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Greater Gods

Frieza, God of Streamlined Transformations (Freeza, Lord Frieza, Prince Regent of the Known Universe, The Strongest Being in the Universe, Emperor of the Universe, The Terror of Namek, The Insane Bastard)
100% Final Form 
Cyborg Frieza 
Golden Frieza 
  • Greater God (Overdeity as Golden Frieza)
  • Symbol: The insignia for his Frieza Force.
  • Theme Music: ‘F’, Only a Chilling Elegy, Evil Suspense (With Choir), Freeza is Resurrected, Golden Freeza's Theme, Desperate Struggle Against Golden Freeza
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Overlord, Galactic Conqueror, Power Limiters, Painful Bishōnen Line Transformations, The Sociopath, Golden Super Mode, Absolute Malevolence, Hating Filthy Monkeys, The Gentleman Boss of a Criminal Empire
  • Domains: Destruction, Tyranny, Order, Evil
  • Followers: All non-ascended Arrancars
  • Heralds: Dodoria, Cui, Sorbet, Tagoma, the rest of the Frieza Force
  • Allies:
  • Drinking Buddies with: Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Respected Nemeses: SON GOKU, Son Gohan, Bardock (Bardock DOES NOT return this sentiment), Android 17
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Baby, Galactus, The Anti-Monitor, Thanos
  • Odd... Alliance(?): The Trix
  • Supports: LittleKuriboh
  • Fears: Lord Beerus
  • Dislikes: Whis
  • Feared by: Raditz
  • Complicated Relationship: Cooler (in his words, because Cooler's a prick), Infinite
  • Opposes: Anything cute
  • Opposed by: Shin, Master Roshi (would be enemies if he had the power to catch up with Frieza), Akame
  • Evil Counterpart to: Hit
  • Real estate tycoon. Galactic conqueror. Terrifying despot. Exterminator. Traitor. Trades in fear, terror, and agony, for they are the only things he seems to understand. Inspires mutual hatred in almost everyone he knows unless they are similarly evil and/or just plain weird. Natural power and potential almost unrivaled. This is Lord Frieza, the Emperor of the Universe.
  • Often confuses the other gods by appearing in his myriad other forms. For a long time, no one had seen Final Form Frieza and lived…except for Jack Bauer. And Goku.
  • He doesn't consider that his brother Cooler should join the Pantheon. Why? Because he's a prick. After ascending, He's going to slap Cooler in his smug prick face.
    • Unfortunately, and much to Frieza's chagrin, Vanitas has been working on getting Cooler into the Pantheon.
    • And has succeeded. Thankfully, they're not in the same House.
  • Also, he's kept a mental list of how many heroic speeches he's heard before.
  • Really needs to lay off the Space Twitter.
    Frieza: Lol Blewed up Filthy Monkey Planet.
  • With the recent ascension of Sun Wukong, Frieza is getting really tired of monkeys ascending into the pantheon, so he orders the Ginyu Force to kill any other monkeys who attempt to ascend.
  • He's still seeking immortality, which is really odd since he's already a God. Most likely he just wants to be extra-unkillable when he finally faces Goku in a rematch.
  • Recently, Sorbet and Tagoma, two of his followers are planning to revive him. If he does come back more powerful then ever, the GUAG fears what could happen to his archenemy, Goku.
    • Indeed, he proved to be more powerful, but still couldn't defeat Goku because of his impatience and blew up Earth in a fit of rage. Whis stopped him by pulling a Superman and turning back time so that Goku and Vegeta could put an end to Freeza for another time.
  • He and Corset have forged an alliance based on them sounding the same and their ideas of tyranny.
  • As of late, he is rarely ever out of the House of Power, being busy training for his upcoming rematch with Goku.
  • Is a fan of LittleKuriboh, seeing his portrayal of him as perfectly encapsulating his character.
  • With his brother in the Pantheon, Cooler has been constantly teasing Frieza, usually relating to Frieza playing "Pretty Pink Princess". Frieza vehemently denies ever doing so. Recently.
    • He enjoyed seeing Cooler freak out upon discovering that he had come back with power that rivals Beerus, since this boost of power means Cooler might be disqualified for the position of Stronger Sibling. Cooler is currently fighting for his long-held position.
      • Upon hearing of Cooler's invasion of the House of War, Frieza let him be. He's proven himself the stronger sibling, which is more than enough to satisfy him.
  • Zamasu claims that Frieza, perhaps more so than even Goku, is proof of the depravity of mortals and the failure of the gods. Despite being as evil if not more so, most concede he has an argument; the fact that Beerus and Shin didn't interfere against Frieza is one of the reasons why Universe 7 is the second-lowest in rank. Frieza is entirely disdainful of Zamasu himself, not only because he's gotten tired of hearing people in his cosmos extolling their personal brands of justice, whether hypocritical or not, but also because one of his components wears Goku's face. Just seeing that form is bad enough, but knowing that Zamasu wields it about as naturally as an arrogant doll is icing on the cake, if only because it takes away some of the satisfaction from beating Goku's face in.
  • Others who believe that the strong should rule over the weak, such as Azula, King Bradley, and even Ragyo Kiryuin as depraved and sadistic as she is (though upon second glance, that would be a plus for Frieza), have started to gain Frieza's support. Reportedly the Lord of the Universe thinks that some version of Earth should have what he deems to be a suitable ruler. Many don't quite know what to make of this, but most can agree that whatever his endgame is cannot be good.
    • Frost thinks the ones most in danger are those "suitable rulers" themselves, given his experience being played for a fool by Frieza. That or anything else aside, the Emperor of Mankind cannot abide by this and has expressed his desire to see Frieza eliminated.
    Frieza: Hah! Go ahead and try…you sentimental fool.
  • Frieza has a mysterious origin that not even the gods of the pantheon know much about. What is known about is that according to Chronoa, Frieza's background is different in many timelines.
    • In a different timeline, Frieza was created by the Supreme Kai of the West in order to obtain the strongest entity in the universe. Frieza laughed at the idea, but also considered himself flattered of being considered a godly being.
  • After hearing about the feared and powerful alien conqueror Boros, Frieza decided to confront him personally to see just how true the rumors of his strength were. Boros smiled gleefully at the prospect of being challenged by another powerful alien overlord like himself, and yes, both were pleased with the resulting battle. So pleased, in fact, that the two intergalactic lords became best buddies, much to the shock and horror of everyone else.
