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The Hall of Ghosts looks like the stereotypical spooky haunted mansion on the outside, but on the inside every room is different and unique, haunted by a different ghost God. Beetlejuice resides over the cemetery outside. Visitors may get guidance from Casper, who will steer them clear of danger.


Needless to say, this hall is completely avoided by Ragna the Bloodedge, Mako Reizei, Alice the 16th and Taiga Hanaya/Kamen Rider Snipe; merely stepping on the hall entrance will cause them to scream like a girl and run off in terror. On the other hand, there's Rohan Kishibe, who decided not to go here due to his history with being followed by ethereal spirits. The Ghostbusters are banned from entering this hall without special permission, though they may come by to drop off any offending ghosts they capture in the other halls. Especially after that debacle with Kayako Saeki's ascension...

Any Ghost-type Pokemon is welcome to visit.

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Intermediate Gods

    Daniel Fenton/Danny Phantom 
Daniel "Danny" Fenton, God of the Ghostly Chill (Danny Phantom, Little Badger, Ghost Child, "Invis-o-Bill", Great One, Savior of the Ghost Zone)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God while using the Ecto-Skeleton)
  • Symbol: The D insignia
  • Theme Song: Danny Phantom
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Kid Hero, Cool Loser, Dark Is Not Evil, Book Dumb, combination of powers including invisibility, flight and strength, intangibility, overshadow, detecting ghosts, energy beams, duplication, the ghostly wail, and ice powers, Hero with Bad Publicity, use powers to peep the girls' locker room, The Snark Knight, Henshin Hero
  • Domains: Hero, Ghost, Cold
  • Herald: Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton (his sister, also shared with his parents)
  • Allies: Sam Manson (his girlfriend), Tucker Foley (his best friend), Jack and Maddie Fenton (his parents), Good Nickelodeon deities, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Superman, Steven Universe, The Ghostbusters, Casper, Sayo Aisaka, Ben Tennyson, Erma
  • Enemies: Vlad Masters, Dark Danny, Desiree, Ember McLain, Denzel Crocker, Plankton, King Boo, Sadako Yamamura, Gengar, Spooky, Malevolent AI deities, Dr. Doom, The Dazzlings, Margaret Moonlight
  • Opposes: Agent K and Agent J
  • Young Danny Fenton was only 14 years old when his parents created a portal into the Ghost Zone which he accidentally activated. Now half-ghost, he nows fight against ghosts that could threaten his friends and family. He ascended into the Pantheon to keep more evil and malevolent specters from causing problems to the living.
    • With his power to detect ghosts through his own chilled breath, or Ghost Sense as he calls it, he can immediately tell that a ghost is nearby and is ready to "Go Ghost" when danger is imminent.
      • His Ghost Sense was actually a sign of his ice powers which is completely unique to him from other ghost deities. It took training from the Ghost Zone and a destructive plant ghost in his own town in order to properly yield such power.
  • Danny is sickened by Victor von Doom's obsession with the Richards family which reminds him a lot of his archenemy, Vlad Masters/Plasmius, who has an obsession with his family.
  • When he saw a box moving by itself, he thought it was the Box Ghost who came back to be a nuisance, but he held the box and saw that it was Solid Snake. The soldier disappeared from the act much to the ghost's confusion.
  • Among several superheroes in the Pantheon, he got the most respect from Spiderman, who is also a dork like him. Superman actually noticed that he sounded like Jimmy Olsen.
  • Danny is routinely inspecting the House of Food just so that he doesn't find the Lunch Lady Ghost causing a mess in the cafeteria or the kitchen.
  • When searching through the houses, he saw Flash Thompson and thought it was the bully Dash Baxter in a glance. While Flash was a bully once, he has since moved out of that phase in which he figures that he is not like him.
  • He, along with Spongebob Squarepants, Timmy Turner (They share the same creator), and the one who first brought them together, Jimmy Neutron, once joined forces in order to stop their villains from taking over the multiverse.
  • He heard that a boy named Ben Tennyson once held an evil ghost known as Zs'Skayr and though he once used him to assume the form of Ghostfreak, he manage to regain enough strength to break free from the Omnitrix. Danny is willing to work with Ben if it means defeating him from any of his diabolical plans.
  • Though he is sure that none of the ghosts in his Rogues Gallery have made it into the Pantheon (yet), there are some deities that he is not happy to see when they are similar to the adversaries he fought.
    • There was the Dazzlings, who once tried to hypnotize the Pantheon, which was similar to Ember McLain.
  • Danny is very wary about the Men in Black as he faced an expy of them called the Guys in White, who hunt down any paranormal activities. For their part, the MIB don't have any interest in Danny. As they deal with extra-terrestrial violence rather than supernatural stuff; that's a Ghostbusters thing.
  • In Christmas, Danny used to hate it, but only because his parents were always arguing over the existence of Santa Claus, making his experience during them unpleasant. Until one Christmas, he went to the Ghost Zone after shopping some ornaments and decorations in order to destroy them, but he accidentally destroyed a poem by The Ghost Writer and was trapped in his second one in order to teach him a lesson. One shenanigan later (and after beating him up), he learned that "Christmas is celebrated in the way of their choosing."
  • He was absolutely horrified to find out that Dark Danny ascended to the Pantheon as well. However, he ran into Clockwork before battling him, who assured Danny that "He is not your problem alone any longer".
  • Danny Fenton was enraged to learn that his nemesis had ascended, and immediately went off to kick his ass. However, both of them will team up against Dark Danny. Vlad considers that Danny as an abomination, whose actions would lead that Vlad to realize what a fool he'd been.
  • He once went into Margaret's temple, mistaking her for his own ghost "Ember" (He got confused by her voice sounding similar). Once the incident was cleared up, he did apologize to her and moved on, but has his eyes on her as she's an assassin.
  • Easily has made friends with the ghost girl Erma, not only for helping him keep the peace with other ghost deities, but especially as she reminds Danny of his own ghost girl cousin, Dani Phantom. He is currently trying to find a way to ascend her, seeing her as a great companion to Erma.
  • Prior to becoming a ghost, he dreamed of being an astronaut. He shares that dream with Yuki Jojima of the Kamen Rider Club and was proud when he learned that Yuki successfully made her dream come true.
  • "I'm going ghost!"

