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Goetia, God of Pity (The Demon God King, The "I" of the Original Sin, Beast I, Beast of Pity, King of Men, The Chaldean)
King of Men Goetia 

Greater Gods

Infinite, God of Smug Superbeings (The Ultimate Mercenary)
Without his mask 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Phantom Ruby embedded on his chest or the infinity symbol located on his shoes
  • Theme Music: Theme of Infinite, Battle with Infinite (First Bout, Second Bout, and Showdown)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil bordering on Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Masking his true psychopathic persona within his mask, Soft-Spoken Sadist, Obviously Evil, Phantom Ruby Powers that are Very Deadly, Power of the Void, Prefers Satisfying his senseless sadism over completing the mission, Detrimentally Insane, Psycho for Hire, Classic Villain that fulfill 7 deadly Sins, Not a Single Redeeming Quality, Zero Moral Standards, Deconstructed Brooding Supervillain & Shadow's Deconstructed Foil, Likes being called The Ultimate Mercenary, But despises being called Weak / Pathetic.
  • Domains: Power, Ego, Psychopathy, Evil
  • "Allies": Kage, King Ghidorah, Red Skull
  • Former Ally: Dr. Eggman
  • Rivals: Gauron, Yuuki Terumi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mephiles the Dark, Dharkon (with a bit of Headbutting Villains)
  • Enemies: Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, E-123 Omega, Silver the Hedgehog and all other good deities from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, Galeem, Darth Vader, Vegeta
  • Uncertain Relationship with: Frieza
  • Evil Counterpart to: Whisper the Wolf
  • After suffering so many failures and setbacks, Dr. Eggman decided to go all-out in his plans to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and take over the world. To do that, he infused the captain and sole survivor of a mercenary raid gone south with the power of a gem known as the Phantom Ruby. This transformed the captain into a being called Infinite, who can create powerful illusions/virtual reality constructs of anyone with their powers intact, trap anyone in a void within space-time where nothing exists and is all-around great in terms of speed, durability, and whatnot.
    • He also happens to be so full of himself because of the powers he has that he can't help but belittle pretty much anyone that's weaker than him. Being humiliated in defeat and called weak by Shadow the Hedgehog prior to becoming Infinite certainly has something to do with his attitude if he wasn't completely insane to begin with.
  • Sonic was running around one day when he noticed something was wrong. More specifically, there were some red cubes coming from out of nowhere. Sonic knew that someone he thought he defeated in the past was still around and while running to the source, he came across Shadow who noticed the red cubes as well. The two continued until they saw Infinite, who was made it very clear that he only went to this "Pantheon" place just to finish off the two and their allies. Since Sonic and Shadow learned a fair bit from fighting Infinite, the two were able to defeat him without much trouble. Infinite told the two that their fight is far from over and that he'll become better than them before he teleported out of the arena they were at.
  • Him staying at the Hall of Pride only made his already over-inflated arrogance even worse. After insulting the other members of that place, he found himself in a fight against Vegeta. Infinite was told about Vegeta's desire to be better than Goku and saw it as not that different from Infinite being driven by a desire to surpass Shadow. Vegeta made it clear that even if he intends to surpass Goku in terms of power, he would not accept how Infinite justified his attitude and mindset on surpassing others. It became clear that the two hate each other to no end, especially since Infinite saw himself as better than Vegeta and fights between them occur if Infinite isn't going around trying to get revenge on Sonic, Shadow, and their friends.
  • No one was certain what happened to Infinite after getting defeated by Sonic and his allies. Since Eggman was using the Phantom Ruby to fight Sonic after Infinite was out of the picture, it could be argued that Eggman didn't see any use for Infinite anymore. Even in the Pantheon, Eggman doesn't have any intention of teaming up with Infinite again, leaving the jackal to do whatever he wants and work with someone that can promise him as much destruction as he can, especially if that destruction is directed at Sonic and his friends.
  • With the kinds of powers that he has at his disposal, there's enough justification for Infinite to brag about his abilities towards others. His sadism and need to be superior over others are the main issues that prevent him from truly using his powers effectively. A handful of villainous deities have tried to give Infinite a bit of advice on effectively using the powers he has. Infinite took it as a sign that those people thought he was weak even if they weren't explicitly saying it. Those kinds of conversations tend to be shaky as while those villains like Infinite's powers and want him to be better with them, he's very arrogant about himself and what he can do with his abilities.
  • Since he was part of a mercenary group before working with Eggman, Infinite wondered if there were any other mercenaries running around. He ended up finding Gauron, a person whose insane behavior was more pronounced than Infinite (who isn't as loud as one would think given his psychopathy). Gauron has a high body count and personal desire to go after Sousuke Sagara, but the reasons for going after Sagara was something even Infinite, who has had a desire to destroy everything even before joining Eggman, found off-putting. Infinite is mostly fine with Gauron's murderous behavior, but told him that if he was that obsessed in going after the boy, Gauron should just kill Sagara and leave him alone once the job was done and personal matters settled, but Gauron insisted that there wasn't any fun in simply murdering a personal target and that more can be done to it. The two don't really get along with each other since then, and if Infinite and Gauron do encounter each other again during certain jobs assigned by separate villains, they'll try to kill each other in the midst of trying to kill a target, with both rivals lobbing insults at each other.