    • When Frieza told Boros how he achieved his strongest form after a mere four months of training, Boros started to take sparring matches with him whenever they both had time. During these sparring sessions, he would occasionally talk of the Saiyans, venting his hatred for them and referencing their immense combat potential. Much to Frieza's pleasure, he and Boros have improved their skills considerably from this parring, and Boros plans on testing his gains out against the Saiyans.
  • When Android 21 surfaced to revive him for what was chronologically the second time only so she could eventually beat him up and then eat him up, he was utterly indignant about the mere idea of being cultivated as livestock. Now that she's ascended, he wants to score payback and erase her. Even if she's playing goody-two-shoes at the moment.
  • Frieza was enraged to learn that King Kai was the one who helped out the Z-Fighters, claiming that he had no right to interfere with his actions as he ran a perfectly Lawful Evil business; an argument no-one else buys, and Frieza likely wouldn't follow anyway. He ended up getting his revenge by proxy. After honoring his deal with the others in the Tournament of Power, Whis resurrected him at the behest of Beerus. King Kai, who like Frieza has been dead for years, was unbelievably annoyed that Frieza was revived by the good guys before he was.
  • Despite being professional enough to not confront him during the Tournament of Power, Android 18 has a deep grudge against Frieza stemming from when he killed Krillin. Were it not for the Dragon Balls, she would've never met her husband because of him. It doesn't help that Krillin is obviously still spooked by Frieza; when the monster returned, he had her stay behind despite being stronger than him specifically to protect their daughter Marron even before finding out anything about Frieza's massive gains in strength.
  • Absolutely HATES anything cute, regarding being trapped in Earth's Hell. He has united with The Trix occasionally since they were all trapped in similar cutesy places.
  • Turles has shown a deep hatred of Frieza's race and wishes to wipe them all out. When the Tournament of Power happened, Turles was livid because FRIEZA was part of Team Universe 7. He'd rather Universe 7 get erased than allow that psychopath to work with the Saiyans. Frieza merely responded that he was a pale imitation, about to become even paler as he's planning something big.
  • Oddly, it turns out the hatred he feels for Goku is not the bigoted and condescending type reserved for former underlings like Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz; rather, it resembles the antagonistic "friendship" shared between the likes of Batman and The Joker. After all, Goku is the man whose courage, hard work and honor allowed him to best him not once, but twice; that alone entitles the Saiyan warrior to his sincere respect, especially as it caused Frieza to dedicate himself to actual training, becoming stronger than he could've known. After fighting side by side as brothers-at-arms to protect Universe Seven in the Tournament of Power, this respect is now completely mutual on Goku's part. Ryu and Akuma have both compared this to the recent turn in their own relationship; two enemies destined to fight again, but both acknowledging each other as true warriors this time.
    • In fact, Freeza's respect and admiration extends to both Goku's father Bardock and his eldest child Gohan, the former for his sharing his son's courage and the latter for his intelligence and cunning. Even before the former was fully realized, it was worth noting he remembered Bardock's name and face far more vividly than even those of King Vegeta. With Gohan, the respect is mutual after they worked together during the Tournament of Power. With Bardock, it is most decidedly not.
    • Goku himself is not the only god who gained respect for Frieza through his efforts in the Tournament. At Beerus' request, Whis resurrected the Emperor of the Universe once again.
  • He has been Locked Out of the Loop that both his deaths are because of time travel. He was first killed by Future Trunks, and when he tried to Rage Quit the second time around Whis rewinded time so Goku could kill him. (Goku was originally the one to kill him in Trunks and Cell's timeline.) Upon his revival he was very confused as to why there was a kid version of his executioner. Ascending into the Pantheon led him to learn about Future Trunks, and has sworn one day to find his timeline and make him pay. For now, however, he's more focused on his enemies in the present timeline. That, and rebuilding his empire upon his third revival. He's learned the importance of Pragmatic Villainy, no need to rush against Future Trunks.
  • To many's surprise, he and Hit have actually met before. He promised to one day make the Universe 6 assassin beg to be killed.
  • Frieza was approached by a being called Infinite who resides in Vegeta's subhouse and also hates the Saiyan Prince. Infinite believed that the two were similar enough in how they fell from power, came back stronger, and still lost in the end that they could strike up an alliance against Vegeta. Frieza, however, saw that Infinite was still stuck in his hubris and could not maximize his true power because of it, so instead he made a counter-proposal to have Infinite work for him. The jackal walked off in a huff, though Frieza is holding patience to see if he later changes his mind.
  • Recently has taken to having wine on weekends with fellow Mafioso bosses Vito and Michael Corleone; though Vito is impressed by the success of the alien Don's business ventures, he remains wary of finalizing any deals with him due to his utter lack of honor and boundaries. Frieza for his part has taken a great liking to Michael, for his ruthlessness willingness to kill his own incompetent brother Fredo in order to secure his business interests.
  • Despite rejecting his subordinates Sorbet and Tagoma's idea to revive his father and predecessor along with him after they discussed how it was foiled by Emperor Pilaf's group, Frieza was pleased to see the return of King Cold in the Pantheon. He admits Cold had a point about being pragmatic, and while Cold's parenting was an odd mishmash of harsh and spoiling, it did produce the Emperor of The Universe. Cold is also not upset with Frieza, but rather proud of him for his development; instead his ire is focused on the Pilaf gang.
  • Also resides in the House of Shape.