    Flying Dutchman 
The Flying Dutchman, God of Ghost Pirates
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A green skull symbol with knives as crossbones
  • Theme Song: Flying Dutchman's Grave, Malleus Mallificarum
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ghost Pirate, Flying Dutchman, Spectral Psychopomp, Peek-a-Bogeyman, Comedic Nightmares, Standard Pirate Attire, Sickly Green Glow, Superpower Lottery, Single Colored Ghosts, Large Ham
  • Domains: Specters, Frights, Deals, Ghosts, Pirates
  • Followers: LeChuck, Los Dark, Captain Liliana The Black Pirate
  • Allies: Oswald Thorn, Jack O'Lantern, Thaal Sinestro, Spooky, Pitch Black, Death (Regular Show), The Fazbear Gang, Spinal, Beetlejuice, Gengar
  • On speaking terms with: SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Jack Skellington, Danny Fenton
  • Enemies: The Incubators (one-sided), Jack and Maddie Fenton, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Jack Frost, Dark Danny, King Boo, the Ghostbusters
  • Opposes: Massive cheapskates like Mr Krabs, the Reagans and Mr Burns, The Amoeba Boys, Peter Pettigrew, Freddy Krueger
  • Opposed by: Squidward Tentacles, Isabela of Rivain
  • Fears: Void of the Godhand, Beerus
  • Under the sea in Bikini Bottom lies a strange specter known as the Flying Dutchman. A Ghost Pirate, it is said that his corpse was used as a mannequin in a clothing store window, and as such he is never at rest. Time and time again he haunts and frightens the people of Bikini Bottom. That being said, when SpongeBob and Patrick get involved his frights can the rails.
  • Has a varying relationship with SpongeBob and Patrick. While he can end up being an enemy with them like in "Shanghaied" where they were incompetent forced shipmates, they've also helped out when SpongeBob brought his groove back. This has been unfortunate for Squidward who's still scared silly of him.
  • While scary and somewhat malevolent, he more enjoys scaring and frightening people over killing them, even if he can be a real jerk about it. He gets along pretty well with Oswald Thorn and Jack O'Lantern, and try their best to spook and scare. He likes the idea of having a Sinestro Corps ring, however Sinestro has told him he has to try better and being scary if he's to have a shot at getting one. He does try his best.
  • Particularly skilled at making fancy rope knots, however he hasn't worn shoes for over 5000 years and as such can't help with shoelaces. Instead he uses his lucky sock, which he values deeply and will grant wishes for it. Just be careful because he gets a wish too.
  • Appreciates those skilled in bringing frights as a job, such as Pitch Black and Jack Skellington. With the former he's troubled Jack Frost on a number of occasions. However he isn't fond of those bad at it; the Amoeba Boys wanted to work for him, but were terrible at it. Also while he's impressed by Freddy Krueger's skills at fear, he opposes his murdering.
  • A good friend of Davy Jones, a fellow undead pirate who doubles as a Psychopomp. The Dutchman helps maintain his locker where he stuffs bad souls after their death. Also works well with Spinal, who's helped to maintain his ship. Less so with Isabela of Rivain, who he hit on to her displeasure and in spite of his wedding ring.
  • Is terrified of the Godhand member Void, as it reminds him of when SpongeBob shaved himself. He became even more scared learning about Void and Berserk as whole, stating that "there's a difference between "scary" and SCARY". Beerus frightens him as well due to learning he could destroy ghosts.
  • He does deals with people's souls, though with the Incubators he's gotten less income much to his discontent (not that they notice him). Sometimes he competes with Death from Regular Show in a friendly competition, occasionally drinking when they get cheated out. However those who are cheapskates in deals upset him, like when Mr. Krabs gave up SpongeBob for 62 seconds. Eliza and Neal Reagen were even more intolerable, and Mr Burns even more cheap. Plus with Krabs there are way too many people to claim his soul already. Peter Pettigrew really repulses him due to selling out his friends to save him own skin.
  • Has good camaraderie to his fellow ghosts. He loves to work with Spooky, and can sympathize with her desire to be taken seriously. He's seen joining in with Gengar's pranks. However there are some ghosts that give him the creeps. While initially liking King Boo, learning of his omnicidal mania led him to declare the Boo insane. Like most ghosts he thinks Dark Danny is horrifying, and will briefly team-up with Danny Fenton to stop him.
  • Though not strictly a ghost, him and Freddy Fazbear seem to get along. This might be in part being reminiscent of Foxy the Pirate.
  • As with all ghosts, he opposes the Ghostbusters. Was rather concerned to learn Jack and Maddie Fenton had arrived to help them out even more.

Hisako, Goddess of Vengeful Spirits (Avenging Ghost, Eternal Child, Chiharu, Shin Hisako)
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    Kayako Saeki 
Kayako Saeki, Goddess of Post-Mortem Malevolence (Kayako Kawamata, Ju-On, Sayako, Sadakaya)
Click here to see Sadakaya 
  • Intermediate Goddess, possible Greater Goddess as Sadakaya
  • Symbol: The Saeki House and the number '4'
  • Theme Song: Ju-On OST
  • Leitmotif: Her death rattle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Big Bad Of The Series, Mascot Villain, Almost Always Drenched in Blood, Possesses Her Victims, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, Once a Housewife, Fuses with Sadako To Form Sadakaya, Killed by Neck Snap, Became A Monster after Death, Has Weaponized Hair, Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl
  • Domains: Curses, Death, Fear, Revenge, Undead
  • Heralds: Toshio Saeki, formerly Toshio Yamaga (her son), Takeo Saeki (her husband and murderer)
  • High Priestess: Sachiko Shinozaki
  • Followers: Matilda Dixon, Suzanne, Yamaoka Rin, Chiharu Kazami
  • Allies: None (nobody's that stupid)
  • Special Relationship: Eveline, Erma Williams
  • Rival: Alma Wade
  • Enemies: Sadako Yamamura (forced fusee), The Ghost Kamen Riders (especially Takeru), Sam and Dean Winchester, John Constantine, Harry Dresden, Skulduggery Pleasant, Hellboy, Danny Phantom, all ascended When They Cry deities (especially Shion Shinozaki), Dr. Gero
  • Kindred Spirits with: The House of Vengeance
  • Fears: Ghost Rider, Chi-Chi
  • Feared by: Practically everybody that isn't immortal or undead like her (especially Demigods and below), but special note goes to the Ghostbusters and those two 501st Legion members
  • Opposed by: Hisako, every good-aligned parent in the Pantheon, Goten and Trunks, Zamasu
  • Avoids: Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion
  • Being Scouted By: Atrocitus, Dark Danny, Mephisto, Nekron
  • Ju-On. A curse that strikes fear (and death) in the hearts of many. The product of an individual dying a violent death, it is a dark supernatural force that brutally ends every living being it comes in contact with. And there is no more infamous example of this curse's terror than Kayako Saeki. Once an ordinary (albeit shy) Japanese housewife, she was killed by her husband Takeo along with her son Toshio and the family cat Mar after he discovered her love for another mannote  recorded in her journal. Spraining her ankle, getting her neck snapped, and stabbed multiple times in quick succession, she revived as an onryō hell-bent on killing everyone who steps foot in the Saeki household, with Kobayashi and her husband among her first victims. Last seen having merged with Sadako Yamamura to form Sadakaya, her curse has now reached the Pantheonnote .
