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Intermediate Gods

Double, Goddess of Scary Nuns (The Devilish Double, Sister Agatha, Shadow of Lamia,Queen Lamia, The Great Mother, Zane MacDougal, Imposter, The Republican, Borshch)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A strange golden crown within a black circle, or This Emblem
  • Theme Song: Fugue of the Three Goddesses (In Nun form) Dirge of the Divine Trinity and Chamber Below (In monster form)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Is Visceral, Eldritch Abomination, Mouth of Sauron, Nun Too Holy, The Stoic, Voluntary Shapeshifting, The instigator in most of the conflict in her wold, Humanoid Abomination, Ditto Fighter, The Ageless, Sinister Minister, Lovecraftian Super Power
  • Domains: Fear, Blood, Corruption, Death, Faith, Evil, Abominations, Transformations
  • Allies: None. All are pawns for the Skull Heart.
  • Notable Pawns: Bloody Marie, Judge Claude Frollo, Seymour Guado, the GUAL & The GUAD Ultima & The Luvaci, Calypso, Kane, Father and his Homunculi, Senator Armstrong, any powerful Goddesses she can tempt with the Skull Heart, Madoka Kaname, Maleficent, The Evil Queen
  • Enemies: Squigly, Peacock, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, Beowulf, Valentine, Parasoul, Filia, Aleph, Edward Elric, Yuna, Tsubaki Yayoi, Rosette Christopher, Clarice di Lanza
  • Opposes: ELIZA
  • Ambiguous Pawn: Ragyo Kiryuin
  • There was a rumor going around the House of Faith about a mysterious nun questioning the purity of other members and telling of a way to grant any wish they desire. After an investigation, Double was discovered in the Pantheon, for no one knows how long. She was then given her own temple, mainly so that she can be kept an eye on.
  • In preparation for finding a new, more powerful Skullgirl for the Skull Heart, she took the time to ascend Bloody Marie, its previous user, to provide a suitable distraction. Marie doesn't seem to care and continues on her quest for vengeance. All According to Plan, though Double is wary in case Marie's new allies convince her to switch sides. Such a needless complication after all...
  • Was absolutely LIVID to hear Eliza made it into the Pantheon. She vowed to make her pay the ultimate price after killing Aeon & Venus, two-thirds of the Trinity she worships.
  • Hated by Squigly for her direct role in the murder of her family, her own death, and her mother turning into a Skullgirl. Double doesn't seem to care, only stating that Squigly is a pathetic excuse for a minion of the Skull Heart and a fool for thinking she can hope to stop her, no matter how many times she destroys her or the Heart.
  • Has shown an interest in the GUAL, as their version of Christianity shares many parallels with her own faith of Trinitism. However, her loyalty to the Skull Heart and her deceptive/destructive nature has earned the ire and distrust of many alliance members.
    • In truth, she is loyal to no faction in particular, going from place to place to fulfill her own agenda. She does mainly reside with The GUAE, since they are the ones that tolerate her the most.
  • She is able to perfectly mimic the appearance and voices of other gods in the Pantheon. Although she mainly does this to taunt or mock others, she has been spotted trying to convince other gods to take the Skull Heart while disguised.
    • This doesn't apply to just other deities, but food and items as well. She is even able to take the form of pure living Life Fibers, which has attracted the attention of Ragyo Kiryuin.
  • Has earned the hate of Edward Elric, who opposes basically everything Double does, from manipulating others through religion to the very nature of the Skull Heart itself. He pursued her, believing she was another Homunculus created by Father. She denied this claim, but has since then began taking an interest in Father and the ascended Homunculi ever since.
    • One of their confrontations ended up with Double transforming her appearance into his deceased mother with a twisted smile on her face. The conversation did not end well.
  • Is working with Seymour Guado to assist in the genocide of the Pantheon, much to the disdain of Yuna. Double in turn is disappointed in Yuna that she did not continue the cycle of destruction back in her own world.
  • Has been spending an unsettling amount of time lurking around the House of Magic, talking with many of the Magical Girls there about the powers of the Skull Heart. She is ESPECIALLY interested in Madoka ever since the Great Upheaval. Some say that Double left Madoka a "sympathetic gift" in the form of an ominously radiant box...
  • After spending some time with Senator Armstrong, she has picked up a few... interesting policies.
  • Was once accidentally eaten by Kirby while she was the color of Neopilatian Ice Cream. The results of the transformation were so unspeakable, the two are never allowed to be in the same area again.
  • She used to try to tempt Tsubaki Yayoi when she was under the effect of Mind Eater, but she then obtained her new power as Izayoi and sobered up, and now defiantly stands against her. Double has noted Tsubaki as a threat to her own agenda.
  • After hearing about a power struggle between The Evil Queen and Maleficent, she secretly made both of them an offer; the chance to use the Skull Heart all for themself if they could defeat the other. Double eagerly awaits a response...