Intermediate Gods

    Anna Kyōyama 
Anna Kyōyama, Goddess of the Armor-Piercing Slap (Anna Asakura, Anna Kyoyama/Kyouyama/Kyoh'yama, Shaman Queen, Anna the Itako II)
Click here to see Anna as an adult 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her red bandana and blue rosary beads
  • Theme Song: Anna Kyoyama's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Known for her infamous "right hand slap" and "phantom left hand slap" (or "Legendary Left"), Can channel and bind spirits, as well as read minds, 2nd Generation Itako, Tsundere, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Unusually strong despite her slim appearance, Cute Bruiser
  • Domain(s): Spirituality, Souls, Slapping
  • Heralds: Ponchi and Conchi (her guardian ghosts)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Frieza, Dio Brando
  • Originating from Aomori, Japan, Anna was abandoned as a little girl because she was born with the ability to unwillingly see into other people's minds. She was found and raised by Yoh's grandmother, Asakura Kino. Anna's ability to master the arts of the Itako, even though fully sighted, is a testament to her power. Because of this, Yoh's grandparents paired them up in an arranged marriage in order to keep the family bloodline strong. Unable to control her reishi (mind-reading ability), she was constantly bombarded by the negative thoughts and emotions of people around her, so she confined herself to her room as much as possible. However, her loneliness ended after she met Yoh, who saved her from an Oni that she had inadvertently created through a combination of her shamanic powers and hatred. Anna then grew to love Yoh because he was able to free her from the darkness that haunted her every day. From there on, she constantly trained him to become a better and stronger shaman as a gratitude, and almost never gave him any reprieve.
  • Following her ascension, Anna was reunited with her husband Yoh and many of the other Shonen Jump deities, whom she had fought alongside with on a previous occasion. However, she was also annoyed to discover that Frieza and Dio Brando had ascended as well, as she had fought against them when they had previously tried to invade her world.
  • She is rather indifferent towards Ranma, but was surprised to learn that Ranma's female form sounded like her. A similar situation occured with Luffy, who remarked that her voice reminded him of Rebecca. However, everyone quickly learned not to make any remarks about how Hello Kitty also occassionally sounds like her. The last person to do so personally experienced her infamous slap.
  • Due to their similar personalities, Anna gets along quite well with Rei Hino and Mitsuru Kirijo.
  • She's particularly close to Haruka Kotoura, as they both had lonely and unhappy childhoods caused by their uncontrollable mindreading. The two are often seen hanging out.
  • Anna is not particularly fond of Ren and Stimpy, as they remind her of Ponchi and Conchi. As such, she generally tries to avoid them.
  • Although she's an Itako, many have noted that Anna is a rather unconventional one, being much younger than an Itako would be expected to be, not being blind as most Itako are, and not living the medium's ascetic lifestyle. This initially resulted in her receiving odd looks from Mikos such as Rei Hino and Tomoe. However, she quickly earned their respect and friendship after demonstrating her powers.
  • Aside from Rei Hino and Tomoe, Anna has also befriended other Mikos such as Momiji and Mai Takatsukasa. She's also on good terms with Renamon, particularly when the later digivolves into her higher forms, who are Mikos. Anna occasionally asks Renamon to protect her temple, which the fox Digimon also does for other Mikos throughout the pantheon.
  • Anna generally gets along with fellow spirit channeler Maya Fey. However, due to their differing personalities, they don't usually spend much time together.
  • Her talent at binding spirits has resulted in evil ghosts generally avoiding her. As a result, her trips through the House of Ghosts have generally been uneventful.
  • The strong implication that Anna was pregnant with Yoh's child for the majority of the Shaman Fight, when she was around 14-15, is a common question that she's asked by particularly curious deities. Anna pretty much never gives a firm answer on the matter, but generally implies that it is indeed true.