    • As far as psychotic freelance murderers are concerned, Infinite actually had better luck in trying to get along with King Ghidorah since the kaiju has done nothing except bring about chaos and ruination wherever he goes. Being a giant monster did make Infinite jealous about Ghidorah's strength, but he was willing to set the contempt aside to work alongside him. Infinite later heard about how Ghidorah destroyed Mars and Venus and how one version of Ghidorah wiped out all of the dinosaurs. Infinite then surmised that with so many places and planets out there, then it's possible for him to unleash his power and bring ruin to not just his own world, but other places out there and have a high kill count. Infinite has given the idea of going to other worlds and wreaking havoc on them plenty of consideration.
  • Infinite ended up among those who fell victim to Galeem's initial onslaught and turned into a Spirit. He is absolutely furious about what transpired as this meant there existed beings out there much, much stronger than him. What enraged him even further was that during his time as a Spirit, he possessed a clone of Sonic and that Galeem making copies of imprisoned fighters meant that there was someone comparable to him when it comes to making copies of existing characters. Since Infinite wasn't among the Spirits who later ended up in Dharkon's control, The Embodiment of Chaos and Darkness tried to take advantage of both Infinite's hatred of Galeem and desire to destroy everything to convince the jackal to work for him. Infinite also found out that not only Eggman was temporarily a Spirit as a result of Galeem and later taken control of by Dharkon, but Dharkon took control of Sonic for some time after Galeem was severely damaged the first time. Infinite gradually realized that even with the rivalry at play, Dharkon is every bit as powerful as Galeem is, which is to say stronger than Infinite is. While Infinite despises Galeem, he doesn't think any better of Dharkon despite seeing him as someone who can offer up a lot of destruction. If he isn't trying to fight Galeem, then Infinite will try to attack Dharkon at random (mostly if Galeem isn't around) just to prove that he's better than him.
  • There's a handful of similarities between him and Mephiles the Dark. Both became who they were after getting defeated by Shadow, are sadistic against others, and have very destructive goals. Unlike Mephiles who was able to kill Sonic and succeed in causing the end of the world even if it was temporary, Infinite's sadism ended up being his own undoing and wasn't able to create a virtual sun to destroy everything, with letting Sonic live after defeating him being a fatal mistake of his. Mephiles gave Infinite an earful over it, and Infinite retorted that he doesn't need to follow a needlessly convoluted plan just to get revenge and murder others. They may hate both Sonic, Shadow, and both hedgehogs' allies, but Infinite and Mephiles' "alliance" to eliminate them is far from perfect.
  • Kage ended up crossing paths with Infinite while roaming around looking for someone to fight. Their first meeting didn't go that well, with Infinite believing that this shadowy foe he's facing was yet another weak fighter, something that Kage took offense with. A nasty fight ensued, with Kage tearing through the various clones that Infinite conjured and ending with parts of the Pantheon destroyed. Once things have settled down, Kage explained that he was a Superpowered Evil Side given physical form, determined to prove that Ryu is nothing without him. Infinite then recalled his own determination to prove that he's not weak and Kage's unending desire for violence was something that Infinite believed would be a good stepping stone to getting stronger. The two still get into fights with each other to prove their own strength, but Infinite is willing to put up with Kage if it meant getting better in preparation for potential rematches against Sonic and friends.
  • Upon learning that Infinite can create clones of anyone, Trollkaiger at first thought Infinite would be of use in degrading other deities, but the group learned about how Infinite came to be and made light of the backstory to the point of mockery. Yuuki Terumi then decided to meet up with Infinite without the rest of the members of his group in order to set a few things straight with him. Infinite didn't take Trollkaiger's insults well at well and while searching for them, he found Terumi. Terumi told Infinite that he and his group spread the story of how Infinite tried too hard to overcompensate his weaknesses over a single loss. Infinite, hating being called weak, was determined to uphold his own belief of being strong, something that Terumi wanted to see firsthand. Even after Infinite showcased his powers, Terumi thought himself as better than Infinite since unlike that jackal, he didn't need to resort to something to cover up his weaknesses. Terumi made it clear that he's way stronger than Infinite could be and that fighting against Terumi's true power is something that Infinite will regret when that day comes. Even with their shared sadistic interest in crushing the hopes of others, Infinite and Terumi aren't working together after what had transpired between them.
  • While Darth Vader has a number of characters inspired by him, Infinite was someone whom Vader has plenty of problems with. Infinite joined an evil figure in Eggman and started to embrace his powers similar to how Anakin was manipulated by Emperor Palpatine to embrace his darkest desires. Unlike Vader who eventually reformed, Infinite went way too far in his evil and gloated about what he has to the point that it may as well be his undoing. The sadistic and immature attitude that Infinite has certainly doesn't help and Vader saw the jackal as what he could end up as if he never changed for the better. He also shares some similarities with Kylo Ren, aka Ben Solo, Vader's grandson, but even he didn't go as far either.