  • The Ghostbusters happened to be visiting the House of Ghosts to stop another disturbance by King Boo. Walking back to their temple after a successful operation, they stumbled on the old house and wandered inside. Since curiosity kills the cat, they were cornered by Kayako and splattered in the attic. When their remains were found by patrolling 501st stormtroopersnote , they were immediately carted to the House of Life and Vitality for revival. It took several weeks for them to come back to themselves and retell what happened (which was not pretty). Since then, Kayako's new temple has been relocated to an area farther away from the rest of her neighbours and heavily quarantined to prevent her curse from permeating the rest of the Pantheon.
    • This hasn't hindered Kayako in the slightest, since the Ghostbusters had gotten her curse (as well as the 501st stormtroopers) and it spreads like The Plague. Merely stepping into the Saeki house curses you, and there is no way to break free of it. Granted, the fact that Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon has heavily mitigated the death toll, but Kayako won't cease pursuing whoever has disturbed her abode and this in turn only increases her fear factor. The only way to be directly killed by Kayako now is to step into her temple and remain there long enough for her to attack, as the Ghostbusters discovered to their peril. Only Ray has any semblance of wanting to get back at her.
    • Don't try running away from her either. While an ordinary villain would pull a You Can Run, but You Can't Hide on the pursued, Kayako can just appear in front of you, behind you, even below you. Nowhere is safe. Not even under the covers or even the clothes on your back!
    • Kayako has similarly been targeted by various Occult Detectives and Monster Hunters, although none of them have had any real success. The Winchesters mistakenly believed her to be a Shojo, a Japanese alcohol spirit which can be killed by being stabbed with a samurai sword consecrated by a Shinto blessing. It didn't work. Others like John Constantine, Harry Dresden and Skulduggery Pleasant have tried various Magical Incantations, Full-Contact Magic and Elemental Powers, which also didn't really do much to her. Finally, there are those such as Hellboy and Danny Phantom who tried to attack her more directly, which also failed.
  • Note that this Kayako is an amalgamation of several versions of herself (the one from the original novel, the one from the first four films, the one from the American adaptation, and the one from the reboot films). The Court has decreed that while this Kayako has memories from all four incarnations of her, she most heavily draws from the Japanese film versions of her. Not that it makes much of a difference anyway, since they all died the same way and share near identical characteristics.
  • Kayako is a very different animal from Sadako Yamamura, the Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl from her sister franchise, the The Ring. Sadako at the very least is seen to have a visible awareness of her abilities, having used her psychic powers to manufacture her signature videotape curse and later adapting to spreading it via the Internet, Kayako's Ju-On curse is almost entirely a byproduct of her violent death and she is entirely fueled by her rage and anger. Because of this, Atrocitus is wondering if he can force her to wear a Red Lantern ring to serve as a weapon for him to kill Krona with, after determining it as useless to control Alma Wade with a ring. All attempts have proven unsuccessful since you don't control Kayako. She controls you.
  • Before entering the Pantheon proper, Kayako was one of the many J-Horror ghosts roaming the halls of the Dominion of Heavenly Host Elementary School, killing trapped people there in much the same way as she would have done normally, her infamy rivalling that of the school's main spirit, Sachiko. When Kayako was beamed out of there following her ascension, Sachiko tagged along to became her High Priestess so she could have more fun outside her nightmarish realm. This was tepidly supported by the Main House who saw giving her someone to interact with as a better option compared to her rampaging alone across the Pantheon. To her credit, while mostly ignorant of Sachiko, when she does, Kayako does love her like her own daughter. Sachiko is still disgruntled that the dynamic paints her as the Number Two to Kayako to deities that don't know of Corpse Party, where in Heavenly Host she reigned supreme, yet remains supportive of her so-called mother in killing and torturing, encouraging her in this attitude.
    • Eveline has a similar dynamic with her, as her chief desire is to have a family of her own. While usually with the the Bakers, she acts as a surrogate daughter to Kayako and acts as a secret weapon of sorts in the family to combat Sadako, since her powers are far more diverse than simple killing and teleporting, reaching even the ability to control matter. Hence, Erma Williams should be an enemy, yet an odd kinship with Toshio (and going on a picnic with the family) completely flips the script here.
  • Speaking of Toshio, her son is probably the only individual she expresses any sort of affection (or even positive emotion) for. A common tactic of his is to appear as an ordinary child (he is normally a naked pale ghost) to lure sympathetic prey closer for his mother to attack. He mocks them with his signature meow signifying how his soul has merged with that of Mar, the family cat. Besides that, he mostly hangs around his mother, silent and hopeful for new victims to come. New evidence has come to light that Toshio may not be Kayako's child at all. In truth, he is the reincarnation of a child named Toshio Yamaga, left in a closet to die during a heat wave. His resultant Ju-On spirit entered Kayako's womb and fulfilled her wish to have a child. In essence, this means that Takeo's suspicion of Kayako's child not being his was correct and Toshio indirectly caused Kayako's own demise and Ju-On curse.
    • Kayako seems to have a twisted sense of affection towards other children in the Pantheon, and saves them for last in any one of her killing sprees. Some children have tried to help her out (if they're powerful enough). Timmy Turner once wished her back to life, but the power of the curse proved too strong and she snapped back within four seconds. Da Rules probably should update its pages.
  • The only person she was never able to scare or outright kill is Son Chi-Chi, who looked her straight in the face and did....something. Eyewitness reports state that Kayako quailed in terror and disappeared in a pool of blood.
    • She is scared shitless of the Ghost Rider as his Penance Stare could permanently incapacitate her. Yes, it works on ghosts.