Azel, God of The Strength of The Devil Hand (The Devil Hand, The Vessel of Angra/SATAN)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Devil Hand in his left arm glowing with red energy making the Image of The Demon King Angra.
  • Theme Song: Devil May Sly, Duel Storm, Anthem of ANGRA
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Cool Shades, Badass Longcoat, Left-Arm Opposite of Gene
  • Domains: Violence, Destruction, Coolness
  • Allies: Kun Lan, David Zappa, Vergil Sparda, Father Balder, Fortinbras
  • Enemies: Gene, Dante Sparda, Ryu, Rick Taylor and The Terror Mask, Arvis, Tailto
  • Angered at how "That idiot" was able to ascended long before him, Azel decided to ascended himself with The Power of The Devil hand.
  • After his ascension, he decided to work with other demons and demon summoners to form a new Four Devas as he is attempting to summon The Demon King Angra, this time it will be under his control.
    • To this end he has entered into a deal with Mundus to try and elimate The Terror Mask, he personally wants to discover a way to use its power control Angra.
  • He has often seen with Vergil and giving him aid when he needs it as to him they share many similarities.
  • He often is mistaken for Leon S. Kennedy much to his annoyance.
  • He is one of the few that has no time limit on his God Hand thus he uses it freely when he needs to get serious.
  • Has formed a strange sort of alliance with Kun Lan as Lan believes that there is a connection between their God Hands, Azel is wary of what that may mean though decides to get the power needed to defeat Gene and gain his God Hand.
  • Is unknown what connection there is between Satan and Angra as Angra was also known as SATAN in his realm. Satan has expressed in gaining his Devil Hand and Azel knows never to trust Satan with such power so they stay away from each other.
  • Finds that in order to gain power he has aligned himself under The God of Light, Fortinbras, though Fortibras has never hidden the fact that he hates his Humanity The White Serpent understands that The Devil Hand's power may have some use.
  • For the record, he's not the second Prince of Velthomer. This doesn't stop a lot of Jugdral natives to get pissed on him because of his evil acts, in Arvis' case, him sharing the name of his beloved bastard brother just gives off vibes that said brother was a Loptyr follower (and that's just a complete insult for both), and in case of Tailto, it's because said prince was one of her best childhood friend and is absolutely nothing like this Azel.

    Claire Stanfield 
Claire Stanfield, God of Superhuman Prowess (Vino, The Rail Tracer, The Young Conductor, Felix Walken)

    Jotaro Kujo 
Jotaro Kujo, God of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and Spiritual Combat (The Third JoJo, Jotaro Cujoh, Heritage for the Future, Dr. Kujo)

    Luke and Jessica Cage 
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, The Godly Couple Of Super Toughness (Luke: Carl Lucas [his birth name], Mark Lucas, Hero for Hire, Ace of Spades, Power Man, Power Fist, Cage, Black Avenger | Jessica: Jessica Campbell [her birth name], Jessica Campbell Jones Cage, Knightress, Madeline, Jewel, Power Woman)

