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Intermediate Gods

Castiel, God of Trenchcoats (Jimmy Novak is his vessel, Cas, Clarence, Asstiel, Feathers, Halo)
  • Intermediate God (Was an Overdeity briefly)
  • Symbol: His longcoat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with neutral tendencies (Lawful Neutral when an Overdeity)
  • Portfolio: Breakout Character, Uses Jimmy Novak's body as a vessel, Angelic Beauty, The Atoner, Badass Baritone, Beware the Nice Ones, No Social Skills, Perma-Stubble, Limited Wardrobe, Unkempt Beauty, Cannot Tell a Lie, Friend to All Living Things,
  • Domains: Light, Healing, Travel, Repose, Good
  • Allies: The Winchesters, Bobby Singer, Chuck Shurley, John Constantine, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Archangel Michael, Rosemary Woodhouse, Father Damian Kerras and Father Lankester Merrin, The Fonz
  • Enemies: Lucifer, The Princes of Hell, YHVH, Lucifer, Mephisto
  • Odd Friendship: George Bailey, Bob Belcher
  • Odd Relationship: Crowley, Gabriel
  • Not So Different from: Klaus Wulfenbach
  • Once thought to be around for only a few episodes, the angel Castiel quickly became one of the most prominent characters of his world. Even when many of the Winchester's allies have perished, the angel has endured everything in order to help them out. The Fonz himself was present to usher in his ascension.
    • He only made it into the Pantheon under the request of John Constantine. He even managed to take some of his followers for a start. That does mean that Cas now owns the Hellblazer a favor, one of many that do.
    • It should be noted that much of the reason for his ascension is because of the sheer massive amount of popularity among his followers. He has firmly put himself as the One True Threesome with Sam and Dean. The pairing has said to have singlehandedly kept the show running for so long. None of the three have said whether they will actually do it to keep the fanbase from getting too upset.
  • Castiel is an angel but can only maintain a physical form through possessing a human host, much like demons in his world. Only this time Jimmy Novak voluntarily gets possessed. Turns out Jimmy had a much higher pitched voice as a human. Trollkaiger had a field day mocking Cas over it.
    • The possession isn't completely absolute. The angel seemed to have inherited a desire for burgers, even though Castiel doesn't really need to eat. This became a huge boon for Bob Belcher's business because he knows Cas will eat a whole lot of burgers and can pay for it.
  • Once had the power of God himself... for all of one episode before utterly failing at it. He would rather not be reminded of that time.
    • Klaus thought otherwise. As someone who thought he was justified in his actions, he hopes that Cas would revert to his omnipotent form. With enough experience, he believes Cas won't make the same mistakes the first time. The angel retorted by saying there won't be a "next time" as he will never let that happen again.
    • He did have an interesting conversation with Bruce Nolan about it. The regular human knew that taking over said powers was a lot harder than it looks. Neither would say who had it worse, but they bonded well over the experience.
    • His constant ability to screw up his abilities has caught the interest if Mephisto. A known manipulator of pure souls, he hopes to steer Castiel away from the GUAG into his own domain. Cas has thus far resisted temptation. He's dealt with enough corruption with Dean, Lucifer and others on his world.
  • Is in the unenviable position of being courted by BOTH sides of the Law-Chaos side. YHWH once disguised himself as God and tried to indoctrinate him into serving the Absolute Lawmaker. It may have worked if he had done it in an earlier time. Cas now knows better than to blindly follow orders. He firmly rebuffed the offer before moving on. Lucifer tried a more lenient approach, taking him to his temple and showering him with gifts before asking for some favors. That didn't go well either, as he did not want to be under the control of Lucifer as he had been before.
    • Was surprised to find the God in the Pantheon. He was more friendly towards that deity, though he hasn't promised full devotion just yet. Cas was just surprised at how laid back this deity was.
  • If you ever need someone to sling insults at your foes... Castiel is not that person. At all. His crowning achievement was calling the Archangel himself "assbutt."
    • This made his eventual meeting with Archangel Michael to be an awkward affair. Thankfully, this version understood the situation, even thanking him for preventing the Apocalypse. He did make sure to watch over Castiel, given his penchant to making stupid mistakes.
  • He may be an angel, but he's far from what one would expect of a Guardian Angel. That and Cas has made so many mistakes he's considering to get himself a guardian angel. Even then, George Bailey has faith that he can continue to do good.
  • With that said, he did promise to watch over Rosemary after the incident with her child.
  • Knows a thing or two about exorcising demons from people and does so on lesser beings on a regular basis. The Gods of Exorcism have seen him as a huge help in dealing with possessions. Cas hopes that they can produce enough followers to deal with the many demons in his own world.
  • People have yet to live down Castiel's ineffectual 'assbutt' insult. Even the LOL Rangers can't help but snicker whenever they hear the word.

    Q (Street Fighter
Q, God of Conspicuous Trenchcoats (The Unknown Quantity)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His metallic mask
  • Theme Song: Q's theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral (?)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, Badass Longcoat, Beating A Dead Player, Bizarre Alien Biology, Coat, Hat, Mask, Appearance in Ken's stage years before his debut, Large and in Charge, Cool Mask, Megaton Punch, Monochromatic Eyes, Mysterious Stranger, Parts Unknown, The Spook, Implied Serial Killer, Tragic Monster, The Unintelligible, Voice Grunting
  • Domains: Trenchcoats, Mystery, Fighting, Identity
  • "Allies": The T-00 Tyrant/Mr. X, The G-Man, Chaos Insurgency
  • Rivals: Akuma, The other Q, The Mysterious Stranger
  • Enemies: The Question, The Shadow, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Kyoko Kirigiri, Naoto Shirogane, The Mystery Gang, The SCP Foundation
  • Unknown connection: G
  • Who is Q and what is he all about? No one knows. He has the benefit of being the most enigmatic entity in all of the Street Fighter saga and even the CIA is investigating what he is all about. He then decided to show up in the Pantheon and claimed a title without anyone giving it the time of day but whenever he is spotted in the pantheon there are bound to be people running away from him.
  • There are rumors that he always has been in the pantheon but few knew about his presence. He officially became a god after he was defeated in a fight against Akuma and so the Court of Gods decided to locate Q to a temple in order to track his movement, with his trenchcoat being the most significant part of his looks. He rarely stays in one place and reports have stated that Q has been spotted virtually everywhere in the pantheon, possibly in the Main House too.