  • Zamasu was very intrigued by her arrival. While he groused about how she was an example of the foolishness of mortals as usual, since her love for another man led to her death by an equally foolish and crazy husband. After Terumi suggested he actually do something again for once, he checked out the house to witness one of her murder sprees and had a brief skirmish with her. You can guess who won. Now he has the slightest tinge of respect for her unbridled desire to decimate anyone who comes near her or her family, a slave to her own hatred. The fact that she has a second place in his own House has only increased his interest in manipulating her to commit petty murders for him to ensure plausible deniability.
    • Mephisto finds her to be the perfect source of Hatred, the Ju-On potentially making him all the more powerful given his domain being hatred and a tool he could use for his schemes. Doubt she would like him back.
  • As mentioned above, Kayako can forcibly merge with Sadako Yamamura to form an entity containing both curses: Sadakaya. The resultant spirit has Sadako's attire and mannerisms but emits Kayako's death rattle. The videotape also is played in the doorway of the Saeki household instead of the traditional well. This form has double the power of its constituent ghosts combined and is nigh invulnerable to Intermediate deities and below. Now that they are separated again, it would be unwise to wish for them to fuse again.
    • This hasn't stopped people from trying. Dr. Gero in one of his 'phases' captured Sadako by purposely cursing himself with the videotape and entering Kayako's temple. Once this was accomplished, he used a shock collar to trap Sadakaya and increase the fusion rate via stolen Potara Earrings. The result was 'Super Sadakaya'. The ghost unleashed a psychic wave that utterly decimated the House of Ghosts and necessitated a full rebuild of the place to prevent a chain reaction of ghost invasions into the Pantheon. Miraculously, Dr. Gero escaped justice for this heinous act. In fact, he has plans on trying again, only with more ghosts.
  • If Sadako had never existed, Alma Wade would take the top spot as Kayako's chief rival and enemy. As they are scarily similar in traits and personality, they get into altercations often with Alma winning almost all the time. At least twenty victims can be caught in the crossfire, and the anger exuded was so great that even Red Lantern Corps member were terrified and longer certain that they can control Kayako in any way, shape or form.
    • This bitter rivalry has gained the attention of Dark Danny, who sees her as a useful substitute for Alma Wade as a potential ghost-in-chief for him. Danny is determined to prevent that from happening.
  • Every When They Cry deity hates her with a passion as her Ju-On curse is nothing more than a worse version of the Himamizawa Syndrome that can't be sealed because is it contained within a sentient being. They never venture near the Saeki household if they can help. Shion in particular sealed herself in her temple for 24 hours after learning of her ascension.
  • In her own twisted way, she sympathises with Scorpion in regards to him losing his family, and Scorpion doesn't mess with her due to the nature of her death.
  • If there is any hope for Kayako, there is speculation that she returns to her normal self on her birthday, like Sachiko. Since her birth date has never been divulged, there is no way of determining if that is the case.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Hatred.

    Sadako Yamamura 
Sadako Yamamura, Goddess of Stringy Haired Ghost Girls
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Either a stone well or an ordinary looking video cassette.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Stringy Haired Ghost Girls, Haunted Technology, Brown Notes, Blinding Bangs, The Faceless, Prehensile Hair, Psychic Powers, Tragic Villains, Sealed Evil in a Can, Unsettling Gender Reveal, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
  • Domains: Ghosts, Water, Darkness, Revenge, Curses
  • Followers: Mitsuko, Natre
  • High Priest: Samara Morgan
  • Allies: Alma Wade, Yubel.
  • Enemies: Hisako, the entire House of Technology.
  • Annoyances: The Ghostbusters.
  • Complicated Relationship: Erma Williams, Pinkie Pie.
  • Sadako was formerly the high priest for Samara. It was suggested that Sadako and Samara act as co-goddesses. Inspector Zenigata received two cursed videotapes in the post for making such a suggestion, which were removed by the SCP Foundation. In the end, Sadako was voted into the position, and Samara demoted to high priestess.
  • Doesn't technically have a temple, but rather just dwells within her well and videotapes. Some have suggested everything that has a screen is her altar.
  • A lot of the Pantheon freaked out when it was revealed that Sadako is genetically male. She found unexpected comfort in Yubel, who told her, "I know how you feel".
  • Due to Sadako's Divine Parentage, there has been mass speculation who her anonymous, supernatural father is. Aquaman, Davy Jones, and most gods with psychic powers have denied it. It is suspected that her father also conceived Samara at some point due to their near identical simularities. Erma's mother Emiko was asked if she had a long lost sister, or if Erma had a twin, which she staunchly denied.
  • Banned from the House of Technology for good reason! The SCP Foundation have to keep a close eye on Sadako's movements, just in case she tries to spread her curse through other means.
  • Approached Manny Calavera to ask him how to escape her eternal damnation, but all he said was to find a hole to hide in. Sadako then chucked him down her well and haunted him for a week.
  • Attempted to invade Teletubbyland but that backfired when she knocked Tinky Winky into a brief coma when attempting to crawl out of his stomach telly.
  • A pretty skilled user of the Xanatos Gambit, telekinetically creating a DNA-copying virus that can either kill victims or impregnate them with clones of her to ensure she survives.
  • Sees YouTube as a possible source to spread her curse, only to receive copyright messages from Viacom every time she has tried. Sadako intends on sending a videotape to Viacom's bosses at some point. Actually a clever ruse set up by numerous deities to avert her attempts.
  • Secretly likes the House of Theatre due to her past hobbies and would like to restart her acting career if not for scaring everybody.
  • To her surprise, was once approached by (read: tackle hugged into the ground) by Erma Williams, whom believed her to be her mother. However, shortly after, she realized her mistake and quickly got off her. Emiko certainly got a shock when Sadako turned up with Erma in hand. Sadako does wish that Erma would stop pulling her back through televisions of those that watched her tape, often to force out an apology. Her chances of succeeding in her plans have greatly diminished due to how Erma is willing to step up and personally intervene with her whenever she tries to kill her victims.
  • She has a complex relationship with the Ponies of Equestria. Whilst Samara despises all equine for personal reasons, Sadako found herself in the company of Pinkie Pie, who emerged from a television before her, baffling Sadako with her hyperactive personality. They peculiar sunshine and raincloud friendship perplexes most deities, Pinkie encouraging Sadako to put aside her grudges, loosen up, and have some fun. Along with Erma, this led to a series of pranks where they would burst out of televisions to surprise unsuspecting victims. Pinkie took it one step further by creating a fake copy of Sadako's cursed videotape, and launching surprise birthday parties for deities. Needless to say, Sadako was left bewildered and confused, showing signs of change whilst in the company of Erma and Pinkie.
  • Appears to regard Alma Wade as a kindred spirit due to their similar backstories, and both act as Erma's "bodyguards" when she becomes upset.