    Okuyasu Nijimura 
Okuyasu Nijimura, God of The Palm

SCP-049, The God of the Touch of Death (Plague Doctor)
  • Intermediate God (Euclid by SCP standards)
  • Symbol: His Plague Doctor mask
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Considers himself Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambiguously Human, Deadly Doctor, Hammerspace, Knight Templar, Necromancer, Obliviously Evil, Rarely speaks, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Plague, Doctors, Cures, Surgery
  • Allies: Plague Knight, Fran Madaraki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gravelord Nito
  • Enemies: Albert Wesker, Nurgle, Typhus, Alex Mercer, Evil Necromancers
  • Opposed by: The Medics of the Pantheon.
  • Interested in: Mana Ouma, Oyashiro, undead in general
  • Good Counterpart: Asia Argento
  • Under watch of: The SCP Foundation
  • SCP-049 was first found wandering the Pantheon after he was reported to have "performed surgery" on a few deities he stumbled upon and was later properly relocated to a nearby temple. What surprised the Court of Gods is that he didn't fight back and was very polite to them.
    • SCP-049's very touch can instantly kill almost any human deity that comes in contact with him. He rarely leaves his temple without supervision but the few times he does, it's advised to flee from him.
  • SCP-049 aims to end the plague by operating on his patients. However, he doesn't realize that there is no such plague and that he causes more harm than good but no one is able to convince him otherwise.
  • Was taken aback by the appearance of Plague Knight, being really glad that there was another doctor seeking to end the plague. However, Plague Knight doesn't really have the same goals as the doctor but nonetheless has accepted him as a friend. 049 doesn't even try to touch him, to Plague Knight's relief.
  • He is completely against Albert Wesker's plans of using different viruses, claiming that no one should spread disease like it was child's play. Wesker found it very amusing that SCP-049 has unwittingly done the same thing and Wesker is even interested in learning more about the kind of powers that the doctor possesses.
    • He is also not fond of Typhus and his superior Nurgle, as they share the Plague Doctor aesthetic but go against his cause. Ironically, Nurgle also thinks that he is doing good.
  • Surprisingly fond of Fran Madaraki, since he sees her as a spirited young girl who really wants to help out her patients the best way possible. Although Fran is very aware that 049 surgery does little to "cure the plague" as she puts it out. Plus, she is scared if SCP-049 touch could kill her but thankfully, the doctor doesn't sense the plague within her so she is safe for now.
  • One day after breaking containment, he wandered near Mana Ouma's temple and sensed within her a plague that he hadn't encountered before and sought to "cure" Mana. Thankfully he wasn't able to get close to her given the catastrophic implications it would have if SCP-049 touched Mana, considering the apocalypse virus resides within her.
    • He still remembers her, but understand that she doesn't want to get treated. He believes that her condition is not as critical as the plague he is fighting to cure.
  • Has heard about the concept of Hate Plagues and finds it fascinating. The doctor has actually met Oyashiro under very special conditions and has talked to her about the potential cure that could be found for the Hinazawa syndrome but unfortunately, he can help until his mission is over. Oyashiro finds him to be a well-mannered gentleman but wonders if he really is aware of what he is doing.
  • It's said that SCP-049 is not fond of Alex Mercer. It's implied that he met him once and says that there is nothing he can do that would cure him and considers him a lost cause.
  • Not fond of evil necromancers, saying that no one has the right to control the will of the deceased. But others were quick to point out that his surgeries basically does a similar thing to people being reanimated after dying to his "cure" making him come off as a Hypocrite. However, he might not be entirely aware of what he is causing
  • He has notoriously taken an interest in the undead and reminiscent on how many of the resemble his patients (Labelled "SCP-049-2" by the Foundation) and believes that these indeed are humans after they have been cured of the plague.
    • However, Gravelord Nito has tried to persuade him into stopping his crusade to end the plague, since there is no plague to begin with. He knows better than anyone since he knows when to release one after all, yet the doctor refuses to take his advice.
  • Considered to be the complete opposite of Asia Argento given that her hands are able to heal almost any injury. However, SCP-049 is not hostile towards her, in fact, he admires her kindness and dedication. He also hasn't sensed the plague within her, probably because Asia is no longer human and so he doesn't need to cure her.

    Wally West/Kid Flash/The Flash III 
"My name is Wally West. I'm the Fastest Man Alive."

Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West II, The Fastest God Alive (Kid Flash I, The Flash III, The Fastest Man Alive, The Funny Flash)
Click here to see his post-Rebirth appearance 
Click here to see Wally as Kid Flash 