    The Ten Commandments 
The Ten Commandmentsmembers , Hand-Picked Deities of Biblical Commands (Fraudrin: Fraudrin the Selflessness, Dreyfus | Zeldris: Zeldris the Piety, Zeldoris | Estarossa: Estarossa the Love, Archangel Mael, | Galand: Galand the Truth, Galan | Monspeet: Monspeet the Silence, Monspiet | Derieri: Derieri the Purity, Derrierrie | Melascula: Melascula the Faith, Merascylla | Drole: Drole the Patience, Dolor | Grayroad: Grayroad the Pacifism | Gloxinia: Gloxinia the Repose)
From left to right in foreground: Gloxinia, Monspeet, Derieri, Zeldris, Fraudrin (in Dreyfus' body), Estarossa, Grayroad, Galand and Melascula, Drole in the background
Fraudrin in his true form 

Unalaq, The Dark Shepherd (Dark Avatar, UnaVaatu, The Evil Unalaq, The Diabolical But Incredibly Boring and Unpopular Sorcerer From the North)

Lesser Gods

Bendy, God of Post-Apocalyptic Cult Icons (Little Devil, The Dancing Demon, Little Devil Darling/Darlin', Grinning Demon, The Ink Demon, Figure of Ink)
Toon Bendy
Ink Bendy 
Beast Bendy 

    Bro'dee Walker/Saint Walker 
Bro'dee Walker, God of Compassionate Preachers (Saint Walker, Moonface, The First Blue Lantern)

    Erica Fontaine 
Erica Fontaine, Goddess of Nuns Being Mikos
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her guns Gabriel and Raphael crossed over a plate of pudding.
  • Theme: Mihata no Moto ni (Under The Flag) and Prayer
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being kind, cheerful, clumsy, constantly knocking her head into objects, using twin machine guns in combat, liking pudding, smiling to hide her horrible past
  • Domains: Religion, cheerfulness, kindness
  • Allies: Sora, most deities in the House of Friendship, The Katawa Girls, Panty, Stocking, Pit, Artix von Krieger, Elsa la Conti
  • Enemies: Judge Claude Frollo
  • When she first ascended, there was some confusion over which House she was to be assigned to. Due to her wielding machine guns, some thought she would go to the House of Weaponry or Combat, while others thought she would go to the House of Friendship due to her cheerful personality. In the end, though, she decided to stay in the House of Faith due to her religious background as a nun in training.
  • Is on good terms with most of the other Gods due to her gentle and energetic nature.
  • Likes to perform her Good Morning Dance for the other Gods, much to their chagrin.
  • She genuinely tries her best to help the other deities, but inadvertently creates more trouble. For example, she once had the job of trimming the grass in The House of Beasts. She ended up accidently razing down half of the House.
  • Frollo is the only person in the entire Pantheon whom Erica shows any grudge against, mainly because of his false religous view about himself.
  • Went on trip to stop the merging of worlds. Surprised many of the other gods (like Dante, Demitri, Chun-Li, etc.) by how she was able to keep up with them... and how she weaponized her Good Morning Dance.