  • Eventually comparisons started going around between Infinite and Frieza. Both were confident leaders who fell prey to much stronger foes, came back for revenge with new forms and powers, and were perfectly capable of overpowering all their enemies if only they hadn't given in to their hubris. But when the jackal approached the Emperor of Evil for a possible alliance against Vegeta, he found himself sorely disappointed. Frieza had matured since the latest of his falls from power, coming back more pragmatic and stronger than ever, also making him far more dangerous in the process, while Infinite was still too smug and caught in his bitter pride to hone his powers to their maximum potential. Rather than an ally on equal terms, Frieza suggested Infinite become his underling and learn from the best. The Ultimate Mercenary turned away in a huff, though Frieza remains patient.

Intermediate Gods

    Eric Raymond 
Eric Raymond, God of Smugness

Lesser Gods

Klug, God of Self-Hindering Geniuses (Glasses, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes)
Possessed Klug 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His book and glasses
  • Theme Music: I’m the Greatest, Ever!; Nebula Step; Surge of Crimson Shouts! as Possessed Klug
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Insufferable Genius, The Friend Nobody Likes, Butt-Monkey, Purple Is Powerful, Name Being German for “Smart”
  • Domains: Intelligence, Possession
  • Rivals: Oliver (one-sided), Hermione Granger, Dexter
  • Admires: Lemres
  • Foil to: Leo of Nohr, Draco Malfoy
  • Targeted by: Killer BOB
  • Klug is the resident nerd of Primp Town and doesn’t have much, if any, friends as a result of being arrogant and weird. He is quite fond of the dark arts and carries around a book that contains a sealed demon looking to get its original body back. During an attempt to gain more power, he accidentally unleashed the demon and got possessed by it, requiring the help of his “friends” to get it out of him. Despite that incident, the fact that he’s still carrying that book around and the likely risk of him getting possessed by it again (and possibly not having another way to get it extracted from himself), makes it clear that Klug is prone to getting to a lot of mistakes that are both major and mundane, likely as a result of him thinking highly of his own intellect.
  • Hoping to boost his self-proclaimed reputation as Primp Town’s genius, Klug took advantage of a supposed rumor of a magical artifact that would grant the wishes of someone, different from a medal that Klug and several others competed for. If that 16-page magazine spread wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, then that artifact would be the closest there is to getting Klug his “deserved” success story. It proved to be a wild misadventure for Klug, especially since he almost turned into Possessed Klug again while looking for the item, but he was able to find that item, which had strange writing all over it. Klug wished to be one of the most successful people in the world and the artifact started acting strangely and he learned too late that the item would send people to other worlds not unlike the various Puyo matches he took part in. Once the artifact stopped acting up, Klug found himself in a world far removed from Primp Town, known only as the Pantheon, and with how much bigger the Pantheon is, Klug felt that it would be the perfect opportunity to show the place how smart he is, regardless of how things turn out for him.
  • One of the first things that Klug learned after ending up in the Pantheon was that there was a much more diverse selection of magic than what he was used to back in Primp Town. This also meant that there would be a greater selection of practitioners of dark arts, a magic that he has an affinity towards. While it meant that Klug would show plenty of interest in deities who know the dark arts, it still hasn’t done anything to affect his consistent admiration towards Lemres and desire to be just as well-liked as he is.
  • Even if Klug was one of the smartest students of his magic school, he learned the hard way that it didn’t mean that he was one of the best student mages overall. He found out about Hogwarts, a magic school that has had its own collection of skilled students and adventures which were decidedly more high-stakes than what Primp Town had gone through. Not long after, Klug came across a student from Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy and asked him about his skills in magic. The conversation proved to be frustrating for Draco as to him, talking to Klug was like talking to his past self. Draco ended up beating Klug in a magic duel and after learning about what Possessed Klug was, he came to see Klug as not only what could happen if Draco never changed himself for the better, but also what he’d be like if he never learned from his mistakes and valued his skills above everything else.
  • Oliver heard about another magic user that uses a book as a primary means of using their spells and was hoping that the user in question could be another useful ally. From a glance, Klug looked smart enough, though Oliver noticed how arrogant the former acted and was told that he’d have to prove his worth to Klug. While Klug wasn’t bad with his magic, Oliver had plenty at his disposal, with the ensuing friendly match ending in a bit of a stalemate. Leo of Nohr, of whom Oliver had befriended and is learning magic from, learned of Klug’s spell book and the sealed entity just as the duel between Klug and Oliver was going on and made it just as it ended hoping that Oliver was alright. Oliver turned out to be OK, though Leo was quick to pick up on Klug’s smug attitude and admitted that while Klug and Leo were similar in attitude and using a book for magic spells, Klug was too overconfident in his abilities and that led to problems. While Oliver doesn’t hold anything against Klug, he felt that Leo was better in terms of magic book users, something that infuriated Klug. Klug has developed a bitter resentment towards both Oliver and Leo, moreso in regards to the latter.
  • Zeref was another deity who specialized in magic books that Klug was curious about. That curiosity turned into a mix of awe and terror after learning that the Books of Zeref existed in multiple copies and was capable of magic far greater than what Klug was used to, to say nothing of how much damage Zeref caused as a villain. While Zeref has apparently moved on from it, Klug isn’t taking any chances on a meeting with Zeref and many don’t want to imagine what could happen if Possessed Klug somehow got his hands on one of the Books of Zeref.
