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Intermediate Gods

AUTO, AI Deity of Anti-Mutiny (Autopilot)
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: A steering wheel with a red eye in the center; directive "A-113" may be seen in the red eye
  • Theme Music: Directive A-113
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though some see it as Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Creepy Monotone, Anti-Mutiny, Cyber Cyclops, The Computer Is Your Friend, Evil Sounds Deep, Just Following Orders, A Threat with a Red Eye, Very Similar to HAL 9000
  • Domains: AI, Space, Directives
  • Allies: HAL 9000
  • Enemies: WALL-E & EVE, James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Agent Smith, The Machine, Ludvig Maxis, EDI, Jeff Moreau, Star Fox
  • Opposes: AIs that would try to Kill All Humans, hackers
  • Opposed by: Deities related to plants
  • Odd Friendship: Samaritan(?)
  • As the AI for the luxury space cruiser Axiom, it is AUTO's primary job to navigate the ship throughout outer space thanks to Earth being a desolate wasteland. The directive given to AUTO was "don't return to Earth" and the AI followed it thusly. This later lead to conflict against the captain of the Axiom (who believed that the order is no longer applicable) and the robots aboard that ship as soon as a plant, which was evidence of life, was brought in via WALL-E & EVE.
    • There have been a few wondering as to whether or not AUTO's directive also applies to additional planets such as Mogo, with alternate Earths such as PNF-404 being brought up often in these conversations.
  • Several comparisons have been made towards it and the HAL 9000, mainly them being AIs for a spaceship, having a red eye as a defining feature, and being much more antagonistic than they seemed to be for the crew involved. AUTO has often been invited to conversations with HAL 9000 because of that.
    • When it come to other AIs, AUTO hasn't had a lot of time to communicate with them. While Samaritan is intrigued by AUTO's similarities to the HAL 9000 and has struck up a mild friendship with it, AUTO hasn't been talking to it that much.
      • All told, AUTO has no interest in working with AIs that seek to put an end to humanity in general. While AUTO is apathetic towards humans and would try to incapacitate those who try to disobey it, AUTO wouldn't go that far in asserting its authority.
  • Despite having a connection to a large corporation, AUTO usually isn't around the wealthier deities or those in charge of similar large corporations.
  • Many deities who have an affinity towards plants (or are plants) dislike it for ignoring a plant found (it was meant to be the evidence that life on the desolate Earth was still viable) for the sake of following its own directive to the point of antagonizing its own crew to maintain that order.
  • What isn't much of a surprise, given the latter's attitude, is that AUTO and Agent Smith don't get along with each other. It's mostly due to Smith trying to get rid of other AIs and AUTO having no tolerance for anything that could create disorder in its vicinity.
  • Given the obstacles that it gradually caused for the Axiom's captain, AUTO has earned the opposition of a number of space captains and travelers who see it as potentially obstructive in the long run.
    • Of these pilots, Jeff Moreau has the greatest issue with AUTO, especially considering that the AI is already on bad terms with EDI. Jeff is very upset to hear about a spaceship AI that could potentially interfere with space travel due to a certain directive and has made sure that AUTO doesn't endanger EDI in any way.
  • AUTO sees any sort of hacker as a potential problem, given that they could potentially override AUTO's default directive.
  • No one is exactly sure why the phrase A-113 is used for AUTO's directive. Some think that they have seen that number (and letter) before, but most of these instances generally weren't regarded to be that important and could really only be seen by those that were really paying attention to their surroundings. AUTO having that phrase as a means to ensure its authority may be the only important usage of that phrase for the time being.

    The Magician 
The Magician, God of Those Who Turned Against Their Masters (Type 0)
Magician in House of the Dead 2 
Magician in House of the Dead 4 Special 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Him in his Ass Kicking Pose
  • Theme Music: The Magician Theme (Model 2 version, Sega Saturn Remix, Remake remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Body Horror, Breakout Villain, Final Boss, Horned Humanoid, Humanoid Abomination, It Can Think, Legacy Boss Battle, Playing with Fire, Tarot Motifs
  • Domains: Creations, Betrayal, Resurrection, Destruction, Orders, Fire
  • Allies: Mewtwo, Cell, Indominus Rex, Lucy, Ridley, SCP-682
  • Enemies: The AMS Agents, Isaac Washington, The V.S.S.E., Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, S.E.E.S., The Investigation Team, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, The SCP Foundation, Dr. Wily, Dr. Gero, Dr. Eggman, Princess Bubblegum, Muhammad Avdol, Samus Aran
  • Dr. Curien's most powerful creation, the Magician is a mutant who shortly after being awakened betrayed and killed the Mad Scientist since he feels he is in no position to control him. Thankfully he was later defeated by AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G, but that wasn't the last of the Magician. He has appeared again multiple times, with the intent of defeating anyone who comes across his way and given the ultimate fate that befell to his creator, the Magician eventually was given the position of those who Turned Against Their Masters.