    Father James O'Flaherty 
Father James O'Flaherty, God of Irish Priests
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The arm of Saint Daniel
  • Theme Song: Requiem (shared with Koudelka and Edward)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, formerly Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Irish Priest, Badass Preacher, who tends to quote the Bible, Celibate Hero, due to giving up on getting the girl he deeply loved, initially a Nominal Hero, and Jerkass, but eventually became much kinder, partially because of his love for Elaine, Has excellent defense and nigh-immunity to magic but can't deal much damage himself
  • Domain(s): Priesthood, Faith, Defense, Love
  • Allies: Koudelka Iasant, Edward J. Plunkett, The Love that Moves the Stars, The Alpha and Omega, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Noah, Moses, Solomon, Saint Martha, Saint George, Jeanne d'Arc, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, All good-aligned deities in the Houses of People of Faith and Religious Figures, especially Rosette Christopher, Father Karras and Father Merrin
  • Enemies: YHVH, Ramses II, Judge Frollo
  • Respects: William Shakespeare
  • Pities: Brian Cohen
  • Opposes: Kiara Sesshouin
  • Conflicting Opinion: Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, The Flagellant
  • James O'Flaherty was born in Ireland in 1845. His early childhood was during the height of the Great Famine, a period when famine and a tumultuous struggle for independence was shaking Ireland. His family were small, but moderately successful, merchants, and were thus able to afford for him to attend school, which he both loved and excelled at. In his early adulthood, James moved to England, and was accepted into a prestigious English university. There, he met Patrick Heyworth and the pair became firm friends. However, their friendship soon disintegrated when they both fell in love with the same woman, Elaine Spencer. Despite his deep love for her, James felt his low social status and lack of wealth would leave him unable to care for Elaine in a befitting manner. Heartsore, he backed down, which resulted in her eventually marrying Patrick. To soothe his broken heart and distance himself from his emotions, James turned his back on the secular world and joined the Catholic church. He quickly rose through the ecclesial ranks and eventually became a bishop, as well as being tasked with various matters of importance to the church. When three forbidden tomes were stolen from the Papal Library, James was sent by the Vatican to track them down. He managed to follow the trail of one, the Émigré Manuscript, to Nemeton Monastery. There, he reluctantly teamed up with Koudelka Iasant and Edward J. Plunkett in order to investigate the events happening there. Ultimately, James sacrificed himself during the group's battle against the resurrected monster Elaine and managed to reunite her monstrous body with her soul. The pair then faded in a flash of light, seemingly passing on into the afterlife.
  • Upon his ascension, James was warmly greeted by Koudelka and Edward, who were both happy to see him given that he had sacrificed himself in order to save their lives. James was also grateful to them for putting up a gravestone in his memory near the monastery.
  • James was unsure what to think when he learned of an alternate universe in which he, Koudelka and Edward had managed to defeat Elaine and James survived. He eventually concluded that he didn't really mind the way things ultimately turned out, as he at least managed to confess his true feelings to Elaine shortly before sacrificing himself.
  • James was rather surprised to meet multiple versions of the Christian God within the pantheon. He gets along well with the Highest Joy, the Alpha and Omega and the God who talks to Bob, all three of whom appreciate both his piety and the fact that he had become a kinder person, although they also pity him for having sacrificed himself in order to defeat Elaine. However, he is appalled by YHVH, seeing him as a perversion of the Christian God, and strongly opposes him.
  • James felt honored to meet important biblical figures such as Noah, Moses and Solomon. Noah appreciates James' immense piety and kindness, which strongly contrasts with the descendants of Cain of his own time. Moses was happy to hear about how James had become more humble and kind over time. Solomon respects James' nigh-invulnerability to magic through his immense piety and has shown an interest in teaching him some offensive spells in order to better deal damage to enemies. However, James was also rather surprised to discover that Ramses, the evil Pharaoh who had oppressed Moses' people, was also present within the pantheon. Although he pities Ramses due to the fact that his cruelty is the result of him trying to live up to his father's teachings, James nonetheless still opposes him due to Ramses continuing to do evil within the pantheon.
  • He quickly became allies with christian saints such as Martha, George and Jeanne d'Arc. Saint Martha was perfectly happy to tell him about the times that Jesus visited her family and Saint George was similarly delighted to have someone listen to his tale of how he fought against a dragon. Jeanne was happy to hear of how he had managed to overcome his former contempt of non-Christians, whom he had previously disregarded as all being evil heretics, especially since she herself had been burned at the stake for supposedly being a heretic. When James told the saints of how he had once used the mummified arm of Saint Daniel in order to purify a church, they were quite impressed.
  • James has also become friends with Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta and Irina Shidou. Although he doesn't quite approve of their polyamorous relationship with Issei Hyodo, his experiences with Koudelka and Edward have taught him that it's better to accept the differences of other people as long as their hearts are in the right place.
  • James is on good terms with most of the deities in the Houses of People of Faith and Religious Figures. He frequently tries to act as something of a mentor figure to Rosette Christopher, whose kind nature and rather unorthodox behaviour strongly reminds him of Koudelka and Edward. He's also on good terms with fellow priests Father Karras and Father Merrin, whom he frequently accompanies and protects during their exorcisms.
  • James is appalled by Judge Claude Frollo and his treatment of not only Esmeralda, but Gypsies in general. His dislike of Frollo is further fueled by the fact that he reminds James of how he himself used to be similarly dismissive and disdainful of non-Christians.
  • Being an admirer of his work, James was quite happy to meet Shakespeare in the pantheon. Because their shared fondness for the Bard's writing is what resulted in them beginning to respect each other, James and Edward often like to spend time with him and discuss his work.
  • James feels bad for Brian Cohen because he was perceived to be the Messiah, something that he didn't want, and was ultimately executed because of it. Brian was happy to hear about how James had managed to overcome his disdain of non-Christians, as James would formerly have been of the opinion that Brian had deserved his fate.
  • Although James sympathises with Kiara Sesshouin because of her backstory, he does not agree with her end goal of wanting the entire world to end up in a giant orgy and merge together to reach true Nirvana. He hopes to one day convince her to abandon her goal, but has had no success in doing so thus far.
  • James is somewhat conflicted regarding how to feel about Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. On one hand, he pities him for the persecution Amakusa and other Japanese Christians had suffered and how his rebellion had failed when he and his fellow rebels were ultimately betrayed and executed. On the other hand, Amakusa's subsequent deal with the demonic Ambrosia to wreak havoc in Japan and his obsession with wishing for the salvation of humanity upon the Holy Grail, regardless of whether or not the Grail has evil nature beneath it, is something that James strongly disapproves of. In general, the two are on good terms and James frequently helps him to try and keep his evil self at bay.
  • James has similarly mixed feelings about the Flagellant. On one hand, the man is part of an extremist branch of his faith and has an unnerving obsession with martyrdom and pain. On the other hand, he isn't actually evil while the monsters he slays definitely are. The Flagellant himself, however, sees James in a more positive light for his mission to retrieve the forbidden documents and his sacrifice to stop the resurrected Elaine.
  • Can also be found in Nationalities

