them found their experience dealing with Survivor's Guilt as something they shared with the Visionaries and were more than open to try to support them in the Pantheon. The quintet was happy to learn about their stories and how they were able to overcome their problems and find acceptance and success, though Jessica, Hanako, and Shirou were dismayed to learn how Death's Design worked, in the sense that the survivors barely had any luck, and were further motivated to attend their presence and help them out, especially for Shirou's case.
  • The Visionaries weren't the only ones where they were in a "race-against-the-clock" situation regarding saving others from a premeditated time of death. During their time in the Pantheon, they came across a girl named Max Caulfield, a girl from Arcadia Bay, Oregon, who was an aspiring photographer and had the strange ability of mentally going back in time. Max personally had to deal with her schoolmates suffering depression, anxiety, being hounded by someone, and contemplating suicide, and how Max had to figure out ways to reach out and help them out, though her main priority was another girl named Chloe Price. All of her attempts to save Chloe proved futile due to being predestined to be murdered by a perverse teacher named Mark Jefferson unless she sacrificed Arcadia Bay to a twister. The Visionaries were inspired by Max's story, though noted that she too had to pay a heavy price, whereas Max could only share condolences to the quintet and wish them a good life in the Pantheon. Still, she has made an effort to be a recurring presence for them, trying to engage in their lives and helping them adjust in the Pantheon. Lastly, the fact that both Max and Wendy have used photographs in their tales did not go unnoticed for the two of them.
  • They are surprised to learn that there is more than one iteration of Death in the Pantheon, some malicious and some that are either neutral or even benevolent. The Death that the visionaries are familiar with is, oddly enough, rather inactive when it comes to his duties; some think the nature of deities never really staying dead is what's caused Death to just refrain out of annoyance whereas others feel as if it has to contend with other Death deities taking priorities and it has to simply wait it's time before it takes up any activity. This made the visionaries safe from any sort of absurdly coincidental deaths, but it doesn't take away their paranoia and their series of emotional baggage that continues to haunt them over time. Wendy, in particular, seems to be nervous and pessimistic about the situation as she affirms that Death is an actively malicious figure. Considering the fact that all of the survivors' deaths happened right in front of her and were drawn out, there was little to argue towards her on.
    • Death of the Endless takes great expressions of sympathy and condolences towards them and makes an effort to try visiting them whenever she gets the chance. As a personification of Death herself, she feels obligated to try mending herself up to some degree and the visionaries out in some capacity. A similar sentiment was also shared by another individual Grim Reaper, the Stealer of Souls, who despite his fearsome looks and reputation, is actually a well-meaning figure and values mortality. He of the Seventh Seal, on the other hand, is generally apathetic but doesn't see a reason to torment nor mock the visionaries for what they've been through, though they are welcome to play chess with him if they wish. And Grim pities them for being just as unsuccessful in their efforts as he is in ''trying to be a Grim Reaper, though he does affirm that he would never actually want to make others suffer in a gruesome fashion just because someone went off the rails when it came to when it was their time to die. Each of the visionaries is understandably hesitant in approaching these Death Entities, but they've been known to try every once in a while.
  • Their experience in trying to fend off Death and doing the best they could to save others does elicit some form of respect and praise from John Doe, if mainly because the Visionaries take it upon themselves to value life and they want to do whatever it takes to live out a full one. That said, the quintet is not appreciative of how someone would want to kidnap and force others into participating in death traps as some morbid way to get them into appreciating life, and that's not to mention John Dow's reputation as the Jigsaw Killer. Light Yagami and Teru Mikami is even less sympathetic; even if they're not criminals, Light and Mikami could hardly care less about their fates, with Mikami even thinking that many of them deserved to die under the basis of most of them being "lazy". The Visionaries express nothing but disgust towards Light and Mikami's actions as Death Note users, in addition to finding just how eerie and creepy they are, as their method of killing is not too different from Death's, with Light and Mikami having their own sort of Death's Design via a notebook that's made with the intent of killing others.