  • While many were worried about the sudden appearance of the creature, Agent G was the one that was concerned the most. The Magician remembers him very well since he not only defeated him once, but also managed to stop him a second time with the help of Kate Green and so the Magician has held a grudge ever since. Not helped was the fact that another of G's partners, Isaac Washington, was also present and he even threatened the Magician with ripping his motherfucking balls off.
  • He is aware of the time Caleb Goldman brought him back as a minion, surprisingly enough the Magician was cooperative with him unlike with his creator Curien and aided in the creation of the Emperor, although this is theorized to be all because he wanted revenge on the AMS agents. However, the Magician has once again forsaken all desire to follow orders from a lesser being as Goldman and wouldn't hesitate to burn him down like he did with the good Dr. Curien in the past. Perhaps that is why Goldman is no longer in the pantheon...
  • Befitting of his title, the Magician is considered the bane of all scientist, particularly the mad ones. Given the swift death he gave to his creator and his general hatred for humanity, the Magician has no qualms about doing the same to others like Dr. Curien. A few particular targets were Eggman, who is used to being betrayed; Dr. Gero; who had the bright idea of trying to study the Magician's model in depth and only earned his ire; and Dr. Willy; who noticed that the Magician would make a fantastic robot master should he listen to his orders.
    • Then he also started to target Princess Bubblegum after learning of her countless creations, especially that concerning Goliad who ultimately turned on her because of the latter's "misbehavior". Considering how dangerous the creature is, she wasted no time enlisting her friends to combat the mutant.
  • The mutant is unlikely to make many friends, but he saw a kindred spirit in Mewtwo. Like him, Mewtwo is a artificial creation made by people with less than noble intentions who ultimately turned on them and are incredibly powerful. While he is a bit disappointed about Mewtwo generally preferring to be left alone, he is impressed by the power the Pokémon possesses.
    • Likewise he formed a kinship with Cell and Indominus Rex. The former because of a shared disdain from humanity and desire to destroy them and also having a background of being genetically modified mutants while with the latter, the Magician found some use in the dinosaurs powers and even is interested in harnessing that for himself.
  • Concerning psychics, he only gets along with Lucy given their shared hatred for humanity although he is a bit disappointed that she holds back her powers. To Lucy, the Magician is like anthropomorphic representation of the conscience that pushes her to kill humans but tolerates his presence somewhat. That said, her other two personalities aren't so fond of the mutant.
  • While he is officially an artificially created undead mutant, the Magician resembles a robot or an android given his metallic appearance and said armor makes him resistant to all type of attacks. However, he does have exposed flash and hitting it it's the only way to damage it. The Grand United Alliance of Machines initially wanted to recruit the Magician to their ranks but he refused on the principle that he refuses to follow orders like the mindless machines that form part of the organization. His unwillingness to take orders has led him to refuse to join any of the other Alliances.
  • To combat the threat of the Magician, G decided to enlist a few of the deities he personally knew. Most notably the agents of V.S.S.E. and the trio of Leon S. Kennedy and the Redfield Siblings alongside a few of their close allies didn't hesitate to assist G, the latter group have dealt with far worse enemies than the Magician. Chris and Jill were reminded of the T-002 Tyrant if the creature suddenly gained the ability to fly and use fire, although unlike the B.O.W., shooting the Magician in the exposed flesh is the only way to hurt him.
  • His presence brought a great disturbance among the S.E.E.S., the Investigation Team and the Phantom Thieves of Heart because of what he represented. Junpei, Yosuke and Morgana were especially worried given their ties to the Magician Arcana and most of them believed that the mutant was a abomination created by corrupting the arcana but that turned out to not be the case. However, seeing the potential usefulness in their abilities, G decided to recruit the three groups in hope of defeating the creature for good.
    • On the same note, given the connection to the Tarot cards and his fire magic, Muhammad Avdol saw the Magician as a dangerous threat and decided to oppose the creature.
  • Used to be the High Priest of Ridley, a title that he completely despised in the past. However, with the space pirate himself they are quite chummy, since both have died countless times and still came back, Ridley even possessing a few clones himself like the Magician does. Samus was not happy about their partnership and seeks to destroy the Magician at all costs.
  • Of all the deities wanting to strike him down, he has nothing but pure hatred for the SCP Foundation since they are specialized in dealing with creatures like him on a daily basis and tried to contain him. Besides burning down a few of their agents, the Magician ended up meeting one of their most infamous contained entities, SCP-682, who not only bonded with the mutant given their shared disdain for humanity, but also helped it break containment a few times.