  • Besides the books owned by the other mages, Klug learned about a multitude of other books with unique supernatural properties that can do much more than cast a spell. Maxwell’s notebook that is able to summon up nearly everything that’s written on it was something that Klug was jealous of, along with Maxwell being able to control what he summons well for the most part. The Death Note ended up being something that unnerved Klug after learning how it is able to kill someone just by writing their name on it, not to mention that the demon sealed in Klug’s book acted up a bit before calming down while Klug was going through a museum of notable books that had the Death Note as an exhibit. Klug would like to have a great success story, but he isn’t willing to resort to very dark measures to achieve it.
  • Klug being selfish about his genius resulted in him encountering other deities who had a similar mindset, regardless of whether they’ve been involved with magic or not. He’s gotten in plenty of arguments against Hermione Granger over who’s a better spellcaster and she very much saw Klug as not only like Draco Malfoy in terms of attitude and magical aptitude, but also someone who can put others in danger with what he has. While Klug only saw a glimpse of science thanks to some Puyo matches with Risukuma prior, he did get a better look at them in the Pantheon after coming across Dexter’s lab. The visit was going well (and Dexter did find some of Klug’s magic interesting) until Klug questioned one of Dexter’s inventions, resulting in a battle between science and magic among the two. Klug was eventually forced out of Dexter’s lab, but it hasn’t stopped subsequent arguments between them from popping up over which of their respective skills are better.
  • Even if Klug is someone who hasn’t owned up to his mistakes related to it, the biggest concern most others have about him is that the demon sealed inside his book can possess him under the right conditions and make his mean-spirited personality worse. Killer BOB, who has taken over the bodies of other Pantheonic deities, thought it would be fun to possess someone like Klug, especially after he heard about how Klug changes if the sealed demon took over. As Klug was going over how to refine his magic, he suddenly turned into Possessed Klug and lost control of his body, though things felt different compared to a typical instance of such. Sig and Lemres found out about Possessed Klug coming back and by the time they reached him, he managed to lay waste to an entire shopping district. The two noticed that Possessed Klug wasn’t this destructive and used some potent magic to defeat Possessed Klug and return him back to normal. Lemres noticed something escaping Klug and surmised that it was some malignant entity that can brainwash people into acting on their worst desires. Despite Klug thinking that the sealed entity was acting up and caused the rampage once opened up, he was told to stay vigilant since something like that could happen again. He acknowledged the warning, but that didn’t really prevent similar incidents from occurring, be it from Killer BOB, Klug’s own overconfidence, or something else entirely.

    Trixie Lulamoon 
Trixie Lulamoon, Goddess of Arrogant Grins (The Great and Powerful/Apologetic Trixie, Lulamoon, Trix, Queen Trixianna the First, Trixie the Magnificant)

    Yennefer of Vengerberg 
Yennefer, Goddess of Refusing Blame (The Lady of Vengerberg, Horsewoman of War, Yen, Yenna, Jenny, Jenka)
  • Theme Song: The Last Wish
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Raven Encased In Lightning
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Older Than They Look, In a Love Triangle With Geralt and Triss, Hot Sorceress, Alpha Bitch, Quarter-Elf, Lady of Black Magic, Has Magic-Induced Infertility and Absolutely Hates It, Mama Bear To Ciri, Mind over Manners, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Tsundere, Vain Sorceress
  • Domains: Magic, Alchemy, Law, Death, Protection
  • Special Relationships: with Geralt of Rivia, Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Triss Merigold
  • Allies: Doctor Strange, Gabriel Belmont, Daenerys Targaryen, Tharja, Rachel Roth/Raven, llyana Rasputin/Magik, Nico Minoru
  • Rivals: Zatanna Zatara, Morrigan (Dragon Age)
  • Enemies: Eredin Bréacc Glas
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia, Tywin Lannister
  • Pitied by: House of Childhood and Adolescence, Daenerys Targaryen
  • The Pantheon was sorely lacking a Lodge of Sorceresses. The position used to be shared between Triss and Yennefer, as they were allowed to establish a Pantheon branch of the famed lodge with the blessings of the Main House. However, there were musing over Yen's lack of commitment to the society. After receiving several complaints, the The Lady of Vengerberg sought out to build a temple of her own. She never really apologized for her lack of support, ironically giving her the idea of going to the House of Philosophy. Yen may admit to making mistakes, but she justifies all of her actions for the greater good.
    • Yennefer is also part of feud on-and-off again Love Triangle, competing with Triss for Geralt of Rivia. Usually, whenever Yen breaks up with Geralt, Triss is the other woman he hooks up with. To make things even more complicated, Yen and Geralt are seen as the official couple in the books, with Triss in the running from her expanded role in the games.
    • It got so heated that the House of Love forced the three to decide once and for all. In the end, they both decided to share him. On the condition that he stay out of the House of Love and remain loyal to the both of them, Geralt agreed to this arrangement.
  • There is no love for Tywin Lannister, due to his being an abusive dad to his children. His mortal death by crossbow-bolt to the bowels was much well deserved in her opinion.
    • This is especially true to the Patron Saint of all abusive parents: Ghetsis Harmonia. Expect massive fireworks should the two meet in person.