Reverend Garterbelt, God of Raunchy Preachers (Garter, Master G)

Illaoi, The Mighty Priestess (The Kraken Priestess, The Truth Bearer of Nagakabouros)
  • Lesser Goddess, Intermediate Goddess when channeling Nagakabouros
  • Symbol: The Eye of God
  • Theme Music: Her login screen theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: High Priest of Nagakabouros, Amazonian Beauty, Emerald Green Eyes, Uses a Large Totem to Fight With, Mighty Glacier, Pulls Out People's Souls For a Test of Courage, Badass Preacher, Affirmative Action Girl, Highly Unconventional Morals
  • Domains: Priests, Strength, Morality
  • Enemies: YHVH, majority of immortal and especially undead deities (such as Mordekaiser, Hecarim, Thresh), Nautilus
  • Acquaintances: Gankplank, Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate
  • Interested in: Braum
  • Illaoi is the Truth Bearer, the head priest of the religion what worships the serpent god Nagakabouros. With her unmovable body and even tougher faith, she travels Runeterra to spread her faith and test those who she thinks are stagnant.
  • For an outsider, the teachings of Nagakabouros are... odd. To put it as simply as possible, Nagakabouros is said to be where life originated and where it belongs. Every spirit was born to serve the universe, each spirit was given a desire to follow and only by following those desires will the universe achieve motion to go onwards. Because of this, she doesn't really care for good and evil; all what matters is for the person to be in motion.
    • If she finds someone who lacks motion, she will put the person through "Test of Spirit" where she yanks the person's spirit out of their body and asks to survive her attacks. Those who fail will die, but she truly wants the person to find the strength and courage to survive her trial to achieve better understanding for their purpose in life.
  • As the Truth Bearer, she is firmly against undead and immortals to some extend. That is because they are outside the normal motion of the universe and easily becoming stagnant spirits. That being said, if the said deity shows that they still have motion in them, she is more willing to spare them for now.
  • Despises YHVH. She generally considers following laws blindly as being foolish, as it completely blocks your own desires for the sake of serving someone else. But with YHVH trying to enforce his laws into every single human would bring the entire universe into a stagnant state. She wishes for Nagakabouros to bring her the power to crush Him for good.
  • Besides the fact that Nagakabouros is sometimes called The Great Kraken, she doesn't consider the Kraken having anything to do with her god. Mainly as Nagakabouros is a serpent, and doesn't live in the sea contrary to the common believe. Though if the Kraken does turn out to be the avatar of Nagakabouros, she might change her mind.
  • She does not consider herself a god. Calling herself one would be an insult to her god. In fact, she doesn't like nature spirits and such, and she openly mocks those who believe in other gods for believing in a greater force what does nothing unlike Nagakabouros, or that the thing they worship is Nagakabouros and that they have misguided faith.