    Mannfred von Carstein 
Mannfred von Carstein, Vampire God of Treachery (Mannfred the Acolyte, Ruler of Sylvania, Mortarch of Night, Manlet)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword and Billhook crossed with one another
  • Theme Song: Unholy Power
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil personified
  • Portfolio: Sabotaging and Betraying Everyone to Benefit Himself, Constant Manipulation Schemes, Complete Monster, Seeking to Usurp his Superiors, Is Known for Retreating Repeatedly, Played a Hand in Vlad's Death, which led to Isabella's Suicide, Falsified Politeness, Well-Educated, Necromancer, Resurrecting Undead Corpses to use as an Army, Among the Best Vampire Mages, Evil Sorcerer, Ridiculously Petty, Third Ruler of the Von Carstein Dynasty, The Armor of Templehof, Fighting with a Sword and a Billhook, Overall Worse than his Father, Partly Responsible for Destroying the Warhammer World
  • Domains: Vampires, Manipulation, Treachery, Spite, Betrayal
  • Allies: Count Orlok, The Crimson Court, Handsome Jack, Patrick Bateman, Zouken Matou, Ramsay Bolton, Penelope Mouse, Prince Hans, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Captain Phasma
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nagash, Griffith, Dio Brando
  • Rivals: Konrad von Carstein, Starscream
  • Enemies: Literally Nearly Everyone Despises Him, Especially the Denizens of the Warhammer World, with Special Mention going to Vlad von Carstein, Tyrion and Teclis. Other Particulars include Settra the Imperishable, The Belmont and Joestar Families, Buffy Summers, Dracula, Arcueid Brunestud, Eric Brooks, Larten Crepsley, Rachel Alucard, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Artix Von Krieger, Usalia, Batman, Link, Anna, Elsa, Lucina, The Heroic Protectors of Family
  • Disregarded By: Darkseid, Melkor, Nekron
  • Respected By: Molag Bal, The Ebon Dragon
  • Opposed By: Meridia
  • Annoyed By: Killian Experience
  • Mannfred von Carstein is one of Sylvania's most feared and powerful vampires. The eldest son of Vlad von Carstein (Not biological, rather "sired" via the Blood Kiss), Mannfred has the highest claim to inheriting the throne from his father. However, arrogance took heed of him as he stole the Carstein ring from Vlad that amplified his immortality, leading to his final defeat in his attack on Altdorf and mother, Isabella, committing suicide due to the grief of losing her husband. Thus, began a series of in-fighting by Vlad's sons, each of whom tried to claim the role as their father's successor, with the battle being between Konrad, Fritz Pieter, Hans and Mannfred himself. Fritz, Pieter and Hans all died whereas Mannfred disappeared elsewhere, leaving Konrad to take up the throne. Mannfred did however, leave behind an associate to play up Konrad's paranoia while he himself decided to devote himself into killing underage virgins in ritual sacrifices alongside his ally Jon Skellan just for the hell of it. Skellan was also the one sent by Mannfred to monitor and cause discomfort on Konrad's mind. Only after Konrad's defeat and death in the Battle of Grim Moor did Mannfred return to Sylvania to claim the Von Carstein throne. He began invasions towards the Empire and despite being killed, he would return via virgin sacrifice, even flaying a witch hunter to announce his presence.
    • Soon after surviving against a joint army between Elves and Dwarves and being presumed dead, Mannfred would come to make an alliance with a revived Nagash during the upcoming advent of the End Times. Due to the sacrifices he committed to bring his master back, including Tyron and Alarielle's daughter, Aliathra, Mannfred became among the High Elves's most hated foes, but were forced to work together to drive back the Forces of Chaos from destroying the world. Mannfred however, had other plans; he betrayed the unified alliance of several races and Nagash himself to work for Archaon and the Chaos Gods before defecting them to his own devices. Ultimately, Mannfred committed his last and greatest act of spite and treachery, killing Balthazar Gelt while the Incarnates were trying to stop a world-destroying rift. The resulting action worsened the rift, depowering the Incarnates, killing Teclis and driving Mannfred insane. Immediately after, Tyrion drove his Sunfang into the treacherous vampire and ignite him from the inside, finally destroying the treacherous beast, but the damage was already done with the world coming to an end soon after.
  • Initially, Mannfred entered the Pantheon not as an ascended deity, but as a herald for Nagash. However, the fact that he had destroyed the very world which Nagash intended to conquer plus allowing the Chaos Gods to claim their victory rendered the Great Necromancer furious beyond all belief, forcing Mannfred into hiding. That is, until he was guided my a mysterious, haunting sound in his mind tempting him to approach a shrine. Said shrine was a transporter to Coldharbour where Mannfred was met by Molag Bal. Intrigued by another vampire whose depravity was without limits and had managed to screw all of his enemies and allies over, Bal decided to bestow Mannfred godhood by title. Satisfied and finally able to somewhat reel against Nagash, Mannfred stepped into the Pantheon, commanding a collection of vampires and other assorted undead into his bidding.