  • Yen's expertise lies in the dark arts and protection spells. The Dark-haired sorceress has no problem with using said dark arts, gaining approval from those who want others to be comfortable using them. It's no surprise that Tharja and Morrigan met with her more often than Triss when she used to share a temple with the redhead.
  • While Yen is very strict when it comes to teaching, she must be coerced into working as a team. Failure to do so will result in her doing her own thing, much to the annoyance of everyone else. This is mostly averted regarding Ciri, her surrogate daughter.
  • As she is a Sorceress, Yen is unable to have children. Which is a sore spot for her. Best not to mention that little fact to her. Or the fact that she used to be a hunchback. That little tidbit Geralt found out on his own.
  • Her home life was...not too pleasant, to be honest. She came from an abusive household, in which her father physically and mentally abused her, while her mother failed to support her. Possibly because she's 1/4 elvish, and Mom was a half-blood.
  • Yen is friends with Daenerys Stormborn, as she, too, is unable to bear children. Of course, that may change now that the both of them are deified... Anyway, Dany seeks to gain a foothold financially in the Pantheon, which is why she seeks to make Valyrian Steel. She has the dragonfire. All she needs is the magic.
    • Due to their traumatic childhoods, Yen also has found kinship with Raven and Magik. As Raven herself is a skilled Sorceress in her own right and Magik is the Sorceress Supreme of Limbo, she is offered a place within her temple, even after she left the House of Magic. Magik now divides her time between Yennefer and Doctor Strange in learning the dark arts, as does Raven.
  • While Nico does not trust the Lodge enough to formally join their ranks, she is more comfortable allying with Yen. Besides sharing crappy parent stories, the teen is glad Yen is more supportive of her becoming independent of factions.
  • Gabriel Belmont ended up doing a double-take upon seeing Yennefer, as she looks a lot like his deceased wife.
  • Not every raven-haired sorceress has the same personality. Zatanna is slightly more light-hearted in her affairs. She is also more wary of Yen's attitude as well as her use of black magic. Yen on her part just isn't a fan of her performances. The two hardly ever work together as a result.
  • “I’m not heartless, I’ve just learned how to use my heart less.”


    Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu 
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, God of Broken Haughties (Super High-School Level Gangster, Ultimate Yakuza, Super Duper High-School Overcompensation, Baby Gangsta, Boss Baby)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A gun and an eyepatch
  • Alignment: Started as Chaotic Neutral (with shades of Neutral Evil), but is now Chaotic Good. And was Chaotic Evil in the Ultimate Despair.
  • Portfolio: Jerkass, I'm Not Here to Make Friends, Tsundere, The Napoleon, Anguished Declaration of Love, Break the Haughty, Seppuku, Eye Scream, The Atoner, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Heel–Face Turn, Love Hurts
  • Domains: Yakuza, Love, Atonement
  • Allies: Peko Pekoyama, Monomi/Usami, Sonia Nevermind, Chiaki Nanami, Mikan Tsumiki, Makoto Naegi, Kyouko Kirigiri, Byakuya Togami, Edward Elric, Kanji Tatsumi, Shinjiro Aragaki, Tsukune Aono, Moka Akashiya, Konaka Konoe, Sol Badguy
  • Conflicting opinion: Everyone associated with the mafia, Nagito Komaeda
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his mastermind, people who treat their subordinates like tools
  • The sixth rehabilitated member of the Ultimate Despair to ascend into the Pantheon. Both Naegi and Nanami also noted that he's unlikely to relapse, especially after what happened on the island. He's not happy about anything in that chain of events, but he does realize that they made him a better person.
  • After hearing of Peko's ascension, he immediately rushed over to the House of Love in order to apologize for everything he'd done to her. Has joined the group of people trying to convince her out of her tool complex.
    • He also apologized to Usami upon her ascension, to which the latter reassured him it was all okay and she was happy to see him change. She helps him out from time to time with trying to get Peko over her tool complex.
    • Due to this, he possesses an incredible hatred of anyone in the Pantheon who doesn't treat their subordinates like people.
  • Don't talk about his height when near him, unless you want him to start plotting creative murders. Many have wondered what would happen if he met Edward Elric, who shares his height complex. The two have met, and get along.
  • Upon visiting the House of Personality, he was over heard by Shinjiro Aragaki and mistaken for the person who killed him. After that was cleared up, the two of them get along rather well.
    • He gets along with Tsukune Aono for this reason too.
  • During the events of Vienna Burning, he was kidnapped by Nu-13 and held in the GUAE with Konaka Konoe. And Switzerland. They were able to escape, and he was able to come to Peko's aid during her fight with Nu-13. He is now on good terms with her.