  • Q has been the prime target for investigators and detectives all around the pantheon, each with their own theories and speculation. Jacket believes Q is another masked hitman like he was, considering that everywhere Q has been spotted a body has been found. Similarly, Manny Pardo doesn't have his own theories, but assured everyone he would get to the bottom of this mystery surrounding Q. Given his history of incompetence and impotence, many find it unlikely and believe Amateur Sleuths like Naoto Shirogane, Kyoko Kirigiri, the Mystery Gang, Dipper and Mable Pines have a much better chance at cracking the case (incredibly slim as it is). Even CIA agents and secretive orders know nothing about Q, making him a walking enigma.
  • While he rarely is one to make allies, he did fiend a sort of Aloof Ally of sorts, that being the infamous Tyrant Mr. X. From a simple look, one would think that Q could easily be another of the same Tyrant Series as Mr. X with a different colored Conspicuous Trenchcoat, both being really tall humanoids with a tendency to murder others with force but while the Tyrants motives are well known, Q's is a complete mystery. The first time the two met they engaged in a brawl but stopped once they found each other to be evenly matched and the Tyrant decided to ignore him ever since, some say Mr. X took some inspiration from Q and decided to don a Nice Hat alongside his trenchcoat.
  • One of the more active deities that is trying to pierce together the enigma behind Q is the Question, who is no stranger to conspiracy theories himself. Similar to the CIA back in Q's universe, he discovered that he is able to be in several places in the world at the same time. He was later joined by fellow hero the Shadow in the investigation but both were eventually found by Q who surprised them given that they tried to keep anything about the investigation a secret but they were able to escape Q's ambush. From his fighting style, the two were willing to infer that there is a possibility Q is not a human being.
  • The fact that nobody actually knows what he is about makes things harder for several pantheon denizens since they never know when Q might decide to attack them. To that end, the SCP Foundation decided to classify Q as a potential new SCP and have tried numerous times to contain him but most attempts were unsuccessful as he is able to seemlessly escape the units sent by the Foundation without being seen or heard. The second plan they are attempting to perform is hiring one of the fighters from his universe and use them as bait to capture Q.
    • Unfortunately for them, it seems that Q has been spotted alongside a few Chaos Insurgency agents, meaning the group found a way to either sway Q to their side or they barely managed to make a truce with him in order to understand what he is all about.
  • As far as anyone knows, Q is in no way affiliated with the Illuminati from his universe according to what Gill has stated on the matter meaning he is a potential threat that has no relation to anyone...except another mysterious man that goes by "G", described as a loon who calls himself the self-proclaimed President of the World. In fact, their fighting style are similar in a sense, making some wonder if there is a connection between the two.
  • Similar One-Letter Name aside, there is no connection between this Q and the alien trickster from the Star Trek universe. Although the latter has shown some curiosity in this Q considering even an omnipotent being like him has no clue what creature the Masked Man could be. Of course, he won't bother helping others investigate any further because he doesn't feel like doing so.
  • The G-man, another notoriously cryptic deity, has taken an increasing interest in the Unknown Quantity and would love to make a "deal" with him provided he is willing to. Although the rather one-track mind of Q about fighting whoever comes in his way has made it hard for even someone like the G-man to make a proper alliance with but he has managed to have a few, shall we say, "conversations". While he is not sure if he even accepted working for the G-man, at the least he knows Q can be slightly reasoned with.
  • The only deity that seems to have the same level of mystery as him is the amptly named Mysterious Stranger and many have wondered if the two could be connected in any way. Turns out they aren't but there is a sense of rivalry between the two and followed a chance encounter, the Stranger has been keeping tabs on Q in order to unmask the mystery (and becoming the most mysterious deity by default)
  • "I am.....abomination..."

    Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight 
Ren Akiyama, God of Badass Capes (Kamen Rider Knight)
Kamen Rider Knight 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Knight Survive)
  • Symbol: The Knight Advent Deck
  • Theme Song: "Lonely Soldier"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Secondary Riders, Anti-Heroes, Badass Biker, Badass Cape, Teaming with Darkwing as his Contract Monster, Lightning Bruiser, Took a Level in Kindness, Considers Shinji Kido as his only Friend, Being the Last Rider Standing in the Original Rider Fight
  • Domains: Combat, Mirrors, Bats, Knights, Death Games, Tragedy
  • Herald: Darkwing (his Contract Monster) and Eri Ogawa (his girlfriend)
  • High Priest: Len/Kamen Rider Wing Knight (his American Counterpart)
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially his brethren Secondary Riders), Bruce Wayne/Batman, Katniss Everdeen, Connor and Duncan McLeod, Shiki, Rouge the Bat, Sayaka Miki, Iona Hikawa/Cure Fortune
  • Vitriolic Best Buds With: Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains, Gleeman Vox, The Kurgan, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Sark, Antasma, Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • Ascended from the Toku Base's Knight Division after he became the sole victor of the Rider Battle in the Mirror World. Ren was originally a cold loner who fought constantly and was frequently unemployed due to said personality until he accepted Shiro Kanzaki's offer. After receiving his Advent Deck, he joined the war between the 13 Riders as Kamen Rider Knight with his Contract Monster Darkwing in order to win the battle so he could heal his fiance Eri Ogawa, who was mysteriously put into a coma due to her encounter with Darkwing. The reason of him being the holder for Badass Cape is because his contract monster Darkwing can attach itself to his rider suit and acts as his cape during his battles as well as Knight gaining two pairs of capes normally when he assumes his Survive form.
  • Shinji was glad that Ren had made into the pantheon proper, but even though he treats Shinji as a friend, the two of them might clash in battle someday.
  • He is also allied with Batman due to them both having bat motifs in their heroic forms. They are often seen working together to fight their respective adversaries.
    • He also became allies with Shiki since they both use bats to fight their enemies. Of course, since his rider motif was based on a knight too, Shiki started calling Ren "Knighty", much to Ren's dismay.
    • On the other hand, he became enemies with Antasma due to his nature as an evil bat. They're often seen duelling whenever they cross paths in the Pantheon.
  • He is somewhat close with Sayaka Miki since they both gained powers to heal their loved ones.
  • Due to his participation in the deadly Rider Battle back in the Mirror World, he gained symphaty towards the McLeods and Katniss Everdeen, since they'd all participated in death games in their respective universes.
  • He became enemies with the Kurgan since the immortal warrior's thirst for battle reminding him too much of Takeshi Asakura.
  • He despises Gleeman Vox because he runs a Death Game called the "DreadZone II" in the Gladiator's Pit, which reminds Ren of his time in the Mirror World. Because of this, Ren joined forces with Shinji and the rest of the deities who had been involved in a death game in the past in order to stop this devilish game once and for all.
    • This is why he hates Sark, Monokuma, and Junko Enoshima, since they initiated their respective death games in their respective universes.