    Brian Cohen 
Brian Cohen, God Of Getting Unwanted False Faith (A Man Named Brian, (Not!) The Messiah, A Very Naughty Boy)
Brian dealing with his "followers"
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The movie's poster
  • Theme Song: A Man Called Brian
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Accidental Hero, Denied Parody, Mistaken For The Messiah And Wants No Part Of It Child by Rape (Well At First), Actual Contemporary Of Jesus, Having Your Standard Jewish Mother, Butt-Monkey, Parodic Passion Plays, Misaimed Fandom, The Hero Dies (But Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life)
  • Domains: Parody, Bible Times, (Unwanted) Faith, Mistaken Identity
  • Fellow Not-Messiahsnote : Fone, Big Blue, G'Kar, Michael Altman
  • Allies: Monty Spam Pythons, Arthur Dent, Elvis Presley, Chuck Shurley, God(God, the Devil and Bob), Guthix, Kyle Brofloski, Portgas D Ace, Aslan, The Love That Moves The Stars, Clark Kent/Superman, Saint George and Saint Martha, Moses
  • On good terms with: Bruce Nolan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Empress Nero
  • Enemies: Emperors Caligula and Nero, Dis, Eric Cartman, YHVH, Merged Zamasu
  • On poor terms with: Ancient Roman figures of authority
  • Brian Cohen is the son of a Jewish woman and the rape of a Roman centurion called Naughtius Maximus. He was born near the manger of Jesus and around the same time, leading the three wise men to mistake him for the Messiah. This wouldn't be the end of it, as late in life he was Mistaken for Profound and people assumed he was the messiah. This only annoyed him.
  • Brian is very vocal he wants to live his life, and doesn't like the title of "God". The Court of the Gods informed him that in the pantheon, the title of god is more of a metafictonal or representative thing than actually divinity, nobody has to actually worship him. Elvis Presley feels similarly about when people call him "The King", and the two have become friends after ending up in a musical.
  • Isn't a fan of the Ancient Roman authority, which got himself lumped in with the People's Front of Judea. They argue what good the Roman occupation has done..a lot, as it turns out. Though when it comes to emperors Caligula and Nero, Brian's dislike of them is understandable. They and Roman authority don't take his that seriously after making it clear that he's not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy.
  • The Saber version of Nero is less negative to Brian. She can relate to Brian being mistaken for something she's not, as she was villainized by the public and unlike her historical counterpart has no hard feelings or intent towards hard feelings when it comes to the Abrahamic faiths. Also, she liked watching Life of Brian. Brian was cautious given her position, but otherwise doesn't hold hard feelings towards her.
  • Eric Cartman hates Brian for being Jewish, and because he prefers The Passion of the Christ over Life of Brian. Brian doesn't like how he uses a Passion Play to justify and fuel his anti-semitism. Brian isn't the Messiah, but he was around during Christ's ministry and can't imagine him endorsing Cartman's ramblings. He is supportive to Kyle, being a fellow friendly Jew.
  • Unfortunately some still think he's saying he's the Messiah, and not in a good way. YHVH and Merged Zamasu hate Brian for "falsely claiming" he's such. This is entirely petty, as Zamasu hates the idea of anything remotely divine associated with mortals, and YHVH thinks he's one of countless competition to His worship. This is even pettier given the parodic nature of Life of Brian, solidifying what everyone knew-YHVH and Zamasu literally don't have a sense of humor.
  • In complete contrast to the Great Will and mad Kaioshin, the God named Chuck and the God of God, The Devil and Bob enjoyed the parody of Life of Brian, as it mocks corrupt religious authority but is in good humor. Brian was completely surprised these literal gods liked him. He has become interested and friendly with Bruce Nolan, who actually handled the role of God for a bit.
  • Dis wanted to torment Brian. This is purely due to wanting to torment Jesus by proxy, given Brian being mistaken for him. Before he could try to drag Brian into the Inferno, The Love That Moves The Stars and Aslan forced him away. They have pity on Brian for how he was mistaken for the Messiah and got himself crucified in large part because of it, and have the sense of humor to appreciate the parody. They think Brian is a good boy, though Brian's mother would say otherwise.
  • Guthix seems to respect Brian for his refusal to follow the beliefs of people that mistake him for the Messiah, and Brian in turn finds the deity's desire not to be worshipped as refreshing. He also finds Arthur Dent good company, who's Unfazed Everyman personality helps out with whatever Brian gets himself into. Like the time he ended up on an alien spaceship. Superman seems to be friends with him as once in a while he has to deal with Unwanted False Faith.
  • Was asked whether or not he knew Saint George and Martha, which Brian, annoyed, responded "we didn't all grow up together!" This did not stop the now ascended saints to meet up with him, curious of a relative contemporary and due to how people mistook him for Jesus. They ended up enjoying each other's company. As did Moses, who given he had to bare his role as saving the Jews from slavery by God, sympathized with the trouble Brian got in for being mistaken as the Messiah. Brian was completely floored by this positive response, given he's a Jewish man and Moses is, well, Moses.
  • Given his crucifixion, Brian feels bad for how Portgas D Ace died because he was Too Good for This Sinful Earth and at the hands of corrupt authority. Also, they have daddy issues, with Brian's father being a Roman centurion and Ace's father being Gol D Roger.
  • Has become annoyed by The Mob for giving him a Pidgeot that was also named "Brian" due to the experiences of adventuring in the Johto Region and having to become a replacement to the original "Bird Jesus". At the very least, he's happy for Pidgeot!Brian for escaping the shadow of Bird Jesus.