    Rafe Adler 
Rafe Adler, God of Supposedly "Smart and Knowledgeable" People
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Skull with a Pirate Loot in the Background
  • Theme Song: Brother's Keeper
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Feels he is Inferior to Nathan and is Jealous about It, Driven by Envy, Unrealistic Wealth, Idle Rich Which he Desperately wants to Avoid, Total Asshole, Faux Affably Evil, Glory Hound, Represents what if Nathan had a More Privileged Background and was more Unhinged, Really wants to Find the Treasure of Henry Avery, Knows Next-to-Nothing about Avery's History, Spoiled Brat, Psychopathic Manchild, Makes Several Idiotic Moments, Duel Boss, Death caused by being Crushed by Falling Treasure
  • Domains: Wealth, Aristocracy, Treasure, Piracy, Jealousy
  • Allies: Flintheart Glomgold
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Black Manta, Mr. Burns
  • Enemies: Nathan Drake, Zoran Lazaravić, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, The Straw Hat Pirates, League of Explorers, Chester A. Bum
  • Annoyed By: Eliza and Neal Reagan
  • Fears: Kroq-Gar
  • Interested In: The Piracy Sub-House
  • Fixating yourself on a certain goal can be taxing and probably detrimental to one's health. The Drake brothers, particularly Sam, had dedicated his whole life to finding the treasure of Henry Avery and immediately gunned for that chance the moment he was released from prison. Rafe Adler, a wealthy businessman also desired to find the treasure, but not because he wanted to be richer than he already was, but because he wanted to prove himself a worthy treasure hunter. Several years of excavations and research did little-to-no progress on finding Avery's treasure nor the fabled city of Libertalia, whereas the younger Drake brother, Nathan, went on to make a name for himself by discovering El Dorado, Shamballa and the Iram of the Pillars. This caused Rafe to be Driven by Envy and sought to find Libertalia by any means necessary, recruiting the mercenary company Shoreline and its head, Nadine Ross, to provide military backup. He would butt heads against the Drake brothers, despite freeing Sam moths ago and given Nathan one of his toughest adventures and adversaries, ultimately culminating in an intense battle in Henry Avery's collapsing ship. Despite proving himself the better combatant, Rafe was killed by some quick thinking and luck, courtesy of Drake, by cutting down a rope containing treasure and having it collapse on top of Rafe.
  • Rafe entered the Pantheon rather... unconventionally. He was not happy with the way he was killed off and first appeared submerged in a pile of gold and treasure. He soon rose his way out of the treasury mount and made his way to the House of Commerce. There, he used his aristocratic status to gain a position as a CEO of a company and to kickstart a series of treasure hunting trips.
  • Was reportedly not happy to see Drake having ascended into the Pantheon before he did. Learning that the Drake brothers had beaten him to Avery's treasure has made Rafe even more jealous than he already was. That said, he's a little miffed that Sam isn't ascended, given that Rafe feels like should he have his full revenge, he needs both brothers, not just one.
  • While he's evidently good at hiding it, Rafe is easily among the Pantheon's most jealous deities. It doesn't help in that he spent a decade and a half looking for Libertalia when Nathan Drake went on to find a series of fabled locations with Libertalia itself being the last. Even more insultingly, Rafe knows very little about Henry Avery and his history. This might have been the reason why he had little success in trying to find Libertalia.
  • Given his large business reputation, Rafe has had ties to thieves, smugglers and other sorts of criminals in the black market industry. As a result, Rafe is also a frequent visitor and collaborator of the House of Crime and Transgressions, often looking for criminals that he could pay to as a means to get what he wants and a way to build up some sort of loyalty.
    • He does, however, have enough of a common sense to know which criminals to pick out. He's refused to recruit The Slavers mainly because they're too chaotic plus their reputation is among the very worst in the entire Pantheon. That said, maybe there's some sort of standards behind it, but Rafe is doing it out of pragmatism.
  • As much as Rafe hates Nathan Drake, even he's not taking chances to work with Zoran Lazaravić, especially as he instead referred to him as a madman. That said, Rafe himself came off unhinged at one point. Still, given Lazaravić's reputation, Rafe will not consider a team-up regardless.
  • Surprisingly for a billionaire with a successful company, Rafe doesn't like the fact that he's simply inherited the fortune from his parents and desperately seeks out to prove himself a worthy treasure hunter. It's why he spent so much time looking for Libertalia despite the fact that realistically, he had no need to pursue it. He often gets chewed out by some people for this, much to Rafe's frustration.
  • While he is unpopular, he has managed to find a kindred spirit of sorts with Flintheart Glomgold, another rich resident who harbours intense jealousy towards someone with more success, namely Scrooge McDuck. Rafe found the similarities between Glomgold and himself rather interesting and called him out to become business partners. Glomgold, already relating to Rafe's struggle and jealousy is welcome to work him, but notes that whatever happens, his needs come first. Then again so does Rafe's mindset.
  • Due to his interest in Piracy thanks to Avery, Rafe was curious to learn of the various pirates in the Pantheon. He was rather surprised to see one world where pirates would eat a unique sort of fruit to receive special powers. The concept of One Piece was very enticing but given the chaotic nature of the battles regarding who gets to earn it, Rafe has stayed out of it, for now, currently searching for other opportunities for a historical excavation. That didn't stop him from making enemies against the Straw Hat Pirates as they're not accepting of Rafe's greed and ego regarding his goals.
    • Indiana Jones similarly dislikes Rafe because many of the opponents he gets to fight against tend to be wealthy men who want to make a name for themselves by finding lost historical locales and artefacts, much like Rafe himself. Not helping matters is how their greed got Indy's enemies killed, not unlike Rafe himself when he was literally buried by a pile of gold. Rafe, in turn, sees him as an enemy, especially after learning how Indy and Nate get along with one another.
