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Pantheon / GUAG Superhero Division

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A subset of the Combat Division dedicated to the caped crusaders and spandex saviors. Metahuman or otherwise, they stand together to battle the forces of the GUAE. They are currently stationed in an advanced version of the Justice League Watchtower satellite augmented with every possible piece of modern technology provided by Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries. They also have a land headquarters in the form of an expanded Avengers Mansion.


And no, there's no 'Superhero Registration' thing here. They've had enough bullshit with that previously. (Though this doesn't mean they don't have any rules. They will keep each other under control, but feel no compulsion to register the group with the governments. Besides, Cosmos says that actions speak louder than anything, so as long as they fight for good, she doesn't need to have their secret identities on record). Anyway, close to 90% of the Pantheon has Internet access to real-world information, so it's likely that besides those limited by status quo, everyone else already knows but keeps mum.

Recently, the Superhero Division has been divided into three battalions to accommodate the increasing numbers of superheroes and that the organisation was becoming overcrowded.

The Superhero Division is led on top by Captain America and Batman, who serve as commander and head strategist, respectively. Working alongside them is Nick Fury as an adjutant, though it is an unspoken fact that he shares the same authority as both commanders. Batman also serves as the head monetary coordinator, along with Iron Man.



The Leaders of the GUAG Superhero Division

These individuals are the top commanders of the GUAG's superheroes, and they have been consistently ranked as the most worthy leaders. Superman believed that Batman would be the best fit for leading such a large group rather than him, given his Crazy-Prepared tendencies, and that would he would serve better as a Role Model in the field, directing his fellow heroes personally.

Steven Grant Rogers, God of Pride for One's Nation, Commander of the GUAG Superhero Division and Head of Defense (Captain America, The Captain, Cap, Capsicle, Weapon I, Commander Steve Rogers, The Star Spangled Man With A Plan, The Sentinel of Liberty)

  • Intermediate God
  • Hero Class: A
  • Symbol: The American Flag; razor-edged boomerang shield
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  • Alignment: Good - there are arguments for Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic
  • Reason for joining: He was one of the main founders of the GUAG. It's his to defend the ideals of freedom and justice, not just the nation he represents, America. He also wanted to assist his old buddy Iron Man who specifically requested him to lead the Superhero Division.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Very High. Cosmos has much less moral scruples than people like Director Fury or Stark, so that's a bonus. Loyalty is one of his strongest virtues so long as he's promised fairness in his promises to her, so he's loyal. A two-way promise means many years of loyal service.
  • Threat Level: High. Same reason as Superman, but Cap's bigger because he has no superpowers. At least traditional superpowers. The Super Soldier serum enhances his body functions to peak efficiency and far above that of even physically fit humans, essentially making him an Intermediate God at his peak. Add to that a deep sense of justice and idealism and you get one of the most dangerous people in the GUAG.
  • Also serves as the alliance's liaison to the Grand United Alliance of Law. As Head of Defense in the Pantheon (despite it only being a title for his valor), he is privy to all unilateral security and protection affairs in his domain and thus has final say in the units under his direct command such as the Pantheon's units of 501st Legion soldiers.

Bruce Thomas Wayne, God of Heroes Who Fight in the Shadows and Head Strategist of the GUAG Superhero Division (Batman, Bee Gee, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The Darknight Detective, Crazy Steve, The Goddamn Batman, The World's Greatest Detective, The Son of Gotham, The Spirit Of Justice, Ninja Batman, Batdick, Insider, Robin, Atmahn, Hei an Wushuh, God of Knowledge, Detective Hawke, Paul Grant, Black Pirate, Frank Dixon, Jack Shaw, Matches Malone, The Batman Who Laughs)

  • Intermediate God (Greater God, as a Green Lantern, in Batman: In Darkest Knight, when donning the Hellbat or when donning the Final Batsuit)
  • Hero Class: A
  • Symbol: One of his Bat-emblems or The Bat Signal
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (and every other alignment at some point)
  • Reason for Joining: He joined a little later than Captain America and Superman out of a need to 'study' its members first. Even then he only took occasional visits to GUAG Command meeting and private admitted he distrusted most of the councillors in attendance. It was only after Johan Liebert and the Joker founded the GUAE Liebertarian Movement that he chose to take a more active role in matters. And by his own words: because he's the Goddamn Batman.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Initially Low but has transitioned to a Medium and now a High. She's one of the few sincerely good characters in the GUAG who visibly shrinks back from exercising pragmatism and 'for the greater good' acts. He used to think of her as naive to the horrors of the Pantheon but realized this was a show of Obfuscating Stupidity, something he can get behind.
  • Threat level: High. He's faced off strongmen, supervillains and even freaking gods and came out on top. He managed to shoot Darkseid for crying out loud! There's also the fact that his rogues gallery is one of the toughest and vilest yet (even without the Joker). His threat level equals Cap, but there's the added bonus that Batman can beat almost anyone if he has prep time.

Nicholas Joseph Fury, Divine Spymaster of the Pantheon (Nick Fury, Doyle, Man in the Mystery Mask, Patch, Gemini, Sgt. Fury, Scorpio, Agent A-1, The Man on The Wall, Mr. Anger, Mr. Ollen)

  • Lesser God
  • Hero Class: B
  • Symbol: The S.H.I.E.L.D. logo
  • Alignment: Switches between Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral
  • Reason for Joining: As Director of SHIELD, he monitors superhuman activity in the United States and abroad. Now it's his duty to do the same in the Pantheon, now under Captain America's supervision. In return for a command role in the Division, he provides infantry, agents and technology to the Division's heroes per requests by Iron Man.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: Ambiguous, let's say Medium. By his own admission, he doesn't trust anyone and unlike Batman, hasn't got around to forming good relationships with his colleagues. Cosmos isn't too bothered by this; as the leader of a special law enforcement agency, it's his job to not trust anyone.
  • Threat level: High. As a former US Army Ranger and boxer, he's a diehard soldier and Consummate Professional with no tolerance (or at least stoic annoyance) at newbies or indisciplined individuals in his Division. He is a living example of Authority Equals Asskicking and like Batman, always has the proper protocol in place to combat his forces. The Infinity Formula in his veins has also slowed his aging and thus keeps him physically fit. As The Unseen, he has the ability to perceive past, future and alternate timelines, proving invaluable as a strategist to the Division at times.
  • His son, Marcus Johnson (aka Nick Fury Jr.) is a soldier in the GUAG who keep tabs on the lower soldiers for him. Fury himself also serves as a consulting head of the GUAG Intelligence Division, with SHIELD being one of its many constituent espionage bodies.