    Father Karras and Father Merrin 
Father Damien Karras and Father Lankester Merrin, Patron Deities of Exorcists (Father, Father Jebedaiah Mayii & Father Luke Brophy, The ExorCiccio)
Father Merrin (left) and Father Karras (right) approaching Pazuzu
  • Insist themselves to be Quasideities, but most people believe they are Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Two priests approaching a demonic little girl holding up the Bible and the Cross
  • Theme Song: "Tubular Bell"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Exorcism, Faith, Demon
  • Portfolio: Violent and dramatic exorcism, both died in the movie, Very Loosely Based on a True Story
  • High Priest: Tangina, Ed and Lorraine Warren
  • Allies: The House of Faith, Sam and Dean Winchester, the Ghostbusters, Irina Shidou
    • Father Karras: Dana Scully, those who lost their parents
  • Enemies: the House of Demons, especially Pazuzu, Faust, Frollo, YHVH, Beetlejuice, Freddy Krueger, every version of Lucifer, Trigon, Pinhead
  • Worship: God, the good-aligned deities from the House of Angels
  • Conflicting Opinion: John Constantine, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta
  • Pities: Those who suffered from Demonic Possession, Rosemary Woodhouse, Rachel Roth / Raven, Medivh
  • Two of the most famous exorcist in the history of cinema, the two fathers' spirit were found by the House of Angels and because of their Heroic Sacrifice, the two were deemed worthy of resurrection and being ascended into the Pantheon.
  • The two of them and Pazuzu ended up having a rematch when the demon heard about their ascension. The battle ended up lasting for days with various attempt by the demon to possess the priests and the people around while the two desperately trying to stop it. It only came to a halt when the All-Mighty caught wind of this and forcefully stop Pazuzu.
  • Being priests, the two of them are frequent visitors of the House of Angels and witness the good-aligned deities there in all of their glory. The two of them avoid any contact with Lucifer there for obvious reasons.
    • However, they tend to only perceive Belldandy and Skuld as more friends than worship them because of the reasoning that in their belief, angels don't have intimate relationship with humans.
  • Were flabbergasted and felt to their knee when seeing the All-Mighty in the Pantheon. The two priests since then have been strengthen their faith when actually seeing the All-Mighty performs miracles and being a general nice person to everyone.
    • However, the two priest caught wind of how terrible YHVH is and agree with God that this isn't the deity they became priests for.
  • Were weirded out when being compared to Alexander Anderson because the two tend to opposes violence.
  • The two are completely disgusted with Frollo and denounce him to represent any side of Christianity.
  • Father Karras made friend with Dana Scully because of their share experience with the supernatural and their share Crisis of Faith both have went through.
  • Disgusted by Faust for his lack of respect for God and made a deal with Mephistopheles.
  • Feels very sorry for Rosemary Woodhouse because of her experience and the two priests made friend with her thanks to the heavy religious tone of their works.
  • The two of them came across Irina Shidou one day and made friends with her thanks to their shared devotion to Christianity. However, they have difficult relationship the people she hangs out with, namely Xenovia and Asia, mainly because they're "demons". Still, the two priests still agree to hold mass for the two girls to attend and were touched to see that they're still devoted Catholic even though that cause them physical pain.
  • Because of the fact that the two of them handling the temple of exorcism and their helpful nature, the two priests tend to travel around the Pantheon to rescue anyone from a Demonic Possession. The result... varies. Some they managed to save. Some were not so fortunate. Some even got the two priests into massive troubles like the victims of Freddy Krueger to the point that have to be bailed out and the demons / spirits have to be exorcised / contained / killed by the like of the Winchesters, the Ghostbusters (whom they like well enough) or John Constantine (whom they don't particularly like for being shady).
    • Trigon heard of their reputation and tried to lure the two priests so he can have a showdown with them. Luckily, his plan was foiled by Raven and the two priests made friends with her, especially after learning about her situation.
    • One of their trip brought them to meet Medivh who they felt sorry for being possessed to hurt other people.
    • Offered help to Naruto to remove the Kyuubi out of fear that it was hurting him, but the ninja turned them down saying that he got it under control.