  • One of the most despicable acts Mannfred has committed was not one of violence or even betrayal, if anything it was his honesty. He was genuinely prideful and happy to see that his actions doomed his own world and he has no regrets about it whatsoever. Because of this, everyone in his world has him very high on their shit-list and they have no compunctions about Mannfred getting skewered anytime soon. At this point, most deities, even good-aligned ones, would rather see Vlad execute him and deliver an appropriate death. Knowing how powerful his father is, Mannfred is starting to make preparations.
  • Mannfred and Konrad have a very intense Sibling Rivalry, in fact, one of the most bloody in the Pantheon. Konrad is physically stronger and, with brute force, has more direct control over much of the House of Undead and Phasmata and parts of the House of Madness and Insanity whereas Mannfred has some allies from the House of Magic and Sorcery and his use of his falsely polite nature has swoon many unsuspecting comrades. That, Mannfred's talent and mastery in magic is a very clear contrast to Konrad's overwhelming strength.
    • That said, they will join forces if it means fighting against their father Vlad, whose since gone on to not even acknowledge them as his children and instead make other alliances. Unfortunately for both of them, Vlad is stronger than them combined and nearly killed them, the only thing saving them was an interference from Nagash.
  • Finally being ascended in the Pantheon, Mannfred was able to approach Nagash with some confidence, although he was hesitant, given he was just as much a monster as he was. Despite Nagash's very valid reasons for having doubt in him, he decided to allow Mannfred to reclaim his position and title as "Mortarch of Night". However, this also meant that he was closer to Konrad than he wanted to. Still, at least he's back to a position of notable power and Mannfred isn't annoyed about being with his brother than Konrad is.
  • Thanks to his ascension, Manfredd managed to bring Castle Drakenhof into the Pantheon and provide a residential and military base for his servants and soldiers for the future battles to come. Funnily enough, Castle Drakenhof is located in the House of Betrayal, which Mannfred found awkward as he wanted it to be at the House of Undead and Phasmata instead. Still, he has a personal headquarters at least.
    • The castle did bring about the attention of Nekron, who transported Mannfred into Planet Ryut to discuss a potential position in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Mannfred agreed, but only because he doesn't have much places to go to because of his severely unpopular reception.
      • Unfortunately for Mannfred, Nekron also couldn't care less about him. This is a sentiment he shares with Nagash. That said, the two of them have decided to keep Mannfred around because with a notable backstabbing betrayer at their side, Nekron and Nagash use use this to sharpen their wits and minds and maintain focus on their allies and soldiers just as much as they do towards their enemies.
  • Amusingly, Darkseid and Melkor have nothing good to say about Mannfred. Darkseid thinks he's too pathetic to consider even working for the Harbingers of Repression given his general failure to battle against the Empire, High Elves and Dwarves and Melkor would much rather have Dracula as his representing vampire for the Grand United Alliance of Evil (which he already does, despite Dracula's position in the GUAD). He is however, seen very positively by Bal and the Ebon Dragon, both of whom are very complimentary of Mannfred's actions.
  • Made a scheme to further drive Madoka into despair just to have fun. He was stopped by Homura, forcing Mannfred to flee rather than face off against a pissed-off Magical Girl, a fact that caused Konrad to make fun out of him for some time. However, like Konrad, Mannfred hates Homura mainly because she has a pretty decent partnership with Vlad, which both brothers take very poorly. He's still devoting his time to drive Madoka mad, knowing that doing this to the Pantheon's most well-known Hope Bringer would incite panic among heroes. Madoka conversely hates Mannfred, a rare feeling for a character like her.
  • Mannfred himself has a difficult working relationship with most villainous vampires. Dio Brando is interested in having him, though he's being careful of when Mannfred would backstab him, plus Mannfred being a GUAD member means Dio can get intel from an opposite organization which could benefit him. The Crimson Court and Count Orlok are in much better working relations though as Mannfred can plan out strategies for them to take action on. Thanks to this, death rates in the House of Undead and Phasmata has risen considerably, a fact that the Court of the Gods aren't happy about.
    • Dracula hates him though. He genuinely thinks Mannfred is pathetic and while his mind and magical ability is superb, he wastes it all on simply trying to backstab people and look out for himself. To him, Mannfred is less a monarch leader and more an aimless wanderer who keeps backstabbing because it's a chronic activity.
  • Like Konrad, Mannfred is opposed by Lucina and Link, though he's more concerned about the Belmont and Joestar Families. Unlike Konrad, Mannfred does take the time to do some research about culture and magic and has become wary of the Vampire Killer whip, and by extension, Simon Belmont. He's also very cautious about Jotaro Kujo due to his stand abilities via Star Platinum.
  • Despite his feared and cunning reputation, Mannfred does share Vlad's hobby of reading and learning. That what he did when he left Sylvania in the wake of Konrad's reign to go to Nehekhara so that he could refine and make himself stronger through magic. Thanks to this, he can come off as being very cultured and polite.