  • Lustria is one of the few places where Rafe will draw the line and not even attempt to excavate. It's already bad enough that the Lizardmen are incredibly territorial of their land, but stealing even the smallest bits of gold prompts the Lizardmen to endlessly pursue the thief in getting it back, no matter how long it takes. Then again, the House of Commerce already fear Kroq-Gar so much...
  • While he is willing to cooperate with other individuals, such as Mr Burns, Rafe has made it pretty clear that he wants to be as actively involved as possible in his search of treasure and not spend his time lavishing around the House of Commerce like he's a billionaire who has it all. He finds Mr Burns's tendency of sitting his events out to be annoying.
    • He has worked with Black Manta on some occasions, provided that Rafe has enough money to pay the supervillain without any sort of setbacks. While Black Manta has proven to be a mighty asset in regards to offense, Rafe thinks he needs to tone it down when it comes to killing and causing mayhem.
  • Similarly, he is disliked by the League Explorers as while Rafe does have some similarities to one of the Explorer's members, Reno, the stark difference between them was that Reno still had his heart in the right place, whereas Rafe is too consumed by jealousy and rage to find any decent cooperation with.
  • Some have rumoured that Rafe's ascension may mean Nate might be getting out of retirement again. Not because he's ready for another adventure (The adventure to find Libertalia was his last and even then, Drake didn't want to go until he was convinced and motivated by Sam), but because Rafe would likely be gunning down on him. On one part, it's true; Rafe is definitely seeking revenge. On the other, Drake is just content with where he is at the moment; starting a family. Luckily enough, this does mean Rafe can go on treasure hunting expeditions uninterrupted by Nate or his friends.
I earned this. All of it.

    Sheldon Cooper 
Sheldon Lee Cooper, God of Insufferable Ingenuity (Shelly, Shelly Bean (only his mom and sister get to call him that), Moonpie (only his "Meemaw" gets to call him that), Sheldor the Conqueror, Smelly Pooper, Dr. Dumbass, Virgin Piña Colada, C3P-Wee Herman, Shelbot, R2-D-Bag, Einstein von Brainstorm, The Skinny Weirdo, Skippy Cavanaugh)


    Libby Chessler 
Libby Chessler, Goddess of Alpha Bitches
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Alpha Bitch (one of the most famous) because she was never shown compassion, Rich Bitch, Smug Snakes, bullying Sabrina thanks to Contrived Clumsiness and gets away with it (most of the time)
  • Domains: Personality, Bullying
  • High Priest: Regina George
  • Followers: Every other Alpha Bitch in existence.
  • Allies: Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom (Not so much from Veronica though), Larxene
  • Rivals: The Ashleys
  • Headbutting Villains With: Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Pities: Pacifica Northwest, Azula
  • Evil Counterpart to: Miu Kazashiro
  • Was very excited to see Veronica and Cheryl in the Pantheon and proposes to make another Terrible Trio with them. Veronica declines because she thinks it will detracts her from fighting for Archie's affection and that would give Betty a chance to "steal" him away from her. So, she formed the trio with her high priestess Regina instead. They usually go and terrorize any non-supernatural teenage goddess in the Pantheon.
  • After learning about Sabrina's ascension, Libby frequently drops by her temple in order to harass her. Although she is confused about Sabrina position, she still taunting Sabrina anyway because Status Quo Is God (and just because).
  • Feels sorry for Pacifica Northwest because of her horrible home life and agree to let Pacifica to leave the Alpha Bitch house without any retribution as Libby can see that it's making her life miserable.
    • Also feels sorry for Azula because of how broken the princess is. Not that she would show it, of course. She has an image to maintain.
  • She and her Girl Posse enters a rivalry with the Ashleys group over which group is more effective and should get which house, leading to a verbal combat between two side. Eventually, they reached an agreement to patrol and terrorize the Pantheon according to the time table.
    • However, one argument from the Ashleys groups still stuck with Libby is that the insult that her group lack "diversity". This led Libby embark on a quest to recruit a Token Minority girl in order to shut down that argument. Her search led Libby to discover Sae Kashiwagi after hearing about the circumstances surround her ascension. Sae now acts as a bait for the more naive goddesses in the Pantheon in order for Libby to approach them.
  • Libby proves herself to not be entirely selfish when she opposes Eliza & Neil Reagan's action, saying that Neil's Scarpia Ultimatum is too far.
  • Libby's temple is one of the most feared place to the Pantheon. While it sometimes stems from Libby herself (she essentially bullies a goddess two ranks above her frequently without any consequences), most of this is because of how frequently her temple is used and how many of her followers appeared and terrorize ascended deities in any story that is set in high school. And even those whose world isn't involve with that setting still wary of her temple due to the amount of High School AU fanfics that their followers wrote that cast female villains as her followers. This caused the Pantheon to try keeping Libby away from accessing the House of Travel in order to avoid Libby bringing her followers across dimension and into the Pantheon.
  • Is the enemy of Miu Kazashiro as Miu's attitude stems from working her butt off to inspire people, while Libby is more about being a bitch just for the sake of it. Putting these two in the same room is a very, very very bad idea.