    The High Sparrow 
The High Sparrow, God of Turbulent Priests

    The nuns and sisters from Sister Act 
The nuns and sisters of St. Katherine's Parish, Patron Deities of Fictionalized Nuns (Deloris: Deloris van Cartier, Sister Mary Clarence)
The nuns singing together led by Deloris
Deloris Wilson a.k.a. Deloris Van Cartier a.k.a. Sister Mary Clarence
Left to right: Reverend Mother, Sister Mary Lazarus, Sister Mary Patrick, Sister Mary Robert
  • Members: Reverend Mother, Sister Mary Robert, Sister Mary Patrick, Sister Mary Lazarus among many others; with Sister Mary Clarene / Deloris Van Cartier / Deloris Wilson as an honorable member
  • All are Quasideities but Deloris has some moment of Demi
  • Symbol: A group of women wearing nun habit
  • Theme Song: "I Will Follow Him" for their younger followers. "Oh Maria" for their older followers
  • Alignment: All are Neutral Good, although Deloris is formerly Chaotic Good while Reverend Mother is formerly Lawful Good
  • Domains: Nuns, Faith, Religion, Music
    • Deloris: Law, Protection
  • Portfolio: Hollywood Nuns, Four-Temperament Ensemble, all name Mary follows with a male saint's name, Hidden Depths, All Loving Heroines (even Deloris after her stay in the convent), Artistic License – Religion
  • Allies: Mary Lennox, Father Karras and Father Merrin, Esmeralda, every ascended students from Harry Potter, Othello, Anne Shirley, the March sisters, Madeline, The New Day
  • Enemies: Castor Troy, Frollo, the House of Demons, YHVH, every version of Lucifer, Double
    • Deloris: All gangsters in the Pantheon, Aphrodite
  • Opposes: Eda, Alexander Anderson
  • Worship: God, the House of Angels
  • Pities: Rosemary Woodhouse
  • The convent received major attention from the Pantheon for being one of the first and rare genuine portrayal of nuns and sisters that avoid many cliche, capturing the essence of a real religious life in a positive way and portray them as happy, outgoing, well-adjust and even courageous people. Thus, the convent as a whole was ascended into the Pantheon.
    • There was a big controversy which people argue that Deloris should not present in the temple given that she isn't even officially a nun. However, this was struck down by the council on the fact that she is the protagonist of the movie, that Deloris learned the values and spiritual insight of being a nun, that she is the one that save the convent from being outdated and shut down and, finally, the fact that the entire convent accept and even defend Deloris's honorary member status by all agreeing that she is "a model of generosity, virtue and love".
  • Because of their share love for music, their convent / temple frequently have choir practice and reinterpret modern songs into religious music. Deloris is a frequent visitor to help the nuns and sisters to perform in front of a large and important audience.
  • There was a confusion regarding whether or not the women in the convent are nuns or sisters given they were both seen helping the poor and living in solidarity and praying. The convent's official answer (which still doesn't satisfy many naysayers) is that they are a collection of nearby convents that were shut down and thus is a collection of both.
  • All of them were reduced to a babbling mess and kneel to the ground praying and crying in happiness when seeing the Almighty himself in the Pantheon, except for Deloris who bows her head in respect. Seeing the Almighty only strengthen their faith after seeing him as an All-Loving Hero that perform many miracles.
    • The convent also excited to visit the House of Angels but try to avoid Lucifer as much as possible, for obvious reasons.
  • All of the nuns and sisters hate Castor Troy with a passion because he once groped a chorus girl while pretending to be a pastor.
  • Mary Lennox at first found the nuns' place because she heard that Reverend Mother looks like her caretaker Mrs. Medlock. She found herself enjoying the nuns' generosity and is now a frequent visitor.