    • For all their differences, Mannfred and Konrad do have one thing in common: Hedonism. In spite of his reading habits, Mannfred was not above killing underage virgins for fun, and immediately picked that habit up again when he entered the Pantheon. Hence, he is permanently banned in the House of Family and Relatives a fact that just amuses him even more.
  • He is often seen as a source of ridicule thanks to a skit by the Killian Experience. Mannfred finds it embarrassing to see that some guy named Melvin would become the Everchosen despite his ineptitude and accidentally kill Mannfred via feeding him garlic brad, followed by Melvin turned the vampire's undead army against each other by offering them milk. Mannfred has since made it clear that any mention towards Killian will result in execution, with many starting to see that Mannfred may be more like Konrad than he admits to think.
  • Mannfred is openly despised and condemned by Meridia simply for being a vampire. However, Meridia makes a special case for him and Konrad due to being completely devoid of any redeeming qualities. Mannfred however finds the threat to be ineffectual and proudly admits that he's going to continue on with what he wants to do. He's lucky that he has Molag Bal as an ally at this point, given how Meridia outright hates Bal.
The dark is my realm! The grave, my throne!

Trakeena, Goddess of Ungratefulness (Tracy, General Trakeena (by the GUAE)
Evolved Trakeena 
Third Form 
  • Lesser Goddess intially, Intermediate Goddess in her Evolved Form and Mutated Form, borderline Greater in her Third Form.
  • Symbol: Her father’s spaceship the Scorpion Stinger.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil as fused with Deviot.
  • Portfolio: A Beautiful Bug, Bratty Teenage Daughter (at First), Scorpius' Daughter, Rather Vain About Her Looks, From a Spoiled Brat to a Hive Queen, Transforms in the Cocoon, Wants the Galaxy Rangers Dead for Killing Scorpius
  • Domains: Aliens, Cybernetics, Insects, Terrorism
  • Followers: Loly and Melony
  • Allies: Enter, The Ginyu Force, Mesegog, Frieza, Boros, Queen Sectonia, SHOCKER
  • Enemies: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Dr. Thomas Oliver, Saitama, Jean-Luc Picard, XCOM.
  • Rivals: Sarah Kerrigan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Psycho Rangers
  • Having grown tired of being stuck underneath those whom she considered less deserving of ascending into the Pantheon, she decided to make her claim for power as the one true queen of evil in the universe. Much to the horror of the other Power Rangers, Trakeena has made her comeback party.
  • Quickly gaining powerful allies with Enter, Frieza, Boros, and Mesegog, she marched her attack against the various rangers or sentai teams in the Pantheon's houses. While some found her beautiful, the majority found her attitude and overall vile nature as an insect too disgusting, which only managed to piss her off.
  • While the Psycho Rangers agreed on hunting down rangers, the former "hired" rangers made it clear only they would take down the rangers while Trakeena let them believe that knowing their personalities made them easy to manipulate. However, she did wanted to take down the Galaxy Rangers by her own hands.
  • Sarah had found the daughter of Scorpius to be no different from a rich, spoiled rotten Terran rather than being the leader of a hive of alien insects; the irony being that she herself was also a Terran at one point.
    • The same was said for the Borg Queen in the Galaxy Ranger's most fearsome in her attempt to gain control over the Pantheon finding her to be another species to assimilate.
  • Trakeena was shocked to see a bald-headed man observe her for a couple of seconds before asking her if she was related to a certain mosquito girl he once squashed back in his early days as a superhero.
  • Being an employed member of SHOCKER, the various amounts of Stingwingers and monsters under her control are provided to this organization that helps fund Trakeena's campaign to regain her throne as the one true queen of evil.
  • Despite wanting to confront her old nemesis Leo again, she ran into Tommy Oliver and Jason who knew about the fact she survived the Zordon Wave that was meant to eradicate most of the evil in the universe. While she managed to last for some time, even she couldn't hold up against two legendary rangers being forced into retreat.
  • In a form of irony Amy Miller, the actress who played Trakeena, is married to Reggie Rolle, who played Damon, the Green Galaxy Ranger. Don't tell her this however lest she decides to destroy you.

Lesser Gods

    Akechi Mitsuhide 
Akechi Mitsuhide, God of Fatal Close-Associate Betrayals (Akechi Juubei Mitsuhide, Reaper, Tenkai, Nankobou Tenkai, Caster, Major Amami)
Mitsuhide on a good day
Mitsuhide on a bad day

    Arvis (Fire Emblem
Arvis, God of Surprise Betrayal by Reinforcements (Alvis, Duke of Velthomer, The Successor of the Divine Flame, The Head of the Velthomer Family, The Emperor of Grannvale, Emperor of Flame, Dastard)

    Bryan Fury 
Bryan Fury, God of Repaying Kindness With Evil (The Wicked Replicant, Snake Eyes, Harbinger of Chaos)
Bryan's classic design
Bryan in Tekken 7 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The tattoo on his neck
  • Theme Songs: Part Man, Part Cop, All Zombie, Urban War Zone
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Absolute Insanity, Returning From the Dead Thanks to Abel's experiments, Kicking Defeated Opponents When He Wins, Blood Knights, Combat Sadomasochists, Cyborgs, Lightning Bruiser, Loves to Laugh, Doing Evil Things Because He Likes It, Having a Black Heart and White Hair, Despised by Just About Everyone Else in the Cast, Complete Monster.