Lesser Gods

    Mister Heart 
Mister Heart, God of Kevlard (Destroyer of Martial Arts, Heart-sama)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Ace of Hearts Card.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Blocking Attacks by Using His Weight (Codifier of the Trope), Fat Bastards, Ensemble Darkhorses, Acrofaticness, Minor Injury Overreaction, Giant Mooks, Macho Camp, Mighty Glaciers, Affably Evil
  • Domains: Blocking, Martial Arts, Villainy
  • Allies: Shin, Cain Marko/Juggernaut, Ser Gregor Clegane
  • Enemies: Kenshiro, Bob and Rufus, Potemkin and Iron Tager, Zangief
  • High Priest: The Blob
  • One of the few enemies that provided a serious fight with Kenshiro. While it lasted only one episode, his popularity got skyrocketed to the point of ascending in the Pantheon.
  • His death yell "HIDEBU" is also surprisingly... popular.
  • Apparently, he's sparring frequently with Gregor Clegane. The actual duration of said sparring is yet to be determined.
  • His Kevlard is known to stop every attack, and is the reason many fear him, save for Kenshiro.
  • Not because his motif is the heart, he doesn't like to put Heart Aino's costume, it's embarrasing for him.
  • Was apparently challenged by Venusaur for his title, thanks to how useful its Mega Evolution's ability is. The rivalry dimished once it found a different title.
  • Heart has been requesting for three other lieutenants of Shin, Diamond, Club, and Spade to be ascended, claiming that he feels a bit lonely without them.

Morgiana, Goddess of Carrying Others and Going Commando (Mor, Moegiana)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her household vessel
  • Theme Song: Fanalis
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorable Powerhouses, Kicking a Lot, Carry Multiple People At Once, Not Wearing Any Underwear, Having A Nice Smile, Freed Slaves, Tritagonists (along with Aladdin and Alibaba)
  • Domains: Strength, Cuteness
  • Allies: Aladdin, Erza Scarlet, Guan Yinping, Presea Combatir
  • Opposes: Any and all Slavers in the Pantheon.
  • Odd Friendship with: Noel Vermillion, Mio Akiyama, Asuna Yuuki, Iona Hikawa/Cure Fortune
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Ren Hakuryuu
  • She ascended after Aladdin told her of that someone was looking for a new sparring partner (Yinping) because not many gods can handle her immense strength. After said sparring match they quickly became friends though Yinping wonders why she's so strong because she doesn't have a lot of muscles.
  • She was surprised that Alibaba and almost confused Eren and Flynn for him thanks to them sounding the same.
  • She got along with Erza and views her as a Cool Big Sis. She is also happy that she has someone to talk to about her nightmare of being a slave.
  • She and Aladdin are now waiting for Alibaba to ascend.
  • After hearing that Ren Hakuryuu had ascended she decided to keep an eye on him and is prepared to stop him if he goes off the rails again.
  • Being the goddess of Going Commando, Ataru Moroboshi is constantly trying to peek. Unfortunately for him, Captain Tylor always manages to find a penny everytime he gets close.
  • Strangely enough, she happens to get along with Noel Vermillion and Mio Akiyama. Maybe it's because they have a few things in common.
  • She was initially happy to hear of Hakuryuu's ascension but after seeing that he has fallen into depravity makes her very worried for his well being as a former friend of his.
  • She relinquished one of her titles in order to make space for other gods.
  • Also has a spot in House of Costumes.