  • The convent have good relationship with Father Karras and Merrin because they respect the works that the fathers have done and frequently invite them to their convent to perform mass.
    • From the two priests, they caught wind of how terrible YHVH is and agree with God that this isn't the deity they devoted their life for.
  • Don't like Eda for her strict ways. The fact that she is a CIA agents only confused many of the sisters and nuns because they wonder why she had act so strict.
  • All of them hate Frollo with a passion for his hypocrisy, racism and sexual harassment of Esmeralda. This and the nuns' generosity, their love for music, the fact that they helped the poor and Sister Mary Lazarus looks like a version of her biological mother endear them to Esmeralda, who can sometimes be seen visit their convent to dance.
  • Their temple, double as a convent receive a steady amount of visitor because of their collected reputation as All-Loving Hero
    • The ascended the students from Harry Potter sometimes visit their convent because they love the nuns' generosity and help to the poor, not to mention the fact that Reverend Mother looks like their teacher Professor Minerva McGonagall also helps to ease the students visiting a Catholic setting.
    • Hearing a Catholic convent ascended, Hank Hill attend a mass there... only to discover that Sister Mary Patrick sounds just like his wife Peggy. The two have been on good term ever since and many people agree that she is a good influence on him due to her optimism.
    • Othello is a frequent visitor to the convent to pray for the strength to redeem the deed he had done because of the friendly atmosphere there. However, he almost has a heart attack one day to the point of kneeling and begging for forgiveness while sobbing uncontrollably when Reverend Mother appear because she looks just like his love Desdemona. It took the entire convent to calm him and remove him from Reverend Mother.
    • Anne Shirley really loves visit their temple for their progressive view and music that appeals to young people. The same can be said for the March sisters, who also had a pleasant surprise when discovered that Sister Mary Lazarus looks like their aunt.
  • Don't particularly like Alexander Anderson for his insane love for violence. Also hate Double, for obvious reasons.
  • Deloris hates any gangster in the Pantheon due to her experience with her ex-boyfriend. Doubly so if they murder people.
  • Deloris got a surprise visit from Jean-Luc Picard and Worf because they heard that she looks like one of their allies Guinan. The three leave in good term.
  • The Cheshire Cat once visited Deloris alone to see what the fuzz is all about when people saying that there is a woman that sounds like him. Their meeting went about as expected, which is Deloris freaking out and the Cat keep grinning and disappearing.
    • However, Deloris's meeting with the muppets like the Cookie Monster and Kermit for similar reasons went better and the three became friends.
    • Deloris also got a surprise visit from Aphrodite when she heard that a a woman looks like her is in the Pantheon. This meeting went badly when Deloris brings up the fact that Aphrodite cheated on her husband and promptly kicked her out of the temple.
    • Deloris got a pleasant visit from a little girl named Madeline because the singer's voice is similar to Ms. Clavel. From then on, Madeline was introduced to the convent and enjoyed visit the nuns and sisters because of their hospitality and their devotion to the poor.
  • The nuns and sisters feel sorry for Rosemary Woodhouse for her experience. They offer to be the place for her to be listened despite knowing that she has drifted away from the church.
  • Wrestlers and religion usually don't mix, so it was a surprise when one day the nuns were bombarded by a voice screaming, "FEEL THE POWER!!!!!!" and someone playing a trombone. This happened to be wrestlers who formed The New Day, who heard about these nuns spreading positivity and see if they could help (and also because their original gimmick was supposed to be a Southern Gospel choir).


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