  • Also doesn't like Ryoma Sengoku, since the mad scientist created Rider belts and distributed them to the Beat Riders of Zawame, leading them into a war between Riders, which reminded Ren of Shiro Kanzaki's actions. Because of this, Ren joins the other heroic Riders to stop Ryoma's malicious plans.
  • Had a conflict with Kaito Kumon because he found that Kaito's reason for being a Rider is to break the world's status quo through the power of the Forbidden Fruit, which Ren cannot accept.

Ripto, God of High Collars
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Magic Staff
  • Theme Song: "Ripto's Arena" (with choir and without)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: High Collar of Doom, Arch-Enemy, Small Guys With Big Egos, Don't Call Him Small Or Be A Dragon, Magic Staff, Obviously Evil, Comical Conquerors, Supposedly A Dinosaur, Evil Sorceror, Evil Is Hammy, Foil To Gnasty Gnorc And A Bigger Threat Too, Card-Carrying Villain, Disney Villain Death (Initially)
  • Domains: Evil, Magic, Conquest, Gems, Ego
  • Heralds: His minions, Crush and Gulp
  • Allies: Dr Neo Cortex, Uka Uka, Gnasty Gnorc, Raptor, Sharptooth, Babidi, Lord Farquaad, Smough
  • Rival: Bowser
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Malefor, The Dovahkiin, Maleficent, Acnologia (just barely)
  • Enemies: Spyro, Sparx, Crash Bandicoot, Aku Aku, Hunter and Bianca, every single dragon and the entire Dragons house (mainly Daenerys Targaryen, Smaug, and Tyrantrum), Dr. Nefarious Arokh and Rynn, Caim and Angelus, Axel (sort of), Sonic the Hedgehog, Lord Tirek, Rom and Ram, Donkey
  • Opposed by: Good members of the House of Magic
  • Heralding from Chateau Ripto, Ripto is a riptoc with an egotistical and irascible temperament, matched only by his hatred of dragons. Trying to make war on their race, he was intercepted by Avalar's Super Portal. Not to be deterred, he decided to set up shop and take over, declaring it "Riptonia". However, another figure, the hero known as Spyro the Dragon, was also accidentally transported to Avalar. Spyro would manage to defeat him, and since then he has become a constant arch-enemy.
  • One of the most noticeable features of Ripto is his massive high collar, which is bigger than his head. It was so impressive that when asking to be a god, they decided that he could take High Collar of Doom from Axel since he had Butt-Monkey. Axel is naturally sore about being left with the Butt-Monkey trope and wants to get back at Ripto, but their feud isn't really serious.
  • He has crossed over with another universe before; that of the Crash Bandicoot universe. There he formed a partnership with Neo Cortex so as to defeat their arch-enemies once and for all, him facing Crash and Cortex facing Spyro. They continue to work together in the Trope Pantheon, hoping to conquer even more worlds.
  • Despises dragons, no matter what they are. Upon his ascension, he could smell the "stench" of dragon, and was horrified to learn there was an entire house. When not trying to take over the world, he focuses his efforts on purging the house. Mainly Daenerys due to bringing dragons back into her world, and Smaug because he wants to use his jewels for magical purposes. However, in spite of his dragon prejudice, he can stand working with Maleficent due to "merely" being an evil magic user like himself who turns into a dragon, and Dovakhiin because he hunts down dragons.
  • Utterly disgusted by Caim and Angelus. Not only because of their bond, but their relationship as well. Ripto dislikes Arokh and Rynn for their bond as well but manages to tolerate them to a very slightly lesser extent because they don't appear to be in a romantic relationship, unlike Caim and Angelus. He is also revolted towards Donkey for both being in an Interspecies Romance with a dragon and having hybrid children with her.
  • Despite his loathing of dragons, there is one dragon he tolerates-Acnologia. And that's only because he despises dragons more than Ripto does. It's only temporary, however, as he's made it very clear he considers Acnologia a monster. A lot more comfortable with Smough due to how he hates dragons and is not a psychotic Boomerang Bigot. And while he opposes Bowser due to being a dragon, he does respect him as a foe and seems him as a competitor in the field of magic and conquest.
  • Has a rather short stature, which he is rather sensitive over. Some have suggested that his High Collar of Doom is him Compensating for Something, others say he's a jerk because he was bullied for his height at school. Suggesting the former will get him to sic Crush and Gulp on you. While he otherwise doesn't care for him, he totally understands why Edward Elric hates being called short and defended him when someone insulted him. Given their evil and height complex, he's able to work with Lord Farquaad.
  • Apparently he's some kind of dinosaur, known as a Rhynocorus Riptosaurus. Most don't see it, assuming he's some kind of anthropomorphic rhino instead(it's even in the species name). He works well with Raptor and Sharptooth and managed to pay them to be his minions for the time being. Because of his Fantastic Racism for dragons, he considers the idea that Dinosaurs Are Dragons to be offensive and was disgusted to learn of Tyrantrum for being a Dragon-type T-Rex.
  • A skilled wizard, whose powers are even greater while using orbs. He utilizes his Magic Staff and was rather annoyed to learn that said trope was taken since he wanted that as well. He has been feuding Rom and Ram over this, but like Axel, it's not that serious. What's more serious, however, is his fear of Lord Tirek for obvious reasons. He works with Babidi in the House of Magic, which may have something do to with the aforementioned height complex.
  • Despite their antagonism, Spyro still seems fine with having a skateboard with his face on it. The "Raging Ripto" was named after him, which is a skateboard trick that gets you the most points. He also has a really good sense of smell. He also managed to survive being knocked into a pit of lava, but no-one knows how.
  • Ripto didn't take it too well when he found out that Spyro had another arch-enemy, especially since not only is Malefor a dragon, but far more competent that Ripto could ever be, something that The Dark Master acknowledges. Ripto and Malefor only work together to try and eliminate Spyro, but there's been a lot of arguments between the two along the way.
  • Lately, Ripto has been seen playing poker games against fellow Insomniac villain Dr. Nefarious. They're not on good terms and tend to butt heads to see who is the better villain of the two. Crush, Gulp, and Lawrence mainly just watch from the side, viewing these games as none of their own business.


Lesser Gods

    Gabriel Reyes/Reaper 
"Death walks among you."