  • In another example of something that takes some cues from Death's Design, the Visionaries also came to befriend Makoto Naegi and Shuichi Saihara, two high-school students who were forced into a sadistic game where one student is murdered and another trialed and executed for said murder, all for the sake of drawing out sadistic pleasure from the perpetrators. The quintet quickly noticed how convoluted and needlessly complicated the methods of death were, whereas Makoto and Shuichi were taken aback and intimidated by the idea of Death tailing their every move simply because they avoided dying at a particular moment, but regardless, they became good friends and valued one another's company. The Visionaries' story got a laugh out of Junko Enoshima, one of the perpetrators of the School Killing Game, who saw the prolonged methods of dying as well have having to deal with an unstoppable force of nature, who happened to have sadistic undertones, to be a great way of inducing despair towards others. Obviously enough, the quintet wants nothing to do with Junko, as well as her mascot and fellow perpetrator, Monokuma, and condemns them for their horrific acts.
  • Alex was stunned to hear that in a possible alteration to his story, he and Clear had a son named after himself. That said, Alex actually died whilst trying to save Clear, but not before the two of them had sex with one another and Clear gave birth months later. It turned out from there that new life, as in giving birth, is what can truly defeat Death's Design as Death couldn't really kill someone that suddenly enters one's life. This revelation got Alex thinking that had this idea been known, he would have not just convinced Clear, but also had her tell this to future premonition survivors just in case, they would have had a better fighting chance against Death. This gave Alex a huge form of relief and wishes that they could use this knowledge to help save further lives, as demonstrated with Clear and Carter. He was further happy to learn that he could bring along his son as a Herald, even though the two never met one another as Alex died months before his son's birth. That said, he's unsure of what to expect being a father, though Clear and a few friends, old and new, are willing to help him out on that, including the House of Family and Relatives.
    • It's best not to remind Alex of the moments where he was made out to be a terrorist by the FBI. This is even more apparent by 9/11, which happened a year after the Flight 180 explosion. Alex was surprised to learn about just how much air-traveling regulations have changed since his death, though it doesn't take away his own paranoia and fears over aircraft. He tends to tense up whenever he stumbles across an aircraft-based area in the House of Travel and he constantly has to remind himself that things will turn out fine. On the other hand, officers specializing in handling cases regarding terrorism in the House of Law and Justice are open to listing to Alex's perspective and acknowledge that his panic, anxiety, and emotional pain were real and that he should try to seek mental help whenever possible.
  • Kimberly lost her mother to a botched robbery-turned-mother and she feels guilty about the experience as she was distracted by watching a news report regarding the death of Tod Wagner. While she is pitied by the Houses of Family and Relatives and Friendship and Camaraderie, Kimberly doesn't pay too much attention to them, though she is grateful for their condolences. At the moment, she's currently trying to figure out her place in the Pantheon as well as making an attempt to bond with the other visionaries with their shared experiences. There are rumors that she and Wendy are distant cousins, but no word has come off from either of the two.
    • Given her own personal troubles regarding the death of her mother, Kimberly found it easy to get along with those who underwent a similar predicament, among those being the Winchester Brothers who were unable to save their parents from being killed by demonic forces as they were out of their control, and Yuri Nakamura, who was outclassed by a gang of thieves who killed her younger siblings one-by-one before the police arrived, which contributed to Yuri's guilt and angst and her being unable to completely move on after her own untimely death via an automobile accident. The four of them, in addition to their shared troubles, did find further companionship in that they genuinely wanted to help others and persevere from their problems, though Kimberly feels a little upset that she didn't become a more mentally stronger person than either Sam, Dean, and Yuri was. That said, the three of them were eager to help Kimberly in coping with her angst and anxiety in the Pantheon.