  • If she and Hisako cross paths, even if a glance, can lead to quite the stand-off, Hisako regarding her aimless revenge to be pointless. Sadako was put in the doghouse so to speak (i.e. her well) after Erma caught her trying to blow Hisako's head up with her powers. They eventually made up, and Sadako steers clear of Hisako to avoid further confrontations for Erma's sake.
  • Her high priest, Samara, is a difficult ghost to deal with, has a profound hatred for horses and most adults, and can only aim her powers rather than control them. Some have theorised she is actually an alternate version of Erma, lacking the good parenting and guidance she was brought up with. Erma tries to avoid Samara, finding her frightening. The relationship between Sadako and Samara is hard to tell, since both are so similar. But, in rare flashes, Sadako has been seeing petting Samara on the head or playing with her hair.
  • Has a second counterpart from Korea named Park Euh-Sun, who is rarely seen. The only real difference is that when she kills people, they develop pointed elven ears for some reason.
  • Repeatedly hounded by the Ghostbusters and occasionally Luigi, who have come up with ever ridiculous ways to suppress her curse. Antics have included putting a grate atop her well, or recording over all of her videotapes with episodes of The Clangers.
  • Recently, the Entity has caught interest in Sadako and how her curse works. As of right now, attempts to capture her and make her one of its Killers has failed, but it believes that it only needs a few months to do so.

    Yuyuko Saigyouji 
Yuyuko Saigyouji, Goddess of Cute Ghost Girls (Yuyuko Saigyouzi)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Butterfly danmaku flying around her fan
  • Theme Music: Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cute, Ghosts, Very Much Moe, Obfuscating Gluttony, Absolute Mastery Of Death and Spirits, Cherry Blossom Girl
  • Domains: Otherness, Death, Afterlife, Ghosts
  • Allies: Youmu Konpaku (her servant), Yukari Yakumo, Hsien-ko, Yumei Hatou, Kirby, Sayo Aisaka
    • Partner: Gengar
  • Can kill anyone in the Pantheons, unless they're already dead. Except Mister Rogers...just because. Cause of death may be from her power, or her sheer moe elements.
  • Is a loud-and-proud Sega Dreamcast fangirl. After being deified, she didn't pay much heed to its predecessor, the Sega Saturn, until notable Saturn enthusiast Segata Sanshiro challenged her to an honest battle of danmaku and judo. After losing this battle(she held her own at danmaku, it was the judo part that threw her off), Yuyuko became a lot more appreciative of what the Saturn has to offer, and simply settled on being fond of both consoles.
  • She thought she could befriend that Ghost Lady below... until she suddenly revealed her face and the fact that she's already dead means Yuyuko couldn't invoke death on her, poor Yuyuko got scared shitless, hiding on her blanket crying and in trauma, she changed her house title to avoid association with the Ghost Lady.
  • Can be seen around House of Food trying to gather food. Unfortunately, she is willing to eat anything, even people. Fortunately, Yukari is willing to help if she is really hungry with stuff like the so-called "Meat Dimension" she heard from the Investigation Team.
  • Don't think that she is harmless just because she might not look that bright. If she draws out her giant fan, run away.
  • Is friends with Ayu and Fuko as she is in a similar situation as them.
  • Has recently made friends with Kirby due to both of them having ravenous appetites. This has caused many a deity to worry considering the amount of food they both consume.

Lesser Gods

Casper, The Friendly Ghost (Casper the Friendly Ghost, Casper McFadden)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His friendly face
  • Theme Song: Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ghosts, The Woobie, Embarrassing Middle Name, Slave to PR
  • Domains: Ghost, Friendship, Good
  • Followers: Slimer, Adam and Barbara Maitland
  • Heralds: the Ghostly Trio (Stretch, Fatso, and Stinkie), and Wendy the Good Little Witch.
  • Allies: Yuyuko Saigyouji, Sayo Aisaka, Erma
  • Enemies: The Ghost Lady, Banette. And apparently, The Nostalgia Critic
  • Odd Friendship: Hisako
  • Rose in prominence after Yuyuko's Freak Out towards the Ghost Lady. Casper now gathers all the 'good' former follower of Yuyuko and stand to oppose the Ghost Lady for freaking out his friend. Even though he's usually not into violence.
  • Apparently thinks that the way to befriend The Nostalgia Critic is to annoy the hell outta him. He also survived the Critic's ghost-bust on him, and it seems that it just deepens their relationship...
  • He stands out from other ghosts in this house in his relations with the living. He'd much rather befriend them than scare them. Because of this he is very opposed to Beetlejuice and his "exorcism of the living", though Casper's evil uncles find Beetlejuice's methods inspirational.
  • Casper wishes to deny allegations that he was Richie Rich before he died, but the rumors persist.
  • Once gave Samara a hug. He described her as hugging "a petrified sponge."
  • Has started to spend a decent amount of time with Hisako, interestingly enough. Erma has taken a noticeable shining to him and her, setting them up for play-dates together. While he certainly was shocked upon hearing of her intentions, he still doesn't mind them at all. Time will tell if he fully returns the feelings.

Peeves, God of Poltergeists (Peevsie, Peevesy)
His appearance in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His loudly-colored clothes
  • Theme Song: Peeves' Chase
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Poltergeist (not a ghost), Embodiment of Adolescent Stress, Jerkass, Troll, Lives to Trick People for the Lulz, Willing to Fight for Hogwarts and Respects Dumbledore, Intangibility and Invisibility
  • Domains: Spirits, School, Trickery, Pranks, Mischief
  • Allies: Fred and George Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Discord, the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Gengar, Rotom, the Flying Dutchman, Mr Mxyzptlk, Bugs Bunny, Theodore Jasper Detweiler
  • Enemies: ARGUS FILCH, Dolores Umbridge, Voldemort and his Death Eaters, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Yuuki Terumi, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Denzel Crocker, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Opposed by: Most stern teachers like Seymour Skinner
  • Annoyed by: The Ghostbusters, Jack Fenton
  • Avoided by: Carol Anne Freeling
  • Peeves the Poltergeist is an apparition that is bound and emerged at the beginning of Hogwarts, born from collective adolescent stress and student mischief. Classified as a poltergeist, he's the trickster of the school and likes to cause pranks and general mischief. Argus Filch despises him and has tried to get Peeves from the school, but it never works.