Gabriel Reyes, God of Black Cloaks (Reaper, The Angel of Death, Edgelord, Reapfield, Gabe, The Reaper, Soldier: 24)
  • Lesser God (Potentially an Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Theme: Blackwatch by MandoPony
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Badass Bandolier, Badass Long Coat, Wearing a Black Cloak, Being described as a Shadowy and Distorted figure, Revived as an undying Wraith, Dark Is Evil, Evil Is Petty, The Faceless, In the Hood, Malevolent Masked Man, Shadow Step, Guns Akimbo, Hero Killer, Trench Coat Warfare, Feeding off "Souls" dropped by his victims, Used to be Gabriel Reyes, Friend of Jack Morrison and most agents of Overwatch and betrayed them out of Jealousy, Super Soldier
  • Domains: Death, Destruction, Darkness, Wraiths, Shotguns, Betrayal
  • Heralds: Talon, a Terrorist organizations that may or not be behind the fall of Overwatch
  • High Priest: Drake
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Any ascended Grim Reaper, regardless of alignment, Junkrat and Roadhog
  • Enemies:
  • Commonality Connection with: Plutonian
  • Annoyed by: Deadpool, Margaret Moonlight
  • Opposed by: Most of the Mann Co. Mercenaries
  • Reports of a shadowy figure wandering the halls of the pantheon has been made by several deities. Until one day, said person slowly materialized on the center of the pantheon. According to Patrick Star, the man stood there menacingly, until he opened fire to any bystander that decided to approach him. The entity known as Reaper officially joined the pantheon that day, but why he decided to ascend hasn't been explained by him. Although the sudden appearance of Ex-Overwatch agents might be the reason why the mercenary came in the first place.
  • Reaper made his entrance known to the Pantheon when once again, Commander Shepard was discussing the possibilities of the Reaper race re-invading the Pantheon, which got him the usual air quote from the Turian councillor. Reaper killed him to show that he's not one to be "dismissed".
    Sparatus: Ah yes, Reapers. The immortal race of sentient starships allegedly waiting in dark space. We have dismissed— *Shotgun Shot*
    Eliminated Councilor Sparatus 100@
  • And because Sparatus was somehow not revived in the Pantheon, Shepard thought he was Killed Off for Real, and has sworn to take Reaper down.
  • Reaper carries with him a pair of Sawed Off Shotgunss but the thing is that he never reloads them, he just throws them and pulls a new pair every time he runs out of bullets. Many Gods joke that he doesn't understand the concept of "Reloading", or that he's a [[Video Game/Borderlands Tediore Corporation]] customer.
    • And then someone came up with the idea that they're not guns in the traditional sense, but made out of his body as much as his costume. Whether it's true or not, he thinks it's fun to mess with people with that theory.
  • Reaper quickly established himself as a dangerous deity you shouldn't mess with, as many gods witnessed how he dispatched a few soldiers of HYDRA when those made the mistake of provoking him. That same organization offered him a spot among their ranks but the mercenary simply limited himself to just working on them only when he needs them.
    • Although rumors state that he personally joined them after meeting Captain America, who Reaper despises beyond belief. This is, of course, because Cap reminds him of Jack Morrison, the man that stood as the "Paragon" of Overwatch while he as Gabriel Reyes was overshadowed.
  • He has an ability he nicknamed "Death Blossom", consisting of shooting his shotguns empty all around him at breakneck speed. It's not helped by the fact that Reaper can teleport behind you but by then it's already too late.
  • It's getting tired of people calling him an "Edgelord" as he doesn't understand the reason of those claims. Even other edgy gods like Ryuko and Shadow don't like him.
    • For the same reason, he got on the bad side of Blake Belladonna. The Huntress can't help but be remained of his ex-boyfriend Adam Taurus thanks to some mannerism of the mercenary.
    • A mortal decided to search all of the names of people who like playing as Reaper. The following results left the real Reaper facepalming out of shame.
  • Got into a fight with the Nephalem Valla after the latter called him a Rip-off and because he reminds him a lot of Malthael. To the Demon Hunter's surprise, Reaper was actually a far more dangerous foe that she had thought him to and she immediately dropped the fight when she could. Reaper promised that he will hunt down every single Nephalem just to spite her.
  • The Mann Co mercenaries sometimes are at odds with Reaper, considering him a nasty individual even for them. The Spy is the only one that doesn't mind working alongside him given that they share a few things in common.
    • Among other mercenaries, he does get along with Lockdown and Deathstroke, maybe because they operate in similar ways.
    • And he can't stand Deadpool. The fact that some people found the two mercenaries somewhat similar is a thing that infuriates Reaper.
  • Ostarion initially mistook Reaper for a fellow wraith but the mercenary was quick to correct him. They do get along but Reaper refuses to take orders from him.
  • Most members of the House of Betrayal are fascinated by Reaper's background. If the rumors of him being the driving force behind the fall of Overwatch and betraying his closest friends out of Jealousy has made him a huge topic among the House members.
    • Most importantly, Arthas himself welcomed him to the pantheon, saying that he saw a lot of himself on Reaper when he used to be a Death Knight. Right now Arthas is trying to find a way to get Reaper to join him on the Nexus, as another ally would come in handy for him.
  • Hates when people either ignore him or show complete disrespect to his person. Ironically, this is one of the main reasons as to why Gabriel Reyes underwent his Start of Darkness.
  • Often likes to dress as a Mariachi, complete with a guitar and all. This often leads him getting into fights with El Mariachi.
  • Lately he has started to work with the most dangerous terrorists in the pantheon like Zoran Lazarevic or Vladimir Makarov. The reasons behind this unlikely alliance are that Reaper is trying to recruit criminals to bolster Team Talon's ranks in order to hunt down the remaining Overwatch agents scattered around the world.
    • He also joined up with Lord Hater as well, getting along even better with him as their voices match up. Deities are already wary about this, and are ready to fight for Overwatch against the duo should the time come.
  • Some people wondered what kind of mask Reaper wears, and then one realized that, instead of a skull, it depicts the visage of a barn owl, which is an omen of death in Mexican folklore.
  • At one point, he was very pleased that he was amongst the Pantheon when his old rival Jack Morrison was nowhere in sight. "About time they recognized me..." Or so he muttered. Cue the ascension of Soldier: 76 and Reaper's pleasant time turned sour as he was seen shooting a lot of furniture while throwing a tantrum "WHY HIM!? WHY DID HE HAVE TO ASCEND TOO!?". Hilariously, the passing-by Arthas and Diablo thought he was just practicing his Death Blossom.
  • Heard about the Plutonian and learned that his fall to villainy happened under slightly similar circumstances related to attention. Reaper is jealous at how the Plutonian had attention to start and finish, both good and bad, with compared to Reaper who had very little, if any attention and also annoyed at how the supervillain doesn't have a lot of time for hanging out with him.
  • Surprisingly has one "solace" friend in form of Arakune. For the front reasonings, Reaper always said that he can take a fellow destructive being as a friend, just as long as he doesn't upstage him. But in reality, it was because he could relate to the constant pain and inhuman-ness with Arakune. He's not going to find a cure though, he likes Arakune better this way.