  • Domains: Destruction, Evil, Cybernetics, Pain, Fear, Combat, Ungratefulness
  • Allies: Juri Han, Liquid Snake, Frost, Aran Ryan (the latter doubles as a Worthy Opponent), Flowey, Vanitas
  • Enemies:
  • Follower: Emperor Tachyon
  • When Bryan was on the verge of death after confronting Dr. Abel, Yoshimitsu saved him out of the kindness of his heart and entrusted him to Dr. Bosconovitch, who in turn said that he'd transfer Bryan's consciousness into a new, metallic body. When Bryan's design was shown to be too complex, Dr. B instead installed a perpetual generator into Bryan. The next thing anyone knew, corpses of Manji-clansmen piled up, and Yoshimitsu found a wounded Dr. B, all courtesy of Bryan, without an ounce of shame.
  • Since then, Bryan has been on a rampage of destruction doing whatever he wants when he wants; this even led him to find a Jack Series Robot, with which he went to try and uncover Pandora's Box. Along the way, he ran into many fighters, including Juri Han, whom he found admiration for.
  • He is known to laugh at people who claim to be good for the sake of being good (he would even say this to the faces of Madoka Kaname, Cosmos and even Superman). As far as Bryan is concerned, good is inherently hypocritical — it can't exist in the first place. Only the naïve, the deceptive, and the monstrous exist. He admits to being the third.
  • He loves fighting and always claims: "Reasons and motives are just afterthoughts. It's fighting that keeps us monsters alive."
  • He surprises others with the fact that he sometimes sounds like Johann Liebert when speaking his native English language, but he personally just uses the fact to mess with others around him when he fights.
    • He similarly likes to use the fact that he also sounds like Gilgamesh and Mitsunari Ishida in Japanese.
    • And much to Toki's horror, he also sounds like him.
      • Though he hates it when people also say he sounds like Kanji Tatsumi. Comparing his voice to that of Yoshimitsu himself is a pure Berserk Button.
  • One time, he got into a fight with Issei. Bryan knew Issei wasn't fighting with all his power, so he decided to push his Big Red Berserk Button: he harassed Issei's harem physically. Suffice to say, Bryan got a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown he wouldn't forget.
    • In response, Bryan laughed; to him, that was a fight worth a damn and the most fun he ever had, and he has planned to try and get stronger to fight him again. This is how he chose to train. Issei, in response, says that Bryan actually reminds him of Vali Lucifer, as well as - on a worse note - Freed Sellzen for his psychopathic tendencies and Raynare for his penchant for backstabbing, and won't forgive what he's done to his girls — although he does know it was all just a ploy to make him fight harder. Vali himself, on his own part, went on to see what's the fuss behind Bryan, and he was impressed by his desire for battles even though his psychopathic ways remind him too much of Rizevim.
  • One day, he stumbled upon Aran Ryan and immediately was challenged by the Irish boxer to a fight. Bryan, without a drop of hesitation, accepted the challenge and confronted him. Rumor has it that they kept fighting for 3 days straight until they got tired. They became good friends afterwards and they often spar in their free time.
  • Despite all the douchebaggery he gets up to, even he knows better than to incur Asura's wrath. Not after the last time he drove Mithra to tears.

    Michael J. Caboose 

"My name is Michael J. Caboose. And I. hate. BABIES!!!"

Michael J. Caboose, God of Teamkilling (Captain Caboose, the Vehicle Destroyer, Teamkilling Fucktard, the Beast, Cabose)
  • Lesser God, will become Intermediate God if angered; has chances of going into Greater God territory in the worst conditions
  • Symbol: A Negative One, drawn badly with a blue crayon
  • Theme Music: ''Your Best Friend''
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, but heavily leans towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Being one of THE most Stupid people in the Pantheon (and sometimes to Lethal extents), Teamkilling, Having Super-Strength, Secretly Badass, Being Generally Nice to others, Being Characterized by his past teamkilling, Sometimes Being Right in Hindsight, Undyingly Loyal to Church (and Nothing will Stop him), Able to Manage and Fix AI units well, Always blaming others, Sprouting many Quotes for his Followers to use, Being Oblivious to Practically Everything, Somehow Surviving Drinking Gasoline for Several Years and other Injuries, Escalating Stupidity, Knowing that he was from a Video Game
  • Domains: Teamkilling, Stupidity, Insane Strength, A.I. Handling, Hidden Power
  • Heralds: Lieutenant John Elizabeth Andersmith, and Freckles
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies:
  • Complicated Relationship: Doc/O'Malley
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: The Meta, Locus
  • Feared by: Gods who use grenades or throwing weapons, the Demoman
  • Caboose (finally) ascended to the Pantheon when his Command had initiated the ctrl+F+U shortcut code for reporting his teamkills. Due to this, he MUST always be accompanied by Church, be it Alpha or Epsilon.