  • Didn't show up in the movies, and was mad about being left out. Thus Peeves demanded he be given some attention in the massive fan crossover that is the Trope Pantheon, where he tends to cause mischief in the House of School. He picked a video game adaptation for his avatar because he looks far more dashing in that form.
  • Important to remember; he's a poltergeist, not a ghost. Ghosts were humans once, while he is amortal; never a living being, and will never die(though if Hogwarts is destroyed it might destroy him). He's just considered one for convenience. He's annoyed that Jack Fenton and the Ghostbusters go after him, though Peeves has been informed that outside of the world of Harry Potter, ghosts have a lot of parameters so he stays in the house.
  • Peeves' ascension was met with dread by Carol Anne Freeling because she was a victim of a poltergeist haunting and kidnapping her. However Peeves isn't malicious, merely a prankster and doesn't wish to harm her. She still would rather stay away from him anyway.
  • While Mr Crocker is obsessed with FAIRIES!, he flat out hates Peeves the Poltergeist. So does the Trunchbull. Though to be fair to Peeves, they often bring it on themselves. Professional teachers are merely annoyed and frustrated by Peeves. Seymour Skinner refuses to let himself be in a point of weakness to Peeves, which entertains him as a possible challenge. Interestingly Peeves is on good terms Dumbledore despite the mischief he causes.
  • Sure Peeves isn't a real ghost, at least by the standards of his universe, but that doesn't stop him hanging out with Gengar, Rotom and the Flying Dutchman. This comes down to their mischievous nature. Because Hogwarts isn't too technologically advanced Rotom serves as a learning experience in how to mess around with technology. Also while he's not into the scaring field, he likes what the Dutchman can pull and how fear can be used to troll people.
  • A pain in the ass to the GUAL. As a chaotic prankster spirit, Peeves considers them an anathema and YHVH the biggest killjoy in the multiverse. Most agree with him on the "YHVH is a killjoy" assessment. When not causing mischief in the House of School, he causes mischief in the GUAL to their eternal frustration; Death Is Cheap or no, you can't kill something that was never alive.
  • The GUAC has welcomed Peeves into their ranks. Peeves isn't interested in their loftier ambitions, but does appreciate the chaos they represent and the venue of mischief. Mainly it's his continual annoyance and heckling of the GUAL that has him serve as their ally.
  • A chaotic spirit, Peeves has a kinship with Discord due to being a more powerful spirit of chaos. And then there's Mr Mxyzptlk, who Peeves is in awe for his chaotic games with the Man of Steel. He requested to be given a small percentage of Mxy's unbridled power to pull off pranks on a universal scale, however Mxy turned it down as he refuses even a tiny chance of repeating what happened last time
  • Sissel, Missile and (formerly) Yomiel may be called ghosts, but their "ghost tricks" fit the poltergeist label quite well. Instead of mischief, Sissel and Missile mainly use their powers to manipulate the environment in a way to save people's lives and avert death. Yomiel, however, used his to ruin people's lives and even commit murder as apart of a complex revenge scheme but eventually moved past this and uses his powers for good by the end of it. As such, Peeves brings little to the table, which he finds unfortunate because he hoped they could find common enough ground personality-wise to become his new friends.
  • Peeves was rather impressed by the trickery Bugs Bunny was able to pull off, and has joined him to have some fun. Cue a lot of pity going towards Elmer Fudd for this, and Yosemite Sam yelling that his bullets do diddly squat to Peeves. He likes T.J as well, what with being the prince of pranks. Still, despite being a prankster and jerk, Peeves stands for Hogwarts and fought alongside them against Voldemort and the Death Eaters. He also finds Yuuki Terumi and his trolling to be incredibly despicable and going way too far.

    Reimi Sugimoto 
Reimi Sugimoto, Goddess of Ghostly Goals (Actual Ghost Reimi Sugimoto)

Rotom, Deity of Haunted Technology (The Plasma Pokémon, Motisma)
Heat Rotom 
Wash Rotom 
Frost Rotom 
Fan Rotom 
Mow Rotom 
  • Note: Rework
  • Lesser Deity (Demideity as a RotomDex or RotomPhone, Intermediate Deity when Dynamaxed)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Neutral Good as RotomDex and RotomPhone or when under a trainer's care)
  • Symbol: A toaster with Hitodama Light
  • Theme song: Old Chateau
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Moveset
    • Set moveset: Shadow Ball, Hex, Thunder Wave
    • Depends on the form: Thundershock (Base form), Overheat (Heat Rotom), Hydro Pump (Wash Rotom), Blizzard (Frost Rotom), Air Slash (Fan Rotom), Leaf Storm (Mow Rotom)
    • Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Portfolio: Haunted Technology, Shock and Awe, Sexless Plasma Poltergeist, Technopath, The Prankster, Increase Importance Come Gen 7, Has Learned Human Speech By Then, Discard and Draw, Multiform Balance (Heat, Fan, Frost Mow and Wash), Unique Enemy, Sdrawkcab Name, Has Levitate Even As Fan Rotom, can be Disc-One Nuke in Platinum, Energy Being
  • Domains: Poltergeists, Machinery, Electricity, Ghosts, Plasma, Appliances, Possession
  • Interests: The SCP Foundation, Afoire, San Francisco DedSec, SCP-079
  • Interested in: The Wisps
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Alan Turing, The Kids Next Door, Danny Fenton
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Sparky
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Bender
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Fazbear Gang, The Puppet
  • Enemies: Pokemon Hunter J, Team Rainbow Rocket, Mad Scientists like Dr Wily, Spooky, Dark Danny, The Ghostbusters, William Afton/Springtrap, me because I'm a toaster
  • Opposed by: The House of Machinery and Technology, The Investigation Team, Jack and Maddie Fenton, deities from The Matrix
  • Fears: SKYNET, Sigma, Ultron, Ladd Russo, SCP-633
  • Distrusted by: Philip J Fry
  • Rotom the Plasma Pokémon is a muchly disliked deity by many other deities who rely on technology as Rotom has the ability to take control of any technology. While Rotom never uses this ability for evil, most are annoyed by the fact that Rotom will instead use this ability for playing pranks and having fun. Rotom is a living plasma that can become stronger and change its typing depending on what appliance it possesses, however the Pokémon has found practical usage in being part of the Rotomdex or Rotomphone.
  • When Rotom ascended, they went on a pranking epidemic by possessing different appliances and gaining different forms. This quickly gave the Ghost type a bad reputation, and one of the few deities that actually gets along well with Rotom is Nero Yuzurizaki as her Toys allows her to control machinery with a stick. Nero also frequently irritates other deities because while she mostly uses her Toys to catch criminals, she also uses her Toys for pranking others as well.