  • Not many people actually know this but Gabriel has a hidden passion for , and great skill at, designing costumes, like how he designed his pumpkin costume. Of course, he will never admit this in front of anyone.
  • Has a bad tendency of shadow stepping into unintended locations. It got to the point that whenever a new house or temple is opened, he tends to get stuck there somehow.
  • Has an alter ego where he becomes a lazy cat-like creature that likes to annoy his owner (Which happens to be Soldier: 76). Has no relation to Garfield, no sir.
  • People likes to spread rumor that he and his old apprentice McCree used to adopt and teach a guy who would go by the name Androxus the Godslayer in the arts of combat, combining his aesthetics and fascination on death with McCree's revolver, to the point some people called that guy McReaper. Reaper just grunted with this notion. "You're telling me that I and that ingrate ever worked together to teach? You are out of your mind."

    Haruka (Senran Kagura
Haruka, Goddess of Labcoats and Coat Capes (The Vivacious, Voracious and Voluptuously Venomous Vixen, President Haru, DEATHxKISS)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Japanese Keelback with its skin having been melted off with an empty chemical vial next to it; alternatively, her Robot Buddy wearing her lab coat
  • Theme Music: My Dolls, I'm Such a Tease, Fun For Adults, Full On Sadist, Sadistic Puppeteer, Pink Sadism
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (used to be Neutral Evil in Hebijo Academy)
  • Portfolio: Labcoat Capes, Fighting With Chemicals, Carrying Around a Robot Buddy, Marionette Master, Displeased Ojou, Omnidisciplinary Scientist, Genius Bruiser, Combat Sadomasochist, Dominatrix, Shinobi
  • Domains: Shinobi, Chemicals, Clothing, Robots
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Dougen, Orochi, The Other Mother, Junko Enoshima
  • Former Enemies: Students of Hanzou, Hebijo and Gessen Academies
  • She seemed to have snuck into Pantheon with her skills, presumably after the Hanzou Academy Students had ascended, and after talking with the judges, she was able to get a place in the Pantheon. She might be spying out for the sake of the Crimson Squad, but no one is sure.
    • After the rest of the Crimson Squad did ascend, people wonder if this was her plan all along. Again, she refuses to tell anything.
  • She seems to be an expert in multiple fields of studies, with the most noticeable being chemistry and doll making. She is a skilful at operating both actual dolls and People Puppets (she was also a Living Doll Collector). As such, she has varying degrees of connections with other people in the field of puppetry:
    • Alice seems to have an on-off relation with her. She doesn't really like her that much, but her being able to make dolls who can think (like fawning over Haruka) does make her want to work with her.
    • Uncle Howee seems to be bit more co-operative with her than Alice, as she helps him turning people into marionettes. She seems more than glad to do this.
    • However, she has calm hatred forwards the Other Mother. A mother using her "child" as a doll (figuratively or literally) hits too close to home with her.
  • Her sadistic tendency makes some gods nervous, and they honestly don't want to know what she wants to do with Hibari. However, she does want to be actual friends with Hibari, meaning that she isn't as bad as she seems at first.
    • Of course, she is more than happy to give her services to masochists, were they male or female. One particular person is Akeno Himejima, who reminds her of a girl called Ryouna, who is a masochist "angel" (actually a "swan"), and after talking with her, she discovered that they do sound a like. Haruka even jokingly stated once that she wonders if all angels are secretly kinky.
  • Maybe it was because of her voice, but Monokuma actually came to her once to request her to work with him and his Mastermind on creating ultimate despair. Monokuma was harmed in countless ways by Haruka and her robot, with her saying that he should send a message to Junko that she does not approve with this mutual killing. She might be a shinobi ready to kill, but the idea of possibly killing her allies and some other loyal people (like her masochist "dogs") is not something she approves of.
    • Eventually, she decided that she needed to teach her a lesson, but like with her parents, she couldn't just do it with brute force. Instead, she decided to overthrow her from House of Personality, using arguments that there is already two other Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, and that she fails to live up to Too Kinky to Torture due the fact that she loves to torture others. Not only was she successful, but it allowed to ascend her dear Ryouna into the Pantheon.
  • Two other Harukas don't seem to like her that much. The former due of how she acts and the latter due the fact that she wasn't ready of what the sadist shinobi had in her mind (she said that even Manabe is more subtle in his fantasies).
  • She might have been the one who originally gave Alice the idea to make "The Grand Puppeteer Court". However, she didn't want to become second-in-command and simply stick on being the Evil Genius of the group.
  • She has a lot of different potions and such tucked away in her temple, which have varying effects like forcing a person to dance samba, growing giant size and breast expansion/shrinking. For whatever reason, she likes the samba one.

"Let's see what you're made of"
Kabal, God of Gas Mask and Longcoat Ensembles (Sandman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Gas Mask crossed with two Hookswords
  • Theme Song: Can be heard here, composed by SiegeStyle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (was once Chaotic Neutral during the events of Deception)
  • Portfolio: Disfigured Beings, Wearing an Artificial Respirator and a Longcoat, Hookswords, Super Speed, Atonement, Being Saved by Cybernetics, Defecting an Evil Organization
  • Domains: Combat, Weapons, Disfigurement
  • High Priest: Golden Age Sandman
  • Former Allies: Liu Kang and Kitana (Kabal no longer holds them in high regard)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: HUNK, Roadhog
  • Enemies:
  • Kabal was once a member of the Black Dragon clan, that is until he changed of heart and is now fighting against the very crime he once formed part of. During Shao Khan's invasion of Earth, Kabal was greatly injured by Kintaro and his body was horribly burned as a result. However, he was given a Mask by his old friends Kano and now Kabal lives and breaths thanks to his Gas Mask.
  • He was surprised that he isn't a revenant anymore and is no longer bound to the magic of Quan Chi all thanks to the intervention of Raiden, and he isn't the only one that was restored. Though the are thoughts that still linger about his time as a revenant.
  • Has a good relationship with the house of Justice given that he served as a police officer in the past and his partner Stryker also resides the house. Sure he has ties to the Black Dragon clan and in another timeline he actually wanted to take control over it but most members would let it slide after seeing him become a better person in the newer timeline.
  • Given that he was horrifically burned by Kintaro, leaving him burns in all parts of his body, Kabal sympathises with both Zuko and Hanako. He especially tries to comfort Hanako that her injuries are not that bad if compared to him, after all having half your body scarred is nothing compared to having all your body like that and needing a respirator to be even able to breath.
    • He instantly became friends with Joshua Graham given that both come from criminal background and also have all their body burned. Kabal is surprised that he is even able to live with only bandages covering his body but he pays no attention to that.