    Murray Hippo 
Murray Hippo, God of the Thunder FLOP!!!!! (The Murray, The Muscle, The Brawn, The Pink Tornado)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Cooper Van
  • Theme Song: Thieves in Time (Shared with Sly and Bentley)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: calling himself The Murray, overenthusiastic ham, being a pink hippo, pulling off wrestling moves, going through devastating events, before coming back with VENGEANCE!!!, scarfs for combat, really loving to fight and being very energetic when kicking ass, using the Cooper Van to fight bad guys, fighting using his fists through fiery or electric punches, the Guttueral Roar, Atlas Strength, Having his franchise canned in the middle of a major cliffhanger
  • Domains: Wrestling, Wrecking, Driving, Thievery
  • Allies: Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Panda King, Dimitri, The Guru (his "master"), King II, Zangief, Rey Mysterio, Sora, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Oebra Yun Fang
  • Friendly Rival: Po
  • Friendly Enemy: Carmelita Fox
  • Enemies: Penelope Mouse (ex-team member), Clockwerk, Neyla, Clu, Master Control Program, Sark
  • Ascended after, Sly's near-death experience on a blimp following a fight with Le Paradox. He came to train and hone his moves with the other wrestling gods of fame.
  • Takes the Cooper Van on daily races every now and then...but he's mostly known for the destruction he causes on the race track. Many fear the day that he gets involved with Yukari-sensei in a full on crash.
  • Him and King II frequently spar together alongside the likes of Zangief, Mike Haggar and the other wrestling gods.
    • Shouted for absolute joy when he found Rey Mysterio ascending to the Pantheon, rushing toward the House of Sports to congratulate him. Rey was a bit confused—as he was talking to a huge hippo—but quickly got over it when he saw Murray's wrestling moves.
  • Has cross-dressed every now and then, usually for capers. Thus he goes to the House of Craft in order to get clothes that can easily fit him. Many of the gods there look at him weirdly (as he is a humongous pink hippo), but he pays them well so it's not a big bother.
  • Has a bit of a friendly rivalry with Po. The two are shown in eating contests and fights between Po's kung-fu and The Murray's wrestling. They aren't allowed to do kart racing after the two crashed and destroyed one half of the House of Travel.
  • Hearing about the Gourmet Race, he jumped into the van and zoomed towards the starting line. To his shock, he was told that racers have to run under their own power. The hippo was a severe disadvantage since, as Bentley once put it eloquently, "he's not light on his feet" and abandoned the van against his will to start the long trek. He reached the finish line dead last but King Dedede was more than impressed to see him make it to the finish line without giving up. As a result, he earned his place in the Gourmet Racer Club table at the House of Food. Murray was so overjoyed he allowed Dedede shotgun privileges in the van for a year.
  • After the Master Control Program ascended, Bentley and his hacker friends (Otacon, Ed, Estonia, and Shiena) were unable to do their hacking games without finding themselves being zapped into Space Paranoids and being locked up. Murray decided to teach the MCP a lesson by tricking him into zapping him in, and then proceeded to smash the Pit Cell and Sark into little 1s and 0s.
  • Murray often visits the local sushi bar, with full pride thanks to meeting it's inventor, Rioichi Cooper, recently. His favorite sushi happens to be the difficult-to-cook fugu. However, this nearly got him in trouble once when the fugu was mixed up with another dish ordered by Sora, which caused him to fall ill.
  • Murray was not always brave and muscle. In his youth, he was quite cowardly, especially when it came to grabbing keys for Sly to access certain locations. In fact, his original cowardice allowed him to bond with Donald Duck, who was also a coward in his youth (and still is, somewhat).
  • Murray really hates it when someone he and his friends can trust betrays them unexpectedly. The first time it happened was with Neyla, who tricked him and Sly into being thrown into a dried-up pond to be caught by Interpol. This lead Murray to be used as a test subject to rage-inducing spice that almost resulted in him killing his friends in a brainwashed state. However, it is Penelope's betrayal that really ticked Murray off, especially since she had become a Yandere who tried to kill him and Sly to have Bentley all to herself. Murray does not care if Penelope once aided him in saving his beloved van; she attacks Sly and breaks Bentley's heart, she deserves to have her neck snapped, especially if she becomes the next "Sköll".
  • While it took him awhile to realize it, Murray has learned that his "master", The Guru, has ascended in, and has quickly returned to his services. Currently, Murray is in the House of Time and Space meditating in the hopes that Sora's forgiveness would allow Homura Akemi to have second thoughts. On the other hand, The Guru says meditating might bring Penelope back to her senses, but even Murray thinks that redeeming her is hollow.
  • "The Thunder Flop knows not friend or foe. Only destruction."