    • Rotom took over ovens in the House of Food to achieve their Heat Rotom form, and then mess with the refrigerators by taking them over and becoming Frost Rotom. The recent string of curses coming from Gordon Ramsey were blamed on the poltergeist meddling with these devices, and this led to a temporary ban until the Pokémon learned their lesson. Fortunately just because Rotom could take over the refrigerator didn't mean they got a drop of the alcohol and cause drunk mischief. What, if anything, the Pokémon eats hasn't been discerned.
    • After that, it went to the House of Costumes in order to take over clothes-washers and mess with the clothes there. Those who wore tight outfits like Black Shadow were majorly pissed at their clothes shrinking in the wash and having to buy a new one. It's advised that any living clothing like Ryuko should never come in contact with Wash Rotom in fear of some sort of corruption. It's also advised not to clean bloodied clothes as Rotom is still traumatized over Ladd Russo putting his shirts in it.
    • There were later complaints that Rotom had stolen the fans from visitors to the Hall of Fire and Heat to take them over and become Fan Rotom, but left out of anger by them mocking how now that they were part-Flying, Levitate was a completely pointless ability. Finally Rotom ended their rampage by possessing a lawnmower in the House of Plants and cutting hedges, making their name in the tall grass found in the premises. By the time the residents came to complain Rotom had gotten bored with their games and returned to the Hall of Ghosts. They've returned to the House of Nature to test their different forms, and sometimes engage in a rivalry with Sparky in their ability to possess technology and electrical prowess.
  • Rotom's temple is filled to the brim with many microwaves, refrigerators, fans, lawn mowers and washing machines as while Rotom can screw with other technology for fun, Rotom can use these appliances for combat and gets a new typing and attack depending on what Rotom possesses. Due to one of his past incarnations, Rotom is a surprisingly big fan of shooting galleries. Ever since many TVs have been invaded by Rotom whenever it wants to sleep, The Investigation Team have been very wary of Rotom in the event that they decides to use this ability for other purposes. They've stated they're more interested in the Types of Mechas Hall than what the Investigation Team are doing as they want to possess badass mecha.
  • Rotom really doesn't like to be around the Hall of Cheats and Glitches since they tried to take over a glitchy appliance only to get sick and vomit electricity. They might be capable of taking over certain cybernetics under the right circumstances, but have declared this to be Sick and Wrong. They were initially repulsed by Danny Fenton's overshadowing ability, but eventually got over it as it wasn't as dark as they thought and Danny is a good guy. Rotom is interested in occasionally playing the hero with him, but wants to stay clear of his parents due to their more overzealous nature. Jack Fenton's proven a lot more defensive when it comes to handling the Plasma Pokémon than usual since he fears the ghost will try to possess the Fenton Thermos or other ghost-hunting technology.
  • The SCP Foundation were interested in studying Rotom and whether they'd be able to study some mechanical SCPs, having made an "SCPDex" modeled after the RotomDex. While they didn't test it in potentially deadly combinations like SCP-633 for obvious reasons, and despite clear interest on both Rotom and SCP-079's the latter wasn't used out of fear the Old A.I might get out of control, Rotom was used on me in all my toasty goodness to overcome my effect. It kind of worked, but people referred to him in the first person rather than me unlike he vacated my body. Rotom seems to have really hated possessing me and whenever he talks about me I say that I'm an idiot box.
  • Rotom was later allowed to possess SCP-105's camera. The anomalous effect remained unchanged, however any attempt to go through the picture resulted in minor electrocution. Further tests were cancelled. Another test was done on SCP-261, which still had its anomalous traits but with Rotom in control and the vending machine a lot more likely to dispense food from the Hokkaido region. One treat had the QR code for an alternate universe Pulseman game. Seto Kaiba later tested Rotom on a Duel Disk, however stopped testing when it became clear only cards of the Thunder Monster type would show holograms for some reason.
  • Any testing involving a Computer Virus, no matter, how harmless it may be, was also cancelled out of fear it might pass on to Rotom. The Plasma Pokémon is mortally terrified of gods like Sigma since they want to turn them into a vector of their viral A.I will, maybe even expanding control to organic life forms. They also tend to avoid The Ghostbusters like the plague ever since the time when they came to Rotom's chateau and attacked him. The time they spent with the SCP Foundation have given them a mortal terror of an information-stealing SCP and any attempt to look up information on it, even only picture-related, on the RotomPhone will get you a rooster doing a flip.
  • As mentioned, Rotom has become more responsible thanks to the RotomDex and RotomPhone, though they still have a bit of an ego on them. Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan have encouraged them to help out and were pleasantly surprised Rotom was capable of controlling a laptop and letting people access the site. That said, they sometimes change articles in their favor. Some of the spookier and out there entries in the RotomDex led people to accuse Rotom of embellishment, which they denied. Those in the Hall of Learning Tools want to expand Rotom's ability to update with computers for important stuff since Rotom tends to behave when things really require it.
  • Rotom is good friends with other ghostly deities including fellow ghost type Pokémon Sableye and Spiritomb due to their mischievous personality, as well as Sayo Aisaka and Yuyuko Saigyouji. Despite being seen as the Black Sheep of the Pokémon world, they like Porygon and their family given their connection to technology and adaptability. They aren't all that liked in the House of Machinery and Technology and for both their security and everyone else's Rotom is under strict surveillance, but there are deities there who tolerate them; Alan Turing likes to test Rotom's ability to possess technology, and the Tamagotchi are generally friendly with them. Sometimes Rotom joins the KND to prank bad adults.
  • Even though Rotom usually uses its abilities for fun, Rotom will often use its abilities to screw with the Mad Scientists of the pantheon as a human he once knew a human that went crazy after using their knowledge for evil. Dr Wily wishes to turn them into a method of hijacking Mega Man, however the Pokémon has stated they aren't strong enough to control any A.I with a Lesser Deity or beyond rank. Wily did give them the idea of bonding and empowering Mega Man due to wanting to play hero. When bonded with Rotom Mega Man is able to use Rotom's moveset and even charge it with the Mega Buster unlike your standard Robot Master attack. However he can't use his normal attacks or access other Robot Master powers so long as he's bonded to Rotom. The two become Electric/Steel in this form.