  • Garfield Lynns often tries to talk his way with Kabal, saying that they both are Not So Different (He also has third degree burns in his body) and he should embrace the beauty of setting things on fire. Kabal not only considers him a madman, but actually tries his best to avoid him and others pyromaniacs.
  • Said to look like Darth Vader but Kabal denies having any connection with the sith lord. However, he does get along with Anakin himself given that Kabal also is a Defector from Decadence.
  • Behind his mask lies a face that is so ugly it can actually give you a hearth attack and kill you in a moments notice. Though Kabal does his best to always keep his mask on, as he only reserves that kind of punishment to his foes.
  • Being the god of Gas Mask Mooks, HUNK considers Kabal to be a worthy adversary for his title. Even then, what sparks this rivalry more than anything is that Kabal being a former police officer, he considers his duty to bring HUNK to justice. But first they would have to settle it on a fist fight.
  • Another Gas Mask user that caught his attention was Roadhog, another criminal to boot. However, he can relate in the fact that needing a gas mask to breath sucks but Roadhog's ruthlessness always reminds him that he is up to no good. And he is used to the hook tricks too (thanks to Scorpion no less).
    • From the same world he also met Reaper, who shares a similar situation as Kabal. Though Reaper became a Humanoid Abomination after an accident and doning a mask to hide his looks, Kabal actually needs the mask to survive. They simply can't stand each other and worst of all, Reaper isn't all that different from Noob Saibot.
  • After being rescued from a near death experience by the magic of Shang Tsung, Kabal has gained the ability to run super fast as a side effect, and considers it one of the few good things that he got after being revived. He tends to keep a civil, if somewhat friendly, relationship with other speedsters as him and often challenges them to see who is the fastest.

    Secret Squirrel 
Secret Squirrel, God of Storing Items in Trench Coats (Agent 000)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His hat and trenchcoat
  • Theme Song: Secret Squirrel Intro
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Crazy-Prepared, Alliterative Name, Almost Never Using the Front Door
  • Domains: Squirrels, Spies
  • Herald: Morocco Mole
  • Allies: Squirrel Girl, Nick Fury, Perry the Platypus, Inspector Gadget
  • Enemies: The Spy
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Black & White Spy, Ratatoskr
  • Odd Relations: Conker the Squirrel, Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  • Whenever trouble is afoot and some devious ne’er do well is out and about taking something they deem valuable, it’s up to this squirrel to stop them in their tracks and take them down. Secret Squirrel, alongside his sidekick Morocco Mole, is tasked with finding various criminals, though he has plenty of quirks for someone in the spy field. He relies on his trenchcoat in order to help him get closer to his target and that trenchcoat is stored with anything ranging from weapons of all kinds to a machine that lets him analyze an item and determine who he’s after. For the most part, Secret isn’t the brightest spy out there, but he’s been generally successful at doing what he needs to do.
  • Secret and Morocco were summoned one day by their boss, who told them that there was a letter sent to Secret that had no written material and no address as to where it came from. After analyzing it with a machine inside his trenchcoat, Secret learned that the letter came from a “Pantheon” and that Secret and Morocco would go there to see what that “Pantheon” wanted. The two took their flying car with them and after some time, wasn’t sure where “Pantheon” was exactly. Secret then pressed a button on the car that would make it go faster, resulting in them crashing into a building not long after. No one was there to greet them, but Secret did find a newspaper talking about the Pantheon and its various crimes. After realizing what was going on, Secret took it upon himself and Morocco that they would continue their work in the Pantheon and stop any evildoers that come their way.
  • The building that Secret and Morocco crashed into belonged to Nick Fury, who learned that some strange visitors ended up in his place while he was busy. After learning that Secret was a spy, Nick decided to talk to the squirrel to get a few things straight. The sight of a talking squirrel wasn’t all that odd given that Nick has seen stranger occurrences happen and he was quick to point out to Secret that there are plenty of other spies in the Pantheon both good and evil. Nick pointed out that even with the wide assortment of gadgets that Secret can get out of his trenchcoat, there are plenty of dangers that are far greater than Secret has known thus far. Secret was willing to work with Nick whenever possible and has been given some missions from him since then, though Nick could do without Secret crashing into his room whenever he’s requesting the squirrel.
  • While on a mission to stop a criminal from going after some nuclear weapons, he came across Squirrel Girl talking to some squirrels. Doreen was more than excited to meet up with another squirrel and asked if he was a spy given the outfit he was wearing. He stated yes and that he’s able to talk on his own to others. Doreen tagged along with Secret on his mission and came across a criminal mastermind that was trying to steal the weapons in an attempt to take over the Pantheon. Just as Secret was about to get a weapon to finish things, Doreen was able to make quick work of the criminal and get him arrested, much to Secret’s surprise. Regardless of how things played out, both Doreen and Secret have gotten along with each other very well, with Doreen offering her help to Secret whenever the latter is struggling to accomplish something that can’t be accomplished through normal means (“normal” to Secret at any rate).
  • When Conker saw someone wearing a suspicious outfit from afar, he felt that something bad was going to happen to him again. The figure got closer and it turned out to be Secret, who was simply happy to meet up with another squirrel. Conker’s fears were mitigated somewhat by Secret’s friendly disposition, though learning about what he does for a living brought down Conker for a bit. He’s already gone through a bunch of ridiculous things throughout his adventures and the last thing he needs is to be a secret agent again considering how badly that endeavor ended for him. Secret having more success as a spy made Conker a bit jealous, but he couldn’t bring himself to truly hate Secret given how friendly the latter is. Despite Conker’s generally cynical attitude, Secret knows that Conker is capable of fighting and is considering helping him improve his skills (and personality if at all possible).
  • Rumors began to spread that Secret is a flasher as a result of constantly carrying around a trenchcoat. He was rather annoyed with it given that he’s only trying to get something out to help him with his mission, but as the rumor grew, he was determined to find the source of it and stop the rumor from spreading. His work led him to find Ratatoskr and that squirrel was surprised to see another squirrel find out about his rumor-mongering. Secret was very annoyed that someone small and annoying creature like Ratatoskr was spreading rumors that besmirched Secret’s name. Although the flasher rumors subsided, it hasn’t prevented Ratatoskr from annoying Secret on occasion out of self-serving amusement.
  • Nick Fury introduced Secret to another animal spy that would be serving as a partner of sorts for the squirrel. Perry the Platypus was quick to notice Secret’s eccentricities during their first mission together, but he finds the gadgets that Secret pulls out to be pretty useful whenever they’re in a tight spot. Through Perry, Secret got to meet Dr. Doofenshmirtz, who started off as Perry’s frenemy before truly becoming friends with each other. Secret was surprised to find a former arch-enemy of a spy become friends with them and was willing to take Doof’s word for it in regards to what he went through. Doof was even willing to provide Secret with inventions of his own, but the squirrel was fine with what he has stored in his trenchcoat (though Doof is still trying to figure out how Secret is able to store and get whatever’s necessary from there). Secret and Perry have since gone out on their own missions, with Doof providing some assistance whenever necessary.