    • This same shortcut code is used in the Trope Pantheon.
  • His ascension is long overdue, since by now one of his creators had ascended after his death on Earth.
  • He has a great tendency to throw his grenades (or mostly anything else) into walls when he’s right next to them. Expect him to blame no one in particular for putting said wall in his way out of nowhere.
    • This explains why the grenadiers in the Pantheon (like the Demoman) are particular about staying away from him.
  • Was accepted into the GUAG because of his innocent nature. The Trollkaiger have desperately tried to convince him to change sides by threatening to kill Church. Bad idea.
    • Details? Caboose went ballistic, turned smart, pulled out Freckles and kept shooting all the Trollkaiger members to bloody gibs until Church appeared behind him, at which he dropped his rage and was back to his normal self.
    • The GUAG are wondering if he could be a potential new member of the Lol Ranger. Considering Caboose's strengths under the right conditions, he may very well become the most powerful weapon against Melkor. As for Loyalty... well, Church will be happy to keep Caboose on the side of the good guys. They're just careful in handling his stupidity.
  • In terms of relationships with other Red vs Blue characters, he's in good terms with them all. Save for Tucker, he doesn't like him that much.
  • Other than Church, he's always accompanied by Freckles, who has been given a new MANTIS body. As for Caboose's assault rifle, its safety mode fires confetti. And he knows how to switch to bullets.
  • He does surprisingly well at fixing and handling Artificial Intelligence units. Although he does sometimes get confused about the meaning of 'AI'.
    Caboose: A...I... What does the 'A' stand for?
    Weiss: Artificial.
    Caboose: And what does the 'I'-
    Weiss: Intelligence.
    Caboose: Ooohh... What does the 'A' stand for again?
    Weiss: [Facepalms]
  • Team RWBY and Team JNPR fear how he's Lethally Stupid. It doesn’t help that Caboose addresses Weiss Schnee as 'Lady Church' due to their similarities in personality. Also, he calls Pyrrha 'Agent Carolina' and Jaune 'Mean Dead Traitor'. Church had to explain everything to the two teams of hunters. Nevertheless, Caboose still gets along very well with them. Team RWBY in particular say he reminds them of Dr. Oobleck.
    • Like the hunters, Caboose dislikes Roman Torchwick, although he at first thought he was an unmasked Locus. Caboose was disappointed that Roman's cute sidekick Neo tried to kill him, but still asks for ice cream to be delivered to his shrine whenever he sees her. Cinder and Adam are also on his negative side, which is impressive given normally Caboose never harbors grudges.
  • Occasionally, Caboose can be seen fighting over the last cookie on platter with Ruby Rose, Cookie Monster and other deities. Needless to say, he somehow always wins. Expect him to try and share half the cookie with Church.
  • Many deities were surprised at his impossibly high durability and strength. He's drank gasoline for years before first meeting Church, completely ignored gravity multiplied by ten, survived a triple headshot and fallen from space only to get up immediately when he hit the ground, as if he just tripped. The last of these shocked Master Chief the most. Also, he’s flipped a warthog.
  • Caboose once talked about getting a Purple Heart and someday attaining purple lungs and other purple body parts to build a purple person so they could be friends. Cue him meeting Freddy and getting told about the Real Purple Guy and his existence as Springtrap. He still wants to be friends.
  • Hates Felix (the space pirate, not the cat) for obvious reasons. Locus, he's grown on him ever since he released Caboose from Temple's prison.
  • Holds an apparent hate towards the Spy. Why? Because said backstabber is the very weakness of every Sniper in existence. Including Church. Every time the Spy tries to backstab Church, he receives a sniper rifle bullet to the head, courtesy of Caboose. It's gotten to the point where the Spy's fear of Caboose is second to that of the Pyro.
    • Speaking of the Pyro, Caboose is very friendly with it and is one of the few in the Pantheon who established a friendship with it.
  • The way Caboose sees swords, they're basically like keys; you stick them in someone and they unlock that someone's death. This rare show of (morbid) intelligence from Caboose has surprised many deities in the Pantheon who wield swords of any kind. Sora, who literally uses keys that unlock more than just locks, thought Caboose's observation to be interesting, if gruesome. Caboose has met him and said this about his keyblade:
    Caboose: Wow. So there is a sword...that can unlock someone’s death...and someone's locks. Neat.
  • Yang challenged Caboose to a friendly arm-wrestling match unaware of how really strong Caboose was. This happened.
  • The members of the Council of Cloudcuckooland are still debating if he is to become their new leader or if he's too stupid to join them. Either way, he's still a good enough threat to the Council of Shadows.