    Sven the Rogue Knight 
Sven, God of Super Strength (Rogue Knight)
  • Lesser God. Will get a rank up into Intermediate God for every seconds when activating God's Strength.
  • Symbol: The Outcast Blade crossed with a Black King Bar (his favorite item)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Berserker, The Outcast Blade, Storm Hammer, (Greater) God's Strength, Great Cleave, Depending on Minimum Flashy Skills, Momentary Moments of Super Power, Screaming Warrior, Manly Fearlessness of Diving to the Enemy Ranks And Wreaking Havoc, Being There to Pump You Up, Lightning Bruiser, Cool Helmet, Cynical Knights, Preference on Solo (mostly), One Man in a World of Foes, Half-Meranth
  • Domains: Heroes, Combat, Strength, Manliness
  • Followers: Hammerstorm
  • Allies:
  • Rivals (not necessarily enemies): The Champions of Runeterra
  • Enemies:
  • Teethclenched Teamwork: Anti-Mage, Zeus
  • During a League battle against Noxus, Garen was supposed to aid Riven against Draven and Darius, but got held up, leaving Riven overwhelmed. All of the sudden, aid came in form of not Garen, but Sven. Activating several of his items (Black King Bar, Mask of Madness) and his God's Strength, Sven managed to pump himself (and Riven) up and managed to floor both Draven and Darius with just normal attacks and Riven's aid. After Garen arrived from his tardiness, Sven left, not informing about what the Radiants' stance between Demacia and Noxus, but they clearly stand for the GUAG, and the next time they meet, they may be rivals or on the opposing side.
    • When he's approached again by Garen, surprisingly offering an alliance, Sven actually agreed, but mostly because his non-ascended buddy Yurnero was following Garen, and one of the Dire's heroes and his opponents, Axe, is amongst the Noxus ranks. Sven decided to make things fair.
    • His friendship with Garen eventually allows Garen's former follower, Yurnero the Juggernaut, also occasionally known as Sven's BFF, to garner a lot of influence that the he became Co-Gods with Garen about his thing. To this day he still continues daily sparring with Yurnero, but for some reason he's usually on the losing side, though they're still good friends regardless. Sven knows that it was because of his unrestrained raw power with less skills, but he has no regrets, he's a lot more proficient with that, and if they combine their powers together, they're nigh-unstoppable.
  • Sven's strength was the stuffs of legends, he's already a being brimming with strength, but once he activated the (Greater) God's Strength, he pumps up even more strength to dispense onto his foes, sometimes killing his foes in a few hits, or with artifacts that enhance his strength even more, in a mere one hit, making him a dangerous God to fight in-your-face style.
    • Following a code of chivalry on his own, Sven used to take residence in other houses, but eventually felt like those weren't his true calling... until he met Hercules, who has heard of his feats of strength via his follower, Hammerstorm, who has occasionally called the aid of Hercules, causing him to learn of Sven's style and wanting a good fight. After a massive, muscular battle erupted and died down with no clear victor, Sven was offered a vacant sub-house in Hercules' domain: Super Strength. Sensing that this could be his true calling for good, Sven packed up and took the domain for him, with his ever growing strength being the testament of it. And he's been friends with Herc ever since.
  • While preferring to work alone, Sven is also quite welcome to aid others or receiving aids, but he'll just say it's for practical reasons.
  • He's a believer that honor lies not on the social order, but on himself. This is why he truly hates people who uses social status to shun people.
    • For some reason, maybe because of the above two, Sven seems to honor people who are kind of loners. During one of his travels, he met Yasuo and in spite being rivals, Sven could respect his style and solitary life, and occasionally impressed with his vital strikes. When they combine their power together, even if it's rare, hell would break loose, as according to his words: "This is going to be absurd."
  • Is known as one of the deities with the deadliest Herd-Hitting Attack, thanks to his Super Strength, because Sven doesn't even need fancy skills for that, his own strength hits the herd so hard and can take out many gods at once in three to even one hit. Observe. Combined with his style of battle, getting to the heat of battle and doing exactly that... he's usually referred as one of the manliest Gods.
  • In case you didn't get it yet, he's here to PUMP YOU UP (or gets PUMPED UP). He makes frequent visits to other muscle-working Gods such as Bang Shishigami and Alex Louis Armstrong for that. And with his new alliance with Garen, he can occasionally be seen PUMPING UP Garen and vice versa. He also finds quite the similarity with Pantheon, who also entered his pumping up activity. That's if they're not trading blows with their weapons.
    • He is, however, a little miffed about Bang's overenthusiastic dedication for 'justice'. In his words... "What you call 'righteousness', I call 'foolishness'." Aside of that, they're pretty okay with each other.
    • Thanks to times training, Sven has finally discovered a secret of the Aghanim Scepter, with that he can also get everyone's strength, not just defenses, PUMPED UP.
  • Sven is known for his ability to turn even the hardiest yell into something incredibly poetic. Says that it's in his Vigil Codex, but nobody knows if it just consists of "YAAAEEERRGGHH!" "RRRAAAUUGHH!", but whenever he yells that, it inspires a lot of people, and gets them and himself PUMPED UP.
  • Is surprised when he met face to face with Lina Inverse. Sven recognized about someone with similar name and similar skill sets, but he expected her to be more floaty and covered in flames. What finally made him realize that he's talking to a different entity was when this Lina doesn't even recognize the name 'Rylai'.
    • That said, when the Lina and Rylai he knew of ascended, he kept a stoic attitude, but deep down appreciates their presence. He'd still deny about rumors about 'dating' with Rylai, although he certainly enjoys being partnered with her for stat-based benefits.
  • Several sources have said that he used to be a punching bag against other heroes from his origin. With his standing as still being solid in normal situations, and a testimony of his new friend who suffered similar status, Cu Chulainn, Sven managed to keep his position and dignity.
  • He's kind of puzzled on why Rylai insists that he puts on a reindeer horn helmet on top of his own helmet. On being called out as 'being a carry' as one of his roles, and being introduced to Queen Elsa, Sven finally understands the connection. He's still pretty embarrassed.
  • For a long time in the pantheon, Sven has kept his status as a Half-Meranth a secret, as he is not in the mood to suffer discrimination similar to what the Meranth receives from certain groups. However Rylai, who is aware of Sven's secret, convinced Sven to reveal it to the Pantheon. The revelation of Sven's identity as a Half-Meranth human shocked much of the pantheon, though the shock passed over. Sven himself ended up with new allies as a result.
    • Sven has also earned himself a surprising ally, Blake Belladonna. He's not the only one with discrimination issues brought by his species, so they could both easily empathize with each other.
  • "You should have stood and fought like a man, even if you're not one!"

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