  • Bender once had an experience as a technology-possessing Virtual Ghost, where the Robot Devil tried to get him to kill Fry. However he couldn't go through with it and decided to stay in Robot Hell, eventually leading to his resurrection. He'd rather not go through that a second time, but he is amused by Rotom's capacity for mischief due to their domain over Haunted Technology and has encouraged them to try and use their powers for theft. While Rotom would prefer to not be as bad as Bender they admit Bender's very fun to be around. Fry remains skeptical about Rotom because of the whole affair with Bender haunting him, though, and hopes Rotom doesn't accidentally cause Bender to get high on electricity again.
  • For those wondering about said human, it was initially believed the human was Team Galactic Commander Charon, who had a soft spot for the creature due to having met it in the Old Chateau as a child. Recent evidence suggests that Charon was merely copying down notes that Cyrus made, who has a soft spot and wonders if things might've been different had he still had them as a companion. Of course, since Rotom isn't unique this probably isn't the same specimen. They are rare, which is why the ghostly plasma is up there on Hunter J's list. They aren't fond of members of Team Rainbow Rocket either.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd wants Rotom to improve the quality of the godawful cartridges and video games he's had to review, to which Rotom swiftly replied "NO". And they have no interest in playing with him, even if it's just to riff on the shitty games. They've stated not to be interested in Afoire's or other hackers' request to use their power for crime, as while the Plasma Pokémon is mischievous they aren't interested in outright crimenote . However Rotom is interested in the Wisps because their ability to modify and alter hosts like Sonic is kind of like how they bond with appliances, just in the other way around. Rotom would love to know if it's at all possible for them to temporarily combine their powers together.
  • Gods from the world of The Matrix tread on eggshells around Rotom due to their ability to infiltrate technology. While unable to duplicate itself and not strong enough to take over the Matrix, the Plasma Pokémon could still hijack the body of anyone plugged in or cause other problems in their machine-run dystopia. They've sworn never to do so as they only want to cause pranks and harmless mischief, not cause outright harm, but this doesn't stop them from being a Persona Non Grata to the 'verse they come from. Rotom has also stated they while they like to cause a good scare, Spooky's just mean.
  • Like most ghosts Rotom thinks Dark Danny is batshit insane. They're also chilled to the bone by the wicked machinations of William Afton and his crimes while using Haunted Technology as both Springtrap and Glitchtrap. The Serial Killer is most intrigued by the Pokémon and speculates they may be the spirit of a child like the animatronics, just without the trauma of a bloody end. Naturally, he wants to obtain Rotom's power and incorporate it into his latest model of killer robots. Despite distrusting them for their own murderous actions the Ghost type chose to side with Freddy Fazbear and friends to put an end to their nemesis' Joker Immunity. The Cassette Man was fascinated in seeing a case of Haunted Technology that wasn't tragic, and along with both Michael Afton and Mike Schmidt they've formed a close bond.

    Youmu Konpaku 
Youmu Konpaku, Goddess of Hitodama Light (The Half-Ghost Gardener, Myon, Ghost 2B)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her two swords, Roukanken and Hakurouken and her ghost half
  • Theme Music: Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being Half-Human and Half-Ghost, Young Samurai, Doesn't Think Too Hard, Katanas What Cleave Spirits, Super Speed, Undying Loyalty, Relatively Badass Normal
  • Domains: Swords, Hybrids, Ghosts, Gardeners
  • Allies: Yuyuko Saigyouji (her mistress), Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Casper, Gengar, 2B
  • Rivals: Kisuke Uzuki
  • Annoyed by: Champions of Runeterra
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sakuya Izayoi (her relationship with her debatable due to the large and inconsistent fanon)
  • Has been in the Pantheon for quite some time, but simply as her mistress Yuyuko's assistant. One day, however, decided that her loyalty would be rewarded somehow... even if Youmu had no idea that she was going to become an actual goddess.
  • Her ghost-half tends to provoke phasmophobia on others who suffer it. She doesn't intent it in any way, but whenever she gets near them, they tend to get a a chill down their spine. Though she isn't quite immune to it herself. One time, Yayoi Kise, upon meeting her, started telling a ghost story she once heard. Youmu was out faster than Yayoi can remember her friend Nao going.
    • Note that Youmu is afraid of imaginary horrors. Actual monsters? No problem. Stories and costumes of monsters what might not exist? Problem.
  • Small parts of fanon give her a bit of a strange affinity to Sakuya Izayoi, another fellow white-haired girl (Youmu's is arguably more paler however) and stage 5 servant boss who also is a master of bladed-weaponry. Very few but strong parallels have been drawn between the two, but their actual relationship with each other is still ambiguous at best.
    • One most likely thing that ties them together is her either fangirling her via Onee-sama-style, or the fact that both of them are made to be notable JoJo's Bizarre Adventure references; in Youmu's case, many people parallel her with Jean Pierre Polnareff in terms of being white-haired and a knack for swift swordsmanship.
      • Also tends to be someone annoyed in that people have some rather devious pairings of her and Reisen Udongein Inaba in some rather....notable relationships. Youmu states outright she does not roll that way, so it seems.
  • Boasts that things her Roukanken, forged by the youkai, cannot cut are close to none ("close to none" being soccer balls and bad jokes). This did draw the attention of Kisuke, who mistook the "forged by the youkai" part meaning that it is a Demon Blade, and has tried to destroy the blade. However, Youmu seems to be oblivious of Kisuke's intentions and thinks he simply wants to fight her.
  • Really wishes that the Champions of Runeterra would just stop stealing her Roukanken for themselves. One time, she tried to trick one of them taking her other sword, Hakurouken, but quickly stopped herself when she realised that they might accidentally purify a ghost with it. At the very least they should stop calling her "Youmuu" (especially via incorrect romaji).
  • The Ghostbusters actually tried to capture her once, but she managed to run away before anything could happen. Then again, some gods wonder what happens if her ghost half would get captured...
  • Is baffled when people say that she sounds like Madoka, having no idea where they get that from. But it seems to also tie into sounding like another skilled swordswoman by the name of Yuuki Konno.
    • Funny enough, she also may or may not be friends with another ghost by the name of Reimi Sugimoto, and in one other instance, Reimi (along with another individual by the name of Miles "Tails" Prower) has had the same voice as Youmu as well.
      • From there, there are small inside gags amongst some gods in that while Youmu seems to be Tails' parallel, people may be wondering if Sakuya's her Sonic…?
  • Is supposed to be Yuyuko's gardener, but behaves more as her bodyguard/servant. In fact, she was supposed to be Yuyuko's swordsmanship tutor to fill in for her missing father, but the ghost harbored no interest. Ironically, she has since drawn a few other sword-users and those aspiring to learn.