  • Wendy currently attends a college section in the House of School, but she has no intention of wanting to be looked at as a celebrity there due to her prior experience. The House was considerate enough to establish a memorial service to Wendy's friends, particularly her boyfriend, Jason, and while she does feel thankful for their hospitality, she admits that her emotional trauma isn't going away anytime soon. On an additional note, Wendy's experience has led to her becoming a recurring and welcomed visitor for the Hall of Romantic Loss where she is open to recounting all of her moments with Jason and what she would have wanted to do with him in a possible future had the Devil's Flight Derailment never happened. She does her best to hold back tears, to mixed results, but the residents and fellow visitors of the Hall are complimentary of Wendy for expressing her feelings and encourage her to be more optimistic.
    • On the subject of love, Wendy has been quiet about that subject when it came to Kevin Fischer, who happened to be seated beside her during her doomed Devil's Flight ride and happened to be Jason's best friend. Unbeknownst to Kevin, Wendy was told by her best friend and Kevin's then-girlfriend, Carrie (who was also a victim of the roller coaster derailment), that she had intended to break up with Kevin the day after, when coincidentally, Kevin was planning to propose her. Wendy has since laid off in telling Kevin about any of this... whilst she herself developed romantic thoughts for Kevin later down the line. While they shared a kiss, they chose to hold off their feelings until they found a way to overcome Death. Whilst Wendy continues her college course, Kevin has started to work as a security officer, having been inspired by his experiences with Wendy and aims to do whatever he can to help and save others.
  • Nick, the last of the visionaries to dienote , is also noted to have arguably the most potent premonitions out of the quintet, having been able to see and predict many of the outcomes that Death had established and once managing to save an entire mall and theatre from a catastrophic explosion after witnessing a premonition of them and acting quick enough on them. Of course, it was all a ploy established by Death as a means of toying around with him and his attempts to survive, but Nick's efforts were commendable enough to be seen as a hero. In fact, he's the closest out of the visionaries to be a hero for his selfless action in the mall, though Nick doesn't put much thought into his accomplishment, instead choosing to put his focus on going back to college after spring break and finishing up his semester.
    • During his attempts to fend off Death, Nick had the thought of wanting to travel to Europe with his girlfriend, Lori, once he had found a way to defeat Death. While thus unfortunately never came to pass, Nick and Lori were instead given a more interesting locale to take their travel to, that being the Pantheon itself. From what they've heard and seen, the couple made arrangements to take a tour in the Houses of Love and Affection, Travel, Nature and Jobs and Profession. While they are keen on visiting spectacular-looking locales and make their love at a designated spot, Nick and Lori also knew that it would be beneficial to look for a job for themselves to apply to in their free time. They're also thinking about getting their friends, Hunt and Janet, involved, though that might be a challenge for them, particularly Hunt whose sleazy demeanor and penchant for wanting to get laid would attest.
  • One of Sam's passions is to be an excelled chef and was granted a scholarship in Paris, France. Unfortunately, that opportunity never came to pass due to his designated plane being Flight 180, but the Pantheon has been rather kind on the missed perspective. Sam was elated to hear that the House of Food heard about his tale and his desire to be a chef, as he was given another scholarship there to attend and put his occupation into. Although he was nervous, given what he personally went through, he was eager to accept the offer and took up the opportunity to work in a well-paid job, considering his previous one in Presage Papers wasn't doing well for him. Sam was also surprised to see the amount of emotional support he's got in his new workplace, who are quite encouraging towards Sam's passions, including his relationship with Molly.
    • Sam is, so far, one of the very few visionaries to deliberately kill someone, that being his former friend, Peter Friedkin, who was driven mad by the death of his own girlfriend, Candice, and tried to kill Molly out of misplaced rage and grief and under the presumption that killing someone who wasn't on Death's List would mean taking the victim's remaining lifespan for himself. That said, Sam's manslaughter was only done out of saving someone and he felt that he was willing to accept his own death. That said, given that Peter killed FBI Agent Jim Block during his attack on Sam and Molly, the former felt that he had acquired Peter's life after stabbing him with a skewer. Alas, it wasn't enough, and Sam would rather not go into detail about the topic. He's more focused on the fact that he has Molly and some of his friends again, alongside the scholarship that he was aiming for.