    The Once-ler 
The Once-ler, God of Falling From Greatness ("Beanpole")
The Once-ler as an old man, from the movie.
Click here  for the Once-ler in his prime
  • Quasideity (former Demigod)
  • Symbol: A discarded Thneed
  • Theme Song: How Bad Can I Be, Biggering
  • Alignment: True Neutral (formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair, Affably Evil, Went From Poverty To Wealth Back To Poverty, a Villain Protagonist Who Wins, Only To Ruin Himself Via Deforestation, Heel Realization, "Ray of Hope" Ending
  • Domains: Greatness (lost), Corporatism, Big Business, Humbling, Aesops
  • Allies: Ebeneezer Scrooge, Earl Hickey, Robert E.O Speedwagon
  • On good terms with: The Lorax
  • On speaking terms with: Eugene Krabs, Smokey Bear (former foe)
  • Enemies: Hexxus, The Child Abuse Supporters, Exdeath
  • Fears: The Lich
  • Frustrated by: Professor Venomous
  • Once, the Once-ler was the head of a successful company, with him and his relatives harvesting the Truffula Trees for their highly lucrative production of Thneed, a highly versatile project. A nature spirit known as the Lorax tried to convince him to stop his greed and production before it was too late, but the Once-ler wouldn't listen. However the destructive and consumptive nature of his enterprise would lead to too much deforestration, and no resources for his company. He was left destitute, his great achievements left in the dust. However one Truffula seed remains, so despite the destruction of the forest there was hope.
  • The Once-ler stands as a warning on over-consumerism and greed being a threat to the environment. During his time as a corporate businessmen, he was the kind of villain that would've been a Captain Planet villain. However he has sent repented and is no longer a foe of the environment. The Lorax vouched for his ascension in the first place, hoping despite their past animosity he can work to truly redeem himself. Captain Planet was happy to see that he'd learn the error of his ways.
  • Back in the day, he would've been an ally of Mr. Burns and enabler of Hexxus due to his deforestation and unscrupulous business practices. That said, even back in that he was considerably more Affably Evil than Mr. Burns. He does wish that Mr. Burns would realize the error of his ways, and occasionally Mr Burns is nice, but he always goes back to being a miser. That said, he does pity one of the reasons for this is that hatred and bile is the only thing still keeping him alive.
  • It's possible the Once-ler has some sympathy for Mr. Burns because he can relate to his childhood. As Burns was raised by his heartless rich grandfather, the Once-ler (at least according to one source) had an emotionally neglectful family and he was driven to prove himself in their eyes by being successful. Naturally, he is no friend of the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • Mr. Krabs is another former ally, and while how villainous he is varies he remains unrepentant on his avarice. However he has experienced the consequence of his own consumerism threatening the environment and he likes to talk about "letting your greed become too great" with the Once-ler. However, some suspect that Mr Krabs is just using the Once-ler as part of some scheme to sell Krabby Patties. His mood tends to vary, after all.
  • Given the Once-ler's past actions, he was not on good terms with tree, flower or nature-protecting deities. This has changed come his desire to be The Atoner, and is working to make amends for them. However he still remains at odds with Exdeath, since he is a Botanical Abomination that seeks to return everything to the void. He is also a foe with his old supporter Hexxus, who is trying to convince him what he did wasn't wrong and bring him back into his fold.
  • The Once-ler's quest for redemption in the pantheon led him to meet the former miser Ebeenezer Scrooge, who was an even more iconic example of a rich jerk that found the error of their ways. He's been aiding the Once-ler into rebuilding his fortunes, with the Lorax making sure he does so honestly. Speedwagon, who went from a hoodlum to a successful businessman thanks to the compassion of one Jonathan Joestar, is aiding him in his quest.
  • Though he used to be on the bad side of Smokey Bear because of his deforestation, the two have buried the hatchet as the Once-ler wants to make up to the forest and helping him would be a good start. He and Earl Hickey also ended up working together, given the Once-ler has learned a thing or two about karma and is interested in Earl's spin on it.
  • Utterly horrified by the Lich, which is to be expected. However his fear was intensified by the fact that the Lich's current existence is a product the Great Mushroom War. Basically, a byproduct of mankind's foolishness and apathy to the environment writ large. Of course, it's not like the Once-ler could do a thing to even inconvenience the Lich, which is even more reason to fear him.
  • Doesn't oppose Professor Venomous like he does the Lich or his enemies, but is frustrated that his fall from heroic grace led to him recovering as a villain. The Once-ler considers his motive for villainy/the same reason he lost his powers (obsession with gaining power) to be truly Sisyphian and it further upsets him he fell into that kind of trap.
  • According to one eccentric mortal, his real mistake, is that he doesn't replace the trees he cut down. True, it takes 10 years for them to grow back to full, but many logging and paper companies do the same for the trees they cut down for their products; that's just good business. Had the Once-ler stuck to his guns, used scarcity to raise the price, and maintained the forest, there would've been less justification for the Lorax's opposition. While it's a fair argument, most still consider Aloysis O'Hare evil. Granted he still did right for his citizens to a point, but he was still a Tyrannical Town Tycoon who had no interest in the trees returning as it'd threaten his business.