  • Caboose has been the source of many, many, many memorable and stupidly funny quotes along with his fellow Red vs Blue deities. A recent survey in the Pantheon found that he’s one of the Top 10 Gods with the funniest quotes ever. Of all time. And there’s rare moments of wisdom from his normally mentally-disabled mind.
    Caboose: Yep. The universe sure is mysterious. Yeah, sometimes I wonder if there's things we'll never explain. You know, like, you know, what if we did answer all the questions? You know, would we live on, like forever, happy with our triumph over ignorance? Or is ignorance just a common enemy that once destroyed, would leave our species without a reason to carry on? I guess it doesn't matter what the answer is...because even if supreme knowledge did bring about the end of our species, the thought of obtaining it is just what would keep us together. You know? People will always look up at the sky... and just wonder why we're here. WATER BISON POWERS, ACTIVATE! [Runs off in a random direction]
  • Some might compare him to Leeroy Jenkins for having both made a charge into a crowd full of powerful enemies, with the only difference being that Caboose was much more successful.
  • Whatever you do with him, Do not make him angry at any cost. It will only result in you being the victim of a Greater-God level No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. The list includes: Being an actual baby or being called one, drinking excessive volumes of Red Bull in front of him, owning or liking spiked kittens, attempting to collect taxes from him, being a Texan (strangely enough) and trying to hurt either Alpha or Epsilon-Church in any way possible.
  • Caboose once mistook Pikachu for a Digimon. Pikachu kept trying to shock some sense into him, but after 21 failed attempts to cause him any change in reaction and an update of Caboose's stupidity from Church, he just walked away trying to endure the laughter of several witnessing Gods. Their relationship got better though.
  • His mind is one of the many places mind-readers and mind-travellers dare not visit. It’s so deluded and insane that he’s been known to drive away those who are well-known to be resistant to such things. Of course, it doesn’t prevent Church and Tex from entering – they’re used to it. Not to mention how many times there’s actually fighting going on in his mind every now and then.
  • Has been in a state of massive grief ever since Epsilon fragmented himself in order to run the Meta's suit and save the entire Blood Gulch Crew. Sure, Epsilon's respawned back in the Pantheon, but Caboose is still fearful of what would come of their relation in their mortal lives - if it continued, that is. Of the many attempts to remove his sorrow, the only successful attempt was when Epsilon himself talked Caboose out of it and reassured him that everything would be OK. Even then, he's still quite a bit sad. Took a time portal open to his Blood Gulch days for Caboose to finally cope with grief, as it gave him an opportunity to say goodbye to Church.
    • Caboose himself then went on to try and comfort Pyrrha Nikos, who had been killed by Cinder in an attack on Beacon Academy. She's realized that in both of their original lives they had both lost someone that they loved or cared for very much, albeit in different ways. They shared a hug together.
  • Caboose's portion of the House has a play area that is filled with Lego bricks, among other sorts of kids' toys. Woe to anyone who tries to cross it barefoot – for obvious reasons. This made him become friends with the current God of Lego, Emmet Brickowski and Caboose has now begun to sing "Everything is Awesome" whenever he has the chance.
  • He has quite a few similarities with Papyrus, which has not gone unnoticed. Both are quite a bit ditzy in personality, but can get a boost to intelligence when needed and have been awesome in their own ways in times of need.
  • For a Team Killer Cloud Cuckoolander, he's a crack shot with any rifle or weapon he has. Which means he has a 99.99% chance to hit someone whenever he shoots. Usually, that someone is one his team.
  • The only member of the GUAG to have dark blue Tron Lines in Cyberspace. It’s more of a warning for a Team Killer than anything else.
  • More likely to be found in the houses where Alpha and Epsilon are than in his own. He tends to confuse the entire House of Philosophy with his extremely strange and sometimes-deep thinking.
  • He has made a complete guide to friendship and making friends. As it turns out, it’s got a load of hidden messages that are really useful and he has recovered quickly from Church’s death. The other deities have found themselves new good friends and improved their existing relationships thanks to that.
  • Is worryingly almost always on the same page as Glitchy's Mario. Considering their lack of IQ, deities tend to let them be and run for the hills, ducking to ensure their safety from any collateral damages.
  • Some of the other deities theorize that Caboose is in fact a failed Spartan. Given that he's mentally handicapped and has extreme strength, this may yet be a possibility.
  • Never ask him to help you, okay? He'll probably consider that the most effective way of helping you is to shoot you down. Then you'll end up being one of the hundreds of teamkills he's made in the Pantheon, which is even more than his record in his mortal life and the other deities’.
  • Attempts to Mind Rape him don't work; the last time that happened, he confused it for being hungry.
  • "Not my fault. Someone put a wall in my way."


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Maegor Targaryen, The First of His Name, God of Betraying the Architects (Maegor the Cruel, The Prince on Dragonstone)
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