  • One of Secret’s missions involved him going after someone known only as The Spy. When Secret first met him, The Spy pretended to be someone who has sent to help Secret and the squirrel fell into The Spy’s trick. After The Spy betrayed him, Secret then sought out to finish the mission he was given and used his analysis machine to determine where The Spy was at. The Spy was noticeably much more difficult than many of Secret’s prior foes and while Secret was able to subdue The Spy, The Spy was clever enough to escape capture. Secret considers The Spy to be a significant problem given his devious nature and The Spy considers the squirrel to be little more than a silly nuisance.
  • Given the wide variety of gadgets Secret has with him for his missions, a few have wondered who designs them and if it’s possible that Secret himself has come up with them. True to his name, Secret didn’t reveal who was responsible for his Gadgets, but he is more than welcome to letting some secret agents borrow them for a bit if they’re having trouble on some missions. After learning about a number of technicians and mechanics in the Pantheon, he has pondered for a bit if they can come up with some useful gizmos for him and other spies to use, but ultimately decided that he and his fellow spies were fine with what they were normally given for the most part.
    • On the subject of gadgets, Secret was given a recommendation to meet with someone named Inspector Gadget as he would be someone who Secret could mingle with well. Secret then encountered Gadget as the latter had just bumbled his way into finishing an assignment and Secret wanted to talk to him after the bad guy was taken care of. The squirrel learned of Gadget’s gimmick of having a bunch of devices inside himself, as well as a hat that can be used to fly to various places. Gadget took a liking to Secret storing a bunch of useful items inside his trenchcoat and even liked how the squirrel even had a few things prepared inside his own hat. Given how often Gadget makes misteps his missions, Secret has offered to provide some backup and doesn’t mind Gadget getting the credit for something Secret helped out with.
  • Secret ended up finding himself in a strange conflict when a white-clad spy approached him, thinking that an outfit like that would help out in outsmarting whatever a black-clad spy had in store. Secret went along with White Spy and witnessed what was going on after the White Spy was able temporarily outsmart Black Spy. While Secret was preparing to mind his own business on other matters, Black Spy (who Secret recognized from not long ago) wanted the squirrel’s help and he got pulled back into another complex scheme. A few encounters later, Secret felt that it was exhausting to get involved with constantly fighting spies with no end in sight and opted to try and ignore them. That said, it hasn’t worked out a number of times, though things tend to be better for him whenever Perry and Doof fight the two and the squirrel is eager to take their side rather than the monochrome spies.

    The Shadow 
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Kent Allard(?), God of Coat, Hat, Mask Ensembles (The Shadow, Lamont Cranston, Henry Arnaud, Isaac Twambley, The Master of Darkness, The World's Greatest Mystery, the Dark Avenger, Ying Ko, El Ombre, La Sombra, Khaibet, and dozens of other identities and titles all around the world)
The Shadow knows! MHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his face, hat and scarf
  • Theme: The middle part of Camille Saint-Saëns' Le Rouet d'Omphale
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Blood Knight, The Chess Master, Combat Pragmatist, Crazy-Prepared, Cunning Linguist, Guns Akimbo, Old Soldier, Pragmatic Hero, Pay Evil unto Evil, Terror Hero,
  • Domains: Trickery, Knowledge, Good, Community, Darkness, Mystery
  • Heralds: His army of agents.
  • Allies: The Phantom, Zorro, Tarzan, The Spirit, Batman, Mikasa Ackerman, Liz Lemon
  • Enemies: Professor Moriarty, David Xanatos, The Joker, Ra's al Ghul, Vandal Savage
  • Respected by: Brock Samson
  • Not to be Confused With: Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Everyone knows of the escapades of the Caped Crusader. His actions have, directly or indirectly, inspired many, including numerous deities in the Pantheon, to take up their own mantles. When asked who inspired him, Batman points to a relative newcomer into the Pantheon. An individual that struck fear into the hearts of criminals before the Bat even existed. That man is The Shadow, and when not disguised he is easily recognized for his classic ensemble of a coat, a hat, and a mask (usually a red scarf).
    • When he met Batman, The Shadow expressed mild disappointment with the Batman's tendencies to push away support. Despite his cold nature, he also relies on a network of followers to carry out his operation. Batman, on the other hand, expressed distaste for The Shadow's often murderous tactics and use of guns. Never the less, the two have teamed up on occasions and respect each other.
    • Speaking of Batman, the Joker was formally grateful to meet the inspiration of his greatest foe. All the more better the break him in front of the Bat. This is one foe that has proven difficult to scare off. The Shadow will have to make a different strategy to deal with the Clown Prince of Crime.
    • This cannot be stated enough; Don't ever kill any of his followers or agents. The Shadow guarantees to hunt you to the ends of the earth to exact his revenge. Even the Joker is hesitant to take such an action, knowing such a thing won't make their encounters fun anymore.
    • Has expressed a particular interest in bringing down Ra's al Ghul and his League of Shadows, as Ra's reminds him of his greatest arch-enemy Shiwan Khan. Additionally, Vandal Savage is also one of his targets
  • The Shadow's story is the World's Greatest Mystery. Is he Lamont Cranston by birth, or did he steal the identity from someone else? If the latter, then where is the original Lamont Cranston? Is he Kent Allard, a famous World War 1 aviator and spy who was known as "The Black Eagle" due to his preference for flying at night, who crashed his plane? Is his ability to "cloud men's minds" a real power he learned from the orient, or simply hearsay cultivated by his unnatural skill at stealth? If the former, is that his only power? Where did he get his famous girasol ring, and does it have any power of its own? Nothing is known for sure, although there has been plenty of speculation. Falsehoods and misinformation abound, and many of them may have been supplied by the Master of Darkness himself. His true history, only The Shadow knows.
  • While he is well versed in manipulation, combat and guns, some depictions of him show his ability to appear invisible as well as project illusions on his victims. Additionally, he appears to be immortal to some extent. The full extent of his powers is a mystery.
  • His dark appearence, as well as his sinister and raspy voice, cruel methods in dispatching criminals and tendency to engage in evil laughter has made more than a few good-aligned characters mistake him as a villain and be creeped out at him. The only reason he's not more feared is because of his arrival in the Pantheon as well as his relative obscurity in pop culture. The Shadow prefers these circumstances, as he favors working hidden in the darkness.
  • The name Kent Allard is known only by few, and even then, there is a possibility that this might not even be his actual name. In truth, only The Shadow knows what is his real identity.
  • Once in the Pantheon, he set sights on the best and the most devious masterminds in the Pantheon, starting with Moriarty. The two are undergoing a massive game of Xanatos Speed Chess as we speak. Many wonder who would come out victorious
    • Speaking of Xanatos, the master of such tactics hopes to show the newcomer his place, stalling The Shadow by setting him up with unwinnable situations. Every plot that The Shadow stops merely sets another plan in motion.
  • Was pleased to find many other pulp heroes in the Pantheon. One of his closest allies is the Phantom. Together with Tarzan and Zorro, the four helped serve as a precursor for future superheroes. When these guys team up, expect a lot of asskicking in their wake.
  • Finds the Spirit to be a bit eccentric for his taste, a sentiment that Batman shared when the God of Domino Masks ascended. Still, The Shadow trusts him enough to be a trusted ally. It helps that his high priest the Domino Lady helps him take care of his temple.
  • His scarf is quite iconic, one of the only things criminals see before he knocks them out. He gave one of his over to Mikasa as an offering for the Goddess of Asskickers with Scarves.
  • When Liz Lemon found out about his ascension, she couldn't help but pay a visit due to his interactions with Batman. When the two met, she was pointed out his similarities with Jack Donaghy. The Shadow raised an eyebrow, surprised that there were people who liked his movie appearance. Turns out that while the critical reception was poor, it became a Cult Classic for those who appreciate cheesy movies. He gained a respect for the woman afterwards.
  • Not many deities can cause enemies to wet themselves compared to Brock. The bodyguard was impressed with his methods, and does what he can to help out the crusader.
The weed of crime bears bitter fruit! Crime does not pay. The Shadow knows.


    The Great Fusilli 
The Great Fusilli, Celestial Thespian of Ominous Opera Capes
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His cape and hat along with the comedy and tragedy masks that hang over his stage
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: High Collared Ominous Opera Cape and Nice Hat, Cruel crocodiles, Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness, Evil Is Hammy, Theatre Phantom, Sadistic Con Man, Deal with the Devil, Evil Puppeteer who transforms others into People Puppets, Has a good number of previous victims
  • Domains: Crocodiles, Theater, Stages, Puppets, Transformation
  • Allies: The Other Mother/The Bedlam, Telence D'Arby
  • Enemies: Courage, Muriel Bagge, Eustace Bagge, Coraline Jones, Jotaro Kujo, Noriaki Kakyoin, Hikari, Kotone Shiomi, Teddie, Barry Allen, Primrose Azelhart
  • Avoids: The House of Ghosts
  • Banned from: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Interested in: Dr. Alfred Drevis
  • Appearing on his mobile theater stage is the Great Fusilli, a shifty looking crocodile fittingly adorned in a ensemble consisting of a purple cape with a high collar and a blue hat with a white feather. Though he promises fame and fortune to whoever hears him out those lured and enchanted by performing soon find themselves turned into lifeless puppets by the comedy and tragedy masks that hang above. From there, they are at his mercy to play with until he stuffs them backstage and travels somewhere else. He came to Courage and the Bagge family one day and was successful in transforming the latter but he soon fell victim to his own stage's magic and Courage managed to take them back. Unfortunately, their transformation was permanent and Courage would soon find himself using them to play out how life once went... until the next season, at least.
  • He came by the Pantheon one morning and announced there that he and his "world famous" magic stage is taking permanent residence here and is accepting new members for his troupe. When word reached Courage he immediately freaked out and a beeline to where Fusilli was to try to warn people not to fall for his tricks and promises. Considering that around the time before he his entrance there were a couple accounts of gods reported missing Courage may have been too late for some.
  • His class and mannerisms bring to mind someone like a Theatre Phantom, something that doesn't help the House of Theatre and Spectacle's image of him on top of being a puppet-transforming trickerster. And yet despite being unwelcome there he is be sometimes seen driving around its grounds to apply his trade, ignore their opinions of him all the while.
    • Somewhat ironically, he was unintentionally spooked by Courage when he mistook him for an actual phantom himself after showing up covered in white powder leading to him jumping off the top in a panic and aforementioned defeat after being transformed into a puppet himself. For this reason he keeps a good amount of distance from the House of Ghosts.
  • Fusilli found out quickly that his modus operandi was not something of short demand. Indeed, there was the Other Mother and Telence D'Arby who shared in his interests of turning other people into inanimate dolls and it should come as no surprise that they would partner up, different as their methods are. Fusilli welcomes the differences, however, as he personally sees it as a way to liven it up.
    • This naturally didn't fly with their respective enemies, Coreline, Jotaro Kujo, and Noriaki Kakyoin. The latter two threatened to beat Fusilli to a pulp if they so much as see his face having dealt with Telence when he turned Kakyoin into a puppet so the travelling thespian avoids interaction whenever possible. He doesn't want to deal with the "phantom" they both have. Barry Allen has also displayed his opposing stance on Fusilli having been turned into a marionette during a battle with the egomanical Abra Kadabra.
  • While enticing more people into performing on his stage in the Pantheon in the process of roaming the House of Emotion he managed to come across a young white-haired girl named Hikari. A die-hard movie and film fanatic and having not heard of the crocodile beforehand, Fusilli persuaded her that she need not be just be limited behind the camera as film director and truly shine on in the films herself, really take the stage by its horns and impart all the themes of hope through her own hands. While apprehensive, she eventually came around to try it out a bit. Around that time two of her friends, Teddie and Kotone Shiomi, came to visit. When Fusilli came for his usual business they immediately recognized who he was, promptly dealt with him, and dragged Hikari out as fast as they could.
  • While she hasn't necessarily dealt with someone who turned people into puppets nonetheless Primrose has made herself enemies with Fusilli. The reasoning here can be traced back to her journey of revenge against the Crow Men and by proxy the criminal organization called the Obsidians for the death of her father. Leading all of them was a man named Simeon, who also happened to be Primrose's childhood sweethert. He had a flair for the dramatic, to a disturbing degree, and as such can't help but be reminded of him when thinking of Fusilli.
  • Fusilli could not help but be interested in the doll works of Dr. Drevis. Gruesome in creation, yes, but the fact of the matter is they are very lifelike and Fusilli feels like he could get more mileage in playing with them than with the puppets he creates. He hasn't yet confronted the doctor about it, but the thought is still intriguing even in the present.
  • His name, Fusilli, comes from pasta. Of all things. There really isn't anything more to it other than the fact he might be Italian and to further highlight the culture that he brings.

    Professor Kukui 
Professor Kukui, God of Long Jackets Without Shirts (The Masked Royal)
As The Masked Royal 


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